Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Dumb, the Stupid, the Clueless and the Uninformed.

I’ve been away for awhile... maybe a month or more... maybe I’ve always been away and just drop in on occasion with a new personality for the next period of engagement. It’s hard to know what’s what. Look at the problem people have with reality. They must have a problem with it because they will accept anything but and they generally prefer to be told what is happening rather than look into the situation themselves. By the title of this piece and by your own observations, I guess you know I’m talking about significantly more than half of the population.

I’ve long been of the opinion that all of the great and transformative acts for good that are practiced on this Earth are accomplished by ten percent of the people. I’ve also felt that the majority of evil is accomplished by another ten percent. The people in the middle are the hamburger meat in the fast food restaurant of the times in which we live. Among this group are thirty six personality types and you meet them all as you go and long before you actually leave. There are a handful of unique characters who exemplify their time and there is a much larger group that plays a tape loop over and over again until it wears out. You could no more talk to these people about what is really going on than you could convince them that they have anything to do with it.

These people can go to college and read Kant and Kafka but only for the purposes of conversation... not for any meaningful insight. These writers and the composers and artists are nothing more than suits that these people dress themselves in, in an effort to be admired or get laid by people whose company they richly deserve. They can attend the opera and the ballet (and they deserve that too). They can ponder modern art and then use that, as they use all art and the like as instruments in the service of their vanity... namedropping... repeating the words in scholarly reviews... preening and posturing as if their invented knowledge and limited understanding of something granted them the same cachet as the creator. In respect of most of what is called art, someone still capable of embarrassment wouldn’t even want it. But you can’t embarrass these people. The best you can hope for is to make them angry or feel discriminated against.

However, if you are evil; which is the prevailing fashion accessory of the time, well then... these people are going to hang on your every word and sometimes hang because of them. The more I live the more I begin to think that people get what they deserve and they’ll kill you if you try to protect them from it.

How stupid or clueless do you have to be to still believe what you hear on TV or is reported in the press in any of the mediums it employs? By now with so many lies and so much corruption exposed and increasing by the day how is it possible to still believe the people who lied to you the day before and the day before that? I find it to be a most uncanny magic act. It’s not even very good magic.

My theory is that they send people out into the world to study the types of stupidity and cluelessness that are practiced by the personality types and then they get prototypes to perform it for them so that they can agree with themselves by proxy on whatever BS they’ve assumed to be the truth. It stands to reason that if you can’t accept the truth about yourself, or are far too uninformed to even imagine that such a thing exists, then you can’t accept the truth in any form ever. You can’t and won’t see that 9/11 was an Inside Job. You’re too vain and self-involved to risk censure from those as stupid as yourself. You laugh about it even though you are the target.

You wave little signs that say, “Service” and “Country First” when the only service you are employed in is self service and the only country you possess is the land of ignorance in which your illusions flourish like kudzu along the highway to nowhere that you are traveling on.

You believe that Russia attacked Georgia and not that the Israelis who control Georgia attacked South Ossetia which provoked a Russian response. You believe that Bin Laden is alive and masterminding world terror from a cave in Pakistan when world terror is being formulated in London, Tel Aviv and Washington D.C. You think it’s disgraceful that Sarah Palin has to endure scrutiny about hiding something from people who didn’t bother to look. You wouldn’t know that she was chosen precisely because of her liability by the people who control both sides because it suits their onward agenda for which the fix is already in.

If you’re in the jungle and everything you know about the jungle is a lie then your chances of survival are not very good. They’re even worse when you refuse to accept that your own experiences show you that what you thought to be true was a lie and you just refuse to alter your perceptions even when they are proven to be patently absurd. You’re a marvel really. I can’t imagine what it is to be like you. For me it would be like sitting at the kitchen table and stabbing myself over and over in the back of the hand with a fork while insisting it wasn’t happening.

It doesn’t occur to you that some impending hurricane wasn’t what it was sold as, or that they knew that all along. It doesn’t occur to you to look around and see what else is happening and which this is a distraction from. You don’t make the leap between the callous indifference to Katrina and the self- serving cries from the people who caused the one and are appealing for help and donations for the other. You don’t think to yourself that if they have done so little since Katrina that they are not likely to do much more about anything else unless they... benefit from it.

