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The Things that You see When You're Riding out Here.

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‘May the scent on the wind remind you of the long forgotten dreams of an earlier search”.

The latest and most ominous news is that they have had to abandon the Fukushima nuclear plant because of a surge in radiation and the danger to workers. The Japanese are fleeing Tokyo but I cannot get any idea on the numbers. This is what Jack Welch is up to lately. Some of us are curious about what runs through the mind of Mr. Irascible. Is there anything that can make you stop and think about what you are doing in the moment?

I see the world is in full dress protocol and that means it is important and impressive and the mufti and the military presence enhance the dimensions of this reality TV theater of the absurd, in all the venues where it is playing, moving from theater to theater, person to person, country to country; revolution sweeps across the Middle East and nuclear radiation is a condiment on your Caesar Salad, here at the Ides of March.

Let’s go back to; what are you doing at the moment? What are you thinking? If you missed the link in contemporary Jack Welch; where is he these days? This grants a mindset into that and then you check the pedigree of the source for the article and you get an idea of whatever ‘shuffle off to Buffalo’, misdirect, pose and dispense, watered down with pure pervasiveness of chipmunk chatter on global, radioactive dead log, cut down by Weyerhaeuser and maybe... maybe... you see that the real problem in the world is that we have let bad people do what they wanted to do, in exchange for the illusion of a life filled with promises that turned out to be lies. It appears that Jack and G.E. and all the rest have been operating under an umbrella company called Lies R Us.

Half Past Human made a prediction about some kind of a cloud that goes around the world nine times and looking at the world presently you can almost see that Half Past Human appears to be more than half past right. The biggest marriage of the season is not the pending union of the reality TV prince at Westminster Abbey, but rather the marriage between the BP/Rothschild/Crown Colony Gulf of Mexico disaster and the Japanese reactor disaster. Forget Will and Kate because this is the marriage that will give new meaning to ‘be fruitful and multiply’, in reverse.

The absurdity of the British Crown is amply displayed in Prince William’s, egalitarian intention to “pack Westminster Abbey with children, volunteers and the homeless in a unique People’s Wedding”. It really is touching, “Those likely to receive an invitation could include destitute teenagers from the homeless charity Centrepoint. The prince spent a night sleeping rough on the streets of London in support of their plight last year.” Well, you can see why the world is in the state it’s in by scanning the right hand menu of links where I got this from. But will these new friends, from this one night stand, be invited to tea with the queen this summer? Uh huh. I can honestly say that given the opportunity, I would decline out of fear of terminal, vicarious embarrassment. I would probably ‘freak out’ and start to satirize the environment. I REALLY would not be able to help myself. Yes, mum.

This is just one of the selections from that right hand menu at that online pseudo-Murdoch (next up for Profiles in Evil) rag and it qualifies as kiddie porn along with criminal writing and all kinds of assorted abuses. This kind of thing will kill you just as surely as nuclear radiation and that is my point. We here, are working with the divine’s, product placement plan ...and that is a bit different than whatcha see on the telly. I do believe I am speaking in tongues (grin).

What is the template for a better world? Is it this or is it this?

Well, I think it is this, which puts me world’s apart from others but in a common field with many of you. The terrible misfortune in Japan is either the result of intentions and cultures, previously mentioned, coming in contact with a reinvigorated Lady Nature, or it is the result of someone playing the HAARP in concert with the rest ...but something I know with a degree of certitude is that higher forces come into play, whenever you try to play with higher forces. Higher forces like to play. I know this from experience. Once I was in Joshua Tree National Monument with a couple of people and on about five orange barrel drums of that magnificent Brotherhood of Love acid from Idyllwild and... enormous cobra serpents appeared, towering forty or fifty feet in the air, coiled and raised; holographic visible presence, sitting on the sands.

