Monday, February 21, 2011

Revolution on the Water, Revolution in the Air

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

The rumors are flying around and possibly Gaddafi is too, on his way to Brazil or Argentina or so the stories go. His son is threatening to fight to the last bullet but one would hope he saves that for himself. Egypt has turned over and Libya soon will, which means that Algeria can’t have too long to wait, especially given the corruption of a government that has the biggest disparity between what’s available and what reaches the people. It’s a given that Israel is doing everything she can with money stolen from the American taxpayer to see that the revolutions turn out her way. I suspect it’s going to be hard to implement pro-Israel policy with the populations in a state of such volatility. One thing that is certain is that everyone in the region hates Israel and there are more good reasons for that than I have time or virtual paper upon which to record them

There’s a new movie coming to the real life screens of the Middle East. The working title is “Sundown for the Despots”. It’s a kind of “Bingo Long and the Traveling All Stars” meets “The Revenge of the Dancing Chicken”. The latter is not a movie. It’s just the title of a movie; just like The Universe is the name for something we don’t understand and will never chart or measure. The Dancing Chicken is a symbol for all the persecuted and slandered Arab peoples, whose existence has been determined by whatever is good for Israel. What’s good for Israel is not good for anyone else and what’s good for anyone else is not good for Israel.

The days of this made up, impersonation of a country, doing business as global, outlaw bankers, with specialized divisions for terrorism, weapons, drug and organ trade are nearly at an end. “You want Armageddon? We can get it for you wholesale... cheaper than stolen. What you want? How much for the little girl”? and so on and so forth.

It seems like only about a decade ago that behind the scenes instigators working through the Department of Education were promoting ‘pimps and ho’s proms’ and now the pimps and ho’s are in trouble. They’re still at it with feeding depraved reading material into the curriculums and organizing gender neutral proms. Heck, in Germany they’re promoting incest in the school systems as one of the templates for a new humanity (who is behind it? Check out the comments section below the article) but either the whole thing is slowing down or it is really speeding up. I can’t tell anymore but I know they’re losing ground no matter what pace it’s moving at because... it’s end game

What end game means is that it’s time to party ‘down’ or ‘up’, as you prefer. You can snake dance down into the lower astral Hells and suit up for the next round or... you can make a dimensional shift and head for parts unseen but lingering in memory of brighter days.

I hope you don’t think that I like having to go off on Israel every other time I put fingers to keyboard or that I’m being too hard on the psychos that brought that nasty piece of business into existence but either they are responsible for all of the things they are responsible for or they are not; since they are and since they’ve fielded their A Team of lying sacks of shit across the board and hate truth, humanity and all things Christian and Muslim, because of those confining moral clauses, which they are endeavoring to destroy with the help of sold out traitors high and low, well, it’s an unpleasant but necessary job and until the cry is taken up around the globe, we are their chosen victims in the same way that they are the self chosen people of a horned god. You can’t swim across the waters of life and death, with a scorpion on your back, for reasons already given out in timeless allegory from other times.

The world is going into full scale revolution mode because those who already have too much want more and the only place they are going to get it from is you and your offspring. This revolution is coming out of the unseen worlds through the schematic of a new template that is being laid upon the plastic substance of a world responsive to change, which in this instance does not mean, ‘more of the same’.

The food and fuel shortages; the bank foreclosures and bank bailouts, the pharmaceutical/AMA combine, the war and munitions industries, the perversion of the educational system and the destruction of the family unit and all the rest of the engines of oppression and enslavement around the world, are all being operated by the same band of international criminals. They’ve got the governments and religions in their pockets and they have turned the whole world into a crooked roulette wheel, where the house always wins. They want your children as canon fodder and sexual squeeze toys for some kind of New World Disorder that serves the agenda and the appetites of a small and well organized group of satanic psychopaths and every day it’s going to be your turn in the barrel.

You can argue and parse it all you like. You can bend in all directions to be fair. You can calculate, appease and genuflect until you know precisely how many hair-splitting angels are dancing on the head of a pin but it won’t affect these creatures. They want it all, even the parts they don’t want. They want it for themselves and to keep it from you. They want it for the sheer joy of seeing you suffer without it and there are no arrangements or agreements that can be made, which will alter or retard the end product which is... you with nothing, behind concertina wire and strapped to bed springs, with electrodes on your genitals, being hosed down with cold water and videotaped for their amusement forever and ever, Hell on Earth without end.

Maybe they can be quarantined on an island somewhere and maybe they can be reconditioned and sold as used and reformatted hard ass drives. Maybe they can be shot into space or sealed off below the Earth and maybe more extreme measures are called for. That isn’t my department. My job is to call for restraint and mercy, once you’ve located your balls and self respect enough to stop them in their tracks. As vicious and deserving as they are, of any punishments you can imagine, you have to keep one thing in mind; you don’t want to wind up like them. What festers in that wound that once housed their souls, has its origin in a distant and atavistic antiquity, where things went wrong and stayed that way until now.

There’s plenty for everyone here. The technology to transform the world into a garden of delight is here. The wisdom and intelligence to order and maintain harmony and parity for all is here. It’s all here. It’s all within you, dreaming of the opportunity to awaken into reality and replace the sad legacy that has dogged our heels from time out of memory. We don’t need to reconstitute the same old shit into a new version of it. In a time so short that it would take your breath away, we can change this world from pole to pole. It’s already gotten started without most of us.

All we need are ten percent of us awake and willing to engage. There’s never more than that figure, or less, involved in most of anything that ever gets done. Everyone else just follows along and you can count on their self interest to keep them on track ...if you’ve got a better idea.

A peaceful revolution is accomplished with a few adjustments. You don’t go to work. You don’t pay taxes. You don’t go to war. You don’t spend your money on the corporate assembly line of colorful plastic shit. You bring the bankers to their knees and then you destroy their system of control. No peaceful revolution ever gets accomplished peacefully but you can come pretty close. They can’t keep the hallucination machine in operation if you won’t participate. Wiser and more informed minds than my own are required for that end of it. I’m just here to tell you its time. How you know that its time is when you can see the distance between where you are and ‘too late’ and figure that right about now is close enough.

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Patrick Willis narrates:

Visible sings:

Last night’s radio show is now ready for download.


Anonymous said...

Nice one!

Your last paragraph is a winner.

