Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Evil May be Banal but The Good in Us is Extraordinary.

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Greetings my dear friends on this auspicious day. All days are auspicious when the ineffable is the centerpiece of your existence. I woke up to a strange new world today. Something is very different but I do not know exactly what that is. It has a lot to do with the way I am experiencing it. The day might be the same as any other but the way I am perceiving it has changed. The ineffable is much closer than before. I have come to believe that if you have spent the larger part of your life in pursuit of and admiration for the ineffable, as an adjunct to the false appearances of the aging process, the ineffable begins to burn away every veil and extraneous distraction. The time will come when your sincerity has been proven because you are still at it and the ineffable knows that you will continue to be at it and that you have come too far to go back. At this point the ineffable becomes more and more pervasive and starts to take over every aspect of your existence. This is a certainty and all you have to do is to persist in your end of the equation. That is all that is required of you and it is vastly accelerated, if you comprehend the meaning of the greatest commandment and employ the greatest commandment as comprehensively as you are able. This tandem, while employing relentless focus and industry, puts the whole process in Turbo mode. This is what you want.

In honor of this being a special day of transition we are going to do a temporary reversal of the usual template and start out with the spiritual and then move to the material, instead of the other way around as is the norm round here. Of course, in my mind it is all spiritual and only appears as the two because we have divided the world in our minds. We want to unify ourselves, not divide ourselves. The agents of darkness have the division agenda as their primary concern. Most of us believe that we have an independent mind; that all of us have an independent mind and after a fashion this is so ...but in truth, in the comprehensive sense, there is only one mind and we individualize it. It is as if there is a vast ocean and our individual consciousness is an inlet out of the greater sea. Realized masters exist in the ocean itself as their persona and this is how they come to resonate with one and all.

So, we will go from the seeming spiritual to the seeming material and then loop back again. First up is this lovely example of zombie think. You cannot be unaware of the zombie trend in movies and other media; certainly there is an army of zombies in the contemporary music business. There is nothing accidental about this. As you will note in the article, this kind of thing has happened before. There are a number of designer drugs going around at the moment that are geared in this direction. Most people don't know that Little Georgie Sorrows owns Tavistock. Yes... Rothschild poster boy front man owns Tavistock and Tavistock... MKUltra and the CIA umbrella are behind the chemical composition of a lot of these designer drugs. Back in the 80's I had the pleasure of taking REAL MMDA. It was utterly remarkable. Please forgive me for talking about drugs in this brief moment but I am trying to make a point where drugs are only an analogy. MMDA/Ecstasy was made illegal at a certain point around that time. I believe this first happened in Texas and one must understand the power of the California Board of Regents. They were that organization where research into the benefits of X/MMDA was going on. They made sure that they were allowed to keep on keeping on. I won't get into all the legal speak about it but I followed it. Shortly after this, the Israelis took over the Ecstasy market. This you can prove out should that be important to you. Take my word on it. From that point on, you couldn't get the real deal anymore and I have never seen it again.

They get you engaged in certain substances and then they alter the chemistry of it and it becomes something far different than it once was. It is at Tavistock and these other Satanic think tanks where they experiment on people to see the results of their perversion of the original chemistry and how it matches up with what they are after.

Today... being not like any other day, I am doing something I have never done before; instead of watching a movie or one of the NFL pre-season games, I am watching “Keeping up with the Kardashians” and “I am Cait.” Wow! I knew it would be demonic and lame at the same point. It is meeting my expectations. What fascinates me is not the main players but all those sidemen that are on the sidelines, jockeying for face time because it is as important as the candle flame and the light fixtures are to moths, with, I think, the same result. I have never seen any of these programs before. Truly, “evil is banal.” I think it was Hannah Arendt who said that. I seem to remember it had something to do with Eichman. Of course, she was/is a Tribe apologist and reality shisk-kabob chef. That is irrelevant. Even a busted clock keeps time twice a day and out of the mouths of demons can come angelic commentary; not for long but it can happen.

