Monday, August 10, 2015

Nothing in the World is Permanent

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It's said that every master has a secret life of shame. I take a number of thoughts away from this. The obvious one is that when true understanding comes and some level of mastery descends on anyone who has pursued the greater heart and mind of all time, an awareness also descends on the one experiencing it ...and that is a sense of their own insignificance, as I suspect that one's triumphs and failures, scroll across the mind screen in such a way that certain truths become inescapable and one becomes humble as dirt. I think one also gets the unshakable certainty that they accomplished nothing except interference and that finally the greater drive and love of the ineffable won out over all of our own efforts otherwise. I also get the thought that the reason for this 'secret life of shame' is to stand in evidence of the divine's protection from public view of so many of our weaknesses and moments where we were left wanting. The love of the ineffable covers a multitude of ills in our own behavior and I have seen this in the lives of certain yogis who were given a lot of time to repent of and to change their ways and did not do so.

I believe, I do not know ...but I believe profoundly that once we attain certain benchmarks of spiritual progress that any number of our past lives are revealed to us and that can be distressing, I am sure. I believe it is revealed to us just how many catastrophes the ineffable protected us from. I believe we see our pettiness and our cowardice and our intransigence in other times; in times we had no present recollection of and certainly in times more recent. I believe some small portion of the love of the almighty sweeps over us. It seems to be immeasurable and vast but it is probably only a few drops of the eternal elixir. I believe it melts us. I believe it liquefies every hard and knotty portion of our being that was forged in us by extremity or fear. I believe we become like putty in the master's hand and he now shapes us with our full awareness and we are simply overwhelmed.

Along with a great many others, this picture of Babaji is tacked to the wall of my dwelling:


...alongside pictures of Lahiri Mahasaya, Sri Yukteswar and Paramahansa Yogananda who are, in that order, all a part of the Kriya Yoga lineage. If you have never read, "Autobiography of a Yogi", you really should. It's one of the truly great books and every earnest seeker has no choice but to believe every word of it. Here are some pictures of the others.

Pictures of various saints and sages circle the walls of my little dwelling here. Among them are Ramana Maharshi, Ramakrishna, Mikhael Aivanhov, Peter Deunov, the Amitabha Buddha, Lord Surya (Vivasvan), Green Tara and Guru Bawa. Every day I see them and every day they remind me of what I am not and what I could be. They also remind me that they ARE. They are real and luminous and resident in exalted locations from which they resonate inwardly and outwardly to the benefit of every soul who hungers after their grace.

Hunger is a complex and multifarious thing and we are all defined by what we hunger after. Some appetites cannot be stilled. They are temporarily sated and then they return again. Some hungers lead ultimately to the one who is the archetype of that hunger. Some hungers are amplified until the hunger consumes the one experiencing it and this is a good thing when it comes to Love and the spiritual verities. Nothing in this world is permanent and so, nothing in this world has any commensurate value with that which is not of this world. It can take a long time for one to grasp this in a total and visceral way and the result of that is freedom. The result of that is a liberation from entanglements that no language could ever portray in any comprehensive way. What we have experienced a time or two or more, as some measure of exhilarating freedom, is nothing by comparison with Liberation.

Most of the time, although I am talking to you (are you talking to me?) I am also talking to myself and even when I am talking to you, I am talking to myself because in truth we are one and only seem to be separate. Everything out here seems separate because it is a relative environment that could not exist as it does without separation of forms and variations on identity. We are made separate so that we might strive and aspire toward unity.

The avatar is either imminent or here and this presents a problem as far as the intransigent infrastructure is concerned. When Materialism is crystallized, as the seemingly hard wired face of the external world, it impacts on every area of human endeavor and awareness. In religion it expresses itself as fundamentalism; kind of like catching lightning in a jar. Lightning isn't generally native to this kind of an environment and containing it in a jar does nothing in terms of making one capable of identifying what it is. It's not lightning anymore anyway. Now it's a glow stick. Fundamentalism is the celebration of ritual and routine and the means and manner of expression is defined by those who hate the idea of any kind of incomprehensible force running around and being unpredictable. It goes against the necessities of business as usual and everything becomes, 'about the money' and whatever hands the money might be in are not hands, they are claws.

