Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Weirder it Gets, the Stranger it Looks

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

We can’t see where the increments of change begin and end. All we can garner from the affair is that one day we are in another one, different than the one before. Sometimes the differences are dramatic and sometimes they are subtle but no one can argue against the fact that things are changing rapidly and no one can predict accurately what is going to happen next. This is due to the X Factor of the invisible side of things that plays into the field of action. Most feel they have no control over any of it, outside of their small sphere of influence. Then there are those who believe they have a great deal of control, followed by those who think they are in control. Every one of these groups are wrong, one way or another.

Several major newsgathering sites link to my work, or used to link to my work, on a regular basis. One of them hasn’t posted anything by me in several days and hasn’t responded to any of my emails. A couple of years ago, this same newsgathering site did not print my work for about one year. This happened after repeated efforts on my part to reach the person in charge, until I finally quit trying. At the end of the year I am referencing, I noted that this particular newsgatherer was experiencing some difficulty in disseminating his work. I wrote him to say that despite how he may feel about me, I wanted to give him some assistance. He wrote back to tell me that he had no idea what I was talking about and would like me to explain what I meant about the way he feels about me. He said he loved my work and that was all there was to it. Boy am I glad I never blamed him or spoke out against him (grin)

I had noted that my work would sometimes get linked at this site over that year but that was mostly due to a member of the newsgathering site, taking it upon himself to see that it was linked. I don’t know what happened but I assume it has something to do with Google mail and then with Yahoo mail, which I was using to inform newsgathering sites of a new posting.

Everything appeared to straighten out with this particular newsgathering site and I began to get linked there again. Then, recently, several times I was not linked and I inquired and was told that he hadn’t received any email from me. Now, I can’t get through at all again. I just heard from him at the most recent Smoking Mirrors before this, so... as you can see, something is afoot.

Meanwhile, another newsgathering site has begun to not receive my emails and when I inquire, I am told it didn’t get through. As it stands now, I haven’t been linked at either of these sites most recently and inquires that I have sent out have not been replied to. I just visited one of these newsgathering sites and I find that one of my recent posts has now gone up, along with a Patrick Willis rendering of my piece, “Should the Japanese apologize for Pearl Harbor. The latest Profiles in Evil has not gone up but that could be for any number of reasons.

Someone or several someone’s, with sophisticated access and abilities, is shutting down my ability to communicate with the people who account for the larger portion of my internet traffic. I am recommending that, if you want to keep following my work, you become a ‘follower’ with Google Friend Connect (irony alert). You’ll see the list and icon of followers in the right hand column of any of my blogs. I believe this means you get informed when I put something up. If that is not the case, then I hope some reader will suggest a medium by which I can inform the reader of new content. All of the blogs have been moved to ‘secure’ backup sites, in case the Zio-Ogres who control the media and most areas of information sharing, decide to employ some of the strategies that they took over or invented the mediums to control.

I will go on trying to stay in communication with these newsgathering sites but there’s no guarantee that I can pull this off. You’re on your own in terms of staying in touch with what I do, should that interest you. If some of you are receiving regular, automatic updates, I would appreciate your comment explaining how you do this.

A reader wrote me yesterday to tell me that it was getting really weird everywhere. He said that an old friend just unloaded on him with no explanation whatsoever. Yesterday I had the same thing happen but it was more subtle.

Humanity has a very serious enemy and that is whoever is behind the violent superimposition of the false country of Israel, over the former land of Palestine. This enemy has been behind all sorts of horrible events through history, including the World Wars, the slave trade, the millions of dead in the Russian gulags and the Ukraine, plus Armenian holocausts as well as some number of other holocausts. They were even behind the creation of their own holocaust, which they have presently turned into a religion of death worship. They control your politicians around the globe. They control the banks. They control the media and entertainment industries, Wall Street and many other things. They control the curriculum in the school systems and they control the record and perception of history. They make up a very small percentage of world population. They and those who serve them, make up a tiny minority of the population.

Israel has to go and she will be going fairly soon. The banks have to fail and they will. Control of the various industries must be removed from their hands and this is going to happen too. They are behind just about every major injury and insult against the human race at this time. They are the chosen offspring of the Prince of Darkness and it being a dark age, the appearance of their power is great. They are going down in every sense of the word and we are in the midst of the process that is bringing them there.

They lie about everything, while creating false flag events that they blame on those they seek to destroy. They are controlling Governor Walker and everyone like him and they also control the democratic side of it too. The unions are screaming out with another degree of self interest, not unlike those who operate the robot Governor Walker. Mostly they just want their pay checks and don’t care about who did 9/11 or all of the wholesale mass murder, being done around the world in the name of America and the UK/Crown colonies at the order of their controllers in Israel. Now the Pedophile Pope has just made more extensive changes to the content of the Bible, in favor of those who falsely represent themselves as the actual people of the book, which is all the proof you need that it has been altered to suit certain agendas, since soon after it was written. Anyone, who isn’t a Gnostic or an Essene, or someone of similar simplicity and character, is a dupe; a fool and a worshipper of The Dark Throne. This goes for all of the religions on the planet, which each have a splinter of truth buried in the midst of the bullshit.

At present there is no such thing as a democracy and no real difference between any of the representative political parties. The judiciary is uniformly corrupt, especially the higher judiciaries. Corporations rule the world in tandem with the bankers and these are the kind of people who will keep a kitten alive on life support, so that they can continue to stab it with a fork. These are the sort of people who will ask you if you know the difference between a whore and an onion. Then when you say you don’t, they will tell you that the onion made them cry when they were cutting it up. It’s not a joke and they’re not waiting around for you to laugh. If they’re laughing, its not because they think it’s funny. They’re laughing because the awareness of evil fills them with mirth.

These alien entities are about to get what’s coming to them. This is going to happen because there is no alternative. There is no medical treatment for hydrophobia, after a certain stage of the process.

While there is still the opportunity, I suggest that the reader make arrangements for when my work will no longer be readily available in the places where you may have been accustomed to finding it. I can easily understand why any number of people may have no interest in hearing what I have to say, I am not addressing you and never have been.

Over the course of my time on the internet I have been excoriated by a number of information dissemination sites. One person felt I was teaching forbidden information. One group of people, claiming communication from other dimensions in time, trounced me for occasional use of psychotropics, while having no problem with alcohol use. I get regular letters from people, telling me about actions taken against them by this group of altruists. I’ve had large sites appear out of the blue, soliciting my material and then making me jump through hoops to get it to them, as if they were doing me a favor by making my work available, when I never asked them to. This is why I’ve never done this for money. The ad for ayurvedic treatment of kidney stones, newly on my sites, is because I believe the fellow has a cure. He doesn’t even know I put it up, although he may by now. People make all sorts of strange demands on me, as if I was employed by them and people say they don’t trust me when I never asked them to. People tell me I’m a Zionist agent; no doubt I will soon hear that I mistreat my dogs. Furthermore, I don’t debate, I state. I don’t argue or feel the need to prove my points. Take it or leave it.

I have also not mentioned the names of any of these sites and I don’t malign them, even though I could. I could say plenty. I don’t. I’d like to think I have more class than that. You know who the enemy is and, if you don’t, you’re under their spell or afraid of them. Neither of these applies to me. I wish all of you a good day, sincerely. The day will come when we shall all see with a great deal more clarity. That day is not yet here.

