Sunday, January 2, 2011

You are Invited to the Wedding of Stupidity and Vanity.

Dog Poet Transmitting........

As the times get more intense, as the result of the shit we’ve been fed having expanded to such an all encompassing buffet of deviant taste sensations, running the gamut of every possible combination of shit, presenting itself as whatever we used to enjoy but now only go through the motions of, because... well, because it’s shit and not what we originally were attracted to, we find that the shit has expanded to encompass our entire universe and is forced to compress itself for want of space. It keeps reproducing itself so that it has to keep compressing and the more it compresses, the denser it gets.

As it continues to compress, because it is on a rampage of reproduction, it starts to heat up because, intense compression creates heat. Will this 'first matter', steaming under the silver chaffing dish of Paracelsus, ignite into a flambé of culinary surprise or... will it cause the whole world to catch fire and teach us the meaning of flaming shit? Will we find that the boat of our bright promise is nothing more than a flaming dumpster, surfing the dead waters of dying oceans or, will the compression yield a diamond in the end, despite all our efforts to set ourselves on fire, because we are dumber than a rock and certainly dumber than every woman who believes in rocks and thinks wearing one will make the claws that she calls hands somehow attractive, under the false light of the eminent domain of immeasurable vanity, waiting at the alter for stupidity to make its way before the pedophile priest; there to be joined in unholy matrimony?

Stupidity and vanity is a great match. Together they can easily turn the whole world into shit and retarded Blade Runner replicants, whose singular calling is to make shit into God and work over the face of beauty with box-cutters, until Picasso is the babysitter and Edvard Munch tells you what you’ve done. Don’t worry; you’ve got eternity to enjoy it in. Let me explain to you the meaning of Heaven and Hell. You get to live forever in a world of your own creation, depending on your inspiration. Looks like stupidity and vanity are going to have some interesting holiday get-togethers. I imagine it as something like The Fockers taking the brown acid at Altamont, with the Hell’s Angels, at their getaway in Yucca Mountain, Nevada, forever and ever, with The Stasi, The Cheka and the Khmer Rouge working the door, serving the guests and doing the lap dances.

I’ve got a new litmus test. You may remember that I authored the original litmus test of measuring a person’s integrity, truthfulness and honor against what they have to say about 9/11. It seems like a lot of people who managed some kind of a ‘false positive’ with that one are now bigging up Julian Assange. Julian Assange failed the 9/11 litmus test but somehow that’s okay in the eyes of our new emergent Chomskyites. I suspect the Palestinians really are in trouble when their most lauded and highly paid defenders among the enemy, turn out to be the enemy too. I’m not going to link anything here and I don’t play the sax. I’ll leave it to you to suss it out.

I can’t say I always like my job or the odds, but I’ll be damned like they are if I don’t say what needs to be said, even if I do it a tad obliquely. If you’re not bright enough to get what I’m saying, then I guess you are already thinking about what you are going to wear to the wedding reception. For all I know, you’re a relative. Everyone defending Assange is either in the wedding party or one of the people chaining the exit doors before they set the rented hall on fire.

I’ve been a student of arcane modalities for most of my life. That includes phrenology and a lot of other things that all tend to meld with each other. This is how I can look at someone and decide if I want to talk to them or let them get anywhere near me. I’ve got an astrological chart that shows the presence of camouflaged enemies, all up and down the pike. When I was younger and had my own flings with stupidity and vanity, I was meat, simply because a big heart and a trusting nature can get you into a heap of trouble when you’re one of the people God likes to watch on TV for his own entertainment.

If you are defending Assange and you are being hosted on alternative news gathering sites, you are part of the wedding party. Whether you are sitting on the bride’s side or the grooms doesn’t matter. Generally I would suspect you are with the people who chain the exit doors. Basically, you are a vitriolic HIV mutation that pretends to be the thing pretending to be the thing that is intent on killing others while offering them lunch. There’s no wiggle room here and the good news is that you are outing yourself with every move you make. It gives new meaning to being ridden hard and put away wet.

It’s a wonder of divine precognition that I started getting emails from people a few weeks ago that were telling me that someone I’ve never even mentioned before was a really okay person. Why go through this trouble unless something was coming up that might make me think about it? Baby, I’m thinking about it now and you lose. Anyone defending Andy Warhol lite is deep disinfo and you can take the A train till doomsday’s break but you’re not going to 5/4 yourself into my good graces any time soon. You can take five with Brubeck and you can play at the wedding but you can’t come to my house for the after party no matter how many mansions may exist in my father’s house.

Let me tell you a little secret about the kabala and world rule. Way back before history started getting written, before and after the fact, and wound up being the kind of record you have to play backwards to understand, there was a culture that was ruled by The Chaldeans, they came out of a Sumerian context which came out of something that preceded it and they had a flame alphabet and a magical understanding that you can study in the Sacred Magic of Abramalin the Mage. The whole thing about magic is that it involves intercourse with angels and demons. You’ll find this to be true no matter where you start your inquiries. You’ll also find that it all takes place in your mind and the whole intricate schematic of Ceremonial Magic is just window dressing for The Will, as it enforces and manifests itself. I’m talking from experience; not that I need magic anymore, or ever did. I had it given to me and threw it away; smart move. It won me friends that no fortune on Earth can buy.

Anyway, magic runs in two directions. It’s an abacus and much like the kundalini is can reverse itself. It can accomplish the alchemical marriage or become a calculated butt-fucking for personal profit; forget the pleasure angle, though that is included, it’s not the actual focus, except for the domination of the ones being buggered. Our world today is an expression of what happens when a group of people get their hands on the most efficient means of making anything happen and degrade it into something ugly and profane. It wasn’t theirs to begin with. They stole it and now they’re using it on you 24/7. The good news is that there are representatives of the right application present and the right application beats the wrong application every time; no contest. Patience is the hallmark of those who possess it. Patience has done its job. Remember not to ask God for patience because he will give you something to be patient about. Anyway, the time is at hand and though I’m talking in riddles, kind of, the ones who aren’t in the wedding party are getting it, I hope.

You’ve heard that in 2012 the Earth will reverse its rotation. You’ve heard that the sun is rising more and more to the side of what it was used to doing. You’ve heard a lot of things and most of them are lies but not all of them. I could mention some Biblical statements about false prophets deceiving the very elect but I suspect you know that, unless you are in the wedding party and remember, there are a number of people who think they possess droit de seigneur. This is going to turn out to give a whole new meaning to “go fuck yourself”.

I’m tired of liars and false representatives of the good of the people. I’m tired of people sucking the air out of the room with their own celebrity and all the calculating, preening spokes-ogres for something we don’t even see anymore but we are assured is intact just like the virginity of stupidity and vanity. They are endlessly virgin and standing at the top of the stairs repeating, “Hello Sailor” like one of those pull cord, Mae West dolls. Sorry, those don’t exist except in real life.

You think Assange is legitimate? That means that you are not. You’re defending this albino, Tavistock enhanced, toad because you learned something we already know and didn’t find important, except that it exonerates the people reversing the kabala? Good luck with that. I call them as I see them and there’s no degree of difficulty with that, unless you’re with the wedding party. Well... you party down, cause down is the direction and Mother Earth is waiting to show you how she feels about all the deep respect you’ve shown her.

As I have said a number of times, be very careful about how you treat the feminine principle because that’s the medium that bears you into each new life. The actual definition of karma should be, payback is a bitch”. She doesn’t have to be and she doesn’t want to be. It’s your call. She’s the be all and end all of everything I love and I expect to see her at my own wedding party in the Sahasrara. If you want to see her in the Sahara, since you think you know all about letters and numbers and can’t be fooled, even while you are fooling others, or you want to see her in The Congo or have mistaken punishment for love then, you be my guest and fail the litmus test. Go ahead, make my day.

End Transmission........

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Visible said...

We're working hard behind the scenes. I'd like you to listen to a rough draft of what my collaborator. is doing with our work- yes, I include you, the reader- you are as much the author of this as I am. What do you think?

WaitingOntheWoo said...

great post Les,

I am in full agreement about the Wikiweasel. It's so damn obvious I don't understand how anyone who claims to be awake can fall into the trap. This POV can be based on many things, but one thing and one thing only can be used as an instrument to point to the truth. The MSM coverage. Since 9/11 countless pieces of info about the truth have been published. There is a whole slew of reputable people and groups who want a new investigation. Arch. and Eng., Military for truth, First resp. for truth, firefighters for truth, families for truth, etc. They never get any coverage. This nimrod comes along and has book deals, and is instantly a darling. All those shadowy intriguing photos on the front pages of papers and in magazines. In Spain, which has El Pais (NY Times extension)as one of the papers with the "rights" to publish the "leaks". Nothing has been published that is newsworthy. They spent a week talking about how it was reavealed that the Spanish president was a "shrewd" character and should not be underestimated. Spain rivals the States for chemtrails anyday of the week and they have opened the door to the port of Tarragona to be used as a base for US nuclear warships. They have been given the base of Rota in the south, too. People here believe in Obama, Osama, global warming, and generally everything they are told to believe including the weasel and his heroic movement of young revolutionary hackers. No surprises there.
As for the horn player, since he came to my attention last year through this blog, I have never read a full article of anything he has written and generally skip anything with his name attached. I don't know why exactly except to say that I didn't care for the presentation and felt like he was promoting himself more than truth. But like i said, I generally avoided him.
Things are getting shitty, on the other hand let's remember that it is a wonderful fertilizer and is known to produce fruit that can help us to more easily realize our divine nature.
Thank you brother, always a pleasure to read your words.

wv: mistori heheh

DaveS said...


