Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Somewhere Down a Dark Road.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Somewhere down a dark road where few people go, unless they have no choice which, kind of explains what they are doing there... like I said, or started to... somewhere down a dark road are far more people than the few who would go and they got lost or mislead. Now it seems like there are more people down that road than there are out here playing in traffic or looking to do each other’s children; who have become the new after dinner mints for the after party crowd.

I guess the hottest game in town now is “Jews in Jeopardy”. As everyone should know or, if you don’t, someone will point it out to you, one Jewish life is worth about one hundred thousand gentile lives on the open market; then again, who controls the market? Okay, I got it.

It’s like that thing about holocausts. It doesn’t matter if it did happen or what the facts are when the people making all that money off of it, managed to kill ten times, a hundred times; I don’t really know but... way, way more than they claim to themselves. It’s no longer a matter of six million but rather the tens of millions they’ve killed. The real point is that they owe a lot of lives. So, now it’s “Jews in Jeopardy” and probably Jews playing “Jeopardy” but that’s a jeopardy that they just seem to court. These are the end times though, the summing up of an age and more than an age; a complete 12 age cycling of time, longer than most minds can register, or imagine. Right, go mix yourself another glass of Slim Fast: while you ponder the imponderable of your ponderousness and lie to yourself. That’s a talent that is rarely mentioned but universally celebrated, sans cerebration. Party down!!! Why do we never party up?

Someone shot a congress-something who- big surprise- turned out to be a member of The Tribe. Don’t they compose the entire congress already? Aren’t there so many of them now that they have to use WASP names, while they get out of the shower to take a leak? That is, unless they are already pissing on you. It makes it an intricate physiological problem, whether to orgasm or abuse and... why can’t we do both? It’s probably why they need all those organs unless; they really are bad aliens and simply wear them out with greater frequency.

And then, lo and behold... the killer turns out to be a Tribe member from the matriarchal side, while the victim had only a patriarchal end. I’ve been told Fox News is doing all sorts of things, doing what they do best, eating shit and then turning it into commentary. Yes, men and women can both be whores. They give up the same thing after all so, why should one’s sex matter? For that matter, why should sex matter at all? It doesn’t matter to me but... when you’re getting it from a ‘party up’ sort of thing, mere human flesh is not the source of comfort that it appears to be for everyone else; accent on ‘appear’.

“Send lawyers guns and money dad, get me out of this”

Seeing as I have actually studied the occult, instead of commenting on it without any greater resource than the fact that someone said these are elements of an occult ritual, I have to take exception to decaying oranges and skulls. I’ve got some tangerines on my front table right now and unless I keep eating them at a great rate (which I do), they will decay. What kind of grade school moron of a non student of methodologies, that they probably can’t even pronounce, much less have any awareness of, says that oranges and skulls mean anything in the occult? I doubt most people know anything about the hidden side of things, which makes it okay for ‘unnamed sources’ to ‘Hollywood’ something with oranges and skulls. I’d like the lubricate J. Assange with orange pulp and stick Henry Kissinger’s head up his ass. Ah, excuse me someone else preceded the operation.

Really people... how stupid are you??? Pretty fucking stupid and pardon my French and why does it have to be French to begin with? Don’t most of you curse in your own language? God’s not dead, he’s merely hiding and you can see him in the morning when the sun is rising. That’s as much god as you are ever going to get. Like I said, I have studied the hidden side of things. I have read Cornelius Agrippa and Jacob Boehme. I have read The Sacred Magic of Abremelin the Mage. I’ve read The Golden Bough and pretty much everything that’s out there. My occult library would dwarf your expectations. I know the difference between Santamaria and other forms of voodoo... and hoodoo according to John Fogarty. I know what the Sepher Yetzirah and The Zohar are; oranges and skulls? Good luck with that.

I’ve read two books worth reading in my life and those are The Way of Life and the Bhagavad-Gita. I don’t include the others for my own reasons... oranges and skulls? That sounds like Fox News to me. I don’t much care about congress-somethings getting shot. There should be more of them but please... get the bankers first. Please, please, bankers first; to the white courtesy phone, to the VIP lounge. I think VIP is just the short form for vipers or... is it, Very Important Pronouns?

Dark roads and dark minds, led and mislead and going on their own. I know Jack Shit, Jack Shit was a friend of mine and you are no Jack Shit. Confused? Gee, that’s too bad.

