Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Julian Assange and Abe Foxman get Married

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Well now, I was wondering what I might write about today when I saw this. It’s impossible for me to resist an opportunity like this, so I’m going to go on record and say that Wikileaks is an Israeli scam and Andy Warhol Jr., better known as Julian Assange, is a Rothschild backed, Israeli stooge. Knopf and Canongate are giving Assange 1.5 million dollars to team up with hungry Ghost Writers in the Sky and spin his autobiography, accent on ‘auto’. I had heard that Rupert Murdoch was involved. I realize that since this involves dark places under large rocks, near unregulated, septic systems that... Murdoch has to be connected somehow, still... I don’t actually know that he’s engaged, so I shouldn’t say so. However, as a line in Murdoch’s theme song goes, “the butt bone's connected to the smut bone” so we can’t discount him.

Let me encapsulate the main thrust of the last paragraph, Assange is an Israeli stooge and Wikileaks is an Israeli scam. I hope that does it. I hope I make the list. I don’t know how much time my mother may have left and I do want to make her proud. If I don’t make the list, I’ll be devastated and she’ll be disappointed. I’ve been singled out by members of The Neo-Pharisees for career destruction in various media, as well as being blacked out in the major markets and, I have to admit, that is a sign of disfavor that wears well but, it’s not the big time. The big time is when you are not just ignored but publicly noted as someone to be ignored. It’s a toss up really. Do you settle for nothing as a sign of something or do you throw in ignominy and calumny and take the risk that there might actually be no such thing as bad publicity? It’s a two-edged Ginsu is what it is.

Assange is getting the full boat spread. I’m not likely to get anything like that. He gets the ‘tropo caro treatment’ that includes accusations of testosterone rampaging as a red herring overlay on sexual ambiguity; something I occasionally favor when my kundalini is acting up but which I don’t recommend practicing at home, unless you’re alone and like to dress up... Julian... Julia... costume ball on Corfu... detecting... detecting...  “Rothschilds! Meet the Rothschilds; they’re a plague on human history.” I don’t suppose I have to mention that goes with the tune to The Flintstones. “And over here we have the Silas Marner exhibit which is next to the Jack the Ripper diorama"... moving right along. I don’t know how much truth there is in this; more than Wikileaks or less than Wikileaks? “wiki, wiki bra”

Yes, when you’re Assange you can get the 96% Neo-Pharisee owned media to paint you as a bad guy and turn you into the people’s hero at the same time. This is like being crucified with red gelatin nails on a custom, comfort cross. It’s got an off-Broadway, Jesus Christ superstar kind of a feel good, fun for the whole family thing, especially if this is the kind of family you come from, only it isn’t listed in the theater program; that’s where hungry Ghost Writers in the Sky LTD comes in.

Um, let’s see; Julian Assange is an Israeli stooge. Julian Assange works for Israel. Julian Assange got paid by Israel to not publish cables incriminating Israel in doing what Israel does 24/7. Cue the ADL and... start up the war machine for another crack at the Litani River. As it is, the water coming in from the taps in Tel Aviv, looks like the water that’s going out of the drains through another fixture. One hopes it tastes like that too.

Abe Foxman is a 100% ambulatory, shit golem who looks like Tottie Fields when he’s naked. Someone should unscrew that wooden leg, carefully, and then beat him into shit kibble for the coprophagia crowd that meets at oh... any one of these people’s houses after one of those major openings at MOMA. Well lookee there, David Rockefeller is the big cheese. No visible, that’s not cheese, that’s just more shit kibble, made to look and taste like cheese and old socks, slow cooked on a car radiator, until it’s ready to serve. It goes really well with a chilled Sauterne.

Am I being unnecessarily rude and crude here? I assure you that no Palestinians were harmed during the writing of this essay. There was no animal testing involved either but... there may be once this becomes available to read.

What can you say about a guy like Julian Assange? Well, not the truth of course but you could repeat what you’re being told. I’m sure we’re all walking a little taller and standing up a little straighter now that we’ve got a real, one hundred percent manufactured hero to admire and study. He’s environmentally friendly, since he’s composed of completely recycled materials that you can burn in your Prius, if you run out of gas in the outback and Julian happens to be in the car.

I haven’t seen them yet but I get the feeling there’s a whole crew of ex-Vogue photo people who follow Julian around because of all those artsy, back-lighted, fashion pics that keep showing up in the media. I’m guess they’re dressed in black turtle necks and look like they do air guitar backups on Robert Palmer music videos. I imagine they’re all just one big happy family; the hair people, the FX people, the publicity corps and of course the liaisons and flacks that work the space between Julian and the people who want to touch him. My guess is that like Andy, he just like to watch, or says he just likes to watch like Andy since, I know for a fact that Andy didn’t just watch.

It’s hard to imagine this whole extravaganza hasn’t come to reality TV yet and then I realize, it is reality TV, it’s just pretending to be news but it’s scripted so... oh, I see, the news is scripted too? Okay then, it’s becoming clearer.

Well, it’s good to see that the Anti-Defecation League has got Julian’s back and everyone else has got his front. Chief anti-defecator, Abe Foxman made the point some time ago that anti-defecation was a primary concern of the organization because they would run out of material in no time otherwise. Basically, it’s a plumbing thing, where the material backs up, until the pressure of social need squeezes the toothpaste tube with an invisible hand and provides the world with something to eat, snort, drink or make love to. Don’t worry about whether it’s love or not, attention will do.

