Thursday, March 29, 2012

Moonbathing on the Banks of the River Styx.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

(Today, I did something I rarely do, I canned a post near the completion of it. I never can a post at any point; might have done it once in the whole time I've been doing this. I went off on Spike Lee, Al Sharpton and a few others and of course, The Tribe is still responsible for some amount of evil, above 50% of the total in the whole world and so, they got the usual honorable mention. How can you not mention them, given the object of their daily industry? I'll try again, maybe the same thing will happen. We'll see.)

I talk about people when they annoy me. They have to pretty much really annoy me and consistently at that. I'm willing to take my own licks for that when they come. I'm especially annoyed at gatekeepers and the rash of defectors from our ranks in recent times. They seem to be coming down with Christopher Hitchen's Syndrome; I'm hoping you can figure out what that is. Chris is presently in a holding area, waiting for Richard Dawkins (no relation to Daryl) to show up. They'll be sharing a dingy for that ride across the River Styx. You might not know this but the River Styx is pretty wide and has islands and all sorts of strange geography on the further bank; meaning inlets and lagoons; where it accesses a hidden sea and, this underground river feeds into other underground rivers beneath it, while being also fed by mysterious springs at the source. This and many other unseen phenomena, can be a problem for those operating with mortal eyes, on that half of the Mobius Strip that is presentable to their perceptions but, I digress.

What you are seeing in the United States, is the tip of the iceberg, of an emerging trend, where the country is going to start looking like a Chinese new year of armaments, unburdening themselves of their volatile contents. You need to check with the script girl for time and location in your neck of the woods. I'm not going to talk about the Zimmerman thing. Everyone else is doing that, so why should I?

The incredible, replicating Occupy movement, is plugging in to the amazing, monster paranoid machine, that's hiding in the curtains but no one's really certain, why it doesn't want its amplifier seen. I've heard tales of it being compromised; another Little Georgie Sorrows scam. I can imagine there are outriders, dressed up like ringwraiths on snorting black horses, who ride herd and Grima Wormtongue-like agents who move among them, spreading mischief and communicating with the black bloc members, secreted in the mass. On the one hand, you have this massive and extensive security apparatus, that operates on the behalf of the one percent and on the other hand you have the crazed informants, who want to believe that anyone could be the enemy, or who recreationally hunt down and shoot people, like Zimmerman. It's hard to know what's really going on at any particular point.

There are very strange things going on and figuring out why this is happening, is the job of persons better equipped for the effort than me. Something weird is going on over at Veterans Today. Something weird is going on with longstanding alternative web sites and their level of donations going down but that could just be the economy, or maybe people have woken up to the point that they sense a lack of full disclosure on the part of old familiar sources, where they've been getting their news. Something weird is happening around Fukushima; how could millions be living under the threat of certain death when the blood of all the casualties is on their leaders hands? Does it have something to do with the truth behind Fukushima? I don't know what the truth is and I'm not implying anything. I just wouldn't expect this kind of behavior from the Japanese government. I know how jejune that sounds but it's a sense I get.

A whole lot of governments are acting strange. The obvious answer is that the banker control, in tandem with the world wide Zionist conspiracy, is behind this but it doesn't seem complete. Obviously the Zionist and the Satanists are operating as a tag team, for the destruction of all cultures and systems not their own. They're racing against time, neck and neck with The Apocalypse. The question is, are they trying to do as much harm, right up to the point where they lose the race, or do they somehow think they can win that race? They can't but they could believe it. Many people believe things that are not true. Many people die for those beliefs. It happens every day. Lies are entities of terminal finality. In any case 'they' are going to be the poster orcs, for the proof in the pudding that 'the boy who cried wolf' is not a fable.

In Kali Yuga, irony is one of the tent poles that hold up the cover for the main stage. Kali Yuga is also all about payback. Some of that payback has been coming for a really long time. This is a time of summation and resolution, every bit as much as it is a time of awakening and revelation. Those who have no interest in awakening, have worked on the design of their denial for a long time. Some of us have an inside track. Some of us are not even on the track and there are dark horses and long odds and surprises to come. No one knows the level of their development, until the yeast goes into action.

