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Jacque Fresco, on Behalf of Humanity; I Call him Friend

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

Jacque Fresco is a good man, but he is more than that. He is a great man and one of the most powerful visionaries of the age who has never received his due. He’s spent his life serving the public, tirelessly and under the radar, now he is under attack by people who are suspicious of him. It’s not like they have anything real to hang their slander on. It’s not like he’s remotely similar to the Neo-Pharisees, the Zio-Ogres, the banking and corporate vampires, the politicians, the majority of religious leaders and sundry. You have only to listen to him speak to know his heart but if you don’t possess one, or it has been made inactive, then I guess you can’t hear can you?

They’re really down on him for his perceived anti-Christian position. You can add me to that list. You can add lovers of truth and beauty from over the last age to that list. What isn’t being said is that he’s not opposed to Jesus Christ, whoever that was and he’s not opposed to anything real but he is opposed to propaganda and mind control and the mass murder of hundreds of millions; burning at the stake, inquisition and torture chambers; the suppression of natural and ancient wisdom, the selling out of the ineffable to the dreadful, the use of Crusades mentality to exterminate the people of Afghanistan and Iraq, vicious religious intolerance, riding shotgun with the military industrial complex to murder the innocent ...and a host of other crimes, like milking the impoverished of the undeveloped worlds for the benefit of bankers and fat cats in drag, worshiping a god of malevolence, instead of a God of forgiveness, understanding, generosity and peace. I stand with Jacque and note that he must be close to the truth to draw such rancor.

When you look at the detractors you can see the level of ignorance and headhunting going on. When someone’s headline screams “absolute proof” and you don’t get any, I think that is an indication of something far more important than insinuation. It usually means they went to school at Fox News. Nowhere have I discovered Jacque or Roxanne engaged in anything nefarious. What you have is insinuation by association. This becomes ludicrous when you consider that Jacque is seeking to change the world. How do you do that without engaging it? You can’t judge someone’s desire to change the world, prior to their ever having an opportunity to do it, unless their associations are long term, deep in with the known planetary pond scum and for some reason the wardens of righteousness never seem to catch or halt the real bad guys like Stalin, Bush and you know the lineup.

I suggest that one see the film Future by Design and remind yourself that his detractors are probably extras in the film Drive Angry 3D.

Something that rarely gets discussed is the strange internet contingent of ‘all things negative’ conspiratists that label every single Mason, as if they were every single Muslim, as being evil. They lump in all the Theosophists, including Krishnamurti and the bevy of illumined occultists, who work for the good of all ‘behind’ the background of events. All I have to do is say that “not all Masons are evil” and invariably people pop out of the woodwork to accuse me of working for the New World Order. They claim that The Rosicrucians are evil without the slightest knowledge of what Rosicrucians actually do. I should point out that one must never confuse an existing external order with a less visible esoteric aspect.

I am myself working for ‘a’ new world order. It just happens not to be the same new world order as, possibly some other new world order. I definitely want a new world, which is a revamping of the old world and I definitely want it orderly in a natural, as opposed to an enforced, way. EVERYONE IS NOT EVIL. Everyone who ever met any Pope, which would include Michelangelo (no doubt a pre-illuminati agent, whose paintings conceal all sorts of arcane symbology that operates as pre-cursors to the Proctor and Gamble sigil-grin), are not evil. Everyone who had lunch in the same restaurant with Winston Churchill, Benjamin Franklin or shared a cab with Tottie Fields is not evil.

Here is how it works. This is the truth and whatever opinion differs, is influenced by superstition or ignorance of cosmic forces; this is a dark age and evil has the upper hand, appearance wise. It is altogether possible that a larger number of the members of any organization may be operating out of self interest or generic stupidity. However, there is a less obvious and generally unseen side of the equation that comprises other groups and sometimes includes members of all sorts of groups, who are tirelessly working for human freedom and enlightenment. There are two kinds of secret societies on the planet and always have been. One serves the darkness, knowingly or unknowingly and one serves the light, consciously.

Whenever an organization becomes corrupt, due to certain planetary arrangements, which are part of the cosmic plan, the selfless servants for the greater good, depart and re-form elsewhere. The whole spectrum of life is a movie, an outplaying of a timeless lesson that repeats over and over again and is always summed up in an Apocalypse, where the truth is revealed in stages and by degrees. Apocalypse is another word for Revelation. We are in a time of uncovering, of revealing and you are going to see what is what, whether you like it or not.

Jacque Fresco and his tireless friend and assistant, Roxanne, are working for a better world. It is entirely possible that they don’t have all the answers. It is entirely possible that they are in the position I am of, ‘learning as you go’. One thing I know about Jacque, or think I know, from observing him, is that he is into ‘what works’ in terms of the greatest good.  He lives simply and modestly. He entertains ordinary people and puts on no airs. He is a humble, inspired and wonderful human being and those calling him a fraud don’t know what they are talking about.

We’ve all got some kind of warts during an incarnation. We wouldn’t be here otherwise, unless we were some kind of a bodhisattva and those come with intentional warts, more often than not for the purpose of humanizing themselves in order to get some work done. Jacque would be the first person to tell you he is not without flaws, though they would not be the flaws his detractors are so casual at dispensing.

Are we never supposed to have a world that works? Is all technology bad? How quickly would your mind change about all that once you lose what you have and most of that isn’t even good technology. I would love to live in Jacque’s world, though I tend to prefer to remain on the outskirts of any world, including Heaven itself. I am sure that in Jacque’s world, I could do that. No matter how you analyze or parse it, Jacque’s world is better than the one we are in, by a long stretch. See the damn movie. Visit the Venus Project. Meet the man before you cast aspersions. Look at what he has accomplished in his life, not at what ‘you think’ he will do in some unknown future. Could Jacque’s vision be compromised by the same forces corrupting the world we are presently in? Jacque's world is designed to militate against that very possibility.

Everyone trying to make the world a better place is not working for The Devil. However, everyone who gains a little prominence in any effort immediately becomes suspect. Anyone who succeeds at anything is suddenly a sell out. I watch people sling mud at my friend Jim Coor, with whom I have spent enough time to know the man. They sneer at him because he made a few million dollars as a recording artist. He has abandoned that career to work for the good of his Irish brothers and sisters and the world at large. He is tireless in his efforts. He’s a genuinely humble and beautiful human being. I speak from personal knowledge of the man but he’s routinely assaulted because he has money. I could give a lot of examples but far fewer than I wish there were and they all catch it for their efforts to assist the unseeing.

If you are going to criticize something or someone, I suggest you be informed about it or them. Don’t go ranting around like a lunatic about illuminati, Masons and secret societies. There will never be a time when those are not in residence, because both the kingdoms of good and evil have their agents on the planet at all times and there is always some kind of a structure in which they meet; from caves in the deep Himalayas to an unpreposing townhouse in a large city. There is always a tradition and a teaching that is maintained by these organizations (the good ones) against dark ages when they have all but vanished from human affairs. I have offered The Secret Teachings of all Ages, several times; it describes in detail for those who are willing to be instructed. Oh right, he was Mason, shudder. You want to live in the dark that’s fine with me. Keep in mind that a lot of the time you are cursing the light and biting the hand that feeds you.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Les,

I'm glad that you pointed out the BS about fraternities and secret societies. In 1963 I was tapped into the Order of the Arrow. In college I spent 3 1/12 wonderful years in a fraternity. As an adult I became both an Elk and a Mason. The rituals taught me some very deep lessons about brotherhood and forgiveness.

If one were to listen to likes of Henry Makow...then..hmm..all of the world's problems could be linked to Lesbians and the bogeymen of the Illuminati.

Deep leesons? Yes. Lots of beer? Absolutely.

As the eleventh hour approaches...don't give up the light.


Anonymous said...

It is hard to believe these masons are agents of chaos and lies. Lies don't fly, in building. Level, plumb and square are one, or you've missed the boat. For every hit, their are thousands of phony imitations. It's synergy, when you hit. The thing all but builds itself. I dare think that even the stones of the great pyramid became lighter, when such a thing became their destiny.

kikz said...

