Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Whores to the Right of Me, Whores to the Left of Me.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘May your noses always be cold and wet’

Well, we’re back in the doldrums of the false Sea of Tranquility, near the Whores Latitudes and the boats are being pulled by whores, who spend their time dreaming about less arduous employment in the alleys near the dumpsters, where they used to ply their trade. Occasionally they are roused from their reverie by a cry of, “Put yer backs into it ye scum, or yer’ll feel the lash!” In former times they got paid extra for the lash bit. They’re already familiar with putting their backs and their fronts into it, behind the emotionless and routine thrusts upward, moving in the opposite direction of the heart’s desire and making a mockery of passion due to the lack of it. Sure, some of them like the work but they’re either new or think they’re in love.

You know these whores. They are the ordinary workers in the foundries of Purgatory, who do the bidding of their betters, who are also whores and also feel the lash but mostly they get that super-heated breath on the backs of their necks, which for some reason turns immediately into a cold chill at the nape. ‘Whores to the right of me, whores to the left of me, into the bordellos of Babylon marched the countless and forgotten’.

The stock market went up and down and up and down like the whores and they have led us to another respite of false industrials without industry, save for the manipulated numbers of Goldman Sachs. Engineered riots went off in the UK and then they faded away for another day. Were they manipulated? It’s never all of one or none of the other. It’s complicated; like my supposedly being a member of the illuminati because I’ve got some kind of identifiable symbols on my blogs. I can’t find them but maybe I’m not supposed to see them. I can’t find my decoder ring either and I’m all out of secret handshakes. I know if I were a real mover and shaker, I’d have something to move and shake but all I’ve got is my ass and some natural rhythm. I’ll tell you this, if I’m deep cover then it’s got to be plenty deep, like a certain other substance that I see too much of these days.

Whores are whores because they are wide open to the wounded armies of the world for the coin of the realm, losing the gold within and making counterfeit with everything else. Dumb whores are the ones with all the answers based on zero research and the capacity to swallow anything they are told, which may be how you become a whore in the first place. You can’t reason with the unreasonable and I don’t try. There are some numbers of people who are out to change the world that generally sidestep the absolute necessity of changing themselves first. They know right and wrong when they see it and their next step is always to enforce it. Social reformers are the greatest mass murders on the planet and it’s either gold or some twisted religious perspective that’s behind it; let’s not forget the drive to self importance while we are at it.

Whores generally need as much cosmetics as a Kabuki dancer and that is because the inner beauty took off with the inner gold and now they are bankrupt in every way that counts and pissed off without knowing why and that accounts for all the poisoned fucks they dispense so that old and out of shape white men can get laid too. It’s a cosmic dynamic that when you’ve squandered everything that would have made you attractive at any age to any age that you have to pay for dissatisfying moments of personal embarrassment, just as you have to pay for everything else and that’s why there’s so much focus on money and position. For some reason, the position isn’t all that important because they keep getting nailed for their indiscretions, mostly because they go around trumpeting that kind of thing as an indiscretion, when it’s nothing more than human weakness in search of something lasting that they didn’t have the time or integrity to perpetuate for long enough for it to appear.

You’ve got whores with calculating machines, where the numbers run in the places where their eyes used to be and you’ve got whores with guns who kill for the Hell Bitch of patriotism or under the directive of an old white guy in the sky, with bilious attitude, who is probably sitting on a hemorrhoid pillow and who lets you know in no uncertain words that sex is a sin but that murder is a blessed calling. I don’t know about this particular version of God. He didn’t look like that when I met him and he didn’t act like that either. I suppose there’s a tailor-made god for all of us, who is designed to meet the requirements of our demands upon he, she or it. You’ve got whores with scepters and whores with swagger sticks and they can often be reformed whores who forgot what they used to be and now they’ve raised self righteousness to an art form. There are all kinds of whores but only one kind of client who slips in and out of the bodies of the ones performing.

