Monday, August 22, 2011

ZATO and the Wannabe Whores of Babylon

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May your noses always be far from places like this.

In an age of darkness; in an age of dreadful materialism, you find things like this. Not just anyone can be The Whore of Babylon. It requires special characteristics and the absolute lack of various other things. There are so many contenders who have to be measured against the potential of harm committed against the greatest number of persons. Of course, these persons have to be willing to be harmed. They’ve got to let their little light shine out from under a bushel of darkness in search of a more intense darkness. They have to be willing to abandon all sense of self, in search of a more repulsive self that has to be broadcasting on Hell’s most powerful radio station. They have to tune in and they have to tune out.

Kim Kardashian was mentioned some months ago, as having the most friends on Facebook. It was over three million. Now I no longer see any friends listed, only something called, ‘likes’. She’s got over six million of those. At least someone is getting their six million. You have to scroll down the page in growing horror, as you see the nature and motivations of this creature, leading the six million and more into the hot central violence of compressed coal, which is the physical representation of suffocating materialism. She married a basketball player, whose greatest play was to slam dunk his soul down the swirling toilet of evolutionary reversal. Fare the well ye walking zombie dead.

Presently, ZATO is performing mass murder upon the people of Libya, who don’t have the proper banking scheme and whose leader wanted to organize the African nations to protect their resources and reject the debt enslavement, visited upon them by London bankers and assorted true vampires in search of plunder, death and destruction, in any order; it doesn’t matter. ZATO is the Zionist Alliance for Total Occupation. It has been misidentified for a long time as The North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Even a casual observation of their activities over recent times will disabuse you of the notion that they work for anyone but the central bankers of London and Tel Aviv. New York City is a secondary location that is controlled by the aforementioned.

ZATO and Kim Kardashian have a great deal in common. They are both killing large numbers of people, though I think Kardashian has killed more people overall so far. There are a lot of ways to kill a person and some of the more pervasive and effective ways of doing so are unknown to the greater mass of the population. Let’s say you’re a 12 or 13 year old girl or boy on the streets of London and you’ve been passed around through a few hands; this is another not so well known reality, even though there have been articles about some significant number of them making sex dates on cellphones for the purpose of material goods from older men. Recently a fellow sought to go to London and give a talk on sex abuse and trafficking of children by the church and state in London and he was arrested and deported because the politicians and police there are deeply into it; it is one of the basic behavioral routines of Satanism. Then you run into a ‘handler’, or you’ve had one from the start and they shoot you up with Heroin so you don’t much care what happens to you. You’ve been killed, even though it might take some agonizing interval of time yet.

If someone leads you down the garden path, while you are in emulation of them and their lifestyle, they have also killed you, on several levels, even though it might take some agonizing interval of time yet. Kim Kardashian does this. You might dispute the reality of it but you can argue with the wind as far as I’m concerned. It’s murder is what it is. She’s not the only one committing murder. The educational system does it. The culture does it. The governments do it and the religions do it. Liars for profit and control do it through every medium in which they operate. The media is an accessory to murder every day. The media is the information arm of ZATO. Kim Kardashian is their product spokeswhore.

ZATO and one of their media constructs, CNN, are shooting at and threatening independent journalists in Libya for reporting actual events, instead of bending over for the official pronouncements of The Powers that Seem. It’s all a matter of degrees of subtlety, in terms of applied murder, whether it’s ZATO or Kardashian. However, dead is dead, today, tomorrow or on any given Sunday.

Everyone comes to some arrangement with the system, depending on what they want out of it, or depending on their need to operate inside it for the purpose of survival in a mug’s game. You’re at the carnival and you believe the games aren’t rigged because that disturbs your sense of possibility. It appears to be better to lie to yourself in the hope of something you won’t get than to face the reality of the situation. If you see someone succeeding at something, you don’t question their methods; you’re looking at their results. They may be the greater evil but those following them are the wider danger; willingly polluted and engaged in sharing and spreading their pollutions upon their children, relatives and friends. It’s what’s know as a clusterfuck.

