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One More Litmus Test for the Strong, Silent Types.

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet.’

I admire some people, not a lot of people to be sure, but some people have done their job with modesty, courage and consistency. One of those people is Webster Tarpley, who just wrote a fantastic article on Wiki-Sneaks. I communicated with Webster in the long ago and he showed himself to be a humble and decent man. I’m glad he’s out there. It’s a difficult thing these days to say you like someone because you never know what might be the real truth, or when it might surface and make you look a fool.

I really like what I hear from Wayne Madsen. He’s one of those, like Paul Craig Roberts who crawled out of the belly of the beast and stuck around to point a finger at it. So far, these men, as far as I can tell, meet my litmus test needs (given their situation). I met David Ray Griffin and Niels Harrit in Lucerne a year and a half ago, when I was invited there to speak on 9/11. Both of these men came across as tireless workers on behalf of 9/11 truth; self-diminishing and earnest. They’re not exactly electrifying speakers, being academics and I was champing at the bit somewhat to do my kind of ‘getting to know you’ thing.

I might have been a little more circumspect in hindsight but, you can’t fix the past. All you can do is lie about it or deny it. Someone lit me up with some seriously potent Swiss pot. I don’t usually smoke pot and I hadn’t slept much on the long train ride in. By the time I went on stage I was off on Planet Visible, which is on the other side of the sun. You can’t say who did 9/11 in Switzerland. Well, you can say it but the promoters might get into trouble. So I went up and wailed into an unscripted 15 minutes of doing everything but flat out saying it and then sailed off the stage and out the door with a couple of dozen people following me. This caused some amount of confusion before I could dispense with these people and Freddy, the promoter, could get them back in the door. Freddy wasn’t very happy with me and for good reason. Let’s face it, I’m a loose canon; not anymore but back then I was.

I do regret having been a wild and crazy guy, however entertaining it actually might have been for the moment. I don’t hear from Freddy anymore and I doubt I left Niels and Dr. Griffin with a warm and cuddly feeling. I’m not properly house-trained, I admit it. I’m a lot better than I was, which is the only reason a lot of my personal works are being allowed to pass out into the world of opinions and reactions now. I’m trying but it is very difficult for me to sit around and listen to endless facts and figures that skirt the ‘who done it’ end of the spectrum. A lot of these people know and tell most of what we know about 9/11 but they pull up short at the cliff’s edge when it comes to naming names.

Israel did 9/11, along with the assistance of treacherous and traitorous elements in the American intelligence community and the administrative branch. This includes assorted felons and psychopaths on the international stage. If you don’t name the perpetrators and skells involved, not only are they free to do it again but further emboldened as well. When the more powerful examples of western rule, refuse to indict the crime syndicate of Israel for heinous murder aboard relief ships in international waters, you are handing them an imprimatur to do it again. Were these times sane, Israel would be under house arrest and prohibited from traveling out of the country and everyone who already was would be sent back there. It would be a protective quarantine for the good of world health. Every Israeli would have to wear an ankle bracelet that started playing “Every Breath you Take” whenever they got within ten feet of one of their victims, which is anyone but them.

I’m developing a new litmus test to go with the 9/11 denial and Assange supporting litmus tests and that’s the, ‘you haven’t gone far enough litmus test’. See, within certain parameters you can say almost anything, as long as you don’t point the finger at the right people. Once you actually, correctly identify the cause of the condition you are writing or talking about, things change. A vast sea of web sites won’t link to or reprint my work simply for this reason; sites like Anti-War dot com and all the other sites that represent the self righteous, so called liberal left, that talks in convoluted, highly intelligent circles; dancing around, like something’s up with the prostate, so they don’t get any shit on their golf shoes, cause they want to still get invited to all those talkathons and important dinners financed by the people doing all the bad shit they don’t want to talk about and… it’s a wonder they don’t step in any of it, considering the close company conditions of their ‘indirect employment’ by the people they should be unmasking.

If you go to any of these sites you see they’ve all got each other linked on each others sites in a perpetual motion, circle jerk machine. It’s there that you will find people talking about what a courageous and elegant reporter Greg Palast is. You should know better than to ask Greg about 9/11 though because Greg gets his money from the people who did it. Greg and everyone like him should also have to wear an ankle bracelet that plays “You Lied to Me”, maybe the Chuck Colbert version since he’s one of them, every time they get near any of the people they are lying to, which would be everyone but them. Still, I guess they lie to each other too, just like they lie to themselves. That song can alternate with, “What Kind of Fool do you Think I Am?”

I don’t care if there was thermate at ground zero. I don’t care if the buildings went into free fall, which could not have been accomplished except by controlled demolition. I want to know who did it. All these other facts are something you present to the jury once you have these criminals in the courtroom.

I recognize that you wouldn’t be getting invited to speak at too many places, wouldn’t be getting to go on TV and you wouldn’t be getting fancy grants and donations from the people who did 9/11 if you did this. Jessie Ventura wouldn’t be on TV for very long with his woo woo content if he said what I am sure he knows. I’m not knocking Jessie. He’s the best of the bunch but… people, that little thing called integrity… what’s it worth to you?

The people who did 9/11 control the money supply for most first world nations in the west. This was their intent from long ago. If you control the money you can buy all of the information and entertainment outlets and then control what people hear and see about what happened at any given time. You can buy politicians and important academic, cultural, social and entertainment figures that will lockstep toward ignominy because short term gain is more important than long term gain, their principles and even their asses. I don’t suppose I have to mention their souls?

Just about everyone knows that 9/11 was an inside job at this point and the number of people who know Israel had a big hand in it is increasing by the day. It doesn’t matter. Those entrusted with telling us the truth, keep right on lying in order to maintain the right to lie while they pretend it’s the truth.

Everyone’s waiting for something to happen. Awakened souls are waiting for the cosmic appearance of the one who rips the covers off of the lies and deceits. They keep waiting and wondering what is taking so long. It’s taking so long because of the length of the rope being played out for those who intend to hang themselves upon it. It’s taking so long in order for it to get to a level of absurdity where there can be no doubt as to what is what and who is who. It’s taking so long in order for nations and individuals to mess things up so bad that the only recourse is going to be what follows and you can use your imagination for that.

So, we’ve got another litmus test. It’s the Crimes of Omission Litmus Test. It’s there to turn blue, every time you stick it into someone’s material and a critical element is missing. You can stick it into George Galloway’s speeches. You can stick it into the copy of certain bloggers who think the sun shines out of Julian Assange’s ass. That’s not the sun, that’s a flashlight that’s being used by a returning CIA team in scuba gear, who went in to make adjustments to the circuitry.

I don’t know that I would mind being invited to speak at an important function, or attend some of those nice dinners. I don’t know that I would like it either. I just don’t know because that never happens to me. I could wear my ‘Visible World Tour’ t-shirt which has a dotted line at the belly level and reads, “Only authorized personnel allowed below this point”. Heck, I now know better than to smoke a joint with someone before my time in the rotation comes but I’m mostly troubled by what happens at the entrance, where the security insists that I check one more item along with my coat and hat. They want to give me a plastic chip with a number on it. They tell me I’m not going to need it in there anyway so I might as well let them hold on to my integrity until I’m ready to leave.

End Transmission........

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Got Gulag said...

Another litmus test would be "The Things You CANNOT Think or Say About WWII," and certainly not publicly express skepticism about or it's off to the Judaic Gulag with you for five years, in 14 European "Democracies" (LOL) and Communist Kanada, for the crime of thought/speech jews don't allow.

Don't believe it? Just ask Sylvia Stolz and Gerd Honsik (when they get out a few years from now), and Ernst Zundel who just got out after SEVEN years thanks to two years solitary confinement in Communist Kanada, followed by 5 years in Communist Germany, after being kidnapped in the US by the Israeli Government of America.

