Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Well Here it Comes, Da dum da dum dum, Here Comes the Night

Yes... here it comes people. It’s a big, awkward, ungainly beast and it is collapsing through the wreckage of a large infrastructure so it may be a little while yet before it hits the ground, pulverizing the infrastructure beneath it. The greed goblins and psychopaths all have (treasure of) Sierra Madre Fever so they are only concerned with grabbing as much loot as possible before the beast crushes everything beneath it. However, like monkeys trying to steal avocados or mangos out of a clay vase, they’re not going to let go of the fruit. They just can’t... even if it means their life. More power to them in that endeavor.

You’ve been warned. You’ve been warned by the real truth sites like The Truthseeker as well as What Really Happened and The Signs of the Times and The People’s Voice has warned you and so have the handful of other truthful sites. I’ve warned you and others have warned you but... you can’t hear and you won’t listen and those who will not listen must feel.

I’ve known these days were coming for years. Ten years ago I left the U.S. because I knew. Why you can’t see it is a mystery to me. The blinders of self-interest are amazing. They filter everything but the sleazy focus of the one obsessed. A few years ago I knew it was getting close so we bought a small house in a very rural farming area, far away in an undisclosed location that does not have Dick Cheney in it. Now you can see it advancing through your windshield and in your rear view mirror you can see the world you knew vanishing in the distance behind.

You are fools. You are petty, corrupt fools. You’re going to get an asswhupping the like of which your limited imagination cannot comprehend. Even now, you could change your ways and admit your ignorance and embrace the truth but you would rather live in a world of crass convenience, bad magic and the carrot and stick illusions that have driven you into the wasteland. You are going to become object lessons on how not to be.

Was it because of the possibility of a piece of the action? Was it because you are amoral? Was it because you are abysmally ignorant and proud of it? Was it because your appetites overwhelmed your higher nature? I imagine some applies here and some applies there and that there are other reasons as well. It doesn’t matter how you came to step into the bear trap ‘after’ you have stepped into the bear trap. Hindsight is of no use in this case... unless you get a second chance. This is your second chance.

Perhaps I am writing this simply because I am compelled to write. I’ve never had much choice about that. Maybe it’s just me playing solitaire with words.

What you are looking at now is not ‘the’ bad shit. This is the movie trailer... or perhaps it’s the early part of the movie. The bad sections are still on the way and you will find yourself surprised beyond reckoning at just how fast it can come upon you. It’s sort of like trying to outrun a tsunami. The best way to outrun a tsunami is to head for the hills as soon as you see the ocean recede.

I’ll admit to a lot of satisfaction at Wall Street’s dilemma. Years ago I and others told you it was going to happen. I’m not in any way an economist but even I knew that the ‘devil may care’ cavalier, sub-prime, home loan scam was a big mistake. But... that’s just a portion of the whole. What you have here is a classic, “knee bone’s connected to the thigh bone, thigh bones connected to the hip bone” situation and so on and so forth.

You don’t want to hear it. “It’s just market forces adjusting.” It’s not just market forces, although you could say they were adjusting; the same way that the elements in the toilet bowl adjusts to the force of the water. It’s the naked aggression for gain as well. And make no mistake... the vicious reptiles that have waged these wars in your name are not done yet. They just can’t help themselves and so... there’s going to be a lot more than market forces to worry about; not that worry ever helped anyone.

Everything’s connected. So... when the system in use has become nothing more than a vampire siphon machine for the few in control of it... it’s toast. Others can tell you why this is. I’m not here to analyze the components behind your doom. I’m just here to tell you it’s on the way and that you had better make some adjustments, pronto.

It’s too much to expect that you the people will drag these malefactors from their privileged beds and wreak havoc upon them. For some reason you think it safer to be their canon fodder and blood supply. Far be it from me to make your mind up for you.

Warning signs exist for a reason. They are there to inform you of hazards on the road. Giving me the finger as you drive by does not negate the existence of these hazards. There’s a reason for turn signals and speed limits. There’s a reason for being prudent when necessary. You’ll note how so many have done away with the practice of basic survival skills the way they did away with courtesy and manners. In fact... those who practice prudence and basic survival skills have become an annoyance and an obstacle on the highway to those who don’t.

How bad is it going to get? We’ll see ...won’t we?

Many of you assisted in helping to elect one of the most cowardly and base criminal weasels that have ever come down the pike into the presidency. He didn’t actually win, so blatant voter fraud compensated for the margin of loss. You did this twice while the world turned into a paranoid, flaming dumpster. You tossed your communities existence into the dumpster and then danced around it like it was some kind of bonfire at a Summer Solstice. You’re going to get a collective spanking. Indeed you are, because the poison beneath has found it’s way to the surface skin and is bursting forth like runaway teenage acne only this isn’t acne and there’s no Clearasil for it.

Your Boy Chimp Emperor is coming to the end of his term. Various forces all compelled by the same dark confusions are wrestling in the shadows for possession of the ring. A small violent country from far away is wreaking mayhem with everything it touches. It’s daily, casual murders and outright genocide is nothing to you. With help from their friends on the inside they attacked your largest city and military institution. They’ve got a much bigger surprise in store. Do you really think if they did it once they won’t do it again; given that the truth is surfacing all over the world? You are living proof that those who do not learn from- or even know or care what happened in- the past are doomed to repeat it.

Lately I’ve been saying the same thing in different ways. You might wonder why that is but you won’t have to wonder for too long now. There isn’t anything else to say at the moment. If you think a new president is going to make any difference then you are a fool. Both of the candidates are under the thumb of life’s ancient enemy and any departure from the status quo on their part includes a bullet to the head. If you want to see how promised change comes about, look at what happened after the 2006 elections.