"They’re really down on him for his perceived anti-Christian position. You can add me to that list. You can add lovers of truth and beauty from over the last age to that list. What isn’t being said is that he’s not opposed to Jesus Christ, whoever that was and he’s not opposed to anything real but he is opposed to propaganda and mind control and the mass murder of hundreds of millions; burning at the stake, inquisition and torture chambers; the suppression of natural and ancient wisdom, the selling out of the ineffable to the dreadful, the use of Crusades mentality to exterminate the people of Afghanistan and Iraq, vicious religious intolerance, riding shotgun with the military industrial complex to murder the innocent …and a host of other crimes, like milking the impoverished of the undeveloped worlds for the benefit of bankers and fat cats in drag, worshiping a god of malevolence, instead of a God of forgiveness, understanding, generosity and peace. I stand with Jacque and note that he must be close to the truth to draw such rancor."

i'm on this list too. :)

having studied a tad bit of scot rite freemasonry and other esoteric workings..

my overall admiration for the scot rite; comes from the lack of dogma.
unc' tells it, in the first pgs of Morals & Dogma.

to paraphrase; give all of the teachings fair consideration, reject what is untrue to you... keep the rest, if you choose.

what other system offers such.. such freedom?

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

Peace, Mouser

WV: alart
A false alerting alarm against an enemy of TPTB.

Anonymous said...

manly p hall really goes into detail and lays it all out,I am about halfway through the book now...

I have nothing against the practise of masonry,I'm only against those who seek to sabotage it and use it as a means to enslave humanity further,it seems I may be a natural mason
or sort of cultural anthropologist myself as what I am reading in manlys book are precisely the questions I have been asking myself ever since I can remember,probably the same as a lot of people over here at smoking mirrors...

so thankyou mr hall for all that you have done....

also thankyou mr visibles for all you have done too....respects neil

Frog said...

I have to admit, I wrote this man Jacque off after I watched the first Zeitgeist movie. I agreed with the financial/federal reserve parts but did not understand the first section on Christianity. A bunch of poorly substantiated claims that Christ was just another silly representation of the sun. And I thought "why this"? If you talk about the federal reserve, debt, the natural next step is Judaism and Israel. Why no mention of the Jews that run the whole debt system and instead offer a "expose" of the silliness of Christian beliefs?
So, I assumed he was another shill for the system. His latest movie, I have not watched entirely (I confess) but I caught references to Nazis and the Holocaust.
So. Why does these movies never speak of the beast of Zionism in his expose movies? Why does he bring up the Holocaust tale instead of talking about the white phosphorous holocaust of the Palestinians?
Anyhow, I suppose he is not all bad or good. Just another guy trying his best.
Maybe his next movie can have a segment on the crimes of the Jews. Or show how Judaism is just a half assed corruption of some old Babylonian gods. Or maybe he can make fun of Krishna or Ganesh. Or Bodhidharma. All bullshit nature worship held up by priests looking for temporal authority. Right everyone?
Really, right? After all, if you take the man that said to "love your neighbor as yourself" and make it a point to skewer him as a primitive sun worship thing, what is stopping him from doing Moses or Krishna?
It's all for a good cause right everybody? Utopia! Gotta break a few eggs to make a good omelet. Might as well start with the Crusading, Inquisitorial, no-goodniks Christians.
Anyhow, I agree Les, with all your criticisms of the religion known as Christianity. The deluded fools that send their kids to slaughter Afghans, burn Iraqi children with napalm, then complain when their funerals are interrupted by protesters. The Hagees of the world need to go to whatever hell awaits them.
I hope Jacque succeeds in his effort to make a better world. Still. Why not be fair in his condemnation of worldly religions? Ah, something else to leave up to God. In the end, Jacque will be known by his works I guess.

Heretic said...

I myself am beginning to realize that not every member of a secret society is or was working towards the destruction of truth & decency, however people can hardly be blamed for being suspicious of someone who doesn't call out the Jewish crime network & someone that proposes a way of living that could so easily be used to control & exploit people.

Thanks for your voice & insight!

Frog said...

I once read that a the death of a good progressive idea happens when people organize to promote it.
The statement has been a truth as far as I can tell. Whether it's the Constitution, the words of the wise and good men of the world, everything seems to get encysted, isolated, corrupted by evil and controlling men and women the moment that more than two people agree that the thing or idea is good.
Hard to think of any exceptions...

Erik said...

Hi Les,

I must admit that I have never (yet) given Jacque Fresco a fair chance.

Reflecting on why that has been so up until now, I think for me it has a lot to do with the inclusion of his 'Venus Project' in the Zeitgeist video series. I don't know about you all, but I always have had 'uneasy' feelings about these video's and the movement...

But, like with many other things, I can be wrong there also;)

Anonymous said...

Your anti papal, anti catholic screeds are getting old. I have a novel suggestion why don't you actually read something written by Pope Benedict. Then you can critique for us what an evil man he is. That isn't going to happen is it? The priest pedophile crisis which was really primarily a homosexuality disturbance was created by the Zionist press and why? Well we discover that the last two Popes have been against the bankster wars around the world. The Zionist hate the Pope and the Catholic Church....enough said.

Annsie said...

Thanks for putting me straight about this man. Earlier in the week I watched him give an interview about the Venus Project and I thought he was lovely and liked his ideas. Then I read that piece by Henry Makow slating him( Henry blames Women for everything thats wrong and that we should obey men even if we are smarter and more spiritual than them)

And I just started thinking why the hell everytime you think someone or something is good it is attacked and turned upside down and accused of working for TPTB..I just end up confused not knowing what's what other than my own intuition..Thanks for writing this post as it gives me hope.

Visible said...


This is the only mention of the pope-

"Everyone who ever met any Pope, which would include Michelangelo (no doubt a pre-illuminati agent, whose paintings conceal all sorts of arcane symbology that operates as pre-cursors to the Proctor and Gamble sigil-grin), are not evil. Everyone who had lunch in the same restaurant with Winston Churchill, Benjamin Franklin or shared a cab with Tottie Fields is not evil."

I didn't call him evil, I said not everyone who met him was and if you would look up Tottie Fields you would realize I was a little tongue in cheek. But you're a dogmatist so why am I talking to you? Yeah, your present Pope is a honey, got any good words for him? How about for his job befor he became Pope? Your church is corrupt.

Neko Kinoshita said...

Nose cold and wet, check.
Ready to learn something new, check.
Willing to accept at face value, and allow actions to speak loader than words, check.

Have a clue? Not at all, but then that's why I'm willing to learn new things.

I had heard of the Venus project, now I'll look at it closer.


wv: reingui - The method used to guide the operation of a horse-drawn carriage.

Visible said...

Not everyone on the planet is supposed to consider exposing Zio-Ogres as job one and Jesus is the Sun King and he comes in a line of avatars all of whom serve the one.

The idea that he is the be all and end all and that everyone else is wrong and without connection to divine is wrong. It is also best illustrated in what Christianity has come to in it's endless murders. Jesus would want no part of Christianity either.

It amazes me how informed people can be on subjects they have never studied. ALL religions are expressions of the one seeking the one and all become corrupted over time which is why God has to keep coming back.

Every avatar is an expression of Krishna/Christ and you are free to go to the Christian Heavens and live there forever but you must not deny the others their heavens too. According to Jesus Christ, "In my father's house are many mansions. if it were not true I would not have told you so"

I'm not good with dogma and cant and scripture. The only scripture I care about is engraved on my heart. I don't even want to talk about these things. I've studied in more than one lifetime and I find nearly every traditional definition and playing dressup and waving trinkets and dead bones in the air to be a form of bullshit and some kind of strange sexual fetish that leads to hysteria and from there to torturing and killing people.

One thing for sure, traditional Christianity does not understand Christ; look at their history. That's all I need to know. The answer lies elsewhere.

Visible said...

Anyone have any idea why I am receiving dozens of emails from 'seemingly' different people, pushing a video entitled Exposing the London based Rothschild Family ~?

It's a sure thing I'm not going to watch it. I don't like being spammed. Someone wants my attention they have to address me personally and make it look important to me. Why would I need the Rothschilds exposed anymore than they are anyway (grin). It's already down to the skeleton.

Anonymous said...

with you on that frog..neil

Anonymous said...

keep looking at the yurt mr visibles,I just cant help it,the write up on the lay out has got me wondering aswell...neil

Visible said...


I can't understand how anyone can look at those things and not say "Yeah, I'd like to live like that." Of course all of the toilet concerns can be done high tech and so much more.

Anonymous said...

yurts are the perfect answer and having to go outside and walk to the toilet is absolutely not going to put me off at all..neil

Anonymous said...

How much of the koran is bullshit?

Visible said...

That really depends on how much the reader brings with them and who is interpreting it for them.

Anonymous said...

When you've been lied to all your life about everything then everything becomes suspect.

This is sad truth of lies and liars and their victims.

Even the repentant and sincere have a hard time regaining trust. And the victim becomes suspicious even of the truth.

Givin this natural human reaction the divide and conquer crowd laugh even harder watching it all transpire and poke the caged creatures when the mood strikes them.