I’ m going to ask the reader to join me now in a little creative visualization. It won’t be pleasant. If it is, I’d rather you didn’t come around here anyway. I want you to imagine Abe Foxman naked in an elementary school playground at recess. I want you to imagine it’s a really big elementary school and that Abe is the school principal but that aliens took over his mind and forced him to disrobe at noon near the swing sets. I want you to imagine Julian Assange dressed up in a pink party dress with ribbons in his hair and a big load of Wiki-Leaks in his arms and that he’s standing in front of Abe and trying to hand Abe the Wiki-Leaks papers but Abe has suddenly been overcome by yet more alien intrusion and has begun to masturbate in a wild frenzy and that his eyes are rotating in his head. Children are screaming and covering their eyes.

You can hear police sirens in the distance and there are a number of teachers running into the playground with blankets to cover Abe with but the blankets catch fire when they get close. Abe picks up the pace and goes turbo and then begins to gasp as he gets closer to release. His face turns crimson and his knees begin to buckle. It looks like he’s trying to get closer to Julian so that he can finish on the big stack of Wiki-leaks but... just as you think he’s going to manage it, you can hear his heart explode like a tire blowing out on the freeway and then he falls to the ground and lands on his face with his big ass up in the air.

The sirens are getting louder and then you see two bicycle cops pull in and one of them parks his bike in the crack of Abe’s ass and dismounts. He scans the crowd and says, “Okay, what’s going on here?” Julian replies, “Nothing officer, nothing is ever going on here. It just looks like it is.” The one officer looks at the other officer and then back to Julian and says, “Well, that’s the important thing, isn’t it?” Julian answers, “Yes sir, it is.” Then a man in a trench coat comes into the playground and picks up Julian and takes him through the gate in the chain link fence and tosses him into a white panel van and drives off.

End Transmission.......

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aferrismoon said...

I imagine Andy Warhol with his consumerly oriented 'art' to have been a Zionist stooge, with his and others utterly demoralising vomitka written up as talent.

The question may be ' Will Juju do a Harold Holt?'

In Memoriam there could be the Julian Assange Memorial Latrines locally known as 'Leak House'


Josey Wales ll said...


I especially liked the bike being parked in Abe's ass crack and also the teachers running with blankets.

See, its those little things that really enable us to participate in the visualization.

Good work.


Anonymous said...

HILARIOUS! Havent laffed so hard
since before Captain Beefheart
died! A laugh at the end of an
annus horribilis (anus horribilis in Abe's case!)
WV: flutbu
(hebrew for fatbutt)

Anonymous said...

Les --

Your vision of Assange and the Abe man is so stomach curdling that it gave me an idea -- Instead of Wiki-Leaks, whenever I see Assange's pasty countenance, I will be thinking --


The Bird is the word...


Anonymous said...

Hey Les & All,

Great post...

Wikileaks is clearly a deception and I'm glad that you cleared that up!! Freaking blood-suckers...

On another note, have you noticed all the Hollywood movies and TV series dealing with "alien invasions"...

Seems like these clowns are conditioning the masses for the coming "staged" alien invasion.


William Cooper spoke about this in his book "Behold A Pale Horse"..

In addition, it has been noted by the CIA that "AMERICANS" are now the Greatest Threat to America... Imgagine that.. They are calling it "home-grown" terror..

I know you are glad that you are no longer on this side of the waters...

Take care and keep up the great work.

God Bless,

Red Pill

Anonymous said...

I knew from the very beginning that this whole wiki-leaks debacle was a scam. I was the first to post doubts at WRH and they have since been confirmed. Anything that pleases that state of racist, fascist hate Israel can not be trusted. And now I read Gordon Duff is under suspicion. Please say it ain't so!


laurel said...

ohmg les :)....has there ever been a time when your writings were not worthy of a bow? nope, never!

Ricochet said...

Why 6 months to dump Israel cables? Because that's how long it would take to write them up. Do you think Julian is going to give back the money Israel paid him? If he really had intel on Israel and threatened to publish them he would live? JA did not sell out, he was bought and paid for from the get go. This was and always has been a Mossad front. Israel should not have been such a cheerleader for him they might have had a chance. Cover blown, no putting the Julian (genie) back in the bottle.

Ricochet said...

Message to Julian Assange from Tel Aviv, "WE WANT OUR FUCKING MONEY BACK!" You sniveling little weasel, we paid you fair and square and this is how you show appreciation? Now that you are going to expose us we promise you will not be killed by the Mossad. Really, honest, just give us back our money and dump those posts onto the internet.

You know what. I think if Israel wants Julian to cease and desist they need someone like Joe Pesci. Now he is a take charge kinda guy. If you want a leak plugged Joe will make sure it's plugged FUCKIN SOLID!!!!!! With a few good expletives added for flavour. That's the ticket. I'm glad Pesci is on our side.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Les,
I am glad to see your version of this
cheap made-for-TV variant of classic burlesque.

Walk around, drop a glove here, a scarf there, always teasing, never really revealing.

It is going to result in real damage though, to all the rest of us who want to see the 'naughty bits', and remorselessly prowl the web looking for them.

They will want to shut it down, to preserve/secure/protect - pick a faux reason.

BTW, my word verification today is lievi

Visible said...

As some of you have noted, Google has shut down the comments. As I've said, you have to send me your comments by email. This isn't working either since they shut down Gmail as well so send your comments to lesvisible@yahoo.com

There's always a way.

