Sunday, April 19, 2020

"Prophecy Fulfillment in a Time of Apocalypse and the Company of Angels."

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Courtesy of Chi-Com Industries and their subsidiary, the Bohemian Grove WHO-Owl, I am watching the One World: Together at Home event and it is an eyeopener I must say.

What I have learned so far is that I still feel the same about Lady Gagme and Paul McCartney can't sing anymore. It's really sad. How did he convince himself to do this? This is a seriously cringe-worthy happening. You pretty much have to see this to believe it. I've had my own struggles with vocal ability in recent years but not like that... yet. Now there is some Victoria Secret's model type called Casey Musgrave. I've no idea who that is but it was also pretty bad. You can see how much engineering, plugins and the like have to do with the final musical product. I've known for a long time that muddy incoherent vocals were the industry standard cover for terribly uninspired lyrics. Now I see/hear that that is only a part of the overall illusion of competence but then... our standards are, apparently, not what they once were.

This is supposed to be a feel-good affair. I don't feel good yet. Now there is Elton John. There is a great deal of sincere feeling missing across the board so far. It's all flat (insider music-related double entendre). They're banging on about health care workers but so far no one has mentioned The Sun or made any reference to The Ineffable. Jimmy Fallon is doing his white bread Jamaica thing. Okay... enough of my commentary on this nonstarter.

They're sneaking in The Fabulous Life-Changing Vaccine references. Maybe Bill Gates will show up and do a Porn Hub commercial. Yeah... I said I would stop talking about it. Let me close by saying it is more of the same self-serving, pulling on the tear ducts bullshit that we have all come to know and detest. My friends... what this has been/is all about is A TEST RUN to see how easy it is to herd The Sheeple in and out of the labyrinthine paddocks. It's a trial engagement. It's a run-up to (Drum Roll) The Mark of the Beast.

What is it that you think of when you consider, The Mark of the Beast, The Whore of Babylon, The Anti-Christ and all the similar names and terms that often appear together? If Prophecy was one of the patronymics or agnomens that came to mind then you are on the same page as me. What's the story with Prophecy? Well... if you want to get a feel for how and why it happens, you have only to read that book from the Old Testament; Ecclesiastes. “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.” Everything is cyclic and whether you got that Oswald Spengler-like, via western empirical models, or whether you got it from Swami Vivekananda, it's the same. The truth of The West and the Truth of the East are the same truth and all of us have been under the influence of both of them at different times and all of us have collectively forgotten what we have been exposed to in previous times BECAUSE we didn't LEARN IT and make it a part of us. We will.

Prophecy comes out of a supersensory, visceral connection to the plane of revelation. It is transmitted on the angelic wavelength and the accuracy and exactitude of prophecy are based on this cyclic wonder of endless reoccurrence. Usually, that which prophecy speaks of, warns against and informs us of, takes place in an apocalypse. Ergo, we are presently present in the times of the fulfillment of Prophecy. Please take note.

Whenever there is a time of radical change, there you will find an abundance of confusion as well. Whenever the world is going through A CYCLE of transformation, the level of collective uncertainty and fear, intensifies. It emerges from an inchoate origin and then, incrementally escalates and one of the forces that makes unbridled fear and uncertainty so pervasive and powerful is CONFUSION. Confusion occurs when you ALLOW yourself to become separated from yourself. Every emotion we experience is a divergent persona. For the period of its experience, it is the shape we take in response to whatever brought it into being and THIS IS WHY... this is why SELF CONTROL is so very important. Self-containment, self-rule, is the necessary state of being in all times of crisis and you initiate Self Control by STANDING GUARD AT THE GATEWAY OF YOUR MIND. Everything we war against and all that we fear, is present in our minds and if it is not present in our minds it IS NOT PRESENT AT ALL!

