Friday, September 19, 2008

One Last Diatribe Before We Get Specific

As I expected, before I wrote the last several pieces, there was some amount of static about perspective and attitude. It was a lot less than I thought it might be and well off-set by the majority of responses. Some of them thought it was my best work ever. I would definitely disagree with that but it just goes to show... you never know what’s going to ring people’s bells and what’s going to piss them off.

One respondent made me laugh. He said I would accomplish a lot more by just telling people on the street that I love them. He also didn’t think much of my attitude toward the sheep and what he inferred was my harsh declarations about what may happen to them. I’m not sure I even used the word sheep, I might have but I don’t use it often. What I immediately wondered was, “What does this guy think happens to sheep anyway?” As for stopping people on the street and telling them I love them well... Now, mind you, I do tell people I love them but I do it sub rosa in their ears while the world sleeps at night and I do it by doing what I do because real love protects; it’s a condom from the invisible. Loving people is not about ceremonial displays of affection. I might as well be air-kissing airheads in L.A. for all the good that does. Saying something is one thing. Doing something is another. The best way to tell people you love them is to tell them the truth.

Some may think that my reading on the world situation -and it’s time slot here in the Kali Yuga- is a tad negative. To those I say, “you haven’t read much history.” History is an endless track of bloody footprints. There are periods of calm. Even when world wars are in action there are places where no evidence of it is found. However... however... you really do have to be a moron or deep in desperate or indifferent denial not to be able to see what is going on here.

I would also like to point out that you are (and will be) dealing with several kinds of bi-pedal forces. One of those is a percentage of psychopaths and they are not going to be affected by your telling them you love them; not now and not ever. Another element is the dark, marauding bands of criminal minds which always get together when bad times come. These are the folk that loot and burn and rape. Then there’s those who are paralyzed by fear who intend to kill everything on sight. Most of us have not seen beneath the veneer of civilization when a mob gets out of control; when the power goes off, when food and other necessities become hard to get. I’ve seen some events and you would be very surprised to see how quickly the beast within swallows the human façade.

I am fond of saying that people have three faces. The first face is the one they want you to see and the first one they present you with. The second face appears over time as you come to know the person (inasmuch as you are able). The third face appears when danger threatens. Regrettably I have had a number of occasions to see that third face.

I like people. However... I can’t say that I generally respect or want to be around them, except in specific cases. They believe things that are not true. They see things that aren’t real. They desire shit, because it’s wrapped in golden foil. Their vanity is out of all proportion to any merit. They think the game they are playing is real and I know that it is not. They think so many things are important but they are not and they will lose every one of those things one day. They will keep none of them. They will leave the way they came.

Things are not going well in the main at the moment. Yes... chariots of great power and majesty may descend from the sky and straighten everything out. I will point out that even if they do, there is no guarantee that you won’t be one of the things that needs to be and gets... straightened out.

There are millions of people who really believe that God is pleased with their bullshit genuflections and groveling annoyances. Whatever name they’ve given this God, they are certain that that is his name. He hates the same people they do and he really doesn’t like sex even though that’s the process by which we all got here. Apparently he only likes the kind of sex that has official papers. In some cases, he doesn’t like sex at all and will send you to Hell just for thinking about it even though there would be no world without sexual activity and no world to save you from without it. Whoever this God is that these people believe in, I am here to tell you that ‘that’ God does not exist and neither does the one the atheists don’t believe in. That God is an anthropomorphic troglodyte just like you. It’s a bigger you with all the nasty little attitudes and habits that you grafted on to him.

You seem to believe that you can shit where you eat and it’s okay. It’s even more okay to ship your shit abroad and bury it in the landscape of the countries whose resources you robbed and left in crushing debt at the same time. It’s a sort of two for one deal. But never mind, everything is going to be just okay as long as we carry out the pretense of some public display of loving each other; even though we don’t know who it is we are loving or who we are either.

Real love tells you your ass is in trouble and tries to get you to see what you refuse to see because you are having too much fun working the system for your own advantage, never suspecting that you are what the system eats and... if you don’t believe me well, look at what’s happened to your retirement capital and you had better... oh definitely, not get sick which... isn’t that easy, given the sort of food you’re sold and the stress you have to live under. The medical industry is a disease factory and if there is some new and useless, but more painful way to treat you, especially if it costs more, you can count on seeing the brochure tomorrow.

