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The Hidden History and our Invisible Guides.

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At the metaphysical site yesterday, I tried to share certain information that I consider critical to the times that are now fast approaching. I’m a student of occult history. Basically, what that means is the hidden history that is not generally known, as opposed to the commonly accepted lies and exaggerations that make up the history they don’t hide, because they have no shame and because it profits them.

It’s well known, to those who have studied occult history that certain individuals show up at critical times. The Comte de St. Germain and Cagliostro (or someone calling themselves by those names- grin) appeared prior to the French Revolution and directly warned a number of people about what was coming. Few heeded them. It’s said that Marie Antoinette saw St. Germain from the cart carrying her to execution. Cagliostro was supposed to be in The Bastille when they stormed it. He was not present. You hear tales of these men being charlatans, the same way you see Helena Blavatsky routinely slandered by people who never met her.

Hysteria is running manic in the halls of the moment. Hallway monitors are clapping blackboard erasers together and looking for suspicious behavior, or any opportunity to put some polish on their brown noses. Uninformed experts on all secret societies are unrestrained in their caterwauling, about how every member of every society that has ever been are all evil. These are the people who make up the Jacobins in any revolution. Neither side of the equation is ever in the right, because they seek predominance, instead of harmony; that’s why the chief occupation of those who fill the empty suits, is to sell the centrist and moderate candidacies, even though they are anything but what they are painted.

Make no mistake; the world is going to be stood on its head by socio-political upheaval and by Mother Nature. You can include the shifting of the magnetic poles by the latter into the equation. Consonant with this, large portions of the population are going to go demonstrably insane. They are already mad but still operating along predictable routines, which give the impression of sanity but they are not sane, nor willing to become so.

Into this restless uncertainty; this cauldron of confused and ever changing shapes, are appearing light workers who mean to assist those seeking the same. Because I know they are here and continuing to arrive, I feel like I ought to mention it. I usually get three crowds of visitors to my sites; those who begin to read the material and find that it’s not the sort of meat and potatoes- the material world is all there is- people and they soon go away, the people who hear a resonance and continue to return, the people who take my words and replace them with other words so that they can announce themselves as an alternative but don’t actually possess one. Everyone’s welcome and it’s my hope they’ll take anything useful and apply it to their lives.

Fundamentally schooled Christians from that religion, long ago hijacked by the neo-Pharisees, get antsy about malefic spirits and want to do their ‘my way or the highway’, the Holy Spirit is the only spirit thing. Powerful entities for good and ill are here this moment and some of them are operative in the minds of thousands due to sympathetic resonance to whatever they represent. It will become much clearer and a great deal more confusing shortly and each of us will be drawing from the well of our choice. Our well of choice is determined by the values we hold. Every sincere seeker is guided by one force and tested by another. These are both variant applications of a single force, engaged in a process of tempering and refining. All of the social, political and religious traditions that have been established for a length of time are now passing away. They are going to be dramatically transformed, according to the new template that impresses itself upon the world of form, as you read these words.

The degree of personal pain coming can be determined by the degree of attachment held for the things being recycled. Some people are neck deep in dogma and cant and couldn’t bear the thought that their whored out doctrines are going to be replaced with new living creeds and a rearrangement of the archetypes. A lot of people have their own identity knitted up with that of the tradition they worship in. It’s an extension of their ego and a guarantee that they are right and everyone else is wrong. They can’t seem to accept that there’s only one deity and that it is the same one in every religion and that the prophets and saviors were all extensions of the same eternal personality, manifesting in different ways to adjust to the cultures and mores that it appears in.

That personality is afoot again in the heart of humanity, where it is permitted to come, barring that, the antithesis is in residence. This is no time and no place to be stuck in the mire of bankrupt traditions. The living truth is on the doorstep and you will see it in every transformative act that is sweeping away the crystallized evil and deception that has held the world in thrall.

A lot of expensive funerals are on the menu for people like D. Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger and assorted. Their hour of departure is drawing nigh and you will see the truth of ‘the bigger the limousine, the bigger the asshole inside’. Israel’s final days are at hand and that is a wonderful prospect to consider. The power is being removed from the applications controlled by the TPTB and they’re not going to handle that very well. All power is on loan from one source. Both the evil and the good exist for demonstration purposes, in this TV show called Life. Just as the poles are shifting, the balance of power is shifting into other hands. It’s all orchestrated and it’s all under control. The same way that they say you can’t tell the players without a program, guidance is at hand for those willing to imbibe it.

The speed of the changes is accelerating, soon that is going to be awesomely apparent. If you’re putting your trust in the powers of the old world to sort it all out, you are backing the wrong horse. You’re going to see some tragic and comic sights. In these times, justice has a sense of humor and there are no real limits to what may or may not happen.

My suggestion for people to look within for guidance is well founded. Generally the world is allowed to operate in a certain manner and exceptional souls always have the opportunity to motor past those captivated by the sights. Ordinary souls ping pong off of each other with their Karma and play role reversal from lifetime to lifetime. Present time is providing an exception to this long prevailing status quo. Anyone can achieve greatness in this hour and chances for that are abundant.

Out in the quiet of the countryside you can hear the whistle of the train from a long way off. Sooner or later the train is going to pull into the station and no one should be surprised when that happens. People frothing at the mouth with scripture would be well advised to consider that scripture has a living source and that words are without power unless there is a connection to the power that makes them ring. Finding the source and seat of that power is the preeminent concern. Anything else is a waste of time and that is going to be proven in spades.

Every one of us has a pending date with destiny and that destiny can be incredible beyond the reach of words to define or it can be a sad and enduring disappointment. Every time this sort of thing comes around the conditions are the same. People are immersed in trivial, material pursuits. Things begin to go very wrong and then more wrong as the opportunity to catch on, presses itself upon the living situations of everyone present. Irrespective of all the warnings, for some reason, the mass of humanity chooses not to see what is happening. They are going to see however, like it or not.

I’ve said pretty much all I have to say more times than I can recall. I suppose I’ll go on saying these things until I’m transferred to another department. It is important to keep in mind that all of these things are closer than they seem. Well, we’ll see.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful and true.

Yours, Mouser

Anonymous said...

Great post once again Les Visible. As a faithful reader of all of your blogs, I never tire of hearing what you have to say.
The events in Egypt have been foremost on my radar since the revolution (if that's what it really is) all began. I'm wondering if this announcement has anything to do with the unprecedented, courageous actions of the people.

Anonymous said...

Hare Krishna!
Lord Ananta Balarama ki jaya!
Shiva Mahadeva ki jaya!
Glory to Lord Jesus!
Glory to Prophet Mohammad!
Glory to etc., etc., etc..
Going up!

Anonymous said...

Soft core fire and brimstone. Les, I love it.
Thank you.

serimaya said...

I love it when you let it roll like you just did.What an amazing awesome job you do when you get transferred to the other department please let us know where that will be as I am coming over there to imbibe this deliciously intoxicating refreshment that you serve ohhh so well...
God bless you LV
wv-ginopt as in gin option.

kikz said...

...transferred to another dept...

thanks for the giggle :)

ah well.. the superbowl awaits today.

i'm glad arlington/jerry wUrld is many miles away frm me :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Les,
Have been reading your posts avidly for quite a while now... Kudos

"People frothing at the mouth with scripture would be well advised to consider that scripture has a living source and that words are without power unless there is a connection to the power that makes them ring."

Very prescient... Help me out, what was that guy’s name who said: “The word killeth, but the spirit giveth life”?

Alas, they don’t even understand their own frigging material!

