Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Shit and Shinola on the Banks of the River of Darkness

We are on the verge of serious moments and I feel compelled to go more frequently to the blogs with the highest number of visitors. Please forgive my absence from Origami; I will go there in this next round, which includes Dick Cheney in Profiles in Evil. If you need Origami, there are over four hundred posts there and most of you cannot have read all of them (grin).

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

'May your noses always be cold and wet'.

The Israeli press machine is in full slander mode, telling the same lies they told before about the people of Gaza and everyone else that they wish to exterminate and that is exactly what they intend. They’re saying that the Khadaffi loyalists were tying children on to their tanks as a defense. That’s bullshit, just as it has been everywhere else. It is the Israelis who use others as shields because they have no conscience. Furthermore, ZATO will bomb those tanks no matter who is strapped to them, including their own mothers.

I’ve got a burning question; what is all this uproar about ZATO turning the country of Libya over to Al Qaeda? Have we forgotten that top level CIA operatives have admitted that Al Qaeda doesn’t exist, except as a boogeyman to frighten those with the mind of a child? So where does this Al Qaeda come from? Has Israel and The Crown Colonies suited up everyone they could find in an Al Qaeda costume, complete with a operation’s handbook, banners and flags; “We be Al Qaeda”? The alternative press is filled with references to Al Qaeda now. Is there an Al Qaeda or not? Were they forced to invent it? Can I see a picture of Al Qaeda fighters from the combat zones?

Now we are seeing what was expected all along from the murder of Libya by international bankers. The tribal factions are on the verge of turning on each other for their share of the swag. They are uniformly opposed to the civilian Chalabi clones having tea and cakes in some distant Arab resort, far from the conflict, where they are engaged in carving up the country, according to the international banker and corporate template. Everybody wants to be in charge and that means big betrayals are on the horizon and that means more blood soaked sands, courtesy of Murder Incorporated.

Someone wrote me yesterday to tell me that Khadaffi isn’t even a dictator. Here is what he had to say,

“The same ones that produced the holocaust lie have used the same technique to connect the words "Ghaddafi" and "brutal dictator" to be inseparable.

Actually Gaddafi is not even a dictator - he turned power over to the people in 1977 using local committees as described in his Green Book, which blew my mind when I read it. Everyone who has dug deeper into the man seems to be incredulous at the disparity between the popular opinion and actual reality.

He is a great man loved by 90% of Libyans. There was a rally for him in Tripoli on July 1 that China estimated at 1.7 million (95% of the city population) with a flag 6 km long, both world records; and no coverage at all. It boggles the mind.”

If this is true then it is just another indication of how little I know but it does make everything else I said about him at Petri Dish more spot on than I was sure about at the time. It’s just how it felt to me.

Here is something that all of us should read and absorb. These are the foul killers of life and harmony on this planet. All members of the human family should hold these terrible beasts in scorn and contempt. The enemies of humanity should be named and proclaimed from bridges and buildings around the world. Write their names in every public place. Speak of them whenever you speak in any public forum. Let them become known to the wider world as the heinous killers of their fellows for personal profit. I implore the cosmos to set them on fire in their shoes; a spontaneous combustion, in celebration of the coming liberty of a new age, devoid of the soulless, killer reptiles, who now perform their cold blooded psychopathy upon each and every one of us.

Our greatest enemy is our own cowardice, ignorance and greed; too many of us want to sit at the same table with these brigands, too many of us want to frolic in the spotlights like performing seals, too many of us don’t know shit from Shinola and we couldn’t be more proud of the fact, too many of us want to work on the banks of the tributaries of the river of darkness that flows from the dreadful vacancy, where the souls of these misanthropes once resided. Nothing is more dangerous to ourselves and our fellows than the terrible self deceptions we embrace in defense of our survival, when our very lives are no more than timed cassettes in the cosmic tape player. Most of us have had it backwards since we learned to walk. Nearly all of us were telepathically invaded by bad parents and corrupt systems that turned us into drones and canon fodder.