It must be early morning now and the whores have gone to bed. Hmmm... that doesn’t sound right. It must be earlier morning now and the whores have retired for the night to sleep in their coffins, until that disinfecting sun has gone over the yardarm; “I said, put your backs into it bitches or you’ll wish you had!” So, maybe they are sleeping and maybe they are not. They’re dreaming in any case and so it’s all quiet for a little while again. Maybe it will just go on and on. I’ve been told that I’m dreaming when I say that our tormentors are going to get theirs soon enough. I’m told they’re too powerful and won’t be moved and that it’s just a fantasy. We’ll see.

I’m surrounded by whores in degrees of perversity. Some of them are fine upstanding whores who toe the legal and corporate line. They raise their kids to be virtuous whores, who only engage in the horizontal hula with approved suitors. They want to keep that whore breeding line intact. I’ve been told there’s no way to avoid participation in the world’s oldest profession but that always comes from people who’ve been compromised and can’t stand the idea that someone might get around it and give it away for free.

I suppose there’s nothing wrong with being a whore if you’re okay with it. The world is full of powerful and famous whores who live high above the sidewalks where the common whores are employed. They travel anywhere and they are seen everywhere, whoring it up, whoring it up to beat the band and then they do the band too. They got all that jingly whore accoutrements on their wrists and fingers. They got expensive whore suits, so you can tell which whore made it and they got whore unguents and whore perfumes that send out the signals for the pheromone patrol. They got whore handbags, made by foreign whores, so that they can carry around the tools of their trade for when they need them and they’ve got the whores bath for when they’re in a hurry and the next client is waiting. Now they’ve even got tan spray artist whores who can make a whore too busy to get to the beach look like they just came back from one.

People would be a lot better off if they studied whore composition and understood the components of the practice. Closer inquiry would reveal what is present and what is missing and that would clarify the question of value given for value received. It mostly comes down to what you have and don’t have that defines what you are. Not having something says something and having something says something too. In some cases you’re going to have to do without all that exciting whore attention and in the other case you’ll be getting all you can handle, depending on your shelf life and your due date. The reason they call the whores that can’t work anymore, “dried up old whores” is because they burn better at that consistency. I can’t believe I said that but I’m going with the flow.

Of course, someone’s going to come along and tell me I have no right to disparage whores and they’re going to let me know that some random act of fortune put them in Tess of the d'urbervilles-land and that it was probably faithless lovers that made them the character in Of Human Bondage. They’ll tell me that we’re all where we are as a result of cruel and incomprehensive fate but my thinking is that we walked to wherever under our own power and that there’s more to the story than the details of any particular life. Of course, this is something I know and won’t bother to explain because you either know this too or you got some other explanation for it that fits in with how you like to have your version of things operate, up to the point where your version of things encounters reality but obviously we’re not there yet (grin).

If I’ve been too hard on the whores today I could say they probably prefer that to you’re not being capable of performing in the acts you are paying them to do. I’ll add that pimps are simply ‘whores in waiting’, as are the customers they are engaging, lest you think I wasn’t in consideration of the whole area of engagement. They switch off every time they go in and out of the wardrobe department, the same way all those committing any offense against another are already in waiting for a taste of the same when the time comes around for it. The high and mighty are only a few short steps from the low and powerless, though that all has to do with how you measure time. Some of us getting that wider angle lens the further back we step out of the field of play. We remain in these areas of contact and activity for as long as we feel we have good reason to and some of us have been at it for a long, long time.

As I said... things are quiet at the moment and those behind conditions and events and... that which is really behind everything, no matter what the players and performers think, have got their reasons for this. One isn’t aware of the other and the other is aware of everything. I’ll leave it to you to sort out the meaning of this, as it suits what you want to believe. Quiet is a temporary affair and so is most everything else because the only dependable constant is change. Change is upon us and will appear in its own sweet time, once it’s given all the whores, pimps and customers time to conduct their business and take their curtain calls as well, unless that moment turns out to be the curtain call.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

Whore today, gone tomorrow.
Enjoy your rides.

Anonymous said...

Some days I think I know what's going on in the world. Today I do not.


Noor al Haqiqa said...

