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High Thuggery and Criminal Skullduggery.

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'May your noses always be cold and wet'.

As we scan the gutter press of the self styled elite, we see the usual buzzwords of ‘mindless thugs’, ‘criminal elements’, ‘looters’ and what have you. Most of us wouldn’t engage in looting. Some of us have enough that we have no predilection for looting and some of us (myself included) don’t care enough about the items to want them that badly. These ‘mindless thugs’ are painted as career opportunists, who are only looking for a chance to break the law but, that begs the question; why haven’t they been at it full time all along?

Since we’re on the subject of thugs; what about banker thugs? How many banker thugs are in jail for the mindless violence they have caused? Clearly the banker thugs are the primary motivator of the street thugs, because the life necessaries of the street thugs have been systematically removed from the streets, to the degree that crime is the only option, because there are no jobs there and there is no education on offer, because these thugs are not an operative part of the system of the banker thugs. Of course, these individuals from the street could not be part of their system and were never intended to be part of their system because, lacking the programmed, brainwashing education necessary, they are too smart to buy into it in the first place.

How many banker thugs, corporation thugs, Wall Street and The City thugs are moving through the court system, or presently incarcerated for crimes against humanity? How many political thugs are in similar straits? How many members of the military, industrial complex are in the docks? How many of the Zionist, false flag, performance artists
behind 9/11, 7/7 and The Madrid Train Station bombing are facing charges anywhere? How many of those who orchestrated the gratuitous wars against Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Libya are being held to account for murdering and displacing millions of Muslims to serve the Zionist imperative? The high mucky mucks are engaged in selective thug nforcement.

The reality is that we live in a criminal society. Shit flows downhill. Corruption at the top ensures corruption at the bottom. Why should street thugs not steal and why should they get the bare subsistence jobs that turn into a variation on ‘theft of services’, when the same thing is taking place at a much higher level, in the ranks of those above them, whose operations are creating the conditions that the people in the street are rioting against? You can make all kinds of arguments against the reality of this condition but, slice it anyway you like, it’s the reason for it. We can wring our hands all we like and cry out that honest people don’t do these sorts of things but, honesty is for chumps in this time and place. Honesty is where you pull your pants down to be of assistance to the high born thugs, whose purpose is to sodomize you senseless. The street criminals insist that you pull down their pants by force. This serves the passionate preferences of people like Strauss-Khan, so it’s win-win for the banker, booty bandits either way. You bend over in anticipating acquiescence, with the de rigueur deliquescence, or you fight the ass raping by some means of personal initiative.

Max Keiser offers some very interesting information, with the assistance of his co-host and a very savvy guest and
if you’ve got 25 minutes, it’s compelling. It looks like J.P. Morgan and a host of others are due for a dip in the cosmic hog lagoons. You will remember that J.P. Morgan is a branch of Rothschild Enterprises and has been for a long time, all the way back to when they pulled this crap the last time. There are tributaries of urine running down the Armani pants legs of our betters, or there soon will be.

They think their next, necessarily spectacular, false flag efforts are going to sway or sidetrack the course of justice in its approach. As the onset of The Apocalypse intensifies, it carries with it ever higher risks of misfortune and exposure for the werewolves and vampires, who serve evil for the ‘good’ that it brings them. Whatever they do is going to go belly up and stink in the sun, just like all of their victims in The Gulf of Mexico. How many murderous BP thugs are facing charges or in any danger of them? How many members of General Electric and Japanese traitors are under arrest for their nuclear malfunctions and placement stupidities; not to mention all of the other associated crimes, which are going to result in the deaths of millions or tens of millions? How many corporate, Ted Bundy’s from Monsanto are being charged with poisoning the world?

If there’s no interest or ambition in prosecuting those who have turned the world into a crime theme, amusement park for their own profit and amusement, then there’s no reason to consider those at the bottom of the pecking order, whose crimes are chicken shit, compared to the pterodactyl shit of their self-appointed betters.

When the ordinary channels of social justice are blocked and compromised by weasel lawyers, employed as plumbers by financial cannibals, then mob justice is required. Make no mistake, all of the psychopathic operations already mentioned, intend nothing less than death and servitude for the masses. They are already about it with a vigor, made all the more desperate because of an awakening fear that they race against, because of the certainty that it will unhorse them and leave them trembling in their combustible fortresses. The winds of change are about to turn into tornadoes of retribution.

It looks like death and worse is coming to the landlords and banks that turn the warm heart cold and terrorize the soul. At any point along the way, any of them could do the right thing but it’s not in the nature of most of them and that is how they came to be what they are in the first place. For the rest, it’s the season of the whistleblower. They’ve been able to silence and compromise this feature until now but the desperation of the circumstances now makes such tactics impossible to manage in all the necessary locations.

Woe to you, you enablers and apologists, you who toss around phrases like ‘mindless thugs’, while you serve the mindful thugs, whose crimes are stratospheric by comparison; you worthless whores of journalism and you violent enforcers of bankrupt laws against the peoples of the world. You armed thugs of law enforcement and the despicable officers of compromised court systems are going to find that your power and authority have been rendered into nothing but the crushing weight of your own guilt and the following panic of ‘nowhere to run and nowhere to hide’.

A new day is arriving and no one can say how it will manifest but several things are certain. As the institutions that have oppressed humanity are deprived of their force, those who have served them become vulnerable wherever they are. As the veils are lifted from the suffocating lies that have confused and abused the people, all the arguments in defense of them are made mute. As the will to serve the beast is withdrawn, as if by magic, the hands on the guns and the fountain pens that sign the orders are going to be deprived of their capacity to continue. Then where will you be? Where will you be? You’d better get a clue while there is still time. The hands of the cosmic clock are on the move. Lay down your guns and fountain pens now. Step away from your newsroom desks and computers. Step away from your seats in the assemblies of government. Step away from your centers of spying and lying and perverted groping of the bodies of your fellows. Step away from the fly-blown toilet that gives you your marching orders on the blasted battlefields in the countries of the defenseless. Step away from your places in the banks and brokerages and return what you have stolen to the people you have stolen it from before it is ripped from your possession along with your lives and souls. The hour of your doom approaches.

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Anonymous said...

Hear! Hear!

"First the poor, hungry people will attack the bankers, then the zionists and then all the jews because poor, hungry people are not politically correct."

Les Visible you continue to nail it.

My heart is with the poor - not with the bankers or their minions.

The synagogue of Satan is coming down.

