Saturday, September 27, 2008

Your Mr. Potato Head and the Potato Free Truth

I’ve watched half the debate by now and one thing is very clear, neither candidate seems to have the ability to tell the truth in a direct fashion. Neither candidate is willing to address the actual conditions that have led to the conditions in which America finds itself today. Neither candidate is willing to confront the real enemy of the nation and the world. Neither candidate is doing much more than jockeying for position in order to look like the new and improved potato chips that everybody wants; apparently more than they want to hear the truth. The truth as usual is unpopular. The truth is a genital itch at an awards dinner. The truth lies beaten, bleeding and alone; mugged and gang-raped in an alley and soon to be imprisoned for causing this assault on itself.

Sure... the culture of greed can get mentioned. Sure... various points about culpability can be brought forth and superficially examined like a gonorrhea smear on a glass slide by people who don’t get the implications and think you catch it from a toilet seat. Sure, both candidates can pose like mechanical toys in an arcade gambling game. They can look like what they’re selling but far be it from either of them to be made out of real potatoes when real potatoes don’t have that sweet tongue corruption that we have come to enjoy as so much better than the real thing.

Compare what is patently true to what is presented as true. There is NO Al Qaeda. The only Al Qaeda that there is, is a joint CIA/Mossad construction that is composed of Israeli, American and British operatives dressed up in Arab suits with an armory stocked with radio controlled Manchurian candidates who aren’t that much different than the candidates talking to me right now. The main difference would be that they’re not strapped with explosive vests. They are merely strapped with the ignorance that allows for the continuation of the process by which the vests continue to explode. Here’s the only Al Qaeda cell ever uncovered so far. Neither candidate, so far, has said we need a new investigation into 9/11. Exposing 9/11 would expose everything that has followed but... they don’t want to do that because... the unwelcome truth undermines all of the posturing about excuses and solutions that are nothing but obfuscations of what really happened and what really is.

Yeah... Obama looks Lincolnesque and he’s articulate... but he’s still not made from real potatoes. McCain is a hack with some really nasty things in his closet. He’s a hypocrite and a liar and he’s more of the same sleazy whoring for power, profit and position that you’ve had all along. Obama might well have some integrity lying in an upstairs bedroom where masked men are pressing a pillow down over its face but... he’s bought and paid for and he’s publically and privately sucking up to the very entities and agencies that have brought you to where you are today.

I look at the candidates. I look at Jim Leher. I can’t see the audience but I know what they look like... in the auditorium and in their living rooms. The candidates want to be at the reins of the state. The audience wants their piece of the action and a few people want the truth. Most everyone else wants their hopes realized without having to include the truth into the equation. Most of the people want their crackling sausage but they don’t want to know how it gets made. Most people want that good synthetic potato taste at the expense of the vitamins and nutrition and they don’t want to know what the physical cost may be. They all want comprehensive health care but they don’t want to live and behave in the ways necessary to avoid all of the growing number of health concerns that are caused by avoiding the reality of their avoidance of the truth.

Good luck people. Good luck feeling your way in the darkness because of the inconvenience of what turning on the light will show you. Good luck approaching your problems while refusing to shine a light on them so that you can see what they are. Good luck with having your potato chips and eating them too. And make sure you don’t eat those nasty skins where all the nutrients are. This is why big trouble is coming. When you refuse to face the truth, eventually the truth is going to be in your face.

It reminds me a lot of the way London was a few hundred years ago. People used to dump their body wastes through a hole into the floor into their basements. They used to throw them out of their windows into the street. They used to refuse to bathe and covered up their stench with perfumes. It hasn’t changed. And what was the result of that process of hygiene management?

Until you look at exactly why things are the way they are you can’t fix them. Why do those responsible for these conditions refuse to discuss the actual causes? Why do the people being ruined by these things refuse to see for themselves what is causing them? Because they want their fake potato chips that taste better than the real thing. They want the unreal life that appears more attractive than the real life. The truth is... you can change your diet to anything and in about ten days your taste buds will also change. I’d ask you to think about that but... good luck.

People have an investment in the unreal. People buy billions of lottery tickets for the good life that’s right around the corner. People want to go to Las Vegas where the odds will always be stacked against them but hope springs eternal at the bullshit buffet.

Look in awe my friends at these seemingly intelligent people who think- who believe- who tell you and themselves that by some mysterious and magical process that you can fool the integrity of numbers and come up with a result that the numbers don’t provide; that you can mix the wrong chemicals and get what you desire as opposed to what the chemicals actually do. Look at the people who believe that telling lies will result in the truth. How do you like those potatoes?

Now you’ve got a large army unit deployed on your home soil in defiance of Posse Comitatus which had a bad accident a little while ago. You’ve got all sorts of strange things going on but it’s going to be okay. It’s going to be okay... just go back to sleep and dream about those potato chips... those barbecued Buffalo Chips...

When a person suppresses things in their sub-conscious... eventually what is being suppressed finds its way to the surface through the weakest link in the chain. Once it finds its way to the surface it acts out in an unpredictable and often dangerous fashion. When you hide the truth from yourself it is, sooner or later, going to rise up in force and slap you silly. It’s going to embarrass you with your lack of control over your own behavior and all because you preferred fake potato chips to the real thing. The irony is that real potatoes really do taste better than fake potatoes. But the fake taste bangs away on the five tastes centers the way caffeine keeps firing the adrenals and you burn out your starter. You wouldn’t need all that expensive health care if you took care of your health in the first place. You wouldn’t be at the mercy of lies if you embraced the truth to begin with.

