Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Slowly I Turned and Step by Step, Inch by Inch, America Falls.

There was an old comic routine that the Three Stooges used to do that was called, “Slowly I Turned.” As I look at the world these days that routine comes to mind. A presumably sane person is sent over the edge from hearing a phrase. A ‘presumably’ sane world seems poised for a similar event.

Many people are wondering how it is that the McCain/Palin ticket could be neck and neck with the Obama ticket after eight years of bitter misery and lies at the hands of the worst administration that America has ever known; an administration that wasn’t even legally elected either time. It becomes more absurd when you see that this new ticket agrees the majority of the time with what the former administration did. The former administration is guilty of high crimes and treason. There is more evidence than any court would need to confer the death penalty on these miscreants. Yet... more of the same seems on the way.

It should be no surprise. All the elements of a ‘Perfect Storm’ are at hand. The main culprit for the influence of the mind of the body public is the media which massages the same lying messages into their tiny brains day after day. This media in its entirety is owned by only four corporations. These corporations and their endless money source-cerers control the government and whatever the government ostensibly controls. They control what you see and hear. They are looting the landscape and the economy; enriching the small percentage of the super rich, impoverishing everyone else and systematically curbing individual freedoms to further consolidate their never ending gains and positions of power over the lives ‘beneath’ them.

The tactics and techniques are transparent but few can see them in operation. One of these tactics is to proclaim that the media is liberal and left-wing. That’s a lie. There is no liberal media in the mainstream. Recently Keith Olbermann and ‘some other guy’ who doesn’t really need to be mentioned had their influence publicly downgraded for seemingly showing bias toward some candidate or party. However, Fox News does this 24/7 and nothing is said or done. There is no real difference between Joseph Goebbels and Rupert Murdoch. There’s no real difference between Albert Speer and Karl Rove. There’s no real difference between Bush and any dictator except elements of style or the lack of any.

We were told that Russia attacked Georgia without provocation. That’s a lie and Russia was in the right to act as they did. We are not told that due to America’s secret war on Pakistan that Pakistan has cut off the supply lines to the storm-troopers in Afghanistan. We’re not told that the majority of the ranking politicians in Georgia are Israeli agents or that Georgia is a second home to tens of thousands of Israelis. We are not told about the large presence of Israeli agents in Northern Iraq. We are not told about the circumstances that have occurred since Michael Chertoff and his top lieutenants; almost exclusively dual national Israelis ...and we are not told what they mean. America is an occupied country; occupied by a country with a population smaller than most of its states. It’s a fact amply demonstrated over the years and increasingly more ‘in your face’ obvious.

You cannot tell the truth in America without censure and opprobrium. You cannot protest without fear of physical violence and incarceration. Those who rule your land are sucking the assets of your former wealth away to other lands and creating of you a nation in servitude, all while they have taken an oath to defend your constitution and your rights. They are selling your country out from under you and you are cheering them on. You amaze me. “Can I have another, Sir?” Slowly I turned and step by step, inch by inch, America falls.

All across the planet, saber rattling chicken hawks and their agents, strong arm the world. Their reach exceeds their grasp. Their madness is terrifying and their real intentions unknown even to themselves. They will not succeed. This sort of thing never succeeds. Whatever the mathematical or metaphysical reasons for it... it never succeeds. Not even Alexander could pull it off. The tragedy of these periods’ materialism-maddened psychopaths is the carnage that follows in their wake. The real tragedy is the terrible end of the tens of millions who went down with the ship because they could not think for themselves. This is the primary reason that religion has also transformed into a lock-step ritual to include those who are convinced that God is on their side. God is not on your side.

When the world goes out of balance there is a mysterious force which works to correct that imbalance. I will not name this force but one could well imagine that nature plays some part. To the degree that the imbalance continues and the speed with which it proceeds... at the hands of this force it will be forcibly readjusted when it hits the moment for adjustment. Nothing is going to contravene this. You’ve got an ‘appointment in Samarra’.

How did the desire for a better life bring you to such a pass? You sought your better life off of the backs of your fellows. You enslaved the world with imaginary debt to fuel your cost efficient lifestyles. Nothing is what it was, is it? You’ll get your answers and your motivations for this from the people who put you in the shit. You won’t listen to those who sincerely wish to help. You are beyond hearing. The appearance of rational minds in positions of power could soon clarify and resolve most all of your problems but you will choose the demagogues and the lampreys. You will accept that dinner invitation where the main course on the menu is you. You will applaud the speeches and blow kisses to the cannibals as you are led away into the kitchen.

Your love of things and your pursuit of personal comfort at the expense of your ideals, your morality, your integrity and everything that might have protected you, has brought you to this pass. You can certainly blame the Judas Goats and the one’s who set the stage for your grand dénouement but you must surely blame yourself. ‘We the People’ willingly became, “We the Sheep.” You’ve followed mirages into the desert. You walked into the prison house under your own power. You removed your amulets of protection and took off your clothes in order to give yourself over for punishment and subjugation. You walked into the darkness without a light.

