Monday, July 4, 2016

Pop Goes Elie the Weasel round the Burning Mullberry Bush.

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Today is the Fourth of July; traditionally it is a day of drunkenness, car wrecks and fireworks accidents. It is a day of countless flags waving from balconies and an endless streaming of porcine nomads pulling large carts filled with food, beach chairs and sundry, up to the boardwalk and down to the beach where they lay in melanomic splendor for hours, dreaming of something that remains a mystery to me because I am out of the loop. The Fourth of July is a celebration of many things that no longer exist, such as human rights and a constitution (written by Tom Paine) that got used as toilet paper by a cabal of nine vultures, who feed on the steaming entrails of a disemboweled society, which is now schooled in sodomy and cross dressing for the purpose of utter chaos to come … and then some.

Elie the Weasel died some handful of hours ago. He was a monumental fraud. Of course, just about everything connected to the golden heifer calf he and his cronies have been milking since they first came up with the idea in the First World War, is a fraud.

I have a severe handicap and it truly is a handicap in this world. I go where the truth takes me. For most people, their world is defined by and is an expression of 'what they want to believe', as well as what they 'have been conditioned to believe'. Because of this I have gained little and lost much, at least in the material sense. I would much rather that the truth had not turned out to be the truth but... what does one do when many, many hours of research end up proving the same thing from every angle you observe it from? Here is where conscience renders one into a variant of Prometheus. It seems one is damned if they do and most assuredly damned if they don't.

When I am compelled to explain why I find something to be bullshit; specifically in this case, I point to three powerful facts that cannot be argued away, or filed as mere opinion. Two of these are reported in this link and all of this information can be found at many another source. The first is evidence taken from The Jewish World Almanac and the second is The Official Red Cross document. Some things are even harder to understand than Chinese algebra. How do you claim a figure of six million when you have reduced the number of deaths at one camp from 4.5 million to 1.1 million and still have 6 million?

It has been admitted that 'the gas chamber' at Auschwitz was built in 1949 and every other gas chamber tale has been debunked since, including the one at Dachau. Even known liars have publicly admitted there were no gas chamber execution sites. Ah... but Visible; what about all those eye witnesses at Nuremberg? This is how they came by all that witness testimony.

We are providing a few links. We can provide hundreds and more documents than anyone has time to read. Unlike the usual scoffers, cinder-block heads, professional liars, motivated Satanists and agenda junkies, we have studied the matter enough to have a degree in it. Of course, as we have often maintained here, we only have to convince ourselves. If the rest of you are content to swallow lies and blame your indigestion on bad pasta, go ahead. It is not my concern what position another takes on a matter. That is 'their concern'. If you are comfortable furnishing the living room of your life with ridiculous lies, so be it.

We have no intention of saying that people did not suffer and die in concentration camps. Typhus is not an easy way to go. We have a problem with inflated math and fantastic lies that have been disproved many times by scholars who took the trouble to do so. No one made lampshades or soap out of concentration camp prisoners.

Do I think Hitler was a nice guy? No. Do I think the Nazis were humanitarian angels seeking to make the world a better place? No. Do I think the truth is other than we have been told? Yes. Do I think the allies were more vicious than the Nazis? Yes. Do I think the Zionist Jew slaughter of tens of millions of Russians and others stands as a far more gruesome and actual holocaust than the professional victim holocaust? Yes. Oh... there is more than you can read on the subject. Do I believe that 66 million were killed by the Bolsheviks, or 50 million, or 20 million? I have no idea but I do know it was in the tens of millions. This was accomplished by those who claim they are the victims of that other holocaust. It surprises me that they didn't take out a trademark patent on it.

There is a talk show circuit where known and exposed liars trot around the world shilling bullshit for money and to maintain a myth.

By their works ye shall know them and all anyone has to do is look at what Israel has been up to since it came into being. One should surely consider that Israel and it's alliance with the international Satanic network were responsible for 9/11.

While Americans load up their SUVs and head out to some culinary bacchanal and tell themselves they are celebrating the day their country became the free and noble democratic light of the world, their freedoms are being systematically stolen by the same people who have repeatedly done it in places worldwide for hundreds of years. There is a war on against the traditions of all the Shmoos and Teletubbies who are seated round the picnic tables today. I call them Shmoos for a reason.