Most of the time I feel like I am talking to myself but... there’s so much of myself out there that I can draw a crowd if I just stick to something besides skulls and oranges. The people who come here aren’t stupid, or else they haul ass in a hurry, because they have to expend most of their energy on hauling their asses. Some of us ride on them but this isn’t two thousand years ago. This is now and payback is coming. A dead congress-something is not the worst thing that can happen. The death of an ordinary person is much more significant as far as I am concerned.

You are seeing the tip of the iceberg, or Goldberg or Goldman with his sacks. People are pissed and, as usual, it is presenting itself in surprising ways, because the people starting it are the people behind it. This victim thing is worn out and the more they push it, the more it gets ridden hard and put away dead. Even a moron can catch a clue if you hit him in the head with the same two by four often enough. Intelligence can be beaten into you. I am living proof of that.

You people just keep on doing what you’re doing and that will work with speed against the collapsing center. Irie!!!

Remember, dead babies don’t grow on trees and it takes a strong man to bring a camel to his knees. Everything else is borderline. I had a reader send me an email telling me that I might have a borderline personality... heh heh... maybe one of them is. I had another reader ask me, saying, “I hear you talk to God. I just want to ask you, does God ever recommend any books?” I did not know how to answer this person. Can you figure this out?

Well, the bad guys will keep doing bad things and the rest of us will try to hang in there but time is short now. The whole house of cards is coming down and God help those standing nearby. How screwed up does it have to get before people start thinking about what is important? How messed up does it have to get before we stop helping it mess up? How far do we have to go before we realize we are headed in the wrong direction and how long before we stop confusing a hardon with an erection?

It’s not my problem and I should never have come back here but it’s too late for that now. All one can accomplish at this point is to keep on keeping on. Bodhisattva work isn’t what it used to be.

End Transmission.......


Jack Shitgolem said...

Bwahaha what books does God recommend that is great. Why no moment of silence for the people killed in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq from all sides?

Anonymous said...

Dear Les,

Oh wise one, please enlighten me.

What is the difference between a hardon and an erection?



PS: I may be a hopeless case. I'm still trying to figure out the shit and shinola thing.

Anonymous said...

what would the thinking world do without les ? really ... mon visible - you are the bhodisattva stimulating the bhodisattva in the rest of us. god bless you a thousand times over, but he already has with your truth, your beauty, for they are the same and always were the same, whispers of almighty god in all his glory, splendor and coming rage ...

your farmer friend in berlin

Pstonie said...

And a replica human skull, no less. I thought that part was pretty funny. I wonder if he ordered it from some infomercial as a friends of satan playset. Does it come with instructions on how to steal a kidney and employ a strawman in discussions relating to israel?

Anaughty Mouser said...

does the belly of the beast have an analogous (sp?) heart of the angel? If so I may be there right now.
These are strange times in a temporal world.
The litmus test is just that, everything less than pH 7 turns that paper red. Acidic with a H+ ion concentration of more than 1x10 -7.
When you get to pH 6 (1x10 -6) you need to wash your mouth out quickly because the taste will burn your buds.
When you get down to pH 5 or 4 you're getting to stomach acid level - you'll get digested.
The heart of the angel is not unlike the eye of the storm and it's raging all around us.
Assange is a plant, period.
Lord give us strength.

Mouser (clean freak - grin)

Visible said...

The difference is that one is an attitude and the other is a condition. The difference between shit and Shinola is that one is a substance and the other is a product. There's more to it but this will do for starters, or appetizers if you prefer(grin).

One from column A and two from column B.

Neko Kinoshita said...

"one is a substance and the other is a product."

Yes but which one?

Differences are crucial.

Oh my, I haven’t laughed so hard in days.

Hard for a cat to say, but I love what you do dog.

You do it so well.

Waiting for the dirty snow to melt out of the alley,

Panzerjagermeister said...

Ahahaha Pstonie eye am laff aloud Friends of Satan playset *hee hee* All this ugly talk and thoughtcrime there needs to be some oprah and dr phil and unicorns, rainbows, etc...

mckenna fan said...

2012 Was An Inside Job

Visible said...

definitely an inside job.

Anonymous said...

All this bullshit in the headlines just makes me want to withdraw into myself. No one gets it. The whole world is blind because it wants to be. I've got a couple books I'm looking to read soon, one on the art of Kendo and the other is called The Five Rings. I also picked up David Icke's book Human Race Get Off Your Knees, but am unsure whether what he says has anything to do with the absolute nature of things. This is my first foray into his work - is it worth it?

