Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Smoking Bad Colombian Shake on Camelback Mountain.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Well, there is virtuosity and mediocrity and you don't need an example for the latter because there are too many of them to choose from. You got your celebrities, who are all concerned about Sudan; not taking anything away from how they feel, I feel the same way but everything that goes on in The Sudan is connected to what happens and is happening in Syria, with an eye toward Iran and it is all happening courtesy of the bankers they work for and never seem to get around to mention. You might see how this could disturb and puzzle me; once again, not taking anything away from these people but there is the slight tang of hypocrisy burning in the morning. I wish I didn't see these things but I would also hate myself if I did not and the only way I could not see these things and make the connections is if I were bone dead stupid, or compromised. Some of us have equaling talent but we don't get the wider stage because we won't bend over for it on that bridge we think we need to cross, when we get to it.

From candy ass to trailer trash, we got a burning landfill outside of Manilla and ringing around Guatemala City, like leaving a stench in the nostrils; these being always cold and wet. We got cartoons and buffoons, lumbering around like spastic mastodons, going by the name of Gringrich, Romney and Sanitorium, through the eye of a needle, to Tippee Canoe and Tyler too; smoking bad Colombian shake on Camelback Mountain. We got shingles from the mingles, with these cretins of the hour. We don't like what they got and we are going back for seconds. They also serve, who are only seconds, or second the motion. ♫I second that emotion♫ ...while not going through the motions.

There is then and there is now and there is 'where the fuck are we anyhow'? Good question. It adds a new dimension to the 'in your face', well, I can't see it' flu that seems to be going around. You probably catch it from that recycled airplane cabin air; debonaire, cavalier carabinieri, fire when ready. Fire in the hole is part of the problem and fireman with a swollen purple helmet, following after and rearing up like a cobra in the incandescent moist darkness, is the other but that's how we got here anyway, so stop complaining, unless... unless you don't like it here. I don't. Because it always wants me to play fireman too but homie don't smoke that shit, unless it's liquid smoke and that's no less of a problem in the long run. Anyway, I'm just passing through. I'm clear in my mind about that now; no more air kissing promises of back to the past reruns of something I've already had enough of, present company excepted, but you lose everyone and everything anyway, so you might as well go eager and willing as reluctantly. At least someone will take care of the dog. I don't know that they take dogs in Shambala. I can't see that there's an alternative, outside of this open air Walla Walla prison camp, of let's root our noses deeper into the murk, or try to make it better; after all, it's still the world and everything that's in it.

I suppose I'll have to do my Bertrand Russell farewell tour, since I don't look like Kurt Russell used to, not even back then. Those of us that can't get our hair to stay in place, wind up with no hair at all and are committed to the hair of the dog that bit us; thank you very much (grin).

Now where was I? I must have been somewhere, because now I'm here, if you catch my drift on a 'sea of forgotten teardrops'. People who tell me I need to quit Smoking that shit, probably don't realize that I only smoke American Spirit or Crossroads. Once again, we are the people that might have been and we should have gotten in touch with us then but that, like all the rest of the distorted, rewired and rewritten history is a thing of the past. These are all things of the past, or so says Marcel Proust, dipping his madeleine in his tea and it don't 'mean shit to a tree'.

I have learned a few things on my way through. Nothing is worth having, unless it is a part of you. It's all going to transform or go away. If you can get that into your head, you won't be tripping over all the furniture in your mind, when the lights go out on what you think you can see here. It's better to walk out of here conscious. The dream police know that their greatest weapon for keeping you behind the wire, is all the things you dream about. So keep on dreaming, ♫row, row, row your boat, merrily down the stream♫

I'm wondering if the Mayan calendar has it's dates fugazy, like the way 1984 shows up decades late. I wonder about a lot of things, when I'm wishing in one hand and shitting in the other. Makes me feel like behaving like one of those monkeys at the zoo, with all those people watching me. I have behaved in such a fashion, even recently, but I think the thrill is now gone. It wasn't nothing but boredom and bewilderment, copping a feel in the dark, behind the amusement park. Being as life is a drive in theater, I can drive out. Having the good sense to never listen to a thing Rachel Maddow has to say, or any of the rest of them, makes it easy.

I suspect I'll be traveling with Gurdjieff and meeting remarkable men soon. I never was a fan of Gurdjieff, who was way to left brain for me but I don't mind using him as an analogy. There are people I didn't get to meet but there's still time remaining and probably even people who wished, or will wish, that they had met me but, then again, there is no road one can walk, where one cannot follow, because there is no road you can walk, where someone has not gone before, even if you do work on the Starship Enterprise.

This is not some kind of swan song, since I am more resemblant of a stork. This is just looking at what cannot be seen, or articulated directly and therefore alluded to, in a sort of stream of consciousness, half arsed, poetic fashion. I know that if you drink deeply and dream the same; after a fashion, you are more likely to get out of here. This is meant in a Samuel Taylor Coleridge kind of a way. The guy used to stay in his basement apartment for months at a time and have the grocer and whoever come by and slip him his parcels, through the door. That sounds like someone who is serious about whatever he is getting up to, which you really ought to be, especially if you are going down :”caverns measureless to man, down to a sunless sea”.

Some things I fixed and the rest of them I broke but if they were any good they wouldn't have broken in the first place and in some cases, they were better off broken, like hearts, which don't work properly until you do. It's kind of like expecting to have some kind of ineffable presence, when your door is still on the hinges. Yes, you learn a thing or two, while you are here, or you don't learn very much because you can't afford to, since it gets in the way of having all the treacly, tchotchke kitsch that the joys of Yiddish will bring you. I'm not knocking Yiddish, it is to German what Hebrew is to Chaldean and both of them cheaper than stolen, which I suppose both of them were.