We live in an odd world, in an odd time and odd things happen. It is almost as if the truth and reality are an inadvertent result that inexplicably comes out of every effort set against their appearance. This is the wonder and beauty of Mr. Apocalypse. No matter what you do, or how much money you have, or how skillfully you orchestrate the lies that are created to make you rich and powerful, the truth leaks in. Mr. Apocalypse is unstoppable. Mr. Apocalypse is 'the bomb', literally. Here is what I advise anyone who might have an interest to study and then accept with a whole heart; appearances tell us one thing and for the same reason over and over again. So it seems that the forces of darkness are far more powerful than they actually are. At NO TIME has the almighty not been in charge of everything. When the almighty decides that the time has arrived for anything that the almighty wants to have manifest, it is a done deal, period. All the almighty has to do is think something and it is a reality, period. When the divine decided to manifest as Mr. Apocalypse, that was/is that. Nothing is going to stop Mr. Apocalypse and everything attempted or done by any or all of the agents of the infernal realm will turn to the fulfillment of the will of the almighty. No matter how duplicitous, or Byzantine, no matter how labyrinthine or complex might be the plots of the fallen, they all work to the completion of the cosmic will. The cosmic will is behind everything that has ever been. By this I mean it precedes it. The Cosmic will is at the furthest edge of the future, looking back on the moment, far in advance of anything that transpires on the way to that point and whenever the planetary destiny comes to that point, the cosmic mind and will are once again at the furthest possible point beyond looking back AND at all times the cosmic mind and will are immersed in the present, in fact IS the present, is the environment, the performers and that objective witness apart, simultaneously and forever, within the moment deepening beyond the reach of any mind but the cosmic mind.

God is the be all and end all of everything. If it takes you ten million years or a moment so quick it cannot be measured, you will find this to be true. There is no escaping that the divine is all things all the time. As is said about Jesus Christ, and I am paraphrasing; 'same today same tomorrow, same forever'. That is the gist of it. Some see this as a dictatorial posture, something unbearably inescapable; What about what I want?!! What you want is what god wants. Desire is the agent of God's will. In the totality of it, the love of and surrender to the almighty is the ultimate freedom. It appears as a contradiction so long as the false self holds sway. Once the true self has come into residence, you realize that you are that. It is what you are. God is the perfect expression of your own true self. There is no other and it is the same true self that exists in everyone but which is expressed through that unique and particular stained glass window of the personality, which is that common and all pervasive light, refracted through the individual expression of it. It's not that difficult. I was extremely fortunate. It happened to me with such force that I had no defense against it and in an instant, I agreed and complied for all time. Certainly there has been suffering in the process of a surrender into the unavoidable assimilation ...but that only brings tears of joy so sweet that only the experience of it can define it. There is no other vehicle in words, or music or gestures or thought that can come close to the unspeakable experience of it. You are changed forever.

Let us close by updating the journey to come. Because of the response, the state of Washington is now on the map and in the next few days I will list the states we will pass through. Keep sending in your contact info and location so that it can all be added into the mix. This should be fun.

Much love to you all!

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Radio broadcast still resident in the ethers.


Anonymous said...

Yet another synchronicity alert!

So I started working with Tarot card Key 16 The Tower. I hadn't started coloring it in yet, but studied the accompanying lesson which, briefly, tells of a flash change in consciousness which is represented by the lightening bolt coming from the sun (God) and zapping the crown off the top of the tower. Long story short, God awakens you and you're never the same again!

That night I woke up and in the haze between sleep and wake, the phrase "I think through you" suddenly got thought through me!! Wow! And I just totally understood it.

I fell back asleep and dreamed that I was looking at the lightening bolt on Key 16 coming from the sun and zapping the crown off the tower. Then I heard the words, "I think through you."

Awake and asleep, the message stayed the same!

And then, Vis, you write today's post and it totally reinforced everything for me.

Interesting times!


.. said...