Everything external to you is a projection of what is internal. The recognition of all name and form occurs as a process in your mind. Those who... for so long, have been under the impression that they manipulate and control us, are getting A WAKEUP CALL, just like we are. Every wakeup call differs in its impact, magnitude and power. Those who... for so long ran their games on us... subjected us to the mesmeric frequencies, of enforced pacification and 'cyclic' pulses of panic, routinely interspersed with pulses of calming frequencies, whose intent is a zombie somnambulism, taut with nightmare. This they did in their regular efforts to enslave and terrorize us. Ah... but no longer. Now they hear the voice of Mr. Apocalypse, speaking out of that flaming grotto which is the portal into their waiting destiny if THEY DON'T FUCKING WAKEUP.

The problem for those who have done such awful harm to humanity is their enduring fealty to The Prince of Darkness. His voice is speaking too, drowning out the offers of mercy and forgiveness that are also present. Yes... I KNOW that this world of appearances, manifesting as a duality of extremes, operating in a seeming antagonism with each other, is an illusion. It's all one and always has been BUT... you HAVE TO BE in that state of awareness that makes it possible for you to see it. Otherwise, it is ONLY WORDS and we have had our fill of posturing new-age charlatans telling us this over and over, without having understood it one wit. All they can hear or understand is the cash register ringing. One particular new age prophet, recently subjected those willing to endure it, to multiple hours long broadcasts in which he told us that all the bad guys were being rounded up and “it could happen” any day but “definitely by Easter.”

Neither he nor any of the rest of us know when IT will occur or what is going to occur. What I SUSPECT is that the awakening will continue and continue and intensify beyond all resistance or reactions except for surrender or madness. Insanity is going to take those malefactors who will not be changed by the awakening. There will literally be NOWHERE TO RUN AND NOWHERE TO HIDE because... because? It is in their minds and this you cannot escape from! Just as The Avatar is going to appear in the human heart and announce the genesis of The Age of Brotherhood, Mr. Apocalypse is going to heighten and exacerbate the force of awakening in the human mind. There will be all sorts of responses initially but as it increases and grows greater, ONLY submission or hysteria and derangement will be the outcomes. That is my take. That is what I see BUT as I have noted, NO ONE KNOWS the how and the when BUT one thing we can all be certain of is... 'IT' IS COMING.

One of the many benefits of self-inquiry is that the more you learn about yourself, the more you learn about others and the more efficient and successful you become in dealing with them. Earlier in my life, certain ignorant behavior by others could enrage me. I had little tolerance for Stupid. Time has passed and I understand more clearly than ever I did before what Christ had to say on the cross; “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” People REALLY don't know any better. They will go out of their way to impress you with the paucity of their knowledge, while you... already impressed by the truth of how little you know, due to self-inquiry, are well aware of their limitations because you are well aware of your own and you can't tell them about any of it directly. They will become enraged. This is the point of parables, allegories and fables.

When you begin to behave in a manner that is impressive to angels, angels tend to be attracted into your life. Human beings are their biggest project and they hunger for any example where their efforts can realize a positive effect. It is a great sorrow to them that so few of us are deserving of their attention but they know... because a part of the mind of God is in them; they know that there are times when humanity is in a collective stupor, BUT... they also know that times change and that will not always be the case. So... they are patient. Anyone who is so moved to find the company of angels will find it. Not many are motivated in that way and the changes required to remain in the company of angels is too egregious for most people.

Fickle is a kind of affection that doesn't last very long and one's form of Love can be measured by its reach. Once again, The Sun is a great example. In times of material darkness, the qualities we most need to possess are shortened and the ones we most need to discard are lengthened. I am using terms of distance for a reason.

That self-isolating concert was a cynical pandering to Satanic organizations by Satanic puppets. It was an odious propaganda ploy, so obvious in its intent that even marginal intelligence should be able to see it.

Hang in there my friends and look within.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

This post had me virtually rolling on the floor like a cat on catnip! Another euphoriant piece, as I move farther and farther from the world as it is.

ladyfairest said...