Anonymous said...

processions of artificial
in falsified mistakes
mossad desecrations
in self deluded hates
talmudic sponsored deviations
crash and turn to dust
in corrupted clouds of going nowhere
internally combust
israhell crumbling smashed
no where left to turn
burned itself historicly
for hell it always yearned
down it go for all to see
collapsing smashed and wrecked
for never ending savagery
and a barbarian intellect.


Anonymous said...

I see no evidence Assange is conspiring with Israel and it's many agents.

How long would his career or life last he he gave us the dope on Israel?--About as long as any journalist or politician who would break that taboo in the US.

But maybe the times will change.....

Anonymous said...

death scholar zionists
talmudic vampire screams
fiends of desecration
with corrupted broken dreams
zionist twisted deviations
on fallen broken paths
savaged by the barbarianism
invoked in their own hearts
by a blast of liberation
a charge of living truth
a mighty chasing equilibrium
encompass conscious root
the fruit of living equal
rising hearts project
crumble the institutions
of the death cults intellect.


Anonymous said...

Les Im pretty sure youre correct here but the hate you use to show julian's faults wont help anyone man. Just show the facts and leave your contempt for him behide.
Whats the point of showing people the truth only to get them mad and upset? The truth will do that anyway?

Love Your Life

bholanath said...

I see you've passed the 3 million mark, so I guess the 'tipping point' has been reached.
wv: wording (word!)

CalDre said...

In his Al Jazeera interview, Assange claimed that Wikileaks has a “business relationship” with the five(?) newspaper outlets that were given advance copies of the cables, which granted them the exclusive right to publish the cables, presumably for a period of 6 months given the statement. In other words, Wikileaks sold an exclusive right in return for money. Where is the evidence Israel paid money to Assange or Wikileaks?

If one actually paid attention to what Assange said, he made a broadside attack against the Jewish lobby: he claimed none of the five newspapers published any of the cables about Israel due to Jewish sensitivies.

In other words, Assange is claiming that Jews are able to censor five major Western newspapers to prevent them publishing anything critical of Israel.

Is this really what an Israeli stooge would be saying? And Assange promised to publish all these cables after 6 months. Why not wait before hanging the guy now?

To be sure, I don't know if Wikileaks is a psyops, has been duped by a psyops, or is legit. What I do know is that things are not as clear as some would have us believe. Follow the facts.

I made this point to Gordon Duff, but I think he is too macho to admit a mistake .... Ta la la.

Visible said...

It would be nice if some of you condo dwellers would do a little research but I suppose that might compromise your desire for something else to be true in the face of what actually is.

I might ask you if you have heard what Assange's former associates had to say about him. I would ask you how come he wasn't shut down like anyone else is routinely shut down. I would ask you if you are familiar with his lawyers or whether it didn't occur to you that if Assange had all this info on Israel why didn't he release it to the alternative press?

The mainstream media is a well of full time shit manufacture. Why would he release the information to them? Why is it that all of the information serves the interest of the ruling class? What kind of denial do you have to be in to not have any of the wealth of information that is out there and also be lacking the logical capacity that allows a person to reason things out?

I could lay out all sorts of convincing arguments here but I am not your research assistant and if you can't get it together to figure out what 2 and 2 adds up to then nothing I can say is going to help you. Then again, I don't know who you are or who you work for.

I know who love your life is, he's a former seminarian who lost his mind and is in care for a terminal case of sanctimony, complicated by a putz virus.

However, I suspect those defending Assange are in the employ of those associated with the agenda he is engaged in. The very fact that Foxman made the comments he made tells the tale.

I stand by what I said because it happens to be so and it's no doubt worse than I've indicated. No one gets away with this sort of thing unless he is serving the interests of those who are using him. One only needs to take the pulse of the process to know the health of the patient. Assange is what I say he is. Why don't you prove otherwise in some convincing fashion?

Anonymous said...

well I dont trust assange one bit,his lawyer has connections to rothschild,calls 9-11ers tinfoil hat wearers and his information is really worth nothing..

tptb are finished...neil

Visible said...

Right Neil;

We should keep in mind what Assange says about 9/11 and also keep in mind that this is a person who is supposed to be better informed than the rest of us. 9/11 as I said a long time ago, is the litmus test. By this feature only. Assange is a disinfo source posing as an info source.

Also, he didn't know who owned those media outlets before he gave them all that sanitized info? We haven't learned anything useful from Wiki-leaks yet except that it's obviously connected to a government intelligence operation and Rothschild lawyers, well... that shouldn't mean anything I guess.

I suspect those showing up here to defend him are operatives.

I found out a few hours ago that I am on a list out of Redmond;

"Microsoft has an internal blocklist maintained from Redmond that end users cannot edit, and you must be on there." I won't say who told me this but it was in relation to my emails disappearing as the arrive. This is also happening at other sites and the usual blocking of comments and disappearance of the word verification box continues apace as well.

Visible said...

Some of you should take a great deal of amusement from this on all sorts of levels-

The ideal girlfriend for the right guy.

Visible said...

I'm only posting the Makow synthesis of this because It's convenient.

And because I've already read more detailed analysis of this at other locations and they all pretty much say the same thing but in more detail.

Anonymous said...

thanks for that mr visibles,dont know who redmond is,but if I was him I would run....neil

Anonymous said...

Thank god for Les Visible

Anonymous said...

All readers attend NOW to the sunday night offering. With you all the way. Chip

Origen the heretic said...

Wikileaks! Our best hasbara disinformation yet!