It amazes me how controlled people are by what they 'want to believe' and what they 'refuse to believe'. The truth is that the truth is inconvenient. The truth is a serious annoyance when a lie provides so many comforts that the truth will take away. When lies have become the universal currency of people living in denial because their appetites and desires take precedence over their integrity and vigilance, the truth is a pariah dog. In a world, seemingly controlled by merciless prevaricators, the truth had better watch it's ass, especially in a time when everyone else is watching someone else's ass.

If anyone doubts the level of depravity that the recent generations have fallen to, one only has to look at the state of the culture and what passes for music, art and entertainment. It's right there in front of you but you can't see it with your eyes closed. The country is being herded through the paddocks and stocks to the killing floor. Physical death is one thing. Spiritual death is quite another. When people fear truth then both their courage and their vision will abandon them.

To make it against the law to question something is proof positive that there is something being hidden. In this case it doesn't matter if you can prove it or not. The law states that you can't question or deny it, regardless. It doesn't matter if it is true or not. Ernst Zundel was sent to prison for telling the truth. Not only that but they sent his lawyer to prison for representing him. More than you will ever have the time or inclination to read about this is there to be read.

I will not go in fear of these feckless fools. I don't care how powerful they seem to be or think themselves to be. I don't care how many guns and lawyers they have, or how much money or influence they may or may not have or wield. My fate is not in their hands and I know this.

I would have chosen another course for myself, if I had had a choice but... I did not. I am incapable of betraying myself in this manner. Regardless of what these positions and inquiries have cost me, it is worth it. It is one thing to have to stand in the dock and defend yourself, as I have done more than once, it is something else altogether to have to defend yourself before the kingdom throne and explain why you turned your back on the truth so that you might ride off on the back of a lie, or slither into the underbrush because serving the light came at too high a cost. There can be no greater cost than to sell off your inheritance for a mess of pottage.

Yeah... today is the Fourth of July. Today we celebrate our freedom but that's a sham. There is no freedom when you are chained to a wheel and where you have surrendered your liberty in the false hope of a non existent security. It doesn't get taken from you. You give it up. No one becomes a slave until they cease to be their own master. Like the country western song says, “If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything.”

Around here, we don't say things we can't prove. Anyone who can explain to me how all these links and documents are untrue and how the official fables are true is welcome to try. I know it can't be done but you are welcome to try, knowing you will only serve to prove the points that have been made around here for so long.

Somehow I feel that by this same time next year, this world is going to be a very different place. How different and in what ways, well... that's up to all of us.

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Ray Hilchey said...

Dearest Less
Great post. Happy 4th. America still has some liberty, while your freedoms have been somewhat curtailed if I was to post this same material here in Canada I would be arrested, charged, convicted and jailed.
With love
Ray H

Visible said...

You are correct. I was more referring to what the future implies than what the present displays. I should probably be more specific but I go wailing by with the keyboard and forget to backtrack.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you're getting more harsh. You're taking off the gloves. I like that. That country song verse is what I've been thinking a lot about too. People don't have the balls to get loyal to anything. They're fickle fucks lured away by the first flashy bit of bling that comes along.

I think the object of what they're getting up to has been totally missed. Revelation says that those with the mark of the beast IN their right hand, meaning they do the work of it, and IN their forehead, meaning they think what they've been told to think, will be stung and tormented by the tail of the scorpion for 5 months. Why would the dragon punish his own supporters? The sting of a scorpion paralyzes you, and so do lies. I wonder if the bigger object is to cull the herd of the weak ones. They're all getting so bold and boisterous now, believing they have the power of the mob behind them. I kinda think they're being set up. Who could they blame? It's a law of El Shaddai that 2 witnesses are required. So, if you were a faggot, all you had to do was keep your face shut about it. No witnesses, no crime. Sorry, but that is the bottom line deal. But these days, they're witnessing against themselves with the loud voices from the rooftops. They're all witnessing against themselves.

Tricky shit

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks, as always, Visible. Great to have you back in form. Always appreciate the Holocrock getting a good shit-kicking. Like other black lies they've institutionalized, this one is wobbling. It will be a sweet sound the day it comes down.