It’s a powerful illusion isn’t it? How can you help not believing these men who can command such television attention; who have such an appearance of power, who can talk in front of large audiences and play with the economies and militaries of a powerful nation? But the truth is that it’s all bullshit. Kudos to those who can see through this. There’s hope for you. For the rest of you... sooner or later... the truth is going to come to your door. You’re not going to like it when it does. Your potato chips are suddenly going to taste like what they are really made of instead of what they are pretending to be.

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Anonymous said...


I watched as much of the debate as I could stomach last night. I tried... I really tried to watch in earnest and listen with intent to how the next would be leader of the so called free world would respond to questions posed...

When I did finally utter my last you fucking lying idiots to a screen that cares not my thoughts nor my phrases I was left with the quiet and disturbing thought that in a country of 300 million people give or take a few that these candidates are the best that a nation could have chosen to honor such a responsible position in the a nationalistic and global sense.

Les it leaves me with that taste of eating 2 day old potato chips from a bag left unsealed...

America you really do deserve the government you will be left with.


Anonymous said...

How sad to see these soulless whores selling their snake oil on national TV. Most of them have lied so much for so long they are afraid to tell the truth. As much as they fear their Masters, who tell them what to say and do.

I think it was Socrates who said "Power and wealth, unless tempered with wisdom, always corrupt." The faces change, but the game stays the same. How long has this bullshit been going on? Ten thousand, twenty five thousand years? And it never works. It always fails. These people are addicted to money and power worse than the crackhead tweeker down on the corner. Selfish, self centered, ego driven lifestyles are not nourishing.


Anonymous said...

Two actors playing the part of 2 cans of Pringles...all neatly stacked in cardboard label says "Original" and the other says...."Fuck You...Eat Me"....Death in a can.....and the can is, as stated above..cardboard...just has a colorful wrapper.
To really look at the sham that was Lincoln..and how history has been written to make him into a hero...Read "The Real Lincoln".....He was a can of Pringles with a beard......
More food for thought: Was watching a video of how Pastors are being recruited here in the US to keep their flocks in line in case of martial law....the pastor interviewed--yes, in texas, stated that they would follow the gov't because god appoints the rulers....Did that "free will" thing get hacked by Executive order? I also wonder about Christians who follow jesus and want to emulate him..why not follow god..then you can be angry, jealous, vengeful....can't have it both ways.....There is also that thing about render unto Caesar...pretty good to have written down in a book that breeds more fear than any other ever written...pretty good for Caesar...but then he and Hitler, Stalin, Bush, etc etc. and all of the wonderful people in Israel have been appointed (minus your vote=free will??) by god.....gotta lose some weight...this rabbit hole is getting tight......jjnc

Anonymous said...

LES.....I still cannot bring myself to watch or listen to the "worlds worst actors and/or liars. It's all the same shit day after day after day.

If you or I were to try and bullshit the troops no better than they do, we'd experience a smack right in the chops.

We cannot change what has already been foretold, I can finally come to terms and accept that, but we can try and convert whom ever we can to the truth, as best we can.

In my American Heritage College dictionary it defines DELUSIONAL [and that is what we are witnessing] as believing strongly in a false belief inspite of evidence to the contrary. It also suggests it to be a certain form of mental illness.

That pretty well explains it in nutshell.

And for this cause GOD shall send them strong delusion, they should believe a lie.

and that also explains it in a nut shell.



notamobster said...

Wonderful piece, Les.

I watched 2/3 of the deabte (on the "internets", as I have unplugged from the thought cultivator). Same posturing...preening...and outright lies - "That's not correct" "I have trouble finding the logic..."
I just wish one of them would say "You're a f*cking liar! a traitor, and a sell-out, whore!"
But, that's just me. I'm not much for formality.

I won't go retarded on the 'divine providence' folks again for a while, but I will offer a few rhetorical questions:

What if you're recognizing something that resembles a sign described in the 'end times' predictions of the Bible, when in fact this is not the end?

What if we could actually change things, were people not so resigned to this 'nothing we can do will change it' attitude?

What if God's plan is for YOU to step up to the plate and knock it out of the park...but you decided not to, because you misinterpreted the signs?

It's the whole "faith in God, but lock your doors" thing to me...

Anonymous said...

Yes, they are going to keep up the game, half the battle is knowing what the rules are...

They will pass the 700 B dollar trench with no cap and the Internaitonal community will pull out. It will be a slow moving train untill the Treasury is revealed as bankrupt by the world community. This is inevitable logic 'the numbers do not lie'...

The only way America may pull out of this is to beef up its quantum teleportation science and sell the science for its debt 'nothing else is worth the price'...

The financial affair is now married and there is no divorce without settlement.

Y'all try to have a lovely weekend!


Anonymous said...

Dead on commentary and analysis. You are right Les, without truth nothing else matters.

Both candidates are made with that fat substitute Olean, and most Americans well keep eating this crap until the diarrhea and cramps completely rob them of all nutrients.

