Tuesday, July 13, 2021

"The Future is Leaving the Building, Like the Jordanaires in the Slipstream of Elvis."

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I thought it more than a little odd that the Crass Media, as much as they are devoted to showing discord, conflict, and perversity, OVERLOOKED the uproar moving through the urban zones of South Africa at the moment. The surface argument is that it has been caused by the imprisonment of the former president for about a year, due to contempt. I may not have all the relative facts represented here, but I'm sure the real reasons are otherwise anyway.

From the videos I have seen it's a big deal. I think there are a couple in the links below. Why is mention of it nowhere to be found in the usual septic tanks? World wide disorder, it seems, is in the Event Horizon continuum, or somewhere just short of full visibility, but coming into view.

Even worse things are taking place closer to home. This is not my home but... for the sake of the conversation let's say it is. This comes from our neighbor to the North and right off, I should tell you it is vile and horrific in ways you might not have yet imagined, so... some of you might want to give it a pass. It is about two transsexuals having a child.

They are seeking Spiritual Babylon at this time. Powerful forces out of The Infernal Realm are gathered for The War, The War for the Human Soul. Their presence seems to be near everywhere. There was a time that there were countries one could go to to get away from it. This is not the case any longer, and in places of relative sanity they are not letting people stay, and those places may not be sane either.

A couple of nights ago, I watched a movie called, “The Tomorrow War”... It's about an alien invasion in the future. They call the aliens, Spikes. Does that ring a Spike Protein Bell? The film was filled with over the top bravado and terrible dialogue, including some of the weirdest father-daughter babble that I have ever heard. The women are being made more masculine and the men more indecisive and easily led. If you ignore whatever they are saying and just enjoy the special effects, which are the best I have ever seen, you might enjoy it, but it is preposterous in so many ways.

Hollywood is shooting for an all-black, all lesbian storm-trooper model for the future, which is now going around the corner and running for its life. The Future is leaving the building, like the Jordanaires in the slipstream of Elvis. They are like water skiers across the surface of the waste treatment plant. It's not going to be pretty.

WHO makes the films we watch? More often now you see race-mixing relationships IN EVERY FILM, and all manner of other SEXUAL IDENTITIES represented as well. The people who make the movies are ALSO the people who own The Media, and who manufacture the news you get each day. I am sure there are those who say they have higher social ideals and want us to all be in a similar zombie mediocrity. The only exceptions are the ones who feed off of us. They live and move at a different level. They also control Big Tech.

They control the pornography industry, and all of those organizations like the SPLC that tells us who to hate and who to love. They owned the slave ships that brought the slaves to America and NOW they are whipping up the descendants of those slaves to go to war against white people.

Few of us know what color or what sex we were in our last life. Few of us know that all the things we get obsessed about fixing are the things we broke the last time we were here. Few know that all the maladies we get in each life are the payback for previous excesses. Most everyone is In the Dream, whirling through time and space, like figurines in an amusement park themselves to be, and all the people they imagine are around them.

The conflicts we have in life, are externalizations of internal arguments, in search of a combatant. We see certain obvious examples of people talking to themselves in the streets, but this is ALWAYS going on at some level. We are constantly urged to do and to not do certain things, and different sides win out, depending on who it is happening to. You can set off up or down a road and soon forget you are on it. There goes another life in search of the one searching for it. Sooner or later you have to wake up. It could be tomorrow, or it could be millions of years later.

What happens when you wake up? All that once troubled you disappears as if it never was because it never was. It is ALL taking place in your mind and then it shows up in front of you. We are ALL scripting the story of our lives. There is NO ONE ELSE to blame. Yes, you could say that bad influences brought you down, but personal weaknesses made you vulnerable to those bad influences. It still comes back to you.

It is not possible to describe it. If it were it would have been long ago described. It is like trying to explain swimming to someone who has never seen water, much less swimmers. It is something that is resolved internally, AND USUALLY by someone sent to facilitate it, whether you know this or not. The Truth is that we REFUSE to let go of our problems. They define us to ourselves. We would not know what to do without them. I should add that you don't have to know what to do if you let go of them. The necessary awareness will come to you. It is a little like facing your fears. They turn out not to be the monsters you made them into but just something you didn't understand; and now you do.