Excellent insights on your part Mr. Visible.

Woe to those who reward truth with violence.


Anonymous said...

God bless you cut to the marrow. I think you have your finger on the pulse of the action and you say it so well. Happy Wednesday!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just wanna say thanks and say it with love,MV

Denny said...

Hi Les

Thanks for being able to turn writing the truth into an art form.
Lao Tzu is known to have said that "once the truth is written down it is no longer the truth".

Obviously you somehow got round that one.

Anonymous said...

Another one Les, Hallelujah brother, hallelujah - a shout of joy, praise, or gratitude.
Any more of these and I'll think we're back in the old days.
Thank you.


William Freeman said...

John Lennon once said "Every country deserves the No.1 it gets".
He was right.


William Freeman

DaveS said...

This Smoking Mirrors pretty much sums it all up.

I've been saying the Media is worrying about the wrong group of thugs when it worries about rioters. Why aren't they asking what causes people to riot? Because they already know, and the answer isn't going to make their bosses happy.

I was up in Aspen yesterday... sigh, what a place. Too much money combined with too little humanity, and I can only flip the bird at so many before my middle finger becomes tired of the exercise. When I travel up that way, maybe I should fly a flag out the back of the redneck ride with an image of a hand giving the one finger salute? Kind of like the one on the roof of the barn all the airplanes heading into ASE fly over... That guy had it figured out years ago.

I worked in the Aspen area for years and I met a few nice wealthy people. The biggest problem with most of the rich is that they don't know anything else. They don't know what it's like to shop in a Walmart, wait in line, or do anything the average joe does. They are a lost bunch, not sure of themselves, not sure if they're liked, not sure how to change a flat tire if such a thing happens out of cell range. Mostly they're scared; scared that they don't have 'enough', scared that they're gonna end-up poor, scared their friends don't really like them.

They live in such a world apart from the average person that they can't comprehend what we think. All they know is greed is good and the guy with the most wins. Wins what? It isn't in their vocabulary to ask.

How many sages have been quoted saying because I rob with a gun they call me a criminal, but if I robbed with an army they'd call me emperor? Too many to name.

Thanks for another fine piece of written truth.


JerseyCynic said...

"agent provocateurs may have been used to turn a non violent protest into pure mayhem..."

iconoclast said...

Fuckin' A.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant essay, Les. One correction, though: shit doesn't always go downhill. Our governments and corporations function like septic tanks wherein the biggest turds rise to the top.

Bushukshi said...

Thanks again, Vis.

In these days of the Eschaton, it is indeed interesting, and with some amusement, to watch the cognoscenti and elite squirm about as the tempest roars louder while fires burn and cauldrons bubble.
Seems the bankers and the chosen never took the time to learn the rules of shit:

The Rules of Shit

1) Don’t shit where you eat.
2) It rolls downhill.
3) Occasionally, a few insignificant turds do rise to the top.
4) When it hits the fan, it can go anywhere.!.!

And always remember the story of the little barn swallow………………………..

There was once a little barn swallow who wanted to defy the norm. It was winter and he had decided that he wasn’t going to fly south. After a few days in the cold snowy weather, he was cold and hungry so he flew down from his perch on the barn loft. He foraged along the barnyard picking up whatever grain he could find and soon a cow passed by and shit all over the small bird. The heat of the shit warmed him, defrosted his wings, and felt good. Finally able to breathe and move freely, the bird was ecstatic and began flapping his wings and chirping in joy. A cat in a nearby bush heard the bird and offered to help him out of the large pile of shit. The little bird flapped himself clean, then proceeded to thank the courteous cat. The cat then pounced on the poor bird, swallowing him in one gulp.

Moral of the Story:

1)Not everyone who shits on you is your enemy.
2)Not everyone who rescues you from deep shit is your friend.
3)And, finally, if you're warm and relatively happy in a pile of shit....sometimes it is best to keep your mouth shut.

Thank you again for inspiring thoughts.


Anonymous said...

So, if we are going to do a V this is the communications device to use, no?
Video: Blackberry phones' role in UK riots.


Anonymous said...

mountain course
tempest stream
charging buffalo
rainbow beam
crested feather
river circle
crouching lion
life eternal
thunders clap
winds of steel
lies are crunched
truth reveals
a turning wheel
living warmth
the light does shine
skyward forth


Anonymous said...

Come out with your hearts up and no one else has to get hurt.

Thanks for even taking the time to care about any of this brother. You could probably be somewhere else by now.



Nayon said...

Thank you so much for another very clear insight in the situation.

For those who have the 25 minutes, iranian PressTV is the only media I've seen to point the finger at the British political thugs.

Love to all

Nayon said...

Correction to the last post, this is the PressTV coverage without the awfull added soundtrack.

Anonymous said...

Okay. I too find anger a useful lubricant through which to 'say what I mean'.

Only difference between the serial killers of front page repute and those psychopaths running 'the show'(aside from the sheer scale of atrocity) is that in order to retain their positions of power - with the possible exception of dead-eye dick (Cheney) - they must refrain from doing their own wetwork.

As well it is no coincidence, nor secret, that the service assigned to oversee the comings and goings of Rothschild and Co.'s public relations attache at '1600', is also tasked with protecting the exclusive 'integrity' of their bankster boss's global counterfeit operation.

No, it wasn't the Cubans, the mob, the military-industrial, or the intelligence apparatus. Twas the constitutionally authorized printing of the silver certificates that were the final undoing of our last great public servant.

And those (first) shots heard 'round the world' may just now be returning full circle.

MarioIsraelHolguin said...


That what is seen by the eyes is a separate reality from internal perception.

That this perceiver is “of the light,” or soon to be, and yet quivers in anticipation of the destruction of its unrecognized self.

That one light must battle that which it cannot reveal.

The "emperor" has no clothes said...

"because I rob with a gun they call me a criminal, but if I robbed with an army they'd call me emperor"

Thanks DaveS for that quote - although new to me I think it is spot on.

USA, Nato, CIA. MI6, Mossad, IOF etc; they are all hired criminals working for wannabe emperor, de facto criminal, Rothschild.

Unknown said...

I'm surprised more of 'em aren't usin' sling shots. I'm also surprised they're not goin' more after government buildin's, and tryin' harder to bring down more of the 'enforcers', and gettin' hold o' their weapons.

But then again, I'm not there, sae what dae I ken? Rather, so what do I know. Me alive, that's not even 'my' language, but hey.

riff raff said...

