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The Madman Sees a Kindred Spirit

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

I would have to say that the whole world has gone through the looking glass and things that just wouldn’t happen on one side of the mirror are pro forma on the other. Here we see a telling example of just that. A few weeks ago, I said that when that Tunisian merchant set himself on fire that that was a major watermark of our procession into a new world and a new concept of reality. The police marching into the Wisconsin state capitol building is another. Something like this is going to reverberate through police stations around the country. It’s going to vibrate like a tuning fork in a newly discovered key all up and down the electronic schematic of the police template that was, transforming it into the police template that is.

I will probably have to go on saying it over and over because it only ‘takes’ after persistent repetition. Change comes from within. This means that visible change has an invisible source. We suppose that things happen in reaction to other things that happened previously and continue through time, into a complexity of back and forth synthesisation of all the elements necessary to exist as what composes ‘the moment’. Most of the time events and actions do follow a cause and effect script. Some results are immediate; wrapping a car around a tree because you were texting your manicurist about possible nail inlays, prior to your arrival and some are deferred, like shooting someone in ambush and hightailing it into the future, unraveling toward whatever that gets summed up as. This and everything like it depends on the cosmic writer and the scenery design team that arranges for your appointment with destiny further down the road at another ambush.

Like I said, some people want to keep asking me where all those changes are that I say are in process or on the way. For some reason, they have gotten the impression that I am referring to various positive outcomes. I have not defined anything as such, because positive for one person is automatically negative for someone else, a lot of the time. I do refer to an overall improvement in the quality of life, sometime ‘after’ the shit hits the fan and secondarily whoever is close enough to the fan for a shared experience. The various reactions to flying shit have to happen first and then the outrage and discussions and investigations concerning who threw it at the fan, while people too important for that to happen to them, had it happen to them and then the shit needs to be cleaned up, sold off in job lots, turned into history and in some cases art and then ...there’s a lot more movable scenery and attitudes that necessarily follow massive changes in existence.

Some people think that because a number of people follow this blog that I must be engaging in some kind of mesmerization actions toward an unknown end. No doubt the result is going to be me sitting on a dais, in flowing white robes, while dispensing intricate ruminations upon the secret operations of the universe. Then I can expect the usual cries of “that’s so gay” and or wide eyed wonder followed by the collection plate. So far as I know, that’s never been my intention but I imagine I can be surprised just like anyone else. The person who offered me their insights, after having just discovered my work and, having added water, becomes an instant expert on my motivations, suggested that it could well be ego that is motivating me in my efforts. Unless you are one of the extremely rare birds among us, some amount of ego is always involved but ego is not, per se a bad thing. Ego is like a bear. It can rampage and it can be taught to dance. Now there are people who don’t like either sort of bear but I’m afraid we’re at the limits of what I’m capable of at the moment.

What you see in the world, in me, in yourself, are all reflections in the glass. Some people have an immediate competitive reaction to any act on the part of another and that usually turns into a war story where they did it better. Some are repulsed or frightened because change may be one of the demands made by any example of speech or action. You’re going to change anyway or, worst case scenario, go on as you have been. It is near impossible for anyone to speak and strike an agreeable chord with every word they offer. The key is to take what is useful and put the rest away for further reflection.

While I was in the hospital I read a book of Rumi’s entitled “Delicious Laughter” Here is a selection that struck me concerning the concerns raised just now;

“When a Madman Smiles at You”

Galen, the great physician, asked one of his assistants to give him a certain medicine.

“Master, that medicine is for crazy people! You’re far from needing that!”

Galen: “Yesterday a madman turned and smiled at me, did his eyebrows up and down and touched my sleeve. He wouldn’t have done that if he hadn’t recognized in me someone congenial.

Anyone that feels drawn, for however short a time, to anyone else, those two share a common consciousness. It’s only in the grave that unlike beings associate.

“A wise man once remarked, “I saw a crow and a stock flying together and I couldn’t understand it, until I investigated and found what they shared. They were both lame.