I wondered if you have heard of the 'Charles Material' over on Bill Ryan's Project Avalon?

WV hoomar

Anonymous said...

I guess tough times are like a fire and what we go through to get cleaned up. But, it can hurt like hell.

I've lost hope in the world. Maybe there is a shred left, I don't know... maybe I've hung on too long. If there is change, then how long until the goons get back to the game?

Maybe the Buddhists and Taoists had it right. Amidst the despair in my own frustration, the only thing to do is to pick myself up, climb on that ox, then ride it out of town. Let the children play in their sandpiles and let the snakes whisper their useless secrets to each other. Let these eternal wars rage on without me.

I see, at least I think I might... that it's tough to leave these ties that bind me. I wonder if the only thing eternal is damnation... the world as it turns round and round... plying the same old game... the same old same old... while all the riders shout out that they are it that lives. Not, I think. And when it all comes down, how long until it goes back up again?

Many thanks to you Les. There are few mirrors that show good refections these days. Please keep writing. Despair creeps upon me and hope for the world to change is lost... perhaps forever. In a way, I wish I could share in your anticipation... that hope. Maybe at least I can hope that the ox is willing to carry me. If not, I guess I'll just walk.


boojum said...
wv: cos wat a bunch of hoes we've been

Anonymous said...

About God…in Today’s World?

Relevance versus Rev’rence?
‘Tis within, you’ll find…
Truth. Weary souls soldier-on…

Pax, y'all!

pax verbum

siamsam said...

Hi Les,

I read somewhere that the critical mass was around 300 million - so not so much as 10% :)

Ziggy Bresinsky said at a speech in Dublin recently that the biggest problem ' they' faced today was a mass political awakening. He also said (same speech) that 'today it would be much easier to kill 1 million people that control them.'

Thing is though, I think the psychos have fucked up. They don't understand the mass psyche. Their pure greed has blinded them to certain realities. The critical mass has been achieved and all bets are off. Even those still taking bets on evil are laying off the bets.

The light is burning brighter and brighter by the hour. There is no way 'on Gods' earth' that the genie can be put back in the bottle.

It is very strange to watch the hidden psychos exposing themselves. I am seeing it everyday. People who try to pass as normal getting uncomfortable. You know the types.

It's the light shining and they are uncomfortable.

Kindest to all

Neko Kinoshita said...

Here is close enough.

Shortages are beginning in the Pharmacies.
Some items that were common in the grocery store are just no longer there.
Fuel is beginning to show that 20%+ rise at wholesale from last week.

I was a little slow, the Kitten shows minor fluorosis in her teeth.
I’m now running the Berkey, and have removed the toothpaste and mouthwash. For now I’m using the fluoride-free alternatives, but we may just switch to Baking soda and salt, and use mild peroxide for a rinse.

No garden yet, I’ll be on that next weekend.

Nose cold and wet, need a book on edible plant life. I might need that, my skills are lacking in that area.

Can you hear the sun singing?
The Earth responds in harmony if you hear it.

Listening to the music in the alley,

wv: desidstr - "Deside and Stir" verb, What to do when TSHTF.

Neko Kinoshita said...


Please try to have hope brother, I often feel as you. Trapped with no one around me listening. Living within a dusty illusion of life, with little joy and much dispair.

We are all together here, and we will still be, as it comes down.
The distance that separates us physically in the illusionary world is just another illusion.

Perhaps at some point we won't need the net any more.

The Universe will care for its own, and we are together.

DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

I got to thinking about something you wrote in a previous post about the media shills, with Bill Maher in mind especially. In regard to him here's an excerpt from Daniel Pouzzner's 'Archicture of Modern Political Power' intro 1.5 that fits him to a T:

"Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher (for example) is a vehicle promoting not ideological rebellion, but lock step orthodox authoritarian political correctness, usually with an outnumbered, besieged, harried representative of the opposition (conservative, libertarian, or some combination thereof), who is invited only to serve as an exhibit of how not to think." End of Quote.
I have a lifelong friend who is so angry at the system that he's talking about literally taking up arms against the local authorities. This is a guy who comes from an educated and refined background and who has a genius IQ, but here he is feeling so pushed and helpless that he is now talking this kind of nonsense. A couple of days ago I tried to tell him that it's no use going up against the system as long as the majority of the populace is looking at TV every day. He agreed on the surface but he didn't really hear what I was saying (he and his wife are the quintessential TV watchers).
As I see it, until people understand that the media is the Illuminati's primary tool of control (and therefore our primary enemy) there will be no positive change in the outflow of events. Unless a sizeable portion of the population quit their dependence on TV there will be hardly any interruption in the flow of events headed straight into the New World Order. And it doesn't look to me like that's going to happen anytime soon. Evidently things will have to get somewhat worse than they are now before the majority of the sheeple will even consider making any such changes in the status quo.
I hear all sorts of people complaining about the way things have turned out but I hear of very few who are willing to scrap one of the main sources of all the confusion which is their dearly beloved TV. What hardly anyone realizes is that whenever we lean on the system for services or entertainment we give the spirits behind it rights to rebound against us in some form of control. The system is designed this way so that according to the plan eventually the human race will reach the point of no return. I'd say we have just about reached that point, wouldn't you? It's time to pay the piper and people are raising hell about it but we have brought it on ourselves.
Another thing to consider is this: Most people would never in a million years guess that by participating in the solstice and equinox rituals that they were giving ongoing rights of control to some of the most powerful and evil spirits in the universe. Another thing most people would never guess is that those spirits handpick human vessels whose personalities most closely reflect their own to represent them and through whom they choose to manifest their rightfully obtained control. It was no accident or coincidence therefore that the Lord referred to the most prominent among them as the synagogue of Satan.

Anonymous said...

Neko Kinoshita,

I found a book from Linda Runyon titled Essential Wild Food Survivial Guide. Her website is

I think I read that you live in the foothills of NC. I live in the foothills of the Appalachain's in WV (northern of WV). Perhaps one day we will meet.

And Les, great words as usual.


Anonymous said...

Euell Gibbons, of "stalking the wild asparagus" fame, is one of the most helpful and valuable Americans who ever lived

His books are treasures for those who wish to partake of nature's bounty.
Exercise is a fringe benefit as well as the never ending beauty and learning.