People believe the truth is dangerous terrain. They think lies keep them safe. That is especially not true in this period of time and that is why so much is coming out, why people are walking away from the mainstream media and why the print media is dying. In many cases, people do not know why they are doing what they are doing. They're just doing it because the off stage voice is sotto voce. Something is hearing but it's in the nether realms. What's being said is rising with the yeast and will make itself heard more distinctly when the times comes. Meanwhile it is provoking inexplicable action on the part of many. Many are experiencing a great deal of fear. They don't know who this person is that is emerging from out of the hidden parts of themselves.

There are a lot of ways to look at it all and still have it make sense. There are all sorts of lenses that people adopt for viewing, because they don't challenge their belief system, or because they support it. All belief systems have precedence and possibly rumor and myth that support their findings. Some assumptions being made are obviously absurd. Jesus is not going to show up with an industrial forklift to assist fundie Christians, in whatever rapture they are expecting, as a result of believing that all you have to do is be saved and you're good to go to everlasting residence in Heaven, regardless of being directly involved in the displacement, torture and murder of millions. Paul Crouch is not going to Heaven. It is as likely that Tammy Faye Baker is in Heaven, as the pet tarantulas on her eyes are there. Benny Hinn is not going to Heaven and neither is his hair. I know I'll hear about this because how could I be in a position to know who's going to Heaven? Because, 'by their works ye shall know them' and because direction is the surest indication of destination.

Well, I'm talking about people again but I guess there's no way around it. I want people to think about certain things. I wonder about certain things. I wonder why, no matter where I go, I almost never find anyone who wants to talk about the things I talk about. I wonder about why, when I observe the lives flowing around me, I never see anyone watching too; watching in a certain way. I wonder about why no one among those truly evil in this world, ever have an epiphany and publicly come forward to tell us how wrong they were and reveal that which they were engaged in. I know there are whistleblowers but I'm talking about the big cheeses; the super-sized Limburger's who walk among us. You don't hear presidents, secretaries of state, financiers, military generals, with the exception of Smedley Butler getting up and saying it. It just doesn't happen. I notice a lot of curious things that you would think would happen now and again but don't. You never see a president come out and say, “I’m being pressured by bankers and AIPAC to kill millions and turn the world into an open air prison camp. Well, sometimes you come across quotes here and there that are buried in the mix. I ought to list some of the things I find to be very odd and maybe I will at some point. There are a lot of things I haven't said so, maybe I'm affected in some way too. Maybe our roles are mostly hardened and on rails. One thing I know is that it is never harder than when you are trying to change.

It looks grim from some angles but I do believe that help is on the way. I believe that these times are far more momentous than we imagine and that certain possibilities and opportunities are too. I believe that locations, spoken of for centuries but never seen, are just as real and probably more real than everything else, because everything else comes and goes. I tell myself that I am headed toward a particular place; when I walk out my door, regardless of whether I am heading to the supermarket or into the woods. I tell myself that I have always been headed there and that intention can harden just like personalities and conditions can. Whatever is actually going on and causing what we see in the news and around us every day, I think that's going to go public too. If one were focused on the progressions in consciousness and events this would seem pretty clear. We'll see.

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I'll be on the radio tomorrow with Robert Phoenix at 10:00 AM Pacific time. This is quite a bit different than the usual fare.


Anonymous said...

Actually Les, I wish you would talk about Zimmerman.

All of that is happening about 30 minutes from where I live and it doesn't seem it will abate anytime soon. Whether that's good or bad, I don't know.

There are so many conflicting stories on this subject that I just don't know what to think of it, except that 17 year old kids shouldn't get killed. They haven't even lived yet.

Either way, I'd love to hear your take on it, and/or your invisible friends take, as well. The way the media is altering perceptions through picture and word, it's pretty much impossible to know the truth here.

Jim in FL

Anonymous said...

Could some sort of split be developing within the Cabal? Just recently Foreign Policy magazine let the cat outta the bag vs the massive military aid Israel has given to Azerbaijan, with the quid pro quo being described by the publication as "Israel just bought themselves an airbase: Azerbaijan". This same news was immediately picked up and repeated by the Jerusalem Post.

It seems that tied in with all of this Obama!!! and a group of U.$. military leaders have gone from flashing amber to a solid red light regarding a possible Israeli air assault on Iran, whether from Israel itself, or involving the Azeri bases they are in the process of taking over.

No matter how brown their noses or how many times they have sold out (or been blackmailed along the way) military rankers do have a solid idea about the possibilities of at the least a bloody and spreading mess developing and involving American forces almost immediately should the Zhids attack Iran. In terms of naval warfare, the Persian Gulf is one huge bathtub with the stopper (Straits of Hormuz) being solidly in Iranian hands, with the possibility of both Russian and Chinese backup if necessary.

