Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Royal Lizard Emporium of the Feckless Doom

It was good to see the Duke and Duchess of Excess, shocked and shaken by the proximity of possibility, which is right up ahead but due to royal myopia, Charles and Chlamydia can’t see shit, otherwise the mirror would have clued them to their pretensions a long time ago. It’s like the ability to smell out the truth, once your nose has been tuned to measure everything against the falsehood of your own being, there is no truth.

Plebians and the general sodium chloride of the Earth are not immune to this phenomenon and whole countries, like Israel and the U.S. and all those countries owned by The Royal Lizard Emporium of the Feckless Doom, have a perpetually deviated septum that they only wish was caused by cocaine. This is another kind of deviation which appears to be a birth defect, because there never was a time it wasn’t there and they do seem able to pass it on to the ‘junk accidents’ that account for their progeny.

For decades and possibly longer, a small percentage of the privileged and self styled elite have been plotting the eradication of most of the population and the full time enslavement of the rest. In boardrooms and backrooms, in exclusive spas and vacation spots, in dark, mahogany paneled bars and homes from Holmby Hills to Saddle River and more exotic confines like Corfu and Monaco, they’ve been playing the dozens and screwing their cousins and making the rules that apply to you and exclude them.

This is what all of the terror industry is about. During the final stages of their final solution; carried out by quite a few members of the crew who pretended to be the object of the last final solution, they’ve been totally hip to the fact that people were going to object at some point. It was then necessary to create an enemy that didn’t exist, on their way to defining everyone who disagrees with being tortured and killed, as terrorists. Because of their devotion to usury and because of population disparities, they decided it should be Muslims. Then they went for your shoes. Then they went for your underwear; I don’t wear underwear because I have always been partial to using toilet paper instead.

I said to myself, well... the next thing has got to be inside the body bombs and it wasn’t more than a week later that I saw that was the next threat. None of this is real. However, most everything else isn’t real either, which is how they get everyone to believe in this bullshit because most of what they already believe isn’t true either.

The rich and powerful know what’s coming. This is why you see all the billionaires suddenly in a hot flush about giving away half of their fortune... or more. They know what’s on the horizon. They get a different news feed than you do. All kinds of wild assed cosmetic enhancements are being employed to turn a legion of sow’s ears into silk purses. You’re going to see all kinds of things like this shortly. You think you’ve heard some lies by now? You ain’t heard nothing yet. We’re going to see an epidemic of false epiphanies. The road to Damascus is going to be jammed with the faithless finding a workable Jesus. So many rats are going to be jumping ship that it will look like a dirigible. The ship will be singing that R. Kelly song.

This is all going on and you’re going to be hearing about it. A good portion of them are building fortresses in Paraguay and other locations, which is part of the reason for all the warmongering in Central and South America.

It’s not just revolution that is coming. There is a power coming too and they know about it. Don’t think they don’t know about it. By the time they’re through- not to be confused with when they are stick a fork in them they’re done through- most people will believe that had it not been for the poor and the middle class holding them back, the rich and the powerful would have already turned the Earth into a rotating Garden of Eden for everyone. Many people will be ruminating about whether or not they shouldn’t just kill themselves and their families as a gesture to this effect.

Anything can be sold on Monday and be a traditional truth by the end of the week and if you don’t believe that then you don’t watch much TV (grin). It would be pretty grim for the rest of us if it weren’t for what’s really coming down the planes. That too has been coming for awhile. It’s been coming longer than they have been plotting to raise up Hell on Earth.

You can say that the game is rigged because it is. The game of life, played out before us is all the result of a crooked house and loaded dice. However, that game is only a smaller feature of a larger game that involves these players being played even better than they play everyone else. Big surprises are on the way people. Fasten your seatbelts.