Rebellion is an internal affair. First you must rebel against your own shortcomings that compromise you as a daily affair. First you must conquer yourself. Once that act is accomplished, there is no need to proclaim it, your very example will shine and lead without having to say a thing. We are the primary enemy of ourselves, all other enemies are secondary extensions of this and possess power for only as long as we grant it to them, in our unfortunate obeisance’s, through the medium of our drawbacks. True courage, like true strength is more an act of restraint than anything else.

As the Bhagavad-Gita tells in all of its ancient and enduring clarity, we are at war and always have been but we mistake the nature and composition of our enemies. Our enemies are within. The Bible and all of the other texts that are bent out of shape, at the hands of those seeking to manipulate us, through mindless fundamentalism, are all filled with similar references. The references are deadly accurate; our comprehension of them is not. As I have mentioned at other times, jihad is a spontaneous war against our internal limiters, who are birthed from personal darkness. Once that has been completed the war is won on every other plane.

Job one is our deluded false self. Job two is the automatic submission of all other things false and temporary, in every part of this deceptive world, whose very deception is no more than an extension of the primary deception within. The shadows that we fear are a fantastic enlargement of something much smaller. How many times have we startled at the appearance of a shadow that revealed itself as being cast by a friend? We have no real enemy but ourselves so long as we are susceptible to the tremors of the encircling web. True vision cuts this web like a knife. There is no need for action. The seeing is the ticket.

The plotters and bloodsuckers are marching to the grand dénouement. Like every other final game that has preceded it, the dice are loaded and the result is the same. No one ever takes over the world. The world is a living vessel that retreats at the mere approach of the profane. Lao Tzu said it all, in the simplest way, with all attendant brevity. Civilizations rise and fall; so do politicians, bankers and all of the rest. They blow up like dirigibles in their self importance and are then engulfed in the flames of retribution.

When the greater awakening descends upon the masses, it will be bringing a clarity that will compel the seemingly mighty to tremble wherever they are. Some number will simply kill themselves. It is the nature of the beast. We are going to witness and experience things that might seem fantastic at this juncture and to each, the level of awareness and return will be consonant with their efforts upon their own being, in tandem with whatever other efforts have been made in respect of them. I’m not telling you anything new. It’s all happened before and the record of these events expunged by those who profit from the absence of historical reference. The burning of the library at Alexandria was about this. The falsification of history, by those employed at it, has all been about the control of the masses and the systems that oppress them.

Since there has never been any time but now, now must be the time. Let’s see what sort of effort we are capable of and how much fear and trembling we can take.

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Patrick Willis narrates:

Visible sings:


Andrew of Sydney said...

I love the paragraph, rebellion is an internal affair. So, so, so true! Keep it coming Les!

tim said...

Libya is insane. Gordon Duff believes that Ghadffi is in bed with israel, his sons are friends of theirs, he has allowed major oil companies to do business there, and oil companies are 100% neo-con. The oil companies, banks, and israel have back-stabbed him. Now, all of a sudden, Ghadaffi is their enemy. Duff believes that 20 Libyans are paupers to 1 who is a king and so most Libyans hate him. I'm not sure what to think. I do know that in 2002, all the major oil companies there no longer considered Libya to be a terrorist State. And the moderate-sized oil company that Duff and I live close to (and I worked for) have had offices and facilities there since the 1970's. They are 100% neo-con. They betrayed him, but I don't know what the Libyan people really think of him.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed a routine I've gotten into: Wake up... read MSM... then go to Vis site and read latest blog.

Maybe the last one is to get the bad taste of MSM from the mouth and nourish the soul with something that's home cooked.

I am thinking it's a tough job, this blogging stuff... it's got to weigh heavy sometimes.

I've wondered about these apologies you sometimes make about Origami. Wow. Even in these circles, people like to gawk at the wreck going on? Well, if that's so, then that's so, but I like the Origami stuff a lot.


Visible said...

Origami is back in rotation and will appear after the Dick Cheney posting at PIE. The truth is that I've been working on the new book a lot and it is all Origami type stuff and I'm a little blurred in that area for the moment.

siamsam said...

I was sitting alone on the beach this morning and got to thinking how I was a lone soul in a sea of madness. Of all the people I know / have known I couldn't think of one that gets the big picture. Sure I know one or two that flicker now and again, but even they suffer from relative cognitive dissonance.