Both the Bear and the Dragon have drawn lines in the sand indicating that Iranian independence is a matter of their own vital national interest. With the mass of advanced missiles possessed by Iran, U.S. naval units as well as American bases in the region would take some huge hits. The economic dislocation due to shutting off the oil-spigot would be even more dire.

It appears to me that something has happened to the script, that there may be some divergence between the Rockefeller and Rothschild factions or that the usual racist hubris on the part of the Israeli leadership has taken them off the edge and off message, creating a situation where the various interests within the Cabal itself are now at cross purposes.

With growing dissent within the ranks and with the American people (even many of the Sheeple) increasingly opposed to the aggression in Afghanistan and with the Brass coming to the fulness of understanding that Israel is NOT their friend; it could be that the U.S. military machine has become something of a Wild-Card.

-stickman 10 Aries, 34 Anno Eros

Anonymous said...

What do you do when someone in your reality is engaging in destructive behaviour? Our various cultures cage, beat, mutilate and murder. In this new age I choose to think of a new way. And all I can come up with is to ignore them. Disallow them connection to my reality whilst they are engaged in these behavious. This goes for the "powers that wish they were" the people in my community, the people in my close relationships and ultimately, the psychopathic demands of my ego personality. This is ultimately the only thing that is dangerous to me, all the rest are mere shadows. It's the ONLY thing in my power anyway. The only thing anyone can steal from you is a piece of your mind, which is your peace of to all on this beautiful morning Jacinta xoxox

Anonymous said...

"You don't hear presidents, secretaries of state, financiers, military generals, with the exception of Smedley Butler getting up and saying it. It just doesn't happen."

I happened upon something written about him the other day and he's been in my head since then...since I've forgotten or didn't get back to what I was reading about him-

but here's a piece about him from 1999- Ramsey Clark

Always fun to read old stuff from back in the 'good old days'.

the gardener
*enduring, but just barely*

Anonymous said...

RE:Jim "There are so many conflicting stories on this subject that I just don't know what to think of it, except that 17 year old kids shouldn't get killed. They haven't even lived yet."

I've got one of those hoody wearing fantasy dwelling action figure 17 year olds too. No doubt lots of 17 yr old boys are getting a serious talking to this week-about reality. This reality.

Good to see you -stickman

the gardener

MiaBellezza said...

Vis, another great post ~ had to read it 4 times, but that's all good. Somethings aren't adding up, so I'm expecting some surprises soon. Frankly I'm not able to read hardly any negative articles on the issues at hand. Read enough, long enough. Went through the fear trial, came out and am prepared to do my part whatever that may be. All I know is freedom is worth fighting for, no matter how rich or poor.

I had a dream about 3 weeks ago standing in 4 feet of water and a big wave crashing into me ... in a good way.

It can feel pretty lonely and discouraging in the land of the programmed zombies, but I remain undaunted. ... let the games begin.

Anonymous said...

"I wonder about why, when I observe the lives flowing around me, I never see anyone watching too; watching in a certain way. "

i'm watching all the time and always alert to a sign from another -- now and then over the years -- fleetingly -- i have had connections. brief but momentous as we would pass without speaking.

and to stickman -- yes -- i have sensed some sort of cross purpose crack in the facade agenda
going on with regard to the proposed health care overhaul -- specifically -- the mandate to buy health insurance. i always knew this was the big line in the sand ever since the package passed in 2010....but i think some agendas have changed since then and obama won't get the pass he expected -- already seems a little haywire confusion running through the whitehouse -- like you said -- a split within the cabal? this could be another sign.

keeping watch,

liz in l.a.

Ben said...

Vis, All,

I don't know much, so I try to take my cue from what little I do know of history. History (once one ferrets out the truth of the past) is God's story, His story, and serves for the purposes of demonstration.

I know the Bible speaks often of only a "remnant" of those people God chooses to awake, so it does not come as a surprise to me that at this particular time we do not see more people coming forward.

The Bible also speaks of rulers and authorities serving God's purpose... most of the time unknowingly (I'll cite Pharaoh, Cyrus the Great and Pontius Pilate as immediate examples but there are many many more). So it should not surprise us that we do not see Generals, Politicians, etc. coming forth; they also are (unknowingly) serving God's purpose... for the purposes of demonstration.