“There’s a reason why the beetle leaves the rose garden. He can’t stand all that loveliness. He want to live in rotten dung, not with nightingales and flowers. Watch who avoids you, that too reveals your inner qualities. The mark of eternity in Adam was not only that angels bowed to him but that Satan wouldn’t.”

Well, the Wisconsin police are seeing themselves in the protestors that they have now joined and that is a madness that will grow by contagion. It is something like what The Oath Keepers profess. I am not suggesting that I support any organizations but I will say that I support members of most organizations because I too sincerely believe in something and our shared sincerity renders us a common ground for communication.

I see something great and unexpected in what has happened here. I don’t know if it is the result of the spoof phone call and Walker inadvertently showing his true colors or whether the awakening, as it grows more and more pervasive, is touching more and more people in every line of endeavor. What I do know is that this creates a serious problem concerning crowd control on the part of TPTW.

A huge upwelling is happening in the heart of humanity and it is an internal thing. It is coming from an unseen place and it can’t be defended against by those seeking to hinder its growth. They can’t touch the sympathetic strings if they can’t even see them. This is why all of the dreams of world rulers and those despicable thugs that do their bidding always fail in the end because when change is meant to sweep the world it comes from a place that can’t be compromised by those whose only power is that of external trappings and temporal authority.

We are awakening and we are seeing that we have a deeply shared common cause. We are seeing that we are the bedrock of being and not the pawns of those who would heard us along behind the Judas Goat. This is a stupendous event that has happened in Wisconsin and you may look for a great deal more of the same. You may look for politicians and leaders of all types having a change of heart, brought about by shame, fear and/or realization. However it comes, it is welcome; welcome indeed.

They have lost. We are living in the echo of their power as it vanishes over the hills and finds a new home in the hearts and minds of those chosen and inspired to lead humanity into a finer state of being. Nothing is going to stop this. No matter how terrible the last gasp efforts may be, they will not be enough. It is destined and will not be compromised or stopped.

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Unknown said...

Hiya Mr. Visible. How's things in the neighborhood? Why were you of all people in the hospital? You can reply in private e-mail if you prefer. Hey, that's one of my favorite Rumi translations in Delicious Laughter, "When A Madman Smiles At You". I printed it out and showed it to a bunch of people but many of them didn't really seem to understand/appreciate it. The world of Woodstock goes on. Many stood and gave tribute last week to the brave spirit of the mighty poet warrior goddess Janine Pommy Vega who stepped off this mortal coil recently. Gate gate paragate parasamgate Bodhi Svaha.... Love you to and yours

Unknown said...

oh, p.s. les, that was me, petey b.

Billy said...

It is indeed a beautiful thing to see the enforcers refusing to enforce. Maybe they read somewhere that tidbit by Solzhenitsyn and decided collectively to avoid the consequences of an awakened populace. It struck me as ridiculous the fact that working people in the USA are so opposed to unionization. Who the hell do they think is going to represent their positions at the bargaining table? Politicians? Corporate board members? Wake up you stupid, teabag dipping, jerk f%$ks. They probably won't, though. I just don't know.

Visible said...

Hi Susan;

Huh... Janine passed on. I knew her well, or shall I say, occasionally over the years as we often read together at various incarnations of the Woodstock Poetry Readings, which I hosted for awhile, taking my turn in the barrel with a few others.

She was always going somewhere or just arriving from somewhere. I remember her most for her passion for the migrant workers of the past decades and the effort she put into bringing their plight into public knowledge. She also did a lot of work in prisons which I had a lot of admiration for.

She had a lot of friends, being a gregarious and social sort. She'll be missed.

Visible said...

Pete, what do you mean that was you? Ah... you mean the post above and you didn't catch that you were signed in with Susan's name. Gotcha.

Love all round and round and round. Hope to see you again sometime. I had fun seeing you in Italy. I've got a lot of visitors coming this year, not all of them human but that's par for the course.

Odin's Raven said...

Let us hope that the powers of all governments will be greatly weakened, so they will be less able to kill, steal, intimidate, lie and bribe supporters.

Visible said...