As you say the 'alternative media' is full of stories how Al queda is running the show in Libya. Cognitive dissonance 101.

Remember the actress who cried for the world when the Iraqis were dumping babies from incubators in Kuwait. I think she has another roll as a scalded nanny. Same old same old!

A.Mouser said...

Your work is very appreciated by those who read here. Please take your writing at your own pace - we are truly thankful for everything we get from your while giving precious little back to you in return.

Far be it for any of us to push you to write or read anything given your already full tempo schedule. Please take time to be kind to yourself. No need to hurry anything, real truth seekers are really patient.

Those who are not need to examine themselves and their motives.

Thank you for all you give Visible.

Peace and love to all.



Anonymous said...

Les, always a tonic. Health giving, uplifting, and with your special "secret" formula providing the tang. Many thanks.

serimaya said...

As in the days of old they will be singing and dancing and will not know what hour of the day it is.You said it two will be standing in the field and one will be taken.I have members of my family who are 'born again' hard core christian who would not know shit from shinola and I have tried to speak to them to no avail.
You preach to the choir most of the time and I love you for it I always have I have been reading you for close to six years now.If sheeple show up glory to God if they don't the show goes on.
Please keep up the good work and God bless you.


Robert Bonomo said...

Hi Les, really enjoyed this piece, and I couldn't agree more, the real battle is within. What is your feeling on the numbers? Just throwing this out there to see what other folks think.

10 and 12 are so called perfect numbers, they are orderly, complete, graceful, and 11 is disorder, incomplete, chaotic.

9/11/73 Chile
9/11/01 WTC

911 days later...

3/11/04 Madrid bombings
3/11/11 Massive Japaneses Quake and

The 9/11 could well be a signature, a death card, or, someone trying to point a finger, who knows.. but what can we see...does this resonate with anyone?




One last point, if they like numbers, if they mean something to the cold blooded ones, there is also the fact that the armistice began for WWI on the 11th hour, of the l1th day of the 11th month.. and of course, Nov 1 is All Saints Day, traditional Catholic day to remember the dead, holiday in Catholic countries..

I have no idea, just something to chew on....

Terrance said...

Hello Les...we are on the verge of the 'Great Reset' and the reptiles in charge are trying to set themselves up to stay in control after the mighty reboot....doom on them!

Ouzel said...

Thank you. Thank you.

You help tremendously (and are necessary to many) to keep us going in spite of the horrors being engineered every day, and to accept that as part of the needed cleansing, we, as individuals, may have to suffer too, for cosmic reasons. For the two points of the operating principle of Existence are Love and also Justice.

Sergej said...

Duff is a stooge of the worst kind. I almost had to vomit while reading his last few articles on Lybia, especialy "Lybian Kabuki". I rarely ever read a dirtier piece of nazi "anglo-saxon supremacy" propaganda, it stinks to high heavens. Needless to say that his "informations" are ALL just "my body from XYZ agency told me" etc. presenting nothing of substance, while on the other side all reality, live videos, photos, phone calls, text messages, tweets from actual Lybians etc. tell the opposite. There are many Lybians here in europe and trust me, Duff's bullshit is plain ridiculous. Batshit crazy and debunkable with hard evidence within 5 minutes.

The truth about Gadaffi is exactly what Les wrote above, he was loved by his people and for good reasons.

I lived in former Yugoslavia in some past times and we had a bunch of Lybian students there. They were there because Lybia had no unis for those professions. And now get this: their complete studies including housing etc. expenses were paid for by the Lybian government! The taxes (which were max. mere 14%) and oil revenues financed that! This is the simple truth and easy to verify.

They were all happy and loved him and worshipped him like a true hero that he indeed was. He transfered the country from a feudal monarchy with 80% illiterates and lowest living and civilizational standard into the richest country in all Africa, totally independent, debt free and today with just above 10% illiterates, with completely free education, health care, huge subsidies for families, farmers etc. financed from the state's oil etc. income.

The only bunch hating him are the jihad bunch in the eastzern part who want the return of the king and the sharia state. That's also a simple truth and easy to verify.

