Wednesday, July 21, 2021

"Tom Brady Just Committed Character Suicide in a Very Public Way and Character is Fate.

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I had a moment, yesterday, that was both profoundly disappointing AND deeply illuminating. Regular readers here know that I HAVE BEEN a long time fan of the quarterback Tom Brady. I have admired and do admire a collection of people; the sort of people that would be on my own Sgt. Pepper album cover in my mind. Of course, the characters are different. Alistair Crowley would be missing and maybe all of the others. I never paid a great deal of attention to who is on the Sgt. Pepper cover. I was going to list some of my admired souls but I am sure to forget several.

Yesterday, Tom Brady appeared at the White House and he cut his FORMER friend Donald Trump to doll's rags in a VERY mean and deliberate way. He did it publicly and he did it with the intention to wound. At least this is how it appears to me.

I discovered Tom Brady by accident at the very beginning of his career. I was following another quarterback on a team I had begun to like, as neither the Chicago Bears nor The Eagles were worth watching anymore. I was watching a game and the starting quarterback went down, and in came this Tom Brady. As I watched him something clicked in my head. The other quarterback became history, and I think it was the very next year that Tom led The Patriots to the Super Bowl. I was impressed with his quarterbacking skills but that would not have kept me fast for the long run. It was the way he carried himself that I liked. I liked that he seldom did commercials. He didn't act like a jerk like so many other sports figures do.

Fast forward 20 years or so and Brady is in the closing reel of his career. Last year he took a new team to a low-ranked position in the playoffs and then they beat everyone. It was a remarkable feat and not the first time he had done such a thing. This will likely be his last year. After what he just did, I am fairly certain this is his last year.

Due to my former interest in this man, I took a greater interest in the affair and I looked more deeply. I have certain abilities that came to me with the awakened Kundalini. I don't talk about them. However, when I said; “I looked more deeply” that is what I mean. I also carefully read the article, and with the assistance of The Intuition, I believe I know what happened. Of course, I do not know ALL that happened, but I 'think' I have a good idea about it.

You will note in The Article that the closing words of it are; “The quarterback announced in March 2020 that he would launch a global multi-platform content creation company for Hollywood.” He had not appeared at the Obama White House when invited, and he had not appeared at the Trump White House. Now he appears at the White House of this cosmic mockery of an administration and IT IS NO ACCIDENT.

I don't know who approached him, but someone did. He knows he is leaving the playing field and he has designs on a new playing field where he hopes to also be the G.O.A.T so... he's making his move.

Where I come from, you don't shit on your friends. Where I come from you don't shit on anyone. You certainly do not go to the widest public forum you can find and stab a man you have been friendly with in the back. Forget that it is about Trump. I did not come here to talk about Trump. I did not even come here to talk about Tom Brady. I came to talk about Treachery and Betrayal and Mr. Apocalypse.

Here's what is REALLY going on. The ones who conspired to steal the recent election now KNOW that it is about to be proven as election theft. This is a certainty, and why a false flag is likely imminent. All sorts of ugly things are going to be frozen in the headlights of The Apocalypsemobile. They are in panic mode. What is not apparent in a public way is just how terrified they are. None of their plans are working as they were meant to. Tom Brady HAD. Let me say that again, Tom Brady HAD millions of fans. Football is one of those mostly Right Wing venues. The Dark Side made Tom an offer he couldn't refuse, and for a Mess of Pottage, he sold his soul. I am somewhat familiar with the man's life and his PREVIOUS public persona. He even schooled himself so well that he didn't say bad things about other players. He REALLY played his cards close to his chest. He WAS The Golden Boy.

I suspect he had no idea of the fallout this is going to bring him. Keep in mind that he plays for a team from the state Trump lives in. Already, the public comments are excoriating. He has killed his reputation and his legacy with a single stupid move. If this is not Mr, Apocalypse at work then I don't know Mr. Apocalypse. This is what Trump said when Brady was in trouble and catching a lot of heat.