I had a NDE almost 18 years ago now. God cured my migraine headaches & told me that he makes all souls good but by their free choice turn bad & he rips them up. Its about free will vs forced. Force is evil manipulating Hate. I love your blog.

Andy said...

It dont matter. Lol I dont matter much anyway. I'm just another Bozo on the Bus. I simply have today pegged as the point of no return.  

All humanity will vote tonight weather we think so or not on which path we take. Either Love or Hell. Tomorrow is Bob Marley Birthday and its Hitlers Birthday.  When the Great Spirit counts the votes of everyone person it will put into action the events that lead to a reset of sorts. 

We have reset all the way down to only one make and one female before. That is not just biblical, the native Americans wrote about it, it's in themayans, hermes said 6. Sanskrit said two. I hope that is not the case.

Can you hear the song my brother running in the back ground of the year 2020???  

It's this song. Watch "The Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter (Official Lyric Video)" on YouTube

Watch the video. Its important

You know the words. As we shelter in place. The cape is coming China. Rape and murder we are just a shot away. (Vaccine is given in a shot.) Love sister, (divine Feminine,  Holy spirit, Earth) were just a kiss away. 

Read the lyrics again. They are VERY pertinent to today and this year. 

The world has ended many many times. By fire, ice, flood, and tribulation. and it has continued by Love many times as well. 

We are all the products of War and conflict. All humanity is. We are the war children. Yes I know it was written for Vietnam. But if you really think about the lyrics??? They absolutely apply today. As we Shelter in place.

Ask yourself this. Why do muslims women wear veils?? When did they originally start wearing Veils? Everyone on the planet is wear a veil.

Do we die by flood, ice, fire, rape and murder (7 year tribulation) or do we choose love??  Cast your vote! 

What will humanity decide??? I dont know. That is above my pay grade. I and I vote for Love. "3 little birds sit on my door step singing sweet songs, singing this is my message too you who who. Dont worry about a thing" Or is it gonna be decided by the those who govern the relms above the relms such as these as Iron Maiden put it. Sicks, Sicks Sicks the number of the beast. Hell and fire were sworn to be released??

Today marks my 4 year anniversary from my prediction where everything unfolded as was stated.

Its like when you were a kids an put your ear to the rail road tracks and you could hear if a train was coming or not. You can hear that song, playing if you listen.

That was my point. 

As the Hopi say, one door opens as one door closes. There is a period between both doors. By midnight tonight,  we will know what door Humanity chooses by the events that follow because the other door will be closed permanently and we cant go back.

I am praying and I have hope.

Love Andy

Andy said...

I cant stop it from happening. it's not my choice. It is everyones. I only get one vote. As the it is written in evrything from Blavatsky's Globes, Chains and root races to the Hopi Prophasy stone of the end of the 4th world and the emergence of the 5th, to Nostradamus, to the bible's book of revelation, to Tibetan scrolls and gnostic manuscripts found in egypt, Myan PapVul to Edgar Cayce the sleeping prophet.

A new world will be born. Out of Love or pain. It's up to every human being and all conscious life on earth to choose.

I hope we choose love. Take care.

Andrew Steenberg said...

I just read what you wrote. Oh brother. I been praying and meditating for 20+ years. Alot of what you wrote is VERBATIM from my own translations (not someone else's) of sanskrit, native American (the 6 girls prophesy actually states about the great sickness before the end) Tibetan, Myan, Hebrew, and Latin prophesy. many that nobody has ever read. Sure God is your friend. From my read off of you, some of those words but something coming through you.

I keep crying as I pick up a piece of trash in the ground that someone Ceaselessly tossed away. Fuck!

I didnt watch it. Funny, I actually dated that Casey girl when I was getting seduced by y the dark side. They offered me money, titles, crowns fame and fortune. even immortality. You know what i told them????? I said it's better to love and die than be an immortal asshole! TELL YOUR BOSS GO FUCK HIMSELF! MY soul is not for sale. I already gave it to God! You contend with Him not me. And I walked away.

