Saturday, January 29, 2011

You Can't be There if You're not Here

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Remember when you used to walk into a bus kiosk or a subway station and you needed to figure out where you were before you tried to go anywhere? There used to be these maps that had an arrow pointing at a spot, with a little dialogue box next to it that said, “You are here”. I think it’s ‘safe to say’ (poor choice of words) that you are now here. Here is the place we’ve been talking about for a good, long while. This is the place, quite possibly somewhere outside Cairo, where that specific camel finally breaks under the weight of the last, unforgiving straw. This is the place where the most unstable domino, finally tumbles into its neighbor and begins to operate like the Gulf Stream used to.

All over the Arab world, as a precursor to, all over the world period, the psychic locks that have held the populations in stasis have now been broken. We are standing before the walls of a metaphorical Jericho. The sound of magical trumpets fills the air but no one is directly aware of them. They’re hearing something but they can’t identify it. The effect of the sounds, is to open areas of awareness and action that do not depend on the reflection and judgment of the people involved. It’s always like this when the world goes into one of its dramatic change modes. All of a sudden everything is happening, as if it were detailed on a blueprint or in a book and no one questions it because they are in the middle of it. Suddenly, all the things they’ve been feeling, for longer than they can remember, have all come together in a defining moment.

Somewhere in the mystery of this process, which no one can delineate without losing some of the parts, lays the apprehension of the warp and woof, attended by the meaning, but it always slips away like sand through your fingers when you try to understand it. Life is like that. It seems we should have always known where we would wind up by where we were going but we never do. Later on, down the road, in the place where they decide which history we are supposed to remember, they add in the details the way they add the nutritional features and vitamins to the while flour they got removed from, so that the rats and cockroaches wouldn’t eat it. It’s a similar principle. They don’t want any inquisitive vermin rooting around in the evidence so… there shouldn’t be any evidence until they add the evidence later.

Looking at the initial mayhem, prior to the greater contagion, one might opt for the promise of positive change or… an indication of serious shit-storms on the horizon. There’s probably going to be a good amount of both. Whatever the damage done by whatever is taking place, it’s not necessarily going to be worse than what was happening before it burst upon the scene. There’s always a chance that we will be presented with various enduring icons, like Little Georgie Sorrows, hanging from a colored scarf in his closet. There’s an implication that the monsters, which have herded the willing and the stupid to this pass, are going to get theirs.

I keep thinking of Vladimir Putin, rotating a pair of Chinese stress balls in his hand, as he considers what to do about Israel bombing the Domodedovo airport. The fall of Egypt is close to some of the worst news that Israel can get. As we know by now, bad news for Israel is very good news for the rest of the world; to reverse paraphrase Netan-yahoo commenting after 9/11.

So, for myself, in this time of momentous transformation, soon to be joined in concert by Mother Nature, I look for positive signs of human potential, evolving up from all fours into something more observably humanoid. I think of bankers hanging from lampposts and the sacking of Goldman Sachs by an angry mob of thousands; we’ll never know what all those files contained, before Building 7 went down. As history and the moment will both prove, we don’t need no stinking paper. The guilt and culpability are written into the atmosphere. It doesn’t matter what crime you want to prosecute or what injustice you seek to adjust, if you locate an international banker, ...that will do for just about any crime or injustice presently extant.

The idea of the whole boards of directors of BP and Monsanto, doing stationary, facedown, water ballet in the Gulf of Mexico, creates an image that I am reluctant to let go of. The Queen of England and The Pope, chained to the wall of a Newark crack house, as the filmmakers from the San Fernando Valley set up their equipment, makes me wish I had been a little kinkier in my life, so that I could get a greater degree of satisfaction from the event. Oh, look, here come their co-stars. Now that’s impressive. As long as nobody calls PETA, we should be able to get the money shot in one afternoon.

This is why I made the decision to call for quarantine and permanent isolation among their fellows, for these viruses, masquerading in human form. I don’t like violent revolution and I don’t like the show trials being produced by the same people that do American Idol so that, while you are watching the entertainment, they are fabricating the back story that goes with the version of things they want you to live with after the tables are turned and the same people are still sitting there. This time that is not going to happen.

I understand that some heads have to roll and I understand that unless you tear something to the ground (Goldman Sachs?) they’ll just Hoseme, Hoseyou, Mubarak the thing into a ‘let’s all play nice now’ scenario, where they go right back to doing business as usual with new faces. You can’t put the fox in charge of the henhouse. The fox is a clever guy. He replicates too. He’s in and out and in and out, so that it looks like sex is what it is that he’s having. What you have to ask yourself is, “Am I having sex with the fox but I am unaware of it? It’s no surprise that they called the enterprise Fox News. It’s all Animal Farm, anthropomorphically speaking.

What’s happening today is like a chapter in a book. Tomorrow (metaphorically speaking), there will be new character development and possibly the more critical aspects, or even the original target might come into the crosshairs.

What is happening now is going to impact on the lives of everyone living. The force is on the move and everyone is going to have to consider what sort of adjustments they are going to make to the force. You might be looking at it like an offensive tackle and you might be looking at it like a defensive end. Heck, you might even be thinking you’re the quarterback, in search of a wide receiver. These are just postures and positions from which one can have a perspective and you may be sure there are any number of people looking at it in very similar ways. It translates into soccer, or Rugby; lawn tennis, badminton, possibly even croquet, with the aforementioned, rolling heads. Alice in Wonderland is not a bad fit for describing the transliteration of The Devic Realm into an active feature of the times. There were all sorts of beautiful landscapes and interesting magical creatures in wonderland. There were very interesting potions (something I might have a little curiosity about) available but, there was also a batshit crazy queen and an executioner with an axe. The point seems to be that they were just a pack of cards anyway. Is that what this is? Are we just a pack of cards?

Its happening right in front of your eyes and it’s no big deal, right? Can you imagine what is going on behind the scenes at the moment? Given that this is a cosmic event, everything TPTB does, will be the wrong thing and work to their disadvantage. Everything they don’t do, will be the right thing, mostly, but they haven't engineered themselves for that yet.