From what I can see on the surface of things, they may likely get considerably worse, since there is no budge in any of the players, and given that their objective has nothing to do with freedom, or safety, or fairness. Instead, it is all about Personal Gain. The scene is going to get VERY grim in certain places. In other places, you could hardly know anything was going on. Armed gangs have taken over many of the cities because the police, who formerly kept them in check, are no longer permitted to because of ragingly insane Marxist lunatics setting policy and making the laws. These same psychopaths are funneling in tattooed armies of killers across the border. This is beyond dispute. This is well beyond dispute. I might add that child trafficking is also out of control.

Marxism, (as History will tell you), does not care how many people die or how bad their conditions might be on the way to death. Who is responsible for this? The Usual Suspects are. How do you get in control of material appearances and appurtenances? You get control of THE MONEY. You get control of the printing presses. You get control of ALL of the printing presses. Then you start wars so that you can make more and more money. It is going on this very minute and you can even see it if you can see INTO it. Marxism is Satanism POLITICIZED. Marxism claims to fix all of our social problems. It accomplishes the opposite. Read up on it.

I could see the horror that can creep into the mind if it were not for God Being REAL. God doesn't just improve things but also keeps Perfection perfect and waiting up ahead. God ALSO UNDERMINES the criminal mind. God sets evil against evil and Evil destroys itself EVERY TIME. It is a great misfortune that people seem to learn no other way. They have to be brought to see it for what it is, something that SIMPLY is not understood. What it is, is a gold mine of energy for change; Positive change.

Life has only a few simple purposes. It is all about Self-Discovery. It is all about God enjoying himself with his playmates. Sometimes humanity dances on the mountaintops of Joy in celebration of The Creator and sometimes humanity wanders in darkness in search of what is missing. It is not to be found in The Darkness, as everyone looking there will find out.

Ultimately, what we are dealing with is Within. It is within that we have to resolve the chaos of the unknown into a woven Harmony of Serendipitous Return. All you ever need to know about God= The Supreme Enjoyer is that he/she/it is LOVE. Love lubricates the wheels of time and makes existence run efficiently. Without Love, you ARE IN HELL. Hell is separation from God. Hell is the absence of God and the absence of Love.

You must stoke the fires of your love, AND... your love needs to be properly focused. This is what inspires it and causes it to flame up and intensify. Love fixes everything that needs fixing and it doesn't need your interference to accomplish it. ALL you have to do is to step aside and let God move unhindered and through you. Your one job is to keep your attention on The Divine. He will take care of everything else.

“Then why not have done with your foolish, anxious
striving to be that which you are now, always
were, and always will be, in supreme fullness and

Why not then let go completely and
let Me, your Real and Perfect Self, have full sway
in your consciousness, letting no thoughts therein
you know are not My thoughts?

That is all You need to do—I will do the rest.
Beloved, if you abide thus in Me, and let this My
Word abide in you, everything your heart seeketh will surely come to pass, in blessed richness and

Nothing more really needs to be said.

End Transmission.......

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Isn't she lovely?


Thomas said...

Got my first dose of the Pfizer vax today, administered by my very own mother. I have felt nothing (8 hours now), and neither magnets nor spoons stick to the injection site. But once I get the second dose I can travel around Europe, which I might do.

The *fear* of the Corona and of the Vaccines are sold in the exact same way - a relatively few stories of individual suffering being allowed to drown out all the many millions who pass through these twin "horrors" unscathed, broken statistics (of course the vaccinated have a higher mortality than the unvaccinated, since old and decrepit people are highly overrepresented among the vaccinated as compared to the unvaccinated), and cherry-picked facts.

My mother, who is on the vaccination-team, tells me that the people who report side-effects from the vaccines to her (when they come for the 2nd dose) invariably are the same people who are deadly afraid of the Corona-virus, wearing masks with special filters and such, and horror in their eyes - "just to be on the safe side".

All that being said, it is an evil operation, to be sure. Releasing the Corona in the first place, and then scaring the living shit out of people while keeping workable remedies from them... oh *shame* on the academics and journalists! They have certainly not been doing their jobs - unless one defines their jobs as hustling the people while scoring a fat pay-check themselves! People literally and directly become sick from the fear and stress.

