Friday, July 16, 2021

"They are Circus Animals. They are Prostie's on The Strut and There to Entice The Rut."

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I was reflecting on the previous evening, about tales which come my way, about those fighting the good fight, wherever they may be. I am seeing that there are many good people out there, and all of them marginalized, terrorized, and shut out, I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you, some of whom are readers here, for doing the right thing in difficult times. It's one thing to do it in times that are not difficult and a whole other thing when adversity is a constant presence.

Sometime in the next few weeks, the Arizona forensic recount details are going to be released. From rumblings I hear it will prove voter fraud, and in a convincing fashion. When this happens it will be the falling of the first domino. This will be followed by similar results in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and other states. When the states withdraw their certification (and I think provable fraud allows this), the previous election will be annulled. Then it is likely to go to The Supremes.

It is not just the election that will be affected but all sorts of criminal charges will come after. Those who went to such trouble to steal the election(s) in the first place are not likely to just go away. They are already fomenting civil war for a distraction and consolidation of power. This brings us to the coming false flag, which appears to be imminent. They have to head off their destiny at The Pass. Understanding destiny in my limited way, it seems they know not what Destiny implies and what Destiny is.

I foresee Tragi-Comedy on an epic scale. That is what an apocalypse is all about anyway. Is it not? Once again we need to look at what the definition of Apocalypse is; a time of revealing and uncovering IN BOTH DIRECTIONS. Uncovering can be a delight or a disaster. We shall see both. We are already seeing both, but only in a preliminary fashion.

The news on the vaccines gets grimmer by the day, as the links here and below illustrate. World uproar is intensifying in volume, AND there are no Isolated Events. Everything is connected. What happens in South Africa affects Zimbabwe. Then... everyone who has any dealings with either of them is also affected. World markets are affected and OFTEN... such events are set into motion TO AFFECT world markets. It seems to be a cluster fuck of Ring around the Rosy.

Who would do such a thing as to fabricate a virus threat based on something to be found in most people, so that their tests prove its presence, which is whatever they say it is? Then they create a vaccine for something that is 99% treatable and survivable, and it HAS SUCH STUFF OF NIGHTMARE IN IT. Who would do such a thing, and the medical community on the wider scale is zombie marching humanity into cruel and unusual punishments. One thing you CANNOT intelligently argue against is that Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine are MORE EFFECTIVE than ANY of the toxic vaccines. We already had the answer, but the talking heads, that inform the world said otherwise.

At the same time, and for some time, entertainment becomes more and more propaganda and more and more vile at the same time. Take a day, one of these days, and check into who owns all the big media outlets, and the news media, and the networks, and the internet, and the entertainment organizations, and the art galleries, and everything to do with Culcha and the theater, and the music business which controls the KINDS of music they pump into our ears, which is also vile and becoming increasingly more so. Entertainers are now nearly all whores on parade. They are circus animals. They are prostie's on the strut and there to entice The Rut.

It doesn't suddenly IMPROVE from where it is at. Cheese does not stop molding. Organic matter continues to rot as the life force has moved on. The basic underpinnings of society are under attack, as you see in the war against the family unit, in neighborhoods of choice, in The War against Christianity by the Semitic Pretenders, the war against all morality; the object of which is a free-for-all Babylon. All of this is happening at this moment. It doesn't suddenly get better. Something has to happen to stop it and something ALWAYS DOES!

Sometimes the ruin of civilization is brought about by human error. Sometimes it is brought about by cataclysm. So far it has ALWAYS been brought about by something because none of the previous efforts remain, except for some hieroglyphs and cave paintings, and some broken crockery. Atlantis sits now beneath the Sargasso Sea in the Atlantic Ocean, and before that? Before that? Before that? We make too big a deal of ourselves. We are not that important in our temporary selves, coming and going from life to life, from role to role, from the fruit of ignorant desire to the greater bondage it creates.