But their hour has come too, just like yours has. The bankers and politicians are also going down, quite some distance further down than you may find yourself. Every now and then it’s time to clean the landscape and freshen the air with an absence of those things which have stunk up the joint for far too long. I can’t say it’s going to give me any real personal pleasure to see it but I will surely be glad to see them gone.

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kikz said...


Anonymous said...

Awesome as usual... Keeping it coming. I really enjoy your writings and insight. Too bad most are still asleep.


Anonymous said...

The generator is running here in Ohio as 3 out of 4 homes in our county are without power after the high winds Sunday. Most of our electric crews are in Texas...or, they tell us..on the way back. Reports of trucks with supplies and electric crews on the side of the highways in Texas...out of fuel. Runs on banks not being reported by the MSM...all the talking heads saying to keep your money in the banks. The FED only has $50billion to insure (fdic) 1 trillion in deposits. What THEY fear most is us not relying on them. When we had an ice storm here a few years back, most were without power for 7-10 days. When they opened the high school up, 15 people showed up the first night...five the next...none after that--our county is 40,000 people. People took it upon themselves to help each other...or in most cases just take care of themselves. it wasn't even reported on the BIG CITY news because their was no calamity or deaths. Same happening today---people are taking care of themselves and going about their business. The means to take care of yourself--and the means to protect yourself.Leaches need not apply!!!


Ben There said...

Well Les, I wish you weren't right about this stuff. The saddest part is that the people who caused it won't by touched by any of it. It's only upper middle America and down that will be crushed in the wake of this.

notamobster said...

It's a sobering thought when you spend years (15 for me - I inherited my tinfoil hat)watching and waiting, preparing and telling people what's coming, though most times; not having all of the information or the right words to express your ideas, but knowing what it is you're trying to convey...it's sobering to see that tidal surge approaching at break-neck speed, now.

You're absolutely right, fear never saved anyone, but being nervous does stimulate something in the mind that heightens ones senses. I have been at this for many years, and I have a constant sense of forboding and nervousness, with the state of the world and America in particular, over this past 12 months, or so.

It's not unlike that feeling you get in your stomach (for those who have experience fighting) just before you throw that initial blow.

I don't think I can properly imagine what those who are caught off guard will do, or how they will react (with sheer, irrational terror), when the house of cards finally tumbles.

Well written as always, vis. Many thanks. (If this shows up twice, please delete one of them...it gave me some kind of error)

Anonymous said...

Hold on, the best is yet to cum!!!

Wait until the dollar is so worthless, that it's better to use as toilet paper than as cash.

When that happens, something like the Amero will be introduced, to get the next generation's flimflam game up and running.

When the Amero is put into circulation, we'll be told that in order to trade UP to the Amero, you'll need to bring in EVERY piece of gold and silver you have, including your wedding rings or they won't trade any Amero's for your worthless dollars.

How sweet it is, a con man's dream.

As for America, I chose to stay and fight for the country I once loved long ago and if that means literally fighting, so be it.

Who's to fight this beast, the ones that fill their minds with the latest on Britney or Paris?

Les, you're old enough to remember the album by Steppenwolf called "Monster," are you not?

There's still some decent people here, some by choice, some by fate and if they need help fighting the Monster, then let the good times roll.

Fuckin' Aye, Skippy.

"Bring it on"

Anonymous said...

Thap....thap...thap thap thap thap thap thap thap thap...You have my applause Les!!

This is in my mind one of the best posts I have read by you, and though I tend not to post any comments to articles unless they, so to speak “moved me” to do just that and this one of those occasions.

I have been telling friends and family for quite some time now that the economy in the USA is in deep deep trouble and while I am a Canuck I can see there will be wide reaching affects to this country as well. How can it not be, I think the last time I followed, our trade to the USA was in excess of 60 percent of what we export. If you look at what is happening in the manufacturing industry in Ontario, the lumber industry in BC and even the meat on the hoof industry across the prairies you will see a decline of economic activity so yes IT is coming but like our neighbors to the south there are not too many prepared or even preparing for the storm ahead....

Keep up the great work!


Anonymous said...


This is an excellent article; very pertinent and to the point and calling a spade a spade. I in my limited way when I read these kinds of articles usually copy and paste them and resend them to all my contacts in my email inbox.

Some persons have told me that I am too negative. I have a sister that lives in London and she and I are at loggerheads because of sending her this kind of information. So, I did what I was asked to do and stop sending it to her.

I hope she wakes up from her stupid slumber before all hell breaks loose. At the very least, she cannot say that I never tried to warn her of the bad stuff coming down the tube.

Anonymous said...

Obama shares Bush's goals
This was proven in the last election!
Obama is merely the face of the Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Get your kicks before the whole shithouse goes up in flames-Jim Morrison Let it collapse who cares anything is better than this bloodsucking neo feudal slavestate of staring blank faces crammed into Funeralopolis.

Anonymous said...

As always you hit the nail on the head.

When Americans finally get what they have coming (and as you wrote the signs are everywhere and have been for quite a while) one cannot say they didn`t deserve it. They did. Every inch of it. Unfortunatley it still won`t wake the sheeple zombies up.

Anonymous said...


Did you ever see the film of Mt Unzen (Japan) erupting and removing Katia and Maurice Krafft (Volcanologists) from the face of the planet?

Hey, you can run, but you can't escape a pyrochlastic flow. Tsunami isn't the word for it.

Anonymous said...