Ray B. said...

Happy 4th!

John Adams was a good student of human nature. He knew how fallible and corruptible humans could be. He tried to engineer a governing system that incorporated the truth of that ‘condition’. Our Constitution. Kudos...

I think that John Adams did not fully appreciate the depth and breadth of the Powers attempting to take-down humanity, not just the newly-minted America. If you look at the timescale and intensity-of-concentration involved in the subversion of all three branches of the government, it does not appear human. Or, at least, humans of the “four score and seven years” variety.

Ancient esoteric texts speak of enlightened organizations that were taken-over by shadowy figures, creeping-in to corrupt and ruin. I suspect that we are just seeing a modern adaptation of an ancient method.

Seeing-this is half the solution...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

This post is a beaut that should be mandatory reading for the whole planet!

Quidam said...

Knocked it out of the park. Bravo

brian boru said...

Why will these monstrous liars be defeated now? They have been doing the same thing for millennia and have not suffered the consequences. Their power grows ever greater and appears overwhelming. Civilisation everywhere is dying as a result of their depredations. You, and thousands of others, have tried to expose them yet they seem impervious. They are an Omni parasitic life-form which is consuming our planet. A world-wide 1984 type world seems to be on the cards. You sound hopeful but I struggle to find anything to be optimistic about. All the same, it's always uplifting to read your work as it relentlessly speaks the truth for which we should all be grateful. Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Several years ago I commented on the crimes of the Jews of the Soviet Union, that the Bolshevik Revolution in fact was a Jewish Coup d'etat and they proceeded to kill between 25 to 45 million during the ensuing years and decades and ruined the lives of 180 million - because during that time EVERYBODY was terrified and lived in abject misery, hunger and slavery. Example: In June, 1940 they instituted the 7 days work-week and forbade voluntary quitting, thereby making them outright slaves.

One more tidbit: "Some call it Marxism -- I call it Judaism" (Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, The American Bulletin, May 15, 1935)... "Communism and Judaism are one and the same" (Hilary Cotter, Cardinal Mindszenty, The Truth About His Real "Crime," p. 6)...
"Communism is Judaism. The Jewish Revolution in Russia was in 1918" (H. H. Beamish, speech in New York, 1937).

The most heinous of all Jewish crimes of History, was the Lenin-Stalin Soviet Union lasting from November 1917 until the summer of 1953. When studied in depth, there are literally no words to express its incredible EVILNESS - even without the tens of millions of dead factored in. The survivors' and eyewitness accounts and even the published (so far) written documents are bloodcurdling in their incredible depravity.

In all fairness, Pol Pot was in the same league, but it did not last this long. Albeit, Pol Pot was a Marxist, therefore following the same Jewish inspired/created principles and practices.

I'm glad, that you Vis, that it is now in your crosshairs and you are bringing it to your readers' attention; the Jews are more scared of this becoming widely known and public, than of anything else.

Scarlett said...

When I made a snide comment about hoping that someone took a picture of "Weasel's" tattoo to silence the rumors and for posterity's sake, I got the obligatory accusations of being an anti-semite. Honestly, if you look at history and see how many of the worst things can be laid at their door -- not b/c of mistakes or inadvertent harm, but by deliberately planned psycopathic behavior on their part, it becomes very hard not to be a raging anti-semite. I still believe in giving everyone a chance to be good and I try my best not to prejudge when I find out someone is Jewish, but I'd be lying if I said that I didn't automatically put up my guard, just in case. And really, I could coexist happily with most average Jews if it weren't for the fact that they overwhelmingly support the most evil nation in history: Israel. It takes a lot to put the British and American empires out of the top spot, but considering that some of our worst offenses were orchestrated by them, they clearly deserve the title of the most Satanic country on earth. I lose all respect for anyone, Jewish or not, who does not condemn the state of Israhell. You cannot be a good person and support them or even make excuses for them. The Holocaust, even if it happened exactly as they say, is not a get out of jail free card from now to the end of eternity.
I've made peace with the fact that I am indeed an anti-semite. I don't want to wipe them off the face of the earth. I would just like the world to have the courage to speak the truth about them. If we put it all out in the open and the majority still choose to bow down to them, well, at least people will be choosing evil instead of being deceived and manipulated into it.
Some in my family are horrified by new appreciation of the truth. My Dad I know thinks I've lost my mind. My mother, however, agrees with me so I won't be totally disowned. I also get tons of pressure to vote Clinton so we don't end up with Trump. I'm so sick of that particular scripted reality show event that I could spit nails. I've already decided that no way in hell will I vote for Clinton for any reason. I'll write in my own name if I have to just to show that I know the truth and I can't be manipulated with fear. I've literally reached the "mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore" level. I realize I have very little control, but I'm consciously choosing to be in the world but not of it b/c the world being created by the Jews is an absolute hellhole.