(tastes like wild hickory nuts!)
(ever eat a pine tree?)

Neko Kinoshita said...


Thanks for the link.
I'm in the upstate of the other one, a days walk farther South.

My family is from about where you are 200 yrs ago. My branch moved to the state of Misery *grin* in the mid-nineteenth.

We could end up closer. If we end up bugging out, we would be aiming for Gatlinburg. Because of what is located just north.


WV: bught -? I really didn't see this new shorthand for "bug out" before I wrote the above, but such is the way.

Anonymous said...

Hey Les & All,

Nice post...

For DumbGoyNot, here is something you can share with your friend..

This is also for everyone that's still glued to the Mind-Control Box...


The Story of Your Enslavement


Unplug from the Illusions


People just have to cut that thing off. Or at least avoid the paid stooges with their fake media reports..

God Bless,

Red Pill

gurnygob said...

Great post Les, also liked that link boojum 2.37pm left in the comments. I am not into rap but this sounds about right to me.


Anonymous said...

I fantasize about how after 'We' win, we give 'Them' everything They need to be completely self-sufficient (except the means to escape) and the means to live in comfort and luxury, and settle Them all on the dark side of the moon where they can never, ever see their mother earth again.


Terrance said...

Hello Les...military analysis of D-Day, found only about ten percent of the American soilders actually fired their weapons on that horrific day!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Yahoo news just said things are getting better. Do they teach this stuff in colleges now? Doublespeak?

I hope everyone is able to batten dowon the hatches. i don't have a boat but wish I did.



Anonymous said...

Methinks, now, that this rolling series of 'revolutions in the muslim world is bit of grand stagecrfat on the part of TPTB. The overall objective being a 'revolution'/regime change in Iran in the guise of a 'natural' , inevitble outcome of the whole process.

However TPTB have been too clever by a half this time around. Unintended consequences are the order of the day nowadays.

An ancillary issue is the increasing bite being taken out of the profit margin of Rothschild-controlled Western banking establishment by the Islamic banks. Tunis, it is worth noting, is the Islamic banking equivalent of the Cayman Islands.

brian morrison said...

from where these revolutions come? isn't it clear now why they shoved that TWITTER nonsense down our throats a couple of years back? did you swallow?

turning the inherent goodness of one's enemy into a device of his own undoing.

neal said...

It seems to me that the lie has always been that humans have only two choices- predator or prey.

The Whole of Creation has been whispering- now screaming that we can be reality generators; a force of nature.

Turn off the t.v., go out and listen to the wind, watch the flight of birds, watch the shapes forming in the clouds. It may become obvious what we need to DO.

Or so I think...

Thomas said...

Amazing post! Many thanks, Les

peace to all

laurel said...

ok, neck on the block again for me. i hate dreams, hate them in a way that makes me crave them, just not in excess. dreams in teh morning are the closest thing to clarity of thinking that you can get. a muslim told me that once. anyway, i was walking down the street of our old haunt in brooklyn, and a neighbor woman and her kids and some others as is usual in brooklyn were strolling with serious purpose all toward the train station. it was early morning, and no one was talking. a cab pulled up and a young frightened man jumped out, again not too unusual for nyc, and took off running toward the train station. a woman wearing a dark blue windbreaker ran after him, and she was mad-FAST. she caught up with him, and pinned him up against the wall, and by then, i and some others had run over ot catch up to him, in case he needed our help. as if i could ever do anything much. the woman was trying to make him take a long pointed scissor in his hand, she pressed it into his hand, and showed him how to hide it under the left lapel of his coat. he was crying no, he did not need that. she said YES, you DO. they want to kill you, and if they try , you MUST ATTACK THEM and use this long sharp pointed scissor as your weapon. i and my kids and some othe rpeople stepped between him and the crowd that was developing behind that woman. they all started putting on jackets like hers. dark blue. words on the back. random donning of the jackets, not in any order. then a man came to the front of the crowd and pulled up a sharpshooter rifle, and aimed at the young man in the corner. the woman ordered the rest of us to move out of the way, that that young man was going ot attack people, and we had to move to get out of his way. i looked at the sharpshooter, and i looked at the young man. none of us but the neighbor woman and a couple of old men moved out of the way. the woman who had initially chased down that young man and instructed him in how to hide and use that sharp pair of scissor suddenly rushed us, screaming, HE'S GOT A WEAPON, HE IS GOING TO KILL SOMEONE. and then, the crowd rushed us, and the sharpshooter shot the young man, and the man lay there, dying, but kept saying, i dont understand. why were they after me? i dont understand. they have been after me, why? i looked at the woman and the sharpshooter, and told them the woman gave him the scissor because she was trying to convince him someone was going to kill HIM. he never had any plan to attack anyone. the woman told me to shut up, i did not know what that young man KNEW, and they had to stop him before he realized he knew it. the dying young guy was smiling. at that point, i guess i was waking up, so i moved around the side of the building, hoping not to be seen as i left, and then i took off running to somewhere, but i woke up. there are a lot of young men lately in the news who are screaming they are being framed or set up, and they are finding themselves in the crazy position of being accused of murdering randomly or of actually pulling the trigger or stabbing the knife. why is that? this is not normal behavior for a random group of young men who all fit the same basic profile......of course, NO ONE ever saw it coming. in my dreams, i see the process. i do not predict anything, but it is a clarification for me of the bigger pic. i guess.

thelevelshift said...

Wonderful writing, I feel less alone

Thank you

thelevelshift said...

It should have been this link:


ajnabeamer said...

Just as there's nowhere left to hide there is everywhere to make a stand (not 'reaching for the sky just to surrender') as the anitdote witout agenda, as the power of response breaking the spell of reaction, and as the first inkling of a new reality meeting the terminal psychodrama of mortality addiction. Thanks for your admission Les, of heart tenderness in relation to your task. As one zapped to zero long ago in one of England's 'dark satanic mills'. I do appreciate that.

Anonymous said...

smudged out despots
broken regimes
crumbling institutions
globalists demeaned
elitist cracking
internaly combust
the people rising
to the truth in trust
revolution rumble's
liberation sears
a million people lift
cast down their fear
sincere and steady
to the pulse of the drum
hum the living earth
the sky and the sun


Anonymous said...