Terrance said...

Hello Les...OMG your words are powerful and I know it must be getting old repeating yourself, however your work is touching many people in these unstable times. The Starmaker is well aware of the bullshit of language. Thank you for all that you do....

Unknown said...

Hi Les, I stay in Bangalore, India, could I send you a care package? As always, your insight is taken to heart.

Anonymous said...

Great post, ligger.
Keep it up - you're a great guy !

Neko Kinoshita said...

Even the repetition is refreshing.

I understand, no matter how many times you say it, there are those who will not hear. I get that myself a lot. Of course, I am not nearly as eloquent as your words almost always are.
I just muddle along, scorching my tail from time to time as I’m reminded how the light burns away the dusty illusions, even as it fills with love and understanding.


Visible said...


Email me at

Anonymous said...

Something is being hidden on google sky at coordinates 5h 53m 27s,_6 10' 56 -make of that what you will.
After researching for many yrs. and gradually peeling away my incredulity concerning the "civilisation" we live in and those who govern it I'm in some sort of agreement with you. I have a more than a few questions though, a few being:
-How do you reconcile all the deception, secrecy and lies of those who rule based on luciferian/satanic divination of the duality/polarity of matter with the absolute divinity of the monad or spirit? Are you suggesting that "the elite" who conduct ritual sacrifice etc., such as 9-11, to further their luciferian agenda are somehow seperate from the goals of Blavatsky et al? Does the end justify the means? You seem to be in favour of what "the elite" practice but opposed to how they practice it?
I find myself at this crossroads as the message of Christ rings out at once seperate from and originating from the same source called "wisdom". It's certainly an enlightening journey though. It strikes me that most people are living a two dimensional life absent this esoteric understanding.
One thing I'm certain of though, the secrecy's got to go.

Anonymous said...

shifting patterns
connecting streams
riding pressures
atmospheric beams
of lifting all
turning round
stirring up
crashing down
climbing freedom
honor roll
swift and sharp
warm and cold
light inspire
a bolting breeze
rush within
nature weaves


Visible said...

the secrecy exists to keep certain understandings out of the hands of those unprepared for it or liable to misuse it. The problems existing in these societies today are the result of principles being purloined and perverted to selfish ends. Power is cyclopean. It is directed by the will to one of two ends, selfishness or service.

It takes far too long to discuss these matters as they are highly complex but it breaks down to what someone is made out of that determines the good or evil of the affair.

Neko Kinoshita said...

Power is neither good nor evil, it mearly is.
Perhaps it is better to say that it is both at once.
In any case, it is the intent that determines the color, or lack of it.

But what do I know?

wv: nonnind, exactly.

Anonymous said...

Defending Blavatsky now? Good fucking lord, you are a sellout. I see right through you now. I will expose you thoroughly to where even your cheerleaders will see you for what you are.

Visible said...

I thought you were leaving. Now you're back? How's that luxury of being anonymous working out for you? It must really bulk up that self esteem. So, you met Blavatsky? You have direct personal experience or you 'read' something somewhere? You aren't going to expose anything because there is nothing to expose. Unlike yourself I have put decades into this subject where you had the Cliff Notes read to you.

Anonymous said...

"the secrecy exists to keep certain..." I understand the rationale as stated, having said that that cat seems to be well and truly out of the bag. Exactly the wrong people seem to be the keepers of the secrets at this time. Secrecy failed, it has within it the seeds for it's own destruction.
"cyclopean", good word. Yes, I'm aware of the physical pineal gland and the metaphysical tao.

"selfishness or service" the right hand path or the left hand path, duality - yes, I get it. I can also see the harmony beyond duality, the indivisibility of duality. From that perspective selfishness is as necessary as service. I suppose if time and consciousness are cyclical and we're in the ascension out of dark age towards a silver/golden age it makes some sort of sense.
"highly complex" and paradoxically simple.
"what someone is made out of that determines the good or evil of the affair." The ultimate question of free will I suppose.
As the bible (I'm not religious) is absolutely set against this backdrop with much wisdom encoded within it I find it perplexing that we are warned to absolutely have no part with this philosophy and yet.....
It's all interesting to contemplate, I certainly don't pretend to understand the intention behind it all, I doubt anyone does - oh well. So much confusion, why, God, why?
BTW, I'm suspecting what's hidden at those coordinates on google sky will/is have(ing) a profound impact, particularly if the universe is electrically charged.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Quotes About Freemasonry

'The Celestial Virgin which thus becomes the Mother of Gods and Devils at one and the same time; for she is the ever-loving beneficent Deity...but in antiquity and reality Lucifer or Luciferius is the name. Lucifer is divine and terrestial Light, 'the Holy Ghost' and 'Satan' at one and the same time.'
. Helena Petrovna Blavatsky in The Secret Doctrine
Quotes About Freemasonry

'I have found that the covert (secrecy) of a Mason Lodge had been employed in every country for venting and propagating sentiments in religion and politics, that could not have circulated in public without exposing the author to great danger. I found, that this impunity had gradually encouraged men of licentious principles to become more bold, and to teach doctrines subversive of all our notions of morality. of all our confidence in the moral government of the universe. I have observed these doctrines gradually diffusing and mixing with all the different systems of Free Masonry till, at last, AN ASSOCIATION HAS BEEN FORMED FOR THE EXPRESS PURPOSE OF ROOTING OUT ALL THE RELIGIOUS ESTABLISHMENTS, AND OVERTURNING ALL THE EXISTING GOVERNMENTS OF EUROPE.'
. John Robison in Proofs of Conspiracy

My conclusion is that Rivera and Les Visible (dog poet) are wolves in sheep's clothing. They are here to muddy the waters and cover up any attempts to pinpoint the conspiracy apparatus. I have watched Rivero a long time and firmly believe he is a liar with an agenda. Dog poet I am more torn on but he insists on pushing this stuff so if the shoe fits....

Anonymous said...

LOL, cliff notes. I have studied the masons in depth and read their own books, I know what they are, and what you are

Anonymous said...

And you use a pen name, why would I. I have no self esteem or pride or ego to fill unlike you. Pride yourself in being more confused than anyone, tool

Visible said...

Like I said, other people's thoughts but nothing direct. Even slandering Rosicrucians. You know zip and you won't change my mind and you won't affect the readers here who make up their own minds. People make teachings and systems evil. They are not evil of themselves.

As for devils named, "Be not deceived, even the devil is transformed into an angel of light at the given moment."

Everything, angels and demons serve one God. That's that.

I had to cut short your cut and paste marathon because there's only so much of that we can give space to. Besides, original thought is what we want here, not people regurgitating what other people said.

Visible said...

My name is Les Visible. It's what it says on my passport and has for decades. This is how you call things see? By presumption. Then you arrange the facts to fit your view of them without having ever encountered any of them. Here's dead proof of how good your information is.

Neko Kinoshita said...

It is interesting how you choose to bait the children hiding behind their “Anonymous” label.

For a moment I let myself get drawn toward it, but I have no more tolerance for their childish behavior. Stupid is like porn, I can’t define it, but I know it when I see it. God knows I get it shoved in my face often enough by the parasite who lives over my garage.

To the stupid children,
Many of us who come here know the light from the dark, and do not need additional explanations. Most of us know that we all have different symbols and favorite trails on the path. Analogy can be too difficult if your view is too narrow, and you must always remember that everything is balance between the positive and negative.

