Thursday, March 8, 2012

Succubi and Incubi in the Kingdoms of Desire

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be keyed to the sweet scent of love's potential.

Boy, are there some strange things going on. It looks like the Obama murder machine is at full tilt. Holder announces that they are going to start killing people; like they haven't already been at it. Then they kill Breitbart, I'm pretty sure about that. Then they kill the Obama impersonator. Meanwhile, the atheist crusaders tell outrageous lies about all the important people who are going to show up at their big event and then they work both sides of their propaganda mill. Of course, we know who's pushing this whole thing and it's no surprise that they bring in opposing examples who are nothing more than reverse side shills for the same load of horseshit. I don't want to offend anyone but it's hard for me to play stupid.

I see what's going on. I know if it weren't for my significant protections that I would be in their gun-sights too. I don't care one way or the other. My life isn't in their hands and never will be. I'm not concerned about sharp blows to the sternum in any case. I only want to live long enough to be able to swim in certain waters and melt into them. If one or two things could happen for me, I don't care one way or the other about hanging around. I just want to see the celestial love lights shining back at me from the right set of eyes. Who cares about anything else? The chance to have something happen makes the whole point of living worthwhile and nothing else makes any difference by comparison. Nothing else matters. See, life can be very long when it contains nothing of value or promise. I remember the hours in prison sometimes, that were like waiting at the motor vehicle department, or standing in line at the unemployment office, except way more dangerous (grin). Well, I've been employed by the same firm now for some time and though I don't get a paycheck like most people, my ship is always sailing into the harbor. Of course, ships like this have their own time line. Sometimes you see it on the horizon and you're so sure it will dock anytime but it doesn't work like that. Still, how much better is it to work for a certain company like I do, a company where you're only as sure as your reliance makes possible, instead of working for some firm that doesn't give a damn about the bottom line and you ain't it?

However, when things are going well and you have things to look forward to, time is no longer a chain around your neck. I suppose there are some people who think I'm fairly successful, given that I operate completely outside of the media as we know it and given that there are very few firms that will publish my books, or allow me to disseminate my music in the usual ways and means, since the usual ways and means are controlled by the enemies of humanity and... despite how profane and or saccharine modern music is, you find that you are considered far more profane by the enemies of humanity that see you as an enemy and they might be right about that. I know for sure that my employer doesn't like them one bit. I measure personal success by the probability of sustained esoteric resonance. I know there are other places to be, because I've been there more than once. It used to be I could only get there when I was in a psychedelic condition but that's not the case anymore. I can get there under all kinds of conditions now and I know the reason for that is that trials and circumstances have altered my vibrations, until they are sympathetically harmonious with other planes of being. I suspect, once again, that I am not singular in this experience.

Anyway, I've been dancing on air for a couple of weeks for one reason or another. This is a switch given the darkness of recent times and some of the situations I've found myself in, without knowing how I got there. I was told recently to expect some outrageous opportunities and changes and darned if some of them haven't come up in the windshield lately. Then I hear that that isn't anything compared to what's coming and I have to shake my head in wonder. Of course, I could be bat shit insane but that doesn't affect the reality of what I am encountering. Yeah, that's probably all happening in my head but external evidence indicates otherwise. The reason I bring this up is that I suspect I'm not the only one getting supernatural conditions and communications from somewhere outside of the humdrum and depressing mix-master of the material realm.

The one thing that rings most in my consciousness is something I heard a couple of years ago, “don't concern yourself with good and evil anymore, remove all such limited constructs from your mind. These things only apply to those who need them, to mark the territory and parameters of their imprisonment, in an unreal world that bleeds them and feeds on them for it's own sustenance. Everything you thought you knew about what is real is not. Take that next step and walk out of the controls of the slave-masters. They are impotent and without power”. Strangely enough, I have found this to be true. It's a comfort is what it is.

You look at the list of articles on all of the sites where my work and the work of others is linked and you see a continuous litany of exposures and revelations about dark and ugly doings by those stunted and miss-formed abortions who are the dregs of a vile and progressive karma that has brought them to the top of the shit heap, as if that were some knighted and honored location, worthy of admiration and respect. They primp and pimp about in their expensive attire. They greet each other with their titles and positions of phantom power and they assume the position for the bankers and the criminal nation that seeks to make slaves of everyone. They themselves are slaves but they're deceived by their privileges, with the arrogance of a prison trusty, ready to spy and inform on the inmates who want nothing to do with being the boss man's dog.

Massive solar flares are coming, which should be no surprise, given what the sun symbolizes and if what I take away from that is true then that's not all that's coming. Nature is the active side of a dreaming invisible ocean. The surface is seldom disturbed but now the cries of the tormented and abused are rippling across it, as if it were being raked by countless hands, dragged by the wind toward an unknown destination. The howls of the dead, the dying and those who wished they were dead, echo though the canyons of the burning cities. The drunken sex junkies hump in their painful frustrations, into the unseen succubi and incubi that rules the kingdoms of their desire. They've forgotten all about satisfaction and the arcane techniques of the gifted in love because love has abandoned them. Love has departed from them because they have forsaken Love and Love does not abide where Love is not sought after and longed for more than any other thing. They tremble and they shake with the sorrow and need for what is no longer their primary and most sacred possession. The resonant vibration of deep orgasmic fulfillment has vanished from their lives. They are hollow and empty. Their separated self is a runaway vagrant. It's gone. It's gone and taken all of Love's true union and meaning, into the ravaged and litter strewn lots of the fucked up past with it.

Look, my friends, at the dark and dreadful ruin of these twisted times. The bright and shining zukunft rides the horizon like my ship, coming like that Bedouin rider in Lawrence of Arabia. Today's Bedouins are hunted like beasts by the authors of this. Yes my friends, much good has been done in the false and tardy dawn of the darkness in which we presently languish. The man who took so much trouble to record this is just one more brave and beautiful soldier; one more fine rainbow warrior in our ever growing ranks. You who fancy yourselves among our numbers and who do not speak out, who do not risk censure, approbation and the scorn of your slumbering fellows, are not worthy to march with us or inherit the shimmering heaven of Shiva's drum. You are the coward, Anonymous, whose passion swells only from the safety of your hidey holes. If you can't stand and be counted then you have no number.