Much love...

End Transmission.......

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dogismyth said...

What is the best way to stay in contact with your writings? Visiting this blog? I don't use any of the email notification system or Twitter. Thanks for the words. Its refreshing to hear the truth as ugly as it is.

Anonymous said...

you are the real deal makes no difference who or what tries to tear you down ,as for the poison people i used to think people would stop behaving so badly like it was a game they were playing i have come to realize that in fact there are seriously sick people on this planet and they are not going to come good

Anonymous said...

I think that just about sums it up Vis, at this point in time. Well done and thank you.

Anonymous said...

Love your writing man. The bad guys feel their day coming; they're trying to avoid it by any means necessary.I Hope humanity survives to see the reckoning.

John C (UK) said...

I don't use the newsgathering sites for your work, i check all your sites lastly every day, (last because that way they stay with me to ponder upon).

as a side note this made me laugh
Benny the Rat said...

A.Mouser said...

Les you rock this world!

Your command of language excells practically anyone else´s - professional or not.

"Timocracy": a system where those with the wealth decide the rules and the laws.

Warm greetings, Mouser

Anonymous said...

Have you tried Twitter and followers?

Biblar said...

Hello Les.

Could it perhaps have been a benign glitch?

'The weirder it gets the stranger it looks' is now up at WRH.

Thought you would like to know.

Anonymous said...

As usual viz you tell it just like it is. I'm sort of that way too. The day before yesterday I was "resting my bones" on my Meditation seat about a half mile up the creek from the old ranch house where I dwell in harsh weather, There's a gravel road through private property my landlord had terra formed to set up about 30 3-4 acre building sites. None as yet have been developed. I go there to distance myself from the highway noise and or so as not to disturb the redneck neighbors. After about five minutes I heard a helicopter approaching and note it flying from the west at about 300 feet. No big deal and then, almost immediately, a state police SUV pulled up next to my Volvo and stopped. I turned to see who it was. He was about twelve feet away looking at me through the passenger side window, a man in uniform. "What's going on man?" I hesitated but said "Nothing" figuring it was none of his business and aware that policy says that I have a Miranda "right" that everything I say can and will be used against me in a court of law and there is no known law prohibiting me doing "nothing". He then lamely remarked "Just hanging out eh?" to which i said nothing{in hindsight I should have turned my back right then and resumed my doing of nothing]. But he was in hot pursuit and the next question was "Do you have permission from the land owner to be here?" I stood up and turned to face him and he was obviously aware he was wrong in presuming a right to disturb my peaceful meditation but could not stop himself trying to justify him initiating a debriefing without cause. He asked my name and I could have quite lawfully denied him anything to use against me in his "court of law", I could have just told him to get lost but no, being "nice" [learned helplessness] took over. I named myself which pacified him and he left. I on the other hand was left with a bitter taste in mouth, wishing I would have known exactly what to say and how to say it. Since the incident I have seen the light on why the corporate employee is wrong and knows it. Perhaps more on that later. Chip

Visible said...


It might have been a glitch once or twice but like Goldfinger said, "Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, the third time is enemy action". This is consistent and covers several sites and together with all sorts of other activities there's no question in my mind that its orchestrated. I know it's up at Smoking Mirrors now because I managed to contact Michael through third parties. He isn't hearing from me and can't reach me either. Although now, surprisingly that's fixed and even if his was just the strange case of approved mails winding up in the SPAM folder several times and fixed each time there is still more.

Neko Kinoshita said...

I always knew you mistreated your dogs. All this talk about cold and wet noses, and soft paws, and, and, and, aw shucks. I can't think of anything else to go here.

(The preceeding was intended as humor for those of you still asleep)

I cannot yet see clearly, but I keep getting these glimpses.

I see you on FB, and I check the site daily.

"Blogger" could drop you, and I would not be able to get here, because, like FB, your blog is a page accessed via the site's software, and not a site with a fixed IP address.

Addressed sites can be accessed even if they take out the domain controllers, which is a weakness of the web, not the internet.

All that drivel, indicates that if I can't find your writings, I'll be hoping for the more esoteric method, that some of your writings seem to indicate. Since there are times you seem to be reading my mind.

In the meantime, My nose is cold and wet, so are some of the others in my household.


Visible said...

First off, I mean no offense here but I despise the trivia worship fest that is Twitter and have no desire to be 'a twit' which is what Twitter seems to indicate their users are; that's how it seems and the dumbed down 144 character thing which causes people to use letters for words and talk like teenage girls is just not my kind of thing. There are other workarounds and they will surface.

Finally... Biblar and anyone else who is interested. I let things go to a great extent before I even bring them up. if I am bringing them up and using the blogs to discuss them there is a lot more than what I have said having gone down.

Anonymous said...

Les the way I understand it is google has a new rating system. What they call "information farmers" is not going to be rated by them anymore. I suppose they mean bloggers when they say this. I suppose what it really means is there is now too much information being disseminated in the blogosphere.

I don't really care if anybody reads my blog, it is mostly a book marker for me anyway. I did run across by accident a site called scrubit which offered to run a test and see how your blog was rated by google. I ran the wordpress site on it and it said congratulations, you have "0" rating with google.I put some tags in as they suggested to make the blog show up better in search engines. I haven't noticed any difference though.

I don't use the google blog much anymore anyway. It is just sitting there, if anyone finds anything useful on it, fine if not that is fine too. There was one guy who claimed google just cut his blog off out of the clear blue sky for a piece he wrote with no explanation whatsoever.

Peter of therearenosunglasses mentioned that he has never seen any of his articles on a google search. It is like his does not exist for them. But anyway it is like someone said google is becoming even more strange lately.

Visible said...

If you're going to stockpile aroused corpses you need to refrigerate them.

All the blogs are hard wired backed up on independent servers; have no fear.

Anonymous said...

If I haven't seen one of your posts in a while I begin to "jones" for one and click on the link to your site on my favorites bar. Then I drink from the well. We need your oasis in the media desert, barren of truth, filled with the rattle snakes of disinformation. Keep it flowing.

Anonymous said...

Interaction with your site was spotty as well. On more than one occasion my responses were submitted to the ether. This comment may also be lost to the digital wasteland somewhere between nothingness and eternity. Another victim of some innocuous unexpected digital "tsunami". Not so obvious as a "financial tsunami" or a million dead Iraqi. A million souls lost. A million murders. Expect the demon's bagmen to argue, "Guilty, but with an explanation, your honor", at he Hague.

"Tsunamis" do not require an explanation - they are facts of fate.

Fate just happens.

The "blog" provider may be suspect, but given it offers and option to post with a "Google" account, perhaps it should not be a concern.

After all, "Google" does no evil.

On another note, I just replaced strings on my studio "Strat" and the intonation is so tight a "bell" tone rings at every fret. Perhaps the time to sound that ancient perfect dissonance is at hand. Perhaps the moment to fracture the looking glass our demon uses to broadcast his nighmare is close at hand?

kapoore said...