I hate to admit publicly that I liked Warhol... kind of. The guy pushed buttons. I know others think he was a non-talent, but shit, look at what the popularity of his soup cans says about American culture. I don't know about you, but I think he was holding America's cultural face up to the proverbial mirror and telling us to take a look at who we'd become. Or maybe he was just another no-talent freak out to make a quick buck? Shit, I still liked the dude in a weird way. Of course weird would be the only way to like such a freak.

I guess I don't know enough about art to argue with a professor about an artist work... but I know what I like, and funnily enough, it usually isn't what others like. The only Talking Head's album I own is a cassette of More Stories About Buildings and Food – I would listen to it endlessly while souping film at my first newspaper job. Loved that album, but it certainly isn't what people think of when they think Talking Heads... I guess if you don't know the album, then you'll just need to take my word I'm weird. Trust me I'm a guide.

OK,I'm a goof... anyone who reads my comments realizes this. I think it's time for the goofs and gigglers to rise-up and laugh back at the cunts, dickwads, assholes and never-do-wells who have thrown humanity into a hot frying pan. They hate laughing. If you're really cool, you can manage to laugh as they're prepping you for your execution. I keep practicing – just in case :)

Did I write anything that made sense, or am I just verbally vomiting from the fingertips?

Les and More, or should I write, Les and the Rest? I hope that everyone reading will be able to look at the obviously stupid, greedy actions of those who think they're in charge... and see what a load of shit they're flinging. Remember they aren't alone, they're being aided by anyone who is going along and trying 'not to rock the boat'.

Watch out for people who still can't see the forest for the trees. They're hopelessly lost, and they don't realize it.

Peace and happy binary date day...

WaitingOntheWoo said...

Those words and that voice...this could be the entertainment at the reception of the marriage of truth and divinity! Absolute gold!
Everybody else will get Katy Perry...:)

neil said...

pathalogical liars
engineering deciet
manipulating patterns
through the words they speak
tempted by riches
and whores in fine linen
and reputations of heights
in artificial dominion
unnessesary devalued
life in unpurposefull
complicating matters
practised in hurtfull
warmonger savage's
barbarians crushed
by a rush of consequence
of the lies they lust
a thrust of the duty
unstoppable invincible
blow through the gates
of the low down principle
smashing elitists
down goes their house
by the north the west
the east and the south..


DaveS said...

And I just got back from your poem's link... Sweet Jesus! The latest is as powerful as the others you've recently linked to. Good stuff, and a nice visual vortex to slip into while listening. Keep it coming and I wish you a comfortable success with all your work.

I don't know how many different generations are reading and posting here, but I'm sure there are going to be people talking about your work long after you've checked yourself into a higher plane. I hope that's a long time coming, and that your material success is as broad and positive as your spiritual success has been :)


neil said...

mr visibles,our collaborator is doing a great job,and with your fine words how could he not.memorable year comming up,
that filth tptw have been smearing over themselves is really starting to stink..

peace and respects to all..neil

kikz said...

i like it :)

nice work.

Visible said...

Well Dave, given that I knew Warhol. if only peripherally, since I was an enfant terrible back in that time and one of those people that Alan Ginsberg loathed without even knowing me, even though some of his comrades kept making the mistake of introducing me to him, even when I said this is a stupid idea, I think I would be the 'go to guy' in this matter.

I was in those scenes just as I was a guest of The Living Theater in their very dangerous Brooklyn location for as long as I wanted to visit, provided that I brought my good friend cocaine dealer with me. Yes, I hobnobbed with Julian Beck and Judith Malina just as i did with that odious piece of shit Fred from the B-52's, Ricky died and got replaced but they all were weren't they. Yes, Max's Kansas City was one of my spots and I saw a lot of things I don't like to recall. David Byrne is no icon of mine. I respect the thrust and power of the music but I know a devil worshiper from an initiate.

I liked Debbie Harry and a few other people I won't mention but I was up close and personal with a lot of these people and in some dangerous moments when the guy no one remembers saves the day. I recognize just how vacuous and transparent some people are.

I was part owner of a restaurant when someone who was trying to fuck my girlfriend burned down my house and then the people at the restaurant objected to my moving my girlfriend and her children (2) into the back room for a short space.

At the time, all of my girlfriends were at least ten years older than me. This one in particular was the ex wife of Manny Roth who owned The Cafe Wha and other places where Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix- at the time known as Jimi James and the Blue Flames- started out. I used to see the Loving Spoonful around the corner at the Owl snd all kinds of things. I don't talk that much about who and what and where because it would sound like pathological namedropping but I was up close and personal with a lot of these people and never mentioned it because it wouldn't be flattering.

If I say something it is based on contact or observation, not speculation. The only people who ever gave me the time of day, even though they may not have liked my take on things was Elvis Presley, Joni Mitchell and George Benson. They were human beings. I could tell you some awful shit about your icons.

When my girlfriend, Susan Sonnenberg who was the ex of Ben Sonnenberg whose father was so rich that Time magazine or Newsweek gave a four page spread to the auction of his New York City apartment asked me if I wanted to go to the Dakota to meet Elton John and John Lennon I said, "Leave them in peace. Everyone wants to meet them. I would prefer to leave them alone" true story.

Warhol was an asshole and he died and left an apartment that you couldn't even move through because the hallways were stacked with newspapers and god awful shit, giving the term anal retentive a real meaning. You should have seen it and you would ask yourself, did I miss something?

Maybe he was an artist but only in the sense that he made fun of people like himself. What do you call that. You should read his diaries to see how much he hated everyone he knew based on him never knowing himself because he didn't exist.

Frog said...

"...simply because a big heart and a trusting nature can get you into a heap of trouble"
Ah, shoot Les, you remind me of stuff that's easy to forget. The school of Divine hard knocks, the knowledge of good and evil, you trust and open your heart you get trouble, you close your heart and you petrify and die...

You also said "...I’m tired of liars and false representatives of the good of the people." Isn't that the truth too. Every little truth is instantly buried in a avalanche of half truths, pale imitations, phantasms, distortions, until you star losing sight of what the truth was through the mud, shit and miasma. Without the help of the Divine reminding you, it's pretty hopeless. You get lost in the whirlwind of shit and lies and fade away.
Wiki Leaks has been great for revealing things though. If a thing is in Wikileaks, than it is suspect. If someone supports Wikileaks then they are suspect. It does clarify things somewhat. Unless the handlers are clever enough to add another layer of deception and include subtle important truths to discredit them. I don't think they do this very much though. The reluctance to offer important truths is abhorrent to them. The Father of Lies can do nothing else.
Thanks Les. Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

What kind of guitar was that in the lead solo? I know I should comment on the post but that's what stood out.


Visible said...

I used a Les Paul personal. It weighed about ten pounds or more; something to do with the way it goes directly into the board. I miss it.

DaveS said...

"Maybe he was an artist but only in the sense that he made fun of people like himself. What do you call that."

I believe it's called 'Pop Art" :)

I never said I liked the people personally I mentioned, I only said that I enjoyed their work. It's much easier to 'like' the work of someone you don't know.

I've met more than my share of the rich and famous, and they're as... I was going to say 'human' but I don't think that's the right word... I suppose they're what they are on the day you meet them. One thing I know about actors is that nobody probably 'knows' who they are – even themselves.

Speaking of 'hero worship': honestly you're one of my current 'heros'. I can move ahead with the times ;) I may one day find out you're a pompous prick, and the illusion of you I hold in my head would change, but not the respect I have for what you do.

I'm lucky that most of my heros have been friends, and because of that, I know that bad accompanies good. I'd be willing to sit and have a conversation with anyone, even the Devil himself, as long as it was civil and interesting.

Hunter met Nixon in the pisser and they talked football. How's that for talking with the Devil?

Les, thanks for the stories from your old days... I wouldn't be surprised if we hadn't crossed paths in some weird way on some weird day back sometime. I was too young to party, but my parents had a knack for attracting odd folks, and who knows?


wv: azinsch... the german word for a penis extension..

Visible said...

One would have to have been in the prewar cabaret society to see how much certain people deserved what they got and didn't even get. Those scales are about to get adjusted. Give God credit, he's painstaking about his dramas but he always delivers and this has been coming for thousands of years.

Sile said...

wow - I like it.