God does Irony like no one else. This stunt is REALLY going to backfire on Brady and his handlers. Here is a new twist on something I had previously heard about why Trump supported the vaccines.

Either he was made clueless suddenly, or he was told what might NOT happen if he didn't do it, or SOMETHING... Whatever it was, this comes as an enormous surprise to me. I have a real problem with Treachery and Betrayal, given that Friendship is something I value as some value their lives. What Tom Brady did is commit career suicide. This will follow him everywhere. In one stroke he wiped out millions of fans from a specific demographic. I know how football, and these days, FORMER football fans think.

Now... before certain junkyard dogs go after me for watching a pedestrian sporting event, let me say that I watched for one reason and that was to watch Tom Brady play. It was the same with Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali. Once they were no longer active, I stopped watching in their area of performance. I appreciate EXCELLENCE. They were REALLY good at what they do/did AND... their humanity sometimes bled through the performance. Jordan was flawed in the ways that many of us are. I do not look for my icons to be saints. I narrow my focus to ONLY a specific area of interest and understand that they are human, just as I would hope they would understand about me.

Tom Brady just did himself in. I feel terrible for him. Things WILL NOT go right for him now. Somehow they got to him. He does not... DID not... behave like this previously, quite the opposite. He had been a diplomat. This is a telling example of the uncertainty of these times. By now... NOTHING would surprise me. There must be some very intense pressure going on below decks.

It is a sad thing when you see someone foul their nest before flying away. I am routinely astonished by what people do. Is honor and integrity of so little account now? Is this why they are so seldom seen? That line from George Orwell OFTEN comes to mind; “In a time of universal deceit — telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

I just don't get the attraction of fame and wealth. On the one hand, you are accompanied by a hairnet of deer flies and mosquitoes wherever you go. On the other hand, you DON'T know who your friends are. Human values go bottom-up in Times of Material Darkness. I see people hustling in public view for whatever it may profit them. I see them, LITERALLY, whoring themselves out, in a public way, for MONEY! That astounds me. I don't get the point. It has to be some kind of a fever. I call it The Treasure of Sierra Madre Flu. You catch sicknesses of the mind and emotions just the same as you catch physical maladies. They discombobulate you. You are not yourself for a time.

I can only imagine what certain people will say or do next. The ruthless ambition and reckless disregard for consequences... what are they thinking? Tom Brady committed Character Suicide in a very public way, and Character is Fate.

As I surf the internet, I see the ever-increasing invective, streaming from the Talking Heads of Medea. They are like hydras of smoke going in and out of form. The poisonous vaccine message and Communist ideological press has POSSESSED them by the will of their overlords. As the emergent light of The Avatar brightens, and the false light dims, people are losing their minds in large numbers. The scope of what I am seeing defies my ability to accurately express it. It is like a huge building. whose parameters cannot be seen, and whose towers are hidden in the clouds, and it is trembling, and cracking, and beginning to come down.

The course of existence can go in a lot of different directions from here. I SUSPECT that it WILL go in a lot of different directions, depending on the directions taken by some and sundry. It is CRITICAL at this time to be mindful of your inner state, as this DIRECTLY affects your outer state. You should know by now how to play this. Hold to your center and let GOD take care of THE DETAILS. A better understanding of the real meaning of Being and Non-Being might come in handy. It is the same with Action and In-Action. Who is it that does anything? Where does the power to live and act come from? If God is the source of all force, it makes perfect sense to let God act through you and to NOT resist the flow of his will within. God IS the source of all force, and EVERYTHING you see around you is how we handle that, whether it is known to us or not.

Imagine yourself as a stained glass vessel through which the light of Heaven shines. If you are at all in doubt about how to handle anything, I suggest you read this.

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Ray B. said...

Vis on the talent-noticing side. Thanks!