I'm sympathetic to your position but I think we have to guard against throwing the baby out with the bath water. We human beings prefer to live within our customary ways and it is a violation to change the customs without consent of the people--even if you think they are deluded fools. So, keep in mind that the Pope is only one Catholic among millions, not all Jews are ziocons, not all bankers are banksters, and so on. This is why a working justice system would be the best way of dealing with this problem. In other words, if someone has committed a crime, or lied us into a war, or is using religion as a front for some illegal activity; then, let's focus on the specifics of that violation. The problem is that the justice system is compromised along with the rest and so we risk losing the glorious ordinariness of our customary ways of life. But I know from experience that most people do not want to give up their customary life. Most people despise revolutionaries; they prefer to live in willful ignorance and have a calm cup of coffee while reading a piece of propaganda. My thoughts...

Paul Hellyer said...

February 26, 2011 by Hon. Paul Hellyer, P.C. Former Canadian Minister of National Defence

The world financial system is a total fraud. It is one gargantuan Ponzi scheme, no better than the one Bernie Madoff used to swindle his friends and neighbors, and thousands of times worse if you add up the total number of victims it has ripped off over countless generations.

The principal difference between the two schemes is that Madoff was acting outside the law while the international banking cartel has persuaded generation after generation of monarchs, presidents and prime ministers to provide legislative protection for their larceny.


Anonymous said...

One thing I neglected to mention was lately I have run into a quirk posting on google blogs. It will say open I.D. error and not post a comment. If you post it several times it usually takes.

Another unusual event that happened on my word press blog was that some of the older comments by Noor simply disappeared, scrubbed off. Now she realizes of course I would never do this and we discussed it. It is however a clever way to make some think O.K. the blogger guy doesn't like my comments. Some would be left with that impression I am sure. I have no idea who could be doing it. It might be google and it might be something else.

Frog said...

Les, I just check your sites every couple of days. I have a aversion to signing up to trackers or databases. Just as aside, I have the IPs of some of my favorite websites so that I can type the address directly if the name gets removed from DNS. is
Strange times,thanks Les.

Visible said...

I thought you might find this amusing and since I'm having something to say I thought I'd throw in a little entertainment too-

Smoking Mirrors.

Petri Dish.

Visible Origami.

Stream of consciousness.

Profiles in Evil.

Okay, I'm going to make a post in a little bit at Siamese Mirrors that will have to do with the solstice and Kumbhamela and sundry should you have an interest in being engaged.

covkid said...

Hi Les and all,

I recently bought a new laptop after my old one was dropped.Pre-installed on this new computer is a one month free trial of mcafee internet protection.
When i visit the Les site the following warning appears;


As the collective works of les are gathered here it seems that all of the blogs are targeted.
However i receive notification of the individual blogs and when viewed no such warning appears

You may be right Les something weird is going on.
It seems your reputation goes before you,and your dealing in truth is cause for concern for those who deny it.


Anonymous said...

Visible, i was going to post on your Profiles of Evil this link:

But when I clicked on the your PIE link, i'm not sure if I'm supposed to get what comes up? is this page correct?

Love, Debbie.

John C (UK) said...

no wonder you don't need donations...

i will use Nekos caveat above (grin)

wv: perre - speaking of Neko...

Anonymous said...

I love your writings...try to catch them every chance I get. may I add tho: You mention "democracy". It is of my opinion that democracy sucks, and turns into tyranny within a short period of time, the same way an ice cube melts under the sun. Its inevitable. That is why the founding fathers brought in a Republic. Its also too bad even the republicans in the country dont even know what the root of their party name even means. And, there are some of us, that are learned, that know the bible has been bastardized over the centuries, but let me explain: If you read the book of Job, you can see how God allowed lucifer to mess with Job. But God said" you cant touch his soul". IMHO, this is what happened to the Bible. It got messed with, but the "soul", the "spirit" is still there. And when you know that, it is the most beautiful book ever in history.

Rhett said...

Hey Les, I really enjoy reading you man, but I have to make sure I'm reading you straight here:

"Now the Pedophile Pope has just made more extensive changes to the content of the Bible..."

1) Is he really a pedophile? (Has he been accused or charged?)

2) I read that his latest book further absolves Jews of culpability in Jesus' death, but I'm unaware of any hard biblical changes.

Thanks for any further insight here, and keep rockin'!

Anonymous said...

Am I mistaken, or is this the second post I've seen on this site in the last couple of weeks that was originally posted last year?

Dave Klausler said...


It was always obvious to me how you felt about Twit-speak.

I said to Neko once "I speak fluent English," only partially joking.

Oiy, I HATE that infantile shit. It is a real chore cleaving that from the daughter.



Biblar said...

Hello Les.


As you said, once, or a couple of occasions and one could put it down to the mysterious dark matter that is the PC/Internet.

I admit I did wonder at the time if somehow you were both ending up in each others spam folders (happened between myself and a family member, took ages to work out the obvious, not being terribly computer literate); but
as you pointed out, the combined, consistent activity does appear to render this implausible.

If a subversive force has caused the current (and former) problems you are experiencing, such a force will only succeed in self sabotage; as you are still here Les, still writing and people are most definitely still reading.

There is a problem with the comments section 'Open ID' option re: choose an identity again too Les, it won't let me (smile)

Visible said...

a few comments that seem necessary;

this was not posted a year ago.

Yes I mentioned 'democracy'. I said it didn't exist.

and this Pope is the fellow who headed the agency that protected the pedophiles. I submit that this infers the obvious. Also, take a look at the guy. He's definitely not having sex with the willing.

Okay, maybe he didn't change actual scripture. I admit I was parsing wrongly but it's a known fact that it's been altered through the ages.

Finally, I have said repeatedly, ad nauseum that I do not include all members of any group as being representative of those I speak about. I have said it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again

Neko Kinoshita said...

Go ahead, repeat yourself,

And while you're at it, say the same things again.

Hey Dave, you call that English?

"Jews killed Jesus" was always Zionist propaganda. FOR JEWISH CONSUMPTION.

Show me a single Christion who doesn't know who killed him, and I'll show you a total fool.

Jesus was crucified by the Romans. The only people crucified by the Romans were criminals guilty of Treason. (which throws a wrench into the other two eh?)

By the way (can I not say BTW?), how much of this is history?

Just saying,

Terrance said...

Hello Les , In the last couple weeks, everytime I try to access your site, my internet connection on my iPhone drops it's connection and I have to start all over again. Something is fishy because I have no problems with any other sites........

Visible said...

Well, according to the movie, Pilate did not want to kill him and they threw the decision to t he crowd who chose Barabbas to be freed

CorvidKnows said...

Cheers, new friends, and a big cheerio to the New Jersey Brit! I stumbled across a remarkable prediction of today's impostor state of Israel. Follow the link below and read the whole paragraph across the page break (p. 84-85).

"There is reason for believing that a great body of the Jews will be brought back to Palestine in their unconverted state by some powerful antichristian nation for its own political purposes. At that period, all the splendid promises will be fulfilled to the ancient people of God, but such of them as remain obdurate, will, together with the antichristian nation, be cut off in their infidel state by some manifest judgment from the Almighty; and this age also will close with the coming of the Son of Man to vindicate his name and execute judgment on the unbeliever . . ."

William Balfour Winning, "Essays on the Antediluvian Age" from the Princeton Library of the Theological Seminary, published 1834
(He's quoting an author who published in 1793)

Steven P. in Utah

nina said...