Look here for the Lybian reality before this shameless massacre by the British Empire, executed by their american and israeli outpost and their "NATO" minions:

Ask any Lybian, he'll confirm that the stuff in this video is hard facts. That's why Lybia had to be destroyed, it would have accelerated the fall of the Empire considerably and it would have insta-killed all their "NWO" plans.

Neko Kinoshita said...

What Mouser said,

I once thought I knew shit from Shinola, but I later realized I have no idea.

Write as you are moved to write. I cannot speak for others, but whatever you write I will attempt in my own feeble way to understand, and probably miss it anyway.

I’m looking forward to PIE, and Origami can arrive when it should and the timing will be just fine.

It’s odd, as the dusty sand castle I’ve spent so much effort constructing and maintaining slowly disintegrates in the blowing wind, I find that none of the things I have been told are important seem to matter at all anymore. Perhaps I’m closer to what you constantly remind me of than I believed.

I’m listening to Janis talk of “Dialing for Dollars” trying to find her, and the whole farce just gets funnier all the time. Too many times, Serendipity has provided what was needed, at exactly the moment it had to. At some point, there is nothing left but to place your faith where it belongs and stop being stupid enough to think you know something.

Nose cold and wet, and I’ll be sniffing the flowers that appear along the path. Perhaps the stench of this rotting corpse of a civilization will eventually clear out of my sinuses.


bholanath said...

I suppose you've noticed this, but in case not-
Israeli military to equip jewish settlers with gas and grenades
...something about a 'land dispute'.
respects and all praises to you, dog

Sergej said...

Oh and as for AlQaida, we all know it was just a bunch of CIA-bought terrorist scum and they worked everywhere, from Bosnia to Kosovo to Lybia to AF/PAK and on and on, you choose. All documented, names known etc. The current "rebels" leader in Tripolis is a known "AQ" terrorist flipped by the CIA, also well documented. See for example for more details.

So yes, there is AQ there when you think of AQ as what it is - an army of mercenaries paid by your very own tax money to do the dirty work for the Emnpire.

Dan said...

Hi Vis and all,

I mentioned my belief in this World being an illusion to a friend once and he replied " Yea but we have to experience it." That keeps returning to my thoughts and I keep praying for some divine help on this. Your words feel divinely inspired and I thank you for sharing them.


siamkatt said...

The facts that were learned at enormous expense, were all on a library shelf to commence (the old Audel textbook motto)
Well Les you are our library shelf. The Prime Directive of embodied humanity is indeed to identify, capture and quarantine the little bastard (ego self) and open to the Real Life, unencumbered by the pseudo-self and its deadly passions of lust, anger, greed, attachment and vanity.
It's a struggle but quite obtainable. Be the change you want in the world etc. lots of cliches. Yes the world is over-run with foul beasts and darkness but I have to fix myself first. In industry they used to say 'put your own air-pack on before you try to rescue your buddy' (in a poisonous gas situation). Same thing applies here? Great posting Les

William Freeman said...

@siamsam - I was sitting alone in the garden this morning and got to thinking how I was a lone soul in a sea of madness. Of all the people I know / have known I couldn't think of one that gets the big picture. Sure I know one or two that flicker now and again, but even they suffer from relative cognitive dissonance.

You're not alone, mate. You're not alone. Look at Les and all the posters here.

Don't let the bastards grind you.


William Freeman

Visible said...

Bholanath; I spaced out my congratulations on your friend beating the system against all odds. I personally know exactly how that feels. Kudos to your friend and to all that maintain the faith in the impossible which is what it takes to make it appear.

Visible said...

If Khadaffi had been in bed with Israel they wouldn't have set his bed on fire. ZATO-NATO operates as the military arm of the bankers whose capitals are London, Tel Aviv and New York, no suprise who the vast majority of these bankers are.

Anonymous said...

Blessings and soul-deep abiding gratitude to Les and to all who post here. Every morning I too must visit this beautiful Oasis of Truth just to reinforce my own embattled perceptions of what is "real" and "sane".