Mark my words, it is not so fatal or dismal as it appears. Appearances lie. Armies are nothing but riders in a vanishing mist. Temporal force and the institutions that serve it are only temporary dwellings for hungry ghosts; mean-spirited thugs in suits who can take their weapons, warrants and suffocating laws and stick them up their ass where the judge of all things will no doubt set them on fire when the time is at hand.

All of you bent and evil servants of self interest and venal personal profit can kiss my dust. I will not bow down to you. I will not honor you with my fear. My fear is reserved alone for the apprehension that I might fail in my endurance of and contempt for your miserable presence on this once beautiful Earth; the footstool of something far beyond your imagination and comprehension. Laugh jackals, as you tear at the corpse of every good thing that you have turned into stinking offal. Wallow in your certitude that you are untouchable in your fortresses of straw. Your hour is coming round. Call your lawyers and witnesses for the defense. The laughter you will hear will not be your own.

Take heart my friends. Do not let what seems to be bring your spirit low. Appearances lie and things are not what they seem.

End Transmission.......

Visible and The Critical List: Not Politically Correct by Les Visible and The Critical List♫ Big God and Mr. Fate ♫
'Big God and Mr. Fate' is track no. 3 of 12 on Visible and The Critical List's 1992 album
'Not Politically Correct'

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Not Politically Correct by Les Visible and The Critical List


Anonymous said...

Thank you les, Vis... One of my dearest friends for all time used to just slay me with her wit... she called them 'the Cream of the Crap' those preening jackals and weasels-the liars with their soulless eyes-running this world-to utter SHIT at their temporal profiteering.

She got so sickened by the works of these freaks that she 'just wanted to go home' and she did... aka DYING on this plane. I miss her a lot.

She was a great master of her own chi. She taught me how to break up the chemtrails just by thrusting out your arm and throwing you chi at them-cursing them all the way. It works. Check it out-like all good things it is: free, easy to do where ever you're at.

I think it was she who turned me onto your site a few years ago now.

They've got to be doing this for the FEED they achieve by harming so many of the good souls.

I am inspired by you to keep my chin up and carry on pushing the real energy that courses through me as much as I can handle.

These 'well dressed wax mannequins' (a sabian symbol term-lol) are so absolutely grotesque. Mean little bitches too.

Dwelling in the theocracy of Idamo caused me to investigate the natural predators of WEASELS-and they would be the BADGERS.

Badger time...coming right up.

the gardener

Anonymous said...

"I measure personal success by the probability of sustained esoteric resonance."

yes yes yes YES

we work for the same employer and i heard on very good authority that you're about to get a promotion. well deserved!!!

liz in los angeles

Sami the Shit Golem said...

Beautiful and on fire as usual, carry on Les Vis! It takes so long for the divine retribution is my only complaint. I'll try and be more humbly grateful and not grumbly hateful. Love walked out many years ago and I thought about shuffling off, should've put up more of a fight for it. O well youth is wasted on the young and wisdom is wasted on the old.

Anonymous said...

The world is full of deceet and trickery be carfull but be happy.How much money do they pay the mercinary army in the middle east? I bet these folks make lots and live nextdoor to many rich Americanos.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

"Well, I've been employed by the same firm now for some time and though I don't get a paycheck like most people, my ship is always sailing into the harbor."

Well, when you're working for the light side on the Otherside, no you don't get a pay check, but the fringe benefits can't be beat, huh? ;O) Shiva by any other name is one of the best. (Personal experience.)

maya seri said...

Just the other night I had a beautiful dream wherein like you described once I was playing rough and tumble with this mighty Aslan like lion what was amazing is that the lion was of course in control and was smiling at me and was kind of reassuring me that everything was okay kid.The strange thing is that when I mentioned this to my wife turns out she too had been dreaming and there was a lion protecting her in the dream it was all so beautiful and warm.
Thanks for all you do.

Anonymous said...

When you wrote the following, I realized we are indeed tapped into the same source:

“...don't concern yourself with good and evil anymore, remove all such limited constructs from your mind. These things only apply to those who need them, to mark the territory and parameters of their imprisonment, in an unreal world that bleeds them and feeds on them for it's own sustenance. Everything you thought you knew about what is real is not. Take that next step and walk out of the controls of the slave-masters. They are impotent and without power”.

A few years ago the same thing happened to me. My morsels of greater truth come to me in thought form. It's like something stamps it into my head whenever it's time for me to receive it. I could be eating lunch or walking down the street or working on the computer and - blam! - here it comes.

What I received was basically the same transmission that you received, Vis, except it was trimmed down. Mine basically said that duality is the prison - if you get hung up battling on one side or the other you miss the point. And the point is, there is so much more to be had. The opportunity is coming for those who can only see, to awaken from the dream and escape the prison of duality. If we cling to the past, and to our arguments, we will still be trapped in this prison of mind/body/spirit on this earth plane, no matter which side (dark/light) wins.

Wow. Every week or so I will read something you write, about a thought you have had, or an experience you have had, and I will think, "Bingo". Since I don't walk around voicing these thoughts with which you resonate, I don't believe there is a surveillance microphone in existence that is powerful enough to pick up what is in my head. So this is just more evidence that there is something greater out there, some power that exists outside our reach, which is shared by all of us in our more lucid moments.

And we are getting closer to stepping into that new region, and disappearing from the one that currently entraps us. I feel this on a daily basis. I know you do, too. And I am ready to move on, just like you are. I have the feeling a whole group of us will be moving on soon.

Which makes me think of Carlos Castaneda, and his mentor, don Juan Matus. Don Juan told Carlos that dreaming is the key to becoming a sorcerer (someone who achieves a state of total freedom). And he told him that dreaming in groups can open the door to miraculous new worlds of our own creation. He went so far as to say that whole populations disappeared via "group dreaming" - they visualized and then re-created in dreaming the exact same scenery, and vanished into the world they visualized together. (Which sure makes sense in terms of the Mayans, the Easter Islanders, the Anasazi Indians, et al. Those civilizations disappeared - and truth being stranger than fiction, I think they stepped into a new realm together...and maybe some of us are about to do the same thing.)

Ian James said...

"In darkness’ core she dug out wells of light,
On the undiscovered depths imposed a form,
Lent a vibrant cry to the unuttered vasts,
And through great shoreless,
voiceless, starless breadths
Bore earthward fragments of revealing thought
Hewn from the silence of the Ineffable."
- Sri Aurobindo. Savitri, Book I, Canto 3, p 41

Anonymous said...

