Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Dark Side of the Devic Realm Rising

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

'May your noses be hoses for shimmering lines of the divine's finest comestible'.

I guess I have to speculate a little. The reason for that is that a significant portion of people do not believe in Mother Nature as a conscious force. Of course that doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if you believe in werewolves or not, if you happen to get torn apart by one. It didn’t affect the actual operation of The Sun and Earth when The Pope had Galileo tortured for proclaiming it did what it did (one of my favorite images), as opposed to what ‘they’ said it did; Earth revolves around Sun, Sun does not revolve around Earth.

I picked a fanciful example and a real example. I believe in werewolves and vampires. I just don’t think they are the same as what movies tell us they are but...if you hang out in Hollywood for any length of time, you will run into werewolves and vampires; the real ones. You can get torn to pieces in a number of ways and you can have all the life force sucked out of you. You need to get the metaphor end of it to see what I’m talking about. Hollywood is one of those places where vampires and werewolves live. Las Vegas is another and so are most of the large, glittering cities on the planet.

Vampires and werewolves are very active in politics and in the corporate arena. They have their chosen turf and you have to go there to run into them. It’s the same as with ghouls. You have to go to a fresh battlefield, or anywhere that large numbers of dead bodies show up, to see them.

We celebrate these creatures on Halloween and they are all part of the dark side of The Devic Realm, which is why you don’t want to go wandering around in there without a guide or the permission of my friend, Ganesha. If you put ‘The Devic realm’ into a search engine, you don’t get much. That’s surprising when you think of it. This area of existence is where all the spirits of Nature live; the elementals, chimerical creatures, devas, elves, fairies and many curious entities. It is also populated by a dark side as well. It is a parallel world to our own. The two interact; more at some times than at others, less so in times of darkness, except for the darker side, which is how it is now. They are still around; you just can’t see them as well. Clairvoyants and mystics see them, now and then.

When I was living on Maui, at one point I was managing a resort out toward Hana. This was a very small resort in the jungle and it was not unusual for there to be no one there but me. I was the only employee. One day, while walking about, I saw a silver shimmer; a brilliant electronic weaving object that looked like a short scarf. It was undulating and moving right along side me as I went, a few feet away. I could hear it speaking to me. I was thrilled. Whenever I went outdoors it was there. One day, I happened to tell a former girlfriend of mine about it. She’s very new age, I might add. I didn’t think anything about it and I told her in town. When I got back, my companion was gone and never returned again. You can imagine my dismay. It’s hard to know when you are supposed to keep quiet about certain things and when it’s okay to talk about them.

I’ve been saying for some time that your real concern should be the activities of Mother Nature as opposed to the geo-political fortunes of the time. There’s a good reason for this. Although there are some number of us who are partially awakened and more who are coming awake, due to the release of certain forces into the human dynamic. A large portion of us, refuse to wake up; are determined not to wake up and snarl and lash out in somnolent anger at any intrusion into our dreams. Because of this intransigence, it is necessary for the whole structure of manufactured, shared reality, to be shaken to its core.

Last May and June, I was involved in a continuous supernatural experience, where the gates of The Devic Realm were opened and a hyper-realistic drama with a complex plot, unrolled before me. I came to the edge of death finally, in this, oh so powerful, series of events. At one period I didn’t sleep for two weeks and felt no need for it. Other times I didn’t eat or sleep for a week. You can imagine how this amplified what I was going through. The climax of this series of experiences was two days with Mother Nature in which she got her powers back. I can’t remember a lot of the details now but...the crux of the matter seemed to be that she had been placed under a spell by the architects of our extended, manufactured reality. Through a Byzantine series of steps in an intricate ritual, everything was changed and I was told that we were soon going to see dramatic examples of Mother Nature’s returned abilities. This is what we are seeing now and this is merely a prelude. There is no implication on my part that the Japanese are any more asleep than anyone else. Volcanoes and earthquakes are going off all over the place and they are going to intensify. You haven’t seen any real tsunamis yet; not hardly. The venerable Edgar Cayce predicted this. You can find plenty more on your own.

The pending meltdown of the Japanese nuclear reactors is especially troubling and, as usual, humanity, in its arrogance, never thinks to build these structures away from the reach of certain forces; of course an earthquake can appear anywhere and simply swallow the reactor whole but you would think the ocean could be guarded against to some degree.

I’d like to say here that, although I have a role in this whole matrix, so do many, many other people and the fact that I had a particular experience does not cancel out the very real possibility that others have had even greater experiences and communications. I’m just one small player in this huge affair and never want to give the impression that I think otherwise. The information and your own internal awareness, are both more important than I am and I have the unenviable position (grin) of being informed immediately, whenever I overstep my boundaries.

I can be a reckless sort and I attribute all of my recent health difficulties to the state of extremis that I was brought to last year. That seems to be passing away now, I sincerely hope.

Some of us are aware of what has taken place at Findhorn and other locations. Some of us know what light workers in the heart of darkness and the far reaches of rustic locations are up to. All of the darkness that has been swirling about is counter-pointed by light, breaking through in a thousand locations and we will be seeing things that dwarf what took place at Findhorn, as the new epoch comes upon us. Along with an age of brotherhood, we are going to see direct interactions between humanity and The Devic Realm and it is from The Devic Realm that all sorts of surprising knowledge, wisdom and technology are going to appear.

Sure, HAARP may have some role to play in what’s going on and we can clearly see that the governments, banks and corporations are making war on the public. They are just as much under control as are the ‘seemingly’ uncontrolled forces of Nature, presently at work. When I walk outdoors now, I can feel the invisible electricity crackling in the air. Don’t worry about the man behind the curtain. He’s going to appear on YouTube shortly, along with hard and irrefutable evidence of what he’s been up to. I am afraid that some of it is going to be very embarrassing.

I looked at the huge pictures of what was taking place in Japan; the videos of massive waves, tossing houses into each other and cars by the hundreds pouring over falls and...I had no feelings that I could connect to feelings I have had in the past, when I have witnessed such things. I don’t feel apprehensive. I don’t feel uncertain or shaken at all. I can’t account for this. It’s like I’m watching a newsreel but something else is taking place behind the events that I am watching, but which I cannot see. Whatever it is, it calms me and I know it’s about to get much more suspenseful, exciting and thrilling (if I can put a positive spin on it) than it has been. Until now, events and conditions have always stopped a little short of being truly world changing; like the big tsunami of a few years ago, the Haitian earthquake and the various false flags and political chicanery that’s been pro forma for the last couple of decades. We haven’t had events that left millions missing, or whole countries changed beyond recognition. We are about to.

I can’t really speculate about numbers and I’m not a prophet or a seer. My occupations are in a related and different field but...I can say, you’re right in it now and things like this are all you are going to be seeing, except for brief respites here and there, including things that will be off-the-charts mystifying and awe-making. I keep saying it; go within and make contact; operators are standing by (grin). Be well and strive, strive, strive.

End Transmission.......

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I’m going to break with the tradition of putting one of my songs down here; working to record a lot of new material and that will begin showing up in early Summer. Meanwhile, as spectacular as Patrick Willis has been in bringing life to some of my works and imbuing it with a power greater than anything I put there (grin), I think he really outdid himself on this one. If you don’t get what the piece is about, just ask and I will say something in the comments section but I can’t imagine not tumbling to it.

Patrick Willis narrates:
The Big One

I don’t know why it feels like I should keep writing. I want to give you words of comfort and virtual hugs. It’s like I can really feel you out there but, maybe just saying this is enough.

If you do find you can’t access sites or can’t comment, hang in there. Apparently they can’t do much except briefly (so far). Send me your comment by email and I’ll put it in. Try to include it with your squawk about not being able to comment.