Les, I'd also like to ask whether you had any thoughts about the bird and fish (and now cricket) kills going on (since someone mentioned 2012). Much love for your continued persistence in just...being you.

Anonymous said...

You jump go from one subject to another too fast. My head whirls.

You say the Tribe, What now, we cant mention the name.

You know, the thing that got us in this mess, the poor Tribal nobodies included - who, BTW, are the same stupid sheeple as the rest of us, is RELIGION! Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

God/dess, how I abhor religion. Come to think of it, I include even Hinduism. In the Era of the Flower Children, we, that looked to India for the "New Age"- yoga, majarishis, and richis, and all, we never saw that Hiduism has the Caste System. As reprehensible, as any other religion!

Down with ALL religions!

Peter of Lone Tree said...

"Seeing as I have actually studied the occult..."
Witches, Comets, Planetary Cataclysms

Anonymous said...

Okay, I have to go there. 2012 is an inside job? I have never resonated with anything written about 2012, and always wondered if it is because it isn't "true". It's a new age version of the holy roller's end of time.

What's up with 2012? Just another way to keep the sheeple of all kinds passified that they don't have to do a thing about the atrocities occurring? That all they/we have to do is sit back and wait to be saved, be it by Jesus riding on a white horse or the Mother Ship arriving?

Tell me more about 2012 being an inside job.


wv: trispr ..... you can trispr in my ear the answer if you don't want everyone to hear

Erik said...

Hey Visible,

You are (once again) forming a beautiful 'tag-team' with Nina ....

Warning, not for the faint of heart:)

The Schedule Jumps Forward

WV: strebwar "the wetiko 'strebers' at war"

Anonymous said...

At home here in halfbreed nation I am enjoying my kundalini with clam sauce That half breeds are only worth 50 thousand head of goyim is a no brainer unless you are a member of the knesset. Sort of like the black mans half of vote in the segregated south. I think the judge was the intended target. Is a federal judge appointed for life worth more than a congress person?

Anonymous said...

I got an urgent request: please can you stop (grins)! - I'm laughing so much (Fox News . . . eat sh*te and re-cycling it as commentary) that I can't stop ! ! !
Maybe you should put a non-government health warning on every post: Warning - Les sez this is the real sh*t - consume at your own risk!

Visible said...

Peter Lone Tree, yes, I read that awhile ago. I can't remember if that was in her Secret History of the World or not. She's excellent at what she does.

DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

So, Jared Loughner is all over the news along with endless speculation, disinformation, and pot-stirring about why he did what he did. I think I know why he did it which I think is fairly well explained in an article written by a former CIA insider presenting an overview of how mind control slaves are created. The woman who wrote the article reveals information that is so horrific that it's hard for most people to believe. I can imagine that most people who read part 1 of the article will want to try to mentally downgrade it to the category of a fictional horror story. Anyone who will take the time to read through part 1 and part 2 will probably conclude that it's anything BUT fiction. I hadn't looked at the article in a long time so a few minutes ago I clicked on the link to it I have saved in my 'Political Stuff' folder to see if it's still available online and I was surprised to find that it's still there. My guess is that the reason TPTB haven't bothered to have it taken off is because they know most people won't believe it (i.e. could never bring themselves to believe that their government could be capable of such things). Also, they probably know that if they take it off someone will just repost it and possibly draw attention to it in the process.

I haven't recommended this article to very many people because it's so intense that it can leave the reader in a mental state that somewhat resembles shell shock (along with the usually ensuing cognitive dissonant denial). I like waking up the sheeple whenever I can but I have rarely used this article to do it, almost never. But I do believe it answers some questions about people like Jared Loughner, the D.C. snipers, the Columbine Highschool shooters, Timothy McVeigh, and several others (including Barry Obama). Until now I have never posted a link to this article on any of the forums I've visited, nor even made mention of the article, maybe because I thought it wouldn't do any good. Or maybe because it wasn't time for it. And maybe now is the time for it seeing as how more and more people are starting to understand something about the inner workings of the Satanically orchestrated system.

Anyway, here's the link to part 1 of the article. There are links to parts 2 and 3 at the end of part 1.

For further background reading on how the system ever evolved to where it is now I highly recommend Daniel Pouzzner's 'Architecture of Modern Political Power' (for free online at this address: ) and Michael Hoffman's 'Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare' (which I consider to be the most insightful book on the subject I've ever read) which can be ordered from Michael Hoffman's website at this address:

See ya,


Anonymous said...