Jesus Les, that would make a cow laugh. My stomach is sore. And for the hasbara trolls/zid shills here, for any rational mind, just knowing that Wikileaks is an MSM hit tells you all you need to know. As Les so correctly pointed out, 911 is a litmus test that Mr. Assange failed spectacularly. Go play somewhere else little zids.

Rev. John

Terrance said...

Hello Mr. LV...you are one of a kind!....you are rude, crude and socially unexceptable! Please keep up the good work.....exceptional leaders are hard to find....you raw energy is very entertaining in these strange times! Only the best to you....

Rabbit said...

I figured out where this twit was coming from, even before he blew it for good with his idiotic comments about 9/11. Not that I did it alone, the site Opinion Maker has very good analysis. I made a video about it months ago, (which has since been removed by Youtube, as they do) and which Assange had listed on a site he kept with all references to himself on.

If it walks, talks and sits like a duck, it is a duck.
If it stumbles, snarls and shits like a Zionist, it is a Zionist.

CalDre said...

It takes an open mind to examine both sides of a coin. And although I am also not your research assistant, you write some good prose I often enjoy reading, so I'll take a stab at those pesky questions you posed.

"[Have you] heard what Assange's former associates had to say about him."

Yes, they think he is a control freak, slave-trader, publicity hound, etc. This is evidence of Assange being an egomaniac, not an Israeli agent.

"[H]e wasn't shut down like anyone else is routinely shut down."

You mean like your website, Rense.com, WRH.com, prisonplanet.com, etc.? Actually have you noticed that his website was booted by Amazon, donations have been halted by MasterCard, VISA, PayPal, Bank of America, etc.; he is being persecuted for a series of non-rape rapes in Sweden; he has already spent some time in solitary confinement in England; and now he is under 24x7 surveillance? What other publisher of information has been subjected to this treatment? I'm not claiming this is definitive that WikiLeaks is legit, but as to your question ....

"[Are you] familiar with his lawyers".

As much as anyone. His English lawyer, for example, works for an establishment firm. So what? Who claimed Assange was anti-Establishment? Why does his agenda have to be the same as yours? Are the only alternatives in life: agree with dog poet on everything, or be an Israeli agent? In that case I would posit your parents are Israeli agents. If I were in his shoes, I would pick the best connected lawyer I could too.


CalDre said...


"[Didn't it occur to you that if Assange had all this info on Israel why didn't he release it to the alternative press?"

As I pointed out, he entered into a business arrangement with the five newspapers. Assuming he is innocent, how was he to know they would censor the Israeli cables? And if he knew they would, why would he "out" them in the al-Jazeera interview? WikiLeaks has often claimed to have much more material than they can process, forcing them to sit on much material. Maybe he was planning to use the money to hire more people to help process the data WikiLeaks is sitting on? Could you imagine sitting on a mine of data and trying to release it responsibly, that you might try to raise money for this? And the only way to get the money from the newspapers, is to give them an exclusive - else why would they pay?

"Why would he release the information to the [mainstream media]?"

Perhaps they have the money to pay him. Perhaps he thought at least one of them would publish all the good stuff - hence he picked five to sell to. I can't speculate for him, but perhaps he is one of those folks who hasn't realized yet what a conjob the mainstream media is. He may just be your ordinary liberal - seems that way from his interviews, and his dismissal of 9/11. Why do you expect him to be the "messiah"? He's likely just an ordinary person. Does everyone you know question 9/11 and think the media is a huge international conspiracy? (If so, you should get out more ;-) )

"Why is it that all of the information serves the interest of the ruling class?"

I'm not sure it does, there having been a number of leaks that seem to be detrimental (e.g., the one about Hillary Clinton ordering unlawful espionage on UN personnel). Aside from that, the obvious answer is: the main-stream media serves the ruling class, and they are acting as the filter during the exclusivity period. Let's see what happens when it expires ....

"What kind of denial do you have to be in to not have any of the wealth of information that is out there and also be lacking the logical capacity that allows a person to reason things out?"

I would venture to guess that a large majority of humanity would vigorously disagree with your basic viewpoints about 9/11, Israel, the MSM, etc. Maybe that makes them ignorant, but it does not make them Israeli agents ....

siamsam said...

The Wiki Freak thing was made easy for me. An Aussie guy I know from the gym, who happened to be a big obama fan, wispered to me one day have you seen the 'wiki leaks'. Then another guy and another. They all had one thing in common in that they thought/think of me as somekind of fringe nutter with a 'tinfoil hat' as they would say.

So - it was easy to see the wood for the trees. Mr New Haircut Weekly, was obviously tasked with wispering in the ears of the choir in order to keep them on side and at the same time letting them think they had evolved to become funky radicals.

Oi, did you hear about'the latest wiki leak on the BBC'. WIKI LEAK ON THE BBC. Say no more govner. Nudge nudge, wink wink!

Gowd bless, and remember a nod's as good as a wink to a blind horse.

CalDre said...


"Why is it that all of the information serves the interest of the ruling class?"

I'm not sure it does, there having been a number of leaks that seem to be detrimental (e.g., the one about Hillary Clinton ordering unlawful espionage on UN personnel). Aside from that, the obvious answer is: the main-stream media serves the ruling class, and they are acting as the filter during the exclusivity period. Let's see what happens when it expires ....

"What kind of denial do you have to be in to not have any of the wealth of information that is out there and also be lacking the logical capacity that allows a person to reason things out?"

I would venture to guess that a large majority of humanity would vigorously disagree with your basic viewpoints about 9/11, Israel, the MSM, etc. Maybe that makes them ignorant, but it does not make them Israeli agents ....