As I now recall, you gave me that Rumi book when you were here. Thank you for that. I enjoyed it immensely.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

I am in the midst of experiencing the change of energy I have longed for for a long time. It isn't 100% easy, but as I go along each day, I know soon, it'll feel better inside and then outside. The uncomfortableness of it all is letting go and saying goodbye to the old way of being. It served me well to get here, but it was holding me back from moving along. Each day, as I progress forward with this new energy, I experience a little anxiety of what I'm experiencing, what is changing within me. When I stop to check in with myself, I know there is no going back, and what I am moving forward to is what I have longed for forever. So why the anxiety?? It's in the movement, it's in the movement of it all.

We're in the midst of it all right now. Sometimes we may not be able to recognize it because we're in the middle of it. This beautiful energy is here right now and we're in it. The anxiousness of it is not knowing what will happen when. It feels a little crazy, but it's a good kind of crazy.

Love, love, love.


wv: bingr .... BINGR ON!

DaveR said...

"You’re going to change anyway or, worst case scenario, go on as you have been."

Perhaps worse yet would be not changing at all. Every breath one takes changes one, every word read, every sound heard. The only way to not change is to be completely still, not breathing, not moving, not thinking.

Sounds like death, which in itself would be a pretty big change.

DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les.

I just watched an interesting video that accompanies a song titled 'World of Sleepers' by Carbon Based Lifeforms, posted on YouTube, that right at the end shows a polar bear lying down to go to sleep within just fifty yards of a herd of walruses. What caught my attention about it was that the walruses didn't seem to mind the presence of their only land-side predator. While watching it I got to thinking that it could be that the Lord purposely created the predatory food chain in nature to prophetically depict how the top-down-control governance of man would play out. Also, it's as if the walruses understand something about how the predatory cycle keeps their species strong. They don't rant and rave about the presence of their predator or about what he does, they sort of accept it as a fact of life. They do however instinctively know that they need to stay out of his way if they want to survive individually and/or collectively. What good would it do for them to complain about it? They could complain nonstop until the cows come home and it wouldn't change a thing. In fact if they got really loudmouthed about it they might end up waking him up and really pissing him off.

I was 23 years old when I became a Christian (April 28, 1970). About a year later I started going to a Pentecostal church where I met a guy who I thought was the most spiritual guy in the church who I sought for advice about how to live a better Christian life. I expected him to go into some sort of deep spiritual lecture using all kinds of scriptural references. Instead the first thing he told me was this: "Learn a lesson from nature... the daytime animals all get up at the crack of dawn and work all day gathering food. Then when it starts to get dark they settle down and go to sleep. They live by a regular schedule and they prosper by it." I had been a long-haired acid head hippy before I became a Christian and I was having trouble holding a steady job. I had a wife and two little children with a third on the way. I took his advice and ended up doing fairly well from then on as far as my work life went. And along the way I kept his advice about learning lessons from nature in the back of my mind in regard to many things.

So, here we are living at a time when the predator class seem to want to kill us all. In view of that I'd say that the best thing we can do for ourselves is to learn as much as we can about how to stay out of their way. As some of us have figured out, they're plenty intelligent and plenty sneaky. That being the case, I'd say we need to try to be at least a little more intelligent and a little more sneaky than they are. The best plan I can think of is for us to do anything and everything we can do to stop participating in the system. Step 1 in my book for those interested (in their own self-preservation) would be for them to accept Jesus as their savior. That's the absolute last thing in the world the predator class would have people to do because they know that Jesus will start trying to give them wisdom about how to go under the system radar and that some of them will learn it (they know also that he'll teach some of them how to throw wrenches into their world takeover apparatus). Step 2 would be for them to take their TV set out to the driveway and pummel it to pieces with a sledgehammer, then sweep it all up and put it in the garbage can where it belongs, because TV is the predator class' primary tool of control. Step 3 would be to ease off of the constant complaining about the predator class and about what they do. I realize that's easier said than done, especially when you're really being victimized by the system. But constantly complaining about it is just what they want us to do.

Anyway, here's the link to the video:

mary clyde said...