Now is the time for silly hats and party favors. Now is the time to play the fool while your life is on the line. Now you should vie with one another for some place on the stage of the cosmic Jerry Springer show. Be ingenious. Ask yourself, “How can I humiliate myself to a greater degree in front of a larger audience?” Take your cue from those already on stage and imagine what you could do since there is still some light showing under the limbo bar. Don’t be shy. This is your moment. Think of yourself as a hippopotamus in a bikini doing “I Feel Pretty.”, across an endless meadow of astro-turf while the house band beats each other to death with their instruments.

If you’re going to go down then do it in style. Take your family and your friends and your neighbors with you. Embrace the lie and teach your children that it is the truth. Let your eyes glisten with sincerity and love as you send them to their death. Then let the cameras roll in as you tear your clothes and wail at your loss. Give it all you’ve got and you may see yourself on TV. After that you form a charitable organization and go on a speaking tour. Be sure to commit some hate crimes against your property before you go and... hang on to the bikini.

There’s nothing funny about any of this and it’s the truth to a far greater degree than that which fuels your mad, intoxicated state. Now run along and destroy yourself and... on with the show.

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Not Politically Correct by Les Visible and The Critical List


Anonymous said...

re: Your writing - I've said it before Les and I'll say it again ... well... you know.
My strongest feeling is martial law.
ps I hope I'm wrong - probably not.

notamobster said...

Astonished to see him in Baghdad, eh?...

Brilliant syllogism. The tone doesn't bode well for us yanks, but the point is made, and understood.

Anonymous said...

It's so good to find you, Les, on your own place : the one you can think together, to cry together and eventually even some day to die together, as contemporaries usually do...

For 6 months I was alone, crying on the strangers' shoulders:
I did not ask everyone "not to vote and stay home", no. I called for The NATION'-WIDE BOYCOTT MOVEMENT .
And, you know what , Les? A few "prominent analytics" highly enthusiastically supported me by saying" it would be so good, if this November all the country stays still"...
We had the "lovely private correspondence" , while the circus (with the live ammunition and the police squads off stage) continued its performance, strictly following the lovely Biblical script...
There are many, many of us, whom you can cry with ( just read commentaries).
But you are the best, truly the best, for you can give to our tears the justification: we are imbeciles, with the will power ruined and the character's destroyed.
So, we will follow behind those insane ladies from the conventions, decorated with pins for "mccain+" or for "obama+" on their trausers and boots. We will follow our "commanders In chef" to the golf's fields or to the fishing resorts, while death will freely reign on earth.
We will follow, Les... You know why?
Because we are pragmatics: death that is still looming "overseas", far from my property, does not reflect my six senses. It would be "all too human", and I am not sure we, pragmatics, still even have them in tact.

Remember the Brechtian Dead Solder, leading the march of the dead army to "the last resolute battle"?
I am sure you do remember.
So, here we are again: marching.
What are we marching for and where to?
Well... - TO SAFTY. What are we marching for? It's clear: to keep the STATUS QUO.
And what our "status quo" is?
This rotten corpse of the American Dream.

"Trained to kill, kill we will" is not my rhyme. Les: it's what our boys are marching with in the their morning military exercises...

Well, thank you for coming back,Les.

kikz said...

the sorcerer's apprentice has made quite a mess and fantasia has spun into phantazmagora...

sometimes... ya just hafta step outta the way of the whirlwind.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh The wind! I love a fresh wind.
It blows at the tent to reveal loose panels.

A smart man fixes those loose panels BEFORE the storm.

Anonymous said...

Push off, and sitting well in order smite
The sounding furrows; for my purpose holds
To sail beyond the sunset, and the baths
Of all the western stars, until I die.
It may be that the gulfs will wash us down:
It may be we shall touch the Happy Isles,
And see the great Achilles, whom we knew.

Tho' much is taken, much abides; and tho'
We are not now that strength which in the old days
Moved earth and heaven; that which we are, we are;
One equal-temper of heroic hearts,
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.

lean on, Ulysses ... or perhaps, Diogenes.

Anonymous said...

Wait till Palin gets dumped for Hoe Lieberman then the excitement really begins...meet the masters of WWIII!! Will the sheeple wake up and throw off the chains not likely. Too busy trying to stay alive as the dollar shrinks down to pennies value. It's all part of the plan which they don't even hide anymore. Give up on trying to wake people they are the walking dead. As long as channel zero is on to them everything is fine.

RML said...


-- America isn't falling, it is felled. No longer a great tree in the forest... now TIM-BER!! At any time, it will come crashing to the ground. I love(d) America -- or what it was. What a great loss.

-- And, how do the rank and file feel about all of this? Listen in to any conversation (whenever there is talk of any substance), this is the vibe:
-- Who's gonna smack us down first? Russia? China? Iran? Nature? It doesn't matter now because we're gonna be raptured out-of-here before we have to suffer any repercussions from or for our actions.

