Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Early Bird gets Cosmically Wormed.

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So now we are hearing that it’s not happening in 2012 but going to occur starting Dec 21, 2010. We could be in an, any minute frame of reference, or we could just be getting further annoyed with whatever we are waiting for, continuing to not show up. However, since we don’t know what’s coming, not having it show up can be a very good thing, depending on which end of the equation you are on. Well, you can take off your mind any concerns about the ‘no show’ factor. The show is on, you are in it and part of it and if nothing has happened yet, that means you should be... happening.

I’m flat out exhausted from having stood for several days on the docks of time and watching my ships come in. I can see the prows and the masts from here but they haven’t come into the port proper yet; haven’t tied up at the metal rings in the concrete walk. Laurence Oliver came back from the dead to do one of my posts and I must say I am both surprised and honored. Thank you.

I now know the meaning of ‘too much of a good thing’ because of the necessary physical and metaphysical preparations necessary to receive them. Three days of being bounced off the walls and thrown from side to side, as extra-dimensional physicians, do removal and implanting can make you gun-shy of ever getting close again, (grin) unless you’re me, heh heh... ah well, you had to be there and I am told some of you will, soon enough.

I can’t tell you how difficult it is to have to viscerally accept that everything is under control, absolutely and completely and that there is no reason to worry about anything. We think we know ourselves but we don’t. We don’t know ourselves at all, so it doesn’t project into the affirmative that we know each other either. I’m assuming the latter is predicated on the former. That’s how it’s looking from here.

I met the divine on a beach at the age of 21 and he told me that “everything is under control, take the reins”. I’ve lived with that and other quotes I received that day for all of my life up to this moment. Countless times, I have repeated them in my head and turned them over, looking at them, thinking I knew what they meant and remaining puzzled about some of them. Meaning is a funny thing. It has dimensions like height and width and depth. Something can mean one thing on the surface and something else entirely when you meet it in the depths.

As with some number of events in my life, there were witnesses for this meeting, which I guess says something. He spent the day with me, only once talking to someone else that I can remember. Douglas Hume, brother of Brit Hume, traveled all the way from Virginia to Lime Kiln Creek in Big Sur to check on this because of what was happening with me and there he met Donovan who wanted to string a big bell across the valley and others who confirmed the meeting. Longjohn who comments here is aware of these things and was around most of the time through many following occurances.

The Man on the Beach also told me, “God is a serpent. God is sleeping and this is his dream”. I said, “but he’s going to wake up right”? “I don’t know” was the reply. He said, “I like to fuck but I despise deals.” I said, “but you don’t have to make any deals.” He said, “Deals have been made”. Near the end he turned to me and said, “You’re a celebrity here, you know.” I had no idea what he meant and still don’t. What I remember is that the point came when I started saying, “I don’t know” and I knew that I didn’t. I was emptied out. He had total control of the whole day and I was never really aware of it. I didn’t think much about it in the following weeks, except to notice that I was making that snorting sound that he made as he forced the air out of his nostrils.

He looked like one of those Chinese sages. I asked him if he was Chinese and he said, “No”. I asked him if he was about 28 years old and he snorted and said, “No”. The lines of force in his face were incredible. His body was like that you see on the statues of Lord Shiva. He was immaculately clean, in a brilliant white t-shirt, chinos and Clark’s Desert Boots but his nails were broken and dirty. It was three months later when he activated my kundalini in the woods one night in Virginia, causing my acquaintances to become so freaked out that most of them never spoke to me again.

I realize now that I’ve never been unwatched and never been abandoned, over the whole course of following events, as I sometimes thought. I’m absolutely certain of that now, given what I’ve just been through. I should tell you that just because you aren’t seeing things at this very moment does not mean that they aren’t taking place. The bad guys are going to learn the meaning of incredible humiliation and abject fear. It’s happening right now.

All power comes from one source. David Rockefeller and Obama, the Rothschild’s and those garbage life forms in Israel and elsewhere, all move around and do what they do because of power loaned out for the performance of their evil. The switch can be thrown at any moment and will be. They’re being informed of this and toyed with. These monsters don’t take things the way we do. Most of them don’t believe the information being given to then. They think they are supreme in their realms. They’re going to find out otherwise, really soon.

The divine can wipe out every standing army on Earth with a simple gesture; can make weapons useless and defenses as permeable as gossamer silk. This force can accomplish anything, any time, anywhere. Just because it isn’t doing it, doesn’t mean it can’t, or won’t. We don’t and can’t comprehend the mind of the one who has been here from the beginning and always will be. We have no clue as to the immensity of the awareness and power. The divine has activated his agents and you are going to see some mind-bending and spectacular things.

I was told to put these coming days aside and relax, sleep, watch movies and not concern myself about anything. I was told this at the beginning and I can see now why it got said because I am wiped out. I keep going into the lamia and laying down, drifting away, staring across the way at the woodstove as the coals and flames do their dance. Occasionally being arched backward from the middle and tossed to and fro. “If you knew what you were getting, you wouldn’t mind this one bit”

I got some several kinds of internal injections that released chemicals from their storage holdings inside. This was accompanied by “Merry Christmas” and other things. I don’t want to talk about a lot of the details because it will piss some people off and I also don’t know a lot of the details, just some of them. I got some gifts and some of you are going to get some gifts too, soon. Some of you have already contacted me about this. Keep it in mind that the divine never does things in a small way, when it comes to setting a table for the ones he wants to lunch with.

He told me that to be named his friend and given his favor is a very rare event but that variations of that are going to be happening here and there. “It’s disappointing” he said. “Nothing gives me more pleasure than to dispense gifts among the worthy but there are always so few. I know I made it difficult but I put the value of what could be gained into the minds of those I was testing.”

I’m supposed to be telling you these things, against my will in some respects, because coming events are going to prove what is said here true. The divine is aware that I don’t want to look like a fool and also aware that I don’t really care either but that I might not say some things as a result. I’m told there’s a lot more to be said and that soon, too.

You should all take heart regardless of appearances and even celebrate. I don’t like to drink but I was forced to go and get a few beers to toast my good fortune. I’m about to be shown just how deep and comprehensive that control is and everyone reading this is in a position to profit immensely if they just take it to heart and listen for instructions. I’m going to go watch some movies. You’re watching a movie now. Watch closely to see what the director is about to do to the film.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Les for being awesome. Now I'm off to the heart of downtown Montreal to watch the insanity first hand, 'cause I've got a shift to work.

Did some yoga this morning. Going to bring the "perfection of yoga" book that was given and received when I arrived in Montreal.

Funny how life can change with simple choices on what to keep awareness and focus on. I've got a few days off after today so perhaps I will relax as well and not worry and keep in mind that everything is under control.

Alrighty, work time. Happy solstice all.

reenie said...

In the last week I have become calm and not worried that I should move,find a safe place to be.I am where I should be for whatever is coming my way.
I find that every night I look up at the stars and say "don't forget me"
but I know I am far from forgotten.I feel safe and loved.


GTRman said...

just had work cancelled due to snow. Im in the bath. I had a rather extreme kundalini about 7 years back. Ive done DMT twice, wont bore you with my "insights" at this point.
You write very well on such topics.

Is anyone here familiar with "Stuart Wilde" ? I read one of his books, "Gods Gladiators".

He talks about "The Morph".

Seems to me that this reality is just the skin on the apple.

Blessings to all the Good people, you know who you are , and to all the "Bad", who need them more.

P.S. (and this is more relevant to your last post Les, ITV in UK showed John Pilgers latest film, "The War You Dont See" the other night. VERY powerful stuff for MSM.

John C (UK) said...

Here's to beer and films, cheers.

Very vivid dreams lately, non lucid but i remember them all for the last fortnight even without eating cheese. Strange.

Good fortune and Love to all.

Mark said...

Things have been happening lately to me also. I’ve been in a sorry state in San Diego for the last six months, waiting for something to happen.

About a week ago, something got in my face (in a manner of speaking) and said it’s time to go. To stop screwing around. “Go where,” I thought. “You know” was the answer. And I did. Up north, where I once lived and thrived. Only decades have passed since then, and I had forgotten. “You have a lot of things to do, but you need to be there to do them” followed this. I still don’t know what things I’m supposed to do, but I don’t think that matters.

I don’t know how I got the place I will be moving to in about a week, as it seems to have happened without much help from me. I thought, how am I supposed to find a home 550 miles away without my physical presence? Craigslist was my first thought, which was kicked aside by whatever was riding herd on me. “Your place is waiting in the classifieds of the local newspaper. Google it now.”

I spotted it immediately. A large house on 40 acres in the middle of a forest by the Feather River. Where I used to go in my International Scout a long time ago, never wanting to leave. I dialed the number and got a kid on the phone, who said to call back later. Then I forgot about it and started calling on other places.

The next day, my daughter asked me about an ad she had seen (she peeked) and had I called on it. “No,” I said. “You have to call them now, dad.” I felt slightly retarded, like my mind and body were covered by a sticky glue, but I called anyway.

Two days later the place was mine. I don’t know why, because there were other applicants who were physically present, yet they chose me, just a voice on the phone, and I’m still shaking my head over that.

This place is where I have always wanted to live. It feels like I have been put there whether I like it or not (I do). Of course, my extended family thinks I’m nuts, like it’s heresy to forsake them and the beaches of Southern California. I told them it’s out of my hands, which didn’t go over very big. After I get there and settle in, I will share it with my invisible friends.

Ray Barnes said...

I have been receiving signs and portents for weeks that what you say is true. Which is odd, because I don't believe in signs and portents. What I do believe in is the human mind's collective ability to take fire with an idea. I do believe the Genie is out of the bottle!

Anonymous said...

I watched Miracle on 34th Street last night. It's been awhile since I've seen it last. I don't recall the dialogue being so in appropo, especially today. The writer hits on the commercialism of christmas, everyone wanting the latest, best, brightest, biggest, etc.., reality vs. imagination, and the best part, evil, coniving men being considered normal vs. the nice, gentle spirits being insane. Good one to watch right now while we're waiting for Godot to show up inside.


paolocaruso said...

Ciao Les,

Smoking a cuban and listening to some slack jaw general on NPR desperately trying to put the war in Afghanistan in a good light.

You can feel the desperation. Even the economy is heading south, despite all attempt at hype. Madoff's are hanging themselve's as they shuold. their will be more I'm sure, with all the socalled victims laundering money to Israel to fund illegal settlements.

I havent experienced my kundalani ( maybe I have but dont know it).
My life changed on 9-11. I knew it was rigged the moment I saw it aired on CNN. Ever since, for me, the corruption and deceit has been exposed. And most of the dots to my previous assumption have been connected.

All the best to you my friend. Tante belle cose.

Giordano Bruno said...

The canticle at the end of Daniel Ch. 8, also Daniel 9 about what appears on the wing of the temple, and Isaiah 11, then 24, sum it up.

I've been getting feeds for months that Dec 21 is it, an event which will fission human history.

Prepare to see the true state of your soul, all the consequences of following the human will. Accept the offer of mercy! And live in bliss in the Age of the Divine Will.

Shantih, all.

Bruno said...

And hey, if true, tomorrow will be the last day of work for a lot of people. ReJoyce!

Visible said...

Yes, a lot of the people who have been reading and communicating here are in for some wonderful surprises. Some have been getting them already and writing me about them but, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Anonymous said...

Israel attacks S. African lawmakers.

Anonymous said...

Les, This may explain the attack on S.African lawmakers in Israel.

Erin said...

Hi visible;

I'm one of your first readers since before there was a Smoking Mirrors. Babe, I wish I had the money, I would buy you Yeat's Castle to live in just so you could be near us. You know Ireland is where you should be. True poets and heroes should be on the land where they are born.