You are completely correct in your observations. There exists a sort of vague undercurrent of personal rights to irresponsibility that goes on in Internet communication which is also why the Internet is a perfect metaphor for popular culture in general. People can hide behind it, remain anonymous if they wish, adopt areas of expertise where none existed previously if they should desire to and most of all, ignore anyone they want, any time the whim to ignore strikes. In other words, the Internet, this so-called communication device, invites Neanderthal behaviors people cannot get away with in a physical setting without losing all credibility.

That being a given, it is always a special treat to come across the real thing, which is a large part of the problem because most people are no longer able to recognize the real thing even if it slams them with a two by four. And worse, they don't even care about the real thing thanks to the prevaling technology Zeitgeist.

It is especially tragic to see desperate people calling out for help in confidence the Internet will rescue them. But this is where its all heading.

BTW, I have ZERO trouble reading you Visible, I am an offical follower of all your works and rarely make a blog essay without mentioning you.

On the other hand, you are a person who thankfully feels free to explain yourself where other honest and direct people might also have health or whatever issues going on they are just not as comfortable sharing. Let's excuse them, because we know them already to be genuine and empathize instead of second guessing.

I'd trust your own feelings and go with your gut. At some point, like today, the inexcusable is obvious - like vomit, it just bursts out undeniably. And it is what it is.

bart said...

You are the "Dog" , man ....
thank you visible ...this post is
as right on as are all your posts ... it reminded me of Heisenberg's principle , too .
Blessings !

Neko Kinoshita said...

From the musical:
"We turn to Rome,
to sentence Nazareth,
we have no law,
to put a man to death."

(Actually they did, but it was death by stoning.)

Yeah, they try to push it off, but only the Romans could "crucify him."

Lookie, I found it!

Can we argue semantic some more?


wv: oveness - looks pretty oveness in the film linked above.

Anonymous said...

I read some time ago the israelis had bought symantec and I believe mcafee also. So most of it is funneled through Haifa. It should not be a surprise they would not be high on Les's site as he tells the truth about them. Years ago when I used mcafee and microsoft, I hooked up a router and the mcafee guy hacked right into it. He called himself something like premiere hacker or something like that. So to me it is a joke. I use apple and a router but they froze my IP number sometime ago so that it is static. It is one reason the Russian spyware is taking over Europe and making it's way forward in the US. (Kapersky)

CRYPTOME reports that the US National Security Agency (NSA) has remote administrative access to several of the most popular Windows PC firewalls, and that it has also taken control of a number of supposedly "secure " email services within the past few months.

It writes that the personal computer firewall software products from MacAfee, Symantec and Zone Alarm all "...facilitate Microsoft's NSA-controlled remote admin access via IP/TCP ports 1024 through 1030... without security flag."

rest here »···irewalls

Now this is just too good..especially when the computer crashed once trying to post this.

amarynth said...

dogismyth, on, there is (bottom of home page) a full list of Les' blogs as they appear. You'll also find the radio shows there, as well as Patrick's work and other derivative works. This site is a work in progress and a placeholder currently.

Covkid, the warning that you get is most probably that your own browser/or Mcafee is set to warn when anything else but motherhood and apple pie is on the screen.

We are also in the process of developing a new site that will have all of Les' work, and this will be very securely mirrored. All the webmasters that I know that deal with real information are in the process of securing their sites and info bases right about now.

Anonymous said...

So at any rate if you call security funneling your hard drive through Haifa Israel, good luck? I would not pay $39.95 for that if I even still used microsoft. I don't use an intel apple either because I don't want anything that even says microsoft on it near me. I would throw a block party if both of them went bankrupt.

Anonymous said...

I keep in contact with your writing using RSS and when your stuff doesn't come through on a regular basis I search out your current site and get a feed from that place too.

gurnygob said...

What Debbie said.

So Debbie I just went to that url appraisal site and typed in (which doesn’t even exist) and guess what, it’s worth $22,419.08.

I typed in one of my old personal blog addresses that I killed some time ago and the bastards were only offering $46.00 for it. (grin)

Les I have smoking Mirrors bookmarked and follow you and the other blogs from there, never any trouble.


Anonymous said...

broken down citys
peoples scattered dreams
stupid indifference
impermittable schemes
squeals of the parasites
vampires and vultures
pathways to destruction
for diminishment of culture's
with corporate globalised
disturbance in dwells
cold hearted sickness
of sold into hells
systematic wickedness
all men are slaves
till whole and free
the heart emblazed


Strum said...

Does blogger support RSS?
Could you put an RSS feed on the blogs?

Here is some info about RSS for those who don't know what it is :

Would seem to be a simple and standard way you could let people know when a new post is up

Another great post , particularly liked this bit :

"I don’t debate, I state. I don’t argue or feel the need to prove my points. Take it or leave it."

As always reading you is like listening to my own thoughts.

power on dog poet


Anonymous said...

I have all your blogs on google reader and have never had any problem getting your updated posts!


Anonymous said...

Your updates appear immediately in the free RSS reader FeedDemon. It's fed by Google Reader. This is a common setup that's simple to configure. No one who claims to want to link to your newest blog posts has a plausibly deniable reason for failing to do so. GOOGLE is one of the big evils, but it is not yet deliberately blocking your work.

Anonymous said...

weird twisted sickness
disturbance and strife
that poison the people
and take away life
with confusion turmoil
corruption and doubt
disrupting the chords
of harmonys sound
sacred ground
reaching for heights
harmonious patterns
of lifting true life
rise inside
grow and inspire
reverberate freely
regenerate higher


Anonymous said...

it seems a lot of the truth sites load slower now sometimes takes about a minute for rense to load up, whr aswell,sott a little faster but over the past month everything has definately slowed down where I am....

nice post mr visibles

respects neil

Anonymous said...

" shutting down my ability to communicate with the people who account for the larger portion of my internet traffic.... I hope some reader will suggest a medium by which I can inform the reader of new content."

Your site offers Web Feed subscription, which is a chronological listing of updates to your site (most recent at the top). In my browser (Firefox), if the site offers web feed subscription, an icon appears at the end of the URL address window in the navigation toolbar. Subscribing creates a bookmark to a page for that site which indexes recent additions. (For help, search under "subscription" in the browser's help content.)

Presto! Instant third-party bypass. All the action takes place in the two endpoints of the communication (in this case, the web site's server and the web surfer's browser).

Anonymous said...

also my fb page has been played with,I dont know who by,could be fb themselves or it may even be the head family of the illuminati or satanetanyahoo or how ever you spell his name,or could be coffee marks on my computer screen,just dont know...neil

Peter of Lone Tree said...

Some of the connection problems could be caused by solar flares or coronal mass ejections (CMEs).

As well as all the funny (not ha-ha) business in the sky:
Fire in the Sky.

Layth Shusha said...


I have been researching the hidden numbers of Prince William and published it in the article "Prince Williams Occulted Numbers". In that artice you will find also the only comprehesive and ACCURATE data online on the high strangeness of PW's eclipse coincidences.

"He was born under saros 117 eclipse on the summer solstice. Saros 117 was in its 1189th year when he was born. The bible contains 1189 verses of which psalm 117 is the central verse, it is the shortest verse and 119 is the longest..."

If you think thats a coincidence, wait till you read his dates!

All data have the relevant links to provide proof.

Anonymous said...

