Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sarah the Barracuda; Ballerina in the Toilet.

What shall we talk about today? Hurricanes? Ongoing preparations for upcoming voter fraud? Is Bush drinking again? Three and a half million people went to Google to ask about that... but no- let’s talk about Eskimo Cheesecake; Hurricane Sarah... a lot of people want to know about that and a lot of people don’t want to know about that and as you know, I like to please everyone.

In the interest of letting this entry be an opinion post, let’s dispense with the enormous amount of links that I could put into the copy. I’ll send you instead to that great news resource, What Really Happened. Here you can scroll to your hearts content and see some portion of what people are saying about the Barracuda. Let me squelch one rumor right off the bat. Sarah was not the model for the Nicole Kidman film, “To Die For.” The timeline isn’t right and her husband is still alive... for the moment.

I don’t want to parse the details of the tales that are swirling like toilet water headed South. But... to be crude; it’s a certainty that several someone’s took several dumps and then didn’t flush and now they are flushing like mad and we may be looking at a plumbing problem in the near future. It could threaten entire communities if a hurricane were to hit at the same time.

For the moment, ‘The Barracuda” is under a form of house arrest in terms of any and all media contact. This is supposed to last for two weeks but... who knows? What’s taking place during these two weeks is an aggressive Republican neo-con effort to eliminate evidence and intimidate potential witnesses. This is because there is a lot of ‘there’ there.

Let’s face it folks, there’s not just one scandal brewing. There’s a Kansas style tornado farm dancing across the plains like demented ballerinas; enormous dervishes pinging off one another in what may potentially be the biggest shit storm in a long time. And... if those tornadoes get anywhere near those toilets... you’re going to want to be maximizing your rain gear or better just stay inside; sort of like Sarah Palin at the moment.

There’s talk that she slept with a colleague of her husband and... right on time, that colleague is full on trying to get his divorce records sealed. Hmmm...that didn’t work out for him so far. What the heck, let’s throw you at least one link because it’s amusing, brief and informative.

Here in Santa’s dirty clothes bag we have got a whole lot of naughty laundry. We have suspect firings. We have financial excesses and mismanagement at the expense of the taxpayer. We’ve got a whole lot of people who are afraid to talk. We’ve got a suspicious baby of unknown origin and a multi-thousand mile flight after Palin’s water supposedly broke. We’ve got a serendipitous pregnancy of Palin’s daughter following along and we’ve got the family values crowd saying how brave and wonderful this family is in a unique turnabout from their usual position which is hypocrisy at its finest. There’s a lot more, people. There’s a lot more and if you explore the website I gave you at the beginning of this post you can see many things.

We know that the media, which is owned by those who have brought you all of your recent wars... we know they’re not going to tell you anything but... those execrable muckrakers at The National Enquirer are poised to tell you a whole lot of things that are not advantageous to the Palin candidacy... oh no... not at all. It may be time for the usual suspects to break out that Anthrax supply and head on down to the post office.

Apparently Sarah said, “So Sambo beat the bitch.” at an Alaskan restaurant. One of the things that also got said was that it was no surprise because everyone who isn’t a part of the native cultures talks like that in Alaska. Sounds like a fine place. Well, we know that most of America is not racist. Most of America has evolved beyond that. However, at the Republican Party and specifically in the offices and environs of their neo-con masters they most certainly are. They’re the bobbing heads behind the Rockefeller experiments in eugenics and they’re the real white power people.

It’s no surprise that the cameras at the RNC convention kept singling out the one lonely, dancing, black guy. It’s no surprise that the Republicans are most responsible for the free fall of the American economy and the rise of the police state in these last eight torturous years. At the very least... most of their leaders should be sent to jail, although public executions would not be inappropriate in some cases. These are the core racists of the American public. Their leaders are the manipulators of the fears of their extraordinarily willing acolytes who worship personal privilege, money, power, and the suppression of all rights other than their own.