Anonymous said...

Les, so glad to see something from you! Hitler should be Time's Man of the Year... oh wait, he was! You need a bit more research on Adolph to get your Truth Sciences PHD. AH was only doing what every country on the earth should do... OUT the Money Changers. Judea, I'm sure you know, declared WAR on Germany, NOT vice versa. So what would YOU do as the duly elected leader of your Germany? He put potential adversaries in camps hoping the "war" declared by Judea would simmer down. The allies murdered the occupants in fire bombings and massacres at the end of the war, at least those that weren't starved to death or that died of diseases. Hitler killed NONE intentionally. The winners write the History Books, the losers get real shitty consolation prizes. I will always love you, but please let's stop knocking AHitler. He...was one of us. Peace!

Visible said...

Actually I am aware of all that. I only said what I said because nearly all national leaders have certain tactics and behavior trends that wind up costing many lives. On the whole he was a better leader and person than any of the allied leaders.

Anonymous said...

Hello Visible. ....
Clinton walks....
there is no rule of law
no equal protection under the law
the republic is Dead!...... and

We owe them nothing!

torus said...

"Alone the fact that one may not question the Jewish "holocaust" and that Jewish pressure has inflicted laws on democratic societies to prevent questions—while incessant promotion and indoctrination of the same averredly incontestable ‘holocaust’ occur—gives the game away. It proves that it must be a lie. Why else would one not be allowed to question it? Because it might offend the "survivors"? Because it "dishonors the dead"? Hardly sufficient reason to outlaw discussion. No, because the exposure of this leading lie might precipitate questions about so many other lies and cause the whole ramshackle fabrication to crumble."
- Gerard Menuhin / Revisionist Jew, Son of Famous Violinist

torus said...

Frankly my dear Scarlett, I GIVE a damn.
Rock it!

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

so if Avro Manhattan is correct in his Vatican Holocaust, then in the newly created Independent State of Croatia (Catholic Nazi) where they murdered 890,000 Serbs (Orthodox Christians), not in concentration camps, just burned alive in buildings, hands through slashed breasts, that sort of normal thing for BlitzKreigists (rockefeller and rothschild created let's not forget) , and if the Red Cross is correct and also given that half of the victims of German camps were Jews, 900,000 over 150,000 is 6 to one. Reading Manhatten's (surely he is of the tribe) 1986 book I didnt expect him to name the Jesuits (as well as the UnFrancis Fransiscans and Dominating Dominicans) as he did, and surely didnt expect him to have a go at the Jews, for their monopolising their holocaust and denying (""Holocaust Deniers"") the Serbian Holocaust.

sharing this one, and if that is true and not a fraud, then there certainly is more on heaven and earth than are studied in all our small and temporal minds. I suspect aliens. I call the Jews JewsWhoAreNotJews as Lauren Moret says they, at least the head honchos bloodlines, are Iranian/Persian well, descent.
the shows must go on 3hrs with J B Wells.

cue Gary Numan, I'm Prayin' to the Aliens (the good ones at least).
and cue Where have all the flowers gone, When will we ever learn.

Ray B. said...

Scarlett, actually you can play with them:

When they call you an anti-semite, just say "I have no problem with Egyptians, Jordanians, Lebanese, Syrians, Palestinians, or even truly-native Israelis. They are all Semites, so I am not anti-Semitic."