GTRman said...

I realise none of these may get through, meh , Im listening to the poem at the end of Les's (IMO) latest , finest , audio ,and I am _____?
(no words)

Here's a man who gives for free 2 or 3 great essays a week , plus songs , poems and (IMO) searing honesty.

Then there's this :

GTRman said...

” On another note, doing this Videos is a “HIGH ANXIETY” experience.

I have an “outdoor” venue to contend with.

This means I have to deal with barking dogs, snow blowers, Huge Municipal Snow Plows WITH those horrid Back-Up Beeps (whoever made the law to put in back-up beeps should be hung by his toe nails), and mobile “home” snow plows.

I also have to deal with lighting – sometimes cloudy, sometimes TOO to much sun, sometimes dark and rainy, sometimes tons of snow.

Thus, I have to to tons of “takes” until everything with all the variables “comes together.”

I could be 2/3rds through a Vid with perfect diction, etc, when along comes a Snow Plow BACKING UP, or the Dogs start barking.

Then I’m back to ground zero and have to start all over again.

THUS, I have no alternative but to buy a new and VERY EXPENSIVE camera that is self-adjusting and a top quality filtering-microphone which I just priced out at $1500 total for both combined.

If you like these Videos and where I am going with them would you please consider helping me to purchase this new and VERY NEEDED equipment for TOP NOTCH Vid sans ALL THE “High Anxiety” I have had to experience? ”


Anonymous said...

"I’ m going to ask the reader to join me now in a little creative visualization."

Somehow my "visual" was in cartoon form.
Still lmfao!


Walking Hawk

Strum said...

Basically , and Les has said it many times , 9/11 is the litmus test, if you accept the official theory you are either a moron or a disinfo stooge, or both. Now Assange wants us to believe he is a smart guy with his ear to the ground and l33t h@x0r skilz, how could someone like that with an interest in challenging power not be aware of all the evidence that clearly proves 9/11 was a controlled demolition and that it was carried out by a network of Jews. So he is aware of the evidence yet he specifically mentions this one particularly area of interest he will not question the official story on. A rational intelligent person can only come to one conclusion about him, that he is a stooge disinfo agent.

I suggest people check out cryptome.org, a genuine leaks site that has been running for years with no massive donations and mainstream media hype, have a reasd about his dealings with Assange.

Wake up and smell the coffee people.

Anonymous said...

IF anyone can break the 'spell' of this reality...it will be the artists and poets.
Your mom Is proud of you Les, and so are the rest of us.

Thank you for throwing all of the wandering, yet another beautiful lifeline.


Anonymous said...

I find the Assange affair to be highly complex, and I'm reticent to make a definitive statement. That's why I've not made comments anywhere about it.
I find it strange also that there is such a massive hate/demonize-Assange movement on the web.
Have you watched the Al-jazeera interviews? Does he look like a MKULTRA zombie? Does he look like an emotionless psychopath to you? Just curious.
Everyone from feminists, homophobes, 911-truthers, TPTB biggies and sordid wacko politicos flame him. I admit I don't ever watch MSM.

Gordon Duff's article says the ADL is targetting him and opinion-maker.org.
Duff's CV:
Gordon Duff is a Marine Vietnam veteran, and Senior Editor at Veterans Today. His career has included extensive experience in international banking along with such diverse areas as consulting on counter insurgency, defense technologies or acting as diplomatic officer of UN humanitarian groups.

Duff has "sources" inside ADL? He just gives me the creeps sometimes, though some articles are seemingly right on. He seems to be a "hero" to many.

The opinion-maker's latest on Wiki is by Wayne Madsen.
Madsen's CV:
As a U.S. Naval Officer, he managed one of the first computer security programs for the U.S. Navy. He subsequently worked for the National Security Agency, the Naval Data Automation Command, Department of State, RCA Corporation, and Computer Sciences Corporation.

I don't generally assume such people to be stellar sources of 'the truth'.
I don't believe the official story on 911 and almost everything else the zionazi pigs put out for sheeple-consumption. Not totally stupid and naive.
I've known many people who were raised in various cults, many wised up and escaped, and have seen many still carry some mental abuse residue, but wouldn't exactly call them zombies. I'm not trying to defend A, but just questioning and looking at all the angles. There's almost too many to ingest.
All the major media in the world is Zionist-run, so if you were to release covert docs, to whom would you send them?
At one point, Assange said he'd release within 6 months, at another said in 6 months, plus said he was needing more translators.
Maybe the Israhelli shit will come out and they'll get their panties in a wad. What then?

I think it'll all come out in the wash, but in the meantime I just have to say "I don't know" about the person, Julian, himself. Seems like a common damaged, used individual.
Do you think it'll cause the www to be shut down, and this was the ultimate plan?
Maybe I'm just not putting it all together correctly. If I'm way off base, I'll just shut up.


Anonymous said...

Dear Les,

RE: The Assange criminal case in

Most folks have no idea what's behind the criminal sexual assault charges against him It's a "she said, he said" thing over a broken condom. She says that he sabotaged it before they had sex.
He says it broke during sex.

Go figure.


Tom FRUM tropical Estonia

PS: That AMT woman is pretty cool.

Karearea said...

