Thursday, July 8, 2021

"On a Clipper Ship Filled with Hungry Ghosts on a Dreaming Sea... in Search of a Material Shore."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I prayed this morning for a Post-it Note Angel. The request came out of nowhere. I was musing on The Divine in meditation, and I was thinking how I never wanted to stray outside The Presence of God, and I thought it would be great to have an angel who set off an alarm; like when a truck is backing up and it makes that beeping sound. It would be like Invisible Fencing for Dog Poets. THEN... I was REMINDED that I ALREADY have a Post-It Angel... because how otherwise could I possibly have made it this far?

The rising hysteria of The Insane is getting more strident by the day. The American flag is Racist! I saw where a couple of executives at a law college came out and said they were racist and apologized for their privilege. There is a new breed of sexual masochist being bred in The System. They would have been great at the Chi-Com shame fests. Perhaps you have heard of The Struggle Sessions? ALL of this is Karma. It is Karma that gets you into those roles and Karma which determines the length and intensity of the process.

It is Karma that shapes your personality to fit the devices formed to liberate you from it, but not without a degree of suffering and other costs, which is kind of like the price of doing business.

Most of the time the devices designed to liberate you from Karma are not that effective since you keep digging like The Woman in the Dunes. You could say that we are in a maze, with endless turnings and double-backs, which is made more interesting by the fact that Jack Torrance is coming up behind you, sort of like The Minotaur.

People really should read more old myths because they effectively explain the workings of the human mind in a way that is understandable in human terms.

This maze, this labyrinth... is near escape proof because you have convinced yourself of its existence and carry with you the instruments of obfuscation and denial, which assist in your bewilderment and confinement. On we go, these endless ships, passing in the night, with lights winking in the distance, going their way to Samarkand or Timbuktu, a thousand years too late, on a clipper ship filled with hungry ghosts, in search of a material shore, and rolling on a sea of dreams. Up and down, back and forth, ebb and flow, the biorhythm is a soothing cradle, until the storm comes...

Is my mind getting sharper? Am I having flashbacks? These sad people now look to me like cartoons of spoiled children looking to kill their parents. You see those young people, more and more these days with this petulant scowl on their faces. You get this sense that NOTHING will satisfy them. They are in a state of perpetual disappointment. How come The World is not treating me like my helicopter parents?

Why does no one seem to get how special I am? There is a simmering rage, bordering on the incandescent, that is caused by the joining of Hypocrisy, Selfishness, and Fear. Ah... sweet polyandry! These are not happy bed-partners. They make angry children if they can even be bothered to pay attention to the opposite sex anymore.

I regret to have to tell you that only bad things can come out of the minds created by the conditions humanity now finds itself in. The arguments of The Seducers and Predators are ridiculous. They are like cheesecloth water bags. For reasons that escape me, an alarming amount of people are buying into their nonsense, and it is a vicious nonsense. Thank God, there is a growing number of us that simply can't be pushed any further.

Can they destroy, or at least cripple this country before the next election? They are going to need a big-time False Flag. They jury-rigged this COVID absurdity, where they turned the common flu into something much more menacing than it was to begin with. It is like putting a tiger's head on a house cat.

The vaccine delirium over The Delta Force mutation of the original hoax virus is spiraling out of control; vaccine passports, denial of travel rights and job opportunities, forced vaccinations for public workers, vaccination of children who are in no danger from the virus, but who are in SERIOUS danger from the vaccine. It won't be long before we hear that the unvaccinated are White Supremacists, whose White Privilege is their immune system. Remember that your racism is SYSTEMIC and written into your DNA! BWHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Except it is not funny.

I recognize the Inquisitors from The Spanish Inquisition. I see the Jacobin army of black-clad obesities massing. I see the burners of witches. I see the emergent Stasi. I see them all in their loose affiliations with one another. They will turn on each other, as they struggle for their own version of Supremacy. This is what routinely happens; the hangman gets hanged, and those who have pushed to the front are at the head of the line for the next thirteen steps.

If you look deeply. If you use your reason, it is easy to see that nearly all of these movements for social justice are actually vehicles for self-advancement in the pursuit of gain, power, and placement. They can see that those who make the loudest noises wind up on youtube and become Influencers. They learned it from The Usual Suspects.