Regarding Tom Brady:

On the physical plane, Brady has a wife (married 2009) Gisele Bündchen and three children (two biological children, son Benjamin and daughter Vivian, with Gisele). That makes him exceptionally vulnerable. "Nice family you got there. Shame if anything happened to them." The baddies usually work the carrot-and-stick arrangement, so Brady may have been both threatened and bribed. I feel sorry for him, if the baddies targeted him...

On the non-physical plane, I suspect Brady was not 'trained' in spotting interferences. For me, it usually starts with a non-physical 'whistle'. That is the first 'contact' signal. (Others may have different phenomena.) If I let that go, eventually something 'gets-in'. After that, I may have 'new' thoughts, fantasies, or even body urges. Over the years, I have pretty much mapped out the interference progression. (Note that this is different than one's own psychological 'stuff'.)

As in all things, it is easier to nip it in the bud than to have it become deeply-embedded and then root-it-out. Call for 'assistance' as soon as you notice your signals. If you are sensitive enough, you may even notice a 'tussle' going-on off-screen - followed by a relief of the 'symptoms'. Send thanks.

Assuming that Brady was not 'trained' in noticing various things, he may have agreed with things he would not have under other circumstances. If that is not a good reason to wake up as far as possible, I don't know what is... (Aside from getting to all-God as best as one can.)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

So glad to be obscure. Also glad to have enough with just a wee bit over, which oft ends up in the 'alms budget'. After all, why do you need more than enough?

Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm old...

Well, Lt. PTB, I think that maybe the more appropriate question is "Why would somebody want more than they need?", followed by, "What makes them think they are entitled to take it (as opposed to make it) based only on their God given talents?"

Puzzles even the wisest at times. Not that I claim to be among them, but it puzzles me too. Most prevalent answer I've found: "It's how we keep score." Ain't that sumptin'. Then for the second, no one says, but I think there is a whole mythos built up justifying it that is propagated in Bizness Skools.

Clearly, the system has misaligned objectives for a healthy society.

Mr. Nah

Anonymous said...

There's so little good music that what there is deserves a good listen:

Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm old...

Just so there isn't a misunderstanding. I wasn't referring to Mr. TB (who is indeed an impressive figure), as he is making entertainment, which I've enjoyed myself. No, I meant others in another 'industry' or two. There is a vast difference between creating wealth and creating riches. The former is synergistic while the latter tends to be conservative (in the physics sense, not necessarily political sense), or even lossy, as in a theft that incurs damage exceeding the stolen item's value which is pawned for less than replacement value.

Mr. Nah

no one said...

The Luciferians recruited him last year and maybe the Jolly Roger is more than just a symbol.
So much for sixth round draft picks from the glorious peoples republic of Michigan.
BTW-the other QB was Drew Bledsoe from Washington State and that pick was the beginning of the winning ways of the Patriots.
We are entering a new Dark Ages as the globalist WAR on humanity is about to shift into layer collapse mode in order to bring about the Ordo ab Chao.
The weather, economy, various nations, the human DNA via the vax kill shot are all in controlled demolition.
Stay sharp, stay riding with the King of Kings because we need his love now more than ever.

Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm old...

Whoever advocates a "Ordo ab Chao" solution in this environment is underqualified to be on whatever perch they are saying that from. Any system that would arise would likely be even worse. What has been accomplished for most people is frankly amazing, and without people being driven by greedy psychopaths, it may never have occurred, so some credit where credit is due.

The current leadership class of Dominionists is going to be replaced by a leadership class of Stewards (and I am not meaning the traditional meaning of these words, but the literal ones). Whether the people are replaced is relatively unimportant. Of course, any who have "crossed the line" should be prosecuted, but there are fewer of those, particularly that the legal system prohibits or could prove, than you might expect.