What if the mayan calendar maker caught carpel tunnel syndrome and had to go on early social security, right when he got to 2012? Or maybe a stone he was carving 2012 on fell on his toe and he got mad and quit and smashed the stone? Ever think of that?

Al Symers

Erik said...

You don't use Skype much,now do you Visible?

(just a kind reminder about the mention of Skype in your radio-show)

Anonymous said...

Whenever I come back to this blog I always find something so challenging, so profound that I tend to spend a long time considering the ramifications for our world.

He is brilliant, he is prophetic, and he tells the truth. How much longer can they let this go on!

All over the media the cry of the "evil anti-semites" by the most powerful group in the WORLD.

They did us wrong you know,
they really did.

The Holocaust MUST be true, otherwise why would the imprison those who too closely examine it?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Les, respectfully,
It seems to me that you must understand that what you say, or what you wrote, or sing, or play as music, can cause other humans to think and feel differently, even totally send them off on a new track of life. I believe you said something to the effect that you can beat intelligence into people. I'm just not so sure about that. The magic makers who I call my enemy, they do a great job controlling public opinion and emotion and knowledge, but from what I see, they use dirty tricks. They are dirty to me compared to say honesty, reason, or just a good old fashioned guru shoe smash to the face. I do believe a weaker person can be stolen away by a different hustler, but actually fixed? I mean like, I could go hand pick some moron who uses either the word hate or conspiracy-theory in every sentence, and something could turn them into YOU? I just, can't see it. I want to say BELIEVE, but - what they 'believe' is how they got so misled in the first place. To me, that seems the BIG ISSUE. That all the sleepwalking chowder heads will just turn into wise men by some metaphysical tipping point sure sounds nice. I think of that scene in Amadeus when the priest says all men are made/born/evolved equal and Salieri suddenly perks up over that cosmically-scaled joke and asks, "Are they?"

I have taken a lot more heads with words than heads I have put back on straight; in fact, I don't think I have ever seen a regular slob transform into an open-minded thinker.

I sure hope you are right, and I do wonder how your vision of the future changes if you are not.

Is there any hope if most people can't change?

- Fastillion

Anonymous said...

blah blah magic ego you should know better. you advertising?

Anonymous said...

"The death of an ordinary person is much more significant as far as I am concerned."

Couldn't agree with you more. I have always said the same thing. If it had been you that was shot in the skull you think that Jewess would give a shit? Look at the mess this country is in. CONgress is in a position to do something and they sit there with the rubber stamp and their finger up their ass.

Just saw Senator Frank Lautenberg New Jersey on TV. He wants to pass legislation limiting quantity of ammo anyone can purchase. He said "once everyone sees the grief from this death errr those deaths I think the initiative will succeed." What the hell, was this another set up and he made a slip. Was she supposed to die and the old scatter brain forgot she is still alive? Kind of reminds me of Rummy and the missile thing, or the last dip shit in the WH who saw the plane hit the first tower before it was televised (at least to us). Damn! You are right Les, they are crazy.


Greg Bacon said...

The Ballad of Jared the Jew

Jared the Jew was a man with a plan
Came to town with a gun in his hand

Started blasting people in his sights
But only Jewish casualties were reported on the MSM sites

Jared the Jew was a man with a plan
Got his crazy genes from Khazaristan

His handler told him to 'kill, kill, kill'
This he did, with highly trained skill

Jared the Jew listened to his G-d
Then started blasting away with his rod

Jared the Jew will fill the news rags
Until we hear about another FALSE FLAG

Learn this lesson and learn it will
Before a nuclear armed Jared burns us in a radioactive hell

Anonymous said...

holocaustal cabalistic
masonic zionists
talmudicly conspiring
in devolutionary tricks
white phospherous uranium
turmoil guns and strife
instigating victimhood
in repetitions throughout life
corporation slavery
in colonialistic dreams
of suppremacist calculated
authoritarians will demean
with indoctrinated outbursts
of intimidation refined
worthlessness calculated
frustrating alls sublime.


Anonymous said...

thakyou mr visibles and thankyou mr bacon.....

peace and respects to all...neil

Anonymous said...

Off to a very slow start. But, finally some dead bodies and one with an extra hole in her head. Bankers to get whacked first? Sure...why not? When will the trained guys get busy vs. one that hears voices that aren't really there?

ps- don't shoot kids! Damn I hate that!

nina said...