Glad to see Zen Gardner's past has been brought to light. Something about his site and certain articles he posted (public banking, flat earth etc) made me suspicious.

Anonymous said...

aname 01

radio silence from rense and icke on 27 years of child rape, torture and sex trafficking by zen gardner / don ferguson leader of the children of god

of course zen gardner / don ferguson considers himself the victim

Anonymous said...

The Children of God was an intelligence agency operation. That tells you all you need to know about Ferguson/Zen Gardner. He just switched intel operations...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
The Children of God was an intelligence agency operation. That tells you all you need to know about Ferguson/Zen Gardner. He just switched intel operations...

Thursday, August 18, 2016 6:28:00 PM

Wow! That tells you all you need to know about Rense and Icke too.

Ray B. said...

Anonymous poster(s) #2-5, your motives are showing...

An old intelligence ploy is to take-down a good-guy by associating him/her with a bad-guy. You have progressively worked here to associate Icke with Zen Gardner in a rather-underhanded, vague, smear-by-innuendo campaign. To me, that stinks and betrays your 'affiliation'...

(I do not know of Zen Gardner. However, I have read a majority of Icke's books and find much truth in them. Not everything by far, but much truth. He was calling-out the baddies when the 'truth community' was in its infancy. And, he took - and continues to take; look at you - 'hits' for his efforts. While Icke has his own personality issues, to me, he is 'grandfathered' in...)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. Way back in Peru, Icke got 'fried' by an unseen higher-being (shaman or higher) during his travels. Call it a form of forced kundalini-rising. You can read about this 'encounter' in his early books. This is what kick-started him on his way. I have meditated on this experience and, to me, it is valid. So, to me, Icke - whatever his limitations - is coming from the right place and deserves a great deal of respect.

torus said...


Well, well, I'm not into gossip, but the "Gardner" revelations are disturbing. He doesn't merit the word "Zen" before his contrived stage name. Children Of God, or "COG". Cogs in the Satanic wheel. Ernst Zundel called Icke a fraud from the bowels of a Canadian prison, and that was thirteen years ago. "Infinite love is the only truth and everything else is an illusion", eh Dave? Including your sincerity, you shape-shifting opportunist. My incremental weaning off of the internet is becoming easier every day.
It's just another addiction to be purged.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Ray, nice try.

Icke and Rense have protected this child rapist, torturer and child sex trafficker.

They haven't mentioned it and still host this guy all over the internet.

I know guys like you Ray, "If the rape of a child is done out of love then it is ok."

Well it isn't.

It is an old satanic ploy. Protect the child molesters and pedophiles.
Your true colours are evident Ray. We see you. God sees you.
But he will never know you.

Anonymous said... nobody bashed you. Your head is so far up your ass it's probably one of the main reasons you have a fifty-cent brain to go along with that million-dollar mouth of yours. You're as omniscient as yogurt, which you prove unceasingly with streams of three-dollar words, motivated by your childlike dreams of being an extra in a Star Trek remake. You would be better off disconnecting from your woo-woo "guides" occasionally and just shutting up and considering what people who have the occasional accurate viewpoint might have to say, even if it's different from yours. But that won't happen. Because you're one of those agents you always try to spot (witting or unwitting)...what a five-star douche. It's exactly that kind of crap that drives potential repeat visitors from Visible's blogs. You're lost. Don't take Visible down with you, at least.

.. said...

Ray B,

You included me in your comment (poster #2). Not sure what you mean by ’your motives are showing’. I have no motive other than to reveal an individual being someone he’s apparently not.


you wrote in one of your books that ‘… you must imagine yourself being held down under water and the desire for the divine should be equal to your desire for oxygen.’

It reminded me of a paragraph from a book I read by Murdo Macdonald-Bayne. He trained with Tibetan masters back in the 1940s, or thereabouts. In said paragraph a young guy come to one of the masters and requested to be accepted as a disciple. As I remember it the master got him to put his head in water. Once it was immersed he held the boy’s head down till he was almost drowning. The master then released his grip and the boy came up gasping for air. He then said to the boy, 'when you have as strong a desire for the divine as you did then for air come back and see me.'