One critical notion that has to change is that a shareholder is a bigger stakeholder in an enterprise than an employee. The notion that a shareholder is the same as a proprieter, and an employee the same as a contractor, is just so obscene it defies rational thinking to understand how it was allowed to come to be, much less ensconced as the "Academic Ideal".

This leads directly to the Marxian observation that the business with the lowest morals will win the competition and thus Capitalism always descends into an oppressive system. Well no, the solution is in the observation. Corporations can be expected not to have a conscience and thus be expected to behave up to the line of the law. Individuals should be expected to have a conscience and thus the law should be proscribed at the boundary of actual injury to another, mere offense should not be sufficient.

Without a gap between where good morals end and the law begins, there is no territory for proof of character. How can it be determined if someone's good behavior is inherent or caused by fear of punishment? Worse yet, and this is very important, good works don't get you into Heaven, being in a state of Grace does. When somebody is constantly worried whether about "getting in trouble" because the line is too close, a state of Grace is much more difficult to attain. Churchians are sinning mightily when they try to codify their (misinterpreted) moral code into law.

Likewise, the officers of a corporation should constantly be worried about "getting in trouble", and this should be as weighty a consideration as any profit that might be made. And good people running companies don't have to fret about "doing what it takes" to succeed, because their competitors won't be allowed to go there either.


Anonymous said...

Systems exist to serve society. Somehow, those running the systems have gotten the idea that society exists to support their systems. This is backward.

Klaus Schwab is wrong. In the future, everybody will own everything they got. Everybody will have enough to get by. No one will have to work, but work will always be available for those who wish to improve their lot. The government will not place an accounting burden on the people, nor have its nose in their bankbooks. The cost of regulation of Commerce will be borne by the agency that imposes it. Commerce will pay most the taxes, and simpletons in the Populace will be oblivious to them, the shrewd ones won't be able to game the system in their favor. The condition of the bottom rung of society will be the metric of society, not how high the ladder reaches, which will not be limited, just not lauded. There will be different economic zones because one size does not fit all, you don't want to put all your eggs in one basket, and tariffs are some of the best taxes there are. And people will still not be happy. And many will still squabble over dinner and who has to make it, or something else as trivial. I honestly don't understand that. I wish everybody would just pause every once in a while, appreciate what has been accomplished, and think of what it must be like to be in charge, and then think of what it must like to be completely irresponsible. Just for some context for your daily life besides your neighbors' habits.

The game will be played for comfort, not survival. Cheating will no longer be justified.

I sure am glad that I don't have the authority to make any of this happen and wish the best of luck to those who do. I and I ('we' is used by control freaks) will be watching though.

Mr. Nah (Closet Rasta?)

Visible said...

A new Petri dish is up now=

"The World is a Carnival of Deception, Awash in Promises that Do Not Materialize."

Anonymous said...

And i love your song “God’s not dead he’s merely hiding, you can see umm in the morning when the sun is rising”!
Go Les Go!

MogwaiHunter said...

Hi Les,
The first time I saw a clip of Brady's comments I thought he was mocking Biden. Then I watched another clip and thought the opposite, that he was putting down Trump. At this point, I have no idea... :)

Visible said...


I know what you mean. Whatever the case it was a bad move and MANY of his former fans are now former fans.

bigloner said...

Im surprised that everyone is so serious in comments as to overlook the challenge to a good pun.

What if the meade head went floating down the mississippi? It would come to rest on the delta mass of new orleans. Could also float down the nile, no importa.

The talking heads would fan out, and meade head would anchor in the fastest branch / biggest stream. Thats what mainstream meade / mass media is all about.

The talking heads set up gill nets and wtf nets to catch the easy ones. sort of a reverse caufield catcher. Cannons to the left; cannons to the right. Those getting thru go to the gulf of challenge leading to the sea of whatever.

My blurbage is on media / meade mirth intro and has nothing to do with the good craziness of subject / content as well as always, the great links.

M - said...

My tummy has never cottoned to TB. It appears my intuition about him was correct.



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