Very inspiring Visible, thank you.

Something came to me, that this the second day of Purim a time that the that the tribe usualy start some shit or a war, the planet is being hit by a massive solar flair. interfering with radio transmisions satalite performance etc. Perhaps the devine is screwing with there plans. He,He,He

Have a great day people

from a remote area of Oregon

Anonymous said...

‘Tis All Said and Done!

I have nothing more to say;
‘Tis all said and done!
Now we cross the Rubicon!

Pax y'all...and fear NOT! The Lord's my shepherd...

pax verbum
Big on Faith, small on religion

Anonymous said...

With a few more hours to go, here on Turtle Island, anyway, there has as of yet been no mass blood sacrifice for Purim. Time of the peak Full Moon is already past. Perhaps the shared messages among the masses of the awakening has been of some avail in this lack of negative developments at this critical juncture. Thank you, Vis, for doing your part in giving the lie to these forces of Darkness which deny the light of transcendental love.

-stickman 19 Pisces, 33 Anno Eros

Lindsey said...

Les, and everyone else, this is Lindsey, the narrator of "The Protocols in Modern English." I am so genuinely touched that you would take the time and space in your article to include something about the work that I felt needed to be done by SOMEONE, and since no one else had done, by me.

I did this mainly to help those who are hard-of-seeing, blind, or just too damned busy or lazy to read this significant work, and I have Patrick Willis' verbal-interpretations of your works to thank for motivating me to do as good of a job as I could do.

Given the enormous positive response to this endeavour, I am going to narrate the complete "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" in the high-language, Jack Bernstein's "My Farewell is israel, Thorn in the Mid-East," and several other works featured on Daryl Bradford Smith's site in his book section. Before getting into anything too heavy, I will narrate ZionCrimeFactory's fantastic work, The jew World Order Unmasked at

Les, and you others who have supported my efforts, I can only thank you but I feel that it can never convey my sincere appreciation in helping me get what I believe is the best information available out to the people via my YouTube channel. I am only one person who has simply had enough of these demons walking-on-two-legs, and I hope that my work motivates others to do as much as they can to change the course of our world as YOU have motivated ME to do what I have been doing.

God bless you, and thank you so very much.


Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible.
It seems that the shaking carpet has led to a magic carpet ride, and the genie is out of the bottle. Great happiness and joy arisis spontaneously.
trusting that appearances do not lie.
Woof woof from the Dog Nation, Siempre fi.
Shiva/Shakti tango is on.

K.L. said...

"As long as certin twisted souls feel the need to lie, cheat, and murder to achieve their ends, some of us need to keep pointing it out..."
Les, you are my fuckin hero.
and quite an inspiration.
Sincerely, thank -you.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful words, thank you. You inspire me...

little bear said...

Beautiful and inspiring, thank you.

Visible said...

Cap'n Spadgett, Gmail decided to lose your email so I haven't been able to tell you that the keyboard arrived two days ago. It is an enormous improvement; enormous. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Too bad God doesn't want me making music because my Roland keyboard now sits there gathering dust for the last several years as do my guitars. Apparently he doesn't want me making music anymore. Geez, it couldn't have been that bad (grin). But in the last two years he wiped out my music hard drive twice without touching anything else and out of the blue, my music storage site removed all of my locations for no good reason and were nasty about it (Soundclick).

Orher thing happened too. Meanwhile I can do things with my voice that I could never do before, like hit every note in every Hall and Oates song (grin). That came out of the blue too and totally confuses my presumptions on the other hand. Meanwhile I can still type and much faster now because of your kindness.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this inspirational post Les. Unfortunately I think I have a long way to go before I can join you... and time is getting short. Love and respect, Magnus

Visible said...

Magnus, it's not so complicated and not so distant. It's like that gulf that exists between where we are and what we are. It may be so wide that it has no other side, or it may only be as wide as our fear.

missingarib said...

vis, yes it is the best of times.

The book of life opens- finally we see the construct -it's cover has rattled off, the internet has dissolved the synthetic skin , the voices of truth sing a new song - yes this is the end of man living with a yoke around his neck-
thank you for your constant encouragement, for the reflections

live well and long

Chey said...

Les, the time must be very close at hand, for here’s SM folded into a beautiful Origami.

I do hear righteous anger in your post, but not as in the past; I think you have moved through and on to other places in all but body. Your messages have helped me, no, all of us, to work through our fears, and now feel as though we are what we truly are (or can be), wide channels for Love, from the only source existing.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,


Steve said...


Visible said...

If you will indulge me readers, I know this is probably pathetic on my part but the music thing bugs me and I would like an honest opinion.

I'd like to send out cuts of my work to the reader and have the reader honestly tell me that I have no right to do this. If there are too many of you critquers I will put about 40 songs or so up on my 4shared space web site.

Feel free to trash me, the universe seems to think I have no right. The only other possible explanation is that the job I am doing would be compromised by my efforts to rech people through the universal medium but we'll see.

I hate to do this to you; makes me look lame and self indulgent. That is not my motivation. I could have been lame and self indulgent a long time ago. I honestly don't understand and my opinion, since I have heard it many time (no way around it when you are recording it) is that the lyrics are spot on and I am totally in key. I even used software to check and didn't use software to make it that way in the first place, so, I'm missing something. Thanks.

Visible said...

Okay, I'm gettuing static about some guy posting that Blake wrote the second coming. Of course that was Yeats but it is not my job to proofread the obvious. The reader should be doing that. Meanwhile a lot of people cannot post their comments because Zio Blogger shuts down access all over the place on a regular basis. Someone find me a gentile hosting space and I will move.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vis,
Have you considered just uploading your music to YouTube? You don't have to have any video to do so.
If you do I am sure 'we' could help it go Cosmic (big-grin).

Love to all,
dw in Tahoe

Steve said...

There are many beautiful celestial worlds and that gives us hope

Richie (Dana) said...

This one hits close to home for me in more ways than one. Seeing how I post under my real name I guess the boys could pick me up and eradicate my earthly existence at any point as I am easy to find.

My pursuit of the Divine is the most important thing in my life at this point so it matters not to me. I am standing here waiting to be picked up, one way or another and dam the torpedoes. Sir, I cannot thank you enough for your continued efforts that have helped me so much in this regard.