Obama last night was just as hawkish as his Neocon debate partner with this support of the "war on terror" bullshit, which is just code language for globalization through violence. And, this bailout bill is just another example of the Democrats enabling their friends in the looting the country before they merge America into their one world dictatorship. It's amazing how so many people just don't get it.

Thanks for the nutritious commentary.

-- redpill8

Nick said...

Telling the truth in a United States of A. Pres. election on a television show could be the best shortcut to making sure you won't win.

Anonymous said...

I almost never watch TV, much less get my news from it. Yet last night while visiting a friend, CNN was on and we watched the preamble over a few beers and a bowl or two. I didn't see the debate itself - live music is always more interesting and appropriate on a Friday night than an evening spent watching demons spit lies - and to be honest, only occasionally did I pay close attention to the screen.

It struck me, though, watching Lou Dobbs and Chuck Schumer and the rest of the scoundrel's parade, looking at their faces ... how years of lies have marked them, polluted their souls, like our collective picture of Dorian Grey. How even now, the constant effort of avoiding the truth with every word they say is tearing them apart inside. It weakens them daily, and they're starting to realize it.

Later, while the Wall Street Meltdown was being picked apart, I was hit by the oddness of this organ of White House propaganda disseminating a subtext of populist anger against the 'bailout'. At first you'd expect them to be telling everyone to stay calm, not to worry nor to trouble their little heads with these matters. But that is not what they're saying. No, they're telling their audience to be angry. Why would they do this?

There can be only one reason.

Blood in the streets. Angry protesters confronted by riot cops, tear gas and rubber bullets and detention centers ... They want this, all of it, the chaos to accompany Their takeover (or should I say, Their unveiling, for truly They have always been with us and over us, controlling us, though only now are they coming into the light ... apocalypse, by the way, means unveiling.) I saw America's future, then, in a flash: how the chaos imposed over Iraq will rebound and spread as the very same forces that have used the American people to subjugate the planet will turn America against itself. Bombed out city blocks and suicide bombers on city buses; walled compounds and machine-gun checkpoints; a gathering nexus of terrorism, crime and fascism that will tear America apart from within, even as it continues to tear at the rest of the planet.

Anger over what's happening on Wall Street is appropriate, but as always timing is everything. Those only becoming awake and aware and angry, now, will never be roused sufficiently. They will be among the first sacrificed as the Beast feeds upon itself.

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking that myself lately notamobster - What if god threw a revolution and no one turned up??

Sultanica said...

Brilliant post. There are way too many sheep around...hopefully somehow someday they will wake up...

Adam said...

I applaud you, Les, for being able to still have the wherewithall to be passionate about waking up these zombiefied populace. I have no idea how you sit through the "debates" on the Tell Lie Vision.
Its hard not to lose a part of yourself when you see almost everyone around you wilfully asleep at the wheel.

Anonymous said...

Uhhm Mr. Putin, do you know this?

"Paul Craig Roberts (was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury.)"

...The US might also be on the verge of a decision by foreign lenders to cease financing a country that claims to be a hegemonic power with the right and the virtue to impose its will on the rest of the world. The US is able to be at war in Iraq and Afghanistan and is able to pick fights with Iran, Pakistan and Russia, because the Chinese, the Japanese and the sovereign wealth funds of the oil kingdoms finance America's wars and military budgets. Aside from nuclear weapons, which are also in the hands of other countries, the US has no assets of its own with which to pursue its control over the world...

There was some truth in the debate, the problem being most would have to be a seasoned analyst to find it. In my view McCain is a war monger, he has a score to settle with his own demons, he is spooky to say the least! Having worked with many spooks 'by default' over the years and especially at his age, they are really fu@@ed up in the head 'by default' so I reckon if there are only 2 absolute choices (rattle snake vs. anaconda)the rattler would have to be the one.

Again Les, funny post LOL. Nice...

Anonymous said...

I agree with Psychegram from above, but this might as well be our best chance then. If they want anger in the streets and they think they can contain and direct it, then let them roll the dice and let the chips fall where they will so to speak. At the very least, they will have to expose to everyone their Nazi-like preparations and techniques.

Having a bunch of sheeple thrown in some Homeland concentration camps and having some vicious beatings video taped and shown on-line, and having other sheeple witnessing various atrocities first hand and actually within their homes, will WAKE THE MAJORITY UP. Won't it? We have the numbers, the passion, the desperation, and potentially enormous anger on our side. Let's put it to some much needed short term (hopefully) use.

The first thing we need to do is deal with / disrupt / take over that fucking TV Box and call a spade a spade. It's amazing how often I now think of that cheesy movie, "They Live" (and the short story it was based on), and think it so prophetic. Between that movie and "V for Vendetta", we have a good idea of what has to be done. Really.

Anonymous said...

For anyone familiar with Terence McKenna and novelty theory, or the Mayan Calander, here is a Timewave Zero segment of the countdown from 2007 until 12/21/12 --

A highly interesting Oct/Nov lies ahead if McKenna was correct, and this will finally test the theory in real-time. It sure feels right though....

Anonymous said...

One more point of logic and truth.

The International banking/finance/economic/government society in our world must do their due dilligence on this matter for it is serious enough to take note.

The Constitution of the United States of America does NOT allow the American public to be slaves!

