Friday, July 15, 2016

Would you like Some More Asiago Cheese with your Pinot Grigio?

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Looks like they're going to be fully engaged in a weekly Reality TV show from here on out. The level of scorn and and illuminati pressure washing of the comatose brains of the incredibly stupid public, are going to be in full force. The first video is outrageous. The second video demonstrates some of the worst chipmunk chattering redundancy that I have ever seen. Whoever did that video should not be allowed near a recording device for the rest of their stay here. After a few minutes, you want to drown this fellow in his bathtub. Seems like our worst enemies are the entrepreneurs on the left, who are so banal and embarrassing that one shudders to imagine having to be in the same room with people like this. “Would you like some more Asiago cheese with your Pinot Grigio?"

What Really Happened and Rense have turned into something resembling a NASCAR human billboard, driving machine that is like Ray Bradbury's, “Illustrated Man.” and/or screen captures from the urban environment of “Blade Runner.” The advertising is out of control. How does what they do differ from those they are shining the spotlight on? Most of today's alternative media is no alternative whatsoever. They are part and parcel of the very forces they pretend to oppose. We are caught in a pincer tactic of seemingly opposite agendas that are all of a kind. At WRH, more than half of the links are from the same small handful of sources and kickbacks go without saying... and one tries to negotiate their way through a mind bedazzling wilderness of pop up ads and carnival barker ...shilling for MONEY! There's a tight little mafia at work here and to find a sincere and impartial witness for the truth, amidst this bewildering display of gimmicks and gadgets for sale at 'cheaper than stolen' prices is truly something else.

They shit-canned me because I talk about the ineffable.

Some years ago in a several days Ayahuasca dance; me... in near complete rural privacy in Southern Italy, Mr Apocalypse came to me and laid it on the line, while banging me off of walls and couch cushions, stating over and over that he was going to catch all of them with their pants down and expose them to the entire world. If that video with Bushligula is not completely emblematic of this very thing, I don't know what is. Mr. Apocalypse was not only speaking of the obvious Satanic vehicles known to most of us but also about those for whom their material advancement is far more important than any spiritual concerns. It doesn't matter whether one is in cozy proximity to Old Scratch and his minions, or pleading poverty and continuously crying out for material assistance. Anyone whose efforts are surrounded by a relentless push for personal financial increase is to be considered suspect.

Of course, I have a Paypal button and Bit Coin link on my sites but that is as far as we go and we never ask for a dime otherwise, even if we are broke, which sometimes we are. All the ads on our sites are free. The ineffable will provide and if you don't know this, you don't deserve it. Those mentioned are both atheists, so that covers it. A significant portion of all the others are atheists too. How anyone can be a self described truth seeker and not have discovered the ultimate truth that is right there to be seen and had, defines them as someone whose idea of personal importance, and search for personal importance, is far more important than the apprehension and possession of timeless truth and ageless wisdom. I am in no position to define the almighty, or to explain the mechanisms of the operations of the almighty. I am in a position to say, unequivocally, that the almighty and the existence of the almighty are a provable reality. In most cases, the objections given by these atheists, to the existence of God, is about religion and the inconsistencies of religion to live up to the teachings of the founders of these religions. If one is so stupid that they can confuse a transparent business model with the luminous and invisible hierarchy that rules this universe then they deserve to wallow in the muck of their own vanity and pretensions and... they certainly do.

I regret to admit that I judge people according to their inability to see what should be obvious in any direction you turn in, especially inwardly. We may not be real. The world may not be real; given that all we know about it is based on subjective impressions of what it says it is to us, based on how we tend to interpret it, based on what we believe to be real about it. Some aspects of it are real, in a relative sense, but our capacity to glean this in an objective manner is questionable.

I don't want to get on the case of these individuals who report what they report, due to what they want you to take away from the experience. Some are Trump supporters, so all of their headlines and links are of the sort that expose those who are anti-Trump, or search out the desirable arguments that make their candidate seem a cut above the competition. To my mind, it is similar to a shot of the inside of an outdoor toilet and all you see is the toilet seat, until there is one shot with their candidate whose head and eyes appear above the seat as if to suggest he is indeed a cut above the rest. You can't tell if he is smiling. Does it matter?