Smoking Mirrors Mirror.



de*evolution noun
Etymology: Medieval Latin devolution-, devolutio, from Latin devolvere. Date: 1545

1: A species which kills each other at a faster and faster rate while they destroy the air, water, and earth around them that keeps them alive.

2: retrograde evolution: DEGENERATION

Lost in 808 said...

Dear Les,

Im glad your feeling better. Nice post. Thank you!

Dan said...


Always great to read your thoughts, thank you for sharing them. I have spent a lot of time in Maui, it is kind of a "Home away from Home". I heard from a friend the tsunami took out Front St. in Lahaina but I can't find anything online about it. Maybe its bs. Well until next time, Aloha!


GeirSmith said...

Check out this article.

su said...

hugs and words of comfort gratefully accepted.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this Les. I also appreciate the virtual hug :-) ~Melanie Stone

Anonymous said...

Dear Les,

It's always a pleasure to read the writings of a man that I'm 95% in agreement with.

I take exception with you regarding India and anything Hindu.

In 1979, I spent an unplanned week in New Delhi and parts therof. Back then I could cover a lot of territory in one week. I was absolutely disgusted. I was thirsty at the Delhi airport and asked where I could find some water. Ah, Sahib, join that line. Yup. A big bucket of water with a ladle that was dipped into some bluish disinfectant. Welcome to India. Hell. It got worse.

I have no use for Gods that have elephant heads or bas reliefs of dancing girls with big tits. If anything, they're "red herings" that keep one away from the Creator.

Hell. I'm a man of means. If some fools want a yurt and go camping with it in foothills of the Hindu Kush...I'll bankroll it.
Humans attract bugs and rodents. Who will go for food and water? What about entertainment? No internet? This could be an interesting TV doc film...........Most folks here are better off daydreaning in front of their computers.

Tom Frumpy

Neko Kinoshita said...

This is just what I needed to see today Les,

So many petty irritations and so much frustration while trying to interact with this continuing dusty illusion.

At the same time to hear the sun and the earth singing to each other, and I’m beginning to hear the subtle harmonies coming from the flora and fauna.

I’m becoming so weary, and then, just as I question why I continue, there you are offering such words of encouragement. The words of comfort and virtual hugs are the last touch required, and I can now, once again, feel the divine empowering me for what has yet to be.

It’s always amazing, what effect, reading your words has on me.

Sending Love from the alley,

Anonymous said...

Thank you once again, Les Visible, for your words at this time. I have been waiting to hear this ever since the earthquake news reached my consciousness. Your thoughts and feelings resonate within my being. There is really no one in my circle of acquaintances who I can talk to about these events at this level of understanding so again, thank you for expressing what I feel. You must continue to write as long as we are able to hear. Om ah hum.

Visible said...


I seldom if ever mention India. I even less seldom mention God's with elephant heads and I don't remember ever promoting either. I take it you have direct one on one communication with the divine because otherwise, well.

However, since you were able to see enough of India in one week to be able to form a comprehensive opinion, I am not in a position to judge what you know and don't.

My going to the Kumbhamela is only for people interested. the disinterested aren't even invited. I can't really make head or tales of what you are trying to say but I can tell you that God does not judge things by human standards and there is a long and intricate tale concerning how Ganesha got the head of an elephant and what it means and what he does and I would bet you don't know a single detail. Now how does that put you in a position to understand it?

No one should have an opinion on anything that they don't have a good range of understanding about. The creator doesn't care what you think about India or it's Gods and every religion on Earth comes out of there. Just cause they homogenized and Wonder-breaded them and made them sexless and safe for people who need to be controlled doesn't take away from where they came from. They all come out of India.

Visible said...


You are correct, Sir.

Themagicishere said...

Thank you Les for this very fine post.


Anonymous said...

Dear Les,

Well said.


Odin's Raven said...

Here's a very successful weather forecaster who attributes big earthquakes to combinations of solar activity and lunar position.

If Nature was once more conscious, I wonder if that was why the megalithic people were so concerned about observing the movements of the sun and moon, to determine good times for contact, or predict bad disturbances of nature? Especially as some people regard the neolithic tombs as portals to the underworld or Devic Realm. As Nature becomes more conscious, will Mr. Visible's Shangri-La become such a contact point, and even a new Findhorn?

vixen said...

I can identify with not feeling that much of anything watching this latest disaster unfold in Japan. Seems like the last time I could identify with the victims was during Katrina, maybe a bit when Haiti unfolded as well……Not sure how I’ll feel if and when the fallout reaches the West Coast as I still family there. The disasters are becoming common place now and it’s as if I’ve become sensitized and am just waiting for the scenario of whole populations to just disappear as you mentioned. Neither fear anymore nor apprehension, just biding time until all is revealed. I’ve been a spectator to the changes that have recently transpired in my own life, as if some force other than my own is setting up the direction I will be taking. It’s a relief to just sit back and let what’s supposed to be take place without my directing it.

Anonymous said...

Lord Ganesha, beautiful Ganapati, king of the Ganas! Ki Jaya!

Lord Ganesha once removed an obstacle for me.

Son of Lord Shiva, dear devotee friend of Lord Krishna, scribe for Srila Vyasadeva!

All glory to Lord Ganesha!

amarynth said...

Uhm Frumpy, so the Indians owe you personally some clean drinking water?

To some of us creator speaks in imagery rich with archetypes. Ganesha is such a one, imagery rich in archetypes .. stuff that make you understand without words.

More modern and less Indian archetypical and mythical content can be found in the works of Joseph Cambell. He studied myth. He says:"It puts you in touch with a plane of reference that goes past your mind and into your very being, into your very gut. The ultimate mystery of being and nonbeing transcends all categories of knowledge and thought. Yet that which transcends all talk is the very essence of your own being, so you're resting on it and you know it. The function of mythological symbols is to give you a sense of

"Aha! Yes. I know what it is, it's myself."

This is what it's all about, and then you feel a kind of centering, centering, centering all the time. And whatever you do can be discussed in relationship to this ground of truth. Though to talk about it as truth is a little bit deceptive because when we think of truth we think of something that can be conceptualized. It goes past that."

Les, today may your words resonate even wider, touch more hearts and awaken more souls and give joy to more spirit - virtual hugs and all!

Richard said...

I guess it has been a dog's destiny. ( Chinese Astrology ) Having changed owners, as per previous comment, this posting seems to be a rewrite of my experience, only the date of near death was mid May of last year. And the Work was last October.
Mother Nature IS waking up, as Celestial Mother is putting rose petals in the path of those who are following her guidance. After all ' Ours is not a caravan of despair' ( Mevlana -Jellaludin Rumi)
Must say that even with incredibly difficult emotional events of a personal nature occurring on a number of occasions in the last month, the calm, unexpected and surprisingly stable, comes in no more than three minutes.
The Devic Realm is making its presence felt! all around!!
Hugs back to you, brother ( of the same Father ?, not necessarily a comment on the nature of our earthly mothers (grin))

laurel said...

i guess its time now. i had hoped for a bit longer.

Strum said...

I love your honesty and humility in this post Les.

If someone playing a HAARP has had anything to do with what has happened in Japan then I can only pray for the souls of those that would so lightly lay waste to so many lives.

If some have the power to do such a thing, how can we know what "nature" is anymore?

Does the IPCC include the potential effects of weather modification technology in the computer models they base their "climate change" predictions upon?

How can we know nature when all around us is the world man has made?

Anyway whether man made or not this disaster in Japan feels to me like a harbinger of worse to come.
Aren't you supposed to take iodine in case of radiation exposure? might be a good idea, better get some myself.

Hang on to your hats here comes the tsunami, what keeps you afloat in the maelstrom?, better be sure it's water tight.