I believe the current economic/military/societal game is what the Bible terms "Mystery Babylon"; it is a mystery because most do not see it nor understand it. It is called "Babylon" because all citizens of that empire were slaves, as were all the citizens of Egypt... most citizens of the world right now are debt slaves to Mystery Babylon but most do not realize it. Those born into slavery know no other life and cannot visualize freedom... many do not want freedom because they are ruled by fear.

Historically, Babylon fell without great bloodshed; Herodotus claims that the priests of that city opened up the river gates to the Median and Persian armies and Belshazzar died the same night that the prophet Daniel explained to him the meaning of the "handwriting on the wall".

The handwriting is on the wall right now; many many can see it but only a few know its meaning. Those that only see it are, like Belshazzar, filled with fear and thus subject to greater control by those that think they're in control.

I agree with stickman; I strongly suspect there could be a split within the Cabal. This would tie in with the historical account of Belshazzar being betrayed by his own priests. And, having spent ten years myself in the military, I well know the solidarity there is within that "Cult of Mithras". I suspect there is substantial angst right now within the senior military ranks and I suspect there is substantial rage against the khazars and their shedding of anyone's blood but their own.

I do know that all is under control, despite appearances. All that is happening is according to the Divine's purpose, which is perfect... and, to me, fascinating to watch.

MiaBellezza said...

Inspiring video with David Icke and dare I, say Alex Jones, ~ a must listen "David Icke ☼ Knowledge Is Never Negative.. ☺ Ignorance Is!" ~ Amen to that! Universe is with us and always has been. We just have to stand up and be counted and seize the moment! Do you want to be a coward and a slave, or a free enlightened being?

Oh, and I stand corrected; this is not a game. We're playing for keeps. It was just my way of throwing down the gauntlet.

geobro said...

vis sometimes presidents do speak up about whats going on eisenhowers last address to the people military industrial complex speach not bad for a guy that was accused of war crimes .but churchill. blair etc etc got that on their backs .i retired at 43 now i just paint pensioners & familys houses for bus fare & tobacco .you have a way with words that this dislexic decorator does not.amen bro i worked in deep underground military bases < dumbs > they are getting a lot of traffic at the moment here in scotland . i figure half a loaf is better than no loaf when i quote all my punters happy les .but i hear the rotar blades and wonder at chinooks in the highlands somethings GOING DOWN MAN .but i am to stupid to understand keep up the good fight somebodys got to ps what time did you hear about 9-11 me & millions could shock you here in europe 5 hrs behind . vetrans today wont touch me pure lepor or what . bit behind the times here les gays are happy people homos POOFS SHxx shxxxxs you get the drift say what i think think what i say but i dont swear or cuss improper use of the english old chap the old people taught me better les dont do my washing in public BUT WHEN I DO ONE OF MY BLOOD LINE LAID THE FOUNDATION STONE OF THE STATUE OF LIBERTY .shame on him i dance to my own tune . keep up the banter les gets me through the night

mike m said...

I was talking with my sister last night and she mentioned how you should just talk abot sports or the weather because she didn't approve of the way I was directing our discussion. So I asked her what she thought about how the Heat were playing this year and I had to repat myself 3 times before she understood what I was saying. Then she ignored the question.

You know what I am saying?

Anonymous said...

off topic perhaps....but is anything really off topic?

wondering about opinions of astrologer marcia moore -- i've just discovered her books.

her death was so whacko! also --heiress to sheraton hotel fortune! she was brilliant, rich and perhaps...dangerous?
still watching,
liz in l.a.

(pulled this from a website)
Compared to the cultural revolutions of LSD and marijuana, Ketamine's social impact has been miniscule.
Accordingly, Ketamine's few cultural champions were hardly mainstream icons. They included Marcia Moore, the heiress to the Sheraton Hotel fortune and world famous writer on astrology and 'hypersentience.' Her 1978 book, Journeys Into The Bright World, recounted surreal Ketamine trips into abstract, occult freak-scapes.
"If captains of industry, leaders of nations could partake of this love medicine the whole planet might be converted into the Garden Of Eden...At no time did it seem possible that I or anyone else could become a 'ketamine junkie' " Marcia Moore, Journeys Into The Bright World

Anonymous said...

"or do they somehow think they can win the race?"

playing 'beat the Balance' (of consequence) they may be.

can't stop now, satisfaction guaranteed.

where 'red shield' met 'red face' at the crossroads of fate,

at the intersection of desire, and long suffering hate.

through a crease in dimensions, should bodies align ...

another missed opportunity, another misread sign.