The Synagogue of Satan is the applied worship of materialism as the object of existence. This means directing the culture through lifestyles, fashion, products, advertising and duplicitous information, designed to convince you that this is what you want; until you get it, or, actually, it gets you. It can still take you awhile to die and you might get some gratuitous enjoyment out of it on the way but you’re DOA from the departure gate. It’s obvious or it’s confusing and if it’s confusing then you only have to consider what’s confusing you because that’s the nature of the game, as a songwriter once said. It’s like the fascination with a meticulously recorded false history and the dream of a physical king, as opposed to a metaphysical regent. It’s all there to be seen but you’ll have noted the danger of representing truth in a world of lies and the majority of you will look for an easier passage. Keep in mind that the passage is easier because of the direction it is headed in.

ZATO is a murder machine based on a web of lies, for the sole purpose of profit at any cost. It is the military arm of ZOG. Kim Kardashian is a murder machine, fueled by the corporations who pimp her as an icon for successful existence. It’s a fitting irony that she has no talent at anything but this and that is enough for most.

Zionism is applied Satanism for social and political gain at the expense of EVERYONE else. The club of anti-Semitism designed by Theodor Hertzl for the purpose of a defense against all criticism and to be used at any time without reason or basis, is the chief weapon of Zionism. As you have heard them say, “it’s a trick, we always use it”. Given what we have seen and are presently being oppressed by, it stands to reason that anti-Semitism is a badge of honor in the awareness of a clear and present danger that has been with us for a long, long time. The Apocalypse is making this more widely known and at some point it will combust, to the enduring dismay of those who thought they could always count on murder and lies to achieve their ends.

What happens abroad and what is being planned for the populations in the home countries, is made possible by the murder of awareness at the hands of the ones who pervert our values and aspirations. This is the purpose of reality TV shows; to murder human dignity and reduce humanities perception of itself to the level of an ignorant beast. This is the purpose of those in the headlines in every area of endeavor. They work for ZATO and ZOG. You can find it hard to believe and you may be unwilling to believe it and you may be outraged that anyone would besmirch your obsession with the thousand forms of shit that you desire more than life itself because...that is the price of the possession of and obsession with them. That is the price.

What is happening in Libya, will be happening somewhere else tomorrow and eventually it will be happening in your neighborhood because you didn’t care when it was happening to someone else and even supported it, if it meant you could have your share and get your fill of as many of the thousand forms of shit that is possible for you. Bon voyage, as you sail away in the burning dumpsters of flaming shit. There are handkerchiefs waving from the shore, as you sail off into the darkness of the sea of ignominy.

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Unknown said...

I see Venezuela in the site. After all, Hugo Chavez is in the same boat, and he also actually CARES about his people. What a concept! Hope all of Latin America wakes up and rallies to support him in every way possible WHEN it happens.


Anonymous said...

Liked reading your comments today about materiality and death.

Interesting the story of Adam/Eve in Genesis, the message of which is far beyond the morons who wrote the verses... about eating the fruit, proclaiming it delicious and desirable, then experiencing death. The levels of meaning are numerous... at a literal level, the Elohim are the Nephilim and man is their slave (though Bible-thumpers, appropriately, adore them, and totally miss that point).

At a deeper level, the fruit that is thought to be so delicious by Eve is symbolic of the material mind which brings death of the spiritual being (though the body lives on, sort of, as a Zombie).

I was a devout Mormon for 25 years (yeah, I know, please spare the comments about being slow) and was amazed at how deep the Temple ceremony is, though universally missed by the attendees. It's so simple, yet so missed. It's just a retell of the genesis story of Adam/Eve who eat the fruit, then become Zombie.

So Adam and Eve eat, then go on living like beasts, lying to everyone and such afterwards, but does anyone notice? No, they lap it up like cows milk, believing every lie that follows the eating part.

Zombie come... Zombie go.

But hey, that's our story. Seems like a never-ending story too. That's why the world turns around and around and around and... (c;

My thanks to you Les.


Ben said...

Vis, All,

I still don't quite know what Kim Kardashian is. I'm assuming she's a fashion model... I suppose I could google her name but I don't care enough about her to find out.

I did scroll down through her Facebook page. It grieves me that the lives for so many people are so very empty that they have to fill them with Kim Kardashian. And it grieves me that Kim is apparently utterly unaware that her own life is so very empty.

I guess it boils down to the fact that everybody has to serve somebody. I believe that when you end up serving yourself you ultimately are serving Satan, who acts as the prosecutor when your time has come to stand before Father Creator.