I’m sorry to have to tell you this. It would be no trouble for me to sell you a New Age cure all and have you give me your money and whatever else I might want and you’d like that because it doesn’t force you to confront your situation or make the uncomfortable changes necessary to enjoy a better life. I could do it too. I could fill your head with beautiful lies and show you how to do it to others as well but... for some reason; I can’t bring myself to do it. Therefore... you had better wake up and you had better wake up now.

It’s a lie, people. Your government is a liar and a murdering thug and they think you are there to shear at their pleasure. The people who should be in government have too much integrity to go bobbing for apples in an outhouse and the people with no integrity are the flies buzzing around the place that they won’t go. Your religious leaders wouldn’t know God if he groped them personally in an adult theater and brought them to an orgasm that shot them past Shambhala and beyond. Most of your churches are no better than an adult theater and far less entertaining with your droning hymns and sleep inducing gobeldy gook about begats and burning lakes of fire for activities that most of the people in the book were active participants in. Get a clue.

This crap has gone on for too long and it’s past time for it to crash and burn. You race down the highway, leaving principles and manners behind you like road kill, so that you can get wherever you think you’re going so that you can wait... So go ahead, hurry up and wait. The world as we know it is on its way out. You think you can cling to the wreckage then go ahead. It would be like grabbing the walls of your mother’s womb to prevent your birth. It’s not going to happen.

The attack in Yemen by a non-existent Al Qaeda is the opening bell. As we move through the year, you’re going to see that things you won’t look at have you very much in mind and are looking at you. I’d like to hope you’re going to wake up and collectively cry... “hold, enough!” We’ll see.

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kikz said...

the third face analogy...

how apt :)

patiently awaiting your next posts :)


Anonymous said...

The rich are the ones that game the system (shitstem) in this country. The poor are the creative getting by on peanuts that shrink year by year. I can see my own family living standard seems to decline with each passing decade. I guess trying to wake people up is not a bad idea after all. I have got through to an senior age family member about what is going on but I think the financial shitstorm has a alot to do with that waking up. Wait till the boomers go for their social security and nothing is there.

Anonymous said...

I loved the paragraph this sentence was in:
'Yes… chariots of great power and majesty may descend from the sky and straighten everything out.'
Let’s look at our fantasy history for a bit and see if this has happened before.
Now there was? Noah's flood - wiped the Earth clean of fauna (almost)
Sodom and Gomorrah - two cities ended up sheets of glass?
And of course the big one Armageddon - (the promise) cleans the slate again
This ‘history’ suggests to me 'the great power' doesn't like us not one iota.
So most definitely 'there is no guarantee that you won’t be one of the things that needs to be and gets… straightened out'
Another great painting Les.

Anonymous said...

I believe Groucho Marx summed up what is being said by Les about the human race when he said:

"Please accept my resignation. I don't want to belong to any club that will accept me as a member.”

As for those gods that seem to be eveyone's magic panacea, do you think the old Catholic confession model of "Say five Our Fathers and Two Hail Mary's" will extract the human race from this current shit storm?

Perhaps in another time, Les, you walked by the shores of the Sea of Galilee, telling the lumpen masses that Rome was out to get them and you'd better stand up and notice or be eaten alive.

And look what that proselytising got you back then.

A king hell size headache from that simply to die for crown of thorns and a one-way ticket to a lonely hill.

Visible said...

I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. I really do love humanity that much and I know there is no accounting for taste (grin). Thank you for noticing and you're getting a special present right now.

Franz said...

You bet!

"... you would be very surprised to see how quickly the beast within swallows the human façade."

Or as terrorist/Israeli president Manachem Begin put it:

"Civilization is a habit, like smoking. You can always quit."

The wolves are getting ready for a fat winter in these parts. Time to quit smoking.

Good job, Les!

notamobster said...

Quite good. Hope folks are warning others.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on, write a god song, like this one :-)


Anonymous said...

My best respects to you. I just want you to know that I am not from america.

I am a Caribbean male who is following closely everthing there is to follow. Long ago I recognized that there was much more to life than what the church was telling so I don't bother to waste anymore of my time with those nincompoops.

Even though we are third-worlders, some of us still are semi-aware of the dangers coming down the tube. Once again credos to you for having the courage to call it as you see it. We need more persons like you who are willing to stand up and be counted.

Anonymous said...