"You can’t swim across the waters of life and death, with a scorpion on your back ..."
Les, all of your imagery resonates but sometimes one bit sticks out for me and in a few words a thousand word thesis by another is rendered redundant.
Potai -- Please keep walking! If for no other reason than to see how all of this turns out. Curiosity is not a minor attribute and no, it did not kill the cat -- that was simply a bad decision.
M. Rocknest (Em)

laurel said...

potai, its not change in the world that you should permit to cause you despair. your own change is all you need. the world wont change. its what each of us as individuals do with our own changes that matters. and that is how we shape our world. but to let yourself despair because the world is crap and will always be crap, is like shooting your own foot to stop the rampaging criminal that lives down the road. so dont do it. dont despair. it is hell here. i dont expect it to be better. i hate it. it is very depressing. but, it is not ME. so keep yourself a bit distanced from IT and YOU. YOU are forever. IT is not.

Sui Juris 249 said...

Brother Les,

You made the following statement:

“I hope you don’t think that I like having to go off on Israel every other time I put fingers to keyboard or that I’m being too hard on the psychos that brought that nasty piece of business into existence but either they are responsible for all of the things they are responsible for or they are not”

First off I do not think you like or even enjoy having to point out the obvious to a band of sleepers, that is a rather tiresome job to say the least and it provides few rewards at all if not tends to get one ostracized. Secondly no your not being to hard on those individuals as they have brought the need for the harshness of truth exposing their deeds upon themselves. Thirdly yes they are karmically as well as actionably accountable for their actions and lack of action.

They know full well what they do. They hold the keys and will not enter themselves and attempt to deny entrance for others. They always have and they always will. That after all is their purpose here. Not to mention they provide and excellent example on just how those seeking the path of Service to Other-Self should not act or think.

I just really wish our brothers and sisters would quit living in fear of them that hold no real power but illusionary power over anything. Hell they can not even control themselves in an orderly fashion and its getting worse as harvest time nears. Look at how they run one direction and then the other. An people think we should fear them? Hell they fear us a lot worse deep inside than we ever will them otherwise they would have no need to have all their little secrets that keep somehow getting reviled and their plans exposed (super huge grin).

It seems the majority of the people/spirits sit on the fence so to speak (as some would say), but actually they are not sitting they refuse to choose which path it is they are even going to walk. I see them out there running on the sands between the paths. It looks as if they are wearing blinders and ear plugs. At the end of each path is clearly painted the results of the path and yet the ones out in the middle seem intent on not making a decision on which outcome they desire.

It almost seems like were in some vast twisted game of red rover. Where the two sides are standing on the path yelling words of encouragement/enticement to those in the middle, trying to help them make a decision to come to one side or the other. But those in the middle are not drawn by shouts you have to jump up and down wave your arms or present some other device that will catch their eye when they turn and look in your direction cause the ear plugs are so good at blocking sound.

All I can say is these are truly strange/wonderful/stressful days we are living in and I relish every learning experience I can get. For it will only help each of us in the long run.


Liz said...

We didn't start the fire, but it's always burning since the worlds been turning...these things must come to pass, hang on, go within, keep the love above all else, love to all and see you there. Going to find the little dogs who are hot on the squirrel's trail, silly things...Love all ya'll and love to you Les for keeping it out there for us...

long john said...

Anonymous @ 2:13 PM

Bill Ryan's "Charles" you say? ... you can't be serious. fyi, Bill Ryan -- specifically his "Charles" interview -- is a an obvious and blatant load of rubbish. yes rubbish, aka bullshit. nothing more than recycled babble, beating around the bush but saying nothing. don't be so gullible and naive.

i'm definitely in agreement with Cliff High over at HPH, on this one. read all about Bill's and Charles' dogshit here:

Anonymous said...

You're on the new machine, Les. The new machine is generous - it gives voice to the unspoken, has space for a multiplicity of creeds, ideologies, and hokum. The old machine was more dualistic than that, but at least you knew, if you had a mind to know these things, who the preening generals were and who the sacrificial hoplites.

I notice you have a series of tests, Les.

Do we get a Gold Star and pat on the head if we pass them?

Are you the ticket collector on the Last Coach outta Dodge?

Neko Kinoshita said...

M. Rocknest (Em)

It goes like this:
Curiosity killed the cat,
but the satisfaction brought it back.
(nine lives don't you know)


Anonymous said...

Is Revolution coming to America?

We certainly have enough to reasons to fear and mistrust our own government. There is no shame in wanting our freedoms back & our personal lives.

Need to read that new book out about Americans finally taking a stand against tyranny. It's a thriller about good American citizens wanting to take a stand.

Anonymous said...

Les --

All I can say is if you're guarding the door then

AH-ROOOO!!! to you and love to all --


wv nombl The new nobles

Odin's Raven said...

Here's a nice article about the nature of government.

"The most dangerous man, to any government, is the man who is able to think things out for himself without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane and intolerable, and so, if he is romantic, he tries to change it. And even if he is not romantic personally he is apt to spread discontent among those who are."

- H.L. Mencken

Anonymous said...

cycling circles
revolving emotions
vibrating pinacles
on consciousness motions
commotion unconcerned
now revolution leaps
liberation principles
circulate deep
with a sign of the seas
symbol of stars
glide though the passageway
weaving in hearts
chanting the earth
the roar of the sky
lifting within
liberating life.


Anonymous said...

You make me smile today.

To Anonymous 12:00 AM
You make me smile today also,but for different reasons....

If You Only Knew

Walking Hawk

Protocols-of-Zion said...

Look at these fugly mutilated-dick Khazars:

They have us by the balls ... for now. No mercy for the punks.

Anonymous said...

Satan’s Eye (TV)

I See You. I Nourish You.
You Do NOT See Me.
T. V. How clever is that?

Pax, y'all!

pax verbum

Anonymous said...

Lucifer’s Mea Culpa

Hark, ye, My Faith-less serpents:
’Tis true – I lied. Mmmmm!?
And, yes - you’re ALL going to Hell.

pax verbum

Anonymous said...

Satan’s Last Hurrah!

Shadows...traitors to your kin,
You sold out your own…
To profit! Me too! Oh Hell?!

Nil desperandum!

pax verbum

Dammerung said...

If we don't go to work who's going to build the computers or maintain the networks or haul food from the farms to millions of people in large cities with no agricultural infrastructure?