On a side note: I have information on a working example of a structure and community style that solves all the problems of heating, cooling, food ,sewage and water in a self contained package.

It exists today and I will be building one myself this year , if there is a this year.

I've had a knack lately of of posting things at exactly the wrong time seeing them get drowned out by seemingly bigger issues so I'll hold off for now.

Thanks for your Blog Les

Patrick V 1.0

Visible said...


I'd be really interested in that information and probably would like to link it for the benefit of all the readers if that was something that could happen; maybe even make it a permanent link on the blogs.

Be Well

Nayon said...

I'm with you on Fresco, I think he's a real lightworker in his own way and it is understandable that zio scums would try to discredit him.

I think it is a good thing that Peter Joseph and him are avoiding touchy subjects. Imagine what people would say about them if they would.

People should stop fussing about words and focus on ideas. We need a "new world order", a spiritual one, and we are not evil for that. Jacque Fresco said: "christianity is not a bad idea, when are they planning to apply it?" Somehow he's not far from the truth here.

On the same subject, I think some of us here would like to hear you Les on the subject of the Zeitgeist movement.

Love you all

Anonymous said...

Here it is Les :

Working Shangrala Prototype

Hope you enjoy this as much I did.

Patrick V1.0

Anonymous said...

I find Henry Makow extremely repressed sexually.
I could be wrong, but his extremism on his writings come up as someone who's quite hidden behind allot of repressed emotions.
I can't read the guy too much, only when I'm in an extreme state of a polar mood swing and need something to soothe my judgmental mind which I've stopped myself from doing.
Jacque sounds like someone I would've loved to have as a father or grandfather. He sounds really tender and with a heart.
People are jealous and quick to judge and I think this is because we live in a world of materialism and slavery and both create allot of resentment and jealousy for those who have ideas that seems to free them, this is a projection in my opinion from those who can't find the courage and selflessness it takes to take such risks and going against the status quo.
Love, Debbie.

Anonymous said...

I think people are really fucked up. Always have been and always will be. People on the bottom can always blame corruption on the rich and powerful. But, the people on the bottom are really more of the problem than they want to admit. The powerfull elite know they can use the materialism and greed of the lower classes (which includes me) to lead them around by the nose. As long as everything is okay in our neighborhood we are quite content with bread and circus.

I don't believe there was ever such a thing as the "good ol' days". People have always been greedy, violent, perverted and dishonest. There may be a few angels amongst us but very few, indeed, by my reckoning. Greed, corruption, injustice and murder are the price of civilization.

One important debate that has arisen from the time of the enlightenment is: does advancement of science and technology really help people. Maybe people were happier when they were hunters and gatherers frolicking in the forest. Maybe they lived longer and were bigger, stronger and healthier. (They almlost certainly had better teeth.) Who knows? But, I will say that as techonology advanced the science of destruction outpaced the science of building and healing. Any jackass can kick down a barn but it takes a carpenter to build one.

I love the great authors. I think they are the smartest people moreso than the great artists or mathematicians. People like Shakespeare and Tolstoy seemed to be able to look into peoples hearts. All great literature seems to be about conflict and characters making the wrong decisions about how to resolve that conflict. In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein the author talks about how people have the ability to create works of genius yet lack the strength necessary in order to assume the responsibility for what they have created. If Dr. Frankenstein would have showed a little kindness,..., you know the story. My point is we have created a monster. If we as a society valued kindness over selfishness there would be no monster. The monster is the sum total of our greed and complacency; and purposeful delusions which we need to separate ourselves from the cruelties which we profit from lest we become overwhelmed by remorse and guilt. 911 rubs our nose right in the monster's shit.

Jeffrey said...

Brothah Les, by your sincere ever-deepening desire for truth/liberation/peace, you are of course destined to achieve your heart's focus. That's why I call you 'brother.' I have a similar ongoing ache and exasperation that the species with the proportionately largest cranial container has revealed itself yet largely incapable of utilizing that gift from the gods. Unfortunately we must acknowledge that we sometimes fall prey to our own delusions, dishonesty, emotional reactivity, limitations in personal perceptual filtering, etc. Though we love the ongoing challenge, it is likely we will not be able to see the whole picture merely by following the myriad clues picked up through our surface humanoid biological mental and sensory apparatus---nevertheless we are habituated to continuing in this manner, no?
Still, your perspective and insight provides a rich stimulus for more refined self-questioning in regard to the results to be gained by our methods. Our minds are trapped in judging and anal-yzing everything, producing an ongoing sense of separation, distrust, and fear toward everything appearing as "other" than I. It's a tough habit to break, eh?
Some have said that everything occurring in the outer world drama is 'all designed to drive you inside.' It is written 'seek first the inner kingdom of heavenly consciousness, and all else will be made plain and clear.' It is written, 'each soul is responsible, ultimately, for one soul only.' And, 'there are millions hacking at the external branches of darkness in ongoing frustrated futility...to every ONE who has exposed the inner roots of darkness to the light of truth,' i.e., that to really know and love/understand oneself is to know, love, understand everything else in this holographic universal creation. Continued-

Jeffrey said...


I know you know all this, have heard it all before. And yet, have we walked any of these words to the end of their respective roads? 'To know and yet not do, is not to know.' The greatest gift one can offer the world is that of our own self-awakened transformation. While railing (in anger and/or fear) against the apparently endless external homicidal-suicidal insanity of much of humanity, are we not thereby simultaneously and dishonestly neglecting our own true area of life- and self-responsibility?
Okay, in regard to all those Secret Societies: People who are drawn to participate therein, are prone to being unconsciously, hierarchically herded in a manner that eventually precludes the ability to honor one's subtle inner wisdom-guidance. They all may tell themselves they are following a high road, but I sense that following external authority and rule ends up subverting the potentially and originally pure inner guidance system. Actually, this applies to all sheeple, er people, in any herd situation. They all 'mean well,' but...the purity and maturity of self-aware self-responsibility seem all too rare on the 3rd rock from the sun.

Visible said...

Yes, true enough. I've walked as far as I have walked. I have no idea how one gauges the end of their respective roads short of getting there.

Visible said...

If anyone is in touch with Michael Rivero, please tell him I'm not getting through to him again and you could also send him the link to this latest piece. I sure would appreciate it.

TheSparkle said...


"Profiles in Good" episode one? Jacque is a good man, and you can tell just by watching him talk and listening to him.

It's funny that people think Zeitgeist was anti-Christian. All the movie tried to do in that section was illustrate how industrialized religion has distorted history, showing people that 'even the church can lie to you'. The rest of the movie exposed lies and deceptions in the government, Federal Reserve, etc. It was obviously targeted to the American, Federal-Reserve-dominated population which is mostly nominally (at least) Christian.

The movie did a really good job as an introduction to the world as people usually don't see it. There was nothing in it new for me, but the presentation was wonderful, and it has started a lot of people 'thinking'.

Alfredo said...

Hi Les,
I have no doubts regarding Jacque Fresco good intentions to make a better world, I believe he is genuine and he has dedicated all of his life to this project. Like you said he is a visionary, and although I agree with most thing he says, in particular concerning the resource based economy, sadly I don't like what he is visualizing. I might be a touch suspicious, but destroy all nations replacing it to a one world governments, without politicians and put everything in the hand of technology is very dangerous and exactly what the NWO desires. I would much rather take a few step back on that one, and work to regain sovereignty, not only as nations, but as human beings that have been stolen from us by the same tyranny that are shaping our world. Technology should be in the hands of people and not vice versa.
Is Jesus Christ not the one who exposed and condemned the Pharisees cabal and for that he was crucified? And exterminate Christians, destroy Christianity and the figure of Jesus id not what
is taught to the Neo-Pharisees courtesy of the Talmud?
And by the way them building are ugly and it reminds of Atlantis, which was swallowed under the ocean by the wrath of the Cosmos.

Visible said...


I'd appreciate your presenting me with your photos of Atlantis. I was unaware they were available.

Heaven has a one world government. The only problem is who is in charge. The many nations and tongues came about apparently due to the Tower of Babel. You might want to look into that.

Anyway, I can't judge a man on something he hasn't done.

Finally, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there is no personalized standards; that's know as an opinion.

Visible said...


A fantastic paragraph.

kikz said...

He is getting through. But I am overloaded and did not reply immediately.

His article is already up.

Michael Rivero
What Really Happened
Nemo vir est qui mundum non reddat meliorem

passed it along les, just got a reply bak frm mike.. :)

Alfredo said...