There is chaos and killing in Cuba, which the American Left says is about COVID and not Communism because Communism is Good. In that case, so is strychnine and it is quicker and much less painful. They are rioting and looting in South Africa; but also they are destroying the cell phone towers, and other communication centers, as well as destroying the fabric of their own existence. Something more than what we are being told is at work there. As we have said here, all along, Insanity is the real pandemic. People are losing their minds, and they are getting help on the way there.

The Klaus Schwab's and The Frankfurt School of human disablement, as well as the international bankers, and other criminal enterprises, are actively at work to the disadvantage of the human race. They are behind a majority of the discontent on this plane. They are assisted by invisible entities. They ALSO do the bidding of invisible agencies and entities. This is a long, drawn-out affair. It has been going on for generations after generations. The faces change but the intentions do not. Fortunately, there is a higher court that handles all matters, whether good or bad. On the higher planes, the battle has long been won. It is the lower you go that the lower influences increase in strength. This is aided by the level of materialism that is present. Materialism and Satanism are indistinguishable in operation and intention.

What most people don't get, is that powerful forces roam and reside in this world AND within us. They figure if you can't see them, they're not there. They are, IN FACT, there. Herein... is the inherent blindness of the materialist and the cause of their certain doom. Their refusal to acknowledge what they cannot see does not affect whether it is there or not. There are many ways to describe Possession from Psychiatry to Shamanism. One can look at it externally or interiorly. Perspective changes the impact and the outcome but it does not change the presence of whatever we are talking about. That is STILL present.

You can think of Cuba or South Africa, or any other place, as a kind of dance that invisible musicians are making the music for. This music affects people differently but it seriously impacts on the basic human emotions and most of us have little control over them. You are EITHER on your way to Self-Mastery, or Slavery. It is your choice. What can free you is singular. What can bind you is legion. If you could see those who are resident on the invisible planes, and on location at the riots and reactions in Cuba, or South Africa, or anywhere else, a great deal would be made clear. These entities are like Weather Systems and they travel on their own Gulf Streams and trade winds. They are ALSO attracted to certain things, just as carrion feeders are drawn to corpses and vampires and ghouls to battlefields. WHAT do you wish to attract?

Angelic presences are ALSO attracted to certain things, the way hummingbirds are drawn to blossoms, or unicorns to virtue. This explains why unicorn sightings are few and far between among most rational people. It's a product of the times. Heh heh... I can just hear the outrage from certain quarters already, as they cherry-pick from my statements to bolster their... their... hmm? Heh heh... ah well. The way I see it, and the way I hear it, is that those on the higher planes are not in disagreement with me, and THAT is ALL that matters to me. I've performed in front of crowds before. I know what crowds are like, both in sports and entertainment venues. We are not trying to reach everybody. Better that we don't (grin). Is we a pronoun?

{I RAN into this the other day and I have RUN into similar many times recently. What the Hell is this? "You could see this operation is ran by people who have ran operations before." This kind of thing REALLY makes me wonder. I see it in news articles.}

Anyway, my friends, I just thought I would mention the coming riot that is going to be initiated by the Arizona recount, and the LIKELY false flag(s) to come. You've already seen how serious they are with this vaccine nonsense. Let not your heart be troubled. It is in times of adversity and looming adversity that one discovers their mettle. No one who loves God will come to harm, and if something with the appearance of harm were to present itself? This would be only to provoke a greater love of God; not this God or that God, but the indefinable and incomprehensible God, who is the author of every lasting faith. The instruments and traditions of Faith DO CHANGE, and they are right at that point NOW. It happens in EVERY AGE. Don't be concerned about that, but do keep your hearts and minds AND EYES open.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

South Africa. If they did what is threatened in this title, it might solve a few problems:

'IT'S A WAR ZONE' South Africa riots – Starving rioters say they are ‘on verge of eating each other’ after violence sparks food shortages

Hey! Jonathan Swift even promoted the concept to a degree, kinda, sorta.