Some of the oldest conspiracy theories on the planet surely involve who was really responsible for the crime against humanity that was the destruction of the Great Library of Alexandria. Historians attribute this atrocity variously to Julius Caesar, a 7th century Muslim caliph and a 4th century Christian patriarch. So the semi-official story is that you have the Roman equivalent of the Illuminati, the Muslims and the Christians all collaborating to keep all of us in the dark about our true origins.
Sadly, not much has changed since then. I'm certain most of the cover-up involved expunging the history of Atlantis - a fact that enrages me further as I can "remember" its destruction and know that it was real.
I also know that the "truth" about this and many other things cannot be hidden indefinitely.
I always trust my ears before I trust my eyes and "truth" resonates at a very distinctive frequency whereas the "appearance" of a thing can be easily and falsely manipulated.
In the words of the Dog Poet, I hear the "lock and ring" of the Music of the Spheres. Still listening for the "lost chord" that heals the universe but I think I can hear the divine orchestra tuning up...


Sergej said...

You know Vis, it's not "Israel". It's Rothschild-controlled zionists, a few thousands of them running a fascist dictatorship. The rest of the Israeli masses are just either pussies keeping their mouth shut and doing the go-with-the-flow thing or too dependent and thus unable to disobey easily. And still, there are protests with over 100,000 israelis as we speak, against the policies of their "government". Which tells you that they are also just tools/slaves and will get disposed of at given time.

Zionist Jews and their lesser minions in Israel are just useful tools, the bookkeepers and CEO's, simple prostitutes. The masters are the satan-worshipping royalty and black nobility bunch we're less familiar with, with some local oligarchs in other parts of the world in power like for example the Rockafellers in the US. Rothschild is their chief controller, but he is also just a queen's knight and top book-keeper for the Empire.

Our enemy is the same one we had for centuries, the East-India Company, the British Empire, "Commonwealth", City of London/"quarter mile". The new king is to be crowned there next year if it works out according to their plan.


Also look at the mascots and the stadium construction videos, very telling. All the sacred architecture and geometry is implemented, all the symbolics are in plain sight, this should be where some "big event" takes place.

Anonymous said...

G'day Vis.
Noticed Robert B's words on the numbers.
I don't feel that 11 is chaotic or incomplete. It's a powerful number . It's a highway or a doorway -leading to ? That is the question. This might be the answer.
The 11 signifies the two pillars of the temple Jachin and Boaz . The 9 is perfected humanity (souls) travelling through them at the time of the crossing. The crossing being the number 13 or the transition as in bar mitzfah for the boys and bat mitzfah for the girls As per our Hebrew brethren.
9-11 was a playing out on this dimension of the sabotaging of the transformation so the souls will be unable to cross (sympathetic magic)
No gateway -hence no crossing -They want all the souls for the Master. He WILL get the vast majority as the people have lost their way as we can see.
It cannot be stopped- we are in the quickening and the days weeks and months charge on like an express train- we all can feel this,I've no doubt
By the way Robert in London on the 7/7 in Tavistock Square , the bus blew up at 9.47 (9/11) the number of the bus was LXO3-BUF- Trans form that with a bit of Gematria and it takes on a new meaning LXO3 is 3/6/6/3=18-=9. Now BUF is 236=11 Hence 9/11 Coincidence?
Abe Lincoln shot 14 April 1865--14/4/18=18 =9
65=11 Hello 9/11

John Lennon shot Dec 8 1980 1/2/8/=11 1/9/8/0=18 =9 11/9 reverse 9/11
We had a massive bush fire in Victoria on Feb 7 2009
2/7=9--=2/0/0/9=11---9/11 --173 (11)people died and the fire was spotted at 3.30 in the afternoon .The same time Heath Ledger was found and on and on and on etc.
Take care Possums Hope you were not put to sleep

Anonymous said...

Across the Styx

Fall is fast upon us. So is Autumn for that matter. Just a matter of three weeks till the Equinox opens to the scales of Libra as the scaling of the scales of the Age of Pisces nears completion.

Fall, yes, THE FALL. Can't you feel it? Last bells are ringing for the Roman reality of August U.$. Caesar. Tis the last day of the month of August in the final eleven year for the Age of Pisces. Pisces, the final sign of the precessional Zodiac. Eleventh hour.