The world belongs to the people who most want to own it and for whom property means the right to put up no trespassing signs. One of the singular joys of living in Woodstock NY for so long was that there were so many trees by the side of any road, paved or not paved, that had them on them. I used to remove them as part of my job description. Then they took to putting up metal ones nailed into the tree, so I took to carrying a crowbar. Finally I just moved on. It reminded me of one of the scenes in The Monkey Wrench Gang (great book, a must read if you haven't), where they were chainsawing down billboards, so the company went and put them up on steel girders.. that would play hell with a chain saw; but, if you were a John Cage fan (I definitely am not), it would probably be music to your ears.

I am glad to see the back end of this post, rearing up in front of me like the hindquarters of W.C. Fields. My bags are packed metaphorically speaking and I am thinking about Mongolian wastes and Himalayan footsteps, traversing between my lips, or fingertips to god's ear.

It's been a fine business doing you and being done, or almost done; probably only the denouement anyway. This is not cryptic. It is just descriptive. It's not a fare thee well, it's more of a how do you do and the cry of a raven at the crack of dawn, which better look out if Tom Waits is around.

You can't make this shit up, except I already did and I didn't have to talk about the scumbags and losers, (except that I did) who are prancing about on the set, giving the grips and the roadies fits and generally boring everyone within hearing and seeing distance. I'm thankful I'm not like them, nor affiliated with MKUltra or Tavistock neither. They missed me for some reason but I don't miss them. Thank you for your patience and attention. I'm headed to the baths for some heat and some steam and some relaxation. See you on the flip side, or was this too flip already?

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

you've done good helped alot of people and i wish you sweet journey

Anonymous said...

Hi les,
Hey, we think your programming is running fine. Maybe just come in for a tuneup.
We miss you,
The Boys at MKULTRA

PS. Damn man, Nobs rips you a new one and it sounds like you're ready to cash it all in.
And yes, they take dogs in Shambala.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Judge Viz:

As teachers go Gurdjieff was a bit problematic for most…. He just did not give a fuck about people and their shallow perceptions. Ran one of the better mystery schools of the day and the student could get a lot of ascension miles behind them at a fair price.


Visible said...

Hey nony guy, I don't give a fart in a windstorm about whatever Nobody had to say about me, I didn't even read it. That's how unimportant it was to me. I'm not that vain. AND, as I said in at least two disclaimers, this was not a farethewell. Why the fuck don't people read a little more carefully? (grin). Everything just came out without my even being engaged more than typing it. I don't know what it means. I'll have to go read it. I haven't done that yet. I had race out and pick up the girls and dogs as soon as I posted. NOW, I can eat my rice and sauce and then go to the baths. My slice of Heaven on this Earth awaits.

Anonymous said...

I loved the title Vis. I spent part of my childhood in veiw of camelback mountain and certainly remember coombian shake. Have a good one bro.

from a remote area of Oregon

JerseyCynic said...


thank you for the ride -- it's time for cruise control!

Anonymous said...

You are hands down the best and most eloquent writer on the internet, or anywhere else. It's a real pleasure to come here.

est said...

my life is full of waiting
for someone to open the door

i'm thinking and hesitating
listening to the silence roar

my heart is full of hoping
as i lean on this window sill

looking for a reason
trying to find the will

my mind is full of wondering
my head is filled to the brim

i know i can't go on like this
balanced on the rim

my future is filled with lonely
just like it's been in the past

only thing i've yet to find out is
how long this charade will last

Anonymous said...

My understanding is that people are smoking some sort of synthetic incense and giving the ER and the coroner lots of business. Columbian shake was the good ole daze. Freeing the herb would cut in on the prison industry/sick care profits too much it seems. Just passin through and trying to enjoy what is left of this journey till I get back home.
Best to all from Minnesota

grassapelli said...

The part of Gurdjieff I didn't get was painting the birds and selling them.
The part I liked was the hidden solar brotherhood.
There was a master Omram who played the violin.
Likely the main thing we have in common.
"so long, farewell, auf weidersein, goodby" from the Sound of Music.

Anonymous said...

and after many a summer day dies the swan....

if only!

it never never never ends...everybody always sez, "if it would only END" but it never does. does it?

i think that's what we have to realize.....and transcend.

liz in los angeles....for now.

Anonymous said...

celebs stoking the self image factory, stinkin'up the joint (good help hard to find?)

itinerary just out of sight, all dressed up and know where to go, still who's listenin' anyway?

what if they gave an apocalypse and nobody came?

actually, orwell just 'flipped' the year he wrote the book ('48) to '84. not so precise or intentional a calculation as the mayan's numero-astrological time capsule.

just the same, if you're thinking of hopping the last train to clarksville ... take a number!

Tangled Up In Blue said...

I have been reading your blog for years now and you always are a pleasing dose cynical reality. Thank you for that. This is my first comment and perhaps my only comment ever as I just enjoy reading. Also, I am not near as eloquent with words as most here. *grin*

But, I want to tell you a little story...

10 years ago my daughter was molested by a babysitter's boyfriend when she was just 3 years old. His stepdaddy just happened to be a judge, which I can't prove came into play, but one can only guess. So our local D.A. decided to allow him to plea bargain down to simple battery. A $500 fine and 12 months probation was his punishment. At the time I nearly went mad at the blatant injustice.

Over the next few years though I got to watch as the D.A. was smeared and embarrassed after being busted with over an ounce of pot (it was dropped to less than an ounce after being weighed without the baggy making it a misdemeanor instead of a felony and his wifey ended up taking the blame), but the term 'pothead D.A.' has stuck none the less. I also got the joy of hearing that the molester himself died from a bad batch of crystal meth a few years later. He did go on to molest again and I was called to testify, but he didn't live long enough to get that far.

It took me a long time to finally realize that karmic justice supercedes any and all forms of social justice. I now realize that had social justice served up it's meek form of severe punishment that bastard could have been getting three squares a day, medical care, and an education instead of being served up karma's form of justice of choking on his own vomit.