Saw this headline
"The Unique Benefits of When Things Fall Apart"

and I thought, that sounds like a Visible line, as I can usually pick your posts by the headline, but it turns out it was this:

"what did you learn When Things Fell Apart? Isn't that when you really learned about over-reach, mission creep, internally unresolvable conflicts, dependence, self-delusion, convenient fantasies, the limits of experience, fighting the last war, lies, greed, avarice, and a hundred other insights and understandings?"

If the guy could get over his love of money he might be onto something, writes well though.

be deep

oh btw, if you are having trouble posting comments, try copying your comment from the text box into a text file before you submit it so you have a copy if things go wrong.

Frog said...

Funny you mention Cayce. His name popped into my consciousness just a couple of days ago too, I have been rereading some of his stuff. As usual though, there is much to see and I have no clue what is important. His writings on the pole shift? The Essenes? Both? Neither? Why was his name pulled up in my memory now? Sigh. I'll read, think and wait.
I've been reading Pane Andov's latest and more of Hall's book. Lot's of interesting stuff. Andov goes from stuff that feels like Hubbard wrote it to stuff that really needs more thought. Quite a mix.
Trying to get some guidance from the divine, I pulled one tarot card asking God to give me a hint. I got the eight of swords. Yes, appropriate. That's me in the center. The divine is pushing me hard. Like you, I feel a tension in the air. Still, I find it hard to get direction. I suppose more prayer and meditation is in order.
Anyhow, thanks for your writing as always.

Frog said...

India is quite the place, isn't it? A place where "untouchable" is a valid position in the social hierarchy. Whenever I see symbols of the Hindu religion, I see my face pasted over the body of a untouchable. "You will know them by their works".
Still, like everything else, there is good and bad. The Christian nations had Irish kids dying in sweat shops, blacks slaving in the fields of the south. The Muslims have been slavers for centuries. People are good and evil irregardless of what Scripture they claim to follow. Are we then better or worse than anyone else?

Christianity and Islam seem to be drowning out Hinduism anyways. I have read urgent missives from the Hindus urging their followers to stomp out Christian and Muslim communities before they become a minority and then die out. What does it all mean?
I've met good Indians and bad Christians. And the other way around. In the end, a guy was there ladling out water, right? Did you say thanks for what he had to offer? What else is there for a man to do? Anyhow, just take what's good, leave the rest.
Having said all that, no, I have no plans to move to Calcutta. Some of the more rural places in India do seem quite beautiful and quiet though.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, LV.
"I don’t know why it feels like I should keep writing. I want to give you words of comfort and virtual hugs."
I recall how you said, when you were in the middle of your experience last year, that you'd stop writing here.
I felt adrift. I protested and asked you if you could at least write a weekly Visible Origami.
Thank you for deciding to continue to write and broadcast. You may not be fully aware of how many you help.
On fairies etc, these two books are worth reading: "The Coming of the Fairies" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, "The Secret Lives of Elves and Fairies; From the Private Journal of The Rev Robert Kirk", the journal having been written in 1692.
Comments about metaphors and archetypes are very much to the point.

Thank you, again. Best to you and all here.

Anonymous said...

To me Lord Ganesha is as real as all of you are.

An individual personality forever.

As Krishna says to Arjuna, eternally..

Never was there a time when I did not exist, nor you, (*nor Ganesha), nor all these kings; nor in the future shall any of us cease to be.

*I said that.

Visible said...


I have friends in India who are readers here and who tell me things. Were I you, I would look into what Christians are doing in India that is provoking the backlash. There's some pretty insidious stuff; the usual Christian missionary crap.

All the religions in their external forms leave something to be desired and all of them esoterically connect to Godhead.

Anonymous said...

Even when the "enlightened" Greeks showed up in India the Indians were repelled by them.

Cow killers preaching to them?

Good luck with that..

Not to mention, as Schopenhauer said..

In India our religions will never at any time take root; the ancient wisdom of the human race will not be supplanted by the events in Galilee. On the contrary, Indian wisdom flows back to Europe, and will produce a fundamental change in our knowledge and thought.

Frog said...

Yes, I too have read stuff from India regarding the various missionaries. I feel shame for what happens there. The backlash is warranted if even some of what is said is true. Still, the people convert because they seek something better. What they have fails them.
I shudder at the thought of all the corruption inherent to the Christian denominations, especially Catholicism flowing to these people. I hope and I say prayers for the people in India and China and other places, that if they find the way of Christ, they find the man who said "Love thy Neighbor as Thyself". That they find that they and their fellows have worth as men and women made in the image of God. That as new people they see the goodness in their faith, and put away the hypocrisy and the evil that the missionaries bring.
What can I do other than pray that the divine opens their minds to the light in any transition they make? Protects them from the corrupt, the liar, the hypocrite?

laurel said...

totally totally perfect.

"....I've met good Indians and bad Christians. And the other way around. In the end, a guy was there ladling out water, right? Did you say thanks for what he had to offer? What else is there for a man to do? Anyhow, just take what's good, leave the rest. "

Frog said...

Anonymous 9:43

But Christianity and Islam are taking root in India, China, even Japan to some degree. And growing fast. Great and terrible upheaval takes place in Asia. Our media reports next to nothing of what happens, especially in India and parts of China. The change is in it's own way "Biblical" in scope.

Of course, eastern wisdom does flow west too, for those that care to read or listen.

So much for Schopenhauer. He can take a seat next to Niche and his "God is Dead" 15 minutes of fame.

gurnygob said...

I will read this later.

Funny,,,I knew this was from you just by the heading. Les are you becoming predictable??????? (grin)


Unknown said...

At one time the Buddha dwelt in Rajagriha, on Vulture Peak, with a large assembly of Bhikkhus and with thirty-two thousand Bodhisattvas, with Manjushri the Dharma-Prince at the head of the assembly.
May we all find ourselves in the great assembly


Unknown said...

I have been telling people for years about the rules of nature being the rules of the creator. They often use science and declare me unstable. I have nothing against science, however to understand nature requires a spiritual one with the present.

I do not believe in enlightenment and I think we were misled there.

When the balance of any eco system becomes unbalanced, nature must intervene. The rules apply to spiritual as well as it is all tied in together with a mathematical formula created by the creator.

We are due for an intervention as we have done a lot of harm in all areas of life and the unbalance has to be corrected.

Odin's Raven said...

Here's a report of some strange Russian science, demonstrating that as the earth's magnetic field weakens, so we have more access to unusual mental powers.

Cindy said...

Dear Les,

I've been reading some of your posts for a couple months now and I am really most curious and intrigued. What got me today was your comment which basically amounted to having no feelings about the Japan events -just watching the newsreels(now Youtube). I'm sorry to say I have had the same non-feelings. When Haiti happened I felt horrified. Are we just becoming numb - or - and this is possible, do some of us just know this S((t is going to happen? I do remotely feel bad for all the Japanese are going though - but frankly I'm more concerned about the poor stray cats that were dumped here in December that I can't catch and who I can see are barely surviving. Is it a think global act local thing?
I am really starting to appreciate your writings, but I'm still a novice!



laurel said...

cindy, maybe it is that the stray cats had no choice in their situation. people do have choices as to how we build and how we live. tall buildings, nuclear power, these are our own damnations. the hundreds of poor scrabbling for a meek living in grass huts in sumatra....that is not of their doing, they are doing their best and causing less harm. earthquakes are terrible. tsunamis happen. but the stray cats were forced from their habitat and their survival mode to an environment wherein you feel compelled to help since you are more familiar with your terrain. and they are closer, so you can see their suffering. and i know for myself, i feel numbed, and distant. same as when i was in critical in the hospital er, i could hear everything, understood everything, but i was not right "there" anymore. i was a ways back from it all, just watching in an interested but impersonal way. it didnt mean mine or my childrens suffering was less, it just means i was not on that plane any more at that time, i guess. i do remember feeling very bad for them, because they could not see that all in all, at that moment, i actually felt pretty damn GOOD. its a flexible sphere we are in right now, i guess.