Visible said...

Thank you Erin, I haven't seen you around for a couple of years. did you know that I was actually looking at Yeats Castle about five years ago and wondering how I could purchase it? It was 640,000 Euro at the time. I don't know what it is now or if it's available anymore.

I think you screwed his name up. I hope your people don't get on you about it (grin). A little too much mead?

I'm just a tool, credit and blame the one using it.

GTRman said...

Just a tool ? Im sure youve been called worse , Les . !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DaveS said...

You're gonna be up in my old stomping grounds. Northern California is a nice place... too many people these days, but after SoCal, it might feel empty to you.

The Feather River is awesome where is cuts thru granite in the mountains and tumbles out into the Central Valley.

I won't ask where you're moving, but I hope you enjoy it... hopefully you place isn't too high up – this time of year the mountains dump fierce loads of wet snow and it piles up by feet. Crazy amounts of snow.

Peace to you mark... if you're going to be close, you should check out Table Mountain when the wild flowers start blooming. One of the most magical places to view wild flowers anywhere on earth, or so I've been told.

HIke Bald Rock, pan up some gold and make a good life for yourself up there. I wish you good tiding... kiss a rock there for me: it's been too many years and I miss that area. Not the people so much, but the land is awesome!


Unknown said...

Hi Les, I came accross this video poem while reading and it spoke to me in a way that said this should be shared. the precise meaning is not revealed until the last stanza and even then it depends on your perspective. I took it to mean that the true spirit of everything is waking up.
I guess you will have to type it in. Much love all, Jeremya

Red Porch said...

Don't get me started on the Mayans...

Laurel said...

so many want to predict science. and so many think predictions are science. so that is why i love coming over to your writings, les. good common sense, no confusion, straight up and neat! :)

Mark said...


I am very close to Forbestown Road, just a few miles from Lake Oroville. Elevation 1,000 feet. I will visit those places you mentioned.

I used to live in Sacramento in the '70s. I found the people subtly different from those in SoCal...less intense, friendlier, more real. It has been so long, all that might be changed.

This move isn't something that ever entered my mind until a week ago, so I have no expectations and no plans. And yet it's something I have to do.

Anonymous said...

I know you are a Bodhisattva but has it ever occurred to you who you really are? Has it not occurred to you with all your trials not entering in that you might even be more? I'm just an astrologer but I think those more competent than me will see what I'm talking about dog poet. You're going to be surprised because apparently you don't know.

You sent me your details a month ago because I asked. I'm sending you my findings.


Anonymous said...

12 / 21 / 2010

I commented on the symmetry of this forthcoming date, complete with a full moon and lunar eclipse, to a friend just yesterday. tappin' my mind again or what? : )

3/3/3, Crowley's demon "choronzon". I am not a thelemite, although I confess to being a tad anti-thelemic at times.

I'm a Scorpio hermit whose birthday and name reduce to the number 9. Does it matter?

(oh, you once mentioned that you had a few friends over and that you all engaged in singing some Beatles tunes. You know what image that conjurs up in my mind?
"chank-chank-chank--chank-chank-chank-chank--chank-chang-chang-chang-CHANK!!! ugh! HONEY-PIIIIIIE!! clang-chang-clang-chang- HONEY-PIIIIIIE!!clang-chang-clang chang!" ok, forgive me for that! : )

3/3/3 resolves to 9. The Hermit.
2011 is the year I commence being less reactionary. I've studied my behaviour long enough now to recognize some serious glitches in my subconscious database.

And Mr Visible? I'm currently an associate member of a group included in your links. Why don't I just say it? I'm an associate member of B.O.T.A, having just completed my first 7 lessons on the subconscious. Informative, non-dogmatic, clear. I've been interested in Tarot for a long time and the current lessons are the most illuminating discussions on the topic that I have encountered. The plethora of Tarot decks that inundate the market and their meagre notions of "divination" leave me cold. Although, I do indeed like Ciro Matchetti's Legacy Of The Divine Tarot.

Visible said...

I did the whole course. It takes at least ten years and it is not for the timid. I don't even go there anymore for reasons I won't divulge but they are the real deal. Anyone who wants the truth will get it there or in the Kriya Yoga lessons from the Self Realization Fellowship of Yogananda.

Anonymous said...

Always a pleasure; please keep up da flow. Thanx!

Unknown said...

U R not alone. Never been...

Anonymous said...

Gonna be 400mi from home on 12/21, nervous at first but know that things will work out fine.

This has been a long time coming, way overdue for this cat....

Les, you've kept my mood from plummeting with all the Doom-Porn that is rampant, I hope to give you a hug some day.


Anonymous said...


You seem to rely on some powers I don't understand. I rely on couple of things that are commonly known as instincts and intuition. In short, instincts are what we get with genes at birth, and intuition is based on everything that a person learns through the totality of all experience with nature that includes all other living beings one comes in contact with during his or her life time + even dead people - via books, history, religion etc.

Now I am willing to challenge you. Here is my offer.

1. I'm willing to bet $1000 that nothing of the sort you predict is going to happen for the next one month.

2. I'm willing to bet $900 that nothing of the sort you predict is going to happen for the next two months.

3. I'm willing to bet $800 that nothing of the sort you predict is going to happen for the next three months.

10. I'm willing to bet $100 that nothing of the sort you predict is going to happen for the next ten months.

If your belief in whatever it is you believe in is strong enough, I shall expect you'd be willing to accept my offer. Do you?

If your answer is yes, we can finalize the deal with all necessary clarifications of what "nothing of the sort you predict" means.

The Circassian

Anonymous said...

Btw, it appears now that the voice behind YouTube version of your post "The Royal Lizard Emporium of the Feckless Doom. .flv" belongs to Laurence Oliver, whoever he is.

If so, my judgment has been proven wrong. That presumably should give you more confidence in accepting my gambling deal.

The Circassian

Michael A.V. said...

What you say in your articles about the state of worldly affairs seems to be correct often times Les. But when does it all stop? From what it appears, never. The world has been infiltrated by some absolutely pure form of evil that I believe even Satan would reject. There are people out there that have been screwing the rest of the world over and the few good people in it for so long Les. It leads my to believe that GOD doesn't care about this place or anything in it anymore. From what understand, there is a truly evil force out there with their followers who control everyone and everything. They even control the defense organizations that are supposed to be totally independent from influence, corruption, or as they say nowadays, orders. I understand that this evil believes that if they make the world and it's population totally evil right before GOD has enough and destroys everything, that all will be forgiven and everyone will return to his good graces. These people aren't as smart as they claim if they think that. That just means more are going to return to Satan, where they will be able see, experience and live in for eternity in his actual kingdom which even he despises. There is really a war going on for the people and souls of the world, and for the actual world. I've realized that this even surpasses religion, because I've notices that often times the most religious zealots out there, of every religion, turn out to be satanic lackey infiltrators whos soul mission is to totally corrupt their supposed religions. I've lost faith in all religions and know my love and loyalty only reside with my GOD, and his people who are of all religions and cultures. This world is bad Les, and I really believe it will never change, and if it does, it will be a sham and phony change intended to dupe and corrupt the world even further. I lost faith in this world a long time ago Les. I believe that 95% of the world will return to Satan, and 5% will return to GOD when he deems so. There won't be any blanket forgiveness or salvation for everyone as they hope. Billions have died for so long so that a few can have everything. Anyway way Les, I've been a loyal reader although difficult with you at times, but what you've said has never come to pass. The world keeps getting more evil, the good keep on suffering, the empowered have become totally corrupted and evil, and no one cares Les. There is no hope in my opinion.

Neko Kinoshita said...

No one is going to want youre money, you are just another fool.

Thanks Les, I needed to see this post right now.

Mark, I'm glad you will be where you are supposed to be, this will no dounbt work out well for you.

Always good to see so much from so many, to remind me.

I feel the illusions ripping away and it is painful, but I understand why it must be, even though the pain.

Howl on Herald, I understand, the new age commeth.


Anonymous said...

This video gives an explanation of what will be going on with the planets aligning during the full moon lunar eclipse / winter solstice. Pretty amazing what's happening up there in another night. Li says the reason the moon will look red during the eclipse will be from the various sun rises and sun sets going on around the Earth at the time and position of the Sun and Moon forming the eclipse.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile in another Dimension Chief Seattle walked into the End of the World Bar & Grill. He said to Jesus, I still don't know what it is the white man wants.

Jesus slapped his knee and laughed.

Chief Seattle said to Jesus, What you do you think is happening upon the earth?
Jesus replied, Nothing but the same old crap.

Neko Kinoshita said...

What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul?

On the other hand, what good is it if you gain your soul, but cannot bring anyone with you?

WV: dogies,
This needs no amplification.

long john said...

your new location is not too from from my place. i live about 25 miles northwest of Chico, and Chico is a short distance due north of Oroville. let me know when you get moved and settled.

long john said...

Yogananda's Christmas message, 1933 -- East West Magazine quote:

"Hitler is to be admired for leaving the League of Nations because peace can never be attained by the victor and vanquished attitude, but on a basis of equality and brotherhood. Instead of preventing Hitler from having equal armament with other nations, the other nations should reduce the armaments to the level of Germany, then the millions of dollars that are thrown away on idle battleships could be used for national or international prosperity. America, France, and Great Britain should reduce their armaments first, and thereby destroy the desire of Japan, Russia, and Germany to become equally armed.

An insulted, snubbed Germany, if it gets away from the uplifting guidance of Hitler, may join Russia and make her a more powerful enemy of France and so on.

The Allies must reduce their own armaments first, and then they will find out that the example speaks louder than words.


long john said...

Newspaper Articles on Yogananda:

Los Angeles Times, Wednesday, October 25, 1939:


Determined that he shall not become a vanishing Hindu, process servers were conducting a far-flung search yesterday for Swami Yogananda, Indian cultist accused in a sensational $500,000 damage suit, of amazing goings on with feminine followers.

Aiding in the search was the plaintiff, Nirad Ranjan Chowdbury, also known as Sir Nerode, former associate of Yogananda, who maintains a palatial abode on Mount Washington and also boasts a high class hideaway at Encinitas.

Chowdbury's charges took on a spice not generally associated with the spiritual repose of Yogism as the swami was sought by minions of the plaintiffs attorneys, Harold E. Krowech and Theodorn E. Bowen.


After pointing out that Yogananda teaches that he is God, or Paramahansa, Chowdbury, Calcutta-born, Harvard educated student of East Indian religious philosophy, alleged that the swami has been for the past year trying to break up the marriage between the plaintiff and his wife, and that Yogananda prevented the plaintiff's wife from having proper care during the pregnancy of her child.

Moreover, Chowdbury alleges that the swami teaches that: The members of the congregation must not get married because their first love must be to God through Swami Yogananda and that if they should be married that their first loyalties are to Swami Yogananda and not to their spouse.


Picturing highly irregular practices in the cult quarters on Mount Washington, the plaintiff declared that the swami has young girls in the immediate vicinity of his room going in and out all hours of the night.

The younger girls are kept segregated from older women, Chowdbury charges, adding:

Young girls have free access to the rooms of said Swami Yognanda and that said Swami Yogananda forbids said young girls who attend him from going out with other men and forbids them to go out at all except with him.

At his Encinitas palace, Chowdbury charges, Yogananda maintains caves and rooms for meditation that are not in keeping with the standard of religious meditation...and that the places of mediation are too secretive and ornate of construction to be used for the purpose of spiritual mediation, all of which is contrary to spiritual practices, contrary to Hindu philosophy and contrary to the purposes and objectives of the partnership.