I'd be looking at setting up a Hidden Service on the TOR network.
Id also get into using Linux, it's not so hard these days. At least these things are open source, so no hidden code.

and yep, I get all sorts of weird stuff with electronics and computers when these solar flares are on.

somehow (the usual processes) Monty Pythons Life of Brian came to mind reading this post and comments.
"welease wodger" >> "welease vwisible".
and the Arab haggling scene (re site value page) "that's what it costs, but what is it *worth*.

and Jung did "Answer to Job". when things are down, God (esp. old testament) is not all he's cracked up to be. Man, with divinity, is the supreme conscious being. It pays to question.


Anonymous said...

Once again, Visible, you've nailed it, which is why they'll try to shut you down. But please stop calling Israel a she. It is an it. An ancient concept hammered into millions of minds and a chunk of land so bloodied, it will never grow anything bountiful and true. It, along with many other conceptually genuine nightmares, is cursed. The game is changing.

You are a great thinker and writer, a student of the universe and the soul, a scribe for our convoluted times, a master of vocabulary, twists of thought, and the crafting of visual relevance through words alone. Like Steinbeck walking our eyes through the grapes of wrath, only much worse this time, more, shall we say, inescapable and undeniable, no matter how hard we try to retain the old paradigm, despite massive and persuasive evidence to the contrary.

I continue to find your work at Long live Jeff and his site. Your blogs are bookmarked.

Remain Visable, Les! And keep on writing. You have a lot of appreciative readers.

Heddy B

Anonymous said...

Iscariot Wears Prada!

Iscariot wears Prada!
Red ones…bloody ones;
Awash now with Gesu’s Blood!

pax verbum

Anonymous said...

The Smoke of Satan - Revealed!

Why appease ‘Them’? ‘They’ DID IT!
They’re doing it still…
The Smoke of Satan – revealed!

pax verbum

Ilona StarDust said...

In so many places we read "how tiny" "That One Group" is... but i don't believe that any longer...

Through the years I've seen so many Maroons and other Kryptos hanging around in the Political Scene among the rest of the World's Political Arenas, so that " That Tiny Group" isn't that tiny at all- but the Common Man in this Group of People is/are indeed trained since earliest years of their Childhood to rally around and build this Human shield around their Leaders... yet always to spit out the number " 2% "!!!
... makes me think of some other Numbers they hold "Sacred and Immutable" !!...
Two % they claim their number to be of the World Pop.... I believe that number to be NO LESS than 20% of ANY more "important" Community in the World!.....

est said...

3:01 am

like many of us here
i could not help
looking up
psalm 118
here it is :

Psalm 118

1 Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good;
his love endures forever.
2 Let Israel say:
“His love endures forever.”
3 Let the house of Aaron say:
“His love endures forever.”
4 Let those who fear the LORD say:
“His love endures forever.”
5 When hard pressed, I cried to the LORD;
he brought me into a spacious place.
6 The LORD is with me; I will not be afraid.
What can mere mortals do to me?
7 The LORD is with me; he is my helper.
I look in triumph on my enemies.
8 It is better to take refuge in the LORD
than to trust in humans.
9 It is better to take refuge in the LORD
than to trust in princes.
10 All the nations surrounded me,
but in the name of the LORD I cut them down.
11 They surrounded me on every side,
but in the name of the LORD I cut them down.
12 They swarmed around me like bees,
but they were consumed as quickly as burning thorns;
in the name of the LORD I cut them down.
13 I was pushed back and about to fall,
but the LORD helped me.
14 The LORD is my strength and my defense[a];
he has become my salvation.
15 Shouts of joy and victory
resound in the tents of the righteous:
“The LORD’s right hand has done mighty things!
16 The LORD’s right hand is lifted high;
the LORD’s right hand has done mighty things!”
17 I will not die but live,
and will proclaim what the LORD has done.
18 The LORD has chastened me severely,
but he has not given me over to death.
19 Open for me the gates of the righteous;
I will enter and give thanks to the LORD.
20 This is the gate of the LORD
through which the righteous may enter.
21 I will give you thanks, for you answered me;
you have become my salvation.
22 The stone the builders rejected
has become the cornerstone;
23 the LORD has done this,
and it is marvelous in our eyes.
24 The LORD has done it this very day;
let us rejoice today and be glad.
25 LORD, save us!
LORD, grant us success!
26 Blessed is he who comes in the name of the LORD.
From the house of the LORD we bless you.[b]
27 The LORD is God,
and he has made his light shine on us.
With boughs in hand, join in the festal procession
up[c] to the horns of the altar.
28 You are my God, and I will praise you;
you are my God, and I will exalt you.
29 Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good;
his love endures forever.

Anonymous said...

I just want to say your not alone, you know that already but I'm saying it again.

I'm not sure what else to say, but that I agree with you and I am watching a waiting.

Their time is nearly up.

M. Rocknest said...

I go to your blogs directly or follow a link. No problems so far. I think if I did have a problem with access I'd go to the New Shangri-La forum and ask for advice from Amarynth. Guess I don't quite understand why there would be a need to be notified about a new posting when I check frequently anyway. (Maybe I'm missing something here because I use the internet but I don't pretend to understand it.) BTW, thanks for those words about Twitter. As much as I love birds I will never tweet.

Anonymous said...

put me down as deluded if you want, but I agree with the Pope. The Jews collectively are no more guilty of the death of Jesus than all Russians are guilty of the red terror, Beria, genocide of the Ukranians, etc., or all Whites guilty of slavery...
Christ died for OUR sins, of which we all are guilty, no one is perfect.
We all rebel against God's will.
To be born into a Jewish family does not make one automatically into a zionist criminal. Indeed, there are more deluded "christian' zionists than there are Jewish ones.
Let all be judged individually. There is no inherited collective guilt.

Anonymous said...

Dont you collect phone numbers and or address's to chase up your getting through?

Anonymous said...

Mark in Australia reckons:

I love your work Les, I just wish I was as confident in my heart as you are that things will change for the better and we can flick these zionist evil parasites like a dog would its flees.

Only Mother Nature seems truly capable of doing that because as one poster pointed out, most humans would prefer their coffee with their propaganda.
Stay cool cobber

Visible said...

Hmmm... Why would I collect phone numbers and addresses? I already know how to get in touch with myself. I find that amusing. I do this for free and now I have to chase people down to read it in case they haven't made the effort to be able to? I run into variations of this kind of thing a lot. People want me to fix their comments when they can do it themselves. People want a lot from me, as if I were their electric coffee maker. They want me to let them know this and that when it happens and so on. I think some of the readers would be pretty astonished as what some people demand of me as if I was an employee

You may be a well meaning person and I don't want to offend you but I'm not going to go through any more trouble than I already do; which is considerable.

For awhile I thought it would be great to have a New Shangri-La community. I still do but I am now going to personally vet anyone who is going to be around me for any period of time. I'm low maintenance. I don't want anyone else who isn't also.

I'm glad it's taken so long to evolve to what's on the horizon. I could have made some real errors in judgment just from wanting to be a nice guy.

Anonymous said...

We’ve all been dumbed down throughout our whole lives. By “we” I mean all of us normal decent people. We — and our parents — were mis-educated, mis-informed by media, and mis-led by our leaders. And still are.

But a lot of us are coming out of it. We’re finding dead authors whose books were suppressed and we’re reading their knowledge on the Internet and sharing it with others. We’re waking up. Here are 10 signs that you, too, are coming out of it.