For days now I have analyzed these 2 sites:

The bottom line is that 9/11 was manufactured in order to hide funds that were taken out of old Russia and put into the hands of the Federal Reserve thus lined the pockets of the Bushes et al 'banks...'at the expense of Russia and taxpayers. Many years later this amount exceeds trillions and trillions of dollars and growing at warp speed as the link (money as debt brasscheck..) points out happens. Intel took the Ruble and crashed the economy of Russia in order to end the cold war and instead of giving it back in the end the players of 9/11 will go to the ends of the earth pocketing the loot and killing anyone who gets in the way!

Yes my friends it is official we are focked and there is no kissing short of our arses good bye! For even if a benevolent rich guy 'or gal' paid the debt 'trillions' back to Mother Russia, there would have to be the stipulation that the Rocks, Roths, Bushes...are tried for high crimes...what are the odds of that? Soon Russia will own the Central Banks 'the way money works' and legally so.

WOW is crazy how it all comes out in the wash! Now we may understand why the cry of war on a grand scale is in the air, as well as what is happening in the world financial market. Notice how you do not see England et al, Netherlands ...exposing 9/11 'the FED is Bank of England too...' If it benefits Europe to sell out the Americans and get the Russian approval they will and they are doing it now. Russia can and will kick the but of anyone who steals from them and Europe is in a sling here. The Van Buren Trust can save America on this note but WILL NOT as long as the American perps are not tried and punished accordingly!!!

Les, you crack me up. I research and analyze so much crap (drives me nuts at times)and then you post some amazing analogies of which you probably do not even comprehend to the extent which your composition extends. The possibilities are enormous and yet the simplicity in which you verbalize it all, dumbfounds me. Well, point being, you open so many doors and are funny too, is nice and refreshing!

Anonymous said...

Dear Les,

I ask you in all sincerity why it is that you appear to be absolutely convinced that the christian God does not exist. You cannot ever prove that absolutely, can you? There will always remain an element of doubt. The only way you will be able to find out is after death, and then you will not be able to come back and tell us. I myself do believe in God, but equally I cannot prove his existence any more than you can disprove it.

Kindest regards,

Sharon in the U.K.

Visible said...

Let me clarify a few things here. The God of all religions certainly exists but he doesn't wear all those funny clothes and he doesn't express himself in words written by people who don't have a clue and he especially doesn't exist in the past. He is right here, right now and if you don't get that part then you don't get it at all.

For the joker who sent in the Jethro Tull song. Jethro is a great musician but he is consistently out of key when he sings and his lyrics would not be nearly so good if the music were not compelling enough to make you forget them.

You don't like my music... fine but I'm doing something a little different than Jethro so you can't compare them. It would be like saying that Brazilian jazz was the only thing worth listening to but that Country Western was shit; indeed, 99% of Country Western is shit but don't throw the baby out with the bathwater and don't do that apples and oranges thing. By the way you nasty little sneak... you've been at me with different nicks and at different locations but I'm on to go ahead, play Onan to your heart's content and maybe you will wind up acting out something you didn't expect. Things re much different now.

Anonymous said...

Salute Les!
Reading your comments for some time, I can´t stop wondering if there´s anyone else around able to express things such a fitting way you do. Even with some beer in my veins and quite a late hout (Central Europe), I feel amazed again reading your words.
You are right, the age of Kali Yuga is over... I hope I am not one of the ones "paralyzed by fear and intending to kill everything on sight" when the right time comes, but sometimes it appears to me hard with family and children not to be afraid of that, eventhough I know it´s futile to resist the birth pangs and the change about to come.
I frankly (hope so) pray to the entity which is in control whole the circus, how insufficient the word God is, although probably it is still the most proper one we have in our verbal inventory. I pray for the innocent ones (the children mostly) and be assured I really do not count myself among them.
Thanks for your great insights.
With hope

Anonymous said...

I thought this an apt description
of why those in denial cling to it so fiercely:

"With 9/11 it can be seen that cognitive dissonance is an effective means of not only individual manipulation, but also mass mind control. After trauma-based psychotic fracturing of a national group mind had been used to establish a 9/11 cult of deception, acute cognitive dissonance was exploited to intensify the programming.

So, as a result of dissonance, people who have swallowed the official 9/11 deception are often defensive and antagonistic when they learn that the story they've embraced actually defies common sense and breaks the laws of physics. Cognitive dissonance is so unpleasant that it's preferable to cling to reassuring lies than experience acute anxiety triggered by the painful realization that our political leaders, the media and supposed scientific experts, have knowingly or unknowingly all played a part in a massive deception to serve the lust for power and profit of a ruthless, hidden elite."
Gillian Norman

Unknown said...