You just go along to get along until your number comes up and you get to scream, “Why me?” It doesn’t bother you... the millions of dead and destroyed lives. Even when the press which works for the people who did it admits that it was all a lie which caused it you still don’t get it. You can’t fix something if you don’t know why it is broken. You can’t repair something by replacing the wrong part.

That you have not dragged George W. Bush and Dick Cheney out of the White House and hung them in Lafayette Park years ago tells me that you’d rather have dinner with Sacher-Masoch than De Rouchefoucauld even if they or you could speak the necessary English. Of course with Sacher-Masoch you don’t really have to speak... just scream. Pain like music is a universal language and seems to be something you enjoy.

You’d better get your act together before it’s too late. Bad shit has a way of happening to stupid people with more frequency depending on just how bone dead stupid they are. You’d better stop waving bumper stickers and believing everything you are told and worse... acting on it as if it were true. It isn’t possible that the ones lying to, feeding on and controlling you have your best interests at heart. They want you worse than dead and they are working on it right now.

Of course... you are probably not reading this. Someone with lacquered hair and a mouthful of lies is probably talking to you and you’re dreaming of shopping and sex regardless of how unattractive you are. You’ll wake up when the sirens fill the air and the building is on fire. That’s usually how it goes. You’ll wonder why you didn’t wake up and how it got to be too late without anyone telling you. That’s how it always goes. But people were telling you... life was telling you... circumstances were telling you... your conscience was telling you but you... you weren’t listening. You weren’t listening because you were dumb, stupid, clueless and uniformed.

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Color Ball by Les Visible

For those who want some partial explanation for why I haven’t been contributing anything for awhile you can read about it here.


Anonymous said...

Glad you`re back, man.

Missed your voice.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les,
I'm happy you're still in the bus station...
:-) Ragnar

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful! You echo my sentiments exactly...

Thanks for your contributions to the Red Pill individual...

Anonymous said...

Us Amerikans aint tupid and i ar going to prov that to you, Commie.

Most of us edukated Amerikans can name the last three winers of the Super Bowl.

Dam ner all of us can tell you pinkos whos leading the NASCAR points championshipp.

We keep up on the latest nes on Britney and Paris and Brad and his wife wid the funny name.

To keep ur mines honed to a razr like edge, we watch "Entertainment Tonight" and "Jeoparde"

Our evangelical church gives us the latest skinny on those damned Muzzies a how ther alwazy trying to hurt our good friend, Izrael.

We're prod of ur edukation system that produces such mines.

So there, Mr. Smartepantz, how's duh stoopid one now, huh?

p.S. If yu know whad's good for yu, yu'll stay away from making any wizeass remarts about that man of honor, John McCain and his VP pic. After all, she's un of us.

faithful forever said...


Let me be the first to welcome you back with a glad heart even before I have read your new post of which there is a lot of going around: dumb, stupid, clueless and uninformed.

Thanks for making it a better day.

Soozie Q

notamobster said...

How absolutely wonderful! A beautiful and scathing rebuke of the wanton ignorance so rampant in the world. Bravo...welcome back, sir. Hope you enjoyed your trip.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen 9/11 Missing Links yet? Really good stuff, I imagine you'll agree. Thanks for coming back to us. You were missed.

Anonymous said...

So very glad to have you back!

jbpeebles said...

Questions for Les Visible

Thanks for gracing our dumbed down American audience after your sojourn in Old Europe. OK, I admit I dream of shopping with overstretched credit and sex with unrealistic expectations--these are the opiates for the masses here. How else are we supposed to function, diminished as we are? At least we still have real coffee.

So what do you think of Palin's daughter's pregnancy--the second one? Or what if Trig is really Susan's and if so, what about the abstinence-only programs that have been so successful in increasing breed rates? Isn't unplanned teenage pregnancy something we can all be "proud" of?
And what of a condom-despising good and noble wife who believes every little sperm needs to be given a chance to do its God-given task? She knew her baby had Down's, CHOSE to deliver, yet believes others should be denied that choice, even though they lack her health care and resources to take care of an afflicted child (a "blessing" as she calls him.)