But the mRNA-vaccines are not more dangerous than the Corona, I believe - their purpose is to mentally subjugate people, and to make their producers ("Gates and the gang") seem like saviours. Otherwise, they would not be administered to the most loyal and trusting servants - we have some of the top administrative buildings of both the WHO and the UN in our little capitol - the Danes are true believers. That, and to get people to fear and to fight each other over them. Fear, fear, fear - is there any more effective way of dividing people? And if the world economy then crashes, as some people say it has been threatening to do for some time... it will be mayhem.

Meanwhile, while The Great Reset seems to chuck along behind the scenes, the sheer incompetence of modern people outside of their narrow, chosen specializations might impede the process. Confusion reigns, and it's resulting in a lot of friction.

The world has well and truly gone mad - but I think that the more it does so, the more people will be willing to listen to reason and wisdom (what we have of it, hehe). Perfect waters for prophets, preachers, and charlatans!

I'll go to the woods for a months time tomorrow, I hope - so missing comments are (most likely) not due to a sudden vaccine fatality on my end ;P

- God be with y'all! -

Anonymous said...

This takes the cake:



Paul said...

You should not be coming here and spreading such lies and propaganda. Are you really this stupid? Have you not seen the reports, Jackass!

Look at this, you moron


I have the suspicion you are culling yourself as so many do these days. I never comment here because I don't know what to say. I am going to comment now. You need to wake the fuck up, Thomas.

Anonymous said...

Oddly funny that 'twas' your very own mother that wants to 'abort' you 'now'. Maybe you didn't turn out exactly 'right'? The old adage 'don't destroy things you can't create' comes to mind.
I congratulate you on your courage and blind faith in all sincerity.
Why Mr V allowed this post of yours will most likely be explained to the rest of us later, I hope so anyway.
Seems 'they' are still 'sending the monkeys into space' after all.

Thomas said...


The vaccines are of different types - that's one thing.

Another thing is, if 17.500 are dead in Europe from the vaccines as your link says, how many been vaccinated? 200 million? 100 million? It is in the range of Corona, which is not much. Besides that, all the numbers are untrustworthy. Ok, so an old person with a leg already in the grave died after getting the vaccine? Or bust a blood vessel? What does that mean?

The elites want people fearing and killing each other - and the vaccines are most excellent for dividing people, as we can see. I, for one, do not want to fall for it.

Anyways, to each their own - what I see is that everyone, on both sides of the "debate" has lost their heads. No-one is practicing credible or responsible science, not the pro-vaxxers, and not the anti-vaxxers - all are playing into the conflict and confusion (the pro-vaxxers more so, but they are not alone!). I can read the numbers and think for myself, and that is what I do. But certainly, the whole thing is evil, as I also said in my first comment. The deliberate release of the virus, the completely irresponsible and mendacious fear-mongering, the flagrant lies, the sabotage of the clinical trials of Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, the scientific fraud - it is all rotten. But the vaccines are not meant for depopulation, as many so-called anti-vaxxers believe.

No, depopulation, if you really want it to dig deep, you do by widespread economic ruination, which turns people mean and desperate, then hunger (sabotage the food production), and most of all: War.

That is also what I see the "elites" gunning for, while most people are busy arguing about this and that - and the vaccines seem to me to be a central component of really getting a big fucking war started - some are already starting to call them "The Mark of the Beast", and it doesn't take much imagination to see what the next step is. Better we strive to be holy and true, and to spread peace and light, and alleviate the suffering and doubt that we can.

On the positive side - if you are right, you wont have to be bothered by my comments in the future ;)

Anonymous said...

It is understandable that Thom having his mother in pharmaceutical mafia and being influenced by her opinion tend to downplay and whitewash mafia deeds and intentions
We all at early stages of our awakenings had serious troubles to believe in scale and totality of conspiracy, but finally we got it and same will happen to Thom, as Les says if not in this life then in million years but certainly it will
It all comes down to trust in the gov and his numerous tentacles, once trust is lost is lost forever but then we are free to learn that God made us his kids and we need no vax govs wars and shits,
who have to die, will do indifferently of number of vaccines taken and security locks placed,
who have to live, will do indifferently of number of real pandemics and dangers present

Thomas said...