When they sputter back at you at how you are racist by not liking Jews, just say, "Jews are not a race. You can opt-in or opt-out of the religion. That makes them not a race. So, I am not racist." (Some believe that an Anunnaki core is indeed a race, and is carefully-preserved by intermarriage, but that is not what we are talking-about here.)

While their mouths are hanging open, you can slip-in something about not liking Zionists, Rothschild-Zionists, etc. And start explaining. Gotcha...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

"Chained to the wheel". By the Queen of Night.
From Kenneth Branaugh's adaptation of Mozart's 'Magic Flute'.


torus said...

And now it's obvious that Clinton will be the next POTUS.

Anonymous said...

These Jews are derived from the Indian philosophers; they are named by the Indians Calani." (Aristotle)

"The Jews descend from the philosophers of India. The philosophers are called in India Calanians and in Syria Jews. The name of their capital is very difficult to pronounce. It is called 'Jerusalem.'" (Clearchus of Soli)

"Megasthenes, who was sent to India by Seleucus Nicator, about three hundred years before Christ, and whose accounts from new inquiries are every day acquiring additional credit, says that the Jews 'were an Indian tribe or sect called Kalani...'" (Anacalypsis)

torus said...

Excerpts below from a letter that Ernst Zundel to me while he was in solitary in a Canadian prison. I had sent him fragments from a book by David Icke.

Ernst Zundel
Toronto West Detention Ctr.
111 Disco Rd. Box 4950
Rexdale ON
M9W 1M3

"Dear ______

I am enjoying the various chapters you have sent me. 23.6.03 I appreciate you doing this!
There is a lot of misinformation caused by him trying to cover his ass out of fear of the Jews, and calling Trotsky & Marx, Bethmann-Holweg and so many obvious Jews - Germans! That's dishonest!
This has always been the weakness of Anglo writers, and Anglo-Society! They simply cannot overcome the fear of that simple word JEW. They would rather compromise their whole life's work - it is pathetic and will be Anglo-Saxondom's ultimate downfall. Also claims made in this book and other trashy works by English and Jewish scribbles like Ravenscroft, about the ludicrous idea of the 'Spear of Destiny' etc. or of the stuff in the 'Morning of the Magicians', there has been a concerted effort made by Jewry and it's various useful idiots, to taint the National Socialist movement with all kinds of weirdo Satanic hatred related stuff - it's crap!..."

He carries on for two more pages. Ending the letter with much gratitude towards me and praise for the professionalism and decency of the prison administration. Uncanny!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be funny if since the "claiming of 6,000,000 etc " were killed during the "event" the old "name it and claim it" mentality sort of "manifested" that now? The ineffable works in mysterious ways!

Tell a lie so long and it becomes your OWN truth. By the way, never buy anything that has a kosher tax. Look how many products that support Isis Ra El. Hebrew National... Because THEY have to answer to an even HIGER authority. What a bunch of pig shit that is!
Never mind! Just put your black cube back on your foreskin uh head! Guess it's a bumper for when they knock their heads on the "wailing wall"!

The word phylactery... Hmmmm! Interesting word. Guess it's useful when you go down the rabbi hole! I mean rabbit. Of course I did.

Does that make me "anti-semantic"?

Ray B. said...

Want to know WHO owns you? (physically)

S. Vitali, J.B. Glattfelder, and S. Battiston - "The Network of Global Corporate Control"

Full-math Paper. (26 Oct 2011)
Full-math Pdf, v2 (36 pages, 19 Sep 2011)
PhD Thesis of Glattfelder (258 pages, 2010)
Slight-math Pdf by Compston [further studies beyond VGB] (15 pages, 12 Jul 2012)
Non-math article (29 Jan 2013)

VGB Pdf p.31, Section 8.1: Control of Financial Institutions

“ this work, by control we mean how much economic value of companies a shareholder is able to influence. Moreover, we did not limit our focus on the control of a shareholder of a single firm. Instead, we look at the control each shareholder has over its whole portfolio of directly and indirectly owned firms. As a result, the shareholders with a high level of control are those potentially able to impose their decision on many high-value firms. The higher a shareholder’s control is, the higher its power to influence the final decision. In this sense, our notion of control can be related to Weber’s definition of 'power', i.e. the probability of an individual to be able to impose their will despite the opposition of the others.”
VGB Pdf p.6: Discussion