As always, commendable writing Les.

I think we are all whores at some time in our lives, even the freest of us all. Nothing wrong with it at all just so long as you know what you are doing, just keep your wits about you. However, having lived a 95% non whore life, I can tell you, it can be lonely and tough out there.

Ethics, it all boils down to ethics.....

One person's whore could be another person's realist...

Anonymous said...


When I was a little more rowdy back in the day and someone of self grandeur approached with a comment, question or quip I would whip out my tongue and slash through the air with a mighty, "Be gone licentious whore." It would leave my wife with her mouth agape as I grabbed her hand and strode off. Good times..., great times.

Brother, these 24 hour days on the movie set can be daunting. Constantly looking at the snail tracks left from these folks has left the garden all gooey and smelly. My dad would tell us on road trips as we passed refineries or feed yards, "Breath deep boys. That's the smell of money!" Do to the oil squeezers and cow fuckers, Texas smells like one big, blistering fart... all the time. The Tejas state reptile the LEGISLATORS known as the horny toad {c; will now be replaced by a horned turd with no legs. We won't name it because if you called it by name it wouldn't come anyways!

Cheers to the whores, “May your jewelry boxes be filled with the STD's of your lifetime!”

Peace out,


These are same virgins in waiting for the Apocalyptic Jihad and it's soul combatants.

DaveS said...

A whore by any other name is usually called a politician...

Great rant today, and like you normally do, you've hit the nail on the head. It's funny how many whores argue that they aren't whorin' when they have prices tattooed on their foreheads and receipts from past johns littering their bedrooms.

I'm guessing that I'm even a bit of a whore myself... I've certainly been in the past. Honestly, whorin' was never that fun for me, my damn conscience would be continually prodding me to look at who I was really working for.

A big problem is that many whores think they are something far different, and even if their whorin' were pointed out, they refuse to see. I was certainly such a case myself when I whored for 'news'papers.

My first year working full time as a photographer I was doing the 'man on the street' question with a reporter in front of a local supermarket, and some old guy stopped to call us "Communist Nazis" (and other choice statements), which brought huge laughs back at the newsroom when we told our colleagues about it.

Little did I know that the old dude was probably god playing a lil' joke on us. I get it now... I wonder if the other guy I was working with that day does?

Dog Poet, keep barking...


Neko Kinoshita said...

You don't always get what you pay for, but you always pay for what you get.

I guess you can take that wherever you like...

Just a code whore, squeezing out some more juice for the machine.


Jed Bozza said...

Les Viserables,

The mere fact that you have acquired the skillset needed to fire off such superbly-aimed rounds of armor-piercing commentary without ever really judging argues that you are nothing but what you claim to be. Swimming in the illuminati sewer means you will start to stink like a moldy turd. But you pass the smell test, even when the inspector is using his super-charged intake manifold to scoop up the air specimen.

As far as illuminati symbols on your site goes… “Tezcatlipoca”, depicted in the margin on your page, bears a striking similarity to “Quetzalcoatl”. So what.

There’s an aura, or at least a misty cloud, which cometh from not being fatally attached to any material good at all, including mortal life. This misty air cannot be forged, and none of the whores can buy it. You have this air, in a way I’ve not seen exhibited quite so multi-dimensionally before. If you are an illuminati whore, then I might be one too, without even realizing it. But if they’re that good, then we’re all doomed. Of course they’re not that good… they’re only whores.

Onward, until Morning.

Anonymous said...

Hey Les & All,

Would you also classify the Alphabet Boys as garden tools?



Apparently the secretive U.S. intelligence agency also played a key role in creating and using the American government’s gun-running program to arm certain criminal organizations. The scheme, which has already been implicated in countless deaths including the murders of several U.S. and Mexican law enforcement officers, saw thousands of high-powered American guns delivered to multiple cartels.

“The CIA’s motive is clear enough: The U.S. government is afraid the Los Zetas drug cartel will mount a successful coup d’etat against the government of [Mexican President] Felipe Calderón,” wrote Robert Farago and Ralph Dixon in the Times’ report, entitled “Was CIA behind Operation Fast and Furious?”