The second thing that really gets me is your comments regarding your music. If you can imagine the way you felt composing and singing I am sure it would match my feeling when creating drawings for whatever I am building at the time. The world fades when I do this work and the creation is all that matters to me. It defines me to such an extent that I often say. Those drawings are who I am. The problem here of course is that the statement is not true. Events seem to have conspired to take this away.

A few months ago I got a virus on my work computer, closely followed by my home computer, sending me into a panic because I could not do my job without them. I lost weeks of work in the process of formatting the machines multiple times. This was finally resolved after 2 weeks of complete mind blowing frustration. It crossed my mind at that point that God was trying to tell me something, but I have no money, no property, and live hand to mouth, so I just kept going.

A problem at my project in San Francisco a few days ago somehow translated into “Richard is not to do any more drawings”. These drawings are THE way I get my work done and define me, so now what?
I believe I sent you some links of examples long ago via email which prove that I am extremely good at this.

When driving home I recall your instruction that the Divine is active in even the smallest details of your life so that would translate to my current situation.

I do not have a clue what the hell I am doing, but this day I have been lifted by your words.

I thank you Sir,

Visible said...

Richard, of all the people directly or tangentially involved in my Mexico debacle, you are the only one who, sight unseen, was firmly in my corner and what you suffered was used against me as if you were six or ten. I won't forget that any time soon. If I can help in any way, you have only to ask and to the limits of my resources, they are yours.

Visible said...

Well, no, you were not the only one but the most expense put out and dramatically, no questions asked one.

Pee Pee Herman said...

Mecca lecca hai, mecca lecca hidey hole!

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

this SM was very much poetry, in motion.

(tip double backups of your good digital works if you can folks, prefereable one copy off site - or off planet).

Steve said...

Hey Vis,

I remember when I first came across your work and visiting your soundclick site. My fav songs would have to be Gods Not Dead and New Age Twinky. I had a bunch of them on my laptop but lost them all 18 months or so ago when my Itunes had a hissy.

To me your spoken word comes across a lot more powerful than your song.
Take Ganesh for example.

I really enjoyed having your music to listen too when I first discovered your work as a way to understand different aspects and talents of your being, but now I know a little more about you, I would probably not visit your music so much. I rarely listen to much music any how so don't take that personally.

That's how it's worked/working out for me and it may change down the track as I feel like I am changing at a rate of knots at the moment.

Saying that, I would never put anything past you as to what you could accomplish.


Anonymous said...


I'm going to second that YouTube suggestion by dw at 11:46.


Richie (Dana) said...

One of my little gifts would be dissemination of intent. I have no idea how this works but your intent is clear to me.
That intent would include the fact that you mean no harm to others along with exceptional dedication to helping those same souls. The thing was a no-brainer although disappointing.

I appreciate your offer of help as that means a lot to me. I think the help I am looking for resides in the hands of the Divine.

The line is in the sand and it's all or nothing now. We shall soon see methinks.


david griffith said...

'Bat shit insane' is a good way to be.

'mad as a cut snake' is a worthy companion.

Both are sane enough to recognise that the power of God transcends all.

david griffith said...

I've been very happy with as a $20 a month website designed for technically illiterate musicians like myself.

It allows for blogs and all the douverlackies you'd expect so if you've got the mp3 files to your music, this may be just the ticket.

A wonderful man named Derek Sivers started hostbaby as an adjunct to cdbaby.

I also sell very little music which is a bit of a head scratcher in terms of using our God given gifts but perhaps your wider writing is of more use at the moment than your songs.....AT THE MOMENT .... this doesn't devalue the songs so - take heart - brother and write them when you feel it.

I'd be happy to listen to some songs - are you putting them up?

gurnygob said...

Honest opinion about your music.

Les you ask for honesty so here are my thoughts on your music. Coming from one who knows nothing about music my opinion is based on the 99% of the population who likewise know nothing about music. It all comes down to a matter of personal taste rather than actual approbation of what makes for a great composition. Most people here a particular sound and they either like it or they don’t. If you ask me I would say you have a unique voice, it’s not great but it’s not terrible either. A lot of what you do pokes fun at the orthodox system of things and because of the revolutionary tone and the truth in the lyrics It stands to reason that the big recording companies would not touch you with a barge pole. In the right company and setting you would be a complete sell out, as it is, your music sits in some obscure location of cyber space along with thousands of others and few people, except maybe for your readers, know where to find it. Someone mentioned sticking it on YouTube. I think this is your only hope of getting it out into the public domain. Sure, people will download it for free but at least a lot more people will be hearing it and with links back to your music store where you could advertise full albums for sale as opposed to free downloadable singles on YouTube, you never know what might happen. If fucking Daniel O'Donnell can make a living from singing so can you and you’re way much better than he, although, that said, my granny may not agree. Les it’s not you, its location, location, location. The young folk who have their heads out of their arses as far as world events are concerned would relate big time to what you are trying to say so let them hear it.

Of course, when you go global I get 10% of everything you earn for this good honest advice.


neal said...

Richard, the first thing a person said my way today was "we are riding a magic carpet", a kid in a deli, and I am amazed at your broadcast.

That deli hired me, first money in two years, such blessings!

Vis, I might have some coin of the realm, maybe enough with the proper attachments, I would love to spread even two pence around, so contact me if that can help.

Mr. Hall did an album with Mr. Fripp, called Sacred Songs, now that is some tones without Oates.

You know, you are bringing smiles back to these skies, when you sing. Thank you, it really helps when living the dream gets cornered, maybe what tries to kill us makes us all the more dreamier, that is some demonstration, in this place, no?

onething said...


Perhaps you can explain what you mean about not concerning yourself with good and evil. For one thing, you concern yourself about it all the time.

onething said...

I listened to all the songs you had up a while back and really liked them. I would be glad to listen again.

Cici said...

I was duly outraged on your behalf, too - i was planning to sneak in after the crowd dispersed..crushed dreams...Anyhoo, I've not tried cursing the chemtrails but I have found that if I look at them in daylight, unfocus my eyes so that I can see the energy in the air bouncing around like little sparks of lightning, and think "dissolve, dissolve, dissolve", they do indeed begin to disappear starting with gaps wherever I'm focusing and extending outward. Ah, it is normal to see the energy in the air, innit?

MachtNichts said...