Changing from the romantic to the mercenary tack, Chowdbury declared that the swami has used contributions from his cultists to foster his ambitious and private ends. The plaintiff accused the swami of using the teachings of Yogoda and Hindu Philosophy for the sole purpose of creating a personalized interpretation of defendant Swami Yogananda as a as to force upon the members of the congregation and others the interpretations that God talks only through Swami Yogananda.

Chowdbury said yesterday that while a graduate student at Harvard he met Yogananda, who then was lecturing in the East, became interested in the swami's teachings, and was made a partner with the swami in the cult only to be frozen out last January, after the long-haired cult leader had transferred his interests from the East to Los Angeles, where he is said to have attracted as followers scores of Los Angeles women and girls.


After the freeze out, Chowdbury said he became convinced that Swami Yogananda was engaged at all times in a purely commercial venture for the purpose of his own personal gain, and that his activities had no connection with the true Hindu Self-realization philosophy.

At the cult headquarters, a crisp young woman attache reported that the swami is due back today. He lectured in San Diego Monday night, she said.


long john said...

[Newspaper clipping from another Los Angeles newspaper]:

Wednesday, October 25th, 1939


Even the benign and almost imperturbable calm of a swami has its limits. Last night as Swami Yogananda returned here to find himself facing a $500,000 damage suit filed by Rihad Ranjan Chowdhury [Sri Nerode], who claims a partnership in this Mount Washington cult of Self Realization headed by the swami, that limit was reached.

The dirty chiseler, the swami exploded. The Hindu mystic who returned here from a lecture engagement in San Diego where he had expounded the benefits of self denial and self control, regained some of his composure and went on.

The charges made against me are scurrilous and without foundation, the result of an underhand attempt to discredit me in the eyes of my followers, he said.

Chowdhury had been driven out of the flock because he was insincere and because he violated our rules. He married a white woman, which is directly forbidden in our laws.

In his suit however, Chowdhury makes it clear he wants to dissolve the partnership because, he said, the swami isn't exactly practicing what he preaches.

He alleged that in a luxurious suite on the third floor of the Temple of Self Realization, the swami keeps himself surrounded by a bevy of likable young ladies who have free access to his boudoir at all times---but aren't allowed to go out with other men at all.

Furthermore, while his flock exists dutifully on substandard diets in line with the self denial theory---the swami dines on the most luxurious foods, he charged.

Chowdhury said sadly that he wants no more partnership with Yogananda.

Mark said...


Les is a busy man. I'm willing to bet that you have way too much time on your hands. You haven't noticed, but this is not a casino. But thanks for the lesson re instincts and intuition...we had no idea.

Anonymous said...

Nate said,

Les, great post.
Kinda gave my previous comment validation in my own mind.
Just wanted to say while driving home tonight in rural Michigan - I saw a bright yellow/white flash off in the distance - very bright as witnessed from a couple of miles away. Asked my wife if she saw it, she stated that she was not looking that way but also saw it as well.
Then a couple of miles further towards home, she asked me if I saw another flash in the same direction. I did not see that one as I was driving, she said it was a green flash similar to the first except with a green hue. hmmmmm.

wv: shering - those that deserve it are going to get a shering sooner than they think.

Sim said...

If your answer is yes, we can finalize the deal with all necessary clarifications of what "nothing of the sort you predict" means.


The Circassian has more money than sense, I reckon. A whole thousand bucks, and that's just for openers?

Circassian, you could be accurately described as having more money than sense even after you go bankrupt.

Perhaps you missed the second sentence of Les' post where he wrote:

"We could be in an, any minute frame of reference, or we could just be getting further annoyed with whatever we are waiting for, continuing to not show up..."?

Either way, the attention-seeking immaturity of your posting did make me laugh. Bizarrely, too, it brought to mind those few occasions when I have met (or spoken to) people, who, through the usual pleasantries, have told me they were from "Hollywood, California"

I also, then, experienced a sudden, Basil Fawltyesque desire to thrash them - and, just like them, you not only assume that the people you speak to are less informed or knowledgable than yourself; you also have an empty, smug manner of trying to tell them so. If I was any less well-mannered - and if I was custodian of this blog - I would not hesitate to tell you to fuck off.

I do not doubt though, that The Dog Poet will be able to deal with your self-satisfied, meaningless and empty petulance in a far more effective and less unpleasant manner than I ever could.

Real respect to you LV, and love your writing.

Anonymous said...


Clif has a new post up. Many similarities. Much WOO WOO.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that. It's coming......, whatever "It" is. You can feel it. Every day the push is to give up to despair. Don't do it. Just ignore them. Just as you say, their imaginary strength is in convincing us that they are in charge. They aren't!

Lo Phatt

Anonymous said...


If one hears an echo that speaks truth, and if one listens to the echo, and if one finds more and more truth in what the echo says, and if one asks for proofs or demonstrations from the echo, and they all transpire, and one gains great wisdom and insight from being faithful to the echo... is still an echo.

All the while, the Real Voice languishes. We are quite frail compared to some of the Things that have been around for longer than us, but by definition of being here, we have been afforded the ability to hear the Voice, and ignore the echoes.



p.s. I'll take the "Circassian" up on his offer if he'll be a bit more specific. For example, let's take a bet on the price of silver in March '11. Or the weather in Russia this February. But let's do be specific, shall we?

Anonymous said...


Walking Hawk.
gonna fly?

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention that out of the blue the other day I acquired a soon to be 22 yr old, hardcover edition of A Book of Tokens. Sync. A metaphysical bookstore that I frequent had a 1989 edition. I've perused their Tarot section numerous times yet I never noticed it before. No UPC code on the jacket or back cover, which is cool. The syncs just seem to be accelerating day by day.

LOLocaust! :)

Anonymous said...

check it out, 'cause...

"this may... be the last time!
this may be last time children.
this may be the last time, I don't know.

Maybe the last time we ever moan together. It may be last time I don't know...."

GTRman said...

Im pretty sure I got this link from here. Ive been saving it till I thought the time was right. From the comments below it , I thought it was going to be some mind-blower. So , now I go to watch it , and its been removed by jootoob for "shocking and disgusting " content.

So now Im even more curious , what the hell did I miss?

The Naked Truth of Life - Saivism

ChewyBees said...

Anonymous, here's what I say...
The entire money supply is cursed. No where does Les ever say he can 'predict' your future. Only you are responsible for manifesting the situations your life has and will become.
Betting takes it all back to playing a game. The pieces on the board, the means of advancement (or loss), the units of monetary praise and the game board itself have been determined by a few greedy and insipid sub-humans for millenia now. So why are we bringing their game pieces to bear when most of the people that read and comment on this board simply don't like that game and really never have?
What I am trying to get to is that whatever your future is, determined moment to moment by you, will more than likely be completely different from what the people that read this board and believe in something better will encounter. It's not selfishness or pride, it's just that you will create you and we will create we.
The greatest and most certain thing that Les has foretold, and which you would lose your de facto paper betting against, is the obvious: the entire system, which we call our 'world', will falter, then fail in a great revelation of what is and what could be. Those attached via bum-bilical cord to it will have the greatest struggle. Those that can foresee its failings and envision a life in tune with a greater vibration will find a new world. Whatever happens, I tell you this truth. Trusting strangers by paying them to keep you secure and free and in tune with God wont work when money wont work. What is your value when money wont work anymore? I wouldn't bet on it...

Anonymous said...

The energy that is streaming our way is an all powerful one of change. For change is a guarantee, and humanity is about to change! We are about to change to light beings, "Children of the Light", as prophesied by the ancients. Not only us, but the planet as well.This change will be quite extensive, not only inner, but as we start absorbing this energy flow, we will outwardly change into much younger and very healthy beings.

Nothing can stop what is about to occur, it is inevitable, the end of a cycle within a cycle. The entities who have been trying to stop it will be denied. Our time has arrived. It will only take a few who are enlightened to shift this realily to a pureland of great bliss! Open your hearts and let the light in, for the light will guide you and any fear that resides in you use with the excitement of your thoughts of a new world, where none of the bullshit is around anymore to distract us from our true destiny.

The cosmos awaits us, and all the secrets of the universe. It is time to join the light forces of Gaia, and as one, the light that will be brought forth will shine to the ends of our galaxy and to the source of all creation, and she will be waiting with open arms, as she will know we are finally free!


Anonymous said...

@ The Circassian

If your veil is not drawn away, how can you have eyes to see anything...including the veil being lifted off another?
Your ego will not give up the keys, I fear.

Erin said...

Longjohn I have been following visible since his first Origami post. I am the one who told him about blogging when he was only posting at Slate. I have visited him and the personal is a lot more impressive than the written side of it. As I understand he was not pushing the organization of Yogananda but his lessons. Have you read the lessons? I don't think so. Why is it that people always go after the organization that comes after a master and never pay attention to the original thoughts? It's like Christianity and Christ. I studied with the Kriya yoga lessons and they are gold. If you just ask visible he will be glad to tell you about how disgusting it is at SRF. It has nothing to do with the words of the master who comes out of the lineage of Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya and Sri Yukteswar. I've read what you have had to say at the blogs, calling yourself a yogi and then cursing people out. Don't you think that makes you a lot like what you are criticizing?

Erin said...

Just out of curiosity longjohn, have you got more than one critic of the man? I would like to see corroboration from others and hard concrete evidence of wrongdoing. visible told me that your Guru Bawa slept with young women in his room every night. That doesn't mean anything. Yogis do this for metaphysical reasons and do not have physical congress. Yogananda laid in state for weeks without his body rotting. What does that mean.

Here you will find some explanation about the Hitler comment,

and a lot more.

What I have noticed about you is that you like to put people down and have an exaggerated opinion of yourself that you make amusing through your bad opinion of so many other people. When you can accomplish what Yogananda did then you can criticize. What exactly have you done with your life? Have you accomplished anything I would have heard about? Can you find anything in print stating how wise you are? It is something to think about. I would not be so harsh and never have been in these blogs but when you defame a man so far beyond your own accomplishments then one must say something.

Anonymous said...

Michael A.V.: Anyway way Les, I've been a loyal reader although difficult with you at times, but what you've said has never come to pass. The world keeps getting more evil, the good keep on suffering, the empowered have become totally corrupted and evil, and no one cares Les. There is no hope in my opinion.

That does not mean that it will never come to pass. What I am trying to do is, in part, to prevent Les from getting impatient and making fool of himself with clear cut forecasts like the one he engaged himself in lately. I strongly disagree that there is no hope. Hope is the last thing one wants to lose.

Neko Kinoshita: No one is going to want youre money, you are just another fool.

Neko, I am sorry if I have upset you. This is not about the money though. This is just a simple device to bring back some sense to a mind - a good mind - that has become affected too much by what is called 'Mind Projection Fallacy'. In simple terms it means: all people have, to one degree or the other, a tendency to believe that the world outside one's mind is pretty much as it appears to be in one's mind. About me being just another fool , well, you could be quite correct about that. But it is rather difficult for me to accept the charge the way you put it.

Mark: Les is a busy man...You haven't noticed, but this is not a casino.

I have noticed that, Mark, and I believe I have answered your charge. To reiterate: I am not trying to distract a busy man from the important and useful work he is doing, I am not trying to bankrupt him financially, or make money out of him - I am simply trying to bring him back to his senses for his own good and for the good of his readers. I have noticed that Les always had this ... how shall I put it ... cultish streak in him, which is not probably a bad thing administered in healthy doses, but this trait of his character easily can take the better of him, if people keep praising him to a ridiculous pitch and there are no sober people around like me to help him to keep it real.