How are they taking the Cheney-Ziocon efforts to rekindle the Cold War over there? Is it true they are counting the days til Shrubya leaves? Merkel liked the shoulder rub I think, she wants Georgia into NATO which I'm sure won't piss off the Russians, who really have nukes.
Now I didn't see any Amsterdam on your itinerary. How can you miss all the fun?
Well, I want to thank you on behalf of all those lemmings who just want things to go on as they always have, in the endless fights of the terror and drug war, which are going so well. Ummmm, I'm not hearing you.
Love your music. Keep it up.
"I'm not a lizard with an uncle named Bob, but I know that 9/11 was an inside job"

petkov said...

So whats the difference (if any) between Palin and Reagan? Both are gas bags in expensive suits. Yet Reagan was chosen overwhelmingly by the blue color workers TWICE. What that was 28 years ago. Nothing has changed. Americans are as stupid as ever. What is the difference between 9/11 and the murders of the Kennedy brothers? Was the truth ever discovered who blew JFK's brains out? and that happened how long ago? Oh 46 years ago, right. AMereicans are as stupid and sheeple as ever. It's NICE you talk about dragging Shrub Jr and the Dick out; what fantasies. WHy arent YOU there doing
the dragging
instead of killing more lectrons with worthless blogs?
Yeah, I KNOW my comment wont get published. Oh well, such is life.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are back, Smoking Mirrors. I've been reading you - and thinking about what you convey - for some time now. You write what I cannot: not as passionately succinct, nor as cleverly as you do; and you speak for me (not entirely nor exclusively, you'll be relieved to know) as a kindred spirit. I don't often meet others like yourself-through-your-writing so when you 'took your leave' I understood, yet I hoped you'd
rejoin the fray... Welcome home, you're still valuable here.
my name is Jennette

Anonymous said...

I love your writing. Too bad there are so many terrible things that need to be brought to light, but you do it in such an interesting and intense manner. Thank you.

Every time I see your headline on WRH, I instantly know you are the author. The titles of your posts are funny and fitting.

Keep up the good work.

RML said...

Hey, Viz, welcome back!

Re your latest (i.e., loving and worshipping ignorance):
-Here is the FBI’s terrorist most wanted page

You then click on Usama Bin Laden, and you get

When you read the page (in the FBI’s own language), you see that he is wanted for:
“Usama Bin Laden is wanted in connection with the August 7, 1998, bombings of the United States Embassies in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and Nairobi, Kenya. These attacks killed over 200 people. In addition, Bin Laden is a suspect in other terrorist attacks throughout the world.”

Do you read anywhere that he is in anyway connected with 9-11? NO!
The FBI is smart enough not to go along with the urban legend that Bin Laden masterminded 9-11, or that he was directly connected with that operation. If there was the slightest evidence to make him the person-of-interest in the 9-11 case, you know they would publish it.

This then begs the point: why in the hell did the US of A invade Afghanistan, let alone Iraq, to go after Bin Laden? If the US national police did not link him with 9-11, what legal (forget moral) rationale did the US of A have to invade two sovereign nations (under the guise of going after THE perpetrator of 9-11)?!!

Rhetorical? Naturellement.

We are in this nowhere land of published untruth because the Fourth Estate sold out to the corporatists decades ago. So there is NO oversight, no exposures with any teeth. We are left with relying on our own discernment – which in the very long run will be a good thing.

Take care, boss.

Anonymous said...

Good to have you back Les,
Iam glad you brought out into the open why the PTB despise us useless eaters so much but can you really blame them when you look around you what do you see-useless eaters.
They look but cannot see they hear but cannot understand.
Greater love hath no man that he gave his life for another.
Those with ears let them hear those with toungues like you Les let them speak and so on and so forth.

Anonymous said...

Awesome!! I love it!!!!

Ok, that's weird. I see Kelly posted too. What's weird is that I know her! She's the best photographer in the world and I have a link on my site to her's. Well, how cool is that! Hi Kelly!

Franz said...

Les is back!

All else is trivia!

And hey, I read your OTHER post too. Not to worry about needing chemical assistance for work. Never apologize. Never even explain.

I made steel for 30 years with plenty of chemical reinforcements and so did EVERYONE that worked with me. Before that, my old man got through years (incl. WWII) eating little more than dexies to get going and phenobarb to shut down. It's the way of the (unnatural) world that we are so configured.