At this time, nearly all of the religions, in a wider sense, have become the antithesis of what they were set up for in the first place. Every religion has some avatar identity that they speak of; the returning Jesus Christ, Moshiach Ben David, the Iman Madhi, Maitreya, Kalki and so on. All of these are the same being and it should go without saying that it is unlikely that this world savior is going to appear as what is expected, simultaneously in every religious camp. Religion is now an 'us or them' thing. From each of these perspectives, everyone else is wrong and crazy things happen because there is nothing normal or sane about any of them. In India yesterday, or whenever, all kinds of people got trampled at a temple where parishioners were lined up in the thousands to pay homage to Shiva at the temple of Durga. Why Shiva would be there instead of at some Shiva temple, I don't know ...but a handful of the impetuous decided to jump the line in their eagerness and chaos ensued. About a dozen died and 50 or so were injured.

By the day, conditions worsen around the globe. They get worse and worse for the general population and better and better for a handful who continue to improve their situation at the direct expense of everyone else. It seems unlikely that positive change will evolve out of a general awareness of this taking place because the mass of humanity is not tuned in to understanding this, even if they are looking right at it. At some point, things start flying in all directions.

Fundamentalism is a program of managed hate and fear. It's dark and rigid and hot and it presses down on the sexual force in the bodies of all those infected by it. Their control of their own sexual force is the result of repression and that means, at some point, the weakest link will break. Violence and repressed sexual force are linked up together along with insanity. That's a bad cocktail and when the general sexual dance in the secular world is licentiousness ...and repression is the dance in the religious dynamic, you get the volcano and earthquake syndrome; push comes to shove. Throw in massive populations crowded into small spaces and presto! You got problems.

Gandalf is not going to pass through the dimensions and appear here, waving his magic wand over the whole business and change all of these pressure cookers into shining cities on the hill. I won't speak for what the avatar might be bringing with him, I don't know but what I do know is that what I am observing in the pressure cookers can only be resolved in a small number of ways and all of them are catastrophic from what I can see and reason out. Of course, I am limited in what I am able to understand so, there's always an outside chance that something outside the sight-line of my windshield is also possible.

I'm guessing that there will be a global spontaneous raising of the collective consciousness and it can't be that far away. I am also guessing that a significant number will not respond beyond a certain level, which will not be enough to take them out of the pull of the sinking ship. Their attachment to this metaphorical ship is greater than their attachment to or relationship to the resonance of the avatar. During fooball preseason, the teams get to keep about 90 players. When the season starts, that number must be reduced to 53, along with a five player practice squad. These numbers will bear no resemblance to what I am talking about but they are an indicator of the fact that not everyone is going to make the cut.

One should consider the benefits of a consistent industry in the effort to attain a communion with their higher self. One should daily inform themselves that everything else is a waste of time, unless it is somehow related to this. One should look at the very powerful form of magnetism that is radiating out and around the material sphere and which is in direct opposition to whatever efforts one is making to rise above this push and pull. Look at the world around you and look at the world within you and ascertain, if you can, what any of this means. The one is always potentially under the control of the other, unless it's not.

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Lori said...


You make my heart sing and I love you so, brother!


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

All over the alternative media it speculates the change will start noticeably before year end. Wave X, upgraded DNA, a revolution of people just quitting the game en masse, and Hell knows what else.


Is this the real deal, or more hopium?

Well, at least we don't have long to find out. As for now, my gods ain't tellin' me shite!

Ursala said...

This post was sublime and sums up my thoughts and reflections regarding what's going around in the old world. It's truly amazing to think how a majority of people are truly blind and (willfully) ignorant about the state of things. But then I remember a quote attributed to Jesus the Christ: "Let the dead bury their dead."

Safe journeys to the other side. Thank you for posts, they truly resonate with me.

sage691 said...

re: Buttons comment on speculation of a coming change in the alternative media.

Many years ago, I read an eyewitness account of an observer to a Buddhist monk (most likely, Master) achieving something we would call miraculous. The observer was taken to a high cliff area that overlooked a valley. There were some number of Buddhist monks there watching the Master in the valley below. The observer was warned beforehand not to make any sound - not a gasp nor a sigh - at whatever he saw happening below as the Master was in a deep state of separation from his body and any sound could cut the tie from spirit to physical permanently. The Master had been in this valley, sitting cross-legged for some number of days or weeks in meditation and prayer. At some point, he began to rise, then walk, then run, with each stride lengthening until it surpassed anything humanly possible. The observer described phenomenal strides that each one covered large areas of ground.

