Thursday, April 16, 2020

"On the Critical Matter of Angels and Becoming Free from Ignorance and Material Bondage."

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The Mass Media has turned into a churning vat of endlessly replicating garbage. It has become time, past time, to draw back into the core of one's being and assume a posture of positive expectation. In various places around the world, very bad things are happening. At the same time very good things are happening but they are not so prominently displayed as are the bad events, because those bringing you the news are not interested in telling you about the good.

What is causing the extreme turbulence of the moment, in human mood swings, is our singular and collective reaction to the force of awakening that is pressing upon the subconscious mind. Those disposed to negative expression are becoming more and more so, as is the case with the positive as well. In ALL CASES, we are being outed for what we are. That is the main theme of The Apocalypse. A time is coming soon when The Awakening is going to appear in every human mind and the consequences of our behavior and state of being are going to be revealed to each of us in a cold and telling light. This will cause some number to repent of it immediately and they will remain changed by the experience for the rest of their lives.

There is a certain amount of us that will be resistant, regardless of the impact of The Awakening; much like the way a traveler will pull his cloak more tightly around him as the force of the wind increases, so will they pull the darkness closer around them. All efforts to effect a change in their consciousness will be to no avail and they will be left with the unrelenting message, “You have been warned.” Some of us, actively seeking The Awakening, will find a new sense of strength and inspiration for coming times. We will be made aware of The Trembling Board which is the reverberation platform in our awareness and which vibrates with messages sent from on high. Those sincere souls to whom this has come will find that they can now get answers to their questions and concerns through this board. These messages are not necessarily verbal. They may come as images. They may come through symbols and signs that appear in the world around them. There can be a sense of what the answer is with no clear defining explanation.

Those who follow what gets said here are aware of my long efforts to gain a deeper level of communication with my guardian angel. This has now happened and every feature of my life has been changed accordingly. It seems that what I first took to be a dreadful accident, was a crucial breaking through of the thin barrier of my remaining ignorance and resistance. Sometimes there is no way around catastrophic events that are required due to the powerful spell of materialism, which has found its way into all of our minds as a blockage of the light. I now better understand all of the physical fender benders that have happened to me in recent years. They were blows directed at my unconscious impedance to the light. We must be fully aware of the possible consequences that can come with our petitioning Heaven for greater awareness and insight. It is likely that Heaven will then hammer on the barriers to the passage inwards of that awareness and insight.

Suddenly now I find myself, without thinking about it, assuming the various postures of The Man on the Beach, which I observed in him during our short time together. This has come attended by a mindset of relentless focus upon every thought, word and deed. As you can imagine this is exhausting and demands frequent periods of rest. It is not always present, as when I first arise in the morning, or during times of distraction, but it is now more extant than not. Previously it was the other way around, no matter what my efforts might have been to make it more consistent. It now seems to be the inescapable truth to me, that no matter how determined we may be about anything at a given point, nothing happens until it is supposed to happen and one had better get to the marrow of that.

There is a book that was written centuries ago called The Pilgrim's Progress. There was a film made of it last year and it was better than one might have expected; at least I thought so. The book itself is difficult to read. It is in archaic English and DENSE, but there are details from it that I have never forgotten. One of them is The Slough of Despond. It is a place where we feel the heaviness of our sins and the guilt which attends it. The slough is also know as The Swamp of Despair. We have to get through that. It is a difficult passage. One of our main obstacles to dealing with this, is underestimating the depth and power of God's Forgiveness. We have to stop seeing God as a bigger version of ourselves. God is far, far beyond the frailty and judgmental tendencies of our human state. We have to 'let it go' and we can do this more easily when we have a greater commitment to EVERY FOLLOWING MOMENT, in our succeeding acts of redemption.

If you are capable, as some of us are, of forgiving others and... thank all the mercies of Heaven, I do have that quality; simply apply the same compassion and clemency to yourself. We tend to imagine our sins as being much more egregious than they actually are. Often enough, a lot of our sins were against ourselves, not against others. I finally got that one. Sometimes, in the pursuit of perfection, we tend to be harder on ourselves than we need to be. We are, each of us, already perfect but it is more a matter of uncovering and remembering it than it is becoming that and purification is the key.