Jesus speaks of the end of "Mystery Babylon" in the 18th chapter of Revelation. Regarding this entity, Jesus said, in part:

"Your merchants were the world’s important people.
By your magic spell all the nations were led astray. In her was found the blood of prophets and of God’s holy people, of ALL who have been slaughtered on the earth.”

Vis speaks of the murder committed by Kim Kardashian and ZATO... Kim does it through "magic" while of course ZATO is less subtle. The end result is the same... and I am looking very very much forward to the fall of Babylon, which I pray will be relatively soon.

Unknown said...

I forgot somethin'. I didn't even know Kim Kardashian existed until yesterday. Never saw the name before. (We have no TV, and don't do media except for books.) I googled her just to see what she looked like, and she is NOT my type. Supefluous bimbos just don't do anythin' for me. GIVE ME A BRAIN, OR GIVE ME DEATH!!!!!!!

Ye gods, what is a thing like me doin' postin' shoite loike dat?

Ah, never mind.

Anonymous said...

Bhagavad Arka Marichi Mala by HDG Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur.

10.28.13 Lord Krishna Thought

jano vai loka etasminn
uccavacasu gatinu
na veda svam gatim bhraman

Certainly people in this world are wandering among higher and lower destinations, which they achieve through activities performed according to their desires and without full knowledge. Thus people do not know their real destination.

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

I am particularly grateful for your writing today, Les, because last night as I read the grim news from Libya I felt terribly isolated in my rage at ZATO and sorrow for the Libyan people. The usual sources of truth were down for the night and then I came across a piece by Gordon Duff who was actually gloating about and celebrating the downfall of Libya. How sick is that? As I see it, the greatest light in Africa has now been extinguished and the Iraqification of Libya has begun. It's a sad, dark day but Happy Birthday anyway, Les.

Anonymous said...

Beaute mate!

Tune in, turn on, drop out!
60's rhetoric

I don't want to be here anymore!
Ans: Does anyone?

Can someone PLEASE change the channel?
Ans: Nope, 24/7 this is what you get, bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha...

if I had a nickel for every - ahhhh, never mind.

Neko Kinoshita said...

Of course the game is rigged, don’t let that stop you…

I haven’t paid any attention at all to the foolish antics of the possessed, only noted the incredible level of excess being displayed.

Still maintaining the tattered illusion, time is not yet, but soon I’m sure.

The kitten is learning the nature of the game, you do what they want and they will leave you alone. Such is the reality of remaining within this corrupted structure. Soon enough the masks will not matter, and will be discarded as the garbage they truly are.

Lesson noted as always Visible. It is important to remember that these silly accoutrements are no more than the polish on the turd of materialism.


Anonymous said...

Another definition of NATO -

NATO = North Atlantic Terrorist Organisation

Anaughty Mouser said...

To Les Visible,

Genuinely fantastic post - on so many levels - straight genius.

"Zionism is applied Satanism for social and political gain at the expense of EVERYONE else."

Couldn't go by without highlighting the above little gem.

In shining armour we shall know the knight as he rushes headlong into the battle with the dragon from which he knows he may never return.

May God bless you my friend for your incredible words of truth.


L.L.O. said...


Way back in late February when we began bombing Libya I actually had a sliver of hope that it was a genuine effort to support a popular uprising. I "saw" Gadhaffi's tanks and artillery attacking "unarmed" civillians and I got really upset. Gotta remember this was when the Arab Spring was a fresh, new sign of hope and Gadhaffi was made out to look like a barrier to freedom and decency.
As the weeks and months wore on my nagging suspicion that TPTB had ulterior motives grew.
Now it's a huge cluster-fuck. I have no idea what is going on there. All I know is that Syria is probably next.
I have no comment on Kardashian (shudder).
Like Lao Tsu said: The 10,000 distractions of the material world fragment mens minds. It's more like 10 billion fragments these days. And old Lao, like so many other ancient teachers, describes the path to Truth and the Great Integrity as an inward one. Very difficult to achieve when one is tuned into the 24/7 Tits, Trucks, and Trainwrecks Talent show. Not that I would know... both the shows and the Truth.
Anyways, hanging in there. Keep it up Les. You are a great teacher.



su said...

brilliant post.
fucking beautifully said.