Does this go along with your post? Not really. I just felt this compelled urge to get it out.

mike m said...

For those mistakenly believeing that this is a game of "Us against Them" I truely hope that if you come and visit Vis you begin to understand it is about "YOU" !

Anonymous said...


key in 'school of wisdom' - ralph.
quasi modern derivative of the likes of gurdjieff.

as well, the 'law of 3 and 7' has some interesting apps ... if'n you'd care to know.

pam said...


That felt like a goodbye and hit me with a lump with my throat. Say it isn't so, but if you must go you will be sorely missed. I have developed an addiction to coming here everyday just to absorb your next fix. You are a magic potion for all that ails me

Pam in the Colorado High Country

Caltus86 said...

Greetings all. I enjoyed reading this just like all of Lord Visible's writing. I heard somewhere that success breeds jealousy. Keep on doing the things you do so well Mr Visible, because you are yet to be discovered by the majority of people that will gain great benefit from your work, just like most of us around here have done and will continue to do so for a very long time.
Peace. Love and Blessings

mike m said...

We have some things in common. I too have been smoking American Spirit for years , Mellow Yellow, is my fave and the Santa Fe co. even sends me a card on my birthday!

But no matter how many times I tell people how crappy Marlboro's are and how much junk they are filled with and how they would smoke less and feel better if they would smoke American Spirits they just don't get it. The zombies are so fucked up they can't even "taste the difference" but they always want to bum one of mine......

And I too inhabited the Catskill Mtns. of Greene County, just a bit north of Woodstock, and loved to roam around the area.

Fuck the "Borscht Belt".

missingarib said...

vis, the waves are gaining height and the sound of them is raising the fear level- all those deaf to the sound will certainly feel the water lapping up around their ankles -but since some are dead from the neck down well no alarm is sounded
-Douay-Rheims Bible
And if the watchman see the sword coming, and sound not the trumpet: and the people look not to themselves, and the sword come, and cut off a soul from among them: he indeed is taken away in his iniquity, but I will require his blood at the hand of the watchman.

Knowing the end from the beginning hasn't changed the current of the river one bit - in the mean time i want to see your topsail on the horizon
thanks vis keep on keeping on

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible
Man that's some magic carpet ride, even though you left the mexican lands, where it seems the carpet is only shaking, but then most people don't like the genie out of the bottle, so no three wishes get made of fulfilled.
As for granpa, he at least charged Shakti for his gigolo dances, the horizontal ones, very little left brain stuff in them boots.
May the higher powers be kind and see you on the road, love to hear your songs live and in person around that mesquite campfire.
Woof woof from the Dog Nation, Siempre fi.

Anonymous said...

today's laugh

“Freud said sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Oh yeah? Well sometimes it’s a big brown dick stuck between the lips of a fat white pussy”. George Carlin

cue photo of Rush Limbaugh with cigar

courtesy of blog on laughter as weapon

Anonymous said...

"what if they gave an apocalypse and nobody came?"

Well now let's examine what that might mean:
1. They, being TPTB, are going to be on the receiving end of the coming apocalypse, they won't be in control of anything.
2. Nobody would have to be euphorically elated to the point he a) found his little johnson, b) could consistently stimulate it to the point of orgasm.

Whether or not Nobody will come or not when the apocalypse hits remains to be seen.

Anonymous said...

anon 10:35;

guess the paraphrase a little before your time. appreciate the (slightly) literal deconstruction nonetheless.

"watching and waiting ..."

Anonymous said...

anon 10:35;

if there was a question therein, the answer is ... there is no us and them, only a mild case of cosmic co-dependency in this, the realm of victim consciousness.

Anonymous said...

Maybe great writing comes from those with the most objects or obstacles removed , ( ok ,admittedly combined with skills inate , aquired , or honed .

Something like the opposite of
'writer's block '

What I mean is , Les , at your best your writing is clear , it just flows , as if some barriers or filters have been removed..damn , I still cant say it right .

I cant articulate it correctly .

Your words and thoughts are valued by many , Les Visible .


Gregory F. Fegel said...

I'm sure there are plenty of exceptions, but I have often found rural walking to be more hindered by "No Trespassing" signs than urban walking in the USA. In the City of Portland, I can walk for many miles in any direction without being detoured by barbed wire fences and "Stay Out" signs. In the Dallesport area, which is mostly orchards, cattle grazing, and empty land, the pedestrian access is highly limited. I have often ignored the signs while out walking, and as a result I have been encountered and told to leave and never return to big unfenced orchards, huge cattle grazings, and empty, stripped-over mining land. In the rural areas, the fences restrict the pedestrian to walking on the main roads, which are narrow and without shoulders, the traffic speeds, and walking is not safe. I think that part of the psychology is that the rural people seldom walk themselves, and they do not relate to the idea of an innocent walker; I've found that I'm respected more if I have the dog with me -- even around livestock. I seldom see anyone else out walking in the rural areas. I might be mistaken, but it looks to me like there's a lot higher percentage of obese people in the rural Dalles than in urban Portland.

One thing that I love about India is that the country is so ancient and underdeveloped that it is untraditional, impractical, and impossible for landowners to eliminate or restrict the public walking paths -- if it's the shortest distance between two points on foot, it will likely be a public footpath. In fact, that's one of the main reasons I would want to emigrate to India -- because the walking's better there than in the USA.

Chinese Sneakers said...

So, to change the subject, i want to ask--in the situation that is going to be described below, what the hell was the quantum moment that unfolded--?"

Good stuff, as always.