But you can't really ask Ernst. He is under State arrest, i.e. he says one thing the jews don't like and it's back to the German Judaic Gulag for another 5 years.

I should not laugh at the people in those 14 countries; it's coming to the rest of us, no matter where we live, sooner rather than later, their Brave Jew World.

laurel said...

:)) " It’s taking so long because of the length of the rope being played out for those who intend to hang themselves upon it. It’s taking so long in order for it to get to a level of absurdity where there can be no doubt as to what is what and who is who. It’s taking so long in order for nations and individuals to mess things up so bad that the only recourse is going to be what follows and you can use your imagination for that." .......nice bit o flight reading, les, i like to start my mornings off with a les-is-more read :)

DaveS said...

...The sun shines out of Julian Assange’s ass. That’s not the sun, that’s a flashlight that’s being used by a returning CIA team in scuba gear, who went in to make adjustments to the circuitry.

I don't care who you are, that's funny :)

I'm starting to be more convinced that the world is being run by all the fine, fun folks working in black ops. That sometime around 1960 (if not earlier) a few Soviet, a few U.S., a few British, a bunch of Mossad as well as the assorted geeks, freaks and weirdos who play in that sandbox got together and figured out they could more easily run the show than any elected freak. Hell, the people continued to willingly give them money to 'protect' them from an unknown enemy, and did so without oversight: kind of reminds me of another well-known protection racket call the Mob, or if you prefer, the Mafia.

We've been fools or worse, and about the only thing that would surprise me these days is seeing people stand up to the bullshit we're being fed. Is it any wonder our food sucks when our information sucks?

And to end this tirade, fuck usury and those who charge it!

Peace to the rest of you though...

thelevelshift said...

I'm starting to enjoy standing naked amongst people with so much invested in their stress and frustrations.

Thanks again for your writing. It is part of my support system.

Please listen:

Think (a slave is a slave) The Level Shift ft. John Trudell



Pstonie said...

Sometimes I think there is no hope for humans when I see people going on about stuff like how there were no planes that hit the towers. What the hell does that matter? It changes nothing about who was responsible and what they continue to accomplish.

What about Tunisia et al? The
"wikileaks revolution", apparently. I can't think of a greater insult to anyone's intelligence. The muslim world seems to be consolidating up there in africa right now and would make a great fall guy for a future false flag on israel.

laurel said...

pstonie.....have some things hashing out, will post, on your ideas -- lets see if my girls are learning ot predict the trends well or not....give me a little while, have to be out for a bit....yes, the usual muslim suspects have to be the fall guys, because they cant afford to fight everyone, and everyone is just glad it isnt themselves :)

Terrance said...

Hello Les ....All the garbage is still coming to the surface ...How long before people involuntarily start to regurgitate from the kosher stench? Everything is not coming up roses.....integrity?...I think that's just a word that has very little meaning today.

DaveR said...


The "no planes" is a VERY important part of the whodunnit. No planes = video fakery in real time which means MSM complicity in the conspiracy. Now just who controls the MSM?

Anonymous said...

One time long ago I smoked a joint with my fellow team mates before taking the mound for the first game of a double header.

The first pitch I lobbed in there, in a semi-hearted amused way, Wow! The batter hit it so hard it broke branches in the tree as it zoomed over the center field fence.

I did belly up and strike out two of the next three, but it was something I never repeated nor will I ever forget it.

I imagined it was a little like you taking that stage..

You being a lefty hurler les, I thought you might relate and get a little chuckle.

Anonymous said...

Integrity: ‘Tis What ‘Tis

‘Tis never taken, oh no!
‘Tis something we sell.
So, to thine own self, be true!

Pax, y'all and God bless!

pax verbum

Visible said...

Yep, I was a lefty pitcher. I didn't know anything about drugs back then though. I know that people think they get a positive edge by being lit before they perform or address a crowd. The classic example of that is to listen to any guitar player when they're high on coke and think they are playing better than they ever did before. It sounds one way to them and another way to the rest of us, including those portions of the audience that's on coke (grin)

henry beck said...

Israel did 911 with 'assistance' from part of the US authorities ?
To be able to assist Israel the US has to be an independent state; I think the US is NOT independent, but a colony of Israel with all US key-postions firmly under Zionist control. The REAL authorities are not even hiding that; for decades they have been openly bragging about it.

Got Gulag ; yes sir, spot on: BRAVE JEW WORLD.

henry beck

hgenry beck said...

How many of the readers of this blog are really, REALLY, and constantly aware of the close to absolute mind-control that the dark demiurg Yaweh/Yehova and his archcriminal tribe have over all aspects of human(goyim) life. Yes, you too, who believe yourself to be scientists, proud of your ability to use reason and not aware that you'r looking through Zionist/reductionist glasses, showing you a soulless 'reality'.
It needs an open mind, stretched open to the very limits, and that takes a lifetime-and-a-half filled to the brim with suffering, and then..well.. maybe you can SEE.

henry beck

Anonymous said...

Les, You have shown more grit than all those phonies with the "I am a Liberal" t-shirts. They go to the meetings and stand around in thier 'I am part of the system but the left part' uniforms and just go along for the ride.

You nailed it, the 'how' does not matter if you ignore the who. They must be laughing. they are probibly paying half of those who are keeping everyone focused on the 'how', while the who jsut slides under the carpet.

I imagine if the 'who' question starts to come into play it will soon become illegal to say it. Just as other things can not be questioned.

Two items:

1. My father was a war crimes investigator in Europe after WWII. He had been to the camps, he had questioned the gueards and the prisoners, and he knew nothing about gassing of jews. ???

2. My uncle was a Captein in the German army. He and 300 men under him went into a French prison camp at the end of the war. He and one other walked out after two years. They were starved to death. My uncle's uncle was George Clemenceau. That may be why he lived.

History is written by those who own the presses, not those who were there.

You are a powerful inspiration Les.


Pstonie said...


MSM involvement is self-evident, IMO. It could not be done without them and they continue to convict themselves every time they lie about it.

Going into weird details such as these, again in my opinion, has the danger of being disproven, not to mention sounding like just more conspiracy theory from someone who is clearly into all that stuff.

Unnecessary, since we have this gigantic elephant in the room called building 7 which serves as a clear smoking gun, and almost everyone involved in the subsequent investigation/cover-up being american zionist jews. With WTC7 again, the MSM is implicated with hard evidence produced by themselves, when the BBC reported on its collapse with it being clearly visible in the background.

Anonymous said...

Les --

Our first message was delivered via block of wood on iceburg in Antarctica...

Our second message was delivered via piano on sandbar in Miami.

Jimbo sez the birth pangs are proceeding at pace.

Horse Latitudes Lyrics
Artist(Band):The Doors Review The

When the still sea conspires an armor
And her sullen and aborted
Currents breed tiny monsters
True sailing is dead
Awkward instant
And the first animal is jettisoned
Legs furiously pumping
Their stiff green gallop
And heads bob up
In mute nostril agony
Carefully refined
And sealed over



The hugs you cannot feel

Ghana said...


How far off from the original script was the dialogue you delivered in Swiss Pot Land? I can't see much of what you write here being different than what you would've said and how you would've said it then, really?

I will give you some names; George H. Bush, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Michael Jerkoff (Chert), Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleesa Rice, George Tenet, Henry Kissinger, Rupert Murdock, Dov S. Zakheim, Larry Silverstein, Ariel Sharon, I'll add more later!

Visible said...

The way I did it was via insinuation. I would hover over the moment of speaking it and then deflect over and over which pretty much amounted to my saying who it was, without saying. I did say it once I was outside with the people who followed me.

Ghana said...