You must have studied with a Jehovah's Witness as the system of things you refer to and the evil one running all the gov's and business? You just were not able to let go of the politics?
Only thing is, no where is safe! For me I am learning more about Jehovah!
He is the only way to life.

Anonymous said...

I only discovered your blog a couple of months ago. I have been reading it ever since.

You say so eloquently the very things I try to say to people I know. Unfortunately, there are far too many who don't want to know the truth.

Thank you for continuing to hold high the light of truth.

Anonymous said...

how come when I post nothing shows up?

Franz said...

"Everything’s connected."

Les --

As alwayss you're mostly right...

Remember that scene in FIGHT CLUB, where Edward Norton is telling off Helena Bonham Carter and says, "I know in the Tibetan and Sylvia Plath sense, we're all dying BUT--"

There's that same BUT here.

In the quantum physics particle inseperability sense we're all connected BUT--

From 1945 on Americans accepted mobility in the spatial sense as a Way Of Life By 1965, IBM's nickname was "I BEEN MOVED". And being moved was considered a good thing, a promotion.

From that time on, Americans were less connected than ancient peasants.

Neighbors don't know neighbors. Move in. Move out. Die, get downsized, get a promotion, no one knows. No one says goodbye when you leave because no one said hello when you arrived.

There's always been a suspicion. The so-called Looney Left had the suspicion way back in the Eisenhower years.

The suspicion is that Levittown and superhighways and malls were part of a plot. To disconnect people. Force people to pay for gas even when they only have to go get a loaf of bread. Call it progress. Make it cheap and easy. Wait till the whole population are alien to each other. Then JACK UP ALL THE PRICES.

Were they right?

Everything's connected. But connectedness is useless without awareness and between flouride and cable TV and celltowers and chemtrails, how much awareness is left?

Like the guy said, nations do not die natural deaths, they are murdered. Sometimes slow poison from different directions sinking in deep and unnoticed till the corpses start to rot.

Visible said...

I can't answer for why posts don't show up because I post the one's that do. Blogger for me is all screwed up. I can't control the appearance and posting my pieces is a real workaround every time. My suggestion is to save what you have to say or to post multiple times. I will only post one of them anyway.

The connectedness I was talking about was that which exists between events and conditions; the world of phenomena. Everything in the manifest world is either Nature or a perversion or adaptation of it.

I've never had anything to do with the Jehovah's witnesses. There's a lot of heavy karma and mind control there. I like my God direct and not filtered through the lenses of vested interests.

Anonymous said...

Well 2 million still w/o power Tuesday in TX and FEMA was a clusterfuck as usual!
Bush did his usual flyover/driveby four days after the fact. Many without food and water STILL, my family had to go to Austin and stay w/ my son there. Galveston looks like a nukeular bomb hit it, uninhabitable and as per NOLA, probably wont be built again. Who has the money anymore?!!
Of course the corporate media has already moved onto other disasters, like losing their money on Wall St.

Franz said...

"Everything in the manifest world is either Nature or a perversion or adaptation of it."

Bull's eye, Les!

The perversion of patriotism, community, is what did the deed.

The USA, in Washington, isn't composed of "regions" or "states".

Since Truman it's been divided into Media Markets, since Nixon it's divided into Tax Districts, since Reagan... FEMA occupation zones, I guess.

What it's done to the people can't be doubted.

There will be reconnection of sorts I think. But who really wanted the black shirts and razor wire... I mean except Henry Kissinger who was talking about UN troops coming to our "rescue" 30 years ago, before we needed rescuing.

My new movie is called "Meet Kali Yuga" coming to Halliburton Hiltons real soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Les. Jeremy Davies, who played Corporal Upham In the war film, Saving Private Ryan, upon hearing the word Fubar, asks his companions what it meant. The response was, “its German”. “Fubar, he replied, I never heard of that”. Which was somewhat ironic seeing as Corporal Upham was supposed to be the units’ German translator.
The reason being of course is that Fubar is not a German word. I have to admit, I had never heard the expression ‘Fubar’ before and I too was a bit lost. I am happy to say that I now know what it means. For those of you who are still wondering, the word Fubar, means America. Translation = fucked-up-beyond-all-recognition.
The good news is Corporal Upham, despite his dimwit, finely realised what the word, Fubar, stood for and came good in the end. Now it is your turn. Its time to wake up America, you have been asleep long enough. Your dimwit attitude has blinded you for far too long and now you must realise, as Corporal Upham did, that it is time to stand up and be counted.
The only good news, if that what you would call it, is you are not alone. The whole world, as far as I can see, is F.U.B.A.R
Its time we all stood up for something, anything. So long as it is not the same old crap coming from the big square box that sits in our living rooms and fills us with so much shit that we no longer know how to think for ourselves anymore. I remember the words of an old country song that goes, “Stop the world and let me off, I'm tired of goin' 'round n' 'round, I played the game of love and lost so, stop the world and let me off”. Its time to jump off the world. Get out of the rat race before it is too late. Your love affair with the world; and what you hoped to gain from it, has brought you nothing but heartache. My advice is. Get yourself right with God because I have a feeling He will be coming back soon, or at the least, He will be letting us know that He is still there.

psychegram said...

I've got that same feeling. Doom overshadowing everything. Great Events being set in motion, about to sweep us all towards our destinies, whatever those may be.

Just remember, it's all about Free Will. At every moment, you have a choice of what to do. Even if They are holding a gun to your head, you still have the choice to drop your pants and tell 'em to kiss your ass.