Visible said...


I can assuage you on one account, I won't turn out to be a pompous prick. Sometimes I am very private and want to be left alone, that's about as bad as it gets, unless my guest doesn't display reasonable grounds for being around and then I get relentlessly inquisitive to the point that they wish they were anywhere else than where they are.

I got your point about all of that and I am much the same in that regard. However, I don't mask myself in diplomacy, for instance, I don't like Hunter Thompson much but I won't go into that.

My take on Warhol's influence on society is that I suffer from him being around, but that could be said for Jackson Pollock or Jean Paul Sartre or any number of people that I consider to have been contributors to the shit we find ourselves in. In person I am a great deal more equanimitous than I am here. I don't want to provoke people without a reason but I can see the evidence of the passage of certain people in the colors, or lack of, that surround me.

Yes, I can control that, given that there is only one mind but we have a personality for a reason. Eventually we perfect it and have something to shine through. I tend to measure people according to that.

Anonymous said...

Well Dude, you sure made MY day !

Anonymous said...

Being famous, rich, even ultra talented is not all that it's cracked up to be (no pun intended).
Sometimes it is, sure, but sometimes is just that.

Les exhibits very much more than such raja jivas.
Also much less..

"One day, after someone had asked, "Are you God?" Srila Prabhupada replied, "No, I am not God--I am a servant of God." Then he reflected a moment and went on. "Actually, I am not a servant of God. I am trying to be a servant of God. A servant of God is no ordinary thing."

Anonymous said...

Been thinking for several years now that 9/11 was deep dark black magic....casting a deep spell of sleep.

Unknown said...

Might be a bit off-topic, but what is your opinion on Hunter S. Thompson. I used to be a big fan, but I just re-read Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, which struck me as being absolutely cynical and self-observed. Especially the part of disposing "Lucy" who had just been filled with LSD "without even ever have had a drink....".?

Anonymous said...

I find andy and other pop artist to be just a part of a movenmetn to destroy real art. Since real art can open minds we can't have that. We get confusing meaningless garbage called art. Gee, who runs the art world, and the music world, and the print world and on and on...

they havedumbed downthe populace so much athat what stands out now is amazingly stupid but is on top of the stack. If you want to get ahead, believe the shit and sell your soul.


Unknown said...

Apparently your comment regarding Thompson was posted after my comment was sent, please disregard :)

Unknown said...

Saw on of the other comments, that Copenhagen wasn't the right place to visit. I believe it depends on the people rather than the place, at any time, so feel free to contact me, if you reconsider your travel plans! :)

Anonymous said...

from packrat
the way is open and you shall not be denied.

bholanath said...

Rough draft? Sounds like a final mix to me. Exquisite, but I've always imagined poetry presented this way, that's one of many reasons I love bro John Trudell. Of course you should tweak to your heart's content, but let it fly when it's sufficiently close to perfection (grin). Liked the 'la ilaha ilallah' in the middle too!

Speaking of Art and not-Art, have you seen "Exit Through the Gift Shop"?
Excruciating depiction of the subject, especially with the hollyweird idiots lining up to buy steaming hot shit. Fantastic film, especially the work of Banksy displayed.
wv-stmerat, steamed rat, yum

Visible said...


Does this mean I can't come to Copenhagen just because I'm not a fan of someone's:? (grin)

I was going to come this summer.

Visible said...

As for Thompson, I'm sure he was good at what he did and people used to give me his books for presents but having to sit and watch him talk used to make me really uncomfortable and not because it was making me grow.

I had the same hit about Bukowski. It's got something to do with them being atheists. I don't mean to criticize their work, it's just a personal thing. Steven Hwakings does this to me too.

I really do not mean to criticize their work so please don't anyone take this as my rejection of whatever good they may do. It really is a personal thing and I don't want to go into it.

DaveS said...

Speaking of Hunter...

I was a fan, in fact a big part of the reason I ended up in Aspen was because of his writing. That would be enough to buy the guy a drink... and I had the opportunity to do so a few times. Smoked some good dope with the guy, helped him put out an issue of the Aspen Daily News... and, after all that, I stopped being a fan. I will say he was the most intelligently manipulative human I've ever met, that said, he also wrote this column after 9/11:

That's the sort of thing that made him what he was.

But like all the people we put on a pedestal, he put on his pants like everyone else; he was a human, and like all us, suffered from it.

I used to be really fascinated by celebrity, but once you've been close, you realize it's all mostly a facade like a billboard (I mean this literally). Fuck being famous, be good instead!

Peace to everyone, and I wish you all well, and thanks for making this such an interesting place to interact.


Visible said...

"I will say he was the most intelligently manipulative human I've ever met,"

Okay, I didn't have to say it. Thanks.

Unknown said...

point taken...

Anonymous said...

"You've heard that the sun is rising more and more to the side of what it was used to doing. You've heard a lot of things and most of them are lies but not all of them."

I'm glad you mentioned that. When I was living in Colorado a few years back we had a two story house with windows in the family room that ran eighteen feet up to the ceiling and all the way across the twenty foot room. This room faced east. One year I told my wife the sun was rising out of position, but I had no exact frame of reference marked so I couldn't prove it to my satisfaction. A few months later I read an article that said the crust of the earth had slipped. Don't remember the degrees. Around the same time they shut down the GPS system for a few days and gave some lame excuse. It was speculated that recalibration was the real reason.

I was talking recently to a person who doesn't use the Internet and she said she observed a similar phenomenon over the last year. She was aware of the equinox and solstice thing. I continue to run into comments on various sites stating something similar. No links are provided and the only article I ever read was the one referenced to above.

Anyhow it got me thinking, with the climate change (extreme cold) could this possibly have happened. Anyone have any links/comment.


Unknown said...

Wikileaks reminds me of what one of Fox Mulder's sources used to say: "The most believable lie is always sandwiched between two truths." (sic) That is to say, critical thinking is always required; there are no shortcuts. (you might end up being wrong anyway, but at least you gave it a real shot)

Some of Wikileaks is probably true; some not.

Visible said...

For those of you that keep checking in, here is tonight's radio show i8n advance without my poor attempts at music intruding- for your enjoyment at my shortcomings.

WaitingOntheWoo said...

Thank you for that! I can count on you to quicken my resolve and raze me from my procrastinating, apathetic laziness. I have been "up against it" in the wilderness a few times and am feeling the need to blow out the jets again. May it be so. Although the last time I was there, I was asked why I had returned without putting into practice what I had learned before. Basically "no candy for you cuz yer lazy" So, I've been working on that and I sense it's time to "check in" again. That little snorting trick you spoke of on another radio show works wonders on the focus, too! Thanks bruthaman.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vis,
Getting back to Assange after the Warhol detour, I can assure you that the Assange litmus test is proving every bit as valuable as the 9/11.
A close friend who has gone the whole road with many of the things you talk about went completely feral when I suggested that Julian was an obvious plant and a disinfo agent to the stars.
We haven't spoken since, but maybe that's the time of the year.
Coming from the Southern Hemisphere and having been in a cult myself, one look into those cold psychotic eyes and I could see the eternal narcissist who would sell the world for the chance to be in then position he now occupies - the centre of everyone's attention. Like Warhol.
Knowing a bit about the Hamilton-Byrne Family from which he sprang half-formed like a blond golem is handy as well. Evil begets evil.
What few people realise is that the program where JA gave his first public interview about his Wikileaks carry on and his "man of mystery" persona, which set the template for all that has followed, was on a TV channel funded by the Australian Government. which as we all know is owned lock, stock and after dinner drinks by - you guessed it.
Jesus, the dots are so close together you don't have to join them but people see what they want to see.

Neko Kinoshita said...

As always I was enjoying what you had to say and this I read this:

"Remember not to ask God for patience because he will give you something to be patient about."

I almost fell out of my chair that was so funny.

Howl on,

Anonymous said...

Since I had a little say earlier i have been listening to your music. I'm famous and set for life but you are flat out blowing my mind. Kind of like if you said this about yourself huh?

I've been reading you since i was forced to because the woman who handles my affairs is your biggest cheerleader. She talks about you all the time and drives me nuts because I should be the focus eh? Isn't that what you say eh? You've won my respect and a part of my pocketbook for being real and don't think I won't take credit for this because I will.


Anonymous said...

The Chaldeans have cast a mighty spell. Elijah, the true prophet, faced 400 of them....the sorcerers and deceivers who hijacked the revelation of the God Head, and they were destroyed. Harry Potter...the media bankersters highly succesful effort to induce the young into witchcraft. It is as you say about the good angels and the demons and sorcerers, only few are aware of the good angels. Assange...just another stage in the magical mystery tour of darkness...a conjurer's printing money out of thin air. Alas, the good angels are in charge and will carry the day.

Anonymous said...