Augustine of Hippo re-wrote the rules decades after the assassination of Hypatea and the destruction of the Library. All these things happened in lands surrounding Libya. A circle of completion. Blood of innocents once more drenches the thirsty sands. So the month of August concludes today and the morrow is the old Roman seventh month, ushering in the final third of the Latin Calendar year where the months are all numbered according to the Latin lingua commencing with a deviant Septem.

Virgo is quickening as Selene once again appears as the sliver of virginity in the southwestern sky with the setting of the sun. Harvest moon garnering the fruits of human labor as the Blood-gorged Beast tromps through the North African desert so familiar to the founder of the Augustinian Order in their mutual harvest of souls for Moloch the deity of misrule.

Hindus have been keeping history since ages and Ages have passed. Big picture awareness. Kali Yuga is the name. Scum instead of cream rising to the top is the game. The Age of Iron where mordant irony abounds in spades and pruning hooks transformed into Merkaba main battle tanks driven by greed, ego and xenophobia over the writhing bodies of those actually descended from the ancient Hebrew denizens of the blood-oozing sandbox THEY call the Holy Land.

Abra Cadabra Abraham of the dick-cutting blood sacrifice getting washed in the blood of the Lamb; but not the ham of Abra as such meat is neither kosher, nor is it hallal. But Jew, Christian and Moslem, all people of the Book, do eat the flesh of the lamb ~ once drained of its blood. Ever notice where people of a totemic tribal mentality never eat the flesh of their totem animal? Makes ya wonder what kinda pigs are running this planet.

"What rough beast slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?" asked the poet nearly a hundred years ago. We know the identity of that Beast now and we await the awakening of the FALL.

But three weeks remain of the Summer in a world apart from the Summer of Love all besmirched by Israeli planes bombing and strafing the USS Liberty. "Plus la change, plus sa meme chose." Can you feel the stillness ~ the calm? Suspense. You can cut it with a knife. Heavy. Thick. Pendant. Summer is "slip, sliding away." All hollow within, the Beast lurches, stumbles and teeters...

-stickman said

Visible said...

I don't know Sergej. 94% of them supported Operation Cast Lead and you don't hear a squeak about those fabricated historical events. You don't read any of them drawing attention to The Bolshevik Revolution or their real culpability in so many things, like the massive sex slave trade their and the constant exposure of all manner of crimes committed by the chosen at every level of social and economic ranking. I hold out hope but I suspect nearly all of them drink from poisoned wells unlike the wells the poison.

tim said...

Thanks Sergei and Les, many comments on Duffs blog say the same thing.

kikz said...



Anonymous said...

Thank you.
I do not know how you do it, but in every one of your postings, it is as if you were sitting next to me, having a conversation with me about my thoughts today, at this very moment.
What a gift, and you share it so freely with all.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

colonialist empires
dead mens dreams
the great red dragon
falsehoods degrees
men of no honor
genoside and disrespect
misuse of circumstance
ignorance neglect
products of subversion
devoid of all truths
discord antagonising
domineering abuse
a fusion of chaos
caught unawares
fall into nothing
where the truth stares


JoeSixPack said...


Vintage Les Visible.

Anonymous said...

Les your radio broadcast this week was one of the best ever. It really touched me. I'm with you brother. I've had a tough week myself. friend of the court, kids, etc., current wife, ex-girl friends, work, bla bla bla, Thanks for the faith install or download.

siamsam said...

@Wlliam Freeman....

You're not alone, mate. You're not alone. Look at Les and all the posters here.

Thanks for that:) I do aprreciate that there are mostly kindred spirits here. I was refering to people I actually know rather than my online friends.

A little strange how you quote me as saying 'when i was sitting alone in the garden' - when I actually wrote 'when I was sitting alone on the beach'. Assuming you cut and paste?

Anonymous said...


In my deepest, darkest, descent, I fell
Barreling down through the bowels of hell,
Scathed and gouged by bramble and briar,
into eternal damnation and fire.

There I was confronted by the beast,
seated at a morbid feast,
fallen angels by his side,
I knew I had no place to hide,

As I stared into his eyes of trampled and bloodied time,
I realized in horror, they mirrored mine.