JFK was right when he said those that make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable. If you read the bankster-globalist traitor to humanity maggots insider papers they predict riots for the next 30 years.

Neko Kinoshita said...

I only want to say

"Sit and listen all the cutting up is easy
And this isn't for the queasy or the weak of heart
You had better start for home while there's still time"

Howl on Dog,


Anonymous said...

meadow water
wind and steel
walking sky
rising feilds
sunshines grip
engaging glow
crashing wretched
down below
death cult crumble
slaughter fails
vibrance beams
flowers trail
feathers motions
brightened stars
charting lifes
living heart


Anonymous said...

People fear change, not sure why. All things change and sometimes so slow youd never know it.

The zioboys and their banker tricks dont change but do reapear as is needed to help all of us learn and in time leave behind part of ones self that havent changed either.

Its far past time to call out the bankers and wallstreet clowns. Thats happpened and we all got it.

Whats next?

I mean we cant really see the big picture and the deep and profound changes that we live within right now, so stop worring about what the bankers have in store?

Les, u might be right or just being hopeful, but neither matters. Each person, banker, or freethinker, has the same burdens and sruggles within.

By way of change we will see the light and by the way, change your mind and you change the world.

Love Your Life

Anonymous said...

Yipes Les - what just happened to your Petri Dish?

Was it hit by a benevolent hacker? Whatever, I really like that, a lot!

L.L.O. said...

"...The centre cannot hold."

There is a pattern. Whether it be birth certificate debates, nuclear meltdowns, kids getting shot up or whatever, whenever inquisitiveness gets to near the truth something always seems to go boom somewhere.
Now apparently "we" have killed the guy that killed all those navy seals. It's beyond ridiculous.
Anyways, I feel we are entering an incredibly dangerous stage of the game here as far as what the falling powers will do.
There really is no other way for them to top 9/11. The sheer psychological horror would cut through most anyones disaster fatigue and cause even the most ardent supporters of change, any change, to re-think priorities.
I've got a really bad feeling about it Les. Hopefully The Universe at large steps in before this happenes.



Real live police thugs said...

Do you think it is wrong to beat unarmed cyclists slowly peddling their bikes away from the eye of the riot storm?

Watching this clip gives me an uneasy feeling about police behaviour when they think no one is watching.

neal said...

My internet window is becoming erratic, thought I'd say thanks for the shaking of the dust.

By the way, Mescalito's favorite Tommy James song is Crimson and Clover, if there are enough ravens around to spell that out- always five, no more, no less.

Miriam said...

That really says it clearly thanks, Vis.

wv: adsup~ yes it does!

Anonymous said...

Hi All

Hate to be the douche bag of posters today but here goes.

The elites plan is proceeding nicely.

"Problem-Reaction-Solution" or the "Hegelian Dialectic"
The tatic is to create a problem, Have the people affected by it beg for the solution you wished to have. Give it to them.

Problem - Stock Market / Currency/ Economy Crash
Reaction - OMG someone save us.
Solution - The Red Shield (let us help you, debt forgiveness and One World Currency. Line up for your chip)

Problem - Youth Riots / Slaves hurting Slaves.
Reaction - I hate ____ , Someone Save US from ____ !
Solution - Government will save you with more police, curfews, more cameras, gun confiscation, RFID's.

Problem - False Flag Attack
reaction - Omg Save Us.
Solution - Once you are chipped we can identify the terrorists easier . Roll up your sleeves, Move into the camps for safety.

All these things are the culmination of the grand plan. Order out of choas etc. Its not the people making the moves its the instigators making them move.

I'm doubling down on divine intervention but it seems like a long shot since all my previous bets were losers. Come on Boss ! I'm pulling for you ! Daddy needs a new pair of shoes !

Thanks for your Blog LV

Patrick V1.0

questioning said...

This is TOTALLY off topic and I apologize for that. I am an "awakened" (Whatever that is worth) Queer man who discovered Matt:19, verses 4 to 12 and was dumbfounded. I have done a LOT of researching in the last few weeks over the phrase "Eunuchs born of their mother`s womb" and nothing pans out to people born with sexual, mental, or physical deformities. Avatar Lord Jesus genuinely seems to be saying that us queers of all stripes are NOT to be "Married" in the Adam and Eve Paradigm. He does not condemn us as the story of the Roman Centurion and his male lover tells us (Active military Roman Males could NOT marry during Jesus` time). Too much for this man to process. Even the Evil Talmud speaks of six different kinds of eunuchs. It seems eunuchery originally referred to naturally born queer humans of all stripes and somehow, perverted psychopaths twisted it so only castrated human males could be legitimate objects of their sexual desire. The queer movement definately needs to divorece itself from the Tribe.

Anonymous said...

Clear back at the onset of English literature, Geoffrey Chaucer penned these words in reference to a corrupt member of the upper orders:
"If the gold is tarnished, what will the iron be?"

Contrasting British thuggeries also appeared in this telling bit of doggerel some centuries after Chaucer during the time when His 'Majesty's' government enacted the Enclosure Acts which took the Commons away from British peasantry:
"The Law does punish any a man
who steals a cow from off the land
punished by the greater villain now
who steals the land from neath the cow."

Great Britain has yet to experience a real revolution. It seems like its the same old, same old coming down in different times where the fringe on top get their knickers all in a knot when the shat on start shit of their own. The French have a term describing all this: "Plus la change, plus ca meme chose."
(The more things change, the more they stay the same).

But we do happen to be in the terminal months, perhaps, of the Kali Yuga. So all bets based on prior performance and probability ~~~ are off.

Author Unknown (Initials AE) said...

In the reduction of reality to number and name, in the program of owning and controlling the world, we have wrought a Tower of Babel, seeking with our finite tools to take the infinite by storm … The supreme irony in our Babelian quest of attaining the infinite through finite means is that we are actually enacting precisely the opposite. We are liquidating all that is infinite, sacred, and unique, converting it into the finite, the controlled, the generic, standard, and measurable…We are cashing in the earth, selling off our lives, reducing reality to data. Soon there will be nothing left to convert, as all social, cultural, natural, and spiritual capital is exhausted.

siamsam said...