Anonymous said...

'till the light of life stops burning, until another soul goes free"

Les, you say it all.

keep it up - it is your calling.

Richie (Dana) said...

Jim @ 10:47

Please allow me to try to help you see truth.

I refuse to be influenced or involved in the minutia of the individuals or exact events of this “story”.

Try to see the big picture here and realize that they are leading you by the nose. I can assure you that the media and all those commenting on this in mainstream news do not give a crap about this death.
They are only trying to push their own twisted agenda’s. Please note that I do not have TV and have watched zero coverage. It is all patently obvious as I will explain.

2 days ago an Iraqi women, aged 32 was beaten to death in San Diego, CA and not one fucking word by these same mainstream liars.
There was a note left on her that said “Go home, you are a terrorist”. There is the truth of the matter.

ANYTHING pushed by these scum is about an agenda. The real target is YOU.
The fact that you asked the question exposes this.

They seek to polarize and divide those who are not actively and consciously using the gift of FREEWILL in making decisions about which “side” they are on. They create dissension and animosity for the purpose of crisis.

Some of their cheap and worthless axioms are, “never let a good crisis go to waste” and “ORDER from chaos”.
You can choose to not be a pawn on the chessboard or an actor in the “movie”.

Let them play the stupid games that will be exposed soon enough. It is not about lack of empathy for any victims involved because that was never the point.
Of course we care, but always with the realization that “It is all for the purpose of demonstration” as my friend Visible is wont to say often.

The truth of Divine Love always exposes these cheap and transparent attempts to control and entrap True Beings. I can assure you that they will fail this time, and this my friend is only the beginning of some very epic failures.

True Love for another is dispasstionate and devoid of emotion. That may be hard to understand initially but emotional involvement is a trap set by the the evil in this world.

I never talk to any invisible friends like Visible does, but I can say that I only wrote was I was told to write here.


Anonymous said...

My eyes were open, I was reading every line.

Then somehow I lost my place in the book of life.

Thanks for that slap bsck to my place in life!

Richie (Dana) said...

So sorry that I blathered on about invisibe friends instead of saying the most important......

Do you need the truth?
Do you need a side to identify with?
Try this.....

"My kingdom is not of this world". Jesus


Anonymous said...

"and because direction is the surest indication of destination."

..every so often you come up with a an absolute gem that rips me from my hidey hole, to doff my hat, and shout, MAGNIFIQUE MAGNIFIQUE(slow clap).


John C (UK) said...

I was talking to a friend last night about the lies people believe. He said that when i talked to people only 2 years ago they called me a nutter, now they tend to agree, (mostly), with what i have to say.

I find that encouraging.

-stickman, I don't want to seem stupid but what is the significance of eg. '10 Aries, 34 Anno Eros'

Another great post Vis, thank you

Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish is up-

The Soft Stool Brigade on Batshit Mountain.

Paul Von said...

"Paul Crouch is not going to Heaven."

People like Paul Crouch endow us with the priceless service; of freely expressing how fucked up the christian belief system has always been. I pray for assholes like him every day. The prayer goes something like this:

Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh God, Yes!!! More Rapture! More Rapture! Please, don’t stop! More Rapture! Oh, don't stop!!! Please don't stop!!!

We need more fools like him for the laugh track. Loved the Tammy Baker shtick too. Good on ya.

Best regards

Anonymous said...


short of divine intervention (or perhaps through the subtle workings of it) dissension in the ranks - a flight to conscience and/or common sense - has long been our best hope.

"ours is not to reason why ..." may just be wearing a little thin.

way to suss out the fine points of distinction between less than strategic brinksmanship and end game politics.

Anonymous said...

Another ensample I've been thinking of is the walls of Jericho.

Sonic resonance from a shout pulverized those walls every 100 feet or so, allowing them to fall inward, onto the canaanites.

I notice a lot of palindromes in hebrew. The farther back in time you go, English has more hebrew. Are laws and walls related by some palindrome mechanic of hebrew?

Anyhoo, shouts seem to be making a lot of bogus structures crumble and fall on the wallmaker's heads. Or maybe this is the tamping and packing vibration caused by walking around it 7 days, making it brittle and resonant for the right frequency to total it. Strange days in a strange world.