Thank you Visible, Greg, ..neil.. and Erik. There was an article on google schmooz today about investigators looking into where Jared got the money to purchase his weapon and magazines. I guarantee you, we'll get cheeseburgers or nothing.

It is worth noting that where Jared's money comes from is under investigation at all. Is this another new low? Everyone knows Jared worked on Gifford's campaign. Apparently he was a volunteer. Hmmmmm. Its getting beyond convoluted, perhaps these things are made up as they go along.

Anonymous said...

A book recommendations by God?

Erm, here are two: the New Testatment...and...The Holy Bible - Douay Rheims 1962 (Pre-Vatican II versions)

Peruse those, and ponder upon the wisdom contained therein. Hint: the real TRUTH lies between the lines.

Two rules, we were told, would allow us entry at the narrow gate: 1. Love God, and, 2. Love thy neighbour.

Well, loving God is easy - He's lovely in every way we know and in ways we can't even imagine. However, loving thy neighbour is the difficult one...well, for me it is...I'd like to throttle half of 'em and shoot the rest. I know, I know...but I am working on it, truly I am. DV

He also taught us this: LOVE...not the Beatles' version...nor the 'love' that masquerades as lust...nor the false love of mammon, that most corrupt of lures; and lost more false 'loves'...

No, he meant the true, pure and beautiful love...the sort that pours out of an infants adoring eyes like a cattaract at full flood. I do believe that the nippers amongst us can see the's only as we get older and more cynical that we lose sight of our insight.

He also said we would need the [unquestioning - Ed.] faith of a child...

Pax y'all and God Bless

pax verbum

Anonymous said...

consequence of repetition
initiating change
redefining purpose
formulas contain
activate frequencys
replenishing life
coordinating energys
lift inside
sunlight warmth
essence of the sea
waves of equilibrium
mountain bird and tree
star light glisten
multicolored glow
all is all is all
all will always grow


Anonymous said...

Jooz are some of the most evil people who have ever lived. America will never get back to what it once was without getting the Satanic Tribe out of government, the media and Wall St.

The holohoax is the biggest lie of the 20th century, but jooz are in dire need of a real extermination!

GTRman said...

Jennifer , Ive bought and read most of Ickes books ,sometimes more than once ,his latest is the first that Ive given up on before half way. I like him and think he's sincere , but the Moon stuff is perhaps a step too far for me , especially as he ( again ) is claiming that swindlers ( including his now ex-wife , hippy pam )are out for his money. Maybe I just dont have time now as I read so much on the damn net..
Heres a link to an essay by Julian Lee , who feels that Icke is letting off "The Jews" . Follow the thread , there are good responses and links to many of Davids books, etc, for free online :

Why I think D. Icke's a Twit

g said...

I urge everyone to watch this brand new 2 hour debunking of Spielbergs appalling " Shoah" Holloporn.

Its a first draft , but utterly compelling. Provokes tragic laughter as the lies and liars are SO obvious , its astounding. One "survivor" ( the diamond-swallower ) holds up her BARE ARM as proof she was in the "death camps". You guessed it , that omnipresent and exceedingly busy Dr Mengele REMOVED her tattoo in another evil experiment. What more proof do we need?
The Last Days of the Big Lie – First Draft:

Marshall said...

Seeing a skull in proximity to a tangerine reminds me that if you strip the skin off a tangerine and break it in half, it kind of looks like a human brain. Or an Oompah-Loompah's brain at least.

I have also figured out which came first, the chicken or the egg. However, I charge for that level of insight.

Beerpack Chopra

Anonymous said...

MK Fester on the broadcast. Should I laugh, be scared or have flashbacks of my Morticia fantasy?
Fuck it, Morticia it is. Thank You Les for what you do.

A soul in Minnesota

Anonymous said...

I live in Hong Kong at the moment and am desperatly trying to leave. It's full of the vermin you talk about, namely bankers. I try and wake people up in my small circle of friends but all they can talk about is things of no significance, whenever I talk of conspiracy, I find people take it as a personal affront and the subject quickly changes to something of a shallower nature. I suppose that's what you get from living in a materialistic hell hole!
My partner happens to be a banker and I'm trying my hardest to make her see the nature of pure evil she is working for, jpmorgan. Again I show her all of the videos on youtube but I know full well she is in denial and goes to work in denial of the true nature of her job. It's as though there is some sort of invisible barrier between most people and the truth and I know this has been alluded to many times on this blogsite. It is there to see for all if the individual so chooses but in not doing so, I believe most people are siding with the evil in this world, as my girlfriend says "I just do my job", in this day and age that is no longer acceptable, it's people just doing their job without questioning, it's takes people without a soul to do the devil/evils bidding. As long as the masses refuse to acknowledge what should be by now staring the fuckers in the face, we will be a quite voice in the background.

siamsam said...