I should perhaps mention that I am familialy disposed to cynicism in these matters. I was hearing about autopsies over dinner from the age of 5. People get sick and die, it's a simple fact of life.

Of course, it is a travesty that people must suffer needlessly because evil people rule us, but... what can we do? Try our best, no? Are there not victims in war?

I am really being honest about these numbers - I do not see cause for concern regarding the actual, physical risk of the vaccines - the numbers of injured *must* be compared with the total numbers of vaccinated. Doing that, and comparing it to the other outrages that are visited upon the world, these Corona-vaccines are small fry - and no worse than the Corona itself. And they do not even come *close* to the numbers of people that die from obesity, alcohol, and other self-inflicted things.

Are we not also somehow responsible for this our current plight? How come we have allowed the world to be ruled by the most venal and corrupt among us? They did not spring into life by themselves, did they?

Visible said...

Why I posted it is because I believe everyone has a right to their opinion and even more than that here if they are a regular here. VERY OFTEN the reasons people give for why they do things are actually unknown to them. It could be that Thomas might well survive the event. The problem would come if he then believed his own logic as it was presented here and which I do not agree with. I am pretty well informed about the vaccines, more than most people because I am an irrepressible researcher and can't stop until I have enough in mind to even comment on. HOWEVER, my friend whose house this is has something equal to an advanced degree in the matter and we both agree the vaccines are not what they say they are. Herein is how my mind works on the matter. They are LYING about the vaccine and its possibilities. THAT IS ENOUGH FOR ME. Why would they lie? Why would they PROVABLY lie?

I know Thomas personally and I know him to be of the highest integrity and extraordinarily focused on the spiritual plane. That said, he's got some odd ideas, but then... so do I. As Dylan said, "If my thought streams could be seen, they'd probably put my head in a guillotine."

I also do not want to reader to get the idea that I censor people here, even for their own good, as some people might think it should be. I am in NO POSITION to judge such things. I censor for these reasons only; when I discover someone is baiting me for their entertainment, when they get all ad hominem or appear deranged. In fact, I routinely let such a fellow through. In any case, forums are for argument as much as for agreement. All I ask for is a simple tone. The Hasbara and other unfortunates look for places where they are not held back and where Anonymous holds the floor. I have to keep my eye on that since there is an entire rag tag army of PAID malcontents looking for whom they might devour.

Finally, this life is terminal no matter how you slice it. Even if you make immortal you are dead in another fashion. So if someone dies for a mistake they made, they will be back shortly. It's no big deal, except to that life and that life is gone. I mourn most of all the stupidity I witness and I am NOT TALKING ABOUT HERE OR THIS THREAD. That makes me truly sad. The best thing we can do for Thomas or anyone else is to pray for them. God will decide and that is ALWAYS the right decision. I DO NOT MEAN pray for Thomas because he is deluded. I hate having to CLARIFY endlessly because of the tendency of some people to MISREAD intent.

Anonymous said...

Mr Thomas, as perhaps you should realize God allows life for his/her pleasure. It is not for you or I to decide such things, but you could help if so inclined. How could you possibly know anything about 'the numbers' someone else gave them to you and you just believed. Kinda like the sun being 93 million miles away. Really? you know that to be fact? Stop pretending, you don't know fuck all, and neither do I. Blind faith is all well and good and reckless courage too. Do what you want, but don't try and force it on anyone else. I have free will, my creator told me so, many many times to my own detriment. The creator wants my help, and I'm ready anytime, whether awake or asleep. No question. Just ready. If its all so great, why does it need to be forced or coerced? Can't we decide? Each and everyone of us for our 'own selves'?

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I swear, the world has gotten weirder than all the Twilight Zone episodes put together. Maybe Sentinel Island and Tristan da Cunha will survive? But how inbred are they?

Ye gods, does this post speak to me. So much regarding personal discovery/experience in this. In other words, 'DARN TOOTIN''!

Nostrils waaaaaaay up!

Anonymous said...