How to spot an untrustworthy person: their eyes don't move right. Take a gander at the interview by the obviously senile David Frost, perhaps only mobile with the aid of SubMarionation , of the unctuous Australian creep. Watch how the eyes don't move, how there is no hesitation in the speech, how beautifully paced and pitched it all is. Pitched, as in pitch-night-of-darkness. And how little is revealed. That kind of performance is possible in three sections of the population; 1) Actors 2) Psychopaths (including politicians) and 3) the mind-controlled or hypno-buggerised.
In cases 1 and 2, much training and-or practise is necessary. in case 3, the manifold implants can be sown in less than 40 days and nights or during a strange childhood romance. The acid-rainbow ass angel is obviously case 3, is protected, and his head is unlikely to explode. Watch carefully with your eyes pointed at something else to hear faint echoes of abuse. "You're a very special boy, Julian..."

Visible said...

Yes Tom, She's a delight. Listening to her is an enjoyable thing. I haven't seen someone like that around in some time. I'd say more but the bluenoses will be scrutinizing my words (grin)

DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

Amazing post, I laughed and laughed trying to imagine the facial expressions of some of the 'Zionist Saints' you mentioned if they happened to read what you wrote about them. And I suspect that some of them actually do get around to reading that stuff (as their friends and associates poke fun at them about it). As for JA's legitimacy, some of the devil's advocate comments in regard to where he may be at are thought provoking, but I wholeheartedly agree with what you keep saying about his or anyone else's take on the 911 scam, that someone's stand, anyone's stand on that issue is the bottom line litmus as to whether or not they're for real.

It's pretty obvious that the Zionists' #1 media agenda is to keep the 911 lie going in full swing because they know that if people find out the truth about it they'll automatically start to question things like the Holohoax and the 'Kill all the evil Arabs' agenda, and probably just about everything the establishment says and does. People finding out the truth about the 911 scam is their greatest fear at this point because there's no telling what kind of public reaction might ensue. The first thing that comes to mind is that there could be a huge public outcry in America demanding that the government stop giving Isn'tithell the billions of dollars of 'aid' per year. So it's probably all about the money. The same is probably true about JA, that he did what he did not because he's a man of integrity who is concerned that the truth be known, he did it for the money. Kind of like a 'scratch-each-other's-back' scenario between him and Isn'tithell in which they'd both benefit. If that's the case then his solitary confinement in jail, his being hounded by the authorities, his paypal account being blocked, etc. has all been done for show to make him appear legit.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha. That was funny as hell about that dude jacking off onto the Wikileaks. You got a great sense of humor, keep it coming!

Visible said...

Look who's backing Assange http://www.gilad.co.uk/writings/gilad-atzmon-wikileaks-and-israel.html

Rebel 4E said...

Hey Vis,

I discovered the 'AMT' lady (NeuroSoup) awhile ago...

It was love at first sight (and sound) (O__0)
Her boyfriend is one lucky guy.

In my delightful home town the females of the species are mostly fat, boozy, brainwashed knuckledraggers.

Sometimes I get ronery on those long dark nights,

Woe is me


Visible said...


Yes, one would definitely assume she has one.

long john said...

that chick has been around the scene for quite sometime. i remember seeing her tripping at greatful dead shows years ago. i also used to watch her youtube videos a few years back. i think she used to live around arcata california. and i believe she was also involved with a noted acid chemist, somehere out in the mid-west. she reminds me of a girlfriend i once had, who was a cousin to Owsley.

Visible said...


That sort of figures for a bio of her. She also reminds me of a girlfriend. You seem to know just about everyone. I thought she was exceedingly young. Appearances are deceiving. I guess she's living proof that drugs make you younger. I know that's the case with me. I've been exploring all of the root and vine culture I never got around to in the old days; caapi, mimosa hostilis, and the leaf catalysts of chaliponga and chacruna. I ordered and immense sampler from the I am shaman website, should be here any day.

I'm getting some amazing conversations happening as a result of my foray before Christmas. I'm looking forward to the next segment. I'm supposed to be getting some explanations about what all those events in the past were about but apparently that's all waiting for some sort of a transition that is supposed to take place. I suppose I should be excited but I've been waiting so long the excitement went into hibernation (grin).

Anonymous said...

Hey Les and All,

Here is some interesting information tying Wikileaks, 9/11 and Israel all together..








Thanks and God Bless,

Red Pill

long john said...


yeah i agree that she does look rather youthful. but i think she may be a bit older than she appears. she certainly seems quite mature intellectually. i don't know her personally, but i am pretty sure i recognized her when i first came across her videos a few years ago. she says her name is krystle cole and that she is approx age 30. thats seems about right. she originally comes from the midwest (kansas). not sure where she lives now, but i think arcata, calif. this is her website:


about the other stuff you mentioned... i've done dmt a few times long ago, but i never did it in the form of the native ayahuasca brew. i have researched and studied that and other similar things when i was investigating salvia. there are a number of websites that sell shamanic herbs, roots and vines etc, but i just don't know which ones are best quality. i do know one ayahuasca info site that seems pretty good:


i also know about caapi, mimosa hostilis, chaliponga, chacruna, etc. ...but i would be interested in the recipe and the type of preparation that works best for you. you can email that to me if you don't want to post it here.

btw, did you know that you can also make/extract pure crystal dmt from a type of grass called 'phalaris arundinacia'? the process is fairly simple and can be done at home, but it requires some solvents and one simple glass chemistry equip. it takes a few weeks time for the final evaporation. i think dmt/ayahuasca is quite interesting for many reasons, and our fellow voyager terence mckenna considered the effects to be very curious and unique.

est said...

3:10 am

what happened to
'chant and be happy'

you sound like a walking
pdr for assisted conch

every breath you miss
is a step not taken

Odin's Raven said...