>>"Catching The "Silver Crusher" Algorithm In The Act
Submitted by Tyler Durden on 03/21/2012 - 19:45
Exchange Traded Fund NASDAQ

There was a time when catching the silver "whack-a-mole" algo, or process, or intervention, or manipulation, or whatever one wants to call it, in action was a myth: an urban legend, perpetuated by silver conspiracy theorists. Until today that is. Courtesy of Nanex we now have direct evidence of just what the reflexive market (in which derivative products such as ETFs influence underlying assets) goes to town by taking silver to the woodshed at a whopping 75,000 times per second! From the broken market sleuths at Nanex: "On March 20, 2012 at 13:22:33, the quote rate in the ETF symbol SLV sustained a rate exceeding 75,000/sec (75/ms) for 25 milliseconds. Nasdaq quotes lagged other exchanges by about 50 milliseconds. Nasdaq quotes even lagged their own trades -- a condition we have jokingly referred to as fantaseconds." Translation: so desperate was the desire to crush silver at precisely 13:22;33, that the Nasdaq order flow directive ended up moving faster than light. Frankly, we don't know about you, but when someone is willing to bend the laws of relativity, just to get a cheaper price in silver, to perpetuate a failing monetary system or for any other reason, we quietly step aside..."<<


gurnygob said...

Is it spring cleaning time already? Sounds like you just swept the whole house (mind) out there Les. I expect there will be a lot of that going on soon enough.

"Nothing is worth having, unless it is a part of you."

Very profound, I will be thinking about this all night.

Great post Les, I think.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for not leaving us, Les.

Seemed to me that a lot of this mirrors muse may have really been an Origami... Doesn't matter to me, though, I love'm both! Ah, to have my groceries delivered while I focus on only the ineffable for months at a time...

Jim in FL

ChewyBees said...

Nothing wrong with getting a 'fare thee well' in even if you're not going anywhere. It's kind of hard to do if your already gone.

I have written a 11 section book (doctrine is more like it, but that sounds clinical) to my children about some of the core basis of my beliefs, as they've been (un?)developed so far in my life, just in case I get hit by a bus or the New Madrid fault goes 9.5 tomorrow.
Here's my sections, if anyone is interested...

Sex and Drugs

The whole thing begins with a disclaimer that I'm not planning on kicking it, and the book really is not about me kicking it. It is a reference of sorts if I am not there, and there are a lot of reasons that I might not be there, in many capacities.
All the sections are as open ended as I could make them, hopefully with zero dictation and absolute interest in simple yet wise perspective. It is a perpetual work in progress, as am I (smirk).

An old football adage is play every play like it's the last play you'll ever have.

I appreciate how you put it all on the line for us all every time. Now, go win one for the Gipper...

MiaBellezza said...

Vis, I have really enjoyed your inspirational posts. Even if the Mayan calendar is all fugged up, at least it woke some of us up. Have you ever thought that we came here with a whole set of programs and the free will to chose which program to run with; but we had to play Clue first. I love riddles don't you, and puzzles. Only some will chose to break through and ride the Golden Lion. The archons are loosing their grip; ask Ms. Eisenhower. Hope springs eternal. Get the steads ready.

unmanifest destiny said...

When all the dots are connected,the journey seems to end.We are there,knowing what's to be.Emerging at the end of your trail,we are left in utter amazement that no one else has kepted up wih you.You turn around and realise for as far as the eye can see,there was no one on this path.You drop a few levels down the hill to see if all you loved turned at the last junction.No footprints there.It's then you realise they were all yes men,just to get along.They never left the starting gate.They will tell you now if your going their way,they will go with you.You tell the truth of what's up ahead,and all the rigors it will require.They will spin off to the easy way around that mountain,leaving you with all their baggage and gear to lug over the top.They may be there when you finally arrive,bitchin that you didn't bring enough,for their party tonight.I think we are all on the road nobody else will travel.Find our own way,I guess,and don't worry too much how others get where they are heading,if anywhere.

Joy said...

Actually, I could relate to all that very well.

For my part, I would like to say that I am not supposed to be here, but that would be misleading. I am free to be anywhere I wish to be. I chose to be here on this still amazingly beautiful planet. Others influenced me, but really I have no one to blame but myself.

Still, these perishable human bodies do not get better with age. And when one can do anything, eventually one has done everything. The knowledge that all fools will eventually suffer does not help one suffer all the fools now. Memories of more harmonious realms call one home.

I have been ready to shuffle off to Buffalo for at least a decade. But there is always an animal to feed and comfort, sometimes with four legs and sometimes with two. And there is comfort in the comforting, but not enough to make one feel comfortable or forget the comforts of one's true home.

I can soar up that rainbow bridge any time I please. Nothing but conscience and a sense of duty holds me back. But then, I am nothing but conscience and a sense of duty, so I have stayed. Yet, when the final curtain call comes, I shall be most grateful to leave this stage, and I shall not return.

Anonymous said...

Don't let anyone tell you not to smoke. Or toke. I have no patience with the morbid cult of health.

MiaBellezza said...

As the world arrives at the shore of the Rubicon, and the Nightingale sings its last sweet song, the higher consciousness of the awake and aware's belief system may crystallize in the flash of an eye. Time is compressing. We the people have the power within to change our destiny. ~ Namaste!

gurnygob said...

I am stilling looking for "Lindsey's Narration The Protocols the Learned Elders of Zion" Anyone know where I can get it??????????


Anonymous said...

the flip side was called
My Brother by Terry Scott

all aboard for MuMu Land

love and peace

Ricky Bobby said...

Lo Viz there is a couple hits left of Blueberry and Stereolab is rockin' the box. Das Radio show even mentioned the Kali Yuga last night. It is a grim wasteland on Das Radio all religion and sports. I come to the Viz blog oasis to recharge batteries.

Neko Kinoshita said...

Joy said it pretty well, " there is comfort in the comforting" sometimes that is as enough as it should be.

At this point, I cannot say for certain that I will not be back, as so much remains to be done, but then, perhaps it is just my own delusion.