Martin Kearns: Circassian, you could be accurately described as having more money than sense even after you go bankrupt.

Actually that's not bad, Martin - sarcasm is an excellent tool.

Martin Kearns: Either way, the attention-seeking immaturity of your posting did make me laugh.

Good. Laughter is good, Martin. I am glad you enjoyed yourself.

Martin Kearns: Bizarrely, too, it brought to mind those few occasions when I have met (or spoken to) people, who, through the usual pleasantries, have told me they were from "Hollywood, California"

Not sure I understand this, Martin. Could you clarify, please.

Martin Kearns: I also, then, experienced a sudden, Basil Fawltyesque desire to thrash them - and, just like them, you not only assume that the people you speak to are less informed or knowledgable than yourself; you also have an empty, smug manner of trying to tell them so.

I guess that is true. Can you blame me when there are so many people like you around?

Martin Kearns: If I was any less well-mannered - and if I was custodian of this blog - I would not hesitate to tell you to fuck off.

I could be mistaken, Martin, but I believe you have an exaggerated view of the quality of your manners.

Martin Kearns: I do not doubt though, that The Dog Poet will be able to deal with your self-satisfied, meaningless and empty petulance in a far more effective and less unpleasant manner than I ever could.

I tend to agree with you there, but we shall see.

A good comment right there, ChewyBees, but like almost everybody else here you misunderstood my intentions, which is probably, at least partially, my fault after all.

Anon @ 6:04 AM: Your ego will not give up the keys, I fear.

Thank you for well intended warning. But do not fear for I am a humble man, and I am planning on keeping it that way.

The Circassian

long john said...


well first, fyi, i have been personally acquainted with the author of these blogs (and vice-versa) for nearly 44 years.

second, i never assumed much less implied that Les was "pushing the organization of Yogananda". i did not think that, or say that.

also, contrary to your mistaken presumption, i am quite familiar with Yogananda and kriya yoga. so maybe you shold think again.

third, i did not "go after the organization that comes after a master". i simply presented some historical info related to Yogananda. and the reader can makeup his or her own conclusions about that. what i posted was not my own words, it was from an old magazine and newspapers. and i did not make any sort of criticism. you are simply mistaken. so there is no need for you to get reactive and defensive.

btw, i do know a little about SRF, but i also know more about Yogananda's teachings and about kriya yoga.

you said: "I've read what you have had to say at the blogs, calling yourself a yogi and then cursing people out."

well obviously you are mistaken. i don't recollect claiming to be a yogi. i donlt claim to be anything. and i most certainly did not "curse people out". i have not "cursed" anyone out on Les's blogs. so you are confused and more or less trying to slander me. if there is evidence, then show exactly what you are referring to. otherwise, you are creating a strawman.

you said: "Don't you think that makes you a lot like what you are criticizing?"

again, i was not criticising anything at all. i simply posted some historical info about Yogananda from old newspapers. merely posting some curious factual info, does not mean that i was criticising. so you have jumped to false conclusions here. which is not correct. i have not done anything like you assert. i have not said anything critical of Yogananda. i merely presented some info.

i would politely suggest that you avoid confusion and misunderstanding in the future, by making sure that you are correct and accurate, before you go jumping to erroneous conclusions and asserting false presumptions about me and about my intentions.

long john said...

Erin, let me put it to you this way... it would behoove you to first get your facts right, before you go making unfounded assertions and incorrect conclusions about me and about what i post. ewspecially when it was not my own words that i posted.

siamsam said...

Aah, very satisfying to see that my thinking is influencing your writing :)

Hope you had a pleasent landing.

kindest to all

Erin said...


so you haven't cursed people out at these blogs? You shouldn't have said that because it is in print here where you have gone after people. I'm not going to do the legwork because I know that regular visitors here have seen your vituperative moods come about. I suspect someone is going to go find them and show you. I remember you using curse words and getting ballistic.

This isn't important. What is important is your putting out the accusations of one person about one of the great men of the last century. Your vacuous excuse about just putting up a curious item is shit. It is obvious what you intended.

As for Circassian and his keeping it real crap and keeping visible from getting carried away with all the praise, that is also shit. visible shows no evidence of that so neither he nor the rest of us need you to come in here and piss on the furniture. Anyone can see that you object to him getting all those nice things said about him which he truly deserves and you wish it were you but it isn't.

visible has gone out of his way not to be a guru. He has put himself down. He has embarrassed himself on purpose on our behalf just to keep people from thinking too much of him which makes him all the things he claims not to be. If God told him something and I know God does talk to him then that will come to pass and it probably is happening right now.

Anyone who thinks they can do better than this man then I suggest you go and do it. You sound like shit as far as I'm concerned and I think most people agree with me. Make your own life shine and don't seek to diminish what is beyond your ability to equal.

Visible said...

I slept for a couple of hours and then I got back up and here I sit. I suppose I should step in a little.

I didn't predict that such and such would happen at a certain date. Mostly I am repeating what I heard, not what I came up with.

From what I hear, the shit is about to hit the fan on a lot of levels. If it doesn't well, so much for that.

I'm not a prophet or a soothsayer. I might be a sage but that would require more wisdom than I possess so I suppose I will have to go with 'mystic' and experimental visionary for the moment.

Circassian is a troll and possibly someone else from a previous time at the same well. He thinks he's clever but his failing is in demonstrating his chops instead of actually saying anything.

The reason I say he's a troll is because he threw money into the mix, like that would have any influence over me and it's not much, to tell you the truth. I know people who will pay me more than that just to take ecstasy and dance naked in the room while they do whatever they do. I didn't take the offer but it was ten times what you are presenting.

I think you would be very surprised at the offers I get and one can't say that these things are out of the blue because I have danced for free in places where I guess the word got around. Being capable of playing either role in both courts and being able to do it as if I were... uh... uh... someone other than me, has a certain market value. So far as I know, I've never done any of this for money and my sell by date would be long gone if not for the quickening spirit.

I don't do much of anything for money and I do most everything for free since it still registers in my account in the Bank of All Things.

I've run across people who have insinuated themselves into my life and who feel that being an equal means they need to cut me down to size. It would probably be better to wait until I fuck up but some people just assume that I or anyone will anyway ...and so I need their advice and maybe I should also be tied up and gangbanged by strangers just to make me humble in case I ever do become important.

Well, enough of this. We will see what we will see and no one is going to protect me from making a fool out of myself, especially when they would like nothing more to begin with and, I am already a fool.

Whatever I am is what I am and that's all there is to it. What that's worth we'll have to hang out a little more for to find out. I didn't say much about what I was told or some of you would be having a field day. If only a little of what I heard turns out to be true about me well... I don't know what to tell you but... I'll come up with something.

Visible said...

I just saw this.

Odd huh, also the mention of the very accelerants I am taking and woo woo they go way past what I say. Of course, we'll see. I'm sticking with what I said. I only mentioned the tamest parts of what I heard but they mirror this pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les,

The key to life is to live in the present. There's not a damn thing one can do about the past or future. "Take it easy" is a saying that's rarely heard these days.

Doomsday predictions remind me of "Firesign Theater" in the early 70's. ...........The world as we knew it ended on the 20th of Kamagunda.



Anonymous said...

I like your writing Les but I am getting tired of waiting for events that never happen. I agree with what was said before, the world is an evil evil place at the minute, interspersed with human kindness and compassion on a level that is on small local scale and will not change anything. Good people will never make a difference because goodness never gets heard only the scum that represent evil have the POWER and desire to make a scene on the global stage, most people just want to protect their family and what little they have.
I'm a bit confused at the Chinese sage reference though, I had heard that they were the ascended masters of whom Alice Bailey had referenced and if this is the same entity I believe it comes to decieve it is not the true deity, whatever his name is. Have a look at the Chris White videos on you tube he goes into some depth on the Lucis trust and it's connections to Alice Bailey and all of those one world religion/ we are all one consciouness stuff, it's quite interesting. Not knocking you Les, I'm just a bit confused by everything at the moment, not sure which road to go down.

Odin's Raven said...

Here's a hint that the various cabals of banksters and bureaucrats may be starting to turn on each other.

Visible said...

I didn't mention Lucis Trust or Ascended Masters and the assumption of the meaning of unwitnessed events at a distance is astonishing.

Mark said...

long john

It's good to know a kindred spirit is already in my neck of the woods. I'll get back to ya.

Zoner said...

It is my humble opinion that what we are "waiting for" may not be broadcast or located in a search engine.

Disappointed that nothing has "happened"? I suggest that maybe you are looking in the wrong direction. Subtler senses are maybe required to discern.

Adjust the tuning a bit?


Erik said...

Hi Anonymus 12:04

First of all, would all anymous posters a least have the courtacy to sign their comments, at least with a nickname?

It makes it easier for the rest of us to adress you 'personally' ....

Having said that, dear anonymous, I understand where you are coming from. It so happens I watched this Chris White video yesterday, and I am also still 'digesting' this new information.

I understand your confusion, but please do not jump to conclusions just yet ...

Just listen to what your heart is telling you and be grateful that you might be able to find out if what Les is conveying to you is true.

Any questions? just ask!
We are here to help.


Anonymous said...

Zoner: Disappointed that nothing has "happened"? I suggest that maybe you are looking in the wrong direction. Subtler senses are maybe required to discern. Adjust the tuning a bit?

This is way too subtle, Zoner, for me and, I'm guessing, for many others too. Could you please keep it less subtle and more clear - I'm trying very hard here to keep it simple and closer to the earth.

The Circassian

Anonymous said...

Les, often I read your posts and events in your life mirror (in some ways) events in my own. I do not always comment but I hear the Nazgul at night. I am sooo close to victory but a few major hurdles remain. Your posts give me hope. Hope that they are about to be swept away. Thank you for your unique and simple truth laying. st louis mike

Anonymous said...

Les: What that's worth we'll have to hang out a little more for to find out. I didn't say much about what I was told or some of you would be having a field day. If only a little of what I heard turns out to be true about me well... I don't know what to tell you but...

I hope you'll forgive me for looking at things the way I do - I'm a physicist, so it should come as no surprise that I see things from a certain angle. Not implying that the way you see things is less valuable or anything like that, just trying to explain why I see things the way I do.

Look at it this way: I'm kind of conducting a physical experiment in an attempt to understand how accurate is the 'the voice' Les is hearing in his head. A legitimate exercise, is it not?

So I am asking for your cooperation. I'm willing to be completely open minded about this. To be perfectly honest, I have some prejudices about claims made by people who are, as they claim, in direct contact with God, the divine, Krishna, or whatever you want to call it. I'm willing to put aside even that prejudice for the sake of purity of my experiment.

If you are willing to cooperate, here is what I need to know from you.

1. "to find out" exactly what?

2. "hang out a little more" - how long is a little more. I understand that one can't be precise about this, but would you say it is like one week, one month, one year, or ten years?

3. what exactly "you were told" and by whom? I don't think not telling that because "some of you would be having a field day" is a lame excuse. Don't worry about us "having a field day" - we can handle it.

4. "If only a little of what I heard turns out to be true about me well..." About you? Is this all about you?

Erik came up with an excellent suggestion: Any questions? just ask! We are here to help.

And that's exactly what I'm doing here - just asking questions. Will you help me?

Btw, I'm not trying to offend you or put you down, but when "I don't know what to tell" I simply don't say anything. That works for me, and it might work for you too. Give it a try.

The Circassian

Anonymous said...

Man! Some of the best people come here! I'm laughing and crying at the same time. Thanks everybody, I mean it! ...Buzzsaw

Anonymous said...

"THis time will be the last time that we will fight like this."

Love, MV

Zoner said...