“We find that, despite its small size, the core holds collectively a large fraction of the total network control. In detail, nearly 4/10 of the control over the economic value of Transnational Corporations (TNCs) in the world is held, via a complicated web of ownership relations, by a group of 147 TNCs in the core, which has almost full control over itself. The top holders within the core can thus be thought of as an economic 'super-entity' in the global network of corporations. A relevant additional fact at this point is that 3/4 of the core are financial intermediaries.” [banksters]
PhD Thesis p.151: Section 6.1.3 Results for Economics: Empirical

“In a nutshell, the work presented in this thesis is the first massive empirical analysis of the global network of economic control. The results indicate that economic control is:
(i) highly concentrated in the hands of few actors and much more concentrated than what was usually hypothesized by scholars and held in the public opinion;
(ii) these powerful actors are not operating in isolation but are instead all interconnected in a tightly-knit group.
Such a structure can align the interests of the most powerful actors and make them behave as a single economic 'super-entity'. These findings have never been previously reported, neither in the economic nor in the management literature.”

torus said...

I don't think that the mass murder of millions is on the agenda. I'm certainly not worried about a nuclear war. The culling of populations via the cancer industry etc. of course. They want to fashion and administer "new world"? Degrading all the fresh water supplies is not beneficial to the cause. Orwell's "...boot stomping on a face, forever." appears to be the reality for Palestine and various other Semites. For right now, "Imagine a pair of thumbs thumping away on a touch screen, forever." "Abolishing the orgasm"? Not so fast George. It's a literal and virtual, hetero and homo, cum and fuck-fest from what I can see. We're a LONG way away from the State asserting any all reproductive rights and mechanisms. For now, the orgasm helps to feed the abortion mills, whilst turning young boys into jism-spent porn addicts. Which I'm sure provides a feeding ground for various discarnates.

wiggins said...

Professor Faurison was badly beaten up by the (((scumbags))) for his opinions...

torus said...

Am I mad? I doubt it. Angry at times, yes. I think it's madness to believe in the Mutually Assured Destruction doctrine. It's nothing more than a piece of "cold war" slobberganda as far as I'm concerned. You know, when over night the Germans became the "good guys" and the Russians became the "bad guys". Never mind the fact that the most murderous ideology in history, which America aided and abetted, was given free reign throughout the now former Soviet bloc.
"MAD" kept the Americans in line. A partitioned Germany afforded all the Jewish and Communist filth the freedom they required for the "holocaust" industry to be birthed.
There's an open letter circulating the internet penned by so called Russian "intellectuals" living in the USA.
It's an ominous warning of the unmutually assured destruction that would befall the Earth should it slip up abroad and provoke Russia. They boast of Soviet Russia's entrance into Berlin in '45. As if it were all the product of Russian backbone, bite, and balalaikas. They purposefully ignore the capitalist/communist nexus that afforded them this "victory". Call me paranoid, but why would I trust a "former" KGB who has criminalized dissent on the "holocaust" and who confers with Henry Kissinger? As Les says, time will tell and we shall see.

Kazz said...

Dear torus,

I don't think there is anything wrong with an orgasm, after all it was our Creator that gave us this facility, but like everything else it is up to us to moderate our behaviour in this area of endeavour and not abuse it. Personally speaking I think orgasms are pretty damn good and come as a result of being with a partner that actually loves you enough to tend to your needs, which is what being in a loving relationship is really about. A world without orgasms would indeed make living a much duller existence. I think our challenge is not to throw the baby out with the bath water. Young people don't understand moderation which is why they are young. It is up to the older people in our community to lead by example and due to the mammoth sociological indoctrination towards sodomy and rampant sexuality our young are being led astray for lack of decent role models. What really is transpiring is an all out effort to lower people's vibrations so when the shift comes they will be trapped in this dimension. We are each the master/mistress of our own universes/bodies and how we manage our energy will decide our course. The sooner people realise the importance of self responsibility for the management of their energy the sooner humanity can start the long climb back to One. Christ clearly outlines how to live but it is up to us to follow 'the way'. Just as we must take responsibility for our physical health we must take responsibility for our spiritual health too. We live in a society in the West that prescribes pills for whatever ails you, and while these pills might hide the symptoms of an illness they do not cure it. Religion works in exactly the same way, because it placates your conscience but it doesn't encourage you to listen to it and address your imbalance, no doubt because as long as people remain out of balance they have to look to others for support. In this way dependency is created and nurtured to the detriment of one individual for the benefit of another.