Great stuff as always Vis.


Anonymous said...

Gurdjieff ? Good name for a yogurt.

John Rambo said...

Just wondering, Les, but what is your opinion about women who kidnap their ex-husband's children and then make a no contact order so that the father cannot see his own children even?

This has happened to TENS OF MILLIONS of MEN in America during the past 50 years.

Of course not all western women are like this, but unfortunately, enough of them ARE like that in order to justify making a cultural generalization about them, and calling feminism in the West a MAN HATING culture.

Anyway, the fact that tens of millions of western women have done this to men justifies calling them heartless sociopaths. After all, what could be more heartless and evil than kidnapping someone's children from them and not allowing them to see their own children even?


Visible said...

Rambo, maybe you and Makow should do lunch?

Both sides of the equation are fucked according to the way they fuck each other. Love rules supreme. If love can be engaged by someone, anyone; changes can occur. It is true that if you love someone, you should set them free. In the material world, in this time of Kali yuga, it is hard, it is slow, it is difficult. My own situation, not the same as yours, is very present but very kind and good, even so, change comes to us all.

We are ultimately alone and also never alone. It is what it is via karma and time and the relative density and intensity. Work toward accord. Love endures and one who believes that they love should always seek love as a guide.

John Rambo said...

Thanks for your reply, Les.

Me and Makow are not on such good terms, and anyway, he has lost his nerve to speak out against feminism as of late.

I agree with you that it's not like people are innocent, and it is their own karma playing out. For example, millions of baby cows are murdered every year so that people can eat them. Those millions of baby cows are thus separated from their mothers.

So, let's say that one of these guys who had his own children kidnapped by his ex-wife eats cow meat or even worse, eats the meat from the slaughtered baby cows. Is it not then his own karma coming back to him?

In the end, we got to work on our own karma and make sure that we do not commit any karmic crimes that will bring us punishment later on.

Also, all of these present social ills are temporary, and once modern society collapses, will be done with. Perhaps then it is not worth giving too much thought to (although, if I was a man who had had his children kidnapped and forbidden contact, I won't claim to be able to understand the kind of pain that must have caused him).

As for seeking accord, well it's kind of hard to do that when we have tried to talk to thousands of western women about these issues, and they spew hatred back at us. What that tells us, is that they think it is their RIGHT to be able to commit the crime of kidnapping a man's children.

So unfortunately, compromise with man hating women will not be possible. Believe me, I have tried, but they are not interested in compromise. Thus, the only option left to us is to encourage men to simply avoid getting married and to basically boycott western women.

I do that out of LOVE and compassion for the MEN. To try to help them avoid the same suffering that so many men before them have experienced.

Let's not forget at the same time that man hating feminism was created by the same satanic elite in order to destablize society.

John Rambo said...

Can I also ask you a question about the mass child abuse that took place in ISKCON during the 80s, 90s, and still goes on to a lesser extent today.

My question is this- why would Krishna allow the young children of his own devotees to get molested?

That is a very hard question to understand. It's clear that the Illuminati infiltrated ISKCON and used child molestation to try to discredit the movement, but even still, Krsna says that he gives his devotees protection. So why would Krsna have allowed the young children of his devotees to be molested?

This is a question that many people are struggling to find an answer to.

Anonymous said...

from alone to all one, it's just an l away, it's just an l away.

neal said...

Gurdjieff, never seemed to voice any regret for psychic killing those critters in the mountains, that bothers me.

Mayan calender, the real thing shape shifts and rearranges karmic and temporal events, it will make you jump most all over. Or at least it seems that way, I don't know if it is not the other way around, the avatar just stares, regardless.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

bon voyage, or is it?
I wish you well anyways.

(I am watching the 1984 Hurt/Burton movie version of 1984, by golly, by golly, by golly, definately not gomer pyle surprise surprise surprise).

Visible said...

I'm not always on top of things but Patrick V.10 or however you say it. It's late and I'm tired so recall is a thing of the past (I think that's a pun). Patrick, who sent me the voice recording. Your email has disappeared or I can't find it so I am unable to reply. You will need to email me again.

You said I should apologize to stickman. I didn't know, or realize that I had offended him. I think people have some confusion about my position on the gay thing. I'm not down on these people at all. In the early days I hung out with the gay people in Dupont Circle. I even put my ass on the line to defend them from the usual jerks and I had a heavy hitter companion named Carlos who was around. I am no stranger to strange things. I've done it all so I am in no position to judge. My position is just that it's a phase. It's not some authentic article. It comes and goes according the the times it appears, or does not appear in.

This is Kali yuga. I actually prefer the company of gay people over straight people a lot of the time because of the intellect and wit. There's an incisiveness that you don't find anywhere else. I object to the force feeding and political and satanic gaming that is going on. I would think I have been at pains to be clear about where I'm at but people with investments always have their own lens to look through.

I'm going to Shambala or something like it. I'd rather not think about all these complexities that people get themselves into. I try to untangle people on my way and I can be abrupt because I am a work in progress. Stickman, if you are out there, or you see this, or someone pulls your coat, I am sorry if I was cavalier or appeared to coming from somewhere I definitely didn't intend on coming from.

I didn't get the connection to why the whole matter came up. I was only talking about Lindsey Graham being blackmailed. He could have been blackmailed about anything. So, that threw me off.

I consider you to be a highly valued contributor and you educate and amuse me so, god I'm tired and I'm going to bed. I hope I said what needed to be said; what I wanted to get said.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

John Rambo, hope this at least helps a bit to alleviate the pain and distress which is synonymous with the child abuse offenses perpetrated by the lowest forms of human life.

This is from a man, a very devoted and gifted individual who really is a Swami.
His children were among those abused by the demons who came to positions of authority in the ISKCON gurukulas.