Under assault? Vis, i wish to clarify one of my earlier comments stating that i accept your verdict. Which, of course, i would by the way, but ... It came to pass because i assumed (ass of you and me?) you had put a trash can beside my post before that (i didn't think it was that bad). Later it dawned on me maybe it was an act of the googling ogre to 'assist' me in deleting a comment i wanted to withdraw.

Anyhow, it made for some interesting thought combinations i could have done without. I remember, no, i have it in writing what you said back in 2009: "Maybe it is simple and maybe it is complex ... whatever got us into this fucking mess. It kind of looks like we ran out of love before we ran out of things ..." No kidding!

Thank you, for your kind words at the end of the current post: "Take heart my friends. Do not let what seems to be bring your spirit down. Appearances lie and things are not what they seem."

And now to the part where i prove i'm not a robot: atimas amoryn
no immediate thoughts, Love Silvia

Mo visible said...

Les, I feel I just turned a corner, fear has been displaced with love just like you said it would. whew.Let them bring it on.

Patrick V1.0 said...

Very powerful post Vis. No sense trying to put icing on this cake. It's perfect

Vis I always liked the song on your radio show. "Let your love grow" I think it is. I always thought to myself there was something moving there.

Anyway it struck me that the Big Kahuna doesn't want you to stop making music but that you've been gifted (voice and all) to kick it up a notch. Maybe the past is the past and it's time to see what you really can do ? Maybe with other people ? Just my intuition.

I certainly can relate to you Magnus. It's weird though I feel something really changing. I also feel a lot of gratitude for being directed to this place.

Lindsey , Bravo Brother. I'll send ya a wheel barrow to carry your balls around in.

Richie, I spent a good portion of my life programming and fixing Myursoft crap. All versions of windows have built in back doors (guess why?).

If you'd like to make yourself more bullet proof may I suggest looking at Linux.

It's really easy to use these days and theres a lot of distros around that are pretty much awsum. Ubuntu and Linux Mint are a couple that come to mind (search them). Also they are 100% free. Maybe you have a friend locally who can help you install it ?

Also it's possible to run a dual boot system so you can still have windows if absolutely necessary.

Daphne said...

I fight to get the truth out as much as I possibly can Visible. And get ignored or ranted at (mostly ignored) for doing so.

I love reading your work. I need inspiration so much. It's tiring to try and tell the truth to people who do not want to know.

Thank you for what you do.

Daphne said...

nylets afdevero

Visible said...

I don't put trash cans next to comments, Blogger does that so that people can remove their posts

Denny said...

Talking of "Appearances are not what they seem"....

A gang of Hells Angels pulled over by a very high bridge and saw a woman standing right on the edge. The leader walked up to her and asked what she was doing, and she replied that she was about to commit suicide. So he asked her if she would mind doing him a favour by giving him a really deep kiss before jumping, and she said okay. So they kissed deeply and passionately until finally the Hells Angels leader said, "Are you crazy, wanting to commit suicide when you can kiss like that...?! Why do you want to do it...?"

She replied, "Because my parents don't like me dressing up as a girl".

Visible said...

Okay people, a simple primer on thinking, writing, communication. It is impossible to deal with the written word without contradicting yourself as you go. It is impossibe to tell the truth most of the time but it can be indirectly inferred. There's a trick to arranging words so that the unspoken can be exposed between the words or an outline drawn in which something can be seen in part.

When I quoted my invisible friend about good and evil, my friend was talking to and about me exclusively. The point was that I should not concern myself with the world's idea of right and wrong, good and evil because those standards no longer applied to me. I am outside the net of cultural and national affiliation. I don't have the usual borders and boundaries so I can get away with things- this was not the case until fairly recently and not in US previously- that other people can't because my vibrational set is not telegraphing a sense of right and wrong that would put me into the field of relative reaction. I experience this on a regular basis.

I am not implying that I am exclusive or special. Others who read here share these qualities with me and know what I'm talking about. I am on a certain journey, the goal of that journey is more important to me than anything or everything else combined. My life isn't important except for this. That's how it has to be if you want to complete the jouney, otherwise something will magnetize you for however much time is necessary to return to the path. Because this is true of me and others, I make progrss. I get promotions. I advance and- I'm told- that is a constant and I can't do anything about it anyway. I'm hooked in to something and it has total control of me, even when it looks like I am out of control; that's not the case. It' for the purpose of demonstration.

I recognize when I write here that I occasionally contradict myself. That's not what's really happening. What's happening is a view of the mountain from the other side. have my limitations. I am a work in progress and I'm doing the best I can while being baited badgered by the remnants and remains of what is being eliminated from me and also closing the doors through which malevolence enters. I hope that clarifies the good and evil thing.

As for the music, I just love to sing. I'll put a selection of songs up and then I'll ask for specific responses and it may help me understand something I don't get.

Finally, occasionally there are a couple of people who really don't like me. Of course, they are anonymous, which tells me all I need to know about them. In a couple of cases their style is immediately recognizable and I don't even read it. If they want to take the trouble to write it, it doesn't get read. In other cases, I see it, it has zero impact and it doesn't get posted. If this entertains you, enjoy yourself, though I doubt that is the case. I get so few negative comments that that says something all by itself.

I gotta go out with the dogs. 'll have more to say later.

Anonymous said...

There is no higher plainer where good and evil don't factor in.
Even real dogs get that one.
Still enjoy the read though.

Illuminati Agenda said...

"life can be very long when it contains nothing of value or promise." - Good point. It's just so easy to get caught up in the systems nonsense and let it pervert your spirit. We need to remember to remember...

Richie (Dana) said...

Way to go my friend, I am happy for you.


Patrick V1.0,
I am aware of the swiss cheese windows thing. It seems with each new version they build in more back doors. I rencently installed the Bitbox browser on my machines which is facinating.

It runs Linux inside of Oracle VM. The browser is Firefox 4.0 for Linux. Apparently it was developed for the German government so they could safely browse the internet. All files and folders related to this are saved in a temporary virtual “box” and all is deleted when it is shut down. There is additional information here.

I guess I am basically already following your excellent advice, although I do understand that running Windows in a virtual environment under Linux would probably be superior.

I find that Peerblock runs alongside this quite nicely as well. I have ran my cleaning software right after a session and there are no cookies or browsing history there to delete. All in all, very cool.

Long ago, I realized that everyone will be asked to give up everything, including your “life”. Therefore, the less you now have, the better. The last thing we will need to give up is our computers when God opens minds to psychic powers.