We are officially in operational mode. Don’t forget that all kinds of super-natural potencies and possibilities are also operational too. You’ve going to get the game you are watching. You’re going to get the game you are after. You are going to get the game you are playing, unless you change your game and that’s always an option and the one most people, most consistently forget. It’s a little cliché but, “May the force be with you and may you be with the force” because the alternative makes you something for demonstration purposes only, or does it just go on?. Deepen your love.

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DaveS said...


I can't thank you enough for taking the time to write down my thoughts like you do... This is a delectable treat you've served-up for my Colorado breakfast!

I really liked a few of the sweetmeats you've included such as the BP assholes doing face down water ballet and the queen doing snuff films. Good food for thought!

Peace y'all
wv: mmizagt.... must be some yiddish word that means 'eegads! the goyim are waking up!"

Annsie said...

The beautiful thing about the Egyptian protestors is that they are not from various groups carrying different flags with different people to support. They are all Egyptians deciding they have had enough, they know what they want,There are no leaders leading the protest so it can't be co-opted.. Power to the people they make me feel so proud.We are all Egyptians now. I hope this causes a chain reaction around the world.

Neko Kinoshita said...

"It’s all Animal Farm"

Never forget, All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

I'm listening still. I can feel the game changing around me, and I'm waiting for the coach to send me in.

Nose still cool and wet.

Anonymous said...

Is it strange how you feel this inside when a part of humanity stand up? A feeling of pride like watching your offspring catch a ball to win the game. Yes, we are all Egyptians now.

In a general way the awakening is following ancient paths? Yes, our turn will come here in the USofSheeple. It will be slow andthere will be a detoxing requried first. How does a whole population get off fluride and phrams?

But, when it does get here, it will look more choatic then anywhere else. going to climb a mountain and watch it from above. I already have seen the show but, its worth watching again.

Remember thje titanic. So many need not have drowned. All that it would have taken is for people aboard to realize big ships do sink. There was a enough wood and floatables on board to save everyone if they had acted in time. Denial is a deadly thing.

He who hiesitates wwill truly be lost.


thelevelshift said...

And the walls come tumbling down

Thanks Les

Please listen

The Level Shift ft. Les Visible - One



TheSparkle said...

"The Rolling Heads" will soon release their first album as theme music for the revolution(s). They can't think of a good title, though.

amarynth said...

Yes Les, something that has been shifting slowly has just shifted big and fast and your words just perfectly express that. It is a momentous thing.

I'm in awe at your words and at the people when they lose fear.

The shift, the change is so fragile right now. With our hearts, minds and senses, and much help from the divine, let's not let this slip into so-called 'diplomacy'.

Anonymous said...

Addendum: I mentioned the Titanic in my prior comment. Well, the point I would like to emphasize is that there was enough wood on board to save everyone. Everything was made of wood then...

Just as now, there is enough for everyone to survive. But, if the masses hold onto the old paradigms to long they will go down with the ship. yes, it may seem choatic and scary but the present ship needs to be dismantled so many can survive.


John Ball said...

This is only the beginning.

Benzo said...

I could go on and on about how much your words resonate with me. Or I could try and wrestle with the inflexible elephant that is modern english trying to convey what I feel inside. Instead I'll just say this: The EXACT instant I finished reading this post Johm Lennon's "Imagine" started playing on the radio. I nearly cried. Thank you.
God Bless.
I can feel it. The Force.

Navin R. Johnson said...

Shutting down the internet shows how desperate they are in Egypt. If and when it happens in the people's republik of amerika, the best banana republik money can buy, we can go back to slow dialup, cb radios, bbs, hand and smoke signals, carrier pigeons, hand written notes. You don't want to miss my update of fakebook where the details of my migration from the dining room to the living room are in full detail. Go to myspace page for my favorite disco polka death metal punk band and some optigrab sunglasses that are on sale there.

Anonymous said...

I noticed something in a British newspaper concerning one fellow had been taken to London and trained to start riots because they felt it was time for Mubarak to go. I am cautious here as with so much dissatisfaction the best way to quell the riots might appear to be act like you started them. Just a guess.

I read so many of the prophecies concerning that area they all run together but I believe it is the Nostradamus quatrains which predict a unification of the Muslim areas under one leadership. It is no secret one of the goals of the constant wars was the balkanization of the area which we have now.

My guess is this is something that can't be stopped. If it is not then the prophets were wrong and I don't believe that can possibly be the case.

There is a lot of oil in the red sea and a lot of water in the area that Israel needs. Now they say Mubarak didn't was living up to his end of giving the Khazars the water they wanted. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

It is one of things I been wondering when it would all begin like many here. Another manifestation may well be the volcanic eruption we have just witnessed in Japan. More than one psychic has talked of large parts of Japan going in the ocean.

Red Porch said...

Anonymous said...

Observation: In Egypt the thugs are rampaging. Hmmm. did anyone notice that they appeared after the police were pulled off the street?

ravenise said...

URGENT, need to get this out there. There are ways around the Egyptian Internet censor, and I have compiled a list of potential ways around it. Please spread this around as much as possible... this kind of censorship will probably be coming to a city near you soon.

How to BYPASS EGYPT CENSOR تخريب الانترنت الرقيب :

Anonymous said...

What a dilemma for poor Vladimir. Imagine Israel bombing the Domodedovo airport to show him who is boss. Now if they did that in the US it would be blamed on the Arabs who own Hollywood. Reminds me of that bible thing Gog and Magog. Israel is attacked from the extreme north and is saved at the last minute by their horned god. Could he save them from the bear the way he did so many times in their biblical fantasies. I wouldn't count on it.

Went out on the range with six other guys last Wednesday. Took around fifteen guns with us. Quite a variety of weapons, SKS, 30 06, 45ACPs, 40 cal, 357 mags, 223, and half a dozen 22s. Left some at home. Probably fired 700 rounds.

This was just seven people with that kind of firepower. What will happen when this country goes in the crapper. No welfare, no social security, public services discontinued, banks closed, cops dead or hiding, predatory gangs roaming everywhere, starvation, etc. and everyone breaks out their weapons. We aren't exactly a homogeneous civilization so the racial situation must be factored in especially in the larger cities. It will be chaos the likes of which the world has never seen.