The Democrats are a different kind of scum. Just as the Israelis do not represent the ordinary Jew any more than the Nazi’s represented the German people, the Republican and Democratic leadership do not represent the American people except for that portion that is stupid and venal enough to permit and endorse endless crimes against their own person and everyone else whose differences the leadership trumpets as reason for fear and negative action.

Look, people... there’s just too much swirling around Sarah Palin in that crowded toilet bowl. There’s far, far too much for some portion of it not to be true. My guess is that there’s a lot that going to stick. The good news is that people like this are accustomed to the smell. They find it to be a unique perfume. They’re like dogs that roll in roadside carcasses because they think it enhances their sex appeal. It does enhance their sex appeal when you’re in the business of attracting entities from the demonic realms so... that’s the good news.

The fact is that this randy vampire bat is not fit to be in any presidential administration outside of possibly a few of the former Soviet satellites’. If it weren’t for her companion bimba’s and bimbo’s in the media, juxtaposed with the terrifying ignorance of most of the American public this would be clear enough. It’s truly amazing... one day they’re selling you something they tell you is sweet and advising you against something they define as shit and you buy the one and run from the other. The next day they reverse the products and the claims and by day three you’ve eaten both and pronounced them both... tasty. God help you.

The last eight years stand as overwhelming, irrefutable evidence that no Republican should get anywhere near any position of power for a long, long time. The bad news is that the alternative is controlled by the same cadre of bankers and power brokers that ran the table last time. Still... the lesser of two evils... I think... maybe... hopeful? Man I wish Jessie Ventura was in play.

I predict they’re going to have to scrap Palin the same way Bush had to scrap Miers a few years ago. If they don’t there are two reasons why. One is that the fix is in and they’re this year’s Kerry campaign. The other is that through a combination of media force, voter fraud and public gullibility, along with a variety of strong arming modalities they bent the American people over the rail again. But... it’s early days. You may still get martial law. Or... unsuspected forces may materialize and change everything into something unrecognizable. We shall see.

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Anonymous said...

Good column! Missed your writing.Your right.The American people or what passes for Americans these days,are by and large dumb as rocks.Watched C-SPAN do an interview with a think tanker on the situation in Pakistan and not one mention by guest, moderator or caller about the U.S. raid into Pakistan or the Pakis cutting off the supply route into Afghanistan.Nor the Pakistani military's vow to retaliate against U.S or NATO forces for any further raids!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what you're getting at with this column.
So, Sarah Palin has a lot of baggage.
Why not give it to us in a couple of paragraphs instead of all these links to nowhere ? Yes, illegal firings, psycho cop brother in laws, serial teen pregancies - lovers - so what is the big deal ?
Sounds pretty normal to me given her position.
Sarah Palin will rue the day she allowed herself and her family to get into this snake pit.
Also, Vanity Fair, home to neo con scumbag Christopher Hitchens, is a toilet all by itself.

notamobster said...

It's good to see that sense of humor, sir. Tossing a bone to the gossipy readers, eh? While I will concede that she is a valid topic (as if I have any say whatever about your subject matter), she becomes yet another ZioCon, with even the slightest scratch beneath the polished veneer. Her office of the Governor proudly displays the flag of Israel.

She is yet another proud evangelical who boldly proclaims her eternal support for Israel and whatever misery and destruction may be wrought upon the earth as a byproduct of their self-proclaimed "chosen-of-g*d" status.

She becomes nothing more than a preening peacock (not-so-wisely) juxtaposed against John McSame's wretched, self-absorbed personification of ignorance and total disregard for even the slightest inkling of integrity.

This post could just as well have been called "The Dumb, the Stupid, the Clueless, and the Uninformed have chosen a VP".

One could always watch this video to see Sen. Joe Biden's proclamation "I am a Zionist" and learn all they need to know about both party's candidates:

Ben There said...