If Zionists or anyone else tries to claim this Nation owes them anything "that the illegal gangs (internal and external)have tried to pass off as our debt (America)" they are just trying to steal from us too!

Thus the funds that our Treasury is claiming is Americas debt no matter if it is to a Bank 'fed reserve, wallstreet, or any other institution, the funds are illegal and thus we are in no debt to anyone!!!

If you Nations want your money, you had better go directly to the SOURCE or you are waisting your time!!! And if you choose to invest further into this scam you can still blame yourselves for you should know what this Sovreign Nations Constitution is and advocates! Not rocket science folks, just due dilligence!

Don't act stupid world leaders. Most of Americans are not stupid either. Let's get these creeps and stop the Bull Shit!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, here is the link --

Anonymous said...

Truth is i can not fathom the need to tune in these men and there debate. I have turned off the audio on my TeeVee Permanently. And the video spectacle was just another endless stream of lame poses by clucking chickens. It looked foolish. Much like the Hillary/Obama three or four months at the break of this year on the tube. Wading into that crap and actually listening to the words spoken at these Photo/Video operations seems a tad counter productive much like the folk who burnt the cake keep cooking it to remove the burnt.

Anonymous said...

Last night - this am - as is often the case, I was in the midst of a very graphic "induced" dream when an explosion" took place that was unrelated to the context of the dream. The blast was clear, noisy, violent and visible plus had me sitting straight up in bed ready to jump... The time was exactly 3:30am.

The funny thing was I then had a completely clear head - no buzz, ticking or a sense of needing to reach for the tin foil hat...

Perhaps the advanced satellite that beams things down had been blown up - that sort of weird thought crossed my mind.

I have had experiences in the past that cause me to appreciate that anything is possible...

This was emailed to me from a friend...anyone have any thoughts?

RML said...

if the objective of all of this is to dishearten, to fill the conscious observer with a sense of... "Hey, Camus, get the fuck off my side of the sidewalk," well, it succeeded. Here we are -- in the midst of a jive that no longer bothers to rationalize or clarify -- a jive that is void of rhythm or harmony that provides a motif like warm sweaty hands sneaking into nubile pants -- a jive that is somehow made legitimate because of the medium that pretends to ooze gravitas but is only God-awful flat.

"Why are they doing this to us?" we murmur in hushed self-concern. "Is this ever going to end? Where's Sartre when you need him? Where are Fellini and the army of the absurd? Why is there no clarifying explanation of what the fuck is going on?"

Quite, simply, Jim, it's because they've got it and you all figured out. They know the end from the beginning. They know EXACTLY how you are going to react to ANY stimuli. You are a lab rat, baby, who has been conditioned to vote, to work to pay taxes, and to transmit fear like no body else in the universe.

They know and depend upon your/our collective desire to appease the master. The Hegelian Dialect -- bulging out of its pants -- knows that we are going to buy all this rot. That we are going to freely give the last remnant of collective self-determination to our fear that we will have to suffer... that we will have to share in the composite misery of the uncounted "useless eaters" cluttering our view of an open horizon.

You are going to do exactly as you are told to do... and you are going to make sure that everyone else does because that is the extent of your failing power. Let them do whatever they want ... let them, 'cause you've got to keep the monster from your door.

The only power that they have is the power that you give them. STOP PLAYING THEIR GAME!! STAND UP AND DECLARE YOUR INDEPENDENCE!

Anonymous said...

Well one thing is for sure in the upcoming election, there is no lesser of two evils. They both take the cake. I’d just as soon vote for Michael Jackson. At least I know where he is coming from. My hat off to anybody who can watch the “debates.” I can’t stand the sight of those two lying creeps. Same goes for Bush, I can’t stand the sight of him either. It is beyond me how our “representatives” could even consider that 700+ billion dollar gift to the Wall Street crooks when so many citizens are going down the tubes. Congress is less than useless. The system is corrupt beyond redemption. There is no government in this country to represent the people. In the short run (the short run is all we have) the best thing that could happen is to let it crash and burn. Hey, that is what is going to happen anyhow. You think companies like Bear Sterns, Lehman Brothers, Washington Mutual, Merrill Lynch, Fanny and Freddy AIG etc. are going belly up because this is a “normal downturn?” Hell some of them have been in business for over a hundred years. They survived Depression I and now have failed before Depression II has really taken hold. As Bob Dylan once said, “It’s a hard rain that's going to fall.” If you are in the markets better get the hell out with what you have left. In normal times October isn’t a cool month to be in stocks, and these are definitely not normal times.


nobody said...

Good stuff, good comments,

I'm glad I'm not the only person who yells at the TV. Hola Ely. What we need to do is yell at these fluffy talking heads in restaurants. Ruin their evening.

As for barbed wire, I recall it from the time I visited Ireland thirty odd years ago. But lately I was taken with the idea that people should dump their garbage on Wall Street. Or Threadneedle Street in London. No riots, no running amuck, just piles of garbage.

That aside, the media's embracing of anger is merely so that it might be diverted in some useless fashion, and those subject to the banks all fight each other. In much the same vein I expect that race-baiting, and race incidents, will rise. What better way to have those with guns running around shooting chimeras?

Anonymous said...

Two sides of the same shekel. Here's some unvarnished truth from the best candidate ever.