A got a ride in to town yesterday with an acquaintance that lives in the next next village. We got to discussing the Uk riots. He said he was so angry that he felt like he wanted to go back to the Uk to help out. I told him that I felt the same. I said those police should be dealt with severely for beating that you girl. Of course we quickly realized we were on opposite sides of the fence :)

Throughout the course of the day everyone i spoke with had views ranging from wanting to use rubber bullets to live ammo on the hapless yewts (as Jo Peci says).

Nobody seemed interested in how these yewts had gotten to where they are at. No wonder the plebs get repeatedly sodomized by their masters. The young rioters have more natural instinct than all of the mindless plebs that wish for their random summary execution. They don't believe the lies and BS. As you say Vis they haven't received the programming.

PS I haven't seen any images of mutilated dead women and babies due to the riots. Seems that those that are calling for the execution of Englands youth don't object to killing babies - just burning and stealing property.

siamsam said...

Riff raff.....

I read those articles. They are planning to deal with (in their own words) 'middle class' flash riot mobs.

I guess that is when they get the letter telling them that their pension funds are gone

siamsam said...

thieving robbing opportunist criminal barstewards

Downward Blackswan spiral said...

Just wait until the dollar collapses and then you too will be able to experience first hand what the USA has been doing to the rest of the world for over two hundred years!

Kathryn Hemmings said...

Yes I agreee - when were or when will the bankers be jailed?It's ok to carry on jailing the kids because of this rioting but you can't jail them without jailing the bankers.Double standards is what's created here but I could use stronger words.

Kray Z8 said...

Les, thanks again for your perspective and insight. Indeed the time draws nigh when many will "reap the whirlwind". Which leads to something you've emphasized much of late.
Most of us could do very little on the physical plane to counteract what the PTW did up to this point. We can do nothing to change their immanent karmic adjustment, even if we wanted to, which we don't!... What we can do is to try on an individual level to strengthen our connection to the divine within us.
It's obvious by now that any faith in the status quo, the conventional paradigm, is woefully misplaced. The only option many of us have is to transcend this consensus reality construct and re-integrate with what was, is, and will always be. As you have noted, Love is the primary method. It is the strongest, purest energy in the universe, and it is the only thing that will get any of us through what is coming.

I have wandered the path for many years, yet I am human. Even now at times I find myself engaging in reactive, monkey-mind, ego based behavior, even knowing what a trap it is. Beings like you, Les, have the gift of reminding some of us of what's truly important with compassionate words of sustenance, as you phrased it in your radio show. You help us get back into the groove, as it were. On top of that, your respondents on the blogs contribute to an amazing synergy which is also helpful and inspiring. Somehow, it just seems right, and makes me wonder if, given a chance, the whole world couldn't interact this way. Guess we'll all just have to keep working with Love and intent and find out!

Thanks, LV and Friends.

Peace, Love, Unity,


est said...

" satan
we're gonna
tear your kingdom down

we're gonna tear
your kingdom down

well you've been building
your kingdom -
all over this land

satan we're gonna
tear your kingdom down "

Anonymous said...

What a breath of fresh air to read trutg for a change!

Now apocalypse said...

Les Visible is #1 on point.

Freddamedgjedda said...

Hello many parts of one... I have not commented in a while, but I have "been" "here" all along. I remember when your counter hit the 1.000.000 mark!! I for one was very excited I remember! But I only vaguely remember flying past 2.000.000. Look at it now! I'm not surprised when you know the quality of this blog! Thank you very much for your contribution to humanity. You are and will be remembered as The Great Dog Poet of this world, I believe!

I do live in Norway, the country most people of the world did not know existed, and now we are the "biggest small country in the world". All eyes on us... For a little while and then it's something else... Anyway, we are known to have some of the kindest and most peaceful police in the world, but I know another side to this! I must also say that the Norwegian police do NOT carry guns.

Several of my friends have been beaten severely by police in their holding cells. I have even fought civil cops in the streets, we were in a fight outside a bar. Actually the fight started by me attacking one of my friend, because he had attacked another friend of ours...

I know, it's as stupid as it gets, but this is everyweekend activities for most people I know. That is why I don't drink, or party in the "normal" ways anymore. This was 7 years ago.

Anyway, many people got involved very quickly in the fight and the police was there from the start. The cops managed to break up the fight, and two of my friend ran one way and I the other. The cops did not mind me, for some reason,I think its because those two other friends of mine looks alot meaner than me, one of them is from Iran and weighs around 120 kg. But he is a icehockeyplayer and basketballplayer. Not the guy to test. So they thought I was the victim, maybe. Anyway I got away, but my friends did not.

There were a lot of cops in civilian clothes there and thats why it was so many people involved, we did not know they were cops, so in the midst of it one of my friend, not the Iranian guy, threw a garbage can at one of the civilian cops, he did not know it was the police because they had not pulled out their pretty necklace, things happened fast!!

My friend got chased and busted. The police arrested them brutally WITHOUT HITTING, cause people don't like that, but people like to see a real takedown of a runner. Many witnesses to all of this so they didn't hit any of them until they got back to the station and put in the holding cells, then they came in 4-5 guys with sticks taking on the norwegian guy who threw the trashcan. He looked terrible the next day, but we are used to the pigs so we just laughed it of and lit one up, as the two guys were let go of the police. They did not touch the Iranian guy. He had not attacked no cop, but he floored one of the talking-heads of Norways biggest morning radio show! That was really funny, because he told the story on the morning show the following monday. Many people called saying, "was this the same fight you guys were in?", and that made a lot of laughs!! I have more stories but the essense is the same.

If you cooperate with the norwegian police, they will treat you with some respect. (As we saw with MR. Universe (ABB)) But if you mouth of, or even worse try to attack cops or resist arrest, then you see what part of the brain is the dominant in most of the patrolling cops. The reptilian part, the most basic, with no empathy or feeling of love... All my friend did was defending himself and his friend from people who did not identify them selves as police, who attacked them.

I do not hope this will lead to armed Norwegian cops. I believe I would have known at least one victim of the police if they had been armed all along. I am now done with fighting them physically, but I am still here, and so are my friends! But the youngsters of today may see a very different reality.

Freddamedgjedda said...

I have also seen the response time of the Norwegian SWAT teams. They once came to my house at a party gone way out control. There were at the most somewhere between 50 and a hundred people outside my house surrounding it trying to get in. We were quite a few able men inside the house so noone attacked any of us. We had kind of a stand of, I told one of my friends to call the police, which we were not eager to do, because we had quite a selection of drugs... Anyway he called while I stepped outside to announce that the cops were on the way over and that they would never be allowed inside the house, even if they jumped me, my friends would not let them in. My friend stood inside armed with bats and knives. This was really scary stuff, I almost shat myself there, but noone attacked me. LUCKILY!