-- We are karma-free, don't you get it?! (Jesus never said this), but hey, we've been saved -- just look what they did to Jesus in that Mel Gibson movie. He has to go through all of that so that we can get away Scott-free.

-- So what that we have (almost) completely destroyed the world's economic system with our greed and gigantean insensitivity; we're saved, and you (the rest of the world) are obviously not.

-- McCain (instead of McAbel) & the next president (Palin) will be elected. It is fated. And, this is obviously really cool because that's what the majority of Americans want. "What do you take me for, my brother's keeper?!"

-- McCain & Palin anagram to "Panic in Calm."

Anonymous said...

Initially, I searched the wrong show, looking for the hourglass. It wasn't in As the World Turns, where you'd think it should be. For once, Wiki was helpful:

"Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives...

The show (DOOL) has also been referenced on The Simpsons episode, Pygmoelian, when Moe Szyslak gets plastic surgery on his face becoming a very handsome man. He then gets a part playing Dr. Tad Winslow, on a show called "It never ends", a parody of Days of our Lives. "It never ends" plays on the show's title sequence; "like the cleaning of a house, it never ends". ...
The show has had many high-profile fans. In 1976, TIME magazine reported that then-Justice of the Supreme Court, Thurgood Marshall, would call a recess around the 1 p.m. hour to watch Days of our Lives.[50] Actress Julia Roberts admitted at the 2002 People's Choice Awards that she was a fan of Days, and asked to be seated near the cast at that event as well as other award shows. In 2004, during the show's Melaswen (New Salem backwards, apparently an alien hostage prison...nina) storyline, Roberts' interest was considered notable enough that Entertainment Weekly quoted her saying that "[the show has] gotten a little wacko."[51] A 1998 TIME article mentioned that Monica Lewinsky, the former White House aide who admitted to having an "inappropriate relationship" with then-president Bill Clinton, was a passionate fan of Days of our Lives, so much so that she wrote a poem about the series in her high school yearbook. The article compared her whirlwind experiences in the White House to a story on Days...."

Anonymous said...

consistently one of the most gifted and inspired writers of our times/ or any times.

Anonymous said...

Now is the time to grieve. Now, in this brief calm before the storm, is the time to lower our heads and remember what we were, what we had, what we've done. Shed your tears now for those who have yet to fall, for if they have not yet woken from their dream they never will. They are indeed, as another commenter noted, the walking dead, and nothing can be done to save them. There will be no time to grieve for them in what's coming. All of us will be fighting for our very lives.

Grieve now, and get it out of your system, so you waste no more time bemoaning that which cannot now be changed (if indeed it ever could have). Let it all out, so that when the time comes, we can confront whatever challenges come our way with clear eyes and clear minds. Everything that you have - your money, your property, even your family and friends - is now forfeit. Whether you lose it today or a year from now is of no consequence; when the time comes, you will face what you have to with nothing to aid you but your wits and your soul.

Now is the time to grieve, but more than that, it is time to prepare. Time to brace ourselves, and to plan for what comes next. The world is ending, yes, but it is ending to open the way for a new world, and while many of us fear the new world will be the New World Order, I'm telling you now it won't be. The New World Order is the Old World Order with an unfortunate name; it is the highest development of all the pathologies that have animated our civilization for millenia. It cannot survive the rapaciousnss of its overlords; even as their monstrous global Machine is completed, it is beginning to malfunction and collapse. Many will die with it. Those who survive will do so with great hardship, but on the other side of all this is a world so beautiful it's hard to even imagine it today. But imagine it you must, for without some vision to sustain you, you will surely succumb.

Anonymous said...

Les - really, really wondering what you heard from command central re Oct, 14
Obama wins in a landslide, don't worry. Biden the zionist becomes president.
The ship is sunk, yes sir. Martial Law is coming and that sir is when the shit hits the fan.
They've stolen our wealth, and hungry people become angry people. Believe it or not some of the sheep will become wolves.

Anonymous said...

I agree with frankensteiner. When mccain retires due illness, Lieberman steps in and the dreams of the zionists are realized.

nobody said...

Well, I laughed out loud. Mind you, I do that when I watch the news too. How do they read the autocue with a straight face? Perhaps they've had a humourectomy? And in the big picture, laughing at it all is as valid a response as any...

Otherwise I'm still grooving on The Who as homicidal crystal-meth berserkers, blood spraying in all directions. This brave new world!

Anonymous said...

You hit the nail on the head, Les. This madness will not succeed. And when the pariahs (i.e, americans/jews) of the planet get what they have coming, the rest of thw world won`t even shed a tear.

Anonymous said...

Les,I'v been reading your blog for some months now.I come for your writing and the comments that are left as well.It is very interesting reading,and I was wondering what you'd think your readers could do to help you on your crusade(other than putting on a tee shirt ,or slapping signs around town).
I'm a bit slow and am not quite what your purpose is.
I read your last installment of the "Whine",and it just muddled my mind a bit more then usual.
As I said I enjoy your writings,and the other contributers to the page,and am just looking for some clarity of what you wish(dream) would happen.
best regards,

Anonymous said...