Here's someone who excoriates Assange from a completely different perspective:

GTRman said...

GTRman has left a new comment on your post "Julian Assange and Abe Foxman get Married.":

Elephant in the room? There is a herd of elephants , ridden by day-glow gorillas with vuvuzelas, smashing up your home and shitting on you!

“Duh?……where? ….gosh , you do talk about jews a lot…..let it go…you’re obsessed…lets just watch “The Apprentice”…I love Alan Sugar, he never sugar-coats it, hur hur…after that theres a really funny film , called “Meet the Kuntz”, it’s the sequel to “Dude , Where’s Mike Hunt?” and its got all my favourite actors in it — Seth Rogen, Dustin Hoffman, Billy Crystal, Bette Midler, Jesse Eisenberg, Adrien Brody, Rob Schneider, Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler, Larry David (as a hilarious loveable pedophile!), Liev Schrieber, everyone from the “American Pie” team, Sarah Silverman, David Schwimmer, Ethel Merman , and many more, in amusing self-aware bit-parts (even Ricky Gervais has a cameo as a similar character to the character in “The Office”. And “Extras “. And “The Invention of Lying” And, “The Ricky Gervais Podcast” )

It’s directed brilliantly by Woody Allen, who ( my grandaughter assures me) hasn’t lost his touch , and the music is by the always fantastic Danny Elfman. (Has all those Elfman trademarks, you know, seems really familiar, even on a first listen.)

It’s a new twist on the classic “road-trip” movie; about an extended (jewish? not sure ) family from L.A. (the Kuntz) driving a convoy of Winnebagos across the States to get to New York in time for young cousin Arri Kuntz’ briss, after all internal flights have been grounded by the T.S.A. because of something-to-do-with-Arab-Terrorists.

GTRman said...

As you can imagine, hilarity ensues, as they encounter ordinary American white folks, Christians, and mock them and their ways. There are a few “gross-out ” gags (no doubt the influence of the ‘American Pie’ team , there!), not wanting to give too much away here, but in one UNFORGETTABLE scene, Herschel Kuntz (Billy Crystal) has got gastro-enteritis, but the on-board toilet is not working ! Meanwhile, Aunt Ruthie (Midler) has prepared a bowlful of hot chocolate sauce for that nights Purim, but the dog (who also has gastroenteritis, irratable anal-glands, worms and is priapic) manages to stumble across young Zak (Eissenberg) masturbating blindfolded to a Randy Newman song…. (like I said, I don’t want to spoil the gag). Anyway, it’s REALLY funny , and look out for Martin Lawrence dressed as a white girl making out with Eddie Murphy as a Mexican paraplegic.

You think I’m making this shit up? !!!!!!!!!!!!

‘Little Fockers’ Trailer 2010 HD
- Show quoted text -

pokerkid said...

Sum of all the Worlds Problems (1 of 7) Explained by Eustace Mullins

DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

The handful of the highest ranking members of the oligarchy (Revelation 17:12 mentions ten kings) purposely see to it that a certain amount of confusion be built into the system for one thing so that their underlings (particularly the highest level ones) can never fully figure out exactly what they're doing. It makes me think of the the giant rolling ball analogy that is sometimes used to describe any typical large corporate power structure in which one day a high level functionary can be sitting on top of the world and a month later he's taking orders from the janitor. And none of that is done by accident. The oligarchs are all a bunch of super control freaks, the reason being that they have no true identity. Their identity is in what they have instead of what they are in their own person-hood, so they end up being extremely insecure (they live on a purely mental plane, no heart or soul, no human warmth, which leaves them hollowed out and empty on the inside). They then try to compensate for the insecurity by becoming control freaks (typical top-down-control behavior). It is therefore of paramount importance to them that their errand boys and girls be totally dependent on their lead at all times and in every situation of any real importance.

Another major thing to consider when trying to figure out where the oligarch's are at is that they are a cult, possibly the most powerful cult that has ever existed on planet earth, and as is the case with any cult that has actual power the top leaders have ongoing communication with the demonic realm and receive regularly scheduled input about how to arrange their control. In view of this (i.e. the demonic component) there's no wonder there's a huge amount of confusion built into the New World Order the system. Thinking about it reminds me of the chorus to the old Rolling Stones' song 'Sympathy for the Devil' which is this:

Pleased to meet you
Hope you guess my name
But what's puzzling you
Is the nature of my game

Also, there's a Bible verse that says that God is not the author of confusion (1 Corinthians 14:33), so it would follow that Satan is the author of confusion. If people understood very much of what's going on in the spirit realm they'd be tempted to feel sorry for the oligarchs because of the hell world that awaits them. As for people like Julian Assange, Abe Foxman, Bibi Netanyahoo, Dick Cheney, and the rest of the obedient automatons, they're spiritually clueless being all caught up in the control/confusion themselves and unless they repent will find themselves in a hell of a mess in the end (literally). Yet another thing to consider is that anybody who gets actively close to Israel in any way, either as a friend or a foe, will no doubt come under a certain amount of confusion themselves (i.e. in proportion to how close they get), pretty much like Nietzsche said, "When you look into the abyss, the abyss also looks into you. "

Visible said...

I should probably put this over here too,

Wayne Madsen on Julian Assange

Anonymous said...

biggest cult most likely, something deep and long term like Frank Herbert's Bene Gesserit in his Dune series. the drug of choice Melange, rhymes with Assange? hehe.

play within plays.