Circassian, my comment was not directed at you specifically - rather it was more an out-loud pondering re: what we "expect" to occur and in what manner it may present itself to us.

To look around and not see a tremendous change already upon us is what I am addressing. This great change IS upon us and moving in ways that will not be broadcast in the usual manner I suspect. No, rather I know this to be true, at least in my own experience. It is, as they say, an "inside job".

Those expecting some great show with fireworks and and grand spectacle may yet be rewarded. I contend this show started some time ago and is only now hitting mainstream distribution.

But hey - I am just some clown on the internet, so take it for what it is worth. Absolutely nothing in fact.


Mark said...

"THE" Circassian

I feel your instincts are not finely attenuated; if they were, you would understand that your methods, tone, and delivery are wholly disruptive to the people who regularly sit around this campfire. You are a square peg here, wasting time and bandwidth.

I would recommend you hang around and read the posts as I did, keeping your fingers away from the keyboard, only, you are not interested in learning anything new...most of the people here are far more in tune with the spirit than I am, and I am further along than most. If you only had an open mind, you could benefit by the posts of Les and his friends.

Les doesn't make predictions; in fact, in almost every post, he says he "doesn't know." You haven't been paying attention and have come to flawed conclusions. It makes me doubt you are a scientist because you are far too careless.

If you are a physicist, you are limited to the physical/material, and so are inherently blind.

Good luck to you sir.

Sim said...

Circassian, give it up, dude.

You are wasting what precious little time you might still have here, in trying - and demonstrably failing - to bate a man who could swat you like a fly (whether in the intellectual or in any other sense).

Twice now within this blogpost you have shown that you are nothing more than an irritant, and a particularly transparent irritant at that.

Feel free to Google your own name for the lowdown - and if it's answers that you are truly after, then allow me to suggest that this is perhaps the most pressing question you should be asking.

Erik said...


I have not seen you post here before, so I am guessing that you are new here.

Though I agree with Mark, we should maybe not kick every newcomer with a dissenting idea away from our cosy campfire, and pass up on an opportunity to learn ;) this is Smoking Mirrors afterall so we (Les) could have expected this ...

As a primer I could point you to the latest post by Les on his 'Reflections in a Petri Dish' or all of his 'Visible Origami' posts (or download his latest radio-show, if you are in a hurry;)

Given the fact that you claim to have a physicist background, I perhaps better point you to yet another source:

The stories are surprisingly similar, the viewpoint is different and maybe more to your liking ...

Anonymous said...

Mark, like I said, I'm just asking questions in hope that enlightened people like you who are "further along than most" and other distinguished "people who regularly sit around this campfire" will provide me with some answers.

But nobody is answering my questions. Instead, everybody keeps telling me about my personal unflattering traits which I did not ask for. I appreciate the psychoanalysis, but will somebody address the questions I am interested in, please.

Here are some more questions addressed specifically to you, Mark.

1. Are you the guy who goes by the name Mark Glenn?

2. Are you jewish? If not, what is your ethnic background?

If you feel uncomfortable answering my questions for whatever reason - that's perfectly all right with me, but please don't lie to me.

Mark: If you are a physicist, you are limited to the physical/material, and so are inherently blind.

That's why I'm here, Mark, trying to learn something about things that are not physical/material. But I suspect that there is nothing out there that cannot be looked at from scientific point of view. At least, it won't hurt. Wouldn't you agree, Mark?

Martin, I realize that I may have hurt your feelings a bit. Please get used to it, that'll help you a lot down the road because you are begging for your bottom to be thrashed and it will be thrashed many times in the future. I am sorry to tell you this, Martin, but you come across as a bitter little man.

Erik, you seem a decent man, and I appreciate your hospitality. I shall take a closer look at your suggestions.

European American said...

The Spirit of Santa Claus

He's seen in the smiles
The whole world is sharing,
He's found where there's friendship
And loving and caring,
He's felt in warm handshakes
When people are meeting
He's heard in the cheer of
A Christmas time greeting
His spirit's behind all the
Gifts we receive
He's everywhere, always
To those who believe!

~ Author Unknown ~

Anonymous said...

Circassian is no physicist. He's a trekkie weekend pop science groupie who goes to the conventions as Lt Dingleberry, the klingon.

Predictions are elastic. What would Lt. Dingleberry, the klingon, do with tomorrow's newspaper if he got it today? He would change tomorrow's newspaper with opportunistic dealings. Would Lt. Dingleberry care to consider that what Les Visible says might just help to make them want to reconsider their plans?

Whaddya think?

Put on your Mr. Spock ears and try thinking about that.

And get off his ass, Dingleberry.

You were actually willing to bet ON him.

It sure wouldn't be the first time they revised their plans, because of the bold people against them. They've chickened out many times in the last 50 years.

Maybe you should be over at Ebay bidding on Beverly Crusher's panties with your thousand dollars.

Anonymous said...

death cult billionaires
whores in fine dresses
with genasidal temprements
in midnight caresses
the cold weather shivers
abuse and details
in the tip of equilibrium
balance prevails
universal unifier
resonating frequency
rising equality
in liberation sequencies
round and round revitalize
stirring essence flow
wild river chase
bolt of living blow.


long john said...

Erin wrote:

"so you haven't cursed people out at these blogs? You shouldn't have said that because it is in print here where you have gone after people."

-- then please present the evidence of that which you are referring to. if you can't do that, then its lame and wrong to accuse me otherwise. you are creating a false strawman.

"I'm not going to do the legwork because I know that regular visitors here have seen your vituperative moods come about."

-- thats pure bullshit. i have done no su8ch thing. what you are saying is a lie, and saying it doesn't make it true.

"I suspect someone is going to go find them and show you."

-- then go ahead and be my guest. you have nothing on me. i have said nothing "vituperative", nor have i "gone after people".
but apparently you have some issues of your own.

"I remember you using curse words and getting ballistic."

-- i have no idea what you are referring to. what "curse words"?? "ballistic" about what?? either present your evidence, or admit that you are mistaken.

"What is important is your putting out the accusations of one person about one of the great men of the last century."

-- wrong. i didn't "put out" anything. those were nothing more than newspaper articles. i didn't author those articles. so its not my problem if that information bothers you or upsets you. how you react is your responsiblity.

"Your vacuous excuse about just putting up a curious item is shit. It is obvious what you intended."

-- wrong again. i made no such excuse. i merely presented some historical information i had come across that was related to Yogananda. so you shouldn't assume that you know my intentions... because you obviously don't.

"Anyone who thinks they can do better than this man then I suggest you go and do it. You sound like shit as far as I'm concerned and I think most people agree with me. Make your own life shine and don't seek to diminish what is beyond your ability to equal."

-- what does that have to do with me?? i am not whatever it is that you seem to think i am. you don't know about my life, and you don't know what light of truth the divine shines through me. visible knows me far better than you could ever possibly, or ever will. he knows where i am coming from, and he knows what my life is all about. so your attempted fabrications and distortions and false accusations, and
your personal antagonism against me, is not needed or useful here.

i am not the person that you are trying to frame me as being... and other folks here know that.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't the world be a wonderful place if our view of it was as Circas.
Pigeon holes full of understanding.

Tell me Circa,
(1) who filled your pigeon holes?
(2) Are all of the pigeon holes filled?
(3) What about the data that wouldn't fit?
(4) Could there possibly be things you/we don't and will never comprehend?

Where do you put them ~

Go back over Les' writings - a new education!

Hope this helped

Anonymous said...

Mark: Les doesn't make predictions

Well, I do make predictions, Mark.

1. I predict that Les' 'good advisors' like yourself will strongly advise him to drop The Circassian.

2. I also predict that Les will end up caving in under the pressure of his advisors.

However, when my predictions fail on occasion, I have no problem acknowledging the fact.

The Circassian

kikz said...

happy solstice les, to you and yours!
big hugz

Scarlett said...

I think I'm a bit world weary and burned out worrying over what will happen and when. I used to think I needed to do all these things to prepare -- like stockpiling goods. Now I find that the worse things get, the less worried and stressed out I am over them. I honestly don't know if it is burnout or trust in a higher power or just that things have gone to shit so badly that it can't get any worse -- even if the outcome is literally the end of the world.

It's not even that I think that if there is a higher power and an ultimate showdown between good and evil that I'm on the winning team. Because I don't think I am. I feel like I've got one foot in each world. My heart and head tells me that that modern society has EVERYTHING wrong. But yet, I'm too attached to it. Part of me still longs to belong to it, though I am reminded every day that I am far too different to ever actually be a part of it. Part of me wishes I actually were like the Stepford wives around me because I think I'm headed for the same fate anyway and knowing what is coming is just a drag when you aren't brave enough or good enough to take that path that earns you the right to transcend it. Oh well.

I had a dream about a year ago that I was washing one of those coca-cola curved glasses in my kitchen and it broke. (I had a coca-cola addiction for most of my life -- until I gave it up recently.) From somewhere above me, a voice kept telling me "This is important. You have to remember this. When you see this, you will know that it is starting soon". I looked around but couldn't find the source of the voice. I asked "What will start? What does this mean?" But the voice just kept telling me that it was important and I needed to remember this because it was a sign. I remember yelling "Wait. I don't understand. What does this mean?" and then the voice was gone and I woke up. When I went back to sleep, I dreamed that I was standing on my deck and a ball of fire was heading towards me. I knew that I was going to die -- but not immediately as the object was still a few hours away, but you could see it coming. I don't know if the two dreams were related, but I took it as such.

For weeks, any time I had to wash that glass, I was terrified. I wouldn't use it, but my husband kept using it -- even after I told him about my dream and how it had freaked me out. I finally just threw it away. Which pretty much is a metaphor for how I've handled knowing things about the world that others refuse to see. I choose to do nothing. I don't join the mindless consumers around me. But I don't join the brave revolutionaries , either. As my mother and I say about our meekness -- Jesus says we get to inherit the earth, but by then it will be a shithole that nobody wants.

So, I guess you could say I'm not looking forward to anything happening (as it means I will be getting my ass kicked) -- but I'm not hoping we avoid it either. More like a terminally ill patient who doesn't really want to die, but just wants to hurry up and get it done because the morphine ain't working like it used to ...

Anonymous said...

Funny, here it is a day later and this shows up.
A lot of congruent points in this letter:

Pstonie said...


the language of science as we know it is ill equipped to deal with a lot of things that are important and emerging at this time, and I think it was probably set up that way. This can be demonstrated by science's lack of explaining something like the placebo effect, which is a key understanding to what we're dealing with in this case, I think.

Mind over matter means that you can make anything happen if you believe that it will, and you'll never get to swim in the ocean if you're dead set to staying on the docks of scientific objectivity. You can postulate that you won't in fact fall off the edge of the horizon but it will be theory that holds back further learning until you actually go there. It requires faith to leap from what we've been told, and too many people tend to not like that idea because of its links to religion.

I don't know how Les experiences God but personally I've found that I always have the answers within myself if I ask the question. It's a feeling more often than words and the only problem has been that I don't want to hear the answer. It's probably one and the same as that faint voice they call the conscience. I believe in predictions that can be made from altered states because I have experienced it first hand. You get to see the only way things can really fit together and for the first time it all makes sense. Trouble is, they're all in cosmic time and don't translate well to clock time. Cut a long search for why and how short and take some LSD, DMT or shrooms. Sensory deprivation is also said to work and I bet meditation will too if you're dedicated enough. All your questions will be answered, I promise.

PS: If your goal is to prove that none of this is real, it won't be for you. Good luck with the banks.