Anonymous said...

15 minutes of fame? Schopenhauer!
Surely you jest?

Isn't that Andy Warhol talk?
Schopenhauer had already been famous for more than 100 years before Warhol was even born.

I must admit though, I really do like Warhol's Frankenstein and Dracula.
The best things he ever did.

In fact, they're closely related to the Christianity Schopenhauer speaks of.

“The fruits of Christianity were religious wars, butcheries, crusades, inquisitions, extermination of the natives of America and the introduction of African slaves in their place”
-Arthur Schopenhauer

And Gandhi alone very simply and perfectly stated what was and is obvious to the "Indians."

“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”
-Mahatma Gandhi

"Biblical in scope?" God forbid.

Anonymous said...

Cindy, 11:26 PM

Way back I felt the same about 911.
I was most amazed at the planes flying into the skyscrapers, very spectacular but the loss of life prompted from me the comment 'well they're only Yanks aren't they'.

Maybe the society I live in has made me callous!!


Terrance said...

Hello Les, Your posts are always very thought provoking. The web of life is having spasms. Telepathic awareness for me, is increasing. Whether we know it or knot(grin), we all signed up for these amazing times. Hang in there and walk with integrity...One Love.....

Odin's Raven said...

If this is right, Nature may be about to shake the western coast of North America :

"IF the radiation releases in Japan become more serious and we get talk of arrival of radioactivity on the US West Coast then predictive language exists which supports a major/larger earthquake event."

The times may be about to become unpleasantly 'interesting'.

Manticmeister said...

Hello Les,
I was honored to be the 58th viewer of "The Big One" the other day and I must say, that is one amazing piece of work. I immediately downloaded it and I've watched it several more times since. Truly, it gave me chills. I nearly wept. Only one point escapes me though- what is the black hole in Calcutta that will do just fine? Or is Calcutta itself the black hole?
I am also curious about the production of the video itself. I know you wrote the words, but did you compose and perform the music as well? Synchronize the video to the words? It is just so fantastic I want to know more about how it was done.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Aloha, Les,

About a week ago I had a powerful dream that triggered a flood of ideas in the zone between sleep & waking. Visions of the civilization that will rise from the ashes of this one (created by the 10% or so who survive the Years of Catastrophe.)

Imagine the peoples of the world devoting their surplus wealth & ingenuity not to preparations for war, but to creating gifts for each other. Perfect gifts that express the depth of their mutual understanding & the relationship to which they aspire.

That's my new screenplay project; whether it becomes a movie is almost beside the point. The ring of truth makes me tingle, like the world is new again. That's the feeling I want to transmit.

By the way, half my family is in Japan. They're all right for now. And living on the edge of a cliff in San Francisco, impermanence is more vivid than usual. As my friend Swami NadaBrahmananda would say, "All is well."


Anonymous said...

Beautifully worded, touched my soul

Peter Abba said...

Well said.

Build Eco-Arks PRONTO.

Mimic ecological symbiosis in every facet of human consciousness and activity.

Be a Hu-Man, in union with Wu-Man and Yew-Man.

Anonymous said...

I have a personal certainty that Nature, Mother Earth, is both alive and conscious. Apparently, this is quite a stretch for people these days, but I find the world to be very much a Being, and very much in relationship to humanity.
I have found that the world is always there, it we humans who are not.
We have been told by many seers that our Earth would have to purify herself, or allow humanity to annihilate both her, and themselves.
It may well be that the hollow feelings toward Japan are just a way of coping-in advance, for what we will face here.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,
Nice post.
There's an interesting take on these earth changes and likely future ones posted by Clif High at HalfPastHuman on 28 February:
He gives a very different take on the cause of earthquakes. To get a deeper insight into some of the things he's talking about readers should look up the electric universe theory on a search engine near you.

Tzeric said...

Happened by your site today...

Thank you for the very evocative writings.
It takes great courage to let our Shaman side out in the world,
but perhaps that will be ours and the world's saving grace.
Have you read any Barbara Hand Clow? Her book of transmissions called the 'Pleadian Agenda' speaks thoughtfully about the Devic realms.


Anonymous said...

We're evolving so as not to feed the beast with negative emotion.

Negative emotion does not help those in trouble.

Calm compassion and empathy help more than "feeling" bad.

We're growing up and ready to die.

siamsam said...

If my memory serves me, one of last years webbot reports predicted a 'poisonous cloud circling the planet'. Funny I haven’t seen any references to this and recent events.

I thought Cliff would have pointed to this.

God bless

Anonymous said...

amarynth and Frog:

India doesn't owe me thing. All people there should have access to clean drinking water as a basic human right.


Tom notsofurmpy today

PS: Remember to ask the taxiwallah how much before you get in the taxi.

siamsam said...

PS Mother Earth is groaning - is it not plain to hear, and see. Reminds me of when I was a young boy and my mother would hear me groaning due to a certain discomfort one gets for no apparent reason at a certain age.

She would say 'it's only growing pains'. She was obviously right. Mothers were naturally attuned to these things.

Of course after the groaning and discomfort came the growth - expansion.

The earth is groaning and mother earth knows it. The expansion is becoming evident. Don’t you think?

God bless

siamsam said...

PPS take a few seconds to view this:

Anonymous said...

I,ve noticed some unusual things with the wild critters around here. Coyotes yipping in the middle of the day, birds wacking into the windows. Also the 2 analog tv stations that didn't go digital will at times have a loud ticking audio sound that is very annoying. HAARP woodpecker maybe? Nothing to see or hear on it anyhow. Not many vampires or werewolves around here just lots of zombies. Virtual handshake to all, from Minnesota.

Visible said...


Patrick did all of that. As for Calcutta it was mere poetic license concerning black holes and things that such; no offense intended to Calcutta, where I've never been and don't know anything about.

Anonymous said...

History shows again and again
How nature points out the folly of men

Anonymous said...

Dear Les...

A big virtual hug back at ya...and a great big wet cold nose kiss too.

What everyone will learn is "organised religion" is deeply corrupted...."the truth" is and always has been within....we all have a direct line of communication if one so choses...and this direct line gets clearer and the signal stronger by the day...and we are under our own choice and FREEWILL...

Best Wishes Always

Anonymous said...

Ok so I've been doing alot of research on sun spots. The sun's corona is doing very funny things just like the Mayans said in their 'prophecies' these are not prophecies they are written historical records to tell future men what to expect in the days leading up to 2012 when the sun returns to it's place of origin in the Milky way.
the Mayans warned about negative positive sunspots, that when there is one of these events, it would mark the beginning of great upheaval in the earth's surface. Now I've been following this very closely On august 1, 2010 there was a negative sunspot one that goes inward and a positive sunspot one that goes outward. 3 volcanoes erupted on the earth Mt Elbrus, Mt Hood, and a volcano in Chile. any earthquakes during august 1 2010 there were numerous earthquakes during august 1 on the west coast of the united state.

When there is sunspot activity the earth responds in kind. Now you can follow every 87 days to the next negative positive sunspot event. I've been following the sun spots because the sun's surface is moving from South to North.. It is changing it's
magnetic field each time there is a negative-positive event the sun's face moves. So Everytime we have one of these events Volcanoes erupt...then there is incredible earthquakes Chile's earthquake was 8.8 on the Richter Scale, and Haiti's earthquake also happened during these sun spot events.