I've been trying to wake up my family. My siblings, no problem. They all get it instinctively. My parents, not so much ... and I'm worried for them. We have a place out in Canadian forest, well away from any cities, surrounded by small towns and small farms. Shit, I'm still worried, because up here the winter gets cold, and this year the Wolves will be running on the snow, howling after blood. I can feel it in my bones.

Les linked to sott.net. I can't recommend that site enough. It's one of the few whose news I trust. But don't stop there, because there's much, much more: the site's founder, Laura Knight-Jadzcyck, is a very important person. More important than we yet realize. What's coming is a Test, the most rigorous our species has ever faced, and for quite some time now Laura's been in touch with entities that are providing us with the keys to passing that test. Go to http://www.cassiopaea.org, open your mind, read, and THINK! Because as far down as you've followed the rabbit hole, it goes so much deeper than you ever imagined.

Some of you might go there and get put off by what you'll at first interpret as New Age weirdness. I was at first. So look at Signs of the Times, and ask yourself, are the people who maintain that site crazy? You'll know the answer, deep inside, whether you admit it or not. And if you don't, well ... neither did I, at first. We all learn at our own pace.

Parfer DeCourse said...

I think that Katrina, Rita and Ike serve as a sort of microcosm for the excrement approaching the blades that you have been describing for so long.

There is still no power to much of Houston after 4 days. If you can find gas at all, the lines are wrapped around the block. People are filling their tanks and whatever gas cans they can find to keep their generators going.

If you can find a store open, it is usually wiped out. Keep in mind that this was just a hurricane and should only be a temporary situation. What will the sheeple do when this lack of power, food, water, supplies, and all the other amenities that seem like luxuries now disappear?

I have felt the tsunami coming since 1991. I too have tried to spread the word to the deaf, dumb and blind to no avail. I feel yours and the rest of the bloggers pain. Why aren't our words and warnings enough? Why can't others clearly see what has been in front of us all these years?

I hold you and your writings in high esteem, Les. Thanks for letting me know I am not alone!

Anonymous said...

First of all, congratulations for the correct spelling of 'whupass'.
It is 'whup', as in , "I'm gonna whup your ass". The market meltdown is just the beginning. I think everything that has been fraudentally put together is about to come apart.

The AM gov bails out some but lets others twist in the wind. Should have payed those extortion payments (campaign contributions).

Gonna be some interesting sh*t coming down

Anonymous said...

Everything is going great nothing to see hear move along. 4.25$ a gallon is the time for a joyride cruise. Spent 60-80$ at the grocery and you get home and wonder where the stuff is? Relax a nice nuclear holocaust will distract you from these minor inconveniences. Our strategic MBA genius is soon to get us in a 4 front war, you see war is the only way to hide a burnt out hull of a farce economy. Got draft age kids? Hug em tell em ya love em they will probably fight over some politics they couldn't care less about. A political system that exists for corporate and personal enrichment can probably only manufacture war anyway. I read online article how members of congress have 200$ billion invested in the war machine so they are not gonna turn into peaceniks now. I've wondered these past 8years why the rest of the world just sits around doing nothing while a handful of scum sucking, war mongering pigs threaten the existence of the whole human race. It boggles the mind.

Anonymous said...

I love to read your thoughts,I have my own blogs on www.ibibo.com.My inspiration comes from thetuthseekers, whatreallyhappened, you and many other independent writers who have risked their careers to awaken people across the globe.Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes… the fear factor coupled with condemnation of a person’s choice to stay and not run and hide. The point you have omitted is that you can run but you cannot hide for long. There are no safe harbors because this cancer of contrived limited resources will spread to all parts of the world. To run to South America or a remote house in the middle of nowhere is analogous to a rat running to a high rock in a walled-in pit that is filling with water. If our fate is death, then so be it. There are far worse repercussions in life than death… living after a tsunami’s destruction would be one example. The establishment could have killed us all yesterday but did not do so… why? Wisdom is gained by knowledge of history; however, do not persevere on the events of yesterday, and never fear the unknowns of tomorrow. Live for today.

Anonymous said...

After 2 days of intense monitoring of the airwaves, I decided to shut it down, since I´ve stopped monitoring events on a regular basis. Obvious is it not? Then withing a short time period, my chest began tohurt, my blood pressure went up, and I had to stop. Perhaps my age, mid 40´s plays a role. Nonetheless, the reaction in my subconscious seems to control my physiological responses. Do other out there notice this,or should I see aq doctor. Les, perhaps you´ve seen a documentary film entitled "A Crude Awakening"? I had heard of it only just recently,and fortunately caught in on a French German channel in Europe, Arte last night. I reccommend this highly to all...since it provideda key logic as to why events arethe way they are.This is the first time I reccommended anyfilm to anyone in my life, so it must be important. And yes, I´m aware of the fallacies of propaganda, but this documentary really gets to the core quntessence of of collective human dillemma. It´s a warning sign and more...think Dinosaur technology and their demise. Stargazer

Anonymous said...

I am serious Les You Me and a huge party to BREAK the Bad news???

What say?

Get a ton of yer buds to do a show have some laughs Whatever!

We have to live some time do we not?

Anyhoo Good one!

Anonymous said...