Anonymous said...

cap of living thunder burst
rolling arctic wind
pounding heart intensifying
travel eagle wing
inner blaze invigorated
rising spring invoke
revolving equilibrium
liberation float
raise a living equal
inner chasing light
burning through the mist
justice honor might
through the gate of ever way
raise a living truth
drawn upon the santifying
calm in conscious root.


Anonymous said...

Anon @11:38 PM: Circassian is no physicist.

The chances are Anon @11:38 PM is no rocket scientist. I am, literally. Let me know, punk, how much you are willing to bet on your statement which is more foolish than Les' forecasts based on 'voices'.

Anon @11:38 PM: Would Lt. Dingleberry care to consider that what Les Visible says might just help to make them want to reconsider their plans? Whaddya think?

I wouldn't venture to guess what Lt. Dingleberry would care to consider. But I'd be very surprised to find out that 'they' even know about Les Visible.

Anon @11:38 PM: You were actually willing to bet ON him.

I was, and still am willing to bet ON his forecasts.

Anon @11:38 PM: They've chickened out many times in the last 50 years.

Evidently you know something I don't. Is this knowledge based on 'voices', on an inside information, or on your own backwards 'elastic predictions' ?

Anon @11:38 PM: Maybe you should be over at Ebay bidding on Beverly Crusher's panties with your thousand dollars.

I probably would, if I knew something about Beverly Crusher's panties.

Counselor Deanna Troi's diagnosis on Anon @11:38 PM mental condition: Too much television. Prescription: Get away from JewTube, spend more time outdoors, go jogging, skiing, or BBQing with your family (or girlfriend, whatever the case might be).

Tony: Wouldn't the world be a wonderful place if our view of it was as Circas.

Yes, pretty much so.

Tony: Go back over Les' writings - a new education! Hope this helped

No, Tony, it did not. Nevertheless I appreciate your willingness to help.

Circa's diagnosis on Tony's mental condition: Too much of "a new education" based on "Les' writings".

Mark, I'm waiting for your answers.

The Circassian

Anonymous said...

Very interesting and coherent train of thoughts, Pstonie. I agree with much of what you have said.

Have you read by chance William Simpson's book:

Which Way Western Man?

If not, I'm reasonably sure you are one of those rare souls who could benefit greatly from reading it.

Simpson warns his readers from the outset:

You may find in this book ideas or ideals that at first hearing strike you as abhorrent. They may clash with what you have long believed to represent the highest in human experience, or cherish as too holy to be questioned. Or you may find yourself chilled by conclusions that I reach or remedies that I press that you think too drastic. But I would remind you that the disintegration of our whole society is far advanced, that the time allowed us for action is short, and that the peril hanging over us is - fearsome. Extreme emergencies may require extreme measures. Our need is for men of the courage and independence of mind to set aside all taboos, men who will search and reassess the entire experience of our people with discernment and with insight, and will then have the resolution and the dedication to apply to the solution of our problems all the light and the fullest wisdom to which their search has led them - even though it cost them their lives.

And one word more.

In general there is much in each chapter that, if it is to be rightly understood and its spirit fully sensed, must be read in the light of all that has gone before. Therefore, I would urge my reader to avoid skipping around. The reading will surely prove the most fruitful if he begins at the beginning and reads straight through.

I guess it won't be much of violation of Simpson's "urge my reader to avoid skipping around" if you take a sneak peek at the following chapters first:

Chapter 5. An Added Faculty of Perception

Chapter 7. The Added Faculty of Perception in the Light of Psychology and History.

The Circassian

Erik said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

all this beauty has brought me into a haze;
everyday wake to bake and she is telling me it will be too late;
so summer and winter combine
to reverse the spell in my mind; shadows shall be free
in solstice time of broken captivity;
Divine eyes will see
the everlasting Love within You and me;
receive my hand
let us dance until we shine;
Sun Moon and stars align
melt the fabrics of space and time; Spirit on the inside
shall be revealed to Mankind Divine

Visible said...

Greetings Folks'

Going over to Origami this afternoon but I thought I should say some things.

Circassian's passive aggressive game play and the little trick of praise as a preface to ridicule and contempt, has been used by another commenter before and there's a great likelihood that it's the same animal.

I'm not going to defend myself because I don't have any reason to but you can see the weaseling use of the term 'voices' and sundry.

Empirical science has always been a limited affair and it never finds any deeper truths except when it fucks up, which is a lot. It also empowers the practitioners with a God complex, like doctors and the rest. The more wrong they are the more arrogant they get about it.

The only difference between a physicist and a meta-physician is the bandwidth.

Interestingly, those with God complexes are most acute when it comes to those beyond their understanding being treated with a respect they aren't getting and don't understand. They feel certain they can see through everything without even knowing what they are seeing through or to.

Rocket science hasn't done much for the world and doesn't seem to be going anywhere either except into the hovels of the indigent who can't comprehend why they are being assaulted from the air.

Science in these times is one of the black arts, because it exists on the payroll of corporations and military adventurists and is compromised in terms of doing any humanitarian good. Those seeking this area of expression are routinely killed if they won't back off. There's a lot of historical precedence for this.

The fact is that you are either seeking to find God or pretending to be God. Seers and mystics form the first group and bankers, doctors, scientists, religionists and most people with titles and outfits are in the second group.

A great deal is going to come down shortly and by this time next year we probably won't recognize the place and a lot of us will be somewhere else as well.

There's no need to prove anything, events are already proving plenty and since those in the leadership of policy and events do not intend to change their ways and are even looking to be more draconian and vicious in their applications well... we'll see about that.

We can absorb and even tolerate the occasional grandstander because of the amusement factor and the enjoyment of observing an example of a particular lifeform going about its efforts. It's kind of like watching the Nature Channel except it's got nothing to do with nature. Anonymity in many cases it a protection against truth being revealed, at least as far as the one concealed by it.

See you in a bit.

Anonymous said...

this c creature is a blog hijacker gum flapper and bullshit artist

Visible said...

Erik... the effect of certain substances is a purely subjective thing and determined by the state of being of the one taking it. Furthermore, the effects of that particular item are unpredictable; just ask anyone who operates as a shaman or who has taken it in guided groups or some number of times. I'm not a shaman but I am familiar with the realm.

Anonymous said...


I have been with you for many years- a good grasshopper

YogaGonaBeone is human

We all know Jesus had women - and then he hung with mostly men???!!!

Jesus was human

Guess what? LV knows he is human

Point being: Who among us has the virgin celibacy & moral courage to be judge over anyone? Everyone has worth & goodness - it is just difficult to find in Money Changers-- ya wanna bet Circassian?

This is merely a sprinkle, A Hard Rains Gonna Fall


Anonymous said...

nicely said mr visible's,to be honest with you to me it looked like mr circa just wanted to kick off,you may of disjointed him when he read what you wrote,..

...happy solstice to the people..neil

Anonymous said...


This just came to me. We are all on the same page HERE NOW – right?

Then I had a flashback - 2010 years ago or so, Me and eleven other guys would start to question, who’s gonna pay for this? And how can it benefit us and on and on, everytime LV (love) exited the room…

Back to HERE NOW – just take the good parts – with or without two o’s

I wonder if I could ever be a Bodhisattva

n. Buddhism
An enlightened being who, out of compassion, forgoes nirvana in order to save others.


DaveS said...


Ah, rocket science... I worked out of Santa Maria (near Vandenburg) for a few years and I knew a couple of actual rocket scientist. Umm, I don't know if I'd be implying that rocket science is any substitution for real world experience. Not that you are, but maybe just a little?

As you well know, math isn't supposed to lie, and hence the perception among scientist that given the right equation, and the right numbers, anything in the universe can be described and explained. Maybe even recreated?

But I don't think such is always the case... Astrophysicist and pure theorist like to play in the same metaphysical realms as those of us hanging out reading Les... they have no problem inventing invisible friends like dark matter to give their theories feet. Too bad they're so smart they can't let go of old, ancient ideas and embrace new theories, such as the electrical universal theory (or whatever they're calling it this week)

I think I get what you're trying to do... but unfortunately, in the case of mystics, seers and other weirdoes, the researcher's preconceived ideas get in the way of them being able to quantify those kind of things. Rather than being bummed, rejoice that there will always be mysteries that confuse and confound humankind.

And in defense of physicist... read a little Richard Feynman, the guy is a hoot and looks at life a little sideways. Or if you really want to go to the edge, attend a few of the summer physics lectures hosted by the Aspen Center for Physics... some of those talks make what we discuss on this forum seem tame :)

Peace and a happy Solstice to everyone!



Mark said...


Have you been up all night waiting for me? I had gone to bed.

I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that you might be sincere in your quest for knowledge, since you singled me out. But we are approaching a hundred comments here, and it’s because you wish to keep the ball in play.

My last name isn’t Glenn, nor am I Jewish. I was a psychology major a long time ago until late in the game, when I realized the field was based on false premises, guided by a malignant force. After I changed my major to English, I learned much more about human behavior by reading literature.

You remind me of my stepson. He is smart, and yet, his mind is compartmentalized. Each compartment is walled off from the others, and impervious to new incoming information…which means I cannot reach him. I know many people just like him. I don’t blame him, or them, or you. I’m just glad it didn’t happen to me.

A lot of what is discussed here on Smoking Mirrors refers back to metaphysics. The truths which I and others carry inside cannot be measured or proven empirically. Because empirical science doesn’t speak the language, and by its own premises, denies the existence of anything outside of the five accepted senses.

I invite you to look at the world around you. Look for patterns and you will discover that seemingly unrelated events are related after all. All it takes is an adjustment of perspective and a truly open mind.

Again, good luck to you sir

Visible said...

There's a new Visible Origami up-

Someone's Tossing Ice Cubes into the Devil's Coffee.

Anonymous said...

Les: Rocket science hasn't done much for the world and doesn't seem to be going anywhere either except into the hovels of the indigent who can't comprehend why they are being assaulted from the air.

This statement makes as much sense as "The diesel engine hasn't done much for the world and doesn't seem to be going anywhere either except into the hovels of the indigent who can't comprehend why they are being assaulted on the ground."

Les: Science in these times is one of the black arts, because it exists on the payroll of corporations and military adventurists and is compromised in terms of doing any humanitarian good.

Military is something that has been with human beings since the first humanoids picked up the stick from the ground and always will. Military was the prime engine for the development of human society and always will. That's what History teaches those who have the capacity to learn.

Les: A great deal is going to come down shortly and by this time next year we probably won't recognize the place and a lot of us will be somewhere else as well.

In 1920s when you were not even born, William Simpson recognized that the Western civilization was in terminal decline. It took him another 40 years of intense study to give a comprehensive diagnosis of what was happening with the Western world and to discern the driving forces behind it.

Since 1998, when you had virtually no idea what was happening in the world, Igor Panarin has been predicting the U.S. will fall apart in 2010.

Russian Professor Predicts End of U.S.

You don't even recognize how ridiculous you look when you pompously declare something that you think is a great insight.

The Circassian

Anonymous said...

This COMEDY is devine

LV piromanic of the soul - truth is just another word for BELIEVE ME

Circassian - I truly want to give you a hug with all the passion, love, & joy that comes with meeting another on what could be a lonely path.

Even if you are not handsome, beautiful, or dressed well - I love you.


Anonymous said...


Yes, I am a long time visitor.

Having the guts to stand firm even when that means being absolutely alone is something few can handle. I wish I could say without any reservations: I am one of them.

Cowardice Among the Worst of Human Vices

The Circassian

coletteonice said...

gidday crack me up with hoots of v.l.f.... what barbie from which state did you fling yourself to see the recruiting tossers out in "force" espec. within this space..and hey you get in! must make the ole sackx tingle just a wee bit aye cassy?as you know the ole rocket scientist routine you are mouthing off about is the inhouse joke for prob. have used your space up here...too bad, you were some xmas fun...ya tosser!