Django said...

We've just crested and are in the weightless, before things pick up speed. Deepen your Love-thanks for the reminder. It really does feel easier right now.
Best to All,

Anonymous said...

Soon, after the wave of freedom has swept through many parts of the world there will be a call to free the American people.


covkid said...

Hi Les and all,

It will be interesting to see how far this domino effect can go,and how many US puppet states will tumble.Is it possible for it to be a world record and even see some of the puppeteers themselves strangled with their own string? Lets hope so.

Here's Ken O'Keefe's take;

bholanath said...

Yeah, aljazeera rocks, been watching since yesterday. msm is a joke.
colorful scarves and water ballets...women kissing soldiers in Egypt...can't wait till the Gaza borders open...certain psychos nearby will be soiling themselves.

Neko Kinoshita said...

I'm not there, sometimes I'm not even here.

This is the beginning of the beginning, and it will be oh so fast, even while it is oh so slow.

Watching, waiting, waiting and watching.

Still sending while the network holds. It won't for long.

So I write a story that will never be finished, for those that will not read it anyway.

Still here in the alley, I think,

Anonymous said...

Can The Almighty create a boulder so big that even He can't lift it?

No, but the jews can

I wonder how much they're enjoying their plunder right now? Do you think they know they paid too much (on credit, to boot) for what they've stolen?

HA! this could get funny

Anonymous said...

No wonder the poeple of Egypt have suffered. With a population of 82 mil and a state police of 1.2 mil. Look at the burnden and oppression.


nina said...

Something to remain aware of is the Force is our best friend. Our representative-selves typically ignore him/them/it, doing whatever they want, wheeling-off in the direction of personal investment and avoidance of bodily harm. In retrospect, the Force never fails us, always speaking louder than words. Ignoring the Force is guaranteed failure. He/them/it loves courage and will provide everything you need for the journey when you take its friendship seriously.

>Jah provide the bread<
>Everything is under control<

Anonymous said...

What an absurd rant! Your Messianic 'Revolution' is the same old NWO claptrap sponsored by the same Rothschild Illuminati Gang.

Did you know the post-Mubarak "govt in exile" was finalized in December? Did you know that a big oil exec from Archer Daniels Midland revealed the plans for a "M.E. conflagration around turn of year" back in SEPT 2010?? Did you know a US National Guard Unit was sent over to the SINAI PENINSULA to safeguard Israel against the "Egypt Revolution"- back in early January?
Wake up you lost sheeple. You are once again being played for fools.

Neko Kinoshita said...

Wow Anon,
That's really some rant.

I think most of us have heard that lyric: "Meet the new Boss, Same as the old Boss."

Let us wait and see
what shakes out of the tree
Shall we?

(Shamless plug: Anybody want to read my little tail? I'm putting it up on FB.)

Visible said...

While you are busy pointing out to us the level of our ignorance, I'm wondering.... Have you ever asked yourself, "What is the thing that I don't know?" "Who is behind the 'me' who says, "oh my god"


Anonymous said...

If all things are going to be revealed that means what is under the sphinx and the great pyramid, we are going to need a legit government in Egypt or all the records will continue to be hauled off to the vatican and British Museum.

Mr. insider may be right about some EU planning but he is assuming this thing in Egypt won't get out of control.

Don't forget what is buried there. The record of man on planet earth. I am betting this is part of the revealing we have been promised.

Anonymous said...

If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading. -Lao Tzu

Anonymous said...

Don't know what to believe these days when it comes to who instigated the revolutions going on in Egypt, Tunisia, Asia, Greece, etc.. I do think the various countries coming out in recognition of Palestine as a sovereign country, was a result of the various ways we human beings are saying "OUT DEMONS OUT." Let's continue what Les proposed a while back, OUT DEMONS OUT, for Egypt, for Palestine, for America, for the World, OUT DEMONS OUT!


FeelingTheWoo said...

Hi all,
Les, sorry to hear you are "herneating" sure hope that gets better. Doesn't seem to affect your writing though.
I have been watching Al-Jazeera all day and was cheering along with the Egyptians as they rode the street tanks through the city. What an absolutely wonderful image. I couldn't help but think that the Way and the possibilities are being shown to the whole world. What we do with them is up to us. "They" tell us the way out before the time something they are required to do. We always have a choice. These people have lived under that regime for 30 years, and before Mubuarak there were others...they broke their chains...let's just hope other countries have the balls to do the we can't say it wasn't possible.We were outgunned. The military there showed the world their human side. The problem I fear in the States is that there is no common sense of community. It's everyman for himself and piss on your grandmother if she gets in my way. Sad. How it would truly bring tears to my eyes to see American soldiers and policemen taking off their uniforms and crossing the lines to stand with the people.
DublinMick mentioned Nostradamus..that crossed my mind today too..I remember a film I saw as a boy (I'm 40) with Orson Wells "The Man who Saw Tomorrow" and it seems that the Anti-Christ was a man wearing a blue turban coming from a Muslim nation after he united the region.
Bholonath: I too, sir, am anxiously awaiting the opening of those borders and the subsequent enflamed butt puckering of the damned. After all this, the weasly ones will find that they are the ones on the inside looking out, and not the other way around. The Palestinians will prevail and Justice will not be denied.
Les mentioned Hoseme, Hoseyou...did anyone catch that the name of the appointed Egyptian VP is being pronounced like "silly man"? Of course the people will never stand for it. As I look at the clock where I live, it is 23:23...ominous, corny, but true.
The time has come. And like the man said...Deepen your Love.
Peace y'all.

nina said...

Dear Visible, "herneating", how are you doing in that department anyway?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:01 Well at least you were good enough to give us warning. That was certainly an absurd rant of yours.


Anonymous said...

It is still too early to celebrate - it is not said that the goings-on in the Arab world are not being managed from Herzliya or somewhere in Maryland.

And then, Americans are voluntarily bending over to indignities not dissimilar to those of Egypt. Why?