Les, I wish your "collaborator" was working for me (it just spins and spins). I'll try again later -- could be just a loose wire in the internets today. Meanwhile I'm enjoying the insights about certain celebs from you and others here because I've never met one, not a single one. I don’t considered myself as having good natural instincts about anyone's character but I was wary of Assange from the beginning and that proved to be the right call as more information flooded my brain cells. I wonder though if he does have one good use and that would be to awaken some people to the fact that they have been looking for truth in all the wrong places. I'm hoping they'll eventually venture beyond the filtered MSM and when they do they are going to be so amazed -- just as I was and continue to be. I'm certain 2011 will be as 2010, upsetting and dreadful, nevertheless I hope we all find happy, peaceful, clear moments here and there.
M. Rocknest (Em)

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for someone in the business of guarding the rich to execute Jacob Rothschilds, Jamie Diamond, Lloyd Blankfein or ?

All I read about (in that vein) are cops blowing away guys holding water spray nozzle, gulf club, an elderly American Indian whittling...dragging a middle aged woman across filthy airport screening area flooring because she refused to be groped.

Then this pilot comes forward, 2 weeks after the host of "Full Disclosure" revealed TSA has hired gang members and other assorted felons and illegal aliens..."they" take the mans' government issued firearm... TSA/DHS unmistakeably exposed for being theater...yet, people still line up...the anal probes in production as we blather.

Kindra posted her MSRA infection perhaps from being exposed to Corexit and Synthia...along with her dragon tattoo.

Gold is over $1400/oz.

The sun and moon have not stopped giving off their light.

Just ate a box of frozen claims and railed a 20mg.


yet, STILL, nobody "important" has been whacked. hmm.

Anonymous said...

"The good news is that there are representatives of the right application present and the right application beats the wrong application every time; no contest"
I guess kind like rock,paper,scissors game.

they talk about Assange like they talked about Obama. some hope. it's the pattern recognition that's missing, which requires memory.

Crissy Hinde (The Pretenders) on a live recording said "Bob Dylan once told me not to name drop". sense of humour. (not sayin' anything here.)

your christmas special recording (breakdown edition) was most touching. I spent much of the period visiting and ears out for the mention of Jesus/Divinity in this society. silence on that count like truth-that-matters missing in Wikileaks. on both counts much needed as always, though especially now.


Mike in Michigan said...

"I will say he was the most intelligently manipulative human I've ever met"

That's pretty much how he -had- to be in order to get the gigs he got, or to keep afloat while waiting to get the gigs that would come

Anonymous said...

Harry Potter (Hari Pater)

Anonymous said...

Funny that there is mention of 60's/70's Music and Art. I've been putting together more and more about drastic changes that have occurred in US Society and how they may have ALL been directed. It's said that music shifted almost immediately after the death of JFK. That's when the so called "60s" really began. My take now is that ALL previous power structures have been taken down through various forms of Multiculturalism. This has been deliberate. Were the 60's brought in by Intelligence Operations? I've read articles to that effect and the relationship of various 60's icons especially in and around Laurel Canyon to various Intelligence Operations. I also think that from their viewpoint, the movement got out of hand and had to be broken apart (such as through tainted STP, etc)

Anonymous said...

....sadly, I understood 97% of what you've written about here,...
....part of my contribution, that 100 years from now,...I'll not be known as a Good German....

The Illusion

America shimmers, losing shape,
lost souls, the weakest generation.
Democracy stumbles, people awaken,
trouble on America’s plantation.

America stands strong and free,
a land of life and liberty?
Indentured servants, ever on,
ftom sea to shining sea.

Laws for this, laws for that,
control of the air you breathe.
Nanny State, exploding prisons,
Stalinist tits, on which we teethe.

House and Senate, bought and sold,
mortgaged by corporate donations.
Court Supremes, selling their soul,
torture’s cool, but do it in other nations.

Traitors act, as though elected,
a free and fair republic?
Lying thieves, electronic frauds,
in office to cheat the public.

Bankers steal, Pelosi jets,
stimulate this, stimulate that.
Corrupt leadership, so brutal,
little need to trim the fat.

China profits, Brazil prospers,
around us the world grows.
Bush and Clinton, hold their power,
JFK? Oh, no one knows?

It’s falling apart, not so funny,
at least I’m close to passing.
Before the riots, the martial law,
before Obama starts the gassing.

Long before the troops deploy,
during all the fucking confusion.
Lucky enough, simply to know,
our lives were just an illusion.


Anonymous said...

nailed it, again!

My Collaboration...

Listened and loved the wip...Richard Burton...This is the voice of the Mysterons...all sprang to my mind...loved the rythm, loved the flow, loved the blending of...


pax verbum

Anonymous said...

...hope you don't mind my poetry..
...same theory,.....100 years from now,.....

The Burning Bush

Blistered souls float scattered about,
adrift on a sea of pain.
Crimson waves of death crest near,
as The Decider lies in vain.

Fear the horde, no, the other horde,
he plies throughout the land.
As our children’s children disintegrate,
perhaps an eye, or yet a hand.

He says he guards our very lives,
the existence of civilized man.
But in the alleys of ancient Baghdad,
America’s Best wish he’d share his plan.

Vacant cries of “who could have known?”,
amidst the pyres of World Trade.
Lay bare the myth of his compassion,
“My Pet Goat”, his cowardly shade.

Proxy war and proxy dead,
to The Shrub it matters not.
Provided Dick can exercise Options,
as long as Haliburton stays red-hot.

Treasure bled in flesh and gold,
across dunes of soulless oil.
Simmering cauldrons of historic hate,
churned to a gently rolling boil.

The Burning Bush admits no errors,
nor the ditch into which we’ve steered.
Back into the breach he madly proclaims,
after all, “you volunteered”


Visible said...


I talk about Jesus Christ with everything I write. I don't have to keep naming him and if you knew more about him you would understand that he knows the heart. It is his kingdom and he is not vain.

All kinds of people scream his name and don't mean it. Real Christians don't descend into sanctimony. Of course that is who I was talking about. Did my mention of Easter ring a bell? Hello?

g, thank you for your super gift. I hope you don't turn out to be someone I don't like (grin). Eh?

Visible said...

By the way, Colorado? And I used to go into this bar in Boulder on the mall and eat shrimps and drink Dos Equi's. I think I know who you are, brash guitar player and songwriter for a band composed of the highlights of other bands. Shouldn't you be singing as 's' instead of 'g'? I'm not as stupid as I pretend to be and we have already met. I recall very well that night with Mose Allison.

Since you want this public. Thank you! Did I pass the audition?

edna smile-y said...


Had a wide back yard, eastern exposure circa 2004/2005....always been a sky watcher. Me and a friend were having a discussion about the moon eclipsing planets. Up early to go hiking in the mojave...the full moon was rising in the southeast and we discussed the angle of the moon vs the ecliptic.

The next month my friend was back in town, had to wake him up early to show him where the moon was rising. It was way way way in the northeast. Too far. Sun was setting in a strange place too.

Looked it up online. Carnicorn, et al was talking about it. No links. But I remember.


Won't be attending the wedding. Send the bride and groomed my regrets. :D

Send love my way, I'm in a bad place. SOS. Smiley Edna


new vw: vodoge voodoo doggie?

siamsam said...

I posted a few emails to a certain sax player in response to certain tunes he had put out. It seemed we were in concert judging by his return notes. Yes he always responded to my notes.

However my last note regarding his view of the ‘haircut’ seems to have fallen on tone deaf ears. One can only surmise that he was previously playing binaural beats and I wasn’t listening in stereo – as is necessary to hear the correct tone.

I must nevertheless thank him for assisting with my fine tuning – it is now more acute.

Kindest to all

PS My experience of psychopaths has taught me one thing and that is that they assume their intelligence to be higher than all of their victims. This is their weakness.

siamsam said...

Wax work dummies
Talking heads
Paid for whores
Satan’s men

They spew their evil
On live TV
Vile and putrid for all to see

We pay their salaries
They steal lots more
Reviled by many
Despised by more

Their time will come
To pay account
With interest due
The pressure mounts

These empty shells
Who sold their souls
Must pay the price
The story goes

Their names are know
Throughout the land
When karma calls
They’ll stand - not grand

Pay heed to those
That join the fray
They seek what’s owed
But can you pay!

neil said...

nice poems RJO,I know their are lots more people out there who have the ability to open up a creative space and utilise it,we are humans its a natural process for us,some of us are scared as we dont know the response we will get.we have to remember the creative space is what tptw have tried to control by making us all feel worthless and demoralised,so come on people up you get..

peace and respects....

siamsam said...

Neko 12.09 a.m.

I think your a little of the mark. I think what Les said is universal law.

Hope you don't mind my input:)

Rabbit said...

@WaitingonTheWoo; The Wikiweasel, I love it.

I rarely feel there is nothing useful for me to add, and I don't do "I agree's", it seems so redundant. You know we're here, your confidence is not misplaced.

Therefore I have nothing else to add other than this once off, thanks Les.

Anonymous said...

"If you’re not bright enough to get what I’m saying, then I guess you are already thinking about what you are going to wear to the wedding reception."