According to the article, which also cites former CIA officials and even ex-Drug Enforcement Administration boss Phil Jordan, Los Zetas has already prepared to disrupt and possibly even subvert Mexico’s 2012 national election. Ironically, many leaders of the criminal empire supposedly threatening the existence of the Mexican government were actually trained in the U.S. at the infamous military training center know as School of the Americas.



This is a complete mess!!

Thanks and God Bless,

Red Pill

Anonymous said...

More and more loquacious

Just who do you think you are, a member of the Tribe, talking with God? (tongue firmly planted in cheek, left or right.) Don't you know that you need some kind of intermediary to talk to your Father/Mother?

Just Sunday night I had to walk out of a family reunion for having dared to invite the gathering, male and female, to examine the nature of whoring. Of course I was the crazy one, but then it is an invitation that has been refused for years on various continents not just on the banks of fiver Drava.

Whoever sells their creative energy for money or power or fame is whoring around, whether it be for an hourly or monthly wage. When that transaction has no set maximums or limits it is whoring around.

On the other hand , or whatever (grin), if there is a set limit to so much creative pleasure for such and such then it is prostitution, and when it is pleasure for pleasure, creatively, the it is old fashioned promiscuity.
Of course we do have available the interchange of creativity,with or without pelvic involvement, for purposes of incrementing the substance of Love, but that seems to be reserved for nobility, that is princess-prince, King-Queen type of making Love.

It is the Shiva/Shakti time to dance (tango anyone ?) with Kali.

May the Garden of your Heart always be in Bloom
Woof woof from the Dog Nation
P.S. Happy Birthday ever more Les Visible!!!!!

kikz said...

"They’ll tell me that we’re all where we are as a result of cruel and incomprehensive fate but my thinking is that we walked to wherever under our own power and that there’s more to the story than the details of any particular life."

here's one that came across my radar this morn...

VA, school district bans Sherlock Holmes, A Study in Scarlet...

i reposted it elsewhere...my comment, which i think germane to your snip above..

if ya can't handle the karma, don't 'do' the dogma.

nice one, les..... :)

Erik said...

Well Vis,

If you'll ever consider 'retiring', it looks like your successors are already waiting in the wings (grin)

Wow ...dynamite post and comments ;)

Anonymous said...

Maybe this world (Hell) always remains as it is and it is we who get reformed... sort of a get out of jail thing like the Buddhists say about getting off the nasty wheel that turns and turns, yet always remains the same.

There must be a law written somewhere, at least well understood by the wise men, I think, that you can't improve Hell... not even nature can do that... it's the impossible miracle that has no need of it in the first place. It's sort of like fixing illusion... it can't be done... it is what it is (or isn't)... illusion is illusion, therefore what it is: not real.

In letter grades at skool, there's no such thing as an F-plus or F-minus... just F. In the case of F+, one wouldn't know if it's means that one is real good at flunking or bad at it.

F the world, I declare. And the whores it rode in on too. Otherwise let the world be as they are. Let me go elsewhere.

I once thought that is the lonely path, but maybe not. Thanks for getting me to ask more questions.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


If by some twist of whoredom you are some sort of illumi-nautghty, your cover is mighty deep. Beyond deep. In fact, you've split from the whole program. The grocery clerks would have sent some errand boy upriver by now, with extreme prejudice.


Dr. Alpha Silex said...

Ward, don't you think you're being a little hard on the whore's beaver? I think I need to take a little vacation in Whore-a Bora. Horus abhor us.

Anonymous said...

Today's topic got me to thinking a bit about the subject and its associative objectization of desire and aspire. Seems to me that the most egregious examples of whoredom in today's reality are the prostiticians and the presstitutes (the latter also known as media-whores). As a recovering journalist who got fired in my last strait job in '73 for not toeing the line; there are a few insights gathered along the way.