That got me thinking of accounts of Native Americans (and probably most indigenous peoples) having the ability to appear in wooded areas without making a sound. And the ridiculous explanation that they walked on the sides of their feet. Also I think of their rituals and dance in preparation for hunting, etc. What if they were doing the same thing as the Buddhist Master and getting to the physical/spiritual state that allowed them to transcend their physical bodies and virtually stride into areas without stepping into it?

Maybe something miraculous will happen and we will re-member these types of abilities. Maybe God will return our knowledge and abilities to us with a wave of his hand (Wave X?). Maybe we will turn away from the inhibiting structures that contain us. Barring this, I don't see anybody anywhere around me at the moment that would voluntarily leave the monetary system. If anything, I see people clinging to it more than ever. And I don't believe anything from any alternative media. They are as controlled as main stream media and spew fear far and wide. Fear is one of the biggest and best control agents in their arsenal.

Kazz said...

There is a big question mark over who the dead really are. Are the dead the masses, who unknowingly operate under titles, or are the dead those people who knowingly operate under titles?

Those who knowingly operate and profit under titles live off the lifeblood's energy of others, which looks an awful lot like vampirism to me, and we all know vampires are the living dead. Then we have the pied piper, who leads all those astray who will be lead astray. In the physical realm the pied piper uses materialism to lead people astray, so those who have the most money and possessions are those most likely to have been led furtherest astray. We also have Zombies, who are the walking dead that live off human flesh, now who do we know who has been alleged to do such things? Last but not least we have Frankenstein, a heartless new form of being totally devoid of spirit, created by man in a desperate bid to play God.

I can't help but wonder if God thought women were such hussies and temptresses why God made them the bearer of knew life? It occurs to me that child birth, far from being a burden, is a blessing and honour, one the female persuasion earned due to their nurturing and loving capabilities. A far cry from the depraved individuals mentioned in the Bible, who always seem to be the source of Man's downfall. Rhetoric such as this is disempowering because it encourages blame rather than personal responsibility, thereby negating any real opportunity for growth, because it discourages one from developing a higher level of mastery over their passions and desires. In other words it completely stifles one's spiritual development.

Cheers Kazz

robert said...

My Brothers and Sisters of the Soul!

We are blessed to be here to witness the rebirth of freedom!

In our fever dream of planetary pain, we seek answers and reasons,

Deep conceptions which transcend all transitory illusions and sensual chaos.

Our primal challenge is to continue choosing to know and to feel Your freedom,

Paying any price to connect more deeply with Your Universal consciousness,

Consistently aligning our beings to allow Wisdom to put out the pain.

Stop holding your breath, holding back both the pain and its antidote!

As the death cult clinging mindlessly to control, ramps up its last-gasp frenzy,

To be still and know that “I AM” presence within,

Becomes the supreme imperative of the hour!

Our balance depends upon staying in touch with our serenely neutral center.

Surrender of our wills to the infinitely dynamic Will of the One,

Is not a passive game of simply suppressing the human by sacrifice,

But a never-ending dance card, spinning us back into the heart of the Child.

You called for us to practice mercy not sacrifice, yet we keep overlooking that memo!

Mercy, that like Charity, must begin with our personal lives before it can ever grow larger.

We must love, not our life as we know it, but our experience of Your loving attention to our journey.

To raise up these touch points out of the empire of the senses, means shedding the fascination with noise!

Continual surrender requires continual mindfulness, weaving consciousness creatively!

Love means to embrace all unknown aspects of the manifest into One;

Fatalistic perspectives, the desertification of our mind’s eye, implanted by the death cult, are of no use…

We must de-program our besieged minds to create a workspace dedicated to liberation.

Only the Creator’s Joy, the pearl of great price, has the power to liberate, once and for all time.

No matter how small the portions we allow for ourselves in programmed parsimony,

We must follow that feeling of just being, free of all material weight,

Even if it be but the slightest thread of being true to our real selves

Down deep we must know, we are on the high road home again…

::choose images with street signs::

Thomas said...