Anonymous said...

crooked coward slaver
ragged fallen whore
frustrated in diversions
wretched falsehoods law
accomplished only sickness
sold of crooked deeds
savage broken widow
ravaged by all greed
but mountain fires rumble
unwise to doubt lifes trust
everlasting truth of allways
through darkness light does rush
crushing evils shadows
vampires just dont learn
mothers earth seated in heaven
travels hearts by flying bird


est said...


she is obviously
a character
from star trek

wasn't she that green one
that no man could resist ?

and she is known for what ?
her oversized ass ?

we're gonna get what's coming to us

and it will be ugly, indeed

Anonymous said...

weaving sunbird
galloping star
cosmic rainbow
sun shined heart
mountain whistles
tree top breeze
union living
instance breathes
livened wonder
chasing storm
skyward lifting
substance form
warming motions
crafting light
calming sence
filling life


Anonymous said...

Les is More Visable,
then 2 sides of the same coin,
oh gadfi.s momma is of the tribe,
so just a little internal struggle,
in ZATO,
nothing to fret about,
they will work out the details,
CEO.s sometimes lose their jobs,
ZATO is a mean boss.

Anonymous said...

Les, and more;

There lies the whore: ZATO: Term is apt. Kim Kardashian i don't know from Adam, Eve or even Steve. Name sounds Armenian, but could be something else. Like other posters i do not allow a boobtoob into my domicile so my popkultch quota is down in the sub-basement somewhere. Ahh, the blandishments of materialism and the bitch goddess success ~~ caught me for a brief while back in parts of the Sixties and early 70's. By time of the 'Reagan Revolution' in the 80's the materialist ethos went viral and music went down the big swirly. My life had taken a different turn.

Some of us seem to have lucked out and early on developed antibodies to the whoredom of Babble On. It's like not trusting anyone who habitually wears a suit and tie. A Canadian anthropologist once noted that you can tell the slaves in any given society by the fact that they are obliged to wear things around their necks all the time ~ usta be chains, but rep ties are smoother, sleeker and slicker, bringing one closer to reptiles. Like humans, reptiles can come in more than one form. Wise serpents vs slithering snakes comes to mind off the top. The latter type are smooth, glib and persuasive ~ till you realize there is a gaping wound in your back ~ at which point you may not be able to go back.

So the human sacrifice to the bloodlust of their god Moloch now occurs daily in Libya, where at the peak of the Muslim Holy Month of Ramadan, the Siren song of murder and rapine replaced the usual chants of the Muezzin from the minarets of Tripoli.
"From the Halls of Montezuma
to the shores of Tripoli"
is the opening stanza to the Marine Corps hymn. It makes more sense now in context of the blood sacrifices central to the imperial madness of the Aztecs ~ and now the butchery of Tripoli. Full circle. Though the Marine Corpse may only have had a few sorties from the USS GHW Bush or some other carrier of contagion; there is a certain roundness to the killings.

So it's pop kultch and bloody gulch out there in the world of mammon. Here, Twinkletoes, the lovingest little pussycat i've ever been privileged to know has just jumped onto my lap to share the purity of her affection. Her nose is cold and wet. She reposes calm and content, not at all mindful of the insanity elsewhere.

Salaam Alikhim to the suffering souls in Libya. Peace be upon you. May the souls of the departed emerge first as butterflies in Paradise. May their future lives be of One.


Citizen Elle said...

You sure are sharpening the saw with your words here today & every post lately. Enthralling & I always love to see Max (had missed that one - thx).

Anon 8:34 (peace poet) - another gem from you, too - truly

floating in the deep (the new trend) - better than sinking

Anonymous said...

Les, I don't have a problem with rich folks, I have a problem with EXCESSES made in such a time of immense poverty. Mrs. Kardashian-Humphries (per her wedding)shows a lack of concern. But then again, it's *her* wedding, she has earned her money, and she can do what she wants with it.
In addition Les, she IS a child of God, just like all of us happen to be. When you make her into something "Satanic" or tie her into that crowd, it seems to me to be pushing the point. She is not Satanic, she's just an unthinking person with flaws, just like the rest of us.
Listen folks, when we can stop jumping on the bandwagon, and stop pointing the fingers, and stop with the labels, then yes, even we may find some peace.
Leave the "Satanic" for those who are TRULY evil Les. Mrs. Kardashian-Humphries, is NOT "truly" evil. Sheesh. P.Niedrich, Chicago,IL

Visible said...