Here Les, with pleasure ;)
there are similarities, don't you think ? The tower of Babel ? the European Parliament Building right? Oh is another similarity !
I d like to think that Heaven is ruled by love, unconditional love rather then a one world government; and if a new world will indeed emerge and ruled by this strong emotion, we shall love and respect one another, for what we really are with all our differences. And if we love unconditionally and respect each other and our will do we really need a one world government?

Anonymous said...

good men are good men
its not hard to tell
the goodness in the heart
sort of instantly swells
mr fresco a visionary
contributor to us all
planetary scale focus
deep within he strikes a chord
but discord and disrespect
try to own all harmony
unconcerned with the problems
just collecting bigger armys
of poor kids and people
all disrespected slaves
prisoners in a system
that just artificialy contains


Josey Wales ll said...


I've never written as many times as today, but this should get mentioned and copied.

Years ago I was a member of the Boston Computer Society and they had a close association with MIT.

As we entered the ~Net in 1992, I followed what they were doing and had some friends and professors at MIT (but I never went to school there).

They started and still run an OPEN Project to allow people from around the world, study their courses, for free, on many different subjects. The actual courses. Amazing.

So, some kid in Tanzania, who wants to learn, can get the course and study, and become proficient in an area of his choice.

I always thought it was a big deal and go to their site from time to time to study material on various subjects.

Just wanted to mention it, and hopefully, it is copied in many places for posterity.

Free knowledge, no degree, but if you just want to learn and become educated I think its great. The same courses would cost a fortune.


kikz said...

wonderful idea sparkle!

zeitgeist: images of the 'working celtic cross' were shown, but there was no commentary on it, as having been the ancients' tool for measuring the heavens and keeping earth/star time. i wish they'd of gotten together w/crichton miller; his archive is full of much great reading. and now, i've just discovered it's bak online. for a time it was only available thru the 'wayback machine'. i'm glad to see it again.

crichton miller considers this tool and its usage our common heritage, and that we should reclaim it for all of humanity.

just don't bother w/the thoth movie, is it badly produced.

http://www.crichtonmiller.com/real cross.htm

about the 3rd pg in, there is a contents listing at bottom of pg.


Visible said...

Where's that link Josey?

That sounds great! and why people love to come to the comments section.

Visible said...


I don't have those answers but we are not in a place where the conditions have presented themselves so that we might make collective decisions about how it should all be.

I have always felt there should be parts of the world where people can do what they want but must be aware of the dangers and that there would be several places that provide the living situation desired by significant numbers of people and which are at a distance from each other and the only rules are that you respect the rules of the land you are in and be aware when there aren't any.

In any case it is moot talking to me about it. I have nothing to do with it, I'm just a servant seeking entry into the realm of my master.

My point in this article was to defend Jacque who is not what he is being painted as and only as a response to certain slanders taking place. I did what I thought was right. No one has all the answers but compared to what's going on in the world and compared to what I see in relation to his detractors, I will take Jacque any day of the week over all of them. That's all I have to say. I'm not operating in jacque's trip. I just wanted to help set the record straight, or a little straighter.


Frog said...

But Sparkle,
I've tried to substantiate the claims made in the first part of Zeitgeist and I can't. I get your point on industrialized religion and agree. I agree that the divine may be offering the same or similar message over time, fine. Having agreed there, that section of the Zeitgeist movie is simply wrong. Irregardless of the intent, the claims and facts therein are false. They are at best self referential to the work of D.M.Murdok and others. There are no real primary sources for any of the claims made. As a Christian, I detest when other Christians make claims for the veracity of the Bible that they back up with the Bible. Circular logic. I can't accept similar lack of logic from others. I spent too much time researching a lot of the facts presented to find they were invented. Waste of time. To me, a true concordance would have been more exciting. I study and look for threads that are common in the world religions. Is Jesus another avatar in a long line? Couldn't tell you. Is he the end all? I doubt it. What I do know is that the material presented in Zeitgeist appears false and this casts a shadow on their intent. A note to those who care, I would try to defend any other religion worth my time if it had been singled out in such a way. Lies are lies and should be treated as such.

Anonymous said...

when humanity speaks
liberation airs
revolutionary thoughts
nessesitate awares
universal currents
of deep in concern
consciously stream
sway and in turn
yearning an outcome
of societal respect
rejecting positions
of institutional neglect
effecting conditions
gathering the herd
to experience some peace
and a more balanced earth


Frog said...

Les, I thought I'd write one last post. My criticism and distrust of Zeitgeist aside, Jacque does seem like a good man to me. He may be imperfect, even wrong, but he writes and talks about a good thing. He is trying which is more than many do. Anyhow, your opinion and the opinion of other posters here that I respect weighs more in his favor for me than all the anonymous or biased detractors put together. To those that post honestly and logically here, I thank you all, I grow by sharing your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

When I clicked on the secret Teachings link that site hijacked my homepage. I never could open the book

Visible said...


Hundreds of people have downloaded that book and there have been thousands of downloads of various things over time from that site in my account, some of which are no longer there but that's irrelevant. Whatever happened to you happened at your end. No one other person has ever had a single reported problem there in all the time I have used it which is why I use it.

Visible said...

All this argument about where a person is at and what this means and that means are subjective to the person believing or not believing them and have no impact on the existence of what is real. the point is to find out what that is, not argue endlessly about it or operate from suspicions or projections. the reality of anything can be accessed by repeated and focused meditation upon it. it will be compelled to give up its secrets.

Anonymous said...

so others should not blindly discount every mason etc...but it is ok for venus man to do so ? karl marx may not have been evil...but the bankers were interested in communism because it led to absolute power via an insidious lie...it is so absolutely obvious that communism is exactly the same as "resource based equality" that it isn't even a disguise really....wether the dude means well or not...the rothschilds think they see a powerful new way to repackage communism...and this is it...and their midas touch will turn it into pure evil.

Visible said...


this is one of those troll posts that doesn't make any sense either, By Venus man I suppose you mean Jacque. He doesn't discount every Mason and you can't find any quote to that effect, nor is that what you mean, which is obvious from the following jargon.

The intent here on your part is purely to disparage but you aren't even able to be coherent. It's caused by a certain kind of rapture of the deep when you are deep in something that causes this kind of commentary.

Visible said...

You know what I learn from some of these comments and emails I get? Most people know nothing about the subjects they hold forth on and they condemn everything, I mean everything.

They have no faith in anything and everyone is corrupted and evil. They won't build anything. They can't work with others. They see bogeymen everywhere. They are experts on everything and what that has given them is the perspective that the world is shit and so is everyone in it. What a wonderful triumph of a life.

And in these lives there will not even be .0001 percent of the accomplishments of a man like Jacque, who won't compromise, who doesn't really have any money and who just goes on working for the pure joy of it and who has never created a single item resembling the things he is accused of wanting to construct.

I am grateful that I am not like so many people of these days; dark hearts, minds filled with bleakness and suspicion for all living things; attached to dying institutions of corrupt traditions that are now passing away. Damning the efforts of those caring enough to labor on behalf of humanity while never constructing anything that will resonate or remain.

Well, those of us who do seek the light and the dawn of that day that never ends must soldier on. The goal is not far off and (grin) "success is speedy for the energetic".

Visible said...

This puts my Profiles of Evil to Shame.

Josey Wales ll said...

Les, Here's the link to

Mass. Institute of Technology OpenCourseWare


MIT courses, free to anyone, anywhere, that would like to learn.

Good Luck


Strum said...

Synchronicity Josey Wales.

I came across MIT's open educational materials a week or so ago, this stuff is gold, well for geeks like me anyway. ;] and more entertaining and edifying than Charlie Sheen's antics on the MSM.

Here's a link:


I found it through this site which has a huge amount great of stuff on it.


This site is also worth a look


As for the Venus Project, and the Zeitgeist movement, sorry to sound cynical but I smell a rat, I keep an open mind my but from my experience my instincts are most often right.

Deek Jackson of the FKNNewz did
a bit on the Venus Project, check it out:


Raises a few questions doesn't he.

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete" - Buckminster Fuller

Josey Wales ll said...


Me again. You just mentioned something, and it was part of a comment on something else, and yet it was a long forgotten or never known, insight for me and it was this...

"the reality of anything can be accessed by repeated and focused meditation upon it. it will be compelled to give up its secrets."

In a way I know its true from experience, and yet I've never heard it put that way.


P.S. Will give it thought and prove it to myself again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les, thanks man. I appreciate your efforts.


I look, not up, nor down, but across. Always.

Peace, lover.

Rob in WI said...