ALWAYS they drop us on our heads: The Drug War is how they whipsaw us into submission, the little freaks.

After retirement, ONE death and all my sources were gone. My old man had much the same trouble when his last ship went to sea sans he. He never was the same without his props.

Shokogoroff suggested in the 1930s that FAR MORE of us are shaman than we assume. One aspect of the shaman is spending LOTS of time with your nervous system on the outside, dictating terms to the rest of you. Siberian dudes discovered a mix of vodka, tobacco and (something not legal anywhere) did the trick.

Whatever the case, the shaman becomes useful again when he is able to slap his nervous system BACK into gear and get rolling.

Welcome back to Rolling Shaman Mode.

And yeah: Kids show signs of shamanhood very young. That's when our Thought Police drug 'em up for their own good. You know the rest.

Anonymous said...

How the fuck do you do it? That was a blistering, bellringing tour de force. Did you see where someone else got ripped off just like you by the same individual over at the Petri Dish? You do good even when you don't know what you're doing. As you know, I'm sober now for more than a year but I had the best contacts around. I will go look for you. You should really have this if you need it. I got really out of wack and you've seemed to manage it so my problem isn't your problem. I'll make some calls but no guarantees because it has been awhile. Like you said someone knows someone somewhere.

I sent you a Tibetan Tonka that I picked up in Kashmir. Did you get it yet? I sent it two weeks ago.


Anonymous said...

consider the evidence. one has the power of a penetrating voice. one brings together sterling minds from worldwide locations. one is missed. one is tormented. One sings the sympathetic strings as if he were the sitar. these are the marks of a Bodhisattva whether you know it or not and therefore whatever you are going through is worth the cost. trust me on this.

i could have left this at the other link but I wanted it seen here. you're under observation from a lot of places. it's only natural that some of it is fighting for it's life/


Anonymous said...

Nice to hear from you. Everyone could be of service in the tests of the coming days.

You have my 411.

I am a tank.

Hit me up Anytime you need some help.

Street folks ALWAYS have a angle most do not. ;)

Freddamedgjedda said...

Welcome back!!!
They sent "Loose Change" on a nationwide TV-channel in my country, Norway! It was like christmas for me!! Or like christ(whatta)mess used to feel like as a kid..

I hope this help more people in Norway to see the important things! But they are hypnotised so they might not see..

Also someone has written "Google chemitrails", "look up, chemitrails" and "chemitrailJens is a rockefeller puppet"(Jens is our prime minister) on some of the highways in Oslo,Capitol of Norway. I think it is the same guy whose written all three, the letters and color is similar. I wish him/them luck!!

Things are looking bright nowadays!! And btw have you seen the "Project Camelot" interview with Gordon Novel? Thoughts on this? Keep writing to show people what we are fighting!

josh keiler said...

Hi Les -

I just finished reading Political Ponerology and I understand some of your allusions a bit clearer now.

The question is, where does an aware, smart person go to avoid becoming collateral damage.


Anonymous said...

I, like all your readers, are glad you`re back and posting again Les. Please try to not leave us for such an extended period again.

If all 300 million Americans read your latest article perhaps 3000 would actually understand what you wrote.

More power to you and I look forward to all your future articles.

Anonymous said...

"Of course... you are probably not reading this. Someone with lacquered hair and a mouthful of lies is probably talking to you and you're dreaming of shopping and sex regardless of how unattractive you are. You'll wake up when the sirens fill the air and the building is on fire. That's usually how it goes. You'll wonder why you didn't wake up and how it got to be too late without anyone telling you. That's how it always goes. But people were telling you... life was telling you... circumstances were telling you... your conscience was telling you but you... you weren't listening. You weren't listening because you were dumb, stupid, clueless and uniformed."

Thanks for calling it as it is, one more once, Les. You may be preaching to the choir, but the choir still needs all the help they can get to wake up. We appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Reverse psychology at work!

Ben There said...

Damn I've missed these. Do you know I used to not even read your SM posts? I hung on every word at Visible Origami (and still do) but I wasn't ready to hear all of this yet. Sometimes I'm still not. You're an original. Keep opening minds.