It's next to impossible to write about politics without having numerous references to shit and toilet bowls isn't it. I've noticed the same problem in my own attempts.

Les - We've still gotta talk mushrooms.

Visible said...

Dear 'Anonymous'. We're sorry, at this point Smoking Mirrors does not offer a Cliff Notes version of itself. My suggestion to you is to go to a site that is less taxing to your 'special' human status. Links to nowhere? In that case you may be right because then you would be able to see them in your immediate environment without my having to include them.

Anonymous said...

Hell, isn't a VP that's racist, homophobic, myopic, narcissistic, xenophobic. a professional liar, incompetent at the levers of power and one of those gawd loving evangelicals a perfect fit with a presidential candidate who's most endearing qualities are that he dropped napalm on civilians, cheated on his wife(s), helped bilk the elderly out of their savings and has an uncontrollable temper?

Is this a great country or what?

"God Bless Vespucciland"

Anonymous said...

The fix is in. The repugs don't really believe Hillary voters are going to go for this hoecake from the people's republik of alasaka. No one is better at losing elections than the demorats so if you liked Bush/Satan the past 8 years enjoy the next 4.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm - love your stuff but not this piece. I'm sure Sarah is no nun. What about old Joe? is he a saint?
The idea that the neocons only run the Republican party is flawed. They run the entire government. There is and will be no difference who wins this phony election. There is no way in hell McCain wins - zero chance. Why? Because the base of the Repub party is toast - the conservative base anyway. They won't vote, they hate McCain.
The thing I like about your thread is that you point out so much of the obvious corruption and lies and B.S. we've been subjected to for sooo long. This thread smacks of the same old tired, liberal crap that I've heard for so long, used by the dupes in the Democratic party.
Nothing changes regardless of party. Pelosi is heckled everywhere she goes because she and Reid have done nothing to reduce funding for the wars but in fact have increased it. AIPAC owns Pelosi and Reid like it owns McCain, Palin, Obama and Biden.
There is absolutely no way that we can defeat the beast as long as one side says "yeah these guys are bad, but these guys are much worse"
I with you on Ventura, but until all the bums across the government spectrum are forcibly removed - we have no hope.

kikz said...

speakin of barking dogma...

i hear she has a new moniker

caribou barbie



kikz said...

ahhh cripez..

make that

caribou barbiecuda

Anonymous said...

Every time I hear or read the phrase "Republican Base", or just "The Base", I think about how the term "Al Qaida" is supposed to mean "The Base". So is "Republican Al Qaida" another way of saying "The Republican Base"?

Anonymous said...

No doubt there is some curious seeker somewhere, searching the birth records of every obstetrician licensed in the state of Alaska. They have to move very quickly on this one and in doing so will absolutely make many more flubs covering them with even more intended deceits.
When so many accidental flubs are simultaneously compounded with multiple intended deceits, the public becomes enured to all, expecting them and accepting them as the norm. Its just natural human error, right? You've mentioned it before. Its the usual "proof they are human" makeover.
I get the idea that if Cheney were tasked to imagine himself a female, he would have designed Sarah, sneer and all, in the very same way of the Downing Street Memo. They had the concept, they found their subject, then the workarounds started. And now, what we get to see, is a Rube Goldberg patch job proving to us again and again, the actual human thinkers watching, that no one is in charge. To quote Ran Prieur "...since it's clear that the forces of good are not in control, maybe we would rather believe that the forces of evil are in control, than face the disturbing possibility that no one is in control, that history is woven out of improvisation and mistakes." (

Hi Les.
Love, Nina

Anonymous said...

No Doug - the base is those that believe in fiscal responsibility, and adherence to the constitution. Neither of which McCain has ever shown the slightest interest.
My guess is that many of "the base" has drifted toward Ron Paul or out completely. Eight years of Republican leadership in all three branches of government has shown that Republicans have zero interest in what could be construed as conservative ideals. To the contrary, they look and act like Democrats, neocons being just another faction that have eminated from the Marxist, Communist Zionist movement that has sought (at the behest of the banksters) and gained control over our government.
Al Qaeda is a figment of the imagination of both parties, 9/11 was a lie that has been embraced by both parties. Therefore, how is one even slightly better or different from the other?