Holy smokes, someones has found their Special K... That was awesome! I'd join you in a wondorous, magical K hole but unfortunately I'm not sure that I have enough Inner Silence to get that much of a boost of Siddhi. Blessings to you my friend... You rock!


"Les, you crack me up. I research and analyze so much crap (drives me nuts at times)and then you post some amazing analogies of which you probably do not even comprehend to the extent which your composition extends. The possibilities are enormous and yet the simplicity in which you verbalize it all, dumbfounds me. Well, point being, you open so many doors and are funny too, is nice and refreshing!" <--- So Say We All!

Visible said...

for those of you interested in hearing what has been happening to me (the central command thing) and more importantly, what I have heard... I will put it in Visible Origami some time this weekend. I already know how it is going to sound which is why I haven't wanted to do this. The good news is that I don't want your money and i am already famous in the 'right' circles.

The bad news, if there is any... is that you have to suspend belief and let your intuition guide you. What I am going to say will either be obviously bullshit or it will ring.

My personal problem is.. if it does ring and I suspect it will is how do I tell people the difference between the mental and the visceral without showing them personally.

Well, as of tonight that is all fundamentally changed. I no longer care how people will take it. I only care that those who care, take it and benefit from it. I've no clue why this happened to me but I ...can... tell... you... if it strikes a sympathetic chord that you will soon be spared the embarrassment if a wakeup call, and for those of you persistent about this news... you are triply blessed.

A said...

Central command, eh?

Anxiously awaiting....

Anonymous said...

Dear One, thank you for explaining that god is ever present and not past. God is also not he or she or really even it and yes everything is moving fast now.
thanks for the thoughts and words.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Les, you've shown an interest in
psychedelics in a few sentences.
Did I ever mention (I'm almost sure I haven't) that I used to be an "underground chemist" who used to belong to an online group called the Hive?
Phenethylamines and Tryptamines
Ah, those were the days of:
Sassafras>isosafrole> (amination of your choice, Palladium chloride etc) rxn> mdma base>hcl> mdma hcl.
Grew tired of THAT shit fast!

Odium said...

And yet here we sit, waiting as if we want it. It’s quite funny really, I mean all this stuff, I mean what you write is pure excellence but it’s another form of entertainment, to which I enjoy at least. Friends may ask why I bother to watch conspiracy DVDs and I may say why do you bother to watch CSI or Desperate Housewives? And then I may answer for them, “because it entertains you?”

10,000 years of gazing at the stars, gone in 60 years, lets all watch our little boxes and feel the pain of those on screen and ignore those cries of our neighbours.

Odium said...

And yet here we sit, waiting as if we want it. It’s quite funny really, I mean all this stuff, I mean what you write is pure excellence but it’s another form of entertainment, to which I enjoy at least. Friends may ask why I bother to watch conspiracy DVDs and I may say why do you bother to watch CSI or Desperate Housewives? And then I may answer for them, “because it entertains you?”

10,000 years of gazing at the stars, gone in 60 years, lets all watch our little boxes and feel the pain of those on screen and ignore those cries of our neighbours.

notamobster said...

What advice would one offer to those who have embraced their 'killer instinct' but fight constantly with their 'better angels', as it were?

I want to be the sentinel at the gate, but my upbringing tends to bring out the monster (the 'dissociative reaction', if you will)in times of stress. Is there a spot in this for us; those who truly suffer from the duality of man?

I do whatever I can to be good and to help my fellow traveler but my instinct causes me to be quite mean, when neccessary. (To be clear, I do what's right - not because it's right - but because I have learned to fear the consequences of doing what's wrong).

I have, in my life, learned the many lessons of karma, or reciprocity, or 'reaping-what-you-sow'; whatever you call it. What is there for those of us who have to battle both sides? What insight can you folks offer to me? That is why I'm here. I love visible's writing and the fact that he says things so eloquently, and so consistently, but I'm here for knowledge and one man can-not be the only source of that. I have commented time and again, that I love the crowd which gathers here.

So, someone please, tell me what happens to people like me in what's to come. Surely, I'm not the only one. I am a FIERCELY loyal person, and devoted entirely to my wife and children; but my motives are far from pure. I have never been motivated by some sense of right and wrong, but rather, fear of the conseqences (note - my devotion to the wife/kids is the first relationship in my life based on mutual love). Am I to be punished for not having that sensor? That filter that says "whoa! stop - this isn't right?" Even though I fight to do what is 'right'?