Sorry Niedrich, I absolutely, positively do not agree with you. You want to embrace that as a legitimate and useful lifestyle feel free. I've got nothing again people being rich either. I've got plenty against people leading others into perdition which is the imprimatur of the times. I'm tired of hearing how people are just misguided and all that attends it. I stand by what I said.

Anonymous said...

Will the wannabe female poster please STOP with the gawd awful 'SHEESH'.

It makes me want to - never ming just stop it - it's lame.

Anonymous said...

storm wind and rose thistle
dandelion blue
four golden streams
where the birds flew
moving in circles
on pastures of dreams
star makers flowers
where rainbow beam
seams of the rivers
electrified touch
all loving harmony
feathers light brush
trusting and unity
heart of all care
lifting the vibrances
glow in the air


Susan said...

Hi Les, all

before I was directed to your site by my finally found biological father I definitely was one of the blind followers of the MSM and written word.
Talking to what I recognize as my family (the ones that adopted and raised me) in my weekly Sunday phone call, I find it harder every time to relate to what makes them tick. They evolved into the higher echelons of the material world, quite comfortably sitting "up there" with the wealthiest of the region they live in. Materialism pure. And I know that this is not what we are supposed to strive for, but by God is it hard NOT to feel inadequate when not being able to tell stories about the latest hunting trip or vacation at some plush spot in the mountains. Why is it that I have to be jealous of that? Why is that against my better judgment the "little green monster" always rears its ugly head and beckons?
Anyhow, all I really wanted to say is "Thanks" for helping us see the things that are important and reminding us to step faithfully forward. Sometimes I wish it would progress much faster, but I guess patience is another lesson that needs to be learned.

Peace to all

Anonymous said...

Today you sounded like ghost wolf, a dear departed friend, this is in honor of his memory:

The medicine mamn,
―The never- ending red road unfurls at my feet,
The boundless sky beats its wings above my head; the steps of the sacred white buffalo calf woman begin at my doorstep; my pipe of peace and truth feeds an eternal flame.‖
The eagle:
―I will pluck the ever-watchful eye from the sky to feed my little baby in its nest of down. I will pluck the quills from the wings of infinity to weave into the walls of my nest with twigs and little strips of frayed rags filched from the hides of the rotting carcasses of buffalo. Once, this mighty wilderness was crisscrossed by a thousand pathways; prancing wolves, elk, and buffalo beyond number traveled upon them, seeking mysterious and glorious pastures. Now they are the playgrounds of scavengers and bone-hoarding vultures.‖
The medicine man:
―I have looked Chief Yunke-lo in the face and read the great truth in his amused expression; I have seen the sons of man wielding the perennial scythe that harvests the souls from all mortal forms. In the interval between two breaths, I stole a glimpse to the entrance of heaven and, making my obeisance, prostrated myself before the Great Spirit of Wakan Tanka.‖
The eagle:
―Here I am in my bright and flashing plumage; observe the exquisite arch of my wing and my white-crested head! What need do I have for the divine realm full of resplendent mystery? The sun is warm upon my back, the water is wet beneath my sure talons, and the rainbow trout wriggles delightfully in my golden beak! Besides, there is a monster—a great serpent blocking the way, impeding all who would look upon heaven.‖
The medicine man:
―My life‘s blood runs through all of creation; all things blowing in the wind is my father, and the womb of potential is my mother. The stars that shine in heaven are my ancestors; everything is a thought-projection of the Great Spirit—even Uktena, the Keen-Eyed One, who is the keeper at the gate.‖
The eagle:
―Here is the rain to smooth the earth and heal the framework of the world. In their bright, speckled eggs, my little chicklings dream of what is yet to be. I will call to the young doe; surely she will quell the desire of the serpent monster, and then together, we will glimpse the happy hunting ground.‖
The medicine man:
―Days and nights fly over me; one day there will be no more tomorrows, and the shell of the fragile grandmother world shall crack. My children will be proud and strong-winged warriors in the light of the final sun; they will traverse the great red road of the sacred white buffalo calf woman; only then will I put off feathers and flesh to dance a final sun dance before the Great Spirit …‖

Michael said...