Anonymous said...

In the end, it really won't matter if you see through the fog and know whats coming. In fact, those who do likely will be among the first to go. But the hammer is for all of us, enlightened or not.

It's so far along now, even hoping that people will wake up, and that this will stop those in their tracks is a pipe dream.

The fact that people are so easily fooled makes me wonder if it is not for the best. As a result I am more an interested observer watching the train wreck in slow motion. It is a bit entertaining though, as all horror flicks are.

I sometimes wonder how these provisional leaders who do the powers bidding keep a straight face in public. Bush always looks like he is holding back from breaking up in laughter and seems amazed that what he is saying is actually being believed.

Watching Obama and McCain essentially agree on every issue that matters to the powers, except for some details, I thought they appeared uncomfortable knowing how obvious it was to anyone with a few brain cells left .

Obamas main advantage was not being part of the entire past 8 years and really not having much of a history to defend.

So it is what it is. The Anglo-American Imperialism since our secret pact in 1897 shall continue. China and Russia may be on board, as the powers created them, and of course the EU. It is useful for the power elite to maintain the illusion there are still tensions, as we will need one more great war.

As in Orwells 1984, this will not be a real war, it will be a media event that will consume production, depopulate certain resource rich areas, enrich the rich, and an excuse to take over more liberties until people are exhausted enough and willing to hand over their sovereignty and liberties to a centrally controlled New World Order. Perhaps as a Republic of 13 Great Unions.

Most of the wars and revolutions over the last 300 years have been organized by the powers meeting and scheming in various secret societies, call them what you will.

They have today a great army of people who do their bidding, and they do so willingly as they have been given a piece of the truth, thinking they have it all, and knowing not what is to come. The great deception.

As HG Wells said, it is an Open Conspiracy. People are not smart enough or are unwilling to see it, and so it will succeed..

Anonymous said...

The American public should not assume that the neoconservative movement, the bankers, the financial elite and the hell bent for heaven powers that be, that they are gonna stop with 9/11.

Whether it's the man with the dozen mansions and equal amount of luxury cars or some guy they plan to sacrifice for the cause, there are plenty more where they came from.

Anonymous said...

Unless good old America experiences another revolution and civil war-and the sooner the better-it will be HISTORY. Oflama and mcinsane are the same evil in different suits. Will the braindead American sheeple ever wake up? I`m not holding my breath.

Also, a quick something that is unrelated to your latest article, Les. I have noticed that Mike James (in Germany) has not posted anything in a while. If you, or anyone, has any way of contacting him please let him know that there are many people (like myself) who hope he is ok and that we look forward to his next article (like so many always look forward to Les` articles).

More power to you Les, and take care.

Visible said...

Mike James and I correspond but lately I haven't heard from him. He's undergoing a health situation that seems to be getting straightened out. He's not writing right now for reasons having something to do with his translation business and I suspect he's taking a break as well. I'll send him a note in the next few days to tell him that people are asking about him.

An ANNOUNCEMENT; I'll be on the radio tonight with my monthly broadcast Here I hope you'll tune in... just scroll down the page a little to see me and hopefully you can navigate your way to the broadcast. I'm trying out a new manner of presentation that I think fits with the vibration of these present times.

Anonymous said...

It's real simple Bomber McCain is Kissinger's choice. Osama ya Mama is Brezinski's choice and all will kiss Israel's feet for their chance at the trough. These days the trough is kind of lean. Accepting reality will mean admitting the country is broke.

Anonymous said...

Invisible Empire - Pungent Stench

I often wonder and ask myself
Who is that hidden force
Who is that corporation
Whatever named secret source
Who's that in the back
The one who pulls the strings
Who dominates all the world
And becomes King of all Kings

Invisible empire - world wide

Who's leading the leaders
Who's got all the might
Regulates the markets
Maybe masonic right?
Who's behind world bank
And dictates a world war
Judges about life and death
A world domination Corps?

Invisible empire - world wide

Invisible empire
Power and might
Templars clash

Dominate humanity
Power and cash
Conspiracy clash

Kol Nidre
Financial might of the USA
War finance
Masonic Lodge & Judae
Black Reich
New world order strike
Templar Knight
Just a name for greed & spite

Invisible empire - world wide

Invisible empire
Power and might
Templars unit

Dominate humanity
Power and cash
Conspiracy clash

Anonymous said...

Kenny, one must factor in all of the factors in order to do an honest audit. The Country is not broke. The fascist system that invaded this Country is broke. Fascism is not America’s asset the Constitution is and those who think it can be defeated by fraud do not understand contract law. If we lose a civil war then you should really worry!

Look at it this way; back when fascist Hitler ruled there were those who followed him and those who did not. As America stands, until there is a war on the ground and a takeover we are not fascist! The fascist regime in America wants Americans to buy into the illusion we are party to their scam and seal the fascist fate they are desperately trying to ram down our throats.

The other illusion they are using is that we will be nuked and they will be safe in bunkers! LOL, first they have to make it to the bunker and who will inoculate them from the biological germs they will be living with (what, they have lil people in their pockets to take with them to the bunkers…) don’t be fooled into thinking they are going to be safe from a nuke fallout…

Until the clean up via the Constitution ‘not the fascist version’ is done, will the wealth of our Nation be openly revealed as we care for our neighbors in the world accordingly “as the upstanding citizens of a free Nation under our real Constitution”… this is what the world has to look forward to as we cleanse the filth that has been plotting the takeover of our Nation via finance as of the Federal Reserve/Central Banking cartel stepping in ‘way back in the day.’