We all talk a lot about TPTB, but this is going to be the really big event that we have been waiting for.


Richie (Dana) said...

I look at this blog space that Visible has created and it seems to be a virtual reality of what is really reality.

If you think about the world as it was before computers everyone was isolated and alone. We lived in our separate little boxes and we drove around in our separate little boxes on wheels. The internet created a connection between us.
So many people have commented here “I thought I was alone”.

Well guess what? You were never alone and you will never be alone again.

I believe that we will all walk seamlessly into the new world with the loss of nothing. That is, nothing that is really important.

Visible……Please forgive me but I must thank you again. My heart is truly filled with gratitude and joy.

Have an excellent day everyone,


Anonymous said...

Here are a couple of pages that caught my eye that may be of interest :

Solar flare: The sun touches our psyche

WASHINGTON, March 8, 2012 - Maybe it is time to wear tin foil on our heads. With high electromagnetic activity from the sun coming this way, our human electromagnetic fields may start glowing.

Even if we do not begin incandescing, scientists have noticed correlations between solar flares and moods.

Solar Effects

From 1948 to 1997, the Institute of North Industrial Ecology Problems in Russia found that geomagnetic activity showed three seasonal peaks each of those years (March to May, in July, and in October). Every peak matched an increased incidence of anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and suicide in the city Kirovsk.

One explanation for the correlation is that solar storms desynchronize our circadian rhythm (biological clock). The pineal gland in our brain is affected by the electromagnetic activity.

This causes the gland to produce excess melatonin, and melatonin is the brain’s built in “downer” that helps us sleep.

“The circadian regulatory system depends on repeated environmental cues to [synchronize] internal clocks,” says psychiatrist Kelly Posner, Columbia University. “Magnetic fields may be one of these environmental cues.”

Solar Symptoms and Side Effects

Psychological effects of CMEs (coronal mass ejections) are typically short lived and include headache, palpitations, mood swings, and feeling generally unwell. Chaotic or confused thinking, and erratic behaviors also increase. Since Tuesday’s solar flare was a double-whammy, it will be interesting to see whether reports of physical disturbances are more intense or more plentiful than during single solar plasma blasts.

Solar eruptions throw 10 billion kilograms, or 22 billion pounds, of solar plasma into space. If that number is hard to grasp, just think of it as ginormous. One to three flares are a daily occurrence on the sun but the waves of charged particles do not always visit our planet. Those that do reach us are both beauty and a possible beast.

more here :

An Open Letter to the 2012 Prophets

( Mayan Calendar , Yugas etc )
"As for the significant correlations to Mayan calendrics, we are forced to point out that the Kali Yuga is universally known to begin with the day of that Lord Krishna passed from this earth plane. Lord Krishna was known as a major incarnation of Lord Vishnu, one of the three primary deities of the Hindu Trinity. His day of departure has been calculated to be somewhere between 3102 to 3125 BC which would place him in the exact time frame when many believe the Mayan Long Count began. Therefore, our thesis provides a very good frame of reference for determining the exact start date of the Long Count. If we can pinpoint the year and day of Lord Krishna’s passing, we may very well have identified the first day of the Mayan Calendar. Whereas the exact end date is of paramount importance and can only be determined by this start date, we are greatly encouraged by this historical clue left to us by one of the most widely known incarnations of the Lord ever to walk the Earth."

Thanks , GTRman

Anonymous said...

Please... what came down in Mexico?

seems like a long time ago now.

the gardener

Anonymous said...

sometimes you are transmitting IT and sometimes you are just all by your lonesome with all the peccadillos and insecurities of humanity at large. i can tell right off 'who' is talking when i read a blog.

your worries over your music being heard and appreciated are a kneejerk, habitual wound from all your years of trying and being kicked around and there is something in you that is reacting habitually by still trying and caring. i have been through the same hoops here in hollywhore and know the drill. an old, infantile part of you wants to be sally field moaning 'you like me. you really like me' but that is not where the new you is is like a vestigial tail and it really should just drop off by now. you are a channel for! and you get such clear reception. your music is something you have done in the past for others to approve of...whether you fully admit it or not. that may be your last chain.if you stop wondering what others think,'the music' will get better because the music will become a channel for IT with all traces of ego and anger erased. there will be even lessssss of you and that's what it is all about. less is less and that is exactly how IT wants it. let go of 'your music' and be the music. the music of the spheres is waiting to be broadcast.

a friend and admirer speaking from the heart,
liz in los angeles

Anonymous said...

I found this at Ickes headlines. I realise it could be bunk , and function in much the same way as a flattering horoscope , but , it pretty much sums me up ! Like Les , I am a mute musician at the moment.

Waiting , waiting , waiting ..

" Are you part of this “first wave?” Most of these pioneers or first- wavers have been experiencing many or all the following:

1. A feeling or sense that they “don’t fit in,” don’t belong, or can’t connect to the people around them.
2. A desire to find their true “home” and/or true spiritual family and community.
3. A feeling that entities are around them. They may even see or hear those entities on occasion.
4. A feeling that they aren’t achieving the success, relationships, and happiness they desire—despite having outstanding skills, capacities, and intelligence.
5. Changes in mood, emotions, and energy levels that seem to reflect the people or planet around them, as much if not more than their own state and condition.
6. Moments of feeling more “awakened” or conscious, but finding those times short-lived or unsustainable in daily life.
7. Vivid dreams, and even moving, speaking, or acting out while asleep.
8. Periods of intense “shedding” of relationships, responsibilities, or priorities.
9. A feeling that time is moving much faster.
10. Noticing synchronicities and believing that there are no “coincidences” or “accidents.”
11. A sense that the world won’t end for everyone in 2012 or 2013; that the times ahead won’t be easy-- but that the upcoming global events are necessary for our planet to progress, and for humans to evolve in their development.

If you are a first-waver, you may benefit from the following:


Anonymous said...

Love your posts! You articulate what percolates in the ether, giving it shape and form.
Maybe the problem with your music is not that you're not supposed to be doing music, but possibly reliance on electronic media? just a thought...

Teresa said...

Les, maybe you don't have to upload your music to an audience. I can hear you whenever I want. And, I like the sound of your voice. It is full and warm. Some general music criticism coming and be warned--I don't know the correct language to discuss this subject, and I am sure to offend some people, but here goes anyway.

