Wednesday, August 3, 2016

War and Peace meets James Michener at a Meth Tasting Cocktail Party in a Double Wide...

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Ah... Yes... as we wait for the world to change- which is foolish because the world is always changing from what it looked like previously, into what it will later look like previously, while remaining the same, except for appearing to be different- we note the drop off curve, where stupidity and superficial obsessions, prove that there is no more of an actual limit to dumb and dumber than there is to wise and wiser; not everyone is taken in however.

That said ...and regardless of appearances of an even deeper collective sleep, Mr. Apocalypse is taking no prisoners and is going chapter and verse in a War and Peace meets James Michener at a meth tasting cocktail party in a doublewide... somewhere in the hills outside of Riverside. When reality encounters any version of bullshit, whether it is in exceptional and professional packaging, or comes with no packaging at all, except the palm of your hand, where it steams in a redolent and unmistakable certitude of itself, reality wins. Reality is a kind of fire and bullshit is flammable so... you can imagine what the result might be when they come into contact. It would be different than burning those pine branches that you trimmed the other day. Lies can be equated with bullshit and depending on the force and intent of the lies, on that depends what the intensity of the aroma and atmosphere will be. In the case of some lies, the noxious smell reaches to the gates of Heaven and offends all life, present and absent. When Heaven moves, nothing can stand against the force of it. As Lao Tzu said, “Heaven prefers no man but... the wise man prefers Heaven.”

One might equate the meaning of that quote with the image of reeds bending in the wind; cities rising and falling in sequences of time lapse photography, or any example of irresistible change that history has demonstrated over and over again to be a fact of manifest life. We live and breathe in the wreckage of relics that are merely ghost echoes now and overlaid with the pending relics of the present moment. Shelley put it well with, “Ozymandias.”

“I met a traveller from an antique land
Who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert. Near them on the sand,
Half sunk, a shatter'd visage lies, whose frown
And wrinkled lip and sneer of cold command
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamp'd on these lifeless things,
The hand that mock'd them and the heart that fed.
And on the pedestal these words appear:
"My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!"
Nothing beside remains: round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare,
The lone and level sands stretch far away.

This is not to be confused with Ozzy Osborne, I don't think. Then again... If he or she or it is here, it is arguably true that none of them will be at some point. This is one of those peculiar mysteries that is always with us. We move up and down the sidewalks of temporary cities in temporary life, chattering about all the objects and events that are disappearing as they are mentioned and seldom if ever give a moments thought to that ineluctable destiny that awaits in every direction, regardless of whatever direction we take. Samarra awaits. Samarra awaits. Whatever the truth of it may be, it sure is interesting how many coincidences there are. Some maintain that there are no coincidences, simply examples of momentary pattern recognition. Sometimes we see them and sometimes we don't. When we do, we think it is coincidental. It's a bit like miracles. Sometimes we see them and sometimes we don't but they are happening all the time. We have come to the place where we identify the miraculous as pedestrian events. Children see the miraculous every day, which is the point of becoming like a little child. Then puberty turns the world into a dance of opposites and all the rest of the time of our passing residence, we are enroute to senility or regenerated innocence. In times of material darkness, the former is pro forma. It takes an exceptional person to persist unto the latter. It's all about degree of difficulty but persistence furthers.

There is childlike and there is childish and childish can be awesomely destructive when performed by an adult. One has to use the word, 'adult' with caution. Just as Love and fear cannot occupy the same space at the same time, the like applies to childish and adult.

In a world of appearances and fun house mirrors it can be very difficult to tell the difference between what is and what is not. Even when it is there, it is not there in its true form. The form has been bent out of shape by the twisted perceptions of a diseased mind. When these perceptions are shared by a crowd they become a plague and can spread like an epidemic. It's like the Black Plague, where the opacity implies the darkness of ignorance. It's a cloud. It's an unholy mist. It's what it's not.

There's a game that people play sometimes in their parlors when they've had a few. It is often played by children as a tool of learning, though it is doubtful whether the point gets made or not. Everyone sits in a circle and whispers something in the ear of the person next to them. As the phrase is passed from ear to ear it finally comes full circle and the last person to hear it is asked what they heard and most of the time, what they say bears little resemblance to the phrase when it was first spoken. The world operates like this. Another example is when one hears a story and then later tells that story to another. For some reason they fell compelled to embellish the tale. Maybe it wasn't exciting or lurid enough in the original. So the tale passes from narrator to narrator. Sometimes the tale is completely manufactured and the events and exchanges spoken of never even took place. Sometimes identities are created to tell tales of conditions or events that never existed or never even happened, such as we heard, ad nauseum during the run up to the Iraq War.