Helge said...

I think you have hit the nail on the head: If you get that much mileage in the mainstream media, you must serve their cause well.
Keep it up.


siamsam said...

Maybe it is just me (and a little off topic) but I just don't get GRTman.

Maybe I've had to many self laid chem trails or a lot too much Heiniken. But wtf is this guy saying.

If it isn't total irony then - i'll get my coat!

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

Come to me.

If you dare,



Visible said...

Well, that doesn't make a lot of sense but I'm impressed that you signed up just to say it. I suppose my GPS has all the data?

Anonymous said...

Hey Les,


I nearly lost you there.



Visible said...

Bingham; it's a little early to be this drunk, whether on alcohol or the fumes of your own ego. In any case, this is not a graffiti wall. If you really need to prance around with a lampshade on your head that you have mistaken for a crown then I suggest you take it to the streets, or somewhere in the neighborhood where people may be glad to see you. This is not a play area for you, you don't have the credentials.

I realize that this is probably another of those identity subterfuges for a particular personality dying to get back in but that's not going to happen.

Visible said...

There's a new Visible Origami up-

On New Year's Eve, 2010.

Visible said...

I found this on the net. Scotch neat. I'm visiting the Signs of the Times people with Susanne in southern France, Laura Knight-Jadczyk et al.

My appearance is not what it usually is due to a rather large intake of Scotch during the event which is all they had, sigh... heh heh. Don't think I criticize alcohol without a reason.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is coming tomorrow but in the meantime I am wondering, vis a vis my most recent Origami posting do I hear an echo?

Expect a great deal more. By spring you will hardly recognize the place. I'm taking in refugees with self sustaining abilities and when I get my own ATM working I'll be taking in the rest. There will be too much confusion going on by that time for any country to be able to check very much on the ground level.

Got a free ride of a location in Italy for anyone who can afford to pay the utilities and do a little work on the grounds rent free as of April or before if I trust you. You have to bring a tent in April- house happening through February and March. After May the house is yours until fall. Just throwing this out if the right person wants to book.

I try to put my money, my goods and my life where my mouth it and it's time for everyone else to do the same.

Visible said...

People can't help but expose themselves now, thinking that articulate capacity can substitute for veracity. Here's a sold out hack as evidence. Look at what a good education will buy you and then look at what he says about Kagan and Sotomayer. They are falling all over themselves to expose themselves, while they think they are covering their tracks. A blind man could follow them if he only had the sense of smell.

I like to chime in here, now and then and this is one of those times. Harken friends, and notice that major revelations concerning all sorts of people are coming out. Notice "Atzmon's support of Assange and notice Henry Makow actually telling serious truth despite the previous press toward excessive sensationalism, I, personally am seeing real marvels in action of late and I thought I would share a few examples. I couldn't possibly link everything I am coming across because everything I am coming across is doing this.

Fasten seat belts or, if you're like me, take them off and stand up in the roller coaster and do an a Capella version of Chimes of Freedom,

Visible said...

Oh what the heck. I should give you an example of Chimes of Freedom

Don't worry about the Asian advertising, you can't hear or see this anywhere else. It's pretty close to the mark.

Visible said...

In case you want confirmation, like what your heart should be telling you, here is Bruce Springsteen singing the same song.

I have a reason for posting this now because I expect such an upwelling of this in your hearts shortly that you will well remember that I mentioned it. Get ready.

Pstonie said...

It seems I'm paying for my high peaks of a few months back with record troughs that deepen with every cycle. Yet I remain strangely optimistic. I don't care if my separation is painful as long as it's effective. I saw the date on my phone yesterday and the 2011 moved something in me, like an imprint from the future. I get the feeling people aren't going to forget 2011.

Meanwhile, I've been on this: Rod Stewart - Faith of the Heart (thanks Enterprise).

The Village Idiot said...

Hello there Les, I'm doing the slow catch-up thing again and read this in the comments just now...

Quoting a previous comment: "long john said...

that chick has been around the scene for quite sometime. i remember seeing her tripping at greatful dead shows years ago. i also used to watch her youtube videos a few years back. i think she used to live around arcata california. and i believe she was also involved with a noted acid chemist, somehere out in the mid-west. she reminds me of a girlfriend i once had, who was a cousin to Owsley."

Ahh yes, that'd be Krystal Ann Cole Skinner, former girlfriend and accomplice of the guy who got Pickard busted in Kansas, setting the scene back at least ten years. Granted, Pickard was two-faced as well, having done the same thing to someone else years earlier (resulting in 'the family' no longer having his back which is why he went down).

So yes, she was "involved" with a noted chemist, in the sense that she helped get him busted. She's a narc and has been connected to kidnapping and was accused of torture along the way.

She's big-time trouble and a profiteer with no conscience who is not doing or saying anything original or particularly helpful for the psychedelic community, and many knowledgeable members of that community believe her to be a major reason why Salvia divinorum is now being banned in more an more U.S. states thanks to her videos that are doing little more than giving bad ideas to idiots (or good ideas to bad people) who then go on to do stupid things that result in calls for banning this or that.

But don't take my word for it:


This is a Word document of relevant court documents proving her cooperation w/ DEA:


And this is a crazy but amusingly sensible guy going on an anti-neurosoup youtube rant: http://www.youtube.com/user/LEATHERrebelJUSTICE#p/u/1/yR51z0UP4K4

Just thought I'd mention this since I figured you'd like to know (as usual, things are not quite what they seem).

Take care,

The Village Idiot



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