I sure have some things to study today

Besides that, I come to learn from a mormon that the catholic church had their sheep believing it was vanity to wash your hands. Surely the rest of the sanitation laws in Leviticus (which are all sanitation laws now) were made null and void too. Here's one that would have been a real hedge against the plagues : bury your dung outside the camp. But no, they were throwing it out their windows into the streets of London, all with the blessing of that church, who sat on Leviticus. I bet the pope was cleaned and groomed. It's no wonder London was deserted after the romans left for over 100 years. The britons and anglo saxons and jutes wouldn't live where there was nowhere to take a dump. That church got the cesspool back in operation. I have no choice but to lay the plagues at their feet. The ensample to them is Jeroboam.

Ray Zerwitt

Anonymous said...

..Fukushima..hmm, its Fukushambles, Fuk'd. and a never ending hell on earth. Been following the live web cams at the daichi plant for the last 6mths and the webcam thread forum. @ ..Great site/admin,and forums,learnt stuff I never thought I'd understand. NPPlants what a massive fukinmess! Enenews has covered all the available news, coverups by Tepco/ government of Japan..much of the information is over at JRense. The horrors occuring in all four reactors has many believing this IS an ELE Extinction of Life Event. NPPlants the WMD's they' have been searching for..their dirty little secret thats been right under our noses for the past 50 odd years..150ft high with 6ft thick concrete walls yet too big to see..Hidden inside unimaginable horrors just bursting to do what its born to do, Destroy and Exterminate life on earth. All four reactors are nearing the stage where no human can get near to not only the buildings themselves but the plant itself...MOX fuel is the deadliest of weapons and when, not if these spent fuel pools go up some already have! so will tons of the stuff (info at enews) into the air, land and water, billions of hot particles, One invisible plutonium bullet for each and every one of us, not just those poor dead men women and children walking in Japan. Millions of them believing Tepco/goverment lies. They are dying their children are dying their grandchildren, their unborn are dying hideously deformed and still they sad. There are thousands/millions of us passionate Against the Nuclear Nutters and only agenda is exposing them as madmen to as many people as possible I believe what I've been watching on the plants cams are Tepco and the Japanese government coverups and lies, and like the RADIATION, Invisible.Its workers dying its colouring by numbers of what is supposedly live footage, its unforgivable with holding of LIFE SAVING information to its people. ... RADIATION that will destroy our DNA and all species, is everywhere, the coriums of at least two of the reactors melting and spewing their toxic filth into the earth's core as we speak. Those ultimately responsible (and we all know who they are) have well and truly shot themselves in the foot..Cheers you BASTARDS..Hot particles all round and make theirs a large one. This guy tells it like it is at Fukushima.. Don't let the Fuks put you off! Thankyou Vis for your inspiration and for being visible, Jean

Anonymous said...

Hello Les,
Great post.
This caught my attention..."One thing I know is that it is never harder than when you are trying to change."
When I realized I was too far into 'works of darkness' I surrendered to Love and Christ and turned my back on pride and 'lust for result' among other things (as I am able with God's help).
And what a strange dream I then had. Satan came to me and was so sweet and kind, reminded me so much of Mr. Rogers (who was a truly good man). Ol' Nick just sat himself down and counseled me that he was concerned I was making a bad move - one that would only cause me unhappiness, why on earth would I give up all the joy to found in just doing what I wanted? Real happiness, he explained, was found in putting myself first, my desires only...everybody, I mean everybody else did not matter. How happy I could be!
However, I knew him to be wrong - setting myself up as my own little god, my own self the final arbiter of right and wrong - had produced very distasteful fruits.
This is indeed an age of transformation and new awarenesses.
I encourage all who wish to change for good to be steadfast - it is hard at first, but gets easier as you go.
The Divine is seeking us also - it's a two-way thing.
May the ineffable continue to light your path, Les.

Andy said...

"are they trying to do as much harm, right up to the point where they lose the race, or do they somehow think they can win that race?"

Something I've been wondering a lot myself recently Les.

Are they so bent on winning that the've completely lost.

Like the scene in Yellow Submarine where, after the creature hoovers up every living thing, he then hoovers himself up regardless.

Anonymous said...

And as long as no one is watching, Israel launches new siege on Gaza.

Israel's "Final Solution". How well they've learned.....


Anonymous said...