This was not that uncommon, that partys were thrashed, I must admit I have seen this situation from both sides, so no sympathy for me. The unusual thing was that we managed to hold them outside until the cops came. Normally people would call the police but not physically stop the people from getting in the house. I have seen people empty freezers and refridgerators at "thrashed" parties. People steel every last thing in your house, just to throw it around for fun in the streets. I am not bullshitting here, I have seen and done this several times!

My point is that my friend was so scared when he called the cops from my house, that he said the house was beeing taken over by people with weapons. That was kind of true,but he was a little jumpy in his overall makeup at the time, not sober so to say. He made the cops react with sending SWAT. I shit you not. A big black van pulled up with three normal cop cars. The people quickly dispersed. There came two guys inside the house with a different uniform than street police. They looked like a mix between miliary and police, and they had pistols in their belts. I had to show my ID, because they though we had taken over the house, and they wanted to get a hold of the guy who made the call. I told them I did not know who called them, which was a lie, we all knew who it was. They took a stroll around the house and asked everyone who made the call, but noone told... But they came within ten minutes. It could not have been much more since I stood on the outside of the house facing a mob all along, and the situation was pretty tense, so time slows down in such situations.

This is just my story, but I had only drank a couple of beers, and had not taken any drugs. I did not really get to start partying before people began surrounding the house.
I do not think it took more than ten minutes, for sure not more than fifteen for the cops to show up. This was in mid Juli 1998-99.

I do not trust the norwegian police! This official time line of this terror event is incredible! Not to mension the guy himself and all his contradictions, nationalist and a freemason, yeah right! This became a really long rant, but I pesonally like when people tell stories first hand, you sometimes almost feel like you are there. And you are because you tune into a past event.

Peace and much love!!

Anonymous said...

Les is more Visible,
as the Feather of Maat.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les...

You took the words from my mouth...everthing i would want to say so wonderfully put...

what a better place to start than with the corrupt education system...those that excell and don't question authority rise to the top...the ones easily manipulated and brainwashed advance...those that constantly question authority are the troublemakers in need of medication for they question what is being presented...those in power don't like that...

this dimension is run upside down...those in power are a bunch of puppets, brainwashed by the system to support the evil destroying the system...interesting how that works...

those that question the evil madness remain isolated and few and far between...for it is not in the best interest to the evil system to challenge it...

thus we create a corrupt everything...and when the corrupt system defends corruption it is the honest that is drained of their energy...and so the system goes...

Mr. Apocalypse is changing that energy flow and now starving these reason why they cannot see their own destruction...

it will be the power hungry demons and minions that have everything to loose and they will loose everything including transmutation...soon they realize their fate (i'm sure a few do already) and become extremely aggitated...then the show will kick up a notch...

it is very important right now to always take time to rest...and keep that flow of the Father energy to your truth within...this will help immensely as things progress...

Best Wishes Always

Come clean said...

Fredda med gädda,

The Mossad did Norway - your present country - for the zionist Rothschild NWO.

You should discuss that perhaps.

siamsam said...

is it me? I made the following comment on that british gutter tabloid you mentioned in a recent post. As you can see i was give 35 thumbs down - in just minutes....................

Yes we live in a very sick society. To think that so many people would condone the use of live bullets on the hapless youth for rioting and looting. In other words random summary executions - very sick. Will these same people call for the same when the middle class start to riot. The government already have plans to deal with this - as reported in the DM in 2007. Now shouldn't you be asking why do the government know that the middle class will riot.
- james, chonburi, thailand, 11/8/2011 20:50
Click to rate Rating 35 down

The following comment is being thumbed up.....

Such nice ideas, such popular ideas for the voters and it all sound soooo good ... but the MP must have forgotten the HUMAN RIGHTS LAWS ... as all the new measures will backfire on just one point HUMAN RIGHTS! In my eyes, THUGS must loose their HUMAN RIGHTS ... or get rid of them all together, this is a good time for it ! GET RID OF HUMAN RIGHTS LAW’S NOW!
- MARKUS, LONDON, UK, 11/8/2011 21:35
Click to rate Rating 13 up
Report abuse

I think i am on the wrong planet - beam me up for fook sake

The revolution will not be televised (on the zionist MSM) said...

Immediately following the announcement of the S&P downgrade, defiant Chicagoans took the the streets and demanded the arrest of the Bankers and an the end of the Federal Reserve system. This was never covered on any news outlet.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, for reminding us to stay on the path.

Here is some material on Norway and the UK events.

"No fertilizer residue, no forensic evidence of a fertilizer ..,.""

some background on the UK events

one interpretation of the UK side of the 08 Olympic sign-off

Freddamedgjedda said...

Come clean: I have "been here" for many years. Meaning this blogg. I am "awake" I feel, but thank you anyway! Of course the thing is corrupted in every way. That's what I was hinting at. While trying to back it up with my own experiences. I try to "wake people up" all the time, and I really hope for a mass awakening thing towards loving eachother. Living from the heart!

One woman on a Norwegian blogg, who opposed me on the fact(in my opinion) that 9/11 was a controlled demolition. I backed my claims well enough for her to say that my writings looked like a manifest, and she also called it scary. Indirectly comparing me to Mr. ABB... So I guess some people are very sleepy. I am one of the many "alarms". And I must say one thing, I feel the Norwegian people are very much asleep. We are only upper and middle class compared to world standards, as I see it. So thats why I was still discussing 9/11 with people. It is dark here. Nearly everybody is nice, and very few are true.

Have any of you tried the Drunvalo Melchizedec Mer-Ka-Ba thing? Just read the two Flower of Life books. If you know what I mean you know what I mean.

Love and Light

Freddamedgjedda said...

Annd one more "thing". Have anybody any thoughts on the mises institute?

I feel this is one of the most aware places to ask questions, and I would love to hear your take on these things Les.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

If I owned, operated or worked for a flower shop, food store, restaurant or any small local business and some angry/drunk/racist/envious hoodlums tried to burn it down and/or assault myself or my neighbors, I'd shoot them as quickly as I possibly could in order to spare myself, my family, my neighbors, etc. the results of such demonic behavior and consider it my duty to do so.

There are fine people among the upper, middle and lower classes.

There are cretins among the upper, middle and lower classes.