This is a fairly long and intensive discourse but the gist of what you are asking is addressed in the beginning and throughout. I hope this helps..

(I know this is not exactly on topic and must thank Les Visible prabhu for the medium in which to offer a balm of reason.


Karmic Speculation Cannot Build A Dharmic Nation

"When God manifests himself in the saha world of birth, death, disease and old age, 'demons' try to destroy him! Demonic persons (those beings with an envious and adversarial or hateful attitude) attack his devotees as well. The scriptures of the world describe this conflict. Wolves in sheep's clothing try to destroy the work of God by corrupting it, and devotees are tortured and martyred for their faith from age to age."

Anonymous said...

Happy vernal equinox to you, faggot. I was thinking, how did you ever become such a faggot? I mean I know you dabble with your feminine shambalaness and all and finger your ass until you have some sort of gay kundalini experience, but really, how? You look like you are Russian or Aryan descent, born in America right? Probably Jewish too with your long face and big nose? I'm cool with the Synogogue of Satan, so it's no problem. But they are not nearly as gay as you buddy. Aryans used to be some hardcore badasses. Not lately though. Russians have always been hardcore. Americans have always been some ass-kickers as long as they were fighting some little nations, nevertheless. But you, you play parrots, speak in soliloqouys and limmericks, you simply can't speak your mind in a direct and non gay way, and you didn't even have the balls to to say who you really were and apologize like a man when you had the privilege to be in my presence and airspace. If you didn't know, I am a Satanist, and probably the Satanist in this world buddy. You need rituals, chants, computers, subversive psychology, gang-stalking, etc, to do what I can do naturally. You know this place is mine, and all in it. You know that you are in fact my guest, and an unwelcome one at that. I don't need electro-sorcery, but you do. I don't need gang-stalking, but you do. I don't need subversive media, but you do. If you think we are friends, you are wrong. I am putting an death spell on all those known and unknown who have ever had the audacity to hurt me, speak bad about me, upset me, disrespect me and my world and authority which is supreme to any monkey bullshit, and I will be very pleased when I know you have moved on to shambala land buddy. You don't appreciate my Earth nor me, you respect neither and you cherish everything other than my world. So you may leave and so may your friends or anyone else who have hurt me. Remember that you breathe my air, and I am the prince of it. Remember that. Remember when you play with those parrots and tigers, that they too are mine, because they live and breathe on my earth. You don't appreciate my home, yet you live off of my natural wealth and kindness while spitting in my face and destroying my home and anything I value. So, you don't deserve to reside on my planet, you faggot bitch. Later homo.

Visible said...

There's a whining edge to this deal here. I'm really not responsible for your impotence and I don't need another girlfriend. The planet is neck deep with the possibilities already. I don't remember having met you but I've met any number of forgettable individuals, so maybe it isn't your fault. I will say that those who spend the most time talking about certain sexual angles are almost assuredly into them.

Since you don't have the stones to reveal who you are, it remains a mystery to me and not one I am much occupied with getting to the bottom of. I wish you well and you do add a certain reverse je ne sais quoi to the whole affair so, please feel free to help yourself to the cd's, bumper stickers and t-shirts at the kiosk outside the hall when you go.

mike m said...

@4:42:00 AM

What's up, brah?

You talk just like one of those sticky boogers that just won't go away no matter how hard you try to "flick them off".

Whatever, when the ruins of YOUR WORLD are lying at YOUR FEET you still won't understand what happened, but that is why it did happen.

Toodles, you cheeky monkey!

Sorry Vis, couldn't help myself.

Anonymous said...

satan's cabin boy is on shore leave at 4:42...somebody thinks they're tough.

i picture stubby fingers, mcnugget crumbs on the keyboard and stained sweatpants as i peruse the robert mitchum inflected swaggerpost....

and suddenly i got the joke!

it's a Comedy not a Tragedy so the Divine sent in the clown...

more clowns are coming.....prepare to laugh

liz in los angeles

Gregory F. Fegel said...

To MiaBellezza:

We need not conclude that "the Mayan calendar is all fugged up", simply because some modern Doomsday prognosticators interpreted it incorrectly as a sudden disaster. Consider the possibility that the Epochal change indicated by the Mayan Calendar does not begin with a catastophic bang, but with a gradual shift.

To Homer:

I read the Bhakti Ananda Goswami essay that you mentioned, and I agree with everything BAG wrote, except on two points. First, BAG characterizes the perpetrators of adharma as "Impersonalists" and "Mayavadis", which in, Srila Prapbhupada's exegis, would include Adi Shankara, Ramana Magarshi, and other recognized Advaitist Saints. Second, BAG says that Srila Prabhupada bears no responsibility for the misbehavior of adharmic ISKON members and officers. Since Prabhupada created and led ISKON, I think that he does bear reponsibility, "Respondiat Superior", for the behavior of ISKON members and officers. During the early 1970s, it was already obvious that some ISKON practices were leading to misbehavior. For example, the greed for lavish Temple upkeep was fueling some dubious money-raising efforts that were erroneously called Sankirtan.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Anonymous March 23, 2012 4:42:00 AM sounds like a redux of another recent Anonymous poster here. Schizoid delusions of grandeur, a reference to a previous encounter, and barely-veiled personal threats. This Anonymous also has a military-macho vibe like the previous poster had. I would identify such people with a red flag for all to see.

Jean C. said...

Dear Vis,

I have been reading your writing for a couple of years now but never replied with anything before.

I am actually in the process of physically dying (from cancer presumably but who knows?). I try to tell a few people (a few....'cos I hardly know any) that's a SPIRITUAL process....but I don't think they get it.

I'm getting tired now of attempting ro remain "alive" in this world and think it's time to go.

One regret....I never learned to play Bach's "Goldberg Variations" although I could have at a time when I was a really, really GOOD pianist. I supposed there are other "regrets" but for some reason that one stands out.