It all boils down to a matter of how one addresses the concept of truth. To me the girls with the high-riding skirts and the low hanging purses trolling the special spots along the streets and alleys of the world are on a much higher plane than those who do the bidding of the corporate press and its bankster masters. Same is true with the Ron Pauls; Dennis Kucinichs; Cynthia McKinneys; Ralph Naders; and Jesse Venturas of this land compared with those "representatives" of their campaign donors who are already fully greased , lubed and prepositioned awaiting the clarion call of their Masters' voices.

Speaking of trolling ho's, how bout that 80+ gaggle of prostiticians from InCongrous who announced their hegira to the fountainhead of Zionist application in stolen lands of the direct descendants of the ancient Hebrews known as Occupied Palestine? That particular sandpile is currently acclaimed by some and denounced by others as hosting the highest percentage of brothels on the planet, at least per-capita. No, the servicing girls and boys are not certified as Kosher, nor are they usually members of the Chosen. Funny thing, how many White Slaving cases seem to go cold when they approach the 'sacred' borders of the unHoly Land.

I wonder how many of these prostiticians who supposedly 'represent' Murikkkan voters are making their little pilgrimage as one outcome of certain photographs, voice recordings and videos of their good times with girls and boys younger than the statutory age of consent which they support in their public pretensions.

Simple venality and elementary whoring around don't bother me very much ~~ at least in contrast to Worldclass levels of total hypocrisy. This recent pilgrimage to their promised land of easy 'loving' elevates whoredom to a whole nother level.

A.Mouser said...

And I don't know what should do
Whores to the left of me
Whores to the right
Stuck in the middle with you
Here I am
And I don't know what I should do

The names alone of your posts make me want to sing aloud Visible!


Respects, Mouser

Anonymous said...

Hey Les & All,

More on Whoredom!

Looks like Turkey was caught with their skirt up as well..


Turkey's 9/11

As reported by the BBC, the heads of Turkey’s armed forces, navy and air force have all resigned in response to a military plot. The plan, according to the BBC “… reportedly involved plans to bomb mosques and provoke tensions with Greece, in order to spark political chaos and justify a military takeover.”



Whoredom all over the world...

Thanks and God Bless,

Red Pill

Anonymous said...

Les Viserables


Outstanding all!

Great Group

Thank You Les


Anonymous said...

Les and all, you have to read this one!


Peter of Lone Tree said...

We chopped down The World Tree -- and it fell on us.

Sami Shit Golem said...

The best thing about not having shit and being lucky to get a job at the sack n' save is the vampire squids don't get a dime out of me to kill innocent people in the middle east with.

Anonymous said...

I really like your title for this one. Long ago – early 2000s – I used to post that if there is a revolution the man in front of you and the man to your side, and the man behind you may well be an agent for the enemy (and in most cases THEY WON’T EVEN REALIZE IT THEMSELVES). That’s the way the world masters operate. All they need is a few operatives (drovers) and they can herd the human race to any rail junction. The words of Rawhide fairly well encapsulates how its done: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6BXvWwAa48&feature=related

A.Mouser said...



Well, I don't know why I came here tonight
I got a feelin' that something ain't right
I'm so scared in case I fall off my chair
And I'm wonderin' how I'll get down the stairs
Clowns to left of me, jokers to the right
Here am I stuck in the middle with you

Yes, I'm stuck in the middle with you
And I'm wonderin' what it is I should do
It's so hard to keep this smile from my face
Losin' control, I'm all over the place
Clowns [Dems] to left of me, jokers [Reps] to the right
Here am I stuck in the middle with you

Well, you started off with nothing
And you've found that you're a self-made man
And your friends they all come calling
Slap you on the back and say
Please, please

Well, I'm stuck in the middle with you
And I'm wonderin' what it is I should do
Is it cool to go to sleep on the floor?
I don't think that I can take it anymore
Clowns [whores] to left of me, jokers [whores] to the right
Here am I stuck in the middle with you

Well, you started off with nothing
And you've found that you're a self-made man
And your friends they all come calling
Slap you on the back and say
Please, please

Well, I don't know why I came here tonight
I got a feelin' that something ain't right [9/11]
I'm so scared in case I fall off my chair
And I'm wonderin' how I'll get down the stairs
Clowns to left of me, jokers to the right
Here am I stuck in the middle with you
Here I am stuck in the middle with you
Yes, I'm stuck in the middle with you
Stuck in the middle with you.