Study of Utopian plans has been very helpful to me, as an exploratory tool. Effort to insert one's self into the construct is a challenge.
I suspect you are a bit of a Utopian yourself (grin). Why I enjoy reading
your musings. Fresco reminds me of my first Utopian guru, Paolo Soleri.
His Arcosanti project, began around
'70 is still active, although a fragment of our expectations.
My lure to Soleri was the book "The
Bridge Between Matter and Spirit is
Matter Becoming Spirit". Part of an awakening; I realized the bridge could be crossed from either direction, and the best observation point was the center of the bridge. Some of your musings
lead me to believe you'll understand.

DaveR said...

I'm afraid, (no scratch that, I'm not "afraid") that I must differ with you, Les.

First, you stated "Here is how it works.", and I think no mortal knows how "it" works. I think that all we can see are the shadows on the cave wall, as it were.

Now we get on to Jacques. I saw all 3 of the Internet films and they were somewhat interesting. And I've looked at and read most of the Venus site. I find the future described therein to be very bleak. A 1984/Brave New World kind of bleak. Everybody lives in big planned cities, all the same. Sure the Zeitgeist movie shows everybody getting out of this train thingy, but where would they all be going if all need are met by machines? And he never goes into (either place) just who makes the machines or who decides on what machines are where, who gets them, etc. Missing in his utopian is what happens to the less than hoped for supply of really good stuff.

For instance, a really good guitar. His machines can't make those and how do we decide who gets those? And on and on.

Everything I've seen and read about the "utopia" suggested by the Venus Project just seems to be a bullet in the head for humanity. Everything is the same. No where do I see a single reference to animals. Do I get to have a dog? Are all animals relegated to Agenda 21 habitats where no human may travel?

"Hello little girl. Welcome to the learning center. Would you like to paint something today? A flower? You've seen one on your telescreen, of course! Let's paint that, shall we, we, we, we, we?"

It's good that someone has some vision of a future for humanity. Jacques' vision seems a lot like death.

kikz said...


you might also find khan academy helpful!


amarynth said...

Seldom that I have some different agreement with Les. I like the man. I do not like the philosophy. This whole movement and its activist arm are trying to do good things, and they have probably done thousands or millions of percentage points more than what I have done. The litmus test for me is Where do you Search for the Problem/Truth/God/Universe. And the answer is almost invariably Inside Yourself. In studying the work, I find imposed solutions .. Much chatting on How Things 'Should' Be.

That is the only thing that rang a warning bell for me some time ago. The reliance on technology is also just different from what I think we are going to evolve into. But yes, in our current environment, we have to call those that are engaged .. Friend.

ChrisYAHan said...

Some MAY know that the purporte "CHRISTIANS/ JudeoChritians were mere a contivance, by assimilation, of Pagan, Ibrew, and Natsarim (the ONE they renamed IE sus {son of zeus}Jesus[the horse in Hebrew]) by the self deem Flavious Constantine (Yes of the Constatinople name origin) in association with the Universal Holy(un-holy in fact)ROMAN Catholic Vulgate Circe (church of Satan,) which built their: Synogogue of Satan, on: "Vaticanus Mons"(the
7th hill of Rome, an ancient Grave site,)in association with Pope Clement the 1st.
If One wishes to learn more TRUTH they may seek out: Fossilized Traditions@TORAHZONE.com by Lew White? Shaloam, AHleleuYAH (Praise be unto YAH/God)

ChewyBees said...

Everything is hearsay. More accurately, everything that you have not actually brought into your being with your five senses is hearsay. It is up to the intelligent man to determine the truth of and from anything. The test of truth is not a complex thing. It is part of the triune Deity: Truth, Love, God. If it doesn't fit into that then it cannot possibly be truth.
How many of us are willing to look at any writing to find truth? How often do we disregard a piece in its entirety because of a label or title or pre-conceived notion?
It's a rare time that there is information wherein truth cannot be gleaned. The reader must be willing to seek and find it. The reverse is also true. That which is not truth must be discovered, tagged and discarded readily. If something is up in the air, then contemplate it over time and revisit it. Knowing the truth also involves knowing that which is not truth.
No man should be persecuted for trying to teach others, even if that teaching is not what some people want because it does not profit them. You will know a great teacher because that man is also a great learner. The teach and learn cycle is integral to personal evolution, and the evolution of man. Anything outside of that is control based on profit and should be relegated to the trash heap that is this ending age.

wuyi said...

hi les,

i read/listen to you often and enjoy your thoughts...but i must say i disagree with your take on mr. fresco...he is a deluded futurist who does not realize the world is alive...his vision excludes all the myriad creatures that inhabit this world...what becomes of them in his utopian fantasy?...we do not 'own' or control this place...we cannot control this place...at least i hope not...much love and respect...


Mad Farmers Liberation Front said...

G'day Les and all happy human hearts,

Once you go down the rabbit hole and scoff a few red pills for good measure you never know where things can end up. It can be a pretty bleak and lonely journey and very confusing.

We have to remember the Art of propaganda, is to Confuse. I'm sure the shills, trolls and cointel-pro/disinfo agents are doing a fine job muddying the waters for every genuine truth seeker.

I'm into Biodynamics but my heart skipped a beat one day when i noticed the logo of Biodynamic Agriculture Australia resembled the eye of horus: aka the dreaded all seeing eye.

It was then i knew cointel-pro had got into my psyche.

And i have been guilty of my suspicions of all things Freemasons and Rosicrucian until I actually listened to Manly P Hall speak and I thought, crickey this is spot on. The man seemed to have genuine love in his heart.

The naysayers are also quick to level accusations to researchers like Michael Tsarion and Jordan Maxwell for their own occult leanings.

The common theme that I see is "their" desire to route people toward maintaining a purely materialistic view of the universe.

Many secret societies went underground BECAUSE of the persecutions for such occult beliefs were considered "heresy".

So i agree, there are a lot of judgements going down but I would level a fair bit of blame to the vastness of information available and not all of it is genuine. i.e. Deliberate Propaganda in order to confuse.

William Freeman said...

Thanks for this, Les.
I read the hit piece on Jaque Fresco recently and wondered WTF?
I watched "Future by Design" a few years ago and I was just amazed. I also visited the Venus Project regularly.
Jaque Fresco never came across as having a hidden agenda. The man wants to take care of the banal things of life through technology so we can have time to "explore space together".
I never got the feeling there was a political agenda, but more a humanitarian one.
We need to live together somehow and what he shows is a 100 times better than how we do it now.
I'm not so sure about Peter Joseph and the Zeitgeist thing as he never names the neo-pharisees as culprits and you do get this gut feeling the whole thing does have a hidden agenda and that it's manipulative. Why Jaque has been co-opted by him I don't know and yes, it places an uncomfortable question mark in my head.
Time will tell, or maybe it won't. LOL
William Freeman

wuyi said...

tried to comment...more than an hour ago...not a bad comment...do you delete such? anyhow bwst to you...but mr. fresco needs to wake up to the fact that humans are only a small part of the whole...


Anonymous said...

Sorry for my english, I am from Spain.

Jacque Fresco, for me, is another liar.

The first vídeo I shov from zeistein it was about the destruction of Jesus Christ and cristianity. I understand and admit any critics on any religion and I believe religions are only a way to control people, that is because Catholics Church has been evil as it was run by powers elites from 325 AD, but Jesus Christ himself is another history because his message is the only thruth of this world to save humanity. Jesus was human, he born poor, leave poor and dye poor, he fight the powers elites of his time, he spoke clearly and condems the sistem and paid with his life, ¿Who is Jacque Fresco to kill the most importand and truly message for humanity?

Visible said...

I seem to have inadvertently deleted a comment from someone who was upset that I hadn't mentioned The Rothschilds. I have to apologize and say that I didn't realize I had to mention them in every single post. I have mentioned them a few hundred times by now but, for whatever reason I forgot to mention them in this posting.

As for those who appear to want all technology extinguished, or, without themselves knowing, want to keep it the way it is, all I can say is that if you are living with The Amish or completely off the grid and making your own candles then I suspect that's a good idea and you should go for it.

Those who are bulked up on criticisms, strangely enough, have NO solutions whatsoever. In fact, I noticed that there seems not to be a single alternative presented. Good luck with the marauding tribes template.

I was unaware that Jacque had outlawed guitar making in his new world, that's no good, despite the machine like playing that is so common these days.

And there's the usual lets defend Christianity at all costs because it is only they who are keeping us safe in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan; after all it is they and the Zionists who are the other points on the triangle along with the Pentagon who make up the majority influence.

I, of course, am not a member of The Venus Foundation and have my own ideas about how to live and won't be staying around here in any case.

It doesn't matter what model you chose so far as I know because they all get destroyed; every single one of them. it doesn't matter what religion you follow because they all disappear, every single one of them. it doesn't matter what political of cultural format you support, they all disappear, every single one of them.