"Oh baby why you burn your brother's house down?"

Anonymous said...

Still spreading your whiz-dumb?
................Sincerely, Laura

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

at the inflexion point, the WTF moment for everyone, a time where gravity and all post Big Bang forces are no longer applicable, the shit will go according the where the fans have been blowin', 'cept in reverse.

'cause it would be better if 10 million simultaneously sat down in Picadilly Square and demanded change.


wv: obols. idiotic bollock drivers. cannon fodder for the reactive boots in faces. , or not, I don't know.

siamsam said...

so via homer........

There are no fine people amongst the lower classes .....?

What class might you be from my trigger happy friend. Protecting oneself and property is not the same as ramndom summary excecutions. And isn't the death penalty a little harsh for theft and criminal damage.

Anonymous said...

F. Gädda,

All true but no where a word of the cause.

Zionism. Rothschild. Israel. Mossad. UN. NATO.

You know A.Jones' weakness is? He refuses to address the fact Israel was in volved in 9/11 up to their eye-balls.

The Norway hit was again Mossad up to their eye-balls.

Want credibility?

Come clean.

P.S. Woke up this morning having just dreamed a nuclear bomb had gone off near Toronto. Instead of 'boom' in the dream all went deathly 'silent' like total communications blackout at the exact monment of detonation. A deafening silence. Eerie.

DaveR said...

I watched the Norway dissection on red ice and found it curious what wass shown about there being no explosion. Then the pics show a demolished car, broken windows for the whole block and fires on the upper floors. This does not seem to be to be a normal explosion of anything. There appears to be no epicenter of the blast and fertilizer would not cause fires. This kind of widely distributed demolition seems to me to indicate some kind of exotic weaponry, not a localized event. It's almost like some kind of rending of space like might be found with the Hutchinson Effect.

"The evolution will not be televised."

DaveR said...

I couldn't have said it better: It's getting clearer! A good summation, please post this around the net. Good words, very concise. I wish I'd written it. The truth about our military being the blunt intsrument of oligarch policy.

w.v.: looke - how apropos, lookee here!

Erik said...

Heh Vis,

Thanks for waking me up, my dear friend ...

Uuh, you mentioned coffee? (grin)

Guess it's about time for that Party ...

Luv Ya All!

Anonymous said...

house of sickness
clothed in war
enforced famine
vultures law
poor mans prison
cold mistrust
disturbing desolate
innocense crushed
lifes true wasteland
inhumanitys creed
bleeding victims
of savage greed
earths confusion
disunions lust
a fallen house
swirling dust


Freddamedgjedda said...

OK!! I think it was Mossad who did the Norwegain terror event. The Norwegian police did not make much trouble for the man. He was out of ammunition when they came to the island.. This must have been helped along by people in high places. I have not payed taxes in 5 years. Happy?

And if you want credibility don't post anonymous... Also why did both you and mr. Come Clean write my name wrong and kind of in the same way? You both used the letter ä in and wrote Gädda. That is not my name!! And the letter ä is not even in the norwegian language. And you are attacking my credibility? When I wrote that I have been here for years, I tried to say that in the big picture I agree with Les. That is why I keep coming back to this blogg. I love it!

This is really irrelevant I know. What you think of me or the other way around... That is why I was asking about the Mer-Ka-ba thing, because it may be one of the solutions... Could any of you please adress that if you want to help me/us understand?

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

siamsam, please reread what I said.

(There are fine people among the upper, middle and lower classes)

An error in your rush to judgement?

"What class might you be from my trigger happy friend. Protecting oneself and property is not the same as ramndom summary excecutions. And isn't the death penalty a little harsh for theft and criminal damage."

Right and wrong has nothing to do with class, but since you asked I'll admit to being, at best, an equal and in fact very likely below the economic class of the average arsonist/looter on display in London or America.

"Protecting oneself and property is not the same as ramndom summary excecutions."

Are you saying self defense of life and proprety is "ramndom summary excecutions."?
That's nonsense.

"And isn't the death penalty a little harsh for theft and criminal damage."

More sophistry, but in an honest attempt to clear things up, yes, I do believe preventing an arson in progress with lethal force is appropriate.
Just as I believe preventing murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault to people and in some cases animals, justifies the use of lethal force.

Please don't think or wish to cause violence or harm anyone.
I don't.

But I'm not so naive, crass or cowardly as to feel and act like violence doesn't have an explicit purpose in this world.

It does and its purpose is to counter violence.

Anonymous said...

Okay Fredda.

Just rattling your cage to see the result as Visible said to me during my first visit to he and his wife in Germany.

We seem to be on the same page. I adore Norway - your country. Glad you stated the obvious about Mossad and the youth killing.
Authorities found no fertilizer whatsoevver. Not surprised - Mossad has way more sophisticated bombs than that. Zionist patsy Brevik - probably never fired a live round.

Fredda glad you like Visible's blogs. See you round.

Anaughty Mouser

P.S. All the comments to you with "ä" are from me.

Anonymous said...

Rolling around in my head all the stuff going on, I was thinking about the “elites” the wannabes, right on down to people I know and have dealt with. It just amazes me that those who seem to think so highly of themselves are the ones who so willingly stoop to and perform the lowest acts of human debasement imaginable and then some.

European American said...

"Max Keiser offers some very interesting information"

He and his assistant "Stacy" will also ban you from his site if you imply that "global warming" might possibly be a ploy by the cartel to milk the masses while creating a fascist state. Max knows his economics really well and has the courage to tell it like it is, but don't know shit about the environment! Stacy, well, she does what she's told by her enabler Max.

bholanath said...

Quote from gov. Rick Perry's prayer summit, "The Response", website:

"There is hope for America. It lies in heaven, and we will find it on our knees."

Ok, yeah, thought you'd like that...

Anonymous said...

Good luck Ron Paul.
If the US does not select you as their president it is because they do not deserve you.
In that case, pull the commode chain on America.

Ron Paul is the only sane voice in a sea of confusion.

siamsam said...

Via Homer .........

My most humble appologies - yes you did aknowledge the lower classes as having some fine people amongst them. I was in a rush and was thinking in terms of my prior post in which i refered to many people in favour of taking out rioters (young haplesll souls) using police marksmen - in other words summary excecutions.

"Just as I believe preventing murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault to people and in some cases animals, justifies the use of lethal force".