Anonymous said...


What about someone who knows Palin personally? What does someone like that have to say?

Quite a bit, it turns out...

NPR determined this letter is genuine and interviewed Anne Kilkenny recently on All Things Considered.

One of the most astounding things I've heard anyone say recently was my father telling me he's planning on voting for Obama. He voted for Bush both times (and daddy Bush as well). Knowing him as I do, that about blew my mind and that is not very easy to do anymore. Obama may not be the salvation many expect, but the fact that at least one lifelong staunch ultra-conservative Republican is voting for him tells me that even the True Believers are waking up to the fact that these so-called 'conservatives' are actually radical extremists. As to my dad being who he is compared with who I am, well, the apple may not fall far from the tree but sometimes with a little push it can roll a long way...

I'd be much more hopeful if he'd come to his conclusions in 2000, but better late than never I suppose though it might be a case of too little too late, even if everyone like him did the same thing.

Anyhow, I'm going to be watching Hurricane Ike's arrival very closely while noting the political and disaster response (or the 'political disaster' response, heheheh). I might even end up in Ike's sights, so my interest is also very personal. What happens after landfall is going to be revealing, I think, since wherever it hits will be hit very hard.

I imagine that the President will declare a State of Corporate Law since Martial Law is now an obsolete term thanks to reliance on private subcontractors like Blackwarter (gotta love serendipitous typos- or was it a Freudian slip?). Then the real fun begins, just like with Katrina.

Fill your gas tanks now if you live in the US since gas prices will jump as Ike rips through the offshore drilling areas and possibly the coastal refineries. Speculators will probably cause the price to rise in the next few days if they aren't already.

If the shit really hits the fan 'round these parts, I'll be sure to send along any firsthand accounts of what's going on whenever the power comes back on. I've had 'one of those strange feelings' ever since Ike formed, and it was the same kind of intuitive flash I had about 5 days before Katrina hit when I emailed friends that "New Orleans is going to be functionally destroyed." They thought I was being melodramatic. This time, it may well be Houston, but in that case maybe all the Katrina evacuees who are still living in Houston will be evacuated back to N.O. in a cosmically-ironic twist. They've sure had a hell of a time making their way back home, even three years later; maybe FEMA will be forced to give 'em a ride...

Waxing my surfboard,

The Village Idiot

Visible said...

Yes... I read that the other day. I too have had strange premonitions concerning this hurricane and also those stacking up behind it. Apparently there may be quite a few of them on their way. As always, it's great when you show up- meanwhile... my father too was a really hard core right winger and I'm nowhere near the tree.

Ben, you just have to email me with your concerns and I'll get right to you as I did with Ellis.

Hey Nina... nice of you to drop in. It's always a good feeling to me to see the same individuals around who add so much to this place. Kikz05 and Nobody weighing in too it feels like one of those big family get togethers only there's not much drunken brawling at this one.

Sometimes the comments here make me think that the people who are commenting didn't actually read the article or didn't get it because the comments are often saying what I said but speaking as if what I said wasn't said.

We're not going to spend that much time on Palin. We're on to Russia and Pakistan next.

Visible said...

oops, I left Stacy and Greg out of the lineup. My apologies.

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for the "unsuspected forces"-- those UFO's expected on 14 Oc-- for the Light they might shed on all this!

Visible said...

So am I my friend, so am I. Tomorrow I will tell you what I heard recently from the real command central

nobody said...

Hey Les, yeeha!

Well that was a treat, mate.

I can't recall anyone here talking about the writing. In many ways it's not about the writing, but it would equally be fair to say that it is, in fact, precisely about the writing. The medium counts. Always.