Anonymous said...

All the aspirin in the world isn't going to cure the headpain we're going to experience.

Kuri said...

"Heck, in Germany they’re promoting incest in the school systems as one of the templates for a new humanity"

I don't see how allowing children to explore their sexuality and maybe parents even helping them is a problem. There is no violence or abuse here, only love. In the purely physical dimension everything is just nerve endings and the meaning applied to their (in this case positive) stimulation is completely up to us. Society changes what it thinks is wrong or right ALL the time.

Again the energy is very important. I agree that any taking advantage of a child's innocence (for gain at the expense of the other) is incompatible with evolution and detrimental to both the adult and the child.

We can't confuse everything that we don't like as a project of TPTB. The fact that the thought of touching a child sexually is immediately repulsive to most people doesn't mean it is not spiritually conducive. It just means that maybe we have been programmed to just not go there. Couldn't that be a TPTB thing to control people by controlling their sexuality? People have been similarly repulsed by premarital sex, adultery, and homosexuality even though adults are involved.

In fact sex between two consenting adults can be just as damaging if it is based on control and abuse (based on ego).

Let me make it clear that I do not have children and am not looking for any to mess around with. I am however, a stable, kind, compassionate, and spiritual person who can't see how a healthy energy exchange between two humans of any age can be anything but desirable. It would be a lot easier for me to agree with the prevailing attitudes on this subject, not post a comment, and move on, but my conscience does not allow me to. I needed to say this.

Then again, I haven't had the direct spiritual experiences that you have had Les, so my inclination is to defer to you. Tell me Les, is there a chance in your view that what I have said might be accurate?

P.S. I would like to recommend Neale Donald Walshe for his what seems to be very plausible take on Everything.

Anonymous said...

I listened to about a third of the Bill Ryan interview with Charles before clicking it off. Charles if full of shit. He didn't say anything. I figure Bill must be getting senile putting out crap like that, and I question the motive/intelligence of anyone who recommends watching it.


whatever said...

Perhaps humanity has always felt this in their time, but it sure seems cool to be a part of what is transpiring right now. I love reading Les, but I also love reading the comments from all of you very informed and wonderful people. Well, mostly "wonderful."
I think one reason Les resonates is because his message is deeply buried in all of our souls. He is verbalizing something we know, knew and will continue to grow with as we become ourselves in the future. However, I do not truly believe that he is stating anything new at all, nor do I think that Les is naive enough to think so. His lesson is as old as Zion and has been taught again and again. The difference is the size of the audience. Thanks to the world wide web, the truth is getting some play around here for the first time in, well, forever.
Thanks, Les, and thanks Al Gore (:-)! and I will see you all in eternity. I'll be the one wearing the low-top brown "Chuck Taylors" and playing the Ukelele.
Peace on you all!

Anonymous said...

Greetings Les,

Where I sit, the party is just getting started! As you say Les, it is time to let go, and start enjoying the ride of a lifetime as humans springboard into a new level of existence. There is no room for fear of something that doesn't exist, except for in ones own reality. There is no time left on the clock for perpetrated thoughts of a reality that is coming to a close, but readying for a new consciousness, where there is no more fear or despair.

Let's just say the curtain is coming down on the final act of this play, and as the actors wait for a curtain call, and the curtain comes up to their surprise their is no more audience, they have left, and with them all they took was their FREEDOM, happiness, and most importantly LOVE!

Time to look into oneself, not outside, you will find no answers there, but if you look in the one place where the whole universe is, in you, you will find the one place where it all starts, you! Once you find you, oneness, you will find the wisdom of the universe, LOVE!

Emptiness, as the Buddha philosophy teaches, oneness with ones self, and when you reach that place, and let your heart bring you the joys of the pure land of great bliss, you have then become one with the universe, and all the widom is at your beckoning.

This is the grandest of times for the human race. It is a time of excitement, not fear. If it comes in as fear, turn it around into excitment, and use it to reflect a world that is healed and a planet that is rejuvenated, and virgin.

Some have awakened for a reason. This is a special time. You that have awakened will pull forward into a time when there will be no time, no wars, no disease, no polution, no killing, just a time of peace, and having true freedom. Aeons of time will pass as the wisdom of the universe is gathered up, and then it will be time to once again be united with the spirit of all creation, then we all will be home.

So enjoy the party, the time is now, not tomorrow, now! Humanity is ready for the ride of a lifetime, so climb aboard, and for the first time in the history of human existence LOVE will be the captain of this spacecraft, you!


a GrebBear said...

What a radio show Visible ))
mid-eVil !! -))

As smart/dumb as paint ...

When WE thINk of paINt, WE are us-U-all-y considering 'singular' colors, or as two dimensional (narrow mindedly) as any color could be considered = an insult. However, within everything is the w-hole, so, if the singular minded soul, focUSed on the ONE and ONlY thIN-G thAT MaTTerS !!
... As smart/dumb as paint,
beCOmeS a compliment of resonatinG BEaUtY ))

If any of you haven't heard this weeks radio show:

Visible, i wish i could write the words that describe how filled with gratitude i feel, in appreciation of Your work ... for YoU BEinG such an AMaZinG YoU.

a GrebBear

PeaCe LOVE liGHt tRUtH
(- ;
; -)

Robert Allan Schueler, artist said...

All revolutions (evolutions) involve the return to BALANCE...balancing left and right brain hemispheres, alpha, beta, delta, theta balance, heart chakra thinking, multi-intelligence integration to intuitive geniusness, PEACE....twenty-five year reunion of The Great Peace March...that was before cell phones and the internet. Education is always the KEY to being oneself. The Second Great Peace March, starting March 1...a nine month virtual journey to learn the hilarious blissful truth of politics...balance and peace.

Visible said...

To answer a couple of comments that appear to contain questions. Perhaps my assumption that any rational person would naturally assume that any work stoppage or other revolutionary acts would be temporary until the point of achieving the objective was too much to expect. I imagine most people get this and that's enough for my purposes.

As for sensory titillation of children to make them comfortable with their sexuality, I would have to say that what is being presented is rife with potential for all sorts of harm and, as I said, it bears considering who is behind this movement to begin with. That usually indicates what sort of a direction it is going to take. Maybe I'm too reserved about this sort of thing but something about the whole affair makes my skin crawl... perhaps I need some touching? Or at least a hypnotic regression to back when I was 3? Then maybe I would get it.

kikz said...

nice bit of info on utility monopoly machinations; by the koch bros..
guess they need to be added to the que of future 'profiles of evil'.