Comming from the wrong side of the tracks myself I know of quite a few people that have been charged with 'aggravated assault' in their youth, following a bar room brawl or the likes. I don;t however consider any of them deserving of execution.

Also as an animal lover with a life long history of rescuing dogscats and our feathered friends i would find it beyond me to consider execution any person for assualting animals. But thats just me.

Really I don't think I would choose to kill anyone or anthing. There is justice beyond killing.

Anonymous said...

Aagirfan has a thought compelling post with videos about the abuse of hollywood children.

Visible you occaisionally allude to knowledge you have about the ongoings in the 'Canyon' gang and about things Charlie Manson.

What is your take, if any, on the huge amount of coincidental mind and sex manipulation going on with high profile youth.

Was Michele Bachmann a victim, is she another CIA plant like Barry was. No one is willing to talk about the cocaine bath-house days of Soetoro in is pre Chicago 'creation'.

Your touch on these child abuse, mental and physical in your novel The dark splendor.

Is there any truth to Aangifan's (video) post?

Anonymous said...


Well we've got "Sick Rick" the Texas Perry now vying for president.

And we've got 'Steve' originally named Stephen Ray Pereira (born January 22, 1949) is a Portuguese American singer and songwriter best known as the lead vocalist of the rock band Journey.

And then we have Katy who just got brand new teeth - beautiful they are!

I'd take Steve or Katy over Sick Rick as president any day.

Get your Perrys straight!

zionist MSM said...

It controls the public message by 'filter(ing)" disturbing truths, "leaving (behind) only the cleansed residue fit to print" or air.

It's why America's media, including The [New York]Times, risk a free and open society by controlling the news for powerful interests they support, at the same time betraying their readers, viewers and listeners.

Anonymous said...

Is their ANY truth to the following or is this disinformation by the zionist PTB to destroy R.Paul?
Libertarianism is a front for the Austrian School of Ludwig von Mises...with funding from Rothschild and Warburg ...unfettered, free market economics has sold the U.S. into economic slavery to the international Jewish banking cartel.

Ludwig von Mises was in turn closely tied to the Jewish supremacist and organizer of World Government...also stated that the Jews are a superior race which should lead the World, but that all the other races should be mixed...would result in the manifestation of the worst traits and the disappearance of the best traits in the Gentile races... wanted the different ‘races’ to mix in intermarriage so that the children of these unions would be inferior to their parents and would lose any sense of cultural and ethnic heritage. He wanted to then substitute a new culture of obedience and servitude among this new degenerated ‘race’, subservience to a ruling Jewish elite. Ron Paul is fronting for these von Misian forces.

The truth is, Ron Paul is a free trade globalist who desires an international currency. The following statement was made by Congressman Paul in 2001: “There’s nothing to fear from globalism, free trade and a single worldwide currency...The effort in recent decades to unify government surveillance over all world trade and international financial transactions through the UN, IMF, World Bank, WTO, ICC, the OECD, and the Bank of International Settlements can never substitute for a peaceful world based on true free trade, freedom of movement, a single but sound market currency, and voluntary contracts with private property rights...The ultimate solution will only come with the rejection of fiat money worldwide, and a restoration of commodity money. Commodity money if voluntarily and universally accepted could give us a single world currency requiring no money managers, no manipulators orchestrating a man-made business cycle with rampant price inflation.”

Commodity money refers to gold and silver coinage which was used before fiat currency. Ron Paul’s proposed ‘single worldwide currency’ will fulfill the Protocols of Sion. Protocol 10
“4. When we have accomplished our coup d’etat we shall say then to the various peoples: ‘Everything has gone terribly badly, all have been worn out with suffering. We are destroying the causes of your torment – nationalities, frontiers, differences of coinages.’”

...private gold banks which would necessarily be owned by the same international Jewish bankers who now own the central banks and their headquarters, the BIS in Switzerland. So while Ron Paul campaigns to abolish the Fed, he is advocating an international gold bank like the central banking system presently in place. The difference may be that the Jewish-owned gold banks will hold all of the commodity money, gold, and the Goyim will hold only debtor notes.

This new Jewish monopoly on banking and gold will give World Jewry even greater control over money and it will be entirely detached from any country’s government. This is the ultimate privatization of money creation and money supply which International Jewry has always sought.

The apex of the system was the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the worlds’ central banks which were themselves private corporations. The growth of financial capitalism made possible a centralization of world economic control and use of this power for the direct benefit of financiers and the indirect injury of all other economic groups.

Ron Paul was heavily promoted by the Hollywood Zionist Jew Aaron Russo, who claimed a close personal friendship with the Rockefeller family and who didn’t talk about ‘Jewish bankers’. Paul’s ties to leading Zionists and his promotion by gold merchants and prominent figures in the ‘911 truth movement’ who shy away from the proven Zionist Jewish and Israeli connection to 911, has been documented by others.

Anonymous said...

The THREE words you cannot say on main stream (or "alternative") media regarding politics and political causes:

"Jew. Zionist. Rothschild."

M.Reviro, A.Jones, R.Stuart, J.Rense, M.Keiser, A.Russo, R.Paul etc. NEVER EVER say any of these three words as the core cause of the economic armegeddon and the endless hegemonic wars.

Anonymous said...

Therefor NONE of the above pass the 9/11 litmus test!

What does that say about their credibility?

Are they all just a form of gate-keepers for the zionist Rothschild NWO coming to a town near you?

siamsam said...

PS Homer....

I find this survey disturbing, but it seems you are with the majority:

Freddamedgjedda said...

Mouser: thank you for "coming clean". I have "seen you around", and yes I believe we are on the "same page". LOL
I wish you all the best!!!!

As stated before, Norway is very dark I feel. I only know one person who has ever been to this blogg. I do know a lot of people, but only one who would not laugh if I said Mossad and 9/11 in the same sentence. ONE! Give me a fucking shovel with cowbell tied to it. I feel very much alone against these sleeping enablers of murder, rape, and worse. I try to tell people to stop paying their taxes, but noone listens. I try to tell them that Norway is a monarchy, and how a monarchy can not be democratic. Most people I speak to thinks democracy is a system... It is an ideal to live up to, I tell them, not a system in itself. "But this is a democratic constitutional monarchy", they say... That is impossible! Aaaargghhh!!! It is just so dark her... This is a DEMONARCHY!!!