"Funeralopolis" Electric Wizard

Funeral planet, dead black asteroid
Mausoleum, this world is a tomb
Human zombies, staring blank faces
No reason to live, dead in the womb
Death shroud existence, slave for a pittance
Condemned to die before I could breathe
Millions are screaming, the dead are still living
This Earth has died yet no one has seen


I don't care, this world means nothing
Life has no meaning, my feelings are numb
Faceless masses filed like gravestones
Sacrificed for the glory of one
Funerary cities, flesh press factories
Corporate maggots feed on the carrion
Funeralopolis, grey morgue apocalypse
Black clouds form to block out the sun

Funeral planet, dead black asteroid
Mausoleum, this world is a tomb
Human zombies, staring blank faces
No reason to live, dead in the womb
Planet of the dead
Planet of the dead

Death shroud existence, slave for a pittance
Condemned to die before I could breathe
Millions are screaming, the dead are still living
This Earth has died yet no one has seen
Planet of the dead
Planet of the dead


Nuclear warheads ready to strike
This world is so f**ked, let's end it tonight
Nuclear warheads ready to strike
This world is so f**ked, let's end it tonight
Nuclear warheads ready to strike

Anonymous said...

Great post Les. You are something else. I love your statement, “ I like my God direct and not filtered through the lenses of vested interests.” I keep a list of wise sayings and that bit of wisdom will be included. I’ve been raging on organized religion for years. It is nothing but brainwashing.
“If you can’t learn from the past you are doomed to repeat it.” I might add if you think things are different now you deserve to repeat it.
If anyone thinks you are an alarmist all they need to do is pay attention to what is happening on Wall Street or the real estate market. The shit has already hit the fan. I can’t believe what I’m seeing. Lehman Brothers a 158 year old company with it’s stock at eleven cents when it was around fifty dollars in May 08. How about AIG (American Insurance Group) around two dollars. It was seventy bucks in January 08. Bear Sterns gone. As I write, Goldman Sacks down thirty dollars and trading isn’t over for the day. Half what it was worth in January 08. Countrywide merged with Bank of America for pennies on the dollar. Now Bank of America in a shotgun marriage with Merrill Lynch. (Merrill stock at twenty vs sixty in January 08). I could go on and on but you get the point. Have you checked your 401k lately? If this isn’t a depression what is. Same situation with real estate. Did you know it is possible to buy a home in some of our larger undesirable cities for under a thousand dollars. I wouldn’t recommend living there. As a matter of fact I wouldn’t recommend living in any large US city. Maybe we will make it to the “election.” Until then the powers that be have their fingers and toes in the dike. Your warnings will be readily apparent once Obongo or the insane McCain is “chosen” to “lead.” With thousands of brilliant ethical people in this country, you ever wonder where the hell they get these degenerates? Damn I forgot, they come from the vast pool of perverts and criminals that serve as our leadership. Well enough of a rant, thanks for being there Les.


Visible said...

Well... that was a nice rush of comments. I wonder what provoked that.

thank you. and

we'll see

However... there is something else I wanted to say (I'm noting the keylogger that seems to be in operation because I am noticing the delay... if only I were dangerous).

anyway... I talked about Ketamine at the Petri Dish blog and someone shows up being Buddha which is okay except that they are just words. It makes me tired when people feel the need to let me know that the void is the only reality. I keep wondering what they will think when the void takes the opportunity to show them just how human they are.

Along those same lines, people have seen fit to lecture me on a number of things here lately... like, it's not all connected or... inferring that my living in a remote farming community is no protection against death and dismemberment... ah duh... maybe I should just catch the next plane to Houston and rent a house, though I doubt that will satisfy the pontificators.

Look people... I'm not Da Vinci and I'm not The Wizard of Oz but... I do know a few things and I've never been about escaping death or thinking I'm going to survive because I was smart enough to get out of the target zones. It just so happens that I do what I'm told. What is important is who I get my marching orders from and on that account I am truly secure in my mind.

It is said that in certain times all that one who possesses (some) wisdom can do is to step aside and step away from the transformation zone. It is why Lao Tzu got on a water buffalo and rode out through the great wall of china; taking the time of course to sit under a tree and write the 80 odd vignettes and leave them with the gatekeeper before he vanished into the mist.

I can't say a lot of things for sure but one thing I can say for sure is that I have contacted the source and on that account I will have more to say shortly at another blog. That source has been with me all my life...guiding me, protecting me and kicking my ass as well.

I've heard it all and I don't discount the truth in those ageless texts but saying it and being it are two different things and those who are it don't have to say anything although...sometimes they do and it is usually in times like this that they do and usually they need an instrument and there are a number of them in play.

Ah well... I probably didn't say this very well but maybe I'll get it together at some point.

Anonymous said...

Frank's comment touched on something that's been troubling me for along time. I too have noticed how scattered we are from each other these days, and I mean scattered in the sense that half or most or even all of our tribe might be a thousand miles away from us.

I use the term "tribe" as it's more aptly describes what I'm talking about than words like 'friends' or 'family.' Our tribe is our inner circle; it'll have some of our friends and family in it (but usually not all) and they are the people we would trust with our lives. We often have an old trusted friend or two who we'd do anything for and who'd do anything for us, but chances are they live far away from where we are now, though we still 'keep in touch' via email and telephone. Those two mediums are not reliable ways to keep in touch over the long term as we have no control over them at all, among other issues. We need to stop wasting time warning others of the trouble ahead or wasting our energy seeking 'political change' and begin practical preparations for our physical survival.

What I guess I'm getting at is that one of our greatest assets both right now and as we are dragged kicking and screaming into the future is our tribe. Short-term quickie friends made at the office after we are transferred to a new city or the casual fair-weather type who tend to vanish when we are no longer drinking and dancing at the perma-party of this rocket-sled dystopia (erroneously called 'civilization') are not reliable or trustworthy; they are not our tribe. They will not watch our backs even if we naively watch theirs; in fact they will probably steal your water filter when you aren't looking.