Anonymous said...

desecrating sacred
abominating earth
corrupted equilibrium
disharmonizing worth
disfunctioning disrespectful
crumble at the feet
equality naturalizing
rush upon the breeze
a hum of chasing river
rolling on a star
charge the living moment
swift in through the heart
intensifying unity
rushing through the veins
waves of harmonizing
turning of the change


Anonymous said...

stirring and racing
a roll of the wind
reach through the moment
of life living in
currents of sanctified
glistening trails
leap on the frequency
deep on the tails
waves of intensity
integrity fly
up and up higher
gliding the sky
swift on the wingtip
a charge of the spring
spinning and weaving
a way in within


Origen the heretic said...

"There were very interesting potions (something I might have a little curiosity about) available..."

Remember what the dormouse said: Keep er feed your head.

It seems that the cops in the US are finally getting worried that their victims may turn on them. How many innocents do they have to beat, taser, torture, and kill before this happens? Not too many more I would think, especially since we have a rising number of people with nothing left to lose.

Rev. John

vv said...

Hello awesome Visible and awesome audience - don't reply much - am not qualified - but I read recently and was reminded that (perhaps) this revolution started with Iceland.

And this (unrelated)just for the Dog Poet :)

Love vv

Cui Bono--? said...

For what it's worth, Tarpley has weighed in on the Egyptian crisis, here:

Strum said...

Les, in one of your recent posts you mentioned something about darryl bradford smith and eric hufshite making derogatory remarks about you. I follow DBS pretty closely and have not seen or heard him mention you, I don't follow what hufshite is up to but could you link to where they have mentioned you, and I will e-mail darryl and set him straight.

Anonymous said...

Hey Les & All,

Good post...

After reading some of the comments, I thought I would share this.


Is America Behind Egypt's Protests?


These are some very interesting times..

Thanks and God Bless,

Red Pill

Anonymous said...

With the Holocaust something went terribly wrong
Otherwise why we see so many oven dodgers along
The job was lame
Who is to blame?
World of goyim can not go on like this for too long!

Anonymous said...

I noticed that slobama (as in slow to wake up obama) begged for the introduction of armed forces recruiting stations to be allowed on all college campuses in his SOTU address. In 68' it was about nam. It's gotten bigger than that since then. Only when my father died did they step in and take away six generations worth of our family savings. I've been angry for a long long time, and i want to see justice done. I want my money back with interest. I guess this means the end of israel finally, no?

Anonymous said...

I'm in agreement with you 95% of the time but I'm on the fence with this. This could be staged. It all began with Wikileaks after all. When Wikileaks released the onslaught, a part of me felt that this was TPTB setting the stage for the beginning of the final intended staged collapse of the US. If Oil goes through the roof, that would begin massive inflation and the "end of the beginning" of the collapse of the Dollar. It's true that Israel still needs the US Military so I would imagine the interest is in keeping the US somewhat together. Even if this was planned, it most likely won't GO as planned.

The Jury is still out with me on this one.

Anonymous said...

That fighting that you see in Egypt will soon be seen in America. Watch Los Angeles. For example, why do the U.S. Marines need to train in a mock city the size of San Diego in a Southern California Desert? Why do they recently need to have Urban Warfare / Urban Shield SWAT training in Oakland? What are the real reasons why there have been ongoing gang member roundups in Los Angeles? And why all of a sudden are people increasingly turning their guns on police across America? Close to where I live all of a sudden there are humvess parked at an army depot filled to capacity and not to mention the white UN vehicles at secret locations. They know something and you people better wake up. The day will come that there will be tanks and helicopter gunships on the freeways and inner cities in America. And there are special forces who are poised to deal with any kind of uprising.

As far as Putin contemplating what to do about Israel, there are all kinds of missiles from every direction pointed at Israel....and at NATO surrounding Russia's borders. China too will soon flex their muscles. Currency wars lead to trade wars and will soon lead to real wars. The writing for sure is on the wall.

abe said...

Welcome to the mid game Les. Not the closing stretch but well past the opening. The beauty of a game of chess lies in the pawns. In that despite their pitiful station and sacrificial utility to those of higher rank, there is still NO King, Queen, Cleric, Knight, or Tower that cannot be taken by a patient and well positioned pawn.

And congrats on the whole summoning Agni thing dude. I'll let you know if I can get Xolotl on board.

Anonymous said...

TURNING and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

Surely some revelation is at hand;
Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
Troubles my sight: somewhere in sands of the desert
A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.
The darkness drops again; but now I know
That twenty centuries of stony sleep
Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

William Butler Yeats

siamsam said...

I worked on oil platforms (rigs) in the north sea during the 70s and 80s. I was offshore on the day the 'Piper Alpha' Platform
collapsed (due to explosion and fire). Many men were killed including a few I knew personally. The only survivors were those that ignored what they had been repeatedly trained to do during such an emergency. They remained at their given muster points awaiting instruction from the control room. The control room was taken out during the first explosion.

The guys who said - fuck this I am out of here, survived by jumping from the doomed platform into the sea.

Point being, if you wait for the coach to send you on then it may well be too late and you could end up with more than just a scorhed tail :)

est said...

i think it will be awhile
before those pyramids

but they will

by then though
they will be sand

a good breeze
will move them easily

est said...

25 years a student
25 years at home
25 years to wander
25 years alone

salialioli said...

hi guys, how are you all?

long time since I posted anything, but keeping the beat ...

driven to remark that anonymous: "Your Messianic 'Revolution' is the same old NWO claptrap sponsored by the same Rothschild Illuminati Gang." is probably absolutely right. (tho of course I dont think your rant is absurd, just a tad overly optimistic considering the forces arrayed against ...)

This "revolution" is another stage in the PNAC plan. Fragmentation. Creative Chaos.

love and peace


Anonymous said...

The Queen of England and The Pope, chained to the wall of a Newark crack house, as the filmmakers from the San Fernando Valley set up their equipment, makes me wish I had been a little kinkier in my life...

Count me out. I wouldn't touch those two with a pole of considerable length. I've noticed that you like to use a lot of sexual allegory, and while always amusing, can't help but wonder why.