No alchemical wedding for me, ta, Les ;-)

Whilst I don't consider myself that bright, after 25 years on the _Net_, I've come to the conclusion that anyone reading blogs like yours is one of, from a global perspective, a very small group of people prepared a) to take the time and trouble to find out what's really going down; b) has the ability and incentive to actually read and understand in the first place; and c) cares for the concept of learning and helping others.

This kinda narrows it down to maybe just a few hundred thousand people worldwide, max.

It's going to be a big wedding, hmm?

ps: good to see you mention Tavistock - teach it's very present and real dangers in classrooms and we wouldn't need to blog!



DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

Here's something I think you might find interesting, which is an article I found online about ten years ago and forgot about until a couple of weeks ago when I remembered it, so I looked it up again. It's an article titled "The Bible Reveals When Jesus Was Born!" which is based on some research regarding Jesus' actual birthday, which according to the research was on Sept. 11, 3 B.C.

Back at the time I first stumbled across the article I also gleaned some info from another article that suggested that the Satanists also regard Sept. 11, 3 B.C. as Jesus' actual birthday, which is no doubt why they gave him such a 'special' birthday present on Sept. 11, 2001. If it's true that Jesus was born on Sept. 11 it would go a long way to explain why there's so much secrecy, confusion, and turmoil associated with Sept. 11.

As for Assange, most people don't want to know the truth about what happened on Sept. 11, 2001 because the truth about it scares the hell out of them. So, they'd rather continue on in an illusory world where everything is sweetsie-sweet and nicie-nice and in which the government will do the right thing and take care of us all. If it wasn't Assange it would only be another pawn to take his place. In view of how the majority of the population so badly want to believe the official story about 9/11, Assange was only providing a service. And you can be sure he received a handsome payment for it.

Anyway, here's the link to the article:

Visible said...

thank you every one of you. You have made my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shit like cream comes to the surface.!

Erin said...

visible, I have followed you through the years. This is not only your best work but Fade Away is your best song. Can you possibly give more and has anyone listened to your whole catalog?

Erin Dubli8n born and proud of it. You make me proud brother.

Anonymous said...

I fucked up with my typing but my heart is real and big up


DaveS said...

Les and the rest who are the best–

Odd evening with my lovely lady... we've been hibernating the past few colder-than-the-tip-of-a witch's-mammary-gland-who-is-lying-face-down-in-a-pool-of-frozen-water nights watching movies and playing Scrabble.

Last night the movie was Indiscreet with Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman. Made in 1958, the movie was littered with foul little NWO brainwashing bits... a few of the choice pieces I remember: changing weather; the importance of NATO; fiat money; there were a couple of other things too, but of course I can't remember exactly what they were. Check out the movie yourself, its actually quite cute, and there is, what was probably at the time, a risque scene with the two of them in 'bed talking on the phone to each other... fun. And like all those old movies, it's shot more like a stage performance, and I like that about old movies.

But the references were so obvious that my lady friend even turned to look at me and roll her eyes a few times – and she ain't into the tinfoil like I am :)

Kind of makes me wonder about all the movies made after 1948...


Neko Kinoshita said...


Of couse it is universal law.

I found it funny because it is so true and matches my experience.

"Be careful what you wish for..."

God has a wicked sense of humor. And I have been the but of many jokes in this life.

I didn't miss it, I just appreciate it.

I keep praying that I will be shown what I need to do, and every time I get another pile of shit on my head and voice that says "Just keep shoveling."

Meow all,

Anonymous said...

Man Visible, I just listened to what you and your collaborator are doing with your work. I gotta tell you, fucking awesome! I played it very loud so all can hear. Very nicely done, too bad it's so..........................true. Thanks man! ........Buzzsaw

Erik said...

Hi Les and All,

Best wishes for the New Year!

Mother Nature decided I needed a 'colon cleanse' on New Years Eve; that is why I was silent on the other blogs ;) I felt like 'shit' (pun intended)

I need your assistance on something. It looks like a real 'whistle-blower' has come out of the woodwork (unlike our phoney white-haired 'friend' JA)

Bill Ryan (of all people) has recently posted an interview with this guy, and strangely: it resonated with me; if read between the lines.

Anyone seen this already? Care to share your views?

Les, I realy would appreciate your 'spidey-sense' for this guy; entire interview is 2 hours, but maybe you can browse, to get a feel?

The link:

THE RULERS OF THE WORLD: a new Project Avalon video interview

WV: preautio Just one letter (c) missing?

Josey Wales ll said...


I inhaled the collaborator's work and got a good high from it.

Yes, it's working well.

Re: Julian , there is a good article on him and their plan at WayneMadsen.

Many of the "too smart by half crowd" were involved, and the goal was/is to clamp down on the 'net. Of course there are many other goals. These people have all gone for their 'fittings" and sent back the RSVP cards "will attend w/guests" the upcoming wedding.

neil said...

sunbeam a lifting
a warm meadow sky
shinning beginning
living life rise
swift on a wingtip
a roll of the wind
the glow of a sway
freedom in swing
spring on a lightning burst
revolve on a higher
liberating equaly
living heart fire
rise through the winter
cross the tree tops
with multicolored tips
cold warm and hot.


Anonymous said...

dream giver four river
humm of a bee
life bringing peace in
cross the star sea
drift on a rainbow
earth form a rose
touching a moment
of essence in glows
warm the wise winter
brush the fine breeze
open beginnings
natured mind needs
revolving revitalizing
grow to a height
on a spark of living
rising of life.


Anonymous said...

Today your "collaborator" stopped spinning ... it began ... my eye's opened wide ... did not blink until 05:53. I don't know what else to say except WELL DONE!
M. Rocknest (Em)

Anonymous said...

Is this truth be known by Les?
Phil Schiliro is a very interesting name in Obama's administration, the current government of the Zionist crimocracy that rules the United States. The Schiliro clan is a family that has a long history of involvement in organized crime. One member of the family, Lewis Dennis Schiliro, actually ran the FBI office in New York City during the 1990s - overseeing such key investigations as the first bombing of the World Trade Center, other terrorism and financial crime cases, TWA Flight 800, Egypt Air 990, etc. Another member of the family, 30-year-old Joseph Schiliro from East Meadow, Long Island, was busted in January 2010 for being part of a network of drug dealers that dealt $1 million of "Special-K" (Ketamine, an animal tranquilizer) every month. Are these Schiliros all related? I would venture to guess that they are.
C.Bollyn investigative reporter

neil said...

wolf howl
chasing river
rose free
winter whisper
charging roll
breeze rush
flow free
palms brush
crush lies
open truth
fuse life
conscious root
scented waves
solar waves.


Anonymous said...

sorry that last one was supposed to have rays instead of waves on the end..

peace and respects people... said...

The Apollo Moon landings were the first global TV hoax; 9/11 was the second.

TheSparkle said...


I am 30 minutes into that video, and I am going to watch all of it. It is a 'must watch' so far. Whether or not the guy is telling the truth I do believe that he is being truthful. I wish I could see his face though.

Anonymous said...

lv, too much lost in translaton (or my quirky, condensed style of writing)? I know sufficient about your JC presence, and your humility . your messages accordingly are much on my mind, so thanks, I wasnt referring to your posts re the absence of the spiritual in "society'.
I actually did come across (in the middle of the night) a 'broadcast' of early morning Jesus talk, ok but American mid west without the mea culpa, personal touch, so it was missing something in my view. not quite bible bashing, but not quite the real mccoy to me, but better than nothing under the circumstances (which were more along the lines of Babel and a harbringer judgement day to come, if not already here - I'm glad to get away, sort of away). Im more inclined to Easter than the miracle birth thing, seems to me Easter is more the message than the Santanic (sic) craziness. anyway, its your blog, my off button is, like the Thunderbirds, ready, set ....


Anonymous said...

Re: Rulers of the world video, project avalon:
I watched about a quarter of it.
I conclude it is obviously bullshit.
The guy has a cockney speech pattern that makes a lot of his "points" unintelligible and the interviewer does not help clarify for non-cockneys. It is a time waster.
The interviewee claims to be a hyperaware "fixer" for the powers that be who enjoys a great talent for making their problems go away with a "minimum of fuss." He described taking part in an experiment that resulted in him losing some of his "extraordinary abilities" but also gaining some that surprised him. One of these abilities allowed him to suddenly become very good at golf without practicing and he "slaughtered" his opponent who played 3-4 times a week on a difficult course. This demonstration of his extraordinary ability "inadvertently" attracted attention to himself, he "confesses." So we are supposed to believe that this "canny fella" did not even have the sense to avoid attracting attention to his new-found paranormal golfing ability by hiding it by hitting some bad shots deliberately? Yeah right...That's where I turned it off. The interviewer seems like a dimwit.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the compliment,.I am glad you like my writing.I worked for DoD for over twenty years,...
all over the world, a federal whistleblower (ha,ha!)..