Thank you for these last couple of posts, Visible. They have been very beautiful, and that alone uplifts my heart. That you also say things that are good to hear only makes it better! :)

I hate to sound negative, but, I was studying the official Illuminati site not long ago, and I read the book that they have written (they even have the audacity to admit that they are printing the money - how dense can one be not to understand that they are troublemakers, given the state of the economic system?) and saw that people are apparently joining them and rising on the maggot-heap from this loyalty. I don't know if this means much, people are joining all sorts of weird outfits, and self-serving behaviour is the order of the day for many. It seems their plan is, as you probably know, to bring the world to the edge of the abyss, and then step in as saviours. Problem-reaction-solution, as David Icke calls it. They are saying that soon a world of abundance and well-being will emerge, for those who follow their call, it seems. Of course, they are satanists of the purest sort, and I can only hope to God that somehow their plans are twarthed. In any case, I don't think what is coming for most people is going to be pretty. No, searching for The Divine Indweller is the best of all possible choices. And no matter what happens, I am certain that we shall arrive into that Ineffable Presence at some point.

Anyways, thank you, Visible.

Be well, all.

Anonymous said...

verification is not saying posted, sorry if duplicating.
pierre said...
still watching their movies here, boss.
I'd add physical pain into the mix of panic-reaction formulating, like those Illuminati train their own, (Deagle calls them Darkenati, reckons his Cohen bloodline is the real deal).
and this movie Transcendence, the heroine figure was after all an Esther. rinse and repeat. I suppose I am helping all along by watching, since Mickey Mouse and Fantasia and all that other easy come easy go voodoo.
Even those Gurus were soaking in their own cultures, context sensitive, situation leadership, lingua franca.
Praying for the aliens and/or the one-god's Trump card, but a real deal nonetheless. cannot come too soon.
if all were revealed then surely the limits of forgiveness shall be tested. applies to oneselves and them.

Visible said...

Since I know that the hate filled vipers are always trolling this site and looking for something to distort concerning me I thought I would mention that I am about to send the video of my operation in Senftenberg Germany to James Jancik who hosts my radio transmissions. He seems to have the savvy and technology to decode this thing. I know it's taken me a long time to get this together but it hasn't been something I've given much of a damn about because the idea that I would fake something like that, or anything for that matter is so far afield from both the truth and my own nature as to be ludicrous. But what the Hell. Tomorrow I am going to be having written documents from Germany and Oahu that document both of my mishaps of recent time so that will be there too and I hope to have those up as early as tomorrow.

This would have been resolved long ago but I left my printer/scanner with Susanne and haven't gotten another

I guess you have to deal with this kind of thing when you are dealing with psychopaths, those you have disappointed by being romantically unreachable, or simply stepped into a trap designed to get one to react in such a manner as to paint an unpleasant picture of oneself.

I know I haven't always presented myself in the best light over the course of time. I often deal with pressures that most of the readers are unaware of and I don't like anything approaching the appearance of whining or the like. I don't just get targeted by visible, though anonymous entities, but also by such invisible forces that are opposed to the type of work I engage in. It comes with the territory and if one can't handle this sort of thing then one shouldn't be in this business.

Anyway, I hope to have some direct evidence up soon and wish you all a wonderful evening and an even better day to follow. I might take a break from posting for awhile as I feel like I might have been being overly industrious in that respect and it all might be a bit much for the reader volume wise. We'll see.

Visible said...

Man!!! I have run into problems here and there before but never have I seen the like of what I have encountered today. I went to town and had Office Max scan the files from my German hospital records. The Moron scanned them in sideways. That took me a long time to find the solution to. Finally I was able to do this through an online service. Then I converted the file to Open Office format which I use every day for blog postings. Now I cannot copy it as I have ALWAYS been able to do before and it has instead of a line or pointer for the mouse, it has a cross and seems to be in some kind of a text box and I can't copy it. I have tried. I've sent it out to some experts (I hope they are experts) and if there is anyone out there who would like to take a look at it, please email me and I will send it. I am determined to get this up. The frustrations attendant with what I do on a daily basis have reduced my enjoyment factor to below nil. I have obviously attracted some powerful low brow spiritual entities who enjoy messing with me. I continue, probably because I don't know what else to do but to say I am getting tired of the whole business is to put it mildly. I have been making audio book recordings of my novels and the non fiction book. Maybe I should just concentrate on that for awhile.