The earthquakes are happening because the Magma inside the earth is moving from south to North. I am trying to prove this, there is a definite pattern, a mirror image affect taking place on the Earth, the next
negative positive sun spot event is due april 19, will there be volcanic eruptions, you bet.

the earth's crust is reacting to the violent movement of magma beneath the earth as it moves like the sun from south to north. Krakatoa's magma has disappeared it's magma level has dropped over 1000 feet in the last few weeks
however the super volcano in Yellowstone is growing over 10 inches a day and there have been over 600 earth tremors in February.

all the fish in the Northern Atlantic, sardines, and most of these kinds of fish live in the arctic circle and never leave. millions upon millions of fish from the north atlantic are high tailing it out of there and heading south. They are flocking or schooling along the coastline of Acapulco.

So the next Sunspot event is April 19, according to the Mayan Calender. Will it trigger volcanic eruptions? you betcha. I can prove that every negative-positive sun spot event triggered a Volcanic eruption on the earth. Ok the last sunspot event
was January 21, Volcanic eruptions in Stromboli, Italy, in Volcanoe Del fuego and on January 27 a Volcanic eruption In southern Japan.

The Magma is on the move. Of course according to the Mayan Calender the last sunspot of a negative positive nature will happen on December 21 2012

Tuesday, April 19, 2011
6 Friday, July 15, 2011
5 Tuesday, October 11, 2011
4 Friday, January 6, 2012
3 Tuesday, April 3, 2012
2 Friday, June 29, 2012
1 Wednesday, September 26, 2012
0 Thursday, December 21, 2012 = Armageddon

So as these dates approach people living in areas where there are volcanos should get out.

I think that the last event on december 21 2012 is when Yellowstone actually blows. It's a super Volcano and it's activities used to produce about 57 earth tremors a month, until this january when it produced over 600 and then again in february when it produced 559.

According to the Mayan Calender the last sunspot activity is on december 21 2012 and it will be the largest.

those underground cities that were built into the earth for just this cataclysmic event will do people no good because they will die of the domonic or sulfuric poisoning.

Anonymous said...

The interesting thing is the Huge City built under Denver Airport. It can hold over 1 million people. When the Volcano blows in Yellowstone, not too far away would you want to be hiding in the earth, to escape the ferocious
corona the sun will blast at the earth??

This is not prophecy. This was an event witnessed by the Mayans and they left a record of it to warn future humanity if there were any left. because the volcanoes are blowing much harder than they ever did before because the magma of the earth is moving and it will catapult the earth off it's axis as it moves from south to north. The sun's corona will burn up all vegetation and kill most of the
animals, there will be no food....
I have been following the sunspots, not the ordinary ones, but the ones that have a negative positive event. The Mayans gave the exact dates for these sunspot activities,
as they were a physical event then, and they are proving to be a physical event now.

In conclusion, the Earth will move on it's axis, how much?? it's impossible to say, but I know that the magma from Krakatoa is receding and that the volcanic activity is in direct contrast to what is happening on the sun.

I have been reading trying to see if anyone is seeing this as I am. We know that there is mass die off of birds and fish because the electromagnetic shield of the earth is shifting, and they are simply loosing their way. But the
massive migration of fish from the north atlantic to off the coast of mexico proves my theory that the earth is reacting as the sun is reacting and the magma is on the move.

So Mount St Helen's has not blown yet, but it is active once again, and the Volcano's in Europe are also waking up, there was a Volcanic eruption in Indonesia and Russia after the Earthquake in Japan

This cycle began with the first sunspot activity of the negative positive kind on oct 28 2010 and there was a volcanic eruption in Russia on Kamchatka volcanoes 28 October 2010. Mt. Merapi Volcano indonesia, killing many people and causing a tsunami

So expect to see larger volcanic activity on april 19, of larger and larger volcanic events, according to the mayan calender

In the Beginning god's face moved across the living waters, and the waters quaked.


Jungle Boy said...

Greetings From The Rain Forest Les,

Long time reader, first post.

I had a strange dream a few weeks ago that changed my life. In the dream I faced an entity eye to eye. My 3rd eye region between my brows were stimulated (awakened?), it still vibrates today. When I woke I was given answers on how to defeat a psychopath I have been battling directly for 5 years now. Situations around me changed for the better with dramatic speed.

I've been living in the rain forest of Costa Rica, off-the-grid. I own a small eco-lodge with my wife and many times when she is away I find myself out here alone as well. Your Maui story rang true with me.

Earthquakes and Volcanos of Epic proportion are indeed on their way. I came across an article that describes the cyclical growth of our planets and sun. The lands of Earth's past ripped apart to form todays continents. It appears this process has begun again.

I provide the link to this article below to give a scientific perspective to what you are saying, only because I found it fascinating reading.

Love Your Posts, Your Friend In The Rain Forest,

Jungle Boy ;-)

Anonymous said...

Amateur 1
The 'Black Hole of Calcutta' refers to the account given by Holwell, a British contemporary eye-witness, of an episode in which he asserted that 146 British individuals of the East India Company, were shut up in an airless dungeon, by the Nawab of Bengal, in 1756. The next morning, 123 had died. The room was 24 x 18 feet, and could not have held that many, and it is now conceded that Holwell exaggerated and that the Nawab was not involved. But the 'black hole of Calcutta' has become a metaphor for barbaric behaviour and acute suffering.

Missionary-bashing is almost required now, in academic and popular circles in the west and in India. If it had not been for the schools and hospitals started by missionaries, many, if not the majority, of the Indian population would not have had access to education and health care. Education, especially, was in the control of the "high"castes.
The first State-run animal hospitals were founded in the subcontinent (there was no India then, just separate kingdoms and principalities, as in Europe) in the 3-4 Century BC , but they were established by the Emperor Asoka, who converted to Buddhism from Hinduism.
Even today, in some villages,"Üntouchables" are not allowed even to draw water from wells that "high" castes use, and have to walk miles to fetch water.
In recent times, it is Hindus egged on by fundamentalists, who torched a van with an Australian missionary and his children, burning them to death; Indian Christians and missionaries have not carried out acts like that in recent times. (There was a Roman Catholic Inquisition set up in Goa, a Portuguese enclave, in the sixteenth century, but I'm not aware that they burned any at the stake there, as they did in Europe.)
Independent India's first Minister of Law, who was primarily involved in drawing up India's Constitution, Ambedkar, a Hindu, converted to Buddhism because of the horrors of the caste system. If one is born , eg, into the caste which cleans latrines (carrying the waste in baskets, even today) and streets, one's descendents are tied to the occupation. There is upward mobility now (eg Untouchable Ministers of State), but no Non-Untouchable, however poor and starving, will ever clean latrines (no downward mobility cutting across this and other occupations). Today, the "lower" castes are called "Scheduled" castes for legal and official purposes.

Anonymous said...

Amateur 2
One should ask middle and upper class Indians (English-speaking, who, if they're 60 and over, probably attended missionary schools) who inveigh against missionaries, if they have ever eaten with Untouchables who are not Ministers or upwardly mobile, or would even literally touch Untouchables (unless they are well-paid physicians).
Last year, a professional cook refused to work in a non high-caste household because he said he had to work for a high-caste member, so that he could be born into a better state in his next incarnation. The populace is taught to believe that serving the high-castes earns one brownie points in the re-incarnation cycle.
Each caste is said to have its essential quality or nature, ranging from desirable and superior to undesirable and inferior. There is no sense that the undying spirits or souls of all, whatever their caste, are equal where the Divine is concerned. (The metaphor is that Brahmins come from the head of the Divine, the other castes from the arms, the thighs, and Śudras (the bottom caste) from the feet. The Untouchables are off the scale, as are the Outcastes.
So, "Do your duty according to your station in life" not "Love your neighbour", is the principle that's taught in this faith
In practice, of course, there are only people who do good or evil in every religion, regardless of what their religion (a politico-social construct) teaches.