This “balance” concept, which is found in all truth, shows the accuracy of the electric universe paradigm, since Birkeland currents come in pairs. Along those lines: When the magnetic pole moves too far, it will split, and the next stable configuration is six. Gonna’ be fun don’t you know. Oh, Sorry, I digress.

If you can’t tell which path you are on, then you are on the wrong one. If you spend all your time using ad hominem attacks against a point of view you do not understand, you are on the wrong path. I only have this much more to say.

Yin and Yang, The positive and negative furies, the male and female principals, and my fave the prosecution and the defense. One gives you the rope to hang yourself, and the other only suggests you refrain from doing so. The source and “color” of the guides you allow into yourself are obvious, unless you prefer to fool yourself.

But then again, I write using my own symbols, and format it in a way I prefer. A fictional story lets me tell it however I like. I could not say it the way Les does.

I have no more to say on this subject, unless you want to read my story.


Wv: nosup – If you nothink then you get nosup.

Anonymous said...

That certainly sums up the way things are and resonates with me. I have never been a very patient person. I have been looking for some of these major changes for decades and so far it is going along awfully slowly.

Things like California splitting up, the African rift blasting off, Japan sinking, South Carolina being submerged. Yes there have been more earthquakes and they are on the rise but we are getting awfully close to 2012. I am wondering now if man is going to kill off everything himself and beat mother earth to the punch.

DU and the chemical mafia are moving with break neck speed right now and many won't have to worry about any earth changes. Of course many people don't worry about anything anyway other TV and grocery money. That evil is bliss is certainly looking like a prophetic statement. You can't explain things to people, I have come around to this. You can only sit back and watch the karma of the earth do it's job at this point.

I don't know how many times I have heard people say that is the biggest bunch of bullshit I have every heard when given some very elementary information that most would think they already know anyway. Surprise they don't and their view of the way things are is close to that of a fence post.

People who have drawn their world view watching MSNs are simply living in a separate reality at this point in time. It is like they are from another planet.

Anonymous said...

Taking it a bit further they are some key points worth noting here. When you are talking to somebody and they start in on the old conservative vs liberal debate, you can break it off right there. This person would have to read about one third of the trashed library of Alexandria to be capable of meaningful communication.

The same can be said as you mentioned with the I found Jesus syndrome. He is in my heart and you are going to hell. This is a major conversational cul de sac, turn and walk away. It is useless. This expresses years and years and layer on layer of mental conditioning this person will be unable to break from. They have taken someone who knows nothing and convinced them they know everything.

There are many other examples such as the chosen people syndrome. Those that buy they are a lesser form of life and should defend those better than themselves probably are a lesser form of life and should be left to their own devices.

EtherEagle said...

Humblest of blessings to you Mr. Visible, and many thanks.

Visible said...

The power of anonymous has given rise to a whole subculture of particular types who use it to channel their rage and frustration over not actually being anyone. Of course everyone is someone but most want to be someone along certain lines, which is already a mistake. I wouldn't say I bait these people since I don't initiate either the tone or the conversation. Sometimes they have names.

I've explained a lot of times that I am engaged in certain experiments for my own edification and which might not seem rational or desirable to some number of readers. I could explain this but now isn't really the time.

Kevenj said...

A Radio show this evening at 7.30PM?? Like, @ kick-off time?
Les, I love ya, but really...

TheSparkle said...

Is this the same guy who thought 'The Secret Teachings of All Ages' should never be read because Manly Hall was a Mason? Even to a fundamentalist Christian that book should be a treasure trove of information. It's also completely harmless. And Blavatsky? You can't read about her? Does reading about Hitler make you a Nazi? What the fuck is wrong with you? Oh, wait, you just troll blogs for 'Fecal vomiting is often a consequence of intestinal obstruction or a gastrocolic fistula and is treated as a warning sign of this potentially serious problem ("signum mali ominis"); such vomiting is sometimes called "miserere."'

TheSparkle said...

5h 53m 27s,_6 10' 56

Just paste that in the google box to see what anon 0751 was talking about.

Are they hiding Nibiru? Hmmm....never know what to believe I heard they destroyed it in 2003, lol.

I wonder what is in that blank hidden area at the coordinates.

Visible said...

Well Kevin;

It says quite specifically to download it otherwise but I suspect you're just messing with me.

Visible said...

I believe kick off is 6:30 Eastern actually

Anonymous said...

Interestingly the Swiss have issued a 2500 page warrant for war crimes against Bush and company. He had to cancel a trips to Switzerland to speak to Israeli based supporters. It falls under Nuremberg laws.

It is the first time in history an American president has been travel restricted as Mussolini and Hitler were. It opens a can of worms for American travelers as 147 countries signed on to this can now ask questions such as have you been an accomplce in torture or even written or posted things condoning it. Naturally the MSN is very quiet about this.

In the sense of all things being revealed, this is a small start anyway.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I don't know if you were addressing me(google sky) Meow with your "To the stupid children" rant or not?
I thought I was being civil and simply rambling out some thoughts and concerns regarding what I had just read, looking to exchange ideas. In any case I wasn't trying to "bait" anyone. Like I said, I don't know if I am one of the "children" you're chastising, regardless there's too much animosity and condescension around here. Later

siamsam said...

As for devils named, "Be not deceived, even the devil is transformed into an angel of light at the given moment."

Check out the pic on the left of the page:

Neko Kinoshita said...

I suppose the game is in progress, but I wasn't on that channel.

We've been watching Puppy Bowl VII, complete with the all kitten half-time show.

Don't forget the chicken cheerleaders and the hampsters in the blimp.

Oh yeah, Les, you do what you do, I have no complaints at all.


Neko Kinoshita said...


Yeah, they do that with him a lot.

I have to admit I'm impressed with the way they shove this halo thing in my face every time I see a picture of him.

At least you don't have to listen to someone in your house saying "Ohbaamaa, he will saave us."

Hey Anon, if the shoe fits...


TheSparkle said...

Hey, this google sky thing has been out there awhile, at least since the original poster on youtube put it up, but I haven't heard much regarding why that chunk of outer space is blacked out in the images.

Why is it blacked out?

wv: ancestri (sic as in no shit really)

Anonymous said...

Hi les,
It seems some people here, just can't handle an alternative view to the religious orthodoxy of the church.
I've started reading some of Manly P Halls work, and find it very informative. I'd agree with you he seems to be a decent and good person.
I've been experiencing subtle vibrations through parts of my body recently. Wondered if that was anything to do with the earths magnetic field changing.

Anonymous said...

If one has the belief that "the arc of the moral universe is long and it bends towards justice," (Ghandi quote, or a MLK quote if that makes you feel better) then the matter of competing forces, say you, good vs. evil, is not a matter of balancing one force out with the opposing force; "tempering a personality." Evil is not the opposite of the presence of justice and righteousness in the minds of man. Evil is itself incomplete and best understood as a malnourished conception of righteousness which is eating itself alive as a decay. Evil is when righteousness is weak in the minds of man. Righteousness can exist purely, whereas evil is simply lesser elements sliding down a slope away from righteousness towards a seeming emptiness, a fall towards the bottom of a pit, if you will, settling and stinking and waiting for a buildup of enough rattled away nutrient, waiting for enough weak souls, collecting enough essential righteous force together to begin the ascension towards goodness and morality. That is where we are now, the pit has filled and goodness is on the rise propelling righteousness with a pulse. Evil is fall away debris, nothing more, nothing less, and not the opposite of goodness and righteousness.

Anonymous said... always....[REMEMBER]......The 80/20 rule....[or not].........word for word....................A fortiori.................322

Anonymous said...