Thomas there is much a larger point to all this . This experimental gene therapy should be a choice but it’s being used as a weapon. A two tiered society is being created, in this case, the vaxed and unvaxed. It fits right in with white and black and male and female dialogue .The more divisive the better it is for the clowns who want to take over the world. Everyone who gives in to this is contributing to the evil and that includes this jab which is no more protecting you from the virus then the stupid masks they forced upon us. Most people took it for convenience yourself included as you said now I can travel. Really? People have given their lives for freedom and you don't want to be prevented from traveling. Your choice , my friend however disappointing it may be to those of us who know what is really at stake here. You’re a good guy I sense however I do believe you drank the Kool aid. I sincerely hope you don't get any ill effects from the jab but to say whats 17000 considering the millions who took it is rather shortsighted, If you become 17001 you would not be so fast to shrug it off as just a number. Go off into the woods my friend, convene with nature, think about good and Godly things. Pray for the world , it needs prayers more then your opinions.

Anonymous said...

I don't know where I read or heard this, maybe it was here on one of Mr V's blogs? The adage 'don't allow things into heaven that you don't want there' is appropriate. Think about it, what would your particular heaven be and what would be there? It may sound nieve/stupid, but truly each of us is a creator in our 'own' right. Don't allow the creation to become perverted, please, stop and think for a small bit what the consequences might be. Don't allow 'this shit' into heaven! This realm is not a hell for us to escape from or suffer in (unless that's what you want, but leave me out) it could just be a heaven we create for ourselves 'now'. There is 'no time' only what you imagine.

Anonymous said...

Dear Visible
Tears came to my eyes reading this latest post, as you made me feel like I have felt only reading Platos Republic,the sure feeling of someone having had an undescribable kundalini awakening experience feel that the author is talking about him, or better yet describes his undescribable experience better than he would have done himself. ..."What happens when you wake up? All that once troubled you disappears as if it never was because it never was. It is ALL taking place in your mind and then it shows up in front of you. We are ALL scripting the story of our lives. There is NO ONE ELSE to blame. Yes, you could say that bad influences brought you down, but personal weaknesses made you vulnerable to those bad influences. It still comes back to you.".
And then, we have Thomas! Since he has the sincerity of exposing his true beliefs on this forum and is verified by the blog owner that he is a real person (and not a troll), I will also like to make my real feelings towards his views known to him as I have read his comments on this blog. At the start and before he mentioned anything about vaccines, I thought he looked like one of the more awake commentators around. Then he mentioned somethings about the vaccine which made me think he was a very clever troll! I even contemplated writing a comment to point this out but did not in the end because other commenters did something similar. Then Visible started posting more links on the vaccines being something other than advertised, and Thomas refrained from talking about the vaccine but rather made excellent comments about god, making me think he finally got it about the vaccine and is not thinking about it anymore. And I felt sympathy for him as he seemed so close to god, or faithfull to god rather.
And reading his comment today and the fact that he was vaccinated, I once again had my feelings reversed and was ready to send him to hell (still trying not to do so). And it was not before reading the comments by Visible and by Linda that the question of the fourth anonymous commenter was answered for me. I will try to pray for you Thomas, that you may have goten the placebo or that you may not be adversely affected. Let us try to pray for our "enemies", as the only enemy we really have is our minds and our beliefs.
Thank you once again Mr V.
A friend from Greece.

Thomas said...

Dear people;

I really did not mean to upset anyone. In answer to anonymous 3:00 AM, no, certainly, I do *not* think that the vaccines should be coerced or forced upon anyone. On the other hand, I do not think that it will either help or hinder me healthwise - as far as I can tell, it is similar to the Corona itself, blown *way* out of proportion. Were it up to me, I should clean up the whole mess, and hold the responsible people to account - but it is not up to me. There is the money-angle, too, of course. Damn, it's a fucking rip-off. Here, they are free of charge for individuals, but... someone is paying, of course.

I took it voluntarily - and this makes, psychologically, a difference, I think. And I am dead certain that my mother would not give it to me if she did not think it safe. Most of my family, and many of my friends (some through more-or-less professional coercion ("get the jab or lose your job")) have had it - no-one has had any ill effects that I know of. Will they come later? Maybe - I suppose it is possible, but I don't see how or why the spike proteins should be dangerous, and I have not seen any credible explanation for it either - they are released in the course of a normal Corona-infection also. I trust my immune system to deal with both virus and vaccine.