1. You’re no longer persuaded by the expression: “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.” (After all, did our Founding Fathers say, “Let’s shoot for second-best,” or did they set up the best republic they knew how to do?)
2. You’re questioning the scam that gold and diamonds are “precious.” (Lovely, yes. But precious? For what? Who controls those earth elements and overcharges for them?)
3. You quit thinking it’s cool to poison yourself. (Alcohol, smoke, other drugs. Oh, sure, we can use them, but you know there’s nothing cool about it.)
4. You reject the belief that billionaires somehow deserve to be billionaires, that somehow they legally “earned” it.
5. You see through the lie that the “business cycle” of booms and crashes is “natural.”
6. You’re overcoming the propaganda that says the so-called “jews” are the supreme victims in history instead of the supreme criminals. (You’ve read some of the truth about the “jew”-led slaughters in Russia, Ukraine, France, Spain, and our own “jew”-instigated Civil War, and more.) No, not all jews. We’re talking about the large percent of jews who conspire against all non-jews.
7. You finally realize that “Judeo-Christian” is a contradiction in terms. (You realize why “jews” have a different sabbath and that their Talmud rule book — not a bible, not a religion book — insults Jesus, insults all non-jews, and encourages jews to commit crimes against non-jews.)
8. You’re beginning to see that well-connected lawyers don’t actually work for the decent people who hire them. (And it’s becoming obvious that the lawyer “privilege” of secrecy is not for the protection of the client but is for the protection of the criminally conspiring lawyers and judges.)
9. You’re finally waking up to the fact that those innocent songs of childhood, well, weren’t. The Beatles sang “Love Is All You Need,” and now, after all these years, you rhetorically respond: How about the truth? Knowledge? Wisdom? Morals? Principles? Gumption? John Lennon, arguably, learned the truth and rejected our enemy’s agenda. Paul McCartney became complicit.)
10. You’re on the verge of tears when it dawns on you that our presidents and other government leaders have had to be complicit in the atrocities against us, often in service to a foreign power. (The enormity of it, and how we’ve been criminally duped, is overwhelming. 9/11. Oklahoma City bombing. Waco. Economic “austerity” against every generation. Illegal wars in which multi-thousands of our gung-ho men and women have been sent to get maimed and killed. …)


Anonymous said...

I came to your blogs through an S&MSM site, oddly enough, about 3 or 4 years ago.I have never missed a post via all your blog sites since.

Your writings and the subsequent reader commments thereafter are the highlight of my day and night, and sometimes both.

Here's 3 years for a so called 'anti semite' protesting against a local supermarket selling Israeli oranges here in Oz....

He did push the boat out a little (grin) but proof it's alive and well here in Australia too.

Why is it that racial hatred toward the Jews has actually been given a slogan? Does this exist for other races too?

Just wondering....

Thanks Les, another great post.


Anonymous said...

Dear Les...

Anyone, who isn’t a Gnostic or an Essene, or someone of similar simplicity and character, is a dupe; a fool and a worshipper of The Dark Throne.

You couldn't have stated that any better!!...all truth is within....history is one big lie for the Dark Side...the war of the essence between Good and Evil is all but complete...what we are witnessing is evil exposing and destroying itself...during this process viables will know exactly who is who...this is the generation that will witness the correction as was promised to the "Celestial Error" when this dimension was taken over by an evil essence and trapped true viables and since then has been stealing prana (lifeforce) to build its evil empire...the Liberation of true viables is coming as promised...the only ones that don't want to hear this message is those of the Dark Side for they will be transmuted back into primordial energy after facing their final will be most painful for those of the Dark Side...and most joyous for those true viables going home.

Keep up the great work...I read your work through and I also have marked your home page in my I can get to you either way....I can check in.

Best Wishes Always
Laurie....Vancouver Island, BC

Visible said...

Hi Laurie;

Yes, I refer to that being returned to the primordial essence as being sent back to being a rock; the first state of existence- first the stone, then the plant, then the animal and then the God. This is what happens to black magicians and all of those who have given up what they gained over a long struggle, for temporary gain. It is truly insane and the saddest part is that forgiveness awaits for those who would take advantage of it. That window of opportunity will not stay open forever.

In every tradition there is that system that has retained some measure of the truth. For the Christians, it is as stated. For Islam, it is the Sufi Tradition. Each of them have a narrow corridor that leads to the door into the world of light.

Anonymous said...

Hi there

I have had no problem with Google Reader with your posts . In my experience the fault normally lies with the receiver who don't reply and then say they didn't get an e-mail or it got lost in spam .

No offence meant but going by the dictum ' what you put out, you get ' do you always reply to your e- mails ?

Meant in the best possible way !


amarynth said...

"In every tradition there is that system that has retained some measure of the truth. "

For sure! one just has to look very deeply ... here is a joyful rendering of retaining some measure of truth. I do like these Playing for Change people - something about the enjoyment that just speak to me.

David Duke said...

Israel the Promised Land for Organized Crime 1

An 11 minute David Duke video .. about the American public being hornswaggled into believing that the Italians were the gangsters, when it was really a Jewish Mafia.. where the Italians took the wrap ..

Julian Assange leaked a bunch about Israel, but no MSM would print any of it... A bit of hidden history..

Unfuckingbelievable said...

Most of us know by now that the the Federal Reserve central bank of America is just as privately owned as the Feral Express courier company.

But did you also know that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is a private collection agency which gives all monies collected to the Federal Reserve?

PONZI SCHEME EXTRORDINAR by the Rothschild minion Rockefeller.

Neko Kinoshita said...

You mean you're NOT my electric coffeemaker?

And all this time I just thought you wanted to be a nice guy.

Sorry, I'm just falling over laughing at the antics. Occasionally the divine allows me to see the absurdity of it all, and I just get a little carried away.


Perry L said...

"Furthermore, I don’t debate, I state. I don’t argue or feel the need to prove my points. Take it or leave it."

Funny how I have traveled the exact same path as you Les over several years (NO, YOU didn't "guide" me on it) and have come to the same spot in the road. It's been a strange trip for both of us and I think it will get much stranger before we reach the end of our respective paths.

Keep up the work Bro and I'll do the same and we'll get to "there" soon enough.


Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up-

Walking Like a Stroke Victim down Heart Attack Lane.

Visible said...

Perry L.

I don't know where you would get the impression that I consider myself guiding anyone. That sort of thing doesn't go through my head. I'm all about being guided. I would probably get lost pretty quick if I thought I was guiding others. I hope I haven't given that impression and if I have, I'm sorry.

Anyway, good fortune on your road, both of them (inward and outward)

Anonymous said...
most interesting math

Anonymous said...

If Assange has leaked about Isreal and the MSM not published it, pls post links. In any case, he shouldnt be doing deals with them if thats how they've treated him. He should be whistle blowing wherever on that point most of all, just lke Helen Thomas did.

On Oconnor some youtubes Ill have to go through later
add him to Steven Bracks I think .

LV, on vetting, Ive been told around here where I live, where there have been multiple communities, that the more long term successful ones use vetting and have strong formal constitution (ground rules). It starts to sound like gaed communities and elites, but free fall all attracts all sorts of well, idiots and people full of delusions and projections. Even worse when there's a perceved guru.