As someone who abhors all manner of the vulgar, obscene and violent, I'd prefer to not be within view of Merrill/Sachs et al when they get their comeuppance. I'll be happy when it happens but I can't say I have any interest in witnessing the spectacle.
A few years ago, a friend of mine showed me the dimly lit video of Saddam Hussein's hanging; unblinking, black eyes vacant but filled with fear, face drenched in sweat. There were two or three guys around him making the final adjustments. I thought I'd be able to watch the execution in full, but I had to turn away right as they dropped him. I just remember the sound of the rope swinging. Perhaps I'm too soft a person.

When I look at some of the images coming out of Egypt, my heart aches for them. I pray things can be resolved there before the fatalities reach a devastating proportion. May God be with you all, and keep the faith.


Visible said...

It's you who need to consider your own reactions to things where you will find more interesting things to ponder than you will analyzing or tailoring me at a distance. Usually what's happening inside ourselves is what gives voices to our reactions. My being colorful and using certain imagery does not necessary play to your diagnosis. Everything is sex. Everything.

Neko Kinoshita said...

Which team do you think I'm on?

The "coach" I listen to has never failed me, and I doubt they ever will.

My tail get's scorched when I need reminding that I don't listen too well.

looking at the contradictory reflections from deep in the alley,

Visible said...

Here's some of Eric Hufschimds work that includes me. As for other things, I've run across them now and then but just let it go Visible is a Neanderthal.

If what he says is true, let's hope he doesn't run into me in a open space, apparently I have no refinement (that could be true) and I might behave badly... No, i probably would behave well as i usually do, because it always depends on what the other person is looking for, in terms of what happens.

neophytes seeking entry, should avail themselves of some our colorful brochures, which outline our corporate angle irons and how to use them. We even include HD video examples of what happens when you misuse the various angle irons such as; using it to open a beer or to crack someone upside the head. Just go to any of the instantaneously manifesting color coordinated telephones that will appear like a rash on your hindquarters and give one of my people a bell.

Glad that's sorted. (did he say sordid?)

A.Mouser said...

Well, well, well, well.

After reading practically everything you Les have written since I woke up in March 2007 and to this day agreeing with basically all of it I want to say thank you for making this world more real.

People who comment here affirm to me I am not alone in my conviction that history is bunk and zionists rule the world with predjudice - but thankfully not for much longer.

Iceland, Greece, Ireland and now Egypt. The world has had enough zionist murder and corruption.

This is the beginning of the end exactly as you have been saying for over three years.

My hat goes off to you Sir in sincere respect.


WV: joyin
A joyful goyim.

Strum said...

Thanks Les,
Hufshite had a parting of the ways with Darryl Bradford Smith a couple of years ago now and has publicly acknowledged that Hufshite had taken him for a bit of a ride and has distanced himself quite clearly from Hufshite and admitted his mistakes openly.

Though DBS doesn't speak much on the spiritual aspects of our situation he does present some very good information and has some really good guests on, he has also linked to your blogs at least once in recent months. I find him a credible source and when he has been shown to be wrong he is quite willing to admit it publicly.

I don't know if you have looked at his site recently but he does seem to be on the same side as most of us who come here. I had thought that you two being in roughly the same geographical area meeting up might be beneficial to both of you, just a thought anyway. He might be a bit of a clod as far as his interpersonal skills go but he has done an awful lot of good work getting the truth about how we got here out.


Visible said...

Deb sent these in to me and I thought I would share them. It's a contest where you add or subtract one letter to create a new meaning

1.* Cashtration* (n.): The act of buying a house, which renders the
subject financially impotent for an indefinite period of time.

2.* Ignoranus*: A person who’s both stupid and an asshole.

3.* Intaxicaton*: Euphoria at getting a tax refund, which lasts until
you realize it was your money to start with.

4.* Reintarnation*: Coming back to life as a hillbilly.

5.* Bozone* (n.): The substance surrounding stupid people that stops
bright ideas from penetrating. The bozone layer, unfortunately, shows
little sign of breaking down in the near future.

6.* Foreploy*: Any misrepresentation about yourself for the purpose of
getting laid.

7.* Giraffiti*: Vandalism spray-painted very, very high.

8.* Sarchasm*: The gulf between the author of sarcastic wit and the
person who doesn’t get it.

9.* Inoculatte*: To take coffee intravenously when you are running late.

10.* Osteopornosis*: A degenerate disease. (This one got extra

11.* Karmageddon*: It’s like, when everybody is sending off all these
really bad vibes, right? And then, like, the Earth explodes and it’s
like, a serious bummer.

12.* Decafalon* (n.): The grueling event of getting through the day
consuming only things that are good for you.

13.* Glibido*: All talk and no action.

14.* Dopeler Effect*: The tendency of stupid ideas to seem smarter
when they come at you rapidly.

15.* Arachnoleptic Fit* (n): The frantic dance performed just after
you’ve accidentally walked through a spider web.

16.* Beelzebug* (n.): Satan in the form of a mosquito, that gets into
your bedroom at three in the morning and cannot be cast out.

17.* Caterpallor* (n.): The color you turn after finding half a worm
in the fruit you’re eating.

Visible said...

Here you are supposed to give a new meaning to a word-

1.* Coffee*, n.: The person upon whom one coughs.

2.* Flabbergasted*, adj.: Appalled by discovering how much weight one
has gained.

3. *Abdicate*, v.: To give up all hope of ever having a flat stomach.

4. *Esplanade*, v.: To attempt an explanation while drunk.

5.* Willy-nilly*, adj.: Impotent.

6.* Negligent*, adj.: Absentmindedly answering the door when wearing
only a nightgown.

7.* Lymph*, v.: To walk with a lisp.

8.* Gargoyle*, n.: Olive-flavored mouthwash.

9.* Flatulence*, n.: Emergency vehicle that picks up someone who has
been run over by a steamroller.

10.* Balderdash*, n.: A rapidly receding hairline.

11.* Testicle*, n.: A humorous question on an exam.