One thing I will say about Trump is that he is better than Hillary; meaning that you have a choice between being ripped apart by a cougar or hammered by a bear. In the end, it is what they do in the aftermath of the things they said to get there.

One calculated terror event after another is now scheduled week to week, as we approach the presentation of all the details they will use in their arguments for martial law and that may or may not go to the nine Death Valley vultures, who will legitimize whatever they are told to legitimize; four of them are Zio-Ogres, who recite the Protocols in the subterranean death basements, below all those chateaus, inhabited by their kindred mutations around the globe. They have no conscience and truly believe that the death of one person is a tragedy and the deaths of millions is a statistic. You are going to see more of this in the coming months than you have seen in the last 10 or 20 years. It is coming to a head. There will be at least one of these that will be greater than 9/11. They know they are up against the relentless machinations of Mr. Apocalypse. They know they cannot stop or oppose him and so they intend to inflict maximum damage in the process. They believe they will get their payoff on the back end. In that respect they are correct. The problem, in the analysis, is in how the term 'reward' is to be defined. One thing further that we must all keep in mind; sometimes those who seem to be the greatest enemy of the divine are in fact employed by the divine. Unless you can understand the contradictions and keep the whole construct of opposing and yet verifiable true concepts in an equal and dispassionate perspective then you can't see what is in front of you when the lights go on.

In the meantime there is a spiraling Rolodex of injurious trends and events, as perfectly displayed in the following graphic. If you can look at this and see nothing wrong with it, there is something very wrong with you. This was taken at a Gay Pride event.

Gay perversity

I've got nothing against genitals, or sex or the free display of affection but... there is a cohesion that exists in society that holds a society together. Without that cohesion, it will fall apart and horrors will follow horrors. There is a basic schematic by which a society can flourish and a lack of which that leads to circumstances like Rwanda and all of this, like our present Crisis Actor Reality TV shows, also accounts for more additions to the unnumbered dead. The body count is amazing. The suffering incalculable and inexpressible. As they say, “You had to be there.” I sincerely hope you are not.

Okay, I got things to do and so I will close with a collection of shots of Visible, taken this morning. I am sorry I am not holding today's newspaper to show you how very recent they are; a la “Midnight Run” or somesuch. I'm not going to be mistaken for Tom Cruise; thank god. I'm clear! Good god I'm clear. Hey... someone put the Incredible String Band on the box and somebody please give John Travolta a massage and a half and half.

Photos to follow;

Les Visible

Les Visible

Les Visible

Les Visible

Les Visible

Okay, I look like a complete idiot but that's how it goes. I don't know if certain people really wanted to see a photo or not. I do know there are people around who are taking some kind of pleasure in messing with me. Whatever your motives are, here are some photos. I don't usually do this and that is why there were no photos and I had to have my friend take some. I already know what I look like.

Remember friends, if you want a visit as we loop the US, give me an address, even if it is only a restaurant and a phone number and I will include it all in a calculation of what is possible. If you don't mind driving a bit we can surely meet halfway. That I will do. There is a northern route and a southern route and we are taking the northern route first. We are six weeks away so there is plenty of time to make accommodations.

My friends, regardless of your shortcomings and despite my own; love the ineffable and tell the ineffable that you do, every chance you get. Go into the wild and scream it to the trees and the rocks. Love deeply and completely. Love your author! Love your author in everyone you meet. No matter what your suffering has been and I think I can personally speak to the severity of the possibilities of that, soldier on! Love to the deepest capacity of your heart. Let Gratitude rise in endless waves from your being and let the perfume of it ascend upon the air, so that the very gates of Heaven open to draw it in. Be grateful! Be loving! Be true. Do not shy away from what needs to be said, as this lovely lady does not. Here is one that I would call a hero. She is living proof that the almighty speaks through us and has no fear in respect of it. Love and fear cannot occupy the same space at the same time. Do the math! Every day the world is changing and every day, another heartrendingly beautiful expression of courage and conviction appears before us and demands that we acknowledge and imitate it. Live what you believe, or you are only claiming a faith that you do not possess.

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