But I do agree to the beauty of our landskape, not to mention the girls, but they are generally to asleep to catch my attention! I live in the middle of the woods, but guess what, the most famous Norwegian farm, belonging to mr. childkillerrothschildpuppetfreemasonfuckforbrains is on one of my regular driving routes. I lost my driving licence for 7 months in april, so I have been driving this road past his farm lately, because it was upuntil recently one of the least patrolled roads in Norway. Not anymore I assure you. I have not driven a car since the event.

The police has at least one car in mr. meetmeanywhereanytimeyoufuck driveway all the time, and they have sealed of the whole area. Even the crop-field nearby. They are still there, destroying evidence I assume. We hear nothing interresting in the norwegian press. Just bull!! FUCK!!! I just needed to ventilate a little!

I must mention that we do have a brilliant website her:! Translation: thenewsmirror. I recommend it with all my heart. I don't know them personally, but they have a healing/activity camp not to far from where I live. And they pass the 9/11 litmus test. And many more.

The answer from anonymous about the Mises Institute, was exactly what I thought. Thank you for sharing! One guy on a forum told me that these conspiracy theories, (words used by people of less intelligence, since it is a given that people plan stuff and go through with them!!), only keep the focus away from the real problems we face. Then he linked me to the Mises Institute. I tried to comment on his blogg, but he would not let me through... DARK I tell you!

I know that I love everyone, and I can feel the love for this blogg and many of the contributors, but I feel very little love for the sheeple. I shall try to better myself, but I often feel like smashing something. I have not done so for years, but I may take this up again. Fucking zombies!

Anonymous said...

via Homer..


I'm on Arjuna's side.

I am with the Sikhs, Muslims and all the many others who with decency and honor and without having to take an opinion poll came together to protect their temples, mosques, families, friends and each other from packs of wild animals disguised as human beings who were assaulting their neighbors, burning and looting their properties.

My heart says protect the weak and innocent from the miscreants.
Not some vague future scenario but from a view of here and now.

I'm not fool enough to think I can save every one abused or make a difference in the world but I can and do help, I can and have made a difference for people and animals and will continue to do so, poll or no poll, opinions or no opinions.

I came within a split second of a possible fight to the death with a biker neighbor over him purposely going out of his way to stomp on a beetle that was walking by us. He knew what I'm like and he smiled at me and went out of his way to kill that beetle.
I put myself in front of that beetle for principle and because I'd had it with this demon. He'd already killed assorted animals and people but not today as long as I was breathing.

He would kill the beetle after dealing with me, maybe, but he was going to have to pay a very steep price for it. I don't know whether he thought I was crazier than him or not but after smelling my breath he walked away laughing.
I once stopped my car and got out when I saw a man dragging a puppy down the street with a rope tied around his neck.
I told him if I ever saw him do that again I'd do the same to him.
He believed me.
Whenever I see anyone abusing animals in front of me, in public, I say or do something. That's all.
And yes I'd protect my German shepherd Rikki Tikki with lethal force just the same as he'd do for me.
I could go on. Point is, I'm not going to stand there and watch some cretins, I don't care if they're poor downtrodden poor people or richie rich, burn down some ones house or beat then because they're white, black or blue.

I have a hard time believing you would, either.

siamsam said...


No disrespect and all that but you seem very much on the edge - just waiting an opurtunity to murder someone. Killing a beetle ffs man.

Erik said...

"Short and Sweet"

The Battle is between the Mind and the Soul.
The Goal of Life is to End the Battle ...
Follow your Heart ...


Anonymous said...

via Homer..


"no disrespect and all that.."


I surely do hope some day you will understand who that beetle was and who that biker was.

For just today though, please try to understand who those Sikhs and Muslims protecting their temples, mosques and families are and who those arsonists are.

That's all I have to say on the matter.

Anonymous said...

what is done in the dark will be brought to the light

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, via Homer Saturday, August 13, 2011 10:09:00 PM
You must leave whence you came and seek the tranquillity of the countryside; methinks your demeanour will change from antagonistic to peaceful – no?
You will also come to appreciate pestilence when you see it – and step on it!
It's a big world and we all have our view of it; your's no less nor more suitable than your biker mate. Peace brother.


Another view (without prejudice)

'those Sikhs and Muslims protecting their temples, mosques and families' are the (perceived) tall poppies and the 'arsonists' (rioters); think of them as the great leveller.

leveller, -n, a person who works for the abolition of inequalities

Anonymous said...

More chinks in the armour
UK police furious at US riot appointment.


siamsam said...

fair do's Homer.....

I think we can agree to disagree. Good wishes to you and yours :)

PS i have been of the same mind as you in the past - so i really shouldn't judge.

Visible said...

Homer\s okay. He's passionate about what he believes, not actively expressive of it. His ideas very much dovetail with mine. The time is past to be silent, especially about the concrete gut level reasons why we're so fucked up to begin with. As Gandhi said, you can tell the state of a culture by the way they treat animals and I could add in George Bernard Shaw and a host of other great thinkers for whom the culture had no place and that includes William Blake too.

Anonymous said...

Why did you change the font at all your sites?

The new typesetting is very hard on the eyes to read.

Just asking.

Did I write something wrong? said...

If I have offended you when no offence was intended, I apologise.

a friend

Strange sound in Kiev, Ukrania said...

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish.

The Wild Suicide of the Untouchables.

Visible said...

Whoever you are, you haven't offended me. Only I offend me.

And as for this person who keeps complaining about the typeset. When I get a bunch of complaints I will change it but I think the Bold and the different font is more readable. If I'm wrong it will go to something more acceptable but it won't go back to what it was; nothing ever does anyway.

Unknown said...

Your vision is so keen, I love your blog,it is awesome. I have added it to my bookmarks and I will be back and often.
If you want to follow me back you can find me here

Visible said...

Okay, there's a poll on the front page to determine how the reader feels about the changes in the font and the the bold type I'm using. I think it's a browser issue so keep that in mind.

namuh v0.0h said...

The poll doesn't quite ask the right question ...
The font is fine, IMHO - but the bold is unnecessary, made it harder to read for me.

I thought I had mistakenly changed my font size, and Cntrl-minused the font down twice to make it more readable (firefox). Which fixed the issue for me, quite readable then.

Anonymous said...

Hey Les & All,

This was an AWESOME post!!

Ane below is classic... hahaha!!

"Honesty is where you pull your pants down to be of assistance to the high born thugs, whose purpose is to sodomize you senseless. The street criminals insist that you pull down their pants by force."

Just too funny... Lol..

God Bless,

Red Pill



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