Kris Humphries. Meh. Traded with his drinking buddy Robert Whaley from the Utah Jazz to the Toronto Raptors. Humphries has ascended to the top of the pop cultural negative-25-trillion-dollar pyramid. Whaley is currently in the middle of a 2-year stay at the Berrien County jail (in the southwest corner of Michigan) for a probation violation. At least he's close to home right now.

So it goes.

Anonymous said...

Right on, Les. Both barrels! Kablammm!!

Happy Birthday


Fabian Wong said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Les, I do not "embrace" that lifestyle at all. Don't watch TV or listen to popular radio/reports/news. But instead of bashing certain "trendy" personalities, let's just lie this at the feet of where it should lay, in the entertainment industry. Yes, it's run by Zionists as well. Why not look at what Randy and Evie Quaid have to say about starwhacker trends instead of bashing a tool like Kim Kardashian-Humphries. She's a nobody in the grand scheme of things if you really think of things. There are so many layers above her, it's silliness to think she's the be all and end all of what happens in Hollywood. There are deeper and more insidious things that happen there than most folks know. Check out what Randy Quaid says about what he thinks really happened to Michael Jackson when his portfolio with Sony was up for financial review. Those are the real Satanists, not clueless tools like the Kardashian clan. And if you buy into any of it, then one really does not understand the "starmaker machinery" at all. A good film that chronicles this star-maker phenomenon is a "Star is Born".P.Niedrich, Chicago, IL.

Anonymous said...


ChewyBees said...

Libya must be taken down. As must the Central and South American governments. So too will be the nations of Asia minor and major, all of Africa, and anywhere else on the planet called earth. It must be this way. If it is not, then the system can prevail by convincing the minions that more war, more killing, more hate and fear are necessary. These are the things that make government necessary.
The supermodels and stars and whoever else whoring themselves out are there to keep the populace from questioning the former. That's as simple as it gets.
Once all the nations are under the guise of a one world government, a 'new world order', there will no longer be the redundancy necessary to maintain the scam, and the entire system will collapse, freefall, into oblivion.
What many if not most of you wish for can not happen in a system of capitalist/communism, which are so close to being the same thing it is silly. It can not happen while corporatized religions pass the plate and plate the passed. It can not happen when people in labcoats with unlimited funding continually create new ways to kill people by saving them.
The entire system is due for a reset. The longer a man resists that, the longer it exists in its current form, seeking power and gaining power.
The contrary is scary. Plum mad dog mean scary. But it beats the hell out of a slow and painful poisoned death of the mind, body and soul. You either choose the system that has you by the short hairs, or choose you (short hairs intact, hopefully:)

Richie (Dana) said...

Les & all,
I would just like to follow up on this interchange between Les and Niedrich.
This whole piece to me is about identifying negative influence and rejecting it. Being politically correct has no place in it. The world will always put heavy emphasis on accepting the most twisted behavior as normal.

Once behavior of the masses has been subverted, cue democracy.
Guess what? Democracy sucks and is actually the opposite of freedom.
The majority rules and your individuality disappears. One of the reasons we are in this mess is that the majority accepts these ridiculous and evil satanic actions. It is the blind leading the blind.

Not only are your external actions important, but the inner thoughts and feelings are even more important. We must take responsibility for our thoughts and actions. As all of us mess this up all the time, then the best advice would be to seek the Divine to guide you as my buddy Les quite often counsels.
I certainly am not perfect and mean no disrespect to anyone. My intention here was to point out the positive aspects of "doing the right thing" which happens to be important to me.
I am extremely appreciative when Les identifies the evil we are faced with. I finally caught a small glimpse of God by staring evil in the face.
Why do I rarely comment?
Because in writing this I come full circle and know that I am no better and just another whore in the matrix......sigh.

Love to all,


Jo said...


This one really hit it out of the park for me; and I'm not even into baseball :-)

I've been checking all week for a new SM; read Origami and Petri of course. Been round these here parts for a few years now--- commented a time or two...usually banal, vapid..or rather vaporous? fluff. Pointless self pitying crap...because I was usually a few sheets to the wind...if you get my drift. That's when I feel most willing to even attempt to join the conversation...the beautiful, amazing, humbling, redeeming, inspiring, even annoying but always satisfying vibe in this place you have created.

Also, it is when I'm kinda buzzing with my little helpers...what I call the Unholy Trinity of cigarettes, pot and alcohol....Self Medicators and crutches yes sir I do concur. But far better than Prozac or Electric shocks any day!...that I get willing to undertake the daunting task of communicating by...typing.