Anonymous said...

gotta add this one in, that victim kept coming back at Oconnel giving as good as he got, assertiveness wise.
and Australians think they live in a free country. shame.


fredwahl said...

Here's the main religion, the black magic spell. The world won't work if you don't have money At the same time the mark of the beast666, without it you can't buy nor sell, all the world will worship the beast. Mammon is a symbol, and all worship it all need it. Worshiping money a symbol, and pay tithe on the symbol called taxes. This is the universal religion. Any non-belivers?


GTRman said...

Someone mentioned the latest Duke vid , but didnt put up a link. It's actually a 3 part vid exposing the ,ahem ,
"Russian Mafia" , as usual , using jewish-only sources.
ESSENTIAL VIEWING in my opinion.
Heres the link , the links to the other 2 parts are within the vid:
Israel the Promised Land for Organized Crime 1

This short vid nails the issues in just 2 minutes :

The World Must UNITE

Thanks Les and all , Im melancholy but sort of enjoying it.

Peace ( but not too much )

Hurry back , Pan !

jomama said...

It's been a while HI y'all!
Les--you are beautiful and so is this oasis you've carved out of the noosphere. I am deeply nourished by the community that drinks from this well, as much as by the well itself; "Official Regulars" as well as newbies...even the trolls and drop-ins provide entertainment and reflection. It's a buffet of delight and inspiration on so many levels.
I visit daily and ...cross my fingers/knock on wood...I've never had a problem accessing your blogs. It's my top fav in the queue. Don't need a reminder or invitation. And like some one else expressed...I may come more than once a day but often make it the last place I visit so the vibe carries me to the Dream Time.

I could try to share the weird, synchromystic happenings on a personal level but I'll just trust y’all might grok it through the ethers and feel my love, gratitude, mirth, awe, cynicism, despair, perseverance, outrage, indignation, and did I say love and gratitude?
Well...we do indeed live in interesting times. I find the struggle between my physical reality and my spiritual aspirations so often at cross can be quite depressing. Then I come here and read your words Les and the family... and it flips me out/tweaks my ego/balms my soul and brings me to a calmer space...more trusting that what is ultimately essential--LOVE--will prevail whether or not I myself will.
Well I'm no wordsmith so suffice it to say that I'd be in a real lonely wilderness had I not stumbled upon your haven of .....!!!???!!!....a couple years ago.
Special shout out of thanks to Amarynth for all her efforts on your/our behalf as well as the link to Have been so touched by the music/story there. Also love the new look. You have many supporters going to bat for you and it’s a testament to your amazing talent and the Greater One who moves through you that Truth cannot/will not be silenced!.
Kali Yuga may be upon us but remember Skeleton Woman is always available to bring us back to the Life/Death/Life balance in all things. I find that when I read all the voices bones vibrate with Knowing.....and Belonging....
Tiny Tim and Little me says thank you....bless us everyone!!!
Aho Mitakuye Oyasin~All My Relations~
Keep on Keeping on friends and let’s all dance and sing some more.....Start Here...

Rainbow Spinning Star aka jo----++++++++++++++++++++++--
wv phases
Humanity is going thru the phasese of GROWING UP and it couldn't come too soon!!!!

edna :) said...

Aw heck, Les, this *is* my newsgathering site of choice. Yeah, I'll come here from those other sites because I recognize your titles, but when I don't see anything from you for a couple of days, I come here and go from there.

O that Pope is one creepy looking bastard, eh.

Evil masks. I've always been able to see behind the veil.

Beyond the pale.

Behold a pale horse...

"Zoinks, Scooby, a demon!"

Anonymous said...

Dog Poet, having only recently found your site and immediately resonated with your style and opinions, I am pissed to read that your communications are being subtly tampered with.

It's a difficult one. So much electronic communication happens only because we still trust fellow human beings. We have to. Most people don't have the foggiest idea how it all works.

So when posts, emails, data goes missing it's usually vaguely put down to innocuous bugs somewhere along the way. And the person who is experiencing this interference is considered to be ever so slightly paranoid.

'Just because you're not paranoid it doesn't mean that you shouldn't be'

After 5 years or so of very similar sorts of whole spectrum comms interference, last week I finally made a police report. I was pleasantly surprised that they took it seriously.

The internet is a fantastic tool. But it really does appear that there's a subtle war on now. It's far too dangerous to allow we plebs to use. You only have to look at TPTB's reactions to 'net effects' in China and the mid east. Rampant, blatant censorship. In the West the censorship is far more subtle.

Meanwhile, on a practical note, I never post anything I would not be able to defend in a court of law - plus, I am rabidly vigilant about my computer security.

I wish you every success in your wrangles with the interceptors, Dog Poet. Last time I heard a politician speak he was maundering on about the wonderful benefits of democratic freedom of speech. I take him and his ilk at their word and refuse to be silenced. Keep on speaking out, DP - corruption can only exist in the absence of courageous people who rationally and persistently speak truth to power.

Billy said...

Dear les, I hope you're well. I've had this post bookmarked for a couple of days,I was reading comments on one of your other sites and saw that you had a new one here. Any how, I finally got round to reading it. It is evident to me that those reluctant to publish the truth are not yet dedicated to it. It must be that many are torn between that which is manifesting itself constantly and the enormous lie foisted among us with relentless persistence. You speak the truth as I understand it, so take with you the blessings of this human.
In Peace

Anonymous said...

In future Les you should refer to the system of Politics as 'DEMOCRAZY'. Since the US has the best system that money can buy.

The Realist Report said...

"I could say plenty. I don’t. I’d like to think I have more class than that. You know who the enemy is and, if you don’t, you’re under their spell or afraid of them. Neither of these applies to me."

It doesn't apply to me either, I can proudly say!

My goodness my man, you certainly have a way with words. Sometimes, when I'm just sitting around at home with my daughter, or at work, I think in my head of the statements you just made, but never get it down on paper (or internet, lol). It's just amazing reading what you've got to say. Those who understand, understand, simply put. The day is coming. Thanks for your writing!!

Visible said...

There is a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up-

Row, Row, Row your Boat, Down the Nightmare Stream.

Anonymous said...

a must read
The Last Circle, by Cheri Seymour.

TruthaboutLybia1 said...

Unverified Misreporting On Libya
Stephen Lendman 1-Mar-11

America's media, Britain's state-controlled BBC, other Western sources, and Al Jazeera are spreading unverified or false reports on Libya's uprising.

...Is Washington Pushing for Civil War to Justify a US-NATO Military Intervention?
...what major media accounts misreport or suppress...distorted managed news
...Representing powerful interests, carefully filtered sanitized reporting substitutes for the real kind.

Gaddafi indisputably is despotic, governing by "fear and cronyism," treating Libya as his "private estate," and spawning "an entire hierarchy of corrupt officials," disdainful of popular interests.

Nonetheless, something is "(r)otten in the so-called 'Jamahiriya' (state of the masses) of Libya." Popular anger is justified and real. At issue is whether it's spontaneous or externally generated, and, if so, by whom and for what reasons.

Western powers, especially America, gladly support despots. They only fall into disfavor by forgetting who's boss. Mubarak forgot. So did Gaddafi, long targeted for removal despite rapprochement with America and Western nations. As a result, in-country reports lack credibility without verifiable proof. Much of it is lacking.