Maybe we have reached the point that Howard Zinn spoke of in his People's History of the US: The Revolt of the Guard -- the point when changes truly occur.

Better that than the continuation of Solzhenitsyn's pyschopathic Bluecoats.

Anonymous said...

Hello Les.

Assuming all must have gone well for you. Great post, very exiciting times at the moment.

This made me smile "Some results are immediate; wrapping a car around a tree because you were texting your manicurist about possible nail inlays".

I'm of the female persuasion and even I don't know what nail inlays are; can you elaborate? (smile).

Anonymous said...

career parasites solid for career parasites. wow. must. celebrate.

fuck off, anti-speech delusional pussy.

Pstonie said...

Had to share something delicious from comedian Louis C.K.:

Louis C.K. asked Donald Rumsfeld if he’s a lizard

"Rumsfeld never does actually deny being a lizard from outer space, even though Louis spends the next 14 minutes asking him about it." for the bandwidth deficient like me.

Anonymous said...

I suppose the ptw are all looking at each other thinking who's next to jump ship,they'll all come one way or another,it would be better for them to embrace the inevitable,not fight it maybe the outcome would be easier.

..respects people,and thankyou mr visibles for your way of putting things ...neil

Anonymous said...

Yep, when I read the Wisconsin police were siding with the protesters I told the wife see this, that's the greatest fear of the lizard community. When push comes to shove can the police and military be relied upon. Personally I don't trust either organization, but everyone has to examine their own conscience. I'm sure when SHTF at the minimum there will be dissension in the ranks.

We continue to read about foreign troops "training" over here, and that recent agreement with Canada to send troops across each others border during a emergency. Thought that was what the national guard was for. Oh, forgot, many of them are tied up fighting for freedom and democracy in other parts of the world.

On a more personal note, you been to the local China Mart lately and notice the price of poultry and some other necessities? Packages of three boneless skinless chicken breasts up almost two bucks in a five day period. Same for the 1.5 pound rolled turkey breast etc.

And Lindsey Williams talking $150-$200 oil in our near future and the demise of the dollar by the end of 2012. He has been real accurate with predictions in the past. Sure wish I had invested accordingly on some of them. He claims divine intervention is our only hope. Couldn't agree more. If after a rebellion, a country is fortunate enough to find just leadership it is only a matter of time before it reverts back to the lowest common denominator. The subversive forces have great patience and that active god with horns. The sheeple with their short attention span, fat ass, video games, porn, and TV are no match.

In the final analysis I'm with you Les. I also think a new world will dawn but it will only come about when entities like your invisible friends lend a hand. We just need to keep our heads down, stay alert, and don't play their game.


laurel said...

applause! applause! applause!!! ... bravo!! this is good. real good. so true, and so easy to not see it.

Anonymous said...

What End?

End? What End? There is NO End!
How do I know this?
Because, child, there is No End!

Stay strong, folks!

pax verbum

est said...

this is a bell that can’t be unrung
nor can it’s sound be tempered
it rings in the heart of every man
tell me you felt nothing when the
oppressor was finally relieved
when the roar went up in the streets

ChewyBees said...

Thanks for letting put in my 2 centavos on your blog comments, Les.
I keep reading and seeing people that profess a desire for change, only to follow that up with the very things they want not to change, and are holding onto with a white knuckle grip. The key in this is 'things they want'. Things are that which is not life, wants are that which are not necessary but desired. Much of the world system we are encompassed by is established and propped up by wants of things.
When one looks at a magnificent structure of worship, is God contained within? If you see a sports car, or a 65 inch LED flatscreen or a $500 pair of shoes is that satisfaction and truth?
Compare anything manufactured en masse by men to the wonders of nature and you will find 'things' versus life, and in life God, and in God love. The majesty of the peaks, the breadth of the oceans, the tranquility of the plains and all the creatures, created to live within and without, surrounding us and energizing us without any need for our meddling, pathetic interference and resistance in the name of instant gratification.
The millions of THOU SHALT NOT laws, the untold plastic attractive distractions, and the fictional men that use fear and temptation to ignite the ego are there for a very good reason.
You are given a choice now, have always been given that choice and no matter what panic buttons they push you will still be given that choice: do you choose things that you want, or do you choose God in all his forms, majesty and infinity. Love yourself, love God's creation and you'll find the things colorless and pale in comparison. Always be of mind to abandon your things willingly and at any moment without ever looking back. It was a lesson Lot's wife needed as much as any of us.

serimaya said...