Ray B. said...

Ah, excellent! I drew him (or them) out!

For anyone reading this, feel into the last two posts by Anonymous. Use your natural empathic power to touch the author(s). Then, draw your own conclusions...
(And on mine, if you wish.)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

David Alan McBride said...

I have been noticing something lately that has been occurring with increasing frequency. It is happening out in the world (what little of it I interact with), all over the internets, every venue where people can comment. More and more and more it is becoming the norm. What is that something? That something is that in order for a person to be right somebody else must be wrong. It is worse than that. Everybody must be put down as wrong, utterly ignoring the right. Viciously attacking someone instead of having a conversation. Punch and Judy instead of a round table discussion. Shoot first and fuck the questions later. Always pointing out how dark someone's darkness is instead of how bright someone's light is. A complete lack of grace, intelligence and heart. It is a most disconcerting experience. There is an old saying that I never hear anymore that I exercise regularly: it is better to remain silent and let them think you a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt.

Ray B. said...

amame 01: If you were not part of this intelligence op, I apologize for lumping you in with "Anonymous" #3-5 (and probably "Anonymous" #8-9). He/they jumped right off of what you said, so I assumed everyone was together. If you are separate, I am sorry for the 'harm'...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

torus said...

And perhaps I shouldn't be too hard on Icke. In fact, I'm not. He's just conspira-tainment. In a recent vid on youtube he's quoting Neimoller and "first they came for the Jews..." etc.
Truth be told, "they" only really come for those that question the holocaust. Then they come, by way of verbal attack, and liken those who question 9/11 to "holocaust deniers". Take heart Dave, they'll never be coming for the reptilian mongers.
T minus 4.5 months and counting.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

The Boxed in Gardens of Zen Gardner and the Tragedies of Schadenfreude.

.. said...

Ray B,

No, I’m not part of team anonymous, he/she hijacked my comment. Anyway no problem for the misunderstanding. And for what it’s worth I have no problems with David Icke and agree he is sincere.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Something Along the Lines of a Continuing Theme.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous poster(s) #2-5, your motives are showing..."

Ray, Ray, Ray...every time you pull this same, tired stunt, and bash people who did nothing to you, everybody sees right through it. (Except for the paid hacks who visit here, in order to back each other up.) Let me tell you what you are, Ray, because you're not the only "omniscient" person who occasionally drops by Visible's blogs. You're a loser who never did a damned thing in his life, Ray. Nothing. You wouldn't know truth if it bit you in your aged ass. You hurl stones, and feign innocence. You cast aspersions, and claim omniscience. Your game is tired and I've busted you out on it (as have many others, including some individuals in this very comment thread) so many times, that it's probably a major reason why Visible has a revolving door on this project of his. Get a new assignment for fuck's sake. The Children of God was an intelligence operation. That's what it was. River Phoenix was a crew member at one time, as was his younger brother, Joaquin. Hollywood mind-control and buttfucking Satanists, lions and tigers and bears - oh my. Zen is most likely a cartoon character, totally hatched in a CIA think-tank. He's probably a compendium of writers, that works out of the basement at Langley. Your low-testosterone, New Age ravings are straight out of the Intelligence Agency Mindfuck Playbook. You compared yourself to Gandalf recently. Do yourself a favor. Do us all a fucking favor and turn into the White Wizard, jump on Shadowfax's back, and go fight imaginary wargs and orcs, and then dance like a frenzied fag in the meadows of the Shire, with Sam and Frodo, to celebrate your imaginary life's victories. Perhaps you could dazzle us with your wizardry along the way - maybe put a spell on all of us "agents" whom you systematically "out" - by using special hairs from Shadowfax's nostrils, while turning us all into Pippin's Preening Pop Tarts. You're outmanned and outgamed, Ray. On every fucking level. And no finger-pointing, or stone-throwing, or name-calling, is ever going to change that, Ray. And that's what bothers you the most - but it's your problem. Yours alone. You cast the first stone here. Nobody bashed your sorry ass. Perhaps it's the lack of attention that galls you the most. Perhaps that high estrogen count makes you act more and more like an attention-seeking female with each passing day. Nobody knows and nobody cares and you're a little beacon, strapped to a lonely, bobbing buoy, stuck in a Giant Sea of Nowhere - and that's what bothers you, Ray. And that's all there is. You cast a stone, it's going to come back. You cast enough of them, and they will come back tenfold at that 50-cent head of yours. It's a cosmic law. You and LTPTB and most of the regulars in here - I mean, can you say "bitter underachievers with marginal intelligence who see the writing on the wall and know their sorry lives are coming to an end soon"? I knew you could. Say it over and over, and maybe the light of truth will finally shine through the layer of woo-woo, unseen fucktards that whispers lies in your ear, while jerking you around like a piece of meat, hanging on a hook in a hurricane-force windstorm. Maybe. Just maybe. But I wouldn't fucking count on it. Because here's the juice - you're a beta male in a world dominated by alphas, little man, and it shrivels your little testicles and makes you cry into your pillow at night. So accept your position, Ray, and embrace your fellow losers, bobbing right along there beside you, on the Giant Sea of Nowhere, who share your similar, oft-told, common-as-fuck fate. (Woulda, coulda, shoulda - but never did.) Because they are your kin, Ray. Your cosmic soulmates. Your caste system companions. Your blog buddies. Cut from the same cloth, whining right alongside you. And in the end, they are all you've fucking got, Ray...