The bad guys and their in house police have been working overtime to set the advantage in their favor. They’ve got a lot more to lose than you do because most of you, by now, don’t have much left to lose. I’m not talking about your homes and your savings, your jobs and your dreams. I’m talking about your joie de vive and all that ‘gone missing’ ambiance that used to make life worth living. It’s no surprise to me that you are trying to escape in any way that you can, just so you don’t have to pay attention to the fact that everything that made life worth living has been edited out of the movie. That’s why the soundtrack so accurately reflects the emptiness and paucity of your day to day.

I know you’re frightened but you are nowhere near as frightened as they are. They are terrified and in denial at the same time. Halliburton is talking about giving Nigeria hundreds of millions of dollars to save Dick Cheney. They must have made billions is all I can think. Nothing is going to save Dick Cheney or any of the rest of them. The word is out among the savage underclass. It’s going to be looting heaven and payback central shortly. Because the ones who are going to tear up the joint also know what’s coming. The twisted under and upper classes both know that the time for madness and mayhem is coming up.

What is this mysterious power that’s got them all hot and bothered, without a name or a face to attach it to? I wouldn’t want to speculate. I know what my limited definition is but that’s not going to be any help in terms of understanding or influencing it. The secret is to ‘be influenced’ and those so engaged know what I’m talking about.

I wouldn’t be too concerned about body scanners, concentration camps and instant world wars. That’s just a lot of noise being generated to distract and confuse you. Any of those things are temporary at best and possibly not operative in the time remaining. We are going to hold witness to a most singular and spectacular series of events that only those out of the loop would attempt to describe. It’s going to be something else. It’s not going to be everything else.

I imagine there are any numbers of readers scratching their heads and wondering what I’m talking about. I’m not the guy to ask... heh heh.

Try to have a little patience and endure a little longer. Find a singularity in your thoughts and try not to analyze and speculate. Whatever got you this far will get you where you have to go. We’ve all had crisis we did not think we would survive and often cannot even remember now. We’ve been in tight places and can’t recall how it is we got out of them and on with what followed. Apprehension for the future is a musical lead sheet.

Thank your lucky stars that you are not the Duke and Duchess of Excess or any of the other crazed opportunists who now feel the reins of power ‘and protection', never mind privilege, slipping from their hands. Hold true to what is inside of you and just put one foot in front of the other or stand still if that makes more sense. You’ve got what you need if you don’t get seduced into thinking you don’t. The mouse behind the icebox is safe from the cat. It’s fear that makes it want to run for cover somewhere else.

End Transmission.......

Patrick Willis narrates:
The Royal Lizard Emporium of the Feckless Doom

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Neko Kinoshita said...

I am still. Listening for the call, or instruction if you prefer.

I have the water filter, that was the one thing that I was told I needed. No weapons, no camping gear, only enough food to last a few weeks.

The divine has made it clear that this is all I need. For now.

Watching the wheels fall off the machine and wondering if the walls of the alley will collapse.

Meow dog,

wv: pheat: Beat pheat to get out if you must, or accomplish whatever pheat is required.

DaveS said...


You da man!

Thanks for continuing to commit words to paper and doing your best to keep focused on the times that are coming. There are many people out there who think they know what's going on... but they are lost.

You've got the chops, and I sure do appreciate you taking time to share with us. I don't always write but I do read all your post. Keep at this; I sure enjoy reading your stuff.


Anonymous said...

"when you got nothing you got nothing to lose" - Jack from Titanic

Since it's almost solstice time I am in a nostalgia phase. As in wanting to play sonic the hedgehog.

I am starting to feel okay with not knowing. I do know what I would like to see and experience, and I can take certain steps to do them today, like yoga, martial arts and dancing. I can accept not knowing what will happen in the future and am happy not having anything to lose.

Yay it's snowing out on this close to solstice morning.

Mark said...

Shocked and shaken indeed. It takes some people longer than others to understand we all get around in mortal coils.