Earth is a testing ground, no more and the point is to graduate from it.

Shadows on the wall of a cave is a perspective like any of the rest and by your argument, no more valid that any other. One can certainly say 'how it is' and more than a handful know how it is as long as you don't overstep the degree of knowing in respect of the territory covered. What I would have preferred, instead of the much easier blanket dismissal which doesn't require anything more than a casual hand wave would have been a refutation of what was contained in my 'how it is' statement.


Anonymous said...

"Trolls, trolls everywhere but not a sop to dink."

Hey you paid shills: go sign up at Dickipedia.

You come here incognito to stir up shit? F**k you!

Go back and play in the traffic at the MSM.

You wouldn't know peace activism for the truth if it shook your hand.

Visible said...


Like I have said, many times, I take the praise and the censure as being opposite sides of the same coin and one can't embrace either without the other. What I do know is that there is a thin veneer which separates polite interaction and the appearance of warm support for the howling frenzy of a mob.

This is why one should never take anything overly positive as an indicator of anything unchanging. Right under the makeup lies what has been lurking for centuries and America is definitely going to see plenty of that.

AS the gas prices rise and the conflicts intensify it's probably a good thing because the technology that should have been there, never was and those who depend on it on one hand and denigrate it on the other are going to get the chance to do without it because the scenery is coming down.

I'm not going to change my mind about Jacque Fresco. At least he spent his life inventing things and dreaming of a better world for everyone. He didn't sit by the side of the road, helpless on the one hand to do anything about his state and on the other hand cursing all that surrounds him.

I've no idea of what the actual connection between Jacque and Zeitgeist is. I don't really pay much attention to the Zeitgeist Project or much of anything besides my own internal dialogues. White Power Groups occasionally reprint my work but I've no connection to them or anyone really. I like Jacque Fresco as a person and he and Buckminster Fuller are cut from the same cloth ad Nikolai Tesla and so many other visionaries and dreamers. I'd much rather be in a big storm and its aftermath with Jacque than I would with all the people who have no real skills at all except the ability to form opinions at the drop of a hat without a clear idea of the whole measure of a man or a subject.

Jacque is a good guy and I've had enough exposure to him to know that. As for the complexities of the world itself and all the bogeyman and half seen cabals that make everyone jump every five minutes, I don't think much about them or whether Jacque or any of the rest of you are secretly working for them. I know a lot of people who think they are not are certainly unconscious supporters of the very thing that is driving them mad.

It's not easy for people with no jobs and the lack of inventiveness needed to create one for themselves and I doubt that a single person here or few elsewhere have gone to Jacque and asked him if there was a place for free spirits and entrepreneurs, eccentrics to live their lives freely. I am sure Jacque would say, "Of course". I doubt anyone went and asked the man, about any of the shadows they take for substance, what he thinks about this or that and where he stands on this and that.

I've seen not a single act on his part brought forth here as evidence of anything and I've seen no statements of his brought forth that point to anything nailable that defines him as anything more than a dreamer and an inventor. I like him. I don't care for articles by men who hate women that operate as hit journalism against someone beyond their sanctimonious and selective morality. I suppose that is what motivated my support and it remains. I'm off to my next production which will probably have some amount of this in there too.

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up

Digging Yourself in and Digging Yourself Out.

gurnygob said...

Les I have shared my comments with you before about Jacque Fresco and his vision. I felt at that time that there seemed to be no room for god in his world. I see now from your comments that I might have judged the man before finding out the facts. To be honest if he is guilty of anything it is that the Venus project probably looks a little to clinical for most people’s tastes. I like things to be nice but I also like a little bit of disorganisation as it would be a very boring world if we didn’t have a few hiccups now and again. I think we all aspire to some form of New World Order and I see the vision. I am not sure I am quite ready for such a world and I think most people feel the same. Maybe someone should tell Jacque to drop in a couple of rubbish bins and such into his pictures so things don’t look so clinical if you see what I mean.


Visible said...


I don't know what you're talking about probably because I can't remember.. heh heh, so it wasn't important to me. I try not to take things personally (if that's what it was) but that means I have to be in the right state of mind. I either am or I'm not. Once I fix that on constant I think I'm home free, inasmuch as it extrapolates into all the rest.

Thomas said...

Hey Les,

I haven't had internet for some days, and am just saving your posts for later reading, so this isn't an answer to this one.
Thanks for all you're doing, it's a great help.

Inside is the place to look, for all.

David Icke works for 4th or 5th density negative, I think.
The ploy is that he does NOT put priority on inner work.

thus: "even the very elect shall be fooled"... He's had me for some time, for sure.

Otherwise I think almost everything he says is true.

A small tip, you might find helpful:
take or make a pendulum. (a piece of string and a nail will suffice, balanced is better, but not so important). Hold it in your main hand, at a suitable length of string (6-8 inches).

Tell it: "show me a YES", take note; "show me a NO", take note,
"show me MAYBE /(yes or no depending on actions and choices)", take note; "show me THE QUESTION IS NONSENSICAL", take note; "show me NO ANSWER", take note.

And then, ask away. I think it's a pretty direct link to the higher consciousness, through the subconscious.

Adventuring in the inner worlds of beautiful vistas, mind-bending information and Gods Harmony, Love, Light and Beauty.

All the best, to All :)

Terrance said...

Hello Les,

Whoa! Most social institutions of great significance,( religions,governments and cultural traditions ) actively promote their version of information dealing with the ' big questions' in life. Doing any in-depth research at all, one realizes open deceit has been institutionalized on a planetary scale. One must get outside the box......I recommend conscious active dreaming......

DaveR said...

I've defended Jacques before on another site. As I said, at least he has a vision for the future of humanity, and though the representations I have seen appear bleak, I don't suppose anything will ever work out that way in real life. One man's vision cannot possibly account for entire lives of billions of people, especially when the expression of said vision can only be made in a few pages of writing or hours of video.

I'm all in favor of machines taking over the drudge work that so many of us get to do on this planet. The thing is, the future won't all arrive at once. The changes come in piecemeal and I, for one, try to improve every situation I become involved in. I give away ideas all the time, some big, some small, though always I try to make things better. Though, there is the rub. Just because I think it's better doesn't mean it is better.

I know (or think I do) from my own experience that when I think I've got something figured out, then I'm wrong. I can never figure out all of anything if for no other reason than there is no end to any one thing. Whenever I hear or read somebody saying that "This is how it is...", then I just figure they're wrong. There is only one "it", which is all of "it". and the "way it is" is always changing, so that there never is a "way it is".

As for offering up another vision that would be "better" than the one Jacques has, I don't have it. I just get little bits and pieces here and there. It gets down to the problem of, what would I do if all my needs were met and I didn't have to work for a place to live, food, etc. I honestly don't know. Maybe I'd learn to play the guitar, but I doubt it.

Sadly, the cave wall is all we all get to see, regardless.

Who gets the good guitar?

Anonymous said...

"Earth is a testing ground, no more and the point is to graduate from it." Amen. And in my opinion many won't graduate.

I certainly would enjoy living in one of Jacques futuristic cities, and maybe have a small cabin out in the sticks to occasionally get away from it all. I'm sure he wouldn't object!

I left California over ten years ago. Before I moved I went through the neighborhood I lived in when I first married. It wasn't that great at the time but it sure as hell became a lot worse. Graffiti everywhere, trash all over the place, many homes and apartments in deplorable condition, and these dudes walking the streets with red and blue bandannas tied around their heads. And the stares!

My question for Jacque would be what would happen when he moved these people into his towns? Much of the US is just like my old neighborhood or worse. Check out Detroit and dozens of other major cities. We are talking millions of people with spray cans and low IQs.

If the US had stuck to the Constitution, only elected Jeffersonian types to office (and don't tell me we don't have patriots out there and must settle for Sarah Palin types), controlled immigration, stuck to sound money etc. the Pharisees would never have been able to run wild and destroy this country.

Jacques designs could be built with current technology and we would be living in one of those cities today free energy and all. This country had the potential to be a utopia and it all slipped away.


Visible said...

They gutted it and stripped it Fud as that was their intention. It's one of those junk bond situations or where they take over a factory and sell off the parts. They didn't give a shit and the people went right on sleeping. It 's all in the song "The Last Resort"

You get the good guitar if you play it Dave and it doesn't take much to learn how to strum and accompany yourself. If it did I wouldn't have a guitar I guess.

Anonymous said...

We all got it coming, kid, and that is 100% certainly "the way it is."

Never say never.

Anonymous said...

Fud, the most asked question in real estate is : How far are the niggers?