People have singing voices that reflect the trueness of their heart. Singers with heartfelt voices IMO (a short list) Les, Mark Knopfler, Placido Domingo, Mina, Seal, Cleo Laine, Ella Fitzgerald, Roberta Flack. They can take simple songs and fill a room with the warmth and truth of their voices. Singers such as Annie Lennox, Streisand, Dion, Elton John, etc. have good technique but not much heart. They take complex songs and use their vocal tricks and production tools to cover their lack of vocal emotional projection.

The same goes for musicians. I can listen to something as staggering as the Bach double violin concerto, performed by two so-called giants, (Zuckerman and Stern) and be left scratching my head wondering how did they manage to screw it up so badly. Their performance was cold, empty, actually, it was a deliberate insult. And, I have to wonder why do the mainstream critics hail the recording as a work of genius. On the other hand, I can listen to a live performance of the same piece by a high school orchestra and be transported to a new level of bliss. I know you know the feeling--your brain is too big for your head, you float, you can feel every atom around you, everything shines with it's own jewel colour. . .

Back to you, Les and your music--sing out loud in praise of creation with your heartfelt voice. We will hear you. Richard (Dana) same goes for you. Draw, we will see it.


onething said...

Thank you Visible; your explanation makes good sense to me. It's a touchy subject for me because it is so easy to get it wrong. Pretty much the whole problem with the human race is that people get this wrong, and they don't see it clearly at all. When people speak of going beyond duality in the case of good and evil, I get wary.

I trash the Old Testament (as well I should) but there are a few gems in there, one of which is Isaiah saying woe to the people who call good evil, light dark, and sweet bitter. And I realized this is happening all throughout societies and religions. People are literally confused about whether something is bitter or sweet. Being told they should move beyond duality is not helpful (and I am NOT saying that you said that! You have never said that. But others have)because you first have to know what is bitter and what is sweet and why before you get beyond the duality. You've got to go from confusion to clarity before the next step.

The best explanation of nonduality I have found is from David Hawkins books, "Eye of the I", and "I." Basically, one of the dualities is a subset of the other. Hot and cold seem obvious, but there is really only different amounts of heat. Your experience of hot and cold is a subjective thing and exists within a limited range. You can stop the flow of electricity with an Off switch, but there is no electric condition called Off. There is just electricity or not. Similarly, evil does not really exist. I understand that. Evil is a distortion of something that already exists and has no self existence.
And yet, here in this playpen, it is very real and profound.

Visible said...

Liz, no, were that it was that simple. The fact is that I have been recording for years and doing no promotion and very little public performances, except for placing songs at the end of each posting. I don't even do that anymore. For your observations to be correct I would have to be much more attached to promotion and I don't engage in it at all. There are all kinds of things I could do but don't.

My question about the music was obviously poorly framed because I wasn't asking in any terms having to do with worldly success. I was thinking about things that had happened in recent years and wondering at the meaning. I don't care one way or the other about the music succeeding and it never had anything to do with people loving me, otherwise I wouldn't have kept it as such a private affair.

I've got to learn to present things more precisely because I seem to have failed in the attempt here. Basically what I was curious about was why that course was closed off to me, or seemed to be EVEN THOUGH I WASN'T doing anything with it except for putting a song up at the end of the posts. I wasn't contacting anyone, trying to do anything, seeking other musicians, nothing. That is what I'm curious about.

My hard drive with the music went bad twice and nothing else has and my music sites got shut down and there were some other things but there wasn't anything going on in the first place.

I'm certainly not going to bail on the form and it's certainly not some infantile thing connected to undesirable baggage. Music is a universal language and a very powerful and important part of life.

Anonymous said...

Les, your inciteful musings shine through the ignorance of 'reality' like the rays of the sun penetrating dense clouds; Casting down the mud mold trolls and demonic spirits while carrying incite to the given ear of the informed wandering souls who live by love and the grace there of. Great Creator resonates through you, this I know. Blessings to you and yours,

Wis Ki Gete

Jody Paulson said...

I just want to comment on the first comment (from the gardener). That friend was right. It's possible to break up chemtrails the same way it's possible to "energize" water and bless your food -- through positive intent, allowing your inner higher vibrations to do the work. Ego cannot be involved here, recognize that it's a higher power moving through you. But one would be amazed at what is possible simply by giving permission for loving higher energies to shine through you.

Visible said...


That subject isn't for discussion, especially since I've been accused of discussing it by people who actually are discussing it (grin).

Things happen that seem to make no sense. Then the results in the aftermath make perfect sense of them.

Anonymous said...

Breakfast from 0700 to 1100, they said; man, I was bustin' at 9 and heavin' at 10... so I kinda feel empty anyhouse.

mike m said...

Watched Stanely Kubricks Full Metal Jacket last night and man I have to say that everything that is vile and all the good that has been destroyed is right there in that movie.

It is amazing at what you can see once the veil has been lifted.

Anonymous said...

One thing which struck me as kind of new about "The Succubi and the
Incubi in the Kingdoms of Desire" is the incredible degree of relaxation
this piece brought on me.

I rarely comment but I've always read your messages and most of the

I have seen commentators disappear and sometimes re-appear, those and
the 'new' commentators that come to your blogs of truth over the years
are among my most interesting friends.

The powerful resonance your words inspire in me has been present ever
since the first time I read your work, it flows or gushes in torrents
over me but this piece is different because the calmness is so

I love you Les Visible and what I owe you is beyond what words can


Ben said...


I'll throw in my two cents... for that's about its worth.

I learned the hard way and the lesson still hasn't sunk in.... when God closes a door for me I am not to go and try the doorknob.

It might open; I might walk in and then engage in those things Father had set away from me.

I'm an amateur machinist; I dabbled in it during my employment years and now that I'm retired I probably spend too much time making things out metal. God has enhanced my skills in this and, in my retirement, I have used these skills to make useful things for people that need them in their work. I don't charge for this, not even for the materials and I have been blessed in that those jobs I do for people turn out beautifully.

I recently got a request to make something which was not necessary towards the person's trade... I agreed to do so. However, I agreed without ensuring this was within Father's will. The work went extremely poorly (I was making the sort of mistakes I hadn't made in years) and God told me "This is not My will."