Yes, there is a power stirring because the Gulf Of Mexico woke it up. You don't stab Mother Earth in the gut and go your merry way. You don't kill the Loop Current, then the Gulf Stream, sending the planet into an unnatural ice age with impunity.

Alistair Crowley said, in effect, do what thou wilt, take what you want...and pay for it. I never wanted to be an elite, even less so now.

Anonymous said...

interesting to see internals written out on a screen by somebody else

refrigerator indeed


you go girl

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sewing the wings onto these words Les. Such a great way to start the day. :-)

May the Great Goddess embrace you with her ample bosom of Love and keep you warm and safe.


Vanguard said...

Bliss, Cotton-Candy, and Sleep


The bliss comes for us, and we who remain standing shall greet it.

It is shortly ahead of us, veiled in the mists of time. There are glimpses now.

And lo, we move toward each other, even when standing still.

The covering mist is: people, places, things and events. The rushing currents of history, given vaporous form to our searching eyes.

It needn't have been concealed, but it is.

Anonymous said...

I have seen a lot of articles lately stating that the crash is decades away. I think this a way of keeping the mice onthe wheel a little longer while.

I get the feeling we will be returning to a time when you live in the now and the idea of turning a wheel for 30-40 years so that eventually you will have that moment of contentment is fading. The hunter gatherer lived in the now. Only worked a few hours a day toinsure survivfal and was probibly the most happy man has ever been.

WV: phinall (final)

Yes, I do think we are seeing the final act of this dark play. Peopel better listen to "come together" a few times. it is now or...


Anonymous said...

Greetings Les! wow, this piece just flowed. Why are you so damn consistent!!? goofy grin : /

"There may come a time
When you'll be tired
As tired as a dream that wants to die
And further to fly
Further to fly
Further to fly
Further to fly

Maybe you will find a love
That you discover accidentally
Who falls against you gently
As a pickpocket
Brushes your thigh
Further to fly

Effortless music from the cameroons
The spinning darkness of her hair
A conversation in a crowded room going nowhere
The open palm of desire
Wants everything
It wants everything
It wants everything

Sometimes I'll be walking down
The street and I'll be thinking
Am I crazy
Or is this some morbid little lie
Further to fly
Further to fly
Further to fly

A recent loss of memory
A shadow in the family
The baby waves bye-bye
I'm trying, I'm flying

There may come a time
When I will lose you
Lose you as I lose my light
Days falling backward into velvet night
The open palm of desire
Wants everything
It wants everything
It wants soil as soft as summer
And the strength to push like spring

A broken laugh a broken fever
Take it up with the great deceiver
Who looks you in the eye
And says baby don't cry
Further to fly"

just a bit Paul Simon.

Regarding the "singularity" you mention. I really work at maintaining that discipline but it gets hard throughout my work day. Breath awareness helps.

mewing Mew aka: catwing kitten said...

Civilization is like time and space colliding in a different dimension as dragons at war with each other, and something causing it, like the bankers.

"Fear my glowing blanket!"

John Robert Martino said...

"THEN Shall the righteous Shine Forth in the Kingdom of their Father." (Let the Good Times Roll!)

Copernicus Kidd said...

say prayers for the Pharisees.

Visible said...

James? I think you go by JackRuby64. Thank you so much for taking the trouble to inform my readers that I was incommunicado. It didn't occur to me at the time that I had to be able to get online to post your efforts (grin). I solved that with my Nokia Communicator in a feat of impressive technical awareness, since I don't have any.

I'm grateful to you.

EyesWideOpen said...

Nevermind the Tea-Parties, how about some good old fasioned noose-tying parties, after all the elitists know it is coming sooner or later ;o )

"Sarah, if the American people had ever known the truth about what we Bushes have done to this nation, we would be chased down in the streets and lynched."
George Bush Senior speaking in an interview with Sarah McClendon in December 1992

Sic Semper Tyrannis - Deo Vindice


Anonymous said...