Anonymous said...

Hi Les, I'd just like to say I think your stuff really touches a cord with me. I didn't find your site until about 8 months ago and look forward to your writings. It's been interesting to watch you change or maybe it's me changing the way I look at things. I just wish I'd been smarter a long time ago and was not in so much debt right now. On the other hand, I've been able to establish what I feel is a good base of commodities that will allow me to support myself and close family and friends when the time comes. I wouldn't have been able to do it without going into debt so I guess I owe the bankers on that one. Who knows, maybe all my preps are for naught and nothing will matter but it does make me feel better knowing I've got some backup. All I really want is to be given the chance to make a difference and to know it. I also think maybe I'm asking too much and should not think like that but it's hard not to when I see people I love walking through life with blinders on.

BTW - On a side note, are you into essential oils?

Love and kisses (really) and keep up the good work.


faithful forever said...


...'things are much different now' but what do we do now?

I am very pleased to hear that you no longer are concerned with the way it sounds. Those with ears to hear will hear.

You, my friend, are a triple blessing.

faithful forever said...

p.s. grateful for the update, by the way.

Justin_n_IL said...

Another nice post my friend. I share your utter disdain for the blind pukes of Christendom who shut up heaven from those who look to them in search of it. The cool thing is that GOD fills those who are truly hungry for the TRUTH. Despite the fact that the TRUTH is something much different than what the many sects of Christendom perpetuate.

It's easy to spot those to whom "GOD" is just a Sunday/Wednesday ritual. With their golden calf churches(buildings, unlike the true church which is flesh), their golden calf choirs, their golden calf hymn books, etc. That accounts for about 99.999% of Christendom. The sun is about to sit on them as well as all others who oppress the meek of the earth.

2 Timothy 3

1This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

2For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

3Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good(Despisers of those who scream the TRUTH),

4Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

5Having a form of godliness(As JESUS said "many shall come in my name saying I am CHRIST and shall deceive many". Many indeed, about 99.999% of Christendom.), but denying the power thereof(The Law is spiritual but these people are grossly carnal. The carnal mind is deep seated hatred towards GOD. They love lies & rituals. They love golden calves. ): from such turn away.

6For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts,

7Ever learning(Sunday & Wednesday), and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

Here's a tidbit from my latest post "The coming delusion".

11And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

2 Corinthians 11

14And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel(Messenger) of light.

15Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.

A study of the original Greek for ministers yields the following. Attendant, waiter, and servant. The definition for the original Greek from which they translated righteousness from is the following. Equity of character or act; justification. So Satan's attendants shall be seen as attendants/waiters/servants of equity and justice. Understanding this is of the utmost importance people. The great delusion that is soon to come upon the earth is going to be seen as an equitable deed coming from equitable men. Do the international bankers, fat cat elitists, and their bought politicians appear as servants of justice & equity? On the contrary they are blatant servants of greed(Hence the looming meltdown.). Here in America this is accepted just as death and taxes are accepted. However with the far reaching meltdown now in progress it will no longer be tolerated. Satan is getting ready to paint a masterpiece.

GOD bless you Les

Duke said...

Peace be with you less, and with all those who manage to see this message.

The time has come. I am here to bring judgment to the living and the dead. Those who reject me , reject my Father who sent me.

Those who doubt, can put me to the test.

Should you censor this comment, you will surely pay the price.

Anonymous said...

The medical industry is a disease factory.....Which reminds me of my "restless leg syndrome" [so I can experience an increased desire to Gamble] along with my my "acid reflex Disease" and I had better double up on my "Viagra" [because 6 billion inhabitants on this earth are too many and it's better to have my "dick" fall off before the batteries in my Pacemaker wear out] or make sure my "warafin" contains the proper amount of "rat poison". Now we know the reason for the "snake" in the Medical Staff Logo".

Just a few of the many, many from the Disease Factory of which we have our doctor to thank, because without him, the factory would be penniless and a piss poor place to invest your money.

And to "Sharon in the UK"
GOD does exist, where do you think Les got his gift to translate into words his very thoughts with such brilliance?


Anonymous said...

Your diatribe is substantiated, however you fail to see the nature of humanity, and why the World is stuck in a hellish shithole. This short blog link may offer you an explanation and provide you a more realistic perspective of the Planet we share.