What I love about your writing is that it's so tremendously visual. It's as if Monty Python did a sketch about Breugel and had it shot by David LaChapelle, ha ha. I tried to squeeze a mention of those delirious Mexican 'day of the dead' statues in there but couldn't pull it off. Oh wait, I just did.

Anyway... with this framework in mind, that was your best piece in ages. I laughed with joy as the visuals spun through my head. It was a real fillip. Bravo.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully civil war part 2 jumps off when this upcoming election is a fraud. I know that's about as likely as tits on a boar hog. People will be too concerned with Paris' ass cheek goiter or who some allegedly talented DNA spittoon Hollywood harlot is banging, not to mention Johnny Jockstrap making another 9$ million playing with balls. I live in the belt of rusty bibles and gas is hovering around 3.75-3.80$ for 87octane certainly that will be going up. Not building any new refineries in 30 years was another example of the brilliant leadership in this formerly great republic.

Odium said...

It’s funny what occupies the mind, for years now it’s been 9/11, studying, researching, reading, listening watching videos and thinking for my self. The conclusions I have come to within my own mind are my own. But something has happened to me in the past few months, (although it has been there for awhile now) that I just can’t shake. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, I cannot think of anything else but this one thing and she lights up my world.

Love is a very powerful force, I am so grateful to have discovered this light, it drives me regardless if she loves me or not. Who am I? I’m just like you but I have a new journey to embark on now, a new world to conquer.

This battle with mankind is lost, no matter what, the herd will always stick together, mostly through fear, but through that comes the easy sway, the easy way to control the cattle, because they always stick together, those who get left behind are eaten.

Nice knowing this world.

Visible said...


Check out the nasty comment for someone objecting to someone who had similar things to say about this article Here

The one person wrote some glowing praise and the respondent went ballistic. Ordinarily for a post like this people would have been out in force shredding me for posting it. This time i hardly got a negative response which is more than a little odd. But it is funny that a comment like you own can be taken this way.

This is a strange forum peopled by professionals. Nearly all of them are mainstream types whether on the left or the right. Another feature at this place is the enormous size of the egos in direct contradiction to any right to have one of this size.

Thanks for the good words.

Anonymous said...

There's a blackout on the way

notamobster said...

I sure am glad the clientele seems to be a bit more respectable over here. The responses posted on that site are exactly why I'm particular about where I choose to engage. You have intelligent readers with all sorts of varying experience and views askew, but somehow they manage to respect each other.

kikz said...

OMG les, that appol mask is BEYOND Kreepin me out! ew EW EW!

faithful forever said...


I am waiting as patiently as I can to hear what the real command center has told you.

Admire your spirit, Les and thanks for being back with us.

nobody said...

Geez Les,

I'll leave that forum to you, mate. I just spent a couple of days over at Curts and the dreaded ID thief's new 'host' site (ever the parasite, he) and had a tough time dodging the buckets of shit. It kept it to a quick hit and run. These occasional brushes with the monstrous help me know who I'm not. And conversely, who I am.

And unsurprisingly, I'm with kikz albeit without using the word 'ew'. I know you had the name first, but it's still weird seeing it there.

Otherwise mate, de nada.

Anonymous said...

Yes....Yes, I say to the Village idiot. Corporate Law... I like that. It sounds much more appropriate than the outdated and old fashioned "Martial Law". "Corporate law" is to Nazism as "Homeland Security" is to "The Gestapo".

I'm rather depressed with myself because I get left behind with the news. I gave up reading the news or listening to the liars reciting their scripts on the MSM. I actually start feeling ill whenever I attempt it. I have no Idea of the impending man made doom on Houston or the Masonic Bitch that Masonic McCain chose to run with.

While most of you are preparing for the "who they have picked to win the voter fraud scam Presidential election", the Village Idiot and I are convinced [at least I am] there will be no such a contest as his newly incorporated "corporate Law" will happen to come first.