Les wrote: Anything can be sold on Monday and be a traditional truth by the end of the week and if you don't believe that then you don't watch much TV (grin).

Some of you probably heard of a Wisconsin man who, allegedly upset over Bristol Palin's performance on 'Dancing with the Stars', fired his shotgun at the TV, then held police at bay for 15 hours:

I would suggest that this incident wasn't about Bristol Palin's dancing abilities at all. If anything, the incident was nothing but the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back.

For the last few years, while watching TV, I would occasionally feel the same urge that drove Mr Cowan off the cliff. And I can assure you, at least in my case, it wasn't about dancing with the stars. Sometimes I would lose control and start shouting at blue screen. One day I suddenly realized: I don't have to do this, all I need to do is just cancel my TV subscription. And that's exactly what I did. Believe it or not, my health has improved considerably since then both mentally and physically, not to mention I saved some money that otherwise would go to the brainwashing industry.

Now when I get a call from ATT suggesting I get U-verse bundle, I ask them how much ATT would pay me if I except the deal. Usually a moment of silence follows on the other side of the phone line, which I cease promptly to explain to them, in civilized terms of course, what they should do with their bundle deals.

But ATT keeps calling. I have tried to plead with them not to call me. I would hang up on them, I would let them do the sales pitch and keep silent until they hang up on me, I would let my 6-year old kid do the talking with them - nothing worked. The last time they called, I thought of a solution (a final solution, hopefully): I asked them whether the conversation has being recorded or not. After I got affirmative answer, I said I have a message for you of my own, and played the following into the receiver:

If they call me back, I have some more messages to play for them. This is my little way of letting 'the rich and the powerful' their time is running out.

Every one of you can do the same. Be little creative in your own way and let the bastards know we have had enough.

Agelbert said...

I've been reading your prose for a while now. I get the distinct feeling that you are interceding on the behalf of many (including myself) who feel towering rage at the ripping and shreading of all common decency that we have been forced to observe in this time.

You are a balm to many, many good people who can just barely stand this existence.
Thank you for helping me.

PT Turboe said...


This is a Game. A spiritual Game.

This has nothing to do with religions and new age bullshit.

This is about the feeding of fear to them.

Research the NWO and UFO's and Quantum Physics and Ancient History and Spirituality and The Electric Universe and Frequencies. It all adds up.

We are getting ready to "Cross the River". From a quantum physics standpoint the 4th, 5th, etc dimensions are too small to be "useful".

Well, that is where our Spirits dwell.


Why does the Pineal gland have retinal tissue?


It is necessary to have evil to Create. We are all Creators with the Creator. (Not "God"!) The key is Free Will.

So to get the maximum amount of people to ascend (or descend in quantum physics) to the 4th dimension they have to wake up and realize it is all about Service to Others (STO) and not Service to Self (STS).

The PTB want to keep people from doing that so they can keep them here and feed off of them and have them as slaves.

But, remember this is a Game.

Use your Creation Powers to start to use Power of Attraction (Not the bullshit "The Secret". That is STS.) to create a better world.

It works.

I mean come on - look at what is happening.

Good places to start:

And delve into this:

Anyway - I have been waiting a long time for this. And I am ready.

The Game is on. Simply play it with your Free Will...

PT Turboe

Terrance said...

Hello Vis.....Damn you'r good! the momentum of the enslavement of humanity about ready to hit a speed bump? your insight...

jungle jane said...

This was a real feel good!
THANK YOU for your beautiful mind

Anonymous said...

Les, The shangri la thing seems to be catching on.

It's that serious.

Greg Bacon said...

I say there, Old Boy, you plebes are getting a bit uppity. We think it's time for another FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB like 9/11.

We'd better get our good friends at the Tavistock Institute working on this before we get one of those hair trims jobs our ancestors received from the 'National Razor."

abe said...

Been too long Les, but it is better to do than say. You are in my heart.

Pilamaya yelo.

Anonymous said...