The reason the higher ups never repent or apologise is that they are hybrid clones.Nigel Kerner who wrote "The Song Of The Greys" woke me up.No one gets to the top who is human with human emotions.I love your posts.Some days it is a sentence or two that gets me thru the day.Kauai

siriusdogstar said...

Daivid Wilcox ... and "Drake":

God Bless y'all!

What is happening against the Cabal.

Anonymous said...

" or who recreationally hunt down and shoot people, like Zimmerman "

What makes you think that THAT is what actually happened?

I expect the controlled media, and the morons that believe them, to ASSume this, but an enlightened person?

onething said...

"No one knows the level of their development,"

I think about this often. What does it mean that I am the way I am? I used to think that my birth was not so auspicious, as my parents were both rather crazy and our home beyond dysfunctional. On the other hand, they were both intelligent, idealistic, honest, and kind. I was raised in one of the most encouraging and pure religious traditions to be had. They were also eccentric, which is a huge leg up in the world to have as model. What if I were born to a drug addicted mother, with a father who was a criminal? I feel that I have made great progress in this life, and I certainly had an unexpected awakening due to the Grace of God, for which I am unspeakably grateful and for which I take no credit.

I was thinking about this very thing today as I weeded the garden, that I have no idea who I am or what I am and it seems to me that I am nothing and God is everything so far as virtue is concerned. Can I judge anyone to be better than anyone else? I guess this is a rambling way of agreeing with "There but for the Grace of God go I."

The thing is, even those who are evil - perhaps I was also evil at one time and that is why we have reincarnation. Not knowing what I may have done, my best course of action is forgiveness of all.

The only thing it seems to me is that the person must have sincerity, and say yes to God. An act of free will.
But even there, perhaps I turned away for many lifetimes.

I don't really believe in the permanence of evil, because to choose evil forever would be insane.

Anonymous said...

"tomorrow is our permanent address
and there they'll scarcely find us
if they do
we'll move away still farther
into now"
(cummings I think)

Viz (o great poet), you know the answer! WE'RE IT!! There is no one else. And there aren't any of us just drifting down your street or mine. The dumbing down is practically complete.

It's lonely, sure. But at least we have each other. When this is gone, we will miss it for sure. (I miss real time chat rooms where my superior typing and grammar skills shine.)

You don't see any heroes (except us) because they are not only stupid, they're chickenshit. We're talkin' people who have condoned, by their silence, TORTURE. This is a very black sin.

Their minds are out of balance. They can't work out the syllogism.

They can't say what the golden rule is.

The term, "radioactive isotope" is unknown and uninteresting to them.

They will not have the sense to get on board when the train comes (people get ready). They will not recognize the engineer.

It is no longer safe to approach them.

The Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord make his face to shine upon you (all of you) and give you peace.

Thank you.



Visible said...

Prove that anonymous! His having shot him is not in dispute by anyone. Where do you people come from and why are you always names anonymous?

Anonymous said...

pierre said, thanks for that Fuku forum link Jean, I've been needing a new source on that topic.
re common sense, Jean Ralston Saul (Canadian philospher) book Voltair'es Bastards (the Dictatorship of Reason) had as a central theme the demise of common sense - I'm yet to come across or establish the link between the Khazars and the Metholodists, Im sure it's there. now out with them monkey wrenches (but promulgate the peace wherever possible).

spright said...

well, i read once someone in Europe wondering about America getting into one war or another of theirs, they said.. "the Americans will do the right thing, .. after they have exhausted all the other options."
by the way things have gone lately,
I'm thinking that will be very soon
it is a new age coming after all.

Anonymous said...