This means that when our extremely vulnerable electronic infrastructure is broken by either Man or Nature, we will be alone to a degree proportional with our physical distance away from our tribe. Ironically, this tends to affect people more the higher they are on the socioeconomic scale since they are the 'movers and shakers' or the 'jet set' chasing the illusion of material success wherever it may take them. When the cellphones, internet, airplanes, and cars are useless hunks of plastic and metal you will begin your fight for survival wherever you find yourself when this party gets no-knock raided by the SWAT team of karma. If your tribe is far away, then you are in very big trouble at that moment, and make no mistake- it will be a moment, not a slow decline and collapse. When electrons stop flowing through wires, they stop instantly and the dominoes likewise begin falling instantly. Panicking masses won't help.

The flipside of this is that those lower on the socioeconomic scale are often closer to their tribes. In New Orleans after Katrina, the groups best suited to survival and best equipped to avoid some type of victimization were the street gangs; too bad they were also the most likely group to victimize others. In any urban area in the U.S. that suffers a breakdown similar or worse than New Orleans', it will be the same story.

Posh gated communities will offer no security when the police are busy saving their own skins (their group cohesion dissolves when the paychecks stop coming), and most people do not have the awareness, skill, or inclination to band together and operate as a cohesive group. In fact, I'd say that unless you are a gangster or with your tribe, you will likely robbed and killed by your local gang, if not raped first. Nearly every woman who took shelter in the Superdome after Katrina was raped, and many people were murdered since the gangs were running the show. The Superdome atrocity was the movie trailer for the upcoming Feature Presentation...

So, my unsolicited advice to all is to reconnect with your own tribe or work very hard on creating one wherever you are. Find the like-minded and forward-thinking and work out some kind of plan of action; where to meet up if things degenerate past a certain point, what to bring, and where to go next. Working together will exponentially improve your chances of survival. And, if everything happens to turn out ok and we all live happily ever after, then you'll have a great group of people to share it with so it's a win-win no matter what (but don't hold your breath for that outcome).

I'm mostly past the point of wanting to point out the obvious to the willfully-blind, though sometimes I can't help it. Nowadays I'm too busy working on the elements of my tribe's plan and acquiring the necessary gear and training to move fast and light in a hostile environment. Well, I mean an environment more hostile than it already is...

All Good Medicine,
The Village Idiot

Anonymous said...

"the vicious reptiles that have waged these wars in your name are not done yet." David Icke was right. I knew Cheney was a reptile.
Just kidding (sort of).
I think it's that aprt of his brain
he utilizes most.

Yep, the feces hitting the oscillating turbine thing, and pieces are gonna be flying everywhere.
Stay armed with what you have, and try and stay out of the cities.
Remember L.A., and maybe even watch the Korean store owners actions on U tube during that extravaganza of hate and theft.
Barter can be very useful, and Craigs list is a busy place these days, and will only be getting busier. I built myself a CNC router
so I can at least make things that I can sell.
I too Les, have taken a vacation in
hoosegow, and haven't been able to find a job (unemployment where I'm at is officially 8.5% and in reality probably 3 times that) in
quite a few years. Ramen noodles are my friend.
I've been on a friend's ass for 3
years about the relevant subjects,
and he's fought back with the usual affinity for denial that those people (most of the TV watchers) possess, but he's starting to come around a bit.
The carcass of Amerika will
be slow to decompose completely, but sooner or later the flies will come and lay their eggs. Sad.

Visible said...

Wow! and the hits just keep on coming.

Man the responses here are off the charts.

You know, V.I. that's what this place I have is all about and anyone who is off the mind; to quote Ka (from the Jungle Book- I think it was Ka...) "We be of one blood, you and I"

I've told people they are welcome and there's lots of places available in a perpetual food basket here. The house I got is very small because it is easy to power and heat but there's land and many olive trees and it's pretty easy to build a tree house in one. This is one of the places that may remain. There are others. You're dead on about what you say. These are things I know.

One of the reasons I studied the martial arts along with meditation and certain other things is because I know they are always useful. I'm not much for technology, being all right brain but then again, I know people who can do those things.

However... as for the gangs and the like... when that time comes, certain blessings will be present among those who are not like that and the gangs will steer a wide course around it. This I have on the highest authority. It's why I don't feel the need to be armed and why I sleep with my door open. My fate in not in the hands of thugs and having made friends in the places where such things count for far more than anything that can be provided here one can assume there are fearful guardians of what is right. And that's not to be understood in the context of relative right and wrong.

Randall... right on and greetings to all of you. I can't, as you know...get into a chat fest here, that's what email is for and lately I haven't been very good at it. I'm dealing with some serious shit but it's wonderful and ironic too that I get to deal with it before it becomes a reality everywhere else.

I thought this was about the worst I have seen of late and then recently I've come to appreciate why it's happened and I couldn't be more pleased.

Yes... it's going to get weird but I suspect it's going to be quite nice in some places.

kikz said...

tribe.. what a concept.

family is the only thing i've had for so long. i've often over the years, referred to where i live as resembling a firebase incountry. my tribe is scattered among continents here in the cybersphere.

when the lights go off, i'll at least know you're out there somewhere. that...i can still take comfort in. just knowing y'all are out there somewhere is enuff.

it'll hafta b. :)

Anonymous said...

Money as debt
A short film by Paul Grignon


Very important short film on the workings of banking...should be taught in elementary school and we would not be in this financial mess today! Just the same, is not too late?