Yep like some Bogart movie you give the hysterical woman a quick slap inorder to make her snap out of it !! But the hysterical woman continues on into complete and utter insanity while dancing in time to the satanic pipers tune.
They may be saved the ending but it wont be Jesus doing their saving.

Anonymous said...

From Command Central
With compliments

Robert said...

Episode 22 Is very amusing
(Except for the defendent,of course

Anonymous said...

If this world wasn't up side down with its own head stuck up its ass and enjoying the smell you'd be writing for the most important periodicals of the day but I've told you that before. I hope you enjoy my care package it isn't much but its what I could get. Give me a bell mate, I don't know your number there and your email communications have been for shit lately, not a problem except that I had to hope you were at the same address down south.

I'm toying with the idea of coming by in the beginning of the year. Let me know how that shakes out.


Visible said...

Hi Brad (know you hate that).

I'm grateful. Everything is the same. Your email isn't coming through because all of my lesvisible.com emails are over quota. The creeps that host my website are Nazi's. Michael R. says he's going to direct me to a new spot so it's a little bit of a delay for that. I've had a world of trouble from the people at IPowerweb and they won't unlock the quota on my mailboxes so that a new password will come through because everything is forwarded to GMail so and so on and so forth so all my mail to other locations is lost.

Just write me at lesvisible@gmail and we'll talk about the other thing. It's fine and all. It's just a matter of scheduling.



Anonymous said...

I'm a little surprised, more than just a little, there isn't more acknowledgement for the heartfelt wisdom presented here by Anonymous 1:59 AM.
No, I didn't write that, but I could have. To read such things on a public forum brings on a strange kind of patriotism, beaten down and bereft of any logic. You just have to wonder, what else is in store? There's no turning back now, everything could change in a moment. Yes, there was 911, but still it keeps coming, shape-shifting.
Thanks Les, for allowing us voice.

Anonymous said...

What is the point of a column such as this?
If you believe that nothing can be done to save this country, then, having said so, you can close down--because no one needs to hear that message more than once. "Doom! Doom!! Doom!!!" is a rather dull refrain, even if it is true.
On the other hand, if you believe that something can be done--or even attempted--to save the country, then what is it?

Parfer DeCourse said...

I know of a fireman, in Atlanta, who was removed from duty, issued a gun and trained by HomeLand security. He is not permitted tell me what the training involved or why they trained him. I can only imagine that this process has been cookie-cuttered across the nation to add to the existing readiness for impending marshall law.

In case you missed it, here is great movie that illustrates what you have been trying to tell us about those who control our destiny. Be sure to pay close attention to the section on Michael Chertoff and his controlling piece of the pie. My fireman friend (mentioned above) was shocked!!

Thanks so much for your words of wisdom, Les!
(I am on your side)


nobody said...

Thanks Nina,

How did I miss that from anon? Thanks anon. Very nicely put. I've disconnected utterly - banks, tax, bits of paper with my name on it. Now I'm waiting for what comes next. I have no idea what game they will ultimately spring on us but I shall refuse to follow the rules.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les. Your writing depresses me. It depresses me because it rings with the truth. It depresses me because deep down I feel that 80% maybe more, of the worlds population is suffering from a self-imposed mental block on reality, especially here in the western part of the world. Nothing seems to matter anymore, it’s a (dog-eat-dog) every man for himself. Stuff you Jack, so long as I got my 42inch plasma TV with Oprah Winfrey, Jerry Springer, Sex in the city, America’s next top model, the X factor, and all the other shit, that is so much more important than real life. So long as I have and have and have and have even more, then I don’t give a shit.
Here in the UK we follow the ‘make believe lives’ of the TV stars from East Enders, Coronation Street, Big Brother, Home and away and a whole lot of other shit and peoples conversations centre around these as if they were true. I talk to people over here about Iraq, Iran, Russia, America, Oil, 9/11 inside job and all the other shit and the suffering that goes with it. I try to tell them about the suffering that is coming on us all soon and they look at me as if I had horns coming out of my head. Most people walk through this world with no grip on reality and then act all shocked when the shit hits the fan. Why am I telling you all this, you already know? I just wish things where different. Where is it all going to end? I have a good idea where, but it doesn’t bare thinking about. I read other sites like yours and they all say the same thing. The shit is coming and it has western world written all over it, no better make that, the whole world. Sorry folks for sounding so happy, but that’s how it is. That’s how it is in a world that kills 50 million babies every year through abortion. That’s how it is in a world that blows the life out of thousands of its fellow citizens with bombs and bullets. That’s how it is in a world that seeks self, self, self, while half of that world is starving. That’s how it is in a world that has kicked God out and put the devil and self on the throne. I was thinking tonight about the fine folks in America and all the talk over there about civil liberties and Homeland security and the FEMA camps in the US and I thought about the film ‘Escape from N York’. Need I say more?
Ah well, never mind, let’s see what’s on TV. Let’s go to McDonalds and get a Big Mac and let’s talk about happy stuff.
Les, it’s not you that depresses me, it’s this selfish world and the people who think that everyone in a suit and tie must be a nice guy and can be trusted. It’s all those people who turn up at political conferences and blow kisses at the next President or Prime Minster. It’s all those people who look in the mirror, first thing in the morning and last thing at night and think…… think nothing unless it’s about themselves.
It’s all those people, all over the world, who think this world is about them and stuff everyone else. The only thing that keeps me from going in to total despair is the fact that the Truth will win in the end. Jesus rules.
Ps, keep writing, you never know, maybe another soul will wake up and smell the coffee. God have mercy on us all.