Welcome back. It was DAMN weird seeing you at BOTF today. I seriously never go there. Felt like a stud in there today though; made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

Most underestimate the truth at such levels/The ultimate Realm "read the link it says it all."

Don't be fooled by the obvious (matter, mass...)lest(The Dumb, the Stupid, the Clueless and the Uninformed as Les put it...)reel you into exactly what you may think you are free of.

Think about it, how many humans really get the big picture as revealed in this link. This is my hope for the Truthers out there "get the big picture" and then maybe we can change the pattern society after society has induced..."

Anonymous said...

good to have you back les,

As for the article, well yeah! but you're preaching to the choir. The masses are just that, a mass lumbering in the direction they're pointed, a mob grazing on what's in front of them.
At the moment the mass is headed in the direction dictated by Them, but the herd could be turned, in an instant, and stampede over the cowboys apparently running the show.

While I have found it extremely hard to believe that recent events, especially the blatant 911 job, have been so successfully and easily whitewashed, that it has been so very easy to gull the majority with what are blatant in your face lies, and while I acknowledge that the masses, the mob, the people are sooo vain, selfish and stupid it takes your breath away, let's not forget that their chief "fault" and the reason that they can be led so easily is that they are gullible and believe what they have been told by the people that they have been brought up to trust.

Let's despise the actions (or inactions) of the people of some parts of our earth. Let's not despise the people themselves. Surely we believe that they don't have to be like this. Otherwise aren't all the people who stand in our way or disagree just more useless eaters who 'deserve' their inhuman treatment and horrific future. Doesn't that make us into one of "Them".

Just a thought, because you sound almost bitter. And your contributions and analyses are too valuable otherwise


Anonymous said...

I second, third, and fourth the welcome backs above!! Your eloquent and pinpoint essays are greatly needed. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Cynacism rules. The human race deserves to die!

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I am concerned (for you) that you were "off the air" for weeks (jail or vacation?)and then returned asking your readers to send you "illegal drugs"??? What's up with that?
You are truly one of the voices that is crying our in the wilderness with true insight...just hope you are OK.
For those wondering what I am talking about, follow the "you can read about it here" link at the end of the latests Smoking Mirrors article.

Jim in Ohio

Peter of Lone Tree said...

When work, spirituality, and economics are mentioned I'm reminded of an "alternative" familiar story of the bible concerning the works of the Man from Galilee and Lazarus:

Lazarus arose and spoke, "Why have you awakened me?"
Jesus replied, "Your work is not yet finished."
After a moment's consideration Lazarus said, "I get time and a half now that I'm on 'overtime'."
And Jesus responded, "It is MY work you will be doing."
Lazarus then replied, "In that case, it'll be double time and a quarter."
And the Man from Galilee turned and walked away muttering to himself.
"What was the Master just saying?," asked one disciple of another.
"I'm not sure," came the reply, "But it sounded like 'Many are cold, but few are frozen'."

Anonymous said...

First, welcome back Les. It's nice to have a little salve for our tortured minds back in the medicine cabinate.

Your comments, as usual, are right on the mark, but unfortunatly it's catch 22. The ones that need the information in your article, are too stupid to get it. Let's face it, the people you are talking about are too stupid to ever understand how stupid they really are. Unfortunatly my own brother is one of those people, and my mother doesn't understand why I don't talk to him much. I can't seem to get her to understand that doing so causes me pain in a place I can't locate, and is out of the reach of any medication. I know, I've tried them all. I can't tell whether I have witnessed this country and the people in it, turn into a sick cartoon of a nation, or whether it has always been so, and my desire for knowlege has taken me to a place where I have finally seen it. Either way, we are where we are, and since I have reached a point where trying to enlighten people as to the true nature of things makes me feel like I'm trying to dig a hole in the ocean, I am resigned to trying to figure out how, other than treating my fellow creatures with respect and kindness, to assign meaning to my life. Am I supposed to participate? Am I supposed to observe? Do I let my grandchildren grow up and enjoy the bliss of ignorance, or do I do my best to enlighten them, and hope they can find an answer. If you have any tips that work for you, feel free or cheap to let me know. Peace my friend.

Visible said...