I like the larger typeface. I stopped reading you for awhile on the older one. too hard to read it. Keep up the good work.

Freaking anonymost to the day i die! do realize by using blogger you are "hosted" on google servers and can be wiped out with the flick of a switch......

Woman in the Dunes said...

I'll be honest and say that I like Les Visible (because I do), but I've never been sure of his motives. That is, I've always felt some tinge of suspicion, but then I'm suspicious by nature, so... While I'm not entirely sure of this man -it's difficult to suss people out over the computer-, I do like him and will continue to read here until I decide not to anymore.

My name is Les Visible. It's what it says on my passport and has for decades.

With all do respect Mr.Visible, we have no way to prove that, and certainly do not expect you to show everyone your passport.

I agree with you that it's not the system or teaching, but the WAY in which it is used that determines its effect. Everything has its polarity. I think it's unfair for people to judge you based solely on some of your personal beliefs. In my experience, it's the results that count.

The only other thing I can think to say is, "Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them."

Sorry, I just had to get that out. I'm not trying to start a shit storm -of shit-. I'm out!

Anonymous said...

siamsam said...

As for devils named, "Be not deceived, even the devil is transformed into an angel of light at the given moment."

Check out the pic on the left of the page:

12:40 AM

Meh. I remember they did that with 'ol Bushie too. The 'outlets' never fail at being predictable.

Visible said...

Now that is strange and something else is behind it. Why would I lie about my name and my passport? What relevance is going on here. What difference does it make? I sense a combination action going on and I'll keep my eyes open

Anonymous said...

Good Day Les,

Here is something that I know you will appreciate.

with love

Ld Elon said...

Good virtue les, good virtue.

Anonymous said...

Get hold of a copy of The End of Time by Josef Pieper, 1954.

Anonymous said...

Psychic spies from China try to steal your mind's elation

Little girl from Sweden dreams of silver screen quotations

And if you want these kind of dreams its Kalifornication

abe said...

Interesting stuff Les. I'll admit to being stumped.

On the one hand, Masonry , theosophy, esoteric schools, and most every secret society are product of a jewish conspiracy responsible for countless acts of subversion, cruelty, and betrayal over the centuries.

And on the other hand, that exact same description fits exoteric spiritual institutions like Christianity and Islam to a "T" as well.

Maybe we're all just flies in their web.

I think another commenter had it right when saying that spirituality (I'd add politics and history)is a wheel we must each re-invent for ourselves.

Unknown said...

Dear Person - I'm not sure how I first came onto reading your site - most likely - but I must admit you are right on much more than not without being any type of over the top or dogmatic. You, I guess, are a keen observer and are able to spit out logic without stumbling over a lot of gristle.

I commend you and admire you.

I am a world traveller myself having spent my most enjoyable times in Berlin. I've lived a long time in San Diego and now find myself in Conn - but heading back to Cali ASAP.

I know what you know due to much research, study, common sense and intuition.

If I may, I'd like to allay your fear of the pole shift phenomena. While magnetics are changing, it will not come to any large issue. Niburu, if you follow that story, while indeed real, will not cause any calamity.

I don't know what your views are on the societies that inhabit the rest of the galaxy and universe(s) but I'm guessing you're aware that we are related. And in that vein, we are supported.

First contact, as it approaches will be much more than a simple introduction to other races. It will be an unveiling of our history, and all the deception that involves.

Your knowledge of Violinio is interesting as well, as he is firmly in place and in concert with all of whats happening behind the scenes. In fact, you may know, he is one of the main directors - of the coming changes, that is.

While I don't want to tell anyone what they should think, I would like to invite you to scope some valuable info to be had at the website. It is perhaps the central station of info on our greater family. If you read the background of the bloke presenting it,(who I know and moderate a discussion board on yahoo groups regarding) you will find nothing nefarious or wanted from him. A reluctant messenger of sorts.

I have been lucky enough to be able to tune into vibrations and can discern quite well. I have no religious affiliation or interest - nor motive beyond beyond helping the transition be as pleasant as possible, by passing on info to as many as possible - but to none who do not wish it.

I heard a saying yesterday that sounds right.

'If you're a step ahead of the crowd, you're considered a genius. If you're two steps a head, you're considered a madman.' Luckily, people are catching up to the madmen among us and will soon see us for what we are. I don't mean that in an egotistical way. My mum turned me on to the ways of team illumi some 35 - 40 years ago and so I've had much time to discover all the things that no one in their right mind would want to know.

Blah blah blah, I know - I'm rambling - but the bottom line is - no disasters to come - at least nothing worse than what we've seen already. We've crossed the peak, the hump, the zero point and need to think the thoughts of the positive creative beings that we are.

And we need people like you to simply and clear headedly give as much knowledge as feasible. We are all brothers and sisters, and such, we should help our family members to enjoy the coming transition for what it is - a return to where we came from and were meant to be all along...

All the Best

the dave

GTRman said...

"large portions of the population are going to go demonstrably insane."

Les , youve got to see this!

Drunken Darryl loses another friend!

( If you follow the thread you’ll see some photos of Ognirs “wounds”. Im not trying to make light of his pain but Ive had worse scratches from a kitten , and the bruise on his neck just looks like a rather feeble lovebite )

Insane ( Darryl Bradford ) Smith/Setters tries to kill Ognir:

Rabbit said...

Resonating powerfully as ever Les. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

When the conversation turns to personalities and other silly stuff I have to pass on that posting. That is for MSM gossip. I mean, lets get past the high school crapola…
If you can’t handle that, there is a door down the hall labeled game room. Go play.

Oh, Signed Amicus

GTRman said...

Masterful and restrained handling of the situation , Les. ( Master - full? As promised ?)

Dublin Mick says :"The same can be said as you mentioned with the 'I found Jesus' syndrome. "He is in my heart and you are going to hell". This is a major conversational cul de sac, turn and walk away. It is useless. "

Man , check out these prime examples:

Here is the “Louis Theroux meets the Ultra Zionists” doc , in full , at Youtube.

Be sure to see the glassy-eyed American Christian Zionists gladly picking grapes, for free , for the chosen ones , to make wine that they wont be allowed to drink , or even touch ! ( @35min )

Louis Theroux: The Ultra Zionists

Then there is the guy at the beginning of this vid. Later in the vid is a very odd German 'Sprite' ad
( @ 8mins 20 sec )

Ive been listening for a few hours today to audios of interviews with Neil Kramer , I HIGHLY recommend him -Id love to hear him and Les Visible
chewing the fat. Your latest piece has been echoing a lot of what I heard today , Les.

The Cleaver.blogspot

The vid presentation "guerilla psychonautics" is a good starting point.

Anonymous said...

A note to all:

When the enemy is attacking your army by ambushes and sniper which results in a death by a thousand cuts dynamic.

If you look around 'we' are putting cut down by a thousand cuts. The toxins in the environment, food, drugs, etc...

Do you wait until the blcok is empty to realize something is going on?


Zazz said...

Les, it is wise to heed the words of Jesus, when asked of the timing of events. Jesus's response was that no one knows the day or the hour, except for the Father. Not even the Son knows the time. But that we should be on guard because He will return like a thief when no one expects him to arrive. But when the time is at hand, it will be as obvious as the changing of the seasons. Prepare the way for His arrival is what we can do.

Ghana said...


I think those people with the funny hats over their bald spots are going to try and gangbang you. See what happens when you say the word porn; they want a cut and found out you weren't selling smut, but were actually discussing their business in public forum. Now they want you to pull your pants down and grease up like it's one of their productions... sheesh... I mean sheep, I meant ewe. Never mind. Action!!!