I hope they choose to wake up. I so hope that. I dont want them all to suffer. It's their choice thow.

See ya brother. THANK YOU!

Infinitely NOW!

0 aka Andy and sometimes W

Andy said...

I dont mean to blast ya. I only come up tot he surface to speak every so often. I dont even talk much in life let alone the web. I will keep my oil lamp lit tonight. For the Bride Groom approaches. I met a 300 year old man a little while ago, he said they were hoping gi would take one of their places.

I told him, if I did that? I would be stuck here and one of you would go home.Again, I'its better to have loved and died than be an immortal asshole. The immortals all 24 of them have been here for Aeons. They are written about in letter, titled Cosmic consciousness in 1905 and many other places.that is why there is 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness on the Equinox. Maybe I should have took that job working for Clif High. I'm won of the only 3 or 4 people who has actually seen his Data sets. He has good stuff, just translating is hard. I only told him know because as John Belushi said, "we are on a mission from God."

Fuck the Vatican too! Over 2000 years of collecting 10% tithe and 10% offering and not paying any taxes!!!! If they were in the buisness of serving the True God?? Not one person on this planet would be hungry right now. And we have been in a spiritual famine for a thousand years! They can burn that den of thieves to the ground for all I care. But that too is above my paygrade to decide.

THE Rooster has come to Roost. The Bride groom approaches, He who's true name can not be spoken in this world comes and if HE finds his house that he left his servants in charge of is a mess??? Somebody's gonna get an ass whoopin. That's a fact jack!

Last thing I'm going to say for a long while. Tell me my friend, When you look up on a clear night. Do you see the reflection of the Tribe of light scattered among the earth?? As it says in the song Already Gone by the Eagles.

"The letter that you wrote me made me stop and wonder why
But I guess you felt like you had to set things right
Just remember this, my girl, when you look up in the sky
You can see the stars and still not see the light"
Let the chips fall where they may. Thanks again. I dont hardly ever say much so shen I do? I ask like you, that my words be from above as I am, here below. Pain is a good reminder and motivator but it doesnt have to be. Have we forgot the face of our mother and father?? Guess we will see. We can not rest on our laurels. past accomplishments dont mean squat today! You cant stay hydrated today from glass of water you drank in 1979. You have my address. I cant add nothing more. I spent all my words for a good while. There is a time to listen. For me. That is now


Anonymous said...

From the editor

Andy; Apparently you didn't get the memo. This all over the map megalomaniacal loose cannon bullshit isn't going to fly here. I did the one time posting AFTER you have already been warned in the hope you might read it and see just how off-planet this is. It is off-planet for this site in any case so if you don't see any more contributions like this appearing here again, you will know why. There is a chance that you are legitimately crazy and there is also the chance that this is to mess with the site and its readers. Visible I am sure is not impressed and I most certainly am not, nor anyone else who comes here. You have been notified.

robert said...

Dear Visible One,

:Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” People REALLY don't know any better.

Knowing how short He fell from the possibility inherent in Being Human, what to do but to intercede for others with the mercy granted Him?

"Bless them Father for I (too) have sinned"

This is a seriously cringe-worthy happening.

Apt choice of words, Visible wordsmith!

As we awaken to our own divergence from the perfection of the template, we CRINGE in shame from what we have made of a perfect day!

Fickle is a kind of affection that doesn't last very long and one's form of Love can be measured by its reach. Once again, The Sun is a great example. In times of material darkness, the qualities we most need to possess are shortened and the ones we most need to discard are lengthened. I am using terms of distance for a reason.

The time is short and our list of errors to clear from our Mind's eye is LONG!

That self-isolating concert was a cynical pandering to Satanic organizations by Satanic puppets. It was an odious propaganda ploy, so obvious in its intent that even marginal intelligence should be able to see it.