At issue is removing an outlier while keeping his regime intact, one friendly to Washington and Western interests. Acquiescence assures support for the world's most ruthless tyrants. Straying gets them in trouble. Gaddafi strayed, leaving him vulnerable for removal.

...characterized as "humanitarian intervention,"

...Libyan turmoil appears headed for a...resolution, driven by unverified misreporting of events on the ground.

...In Libya, Gaddafi appears headed for the same fate (as Yugoslavia), again by raw force, Washington's alternate "diplomacy," the same kind used to "liberate" Iraq and Afghanistan, destroying both countries, causing millions of deaths as well as vast devastation and despair.

Libyan Analysis...
-- Unlike Tunisia, Egypt, and other regional allies, "upsetting (Libya's) established order is a US and EU objective," by replacing one despot with another.
-- the West "seek('s) to capitalize on the revolt" for new leadership it controls.
-- Heavy weapons are coming in.
-- Destabilizing Libya affects its vast energy reserves and neighboring states, perhaps the entire region.
-- Tensions among Libyan factions complicate matters further, including between Gaddafi's son, Saif Al-Islam, "and his father's circle of older ministers. Libyan ministers are generally divided amongst those (close to Said) and" member's of the "old guard."
-- Other tensions exist between Gaddafi and his sons, perhaps one generation against another, each with its own ideas incompatible with the other.
-- Gaddafi spent years purging opposition. Even so, "little loyalty is felt for (him) and his family." Fear alone gives them power. Now it's gone, denunciation of his regime openly stated. "Aref Sharif, the head of Libyan Air Force," renounced him. Ministers and ambassadors resigned, some going abroad. "Defections are snowballing amongst the military and government." Yet what's ongoing may differ significantly from unverified or willful major media misreporting, including by Al Jazeera.

TruthaboutLybia2 said...

-- Authentic opposition is real, but not organized. It's "been encouraged and prompted from outside Libya through social media networks, international news stations, and events in the rest of the Arab World." As a result, major media reports are suspect. Accept nothing from them at face value.
-- Internal opposition leadership comes "from within the regime itself." However, corrupt officials aren't populists. They oppose Gaddafi but not tyranny, corruption, and other trappings of power and privilege. Some of them, in fact, wish "to save themselves, while others" want to "strengthen their positions." It's also possible or likely that they've allied with Western powers for their own self-interest.
-- Major media reports, including by Al Jazeera, "about Libyan jets firing on protesters in Tripoli and the major cities are unverified and questionable....No visual evidence of the jet attacks has been shown." Gaddafi, in fact, controls cities reported to be occupied by opponents. Moreover, some accounts of violence are spurious. Stories are invented to "justify no-fly zones," perhaps heading for war led by America and NATO.
-- Corporate and Western interests in Libya, not despotism, explain what's ongoing. They're fueling civil war to replace one despot with another, one they control. "Chaos in the Arab World has been viewed as beneficial (to) Washington, Tel Aviv," and other Western powers. Balkanization may be planned, similar to Yugoslavia, culminating as explained above - "liberation" for control, not democracy America won't tolerate, including at home. If it happens, regional destabilization may follow, leaders everywhere wondering who's next.
--...Libya's chaos also affects Europe and global energy issues, including price, for oil heading over $100 a barrel and maybe much higher, threatening fragile economies with deeper crisis.
-- Washington wanted Gaddafi replaced for years. Former NATO commander General Wesley Clark once included Libya among future targeted countries besides Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Lebanon, Syria, and Iran. Divide, conquer and control, a game way pre-dating modern America.
-- Libya conducted secret negotiations with Washington in 2001. Formal rapprochement followed, but doing business with imperial powers is dangerous, and in Gaddafi's case perhaps fatal with no safe haven if civil war or NATO ousts him. Either "provides the best cover" for controlling Libya's "energy sector and to appropriate (its) vast wealth."
-- Libyans should be wary. America and Western powers play hardball against popular interests throughout the region.
-- "Actions of opposition to Gaddafi are strong, but there is no strong organized 'opposition movement.' The two are different." Moreover, no opposition force wants democracy.
--...A "no-fly" zone is mentioned, an act of war if imposed, giving Western powers the right to intervene militarily the way Iraq was bombed in the 1990s. Invasion and occupation, in fact, could follow to replace the already weakened regime. Libya's assets would be plundered, its people left with one despot replacing another.

Final Comment

For decades, Gaddafi denied Libyans democratic freedoms. Imperial occupation, however, is worse, creating nightmarish conditions for Iraqis, Afghans, and others experiencing US-style rule, exceeding the worst of regional despots' harshness, making some look benign by comparison.
Under more populist leaders than Gaddafi and internal opposition forces, mobilized resistance may prevent it, but not easily or quickly. Libyans must now liberate themselves, independent of Western powers wanting to exploit them for their own self-interest.


Anonymous said...

Hey Les,

Just a friendly suggestion: It might be worth your while to locate another free email provider. Actually, most of the older free providers aren't worth it if you like your privacy; yahoo, msn, etc. The one I use, their server is based somewhere in the UK. The inbox space isn't that big, but I don't use it to transfer big files anyway. I stopped using googlmail YEARS ago, I trust NOTHING associated with it. I wouldn't be at all surprised if those ciabuttplugs were messing with (and monitoring) your communications.

Yes Google, you are a buttplug. I don't envy you.

Visible said...

There's a new Profiles in Evil up-

Larry Silverstein, you give Shithouse Rats a Bad Name..

Visible said...

There is a new posting at Visible Streams of Consciousness-

More Than Blue Eyes.

dzinto said...

Les, as a network administrator responsible for email (among other things), I can assure you that one most likely reason for someone not receiving your emails is that their mailserver has labeled it as spam, for whatever reason, often being their own misconfiguration, and another being their own technical ineptitude, such as not noticing that they have not been receiving any emails at all for weeks. This happens, and it's more likely explanation than yet another Zionist plot and such.

Whenever this happens, there are three things to try. First is sending the email with read receipt request and delivery receipt request (Outlook is capable of the latter, but it also depends on some other things); another is sending from another email account; 3rd is the telephone.

Visible said...

dzinto, no offense intended but I'm not a paranoid. this has been going on for several years and the people I can't reach have been aware of it for some time and several times, even when putting me on a favored list it winds up in the spam folder AFTER this has been handled by knowledgeable folk and other times does not get through no matter what and there are no problems with any other address and 'they' are experiencing different attacks themselves. This is only one area in which I have been having similar difficulties. I usually assume things to be a fuck up on my own part. Thanks for the headsup anyway.

Anonymous said...

Well it's nearly all over in Libya, that's for sure.

The Super A-Hole Goon Gaddafi wins and all the ordinary people yearning for freedom there squashed like bugs.

And the immense power of 'We are Halliburton in Oil Land' and their partners in crime "The Scheming Yids of Wall Street" rules the US..... yet again.

And "Obama the Turd Brown Silver Tongued Android" delivers the Yes We Con deal for these his paymasters...yet again.

And the US Left liberals prove what a bunch of spineless, gutless zombies with a 5 minute attention span they really are, well deserving of all the mountains of shit that the aforementioned villains dish out to them time and time again.

Pathetic. Sickening..... Boring!

P.S. Yes GTFO.... as I did ....I'm in Oz now because I KNOW most Americans aren't smart enough to know when they are screwed.



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