Visible said...

Duke.. don't ever threaten me. I'm a mirror and reflections are instantaneous.

Boy... is it something I said? There are a lot of believers showing up for this one and the emails are all of a kind.

Pilgrims... there is a lot of good news coming. Be steadfast. Now is the very hour to hold fast to what is real.

I don't like religion but God is the centerpiece of my life. I don't talk about it here but sometime in the next few days I am going to talk about it at Visible Origami. I am enduring some really intense tribulations right now. I've had my ass kicked before (those whom the Lord loves he chastens) but this particular episode it right up there with the worst I have been through.

I apologize to my other readers who are very good people but don't believe in anything metaphysical. There's such a lot of the same thing coming through right now, both here and in my mailbox. So indulge me, if you will, this one time.

For those of you who are listening, I will say this much... that which you are concerned with has shown up. He's here. He was always here but... much of the time the divine is dreaming and we are his dream. He's now right there and awake in it. You who hunger for righteousness must persist now in the same way a person will hold their hat on their head in a high wind. There is a candle in the window and it will light you home long before you can actually see it. I say this as my life and my soul as surety.

You evildoers had better come now and beg forgiveness because there is mercy to be had. But if you reject this kind and generous and undeserved blessing then woe unto you. Just as the Bible says... you'll call out for the rocks and the earth to hide you but there will be no hiding place.

I won't delve into this too much right now. As I said... some punishing pressure is holding me up against a wall right now so I look like one of those people who hit a plate glass window and then slide slowly down the surface. I expect it will pass but it's truly excruciating and I suspect that things are being changed in me and the pain is coming from my resistance to it. You can well say, "hey Les, just let go." and that is correct. However... saying it and doing it are two different things. I am sure that all of you know what I mean by that. I'm trying as hard as I can. And you can say, "Hey Visible, stop trying." I already know all of that and don't think I'm not being as ingenious as my human mind is able to. But sometimes you get pressed up against the glass anyway.

You are wonderful people my readers and I hope you know that I see you all as equals and some of you as teachers. Nowhere I have ever been have I seen people as gifted and articulate as you. That has to count for something.

I feel like I am being two-dimensionalized in a forty ton press right now and it is a marvel to me that I can even write anything or even do anything. My wife is coming now with her mother and our pets and I have got to get it together here and it is like doing the backstroke in a swimming pool of Jello. But I will get it in order. It doesn't look so good right now but in one day I can reorder it... still, it's a bitch. I can't remember a time in recent memory that it has been like this. It hurts. It cuts like a knife but I am grateful and I pretty much say so all the time.

I apologize if I haven't been 'on' lately. I had no idea when I came down here with my friend Roy that it was going to be like this for me. This has always been my haven and the other place where I live has been the hard place. When Roy and I got down here is was wonderful but just as soon as I took him to his plane and got back here it was gotterdammerung and that was about six weeks ago. As you know, I didn't post anything for awhile. I literally couldn't.

I'm not looking to cry on anyone's shoulder. In that regard I can hold on to a rock. I didn't want to have to post what I said at Petri Dish and people have given me shit about it. I have gotten some ugly emails about it and people are hacking all of my sites and other things in a routine way. That's not why I feel the way I do. I've been fucked with all my life. I'm used to that.

I don't make myself out to be better than anyone and I think you know that. For all this time I'm being made to tremble and shake. I suspect that is a good thing but sometimes it scares the shit out of me and maybe that is the purpose. What I am trying to say is that this isn't something that can be attached to being depressed or any kind of existential despair. This is like having your house remodeled while you are inside it. Beth? the house... oh yeah, The High Priestess.

I don't know why I'm doing this but I know I can stop now so thank you more than words can say for your great human excellence and don't mind the scourging commentary I have had to make recently. I love America and Americans as I do anyone who will let me and even those who don't. But if you don't say what needs to be said you are just as much of a liar as those who say what is not so.

I'll close on this note. This morning I got up and went into my computer/recording room and I have a Campari ashtray; one of those square deals that you come across in an outdoor French restaurant under the Cinzano umbrellas and it was filled to the brim with liquid and the America Spirit cigarette butts were floating in it. No, I did not taste it to see if it was the magic elixir of all time. I just poured it into the toilet. However, the first thing I did was look at the ceiling, wondering if there was some specific hole that would allow water to fall (it did rain here last night). But there wasn't a drop of water anywhere else on my table. Also, last night I got up to go to the bathroom and there was a puddle of water outside the door with no rational explanation that I could come up with. This is the kind of thing I run into all day long. Mysterious things appear and disappear. Of course, I usually find that sort of thing exciting and it has nothing to do with my mood; that's another matter but... still, I don't know what to make of it.