We cringe in embarrassment for others, even those who have given themselves over to the dark side.

The lesson comes through our emotions, loud and clear:
Wake up to the Love shining like the Sun or shrivel up as the Light grows brighter than our endarkened minds can withstand!

Anonymous said...

Less Visible.
Imagination is GOD.
all outside entities are false " ".
Teachings & Preachings of outside entities are false teachings.
Teach & repeat this only.
Brother Les....if you need help innerstanding this....reference Neville Goddard.

Ray B. said...

Vis, thank you for this 'musical' posting. Appreciated.

Vis: "Everything external to you is a projection of what is internal. The recognition of all name and form occurs as a process in your mind."

I read in a years-ago book by David Icke one of the best explanations of why we can see certain things and cannot see other things. Basically, the brain is a 'decoding' mechanism for input that originates on the quantum-probability plane on-down to what we perceive as an external object. It is that 'layer' of decoding that allows us to see something. Apparently, there are entities that can reach-into that layer and disrupt that decoding. So, we cannot see them, if they don't want to be seen.

I mention that because of a camp-out in the desert, long ago. Two 'somebodies' wandered into our campground at night. My 'spidey sense' picked them up, instantly, but I could not see them in the camp lights. I actually followed them around through the camp, noting where they stopped in front of certain individuals. Eventually, they left the way they came. By their 'presence', they were human-sized, and they traveled with human-speed. But, they were not visible to ordinary eyes. Either they were too 'high' for human eyes to see (which I did not get), or they had some way of 'blocking' being seen. Interesting...
Vis: "When you begin to behave in a manner that is impressive to angels, angels tend to be attracted into your life. Human beings are their biggest project and they hunger for any example where their efforts can realize a positive effect."

There are many levels of Beings that lamented the Fall of Humanity. For example, we were once co-level with (Real) Elves. In a way, they miss conversing and sharing with us, and are 'assisting' with what Vis calls the Apocalypse - the Awakening or Revealing. (Looong before that, we were co-level to (Real) Angels. Same sentiments.)

In the past, Beings on many levels were effectively self-segregated. (Real) Elves did not 'reach down' to present-consciousness humanity, for instance. Now, that has changed. Humanity has allies whom are now 'participating' in our Awakening...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Regarding totally non sequitur posts in the comment section that leaves your mind either blank or scrambled. Ya gotta wonder what drug the poster was on, or if they had not slept for the past week. (I cannot use the latter excuse on what there is of my lockdown for zoner posts, for those 48 hour periods of 2 hours sleep are unlikely to happen again; unless when I go back to work one of the other dishwashers has either found another job or committed suicide.)

Visible said...

Imagination is not God. God is indefinable. Imagination is a QUALITY. I do not need help in understanding that but thank you for thinking of me. One could say God is Love and be closer to a definition but that still would not be comprehensive- NOTHING IS. I wonder why you bother to say this? As transparent as it is, it appears to be a motivation for contention. Well, you won't be getting that here. I am confident that not one single person who reads that will become convinced of it.

Le Rocher said...

I really thought I could find something to say - Find some kind of way to verbalize the unsaid, wishing to applaud, standing, in ovation the connection and conviction of Brotherhood. There is truly only one response.

Thank You Brother.

Guy Reid-Brown said...

'Every emotion we experience is a divergent persona'

That one line alone is worth expanding into an article - or a book.

Visible said...

I thought I should mention that a new Podcast is now up at Podbean.

I trust and hope that all is well out there in Wave on the Sea-Land.

Visible said...

LTPTB; That entity Marajit that you have been upvoting in the one who is downvoting me. I don't know if this makes any difference, we're all waves on a common ocean but somehow I thought you might want to know since he is laughing about it.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

"Love is a Heat and Wisdom is a Light and When the Two Combine= the Result is Truth."

and there is a new podcast as well

A new Podcast is now up at Podbean.



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