Anonymous said...

pierre said...

"Murder Incorporated" rang like Murdoch in my inner/side ear. then Murloch, which came through another commenter.

just finished watching the 1977 TV Series Roots, looking for the usual angles, of which I am nowadays somewhat aware. yep, TV script written by one Cohen dude, the bad guys all have blonde hair and blue eyes, the good guys come from north, probably near New York. have to read up on the Civil War, something to do with who prints money?

not wishing to put straws on backs, but what happened to Profiles In Evil? too many straws in that bundle?\\and speaking of pointing the finger, thisseems not fake, a Fuku worker giving the horizontal one fingered salute. rider of the apocalypse?


wv: triffea. trivia and confetti.

Richie (Dana) said...

This place is a collective thought.

Mr. Visible happens to be the catalyst and the spokesperson.

It is all simply a matter of recognizing that spirituality is superior to the physical.
There is most definitively a spiritual message between the lines that Les writes as well as many of you who are drawn here.

May I thank each of you.


ChewyBees said...

There are 3 dates I have been trying to get others to be aware of: 9/1/11, 9/9/11 and 9/11/11. These dates are the best opportunity for the frauds to commit their deceptions against mankind.
While it seems outlandish, everything that the frauds in charge commit against the masses must occur in tandem with their evil machinations, and that means time. And something that must happen is complete deception, meaning all suspicion and question is quashed at the point of impact and the deception remains uncovered forever.
If enough people are aware of the possibility for deception on certain dates, the plan will have failed before inception. Tell others to keep a watchful eye. The meta-consciousness is alive and will act as the security we need. The frauds cannot commit any crime against a single man or humanity at large without it being hidden in plain site. I don't know the playbook or the rulebook, but the referees are out there and we as the sheeple just plain don't know the first or last thing about it, but have every opportunity to know God from Evol.
I have a good feeling that more and more are catching on. Be aware. Know who you are. Contemplate. Meditate. Change your version of the dream for the better and you change the dream for all. It's no joke.
Love. That's always been your only duty. Love, yourself and all life that comes to you.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up-

When the Guano Explodes at the Zombie Prom.

kikz said...

p.s. can't wait for patrick ta work his majick on this one!

William Freeman said...


Yeah, I just knew what you meant, that's why I copied and pasted. I think alot of people sit somewhere and think that way. I'm not quite sure if more should do it or less. It's a bit of a dilemma.


William Freeman

me said...

If you apply the opposite of what you are being told in the news media, you'll have a clearer understanding. pretty simple. works good.
I used to really struggle with what to do about this "matrix/hologram" programmed and maintained by "They", when it dawned on me that whatever I do is fine be it all or nothing...because its all my choice to buy what "they" are selling and "they" are free to put it out there. Its all allowed. I pretty much dont give a fuck what "they",do... So it barely exsists in my world.
I am amused mostly...but thats the kind of way I like it.
Let "them" have their death, debauchery, demons,dickheads,Dick Cheneys,Dingbats,and Dummies.
I will do what I want when I want however I want to whoever I want and most importantly believe what I want.

Visible said...

I can't argue with that. That's pretty much how I handle things when it comes to them.

Denny said...

Me 4:19 00 PM

I wish I could do what I want, when I want, however I want, to whoever I want and know that I'm believing what I want...

I guess having a whole lot of money would help in this respect, but even then...

Thanks for everything Les. You're writing faster than I can read...

sami shit golem said...

“The beginning of a revolution is in reality the end of a belief.” Gustave le Bon

siamsam said...

@Willian Freeman......
So you did cut and paste. Well how did beach become garden.? Very strange indeed. A glitch in the matrix perhaps....

Visible said...

A new Profiles in Evil is up-

Dick Cheney, War Criminal and Chickenhawk Deluxe.

William Freeman said...

Haven't got a beach right now, only a garden.

Cassandra of Troy said...

Vis, I don't understand why you ask for forgiveness or apologize for late postings. You owe nobody any explanations. The fact that you are here at all is what matters to me.

Anonymous said...

G'day Les,

I trust that you are well and rarin' to go.

For some reason I couldn't get your system to accept my comment so I'm sending it this way.