They sucked the sand and the atmosphere up into their forms and then snorted it out into wind dervishes that we danced with. These were extremely powerful, as one of my associates discovered. You danced ‘with’ them, toreador style. If you dance with them you can spin and leap and sail across spaces not possible in ordinary time/space dimensions. I was there and I kept doing it all day, frolicking. The energies of the universe are beyond comprehension and the idea that it’s not conscious of itself is an interesting delusion, which I leave to every individual to sort out for themselves, because that part is up to you. I reference the painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. You have to extend your hand for the hand extended.

Given what I have personally been through, I have no doubt that the maestro is just warming up and has everything in hand and... it will certainly get even spookier as we go. Think about it... here’s your planet; seven continents, seven oceans, seven tones, seven octave planets, seven chakras, seven come eleven and all kinds of other seven something’s. There is the material plane and then there are the esoteric planes with an ‘as above, so below’ kind of way, meaning dark and light side as well. You have players on the material plane and some select few are in the service of a certain someone and then there are gradations of decreasing selectivity, going down the ranks.

The light density of the times makes it so that there is a disproportion between those who serve their true best interests and those who serve someone else’s interests and in many cases, mistake the result as freedom or profit, when it is neither. We are seeing and experiencing what happens to the world when the wrong people are allowed to have their way with her (for a time). Everything that is happening is an example of greed and lust unaccompanied by integrity and restraint.

Is someone playing on their HAARP? I have no idea. I know they would if they could and I know that doesn’t change the dynamic. It is fashionable to say that the universe inclines toward chaos. I submit that that has to do with the perceptual abilities of the one viewing it and the timeline they use. I don’t see chaos generally, unless myopia is a factor and I think it has something to do with self interest. Self interest skewers ones visioning according to its own intentions with indifference to truth.

I remember a Sufi tale about how someone comes in and sets a stage, a drama is performed and then the stage is dismantled and set up again somewhere else. That’s what is happening. This is the fulfillment of the myth invested in. It is now encountering reality. Everything does encounter it eventually. Better to encounter it sooner rather than later and even better to have it carry you there willingly and in support of it.

I don’t know which details go where. I do get some idea of the picture being presented. My position is to watch and learn and turn my energies to positive courses. If I know it all works out for the best on every level then the only thing remaining is to adjust myself. That’s usually where the problem lies. As I said in an earlier post, which a reader said should be highlighted, “What needs to be understood is that people who behave like this should be dealt with as soon as they appear ...and the inability of society to do so, is its biggest failing”. Even more certain, is to arrange to catch the appearance of what is undesirable, by virtue of laws and constitutions designed to protect against these things. The best situation is when the public itself is aware of the need to police itself as job one. Of course, you are talking about Sattva Yuga, not Kali Yuga.

End Transmission.......

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laurel said...

Thanks for your insight and comfort. Indeed we are in the midst ofone part of the " event". As Karen Blixen's friend said upon finding her farm to be on fire, "God has come."
And it looks like she is not happy.

The suffering is hard to bear, to even see, and I know that nothing can be changed and shouldn't be changed. All things are out of our hands now.

I find a certain freedom in that realization a lessening of fear. That I suppose is a good thing.

I will send my energy along with the Hopi's to hopefully lessen the severity of this event.

sending light to all

Visible said...

It looked like something I wanted you to see The Things that You see When You're Riding out Here.

Anonymous said...

laurel, 4:15 PM
'All things are out of our hands now.'

We've let them get out of hand Laurel.
If we get ourselves in hand the rest will follow.
It is we who the universe works through to nurture our environment, our world. If we don't comply – entropy, chaos.

If fault is to be found it's in the investors in the big conglomerates, the people for the governments they vote into power, our need for frivolous gratification – so, eventually it comes down to we the people.
You can blame BP, GE, AT&T, MONSANTO, IDF, NATO – any number of initialled or big name corporations for the horrors that happen in our world but the cruncher is it's us; we're the ones who finance and give tacet approval.

In the mean time, hopefully, what is happening is a lesson for us and hopefully we will learn - though, as a whole, probably not!