If I were to have a headstone...tombstone....doesn't make sense to me to have any of would say what it says on WB Yeats' (I was actually there once and saw it for myself)

Cast a cold eye
On life
On death
Horseman ride by

Visible said...

Wow Jean, I hardly know what to say. May it prove erroneous and may you live as long as you want to live until you wish to depart to more light infused spheres. There will be plenty of time to play the Goldberg variations with all eternity before you.

John Rambo said...

My thanks to both Les and Homer for their replies. I understand better now that the people who did these evil things to the innocent children of Krishna are total DEMONS who were demoniacally trying to prevent the golden age from commencing.

I just hope that the evil doers, the Illuminati, and all of their satanic supporters, are all destroyed soon. Until these evil scumbags are gone from this planet, it will be very difficult to create the incredible new age.

John Rambo said...

Oh and Les, I remember that one asshole named David Bruce Hughes, also known as Gaurahari, was attacking you, and you replied to him that you people do not have a monopoly on the little blue boy.

Not sure if you know, but this bogus idiot got caught engaging in BSDM sexual types of acts with his "disciples" and so everyone rejected him and now he is living as an outcast and nobody likes him anymore, because he has been exposed for the sick shit that he is.

It just goes to show that, the little blue boy will destroy anyone who tries to contain him and prevent others from getting to know him.

As far as I am concerned, Les, you are a real devotee and all of these hateful bogus devotees are just impersonaters. To hell with all of them!

Jean C. said...

Dear Vis,

Nope, it's not erroneous. I've been dealing with this "cancer" (sometimes I think it's simply soul weariness) and various other "ailments" since 2004. I'm tired of all the BS and the lies. It's time to go.

Thanks for your words. We seem to have travelled a lot of the same paths.

We have a mutual friend who quotes you often in her newsletters. The wife of one of my heros (there are so very or two) and the author of a great trilogy.

I DO hope to have all of eternity to play Bach.

Jean Christensen

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Gregory, please consider these..

Srila Prabhupada considered Sri Shankaracharya to be the greatest devotee of God.

Sri Adi Shankaracarya;

The Incarnation of Lord Shiva
(Jeffrey Wallace)

During the eight century A.D., when Shankaracarya appeared in India, the authority of the vedas which guide humanity toward progressive immortality, had been greatly minimized by the pervading influence of Buddhist thought. At the time, most of India's philosophers, in pursuance of the teaching of Buddha's sunyarada philosophy of negative existence or prakrirt nirvana, had renounced the vedic conception of isvara (the Absolute Truth) and jiva (the eternal spark of the same). Under the patronage of powerful emperors like Ashoka (243 B.C.), Buddhism had spread throughout the length and breadth of India. By dint of his vast learning and his ability to defeat opposing philosophies in philosophical debate, Shankaracarya, however, was able to reestablish the prestige of the Vedic literature's such as the Upanisads and the Vedanta.

Wherever Shankaracarya traveled in India he was victorious and opposing philosophies bowed. Shankaracarya established his doctrine, advaita-vedanta, nondualistic Vedanta, by reconciling the philosophy of the Buddhists. He agreed with the Buddhist concept that corporal existence is unreal or asat -- but he disagreed with their conception of prakriti nirvana.

Shankaracarya presented brahman, spiritual substance as a positive alternative to the illusory plane of matter. His philosophy in a nutshell is contained in the verse, brahma satyam jagan-mithya -- brahman or spirit is truth, whereas jagat or the material world, is false. In other words, Shankaracarya's philosophy was a compromise between theism and atheism. It is said that Shankaracarya, according to the necessity of time, place, and circumstance, took the position between theism and atheism because the wholesale conversion of Buddhists to the path of full-fledged theism would not have been possible.

Professors of philosophy in India refer to a verse from the Padma Purana (Uttara khanda 25.7) that reveals the hidden identity of Shankaracarya:

mayavadam asac-chastram
pracchannam bauddham ucyate
mayaiva vihitam devi
kalau brahmana-murtina

"The Mayavada philosophy, Siva informed his wife Parvati, is covered Buddhism. In the form of a brahmana in the kali-yuga, I teach this imagined philosophy." Shankaracarya is thus widely accepted as an incarnation of Shiva.

From a purport by: A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Since Lord Siva does not incarnate himself unless there is some special reason, it is very difficult for an ordinary person to contact him. However, Lord Siva does descend on a special occasion when he is ordered by the Supreme Personality of Godhead. In this regard, it is stated in the Padma Purana that Lord Siva appeared as a brahmana in the age of Kali to preach the Mayavada philosophy, which is nothing but a type of Buddhist philosophy.

Lord Siva, speaking to Parvati-devi, foretold that he would spread the Mayavada philosophy in the guise of a sannyasi brahmana just to eradicate Buddhist philosophy. This sannyasi was Sripada Sankaracarya. In order to overcome the effects of Buddhist philosophy and spread Vedanta philosophy, Sripada Sankaracarya had to make some compromise with the Buddhist philosophy, and as such he preached the philosophy of monism, for it was required at that time. S.B. 4.24.17

Anonymous said...

Srila Prabhupada on Child Abuse..

“Just see!”, he said. “Such demons! And they are doing this in my name! They should be kicked out! But before they are kicked out, they should be hanged!”

"Now the thing is, children should not be beaten at all, that I have told. They should simply be shown the stick strongly. So if one cannot manage in that way then he is not fit as teacher. If a child is trained properly in Krishna Consciousness, he will never go away. That means he must have two things, love and education. So if there is beating of child, that will be difficult for him to accept in loving spirit, and when he is old enough he may want to go away—that is the danger. So why these things are going on - marching and chanting japa, insufficient milk, too strict enforcement of time schedules, hitting the small children? Why these things are being imposed? Why they are inventing these such new things like marching and japa like military? What can I do from such a distant place? They should run and play when they are small children, not forced to chant japa, that is not the way."
Once again thanks to Les visible prabhu for this medium in which to reflect diverse truths.