Les, I think we agree on a lot of things though I hate your guts for the things you say and do, and how you and your friends act. You are right, the world is an evil place. You are right, humans are genuinely evil with no chance or redemption. You are right, there are people in the world who enjoy being evil and have no problem with being evil for a second. You are right, the Apocalypse is coming. I'm putting money that by 2020, there will not be a single human left alive on Earth. I have studied the human race since birth, observing, learning from and trying to understand why and how they could be such low-quality life forms. They are weak. That is why. What I experienced, I don't think anyone else could have. I don't think you could either Les. I think that all this is happening because the divine is simply allowing the human race to go out in a bang, in a World War where everyone dies. It's everyones chance to get their payback and licks in before the real divine says enough of the human experiment. We agree on pretty much everything Les. Christianity is merely a false religion based on ancient Egyptian bullshit. If it was of any value, Egyptians wouldn't be the dumbass monkeys they are today. The pyramids are meaningless structures worshipped as idols. Islam has become perverted by the pure filth that follow that faith. Jews are merely in it for themselves, and I am on the same page. Orientals merely want to control everything before the end of the world. Euros are truly stark raving mad, and are in love with the idea of supremecy and being gay. America merely just wants to fuck up everyone and everything before the end. Trust me, the real divine will not play favorites, as the human race is worthless to them/it. Satan gets to go home after every single human is perished from Earth. GOD hates the human experiment. 2020 Les. That is all for the human race. We both know that non-native Earth lifeforms are already here, priming for the re-settlement and takeover of the Earth once all humans are gone. With the support of the dark and light side of the divine. You would have to be a fool to think this human experiment is worth anything or worthy of continuity on Earth. Humans have no chance, that is all. Enjoy your life, have fun, and bear witness to the end of the human age. It's actually an honor to be part of the last race of humans to live on Earth and to bear witness to the end of mankind. Later. And don't be such a dick and you won't hear harsh critique buddy.

Troy said...

That is wild that you say you search or are always asking why. It is wild because I do the same thing and have found that most people care less about the why. I won't quit till I know why to my satisfaction. I have a G+ page and posted something that I find interesting in the why realm. Les, it was posted with a certain audience in mind but I will leave it here in its entirety. But when I was typing it I somehow had you in mind when doing so. It is funny that this post of yours kind of has the same feel going on. You are right when you say things are strange and I think we are seeing lines being drawn and people choosing sides. There is tremendous pressure being skillfully applied in many areas all at once. Here is my notice of the pressure, and I want to know why:

Wow, is it not interesting the power plays unfolding in Washington DC. Things I like to ponder about. The timing of the arrival of ObamaCare to the Supreme Court, AND many of the Justices are very vocal in there attempt to tear it apart. Further, Obama is up for election, the reason for the timing I am thinking. If I am not mistaken sure looks like that piece of Legislation is being held hostage, assuring 1 term. How about maybe our place of disrepute in a war on Iran is being assured. I think a decision has been placed before Obama, with pressure from the Sheriff Joe investigation to expose him as unqualified to be the President, and now ObamaCare being waved around, yes sir, I would have to say, I believe Obama is being pressured awful hard over something.

Do not get me wrong, I am not an Obama fan, but he is a person like the rest of us. And whatever he believes is the right course of action, it is taking a lot of force to get him to move. It shows he is committed to something. Maybe it is a desire of powerful men, for Obama to start persecuting Christians, and he doesn't want to but these men do. Some might say that could be the other way around, and that is true. Much of what we think we know could be lies anyway.

Either way, as much as I dislike Obama, as a believer I think there could be several beneficial reasons to pray for the man.

Hillsboro, OR

Anonymous said...

That was great about the tarantulas on Tammy Fey's eyes. I was always disgusted by her pounds of makeup. Great post it is indeed always fun to come here. Be well be loved everone

Simmans (Czolgosz) said...


This stuff is very cleverly written, and I've been keeping up for a fair amount of time, via Rense dot com, but I've come to feel, especially lately, that you "talk much and say little."

Hey man, I know you've got to generate output, even in the dry seasons, but I wonder if a "Les is more"-policy wouldn't enhance your credibility. (Not that I'm implying a lack of credibility, certainly not with anyone beyond my own personal bubble-sphere.)

Sometimes I feel you put far more effort into how you're saying something rather than what you're saying. But prose is an artform, right? Still, you seem to be all about the title, and I am instantly able to spot your articles on the Rense list just by the amount of zing they're infused with.

Watch, let me try--

"Crowd-surfing over the White Minions of Ares," or, "Slugging it Out During Duke-bot's Daisychain Autopilot Fiasco," or, "Water-boarding the Disciples of the Papal Juggernaut Eddy-Freddy-Shreddie Machismo Crapshoot Buggaboo Dance-hall Dance-craze Neon Puppetry Jazz Discharge Party Hat." (Actually, I think that last was one you already used.)

No biggie. You'll keep at it and I'll keep reading, 'cause we're on the same side. I just needed to vent a bit. Vonnegut pisses me off sometimes, too, you know?

Shine on.

S. (Froobius)

Simmans (Czolgosz) said...


Just so you don't think I'm all vitriol, I have to agree with "Anonymous" regarding the pure genius of the line about Tammy Faye's tarantulas.

Very, very cool.



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