Anyway, I'll explain a lot of things at Origami shortly- or at least tell about what has happened. It may not explain anything.

Okay... time for me to trip around a little before I start getting my house in order. I really don't want to experience my wife's wrath. She's a wonderful person and doesn't ask much of me. She is a Godsend. When I think of what other people have to live with I count my blessings. She has no bitch factor... but... I will wilt like an orchid in direct sunlight if I have to deal with her disappointment. Like I said, it's easy to take care of. It's not like a bomb hit the place. I just haven't brought it up to standard yet. Hey... I'm a bohemian and I don't mind clutter myself.

Boy... I'm going on aren't I? There's a reason for this, trust me on that. And thank you for showing up. Having the sort of readers I have is better than being paid a quarter of a million a year to do this and then have to hang out with a pack of assholes.

See you soon.

Anonymous said...

Les, I really enjoy your commentary and look forward to your posts. Boddhisattvas come in many forms and guises. Don't resist the message.
What is happening right now on this planet is not new. Have you looked at Milarepa's story?
There are always some human phenomena who are able to see reality. Your writing is one such way for others to become aware of the illusion under which we are presently living.
The internet has provided a way for many to reach out at this time. But, the reality is, life on this planet has always been only provided for the opportunity to learn some valuable lessons.
Love and compassion for other sentient beings is the result of seeing reality. How could it be otherwise?

Anonymous said...

This blog post reminds me of listening to Bill Hicks, which is like listening to myself think.

The sad part is that among those who deny the truth, smirk and snort at my warnings and attempts to shake them awake are family and close friends. They have now held on to their denial past the point of no return. For when the stock market crashes next week and the electricity is turned off and the grocery stores are barren and closed, it will be too late for them for they had their chance. I am prepared for what's coming and I will not be accepting liabilities to my own survival. They should have listened.

Stienster said...

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus,

You hopefully know who you are, but as for me, I don't know right now. As Les may also be experiencing, being devoted to God Almighty and knowing and following His Will, isn't always as clear as I'd like. I'm alone just now, in my awareness of how close we are to turning the windyest of corners... that force, that wind, is something I've been walking into for only a few weeks. Some of you it's been longer I think. But it's one of those wicked tearing constant gusting winds, the ones that pull the mucus out of your nose and show just how pewny we are.
This damned world is just squashing me, and I'm hanging on to what He gave me to hang on to: my wife; my dogs; and every incident of my past that He's shown me He Loves me and meant it when He said, "I will never leave you nor forsake you."
But, I'm weaker than I'd like to know. I'm fighting with my (in)-ability to love the unlovely, and still think that it's going to be ok for me in the end... it's completely terrifying me.
I don't know what brought me to this website, but I'm greatful for it.
Some people here seem to be open to what is normally considered... what?- 'insane talking'. Non-believers couldn't care less about what I've uncovered in the last 10 months, and my Christian friends/family aren't answering any of my emails. Except of course my gorgeous mother, who listens to me with wide-eyed seriousness and fear mixed with an ENORMOUS Faith in Jesus. She is the only one who's hearing me... how can that BE??

I'll just say this: the aliens are comming, and they're not aliens from another planet. They're fallen angels, as in Genesis' Nephalim, and Enoch's Watchers. The Great Deception is about to befall mankind, and no one is listening.

nobody said...

Les, I'm just happy you're here. And I'm happy that I'm here too. How childishly simple I am today.

Parfer DeCourse said...

As usual you are dead on Les!

You have this innate ability to mirror the thoughts and ideas that I myself have had as I pick and choose each fork in the road. It’s always pleasant to have confirmation no matter the dire circumstances I find myself observing.

The drivel we have endured all our lives from the religious control machinery is tantamount to spiritual starvation. Once you reach the point where you realize that Santa is for the kiddies and Jesus is for the adults and both messages are the same, “Be good and ye shall be rewarded” you begin to realize just what kind of control you have become subservient to. The answers are out there if you but begin your journey. Take that first step and eventually you will reach the same or similar conclusions as illustrated at another confirmation!