Anonymous said...

“You cannot tell the truth in America without censor.” That is because permanent deception has become the truth. If you don’t buy into the lie you aren’t patriotic, you are someone to be scorned. We are in the mess you describe because that is the natural outcome for a system based on falsehood. How can people make rational decisions when the vast majority of what they “know” isn’t true. Look how many people are loosing their homes, cars, or are in debt up to their neck with credit cards at 20%+ interest. Is it rational to buy a home you can’t afford? How about giving some bankster 20% interest on purchases of junk you don’t need or want? That is what you get when your head is full of falsehood. Nothing surprises me anymore. Actually once you get to the point where you can kind of float above it, it becomes humorous in a cynical way. I love watching the clowns on CNBC question whether we are in a recession, or comment on our 6% unemployment rate (it is really 13%+) how about the 4% inflation rate etc. Government statistics are a joke. You can still trade on them because you know they were fake last month, they are fake this month, and they will be consistently fake next month. I know people/families are suffering because of these dire economic conditions but many of them brought it upon themselves. Frugality is the name of the game, we can win, we can bring this wretched system to its knees. It’s already tottering, things are going to get a lot worse. This time the banksters have overreached, don’t do anything to help save their ass. Kick back, watch your expenditures, live below your means. The Fed is throwing tens of billions to their friends on Wall Street. That is our money. It isn’t working, more banks and investment houses will fail. It might be painful in the short run but a Phoenix will rise from the ashes. A world of light and love, everything we dream about. The fraudsters have a place but not in this new world. They want a new world order, they will get their wish as cavemen somewhere far far away.


Anonymous said...

America is "Tophet" and it shows to those who can "c"

Unknown said...

I have been reading your column for some time now and others that say the same thing. The party is over. None of you say anything about what we can do about it. I guess maybe it is too late , huh? I feel like it is 462 AD all over again.

Visible said...

A brief answer to those who want to know why I'm not waving a magic wand and turning the world into Shangri La.

Imagine a man standing on a rain swept road waving a lantern at night and calling out to passing cars that. "The bridge is out." Would this be considered a service?

Did Jeremiah provide a service or couldn't they have done just as well without him?

Is the message here different than the main stream media? Is the main stream media not exhorting people to keep driving even though the bridge is out? Is this a service?

Now... it's true, you can hear what you hear here, differently worded, at many sites around the internet so why should I do this anyway. I have asked myself that question actually and I have stopped writing here for as much as half a year at a time. Should those other sites shut up too and shouldn't we just let the professionals at mainstream media report and comment on the news and the world because they have documents attesting to their capability and why should they lie anyway? Do they lie?

Or... if there is an army of writers and voices that oppose and contradict mainstream media how many of them is enough? Is my presence too much? Should we have a set number? Can you hear a choir with a thousand voices better than one with a hundred voices?

Or... should a site like mine be judged on a single posting or should it be judged overall? OR should I listen to anonymous whiners and go away or should I write for the many readers who come here on a regular basis and want me to write and ignore the occasional anonymous critic whose identity and intention are unknown?

Does the anonymous writer have gallstones? Is the anonymous writer bilious? Does the anonymous writer need a drink but knows what will happen when he takes that first one and is his battle with himself and not me?

Where to start?

I've offered many, many solutions and suggestions here or the course of being here and many, many more have been offered in this section which is easily as important as my section.

Would Chopin's music have been better if he had avoided the black keys?

There is/are no comprehensive answer(s). I'm doing what I do because it is what I do. I do it in a particular style and that appeals to those to whom it appeals and to those whom it does not appeal I suggest that there are all kinds of other instruments and styles out there. You can listen to barrel house polka. You can listen to ambient sound. You can listen to industrial noise or the sound of heavy breathing in the room next to yours.

No one forces your presence here. Maybe you should go listen to Tony Robbins or Marianne Williamson. Maybe you should move to Salt Lake City.

anyway... this is all moot. We do offer all kinds of options here. However... time is short at the moment and 'waking up' is the preferable condition that we recommend. Simply waking up would be a positive step toward knowing what to do and assessing your place and possibilities.

Finally... why aren't you suggesting something? If you see a need fill it. Otherwise you become the very thing you have criticized. The good news is that you remain anonymous and no one but you will know that you are even more useless than your target.