What ever. Me thinks the world will be a little less crowded same time next year. Me thinks the next 18 months are going to be hard to survive by a lot of people. Most of the vaxxed are probably walking dead. Most, not all. But again, there is no death; only transition. And quite frankly, I'm rather looking forward to my transition; but we know that. I just hope it's fast. Headshot with a hollow point would be purrrrrrrfect. Or a ground zero nuke. If we get news of incoming, we're gonna party.

Visible said...

I haven't watched any of that yet but it's a little early for people to be starving to death or considering cannibalism, even if it is part of the tradition in places. It's the usual hysteria, though in this case there is a reason for it. We're going to see the wheels come right off the cart shortly in a number of locations. There is this characteristic of panic that can kill more people than whatever they are panicking about. The looting speaks to yet more of the madness generated by Materialism. It's quite the mosaic we see dissolving in front of us, as the VENEER of civilization melts away. Soon there will be little concern about homelessness with so many vacant places. I don't know about ENERGY needs and warlords on the prowl, but I do know there are going to be considerably fewer of us.

Although I am fine where I am... if I had some half a million or so I would create a geothermal off-the-grid setup with CERTAIN amenities. It crosses my mind now and again but I KNOW the power THAT IS will look after my needs, since I laid them all on the doorstep.

Anonymous said...

Who are the circus animals? I read the post several times and for the life of me could not figure out who the circus animals are. Are you talking about anthropomorphism per chance?
You know attributing human wants, motivations and desires to animals. I have never seen animals behave as humans do. Well sometimes, monkeys in cages throwing shit at humans but then that's odd cause I've not seen the reverse. If 'humanity's' handlers are the 'square and compass' types we are certainly not circus animals, just maybe its the other way round. Have you ever seen a picture of the devil with a hangman's noose around 'its' neck? If not why not? Is that forbidden symbolism? Whole new topic about 'forbidden symbolism', gee I'm interested in that. Kinda in keeping with 'if you want to know who controls you dare to criticize them' or some such. Keep em coming, good work, well done faithful servant. Some meat with dinner perhaps? As you often say, things (and people too) are not what they appear to be.
Best wishes and remain calm, panic wont help one iota. Cool heads are needed now more than ever.

messianicdruid said...

"Or a ground zero nuke. If we get news of incoming, we're gonna party."

Hey, make yourself useful - get a catcher's mit.

messianicdruid said...

"The looting speaks to yet more of the madness generated by Materialism."

I'm so hungry I'm going to steal a TV.

Visible said...

Sometimes people come around here to toy with me. Usually, it's first the kiss and then the whip. In this case (if true) it is the reverse. Since I don't know I must extend leeway until such time as I know better.

Circus animals shouldn't need an explanation. However, if one is baiting me that explains it. Circus Animals are TRAINED and that is the point I was making about actors and the like in the entertainment venues and why I said, prosties and circus animals. They hop to for the dollars, or to their master's voice and there are no inhibitions or restraints. How low can you go? "How low do you want me to go, Boss?"

Visible said...

Laura, that is EXACTLY the case and anything in a form that we love is disappearing as we experience it. It is out of our hands. HOWEVER, extended reunions in blessed vales are in our hands. We have to free ourselves of the idea of permanence here.

Ray B. said...

Vis, a 'reflective' column. Appreciated!

Vis: "On the higher planes, the battle has long been won. It is the lower you go that the lower influences increase in strength."

In that regard, there has been some definite change over the last year. Go back then, and Higher Self was engaged around 90% in fending-off attacks and interference, with maybe 10% work on Ray. Nowadays, Higher Self is engaged around 10% in fending-off attacks and interference, with the rest divided between Cleaning non-combatant Beings (injured or uninjured, good-guy or bad-guy) and work on Ray. I infer from this state-of-affairs that the battle for Higher Spaces has been won, and that clean-up work is now going-on. Congratulations to All...

There are still lower-consciousness-level Parasites (part of all-God, alas) which are whipping-up a frenzy in various parts of the world. Within the US, they are trying to split We the People along any artificial 'fault line' they can drum-up. You can tell them by their fruits; they are trying to Divide rather than Unify - for fun, profit, and control. Don't fall for their schemes...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Laura, we share the exact same birthday. July 19, 1962. What a trip. I love all your comments, too.