I am astounded at the credulity and venal grasping that is so self-evident. “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” As Lao Tzu said, “Those who miss after almost winning should have known the end from the beginning.” It is clear as crystal to me what is taking place. “those whom the gods would destroy they first make mad.”

You now see people in prestigious positions, who are speaking to millions about complete fabrications and absurdities, and they do it for MONEY and FAME. I'm guessing they didn't anticipate The Awakening that is taking place. Their audience is dwindling by the day and Mr. Apocalypse is fixing it for them to get caught with hot mics, with their pants down, and fooling with themselves on camera. Astounding! Somehow they thought that WOKE would be the answer and it is now a parody of itself.

This is a Ross Perot flashback and forward moment. Holy Toledo, Gracie! Toss another Simp on the barbie! If you look closely then you can see that Self-Interest and Self-Will run riot are the guidons of the Mad Cow Brigade. Will they last long enough to bring the temples down upon their heads, or will they perish in the effort? Hmm... it does seem that they perish regardless, doesn't it? “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

You can get fairly apprehensive worrying about the possible actions of people who have certifiably lost their minds. You need to KEEP IN MIND that what they are doing is fleshing out the cosmic absurdity of their misinterpretation of The Obvious. Instead of going up with it, they go down. Instead of embracing The Divine Feminine as the expression of their higher sensibilities, they drag her down and make her perform like a bitch in heat. No... I am not mincing words. It is what it is. When you pervert the power and properties of an archetype and begin to hammer square pegs into round holes, you wind up living in the perversity.

SHE... is the dynamic activating force that accounts for ALL that we perceive through the senses. The male counterpart is still and motionless, and she is the whirling frenzy and symmetry of creation, unfolding in a ceaseless demonstration. If you run afoul of her. If you distort her image in the mirror of yourself, you wind up in a Creep Show variation upon a Heavenly theme. You are then in a world of trouble, as can be seen in NEARLY every direction now.

When we build these cities and press people up against each other in confined spaces, it is not long before certain forms of behavior proliferate. You get sexual perversities. You get bad food to feed your poor health. You get fear and paranoia from those less tightly wrapped. You get all the maladies of a dying civilization on its way to destruction. Nature in the raw is one thing, and we draw from her all of the components needed to create ARTIFICE. I am not saying that houses and neighborhoods are not good ideas. I like having a living space and the means to prepare food. I could manage at Cold Mountain just as well AND have done so.

It is a natural thing. Can I call it natural? Let us say that it is a predictable condition when you arrange people in situations that exclude Nature... you get the unnatural. One way or another you get Nature, be it harmonious, or inharmonious. You get the Queen of Heaven, or you get The Bitch Slattern. The Hindu system explains it better and in more detail than most. So you get the sweetness of Lakshmi or the awesome dread of Smashin Tara. As a celebrant of Green Tara, and being a psychedelic voyager, I have seen her in many different forms. They say that the unprepared who encounter Smashin Tara go irretrievably mad. Fortunately, I already was.

Aghora practitioners go into the graveyards and meditate on her. I am not an Aghora but my psychedelic adventures put me in many different frames of mind at different times. I used to take LSD and go into the graveyards at night to commune with what gives life and takes it. I try to be VERY practical in my understanding of what I have witnessed and experienced. I understand about Nature being red in tooth and claw.

Twas not always so, but we BROKE OUR CONTRACT with the animal kingdom, and now they fear us. Many of us smell bad because of their flesh speaking through our pores. I don't tell others how to live or what to eat. I recognize that this is the tail end of the Kali Yuga, awaiting only the arrival of The Avatar for the Advent of The Golden Age, coming to those who have become golden within. If you have not been preparing yourself then you have been remiss in your obligations to yourself and to others.

We have perverted both our external and internal Nature, in the pursuit of Comfort and Convenience. Civilization is humanity's reaction to PAIN. It is no wonder that the pharmaceutical industry is one of the most powerful on Earth. It is even more profitable than the illegal pharmaceutical industry. It is also no wonder that the Military-Industrial Complex is as powerful as it is. If you have all those weapons, you have to use them right? You at least need to test them, so you find a place where those you intend to destroy are in no effective position to complain.

Israel does this in a regular fashion in The Occupied Territories.

Disappearing Palestine

They have arranged a dynamic, where there is an endless supply of victims, who are of NO consequence to them. I realize this can be viewed as Antisemitic, however, The Truth is Antisemitic and I can't do without The Truth. My existence has no meaning absent The Truth.