'I agree with Sergej and Les’ informant.

Arguably Muammar Gaddafi is not a dictator except perhaps, in the sense that he is a person whose opinions are listened to and followed by society at large.

If he was a dictator in the pejorative sense he would not have encouraged Libyans to create the Jamahiriya. But he did. See:

In this video Gaddafi explains his ideas about participatory democracy – ‘Jamahiriya’ - People's conferences and People' Committees. The Jamahiriya enables people to rule OVER themselves and their community directly, BY themselves. It connotes genuine "Power to the People". That's why the Rothschilds and their minions and puppets in the US, NATO et al are destroying LIBYA!

Stealing Libya’s oil, water, gold (144 tons), and its many, many billions of USD of other assets frozen (stolen) around the world is just the icing on the cake. The Rothschilds et al hafta eliminate Gaddafi’s ideas and hence Libya or Libya will unite Africa and both practically and by example, destroy the Jews’ financial, political and media stranglehold on our world.

The Jews will not win in Libya but they intend to destroy as many people and as much property as they can before the Apocalypse takes them down – which could be any day now.

See also - Gaddafi - A Libyan Hero (3' 50" video):

Democracy or Police State? "Motorcades"(1' 53"):

The West Wants to Kill Muammar Gaddafi because he knows that profits and Governments create slavery. He has influenced the Libyan people to begin to adopt his views. His ideas and policies and Libyans' implementation of them, makes Gaddafi very dangerous to the global secret government run by Khazar banksters because he and Libya are living proof that humanity can live OUTSIDE the global matrix and its slave plantation for free-range serfs. Sooo, the Banksters in the City of London and Wall Street have decided he must be removed, one way or another. That is why they are funding and supporting Al Queda terrorists et al and using NATO to bomb Libya back to the Stone Age. They have assumed, wrongly, that the techniques of divide and conquer used in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere will enable them to subjugate the Libyan people. They are wrong! And the truth is beginning to show despite Khazar control and manipulation of global mainstream media.

See also: ‘Libya Truth (DnB Soundtrack)’

The quality of the man can be seen in his other achievements such as: The Green book:
The Great Man made River:

Excerpts from his book on democracy (14' 33"):

A link to the full reading

Libya’s Self sufficiency:

What you don't know about Gaddafi (7' 24" video)! '


Anonymous said...

Hey Les & All,

Awesome post.. Good stuff!!!

After reading Sergej and your comments about the Israeli population, I think the Protocals of Zion termed it -


Not fully sure how things will shake out in the end, but do believe that many in Israel will be sacrificed for the cause..

Another blood sacrifice for Moloch!!

Thanks and God Bless,

Red Pill

siamsam said...

MY Dear Mr Willaim Freeman,

Sorry to labour the point. But I am somewhat intrigued.

I wrote: "I was sitting alone on the beach this morning and got to thinking how I was a lone soul in a sea of madness. Of all the people I know / have known I couldn't think of one that gets the big picture".

You qoted me - and by your own words cut and paste - as saying: "I was sitting alone in the garden this morning and got to thinking how I was a lone soul in a sea of madness. Of all the people I know / have known I couldn't think of one that gets the big picture".

So in the act of cut and paste how does 'on the beach' become 'in the garden'.

simple question - just curious :)

est said...

siamsam @ 6:07 am
i believe the writer
is employing
literary device
to place himself
in your surroundings

emulation is high
praise indeed

William Freeman said...

Thank you Est, I couldn't have put it better.


William Freeman

Anonymous said...

Turkey naval ships to escort aid ships to Gaza

Make this go viral!

siamsam said...


Thanks for that. Thats what I guessed - but wasn't sure. Just thought it a little curious. I should have shut up when i was ahead :)

Anonymous said...

More on Turkish Navy....

Visible said...

Visible Origami up-

Les Visible, Lord Buckley and Whatever.

Unknown said...

Say, Les, I've been reading your blog off and on for a couple of years now (thanks to links from I've never attempted to comment because I don't know if I have anything valuable to contribute except to say that I really appreciate your "being" and your ability to help those of us straddling many worlds to find a landing place. So, thanks!



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