The British meteorologist and astro-physicist, Piers Corbyn, attributes the earthquakes and volcano eruptions to solar and lunar behaviour. It's Alex Jones interviewing him.

Unknown said...

The real Church in oppressed countries meet in private living rooms, back rooms, barns, sheds, or even in the backwoods. In all likelihood, their gatherings are illegal, their ministers unlicensed, and their worship politically incorrect. This has been the history of the real Church since the Book of Acts. And it is fast becoming the experience of the real Church in America!

Anonymous said...

please briefly, what happened at Findhorn?

Visible said...

The Findhorn 'link' is there for that purpose. Our research assistants are on vacation so, unfortunately, all the services expected here are unavailable at this time (or any time in the future).

Hank said...

Hey Les,

I recall mentioning some time ago about the stiring of mother earth, and the increasing prevalence, and severity of natural disasters. Your're right, I believe, that the worst, or best, is yet to come.

I see all the pictures on the 'news' of the devastation in Japan, but at the same time I see in my minds eye whales being shot with huge harpoons, sharks being hauled up on long lines just to have their fins cut off, and then just be pushed back overboard to die, and dolphins being hearded into inlets and brave Japanese fisherman wading in and stabbing them to death with pikes. Somehow it's hard for me to find sympathy with people who do these things and those who, by their silence, condone them.

If karma delivered this to the Japanese, I hate to think of what's in store for us here in America. I think I'll go build an ark. Peace to all.

Visible said...

Hank! That is a very important point about the residents of the sea.

Anonymous said...

In Kali yuga practically everyone is shudra. Everywhere. Every nation.

The only difference between India's horribly perverted caste system and the USA's horribly perverted class system (or anyplace really) is in the name and in the amount of denial.

One is called "caste system" and the other is called "class system."

I suppose the homeless are the official newest lowest caste/class of the US?
They used to be called bums, hobos, vagrants, etc. but now that there are so many and increasing every day they have reached caste/class proportions.

Just as India has their perverted Brahmin caste by birth nonsense so does the USA have their rich class by birth nonsense.

India surely does not need to be more like the USA.
On the contrary, India needs to be more like India once was.

In Kali yuga no one, no nation is unaffected.

Unknown said...

"The Pope had Galileo tortured" you say. How was he tortured? Be careful not to propagate myths.

Visible said...

Robert, you know, there are drawbacks to not finishing high school. You've just given example to one.

John said...

Reading these comments has been depressing, not because of what these "enlightened" and "educated" people are saying, but rather what they are not saying. After a tragedy of such magnitude, only Strum showed any compassion towards the unfortunate residents of Japan. Most of the others seem to be trying too hard to impress. There are beer guzzling, trailer trash, good old boys that can show more compassion, without knowing any vedanta terminology.

Visible said...

Yeah, why don't we all wring our hands and say the accepted words that everyone else says when they're being polite. "And how's your dad"? "He's dead". "Oh God, I'm sorry". Like that means something.

We don't follow protocol around here or behave like dutiful parrots as if death is always a surprise and always a misfortune. There are plenty of Romper Room spirituality sites around where people can commiserate about people they don't know and say all those Hallmark Greeting card things that give reality a wide margin in favor of all those floral arrangements that cover up the ugly business of life.

masterymistery said...

HI Les, stumbled upon Smoking Mirrors by accident --- very glad I did. I find great value and inspiration in your views and insights, especially as I happen to agree with most of them!

For example:

I believe that Nature is a conscious force. But take it further:

The Planet, Gaia, is an organism -- a living, breathing, intelligent, aware, self-conscious organism/"personage" operating at a level of complexity that we humans can not currently hope to understand.

But take it further:

As a militant pantheist, I believe the whole of Reality is alive, aware, intelligent, growing, learning and caring. Will die. And will be reborn.

By the whole of Reality I include Everything: --- past, present, and future, including the material world, as well as all immaterial domains, eg those of thought, memory, spirit etc.

The issue of what is or is not a "personage" is a complex and interesting one which I explore in detail in my blog under the tag Everything That Is (ETI)

As far as most humans are concerned, let me quote from Gulliver's Travels, by Jonathan Swift, referring to humankind as "...the most pernicious race of little odious vermin that Nature ever suffered to crawl upon the face of the Earth..." Says it all.

I find your content very illuminating. Which is why I've become a "follower" and have added Smoking Mirrors to the roll of excellent blogs published under the heading of "other domains" in my blog cosmic rapture.

I do hope you will come and visit. It would be really good if Smoking Mirrors could include a link to Cosmic Rapture, as a friend, ally, follower, co-thinker and supporter.

Keep up the great work!

masterymistery at
cosmic rapture

laurel said...

true. very very true. and nice too, when you think about it.....
"We don't follow protocol around here or behave like dutiful parrots as if death is always a surprise and always a misfortune."

Visible said...

(grin grin grin) I don't print anonymous ad hominem. We don't honor cowards around here. By the way, Alvin and the Chipmunks were extremely successful so I take that as a compliment (he said my music was about as successful as Alvins and then added a lot of insults while indicating an attraction for dolphin meat). He doesn't even know that the Japanese do not hunt dolphins from necessity. A lot of the time it seems to me that the persons doing this are all the same couple of people, cause I recognize the style, or lack of is probably a better fit.

Over the course of time and not necessarily in the time of blogs but before, I picked up some enemies who are still seething about my range while their own virtual habitat is now history.

Oh well, they say you can measure yourself by the quality of your friends and your enemies; or do I say that? In that case I'll accept whatever the judgment and the damages are.

Kirwan said...

For those concerned that this event was created instead of being a naturally-occurring event: there is this, just in about HAARP Activity!

"The 8.9 (now 9.0) earthquake that rocked Tokyo today resulted in a giant tsunami that caused and is still causing incredible damage to beach cities across the world. Following a week of electromagnetic silence, HAARP was turned on at approximately 0:00 hours 9 March, 2011 UTC. Here is the data for the last 36 hours.

The image below is a time-frequency spectrogram, which shows the frequency content of signals recorded by the HAARP Induction Magnetometer. This instrument, provided by the University of Tokyo, measures temporal variations in the geomagnetic field in the ULF (ultra-low frequency) range of 0-5 Hz. The spectrogram images are produced by computing the PSD (power spectral density) of successive 102.4-second segments of timeseries data, and plotting these spectra as color/intensity slices along a 24-hour scale."

Anonymous said...

Oh,yes, plenty of (high-level) Masonry right there in the post... which probably means that you're positioned even higher than I thought. But I wonder if you know of other things as well.

For example, who could possibly eat a werewolf? It's quite possibly to do it, mind you. I should know. After all, I got one of them for a snack, almost-in-the middle of the training ground, right there among all of his "students". Must have given the poor animal a heart attack or something.

On a side note, are you now actually trying to pass some orders with your blog posts. There's a nagging sensation that something has changed in your words. Too much specifics and too little of the usual bullshiting.

"The Rise of the Devic Realm", yep, that's as specific as I can think of. But that's certainly not all of it. Tying this "Rise" to "Mother Nature", "earthquakes", volcanoes, and nuclear power plants can't be a mere coincidence.

There are plenty of all of those in North America, so I guess "Mother Nature", with a "little help" from those "Devic Realms" below (how could they rise otherwise), is going to do "Her" job.

May I only inquire as to how soon all of that is planned to happen?

I kind of sense a slight quickening of time. Do you sense it as well? Does it feel like time is running out for you, and incredibly quickly now?

Something like the final drops of sand in the hourglass?

Drop, drop, drop... 10,9,8... so few left to go...

Don't worry, I won't be bothering you no more with my (unapprovable) comments...