Laurel Anderson said...

i will need to use a new name. there is a new laurel, and i am the old laurel. so i will start using my email addy. what are the safety issues with that les?

Visible said...

"is it safe? Is it safe?" Marathon Man. I don't know how safe laurel is, you have to watch out if someone wants to make you a wreath.

su said...

my completely blind cat has just spent an eternity looking with much interest at the sky.
beautiful video - i bow.......

Laurel Anderson said...

vewwy funny les. anyway, i am the old laurel that got all hyped when i thought that other poor soul in colorado was dissing the single moms. yep, me. bad self me. so how might i be myself without infringing on the (and mighty fine!) choice of names of the new laurel?

Laurel Anderson said...

let me go and make me a google, other than the one i use for business :))

just me, Laurel A. said...

ok, old laurel, new name. i know, i should never be concerned about my identity, as long as i know who i am. but i have had peculiar non-spiritual visitors before, of some authoritarian type and they were insisting that i was the same as a person prior who abused my good name. so, now i feel better. and flattered. and all warm and fuzzy. i prefer to make my own laurel wreathes, because it is not a good gift to receive :))))

Neko Kinoshita said...

Yeah, the Fox link is a bit of interesting info.

I notice he didn’t specify the length of the “Window.”

Not that it matters. What is coming will come, at its own pace and at its own time.

Fish and bird kills are showing up in a few more places than Californication.

Depending on where you are, take what steps you can to prepare yourself and your loved ones for what is coming.

You’ve said this before Les, and I find myself repeating it. Nowhere is safe, and everywhere is as safe as anywhere else.

Surrender to the will of the conscious universe and “dance with the dervishes.”

I honestly think that is the only way through what is coming.

Of course, that doesn’t mean do nothing.

Checking supplies in the dumpster (just in case it needs to be a lifeboat), and wishing I had a Geiger counter here in the alley,


Anonymous said...

Aloha, Les,

I just read about the "Expando Planet" theory at Half Past Human. That plus the "Electric Universe" theory, and whoa... looks like we're all getting a crash course in tsunami-surfing.

Catch you on the flip side,

just me, Laurel A. said...

i wish to test my new old me. the photo you see is a partial shot of one of a pair of amazing 24 inch tall cloth soft sculpture "faerie" dolls i and my daughters made last year for a benefit raffle. amazing huh? its like the eyes folllloooowwww youuuuu!
if you ar enot sure if it is "me" or not, i will be the ONLY me who can supply the photo of the rest of the body of this beauty doll. so sly, aren't i ;))

just me, Laurel A. said...

i am so computer illiterate. let me see how this works les. serious. humour me. i have no humor otherwise.

just me, Laurel A. said...

thank you les! oh i am so easily amused :)))

Anonymous said...

Speaking of karma, as you were in yesterday's post, I can't help but think of the Nanking massacre and how that relates to the immense suffering the Japanese people are experiencing today.

Visible said...

There was a moment earlier when I read the comments by Neko and Su that brought tears to my eyes and showed me yet again, one more way in which Love can unman you in the course of your day.

Anonymous said...

"we have let bad people do what they wanted to do, in exchange for the illusion of a life filled with promises that turned out to be lies."

True lies, nothing could be sweeter. They love it until it bites them in the ass. How many people would agree with your statement? Probably the ones who live in the park or some tent city. Not so many who still have a job or some semblance of survival.

Well back to the Japanese nuclear meltdown situation. Every day it gets worse. They may have no choice but to abandon the plants. Then what, abandon Japan. They are trying to cool down spent fuel rods at unit #4 with high pressure fire hoses. That has to be a last resort. They can't keep that up for hundreds of years. Now we hear units #5 and #6 are heating up.

Lets see, so far we have the world financial house of cards hanging by a thread; the Gulf contaminated with oil, corexit, hydrates etc; the Middle East in a state of turmoil; wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan; Japan approaching the nuclear volcano scenario (cliff high) and the yet to come (Mar. 19-21) major earthquake on the west coast of the US or New Madrid.