Great to have you back Les I am assuming everything went well at the hospital.Funny thing though that I had been thinking extensively about what you just mentioned...take what is useful and leave the rest something to that effect anyway.
I also noticed the types that come around and assume you must have some Devious scheme up your sleeve like set people up for Satan or something... as you mention over and over and over it is your intention and interpretation that determines who you really are.You NEVER cease to amaze me I am thankful for that.
Even the people who were around Jesus did not believe-can you imagine that but nothing changes.
Iam blessed by your words sir.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Les, Enron lives!

I think that the good people of Ireland need to know this.

UPC Broadband, Ireland is UPC Caffyn. Wind energy and broadband were Enron's "black box" according to Robert Bradley; and pipelines was a "legitimate" business for Enron. I asked.

Brian Caffyn was the founder and inaugural Chairman of UPC Wind. Mr. Caffyn is also listed as the owner and chairman of UPC Broadband. Paul Gaynor CEO and President of First Wind is listed as the Executive Vice President of UPC Broadband.

"Energy can neither be created or destroyed, it can only change forms". UPC is Enron......... And even they keep changing their name from time to time.

DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

I had the thought that I should write another post to sort of clarify what I meant when I said TPTB want for us to be constantly complaining. Two or three times during the last couple of years I've mentioned a statement Hannnah Arendt made in her book titled 'Origins of Totalitarianism' in regard to the information war which is this: "Propaganda is the lifeblood of totalitarianism and the lifeblood of propaganda is public opinion polling." There are several things TPTB shoot for in their agenda to mold the public mindsdet. First of all they want everyone to participate in the system, because they know that as long as people are participating in the system they're not questioning it, at least not very much. For example, it's very important to them that everyone goes out and votes on election day. Another thing they shoot for is to create problems in the world that they know will cause the low profile dissenters to come out of hiding and reveal what they're thinking. In a certain sense everything you or I post on this website functions as a form of public opinion polling that TPTB think tanks will scrutinize and use to learn how to tweak the next wave of propaganda (and so on). Another thing they shoot for is to get the dissenters to constantly complain because it weakens their credibility in the eyes of people who are sitting on the fence. That way there is a lot less chance that there will arise any sort of 'troublesome unity' amongst the dissenters and/or the fence sitters. Another thing they shoot for is to try to herd the dissenters into various factions in the hope that they'll end up arguing with each other and thus muddying the waters of whatever truth has come out to expose the system agendas. In a way it's like a game of chess to them that they can see but we can't which gives them a huge advantage. That is why they want us to be busily complaining all the time because as long as we're doing that we're most likely not going to be paying much attention to strategies. To boil it down, the best moves we can make are to do the opposite of what they want us to be doing. That way we may at least buy ourselves some time before the totalitarian takeover is complete.

kikz said...

glad yer bak :)

Anonymous said...

After hopefully implementing a modicum of civility towards each other, might a hope of even the first slight steps in the realm of humaneness be entertained?

I see the smiles of madmen all day, ever day.
Even in my sleep.

The smile, just one, I wish for, wait for, eat for and sleep for is that of the sane man.

The rarest of human blessings.

"For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seed of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love."

Erika said...

Les, I just wanted to say thank you for your blogs. I look forward every day to reading them and am grateful to read the words of a kindred spirit! Thanks for all you do!

Anonymous said...

the mind of inhumanity
twiddle psychopathic thumbs
genosidal thought patterns
dreams of bigger guns
presumptions of indifference
with consequencies of neglect
circumstances seem inevitable
insignificants takes effect
circulates destructively
in varying degrees
compounding within falsity
artificiality deceive's
rupturing the union
disharmonizing earth
but for balance of all things
a natured mind does work


Anonymous said...