Most of the time I feel like I am talking to myself but…

It has been said (by many wise men) that we are all talking to ourselves. We are all being animated by the same pixels (source). All characters playing our roles - same source.

Thing is some characters seem to act in strange and demonic ways. So why would that be - I ask myself.

I can only conclude (inconclusively :) at this time that the source (think pixels) requires polarity. If there were no characters being animated by the pixels then the pixels (I/we) would be all alone - nothingness, no experience.

With a little meditation (using pixels as a metaphor for the source / I / God) one can quite easily become the pixels.

Hope that makes a little sense.

Another masterpiece Les

Kindest to all

Mark said...


I have watched all of David Icke's videos. You do the same if you want to know what to think of him. I won't tell you. But I will give you a hint: the truth resonates. You either have a truth sense or you don't. You do not need anyone's validation to know.

One more hint: everything he says he proves through documentation and historical far as you can trust it.

I wish it weren't so, but the nature of the internet is such that you cannot prove anything to yourself in a short period of time. My experience is that only through multiple sources (perhaps hundreds) over time (perhaps years) can you begin to feel a bit of confidence in what you think you know. It really sucks, I know, but it's the best we can do.

est said...

anybody that takes out a nine year old kid

is going straight to hell

way down in the lowest bowgie

dante mapped it out

he'll have company though

Mark said...

We are supposed to be afraid of the Jews or Zionists, because they are the self-proclaimed chosen people. Because they know how to kill people with impunity. Because their God is an angry god. Diss the Jews and you die. Is that not how it goes? “We will kill your gentile ass because you have no worth. Because you are less than zero. Because you are cattle.

These are the words I wanted to say, but only Les had the courage. Well now I chirp in with Les. Fuck the Jews. Die. Die now. You no longer call me cattle without me telling you to die quickly. Welcome to your well deserved destiny. Call it mad cow disease. I curse you, and it will stick. You thought the joke was on us, but it’s on you. Yahweh is going to eat you alive, as he always intended.

We cannot talk about current events until we recognize the disease that plagues us all. Who are the bankers? Who are the lawyers? Who are the senators? The judges? The mayors? The producers? The ones who are pulling the strings behind the aforementioned? The Wall Street brokers? The psychiatrists? The MDs? The dentists?

Please die quickly, all of you. Each and every one of you. Because you have set the table, not me, and you have scheduled a bloodbath, only, it will be your blood in the bath, not ours. You just have everything fucked up 180 degrees.

Les, don’t censor this. You may wish to protect me; I don’t need protection from these assholes. There is nothing they can do to me that they already didn’t do.

mckenna fan said...

"2012 was an inside job"

A joke I thought only people here could appreciate.

That`s all.

Unless, of course, you consider that 2012 may just be the punchline to the joke that is the universe.

Then it`s even funnier, really.

siamsam said...

I am confused! Most people I talk with tell me its the Arabs - its the evil Arabs don't you know. Nuke em; burn the skin from their women and children; starve and degrade them - and let that be a lesson to those that dare to oppose (us).

Visible said...

It all works out, even when it doesn't.

siamsam said...

Oh, look - these dumb Irish people don't seem to have got the message that it is the Arabs.

Look at the slide show.

Erik said...

2012 IS an inside job

GTRman said...

Mark said , re Icke : "But I will give you a hint: the truth resonates. You either have a truth sense or you don't. You do not need anyone's validation to know."

Well said ,and thats what's always kept me interested in what Icke says. Whatever the detractors claim , he's helped hundreds of thousands , possibly millions ,to 'wake up from the slumber' to some degree.
Thank you David.

And thanks for your strong words regarding that arrogant bunch of semi-humans who cannot be named - the damned jews. Let me tell you, even as a 'mellow muso' type , what comes out of MY mouth would make Hitler blush!

Please all , watch the schmoloca$t vid I linked above. They must REALLY think we're stupid , or just not care.
Great post again Les , great site , great readers ! Thanks.