Anonymous said...

Kuri, 4:16 AM
Because we live in an adult world and children live in a child's innocent world any adult titillation applied to children is inappropriate behaviour.

Your comment smacks of you being very wrong.

My credentials for this answer to your comment are that I do have children, I was closely associated with children (mainly female) between the ages of 8 and 15 in a touchy feelie sports coaching position and my wife's life was greatly shortened because of the inappropriate actions by adult males in her family when she was a child.

So on reflection of the above, adults must be very careful how they interact with children as an innocent action by a child can be easily misconstrued by an unthinking adult.

And tell me Kuri, how many unthinking adults do you know??

Tony (male)

Anonymous said...

I saw that the British arms companines were in Egypt to help create democracy. That is like having a regestered sex offender baby sit your six year old.


Josh said...

@Neko Kinoshita-Hey Neko after a quick glance at the comments I saw you were thinking about buying a wild edible plant book. I'm going to list for you the two books I went out and bought in 2009. I recommend first: Peterson Field Guides Edible Wild Plants of Eastern/Central North America. The sheer volume of plants that are written about and illustrated makes it a first choice and must have in my opinion. As a supplement to that, I bought and recommend: The Forager's Harvest by Samuel Thayer. The book covers a lesser amount of plants but covers all issues relating to finding, preparing to eat plants, etc., in exhaustive detail. The pictures are in real-life color too, as you find them in the field. Basically the author covers a lesser amount of plants than the Peterson guides but devotes time to going into greater detail. I also get the feeling the author really knows his stuff as he lives and breathes this lifesytle every day. So my feeling is you can't go wrong with these two books. They are the ones I purchased. I also have a small amount of personal experience foraging occasionally over the past several years in my area with both foraging books from my local library and these two I purchased. So I can say that they work. Also I live in eastern North Carolina and I think I read in one of your earlier comments you live in the foothills of South Carolina, right along the border of North Carolina? So we should share to a good degree the same geographic/enviroment type landscapes to find wild edible plants that are growing in both of our areas. I know that plants growing in my specific area are covered in these two books as I have foraged and ate or at least visually located a few dozen of them. So these books should cover plants in your area too. I would imagine the books by Euell Gibbons are a winner too as he is a classic icon in the field but I think they were written many decades ago. The two books I recommend were written more recently and they were my choices. I went down to my local Barnes and Nobles and they had one in stock and they gladly ordered the other one for me. I hope this helps. Flood

Anonymous said...

Hey Walking Hawk, Only messin' widya.

Whatever's coming is coming. Everyone can feel it, but it's how the individual responds that will make the difference. The pressure's building, and that will make a few folks do some crazy things, while even fewer do some unspeakable things.

Think it through for yourself, is all I was saying.

Stay loose and stay open. What's coming will do what is must.

Toodle pip

Anonymous Midnight

Josh said...

@Neko Kinoshita- I forgot to add that if I was only going to buy one wild edible plant book and not spend money on any others it would be the Peterson Field Guide. The reason why is because of the large number of plants it covers, although in a bit lesser detail and with reportedly a few errors here and there. I know money is tight with many people these days. Regards, Flood

Anonymous said...

Dear Les,

German educational policy suggesting incest? No way. This is merely Zionist BS. Interesting link.......I don't believe a word of it.

During the past twenty years, the taxes paid by German workers and businesses provided the capial to reunify Germany and rebuild Eastern Europe. The time will come when they get tired of sacrificing. I know for a fact that slander like this really irritates 25-50 year old educated Germans.

Oy vei, I vant my compensation for vat Naazis do to my vather und mutter.

Soon the response will be:
Yea right, now go F yourself.


Tom Frum

Mouser said...

Your post is wonderful Les.

It is an honour to read and know you.


Neko Kinoshita said...

Thank you Josh,

And thanks again Mike.
This should give me the information I was concerned about getting.

After all, just because the store shelves will go empty, doesn't mean your stomach needs to be.

With three additional mouths to feed (the cats can find food if they get hungry, both can hunt), I am a bit concerned about keeping everyone fed through the disruptions. The garden will help, but it won’t be enough by itself. I can’t put in one big enough without making us a target.

With what little I know, I can already see plants I know are food, and they are all around. I might also need to practice making snares, I know how, but I’m a bit rusty at it. The cats don’t tend to catch anything bigger than THEY need. (Fickle things)

Les, you do not need to regress. There are some deep philosophical questions around what Kuri brings up, but the approach is all wrong and the whole thing is being presenting in a truly twisted fashion. Infants and toddlers may be as physically sensual as a Cat or a Dog, and I miss the small child I used to rock to sleep in my arms, but the sexual aspect of this whole concept SHOULD make your skin crawl.

Looking at the "weeds" growing around the alley,


Visible said...

HI Tom;

I assure you that is going on. I've seen various references to it. It is Zionist backed but it is filtering through the education system.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

The Law of Return, Again and Again and Again.

Laurel the Hun said...

kuri, not to be rude or anything, but as a mother of 4 ..... you touch a kid, and i will whack your jack right off.

Anonymous said...

It's a good idea to break yourself in on the wild plants/foodstuffs.
The normal life long every day diet is dramatically different than a diet of majority natural wild plants/foods.

An adjustment period by a gradual incorporation of wild foods into your diet is highly recommended.

If you go "hog wild" it might actually be quite upsetting and even detrimental to your health.

I'm sure Josh will be happy to provide more info.

Thanks Josh!

Anonymous said...

Beloved friends, as a student of the current unfolding my search has taken me to odd corners uncomfortable. after reading here about the swastika being a luck bringer, charm and sign of hope in all cultures, and then being banned by the Syn.of Satan in 45, I decided to read some primary texts from the Nazis, going to Savitri Devi, a Hindu national socialist, who wrote "Gold in the Fire," in which she predicts in 1949 where we are now. A society based on the hierarchy of merit, and strenght of the individual, with each soul group pursuing its own destiny could have offered an alternative. but as this is the kali yuga, she says, it is senseless being "men against time." the darkness must fall so we can build onthe rubble. is an ethnic hierarchy worth considering ? the outgoing systems are not ... where do we turn to orgnaize ourselves anew ... peace and love to mankind

Visible said...