Anonymous said...

Who Am I?

Creatures: you ask – who Am I?
I, that Am, Am I;
I Am the Who that I Am!

Pax, y'all...

pax verbum

est said...

stupidity doesn't know any better

foolishness has no excuse

Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish is up now-

The Fundie Flu and the Chosen People Too.

Visible said...

Okay then, you who are probably not a woman but who may be in the dunes and who suddenly showed up with the implication that you have been engaged here in the past, but have not been, except under another nick, I've established that you are a troll and I will say only this. It is very easy for anyone to establish that my name is Les Visible, not to mention a scan of my passport or all manner of proofs that are easily at hand.

The whole scenario is pointless. One can look at my Paypal account which requires a bank account in that name and you can't get a bank account without a passport but, never mind all of that. I suggest you go pound sand, apparently you've got plenty of it around; very likely sand that has been stolen from the previous residents of the land, all of which I address in the new Petri Dish.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les,

You always have the power to amaze me. But, hmmm... What's with the Aleister Crowley tone and cone hat that you wear on your recent photo?

Feeling a bit concerned,


Dave Klausler said...

I don't know what the fuck to do... just spinning my wheels out here in suburbia.

Visible said...

I do not own a cone hat and I am no fan of Crowley's by any stretch. This may not serve to convince anyone but I am exactly what I appear, if you take what I write as a literal extension of myself. Several people have visited me for periods of up to a month and I expect they would be able to give an accurate portrayal of what I am composed of.

I could avoid some of the subjects I have recently written about. I am aware of the controversy they cause. I could be exceedingly kind to and tolerant of everyone who comes here, which would grant me a lot more cachet than I presently possess. There are several routes I could/can take to create various impressions but I am deliberately doing what I am doing for a reason.

This will all change shortly when I go through something I have been waiting for all of my life. Until then, the reader will have to bear with me and accept that I have my reasons for what I do.

Anonymous said...

As usual,dead on !

Anonymous said...

mr visibles,keep em flowing,dont you worry about them trolls,they can only judge from the meager position that they are within themselves.I think a lot of them think theyre clever as this is beaten into them from childhood part of the competative slaved mindset,most have never been to that place where you go sir
they dont understand that what you do is for the truth and not to be clever and that is why your writings are so unique and potent....
I am with you always
respects to you sir visibles...neil

Mouser said...

The Les Visible you meet here is 100% the same humble, gifted individual you meet in person.

Sincerely, Glenn Dormer (aka Mouser)

WV: noidged
Some people are never satisfied with the whole truth - they want their own perceptions to be validated - they are never noidged.

Anonymous said...

Excellent writing and a lot of effort went into this. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I visit your site, Les, for the fresh flavors you cook into the same dish. As you said, the ingredients are the same, it's only the soup that changes from day to day.

Regarding today's recipe, though, Les, I'd say you burned the onions a bit in attributing "personality" to the head of the universal spiritual hierarchy. But I understand the utility in common speech of familiar terms as indicators, as opposed to descriptions.

Besides, "char" is a legitimate flavor; and I did not find your use of it in today's recipe overwhelming, just a bit of a shock to my gnostic palate.

I'm looking forward to further metaphysi-culinary delights!

Visible said...

You'll have to blame the Hindu tradition for that being as, though they recognize the impersonal aspect of deity they also believe in the supreme personality. All of these things are true.

Hannah Elizabeth Cyprus said...

This is one of the best blogs I have read on your site. I read it every now and then because I catch it on

I love Blavatsky! I think it is the quaint little minds that see something nefarious in her books. The Secret Doctrine and Isis Unveiled are awesome.

I totally agree with everything you say Les. Totally. All these Bible thumpers whom have not understood a word in their little book, make me sick.

As a researcher of history, esoteric teachings, the occult, etc, I find it is truly a persons intention, not what they do or what they believe, but how they employ it.

Some say the tarot is evil, but it isn't, but it can be! It depends on what you use it for and how you use it.

Simply put, as you mentioned, Occult means hidden, and rightfully so, because it can fall into the wrong hands and be used in service of self, of which the teachings can be very dangerous.

Those in the know would never divulge what they know to the average layman. For one, they do not understand the source, as you put it.

These hidden gifts are given to be used to help mankind. And notably, somehow these hidden powers have found their way into the wrong hands. But, not to worry as there are many working on the side of selfless service for mankind.

The coming months and years will visibly show where we all individually stand.

GTRman said...

amicus - was your post directed at me?

I found it rather pointless , sniffy and condescending. A post just to say that you're not reading a certain post?

Really !! It was my understanding that DBS has slagged off Les Visible / accused him of this and that, etc ,and to hear that he has attacked a supposed friend and collegue in a violent drunken rage rather undermines his default ' j'accuse' position , I think. Just trying to separate the wheat from the chaff.
Hardly "mainstream gossip" is it?

This message will self-destruct in 3..2..1...

Thomas said...

IMHO, you could include this post and the last (origami) into your "best of".

always a pleasure to hear what you've got to say, even if it's repeating, Truth can bear it. Thanks :)

Taylor, V. said...

I believe you, man.


Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to the books. Meanwhile, this good against evil dichotomy continues to gnaw like it did at William Blake. Reliable sources suggest that when we leave this particular stage, like actors congregating at the local pub after putting on a good play, we will be critiquing each other on our various acts. Neither good nor evil in that context, just souls that needed to learn something by playing a particular role - and getting ready for the next role iteration, if we need another one.

Visible said...


ever see any Hindu statues? Maybe you should check some out on the net. There is only one force and two applications of motive,

GTRman said...

amicus - sorry if my last post was
snotty , or whatever , just trying to make my point. cheers

Squirrely Shirley said...

I've been reading you "religiously" for quite some time now. I look forward to your next writings as soon as I finish the last. Way to go.

I wanted to say, with regards to this particular post, that what I am noticing is that the people around me are devolving back into what they TRULY are. That's where I see the change. Some are rapidly becoming madder men than they were, some are becoming even more open and beautiful than I have seen them be in years. Yet a few others have retreated into denial and weakness--as if some unseen fear is driving them from looking at the truth.

As for me, in the last few years I am looking around what I have built, and clung to for many years, and realizing that it, and they, may not have or will not be what is truly closest and best for me. I know in my heart that things and people I love will not be with me when the dust settles. It is because they cannot pass through because of their true natures or their paralyzing fears.

How sad.

It's been very hard to strike a balance, knowing that they need me--physically, spiritually. To leave behind the injured is not a pleasant thing. To be honest, I have my own fears--but I know in my soul that what must be, will.

Peace and Love, big dog.


Anonymous said...

thanks Les. I re-post your posts on facebook, but I always end them with your name. The words seem to resonate more than a web address. Alot of folks give a thumbs up too. Keep it up, I like reading it.

GTRman said...

this latest kaminsky tale resonates nicely with the themes here:

The harbor pilot

Dedicated to Vincent vanGogh and the 2011 graduating class of every school at every level everywhere in the known world.

3rd February 2011

The captain and first mate were chatting on the bridge, miles from nowhere, and a fog bank up ahead, still low on the portside horizon.

“Religion is such a waste of time,” the captain whined, biting the end of his smoldering pipe, and causing a sharp pang in the throat of his much younger, somewhat evangelical first mate. “All it does is keep you from seeing God how He really is, because they tell you who they say he is, and if you’ve spent any time out in the real world, you know for sure that’s not who He really is.”