We can't always articulate what we desire to say here, but we can ASSUREDLY FEEL it, and ALL of us feel it to some degree or another, or not at all; as is the reality in certain venues. Ergo... we can resonate what we feel, AND ALL OF US DO, whether it is enjoyable for others or not. STILL... if God is not enjoying it, you will, eventually... hear about it. I have come to terms with a great portion of humanity being INSANE. I feel like I should be wearing a lab coat and a stethoscope around my neck (and maybe some pince-nez glasses?). Then I can gaze at others with a faraway distant look of wisdom in my eyes. Yeah... right.

Hold to your center! Pay no attention to the rampaging mob, and the victims ALREADY lining up for their attention. This is no business of yours. IF you are walking with God then God will speak for you, and act for you, and most certainly live in you. THIS... this is the place we ALL want to arrive at. Imagine it! The Living God is living in YOU!!! Summon him with LOVE!!!

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Another nostrils up.

Ray B. said...

Vis, thanks for the insightful post. Appreciated!

Vis: "You see those young people, more and more these days with this petulant scowl on their faces. You get this sense that NOTHING will satisfy them."

More and more, I am 'getting' that this behavior is a result of a certain awareness seeping-through. Above the churning waters of our Handled culture, there is a placid 'channel' of where higher-forces intend humanity to be moving.(Strange sentence structure.) Our Handlers are - somewhat successfully - diverting humanity away from this desired Path.

Since we all have a Higher Nature, those young people are aware (to a greater or lesser degree, consciously) of this state-of-affairs. Hence, all the 'acting out' behaviors. Those young people know something is wrong, but cannot put their finger on it. (Like Neo in the opening scenes of the original "Matrix" movie.) So, I actually applaud the underlying motivation.

It will be interesting to see what this increasing 'pressure' does to the plans of the Handlers. Snap-over? Or like an ice-dam breaking-up? Those young people may provide the Chi (with their frustration) for quite a "reverse Tower of Babel moment."

Best Wishes,
Ray B.
P.S. On the plandemic, I am in a curious emotional situation. A lady friend's mother (mid-60s) is now in the hospital in poor shape. She had already been in middling-to-poor health. She is being given oxygen, but is not on a ventilator. Apparently, the lady friend's sister got it, passed it to her and her husband, and then to the mother who was living with the lady friend. (Those three are in their early 40s and seem mostly fine.) I have all the human/humane reactions to someone being in serious trouble. Compassion, sympathy, and such. I also have kind of a clinical-eye, as this is the first case of someone I know and can track. Strange feelings...

Anonymous said...

Mr. V. You are dead on accurate. The natural kingdom can smell it on our breaths!
Those that would defile her are doomed. Even worse are those that would defile her children and rob them of a life. Poison her children, enslave them, keep them in cages for their insane 'pleasure'. They will go mad.
Better that they drowned in the depths of the sea with a mill stone around their necks than to defile and deceive the children.
I myself with the help of my 'natural' friends will seek them out and do away with them so the rest can live in harmony together.
I have a few 'natural' friends, some in high places others in lower places, but we each have our places set.

Visible said...

I am waiting on that "reverse Tower of Babel moment." As for the comings and goings in the viral community, Fear is a major contributor to the mix. Combined with Stress most anything will take you down and Stress is a major contributor that is generated by the ever-greater concentration of people in close confines. Seeing them go mad, and I am watching it evolve, I know that the next stage is Panic and then a total unhinging.

Anonymous said...

I would like to add to my earlier post, that not only can the 'natural' kingdom smell it on our breaths, they can see it in our eyes, sense the way we walk and move, what we sound like, where we have been and where we will be next. What our emotions and motives and intentions are ( smell your fear). So lets not pretend anymore, we don't know shit and 'they' will never 'get away with it'. Shear folly to believe such a thing that 'they' can get away unscathed. They are completely and utterly deluded souls if they think so. How far will they get before they are hunted down and caught? They are totally 'Lost in Space' and there is no 'space and no time' to save them. That's what I know to be true. Miss Nature does not want them and would be rid of them.

DK said...

Poetic, incisive, poignant

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"The Creeping Insanity in the Hijacked Minds of the Out-to Lunch Bunch."



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