In any case... a good day to you and the hope that you have and opportunity to channel your frustrations into something creative and dynamic for the betterment of all.

Wayshower said...

" The real tragedy is the terrible end of the tens of millions who went down with the ship because they could not think for themselves."
That is so true, Les. Time after time, husbands and wives, daughters and sons find themselves drawn into a conflict not of their making to pull the handful out of the proverbial.
There is a way to stop the next episode before it starts. All the flock should gamboll over to
and make their voice heard.

Anonymous said...

There are nearly 300 million of you
and only a handful of them
- do something!
If Ron Paul isn't on the ballot paper,
(if that's who you all want to vote for)
ALL OF YOU, write it on and vote for him
Tell the exit poll people so they can record it
Start a movement to do this
and follow it through
People, this is what the internet is for
All of the dissident groups - pull together
The Power that Is has put this tool here for you to use constructively – use it as S/He intended

Visible said...

I'm sorry for being tardy. For the one who wanted to know what the real central command had to say to me; I will write about it at the next Visible Origami. Since I am checking in with central command in the next day or so I will wait until after that occurs.

One more thing. If you have been using Firefox 3 and lately find that you can no longer hear audio at youtube and other places then install this update and your problems are over


otherwise you can search a long time for the source of your problem because there are a lot of solutions that aren't working.

Anonymous said...

Read the links below




Cannot confirm . But somethings cooking/been cooking for a while . Something really unexpected.


Anonymous said...

We've tried, each in our own way. Les with his remarkable [GOD given]gift to put into words what we all think.

My only thoughts to add to an already added to page of meaning full comments. As with most all my thoughts I refer to the WORD, for the truth is in the WORD and the WORD is GOD.

II Thes. 2 [11-12] And for this cause GOD shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie. That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

And that's the reason one can stand and wave the lantern, warning the passers by "the bridge is out" .......and they just keep right on ticking.

How much more evidence does one need? Wheather it be "beyond a doubt" or by "the perponderance".

Oh ! and by the way, Wondering where our "Night in shinning armour is? [Mr Ron the Constitution Paul]. He's in the wings waiting to make his debut. The Congress is going to need him to throw out that dirty rotton scoundrel who made himself dictator and calm the "armed and dangerous" citizenry into thinking we have our government back.

You don't think you can bad mouth the family for over twenty years and still be alive to talk about ....do you ???????

Only the names have been changed to protect the guilty. get ready for "Corporate Law" [formerly called Martial Law] thanks to the Village Idiot.


Anonymous said...

I am so sick of hearing the 'You just wait till Ron Paul gets done with America' lunacy.

You had better get YOUR shit together. Think your OK? You ARE not.

You all had better 'Cold Turkey' the MSM 100% That's TeeVee,Mags,Radio news papers etc. Give up the state sponsered propaganda tit and LEARN of the depths of your predicament.

America is in serious shit.

Denial is not going to help at all.

Unknown said...

The avalanche has begun. It is too late for the pebbles to vote.

Bill Martin

Anonymous said...

9/11 and the "American Inquisition"


Physics explains the pattern of energy to mass to matter as perpetual 'it can rear its head at any time' thus focus people...

Russia has exposed 9/11 (Movie Zero) to the general public... and now the table has turned. NATO must now go after the real perps, lest they be recognized as a perp in the Haag!

Ahh, the smell of truth is in the air!

You go Les! Thanks!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I have 2 blogs and I have always used my other i.d. to post with at this location. That i.d. being justin_n_il. My "two sense" can be found there. I'm not looking for people to tip their hat to me. Simply sharing what it is that I see. To Duane I do tip my hat with your mention of the "delusion" spoken of by Paul. I make mention of that in one of the three posts below. At the end of the day the TRUTH will most certainly set us free. GOD bless Les and those of you with the same heart.




Robert said...

Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/10/2008

teacher.paris said...
Aside from Mr. Rubin getting the year wrong for the 911 events, he apparently believes that people are so naive that they believe the official narrative of 911.

It is absurd to believe that the airlines were sufficient to cause the destruction at the World Trade Center.
"If you look at footage of the fall of each Tower--footage that's available on many sites online-you can see several phenomena that can't be explained by the building's potential gravitational energy. The acronym of E. P. V. S. S. helps to break down the phenomena that you can see. E for Explosiveness--the instantaneous, violent, horizontal thrust of matter at the very start of each Tower's destruction. P for Pulverization--90,000 tons of concrete slabs in each Tower blown to 100-micron particles instantaneously. V for Velocity--steel beams shot sideways as far as 500 feet at 100-feet-per-second early in each Tower's fall. One S for Speed--the rate at which the Towers fell, a rate close to free-fall, a rate identical for both matter falling through the footprint area of those 47 central steel columns and falling through the air outside each Tower's footprint area. And the last S for Symmetry--each Tower plummeting straight-down like a disintegrating elevator instead of toppling as dozens of other skyscrapers have in earthquakes." -
Don Paul

9/11/2008 3:40 AM

latté island said...
As much as I support free speech for all, the above troll is merely annoying without contributing anything to this conversation.