Now, this read is a bit long but if you want to understand the WHY of 9/11 this maps it out: http://www.israelshamir.net/Contributors/Collateral_Damage_911.pdf

I can say that I am too familiar with the gold, CIA, banking side of this 911.pdf...I worked with this man Paul Bryan ( http://www.prweb.com/releases/2003/12/prweb93085.htm ) and is the same case I testified in as star witness... the 9/11 pdf pulls it together it does reveal a lot of info that I had not previously factored into the WTC 9/11 event and is certainly the missing link. I fear for our world but I do know that there is an answer if we seek we will find and I am confident there is a small chance we may figure this out and do what has to be done without too much damage...

Just the same y'all are my tribe too (now a day it is hard to make it to the information and without Les, Rense, Jones...dang I would be walking in circles like a crazy lady LOL.)

And Thanks Les for your leadership you are an awesome writer...!

Anonymous said...

Most interesting tribe theory from the village idiot makes me think that so many are prepared to resort to anarchy and survival of the fittest when the system that is collapsing is based on the same principle of greedy competetion. If the survivers resort to the same old same old then nothing has been learnt. If the survivers do not adapt to communal caring for your neibours and sharing with all people then your survival is not secure from a repeated stupidity.

I been wondering what sort of percentage of those that see and accept the plainly obvious truth of the brainlessness of the persuit of wealth are and have always been rebels and misfits of society who being disposed of by society are the only ones dispassionate enough to see it for what it trully is. They having been rejected are infact blessed by the perhaps involuntary discarding by those of the in crowd.
Be Free JL Seagull and be a full gull :)

Anonymous said...

hmm... I'm not sure what the intention was, behind 'Visible' writing this blatantly frustrated rant, but it didn't seem to do much to the effect of empowering anybody... basically this sums it up,
"You are fools. You are petty, corrupt fools. You’re going to get an asswhupping the like of which your limited imagination cannot comprehend."
~Where's the faith in humanity? People CAN CHANGE, and its not their Imaginations which are limited, it's their Willingness to choose to imagine Something More which is limited, but even that CAN change, so nothing is really limited except the outlook that Visible chose to take when writing this. (Not to say that he's narrow-minded, in fact, I respect his opinion very much, but somebody, if not everybody, has got to be a mirror here) There are far more constructive ways to accomplish anything, For Example, saying "I Love You" to a random stranger (or any approach less nihilistic than lazily believing the destruction of the "Ignorant Sheep" is the cure-all answer to every one of the world's problems). So, Though I understand his frustration and sentiments toward those who choose to burn everything that's beautiful for a worthless buck, I still stand to say that a simple, and earnest "I Love You" Goes a lot farther, and takes only a fraction of the energy required to be pissed (seemingly fighting to swim upstream), and generates a world that's infinitely more peaceful and aligned with what I believe his/your expressed values truly are.

Just my two cents.
If you wanna rub more pennies together find me at myspace.com/nicksklias since I probably wont be checking back on this page for replies anytime soon. I'm down to have an open conversation with anybody.

Peace And Love,

Anonymous said...

I find this to say and I find it most every time, either in the blog or in some of the comments after the blog. We keep seperating Israel from the Whitehouse and the Congress of the United States [or from the world gpvernments as far as that goes] and I keep repeating and repeating and repeating, although they have a Jewish state now, their business as usual is done in all the world governments.

They [Israel] don't have to run Washington, THEY ARE WASHINGTON,and [London,Paris,Berlin,Televiv,Bagdad etc etc].

It has been about ten years since I have come into the light and the truth is such a phenomenon it is one step from insanity.

You cannot kill a President and tell 185 million Americans a LIE, and get on with "business as usual" without the blessings of the WHOLE,ENTIRE GOVERNMENT...that kind of phenomenon.

They say they are Jews,and are not, but are the synagogue of satan

And only the names have been changed throughout the 2500 year migration and inflitration of the world governments in the FOUR QUARTERS OF THE EARTH. The Gog and MaGog.

NO Les and I'm sorry to differ with you but that little tiny Jewish State of Israel does not run Washington. The Whitehouse and the Congress run Washington and they are part of that migration and infiltration of the worlds governments that left Babylon some 2500 years ago as part of the four quarters of the earth.

It makes things simple for the devil and complicated for the GOD fearing and leaves the rest of the world "insane".

The delusion that has infected "we the people" and allowed itself to steal elections and destroy her citizenry, is the same delusion that brings the finger for those of us who are obeying the road signs.

And warn and warn and warn as you may, you'll still keep seeing INSANITY and getting the finger, because Rev 12-9....And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, "WHICH DECEIVETH THE WHOLE WORLD"; he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.
We will never, ever change that.

Nor will we ever change "who they are" in the Whitehouse and the Congress of the United States and the rest of the worlds governments.

They are those Jews, Jesus warns us of, who say they are, and are not, but are synagogue of satan.

regards to everyone, I may be crazy, but it keeps me from going insane.


Visible said...

Just a point of information. It's not meant as a criticism but this Nick Sklias went over to www.sott.net and posted similar things (though a little harsher) where this post is reprinted in the Best of the Web section. You will note the unmistakable similarity. My guess is that he's one of my following trolls who erupts every now and then. Moving right along.

Sounder said...

Wow, what I have to write today sure is different than my writing intensions of yesterday. Les I have read and enjoyed your writing, and the reader responses, for quite some time now. Your metaphysical side is especially rich. Perhaps because I do not feel that I have an alliterative bone in my body, you’re free and image filled use of language is especially impressive to me.

Parfer DeCourse said..

“Why aren't our words and warnings enough?”

Because those words conflict with the ‘program’, (dualism) that built this civilization.

“Why can't others clearly see what has been in front of us all these years?”