Good, you're back from the "repair shop" and obviously up to show room quality again. I was thinking about you, many were, but I wasn't worried since I once assisted an 85 year old friend at the time of her repair (in in the morning, out by the afternoon) and she did very well. So now with all your bits and bobs in the proper place we are very pleased to have you back.
M. Rocknest (Em)

Layth Shusha said...

I sense we are kindred spirits, you and I. Join me, stranger. I will show you pleasure -- and power -- beyond your wildest imaginings! - Shadow King (Earth-616)

Discover Prince William's hidden occulted numbers and eclipses in..

Anonymous said...

This mouse just can't help but feel pleasure watching the fat cat choking on a hair ball. I may get to see the vampires suck themselves after all. Them coffins and FEMA camps could come in handy... Mend fast dog and may you not need to cough. From Minnesota

est said...

reminds me of hitch'n
out west with a bud

we decided that the
next ride we would give different names

we were in the mountains and the car over-heated

we stopped near a stream jumped out for water

when we got back going
i can not tell you how hard we laughed

when the dude said
joey and henry'

the gardener said...

Thank you for this one today les... I was just talking with my brother who's got a serious hernia repair awaiting him and we got to talking about you and your blogs how 'they always are pertinent right when we need them the most" and sure nuff-here's one of your brightest... a sweet birthday gift for me... I hope you recuperate at easy double time and glad that you took care of yourself. My brother I am hoping will have his done this week as well with no problems and a quick recovery too.

the gardener

Atlaron said...

They've punctured our hides with their tazers and lead flingers so often we tend to fear all police and military forces and to have them turn to stand with the oppressed instead of mowing them down is one of the unexpected changes occuring whereby all police forces and military can follow the lead taken by these brave souls. This no doubt has the criminal authorities shaking in their divided boots. Yay for mankind,the outcome is brightening and a new dawn approaches. Love to all Ron

Anonymous said...

contemplations of necessity
cultivating full concern
circulating purposeful
reverberations turn
regeneration weaving
energetic bound
respectively rejuvenated
lift of living sound
instantaneously inspiring
dynamicly project
stirred upon the moment
of universal respect


Kevenj said...

Right on Les!!

Although the Glen Beck fans might throw an American Bible @ you...
We live in interesting times.
Wasn't that a Chinese curse?

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

You said "Change comes from within".

So true. For the Muslims and Arabs who thought that the West can help them liberate brothers in Palestine, fat hope.

It is they themselves that have the power to seize back Palestine from the hands of the evil Zionazis. How can they free their brothers in Palestine when they themselves are slaves of the tyranical leaders supported by USA and Israel themselves? This is the moment for them to free themselves from bondage and stand as a united people who demand peace and freedom for each and everyone.

You mentioned too "because positive for one person is automatically negative for someone else"

Another truth!. Freeing themselves from the tyranny of the leaders is definitely positive for these Arabs, but unfortunately not for Israel and her sugardaddy USA.

And it applies for people of USA too for that matter.

Indeed, everything comes from ourselves. Our soul has the characteristics of God - Power, Will, Knowledge, Life, The Power of Speech, the power of Hearing and the Power of Seeing. Make full use of these Power and success would be ours.

Salam (Peace)
Nur Ilahi

Rabbit said...

Few places make me more quiet. Nowhere else does the knowledge flow so easily without prompting though. Just like to be seen here. :)

I am watching law enforcement all over and wondring which way they will jump when push comes to shove. This first round at Wisconson is encouraging although it's hard to ingore the self interest part. So too standing with the people when the chips are down, might be seen as self interest on their part too I guess. It's been the only pleasant surprise so far, mostly it all looks pretty phony to me, just a shuffling of the decks and a purgative for the people's anger, before we get on with another round of raping and pillaging of our lives, freedom and securities.

Sort of like intermission at the movies. We'll get back to you with the apocalypse right after this important placebo for hope and change.

Line In The Sand said...