Laurel and other brothers and sisters,

Familiarize yourself with 2 critical pieces of current machinations occurring with the world’s “chosen”; UN Agenda 21 and The Rewilding of America. If you practice due diligence and research each program the picture is clear; population down to below Industrial Age (2 billion or less or 4 to 5 billion “peasants”) and 50% of planet’s land mass returned to it’s original wild form before the conquering white-man came. If “I” could have found this link first it would have provided an introduction to clarify what is down the rabbit hole:

My sister worked for the Fed’s in their “land grab” headquarters in Albuquerque, NM for 6 years. They were/are booting ranchers and their livestock, farmers (SB 510 is about private land use & ownership, not food safety) and industrial complexes swiftly away from the areas outlined in the Rewilding of America Maps. The catalyst for the hardest endeavors of the plans; depopulation and relocation will be created by ENVIRONMENTAL, MILITARY, & FINANCIAL catastrophes. Problem, Reaction, Solution. It is the oldest card they have ever had and it still works like 3 card Monty on the masses!–SxDA&sa=X&oi=image_result_group&ct=title&resnum=2&ved=0CCkQsAQwAQ&biw=1329&bih=449

China is the new model for ALL countries. It is Commulism; a hybrid of Communism, Socialism and Fascism. As the laboratory in depopulation and relocation experimentation, China has tweaked it to a “science” and it is becoming the new religion, new order, new age, change, sustainability, green, etc.

There is no reason for us to run around like chickens with our heads cut off and yes I admit I have been a headless chicken! There intentions are clear, to “them” the means justified because in their eyes the “end game” is their Nirvana, Utopia, Heaven on Earth, New Order, Rewilding, etc. When the fog is lifted and the intention exposed the illusions deployed become discernible to your heart and mind. Once the revelation catches breath the new lungs of aptitude will not deflate. A choice will be set before you and a decision imposed; for or against the New Intentions. The whole purpose of the oil eruption was to “stop” the loop. The ongoing “catastrophes” are the wanted by product of the original intention; UN AGENDA 21.

My 2 cents,


Anonymous said...

I think starvation will be very topical as the jews move their agenda forward.

Do some research into who controls all your food - from seed supply, to production facilities, poison additives, warehousing, distribution, regulation authorities, mega corporations, "our" elected demorepublicrat traitors, etc, all the way down to the retail bottom of the barrel where you sit stuffing that greasy heart attack burger down your gullet.

Starvation is their all-time favorite method of mass murder, from the Irish in the mid 19th century (no, it wasn't an unfortunate famine; do the research), to the Armenians, the Russians, the Ukrainians, the Germans, etc.

It's simple, it's cheap, it's very effective and it has worked for them time after time after time.

You think they won't also do it to America? Why?

Anonymous said...

Would love to have heard that speech, Les. I've spent thousands of hours reading about the HOW (because I have a technical type brain and I love that sort of challenge) but I am so ready now for the WHO and for the WHY, for doG's sake ... WHY? Actually I was ready years ago because it wasn't very long before I had sorted out WHO and WHY for myself but so many 911 researchers tiptoe around (and for practical reasons I guess). Damn it is so refreshing to read the words of someone like you who has his heels placed unequivocally and firmly on the ground regarding 911. The clarity of your writing these days is resonating quite happily in my brain. As always ... thank you!
M. Rocknest (Em)

Visible said...

There were a number of broadcast cameras there that evening including the official media and others. I know someone has a copy of it, I just don't know who.

Copernicus Kidd said...

Speaking of naming the NAME. Why hasn't one KENNETH HOLDREN been trumpeted from the rooftops? and speaking of fancy dinners and gilded awards ceremonies .... Les, have you perused the images in this grimoire catalogue?

The "Levi Kiil" character must be a high toady indeed:

You can almost tell that their tense visages are natural result of a latent perception that all around them, devas are verily arranging knotted thick lengths of rope heretofore referenced.

David Wilson said...

Using the latest litmus test it would appear that you haven't read any of Dr Judy Wood's material on 911 or that you choose to omit it. No matter who did 911 it demonstrated advanced directed energy weapons that have not been seen before. JP Farrell speaking on redice radio puts it very well. Standing wave technology powerful enough to ignite cars far from the towers, to ignite them without heat and without damage to adjoining paintwork. Something to chew on? None of us know the whole story but it certainly didn't end with Israel and thermate.

Visible said...


You know, it's not necessary for you to present your ideas this way- "it would appear that you haven't read any of Dr Judy Wood's material on 911 or that you choose to omit it."

That's just flat out rude and presumptious. I don't even know who you're talking about and it's got nothing to do with my point about who did it as opposed to what happened.

laurel said...

to anonymous: "....Do some research into who controls all your food - from seed supply, to production facilities, poison additives, warehousing, distribution, regulation authorities, mega corporations, "our" elected demorepublicrat traitors, etc, all the way down to the retail bottom of the barrel where you sit stuffing that greasy heart attack burger down your gullet.

Starvation is their all-time favorite method of mass murder, from the Irish in the mid 19th century (no, it wasn't an unfortunate famine; do the research), to the Armenians, the Russians, the Ukrainians, the Germans, etc....." YES. YOU GOT IT RIGHT, AND WE ARE GOING TO FEEL IT. we already are, we are just too dam sick these days from bad food, bad meds, bad air, bad water, bad stress, bad jobs, bad relationships, bad morals, bad culture, so much that we forgot to notice we are being starved of even basic food.

A.Mouser said...

Fine post Les.

Good comments Ghana.

How long can the MSM hold back the truth that 9/11 was orchestrated and carried out by zionist israel.

How much longer? Bring on the woo against these murderers of innocent civilians for economic and political gain.

I am positive God is watching everything.

Peace and love,


Erik said...


Thanks for the pdf on Agenda 21

All, this is TMHO a MUST read to understand what is coming/has already come to your neighborhood ...

The Document link:

WV: shagilea "WV version of Shangri-La (still 'toddler talk';)

maurice said...

one of the worst effects of all the lies for me is that I am just too suspicious of everyone's motives - today I cancelled another blog feed - but there still are a few that I call searchers of truth and this is one of them - I get so tired of the lies - and yes I have fallen for many of them - I am really impressed with their bs until gradually the light came on and I begin to see their hidden agenda - I feel like Billy Kwan in year of living dangerously - what am I to do (Kwan is killed by the Sukarno thugs)

so what do I do??? have no contact with any liar - that is one thing - (once I know they are a liar) and I am slow on the uptake - stay out of their financial system - that includes the banks - turn off the tv - did that years ago - helps thin out the herd of liars - give to those who need help - stay out of the organized religion set up - that has taken me years to grasp - stay out of debt - take care of the ones I love - and admit to myself that I truly hate this world - that is not a pc thing to say - others don't like it - but I will not miss this place - that I know - here to learn and so must keep on trucking -Les, you do contribute to others with what you write - know that -

john said...

"I want to know who did it." (Les)

Come on man. You know as well as I do that we'll never know who did it. You're doing for 9/11 truth what vuvuzelas did for soccer.

On the other hand, we do know who did the invasion of Iraq. We know exactly who. And we know why, when, where, and how. And we know (as horror goes)that it was/is an infinitely more horrific crime than 9/11.

Thank God all of those responsible are rotting behind bars (grin).

So stop slandering the sensitive and the erudite. Stop slandering the patient and the weary.

Anonymous said...

pigs in high water
chests filled with gold
diamonds and genosides
starvations untold
wickedness perpetual
satanic schemes
scream of no mercy
through barbarion fiends
the stench of fear crackles
divisions go pop
death cult impaled
expose as it drops
internally conquered
unable to maintain
the lies that were easy
now fall down slain


Murphy151 said...