9/11/2008 4:33 AM

teacher.paris said...
Latté island,
Facts are stubborn things. Pity you cannot deal with them.

9/11/2008 7:21 AM

dymphna said...
teacher.paris --

Your theories remind me of the old saying: "we grow to deserve whatever it is we need to believe".

What you describe as "facts" are simply theories. They are your particular notions, derived from the writer you quote.

Or maybe you did a first-hand inspection for months of the Ground Zero site, the crater in Pennsylvania, and the destruction at the Pentagon? At the very least, this up close investigation must have taken you more than a year, right?

The collapse of the Towers was not "instantaneous", as you claim. Nor do your theories address what happened in D.C. and Pennsylvania, not to mention all the ancillary evidence left by the 9/11 murderers...going all the way back to Germany, where they began plotting this.

Latté Island is correct: you are being annoying. If you continue on this subject, I'll delete any further comments. We don't need or want troofer material degrading the comments section of our blog.

I have seen other bloggers tell you this and so I will add my voice to the chorus -- go get your own blog. You can build your cloud castles there.

You're free to believe that little gremlins lurking in the basements of the Twin Towers set off explosives. Whatever makes your clock tick...Just don't indulge those fantasies out loud on this blog again.

No more comments about the Twin Towers. None. Nada.

Consider yourself warned, teach.

notamobster said...

Well, you're all a bunch of party-poopers... There's nothing to see here. Go back to sleep. Just keep spending and everything will be fine. No money, you say? Charge it.

The US has never been stronger. Just look at all of the humanitarian work we're able to do in Iraq and the pick-a-stan region.

The Fed isn't buying up dollars with taxpayer money to prop the dollars value and give their cronies time to cash in on commodities at bargain basement pricing. The 'fundamentals are strong'! The state of things in the world is strong. Your government loves you and is only looking out for your best interest.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les
Great to see you posting again and loads of good comments here too. Have you all seen the very good Italian documentary on 911 called ZERO: An Investigation into 9/11 on YouTube? Don't worry if you can't speak Italian as it is in english here. Love to everyone especially to those of you in New York.

notamobster said...

Vis- you've been attacked, dear friend.

Attacked in the hope that some casual observer or passerby may read this and think his ideas are not welcome here... I understand you posting those comments but if this psyop convinces even one who seeks the truth, to move along - it will be to their detriment.

The collective intellect and balance of belief/non-belief on your blog is unparalleled, sir.

Pity, if some sod was able to convince a person to not come back!

notamobster said...

vis - sorry to be cheap, but can you please post my blog addresses. I would like to get the opinions of your readers for my entries, especially the latest one. Thank you. (if not, please don't post this - no hard feelings - I don't want to cheapen things here, just have some deeply personal feelings to share this time of year).



Crazy Liberal said...

Life Is Real Only Then, When 'I Am'

It's amazing how the universe works. It sets in motion balance. When there is unbalance, it tries to correct it, usually with positive results.

Just when we think everything is in tune, there is always a disharmonious chord unheard by the human ear. Any and all chords will always have a disharmony in the middle sonic sound of that particular chord. However much we try to correct it, it will always be there.

Human history is much the same way, it always has had and will always have disharmony. But, much how we tune our instruments to be harmonious, the universe is always trying to stay in tune.

Anonymous said...

The world around us is changing at the pace of a rollercoaster ride and the mind boggles as it tries to comprehend the twists and turns and G-forces placed upon it. One minute it’s plain sailing and the next its up-side-down in a hula-hoop and our brain cells explode and then regroup only to find the horizon has changed.

Anonymous said...

LoL! People still talking about voting. If voting changed anything it would be illegal. Did you have a vote on Iraq? Did you have a vote on a payraise, congress did. If Obama gets in we'll be a Muslim theocracy, if McCain gets in draft and WWIII will ensue. These are actual comments I have heard from people concerning this upcoming Diebold delivered debacle. There is not 2 parties only the war party with two faux opponents.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, notamobster, I almost slipped into my comanche skin and went for the scalp on the "bashing" of 9/11 being an inside job...On 9/11 there is nothing funny about a poster laying that crap in our world!

The revelation of 9/11 being an inside job...will have the atributes to change things in our world on a grand scale. Let us not sell the farm much less give it away.

Palin needs to shut up about Russia! Hell, how does a loving Mother send her Son off to fight, kill or be killed in a war! We have the access of information and technology(the Internet)and with this tool we can know the truth! Such an action on her part speaks volumes about this woman/manchuraian! She is a bimbo and then some; like Clinton and the rest of them...If she will sell out her own Son, what would she do to a stranger (s)! This friends is the true dead giveaway of what and who she is!!! And slamming Russia, well, she is certainly gonna offer us up as she climbs the ladder to Evil's (the father of lies) feet. Truthers must see this!

Russia is a friend, we should not poke a needle in that eye! With Russa we all have a chance to move on in a brighter direction and the only card we hold left to trump the punks!

notamobster said...