The first mate adjusted his microphone. “I’m not so sure the good book doesn’t have some good examples of how people can be good,” he offered timidly, adding, “not to mention it does have good news.”

“It’s bogus,” the skipper sputtered. “It passes itself off as an authority on attributes that people already possess, fetishizes the practice of reminding them of it, and then charges them for doing it.

“Not to mention turning your brain to mush by preventing you from even considering any other frame of reference, most of which are far more relevant and beneficial to your life than the homey, mind-control homilies like ‘render unto Caesar’ that priests are fond of laying on you. Given any thought to the relevance of Jesus on one of Jupiter’s moons lately?”

strum said...

Who said "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing"? he was on to it.

one word we should all contemplate the meaning of, regularly.


Les has it, and if you can't see that in his writing or hear it in his music and radio broadcasts you're probably not listening.

Humble yourself before the awesomeness and perfection of the divine.

Those who come here to carp and degrade only show themselves to be ego tripping narcissists more concerned with themselves than with seeking the divine

Neil said it well

"they dont understand that what you do is for the truth and not to be clever and that is why your writings are so unique and potent...."

nuff said

suggestion for the blog book Les; include some of the comments, as someone else said a few days ago the comments make fine reading also, well most of them. ;]

WV - unned - the state of not being ned


Woman in the Dunes said...

Visible said...
Okay then, you who are probably not a woman but who may be in the dunes and who suddenly showed up with the implication that you have been engaged here in the past, but have not been, except under another nick, I've established that you are a troll
It is very easy for anyone to establish that my name is Les Visible, not to mention a scan of my passport or all manner of proofs that are easily at hand. One can look at my Paypal account which requires a bank account in that name and you can't get a bank account without a passport.

Well of course I can't prove whether I'm a woman or not, but I do adore the film.
My intent is not to be captious, but it's your right to make whatever assessment of me and to call me whatever you like.

I have indeed been reading here for awhile.

The issue of 'true identities' is irrelevant. It can't be substantiated anyway -in this case- without resorting to unreasonable measures, ie, showing everyone. You can indeed get a Paypal account without a bank account or a credit card even, but this is a moot point. You're correct, I see now that this scenario is pointless.

I will apologize for taking up your time (my pertinaciousness is a double edged sword), and thank you for giving me some of yours. I guess I can say one thing for you: you can be a rather giving and generous type with a delightfully piquant sense of humor; I understand this well now, being on the receiving end.

Good evening, Mr. Visible.

"Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them."

Visible said...

the last whatever it is on the left (can't remember).

I was going to go ahead and post your comment when I saw the play on words you did with my name which was proof positive that you were someone else before.

Your argument about Soviet numbers and whatever else the numbers may have been is utterly bogus. They were crying six million in world war 1 and you haven't addressed how the international census shows an increase in the population over the war years or why neither Eisenhower, Churchill, De Gaulle or anyone else mentioned death camps, gas chambers or crematoriums even once, not did anyone else.

The whole world will know shortly because it's all going to come out. Good luck spinning what's coming.

TheSparkle said...

Strum: Right on. Thanks for taking the time to explain what should be obvious to anyone who actually reads the writings. Humility is in abundance at Les's sites.

And your idea of including comments in the book is awesome.

Les, think about comment 'footnotes'? Particularly good, funny, bad, harsh, clueless, know-just-enough-to-get-in-trouble, and other wtf type comments could be really interesting, but whatever works....


Anonymous said...

"manifesting in different ways to adjust to the cultures and mores that it appears in." ahh, just like McDonalds ... hehehhe

on evil, Goethes Faust "that which would do evil yet engenders good".

on opposites, Jung, like diastolic and systolic, two opposing muscles need to work to move a limb. as one relaxes, the other tenses, giving rise to movement. yin and yang.

nothing original from me though, as I believe in no such thing. everything to a degree though.

finishing off watching the World at War 70's doco, all the comments as to how the Nazis were bad, and going through my mind constantly, yes, just like 'us' now (The propaganda, disinformation, slave mentalities, and the accusations of Jewish influences which seem to me now so credible, the latter of which are THE thing which is not discussed of course (can't break the law now can we?).

as for earlier comments I am going through this stage now (that the Jews do just about all the big bad things), even to the extent that Hitler was a Jew and at least early on suppported by them (I have a lot more to learn). (just discovered that Goering's paternal and influential godfather was Jewish, more influential that his absent father). is the whole world upside down? maybe the Jews are that which would engender good as well (maybe not for the worst of them though). its a stage for me, I shall pass through it with a greater sense of balance, though perhaps no less sense of outrage - at having been lied to - and hopefully sharing your kind of optimism.


maurice said...

I suppose anyone can put out a blog - but who knows who the source is - lies and deceit abound - freemasons and new age they go together and always the target is to diminish Jesus Christ. I was sucked into the new age crap (paganism) for years and it is crap but hey each to his own - (there I go being intolerant again.)

We are probably close to the end of this age/world and we have one and only one promise of salvation - Jesus Christ. No one is forced to come to our Lord - it is our choice and most will choose the wide gate - So the world does call believing in Christ as the only true source of salvation intolerant. Well I guess that is why Christ called it the narrow gate.
Christ was not just an ascended master. He is God taken on flesh. I will cling to him and pray for assistance in what lies ahead.

You are probably sincere in your beliefs. But I just hear more of the falseness of a fallen world and so will not be visiting again.
Looking for guidance within is not exactly going to lead anywhere -except right to the worship of Lucifer - be in the light, right? I for one love scripture and it states "The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked. Who can know it?" Indeed. Trusting in ones heart is folly.

Well good luck to you - good luck to all of us - We are going to need luck and much more.

Ziogeist said...

Israel is gearing up to celebrate its 63rd year of existence.

Palestine will be mourning the 63rd anniversary of its destruction.

Israeli sirens will sound in two months time in memory of those who perished in the Holocaust.

Palestine will be silent that day as no one mourns for their victims. It is illegal to even speak of these victims in Israel.

N.American Indian for "God".

M.Rivero said...

America, there is the red warning light flashing. The current US regime supports dictatorship in Egypt, and if they support dictatorship in Egypt, then how can they pretend to support democracy here at home. Take a good look at the massive election fraud in this country, the phone taps, the reading of emails, the gropings at the airports, the confiscation of your homes to save the bankers, and understand that the current holders of power have cheerfully tossed the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights into the shredder to serve their Israeli masters!

Anonymous said...

I've not seen any diminishing of dear Lord Jesus here.

I've seen diminishing of those who would usurp Jesus, those who would use Jesus, those who would abuse Jesus and those who would and do wield Jesus like a club, pull Jesus out like a pistol.

A.Mouser said...

"Following the death of King George V on January 20, 1936, Edward VII became King. That a new global war was coming was well known to the leaders of the world. The boycott by bankers against Germany was three years ongoing. The bankers were determined to crush Hitler's state-issued value-based currency and return the Germans to debt-slavery to the private central banks. Hitler was equally determined this would not happen. War was clearly inevitable." WRH

This is very interesting. It suggests that international central bankers (like the Federal Reserve in the US) wanted a world war to depose Hilter who had for three years excluded debt-slavery central banking to operate in Germany.

If history repeats itself, when the central bank (the Fed) is closed down in the US, we can expect a world war to depose those responsible for stopping debt-slavery central banking usury in the US.

Wet and cold,


faithful forever said...

Shine on Maurice!

What we are witnessing is ALL about Jesus. When He is taken out of the equation, we are lost again.

Only Jesus saves and there is only one Jesus Christ. And He is a jealous God. Make no mistake about it.