Thank you all for you fine comments. For those of you with a broomstick up your ass who react to something I said in a link apart from this post and who may have some moral hangup about my seeming appeal I suggest you pour yourself another legal cocktail of the worst drug of all... alcohol. It's legal. Enjoy yourself. Sit in the embers of your smoldering brain cells.

Let me make one thing perfectly clear. I do what I think is right and no government or police force will tell me otherwise. I thought long and hard before I said what i said and at no time did I expect anyone here to do anything for me. I can take care of myself and I'm relentless about getting what I think appropriate to my needs.

At the same time, I believe that a call outward often leads to unexpected communications and if anyone were to carefully read the things I have to say then they would find their questions answered for them before they ask them.

I'm not a renunciate sitting on a throne of my own denial of life. I'm whatever I am and you can take it or leave it. I'm past being tired of bad laws and I break and will break them with impunity. I've got an imprimatur which protects me against the bullshit of those who themselves traffic in the very things they deny us. However I will not be denied. It's bad enough being here in the first place so...

let's just say that I don't care what you think... even though I listen carefully. Nowhere did I ask anyone to send me anything or provide an address. But if I feel like it I will.

Finally... creating identities that I have never seen before and then operating out of them as if I know who you are doesn't get it either.

Anyone living with what I have to live with who has found a solution to their problem is going to be on the bus with me and Steve McQueen as we head to Mexico.

I recognize no laws and no government except the laws of nature and God and the invisible government of all time. Proof of this is that I have spent some seriously defiant years in prison over these things and would gladly do so again although I know that is not going to be asked of me now.

I do not live by the rules of the world and I will not kiss his ring. So... there is is.

Visible said...

slick customer... by the way... what made you think I was in jail? and if I was then how was I able to post comments and reply during that time?

I speak the truth as much as I know it and I don't hide my life or its circumstances.

For everyone who comes to this site; take what is useful and leave the rest. I don't think I can be anymore clear. And finally... the word 'illegal'? You know, I just have to laugh.

Anonymous said...

We are all going to have to decide right now to either sink or swim like mad.

The undertow is now so strong and most people are so heavily demonized and thought processes almost completely shut down by evil hosts that the benevolent forces will have to correct the present situation. As the evils of old have been corrected times before, such as in Noah's time period. We best pray that in God's mercy a clear sight will guide us.


Anonymous said...

"I’ve long been of the opinion that all of the great and transformative acts for good that are practiced on this Earth are accomplished by ten percent of the people."

I appreciate your essays (I hesitate to say "enjoy" because it is often like a cold bucket of water in the face).

On this point I am afraid that you may be being too generous. Everything in nature is done on the margin, investing, the price of commodities, stocks, etc. I think that the same is to be said for "good". Whatever directions and outcomes occur in society are largely driven by a very tiny fraction of the populace, the rest of the population is to varying degrees, just part of the overall herd.

Too, part of the issue is that it is also subjective as to what is "good" or "evil". Every decision and action has consequences and many of them are unintended or unforeseen. For example, is the creation of genetically modified crops "good" or "evil"? A genuine case can be made for both, and the arguments will all revolve more on the use of GMO crops and the (real) reasons *why* these were created and less on the people who created them to begin with. How about GPS tracking of cell phones? Useful in emergencies or Big Brother watching?

A very small percentage of people are involved in the creative acts that we all perceive as "progress". A very small percentage of people work (largely behind the scenes) to corrupt those creative acts and morph them into forces to corral and otherwise manipulate "the herd".

The rest of the population behaves like a cork bobbling in the ocean, being driven by the forces that push on them. Some corks are small and are easily moved, some corks are large and require more effort by nature to influence.

Keep up your good essays. You can never tell which butterfly flap will matter.


Anonymous said...

I’ve long wondered why Americans are so clueless. Is it apathy? Are they so overwhelmed with struggling to stay in one place that they don’t have the time or energy to seek out the real stories for themselves? Or is it that they suspect that our system is thoroughly corrupt and that they are partially culpable for it, and simply don’t want to “go there”? So they bury their heads in the sand and pretend all is well.


Anonymous said...