Our prayers reach God through intermediaries and I have discovered that prayer can be much more effective when we pray to the intermediary to begin with, once you discover who that might be. It is not something that is hidden from you but you do have to identify who that is. Certain luminous beings attach themselves to us, when we have accumulated the necessary virtue to make ourselves habitable to them. The SAME IS TRUE of more maleficent entities, who are drawn by our lower passions and weaknesses. This is why PURIFICATION is so important and that is achieved through austerities, abstinence, prayer and most certainly, GRACE. The same way that ants and other insects are attracted to a dirty kitchen, the same thing happens to us internally. “Success is Speedy for the Energetic”.

As you discard the lower attractions that are so common to the human estate, those life forms that previously fed upon us, are no longer attracted to us, because their needed forms of sustenance are no longer present. Conversely, illumined beings begin to be drawn to us and we are improved in remarkable fashion by this proximity. By all means and at all costs, endeavor to express and hold to the higher mind and blessings aplenty will begin to flow to you. I am speaking from personal experience.

Of course, when you no longer have and exhibit certain behavior patterns, your former associates are going to become unhappy with you and at the very least they are going to be off in search of more appreciate and encomiastical companions. Like attracts like and if you are VERY INDUSTRIOUS, you will begin to attract angels and other residents of the realms of light. This is why 'when the pupil is ready, the master is waiting'. In the end, your life is going to be the result of what you invested your time and efforts in. You will become the living evidence of the things you have done and said and the thoughts that were predominant in your mind. Change these and your whole life will change. OF COURSE, those dark entities that have been counting on you for entertainment and sustenance are going to make noise when you become transformative and this accounts for DIFFICULTY IN THE BEGINNING. Just persevere. That is all you have to do and YOU WILL GET HELP.

Just as members of AA get a sponsor to help them past the rough spots toward sobriety, you get sponsors on the spiritual plane who are there to remind and to assist you. Once again, I am speaking from experience. I NEVER say anything that I have not had vetted or had confirmed by those wiser than myself. You are fortunate to be present in these times because Angels have drawn near the Earth for the purpose of guiding and supporting those seeking a way out of the murk and entanglements of this material sphere.

Just because you cannot see your invisible helpers... duh (they are invisible)... does not mean they are not present. EVERYTHING you think and say is noted. Count on that being true.

My dear friends, may you find that divine assistance you seek but do REMEMBER, you HAVE TO ASK FOR IT!

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Another post that makes my day!

Le Rocher said...

Hey Les - OK Then,

First off, I got to watch "To Have and Have Not" with Bogart and Bacall today. Hoagy Carmichael on keyboards. Walter Brennan on slide step supporting. I thought someone from above gave me a small gift knowing my reverence for the classics. "You know how to whistle don't you? you just put your lips together and blow"

I elude to this because of your assertion of abstinence and the other 'Purification' listed. You are most certainly of your opinions, But personally I believe you got it all wrong or you just can't remember the imaginations of actually having a loving woman to share your life with. You wanna be a monk in the vastness of your own mind, fine, but the rest of us try or damn'dest to partake in a sharing of human emotions; most well described by John Wayne's 'McLintock' when the daughter was talking to her father about the parents separation - "But the real reason, Becky, is because I love you, and I want you and some young man to have what I had, because all the gold in the United States Treasury and all the harp music in heaven can't equal what happens between a man and a woman with all that growin' together".

I believe I distinctly remember Paul Talking about Marrying rather than burning. And you can bet your last prayer that if GOD was made FLESH, and Mary was as described in the Gospel of Thomas - HE Too Got him some. and in my research most likely she had TWO of HIS children.

To assert that 'Purification' is the only way Bla, Bla, Bla, is so very myopic. How so very Pharisees of you.
And the analogy of the dirty kitchen and the ants - Well, you ever heard of self discipline? Discarding the lower attractions is what got the Catholic Church in the trouble it is in. Putting ones biology and creating 'Confession' into a pathetic mode.

Les, the strength of Godliness, comes from the ability to use the "Self-Aware" part of our behaviors. To have a woman as a 50-50 partner in all of life's evil, and not treat Her like a Porno Girl is being 'Self-Aware' of a 'Partnership' given to us by "Grace" 'Abstinence' of the material world is a choice, by use of 'austerities'. You wanna know about austerities ? check my list of companies I won't do business with and the sacrifices I have made to condemn the poisons of the world.