Hi Les,

Jim Corr on primetime TV in Ireland.

Despite a well staged attempt to sabotage him, he did quite well.



Visible said...

John; When you get that translated into English please send it along.

siamsam said...

This year, we will experience 4 unusual dates.... 1/1/11, 1/11/ 11, 11/1/11, 11/11/ 11 ... NOW HERE IS THE CRAZY PART....Take the last two digits of the year you were born plus the age you will be this year, and see what number comes up.

Just saying........

Love, peace, truth

Anonymous said...

If you are not telling the whole truth, then I am not interested in anything you have to say. That's my test. Tell me the truth. Do not be afraid to speak the truth. The truth is the only thing that is REAL. The liars aren't fooling anyone. They are traitors to humanity along with everyohe in the government. I'm on the lookout for people who are brave enough to speak the truth. The truth is what will remain in the end because it's all that is real. Only unwise people do not know this.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant. So grateful there are others out there not yet successfully discliplined by the gatekeepers. I myself was 'disciplined' and banned from the likes of for stats referred to- REFERENCED ONLY- not endorsed- in an article I wrote. Despite the info being all legitimately sourced and documented. Got the same treatment from Alexander Cockburn the "radical" mediocrity...

What most miss is that this is all just SECULAR TALMUDISM under varying palatable names across the years and schemes. Read Michael Hoffman and his ilk who wont be getting the red carpet celeb treatment soon- unlike Tribally-endorsed 'authorities' such as Naomi Klein, Chomsky, Zinn, Goodman, Greenwald and the rest of the army of sayanim. To quote brilliant insight on another recent shooting where a multitude of ethnicities/personages were injured: "A jewish [giffords] Congresswoman, shot by a jewish gunman from her own jewish synagogue, appealing to jewish a legal system defended by a jewish lawyer being reported by a jewish journalist in the jewish-controlled press". Any question as to the owtcome of THAT one...???

Got Gulag said...

laurel @ 9:02 - ". . . WE ARE GOING TO FEEL IT. we already are, we are just too dam sick these days from bad food, bad meds, bad air, bad water, bad stress, bad jobs, bad relationships, bad morals, bad culture, so much that we forgot to notice we are being starved of even basic food."

[Lost my Got Gulag comment tag in a cyber glitch somehow, and appeared as "anonymous".]

You have summed it up pretty good. One other point: massive replacement of VITAL food crops with LUDICROUS fuel crops (Hey! It'll save us from "Global Warming!" - Yeah, right, Al.)

Do you get the feeling that lying bastard Gore won't be wondering where his next meal is coming from, while we are all starving in the gutter?

I strongly doubt we will get through to anyone though, laurel.

They are too busy, glued to their true God: the one-eyed propaganda tube plugged into the living room wall, waiting on the next installment of Dancing With The Dimwits, served up with a large side order of the usual filthy Big Lies.

Anonymous said...

Zeitgeist Movie - Moving Forward is now available

I've only watched the first 45 minutes of it, and so far it is quite fascinating. It explains a lot about child abuse affecting the genetic make up of the brain vs. depression or mental illness being genetic, and how humans are not genetcally programmed to be violent, the genes change from the chemicals produced in the brain as a result of being traumatized in violent ways. Really interesting.


Neko Kinoshita said...


You sir are a troll.

DaveR, David Wilson,
You are looking at the wrong information, and you are a fool.

Henry Beck,
I follow your reasoning, I'm not sure I agree with everything you say, or how important it is. But you do make some good points.

Ghana, Erik,
Also good Points. Agenda 21 is a big tell. But then again, you know they have to tell us what they will do.
It's one of the rules after all.

Just my two cents (worth nothing any more of course).

Nose is still wet and cold dog,

Pietro Spina said...

Les, you're an inspiration. If y'all check out the website, they've got fascinating stuff on how the WTC twin towers (as documented by FOIL requests to the Port Authority, the lessor until Lucky Larry took over a few weeks before 9-11) had largely been emptied out or had, in substantial part, never been occupied. So while I suppose the Body Count from 9-11 itself is of little import when you stack up the corpses from Iraq and Afghanistan, it's likely that many, perhaps most of the WTC "victims" were non-existent, made-up people. (Part of the "Operation Northwoods" scenario). And, yes, the whole thing was a joint Cheney-Mossad Production, with bullshit supplied by American Ziomedia Corp.

However long it takes, God is not mocked and the shit that goes around is gonna knock a lot of Sexie Sadies on their tuchuses. However big they think they are . . .

Anonymous said...

"Noam Chomsky would have us all believe the Romans crucified Jesus for oil."

Anonymous said...

Hunger is a great motivator

Is it time to start studying clean and efficient ways to kill? I think so. The knowledge should be in your memory bank before you 'get motivated'.

I like the blunt force trauma to the heart thing and the ice pick through the back into the heart thing.

Are we serious about this? Do we REALLY know what we're dealing with and how to deal with it? Do we have the intestinal fortitude to kill, if it becomes necessary? Do you really think it won't be necessary, in these times?

We're up against cowards, not pacifists.

Unknown said...


The Worm is in the Can

Supremacist and Racist Chabad

Chabad Lubavitch & the zionist Law-Makers

World Leaders and the Rebbe

NO... This is not a Synagogue


"...the rothchildes are low-level..." (?) said...

i Hate to have to do this; but, in the interests of keeping it real round here, i must re-post the following:

AJHenry says:
January 26, 2011 at 12:06 am
"Webster “the Rothschilds are low-level” Tarpley IS a disinfo tool. Any clown who suggests that the banking dynasty are skut boys to the Tony Blairs of the world is not to be believed. Yes, yes, yes, he’s said lots of things that are true. But, on the key issues he fudges and fantasizes.

The hilarity begins here:

A whole lot like Death Cult Jones insisting that Israel could not have done 911:"

And, for the record, i did hear Webster Tarpely make the statement quoted above.


Anonymous said...

Judy Wood's site is bunch of baloney about directed energy weapons. Not any links at a glance of who did what. The old Cui bono worked for me a couple of days afterward. I am amazed people are still having trouble arriving at logical conclusions here. Her site has a rayelan allen link also. When you see that, time to keep on trucking.

Benny Yahoo harping about it was good for Israel shortly afterwards should have been enough for most people. I am wondering do you have to prove that fire burns.

Anonymous said...

How did David Wilson's comments ever slip through the net? For crying out loud its dangerous for everyone!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I know some of you might get offended by the mention of God, the God of Abraham that I believe in, have complete faith in and call on. From what I have read and heard, God is testing those who claim they believe in Him. Faith is by actions not just words.
We do every thing we can to please the one we love, why should the Creator and Sustainer not be held in even higher esteem?
The anti-God crowd, the followers of the anti-Christ are being duped, and those who "think" God is human or born to a human, who ate, drank and slept are being tricked. The real Christ, who is as he said, came to the house of the children of Israel, rejected him as the Messiah, they were waiting for a Prophet to deliver them. They rejected Jesus because he spoke up against the horrible sin of usury. They found ways to devalue his mother into a raped woman. She was a virgin at the time she gave birth to her son, hence he is called, Jesus, son of Mary. He spoke to them as a babe, but they rejected the miracle God sent them.
There was a group of them who migrated to Madina because they knew there was going to be an Ishmaelite Prophet. But he did not play around with them, and upheld the Commands of God, as Moses brought them, and Jesus, too.
Their Rabbis asked some questions of him, Muhammad to test his Prophethood. Two of the answers are in the Qur'an, in a chapter called "The Cave". They were asking about the story of the youths of the Cave(Ephesus) and the great traveller (King) who was righteous and just and had sealed in the gog and magog from persecuting their neighbors.
If you want to know more, there is a scholar who has dedicated his time and energies to uncovering the world of the anti-Christ (Britain and US, who would establish the anti-Christ rule from Jerusalem, and the real Jesus would return and rid the earth of him and his followers.) The scholar's name is Sheikh Imran Hosein. His lectures are on youtube, and on his website if you prefer some reading. Trying to unravel what was foretold by every prophet of the great deception at the end of Time. The separation of Good and Evil.
Peace be on all the Prophets and Messengers of God, Most High. Thanks for letting me comment. Even if you think I'm nuts, it is worth looking into.