Politically incorrect, even for a politically incorrect blog, I know.

Unknown said...


Just wanted to say, this is, by far, my favourite piece by you.

I was having a 'down' day, too much fear, and this article helped to bring me a little perspective.
So for that, I thank you


Unknown said...

The ZM is related to the Venus Project for when Jacques saw the first movie which he had no part of doing it. He contacted Peter and Peter J did his own research into he project and read the book future by Design. He saw how the path was going for man and people kept asking him what to do and so in the 2nd movie he put the website Zeitgeist Movement in it. He thought about not doing it but he did. The rest is history.

Peter is as smart as Jacque in his own way. His mom I think worked for social services so he got an education that most don't get.

I see the position that it is NWO. Now I wonder who would do that. Can we say the TPTB and or those who want to keep it as it is for their own selfish reasons.

All that data I wrote above can be found and listened to on the web. That his how I know it and yet I see many comments above that don't know what they are talking about.

IT is painfully obvious of this. It is such a spiritual transformation some just can't seem to do it. Especially religious folks.

I am spiritual person myself but I see what Jacque talks about.

Also if anyone thinks the first movie has anything to do with the Venus Project and the Zeitgeist movement they are not accurately informed. That movie has nothing to do with the movement or the project. It was a college project made and put on the web. He had no idea it would go viral.

So the accurate data is out there if people care to find out. It is not NWO and the ZM is not the NWO. IF there is one it is already in power now. This is an Un NWO to a human world order. HWO.

Anonymous said...

"Jacque Fresco, on Behalf of Humanity; I Call him Friend."

Ooops... that was a terrible slip up, if I ever saw one. But I guess people just have to reveal their true selves sooner or later. It merely takes some patient waiting, eh?

"I am myself working for ‘a’ new world order."
Why 'a' under quotation marks? Do you mean to say that you work for THE new world order?

As a 'former' Mason, you must know the power of words, and that their true meanings are not always what ordinary people think they are. I think too highly of you to even consider this as an accidental mistake. You knew what you wanted to say, and you said it. Touched-moved, as they say in chess. No going back on your own words now.

"Visit the Venus Project."
Don't mind if I do. Let's see what we can find there...



Under the title 'Cybernated Government' we can find that Fresco believes that people are just too stupid to think for themselves, and that computerized systems should take complete control over everything, and decide what's 'best' for humans... by means of distributing resources... presumably 'human resources' as well.

Do you agree with the words of your friend? After all, isn't that The Grand Plan Masons have been trying to accomplish for so long?

Also, is it true what they say about Masons? That they're like CIA? You know the saying?

"Once CIA, always CIA"?

Visible said...


You keep coming back as if you were someone else. However, since you're not very bright you also keep screwing up. When I say 'a' new world order it most certainly applies to one other than the most commonly recognized. Those are also not quotation marks unless you are a UK writer; they are italics. Try to gain a grasp of what you want to say 'before' you say it and you might just get by with only being 'pedestrian'.

Anonymous said...

No, I'm not coming back as someone else. My post about Venus Project and your friend's ideas was the first one I have ever posted on your blog. Ever. But, I can't prove it, so why bother trying?

You say I'm not very bright, and you say that after I told you how much I respect you? What kind of talk is that? Don't you have any respect for your adversary? Masons are known for having no respect for any human being, so I guess you still really are a Mason.

But some clarifications are in order first.

I respect you because you know how to do your job. You are extremely persuasive, and I wasn't sure about your intentions (even though I've been following your blog for a couple of years) until you related yourself to Fresco. A terrible blunder, I must say, but the rabbit is now in the open, and there's no hole to hide in.

I also respect you for knowing the usual tricks to deride a point. You have obviously been trained by some who knows the stuff, and I always respect trained people, regardless of their origins.

Now let's get back to the real point of my post - do you, or do you not, agree with your friend's words that people are just too stupid to think for themselves, and that computers should do all the thinking for them.

I also dare you to approve this comment.

If you do, you will show your (perceived) strength. If you don't, we (all of the people who are now eavesdropping on this conversation invisible until the comment is approved) will know you can be defeated incredibly easily in a fair fight (which is not your kind of a fight, I suppose, but you can prove me wrong).

And once again, just in case you've already forgotten my question - do you agree with your friend's words?

Anonymous said...

Les Visible, I believe I understand what you're saying here and it makes sense to me. I also want a new world, and I'm not afraid of the so called "dark things" I believe "magic" can be used for either good or evil, but that doesn't define it for me. I like the quote I read somewhere once "Just because someone doesn't agree with something, doesn't make the something wrong."

Thank you for the Manly P. Hall Book by the way. Downloaded successfully :-D


Visible said...

A New Reflections in a Petri Dish up-

A Legendary Shit-Smeared Clown from Long Island.

Visible said...


Like I said, you're not very bright, or you don't know how to pay attention. First of all I never was a Mason though I have studied the rituals and I know the provenance. You completely miss my point about Jacque but you don't get Jacque either. I know what he means and intends and you don't.

As for agreement with quotes out of context, let me tell you how I am, inflexibly, I don't debate, I state and I don't argue.

You believe as you like, since you're wrong, why should it concern me?

TheSparkle said...

Bear with me, but we need a NEW WORLD ORDER.

Here's the deal.
The OWO(Old World Order) is what a lot of you are calling the NWO(New World Order).

The OWO is what created the system we are in and is trying to extend its control every day more and more. (babylon, egypt, london, vatican, archons, reptiles, hyperdimensional soul parasites, Satan's minions, whatever you want to call them...all OLD WORLD ORDER)

A 'real' NWO is what we need, not to be confused with the OWO which most people are calling the NWO.

Divide and conquer, thesis antithesis synthesis, eclectic dialectic.

Keep them all focused on trees instead of the forest.

One of my friends is a mason. He learned it in Job Corps. I hope he can help me build a brick wall for the dogs.

wv: zooperse

TheSparkle said...


LOL! I just got Crichton Miller's DVD and book last week!

Anonymous said...

anonymous 1:22
"people are just too stupid to think for themselves, and that computers should do all the thinking for them."

Someone has to program the computers so maybe he was only speaking in general terms. The people I mentioned in the above post definitely aren't that someone. As far as "people being too stupid to think" what's the problem with that. The TV/MSM does the thinking for most people. They have feelings and opinions and their opinions come from the TV/MSM. That is why this country is in such an intractable predicament.


Bry said...

I'm sooo thankful you wrote this article! I keep thinking this to myself, to those ad hom trolls so quick to fight..."Have you actually READ any Theosophic works? Do you really know what FreeMasons are? I have, and I do. And if you did too, you probably wouldn't be saying all of the things you're saying,"

Maybe people are so quick to put a label on whatever they can find... I find most people stigmatize Theosophy because of Hitler's regime. I'd like to respond accordingly to Christians with this: But...George W. is a "Christian", and we all know he should be on trial for...well, countless things. Does that mean that any Christian philosophies are all badly whitewashed because George W. followed it?

Sorry, getting a little off-topic, lol... just wanted to say thank you so much for writing this, I couldn't have said it better myself. It gets tiring trying to intelligently explain these things to trolls. I also want to ask, do you mind if I share your post? I will definitely give you credit =)
Consider me tuning in to your blog!

Visible said...

You always have permission to do that. Thanks for the good words and the good sense.

Anonymous said...

On Jacque's alternative vision:
Cat stevens into white
"I built my house from barley rice
Green pepper walls and water ice
Tables of paper wood, windows of light
And everything emptying into white."

a nice idea is a nice idea.

On Masons
Monty Python, John Cleese, architects scene.
Cleese to Masonite architects. "You wouldn't let me in, you blackballing bastards". Have to watch one's own motives and ambitions when tearing down the temples.

reading Bhag. Gita for the first time without those all so judgmental glasses on (thought it too militaristic decades ago when I tried)., and with more focus on the real and less focus on the hocus pocus.

heres a Usenet newsgroup
lots of stuff there for the student, plagiarist and digital pirate .

Les if you have a reading list I'd be glad and grateful to follow it. Apart from your blogs themselves of course.

as for anti technologists, we live on the edge of the abyss. sonner or later something or things will threaten humanity, a meteor for instance, inevitable. sooner or later we have to get all our eggs out of this one basket. OTOH why the hurry as our mad rush and thoughtless recklessness will do us in before any of that does. balance is recomended.

finally, just finished reading Conrad's Heart Of Darkness. I could not imagine Jacque with his head in his hands (Brando version) whispering, in his last moment, "The Horror, The Horror". (hehehe)


Visible said...