Did PM Netanyahu get a Lethal Dose of DU?

Is this what you have been refering to all this while? Lets hope "they" get the message and let this world enjoy some peace and quiet for the rest.

Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish is up now-

Of Bleached Anal Rings and the Displaced Heads of Kings.

coletteonice said...

hello neko kinoshita..always like your comments from your downtown alley....the holy grail...water filter...reaw..

Neko Kinoshita said...

"everything that made life worth living has been edited out of the movie."

I still occasionally find myself enraged at lies and transparent attempts at deception, primarily coming from the wayward child. The Frustrations associated with this have been causing me to look for a break from the pressure.

Talking with the divine, I am beginning to understand that the deceptions are only lessons for the deceiver to learn. I can see that a bit clearer now. I must practice letting it go, it is not for me to correct Wayward’s behavior.

It just makes sad to think I’ll have to sweep up the mess when her illusions shred, soon now I expect.
I hope the kitten is strong enough. Her mother is displeased that I allowed her to post here, so we will not be doing that again, for awhile.

just watching from the alley,

James aka jackruby64 said...

Les, it was no trouble at all. I happened to see your Facebook post at an opportune moment, and had a chance to help you out. Thank you for the opportunity, it made my day to be able to give even that little bit back to you, who has given so much so freely.
Thanks for all you do,
James aka jackruby64

DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

A few minutes ago I was looking down the headlines list and when I came to 'The Royal Lizard Emporium of the Feckless Doom' I busted out laughing out loud and I knew immediately that had to be from you. After my laughter subsided a bit the first thought that came was that I hardly ever get a real good gut laugh anymore about anything. Then I opened your essay and saw the word 'Chlamydia' and I laughed my ass off some more. Some famous philosopher made the statement that laughter is good for the soul, so thank you for giving me a lift of happiness in my soul.

Then I saw in the comments section that one person recommended this link: so I clicked on it and saw that it was a video of a speech by Hitler. Below the window the guy who posted the video posted the statement that you don't see political speeches with this type of emotion any more. The first thought that crossed my mind was that what most people fail to realize is that Hitler was against the selfsame entity that is in the process of doing to America and the rest of the Western World what it was doing to Germany when he came to power (which was why he was so emotional about it). Ever since WW2 the media has made him to look like a monster because he hated the 'virtuous, innocent, and defenseless Jews.' From this any thinking person should be able to figure out that the media is our primary enemy in this world (but there are precious few who actually understand it) as they keep the takeover ploy afloat by using the age old tactic of warning (frightening) anyone who starts asking questions, by demonizing any and all dissenters, and by rewarding and comforting those who remain obedient.

At a party last week I heard my brother telling one of my sons-in-law that he thinks the most important thing he can do is to vote. I pretended not to hear it. I would've liked to have reminded him of Einstein's definition of insanity which is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results, but I held my peace. Hannah Arendt (who is regarded by scholars as the world's all-time authority on the subject of totalitarianism) in her book titled 'The Origins Of Totalitarianism' made the statement that propaganda is the lifeblood of totalitarianism and that the lifeblood of propaganda is public opinion polling. What most people have no clue about is that the whole voting agenda is nothing more than a great big form of public opinion polling. The oligarchs know that as long as someone continues to vote that they're still participating in the system and therefore present no threat to the takeover ploy. They know that as long as the majority of the voting age public continue to vote that they're falling for the propaganda and will most likely fall for whatever scams they decide to pull (e.g. the recent and ongoing looting of the U.S. economy and the killing of the Gulf of Mexico). If all of a sudden everyone stopped voting the bankers would no doubt bring the looting, poisoning, and polluting to a grinding halt. But they have control over what people watch on TV and so, sad to say, most likely nothing is going to change for the better anytime soon.

DumbGoyNot said...