12.* Rectitude*, n.: The formal, dignified bearing adopted by

13.* Pokemon*, n.: A Rastafarian proctologist.

14.* Oyster*, n.: A person who sprinkles conversation with Yiddishisms.

15.* Frisbeetarianism*, n.: The belief that, after death, the soul
flies up onto the roof and gets stuck there.

16.* Circumvent*, n.: An opening in the front of boxer shorts worn by
Jewish men.

Visible said...


Thank you for being one of those alert observers. One of them wanted me to go on the radio with them but I just drove by, so to speak.

David Carradine calls on my internal cell, along with some number of the supposedly dead.

I'm not saying bad things about any of these people, cause I only say what I know and often not even that and generally make known that I don't know. If I were into irony this would probably buy me a corner location in some coming museum,; to be looted sooner or later on pay per view.

I'm just what I am as far as I know and I just keep going for as long as I go.

Strum said...

Should have put this in the last comment but I forgot.

Sorry to be the burster of bubbles but I think some people are being rather naïve in believing that what is happening in Egypt is anything other than another western controlled circus, meet the new boss same as the old boss, or as Lenin said the best way to control the opposition is to lead it.

Do you think that if this movement was any really threat to the global hegemony if would be plastered all over the mainstream media?

Funny how there is no mention of what has been happening in Iceland or Greece in the MSM yet they devote much time and talk to Egypt.

Look at the stooge they are lining up to take over ElBaradei, another western puppet, this whole thing is about preventing real change by creating the appearance of change, a little pressure relief before business as usual resumes.

People please think a little deeper and don't just accept what you are told by the mainstream media without question lest we get fooled in the same way when this sort of thing happens where we are.


Anonymous said...

eagle swift
tiger brave
blazing heart
turning change
aiming freedom
travel quick
lifting essence
light the wick
of fire burning
warm inside
lantern beams
open mind
nature shine
rush of truth
mountain lift
conscious root


Anonymous said...

egypt have got to dump the financials refuse to have anything to do with the dollar or oligarchs,and they need a spokesman who loves the people,a local community worker or anyone who hasnt been corrupted by the system,I should imagine their are millions of people their who fit the description....

egypt is now at the forefront of global revolution,they need our deepest respects...neil

Erik said...

Hi All,

Part 3 of Paul Levy's essay on wetiko disease is available, this time including the cure ...


GTRman said...

Those word games remind me of the
"Uxbridge English Dictionary" popularised on BBC radio 4 s " Im Sorry I havent a clue "

Some decent ones from last link :

Samurai – the choice between me and Sam

Hirsute – what she wears to work

Temporal – short-lived foreplay

European – to call someone common

Detrimental – that tree is insane

Disturbing – to remove one’s turban

Herbivore – the film after Herbie Three

Parabolic – a supernatural testicle

Diabolic – a poor excuse for a testicle

Metabolic – a superior testicle

Finally , one of mine :

Judo - Its what bagels are made of

Anonymous said...

The US and Israeli F16 fighter jets buzzing the crowd in Cairo...and the war dogs have smashed artifacts in the museum blaming it on looters...they came in through the Top..Egyptians do not have jobs (60% unemployment) let alone helicopters. Spent Tear Gas cannisters shown stamped with US made fired directly into crowds of brave courageous Egyptians. .. Egypt, The cradle of our civilization, Is The Shpinx sleeping Lion stirring.....Obama, HClinton, and NotjustanyolAOLE along with all their slugs in crime including those in the UK can Fuck right off, they are irrelevant, they've missed the boat on one of the bigest moments in Middle Eastern history, and the world, staggering,.. NOT. I can only say that I am in complete awe at the courage, dignity and determination of the Egyptian protesters. I echo your thoughts vis...Egypt, May the Force be with You and may you be with the Force. Jean

GTRman said...


Chiropractise; To get ready for a trip to Egypt

Senile; What to do whilst in Egypt

kikz said...

the lexicon entries are great!!!!

Anonymous said...

The PTB are becomming scared. I can feel it!

They are not behind this in Egypt. if they are, it is going in a direction they did not want. These dominos are going to fall all the way to the shores of the USA.


Anonymous said...

What Les wrote shows he is sensing the change in the planets-Lots of things going on up there and also the change in the Sun is causing changes in people everywhere. Subtle things you cannot name or grasp. Now there is a point to the idea of Egypt riots being triggered and managed- but there is also the possibility that us watching it may trigger the idea in us that we can riot too. As for what was said about the pyramids, it could be true that the Guard went there to protect them. AND it could also be true that soon we will see the purpose and power of them.. Les is absolutely correct that You are here- And we are on our way to somewhere- keep your eyes open, and love more- the feeling resonates and will sort us all out.

Anonymous said...

Strum, 2:59 PM
Probably agree with you mate but it's nice to see a dictator get a little stick and who knows this may encourage the US people to THIMK!
Probably not.

Anonymous said...

Replacing Mubarak for Illuminati-puppet El Baradei is part of the preparation of the start of project Blue Beam. The Muslims are prepared to play a distinct role in this project and this scenario of a (color)revolution might take place all over the Middle East.
The Neherlands

siamsam said...


I think your on the right side. I simply used your coach and tail to make my point. Seemed more fiting than coach and horses :)

Peter of Lone Tree said...

Dog Poet Transmitting……

I am a dog who gnaws his bone.
I sit here, in my repose, gnawing alone.
There will come a day, which is not yet,
when I will bite him, by whom i am bit.

See what else clif has to say at
Nice doggie, there Bill...try can learn this trick, we know you can....

Neko Kinoshita said...

As someone said to me recently,

It's all good brother.

I'm dealing with issues at home right now, so later,


wv: sporokeh - My mushrooms won't grow...

siamsam said...

has wikileaks been relegated to tabliod status:

peace,love ...... truth

TheSparkle said...

@E-bee in the Neherlands,

What role do the Mohammedans play in the upcoming Blue Beam passion play? What will be the opening act, and how will they respond? How are they supposed to respond? How is their programmed response supposed to affect the next subject? When is this going to happen? Will it be holographic? Will it involve real bombs and energy weapons? Who will be the next target? What will the Christians think? What about the atheists? Do you think the Sikhs will care? Has anyone even thought about the Buddhists?