One learns at some point that telling the truth is not a profitable enterprise. Lies are the negotiable currency of the world at this time. Those who were inclined to tell the truth are purged from the ranks of those waiting on their opportunity to lie. Thank god for Mr. Apocalypse. There was a film with Jim Carrey in it called “Liar Liar”, where a lawyer was forced to tell the truth for 24 hours due to his son's birthday wish. This is the nature of these times, in which Mr. Apocalypse holds all the cards and where he also happens to be the joker in the deck. Behind the Byzantine complexity of all of our personalities making a fool of us, individually and collectively, there resides the one personality that has command over each and every one of the surface personalities that we interact with and act out of every day. Usually this personality acts (doesn't act?) as the silent witness and recording angel. In times of apocalypse, this personality takes a more active role and begins to usurp the power of the vehicles it lives in for the purpose of demonstration. We are in the time of demonstration. That is observably true, regardless of the fact that we are 'always' in a time of demonstration. It shouldn't be hard to realize this; predicting the eventual outcome is significantly harder but what is the point of being able to tell the future when you are in a position to change it?

We pray that fortune in its finest fashion comes upon you one and all, in the manner most suitable to you. That said... carry on.

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torus said...

Pondering yet again Arthur M. Young's observation that "action comes in wholes" and The Lord of The Rings. Need I point out the sexual inference, ie action cums in holes? Shame on me, but we're all well aware of that and its potential for longing and loathing. They've put rings, condoms, in many a high-school lavatory because the kids are sexually "active". The obvious negative inference being that those who are not are "inactive", dormant, or maybe just wise. I'm opting for wholesome states of mind, where change and action come in wholes. Because we ignore the whole, we're taken in by the parts. Yet another sexual inference. Taken in by the (w)hole. Gollum had a lust for the "hole". Seduced by the objects of our consciousness, and often invoking the "three poisons"; Greed (body) Anger (mouth) Ignorance (mind).

"The fervid and almost mechanical quest for sensual pleasures is another example of gratification's going hand in hand with obsession and, ultimately, disenchantment. More often than not, pleasure does not keep its promises."
Matthieu Ricard

Man I miss female companionship. But I want something abiding, something whole...Holy.

Anonymous said...

Dear Viz,

It's great to see you back in the saddle and true to form. A wonderful post at so many levels.

You personify "The Fit Man" in this stanza (Number 25) from the Witter Bynner Tao Te Ching:

Before creation a prescience existed,
Self-contained, complete,
Formless, voiceless, mateless,
Which yet pervaded itself
With unending motherhood.
Though there can be no name for it,
I have called it 'the way of life.'
Perhaps I should have called it 'the fullness of life,'
Since fullness implies widening into space,
Implies still further widening,
Implies widening until the circle is whole.
In this sense
The way of life is fulfilled,
Heaven is fulfilled,
Earth fulfilled
And a fit man also is fulfilled:
These are the four amplitudes of the universe
And a fit man is one of them:
Man rounding the way of earth,
Earth rounding the way of heaven,
Heaven rounding the way of life
Till the circle is full.

Thanks for doing what you do!

: )

missingarib said...

Vis,there is a joke about why Jesus wasn't born in such or such a place, the narrator could pick the location in order to bring attention to it ,in a negative way of course,and the punch line is: "because they couldn't find three wise men or a virgin. ak ak ak

Things change just as surly as we get older and all around us children become adults ,move away or move closer,people retire new hires are of a new fully corrupted propagandized mindset ,and it is they in their legions pushing the direction and velocity of change, that is the matter .The location of future incarnation of an avatar on the planet is the Nexis of change that winks out the present reality in the course of a three year period . The legions of intellectual drifters hitching a ride with any passing political/philosophical vehicle always looking at something for nothing ,that is until the change catches up to them and they stand to inherit nothing .

Like shipwrecked sailors on a shrinking volcanic dominated island the technocrats collectively need to find a way of getting back to what the world outside of their think tanks looks like.
The present hubris is quote:"What man has joined, nature is powerless to put asunder." - Aldous Huxley, Brave New
we now come to realize that what dangerous thinking and doing will surly provoke nature to put all man has joined asunder.

live long

Anonymous said...

"What is the point in being able to tell the future when you are in a position to change it?"


BCii said...

Wow! The Holocaust Deprogramming Course site you linked is a godsend and a cornucopia of material.