Daniel Pouzzner in his e-book titled 'The Architecture of Modern Political Power' made the following two observations which I believe are important for us to try to understand:

The mass media machine is commissioned (in the case of broadcast media, under state license) to divide the public into three particular categories:

those who support the establishment program,
those who do not recognize that there is an establishment program, and
those who recognize that there is a program, and disagree with it, but are powerless to act against it, either because of personal demoralization, or due to social marginalization and opposition by those in the first two categories.

Many or most individuals are in all of these categories, depending on the particular aspect of the particular establishment program at issue.


'Politically Incorrect' with Bill Maher (for example) is a vehicle promoting not ideological rebellion, but lock step orthodox authoritarian political correctness, usually with an outnumbered, besieged, harried representative of the opposition (conservative, libertarian, or some combination thereof), who is invited only to serve as an exhibit of how not to think. [Note 2001-Oct-2: Bill Maher is, of late, truly politically incorrect, and moreover, speaking some hard truths. Of course, his show lost all its sponsors and went off the air. -AMPP Ed.] The institution of Political Correctness is typical of syndicate thought control strategies, in that it constitutes a predominantly subconscious meme complex. It is obeyed, enforced, and transmitted, largely absent the scrutiny of rational consciousness. Such subconscious social constructs are the meat and potatos of Hegelian culture, but they cannot survive the scrutiny of relentlessly rational consciousness. In this context, mystic faith is a wall that places a cognitive model outside the scrutiny of rational consciousness. The designers and refiners of religions work to assure that adherents are discouraged from penetrating this wall by a bevy of confusing and painful thoughts lurking just beyond. General domain meme complex evolution causes those meme complexes with these characteristics to thrive.

Odin's Raven said...

Here's an article by an American martial artist about how America has been subverted and defeated.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the Singularity at the End of Time. Think of it like a point in spacetime that is attracting, gravitationally pulling everything into Itself.

And that's what's happening. Watch a twig spin around a whirlpool. It gets faster and faster the closer it gets to the singularity.

Except what's happenin' now ain't no twig.

It's the Universe.

And I, the Universe, am about to evolve.

Cool beans.



siamsam said...

Wow man! Sometimes I spend as much as 5 or 6 hours a day reading this and that. Often 2 books on the go at once. But - your words resonate more than anything.

I know you just say it how it is. But - your a fucking genious when it comes to getting it down on paper.

Check this out les - it blew me away:

I also posted it on 'origami'

Anonymous said...


I was in a bar last night and against my better judgment I got on a bit of a roll (Heineken fueled) about who was actually responsible for all the shit. Two of my fellow Englishmen got up and protested loudly 'were not listening to this rubbish'.

I really new they would as I deliberately hijacked their conversation which was going along the lines of: 'fucking Muslims and immigrants destroying the country' blah blah.

I explained that this was a deliberate policy 'you know like how the fuck can the Thai government make it impossible for a foreigner to own shit, get residency or even buy a car - even if married to a Thai national - and the Brit government positively discriminates in favor of immigrants. It is policy.

Anyhow to cut a story they steamed off - they would have liked to have kicked my ass but they knew that would never have been possible - and muttered 'you’re a fucking Nazi'.

Now if I could shake some worthy hands it would have to be first Les visible then Mr Hitler. So they were half right - I suppose!

PS Les sorry for grouping you with the furor ;)

Anonymous said...

DumbGoyNot, did it ever occur to you that author with a name Daniel Pouzzner who writes in such obscure terms MUST BE a Jew. Here is a little experiment I would like you to conduct. Go to web page

click on the link to any chapter of Pouzzner's book and search for the word 'jew' on the page.