Scripture and all its' layers hold all the truth we will ever be able to understand by His grace and mercy.

laurel said...

my littlest one, is nearly 6 years old and profoundly autistic. and her face just shines, it glows, with a purity, and a happiness and a look of such psychically-evolved peace, that people are always greatly surprised when she opens her mouth and only babbling comes out. she understands us, but we do not understand her. even the moment she was born, she came into the midwife's hands with wide-open big eyes, and they were darting around and pausing and focusing on various things like a tiny robot girl. the midwife was taken aback, had never seen such a delivery. my older daughters were simply mesmerized in loving awe of this tiny soul. so, we knew she was different. and we immediately named her Sunny Rose. there is so much light and pure beauty about her. i know i may be wrong, or i may be right, but that little girl, and all those like her, are they actually "disabled" or are they the lightest of our beings? they could be. it is awfully nice to think of these children in that way. see, each of my children were like a higher evolution of the one before. my son is all primal and bluster and materialism. he is very base. very uncomplicated. my next child is a very focused, disciplined, intelligent fighter of a girl. my next one is all sensitivity and art, and all about reading people before they have a clue she is even looking at them. and then, there was sunny rose. every day, my older daughters and i snuggle her up close, more than once and tell her how happy we are that she chose to join our little family. i dont know if she understands. i cannot read nonverbal souls. but it is true. we think she chose us. we think there is a soul in there that is a better evolution of ourselves. we do not see a handicapped child, we see our own handicapped selves. and she is the beautiful sunshine that came to help us learn to proceed beyond ourselves. it could be true.

TheSparkle said...

@faithful forever,

who said this:

"Only Jesus saves and there is only one Jesus Christ. And He is a jealous God. Make no mistake about it."

Take the jealous god and stick him up your ass, fool. It might enlighten him a little.


TheSparkle said...

Of course you know true Christians are rare as hen's teeth and about as common as camels waltzing through needle's eyes.

Zellie said...

Anonymous posted this: "I can also see the harmony beyond duality, the indivisibility of duality. From that perspective selfishness is as necessary as service."

Right there, he/she/it shows they don't know squat...the indivisibility has all things contained within it, but nothing stands out such as selfishness to be a virtue or necessary....

When choice comes out of duality for selfishness or service, you won't be picking selfishness, it'll take you back to step 1...haahaha!

Women in the Dunes said something about judgment...well...let me say that I don't read you, Les, to judge you...I read you to learn....I mean really now....what the heck? The nerve of some people!!

A. Mouser...what countries are left without central banks? Ah hahhhaaa, that's where we are going next!

Anonymous said...

For Laurel and Sunny Rose, and all of God's Children...especially those in Palestine, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan...and wherever else tyrrany presently reigns. Nil desperandum.

I, Who Am!

I Am the Am that I Am!
Am I? Yes! I Am!
Me, that is - We, that, I Am!

Pax, y'all...
pax verbum

Anonymous said...

laurel, 12:13 AM, you could be right.
The tangent that autism takes to profundity is scattered with brilliant souls; look at Les for instance (I always quote Vincent van Gogh to him).
The figure in Australia (and more likely western world wide) is possibly 1 in 150 children being diagnosed with autism - this is all part of 'normal'.
Just as 6% of world population are psychopaths; all part of the human condition.
Now, how we treat these people and all our people is up to the society we live in; currently some groups are favoured over others which of course is not always how things should be.
There is nowhere near enough research into these conditions as there should be; maybe with special techniques a rapport could be established with all groups within our society (even terrorists) and a way found instead of ostracism, hurt and war.
That's the fault of wtp, not theirs; it's the world we live in.
Think if the money we spent on war was spent on peaceful pursuits – Wow!
It's up to us.
ps Quote from my grandmother: 'the window to the soul is through the eyes'.

Anonymous said...

Hey Zellie - piss off you circumsized urchin.

GTRman said...

found at Rense :

Meet the dog who knows 1,022 words

Interesting and moving post re: autism , above ,from laurel.

The first ( and only )time I heard of autism was in the late 70s , when I had a boy called Brian in my "six", in the cubscouts.

I find this hard to express but he seemed to have a "glitter" around him.

Now , more than 30 yrs later , there are SO many more autistic children around ,sometimes more than one per family. My best friend's son , my upstairs neighbours grandson ,my downstairs neighbour's daughter ,for instance.
If it is ever proved that there is a link with vaccinations ,it might just be THE issue to trigger a real mass awakening/indignance -because nothing else seems to bother the happy shoppers.

Paul J. Balles said...

The big bluff: false claims to the Holy Land
By Paul J. Balles

10 February 2011

Paul J. Balles explains why the 60 million right-wing Christians in the USA who expect a “second coming” of Jesus Christ into the Holy Land are in for a shock.

"That's the Holy Land!" exclaimed a Palestinian refugee, adding: "The Holy Land belongs to everyone! It doesn't belong exclusively to the Jews!"

The machinery was switched on for the usurpation of the Holy Land at the direction of the Zionist Conference in Switzerland 1897.
Theodor Herzl wrote in his diary (1 September 1897):

Were I to sum up the Basle Congress in a word – which I shall guard against pronouncing publicly – it would be this: at Basle I founded the Jewish state. If I said this out loud today l would be greeted by universal laughter. In five years perhaps, and certainly in 50 years, everyone will perceive it.

"The Zionists and their co-religionists rule these United States as though they were the absolute monarchs of this country… There wasn't one of them who had an ancestor who ever put a toe in the Holy Land. Not only in Old Testament history, but back to the beginning of time. And yet they come to the Christians and ask to help repatriate God's Chosen People to their Promised Land."

Benjamin Freedman, anti-Zionist Jew

Benjamin Freedman, an anti-Zionist Jew, said in 1961: ”The Zionists and their co-religionists rule these United States as though they were the absolute monarchs of this country."

Freedman went on to explain that the Eastern European Jews who form 92 per cent of the world's population of so-called Jews were originally Khazars, a Mongoloid (sic) race forced out of Asia into Eastern Europe. They were Pagans who converted to the Talmudic faith.

To quote Freedman further: "There wasn't one of them who had an ancestor who ever put a toe in the Holy Land. Not only in Old Testament history, but back to the beginning of time. And yet they come to the Christians and ask to help repatriate God's Chosen People to their Promised Land."

"Could there be a bigger lie than that?" Freedman asks. "Because they control the newspapers, the magazines, the radio, the television, the book publishing business, and because they have the ministers in the pulpit and the politicians on the soapboxes talking the same language, it is not too surprising that you believe that lie."


Anonymous said...

TheSparkle said...

@faithful forever,

who said this:

"Only Jesus saves and there is only one Jesus Christ. And He is a jealous God. Make no mistake about it."

Take the jealous god and stick him up your ass, fool. It might enlighten him a little.


1:08 AM

My friend, that's not very Christ-like of you. XD

And, Christ belongs to no one but everyone.

Visible said...

I was unaware of those people defending that shill. I certainly haven't seen anything at Rense from him personally. And I have seen criticism of Assange there so I don't know what to think. Anyway, I'm not going to be a personal fascist about. My litmus test is for my assessment on someone's character in terms of intimate exchange.

TheSparkle said...

I have neither the desire nor the spare time to instruct and discipline jealous gods on proper behavior.

I was simply proposing an easy quick solution.

When you find a jealous god, Jesus or otherwise, shove him up your ass for me, please. It will save me a lot of time.

wv: pharph
some connection to pharisees i guess

Zen Gardner said...