They've come too far, too fast, accomplished too much, and prolonged the inevitable to meet the deadlines ...on time..just to change the helm now. NO, NO, NO.

Business as usual will not be conducted,untill when? THIS WAR IS OVER, .....remember.....C'mon now you got to remember that. AND THIS WAR IS NOT OVER.

Do you think that sarcastic, arrogant Skull and Bones Masonic, Zionist little son of bitch was joking when he said dictatorships are nice as long as he's the dictator???????.

No my friends, business has not been conducted as usual in Washington and never will be again.

Regards and my thanks to the Village Idiot who is no Idiot.


Anonymous said...

Wow they posted the whole article at that Hate place that is kind of groovy. Didn't Gene Simmons say "there is no bad press" hehe. Keep your tech team sharp as the Rense and Smirking Chimp pages have been getting hammered lately by the handful of skilled techs the globalist roaches have.

Anonymous said...

I would watch for a news organization to be leaked a birth certificate (forged) to then be exposed as a fake. (ala Dan Rather/Texas National Guard doc)

Put nothing past Rove...I gotta believe he's still having his input...on the campaign and on the FOXNEWS narrative of the moment.

Anonymous said...

Les, you know as well as I do that Palin is not the problem. It's the huge crowd of morons that stand and chant Sarah! Sarah! Sarah! as she stands up there and lies her ass off. Sheeple that evidently derive their sustenance from rhetoric and bull shit. Until the american people make the decision to take the correct color pill, and seek the truth, seek to see what is actually there, nothing will change. The wholsale abandonment of quality public education by the powers that be, has worked it's magic, and has created the ignorant masses they wished they had had during the Viet Nam war. They realized then that they had better control that news media thing too. The medias' reporting what happened in Nam ruined that whole war for the military industrial complex, but I digress. As for Palin, and her finding herself in the middle of a shit storm, I have my doubts. They own the game. They won't even let her talk to the media, until she has been properly coached as to what to say, and they find the properly coached media venue.

As for the game, I think I see two different groups of illuminati. The conservative group, that supports the republicans and their effort to milk the cow to death, and the liberal group, that seems to know that if they let the haves get too much more than the have nots, then the have nots might very well get to the point where they start taking what they want from the haves. A good thing to keep in mind when you have a well armed population, so they support the democrats. There is, in this election however, the possibility that Obama is a true idealists like Kennedy was, and is just saying and doing the things that he knows he has to, in order to get the job. Again, I don't hold out much hope, but in this day and age, some hope is better than none, and as much as my intellectual self tells me to just give it up, the idealist in me just won't go away. I am compelled by forces beyond my control to hope, dispite the sea of ignorance that surrouds me. Peace my friend

Anonymous said...

Wake those who are open minded. Don't waste time on "coincidence theorists" and 2 partys one wing of the war party failed system kool aid drinkers. It's time to give up on flags, rags and fairytales. The system has failed. Crony capitalists, corporations as persons with rights, in bed with parasitic countries who view us as a useful idiot host, free market cultists, apathetic public, media as logic and reasoning and career public trough feeding politicians has broken it. There is a war going on for your mind so watch who you let into your headspace. If you haven't turned off and unplugged television by now there is no hope for you. If I even hear a few minutes of mass media mind rape in the background I am ready to violenty regurgitate. The slick glossy lies just make me sick and I wonder how in the hell anyone can believe anything said in any form of mass media. The medias job is to convince us "useless eaters" that the ruling class cares about our well being and to distract us from the looting and pillaging. It is the big club of a boring, unimaginative, soulless, heartless, obsolete status quo.

Anonymous said...

Woh! Good article.Nice to get back to you.Thanks

Anonymous said...

When someone replies to my blog, I get an e-mail with their reply Yes, I’m glad you brought this up Sometimes I only want to acknowledge that I’ve read the comment, so I might email and not comment myself



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