The best way to topple a dictator is to make him act like one. If they enforce we become stronger. More people will awake, and they will lose in the end. The police are not dumb and know they are standing on a powder keg with the whole country watching. 100 million people armed to the teeth.


Visible said...

There's a new Visible Origami up-

Immortal Love, Hiding in Plain Sight.

kikz said...

john lash lamb has some thoughts on dealing w/the predators among us.

rite action

kikz said...


here's part 1.. rite action

amarynth said...

That radio show is sheer magic. Thanks Les!

Anonymous said...

DumbGoyNot you make an excellent point. The cycles of manipulation and deformation are meant to accomplish one thing--a mass, lowest-common-denominator consent/acceptance of whatever moves the TPTB make to ensure their continued dominance, if not blatant triumph over the rest of us.

They've figured out the strategic key their propaganda success a long time ago--turning the dissenters aginst each other. And it works every time. Depressingly so.

A certain amount of chaos feeds the machine. Any more (or less), however, throws their plans out of whack.

Perhaps this cycle of staged diversion will backfire on them.

Anonymous said...

Language is the chain that binds us in slavery to the linear, discursive left-brain modality of consciousness. Language is also the substance of propaganda. Language disguises as much as it reveals; it is a trap for the unwary. What is awakening is wariness of Language. Seeing, even just suspecting, the trap disarms the propaganda. It is precisely this awareness of the deceptiveness of language that empowers people to explore for meaning beyond linguistic boundaries. Awaiting in the balance between left- and right-brain modalities is a garden of existential delights--and the promise of perfect action.

Anonymous said...

Great article & GREAT COMMENTS!!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Les: we are all stricken by ego.
My post was designed to elicit a reaction; now I can see that you are more than capable of searching self-analysis.

I think you are a good man - but I'm not 100 per cent sure.

You dig?

"The devil can cite scripture for his purpose."

Anonymous Midnight

Visible said...

Doesn't matter what anyone thinks of me one way or the other. Regardless of whether they know nothing about me or whether they know what they've assumed sans experience, I'm still whatever I am independent of any opinions, including my own. It's no other people's approval I have to win. That has no lasting value. There's only one opinion that counts and that opinion will determine how I'm viewed in the long term and where I go from here, provided there is somewhere else to go.

DumbGoyNot said...

Dear Anonymous 3:27 PM,

You wrote:

"A certain amount of chaos feeds the machine. Any more (or less), however, throws their plans out of whack.

Perhaps this cycle of staged diversion will backfire on them."

Several years ago I read an article written by a guy who supposedly had insider information about how the Rothschild Dynastic family leaders hold regular satanic rituals in which they evoke demons who give them instructions on how to bring about the New World Order. One thing the author of the article said was that the demons sometimes purposely feed them bad information just for the confusion factor so that the right hand won't know what the left hand is doing some of the time. The reason the demons want to plug in the confusion is to exact forced dependency of them onto their human pawns. If this is really true then it's reasonable to conclude that the oligarchs are accustomed to dealing with out-of-control situations. Then too there's the unfortunate truth about the golden rule, which is that he who has the gold makes the rules. I read in another article awhile back that Jacob Rothschild has $45 trillion in his 'war chest.' I have no idea whether it's true or not, but if he has even a third of that amount he can no doubt afford to hire the entire Chinese army to enforce whatever agendas he wants enforced. I read in another recent article that the Rothschild clan has a combined wealth of $100 trillion. Who knows whether it's true or not. One thing for sure is that they're wealthy enough to do whatever they want in this world. And let's not forget that they really believe and hold on to the 'Order out of Chaos' philosophy. So, I can't help but think that any amount of chaos in this world ends up working in their behalf.

I don't like using this site to evangelize but one of the very real truths about all this is that today's oligarchs are probably the most powerful satanists who have ever lived, and if there's anything a satanist detests more than just about anything else in the world it's a Christian who can hear Jesus speaking to him. And like I already said, I think the best thing we can do for ourselves is to figure out what TPTB want us to be doing and then do the opposite if we can, or the closest thing to it.