Luv Kazz

torus said...

Dear Kazz,

I agree. Talk to me, you're turning me on. I was referencing George Orwell who spoke of the abolition of the orgasm via "1984". His uncanny and prophetic insights have compelled some people to run with them as if they're "gospel".

Cue: All In The Family

"And you knew who weeeeerrrrre thennnnnn. Goils were goils and men were men..."

Ray B. said...

Karen Norman / Kazz:

Well said! (And good to hear from you.)

The baddies have created such a powerful 'group consciousness' that I fear for any but the most stubborn/determined to be able to self-enlighten. If a Shift does happen (I call it the Turning), we may have to have much intervention by all the Higher Selves...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...


Religion, as most go about perceiving/practicing/living it, seems to function to relieve the individual of the responsibility for one's spiritual health. As such perhaps formal religious constructs intentionally serve to lower the vibration. Opiate of the masses indeed.


Welcome back :-)

Anonymous said...

Talking about the 147 Transnationals at the top of the shit heap, upon attending a Truthjuice Brum talk a slide was put up listing the 147... and just so that we know where to aim, the No 1 shit at the apex was non other than Barclays!
Happy hunting
Dr Cray

robert said...

Dear Kazz,

So good to have your presence here with us again!
Perhaps the primary human limitation is on display, even in this bubble of effervescent spirit which Vis hosts:

Our compulsive dependence upon the coarse mapping of our perception into the sinks of linguistic conception, top maintain our sane balance in this cult of chaos!

Your post displayed an admirable flexibility, active creativity and willingness to reason between the lines, while others persist in playing a more rigidly binary badminton, using the degraded symbols standing in for long forgotten precise understanding.

Where once the language itself carried the ancient conceptual tools and illustrative stories, which only required reflection and diligence to decode, after the cruelly deliberate obfuscation and degradation of the MEdiaMatrix on super spin cycle has blended all meaning into a sour mash, we are left without many working precision tools to correct our own miasmas, much less help our brothers and sisters awaken to their falling state.

One sacred experience with our inner Divine, however, and we KNOW that words are the problem, and that endless grooming of our collection of static and coarse captures, which we prize over the pearl of great price, the actual Presence, which can only bring joy to the sincere seeker, will NEVER get us out of our mind traps into our full hearted knowing.

We can start by being merciless with our own tendency to be gross with our word coding and relentless in grinding our perception ever finer, until we can stop and leave our need to generate our own words at the door to timeless, word-less direct experience of the Immanence.

Yes, I see the irony of using creative written words to communicate by pointing outside of the verbal boundaries, but there is always the irrepressible hope that understanding may be triggered by the consciousness behind the transmission of the words.

Love, faith and courage to all who gather together to look and listen between the lines drawn up to divide is from ourselves!


Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish is up now-

Tragedy, Farce and the Goddamned Kali Yuga.

torus said...

And dear Kazz?
Please regard my being "turned on" in the sense of being illumined, fired up in the spirit shall we say.

Kazz said...

Thank you guys it is lovely to feel wanted :o). You are all too kind.

Dear Ray B.,

If I have given the opinion that I am self-enlightened than I would like to correct that perspective because without the Holy Spirit/Christ consciousness to guide me I don't believe I could ever have arrived at what I know without guidance, at least that is the way I see it. It may appear to be a large claim on my part but I am simply stating what I have honestly come to believe and simply want to give credit where I believe it is due.

Dear torus,

I thought you meant the comment the other way and I have to tell you it gave me a giggle. I think it is sweet that you have clarified your meaning and am flattered by the suggestion that someone as well informed as yourself could be illuminated by anything I have to say. Thank you.

Luv Kazz

torus said...

Well Kazz, for that, despite your mild self deprication, you get a virtual squeeze!

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Marching in the Unconscious Ranks of Cellular Intoxication.