...other than Smoking Mirrors, I have to admit to being fairly uninformed regarding our host,...
but as I told a professor from Cambridge last week,...I've grown
up in a cesspool of corruption my entire life, throughout almost every aspect of my life corruption contaminates the very core of our society, and drips through our earthly experience like a running toilet,....anyone moving in the direction of ethics and integrity has my support and collaboration.



p.s.- If our host doesn't mind, I've written a memoir called Webster Groves - The Life of an Insane Family Living in the Perfect American Suburb.....if you
want to read some disturbing, humorous examples of corruption,
..check it which I mean, buy it!
just for fun.......

The Porch

The circle of life gets smaller,
closing in as we get burned.
Age can take us by the hand,
harshly, teaching what we’d learned.

Lessons learned, but not applied.
lost lives of vagrant intent.
Hapless souls running around,
seeking blame, on someone to vent.

Curtains dropping, on oh so many,
in lives of hand-built regret.
Gambles we chose, to help us through,
probably, not a great bet.

Isn’t that what life’s about,
the wager of our choices?
Outcomes left to idiot chance,
circling, smaller, quiet voices?

All of that, it does amaze me,
still, so many want to stay.
Fight the odds, and stick around,
as if there’s still something to say?

How many souls even get there,
so joyously, when looking back?
Knowing the path to get here,
was it always the right track?

End it now, or, linger on,
what way does it really matter?
Lives of hope, scattered about,
damaged souls, deeply shattered.

But isn’t that the evil thing,
never knowing what’s to come?
Today may be corruptly fucked,
tomorrow, brightly lit for some.

To never see around the bend,
to know little of our chances?
A life complete, knowledge with age,
our life clock slowly advances.

Sitting on the damned front porch,
it’s mainly what I’m good at now.
Life was fun, I had a good time,
perhaps the porch is my final bow?


Pstonie said...

No shit. Councillors are being recommended to approve a plan for a massive dragon tower on the border with England

Anonymous said...


Our mystic world of make-believe,
childish echo’s of pure power.
Junior demons amongst the Bushes,
the people continue to cower.

You’d think with Bush the Younger,
the world would have known.
The fix was in, law was dead,
back when John’s head was blown.

The Elder knows nothing of Dallas,
The Idiot, “My Pet Goat”....
Bodies piled, on bloody lies,
neither Evil needed a vote.

Corruption floats the unwashed masses,
along a river of broken dreams.
Hidden within blu-plasma screens,
and a people’s silent screams.

We do not torture, we do not accept,
the lies of fucking liars.
They think we’ll just accept them,
then build the midnight fires.

It won’t be me, I hope not you,
to accept this fringe bullshit.
Because I know in one-hundred years,
I’ll not be a Fascist Dimwit


Erik said...

Wow Bholanath,

Thanks for posting the article on wetikos, more parts of our puzzle are falling into place ;)

I do hope you are feeling better, my best wishes to you bro ...

For those of you who missed this, I can strongly recommend this very clear explanation of the evil virus infecting humanity.

(It even ties in with the video I mentioned above (grin))


Sim said...

Erik @ 7:05 PM

I have spent an hour (so far) watching the video you suggested.

Got a deja vu feeling as I watched it... strongly reminded me of this...

I hope the second hour of the video will cast a little more light on things...


Anonymous said...

your a fine poet mr o'Guillory,also siamsam,just shows that all that trying to condition people in toilet thinking doesnt work and never will,they may corrupt us poison us and confuse us,but we are humans and will always seek out the place where we feel comfortable,our harmony,lets keep our hearts up and minds adaptable as tptw do not have this ability..

peace and respects people..neil

Anonymous said...

"the Hyena King" man, I love that!


Pstonie said...

Neil: Seconded

Erik said...

Hi Martin K, (TheSparkle,anon 9:13)

Yeah ... I agree with you, part of it does remind us of a that Monty Python sketch ;) - thanks for linking.

Nothing much? is revealed yet aparently, but my question is more about your 'gut-feeling' with this; could this character be for 'real'?

It could be(come) the 'deathbed confessions' Les was vying for ....

P.S. I do not want to start a flaming war here like on the Youtube comments, I am looking for his intent rather than content.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting my work.. seems to me, I've left a legacy of hard work, minor accomplsihment, and, my major goal of wonderfully normal, sane kids....I think I'll spend my latter years writing about
just how full of shit the world has been,...and, how for some of us, the collapse we are watching accelerate around us,... the collapse feels more like a predictable novel, rather than an
excrutiating coup that is happening in the moment.

It fascinates me that so few of us understood that "America" had been
killed off a very long time ago,
..and that we are, and have been in it's death throws for a long time. Between the smoke & mirrors (Ha!), and the long-term agenda of the few,....America has been dead for at least my lifetime, and perhaps since 1861.....

I may not be able to man a barricade productively,...nor fill an official position of challenge,
..but I'll write my ass off so that years from now, people will know that we knew,.. and had known, for years and years. And they will know, I was not a part of what is being done to the people, the country, or,....our souls.


RJ O'Guillory

p.s.- I receievd a visit from two FBI Agents this past February. The visit was based upon my "writing", and worked out (so far) to have been a cheesy effort to have me STFU, both in regard to a personal,
professional issue, as well as the corruption I watched (turned in) for over two decades.....

The FBI visit, their stupid attenion, is one of the proudest moments in my life. They cared enough to come on out and talk,
....wasn't that special....?

Anonymous said...

The Joker's on you

Take the joker from your stacked deck of cards
Use the dealer's slight of hand
The Parade that marches by in life
I'm the leader of the band

I need not hide behind a shrub
I am with you when inside the club
There is a peace but you won't see
Just an ancient obscure mystery

Never will there be a hand
So skilled in striking up the band
That sounds eternal savage beat
The drum that shakes each city street

My silhouette is seen by all
The eclipse from lunar shadows fall
With only just a single thought
Deliver up your argonaut

I care about no golden fleece
Nor mythical Gods of foolish Greece
My thunderheads of lightning strike
Earth quakes break each dam and dyke

I hold in my outstreched steady hand
The future of you and your land
The last word will be mine to speak
Bringing gray to your rosy cheek

I vow to render all my blows
Upon all mankind's pointy nose
The aftermath will make my claim
And those who dirtied up my name

Shall struggle in the lake of fire
Forever and shall never tire
I presented all with only two
Choices of with which to do

And in the brightest time of day
They made the wrong choice anyway
So what am I supposed to do?
Credit paid as it is due

my entry............Buzzsaw

Anonymous said...

RJO'Guillory I would love one of your books but have to buy les's first,your a hero and a good bloke,buzzsaw good stuff also,well everyone here is a hero if they so wish..
mr visibles they will write books about you one day,the most intuitive mind of the 21st century and a top bloke all rolled together in one..

peace and respects to all of you..neil

neil said...

mountain water
waken spring
light in weaver
rainbow bring
life be in
touching heart
tip in reach
brush on art
spark a charge
truth embraced
living flow
lift and chase
inner grace
walk on wind
blade of river
freedom swing
swift within
rolling life
charging through
lift inside
gliding waves
circle wound
for earth and stars
and all around.


Em Pee said...

Hi Les,

What I most appreciate about your rants is your brutal honesty.

In one of your own comments today, I discovered we're kindred spirits in so many more ways than I had imagined. I've been where you've been and hobknobbed with the same types of folks and it was all so hollow and fucking sickening at the end of the day. I can't believe I survived.

In those days I didn't know shit from shinola and didn't WANT to. Then something happened to me when I was a busker and living in a tiny little apartment in Vienna. This event tilted me on my axis and my life was forever changed and I could not and WOULD NOT ever go back to the woman I was then...

Since that time I've consciously divested myself of everything that was crap in my life, including people. Yes, I am alone, but that is also a preference. I would prefer to die alone than eat any more shit or live with someone who enjoys the taste...

I would welcome a visit from Friends of Les here:

or here:!/profile.php?id=100000236186835

No one of any calibre ever drops by and it would be kinda cool if you did and said "Howdee, I'm a friend of Les."

It's good to know I am not really alone.

And to you Les? Shine on you crazy diamond.


est said...

MY Claudia, it is long since we have met,
So kissed, so held each other heart to heart!
I thought to greet thee as a conqueror comes,
Bearing the trophies of his prowess home.
But Jove hath willed it should be otherwise --
Jove, say I? Nay, some mightier, stranger god,
Who thus hath laid his heavy hand on me,
No victor, Claudia, but a broken man
Who seeks to hide his weakness in thy love.

HOW beautiful thou art! The years have brought
An added splendor to thy loveliness,
With passion of dark eye and lip rose-red,
Struggling between its dimple and its pride.
And yet there is somewhat that glooms between
Thy love and mine; come, girdle me about
With thy true arms, and pillow on thy breast
This aching and bewildered head of mine;
Here, where the fountain glitters in the sun
Among the saffron lilies I will tell --
If so that words will answer my desire --
The shameful fate that hath befallen me.