Did anyone else see the report that Russian State Television is airing 9/11 Truth documentary "Zero" in prime time to 35 Million viewers? The fact that Russia refuses to play ball with the global banking cartels makes me 'giddy as a schoolgirl'. They could be the greatest ally for truth in the world...and the western media is doing everything they can to villify...to solidify the idea of 'the evil empire' in the minds of the mouthbreathers.

Can't have the masses thinking for themselves, you know.

Sidenote - I watched Wall-e today (bear w/ me, here)... this movie is a wholesale indictment of the mindlessly aPATHETIC consumerism driven western world; so preoccupied with their entertainment induced coma, and instant-gratification lifestyles that they don't even notice the natural universe exists and is being kept from them by the kleptocracy of robotic corporatism.

Anonymous said...

Russia my friends are part of the plot to rid the world of millions of the human masses that flood the planet.

NO....NO.... and NO... We have no friends or allies just false flags and false hopes. Amazing how they can stir up the s--- [and if you notice] one bowl at a time.

We continue to do a landslide business with Communist China, but stir up the s---- with Russia. Amazing how quickly we change seats at the glutton table of deceit.

Rev 7 [7-8] And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, come and see. And I looked, and behold a pale horse; and his name that on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto ....THEM....over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

If you notice it's "him" whose name is Death, but the magic word is "THEM" the power was given unto to.

Ah ! for the WORD....If it wasn't for the WORD, there would be no word at all.

Like Mr. Ron "who loves the Constitution" Paul, Russia is just another bowl to be stirred in the bowls of s--- by the power that was given unto THEM.

There is no saving the planet, the only thing worth saving is us, [if we chose to do so], by the loving grace of "whosoever believeth in HIM, should not perish, but have everlasting life".

It was a battle for a long, long time, for me to concede to the loss of "this land that I love". Only by the Grace of GOD do I realize there is nothing on this earth more important than my "soul". [and we do have one ...you know]

That is how GOD speaks to us, that is how we know it is GOD and it is the truth. Through our souls. If it weren't for that truth, there would be no truth on this earth at all and we would be among the rest of the mindless sheeple, lost to the beast that rules this earth.

Thank you for listening


Anonymous said...

Yes Duane, you are correct 'Russia is part of the plot' but by default thus far. The new Russia 'as of fallen wall' does not want to kill if not absolutely needed.

I have worked inside at the highest levels and this has been the grooming in regard to Russia.. They brought a legal case into Denver "huge" against CIA...and I was a star witness...why did they not just shoot to kill? They were groomed! In retrospect they should reconsider the stand, for folks like me no longe exist around here and they will have NO backup! This must be said, it is not secondary to my not wanting to hold the line but because I JUST CAN'T! Nothing is going to change things for the better; but a big fat war 'unfortunately' and this will not be nukes but lasers...All I can hope for is that my children and I do not suffer 'would be best' so whatever has to happen, please do, for as we all know there is no court in the world that will or can curtail the fallout and Russia will have to bring up the rear 'so to speak'...

Hey y'all, how bout this one LOL:
Sarah Palin – Israel’s Bitch

I did not write it but is right on!!!

Anonymous said...

Voting Fourth Party

Justin_n_IL said...

Just got back to read the rest of the comments. Feel like putting in my two cents on Russia. Russia and China have grand plans for the Whore. They plan on sweeping her with the broom of destruction. Do the research my friends. Ah, but what if GOD is merely gathering up the war machines of the earth to do away with them? Do away with them after they've been used to judge the Whore. The same whore who the rest of the world has become drunk with the wine of her fornication. Most notably her monetary sorceries.

A Whore who has gone mad with consumption and entertainment. A Whore who is lovers of pleasures more than lovers of the CREATOR and her fellow "neighbor". A Whore who is in a perpetual state of "disconnect" due to her endless stream of consumption and entertainment. A Whore who is going to get down right offended when GOD raises up a "people" who will declare her lewdness to her. Hence> 24And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth.

A Whore who dwells carelessly and says within her heart "I am and no one else will be". A high minded arrogant Whore. A Whore whose main export is monetary inflation to the rest of the world. A Whore who accounts for 5% of the world's population yet she consumes 40% of it's resources. A Whore who all that trade by ship have been made rich by her insatiable appetite for material goodies. A Whore who has been able to live high on the hog via monetary smoke and mirrors. Via monetary sorceries.

nobody said...

Hey Les,

I wrote a longish comment on Russia that seems to have gone astray. Pity, I thought it was good. I couldn't be fagged rewriting it but the long and short of it was that I didn't think Putin, or Russia, was part of the banker's plan.

The endless demonisation of Russia in the banker's media speaks volumes about whose side Russia is on, ie. not the bankers.

Visible said...

That's weird. I remember that comment and I posted it too. I'll go look for it as it might still be around. I've no clue what might have happened except to say that my end of Blogger is still all screwed up and has been for months.



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