Anonymous said...

Aggressive truth said
My city of birth was Auschwitz. What happened there is a warning to all generations. Rather than learn the lessons, history repeats itself. Have you ever heard of Captain Witold Pilecki? His name and the name of many Polish heroes has been erased from history. Never in my school does not teach about it. You will find a lot of information about it.
"Pilecki was founded and trained fire brigades, organized around paramilitary Adoption War Horse. Just before the war he worked with Polish counterintelligence. In August 1939 he was mobilized and forever left Sukurcz. After the September defeat has not left the country. In mid-October he slipped to Warsaw, where he founded the Secret Polish Army. He was chief of the General Staff. TAP organized intelligence network, created diversionary troops, organized metastases soldiers in Hungary. The spring of 1940 the Gestapo gets on the trail of the conspiracy. Multiply arrests within the leadership of the organization - senior officers goes to Auschwitz. Command decides to send to the camp agent who will check what life is like behind the barbed wire, and assume there grid underground. Pilecki volunteers. Under a false name He can be arrested in a street roundup and on the night of 21 to 22 September 1940 exceeds the checkpoint at the gate with the slogan "Arbeit macht frei". Is renumbered 4859. He set up camp underground organizations. In April 1943, when the Gestapo gets on the trail of the grid, Pilecki escapes from Auschwitz. He spent willingly 947 days in the camp. May 8, 1947 year are translated arrested. While the investigation is being tortured by officers of the Security Office. During the last view of his wife he confesses that in comparison with the communist secret police torture chamber "Oswiecim it was a trifle." Adjudged the death penalty was made May 25, 1948 the year. Tell him what really happened in the camp.
His report from Auschwitz was only published in 2000". Look for it.
Do you think that General Sikorski's death was accidental.
To understand what was happenin in Auschwitz you need to understand
Partition of Poland in 1772. To understand the partition of Poland, You have to understand Poland Baptism. To understand Baptism of Poland, You need understand Why Pope stolen Christianity. To understand Christanity, You need to understand the history of the Slavs. To understand the importance of the Slavs you need to understand why the Mayans used the calendar the same as Slavs. Circle of life. Why is the history and mythology of the Slavs has been forgotten?
Biblical prophets used the Urim and Thummim. Real Bullshit Amplifier Detector

Ray B. said...

Karen Norman / Kazz:

Thanks for the reply. It is impossible to know how much is due to self and how much is due to Self. We could have been left at the bacteria stage if no will was needed. Or, it might be all a simulation, Matrix-like. It would suck if this all was an amusement ride...

I think about the 'best' possibilities when I am in a positive mood, and the 'worst' possibilities when I am in a negative mood. It would be nice to know, but we are left to proceed forward in a knowledge-vacuum. All-God has a strange sense of humor...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Kazz said...

Dear torus,

My father was a man I always greatly admired, and one of the foundational tenets he raised me on was to never think I was better than anyone else. He also told me not to think anyone else was better than me. It was not my intent to put my self down but rather acknowledge the very broad depth of knowledge conveyed here, not just by Vis, who constantly amazes me with the wide repertoire of material he covers, both physical and metaphysical, but also with the ocean of knowledge provided by my fellow bloggers, of which you are one. I am very grateful to be privy to the contributions on this forum.

I think it is healthy to remind one's self of how small we really are in the grand scheme of things because ego is extremely cunning and has a tendency to creep up on you, at least mine does, so I try to be mindful of the wisdom provided in the saying that pride goeth before the fall. Listening to the brilliance of others helps to remind me of my place. I believe there is a good reason the most enlightened among us are always the most humble.

Having said that, I will gratefully accept your virtual squeeze.

Luv Kazz

Anonymous said...

As to the slavs..

"The two volumes of "Veda Slovenah" include 23,809 published verses. In both books are presented some poems with unusual themes and contents: talking about the pagan gods, supernatural beings, mythological heroes, ancient kings and lords, etc. They contain the folk knowledge and memories formed long before the christianizing of Bulgarians, and islamizing of related Muslims."

Veda Slovena

torus said...

Dear Karen

You are most kind and thoughtful.
Thank you


Saleem Ansari said...

Adolf was a gentleman loser.



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