I don't like's a four finger hunt and peck operation for me....sitting here alone in my corner of the world. Struggling to make my fingers keep up with my thoughts. Wanting to jump into the fray and connect with y'all.

But alas I stay silent and yet get so touched by everyone else who does take the time and make the effort to speak...share. So instead I talk with you all in my mind and spin stories like the gorgeous wolf spider outside my front door.

I visit here ...daily! Why? Because this strange crazy medium of the internet and world wide web brought me here and helped me find a home of sorts....a slice of sanity....a place where maybe not so random people came together and started talking...connecting...finding a sanctuary of kindred folk who get it...or are getting it and realizing we don't get it. I guess that's why its called: " The Great Mystery"

Can I hear a THANK YOU LES VISIBLE?!?!?!

In my SciFi world....we would all see each other and hear each others voices...No more disconnected words on a screen....or anonymity. Wouldn't that be incredible...intimate and scary vulnerable too?

To be continued....

Visible said...

Hi Jo; Thanks for coming by. I appreciate what you had to say. I hope someday we can all meet in a place like Philip Jose Farmer's, Riverworld.


Now let me address what seems unclear here and really shouldn't be. Please look at the title of the piece. Does it not say, 'wannabe'? Yes, it does. Was I actually implying that Kardashian was THE whore of Babylon? Of course not. Don't all of us here know that there are people in the shadows pulling the strings for the whole tawdry show? Of course.

One of the most revolting things to come along in a long time is Twitter. It's for Twits. It's right there in name, style and limitations but if you're a twit you can't see it. Is the person who created it the devil himself? No. Is he channeling that force? Yes.

Do I write my own thoughts? Do I have thoughts? Probably no on both counts. I channel something too. We all do and that accounts for the presence or lack of resonance between minds that host a common awareness. You have to read between the lines with what gets written here. You have to accept a certain amount of color, hyperbole, metaphor, allegory and analogy, among other things. Things aren't what they seem here and they aren't what they seem anywhere else either. That has to be the first assumption by everyone or else they are subject to the seduction of appearances.

I'm not for everyone and don't want to be. I'm a niche operative working a particular field of endeavor for specific states of consciousness intending to arrive at specific states of consciousness, hopefully.

Does it concern me that sometimes I leave flame trails? Yes. Does it concern me that I am engaged in jeremiads? Yes. Does it concern me that I could be entirely metaphysical, which is my real love, and that I instead operate on frequencies that I might prefer to eschew? Yes. But I'm just an employee and I do what I'm told.

I don't sit down with the full intent to write anything. It just comes flying out and I only see it shortly before anyone else does.

Is it useful and coherent to everyone? Of course not. Is it annoying to some? Certainly. Do some people with ADD and short attention spans think the essays are too long? Yes. Do I care? No. Head to Twitter of that's your problem.

If you check out the length of the pieces you will see they are generally within a paragraph in length of each other. That's always been the case and it just happened, like everything else does with me. It just happens. Can be comprehensive within the limitations of a single post? Not likely.

If you get something here, wonderful. If you don't, it's a big internet.

I do this for free and have no paid advertising for a reason. It's to show that one can exist with no visible means of support. I'm living proof. If the cosmos doesn't see fit to maintain me, I will starve and that's the real message am trying to transmit in the hope that people will not feel intimidated to give in to the fear of want that the overlords seek to impress on us. If you get that, I've done my job. If you don't, I'll keep trying.

est said...

i got news of helen's death tonight

i heard about the brain cancer
but i was hoping...

i hadn't seen her for ten years
and she said to me right away :

'no visible means of support'
we both laughed, of course

every single thing is connected
by what we really are

helen was fifty years old
god must have been real lonely

and probably needed cheering up
i swear i hear them laughing now

helen was like that
you know what i mean

Anonymous said...

Well said, Vis.

Keep your belly full - the universe serves you.

Ann Anon x

saimsam said...

Kim who?

I have avoided a number of acquaintances today and will continue to do so. I have always found their views on the killing in Libya somewhat intolerable - but can't stand the thought of their sick faces as they celebrate the media hyped 'defeat of Gaddafi'.