As Visible says, they are lying about the vaccines - and I agree. They are lying about everything, pretty much. They don't know the nature of reality, or of themselves, or of others - so how could they speak truth? They are not in conscious contact with it. They have all sorts of delusional ideas, not the least of which is their materialistic slant. It is certainly not to them that we should look for Truth!

As Linda points out, the vaccines can create a 2-tier society, and it is already happening - and I have spoken out against this, and will keep doing so! *There* is the real problem with them, that I see. For a disease that has been deliberately realeased, that has simple and effective remedies that can be used, and that is not even worth thinking about for the vast majority of people! It is madness, pure and simple, brought on by the grotesque and irrational fear of the virus.

But think about this - if the vaccines were meant for depopulation, wouldn't it be extremely dumb of the elites to do it like that? So - everyone who trusts them takes it and dies - and everyone who doesn't trust them (their adversaries) do not take it, and survive. So they have greatly decreased the numbers of their supporters, and heavily shifted the power balance towards their adversaries... Not a very good strategy, I should think!

Other people think that the vaccines can somehow morph into antennas once inside the body, and then be used to remotely control the vaccinated. This is pure science fiction, but an effective scare story, I guess. The "elites" would love that, of course, but again, they are deeply delusional. They also believe that they can create a super-human A.I. that will help them escape Gods Laws! Ridiculous! They are retarded, spiritually, and because of that, intellectually, too. Their words and ideas are mostly bluffs and stage theatrics - even though they themselves might believe a lot of their own nonsense.

Anyways - I think I've said enough about this - and I am going to the woods (thanks for the kind wishes, Linda :) ). God is real, and nothing I or anyone else can do will change the fact that we are loved, and will *ever* be His children.

Be well!

Chris said...

Getting "vax" by choice is one thing. Having it mandated is quite another. As will now be known globally, the United Kingdom government has mandated the jab for all carehome workers. Whether they want it or not. No jab, no job. France has taken it further. The precedent has been set. Where will it lead to? There are millions of us trying to fight against this. I find it hard to believe that God would wish us all to receive this injection, of whatever flavour; what would be the point? Like Les, I've taken a lot of time to acquaint myself with the statistics, the videos, etc; I have a little advantage in being laboratory-qualified in microbiology, so I understand many of the mechanisms that the scientists talk about. And it isn't very pretty.
If the whole world falls to the jab, then humanity is changed permanently. Many have already died. Many have serious vaccine damage. I struggle to make sense of it all, yes it's all for the purpose of demonstration but at the same time the rebels are struggling to fight with their hands tied behind their backs. Many are the days when I feel quite helpless, watching the walls close in on me and family.
Those who are able to totally disconnect from all that is happening, well I envy you. I can be quite hard-nosed myself, but the natural instinct of self-preservation comes very much to the fore in these times and I value the good health that the Almighty has granted me over six decades.

Anonymous said...

The bottom line is, there is no money in natural immunity, nor the potential for wide coercive control, with attendant fear. Both of these merely feed the beast.


Ray B. said...

A 'forceful' column, Vis. Thanks!

This is channeling, but nicely describes our situation...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"The More Intensely You Love God, the More Heaven Opens for You."

Anonymous said...

I think it safe to say that the "average" bear does not come round these parts ie, the Visible blogs. This conversation in particular is blatantly demonstrating to me that God is directing this show! Perhaps it doesn't matter whether we get the jab or not? Perhaps God has a whole different scenario in play and the virus/vaccine distraction is simply that - a distraction. Praying for ALL of us (fully vaxxed or not) in this out and out war of good vs evil.

Can we just agree that we're all on the same team here? Obviously, if you have been following Visible's teachings, you wouldn't be at this location unless you firmly believed that God's Will Be Done. I trust/pray that our Thomas will go into the woods and come out the other side in one piece. He made the next best decision for himself under the full tutelage of his faith in God.

God bless all the commenters and the author of these works - the most down to Earth, from the Heart dissertations on the Internet and my go-to place for checking the pulse of the Human faction.




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