From Jim In Ohio:
The point I was trying to make was that you made a request for a product and thought that perhaps one of your readers might be able to hook you up. While you didn't give an address, how the hell else are they supposed to contact you other than through these pages? My point was more to your readers than to you...the point being that you have over 600,000 hits--and growing-- and are linked from WRH as well as other sites and therefore, I think it would be safe to assume, are under surveillance (emails, etc.). You're not some kid on a blog that gets 6 hits a year, and no one reads, asking if someone can send him some weed. Whether you think something is, or should be legal/illegal is entirely your opinion. My guess is that one of your readers, who sent you a package, sitting in front of a judge in the U.S. would have a hard time explaining that same reasoning....especially if they used the U.S. mail and made it a Federal offense.
No broomstick up my ass, no burning embers in my head. Didn't create an identity, just used the anonymous button on your site like so many others choose to do---don't really want to become a "googleblogger" or sign up for any free offers. While you don't recognize any laws...that statement won't keep you out of jail....or anyone else for that matter.
I wish you well.

Anonymous said...


You have entered a domain previously reserved for Kings. Enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

I have only just come across Smoking Mirrors, but I want to say that this essay mirrors my thoughts very much, and not just about Amerikkka.

Hey I'm in Australia, was born in England and have been around the world a fair bit. It is more or less the same everywhere.

I don't say that as an elitist - well I am hardly top drawer material myself - but it is rather crushing to realize just how terminally stupid the majority of our species is.

I have thought how great it would have been to have achieved something akin to Socrates, Rene Descartes and, yes, Kant. Or Carl Jung. Or OK Mozart, Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan. To name but a few of those who, in various contexts, are outstanding instances of humanity.

Snag is: none of them made a blind bit of difference in the overall scheme of things, because the herd will always follow the likes of Genghis Khan, Napolean, Hitler, Churchill, GWB and so on.

Oh dear!

Visible said...

Fair enough Jim... but no one is going to be in front of a judge. I'd say I know a lot more about this sort of thing than a layman might and the risk factor is nil. Living outside of the law and being honest one learns techniques and strategies. But the ultimate reality is that I always find what I want and never as a result of this sort of a situation. However... I have found making noise generates circumstances in other venues and ... I also wanted my readers to know just what I have been up to.

If you knew me better you would know that I would flat out ask and there would be no question of what I was doing. I wouldn't be coy and ambiguous and teasing.

Finally, the law of the fascist and the fascists themselves can kiss my ass.... any time... 24 hours a day. I don't fear them. They have the shadow of power. I serve the power itself and I delight in telling them to kiss off. If they could have done anything about me they would have. It's not in their hands.

Maybe you think you were helping people out with a hypothetical paranoia of forces whose real position is under our bootheels. I couldn't guess. What I know is that they are shadows and the light burns them. Once you get your hands on some light that will become preeminently clear.

Anonymous said...

Les you didn't put up my comment. 'welcome back shit head, I almost missed you'
I meant it in the nicest possible way. Jesus loves you.

Robert said...
ST. PAUL, Minn. | Sarah Palin displays an Israeli flag in her governor's office in Juneau, even though she has never been to the country, and attends Protestant evangelical churches that consider the preservation of the state of Israel a biblical imperative.

Her faith makes her a favorite with the staunchly pro-Israel neoconservative elements in the Republican Party.

But other Republicans may be concerned that a John McCain-Sarah Palin administration will disregard the caution of former President George H.W. Bush and some of his top advisers and continue the tilt toward Israel.

Most Republicans and conservatives outside Alaska know little about Mrs. Palin's foreign policy views - on Israel or anything else.

But Tucker Eskew, who holds the title of counselor to Mrs. Palin in the McCain-Palin campaign, left no doubt where she stands.

"She would describe herself as a strong supporter of Israel's, with an understanding of Israel's fear of an Iran in possession of nuclear weapons," Mr. Eskew told The Washington Times.

In June, Mrs. Palin told ministry students at her former church that in going to war with Iraq, the United States is "on a task that is from God," the Associated Press reported.

Anonymous said...