I guess we just disagree on the definitions of the 'Lower Attractions' - Because the LOVE I show for my 'Help-Mate' is cherished and Envied by the Angles Aware. And although invisible, when my 'better half' gets Hers, the chorus of applause and "Encore, Encore" is most palpable.

"You are fortunate to be present in these times because Angels have drawn near the Earth for the purpose of guiding and supporting those seeking a way out of the murk and entanglements of this material sphere".
OK Then - The only REAL thing left of this world is the LOVE; TWO can Share, Physically, Emotionally and Prophetically. The ability to CONTROL ONES 'Lower Attractions' is far more attributed to GODLINESS than any form of absolute Abstinence.

And no you didn't step on any of my Frogs. - You just need to get laid.

Visible said...

L.R. If you paid more attention to what was being said and why it is being said you wouldn't have these cognitive drifts. The actual number of my romantic liasons in this life is well known among my intimates and likely far in advance of your own so I think chances are I know about that sort of thing. When I write I am not writing to people like you and you should have gotten it by this time. Strutting around the room here might make you feel good and this rough homespun knowitall thing might work down at the local teeth and sawdust bar where men past their prime tell tall tales that get taller by the day that passes since those tales didn't happen but I am writing to a specific audience and you are not in it. I suggest you stop taking exception to things that don't apply to you. The wide parameters of Egoville are extended to include every Tom Fool who ever lived and they are welcome to it. I am referring to other locations besides that. Bogart's dead and so are his times. You can pound back the scotches and get all teary-eyed about back in the day but it's not real. It's a movie. You're welcome to live in it. I prefer finer realms of being and am speaking to those who share my attractions.

Visible said...

Also... lower attractions WERE NOT DEFINED and cover all kinds of enterprises. I wasn't even thinking about that one when I wrote this. Sex is a part of life. It is not a part of everyone's life ON THAT LEVEl. You are the one who decided to make sexual union one of them. The idea that angels are watching and applauding your sexual prowess and manhood says all anyone needs to know about where you are coming from (I can assure you those are not angels) and what's important in your life. It will all be gone soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous post as usual -and the video is very well done.

Your Vimeo channel is excellent too!

Guy Reid-Brown said...

Well, that is a lifetime of wisdom and experience speaking there, and with a wonderful simplicity.

C.S.Lewis would have been pleased to sign that off.

Haven't read Pilgrims Progress in ages, I found it very hard going the last time, perhaps it will really gel the next time.

G said...

That was a very nice story.

I like it.

Iyou said...

It is now the confluence of the night and day of the immortal self. the zero point who resides at the center of the forehead..

It is time for all souls to return home beyond the sun.moon and stars. it is time to return to our home of light and silence. the who is always Immortal..the one whom the world calls God who never adopts a body of his own resides there..

The day of heaven is now to be re.establish here on the world stage of earth. but this night of hell has to be destroyed. hence this is the part which the masters of death are now acting out. no one can change what is to happen because it must be as it was. the immortal cycle continues to spin for it is a world with beginning or end..

Visible said...

Guy... may I suggest that you see the film I linked in the posting? It covers the book quite well. The book is a beast to get through.

Guy Reid-Brown said...

Many thanks for the advice, Les, but I am now determined to give the book another go, and thank you for giving it focus here.

I am, however, pretty dam surprised and delighted that Hollywood as it is now constituted would green light an adaptation at all -

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

"In the Time of The Grand Apocalypse there Came the Pandemic of Restless Sleep Syndrome."

Anonymous said...

Pilgrims Progress, an animated film, part 1 out of a hypothetical 2.

Anonymous said...

Where the Dead Go to Die, a more honest animated version of Pilgrim's Progress.

Anonymous said...

Came across this site by accident. What a beautiful post, exactly what I needed to hear at this exact point in time. Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous @9:22:00! There are no accidents.
Welcome to our world.

Anonymous said...

"When Black Birds Fly" it is the same story as part 1 of 2 Pilgrim's Progress. Labby is sort of the prequel to the Star Wars series.

Watch WBBF and PilProg part 1 back 2 back and you will see they are actually the same story.



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