Chris W. said...

Look, I know that Israeli agents helped pull off 9/11. Having said that, everybody, please: stop blaming the Jews. STOP. This is as pointless and inflammatory as blaming Muslims, or even the U.S. Government.

Let me state in plainly: The attacks of 9/11 were a SATANIC RITUAL SACRIFICE.

In other words, 9/11 was the work of the Devil. You may call the Devil by different names, such as Lucifer, Satan, or Set. The name is not really so important (though some people would argue that Lucifer and Satan are separate entities, for example).

Of course, labeling yourself as a "Devil Worshiper" is still not culturally accepted at large, therefore, most of his followers prefer to disguise themselves to fool the unsuspecting public.

Were Evil people, who pose as Jews, responsible for the attacks of 9/11? Most likely. Some of these Evil people also like to pose as Atheists, Christians, or Muslims, whatever local circumstances require. That does not mean that these individuals are actually Jews, Christians, or Muslims.

It is also my understanding that the highest levels of leadership for every major religion has been infiltrated by Luciferian/Satanic agents for centuries, if not longer. As proof, the Pope's chief exorcist recently stated, in a well-known British newspaper, that the Devil actually lives in the halls of the Vatican; I have no reason to doubt that it's true.

Having said that, the vast majority of Christians are not Satanically inclined, and still try to live by Christ's teachings. Similarly, the vast majority of Jewish people are likewise peaceful individuals, and still try to live by God's Commandments.

Simply blaming 9/11 on the Jews is as absent-minded as blaming it on Iraq, and potentially as destructive.

Dog Poet, I realize that I may be putting words in Your mouth, as you do not actually state that "Jews did 9/11". However, stating that Israel was responsible is just as bad. Moreover, the page you link to lists bios for Jew after Jew who were supposedly responsible.

Sorry if I'm rambling- your comments are welcome. Thanks!

Andrew in Sydney said...

hey les, thank you for your succinct analysis, I so enjoy to read. As many people who comment on here say, it is so cool to know someone else has a perception going on not too unlike my own. There is so much disinformation out there, the staged responses are becoming more obvious, on blogs, caught one out on the British independent newspaper website recently about the weapons inspector who allegedly killed himself, and then the Jim Corr interview on Irish TV!

I believe Mossad are involved in many atrocities and I believe the holocaust has been largely fabricated, but the current love of my life is an escapee of Israel. In the same way I am not responsible for the British Empire, she is not responsible for the acts of carnage handed out by Israel. I know you have not said this, but some of the comments about Israelis were not appropriate. They are people the same as us, Gilad Atzmon a shining example! He is a very brave man, saying the stuff he does, good muso too.

I hope exposure continues to reign supreme, even the most afflicted individuals can see through the global warming scam. It is a start eh!

Les, keep sharing with us, you do a great service for the people of the world man.

Love ya!


Anonymous said...


I am not afraid of anyone knowing who I am. We should only fear our Creator, as He knows what is within us, and He can make things happen for us, or against us. However, He loves that we go to Him to solve our problems, first and foremost, as no human can solve their own problems most of the time.

God does want us to care about and respect each other in humanity, at least of what I have read of my Holy Book and some of the Bible and Torah, at least the parts that still make sense. So much of the Scriptures have been tampered with. I really like the 10 Commandments, too.

Even though there are those who claim the Qur'an has been changed, it is being memorized in Arabic, as we have to pray in Arabic. But we have to work on perfecting its recitation, so no room for error.

Thanks for letting me add a comment on your blog, whatever your religious views.

Bibi Haji

Visible said...

If the truth were otherwise I would state it. However, it is not and Israel did 9/11, trying to fudge it into something else is not going to serve the greater good. I will also point out that 94% of the Israelis supported Operation Cast Lead. I have to go with what the facts detail, not with the desired sentiments of another.

Gilad Atzmon has come out publicly in support of Julian Assange. I'm afraid that fails one of the litmus tests.

I don't go by hearsay in determining whether someone is disinfo or not. I go with my gut. Anyone can say anyone is disinfo. People accuse me of it. It's very easy to do this. Sometimes people simply have opinions that are not shared by others. AJ Henry doesn't even come up in any kind of an exclusive way in search engines, regardless of keywords I'm using.

Andrew in sydney said...

That's a fair point you made, I guess I know one of the 6%!

There are many levels of this maze for us all to get stuck in, I guess this is what happens, not everyone is on the payroll are they?

I did not know Gilad supported Aussie Assange, disappointing i feel! John Pilger too! I try to listen and work it out myself when I hear things, gut feeling is right, I try not to get hung up on anything in particular.

Thanks for responding...andrew

David Wilson said...

That's just flat out rude and presumptious. I don't even know who you're talking about and it's got nothing to do with my point about who did it as opposed to what happened.

8:55 PM

It has everything to do with who did it if you ask who has such technology and if you are writing about 911 you are omitting the most crucial aspect by not including Judy Wood's work.
No doubt the Israelis were at work here but who used and hid the exotic weaponry from us all? Surely if it were Isreali technology they would have used it in Palestine, their hubris could not have resisted the temptation.
That didn't happen, but it was used in Faluja by the pentagon.
The question is:
Are the Israelis the all powerful technological masterminds or are they the lackies who provide some of the cash for the historically technologically superior race who had developed atom bombs and anti gravity by the forties, who went to the moon and who now run europe and america? If we fail to look at black technology we are in danger of missing the point.

Don't intend to be rude or presumptious, just passionate about talking the truth as indeed are you.

SouthernHungary said...

Seems soon we will not even be able to 'boycott' Israeli products :)

They actively promote this into EU law

Pstonie said...

Chris, while it's true that it's wrong to condemn people completely just for saying they are jews, it's also true that most of the hands that manifested "satan's" works around 9/11 were jewish.

The majority of christians are idiots, led around by their emotions, acting nothing like Jesus' example, supporting the invasion of other countries based on obviously fabricated information. Jews by and large are the most brainwashed people on the planet, and that goes doubly for those in israel. It's difficult to feel sorry for them when I have recently watched them use tools like megaphone to coordinate their hiding of the truth on open opinion sites like reddit. There is not much I can do for them, their fate is in the hands of the ones they serve, who will most likely wipe them off the face of the earth soon for monetary and strategic gain. I'm sure they will understand.

You will have better luck finding osama to answer for his crimes than you will of finding satan. Funny that the crimes attributed to both were executed by zionists. They by no means have the sole claim on bastardry, but they sure seem to have the market cornered.

Visible said...


A little while ago a lady was here who kept insisting that I accept and embrace CIA asset Cathy O'Brien. When I demurred she got outraged. I think her story and Arizona Wilder's are disinfo campaigns to turn off intelligent minds to what is actually taking place. When you make something absurd and fantastic is has the capacity to discredit any number of similar but unlike efforts that actually contain some degree of truth

I have no idea who Judy Wood is and I'm not curious either. I don't care about the details of what went down and I know that at the level where these things are discussed there is just one large room of continuous argument between a whole lot of people insisting that they are right.