... until that last drop of sand...

When the time finally runs out for you, you're mine for the taking.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

We're evolving so as not to feed the beast with negative emotion.
Negative emotion does not help those in trouble.
Calm compassion and empathy help more than "feeling" bad.
We're growing up and ready to die.
9:14 AM

I felt numb at first too (the victims were all stunned at first), but every time something like this happens it takes a few days before the sadness of the people comes to me. I feel how grief stricken they are... my heart goes out to them in their anguish; I'm one of those that soaks up these things. All I can do is send my love and prayers to all these places. I read that over 2,000 bodies washed up on one beach alone.

On the other hand, I have also been feeling the pain of our House, our Home; especially in the last five, six years it's intensified. A few days ago I was picking up garbage in one of the lovely parks I like to walk through -got tired of seeing all this shit everywhere-, and it occurred to me that people don't do this INSIDE their own house, why do they insist on treating the Earth like a dumping ground? The Earth is our HOME. It's the abundance of this planet that sustains us, yet many people seem to think they are insulated and protected so long as they have enough material wealth and they stay inside their expensive mansions. They will soon see how terribly mistaken they are.

The comment on the Japanese abuse of marine life is a valid one, I thought about that myself. However, I know that not all Japanese people are so callous and ignorant. Be that as it may, it's my opinion that we are all being called to be more loving, forgiving, and compassionate not just towards one another, but with ALL life on this planet. I must say, I'm looking forward to becoming better acquainted with the spirits of Nature, providing that I survive this transition.

It's my sincere hope that the Japanese people will use this opportunity (because all tragedies/crises are opportunities) to see the mistakes they've made and then make atonement with Creator and Mother Earth. This is an OPPORTUNITY for them to do what is right. We're still being given the opportunity to do the right thing. Divine Love and Mercy is always within reach. This disaster could have been -could get- much worse, unless we do what is right.

And Les, I'm so glad you're feeling better now. I bet it feels good to figure certain things out. I believe you mean well with that abundantly endowed heart of yours, but we must all operate within certain boundaries, no?

-Motherly love and hugs-

John said...

"Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive." Since when is Buddhism a Romper Room spirituality? My criticism was of the long line of commentators and their robotic lack of emotional depth.

HAARP tsunami Japan said...

Betting HAARP did the 8.9 Japan earthquake.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your F2F broadcast 13.03.2011.

Love is our skyp to each other - if we could only all get on-line.

A reunion pic-nic by the lake/sea of the divine where commentors were talking of their work, making music and dancing.

Sounds like a Renaissance motif by Lasha Darkmoon.

I'll come. I hope Lasha comes too - I want to talk to her about Rachael Corrie.

Peace and love,


Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up-

The Pending Doom of Banker World.

Visible said...

A new Profiles in Evil is up-

Henry Kissinger; a Loathsome Toad..

Anonymous said...

This is a time of cleansing, it is a universal norm, planets shuck off their darkness, suns shuck off their darkness and galaxy's shuck off their darkness.

I have been following the Mayan Calendar of events. The next negative-positive sunspot is on april 19.

Since the first interpretation of the Mayan prophecies (these are not prophecies, but written records of actual physical events) every time there is

a positive negative sun spot, or those that implode and then evoke a solar flare have been marked on the Mayan Calendar, an event that will happen

every 87.7 days until December 21, 2012, I have been keeping track, everytime there is a sunspot event of this nature, there is an event by contrast

on the physical earth. Usually a volcanic reaction, in 3 different locations. I have been following the Calendar and the sunspots and the physical

reaction on the earth. On January 21, there was a negative positive sunspot, and 3 volcanoes violently exploded.

You can go back 87.7 days to Oct 28 and find 3 volcanic explosions and back another 87.7 days, the Mayans only listed the last 10 dates leading

up to Dec 21 2012, with each successive negative positive sunspot the more violent the sunspot, the more violent the reaction of the earth. All

of nuclear power will be absorbed as this is the positive, negative going on, and the angel of the lesser light will be swallowed up by the greater light.

Now this is a burning off the dross period going on in human life, out of chaos comes order, there is a great order of events unfolding and those

in tinfoil hats just add to the entertainment of it all. You need to step outside the box or in this case the cube to witness I shall be that which

I shall be.

Anonymous said...

Now the galaxy is burning off the dross by casting our solar system into the milky way galaxy, we are being cast off, there is a cleansing....

and the Sun is trying to balance this incredible universal event by having negative positive sunspots, and the earth will continue to spew forth molten

lava as the magnetic field of the earth moves from south to north. The axis moved it will be a 180 degree move, as the balance will be met.

Now for physical aspects. The earth took on a great darkness, which is the angel of the lesser light. We know the light of creation, what we are witnessing

is the angel of the lesser light, or the light that destroys the worlds of formation. Or the destruction by a lesser light of solid ground.

In order to keep this illusion of a solid formation going, we must include death. Death is needed to supply the world of formation with stagnant energy,

enough to keep the gravitational pull of desire in place.

Too deep for you?? I hope not. The Haarp idea is from Tesla who discovered many ways to destroy the world of formation using various levels of light,

through sound, taste, sight, touch, well all senses are from the one sense of touch. Everthing needs to be touched to experience it. Because this is

Anonymous said...

the world of formation and we must be able to touch it with all of our senses to it's essence.

Now the sun is casting off it's darkness, because it is physically being shed as it approaches the pit, or the black hole of the inky black void of the center

of the Milky way.

And the earth is trying to shed it's darkness. You only need reveal it. There is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed. And as you expose it you cast

it off. This is how we all become enlightened.

Look Aliester Crowley knew that Lucifer was imprisoned in the second heaven, in the tiniest unit of form. So he went to release him. This he did in egypt

in 1905, for three days, he revocated abra cha dabara only upside down and backwards so that he revoked the invocation that sealed the angel of the lesser

light. Crowley was a poor choice because he did not have the mental werewithal to receive the message of this angel.

Anonymous said...

All angels are only messengers. So the message was picked up some distance away by another consciousness, but therein lies Satan's defeat. The luciferian

principle was split in half from it's inception, whereas Pilate split Christ in two at the end of his ministry. Therefore the world witnessed this as a physical event,

but first it had to enter the consciousness of man, and did when Einstein spoke in 1905, E = MC squared.

So matter is neither created nor destroyed, it changes form to unform, and unform coagulates light to form.

Now the angel of the lesser light is here and the abomination that makes desolate (nuclear warhead is set up). Man now has the message, and received it first mentally,

then it was spoken and the physical event was the Tungooska even in the Soviet Union on June 30 1908 at 7:17 am.

If you were a numbers person you might be wowed by that physical event. But boom, Satan has been cast down to you knowing he has but a short time.

And how does he know?? Because of the Mayan Calendar.


Anonymous said...

Over the last few years in 2008 following the Mayan Calendar everytime there is a negative positive sunspot it produces 3 volcanic eruptions, I have done my research and

this is so, followed by severe earthquakes as the magma of the earth moves from south to north. This is why the birds and fish are dying they are schooled by the electromagnetic

shield of the earth, it is shifting, they are shifting with it.

Now every haarp sighting has proven to be a hoax. Every one of them. People are crazy, and want to believe that this is the darkness, so they must put it in human terms. But

the consciousness of man is a whole. The fractal parts are being seen because we are judging each other. This one's dark, this one's light, but everyone's job is to separate

the dark from the light, to burn off the dross. And so it shall be as long as there is judgement.

Krishna says to Arjuna in the end when I show myself wholly, men will see how perverse he has truly become.

The light is shining brightly through this darkness, no one is seeing it because they are instead seeking out the darkness, to judge it.