DOWN in Jerusalem they slew a man,
Or god . . . it may be that he was a god . . .
Those mad, wild Jews whom Pontius Pilate rules.
Thou knowest Pilate, Claudia -- a vain man,
Too weak to govern such a howling horde
As those same Jews. This man they crucified.
I knew naught of him -- never heard his name
Until the day they dragged him to his death;
Then all tongues wagged about him and his deeds;
Some said that he had claimed to be their king,
Some that he had blasphemed their deity.
'Twas certain he was poor and meanly born,
No warrior he, nor hero; and he taught
Doctrines that surely would upset the world;
And so they killed him to be rid of him.
Wise, very wise, if he were only man,
Not quite so wise if he were half a god!

I KNOW that strange things happened when he died . . .
There was a darkness and an agony,
And some were vastly frightened -- not so I!
What cared I if that mob of reeking Jews
Had brought a nameless curse upon their heads?
I had no part in that bloodguiltiness.
At least he died; and some few friends of his
Took him and laid him in a garden tomb.
A watch was set about the sepulchre,
Lest these, his friends, should hide him and proclaim
That he had risen as he had foretold.
Laugh not, my Claudia. I laughed when I heard
The prophecy; I would I had not laughed!


est said...

I Maximus, was chosen for the guard,
With all my trusty fellows. Pilate knew
I was a man who had no foolish heart
Of softness all unworthy of a man!
I was a soldier who had slain my foes;
My eyes had looked upon a tortured slave
As on a beetle crushed beneath my tread;
I gloried in the splendid strife of war,
Lusting for conquest; I had won the praise
Of our stern general on a scarlet field,
Red in my veins the warrior passion ran,
For I had sprung from heroes, Roman born!

That second night we watched before the tomb;
My men were merry; on the velvet turf,
Bestarred with early blossoms of the spring,
They diced with jest and laughter; all around
The moonlight washed us like a silver lake,
Save where that silent, sealed sepulchre
Was hung with shadow as a purple pall.
A faint wind stirred among the olive boughs . . .
Methinks I hear the sighing of that wind
In all sounds since, it was so dumbly sad;
But as the night wore on it died away,
And all was deadly stillness; Claudia,
That stillness was most awful, as if some
Great heart had broken and so ceased to beat!
I thought of many things, but found no joy
In any thought, even the thought of thee;
The moon waned in the west and sickly grew,
Her light sucked from her in the breaking dawn . . .
Never was dawn so welcome as that pale,
Faint glimmer in the cloudless, brooding sky!

CLAUDIA, how may I tell what came to pass?
I have been mocked at, when I told the tale,
For a crazed dreamer punished by the gods
Because he slept on guard; but mock not thou!
I could not bear it if thy lips should mock
The vision dread of that Judean morn.

SUDDEN the pallid east was all aflame
With radiance that beat upon our eyes
As from the noonday sun; and then we saw
Two shapes that were as the immortal gods
Standing before the tomb; around me fell
My men as dead; but I, though through my veins
Ran a cold tremor never known before,
Withstood the shock and saw one shining shape
Roll back the stone; the whole world seemed ablaze,
And through the garden came a rushing wind
Thundering a pæan as of victory.
Then that dead man came forth . . . oh, Claudia,
If thou couldst but have seen the face of him!
Never was such a conqueror! Yet no pride
Was in it . . . naught but love and tenderness,
Such as we Romans scoff at, and his eyes
Bespake him royal. Oh, my Claudia,
Surely he was no Jew but very god!

THEN he looked full upon me; I had borne
Much staunchly, but that look I could not bear!
What man may front a god and live? I fell
Prone, as if stricken by a thunderbolt;
And though I died not, somewhat of me died
That made me man; when my long stupor passed
I was no longer Maximus . . . I was
A weakling with a piteous woman soul,
All strength and pride, joy and ambition gone!
My Claudia, dare I tell thee what foul curse
Is mine because I looked upon a god?

I CARE no more for glory; all desire
For honor and for strife is gone from me,
All eagerness for war. I only care
To help and save bruised beings, and to give
Some comfort to the weak and suffering;
I cannot even hate those Jews; my lips
Speak harshly of them, but within my heart
I only feel compassion; and I love
All creatures, to the vilest of the slaves,
Who seem to me as brothers. Claudia,
Scorn me not for this weakness; it will pass --
Surely 'twill pass in time and I shall be
Maximus strong and valiant once again,
Forgetting that slain god. And yet . . . and yet . ..
He looked as one who could not be forgot!

est said...

that last one
by -

l.m. montgomery

circa 1910

est said...

slow this morning

last one- titled-

'the watchman'

Anonymous said...

military savagery
for cults of living death
practising barbarionism
treat all in disrespect
with ego driven values
domination views
a mind of psychopathic
intelligence is bruised
never felt the freeway
charge of river roll
revolve a living rising
chant upon a flow
a glow of everlasting
flight of ever rush
tap the living moment
lies turn into dust
thrust of earth and sky
oceans wise and deep
flight upon the wingtip
freedom flow and reach.


Erik said...

Hi All,

Kerry Cassidy has written a, to my opinion, fairly good review on the video.

Notes on Rulers of the World interview


Interesting discussions going on here:

Though many there unfortunately completely miss the deeper message ...

Depending on where you are on your path, it can feel to be either 'a wild goose chase' or useful information.

An alternative ...?

Listen to Les' latest radioshow ;)


Erik said...

Huh ......?

FDA: You have no natural right to food, health, or private contracts.

Dunno, but if true, something is beginning to show it's 'true colors'

Note to Self: check legislation in Europe; same playbook expected ... Agenda 21/Protocols ?

WV: subect apart from spelling errors - WV is uncanny!

Erik said...

Addendum ...

Maybe it's time for this:

International Declaration of Human Rights. (UN charter)

Article 1
1.All peoples have the right of self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.
2. All peoples may, for their own ends, freely dispose of their natural wealth and resources without prejudice to any obligations arising out of international economic co-operation, based upon the principle of mutual benefit, and international law. In no case may a people be deprived of its own means of subsistence.
3. The States Parties to the present Covenant, including those having responsibility for the administration of Non-Self-Governing and Trust Territories, shall promote the realization of the right of self-determination, and shall respect that right, in conformity with the provisions of the Charter of the United Nations.

TheSparkle said...

Here's a good one:

"Deep Blue (the computer that beat human world chess champion Gary Kazparov in 1997) became self-aware about 3 years ago. Deep Blue, according to him, has also detected other self-aware computer brains living in the internet."

Anonymous said...

Dirty Little Secrets : the hidden, awkward origins of World War 2

Ghana said...


You open thine I's brother with the spit and dirt you rub in our sockets! The more invisible I become the clearer I see and the more invincible you seem and it "feels" great!

What does a whistleblower turned upside down become in real time?

A Pied Piper leading the mice to the flesh eaters. Beware of the flute in Pan's hands...

Thanks Hermano!

wv; fuckssake- for fucksake can't you see whose leading the band?

Anonymous said...

Six Flags over Terror

A ticket to a twisted world,
a place we’d rather not dwell.
An emotional ride, a painful Six-Flags,
neither a moral, Heaven or Hell.

Not yet Stalin, no starving crowds,
no George, Thomas or Ben.
Murdoch mumbles, Disney soothes,
again and again, failing to find the sin.

Is this how it all works,
image is what really matters?
Reality shows dilute the rage,
The Bill of Rights bleeds in tatters.

The Concession Stand stands open,
Corndogs, Phillies and Coke
A steady diet of Bush or Obama,
is it a wonder we sit and toke?

DEA manages the rides,
roll one, just don’t get caught.
Also, just so you know,
TSA, the ticket you bought

How is it working for you,
this world of digital liberty?
A dream millions have died for,
flushed quickly, down life’s history.

The commode of modern life,
Sam’s blue-blood, fun, thrill-park.
We need to fight, to look ahead,
before the place goes finally dark.

RJ O'Guillory

Erik said...

Em Pee,

Loved your profile on plenty..; brutaly honest ;)

I live in Europe though, so it's a meeting of minds only (for now).

DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

I had a dream last night that I thought might be worth mentioning, with some followup thoughts that I hope are of some value. I was sitting at a table eating breakfast with another person, but I didn't see who it was. On my plate were two fried eggs cooked just the way I like them, not too runny but not too well done either.The lady who served the eggs to me said they came from Israel. As I cut into the first one with my fork I noticed that there were some abnormally large blood vessels in the yolk and extending out into the white. I realized that the egg was old enough that it had started to develop into a little chicken. I said to the person sitting at the table with me that I wasn't at all surprised seeing as how the atmosphere in Israel affects everything in a negative way, even the egg farming industry. I said something to the effect of that not only are the people affected in a negative way, but so are all the animals, birds, fish, plants, everything. As I was saying all this I felt an irritated feeling that woke me up. The instant I woke up the thought that was hanging in my mind was that the negative atmosphere in Israel is a powerful demonic spirit that affects every living thing in a negative way. The thoughts that followed were that most of the people living there are innocent to a large degree because they don't realize that their leaders' actions have to do with demonic control, nor are they aware of the pervasive demonic presence over the place because they've been living in it for so long that they consider it to be normal. Kind of like some places in the U.S., the Bible Belt in particular considering that man made religion is a wide open door to the demonic realm. In fact it is the widest open door of all. The last thoughts I had were that the Lord really grieves over the plight of the innocent people living in Israel (and in the surrounding area) but that he won't do anything about it until the appointed time. I had the thought that he wants to fix what's happening there as bad as we want him to fix it but he won't march out on his own without instructions from his Father's throne (unlike religious men who march out on their own creating huge messes that the Lord ends up taking the blame for).