When overcome with issue, just remember. . .we don't live here. We're just passin' through.

Anonymous said...

As I was bicycling around my very crowed neighborhood this morning a thought came to me when I noticed all the ‘’stuff’’put out at the curb for trash p/u. All money turns to shit eventually and literally. It gets converted into stuff like food where it then gets converted into crap and gets flushed down the bowl. Or it turns into scraps of all sorts and gets thrown in the garbage pail or it gets turned into things we thought we must have and then eventually it either broke or we got tired of it or a new and better thingy came along and out it went to the curb. It all got to us with $$$ haha. My friends have ‘gorgeous antiques’ , their kids don't want them now and its a problem disposing of it when the new assisted living place doesn't have enough room for it. What a joke this all is. I don't want any more stuff. Food is essential of course, but it is tasting mighty nasty of late , don't know why that is, It bothers me terribly to eat the flesh of other living things so I try to stay away but I succumb though it is happening less and less. Someone knew money was the root of evil a long time ago , I guess we didn’t listen
Finally ,I hope ,I think i am beginning to see the light. Our world is not collapsing because of politics or the wrong people are in charge. Our world is collapsing because we cannot see what is real and true. I am looking deeper now, now need to get involved in political discussions , its a fools game. I choose God over evil. I choose Light instead of darkness and I hope I can stick with that and not get distracted by the world. It all turns to shit anyway.

Yukon cornelious said...

Wow. So many things have happened in the past. In the link Les provided about graphene. Their is a video of A Russian festival. It brings up CERN. Man I forgot all about that!!! There is an old movie that was shown to me in a Baptist Sunday school back in the 70’s. It cared the living shit out of me. I think you can still find on you!&$. It’s called Unite. Just thinking out loud. So disappointed how things have played out since 2016. Thx Les

Visible said...

It may convert into material shit (which Paracelsus called The First Matter) but it can also result in spiritual gold. It is the inner self that God attends to. The left-hand side of God's Nature attends to the external self. The inner world is the true one. The outer world is a lie and interpreted in billions of ways by individual perspectives. None of them are right except the silent. There is Joy within, and sorrow without because EVERYTHING passes. It is only a matter of our becoming viscerally aware of this and Life teaches us because it takes everything away but what WE ARE, or have convinced ourselves of. IF you keep your inner eye on The Kingdom it will EVENTUALLY appear. The time frame is different for each of us, AS IS our level of intensity.

Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm old....

I think you guys are little too pessimistic and perhaps have been consuming a bit too much "doom porn". I do hope you are wrong about the vaccines, it scares me that you might be right. What is the need for a recluse to have one?

The core economic problem, upon pretty much everything else hangs, is that we have rich people who act like poor people with money. Once they realize their riches come with the responsibility of disposing/employing it properly (in the face of countless false claims/charity industry), they may realize that the most deserving are the ones they skimmed it from and they shouldn't be taking as large a share in the first place. This problem occurs regardless of the nominal "economic system" in place. It hasn't happened yet, but it will, in one big wave.

Then they should realize that good projects, big projects, require large pools of capital to fund. This is most often accomplished by public funding, but sometimes there are things that ought to be done, perhaps just for a widespread ethereal display of goodness, that a committee would never agree on.

This won't solve everything of course. People will still squabble over what to have for dinner and who should make it. But way fewer people will be denied the opportunity to have that squabble.

From an engineering perspective, this planet still has plenty of capacity for flora, fauna, and "evolved bipeds". Depending on your translation, is it "domination" or "stewardship"?

LV, very good posts lately, wow.

L of NC, great attitude, you are inspiring, thanks. Happy B'day, did you say 29?

Money isn't the root of all evil. In fact, it is one of civilization's greatest achievements (next to hot showers whenever). Can you think of a greater expression of mutual trust? No, it is the love of money that often leads people to soften their inherent moral sense. Everybody has them, just some were born a little deficient.