Visible said...

His former identity was banned not long ago, when he ceased to be amusing. Confusing diesel, an item, with rocket science which is a modality, betrays the lack and grooming of the scientific mind. There's plenty more but I'll let him plait the rope he hangs himself with.

tim said...

Les shares his kundalini experiences with this blog; It is not engineering science. Every time he makes a "prediction" he follows it with some joke saying "don't listen to me I'm full of shit". Did you miss this? It's more of a multi-dimensional conversation. Since you have a scientific mind, I suggest you learn as much as you can about quantum physics and electronic theory to enlighten your mind to multi-dimensional reality. I think 7 billion of us are tired of continuous war for profit and just want it to end. Maybe you can join in without being a dick?

TheSparkle said...

What a fucking waste of bandwidth. I know a real Circassian when I see one.

Anonymous said...

Les: His former identity was banned not long ago, when he ceased to be amusing. Confusing diesel, an item, with rocket science which is a modality, betrays the lack and grooming of the scientific mind. There's plenty more but I'll let him plait the rope he hangs himself with.

I'll take another shot at making a prediction:

If you don't change the "modality" of your reaction to legitimate criticism, and go back to more appropriate image of a humble and reserved man, you'll become less visible if you pardon the pun.

To your credit, none of my comments have ever been banned here so far, so "confusing" me with somebody else "betrays the lack and grooming of" pattern recognition skills, aka intelligence.

If you think that banning from your blog amounts for me to hanging myself then, I am sorry to tell you, you have an exaggerated view of the importance I attribute to having the luxury of participating in these discussions.

You should be thankful to me for trying to prevent you from becoming delusional, but you are not. It's a shame that your ego is getting the better of you. You can do better than that. For now, you need to relax and abstain from making hasty and foolish statements.

I recommend you to go fishing, or hunting, or something, and think things over for a couple of days.

Visible said...

well, you lie too so what do I make of that? Maybe a demonstration of something at a distance might wise you up. We'll see presumptuous and anonymous one.

Anonymous said...

tim: It's more of a multi-dimensional conversation. ... Maybe you can join in without being a dick?

Bless your heart, tim. That's exactly what I'm trying to do here - to add an important dimension to a multi-dimensional conversation. You see tim, sometimes you have to hit some arrogant assholes with kitchen-table legs just to bring them to their senses for their own good, and for the good of the people around them.

Btw, have you noticed that I haven't attacked anybody here first - every single time I was just responding to an attack. What's more, while replying, I tried very hard to not exceed the viciousness of the original attack, even though I could have done so easily.

I can assure you, I won't have any problem stopping "being a dick" as soon as there is justification for it no more. On the flip side, make no mistake: I'll have no difficulty keeping up with the "dicks" out there.

Come on, tim, you are not giving it to me, man :-)

The Circassian

Visible said...

I'm letting him go on like this because it is fascinating to watch a sociopath at work. The readers are proving to be the good people they are. Nothing wounds a sociopath's ego so much as to find that they can't accomplish what they want.

Anonymous said...

moonshining: Even if you are not handsome, beautiful, or dressed well - I love you.

I am a Circassian, moonshining. It may sound strange to you, but in my culture we do not say "I love you" even to women. If we love somebody, we show it somehow. I want to respond to your kindness with a song:

From The Gone To Yet To Come

Visible said...

sociopath, trying to work the crowd with manufactured charm and the false sincerity that what he has to offer is not easily won.

Anonymous said...

The Circassian,
I totally agree with you; It feels nice when you preen yourself with false humility - "oh! bear with me, I am an egg, I am just trying to learn so I will just ask these little questions to show you just how smart I am". Please stop indulging in intellectual masturbation - it is making you blind already.


Erik said...

"Be wary of Geeks bearing Gifts"

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who has concluded that Circa is a kid?

"I'm willing to bet..."

Sounds like a 13-16 year old to me.

I may be wrong and he's just emotionally a teen.


Anonymous said...

In line with what you are saying here.

Earth’s Core ‘Mysteriously’ Shifts Causing near Simultaneous Antipodal Earthquakes in Central America, South America and Indonesia
Russian scientists are reporting that the Earth’s core has experienced a mysterious ‘shifting’, as yet for unexplained reasons, but has caused near simultaneous earthquakes in both the countries of Indonesia and its antipodal counterparts of Panama, Venezuela and Nicaragua.

United States Space Agency NASA stated; "NASA scientists using data from the Indonesian earthquake calculated it affected Earth's rotation, decreased the length of day, slightly changed the planet's shape, and shifted the North Pole by centimeters. The earthquake that created the huge tsunami also changed the Earth's rotation."

When North Becomes South: New Clues to Earth's Magnetic Flip-Flops

Anonymous said...


I have been called a jew multiple times in multiple places. Your blog is the first place to ever call me a sociopath. The wrong perception of me does not bother me much.

This place is not for a man who wants to fight for what rightfully belongs to him. This place is for those who are in desperate need for cuddling, for love, for healing. I can understand that. It's probably safe to say that you have been providing that to the best of you ability to those who need it. And they love you for that, and rightfully so.

I can feel that my presence here does not help you in any way to do the job these good but weak people expect from you. I was trying to wake something in these people who, I am afraid, are not ready or even want to be instilled with the spirit I carry in me.

I still have some vague hope that I am wrong - I want to be proven wrong. If the spirit of rebellion is dead in us there is no much hope for us. Even if we survive at cost of losing that spirit, is that life worth living?

I ask everybody who reads these words to cast his or her vote: Would you rather have me go. If for the next 24 hours I fail to get at least 2/3 of the votes for staying, I will leave and never bother you again.

If everybody abstains from voting that's more than enough I need or care to know.

Please cast your votes with your pen names attached. If I am to leave, please accept my sincere apology to those of you upon whom I may have inflicted pain.

The Circassian

Visible said...

Feeling the heat are you? Let me ratchet it up then and see what you have to say.

Pstonie said...

Do you still want to be my friend?
[ ] Yes
[ ] No

Come on, what is this, some sort of fractal satire? I hope you're laughing, otherwise it's not worth it.

The rope you're hanging yourself with is a metaphorical one, because of the way you're presenting yourself here. Maybe this is the ghost of Christmas past, because you remind me so much of myself, it hurts.

You're here crusading to save us from our meekness and present us with the gift of rebellion? Well take a look around at the front lines. If you have a better plan to end the stranglehold that the world of finance has on the planet, please enlighten us. People here are well acquainted with the spirit of resistance, trust me. Most have just been around long enough to know that force and the usual shit don't work. Hitler was also kind enough to show us that on a grander scale.

Love is the only thing these scum-sucking bankers can't defend against. Love and trust for our fellow humans and forgiveness for them. Leave them to their fate, it's what they chose. There is no need to make it our problem. You can't overthrow the rulers and take what they have, because what they have made them what they are. Why do you think this system has been so effective and unchanging for so long?

This is not a personal attack. You are not what you know, and treating what you know as an investment and wanting to cling to it limits your growth. Too much of what we know is wrong and almost everything we've been told is a lie. Don't be afraid to be wrong, it's what we're here for.

Sorry if I assumed too much about you. I saw something and it may be wrong. I'm not writing this to teach you, I'm writing this to teach me, and I have learned much. Thank you.

TheSparkle said...

What a fucking waste of sacred fire, words, letters, oxygen and space.

Who is he, Les?

The way he writes and 'talks' "sounds familiar" to me.

Anonymous said...

I came to this party rather late, but perhaps not too late. Though I've had my share of mystical experiences (i.e., changing the consciousness channel by various means), I've also had to question what those experiences really meant. In college I was trained in critical thinking (factual, logical, and conceptual analysis), and I still consider that a key component of my B.S. detector.

Over the decades I've gone back & forth between being a mystic (Tibetan Buddhist, in a later stage) and a skeptic/pragmatist. I know what it's like to be in a "high" state and be misunderstood by people who'd never had a mystical experience and would not welcome a suggestion to "change the channel".

Without first-hand experience (and expert guidance in interpreting the experience), why would any sensible person listen to someone who claims that God speaks to him? Especially if one sees no compelling reason to believe in a God who speaks to people in the first place?

Though I would not have introduced myself to this forum in the way the Circassian did, I also would not have reacted defensively and treated him like a troll. "Shun the non-believer!" Yeah, not only does he not get it, he's deliberately not getting it just to piss you off! ;)

There were times in my life when I would've benefited from a reality check, even if it wasn't "ultimate reality", just to snap out of the magical thinking that often snares mystics.

I'm not concerned about the purity of the Circassian's motives. But he has every right to question authority, and so far he would be justified in concluding that Les Visible's online posse acts like a cult when challenged.

Anonymous said...

Circa, I appreciate the image - you with the back of your left hand pressed to your forehead bemoaning 'My blogger doesn't understand me'.
If only for that; my vote - PLEASE STAY and entertain us some more.

Most who comment here have learnt, long ago, to tolerate persons such as yourself as you tire of pissing up the wall with no takers in sight.
Enjoy your stay, try to learn something from us all and when you fail to do that – have a nice day.

Vote cast by

ps are you one of Les' 'mates' from the Slate?
If so, even though I didn't approve of Les' involvement, he used to give you all a thorough thrashing, didn't he?

TheSparkle said...

I copied and pasted something earlier that was really long and might/should not make it through because it was quite a lot of text.

An introductory quote:

"World peace is at hand."

Here is the last part:

"Finally let us examine the issue of the Satanists who forced these various secret groupings to emerge from the shadows. Satan appears to be some sort of artificial intelligence that uses human minds as one of its mediums. The ideas of Satanism move from generation to generation within a group of families. Their members are part of an elite descended from the Hyksos pastoralists who invaded Egypt and other parts of the Middle East before mysteriously vanishing into the shadows. They seized a group of Egyptians and enslaved them for millennia. These slaves, I believe, are the spiritual if not genetic ancestors of the Jews, a decent people tormented by these secret masters for thousands of years.

What these elite Satanists have been doing for so long is so terrible that it boggles the mind. They plan centuries in advance so that their unwary victims, such as the American people, never see what is coming until it is too late. They sacrifice humans. They actually slice the necks of small children and eat their beating hearts as a part of their rituals. They also murder millions and hundreds of millions through carefully orchestrated, unnecessary wars and famines.

Humanity has finally risen up against this horrific snake hidden amongst the elite."

Boulderdash said...

Ok, I've had enough. You may go.

Ta ta.

Terrance said...

Circassian...your a bad seed because you get pleasure from fucking with others...good luck with that!....

Sim said...


2. I also predict that Les will end up caving in under the pressure of his advisors.

This is rich. You presume here to know the identities of one or more of LV's' "good advisors"?

Me, I would be surprised to learn that a man of Les' extraordinary abilities would even need an advisor - letalone a group of think LV commissions a scriptwriter too?

(He may of course counsel his invisible friends - but I doubt you'll find them writing comments on this blog? (grin))

That aside, LV has a backbone - not only in the literal sense of the word - and is an unlikely candidate to "cave-in" under any circumstances, letalone circumstances which factor in the weight of opinion of hordes of imaginary advisors.

Circassian; if your intention was to disrupt and derail, you have, so far, succeeded.

May your success be abrupt - and to that end, until you write something of some merit - and in a non confrontational, non finger-pointing and non-patronising manner - I will not engage with you any further. Perhaps you might pleasantly surprise me, yet.

It's your choice as to whether you cross any lines drawn by LV - and if you do cross that line, I am sure that LV has enough nous to do what he has to without resorting to either his "good" (or his "Special") Advisors.