I do not have to include some Judy Wood. I do not have to do what someone else tells me I have to do because that's how they want it. I've got more important things than to immerse myself in 9/11 minutiae. As I said before, all that is important to me is 'who did it', not how they did it or what the chronology was. As I said, those are the things presented to the jury once these felons are in the dock.

I don't know why people insist that I have to do something when they should know that I won't. My main concern is self-inquiry and realization. World events are just mobile examples I use to weave together considerations having to do with these things.

I imagine that I am a disappointment to any number of people by having no interest in things they are passionate about or because I do not agree with the conclusions arrived at from their perspective. Things are soon about to happen that are going to compel our attention much more intensely than anything that has presented itself before.

My interest is in being personally prepared for these massive transformations and the possibility of Ascension, which I consider a good bet, given the totality of everything preceding and leading to the moment we are in, as well as my personal experiences to this point.

Anonymous said...

@Andrew in Sydney,
Are you related to Andrew in Auckland?
Funny thing,picked up a comment from your namesake across the way, on a news site regarding something completely different, yet your styles were acutely the same, patronising, downright dishonest and positively troll like.
Just putting it out there.

Anonymous said...

There are 100's of millions of people, myself included, who've had enough of the smiling meat heads keeping people dumb and drowsy. This tells us the heavily biased so-called mainstream press IS NO LONGER mainstream.

What we need to see now are more alarmists. All these change agents like the ones you mentioned, that are being bought and sold can easily be taken off the marketing machine when master is displeased. They always come across as fear rushers trying to leave viewers with feelings of paranoid fantasies and left turning in circles.

The old MSM is sucking it's last breath.
The internet link-sync-think will force the world to virtually face its inner convictions and live up to them. Crank it up, Les. Crank it up!!

Billy Geier.

henry beck said...

Chris W. (and there are quite a lot of other commentors here like him) makes a not so nice cocktail of devil/satan/lucifer/set and even adds that the name is not that important. I guess bottom-line he is talking about d'evil. The best candidate for that is Yehova/Yaweh, the demiurg that made a contract with the jews to destroy al his opponents (goyim), in return his chosen would receive the absolute domination over the world. Ample evidence of his evil nature can be found in the jewish scriptures and the old testament.
Any opponent can be called in general 'satan', and lucifer/venus is the one who enlightens mankind and instructs how to oppose the evil demiurg yaweh/yehovah. As such I'll be honored to be called a satanic agent.

henry beck

Anonymous said...

"The Devil made me do it" was debunked by Flip Wilson back in the 60's.

Dime-a-dozen said...

So i gave a listen to that link offered up by AJ Henry (who's nobody i know of).

It's this one ;

Anyway, it's a recording of a show done by a guy called Ognir (@the info underground) and Darryl Bradford Smith (@i am the witness).

In about the middle of their program, Ognir proceeds to play a short audio clip, on which Jeff Jense is heard interviewing Webster Tarpley (Oct.'09) about..., well, let me transcribe a bit of it here:

JR--Webster, we keep talking about the British, the British doing this, the British doing that--but, ultimately, who are the Brits? Who's pulling the strings here--?

WT--Look...the leaders of these principle banks. In particular, Gordon Brown is the major (recording is unclear, but the word sounds like) interpreter...

JR--But he's on the way out...

WT--The City of London...Alistair Darling (ie.,the Chancellor of the Exchequer)...and then, Mervyn King at the Bank of England. That's, that's quite enough...

JR--...and The City of London, itself.

WT--The City of London has been this, this...

JR--You've got the Rothchildes in there somewhere...

WT--Yes,...yes, you do--but these are relatively low-level people, who are given dirty^work to do..., get caught in it; and that's why everybody knows them.


WT--You see,...the record of the Rothchildes take,...they are given all sorts of menial tasks...

JR--...I think their Waterloo coup was pretty slick...

WT--...Yes, it was...; but this/that/this, this...dime-a-dozen.

So there you have it, folks.

Listen for yourselves.

DaveS said...

Les@1:25 –

Right on brother!

People argue the particulars of various conspiracies as if they're arguing sport statistics... grow-up you silly freaks.

While the alien space avengers argue with the bible thumpers about the minutia of their favorite beliefs, actual human beings (at least for the most part) are engaged in all kinds of nefarious hijinks right in front of their eyes and the arguers don't raise a finger in protest.

People get too caught-up in their favorite 'theory' and they miss huge swaths of information which doesn't fit into their brain's equation of what happened. That's why we still have space rays vs holographic planes vs thermite vs arabs vs (your theory here, $10). Those towers are gone (I've checked in person) and any real criminal investigation would have looked at who profited from the tower's demise (and had the ability)... and I think most of us agree it wasn't Islam that profited from that crap.

So who did? ;)

Answer that, and you'll know...


Neko Kinoshita said...

Gosh Les,

I'm so disappointed that you don't think exactly the way I want you to.
You don't link the sites I do.
You don't even say the same things I would.

Ahem, Of course, you tend to say things clearer than I can even think 'em, so don't listen to the ravings...

I tend to hang out at, since they actually sound like science is supposed to.
I also read Cliff and George, but so what?

I don't have a blog, because I write about illusion all day for my meager pay, leaving me with little energy to write about the real.

Even when I do write, it's in a Fantasy or Sci-Fi fiction format. and none of you are commenting on my wall in FB, so I don't know if anyone even sees it.


MY nose is still cold and wet, as I watch my illusions crumble around me here in the alley,

wv: pores - You are either one of the reach or one of the pores..
alt - Sitting on the steaming piles of shit can really open your pores.

Visible said...

Daryl Bradford Smith and Eric Huffschmid slander everyone as being something they're not. they've got some rants going about me too; not one wit of evidence or anything like it, just claims. Then we find Rothschild hoofprints all over them.

David Wilson said...

Things are soon about to happen that are going to compel our attention much more intensely than anything that has presented itself before.

Agreed, but will living in the purple haze of a binary brown dwarf be any better? Might just depend on who is calling the shots.
Good luck

strum said...

I was playing in a band many years back and the singer found out the keyboard player and I had been smoking herb before and during gigs so he put us on a test at the next gig we did, we did the first set straight and after the first set smoked a joint with the singer and went on for the second set so we could assess the difference

The keyboard player made mistakes and forgot his bits , and the singer sang the same verse twice in a few songs but I played up a storm. Afterwards, the singer, who was a bit of a dictator, banned the keyboard player from smoking during gigs and told me to smoke more because I played so much better on it, He used to drink a bottle of whiskey or sometimes 2 at a gig and would sing like an angel. One mans meat is another's poison, and all these things have a use at the appropriate time.
Knowing when that is is the trick I guess.

Been suffering a bit of a lower abdominal strain myself for a few months now, not a hernia, but uncomfortable none the less, I feel for you Les and hope if heals
well and soon. It seems to be bringing out some great writing anyway, why is it we have to suffer to learn and grow?

peace and love to all who walk our path together alone.

sandcat said...

Hope everyone is seeing the truly phenomenal revolution in process in Egypt.

Tomorrow is Friday, and we are expecting millions to pour onto the streets after the noon prayer for what could be a decisive day.

However the tyrants (demons) will not give up easily and further bloodshed is likely.

Keep the Egyptian people is your hearts tomorrow. My personal slogan is Les's chant:


If you feel so inclined, do join us in this mass excorcism of the demonic forces enslaving humanity!!

Visible said...

There's a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up now-

Fire, Fire Burning Bright with the Tigers in the Night.

Visible said...

I don't do hypothetical. It all works out.

Taylor, V. said...

Question: What's up with George Galloway? I pretty much figured that him being banned from Canada, or something to that effect, due to his position on the Palestinian cause made him a "good guy", more or less.

I am aware that there are folks who play the part, yet fall short, as you even mentioned in this new entry.

But what am I missing, here?