For example, a click to link "Intro 1.5--Political Power"

and subsequent search for the word 'jew' on the page results in a single paragraph on the whole page that reads:

The Nazis (Göbbels, in particular) were able to recruit intense anti-Jewish sentiment among the non-Jews of Germany because (absent anti-Semitic persecution) Jews are economically disproportionately successful (because disproportionately clever) people, greatly advantaged in the intensely influential spheres of banking, finance, industry, media, government, law, medicine, and academia. In the words of Thomas Edison, "I wish they [the Jews] would all stop making money" (cited by Neil Baldwin in Henry Ford and the Jews: The Mass Production of Hate, appearing in an unsent draft of personal correspondence, and mentioned by Baldwin in his appearance on C-SPAN Booknotes (taped at the Miami Book Fair International on 2001-Nov-18, aired on C-SPAN2 2001-Dec-8)). The non-Jewish Germans who embraced Göbbels's doctrine did so because they felt (subconsciously) it was unfair for people to enjoy the advantages over themselves that the Jews enjoy (in their perception). It is actually of little political consequence that the Jews' advantage is to a degree real (statistically), whereas the advantages bestowed by "affirmative action" and the ADA (etc.) are whole cloth artifices imposed by unnatural laws. The syndicate, aware of the effectiveness of Göbbels's tactics but concentrating on a larger target population, has concocted a system that will motivate the requisite sentiment. As noted above, the bulk of the syndicate is ignorant of this coercive eugenical agenda - it is the exclusive province of its nuclei, and even then, often exclusively in their subconscious minds.

You see, the dumb Germans were simply envious of smart Jews. As simple as that.

Perhaps you should shorten your pen name from DumbGoyNot to more appropriate DumbGoy.

People, please understand that uncritical reading of 'smart' jewish books has the same, or even worse, effect as spending 24 hours in front of TV screen.

Anonymous said...

DumbGoy, lest you should assume I hate all jews, I like at least one jew who was sharp indeed and didn't shy away from expressing himself in no uncertain terms. He was anything but obscure:

siamsam said...

Did you know that you can take out insurance against beoming jewish

QuietBear said...

"This is one of the single most awesome articles I have ever read...

We too, here in the Emmett Valley of southwest Idaho, feel that something is coming that will come as a complete shock, to many and a pleasant surprise to those of us who have unplugged from the madness that is the current civilizational state of being...

Our Hearts are open...
Our Minds are still...
The guidance of Creator,
Moves within...

We can conceive our Divinity...

Peace Brother,

So there you have it... If you care to share my thoughts with the other readers of your wit & wisdom, please feel free to do so...

Once Again,

Life is a journey to explore, NOT a problem to solve...

Visible said...

Many of you are having problems posting. This is because I am on a Zio-Google list that seeks to diminish the appearance of traffic to and interest in these sites.

It's long past being a question.

Busy little, toxic Zio-wasps are seeking to sting the perceptions in skewered directions in anticipation of their being composted as the bricks and mortar for the coming age.

Please email me your comments when they don't go through. Okay??? I suppose I do have to say this dozens and dozens of times before it registers don't I (grin)?

Anonymous said...

Great Les!

Recommend Critchon "State of Fear" from 2004 about fake global warming and man induced tsunamis.


Anonymous said...

Really great writing!
I looks like the mob has finally figured out the "ROYAL SCAM". England and their Illuminati Royal Banker Jews were behind WWI WWII Soviet Union, Israel, Nazis etc. Hopefully the rank and file Englishman will wake up to the enemy within. Maybe the same guys who serviced Mountbatten's yacht can repair the window on Charles' Rolls

DumbGoyNot said...

Dear Anonymous,

Let me guess, you didn't read any of Daniel Pouzzner's e-book, am I right? The reason I guessed it is because had you read it you'd know that Pouzzner regards it as a given that TPTB are mostly Zionist Jews. In other words why bother mentioning something that anyone with an ounce of sense about what's going on already knows. Not only does he not spell out the word 'Jew' neither does he spell out the words 'Freemason' or 'Jesuit' which groups are the two occult counterparts to the Zionists in the three-stranded-cord power structure under Satan. So, before you start throwing stones at someone and in effect calling them stupid maybe you should count to ten first while standing in front of a mirror.