It has come to the point where I find more and more people that I know to be exposing themselves as sick, self serving zombies. Maybe it is the apocalypse or it is my awakening - or they one in the same.

Visible said...

there's a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up now-

Alex Jones, Mike Adams and the 9/11 Litmus Test..

siamsam said...

Twitter is for twits......

Is someone having a laugh at the stock or is everything their to be seen.

TARP fund - in the old days of England when bars were bars people would come round and ask for a tarp for the dukebox. I remember the first time I heard this term - being about 16 - I asked whats a tarp. The answer was ' a tarpaulin, something to cover it'. Cover the cost that is.

(wikipedia: A tarpaulin, or tarp, is a large sheet of strong, flexible, water-resistant or waterproof material.............)

Also in the midlands (UK) the word SNAP is a colloquialism for food. SNAP is the food stamp system in the US.

f8te said...

Now that's what I'm talking about!

Neko Kinoshita said...

I still don't seem to fully "Get it." But if you keep trying, I'll keep reading.

Perhaps someday I will "get it."


Jo said...

Well I don't know what happened to part 2 of my overlong post that was supposed to immediately follow the former--only hours later did I check in and find it missing. Floating out in cyberspace I it is for the second time as the first attempt to resubmit also failed and I kick myself...I forgot to copy/save Aaargh! Had to start all over and there's been revisions ha ha. Did I ever mention my Coyote Totem (grin): anyway, moving on and then I'll shut up:

Les-You are a master wordsmith. A Crafty, Spellbinding, Mind bending gift you have my friend...maestro...minstrel...magician (feel free to alliterate your own adjectives). I sense a simpatico with you and so many others in this oasis. Could name names but that would be silly because I embrace you all with much gratitude. So I simply offer blessings...wishing we could meet up someday. Perhaps on a beach at dusk...torches lit...soft music playing, sweet breezes blowing...scent of the Ocean swirling around and through us~

Boy am I getting off on a tangent here...What I would really like to share exceeds my capacity to do so. Probably just as well. *Grok On*

Before logging in here tonight I got a hankering to hear a song. It's been awhile so I pulled it up on YT. I listened and felt sort of okay in this world for a few grace filled moments...given Fukishima, and everything else. ---just watched "The China Syndrome" earlier tonight and I'm feeling kinda despairing. Radioactive Nightmares are haunting my daydreams.

I apologize to all that I am so computer illiterate that I don't know how to hyperlink. I know it takes a little extra time to copy and paste/open new tab but....I extend an invitation for you to please do so and listen to this same song and take it to heart.

Because that's what it ultimately is imho. A battle for our hearts....and souls. Stay strong fellow warriors. Yes there are satanic forces...psychopaths, sociopaths and other paths. Many of us go down them eventually to some degree or another. I'm not one to point out eye specks considering my own log jam. I just consider myself fortunate that the best of those magical paths have brought us together here...for a sacred witness each other in these crazy times and to simply say.... "I See You" Keep breathing....dancing to the rhythm of Life in all its glory...warts included.

Aho Mitkuye Oyasin~All My Relations

Can't help myself...remember this one?:

And for those of you extra willing to let in some warm fuzzies...this one never fails to bring a big smile--"What Does It Mean?":

PS Notice I didn't say a thing about Kim K Jersey whore or ZATO...just can't go there or I'll teeter beyond my precariously acquired and rare equanimity. Besides Les really said it all and others' replies echo my own. Thanks everybody for holding me up and keeping a Light on in the Darkness.~~xojo

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

We must never forget that 666 Million of the Chosen Ones got gassed to death in the Shoah; by the Evil Goyim... So the articles like this are only an anti-DEMONcratic; anti-Semitic; Racialist way of discrediting God...

Anonymous said...

kindest regards and fanboy disposition.
(my previous offer of humble habitation perchance you are visiting in Aus.
stands, at least whilst I am standing myself here in the next best place to
paradise (for someone who has hardly been anywhere else...).


Unknown said...

Hi. Well, I’m not sure what led me here and to read all of this and I am definitely not as poetic as a writer, nor as clever but still felt compelled to comment none the less..Perhaps in my curiosities for all that was said, I found some reason just now for some things that I have gone thru. A much deeper understanding for it all now. And I just really want to thank you.. It was like piecing some questions together to an unspoken puzzle. God bless and lest forget that God never gives up on us.



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