Something doesn't want me to prove the anonymous vipers wrong but come Hell or highwater I will get this document out and James is also going to be decoding then video of my operation. That should prove entertaining; probably take a couple of weeks because I am sending it to him tomorrow.

BCii said...

There's a German guy living on a Caribbean island who's been doing psychic healing for decades. He's put up several article series sharing what he's learned through his experiences. Dealing with astral nasties is all in a day's work for him and his work partner.

Franz Erdl:

I have no doubt that you are a priority target, Visible. You are not only highly tuned in, you are helping others to get and stay that way too. I would guess there's nothing baddies hate and fear more than the positive synergy of conscious human beings coming together for the good.

I found the articles on Soul, Heart, and Solar Plexus particularly relevant to my own, still largely unhealed condition. Massive fundamentalist brainwashing and social conditioning over twenty-some-odd years left quite a mess in their wake.

I want to see us all heal. We deserve to shine!

Love, William

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

And apparently they are still messing with you.

404 at the moment on your last link. I'm sending this for your personal information. No need to post, unless you really want to.

'NOSTRILS' (The handle I often use when e-mailing people. After all, I am a member of The Holey Order of the Septum.)

Visible said...

Let's try again.

Definitive Proof of Visible's Hip Injury.

Visible said...

Okay... that looks like it is working.

Smyrna said...

My elderly mother (89 years old) broke her hip last year. She was in hospital for three days and at the rehab centre for two weeks; then back home all well. She didn't get a kurzschaft like Vis, but a new ball joint. It wasn't as big a deal as I thought it would be.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

The Truth Within and the Lies Without.

Anonymous said...

Your latest post reminded me of a gentleman, Robert Burgess/Caligastia , located at He is so below the proverbial radar that this article remains untouched, He wrote a thatI have read and found to be believable and above board. Like I've heard many times in a different venue and not unlike what you say, "take what you like and leave the rest"! Keep on with your outstanding Spirit driven articles. I enjoy the your word smith style (lots of referencing, cerebral gymnastics, foresight, experiential data, insight and rigorous honesty!! God Bless you Les Visible!!!

Eudoxia said...

You know what Viz - don't worry about what THEY say, I mean seriously who are THEY? They are malicious little machines - matrixicated bots who resemble people but act more like rabid dogs. I'm copping it myself. I have just written off nearly all of my family bar my son, my friend I've had since childhood and want nothing more to do with any of them. They are so caught up in the spin cycle they can't see reality anymore. The malice and accusations based not on reality but on their own mind sewerage re-cycling system has reached such an all time high that where anybody to minaturize themselves and enter into that territory it would be a case of terminal toxic poisoning.

This is no exageration. They have lost the fucking plot! 3 hysterics that are in the process of their whole world turning upside down and they can't handle it. The more hysterical they get and the more malicious behavior they exhibit, the more they project it onto others in order to elevate themselves so they look good and not go into shame. They make up stories in order to defile a good human being's character and it doesn't end there. Because at the end of the day they have nothing going for them and to admit to their own behavior is to put themselves in more shame so they have to pass the buck. When a fact hits them in the face that is undeniable and puts their own behavior back on them all hell is unleashed. Well they can all go drown in their own shit as far as I am concerned. I can't be bothered expending energy on that shit - it is simply intolerable. These degenerate humans have become less then the vilest jackal on the planet and I think the time has long past for them to evolve any higher. So as far as it goes I don't give a rats ass what they have to say, what does it matter what a rabid human has to say - it doesn't. I did a Tarot reading on 2 of them - FUCK THAT- I would never want cards like that, however, you reap what you sow and they will be sowing the rewards of their own vileness and sooner rather than later they'll turn on each other. Nothing surer.

So fuck your detractors Viz don't give em the time of day. Because if you bite, they'll just keep going at you with more. So de-fang them by not even posting them nor responding to them, send them to oblivion and your regular family of bloggers here will stay with you regardless of any slanderous toxic shit any asshole can dish out. Now bring in the clowns!

Love Eudo



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