"Of all the scams, the worldwide banking system is one of the most mind-boggling. Never mind the entire false premise of fiat money and the debt system, that vast amounts of this illusory “currency” get shifted every micro-second just begs deceit and piracy.

Trouble is, if you “buy into it” you’re already ensnared, and it’s either eat, or be eaten. That’s their design.

Ownership by Whom?

The estimated value of the Rothschild family’s total holdings is at 500 Trillion dollars. So what. The entire planet is supposedly “owned” by a very small percentage of people. So?

Can anyone “own” anything? Ownership is a temporary power trip for the unenlightened–everything always gets passed on. Like the temporary unit we all live in called our body, it’s an illusion that anyone can “live forever” physically never mind truly “possess” anything if we look at things truthfully.


That would be fine if it was just a matter of perception. Trouble is, these ultra-possessive creeps called the global elite or Illuminati impose their system of temporal power beliefs on the rest of us. Either we play the game their way, or we’re locked out of the playground and cut off from supplies by their hired thugs.

It’s a beautiful planet with lots of beautiful people, but the world “system” is very ugly and run by non-empathetic psychopaths.

But again, it’s all temporal.

Banking Scams Coming to Light

The recent economic manipulations have made a lot of things very obvious. While the MSMedia has tried to downplay or ignore these revelations, the globalist central bankster cartel is being exposed regularly.

... people are pounding on the obvious manipulation of and by the private Federal Reserve Bank hoax and Goldman Sachs and the like..." Truthseeker Feb.9,2011.


Anonymous said...

Hey Les & All,

Interesting post...

And even more interesting that there is only 1 comment about Freemasonry..

Have anyone ever wondered what's the role of FREEMASONRY in all of this?

Of course, we talk about Obama, Bush, Cheney, Mubarak, Saddam, Aleister Crowley, Bill Clinton, King Hussein, and many others..

We talk about all the Zionist, and the fake Puppets in Congress, the religious Charlatans on TV, the Banksters, etc..

But what is the link between them all??




Stop being sidetracked and stay focused...

Thanks and God Bless,

Red Pill

Anaughty Mouser said...

"Egypt's NDP chief confirms Hosni Mubarak will step down tonight"
Al Jazeera Thursday Feb.10,2011

P.S. Interim power will go to a military council, until democratic elections are held in September 2011, not to vice president Suleiman

Whoops.... Al Jazeera just got 'punked'

This turned out to be propaganda from the CIA.
The secret service of the USA is seeding disinformation they hope will come true.

Question: What does USrael have to gain by Hosni Mubarak stepping down?!?!


wv: myewo
What I utter as I bite through the necks of luciferian zionist rats (grin).

Anonymous said...

4:00 pm Eastern standard time Thursday Feb. 14, 2011

Just saw the "speech' from Hosni Mubarak.

It is illegal to invoke a riot.

The people of Egypt will now riot against 30 years of suppressive corruption.

Hundreds are going to die.

The illuminati/global elite want us other 'spactators' to see what happens to 'peaceful' protestors.

This is a set up. This will be a blood bath.

Oh my God.


TheSparkle said...

Mouser: I hope something good can happen. He told them to eat cake today. History will tell.

wv: devita, a little deva obviously

Visible said...

There's a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up-

Globoctopus Tightens its Grip.

Annsie said...

Finally Mubarak resigns...( well more like fired by his people) I salute the Egyptians who through peaceful means have ousted the Regime..They faced thugs with guns and still managed to stay the course.I don't feel this was planned by TPTB or TPTW( as Clif refers to them) When Kissinger stated that its stage one of the game I see it as they are aware of rising consciousness and knew it was coming, they have always been aware that this was coming not necessary Egypt but that humanity would start to shake the shackles off and wake up. They're game is to try and contain it through damage control..Its one big game to them..I see the chemtrails as them trying to block out energies coming from the sun which is raising our awareness, its not them trying to poison us, all the birds and bees and other animals would be dead long before now if that is what they are doing..The Game is afoot..Just my humble opinion,,

Anonymous said...

Scripture: n. The sacred books of OUR HOLY RELIGION, as distinguished from the false and profane writings upon which all the other religions are based. - Ambrose Bierce
The Devil's Dictionary


WRH 13.02.11 said...

"There are a number of major forces in the world today but by far the most aggressive of them is the force that lies behind the state of Israel, Zionism. And the force that lies, in turn, behind Zionism is the international bankers and, in particular, those bankers that form the Jewish clique who are by far the biggest players within the banking circle. They control the two most influential central banks in the world, the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve Bank of the the US. They also control the body that co-ordinates central banks throughout the world, the Bank for International Settlements in Basle Switzerland."


zazz said...

Although it is difficult to identify those who are 'in the same relationship with good', have faith that they exist. The Father's design is intelligent.

Anonymous said...

I'm posting anonymous, but my name is Melanie. I don't want to stay long, so I'll post anonymous. This has been such a fascinating read. I'm 42 years old and I started to take an interest in things occult when my uncle told me he was a freemason. Anyway, doesn't matter. I don't suppose I know anything really, I simply am sincere in my thoughts and actions and I believe I am inspired by the divine creator who is resonating love to me and that's all that matters, however, just to say that 2 years ago I encountered
Mayan Astorology TZOLKIN long count and as far as I think I understand it, nothing “bad” is going to happen in 2012. You may say I'm delusional or whatever, but what I believe is that people may well go crazy etc and things may happen to upset the earth. The earth currently is unstable and whatever shifts will be for the benefit of all. As far as insanity and suffering is concerned, I believe that each one will get his reward or punishment as he or she has practised their life. Simple. So I don't fear anything, because I am protected by the divine creator. I know what I've done wrong and I have changed myself and accepted the changes that the divine creator of the universe wants me to change. I'm not living an illusion.
I'm not programmed by anyone and I have absolute peace that what I say here is for me the truth. I liked that quote by Dave "at least nothing worse than what we've seen already. We've crossed the peak, the hump, the zero point and need to think the thoughts of the positive creative beings that we are." If anyone suffers adversley during this time it is within that person, not all of us. It really depends on what you are projecting. That is why it is so important to project light and love and nothing else. If you do, that is all you will see and I may be a silly child and not have all the esoteric knowledge, but it doesn't matter.
This is my choice and I promise you, I will post on this blog again after December 21 December 2012. If you use the Mayan daily TZOLKIN, it says for that day: Galactic Tone 4 – Stability – Sun Sign SUN (Ahau). A good day to ask for the wisdom and the continued honored memory of our ancestors. The day before 20/12/2012 – A palindrome, Galactic Tone 3 – Action – Sun Sign STORM. A good day to: Count your lessons as blessings and your enemies as angels.
It can mean for you whatever you want it to mean. I’m at peace. I’m not afraid at all. I wish the same for all of you. What’s happening and how it will conclude is exactly as it should be. Like I said, if you suffer in this time, it will be only to align you with the divine creator of the universe and if you don’t want to be aligned then you will shuffle of f this mortal coil. It’s ok if you want to attack me and tell me about how stupid and uneducated I am. I will remind you that the prophets have always been poor and often illiterate (meaning uneducated, meaning in the system). I’m NOT telling you that I am a prophet. I am not a prophet. I am a simple, uneducated and poor materially, but rich in blessings from my divine creator and I hope you have peace with me. In Mayan philosophy it is simply an end of an age and thank god for that!!! Thank you. Melanie. Ps: “bad things happen to “bad” people and “good” things happen to “good” people. No worries mate 8-)



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