Visible said...

There's a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up-

It's a Long Hard Highway and I don't know Where it Ends.

Anonymous said...

Beerpack Chopra

No one here charges for critical information, nor should you.

The chicken came first. Actuality preceeds potentiality.


Anonymous said...

2010 is an INSIDE job. Ah,now I get it.

Standing too close to the tree in the forest again.



Anonymous said...

Hello Les,

First time I've commented, although I have been reading and listening to you for a while. Thank You for all you do.

Regarding the skull and oranges, is there any mileage in the thought that this garden shelter with said articles, plus soil, candles etc in in fact a Sukkot shelter. A joo boothe, so to speak. Would appreciate your thoughts.

Thanks again for all you do

Erik said...

Hey MR,

Together we'll get there ...

Thanks, you 'treehugger' you ;)

GTRman said...

A nice short Icke vid here.

and an excellent article by a Mr Visible! :

Visible said...


I couldn't tell you. That does seem likely insofar as I have any picture of it but that's low magic and I only know about that from a general historical perspective. What I mean is that is blood tie stuff.

I do know that he keeps grinning like a fool and laughing to himself according to his keepers. He's got himself a Sukkot now

mckenna fan said...

No. No.

2012 WAS an inside job

Spacetime travel, and all, donchya know...

Anonymous said...

You're a word Scientist Vis, sometimes even funnier than Hillary boarding a plane! I appreciate you a lot............Buzzsaw

Anonymous said...

There once was a crypto wanna be Jew
Who one day had nothing to do
His handler then said after a romp in the bed
Here's a gun, you know what to do.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, GTRman and Mark. I agree (and Les said this a while back- definitely paraphrasing here): the truth does not promote itself. It just is. And those who are seeking her will find her.

Much respect.

Anonymous said...

degenerated politicians
with agendas of control
disrespectful immitations
revolve within devolve
consoled within frustration
abuse and sacrifice
producing artificiality
to manipulate life
industrializing fear
hate and war and death
multiplying genoside
twisted by concept
with ritualistic torture
disrupting sky and earth
deranging natural patterns
men sold of their worth.


Odin's Raven said...

Here's a little article from ZS Livingstone, who thinks that the recent strange mass deaths of birds and fishes were caused by aetheric weapons used by the American military to kill Sylphs and Undines.

Here's a site which suggests that God's current acts of weather modification in Australia may have been partly financed by American tax dollars. You might like to see how the government spends your money!

Anonymous said...

g, hahhaha vanishing tattoo lady. Monty Python & The Holy Grail movie. witch burning scene
"how do you know she's a witch?"
Cleese "she turned me into a newt"..... pause... " I got better".
gotta laugh its all so sad and bad.


Anonymous said...

Odin's Raven, 10:33 PM
The floods in Australia have been devastating and due to our need for ready cash I have been authorised to offer the Sydney Harbour Bridge for sale.
The bridge has been paid for many years ago and no monies are outstanding to any authority so investing in this icon would be an immediate 'money spinner'.
Maintenance would be your only future expense and many millions of dollars are collected daily in transit fees from local motorists.
I am authorised to offer this bridge to you for a mere AU$1.5million (not US$).
The money may be deposited into the following account in small, unmarked bills:
Account Name: Antony Leiberwitz
Bank: ANZ
Account Number: 2536 5782
Your early attention to this matter will assure you of this purchase.
Yours in anticipation
ps we have many other Australian Icons available for sale (eg Ayers Rock, Sydney Opera House etc.): for more purchases make a large (cash) deposit to the above bank account and name your icon.
pps You will not find this offer on e-bay.

maurice said...

it is possible to drop a crumb here and there - but not the whole loaf - most will not wake up - many of those due to choice- they refuse to recognize truth - now we can understand a bit what God is up against - it is taking time, but i'm learning to pull back since pushing only results in polarized positions - watching this society disintegrate is depressing but cements the realization that this is a temporary world - I ask Christ to stay with me , guide me, and escort me out when the time comes - so much bs - so little time - I just learned of the Christian Zionists - got sucked in by their bs for awhile - it never did sound right - but little did I know - what tangled webs we weave, when first we conspire to deceive. It will wrap up some day and all must answer for their time here - even the devil's disciples -

bart said...

Brilliant Bhodisattva Les .
Thank you , once again .

Anonymous said...

I take it Santamaria is the same as Santeria in the realm of experts on the occult like yourself?



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