Yes, the time has come for the American public to pick a side the battle has begun. Will we succeed in bypassing the big gun fight or not; is the question that remains.

Remember, when there is war you do not show all of your cards but you do know your enemy inside and out if you want to succeed.

justoffal said...

Well said as always...

You know what is really funny is how Wall street just kicked washingon in the balls and how the buckled.

They are holding the credit system hostage and the politicians are scared shitless.

As I have said time and again...Wall street is the seat of power here in this country not washington.


Anonymous said...

Elly's response vocal tirades mirrored mine, except I could not take more than 5 minutes before I had to reach for another beer to dull the pain, and turn it off.(But not without more expletives similar to Elly's).

" years of lies have marked them, polluted their souls...."

You can see the python ballets gracefully slithering before you like a Danterian sex nightmare from the lower reaches of the river Styx each time you get the stomach to view something out of Hagee's Mega Church or receive a call from the American Cancer Society asking for money, ('to conquer Cancer in YOUR lifetime!'); whom garnered information from the MIB's because they know they have a good chance of nailing a sucker, or the relative of one. Personally, I just hang up.

From the thousands of duped Liberty Coin (certificate) owners that had their US dollar certificates confiscated by your friendly Justice dept. to the talking heads on wall street that are very scared about losing their Christmas six-figure bonus check that will enable them to whisk away in luxury for a few weeks (while us mortals freeze and wonder how we're gonna pay off the Christmas charges ) and relax in their Bahamas Villas ,doing a few trades here and there on their uplink lap-tops while getting bombed, buzzed or blown;are beginning to think it just might not happen this year.

I doubt they are too worried about making enough money to buy food. But forgive me for judging again.

But since I'm on a kick of admitted frustration and increasing rage I have to agree with Mathew's view of blood in the streets:

The disconnect that has prevailed of America since 911-the "you're either with us or against us"-as been truly unbelievable.One cannot discourse many people who have their mind bent on a religious Pro-Life Armageddon fantasy that in their little minds the government was set up by God and God would not let that government become evil.
Forget the writings on the wall(s)-both then and now.

It comes to mind that when you DO bring up something political these days in a semi-public setting, people look around them and become very uncomfortable as if you just asked them if they would mind if you swapped wives or dated their daughter.

The truth of it is that over and above all we know of sophisticated tracking systems (like Echelon), we can deduce that they will never tell us what they are capable of. How many times have you read in the paper of an arrest or on the news of a major bust/ arrest and they fail to give elementary details on HOW they got the arrest in the first place?
The system today-including and especially the internet is replete with gatekeepers and honey pots that are bought and paid for the same way our esteemed members of congress appear to be.
The beast is certainly feeding upon itself, but the beast's owners are not about to let beastie eat them. They're souls are tainted but they are not stupid.

After all, it's much more simple and efficient when you want to erase an enemy to encourage the enemy to do the
dirty work for you.
In a 'B' rated WW2 movie kind of way, we are become exactly like those people from Hitler's day when everyone was wondering what everyone else was thinking about them and if they would wake up to the sound of people pounding on their door in the middle of the night.
If civil war does occur-and lately I have heard that being talked about more openly-then every one that has posted today, or anytime in the last 10 years-or has purchased, wrote angry

letters to congressmen/Senators, worked for Ron Paul, gave money to either or even gave money to an writers
like Les-has a file .

They will start with the easiest one's first. That is each and everyone of us that has posted on an online alternative news website and page.

Think about it: If you had a nice (pension paid-health care supplied- IRA funded- transportation included plus bonuses) kind of

job as an FBI, CIA or
homeland security agent what would you do?
It's kinda crappy, but hey-they gotta family to feed and bills to pay and after all -
just doing
their job.


(ps.sorry Les, too lazy to get registered officially-will do soon)
Keep up the good work

notamobster said...

Anonymous Kevin - When you get signed up - get the statcounter at It'll show you every DOJ/DHS/.MIL visitor to your blog. It's unsettling at first, but then you kinda get a kick out of saying something directly to them. I may have just been pinged by an echelon dragnet the first time, for my anti-fed ravings or my pro-constitution views. Coincidentally (sic), I had a "civilian" who started following my blog from DC the same day the FBI dropped off their readership...hmmm...curious.

No doubt I'm on the list. I blog against them, I served in the armed forces, I'm a lifetime NRA member, a precinct leader for Ron Paul, my dad was the commander of the Michigan Militia (for the upper peninsula), and I write my congress swine so often they quit sending me their canned-answer form letters in reply.

Fuck em. Fuck their list and their fear mongering ways! Vive la revolucion!

Anonymous said...

My feelings exactly! Thanks for articulating them.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for articulating the gut feelings that I've always had about these whores and their so-called "debate". What amazes me is that most American voters still get excited every 4 years, believing that the election process is democracy in action, rather than a stale bag of potato chips that should be thrown out.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Mirrors,

I have been checking out your columns for a little while through Truth Seeker, and often enjoy what you say. Enjoy is not quite correct as I am not enjoying the current state of the world. I began reading and learning about the world and power structures since before 2000 and tend to agree our political system is compromised. I have also been following the 9-11 Truth studies and see the world is being lied to.