Neal @ 11:46 PM - that is outstanding.

Ghana said...

Wow! Fuck I wish this was face to face for him and us too. I already know you have visted him Les. Will he have to wait and perish before he finds out how?

Visible said...

Gee... I wonder what happened... hmmm...

Things are very different now. I'm not going to take anyone else to task because I think something has gone on automatic pilot now (grin)

Visible said...

A little tip about talking to God for those who think it doesn't happen and or, if it were it should be happening to them, here are a few things to keep in mind;

We are the crown of creation, of course God talks all of us but we mostly don't listen. Some of us have put most of our lives into getting God's attention and hunting him/her down in the wild places and in the deep recesses of the heart.

I am a son of God, why would God not talk to me? All you holy books speak of this possibility and tell you how to do it. If you can't do it, you're not trying hard enough and you don't want it bad enough, end of story.

Certain personality types who like to think of themselves as fiercely independent and iconoclastic and outside the crowd and a free thinker and in all cases possessed of little more ego than they can function with optimally come around and get all hot and bothered because people give me a certain amount of compliments and attention. It's a much less big deal for me than it is for you.

Anything I am able to do, where I am and at a distance, all relies on the degree of my surrender to something higher. It's got nothing to do with me except in the way a flute channels the music. It doesn't make the music and has no breath of its own. That's about as much credit as I see coming to me.

I go out of my way to fuck up intentionally on a regular basis. I use bad words. I get high. I am not shy about sharing any of this. This tends to diminish me in some people's eyes and for that I'm grateful and hope it continues. I didn't just start running into this feature of drawing people on the blogs. It's followed me around for a long time and I have left town more than once when certain attention started to come to me and make me into something I wasn't comfortable with. It annoys me that I have to act out in certain ways just to maintain a rational perspective on me by behaving irrationally now and then. I shouldn't have to do this. But I'm supposed to do even more?

I've got something given by the divine and it has an effect wherever I go. It's about to really ramp up because the point of me being here is coming up. That doesn't delight and comfort me. That's just how it is. People can take it or leave it and as I so often say, "We'll see."

It amuses me when certain characters say that I should be humble and all sorts of other things when it isn't me acting as if I weren't. It's the comments they are objecting to. This kind of thing inflames people's egos. A lot of them think, if they just had the exposure, they could do just as good a job. No, you couldn't. You need permission and you need to know it's not you doing it. All you are doing is getting out of the way, hopefully.

Those who wish to see me crushed and humbled should have been around when it was happening and you wouldn't be all twisted up in false assumptions and projections based on no direct experience concerning me. The use of the word 'posse' is juvenile.


Visible said...

There's a percentage of people who always want to see someone cut down to size and you don't have to wonder too long to understand the motive for that. I can't imagine more that I could do to be as I should be besides coming on here and abasing myself and genuflecting like a flamingo on a looking glass till I get seasick. I'm not going to do that.

My talking God and to angels and to my friend Ganesh are things that came about because I wanted them more than anything else and you may be sure I was tested on that. You could be doing it to. That's up to you. This is not my exclusive province. I have won certain things and they are mine. Go and do likewise. Bitching and carping and trying to drag me down to some level that makes you feel better about being a failure is not helping you. You're not accomplishing anything. You're not affecting me and your will isn't going to get enforced.

Take what you find useful- and you wouldn't be here if you weren't getting something- and use it. Apply yourself. Success can be very quick. I'm not here to trot around like a rock star. I'm an employee with a job description and I'm trying to fill it. See if you can figure out what your job is and do that too.

est said...

'the moons a slut'

i saw you last night
hanging out in space

i noticed the rouge
when the shadow
crossed your face

what the hell you doing
staying in that place ?

under that
tired street-light

all to your own

Anonymous said...

Circassian The Song and video From The Gone To Yet To Come
Tells a tragic story of a culture that is proud & beautiful and not knowing that language I get that love is a verb, and actions speak more than words – so for my saying

“Even if you are not handsome, beautiful, or dressed well - I love you.

Circassian’s do acts of love rather than speak or write about what it (love) is…

I find you very pragmatic to the point you are making. Trust in yourself, no one is going to be your savior. Would I be inaccurate in my assumption?

Thank you for including me in this exchange. It has opened a door, lifted another vale. I feel energized.

Can you speak & understand the language in the song? Love to , sorry – like to see the words in English.

moonshining more

Anonymous said...

est said...
'the moons a slut'

i saw you last night
hanging out in space

i noticed the rouge
when the shadow
crossed your face

what the hell you doing
staying in that place ?

under that
tired street-light

all to your own

10:21 AM

est - Well done, and images I saw last nite as earth's shadow turned the moon rouge & you put to words. Do tell me -It has nothing to do with my pen name-does it?

LV is tested by more than this exchange of words & pomp.

moonshining less -
It's raining harder here... state emergency in many counties. Back to the Future

Erik said...

Thanks Les and all for providing a true piece of 'Comedia del'Arte'

A Passion Play very much befitting this 'Ghost of Christmas Past'

(Hat tip Pstonie ;)

Strum said...

well if we here are the enlightened ones who are ahead of the crowd and more aware of the deeper realities of the multiverse, why is it we are bickering like little children and waving genitalia about like some teenage boys filled with too much beer and testosterone?

just because one person is wrong doesn't make the people arguing against him right.

IF this is the best we have got what hope have we for being the change we want to see in the world?

where is the tolerance and compassion?

"Maybe a demonstration of something at a distance might wise you up. We'll see presumptuous and anonymous one."

"Feeling the heat are you? Let me ratchet it up then and see what you have to say."

Would be interested to know what you meant by these comments Les.

if you see the buddha on the road - kill him

Visible said...

I think it's pretty clearly a demonstration of something, just as your comment is. I said it and he went away didn't he? I don't know what you make of that but it happened.

No one that I know of here has said they are enlightened. And generally, the enlightened course is to discover the meaning of something before putting connotations on it.

I am not all sweetness and light and it would be a good thing to keep in mind. I well have my reasons for the things I do and people would profit from knowing them before making their own determination about what they are.

No Buddha's got killed here. A demonstration was made right to the heart of certain objections and insults being thrown around.

If someone can do something of a certain order they must have the permission to and I never do anything without permission and I often do things I wouldn't do according to my own devices because I am told to do them.

Some very surprising things are going to start being demonstrated through certain people because the time has come for it.

Visible said...

Oh, I should add, proof was being looked for and isn't that the point?

People are going to find proof demonstrated now when it wasn't before. I suppose that could make me look all kinds of a fool so I must be pretty sure about it.

Anonymous said...

Holy means set apart, Wayne. Amos 3:2. It's not the wise that are chosen and encouraged and financed to go to college, it's the obedient.

Their first false premise and god has to be the cartoon book of evolution and behaviorism and you just centered your blog with that as the foundation. Men made your mind, Wayne, and you allowed it.

What's the difference between rote learning and wisdom? Balls is definitely one requirement for wisdom.

Do you know anything they haven't told you?

3 strikes, No balls, YOU'RE OUTTA THERE, BUM!

tim said...

forget about being a dick. This is just a serious blog about why humans have to suffer endles war for profit for the elite. Les brings his own perspective based on his kundulaini experience. Don't take him seriously if you don't want to. Thank you ever so kindly for your warning about Les' deceptions.

Anonymous said...

hey tim, i like that witty play on words - circassian/cardassian

take a look at this where the circassian/cardassian rhyme is also played out in a funny way


the entire 7-page thread on VNN forum is hilarious

Germans been killed by Soviets

long john said...

Regarding the comment made by Erin at 7:39AM (which i somehow previously overlooked)...

Whomever and whatever you seem to think i am, is not who i am. you are either confused, or else you are out to deliberately demean and belittle me, but without substance.

The only reson that i am responding to your bullshit, is because i do not wish to remain silent and allow someone such as yourself to make false, twisted, and unfounded accusations against me.

continued in next post >>>

long john said...

>>> continued from previous post:

Regarding the comment made by Erin at 7:39AM (which i somehow previously overlooked)...

(a) No Erin, i do not "got more than one critic of the man" [Yogananda]. i merely happened to have come across some curious info about him, and so i posted it. thats all, and nothing more. fyi, i am not in the habit of going around and trying to dig up dirt on yogis and gurus.

(b) you said: "your Guru Bawa slept with young women in his room". -- well, he was not 'my' Guru Bawa, but i did hang out with him long enough to know first hand what he was like. also, i am well aware that Bawa had women in his room. so what? i have made no claims either for or against that. it is not something that concerns me, even though i was present during that time.

(c) you said: "Yogananda laid in state for weeks without his body rotting. What does that mean." -- well i don't know, you tell me what that means. i have heard that story before, but i don't know if its really true or not... because i was not there. and i don't automatically believe everything that people say. i also don't consider that sort of thing to be of muvh importance (to me).

(d) you said: "What I have noticed about you is that you like to put people down and have an exaggerated opinion of yourself that you make amusing through your bad opinion of so many other people." -- you must have me confused with someone else. i have not "put people down" here at all. you will not find that sort of thing (putting people down) in any of my past comments. nada. so this is just more of your (unfounded) fabricated slander. i have not put anyone down in any of my comments, and thats a fact. i don't attack other people in my comments, like you seem to be doing with me. i also have no such "exaggerated opinion" of myself. none whatsoever. so i don't know what you are talking about. i donblt think you do either. i do not claim anything for myself. whatever i may seem to have of value in my being and life, is a gift due soley to the mercy and blessings of the divine param purusha. somehow, the divine has seen fit to kindly bless my soul with his/her sublime and transcendental glance and loving friendship.

(e) you said: "When you can accomplish what Yogananda did then you can criticize." -- accomplished what? and how do you know what has or has not been accomplished in my life? you know little to nothing about me, so its extremely presumptious of you.

(f) you said: "What exactly have you done with your life? Have you accomplished anything I would have heard about? Can you find anything in print stating how wise you are?" -- none of those things you mention mean anything in relation to the divine. and the divine parma purusha is the only one who knows and/or determines the true value of my life. i am but a tiny part and parcel of the supreme. whatever value and worth i have, is dependent upon the degree and intensity of my devotion to truth, and my love and surrender to my Lord. mundane worldly accomplishments, such as the ones you mention and regard as being important, mean less than nothing to my Lord. i owe everything to His causeless mercy.

(g) you said: "I would not be so harsh and never have been in these blogs but when you defame a man so far beyond your own accomplishments then one must say something." -- that is quite incorrect. you are wrong, because i have not "defamed" any man. there was nothing of that sort in my posting. and again, you know virtually nothing about any "accomplishments" that i may be blessed with. yet you apparently fashion yourself as being a judge of my character and my worth, but i doubt you even know what your own true position is. all you really have done here, by attacking and attempting to belittle me, is merely to show your own foolish ignorance and bad qualities.

est said...


how do you turn buddha
into a jew ?

you let pbs do a
documentary on him


for your eyes only
-white lighting-er

i will do something
i rarely do

i will deconstruct
just for you


this one has to do with
each of us taking

a liking to what is real
[to us] familiar/close

no matter it's light
is only a reflection

it's our reflection
and we will posses it

the sun is all of us
the moon is each of us

the earth
casts a shadow

even if we
don't see it
hope that
clears things up

Anonymous said...

I really wish I could believe everything is under control & on one level I know this is true, but it also is a good holding position for tyrants everywhere & I refuse to relinquish my power on the strength of a promise that some external, all powerful force is going to save me & you from tyranny.
I am withholding my taxes as my personal protest.
Take back your power everyone & stand with me.
Thank you



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