As always, Les, it's a pleasure to read your work.

Visible said...

He's a 9/11 denier. he finally came out and said it, pretty much like Assange. Thanks for the good words!

Steve De'ak said...

Hi Les,

Paul Craig Roberts appears to think Wikileaks is the real deal, which surprised and disappointed me.

Just saying.


Visible said...

That's why I put that disclaimer in-

"So far, these men, as far as I can tell, meet my litmus test needs (given their situation)." I probably shouldn't have mentioned him at all but for some reason, actually unknown to me, I did. Maybe I just wanted to be contrary (grin).

Steve De'ak said...

Thanks...I wasn't trying to nit-pick, just share. I emailed him my thoughts too, hoping to help him far, no reply. Give him time.

The litmus tests keep piling up, making exposure easier. By their fruits you will know them, or something like that.

I greatly enjoy your extraordinary work.

Just saying again.


Visible said...

Thanks Steve;

I got no other vibe except that you were informing me and I always welcome that.

laurel said...

hm. religion. more good is ruined by religion than every other man made misery out there. spiritualism, on the other hand, is the only thing we have that brings us a step away from reptilian behavior. the tow are not at all the same, by the way :)

Visible said...

Deliberate misrepresentation and snarky one upmanship without making any kind of a point at all doesn't deserve the space. I'm assuming this is just one more appearance by the same person for the same bad reasons. If only for making absolutely no sense you deserve to be somewhere else.

Biological_Unit said...

I'll volunteer some info - Daryl Bradford Smith has a big Jew nose and a New Yawk Jew accent.
I still listen to Ognir and Smith. I keep my enemies close ...
Judy Wood had her 911 Court Case thrown out of Court. She didn't bother mentioning this on her website. I found this out elsewhere.
I rarely post but always read Smoking Mirrors.

TheSparkle said...

America did Iraq and Afghanistan too right?

America did it!

But, America didn't.

I had nothing to do with it, and I'm American.

Individuals in America did it, lots of them....but not America.

Make another analogy. Sure, I bet some turds in that country had something to do with 'it'. And lots of turds here too.

Any country can be full of idiots and slaves, but not everyone in every country is an idiot and/or a slave.

Please try to find the trees and not condemn whole forests.

TheSparkle said...

ChrisW...yes you are seeing the forest and pointing it out to us.

laurel said...

ghana--- THANK YOU! something hot to think about:) excellent points, and pdf :))

anonymous -- sigh. why oh why? why do so many "christians" start off their verbal intros with "I know some of you will be offended by the mention of God.....blah blah blah...."....why oh why do you DO that? i never met a muslim, a hindu, a buddhist, a pagan, a wiccan or an athiest who EVER started out by immediately trying to throw the other person into defense with an instant feint like that. please. stop. doing. that.

Anonymous said...

"I don’t care if there was thermate at ground zero. I don’t care if the buildings went into free fall, which could not have been accomplished except by controlled demolition. I want to know who did it."

OMG!!!!!! Les, you are hitting on all cylinders, my friend. I wanna know WHO did it, too! And your stating it as you did, in the most eloquent way possible, as you always do, represents what I believe is called the "Tipping Point" for 911 Truth. We've all been waiting for it, and most of us thought it would come after the discovery of the thermate. But nay, it did not. It has come with your interrogatory statement. " I want to know who did it." It means that the jury has come back in to the courtroom and is quite angry that they deliberated for 10 years. They will not be happy when they learn "whodunnit." It will take all the will power, humility and understanding they can muster to not use the death penalty for their crime against humanity. Mercy?

We live in an interesting time, indeed. The scales have tipped and there will be no turning back from this point, I agree. Love on another.

TerraHertz said...

Names? There's no shortage of names. There's only a shortage of arrest warrants, officers who'd dare to arrest, and courts who'd dare to convict.

Here are just a few lists of names:
50 Top U.S. War Criminals
Israel did 9/11, ALL THE PROOF IN THE WORLD!!
2004 Top Ten Career Recipients of Pro-Israel PAC Funds
Know Your Neocons - A Comprehensive List!
Suspected 9-11 Criminal Coconspirators

Book: Who's Who of the Elite, by Robert Gaylon Ross, Sr.

As for drop dead, no-more-arguing proof 911 was an inside job, I like this video. Even better than the building 7 fiasco.

Anonymous said...

siamsam said...

This year, we will experience 4 unusual dates.... 1/1/11, 1/11/ 11, 11/1/11, 11/11/ 11 ... NOW HERE IS THE CRAZY PART....Take the last two digits of the year you were born plus the age you will be this year, and see what number comes up.

Just saying........

Love, peace, truth

12:45 AM

Fuck you Siamsam! (said endearinglyyyy) X)

That was cool. The answer is 111 btw... I wonder what it's supposed to mean?

Also, Mr. Visible: You have the most lovely baritone. It's so much clearer without all that layering that makes it sound like a group of drunken robots singing under water. But then some folks prefer more processing to less.


Anonymous said...

If you don't know the difference between a vocorder and a harmony generator you should remain silent. Robots under water was your way of slapping the guy while pretending to compliment him. He's explained his difficulties with recording. It's possible to name people who write and sing as well as he does but not better. That's enough for me.


Anonymous said...

I wuz wondering when someone would raise the Dr Judy Wood red herring. For anyone swayed by that piece of science fiction, I would strongly recommend finding out just which family her 'main supporter', Morgan Reynolds, belongs to.

Hint: Fritz Springmeier's "13 Families" will get you up to speed.

For those looking for MSM scapegoats, start with Jerome Hauer and the Harley Guy in the baseball cap...

As for the 'Its da Joos did it' meme, in reality they do not stand alone, being forever hopelessly entangled with the old Thule Society (eg: Nazis, ONI, Kennebunkport crowd) - both are manipulated by the Committee of 300 - which brings us back to the thirteen families who have always 'ruled' the planet.

Has anyone else noticed that one of the 'best' sites for finding all this abstruse information has recently gone down? See if you can load and if you can't then register the fact on!

Visible said...

Okay then John, you're a troll. That's what I wanted to establish and you have made that clear to me. This will go on and flourish as it has been and it won't be affected, nor will I, by your 'at a distance' ad hominems or lack of articulate capacity.

Visible said...

There's a new Visible Origami-

We've Made our Bed and we're Sleeping in it.

wendie said...

Les, I thank you with all my heart, the only true thing. I read, I contemplate and I hope for the best- always. Love and friends are our life. I'll try and read all comments tomorrow, it's been a heck of week in my little world.

john said...

It's remarkable and disquieting, though not surprising, to me, Les, that while the internet has been shut down in Egypt in response to a peoples revolution, that you are censoring the innocuous words of some no-account commenter.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

If you don't know the difference between a vocorder and a harmony generator you should remain silent. Robots under water was your way of slapping the guy while pretending to compliment him. He's explained his difficulties with recording. It's possible to name people who write and sing as well as he does but not better. That's enough for me.


12:11 PM


No actually, I wasn't pretending, I was sincere in what I said. I disagree with your accusation of pretense; candid and sleep deprived is another matter. And everyone who comes here knows he's a great writer, I dont think they'd be here otherwise.

I was unaware of these 'recording difficulties' you speak of, but thank you for pointing that out.

True, I dont know the difference between a vocorder and a harmony generator, but my lack of knowledge was not intended to be wielded as an insult or 'slap in the face' at all. I'd feel really bad if HE took it that way. All I did was point out what some of what I heard sounded like when fed to my degenerate imagination... mind you, I know that not *everything* he records sounds like that -sonorous, deluged drunken robots-, because I've heard the other stuff too but I mentioned that already. *shrugs*

Cheers Mr. R!