My opinion, of course. I guess nowadays you have to say that.

Mr. Nah

Ray B. said...

This was interesting, from a comment by E5 to a ZeroHedge article :

"On June 11th in Science Advances, the peer reviewed work of a renowned scientist in RNA printed his work. You need to find it and read it.

Until June 11th 2021, every scientist in the world "knew" RNA cannot write DNA. Now, they were proven to have been ignorant. Not necessarily stupid, just ignorant. There are now three types of RNA that have been PROVEN to write error riddled DNA. Unfortunately, one of these types of RNA that writes DNA is the same one used in the mRNA vaccines."

(I have not looked-up the "peer reviewed work" or have any idea of whether the poster's 'facts' are accurate. Still, I thought that I should forward this comment for others to evaluate.)

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Ya know, from all I've been exposed to; including your posts, it makes me wonder why we place any importance on anything at all down here? Now. I've asked to be here countless times, and I'll just say I used to be a glutton for punishment for it. It took me long enough to get over it. Gods, I can't wait to get reconsolidated with myself and get my feckin' AKASHIC LIBRARY CARD. As opposed to the limited access I have.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. If I had it now, my head would explode. Then again, would that be a bad thing; considering what I think of this cesspit? Well, maybe to the cleanup crew.

In Love with Montana Wildhack said...

El Vee!
The Purpose of the Demonstration is that we don't belong here on Satan's Playground Earth.
God and Lady Nature deal in perfection and it is man that has crapped in the den.
I am a wretch, a sinner, a complete and total shitheel! I don't deserve God's love at all but it is the only thing worthwhile in this world besides the truth.
Keep on, keeping on El and have a good inner laugh at those who are caught up in the bright shiny objects of Satan's Playground Earth.

Anonymous said...

This is nothing new but...

Ten Benefits of Cold Showers That Will BlowYour Mind (more at the the article)

....A study from England showed that taking regular cold showers increases the amount of disease fighting white blood cells, compared to that of those who take regular hot showers. The hypothesis was that the boys attempted to warm it’s self during the cold shower, resulting in an increase in the metabolic speed rate and activation of the immune system. This then leads to the release of more white blood cells.

No comment on economic science and “currency” so called.

: )

Another good article Vis, thank you


Anonymous said...

Why are people so negative? This earth is a heaven. God WANTS US TO BE HAPPY! So trust in God and love God and life becomes beautiful. Learn to love.

God bless Les Visible,

Radhe Radhe, from Vrindavan

Anonymous said...

Damn I'm old...

But there are always firsts. First time I've been advised by a young lady to take a cold shower. Hmmmmmmmmmm.

Just a stray thought to counterweight a frivolous comment: There is no more destructive force in the Universe than the desire for orderliness.

Mr. Nah

Anonymous said...

Damn I'm old...

If you'll permit me to get a little health sciency. The "hot shower", although being an awesome achievement itself, is a proxy for good sanitation. If you have 24hr access to a hot shower, it means you also (most likely) have access to a proper toilet and sanitation system. Hygiene and sanitation are way more effective, and are way more responsible, than vaccines for the mitigation of diseases as part of the human experience.

Diseases vary in kinds and properties. Covid is an airborne disease, mostly spread in indoor environments. The sanitation solution is obvious, and is being widely implemented though not emphasized, which is better indoor air filtration. Including UV treatment in the ducting is probably a good idea too. Indoor plants can also be tremendously helpful. Personally, I am a little skeptical of the Himalaya salt lamp claims, but have several because I really like the lighting.

Mandating people to take an experimental vaccine is a crime. No, if, ands, or buts about it.

Once again, just old fart thoughts, I think it's time for a nap.

RR de V, good thoughts, but it is still irresponsible to be dancing on the Titanic, so you got to slip in some bailing time every once in a while.

Mr. Nah

Visible said...

A new Petri dish is up now=

"You Need Angels and The Illumined as Step-Down Transformers for The Love of God."



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