You all ready for that new world order. Say uncle or we will play the Haarp........... again.


just me, Laurel A. said...

interesting video. and i will go with his thought.

su---you mentioned your blind cat, is it also possible that children and certain ones even, like an autistic child, might have the same finely tuned sensitivities? yesterday afternoon, i walked with my daughters, as we usually do, even in bad weather, with my littlest one who is nonverbal and autistic. and it was a maddeningly frustrating event, as she insisted on walking while watching the nwn sky, which was NOT in front of us, and on the way home it was off to the other side, and again, an awkward view to watch while walking forward. it darn near drove us three bigger girls nuts, but sunny rose refused to attempt to remove her gaze from that corner of the sky no matter what. even when we were in the STORE. the whole entire walk to the store and back. now maybe her gaze makes more sense to me.

i hold forth that i have seen few people as stoic in the face of such hell as what faces so many in northern japan. how they maintain that grace, that dignity, that kindness to each other in the face of all of this just cancels out any thoughts i might entertain about karma or technology or anything. their spirit as a people and as individuals leaves me in my own moment of undefinable awe.

Anonymous said...

I can just see Ma Nature saying, "You want whales and baby seals? I'll give you entire towns full of 'em."

We are all about to get a spanking for our sins, whether we committed them or not.

amarynth said...

Time to say ... Collectively, a few times a day!

To all who play that H@@RP! You are cursed! May you immediately become confused and walk outside and stand in the sun and drool until someone leads you away by the hand and place you where you belong!

Collectively, a few times a day!

Visible said...

certain things are more easily understood by eastern cultures

tower of babel


the answer lies in each other. our solutions are there

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

Have any of you seen 'The Cove' movie?
(Academy Award® Winner for Best Documentary of 2009)

Watch for free here:

A snip: Utilizing state-of-the-art techniques, including hidden microphones and cameras in fake rocks, the team uncovers how this small seaside village serves as a horrifying microcosm of massive ecological crimes happening worldwide. The result is a provocative mix of investigative journalism, Eco-adventure and arresting imagery, adding up to an unforgettable story that has inspired audiences worldwide to action.

The village in question:
Taiji, Japan

Now I can detect spin and 'in your face lies' from a mile away but when you see how they kill these wonderful creatures that have been around for a long while;

it moistens my eyes...

I welcome the real changes that are starting to ramp up in intensity.

I hope for a quick end to everyone's/everything's suffering.

The karma/reap/sow wheel is starting it's own meltdown and that is one of the happiest thoughts I am having now...

Love to ALL,

DW in The Tahoe Forest

New Reader said...

AH, the apocalypse is indeed a-ridin'

so many sites and peoples are being exposed this early on for those with eyes and ears to see, including many you associate(d) with through the years.

You are a balanced blend, as am I and others who despise the synagogue of satan end and lean our heads to the good on the path to the Way.

This of course is a very early exposure. Within 20 years, ALL that are surviving humans will have it burned into their very genetic/mnemetic memory who are human and who are wetiko. The wetikos' reign will end at last. This time around is gonna be very different.

Visible said...

Biblar, I see no reason not to post that comment.

Chinese Sneakers said...

We're here, still surviving on the ley lines of Tokyo.

We're fine, so far. Haven't been outside for five or six days. Saw a couple of pretty dark and demonic clouds pass over yesterday afternoon.

Also, there are alot of waves that keep coming through the brain. Other early indications, like sinus fits and generalized headaches, seem to point to exposure--but i know nothing, so don't quote me on any of this.

Anyway, i just wanted to point out that Taiji town is a good 1000k down west, whereas the areas hit are way up north. They share the Pacific coastline of the big island of Honshu; but they are almost different peoples, in my opinion. Karma would've had to have been far too blunt, for me, in that case.

Wish us well, won't ya'.