Visible said...

anon 12:11 No, none of that bothers me at all. I will say that sometimes the effect is actually what I'm looking for but if it seems not to fit then probably not.

Here's the deal, I'm not a very good musician. I can sing and write and dance pretty well; close enough for rock and roll, but I'm almost all right brain. I don't have the linear skills that make it possible for someone to know what they are doing when they record and engineer a song. I have to put all of this together on my own. I don't have a band. I don't even know a single person in 11 years that I could call up to come and help me. I don't know why that is. I have no social life at all, except for here.

Anyway, some not inconsiderable portion of my music is badly done because that was the best I could do. Some of them came out okay but it does pain me that I haven't been able to do justice to these songs. It pains me that no matter what pains I take I can't seem to mix and engineer like I should. I'm just not imbued with the gene.

Hopefully, as my exposure increases, as I am assured it is going to this very year, some musicians or producer will make me an offer and away we go. I've been in exile for 11 years in a way not unlike a monk or a prisoner in a cell. If it weren't for my invisible friends I don't know what might have happened. Presently my life is changing around me so dramatically that I might wind up anywhere in the world shortly.

Visible said...

John; rarely do I ever censor comments. As I have pointed out before, there are only two people who are banned here. I might get well over a hundred comments before someone gets nasty with me.

I didn't post your other comments because of the content. I wouldn't want to read that and I think I can speak for my readers in saying they wouldn't want to either It always depends on my mood and being as I am very reflective this evening I am probably less permissive than I might be.

Whenever someone has a problem with me it is nearly always due to a perceived conflict at a certain chakra. Half the time it gets resolved and some interesting things can happen. Other times it doesn't

The only claim I make about myself is that I am a work in progress and I am trying as hard as I can to rid myself of whatever negative qualities I have. However, sometimes you just have to wait and endure because the shortcoming is there for a reason.

GTRman said...

Les - I left a band that subsequently got signed and made a couple of good albums . Ive never recorded any of my songs past demo-of-a-demo level , Ive got some great stuff , I think.
I too have been in limbo but something is stirring. Yesterday I set up my living room as a studio , and i can feel a thaw coming .

Ive got a laptop , but NEVER underestimate what you can do with a good ole fashioned cassette 4-track ,and a few gtr fx boxes , especially where "organic" music is concerned.

Like the harmonica , they are much more intuitive to use.
Wishing you and me luck and success.
It's about time ! GTRman

Anonymous said...

I'm really sorry Les.

I need to be more mindful of other people's feelings and less indulgent toward the ass-end of me that I use to sort things out sometimes.

We've all been going through some things... but what goes down must come up, the wheel turns and turns. Here's to the fulfillment of your dreams. *hugs*


David Wilson said...

I wuz wondering when someone would raise the Dr Judy Wood red herring.

Any chance then of explaining where 570,000 tons of steel and concrete went to on the day?

This material certainly did not hit the ground.

It never ceases to amaze how we can totally ignore blatant visual facts in order to prop up a belief system.

john said...

Sorry, Les, but though I pretty much deplore censorship at any level, I do respect the fact that some people have limitations. However, knowing that my initial comment, while critical, was without doubt well within any parameters of civil debate, your motives for its deletion remain highly suspect.

I have the utmost respect for your personal journey, but if you launch a blog and attach it to a comment section the domain becomes, perhaps barring something particularly vicious or vulgar, public territory.

I am no troll. My motives are not to disrupt, but only to inquire.

Remember, Les, respect is something you must have in order to get.


Hans Schatten said...

A piece of peace to appease - now that is a classic Susan.

And when the dragon slayers look into the mirrors of the eXchanger, what do they see - they see dragons looking back at them.

Those young evil Dragons of Thuban are here, those verocious beasts;
in their caves they hide a lot and plan to don their many dire feasts.
Then when a swiftfooted and armoured dragon slayer comes along;
the poor fiends become frightened and forgetful whereto they belong.

The swords and knives are drawn by the warriors of honour and renown;
never before did such gallantry prevail in the kingdoms of all then known.
Young dragons perished one by one not knowing what evil they had done;
So all the dragons were no more but in folklore, their memory just gone.

Then an old wise dragon mother awoke from her long and peaceful sleep;
this cannot continue she said to her beau; where is my children's keep?
And Maria's beau went forth to show the slayers the folly of their ways;
with magic words and keys of deliverance he caused them many sighs.

Would the slayers learn who the young dragons were before when old?
Could the slayers see themselves in the ancient wisdom of oaks so bold?
When the nightingale sung her song of love to the elves of the moon;
and then as the foxes gathered about to ask the wise owl, how soon?

How long will it be, before the humans awake to remember their past?
Slayers of their own ancestors they are in many a zest to be so vast.
A young dragon is nought but a slayer having returned from the grave.
They are destroying themselves and their memories, the ones so brave.

Maria's beau found some old souls who could remember the new past.
Many others remained steadfast in their knowing better of an older path.
And so it continued in the common playing grounds under the sunny sky;
until the old wise dragon father of all joined the party to give it his try.

Abraxas Anthony

Anonymous said...

I love the way god brings me down to earth when I'm conceited, arrogant, proud and dogmatic. Humility is the medicine for the aforementioned symptoms. God's in charge, not me.

Anonymous said...

When I get depressed at this world I just Remember what Jesus said This is Satan's world and it all makes sense, The Awakening has begun just have patience

Genie said...

The litmus tests are really getting it narrowed down. The more I learm the smaller the circle gets. I think I have cut out 60% of my past links. Seriously. I had a blog devoted to links and I can't figure out what to do with the blog because what do you with a links blog with just a few links! A few as compared to alot.

Anonymous said...

Griffin got highly offended when I asked him why he refuses to speak about the evidence implicating Israel. So did Anthony Lawson. I had a long argument with Lawson on one of his youtube video comment threads and left thinking hes a shill of some sort. I dont know about Griffin.

Anonymous said...

words are not my forte(for-tay)soo im just gonna swear instead,this is a fucking great blog man."may you never lose the thrill of never catching your tail"
James Mangan.

Vincent Nunes said...

Read the comments - one of the last disproves the homicidal gas chambers meme.

Stella Blue said...

Well then...this certainly caught me up on the Zionist agenda! Took beaucoup hours reading all this and the infolink. It's new info for me, so I'm overwhelmed.

I wonder why noone mentions the Bilderbergers & the Trilateral Commission? The so-called elite few who supposedly control all global resources, energy, events, money, commerce, governments, uprisings, presidents, people.

My truth meter knew 9/11 was an inside job even as I watched the 2nd plane hit on live TV. I also have witnessed control of the media, big time, for a very long while--even on the live cover-ups reporting the death of Princess Di.

When the film Wag-the-Dog came out, starring DeNiro and Hoffman, I went "Oh yeah!"--it truly, in deadpan satire fashion, exposed the control of the media so as to subjugate and brainwash the masses. "Lose the bag of Doritos & insert a, make it a white cat! Okay, now create a fire behind her as she crosses the bridge to flee the flames destroying the town...great! great! that's it. Now, put her in a peasant outfit and add a babushka..." Then the news anchor reports "live" from the scene--another uprising with the rebels in Pick-a-whichever-stan and we may soon be at WAR.

I am genuflected in gratitude to the Great El Doog for the introduction to you, les visible! You are indeed a gem for the spirit, and serve as a guiding light. The Greater Central Star System (Sirius A,B,&C?) by way of Alcyone & The Plieades would be my pneumatic preference of "way to go!" into a higher dimension. Maybe the PinBallWizard could shoot the shot--ding, ding, ding, ding. ;->)

So glad to be here among the language, spirit, mystery, and education of your posts, Viz--titillating my senses and massaging the hell out of my frontal lobe...heh heh.



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