Gaddafi says he will die a martyr. I imagine that means a martyr to arrogance and stupidity; it's not like we get a whole lot of those. Someone is very definitely going to shoot him at any moment I think.

Anonymous said...

Greetings Les,

well, I was able to acquire an affordable, well made, Gitane D-500 Macafferi style guitar! Ebony bridge with a floating tailpiece. Working my fingers ALOT again and getting back into some of the "oldies" again ala Django Reinhardt. Which of course leads me to my take on 'The Sheik Of Araby'...

uh 1 - 2 Bb F7
uh 1 -2 It's the Clique of Araby
They network so so-cia-lly!
Dm7 Db dim7 Cm7
At night when you're asleep,
F7 Bb Bdim
On Facebook and Twitter they Tweet!

Bb F7
It's the Clique of Araby

They fly so skill-full-fuckin'-ly!
So you better just beware
Of the Clique of Araby!!

Listen to these Gypsies from the Netherlands just RIP IT UP!! : )

European American said...

We keep hearing and talking about some event called “Collapse”.

Some believe it’s coming in 10 years. Some believe this year. Some believe it’s happening right now. And some even believe it has already taken place. I’ll tell you what, Collapse is not relevant in those terms, i.e. what me or you or someone believes, thinks or says.

The collapse I’m referring to has nothing to do with earthquakes in NZ. Nothing to do with what’s happening in Wisconsin. Nothing to do with sabotaged oil fields in Libya. Nothing to do with the price of a gallon of gasoline. Nothing to do with the price of Gold. Nothing to do with what Gerald C. says or what Marc F. says. Nothing to do with what LV says. Nothing to do with what I say.

No, Collapse has to do with something else and here’s how it works-

When you are cold and can’t get warm,
When you are hungry and can’t satisfy that hunger,
When you are sick and can’t get well,
When you are tired and can’t sleep, night after night after night,
When the bills are piling up and there’s not one cent in the “closed” account,
When the police are knocking down the door,
When you are trembling with fear and your body shakes uncontrollably,
When the world appears to be imploding around you,

When you experience any of the above, then, and only then, does the word “Collapse” have any relevancy to your life because then you “own” it. Until then, it’s non sequitur. Not lived, not felt, a make believe, illusory, fantasy world.

So you see, Collapse, in those terms, will be experienced by millions, possibly billions of people, when the time is most appropriate. When the lesson comes knocking on the door.

Fortunate are those who will never hear that knock.

Heyam Dukham Anagatam

Anonymous said...

And with my 'they live' glasses on I now look at the libertarian 70's, Brook Shields movies, Taxi Driver etc, and more in a different light, as I do Hitlers conservatism (though Christ, look at Goebells , skin crawling what).
My blood boiled looking at the kid being frisked by the TSA. They are using child protection as a vanguard to censor the internet of everything, and monitor and log all usage. Licensing will be next.
You're right about this one too Les IMO.
Freud was a ? hhmhmhmhm. The difference is the degree of conretisation of the psychological precepts, the consequent exploitation of the ideas. The regressive actualities (Bowies Young Americans critique) rather than the suggestions of renewal and discovery (U2's inspiring boy album). And the big stick at the end of the line for stepping across just a little too far from where they led you (Catholic Priests anyone?), being too far in the first place. And yes, I have been brainwashed but at least am trying to sort the wheat out from the chaff. They must be ranging from knowitall to shitscared in the blink of an eye. At least I hope so as that might save the good guys from getting mean (.Though it also means the usual insufficient adjustments, rather than the necessary adaptations). That sceanrio is tough on the good guys. Lions for lambs and all that.


John C (UK) said...

Kuri, 4:16 AM

Are you a Catholic priest?

wv slymo - exactly

Visible said...

There is a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up now-

Bitches, Ho's and our Man in Pakistan.

Anonymous said...

To European American,
The Collapse might be sooner than 10 years.
From what I'm reading, we're heading towards an Ice Age by 2014 so if that's the case, your first collapse factor will kick in sooner rather than later.

Anonymous said...

I think a MAJOR change in perspective, from the temperol and transitory, to one based on an Eternal and Infinite perspective is what is needed, at least for those 10% you speak of.

One thing that 'new view' requires is a denying of the falsehood that is 'ownership'. When we realize that property is the concept of a lower mind, then things will start to turn around. And nowhere is that false belief worse than it is with 'intellectual property'. (hard to 'own' something that has existed, or could exist, for an Eternity and within Infinity, be it a physical existance or an idea)

I would like to add that ALL previous human social constructs, communism included, embrace the concept of property, just not in the way Americans might prefer it.
(private, individual)

P.S. I would also like to mention that wisemen from thoughout time have done the same thing to awaken their better selves. Isolation and Fasting. These 2 shapers reboot the consciousness, removing the years of Temperol and Transitory patterns engraved on the mind.
(to it, and the world's, detriment)

So if everything starts falling apart, you've always got a ticket to the real show, by looking within and gaining a true conception of the Eternal and Infinite.

Sure beats getting all Reactive to the Transitory and Temperol BS going on nowadays which isn't, by it's very nature, going to last.

Dammerung said...

It is imperative that the nations and peoples of the world speak with one voice.

Barack Obama, on Libya

He'd better be careful what he wishes for.

Also, Les, I am pleased there's some ententé between us.

Anonymous said...

Why American men should boycott American women

I am an American man, and I have decided to boycott American women. In a nutshell, American women are the most likely to cheat on you, to divorce you, to get fat, to steal half of your money in the divorce courts, don’t know how to cook or clean, don’t want to have children, etc. Therefore, what intelligent man would want to get involved with American women?

American women are generally immature, selfish, extremely arrogant and self-centered, mentally unstable, irresponsible, and highly unchaste. The behavior of most American women is utterly disgusting, to say the least.

This blog is my attempt to explain why I feel American women are inferior to foreign women (non-American women), and why American men should boycott American women, and date/marry only foreign (non-American) women.


Visible said...

There is a new Profiles in Evil up-

Petraeus and Lieberman sing the Arias of Hell.

Odin's Raven said...

"The world is going into full scale revolution mode because those who already have too much want more and the only place they are going to get it from is you and your offspring."