Make no mistake, whatever you call it, there is a benevolent creative force out there. One need only commune with nature to realize it and feel apart of it. Recently, I wandered about in the canyons surrounding Flagstaff and Sedona. The sheer majesty is truly breathtaking and sharing the experience with my son was absolutely priceless. However, I could not help but observe this beauty in the context of our current predicament and wonder if it will survive the tsunami we all know is coming.

Believe me when I tell you that I also understand the point of view of the chemical connoisseur. We have all been subject to the demonization of chemical libations only to find our government involved in the very thing they jail us for! (Are they eliminating the competition?) Then they turn around and use the profits to enslave us even more all the while separating us from the window through which we can experience the ubiquitous benevolent force. Hypocrisy abounds, does it not?

Like Abu Ben Adam, ‘write me as one who loves his fellow-men’, but as for walking the streets and telling them individually I love them, that’s a different story. I am as turned off by the receipt of same as I am from someone who delivers the message, ‘Jesus loves you!’

Oh what the hell…I love you Visible!!! (put that in your pipe and smoke it!!!)


Anonymous said...

Sadly, it's all true and it's funny to watch. History(?)tells us that Nero fiddled away while Rome burned to the ground. Presently, I watch clueless Americans gab away on their cell phones(ad-nauseum) while America- slowly and relentlessly- slides down into the shit-hole of hell. It will be something when the real "shit" does hit the fan. I will laugh, and along with you Les, I will tell everyone I know, and have forewarned- "I told you so." Peace! Aloha! MattyC.

Anonymous said...

Washington and its metro (at my last read) has a population of 5.3 million.
What if just 20% of these people marched on the white house to evict the current resident for all of its defaults?
What if you did this with all of the correct paperwork in hand?
What would happen?

Anonymous said...

I little something to lighten your mood Visible....

Anonymous said...


Your comment about the "watchers"? I am confused, maybe you could clear this up? Is there a way I can reach you? Yes....I agree it would explain the so called ignorance and silence of the worlds governments to cover up with "swamp Gas", and their Operation Blue Book conclusion......There is no evidence to substantiate the existance of UFO's , however they are not a threat to security of the United States.



Justin_n_IL said...

"Washington and its metro (at my last read) has a population of 5.3 million.
What if just 20% of these people marched on the white house to evict the current resident for all of its defaults?
What if you did this with all of the correct paperwork in hand?
What would happen?"

Forget Washington. There is a passage way str8 to the throne. Why not go str8 to the top? Why not go str8 to HE whom the world will answer too? The number of those who travel that way is increasing.

Let the meek with their "open eyes" lay prostrate in front of their Creator. Such a thing is beginning to take shape . Who is the driving force behind these "open eyes"? The open eyes which leads us to plead with our Creator.

Are pure requests from a meek heart in vain? Is it not written that which we bind up on earth shall be bound up in heaven? And that which is bound up in heaven shall be bound up on the earth?

As Les was saying earlier; GOD is getting ready to kick some ass. HE is getting ready to kick some ass at the request of those who are crying out for JUSTICE in the earth.

Revelation 8

3And another angel came and stood at the altar, having a golden censer; and there was given unto him much incense, that he should offer it with the prayers of all saints upon the golden altar which was before the throne.

4And the smoke of the incense, which came with the prayers of the saints, ascended up before God out of the angel's hand.

5And the angel took the censer, and filled it with fire of the altar, and cast it into the earth: and there were voices, and thunderings, and lightnings, and an earthquake.

Anonymous said...

It is good you don't use the word 'sheep' to describe the behavior of your fellow man. They don't really behave like sheep. They behave like SLAVES. But that is a taboo word to use to describe people who are in gross denial about it. They get offended when you call them slaves. So, when I see people using the word sheep, I replace it in my mind with slave. Sorta like I do when the mainstream media uses the word 'democracy'. I replace it in my mind with 'dysfunctional capitalism'. All lies. Your descriptions and perceptions of the world are very insightful--you've penetrated the veil of bullshit, and your reports from the other side are very instructional.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you - we must state the truth, no matter how unwelcome.


Anonymous said...

Its always nice to read some honest soul fucking assessment.
The people willing to look in the mirror and not worry how many hairs are growing in their ears might have a chance, the rest can put their lazy boys into overdrive while the Bill Maher kicks in.
I always enjoy reading your essays, keep up the good writing.

Robert said...

Simple problems demand simple solutions.


Anonymous said...

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