I listened... for awhile. And then, after a couple of weeks, I decided that God hadn't really told me that. So I started the work again. On this occasion, God almost broke my lathe; it was a threading operation of the sort that I've done hundreds of time and something went wrong. The lathe wasn't damaged (no gears stripped) but it was a near thing and when it happened I was genuinely afraid I had done some very serious and expensive damage to the machine (the lathe came from England and went out of production last year after almost 70 years of production).

There are no coincidences. In this instance, God was emphatic "This is not My will."

On occasion, those close to me have asked me "How do you know God is talking to you?" The answer is difficult to articulate as there is no audible voice... however, there is a definite communication which takes place within my mind and when it is His voice, I know it. It is "outside" my usual thought processes and is unmistakeable.

My problem is that all too often I try to ignore it... and when I do I always, always regret it later. I must be learning though, because I've found in the last few years that I pay more attention. And when I don't, as in this last endeavor, He gets back to me.

As I am not in your shoes I cannot counsel you regarding your music. It seems to me that your music is a gift and all things are from God. I've learned and continue to learn that when I use a gift in a way which does not glorify the Giver, I have misused it. I've become more aware of this as the years have passed.

Visible said...

Ben; My songs, the greater body of them do glorify the divine. That's the reason I do it in the first place. Something I didn't mention (and I don't know the reason for that) and I should have, because it adds another dimension to the thing, is that the divine told me it was going to make my music be heard and that the reason it hasn't been heard is because a veil was placed over it for a period of time.

My connection with my internal voices is pretty constant these days and all I have to do is ask most of the time and I get a direct answer. The only times I don't get a direct answer, or any answer, I usually hear, "Not now". About the music, I get no answer whatsoever, except what I already mentioned.

The reason I posted about it is the same as my reasons for mentioning any number of things when I mention them and that is 'the law of putting it out there' (grin). I believe this to be an actual law. When you put a concern out on the aethers it sets up a vibration, coming and going. That doesn't mean I get an answer in the comments. It means the answer is being generated and will reach me in some fashion from somewhere.

I believe someone is putting one of my simple country songs up here now. That came out of the aethers and now songs will be appearing in the posts again. Heh heh, maybe that was the point.

The music, like the radio shows, do not generate much in the way of comments. Both are a verbal expression of what happens here in text. There's no real or practical difference and it doesn't concern or upset me. It sometimes puzzles me and I have one of those minds that gets relentless about puzzles and mysteries. It probes at them like a tongue probes a wounded tooth.

Thomas said...

excuse my language, but this post is FUCKING Awesome! So flowing and powerful.

Many thanks, I laughed hard when I read it.

To all, wishes of sweet winds :)

JLOC said...

Right on Brother!

Anonymous said...

its all coming back now what it always has been the veils are lifting walk away from the dream world

Anonymous said...

Visible-re music. It's simple D. P. You need your Hall. Or is it Oates? Two voices in harmony. Singing of the glory of the divine. Asking questions. Seeking answers. I would love to sing with you. Can't happen. Stuck here in the poisoned vineyards of Illinois.(I can only sing in the shower or my car, so I wouldn't be much help.) "Carry on my wayward son. There will be peace when you are done."
I remain a dreaded anonymous creature.

caffeinated said...

Greetings from England
Very nice post and soooooo timely,really just what I needed to know that I am not alone in my thinking.
Thanx a mil!
Love to every one

Anonymous said...

some things are buried so deep within us that only the Divine can see them -- thus the mysteries of wiped music caches...

never meant for you not to sing and play music ... never.

just get rid of the pronouns and let it out.

as a practicing bibliomancer i opened the sacred webster's dictionary and touched a word for you, lesley crook, this morning....the word was 'herald'.

i felt joy...this is how the Divine intends for you to be a herald.

"it was the lark, the herald of the morn."

toot toot
liz in los angeles

Jo said...

Well-I wondered how long it would take....
Been checking hit counter past couple days...steadily growing; last night it was 750. Today however, Lindsey's awesome video on Jootube about the Protocols that you hotlink in this piece Vis has been removed for violating their policy on hate speech.
They cannot outrun the wave of awakening and I for one won't feel much sympathy when the reaping is sown.
Thanks for all you do LV to keep the wave sparkling in the light!
Blessings All~Namaste

Not a robot: olmon lyinexte WTF???

Anonymous said...

Visible- I hear you brother from another mother. lol

the gardener

Ray B. said...

(Late to the postings, as usual...)

"Of course, I could be bat shit insane but that doesn't affect the reality of what I am encountering. Yeah, that's probably all happening in my head but external evidence indicates otherwise."

It certainly gets tricky at this stage, doesn't it? (grin)

Music: I have had things semi-'blocked' in this lifetime, too. The closest that I have had to an understanding seems to be on the parallel worlds side. Somehow, God (Higher Self, or what you will...) seems to have a desired outcome (i.e., a certain 'parallel world' to pop into existence). If you have a near-infinite 'mind', you can 'back up' from that vision into what needs to happen to get there. I imagine it as general freedom in the mush of life, but certain definite 'optimized' paths. After a few occurrences happen and you reflect on them, you can see a 'pattern' at work. I just say, "Okay, so I am not supposed to dwell on that for now," and choose within what is 'allowed'. This is entirely different from 'giving up', and the desire may be accomplished in the future. Just my current thoughts...

The 'good and evil' comments above: I have a certain 'skill' in being able to slide up and down a kind of 'consciousness dial' in my head that tells me where a speaker is coming from. A phrase at one dial-setting makes no sense, but perfect sense at a different level of consciousness. It can be used both 'passively' in the sense above, and 'actively' in deciding how I am going to interact with the speaker. To me, life would make little sense without this 'sliding dial'.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

WarmZephyr said...

Les, ~your words slay me~ It never fails but reading your 'spirit-opera' gets my synapses a firing and a spitzing. Before long I'm laughing...crying...yelling...experiencing kriyas...remembering home.

It seems the creative forces have chosen YOU to be the one to pass the batton of cosmic beat poet to. you're distilling a zeitgeist's worth of murky, contentious material, digesting it and passing on golden bricks of wisdom and purity. Thank you for this.

Reading your words feels like an angel punch to the heart. They bring blessed,scortched relief to this wonderer.

Please keep doing whatever it is that you do,Les because it gives me permission to do whatever the h*ll it is that I do.

Who knew that riding these thermals would be so much fun. Weeeeeeeeeee!

~~~~~~~I think I'm in love~~~~~~~~~
or else...the title is having an odd effect on me..........:-))



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