LOL said...

Looks like Ray has drawn another one out....

Visible said...

Ray... I did not write that but unless it is filled with ad hominem or slanted in a way that makes no sense, I print it. I mean you no harm, in fact I intend to visit you and I suggest the author of that comment give me the same treatment. Who knows, it might actually be favorable (in your dreams Visible, in your dreams). Shit flows through here on a regular basis. This guy showed up professing love for Karen and did it at several sites at the same time and I blipped them and then they were answered as if I had posted them. It blows my min d sometimes what goes on around here but I did not author that nor do I know who did. It's just another day here in the land of wherever.;

Kazz said...

I think people have become so cut off from their Divine/higher self that when they see a glimpse in another they become enamoured. This world makes it so easy to get lost that catching a glimpse of the Divine in another is like seeing water in a desert, or a life saver when you are drowning. The temptation to grab hold and hold on for dear life can be overwhelming. The challenge for those resonating this higher energy is to remember that we are merely the vessel through which this energy flows. It is the energy that is so attractive and that energy is within everyone’s grasp, all you have to know is how to access it for yourself :o).

Such a process is more challenging for alpha males, who appear to be more drawn in by materialism, because materialism gives them the illusion of control, but I strongly suspect that we are all mere actors and actresses in a play where all the shots are called by the producer/director, namely the One and only. I am sure that much good intent goes into this process but because force is directly related to lawlessness it naturally disconnects one from the highest frequency of source, which results in the loss of one’s self, leaving a chasm within one that makes them easier to control. The elite use materialism, along with rampant sexuality, to feed the void created, because through this process they accomplish control. As the void is spiritual external excess does little to quench one’s desires, eventually leading to heartache and suffering.

1 John 4:4

1Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. 2Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God: 3And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world. 4Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world. 5They are of the world: therefore speak they of the world, and the world heareth them. 6We are of God: he that knoweth God heareth us; he that is not of God heareth not us. Hereby know we the spirit of truth, and the spirit of error. 7Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God.

Luv Kazz

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

know them by their fruitloops... stone ( is all but giving up on the internet, coding in raw html , hosted in iceland .is, and still hacked to hell almost.

Anonymous said...

Karen at 5:23,

Most alpha males manage to pull off the dual feat of being among the most boringly predictable as well as the most hideously boring of personages. It must come with the territory, I suppose.




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