As an indicator (and instrument) of wakey-wakey truth inexorably penetrating the collective mind on an increasingly mainstream level, see Bill Burr's comedy act. Here he is dropping a couple of truth bombs on Conan O'Brien's show. Someone called him a white Chris Rock. I like him.

I discovered a beautiful song today: "I'll Find My Way Home" by Jon and Vangelis. As with more than a few great songs, I was introduced to it through Gregorian's atmospheric cover version.

Anonymous said...

Anybody notice how Donald J. Trump, who could do no wrong prior to securing the Republican nomination, is suddenly imploding, right before our eyes. Oh boy - Hillary is going to be president. That will give us an idiot, a black dude, and a woman, for our last three presidents. (After Hillary, it will be a gay man or a lesbian, or a transgender person. By then, America as we once knew it, will have been completely destroyed, and it will be the official laughingstock of the entire world, just as planned - and nobody will be able to deny it. I wonder if they get cable TV at the North Pole???)

long john said...

"From the Crypts of Memory" by Clark Ashton Smith

Kazz said...

It doesn't matter to me what the rest of the world chooses to do it only matters what choices I make. Man was created in the image of God, which tells me that each of us are capable of being that which we need to be to make this world a better place. I have no say or control over how others act or what they say, nor would I want to, because whilst dictating to others I would lose sight of who I AM. Contrary to what goes on in this world the most important thing to me is where I stand with my loving Creator. I care not what direction the rest of the world takes because that is none of my business. My business is focusing on where I am resonating, how I treat my fellow Man, and doing what I perceive is the correct thing in any given moment.

Satan may have blinded the eyes and hearts of Man but I believe the goodness within Man will resurface as the lies are uncovered by Mr Apocalypse. I believe the majority of people who have been misled are good people who simply got lost. As our creator removes the veils from their eyes more and more of these good people will rise to the occasion and be the image of God that our loving Creator created them to be. I believe in God and God believed in Man enough to give Man free will, so I refuse to even contemplate that our Creator could be wrong, because that which is omnipotent, loving, and eternal is perfection personified. I believe God is our loving Father and that all that has transpired here occurred to educate his children of the ramifications of their thoughts, words, and actions so each of us could become more adept and responsible co-creators. God is Love, so if Man was created in God's image we are love too, which is why I love my fellow Man, even if today they are lost, because tomorrow is a new day and provides a new opportunity for them to find their self.

Luv Kazz

Ray B. said...

Vis: "We pray that fortune in its finest fashion comes upon you one and all, in the manner most suitable to you."

That sounds like a fine old Irish prayer. Thanks. Of course, there is the 'be careful what you wish for' angle...
Your column gets me in the mood for finding Portals. There must be one around here somewhere. Or maybe a Gate...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 11:46,

America has already been hollowed out.


torus said...

Post 9/11, every American "comedian" has ceased to be funny. Conan? Fuck off. Again, "big brother" doesn't give a damn about you. It is YOU who watches IT. BURN THE TV!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

an idiot, a black person and a lesbian walked into a Bar Mitzvah.....

Smyrna said...

That 'Nyet' essay was a good one Vis. Thanks.

Torus, I haven't watched TV (apart from some certain sports) in 10 or more years. I didn't make a conscientious decision to stop watching because it is poison; I stopped because it simply became un-watchable.

BCii said...

torus, I feel ya. I can't stand O'Brien either, or any of them, from a standpoint of "let's actually just tell it how it is instead of skipping over the uncomfortable parts and congratulating ourselves on how clever we are to kosherly see through the topmost obvious layer of bullshit." The personalities who now populate mainstream channels will probably remain as they are until the end. Any real move toward exposing raw truth will come through the choice of media consumers to switch channels. That said, it was a nice moment to even have the level of truthtalking Bill Burr demonstrated happen on TV. Not that I ever watch TV. The level of compromise involved in colluding with officialdom on the subject of 9/11 is too much. A comedian can only be as genuinely funny as he is truthful and honest. Their job is to say what others dare not!

Kazz, you speak on the heart of the matter. Thank you.

torus said...

@BCII, Smyrna, and Les.
Pardon my foul fingers for hurling expletives, but I have no mercy for TV or its mouthpieces.
The feigned hipness of O'brien et al. All too quick with a jab at Bush back in the day, but who's laughing now? In fact, the O'brien's, the Kimmel's, and that rancid John Oliver, are all enablers of the very system they pretend to denounce. But like a dysfunctional relationship; anyone we enable, we disable, including ourselves.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Anointed with Hyena Semen and Wolverine Piss.



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