Visible said...

There's a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up-

the Endless Tragedy of the Clueless and Manipulated.

TheSparkle said...

"Entangled" by Graham Hancock, his first work of fiction, a novel. The author of "Fingerprints of The Gods" and many other nonfiction works.

Ketamine, DMT, Ayahuasca, travels between the real world and this one and through time. Meeting the angel/god with the blue skin etc. Set 24000 years ago and today, with dual heroines who meet even though separated by two dozen millenia.

I am reading it now, and I love it.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Graham Hancock, I wonder what ever became of the discovered ruins of Mahabalipuram?

TheSparkle said...

I think they are still sitting under the ocean. I haven't been there to look.

Anonymous said...

Then they came, breathing fire and belching another God’s name. This is my home, and I will set it aflame, before I let the wicked agents with no face but a name, lay claim to that which with hard work became, a place to die in the defense of, and be it not in vain. I see you in the shadows, I know you from my dreams, the clever dealers of all that is not what it seems. Though with your methods built on the planner’s backs, hell hath no fury like the rage fueled by my mother’s attack. My oath to my motherland is fearless and always intact. Now, to God I swear, that I will always have her back. There is no life when there is no republic, as we watch with a sickness in our stomach, while those who are not one of us begin to change our land and thus wreaking havoc. Destroy what I have known to be carved in stone, cut lady liberty right down to the bone, rip out by the roots what our ancestors have grown, and be met by the righteous hand that makes the charlatans be shown. Yes it is true that there are many who bow before you, you are skilled at what you do, from your lips comes nothing that is true, and the puppet's strings are pulled by the few. This has been your life's work, and your father's life's work, and his father before him, but the generations that toiled to achieve this sickening goal, this effort to create this insurmountable sinkhole, has been without trust and God and Soul. It is YOUR heads that will sit atop the pole, it is YOUR loss of all that in which you stole, in fevered attempt to make us contribute to your bankroll. These names without faces will never rule the races, their bloodline has only bred cowardice. Who will you send to fight your wars of greed? Who will by force be made to provide what you need? Only one outcome will take place when you are driven by greed. and it has been a long time coming indeed. We are now backed into a corner and trust when I tell you, that everyone will bleed, until we drive out the evil that is you, and your gang of cowards, and we are once again freed. When the day arrives that you are caught without bodyguards, that one careless moment that you slip and have no security in your yard, and it will happen, you sir will feel the calloused hands of the oppressed wrapped around your neck, lifting your helpless ass off the ground. You will be looking into the eyes of justice as darkness falls on you and your life is snuffed out like like a candle flame. All of you. Then and only then can the almighty God be re-introduced into this country and all the ridiculous nonsense be stopped. You and your henchmen have decided to bring America to her knees, so be it sir, but I am here to warn you, it's going to be a long night. Oh, and , bring a change of clothes and pack a lunch! The filthy pigs in the white house are not now, nor have they ever been Americans, nor will they ever be. Now begins the fight to be free........regards, Buzzsaw

Anonymous said...

Here's a pretty good Jack Blood interview with F. William Engdahl, partly regarding Julian Assange and Wikileaks, if anyone's interested ...

M. Rocknest (Em)

Annsie said...

Ok That's it!!! The masses are completely dumb, They will believe anything...Instead of being concerned that birds are dropping dead from the sky and fish are being washed up in their millions around the world, They joke about it and buy the most pathetic reason given"Fireworks" killed the birds and the fish are over reproducing...I always read the comments to these stupid articles and find it amazing how many fools don't question what they have been told..Sometimes I think we deserved to be culled for being such gullible idiots..I think its frightening, whether its HAARP or a pole shift or whatever the hell is going on but hey,, its okay the birdies got a bit of a fright with fire works going off and all died of fright at the same time....Nothing unusual about that folks...

Anonymous said...

You are a drunken fowl mouth that sees a conspiracy behind everything and everybody. You haven’t shown one single prove that Assange is what you say he is. Just baseless allegations that you parrot from those liars Wayne Madson and Gordon Duff. You have the same attitude and are just as bad as George W. with your extreme judgement, you are either with us or against us. Then Ron Paul is also "with them" because he doesn't think 9/11 was an inside job. John Pilger, Gerald Celente, Ray McGovern, Andrew Napolitano, Christopher Bollyn and many others who support Assange are all traitors then in your view. What a laugh. You are making a fool of yourself with your sick paranoia. The way you talk you haven’t looked at one single cable and what’s in them, otherwise you wouldn’t spew out such stupid rubbish. You know fuck all about what you are talking about.

Visible said...

Maybe you should study Martin Luther a little and possibly check the link before this comment.

Fowl mouth? heh heh, I only eat fish and that rarely.


Milena said...

Regarding the 10s of thousands of birds falling out of the sky across the eastern seaboard as far up as Quebec recently...

So I'm investigating this mystery and come across this story: Wheeler about to expose the "accidential" release of phosgene gas by AF tanker plane over Arkansas:

.. after first coming across this: Prominent Washington aide is murdered, his body left in a garbage truck on a landfill site...

I really don't know what's afoot here, but certainly for the birds, a wicked wind this way blows...

Friends of Les, come and say hi here:!/profile.php?id=100000236186835

Milena said...

Hello Les and Friends of LV.

I've just created a place where we can all come to hang out, post our thoughts, our comments, our pictures, our links, our videos, and above all: it's somewhere we can all connect with one another and take a little stress off of Les!

Stop by, knock on the door, use the secret password: "litmus test", and you'll be welcomed in!

DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

You miserable drunken foul mouthed bastard, :0)

My old mentor (who was one of my best friends' dad) who was the guy who took the time to patiently awaken me out of the Christian Zionist stupor I was in told me this:

"When you're talking politics and trying to wake up the sheeple, if you don't piss some of them off then you haven't done your job."

So, from the looks of things you're doing your job pretty well. Hang in there my man... it's pretty fun sometimes wouldn't you say? I thought it to be interesting that the anonymous shill came off as such a name dropper. If what he said about those guys is true it's too bad for them that they sold out. I was especially surprised that he included Christopher Bollyn in the list of sell-outs. Maybe TPTB threatened to kill him or his wife or something like that.

See ya,


Anonymous said...

That Assange hasn't fallen out of a window yet says more than if he had.

Anonymous said...

just for fun,.....literally,..I suppose....


Plant me, tend me
Water me, feed me
Light me, weed me
Grow me, groom me
Splice me, mate me
Hide me, help me
Want me, take me
Hang me, dry me
Piece me, price me
Sell me, roll me
Smoke me, feel me
Plant me, love me

RJ O'Guillory

Anonymous said...

...I know it may seem dreary,...
but really, it is not intended to be so,.....really just something I prepared today, case I may need it "tomorrow", it is actually,.. it's a very liberating thing to write about,...


RJ O'Guillory

They’ll Say

They’ll say that I was ill,
of course, they may be right?
Was I never really ready,
simply not up to the fight?

They’ll say that I was lost,
of course, no spirit or will?
Finding death in a rush of light,
on a sunlit morning hill.

They’ll say that I was wrong,
of course, I know that’s true?
But how does it really matter,
if it’s what I really want to do?

They’ll say that I forgot,
of course, this could be so?
Missed desire to hang around,
lost in a life of painful blows?

They'll say that I needed help,
of course, how can you tell?
A dollop of Horse, just the right vein,
bloated limbs, beginning to swell.

They'll say that I should've asked,
of course, they lie and hide.
What life are they trying to sell,
it's okay I was a suicide.

RJ O'Guillory

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

What if we all just Tried a LIttle Harder.

Anonymous said...

M. Rocknest (Em)
nice link, heres a more download friendly link, creators page, mp3 download rather than youtube (theres no video anyway).
4 jan for your link.


nagual said...

Hi Les, you write :
"I suspect the Palestinians really are in trouble when their most lauded and highly paid defenders among the enemy, turn out to be the enemy too. I’m not going to link anything here and I don’t play the sax. I’ll leave it to you to suss it out."

Come on, is this a ref to Gilad Atzmon, and if so can you clarify? I've never found fault with the man's assault on zionism, but i haven't followed closely lately.

Thanks, keep it up!



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