Anonymous said...

song for the day (from same album I previusly posted the other day)
Skyhooks - Ego is not a dirty word

oldies and goldies

Visible said...

Dublin Mick. isn't this your kind of thing?

Anonymous said...

Ra! Ra! Ra!

Is-ra-el? Is Ra Hell? Oy?!
Moor, of the latter!
Rise, brothers! Their End is Nigh…

pax verbum

Visible said...

There's a new Reflections in a Petri Dish-

Killing People Starts with Making them Sick.

Anonymous said...

Oh my Friend, it's starting...

Maya D.

greg said...

Where are the sheppards, my oh my
Where have they gone, we sigh and cry
Pre-ordained to die and lie
On an alter built on bones and lies

We need our sheppards to covet the flock
Instead of this whip that's driving the stock
Than maybe than this madness will oh my

Sorry about just blurbled out of me...blurbled, is that a new word...there, i feel better. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I feel an overwhelming sense of love in everything I do today. Love to you. Love to me. Freedom at last! (sigh)

Visible said...

There's a new Profile's in Evil up-

And then I wound up on Padmasambhava's Lap.

Mark from Kentucky said...

/concerning Abe Foxman of the ADL calling C.Sheen an anti-semite for calling his producer 'Levine' by his jewish given name rather than by his show-business name of 'Lorre':

What if he did say Mr. Lorre’s real name on purpose! To out he was Jewish Mr. Foxman! I’m really tired of these Jews hanging there name tag with false Gentile names! Names like Sumner Redstone of CBS who’s real name is Maury Rothstein! If everything the Jews do is on the up and up. Why all the fake names for? Better start facing it Mr. Foxman the game is about up! And your out of time! Because reasonable,articulate and well informed people of all races. Including the Jews are falling off the Zionist bandwagon! The 2 percent will never control the other 98%! No matter how many Anti Hate Laws you pass! No matter how many settlement resolution your buddies block at the UN! No matter how many Wars Israel wants the US to fight for her! In the end it will fail. Because you all go to far and what you and Israel want is total Imperial power of the world. And there is no way 2% can do that. Without the intervention of God. And no matter what delusions you or your Jewish Zionist brethren may entertain,your not Gods chosen people.


European American said...

Catch Farrakhan's spot-onspeech?

Anonymous said...

Hey Les & All,

Nice post as usual....

I ran across this info that someone mentioned earlier in a post.


Minister Louis Farrakhan

"Nation of Islam leader says his comments on Jews are meant "to pull the cover off Satan" and "Zionists dominate the US government and banks."


Thanks and God Bless...

Red Pill

Michael Rivero said...


Still trying to reach you. Have re-checked that you are in all the safe lists. Do not know what the problem is.

Mike Rivero

Visible said...

Hi Michael;

Yes, this is not the first time. Anyway, I just finished a new Smoking Mirrors. I'll try to get it to you now. Thank you for your help and concern Michael. They're not going to win.

Anonymous said...

you guys might like to try TOR.
I dont think theres an email substitute, but there is TOR Chat. that would require both to be at their PCs at the same time.
Id suggest using TOR to upload encrypted (text or whatever) files to file repositories on TOR. then only you 2 can see those files.
You could use TOR to access your normal emails (or other web based email accounts), but strictly speaking that would not be so secure. TOR is best within its own (allegedly) anonymous network, not going onto the open web. It might stop 3rd party interceptions though if that is what's really happening (hehe)


Anonymous said...

Engaging in or worrying about a problem reveals to divinity that you don't need help with it. Everything is in God's hands. It's all right. Let it go and you will see it miraculousy 'fix itself'. Love. Sincerely.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les Visible,

The Earth is physically growing.
So are many other bodies in the solar system.
I wonder if the end of the Mayan cycle is the initiation of a growth cycle for the planets due to energy/alignment from the galactic core (cosmic womb of creation), feeding the sun, which in turn is feeding the planets.

Rgveda Samhita
Aditi is according to one view, the wide heavenly space, according to another view the endlessly expanding earth

There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of birth pains.

– Matthew 24:7-8

I wonder...




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