But I am going to stick my neck out and be honest and say in spite of the truth of many claims I must support Obama and feel he did a pretty good job at the debate. I have read through the other comments and see many of your readers agree with you whole heartedly, but I wonder about inevitability. I do not believe any outcome is written in stone yet, and if our politics is a two headed monster we must get rid of one head. Sounds simplistic in writing but I fear with McCain all avenues of correction or cure will be cut off for good. I sense with Obama a possibility to regain what has and can be lost from our Constitution. I do not even consider any 3rd party at this time as they have no chance. Of course with the Patriot Act and various executive orders still in place any hope for Obama could be squashed... I do not agree with Biden or Obama's foreign policy statements either so I am not a diehard Democrat.

And I wonder about your commenters and this joy of doomsday. I wonder if real thought has also given way to thrill seeking and the rush of adrenaline we can also get from a good, or bad for that matter, action movie. So many of the comments are just splash-splashing around in your pool and I think there is a new genre of thrill seekers out here in the internets confusing those with a real intent to learn and figure out how to fix our world. I have not lost my ability to dream even though I feel certain things are a mess right now. It is one thing to proclaim the death of utopia or the impossibility of creating one but quite another to know how to think of better ways to live. David Icke even goes beyond his reptilian specters to the truth of Love. Absolute Love. How are we now creating this world and incidentally, how can we create a better world? So many opinions out here but no real ideas. So much fear but so little solution.

Lastly, does the Mayan calendar end in 2012 or do we begin a new world? Pardon my hope and optimism but I can handle watching a debate. McCain is a robot at this point or has been body snatched like all the repubs, neocons and quite frankly many libertarians (at least the pundits). Obama and I are not tight but I recognize his walk and wishes and he still seems human to me. What I tire of lately are all these claims of doom and lack of vision...not you directly Smokey but these comments and so many comments out here in the tubes.


(p.s. Smoking Mirrors, to further explain me you could check out my blog of my artwork. just go to to find a link to the blog. it is not fancy, just images and you do not have to post this p.s.)

Anonymous said...

Well... First IF this becomes a battle using violence THEY win. We are FAR MORE POWERFUL with our heads about us OK. Marching around in the street is not doing anything. There game is the Pot bangers and chant fools. Think or lose.

Second if Nukes become involved EVERYONE loses universally.

Third This game is NOT about money,Cash,Bonds or anyother MONETARY units... DEATH and the population are the games.

If 2-5 Billion of you are DEAD overnight THERE game is instantly rewarded.

Gold and other precious elements like the main money unit Uranium-235.

Of Gold and U-235 America i think was LOOTED of every single gram of this material not nailed down.

Gold VAULTS with tons of gold in USA? Still think your ever going to be able to secure the MEGA_VALUE of all the Uranium-235 the American populace PAID for 100%?

Have a look at the VALUES of the material decommissioned in the weapons program.

Or have a look at the black hole of NASA even shit you yanks are in serious deep shit here and the entire world can see Russia pointing mach 2.2 nuclear tipped ramjet missiles at ANYTHING American.

You couch potato types are ALL going to have to get the brain open and turned on for these days ahead.

As i see it general strike with a very open time frame and a SERIOUS level of calm rational debate will have to be carried out.

Any DEATH to Bankers like SHIT is just going to EXPOSE YOU TO THE FIX.

The fix or the bottom of God's fist... You CHOOSE.

Anonymous said...

i live in the Tenderloin in San Francisco, the neighborhood with the flophouses, dealers, and ho's, and i get to live on the 5th floor of a big building with 200+ units and excellent human beings as building staff and security/door people. And the building is full of Mexican families, and many young Mexican bachelors, all here to work in the US.

A bachelor named Manuel lives one floor down. He's 38 or 39, and he's "documented" and has been in the US for 18 years, he told me. He runs a carpet cleaning business, and today i hired him to clean the carpet in my studio apartment.

Afterward he talked to me for about 15 minutes, almost non-stop, about (1) the debate, which he watched on TV, and (2) how his business is doing (he's making just barely enough to get by).

What he said included the following, which he didn't emphasize or elaborate on . . .

The United States is going down. It's sad to see it. All three generations [that was his word] of Mexicans are having a very hard time with it.

(The "three generations" he was referring to are the illegals, the documented, and the US citizens.)


Anonymous said...