They may feel it as part of their sub-conscious recognitions, but because there is no place for it within the conscious model, it is easier to sublimate the dissonance than it is to embrace and integrate it. (jus because you asked.)

Robert said…

Nonetheless, the reaction in my subconscious seems to control my physiological responses.

It is good of you to notice this Robert; you are less in need of a Doctor than most.

We need new systems for the creating of correspondences between our categories. We need a system less prone to having the meaning content and substance of any given category co-opted by corrupt authority figures. Bush is an expression of the total unconscious fabric; he is not just the product of ‘Christian’ delusions

The solution centers on an idea that our current criteria for understanding do not serve us well in interpreting our perceptions of reality. It is crude and can only provide limited correspondences between our categories. Only a new criteria that overcomes the notion that success is best measured by ones ability to manipulate and control the ‘other’, will we begin to see the other as essential to life rather than as a threat.

Our psyches have been molded by centuries of civilization under dualism. The difference in substance among the dueling parties is about the width of one hair. As I do not care to simply be a spectator in this drama, I have put together different criteria for understanding. The response has been underwhelming. But that is fine as participation with the creative spark within life provides both entertainment and meaning. The road IS the destination. Many have been deceived into thinking that an ultimate end can be achieved. Forget it; embrace the struggle, Utopias suck!

If you click on my tag and read the second essay, The New Outlook Society, you may see value in the approach, without feeling obligated to accept the specific ideas. That is, if humanity is to have a future, and I certainly think it will, then we, right now are creating a coherent model that matches reality in a way that will take us there.

Thanks to all, especially the dodgy one

faithful forever said...

Les Visible,

You are one of a kind and I adore your spirit. I am watching and waiting patiently, for I know that patience is a blessing of the fruit of the Spirit, and I am looking so forward to what the real central command has shown you.

Thanks for being there. You make this world a better place.

In love,
Soozie Q

Anonymous said...

yes, you were right - a lot of us knew it had to come

but I'll be goddamned if I'm leaving

lock&load & hunker down for the long haul

maybe now real stuff - like food - will have real value

let the squirming Wall street parasites eat their worthless dollars

Anonymous said...

central command? Forgive me if i come across a little stupid, but what is all this 'central command' stuff?

Visible said...

'the' central command located at the center of everything while also surrounding it and composing it, expressing and reabsorbing it. More than that I can't tell you.

notamobster said...

"If the survivers do not adapt to communal caring for your neibours and sharing with all people then your survival is not secure from a repeated stupidity."

"We will never, ever change that.
Nor will we ever change "who they are" in the Whitehouse and the Congress of the United States and the rest of the worlds governments."

etc, etc.....

My problem with this message of predestination or "saying I love you will do more good" is thus:

If we all sit back with our collective thumb blocking passage through our colllective rectum, things truly will "never, ever change".

Religions throughout history have sold this message that all forms of tyranny, oppression, and other misdeed has been the will of god. I say horseshit! We have a survival instinct for a reason.

Religious types throughout history have allowed themselves to be horn-swaggled into tolerating abuse and injustice because it is divine providence. Uh, bullshit flag, please!

Imagine if the founding fathers of this nation had said "Oh, well. God hath ordained that King George should govern us. We might just as well go home." or "The King and Queen have said the world is flat, better not go looking for anything more"..."oh, don't call an ambulance; my heart attack is god's will".

Now, to be clear I am not denigrating the faith, but rather the idea that one should just accept that this is god's will and thusly, cannot be averted. What if we all followed that advice and we find out later, that the passages referenced (in the bible) weren't due to happen for another 1200 years (like they did in the dark ages)? Then all of the torment and suffering was for naught!

It drives me mad... My dad told me once that one has to follow the laws of the land, as those in positions of leadership were ordained as such by god. What a crock of shit. I countered with "What if I were in China and my wife was pregnant with another girl as our 2nd child? Should I allow the government then, to force an abortion on my wife?

Love most certainly, does more good in the world than does fighting (physical, spiritual, or otherwise); but it does not negate the need for one (or all) to stand and fight!... To say no!... Enough!...I will not go quietly. You will no longer bind my spirit and usurp my liberties as a human!
I don't love your greed, and your debt, and your control of my thoughts, my words, or my deeds!

I have sworn upon the alter of god (or truth or whatever) eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man; and I will no longer take your shit.

Communal living is a wonderful idea, but there will always be those whose aim is to plunder and control, and thus, there must always be a sentry at the gate...

"qui tacet consentit"

Visible said...

Good Grief Stacy, i wrote an entire post today and didn't put it up (deciding to write something else tomorrow) and it said pretty much everything you just said here.

thank you.

Robert said...


Anonymous said...

This is a good post. We need to start heartily rooting out the parasitic infestation that has done this to our country like so many before. Funny thing is, this parasite acts like a common cock roach. Hard to kill off, but the scatter like hell when you shine the light on them.

Anonymous said...

...I can´t help but think that Madame Blavatsky´s speaking to me when I comprehend your tags.
How would humanity act if the key question of life would be sufficiently answered ?
Would anybody have any fear if the death illusion would be clarified to them ?

Visible said...

She is one of my all time heroes.

Anonymous said...

"Central Command"?

I like that. I always referred to it as "The Man"; yaknow. as in "Working in a coal mine. Going down, down, down. Working for "The Man" every night and day".


Visible said...

I need to make a correction here; not that anyone will ever see it but for the record I made a wrong assumption about Nick's comment up above. I thought I was seeing something that I didn't see any so I acted out improperly and I want to correct that. I apologize Nick for slandering you. I can only plead a greater duress during the time than is usual and so I wasn't thinking clearly.



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