There's a new Profiles in Evil up-

The David Rockefeller, Ball and Chain, Armageddon Club.

Visible said...

The sites are being attacked by the Zio-Ogres, just so you know; people can't comment; people can't even see the blogs. I'll take that as a compliment.

Cindy said...

Okay - now that I made my first post I need to to a second and I'll keep it brief.

If Jim Coor made money selling the product of his labor, and no one was forced to by it - there is no crime and he made his money honestly.

It is those who by way of deception, corruption or taxation who steal our money that should be ostracized.

Unfortunately, there will always be a large part of the non-productive people that will be envious of anyone with a few bucks honestly earned. That they can't tell the difference between honestly earned and theft tells me all I need to know about them


Unknown said...

After initially reading here :

Libya, Oil, Uranium and War
Guest post by James at Winter Patriot Community…

I soon started to read the genuine original, which is your effort here :

Muammar Gaddafi Accused of Genocide? NATO Invasion Underway.

by keith harmon snow *
3 March 2011 (Revised & updated 4 March 2011 with slight additional
revisions 19 March.)

After naming the names of the CFR perpetrators inside organisations
like e.g. “ “Freedom” House ” , i arrived at the ABC News interview
of Muammar Gaddafi with correspondent Christiane Amanpour in Tripoli
on February 28, 2011 :

Muammar Gaddafi interview with Christiane Amanpour
ABC-News, February 28, 2011

To watch this one, you need to login into YouTube.com. Why ? I don’t know,
but i was very surprised to find that this Video content is labeled :

“This video is private.
Sorry about that.”
// Data/ courtesy of Robert Stockman and http://aangirfan.blogspot.com/

Unknown said...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011 http://aangirfan.blogspot.com/


The people opposing Gaddafi are the CIA’s al Qaeda.

The Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) has been an affiliate of al-Qaida.

(Libyan rebellion has radical Islamist fervor.)

Top al-Qaida member Abu Yahya al-Libi, above, has been an LIFG member.

On 18 March 2011, a Daily Telegraph (UK) article tells us that in Libya: the West and al-Qaeda are on the same side‎

“An al-Qaeda leader of Libyan origin, Abu Yahya al-Libi, released a statement backing the (Libyan) insurrection a week ago…”

US government “cables … identified Dernah (in Libya) in particular as a breeding ground for fighters in a number of causes, including Afghanistan and Iraq.

“Col Gaddafi has pinpointed the rebels in Dernah as being led by an al-Qaeda cell that has declared the town an Islamic emirate…

“The man running Dernah’s defences, Abdelkarim al-Hasadi, was arrested by US forces in Afghanistan in 2002…”

The military chief of the opposition National Council “is Abdul Fattah Younis al-Obeidi” who “worked with the SAS…”

I discovered, hidden in my ‘spam’ box, a number of useful comments. They have now been ‘published’. Sorry about the delay.

Below are two such comments, which just happen to be about CIA terrorism:

Website for this image

1. Bravo for raising concerns about CIA support for the Baloch separatist movement.

I believe this is well-supported by the evidence.

It seems to me that the government of Pakistan has only discussed this sensitive issue in closed door sessions, but since Davis’ arrest, more retired generals and ISI agents are speaking out about it:



The Pentagon makes no secret (via unclassified documents widely available on the Internet) of their desire to see energy and mineral rich Balochistan secede from Pakistan to become a US client state – just like energy and mineral rich Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and the other former Soviet republics.

Moreover there’s no way to ascertain whether random acts of terror in the border regions are caused by the Taliban, Al Qaeda or the CIA-funded BLA.

However there’s no question that CIA-sponsored BLA terrorism is responsible for much of the violence – especially around the Chinese-built port in Gwadar, Pakistan (employed to offload Iranian oil destined for China).

Given that Iran and China are major political/economic rivals, it’s a pity the US media fails to report on any of this.

I blog about this at “Our CIA freedom fighters in Pakistan”


Unknown said...

By Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall on RAYMOND DAVIS & ARRESTS OF VICTIMS on 19/03/11

A Libyan living in the UK, Al-Bashir Mohammed Al-Faqih was convicted in the UK of ‘terrorism’ offences. Reportedly he is linked to the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group.

2. The Libyan Islamic Fighting Group which began the uprisings:

An analytical report is available for download from the NEFA Foundation website focusing on the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), authored by NEFA Senior Investigator Evan Kohlmann (with NEFA Senior Analyst Josh Lefkowitz).

This document is based upon an expert witness report filed in 2007 on behalf of Scotland Yard’s SO-15 Counter Terrorism Command and the U.K. Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) during Operation Cavern (Regina v. Al Bashir Mohammed al-Faqih).

In July 2007, Mr. al-Faqih pleaded guilty to two counts of possessing a document or record containing information of a kind likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism—specifically documents demonstrating how to fabricate explosives and set up a terror cell.

The report is divided into the following sections: Part I: Origins in the 1980s Part II: Exile in the Sudan (1992-1995) Part III: The Libyan Theater (1990-1997) Part IV: A Return to Jihad in Afghanistan (1998-2001) Part V: The LIFG and the Contemporary War on Terrorism.

Additionally, the report includes an appendix featuring an actual

Unknown said...

An analytical report is available for download from the NEFA Foundation website focusing on the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), authored by NEFA Senior Investigator Evan Kohlmann (with NEFA Senior Analyst Josh Lefkowitz).

This document is based upon an expert witness report filed in 2007 on behalf of Scotland Yard’s SO-15 Counter Terrorism Command and the U.K. Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) during Operation Cavern (Regina v. Al Bashir Mohammed al-Faqih).

In July 2007, Mr. al-Faqih pleaded guilty to two counts of possessing a document or record containing information of a kind likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism—specifically documents demonstrating how to fabricate explosives and set up a terror cell.

The report is divided into the following sections: Part I: Origins in the 1980s Part II: Exile in the Sudan (1992-1995) Part III: The Libyan Theater (1990-1997) Part IV: A Return to Jihad in Afghanistan (1998-2001) Part V: The LIFG and the Contemporary War on Terrorism.

Additionally, the report includes an appendix featuring an actual personnel form completed by recruits seeking to enlist in courses offered at the LIFG-run “Abu Yahya al-Liby” terrorist training camp near Kabul, Afghanistan in 2000-2001.


By Anonymous on GADDAFI, SADDAM AND THE CIA on 06/03/11

Child injured by US-NATO bombing in Afghanistan.

On 22nd March 2011 we learn that in Libya, a US chopper has shot 6 pro-American villagers including a boy who may have to have his leg amputated.

“Six Libyan villagers are recovering in hospital after being shot by American soldiers coming in to rescue the U.S. pilots whose plane crash-landed in a field.

“The locals, who had come to greet the pilots, were hit – among them a young boy who may have to have a leg amputated because of injuries caused by a bullet wound…

“Channel Four’s International Editor Lindsey Hilsum confirmed the civilian casualties…”

(Six Libyan villagers shot by US team rescuing pilot – Channel 4 News) http://aangirfan.blogspot.com/

Biophily said...

Great article.

Seeing the same vacuous and slanderous claims against Fresco I began researching extensively. Fresco's article on Wikipedia is the result of such research. I hope it helps deflate claims that his past accomplishments and careers are one big lie.

And there is more to come.

Anonymous said...

To all those who bash the zeitgiest movement and jaque fresco. The first zeitgiest movie had no involvment by jaque fresco, and no involvment with either movements. It was a piece made by peter joseph before the movement came together a few years later. It was not an attack on christianiry in the first segment, rather it showed how easily the human mind is conditioned and shows that it heavily controls our lives. It doesnt bash the messages of Jesus, but rather it calls out the mythical ideas behind him. Jesus' story has been repeated, his ideas seem unique. The Bible has been written by those who never met Jesus, just through hearsay.
Both men want to CHANGE THE WORLD TO A BETTER PLACE, and the poloticians you vote for strive to benefit the one percent. There has been no push to solve social problems in any congress. Poverty and war have increased. So,if you think capitalism works, you are wrong. If you think you have to threaten ppl to get them to do things(which is capitalism), you are wrong.
The RBE idea is not communism, but it does recognize that the entire planet must cooperate, or we will exterminate ourselves. This is a fact. We continue to enhance our death machines, which will in the end be our downfall, unless we change now.
Some say the venus project is to control ppl? There is no advantage to controlling others when all recources are abundant and accedible. Nothing has monetary value. How can you seriously attack these people when your own system is failing, and you offer no viable solution of your own. By offering no solution, i assume you want to keep things the same, which means you r a puppet of the one percent slave owners. Please leave us who care alone, and maybe even rejoin humanity.



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