Billy, you've hit a nerve
As a young'un I loved to body surf
One bad storm the surf was too good to resist
I had the time of my life in this huge rough sea, until...
I was knackered
I tried to exit the dumpers but the undertow kept dragging me back and under
So I used those forces that were trying to take my life
I let the undertow take me beyond the breakers, swam off to one of the headlands and clambered/was swept into the safety of quieter waters within the rocks
Safe at last I walked casually and nonchalantly down the beach, the waves angrily pounding at my feet - cool.
Benevolent forces exist amongst evil - identify them and use them!
God will not help! Recognise the power He has given You and use it.

Anonymous said...

you know what les, you are the best example of a free mind, I love your thoughts, and you put them so eloquently.... we will prevail, there are more of us than we could hope for and we will carry the sheeple through to freedom with us...... I salute you sir

Justin_n_IL said...

Nice to hear from you again Les.
Isaiah 27:11When the boughs thereof are withered, they shall be broken off: the women come, and set them on fire: for it is a people of no understanding: therefore he that made them will not have mercy on them, and he that formed them will shew them no favour.

Visible said...

There is a new essay Here

Robert said...

Dear Les,
You are one of my heroes.
My only bone to pick is your use of the term fascist as a terms of opprobrium.
Here is a short article about another hero.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your writings.
I find getting outside(nature) away from people highly enlightening.
a regular fan,


ps. please continue

Anonymous said...

Hey Les, just wanted to add my words to the chorus of welcome backs! I used to check up here every day to see if there was anything new, but then your long silence in August, I got discouraged.... Well, you did let us know you'd be gone for a while. Good luck getting your medicine, man! We all use what we need to - I'm no stranger myself - and, hell, I wish I could help you out with that. Well, even before I moved back in Japan I might have had a hard time getting any for you. Such is life.

On the other topic at hand, yeah, it can be frustrating, watching the idiot masses go about their business, their obliviousness seeming, sometimes, to be deliberate. The younger generation isn't so bad, though; most of my friends know the score, and few of them are geniuses of any sort. Even for those who are determinedly ignorant, though, it's important not too lose your compassion for them. They are what they have been made to be, after all. We all went through the educational system, and we all know it was designed from the word go to break us to the leash. It's a good system, judged by its own standards, very good at achieving its objectives. So yeah, the masses, they're stupid, dull, ignorant, and bound and determined to remain that way ... but that's not their fault. You, of all people, should know that. But we all need a reminder, now and then.

nobody said...


From one body surfer to another that was your best thing ever mate.

nobody said...

Hey Teach,

Fascism is in essence the corporatisation of the state. Corporations and government merge. A person living in a fascist state does what the corporations demand or they get disappeared.

If you hate Jewish mechanisms of control such as Communism and reserve banking, racing over to some other other extreme is a simplistic response.

Not forgetting that America is precisely fascist right now and doing so under the thumb of a privately owned Fed. Fascism is merely a variant form of tyrranny.

Me, I choose the middle way.

notamobster said...

The current fascist system is unravelling at an alarming pace. The new order of the world is soon to be upon us. I have nothing to base this on other than a keen eye for the news between the news...and the subtle perturbation in my spirit which agitates me ever forward.

The zionist reserve system has been buying en masse, reserve notes (dollars) with treasury bills for the past 6 weeks. this bullshit house of cards cannot be sustained. the plunge protection team is working around the clock to manipulate commodities pricing in favor of the average joe. the endgame has not changed... please don't misconstrue what im saying. I know theyre not trying to help us! the unravelling is just happening much ahead of schedule. the control wielded by these monsters would be in serious jeopardy should the system fail at the present juncture.

Zionist hegemony is nothing more than a rickety house of cards. Those cards have been weathered as of late by the humidity of our uncetain times. the powers that be seem to be pulling out all the stops to dry the store room, before the product goes bad and the dumb, the stupid, the clueless, and the uninformed awake in a terrible frenzy, thirsting for the blood of tyrants.

Anonymous said...

See what happens when you give an ape an oversized brain. They primp and preen and put on airs of faux civilised suiciety when they are just another link in the food chain. The stupid human earth monkeys will do themselves in before too long. They are ruled by those that are warring against them but think that some sugar daddy santa claus has their interests at heart. Bwahaha!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your posts. I like them very much. May I recommend that you put on your link of other blogspots you have posted?

Visible said...

I don't have any links of other blogspots, just a few news-gathering sites and some other things. I don't have a single blog listed. I don't know why... I just don't.



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