Please tell us more.

Cui Bono--? said...

They've tipped their hand already:


Anonymous said...

HUH!!!!???? If I am correct: The United States is bankrolling the pro-democracy movement as well as supplying the current regeim...(?)

It's been said: Nothing happens overnight, it's all by design.....So I ask you what I ask many like you: We see your INTENT, but what is your true AGENDA?

Anonymous said...

Visible said...

It's you who need to consider your own reactions to things where you will find more interesting things to ponder than you will analyzing or tailoring me at a distance.

Oh hell yeah, I agree. Yes I'm forever analyzing everything around me, but I focus on myself more than anything, I think; there's always something to improve upon.

Was I making a diagnosis? I wasn't trying to 'peg' you as anything. I would hope that I would know better. lol

Everything is sex. Everything.

That was the answer to my question. Thank you. :)

Ld Elon said...

I came out of a friends house thee other day, my mind was flaming, i looked up, it was evening, there was no moon, only cloud, and two heavenly bodies, the stars where in the midst of the body of a camel, as i walked the way i walked, i appeared as i thought, riding the camels back.
I wasn't mystified by this anymore than usual, i thought it maybe of use, to you and yours, so that you may know.

Ld Elon said...






Cui Bono--? said...

They just tipped their hands:

This from Truthout (sic.):

ElBaradei, Muslim Brotherhood Offer Political Path Out of Egyptian Confrontation

Robert Naiman, Truthout:

"Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leader Essam el-Eryan said today that Egyptian opposition groups have agreed to back former IAEA head Mohamed ElBaradei to negotiate with the government... No doubt some folks who subscribe to the 'cooties' school of international diplomacy may object to any U.S. endorsement of a process that involves the Muslim Brotherhood. But refusing to support this reasonable, pragmatic, and moderate proposal, just because the Muslim Brotherhood also supports it, would be extremely short-sighted.... The U.S. should take advantage of ... this proposal for negotiations, and act decisively to forestall a bloody confrontation between protesters and forces loyal to Mubarak which could be significantly worse than what we have seen already, and for which the U.S. would bear substantial responsibility."

The way out of the illusion is to see it for the fiction it is.

Be(e) wise and stay awake, good folks.

Mark said...

Yes the goyim are waking up. Well, a few, here and there.

By the way, there is no U.S. of anything. It was never anything more than a press release, then another one after that, in hard copy, of course, which described how we hardscrabble folks drew a line in the sand.

It never happened.

Everything that has happened on this continent they call America was scripted more than a thousand years ago. And so there have been no surprises to the ones who have always paid attention.

I just don't know how much more attention I care to give to any of this.

I am very cold 12 miles south of Oroville, California.

Anonymous said...

The CIA-NATO-Mossad have long planned to topple Mubarak.

After Egypt has been wrecked, it won't be too long before the USA grabs Saudi Arabia's oil.

Don't believe the mainstream media.

Mubarak is popular with many Egyptians; under Mubarak there has been good economic growth.

Israel hates Mubarak and sees Egypt as its main Arab enemy.

The USA believes it no longer needs Mubarak.

Egypt has not sent troops to Iraq or Afghanistan.

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

Just spent 10 hours of the last 2 days shoveling a deluge of "global warming" so I'm too tired to contribute much. This is another great effort by Les and the comments are thought provoking. I posted the following bit at another website and got some good responses but the heavy hitters here have already helped me wade through my concerns about Egypt. Thanks guys!

There is no doubt in my mind that the revolution in Egypt is genuine in that it arose directly from the enraged hearts of a long repressed people, but could there be a hidden hand (U.S., Israel, U.K., CIA, Mossad, MI6, NED, CFR, George Soros, name your poisoner) which will somehow, either by preplanning or skillful opportunism, finagle yet another complicit leader into power in Egypt? I’d love to see Egypt led by someone like Iran’s Ahmadinejad, someone chosen by the people, someone who has their welfare as his top priority, someone who does not bend his knee to the Amero-Israeli paradigm. But, the doubts have started creeping in. Maybe I’ve been doing a bit too much reading and I’m simply overthinking this whole thing. I hope so. Would someone reassure me that this revolution will have a good ending? Please!

M. Rocknest (Em)

Anonymous said...

"The CIA-NATO-Mossad have long planned to topple Mubarak.

After Egypt has been wrecked, it won't be too long before the USA grabs Saudi Arabia's oil.

Don't believe the mainstream media.

Mubarak is popular with many Egyptians; under Mubarak there has been good economic growth.

Israel hates Mubarak and sees Egypt as its main Arab enemy.

The USA believes it no longer needs Mubarak.

Egypt has not sent troops to Iraq or Afghanistan.

- Aangirfan"


With all due respect, but this is a load of BS.

The U.S. has supported Mubarak for the last 30 odd years. Now, perhaps they want to get another stooge in. This is definitely possible. I believe this revolution is genuine, though I fear that it will be hijacked by the George Soros Open Society, and the NED.

What are you talking about Saudi oil?? The U.S. has the deepest relations with the house of Saud, and they already get Saudi oil. Saudi Arabia is highly important for the dominance of the dollar, and in keeping the dollar as the currency at which oil is traded. Need I mention Saudi Arabias's role in the money laundering affair? Read John Perkins' book, "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" for more info.

Mubarak popular and loved by many?? Good economic growth?? Most seem to hate him, and the poor have seen nothing of this supposed economic growth. Mubarak is a stooge, supported by western governments.

Israel hates Mubarak? BS!!!! Mubarak is a good friend of both the U.S. and Israhell. Mubarak is happy to seal the border with Gaza, and do anything to please Israhell.


Odin's Raven said...

Here's a view on how change may slowly come to our societies.

Odin's Raven said...

Here's a Russian view that TPTB are promoting chaos in the Middle East to push up the price of oil and support the $.

Visible said...

Well said Peter of Lone Tree!

TheSparkle said...

Les, you were talking about Switzerland and the Redshields.