You can talk about gold, you can talk about silver and you can talk about dollars, euros, etc. But you can't eat or drink gold, etc. How do you make change for a gold piece when the cash will only be used to wipe your ass. They don't have to put troops on every corner...all they have to do is control the food, fuel, electricity and water. In the US due to nothing being warehoused, there is about 1-2 days of food in the pipeline. Most folks are so used to eating at McDonalds and they have about 2 days worth of food in the cupboard. Already a shortage of fuel in the south and southeast. If the power goes down, no water for drinking, and no flushing toilets. Does your furnace use electricity? What they would rely on is our going after each other for what the other guy has. Millions of cars out of gas on the interstates....and they all forgot to bring food or water. Sitting in a 500 unit apartment building with no flushing toilets...people addicted to prescription drugs...and no supplier. No different than a crackhead without the rock. They will just wait for us to eat each other and bulldoze the mess. Millions sitting and waiting for the gov't to do something..Katrina ring a bell? People jam packed in churches waiting for god to come to the rescue...Inquisition anyone? Those with the guns will either survive--for a while--or be the ones making the rules with your 12 year old daughter--try praying then. The "we" of our socialist society would very quickly turn to survival of the fittest. And then the gov't will come for the fittest. Armed gangs heading out into the country in search of food and whatever else they want. That is the reality of the situation that may be headed your way. Anything that moves will be shot at...including you. They say there are no atheists in foxholes..they are all praying...and a lot of them die. I have no fear of death...actually looking forward to whatever is next on the journey...but I won't go quietly.

Anonymous said...

HA Mr. peahead: what are you some kind of plant ... do you understand the Constitution and the fact that we are obligated as Americans to stand up against tyranny, fascism...and when things get heated does your adrenaline flow or not! Calling "out of context" names around here as you so feel the need "thrill seekers" and accusations that the commentaries; joyous of doomsday...hmm are you even American? Are you human?

You go ahead, support Obama and live your dream good luck to ya, you are gonna need it! You are a die hard Democrat, you have a lot to learn, you better get over to and smack them around some and whilst your at it hit ...if you think a Party is gonna save your buns, well denial is a safe place for only a short while, if you live in it, it will take over your senses!

jjne, good for you, nice post!

Most people do not understand the reality of the state this world is in and the consequence from lack of balance, we face. Many are now thinking like the clown peahead poster here. Grasping at straws, spitting on the Constitution and those who dare stand on it 'a dime a dozen' but at the end of the day we are going to have to face the music and it will not be eloquent to say the least. Preparations for that fox hole are unfortunately as important in this day and time as drinking water...

Anonymous said...

Labeled: Emergency Economic Stablization act of 2008 (109 pages)

The Term Secretary = Secretary of the Treasury.

Synopsis: By Maestro Ministries:

The Secretary in this act does not have to give full disclosure "or any for that matter" to the public!!!

All officials involved report only to the Secretary and the Secretary reports to the President!

Fascist to say the least and the clowns who drew this up know it and now want it voted in. The Silent Coup!!!

Anonymous said...

Think more simply. A piece of paper does not give you the right to do this or that. A piece of paper can be changed or it can be destroyed. It's not the piece of paper that gives you your's you who gives yourself those rights. And it is up to you what you do with that, and where you go. It is not the Bible that sets your moral and ethical is you. Anything written by man can be taken away by man or written to benefit the writer over the reader. Only if you believe that your rights are contained on the paper, or in a book instead of in your spirit can they be taken away. Don't worry about the elites. Every time they get on their private jet...they wonder if there is a bomb planted or if a fighter jet will come up behind them with no record of the kill ever recorded anywhere. Every time they put a fork full of food to their mouths they have to wonder how many of those directly below them want to be King. The Private wants to be Captain...The Captain wants to be General...The General wants to be King and the King wants to be King of Kings. They will eat themselves from the inside out. They are not afraid of guns...they control armies.....and they themselves will never be on the front lines until one of their body guards who wants to be King creeps into their bedroom some night......What they are afraid of is the visibles of the world...the ideas out there that belong to no man....but belong to all men. They are afraid of you not being afraid. There is a balance often spoken of that is in the universe and that is why everything they do is an attempt to instill fear. Politicians do it, religions do it, because they have always controlled education, books, language and knowledge. If you don't fear them they lose power. Think about it, the masses began to read, the printing press came along, the inquisition happened. Shortwave radio became affordable, the internet blossomed..Perhaps it is time for another world enema.It is not that visible is saying anything that has not been said before...he may be more eloquent in what he says but the same is inside of your spirit, that is why "you know it when you see it"..."All That Is" has it's ways. No matter where THEY go, there is someone who wants to take their place..they are a drug cartel, they are a crime family.....and they will eat their own...because they are alone, and they are scared. They will be scared at every restaurant they eat in, they will be scared when the local mechanic fixes their brakes...they will be afraid when their children go off to college..they will be scared when they take the podium to speak in their own communities....because they don't know who is a "freedom warrior" and who is not. Ideas and freedom don't need to be written down...they just need to be shared and honored. jjnc

Anonymous said...

jjnc- a very eloquently expressed post! Excellent!

However they will be *more* & *more* afraid when they know there are more of "us" out there and are getting real tired from taking it up the ass each day at the gas stations and each year in the tax office and
really , really want to... meet?no... have a public debate?no... share ideas with? no.... treat them to dinner and a beer?Get real......

Rip their guts out? Yes!

...... than ever before.

But I certainly like your style!

ps. Maestro-good point. It is silly to get excited about either bought-and-paid-for-in-the-bag candidate. They are at best

And thanx for the info notamobster! Yea spooky stuff.


Anonymous said...

Very nice...makes a change to read something that splits the game wide open, that rises above the illusion that they feed as true.

Jody Paulson said...


This article from Naomi Wolf makes a pretty good argument that McCain doesn't matter, it's really Palin who is being groomed to be the American "Evita."

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