And when the face of god is recognized, when the sun returns to it's place of origin, the face of god will be revealed over the waters. This is happening now, the reality

is now, this is the revelation of the moment, god is revealing himself wholly, and man is judging himself up against the whole image.

And in the beginning God's reflection passed over the earth's waters, and the waters trembled.

There's a great trembling going on, god is passing judgement by showing his whole image. He needs only to reveal himself, you do the judging...that is the last judgement.

We are only the broken shards of Jeremiah, we can only reflect back the incomplete thought, we can only show our darkness, that is why you are showing yours.

Let the sun shine, let the sun shine in...

In the end we only face god, each and every one of us. So as we project blame out among the elites, or illumined ones, or masons, or bilderbergers, we are only revealing

our nakedness.

The fear of god is the beginning of wisdom. So we must cast off this darkness, each one teach one. We must see it for what it is and cast it off and let it go to the sides

of the pit, as the blind lead the blind and they all go to the sides of the pit, not a good place to be in the center of the Milky Way.

Can we stop the movement?/ everyone must play this out. For those who have continually returned here, the sodomites, they will lose the limit of death.

The battle is of gog and magog, or those who would control the womb and control the tomb. It's a battle between the male and female aspects in this world of formation.

That is gog and Magog. And many espouse and fight for the Patriarchal order based on the use of the limit of death, and many espouse the matriarchal order or those

who control the womb and what comes from the womb. That is the bridegroom and the bride. Right now they are still gog and magog,

So judgement day is upon us because we are over the darkness and the cleansing has begun. How much cleansing? ultimately you are the judge, because it will be

you who will be seeking to identify the darkness, while in the dark. Once you are in the light it will be your own nakedness before the lord.

We can fear the light that is coming, or we can be one with it. We can fear the light that's coming and try to escape it into outer darkness, or we can be one with it. There

is a peace just past the tiniest unit of form, it has many mansions.

So you can point the finger and lay blame, and reveal the darkness, or you can search for the whole image in that minute place of peace. Then you will remember everyting,

all remembrance is just beyond the reach of judgement.

Anonymous said...

I only blame myself.

Visible said...

Talk about strange, what is that?

Anonymous said...

graceofgodgoI said...

"Now this is a burning off the dross period going on in human life, out of chaos comes order, there is a great order of events unfolding."

I understand all that very well, and I agree. But the reality and knowledge of this does not preclude any of us from being compassionate and sensitive to the pain and misery of those who're in the middle of it, or who are coming face to face with it.

We follow some of the rules of this world of form so long as we choose to participate in it.

There's scripture which reads, paraphrasing; "He makes the sun rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the just and the unjust." Obviously, these times will affect people who work for the 'darkside', as well as those who work for the light. We, the people of the light, of oneness, must work as conduits for that undifferentiated energy to the best of our ability.

Becoming one with the light means becoming one with your true self and, ultimately, the universe. Of course, all these things are easier said than done in this world of form which is why we need living examples!

None of this is meant as a criticism of you, sir/madam, just a general comment. Deus Vobiscum, my friend.

Anonymous said...


I was going to say 'UFO' but it looks more like a white cloud zooming out of the ocean... or a spoOooOky spirit on a mission and in a hurry. Either way, I hope he makes himself useful.

Anonymous said...

"And in the beginning God's reflection passed over the earth's waters, and the waters trembled."

Yes indeed. The end of anything is always found in its inception. We need only know how our situation began to know how it will end. Exciting and harrowing times we live in.

"And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not."

Anonymous said...

What is this?
Air Force's X-37B Space Plane Launching
on Secret Mission March 5, 2011

Japanese earth quake and tsunami March 11, 2011.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the first action sound, as in "in the beginning there was the word."

The Vedas say this also, just as the Bible does, though in complete detail, listing the various elements/senses manifestations in their order of action and reaction.

Also, not meaning to be critical, just a personal preference..

Why would anyone wish to "be one?" In order to be one with the tao, God, etc., doesn't this infer loss of the greatest gift of all... individual personality?

Like Socrates and Maharaja Paraksit, I wonder about such things..

McKenna Fan said...

The strange white object in that tsunami video was a news chopper.

I noticed it on a video with better resolution, flying along there. Then, I noted the trucks on the highway, and the way the wave circled around in front of the road crossing. The chopper taking that video flew onward, and we never saw the fate of that crossing. So I was like- darn!

Then, on another new channel- viola -the white chopper`s video appeared and answered my question.

It`s rare you get the UFO`s-eye-view on the other tv channel.

Visible said...

3:04 that all sorts out to; just what does that mean, 'be one'? The meaning derived establishes the value. There are a lot of ways to say the same thing and an infinite number of ways to experience it.

McKenna Fan; I can always count on you to clear things up!

Anonymous said...

I must admit les, that I myself am hard pressed to define "be one" as anything other than exactly that.

I'd surely like to hear other definition(s) in which "be one" means anything else.

Except of course Dvaita - Achintya Bheda-Abheda, which I realize a vast majority of people are not even aware of let alone contemplating.

This, (as you know), means simultaneously inconceivably one and different.
The only concept/philosophy I know of which exhibits a definition of One as many.

Simplified, this means God is the Supreme Personality Who exhibits inconceivable potencies including eternally being a part of every living entity (and nonliving matter) yet remaining apart simultaneously.

This is what leads Dvaita proponents to regard "be one" as nothing less than a tragedy. A loss of one's individual personality, the greatest gift without which other gifts such as free will, personal service to God, service to others, etc. would be meaningless.

The terrible irony is even though to "be one" is entirely possible, the presence of God within and without the individual soul is still manifest though the individual soul is unconscious of this.

This is seen as spiritual suicide.

One might not agree, but it is understandably a concept for discrimination.

Thanks for listening,

Visible said...


my dear brother, that's just another one of the reasons why Jesus Christ said, "Father forgive them for they know not what they do."

I met God on a beach in Big Sur. He told me, "Everything's under control, take the reins". He was holding his hands a certain way. I didn't know much at that point.

Months later, I got the package when the kundalini went through the roof and I can feel those reins and my hands are like that too but I still don't know how it works, or maybe it isn't supposed to work yet; something like 'future exit'. Don't know what I'm doing with all this odd stuff but it has my life, I've no purpose without it.

Anonymous said...

From my early sf days I learned the word gestalt - I like it, as a word.
As I grew older I felt that 'God' is a gestalt that includes 'us'.

Anonymous said...

Thank you les, for your honest response.

I'm sure your passenger knows..


Anonymous said...

Anonthy, that's a good thought.

I wonder, though, how this was seen for all those thousands and millions of years before the Germans offered their philosophies?

Not a disparagement of the Germans.
Au contraire, the Germans were, in those early days, the best of the West.

Someone once remarked back then that the English, Portuguese and others took all the material riches from the newly discovered East, India in particular, but the Germans were the ones who took the greatest treasures of all. The spiritual knowledge of the ages.

Visible said...

Yeah! I'm sure he does but he's not telling me and some days I just wonder all day long why? All I can figure is that it's about something that hasn't happened yet, which I guess makes the work on the way to it important.

You are one of my favorite virtual people, Homer. I hope to meet you some day.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much, les.
How very kind of you!
The feeling is mutual.

I'm actually quite ragged, rough around the edges and barely, if at all civilized.

(my mother will verify this)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, 8:33 PM

This is why indigenous people are so important to our world for the basis of their being is spiritual as opposed to our materialistic.
The first people (still) give spiritual power to inanimate objects; something western civilisation knows nothing, repeat nothing, of.
Are the inanimate part of the gestalt?
My gut feeling for what it's worth, as I am a westerner, is yes.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps if those cars and houses were being SMASHED into one another like they did australia or new zealand , It might have actually FELT something!



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