Anonymous said...

No. There are no victims. That's a good place to start.

And yes, some of us have been around for a (seemingly) long, long, time.

Thanks for hangin'.

Mo visible said...

From A tool and die maker, who tries to continue to work for a living, I must tell with the hope that the word will be understood as it is meant, Profound.
Mo visible

Rabbit said...

Dear Noor al Haqiqa, you are my friend and I respect you always, however I must take exception to the suggestion we are all whores sometime.

By Allah I have never been a whore for anyone, and my life has been a testimony to this fact. It has been a hard road and certainly the one less traveled but I have steadfastly remained independent, resisting and refusing to take part in any act of obeisance to the beast or its hordes.

Bob Dylan (Robert Zimmerman) also tried to make this point when he sang "You're gonna have to serve somebody" but he is just another lying member of "The Tribe" and not to be believed about anything in our own lives.

I am no whore, I have never been a whore and Inshallah I never will be a whore for anyone or anything.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les, Everyone...

another enjoyed reading including the comments...what a comfort it is to find like minds amist the Failing Land of Whoredome (they should include this as a ride in satan's playground) ...satan's work is a complete and utter failure...

when all is said...done and revealed even these whores to the beast will not want to live in this toxic created hell hole...for the stench will be to much to bear as they waller in their own filth and perversion...it will take more than what is in their long slung hand bags to make it right...

those prepared Lightworkers have long awaited such a time when the whores and pimps are out of a job and that time is near...

awakening at first can be very painful to look deep into ones truth within...but the freedom and the flow of the Father energy that is gained from breaking the illusion is better than any satan made trinket could ever offer...

there is a huge price to pay being a whore to the system...as many will soon find out...

Best Wishes Always

Anonymous said...

Les is becoming More Visible,
Looking... its hard to See,
Reflections are all around.

DaveS said...

If only we were all as perfect as rabbit...

kikz said...

mouser? wasn't that steve miller band? blinkblink?

Visible said...

new Petri Dish is up now-

When the Musics over it Turns into Shit.

I believe that song was written by Gerry Rafferty, however, I wasn't referring to the song, I was referring to the poem, The Charge of the Light Brigade

Anonymous said...

My mistake.

It was Steelers Wheel not Steely Dan.


Anonymous said...

That was "stealers wheel" Dumbass.

Visible said...

Just on the far off chance you're talking to me, Gerry Rafferty was in Stealer's Wheel and the obvious conclusion concerning the song can be drawn.

PSO said...

Hi Les,
I guess that this is what I got from your work this time:

The difference between whore and redeemed whore is that you finally get a call from your pimp saying "Got a new client. Go meet YOURSELF at 42nd and 9"

Replace YOURSELF with any other name and you have the story of mankind, whoring after false gods
I hope I got it right.
Can you drop me a line- if I don't?
username ps_oneal at yahoo dot come.
Thanks for your work.

really makes me think, a lot.


Anonymous said...

Hey Les & All,

Whoa!! This link is HOT...


USA and Israel at WAR



Thanks and God Bless,

Red Pill

neal said...

Breathing, pumping, swallowing... hold the last one for as long as you like, you will relax, spread out, and let that go, for the last time.

It's OK to admit it, if you are not afraid to see that all this resistance is subject to the same laws as giving in to temptation- another trip through the strip.

Draw lines while you can, sometimes you will be amazed what is required to keep your brothers and sisters alive.

Anonymous said...

A Hoary Ol’ Chestnut

Sycophants and suckopants;
Who’re ye kiddin? Oy!
‘Tis a hoary ol’ chestnut!

pax verbum
BIG on FAITH...small on religion

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

The Monkey Mind and the Dog of Desire.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Les:

Times are certainly good for the ones using their services.




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