Visible said...

Yeah, the same people should definitely fix the window on The Rolls. I'll not forget the day I heard about about Montbatten and the one floating shoe.

GTRman said...

I have no comment to say but the word verification was ' equiti '

Keep up the Good Work ,Les , and, folks, check out the great work of a young man called Ryan Dawson , at Anti-neocons ,
or his youtube, Rys2sense.

Anonymous said...

DumbGoyNot: Let me guess, you didn't read any of Daniel Pouzzner's e-book, am I right? The reason I guessed it is because had you read it you'd know that Pouzzner regards it as a given that TPTB are mostly Zionist Jews.

No, DumbGoyNot, I didn't. And that was precisely my point: You shouldn't read them either. So do not pat yourself on the back for 'guessing' that I didn't read any of Daniel Pouzzner's e-books - I have stated explicitly that I do not read such books.

Academician Arkady Migdal - a Soviet physicist - used to say to his students: Before you dig up in a pile of manure you better estimate the chance you would find a diamond there. I follow Migdal's advice, DumbGoyNot: before reading a book I want to know who wrote the book and what's the author's agenda. That saves me a lot of time.

Btw, I counted to ten standing in front of a mirror before I decided to post this comment - it didn't help: The impression from your original comment stands.

long john said...

this is your best post in a long time. you nailed it. what you said here reminds me of two profound visionary dreams of the future that i had back in the late 60s.

in one of these visionary experiences, you and i and billy were standing in a tower up upon a high ridge overlooking a vast desert. up in the dark night sky, a great bright divine merkabah was descending down though the higher dimensions towards the earth. it was shining with a brilliant blinding white light. and huge bolts of blue-hued lightening were flashing out all around the perimeter. it was the long prophesied return of our Lord to cleanse and purify the planet of the demonic ones who were the enemies of humanity, and we knew that the master was coming to take us home again.

the other vision of the future was also of you and i and Billy. it was a terrible and dark night. we were a stones throw from the Atlantic ocean beach on the east coast of the US. we were standing and looking out a rather large open window, in what seemed like that house that Billy's mother used to own at Rehoboth Beach. The Atlantic ocean was in a very great turmoil, with huge waves crashing upon the shore very nearby. it seemed as if the great apocalyptic world conflagration had finally arrived. there were great battlehips out upon the ocean that were apparently sending nuclear warhead missles to various locations. it was the long awaited begining of the end (except there really is no end). from out of the sky appeared that same great brilliant divine merkabah, which descended down from out of the higher planes. you could tell that the power of it was great enough to move the entire earth. and the three of us knew that it was coming to take us up and away from the great purification of the earth planet, that was just beginning. then we walked out onto the beach, and we beccame enveloped and penetrated by beams or columns of violet-hued multi-colored higher vibrational light, which caused us to ascend into the divine merkabah.

you and i and Billy were together in each of these vivid visionary dreams. no one else was there. in both events, we each knew that the final hour had arrived. we each knew that everything was under the control of the divine. and we each knew that we were being 'airlifted' out of this dimension, and on to the realm from whence we had come, prior to this present incarnation.

Anonymous said...

"I don’t wear underwear because I have always been partial to using toilet paper instead."


Anonymous said...

you are a very interesting writer - i need to visit more often - this world is going to end and the sooner the better - his time is short and he knows it - so he is furious - there are only two forces in the universe - good and evil - i do pity those who choose the wrong side but they want the stuff of this world - so they are defective at their core. don't give your attention to "them" and don't believe their lies - back out back, out of the babylonian system have practically nothing to do with it -

Anonymous said...

For those with a penchant to listen rather than read.

Illuminati Agenda said...

Wow, brilliant post, "It’s not just revolution that is coming. There is a power coming too and they know about it. Don’t think they don’t know about it" - oh yes they know! which, in my opinion is why they have such a desperate and fundamentally fear fueled air about them...



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