This applies at lower levels, as well as to the super-rich.

Here's a very cogent article about how the corruption of politics and the monopoly position of public sector unions is driving American local governments bankrupt.

Visible said...

The Village Idiot returns! With some sharp information. I'll put it here because he posted it to an outdated mirror-

The Village Idiot has left a new comment on your post "Julian Assange and Abe Foxman get Married.":

"Hello there Les, I'm doing the slow catch-up thing again and read this in the comments just now...

Quoting a previous comment: "long john said...

that chick has been around the scene for quite sometime. i remember seeing her tripping at greatful dead shows years ago. i also used to watch her youtube videos a few years back. i think she used to live around arcata california. and i believe she was also involved with a noted acid chemist, somehere out in the mid-west. she reminds me of a girlfriend i once had, who was a cousin to Owsley."

Ahh yes, that'd be Krystal Ann Cole Skinner, former girlfriend and accomplice of the guy who got Pickard busted in Kansas, setting the scene back at least ten years. Granted, Pickard was two-faced as well, having done the same thing to someone else years earlier (resulting in 'the family' no longer having his back which is why he went down).

So yes, she was "involved" with a noted chemist, in the sense that she helped get him busted. She's a narc and has been connected to kidnapping and was accused of torture along the way.

She's big-time trouble and a profiteer with no conscience who is not doing or saying anything original or particularly helpful for the psychedelic community, and many knowledgeable members of that community believe her to be a major reason why Salvia divinorum is now being banned in more an more U.S. states thanks to her videos that are doing little more than giving bad ideas to idiots (or good ideas to bad people) who then go on to do stupid things that result in calls for banning this or that.

But don't take my word for it:

This is a Word document of relevant court documents proving her cooperation w/ DEA:

And this is a crazy but amusingly sensible guy going on an anti-neurosoup youtube rant:

Just thought I'd mention this since I figured you'd like to know (as usual, things are not quite what they seem).

Take care,

The Village Idiot"

laurel said...

les.....please tell me it is not worth my time to bother to lambaste mr. "boycott american women". i really do have bigger more important things to do, don't i? right? ew. what a crud-ball. i will thank the stars he wont be in the vicinity of my american daughters. ew.

Visible said...

I debated posting that and finally did when I thought enough comments had come that it wouldn't be so noticed. It never fails (grin).

Well, it's an opinion and that's all I see really. I understand how these positions come about... all the delusions that encompass a broad range of generalities. Like everything else, we grow out of it. I spend a lot of my time every day surrendering everything I think I know and all the people I've been but only so much is accepted and some portions must always fall away on their own with the passage of time.

Visible said...

OK my friends;

I'm off bright and early for the body repair shop in the morning. I'll have a moment to post whatever comes in overnight and then I hope to be in the saddle for the radio show Sunday night. Susanne will post comments while i am gone but there may be more of a delay so this is just to update you on the whatever of it all.

ChewyBees said...

I wonder sometimes if the picture people have of the earth after the collapse of the world is realistic. I constantly remind myself and those willing to listen that the entire system we call world is propped up by fragile microchips. Silicon based processors are involved in everything, and they are the primary tool of the bankers and their phony bookkeeping and fiat currency, as well as their 24-7 scare-ware media advertisements to keep the fearful filling the plate no matter how many times it's passed through their pew. Microchips have been the status quo of every appliance, every form of transportation, the entire medical community, all transfer of energy, all communications, all food growth and processing and so on forever. The fragility of these little techno-gems has been known since their inception, but favorable conditions on planet earth and in the world system have allowed them to become absolute necessity.
The book One Second After by Wm Forstchen gives a scary glimpse of what could happen to society if a systemic failure of technology were to occur. In the book it is a portion of the U.S. that is devastated by an EMP bomb. But there are greater electromagnetic monsters lurking in the depths of space that we are only beginning to realize.
I don't believe it will be possible to hold on to the reliance and continual influence technology has on mankind and expect that there will be a change in the division and duality of the soulless rich and the rest of us. Their greatest tool is also their most fragile. The point I'm getting at is if the world went dark tomorrow, what would each of us seek to use to illuminate our lives. If the answer is an iPhone or even a flashlight then I'm afraid there is going to be a great deal of weeping and gnashing of teeth. The time is now for the mental preparation that push-button survival might just go the way of the Dodo, but that does not mean that we must. You will know the unprepared because they will be lined up at the locked door of a pitch black McDonald's.

Anonymous said...

Yes Siree am done ere boss

Dodgy One said...

Is it not just like a prayer that reaches the all.
The call comes for a gathering at a post.
The wise have their say the meek and the fool also.
In that most clean of meetings where only the words have impact.
Gesturing and prancing, waving with only true meaning.
They make a colision of briliant hypothetical light.
Only a few see the particals of resulting freedom strike at their shackles.
With blinding haste they depart the realms of dogma and conformity.
Each anew sending forth the particles freed from the impact.
Such chain reactions alone will bring forth a new power.
One that is not a repeat of the darkness of past.
Be struck and be forever young in spirit.
No greater reward there is.

May the giver make thee well dear Les.

Anonymous said...

I'm having problems following you here Les, you keep linking to rightwing/christian/white trash websites. If you think Christians who hate Jews are your friends, you got another thing coming.

Visible said...

You might want to give some context or an example. I'm not here to hunt around for your versions of meaning. I sense the massive racism already afoot in your comment I just need to know how virulent you are or how uninformed. Please assist.

Josey Wales ll said...

Hi Les,

I watch many movies at a close by second run theater.

What I've seen over the last 2 - 3 years is a trend to incorporate, werewolves, vampires and all sorts of entities into everyday movies. Giving them some moral properties and trying to give them human qualities.

It seems like a selling job by Hollywood and those connected (above them), to make what their up to, less vile and almost normal.

There are many others dealing with an apocalyptic world after some dreaded disaster. It seems like they are trying to make people afraid that if the current power structure is overthrown, that this "horror" will be what the "great unwashed" will have to look forward to. Like canabalism.

The overall messages are. 1. Were extremely twisted, but much like you in many other ways, with the same cares and feelings, and should be accepted and even looked up to. and....2) If you think about overthrowing our occult power structure, the world will be turned into a "dead zone" and you will be forced into eating each other for food.



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