All respects to you Gregory for your considerable and well intentioned Jnana Shakti.

Anonymous said...

to jean if you happen to see this....

i was struck by your beautiful spirit

sometimes the internet actually 'sings' with energy

travel light travel right


neal said...

Jean, we really all do go together, I think that is why most fall apart when that small death is asked for, and given.

Bits and pieces, and small sparkly things, that is still this department. Please do not believe what you will be told about being a ghost, pianos will haunt most everyone anyway. There is way more than enough of this to go around, that is why bits and pieces and such get to soar, it is just that way, it is Beauty. You do not even have to believe it, just love, there are those who only get to exist in impossibilities.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

To Homer:

Thank you for the quote that clarifies Srila Prabhupad's respectful opinion of Adi Shankara.

Many of the core texts of the Advaita darshan were composed long before the advent of Adi Shankara(788 CE - 820 CE). The Upanishads ( which are contained in the Brahmanas and Aranyakas) are regarded as pre-Buddhist, and in fact, Buddhism is considered by many to be a development that was inspired by the Upanishads and by Advaita. The Bhagavad Gita, which dates no later than between 200 BCE and 200 CE (and possibly much older), is esteemed by both Bhaktas and Advaitins. The Gita is considered by Advaitins to be a summary of the Upanishads. Patanjali's Yoga Sutras date from circa 100 BCE. The Bramha Sutras date from no later than 500 CE. So the Advaita darshan emerged from Vedic tradition long before Adi Shankara.

The original darshan of the Buddha is ambiguous about the existence of the Soul, and some Buddhist commentators, such as Ambedkar, have declared that in Buddhism there is no God or Soul. I think that the denial of the Soul is incompatible with the doctrine of Reincarnation, which the Buddhists support. I think it's illogical to deny the Soul, while believing in Reincarnation - because what reincarnates, if not the Soul?

Advaita sees the Soul as ultimately identical with God, a position distinct from the Buddhists, who are inclined to deny both the Soul and God. However, there are scholars who have shown that Soul-denial was not a doctrine of early Buddhism, and that the Buddhist tradition has been misunderstood on that topic. I haven't the knowledge to explain that here; I have only read a little about it.

My main point is that Advaita is not atheism, and that Advaita differs from Buddhism in that Advaita recognizes the Soul and God, while in Buddhism, the existence of the Soul might be supported or denied by various schools.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Yes Gregory, this is the same progression as explained above. The reason for the very special incarnation of Shiva as Sri Shankaracharya to place the Vedas, once more, in the prominent position.

(The incarnation of the Buddha Avatar to displace the Vedas with Buddhism is itself a very wonderful lila)

As you know, it is not only possible but relatively easy these days, via the 8th wonder of the world, (WWW), to research and ponder the nuances and intricacies of practically any and every theology.

As evidenced by the extreme, and in my view unbridgeable gap between Pure Land Mahayana and Theravada Buddhism.

Between, for example, the Dvaita of Sri Ramanujacharya and Sri Madhvacharya.

Ultimately though, as Les Visible prabhu says with consistent regularity, our mind has to follow our heart en route to our soul or it all becomes just so much wheel spinning. Though even in this wheel spinning there is a positive progression.

Karma Marga rises to Jnana Marga rises to Bhakti Marga

The illiterate devotee in the temple pretending to read the Gita because he was instructed to do so.

All the "big devotees" were making fun of him because with tears in his eyes he was pretending to read the Gita.

Lord Chaitanya embraced the illiterate with love due to this simple man's Bhakti, his love for Lord Krishna which manifested from his heart by simply seeing a picture of Krishna driving Arjuna's chariot and realizing Lord Krishna's mercy in this desire to serve his own devotee.

Lord Chaitanya, to some distress of the "big devotees," said this simple illiterate devotee had realized perfectly the conclusion of the Bhagavad Gita.

Best wishes to you, Gregory!

Anonymous said...

V is for Victory today and anonymous 4:42 proves it.

His atheist mask comes off. Seeing his writhing, hissing, spitting, can their be any question of what the lake of fire is now? It's in our breath and it's the 2 edged sword in our mouths. The fire hasn't flashed yet, but he's just become stubble to help it. No discipline. They can't maintain.

Great day


I know who it is. He usually likes to write in caps as if his words are more important. He's one of those satan worshippers from VNN or Stormfront. Bill White revealed where they get their indoctrination some years ago and went to prison, shortly after, for a long time. They're the anti-thesis to the thesis, the left propping up the right to present something like structure, they're a one trick pony and their ruse is as old as this fight. If they ever could get a new idea, they would have. They walk gullible people to the cliff. The person falls. Can you guess who is down there to recover and rebuild the wreckage? Old. You were exposed before you took your mask off, boob. The idiot is always the last to know.

Ray Zerwitt

Anonymous said...

This is the mentality of the wealthy! Why would anyone want to kill something so beautiful.


Gregory F. Fegel said...


I have met and heard of many ISKON devotees who behaved with cruelty and avarice, in spite of all their japa, kirtan, and worship; yet those rascals prided themselves in being "holier than thou" bhaktas, as if their ritual practices gave them a license to misbehave toward others. Many Christians do that too. It appears to me that along with bhakti, knowledge, discrimination, and introspection are needed too. In fact, bhakti might be considered a form of knowledge, just as the psychologists now talk about "emotional intelligence".

Best Wishes, Gregory

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Yes Gregory, me too.

There has always been and always will be that very special insidious psychosis that no honest and relevant psychotherapist would touch with a ten foot pole let alone attempt to "treat."

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Gregory, I think you might enjoy this (;>)


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