You will probably like(?) this website:

"The Foul Stench of Switzerland Rises Up To Heaven

Unlike say England where no one knows what is going on, or cares, unless they went to Oxford or Cambridge, everyone in Switzerland in the major cities knows what is going on with the Rothschilds banking empire......Amazing how no one wants to talk about Swiss Corruption like no one wants to talk about England and Australias racist apartheid regimes."

Pstonie said...

I don't doubt that it was all planned out and instigated by the scum of this world, though I suspect they may already be getting more than they bargained for. And I'm definitely not talking about threats to israel since it will most likely be made another burnt offering soon.

Their bad and increasingly in-your-face acts keep waking certain kinds of people up, and a lot of the news that's getting out can only be interpreted the correct way. The people that are paying the most attention to this aren't the type to go to CNN for their news, and I'm not even talking about people who know about 9/11 or that democrazy is a sham.

Showing people that switching off the internet is a likely thing to happen is only going to prepare alternatives that can not be so easily controlled, for example. Yes, it would seem that trying to control a culture they haven't been a part of for hundreds of years and have never understood may not work out so well. They started our revolution for us and they appear quite skilled at fucking themselves over. We just need to help them along.

The Most AMAZING video on the internet #Egypt #jan25

smile (y) edna said...

Somewhere in the mystery of this process, which no one can delineate without losing some of the parts, lays the apprehension of the warp and woof, attended by the meaning, but it always slips away like sand through your fingers when you try to understand it. Life is like that. It seems we should have always known where we would wind up by where we were going but we never do."

I love you, man. I needed that today.

vw kestomsz = russian for K? :P

Anonymous said...

Keeping a watchful eye on the 'holey land' since they have a shopping list and are likely drooling at the opportunity to move in and 'assist' with security. Hehehe


Visible said...

A professional web builder is redoing all of the blogs appearances which I think will please some of the readers no end because I hear about it every now and then. I think you're going to be suitably impressed by what I have seen so far. That's not why I mention it though. I cannot remember the name of the fine gentleman who did the Nakba graphic in the right sidebar. I am genuinely sorry about that. I know I had written the name down but where? If anyone knows who did that graphic or if the person who did it sees this then please get in touch with me. I'll re announce this at the next two postings so it is likely I'll reach him.

Everyone who has an interest should let me know what their favorite blog posts from any or all of the blogs are because we are publishing a best of book of the four of them. There will be about forty or so per book. It's the reader that has the best idea of what hit them in best sense.

Matt said...

Football analogies, really? Good stuff nonetheless!

Anonymous said...

I don,t know much more then most of you, I believe in informing yourself by investigation. I was born in an old, influential occult nazi family in the Netherlands, working for their Dutch masters since generations. Knowadays mainly as advisors(managementcoaches) for police and government. I am more into spirituality. Thus I was removed to the scrapheap of homelesness were I write this.
TPTB need the muslim momotheists to implement their NWReligion, regimes run like Iran are the best model for this purpose. Without a NWR there will be no NWO. Religion and moral guidance are the essential control component. After introduction of the NWR and the new Messiah, by Project Bluebeam, all sovereignty and political power will be transferred to the Vatican, allready, there are a lot of influential persons knighted for the occult Vatican orders. Remember the catholic mason Tony Blair? Then it will be Inquisition time very very quickly! Replacing Mubarak? My best guess is because he banned the Jesuit led Muslim Brotherhood, mindcontrol experts, Hitler-collaborators, Sufi mystics, using mindcontrolled ASSASSINS since ancient times, on the lower levels they use preferrably religious fanatics and possesed ones. All cultures are now flooded with them. They are SLEEPERS now, waiting to be activated.
Every regime in history that banned the Jesuits had to come down.

Anonymous said...

Yet man professes to belong to a particular type of faith with reference to particular time and circumstance and thus claims to be a Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist or any other sect. Such designations are non-sanatana-dharma. A Hindu may change his faith to become a Muslim, or a Muslim may change his faith to become a Hindu, or a Christian may change his faith and so on. But in all circumstances the change of religious faith does not effect the eternal occupation of rendering service to others. The Hindu, Muslim or Christian in all circumstances is servant of someone. Thus, to profess a particular type of sect is not to profess one’s sanatana-dharma. The rendering of service is sanatana-dharma.”
-Srila Prabhupada

Anonymous said...

These are still my two favorites.

I was reading the Greg's good squad and I noticed a piece of vigilant citizen. Lady gaga wants her new perfume to smell like blood and semen. Give me a fucking break. Anybody who would have sex with that woman should be jailed for sexual abuse of the mentally ill.

TheSparkle said...

@ E-bee:

Thank you. They will not succeed.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

dublinmick, 8:09AM

Yeah... that's our world mate.


Anonymous said...

Mark said...

Need I mention Saudi Arabias's role in the money laundering affair? Read John Perkins' book, "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" for more info.

That wonderful book also came to my mind after reading Aangirfan's comments. I've seen some interviews of Mr. Perkins on Democracy Now! Naomi Klein's "The Shock Doctrine" is another fantastic read.

@Pstonie - That video is heartening. I'm aware of the distinct possibility that undesirable elements Mossad, CIA etc., could once again be attempting to manipulate circumstances to their masters' benefit, but I can't help but feel a sense of peace about it all... and gratitude.

Those twats who think they can keep fucking with innocent people without any repercussions are really going to get FUCKED this time, and in the worst (best?) possibe way. The part that makes me smile is that I don't think they'll see it coming. That is to say, they won't know what hit them.

P.S. God is awesome.

Ayn Rand said...

"When you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing - When you see that money is flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors - When you see that men get richer by graft and by pull than by work, and your laws don't protect you against them, but protect them against you - When you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice - You may know that your society is doomed." -- Ayn Rand, "Atlas Shrugged", 1957

Martin said...

Les, fantastic writing... you have my unyielding respect.

Mr. Mcgranor said...

The natural order will suffice for the Christian--lest he/she falls to the Satanic trickery of the occult. Those supposed Christians whom suggest that natural law is not enough -- are spiritually filled by the New Age.



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