Anonymous said...

I remember 'orange barrel', (and 'windowpane', 'green monster', 'purple microdot')
It's really heating up now, I could use some.


long john said...

Important Life-Saving Info:

especially important for readers on the west coast of the usa and canada, and then also folks who live farther east, and even into europe:

* the radioactive dust is now heading east across the north pacific ocean towards the pacific northwest and central and northern california, due to be arriving on the west coast and pacific northwest from about thursday onwards. [refer to a global map of the jetstream.]

* potassium iodide tabs (130 mg) will protect the thyroid gland from absorbing radioactive iodine from the fallout, however, as far as i know now, there is currently no more potassium iodide available in stores on the west coast and even elsewhere (including online). either it has been bought up already, or else forced off the market by the government. you can try, but i suspect you will be wasting your precious time trying to find some.

* the only other solution is to go to your health or natural food store and buy a large amount of kelp granules or kelp powder (in bulk), or also dulse flakes (in bulk). kelp and dulse (seaweeds) both have a significant amount of iodine. begin taking at least 2 to 3 tablespoons per day over the first week, and then reduce to one tablespoon a day. this will protect your thyroid from absorbing any bad radioactive iodine.

* however, if in the event that the radioactive dust carried across the globe in the air contains other more deadly radioactive particles, such as cesium, plutonium, strontium, uranium etc, the seaweed will not help. in this case, there is nothing you can do except stay indoors with all windows and vents shut, and do not go outside. if you must go outside, wear air filter masks and full body rain-gear, which should be hosed off before retuning indoors. so get your kelp powder and food supplies now, before the radioactive dust reaches your area.

* unfortunately, even one tiny minute particle of plutonium dust is sufficient to kill you.

* the situation is most serious and severe, but you can improve your chances of survival if you take in sufficient iodine from kelp, and also avoid the outdoors until the radioactive dust in the air dissipates.

* for the most up-to-date news and info on the Japan nuclear reactor crisis, please listen here:

Anonymous said...

How you avoid entrappment by all the trolls with agendas and handcuffs who come to your sites never ceases to amaze me!

Soidier on brother Les.

The truth only hurts those with something to hide.

G Bruno said...

Appropriate music for what is happening.


Anonymous said...

It is interesting how quickly TPTB can assimilate and absorb into their 'narrrative' the prevailing 'stories'of the moment. It is this ability to incorporate into-- and thereby shape the tone and tenor of the narrartive 'lore'-- at which they excel and prevail. It is this capacity which guarantees their ongoning dominance.

In this regard it is intersting to observe the difficulty they encounter with the Japan nuclear crisis. It is off script to a unmanagable margin. They were doing just fine with the 'revolutions' in the Middle East until this earthquake came along.

Visible said...

Chinese Sneakers'

I put a whole reply up to you and it disappeared. Let me say it again. You are deep in my heart and I wish you good fortune. Bad fortune unattended eventually gets everyone

I only have 1500 words for each of these and then we move on. I suspect some people might find me un-compassionate I already gave my life away for everyone else a long time ago and it isn't about how many tears or how sad, it's about why. It's about now, please look in the under seat area where my compassion lives and join me in this brief respite of a golden age.

John Rambo said...

Are you referring to the "golden age" of Lord Caitanya, Les? You've used other words like Sattva Yuga and Kali Yuga, which seems to be to be coming from the same source?

Visible said...

ah, maybe it's only wishful thinking but I believe that an age of brotherhood is going to come soon. I do believe. I also know that if I can, I will be at kumbhamela 2013 in Mother India and I just might become les visible and it will be a fine time.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this?

Anonymous said...

I feel a change too man. Just wish the pepes would quit fightin amongst themselves. Michele I prefered the fresh drop on the sugar cube myself. From Minnesota

Anonymous said...

It's also the things you don't see.
Such as how I went on youtube to see what other coutries were hit that were close to japan, such as china, russia.

What do I find?

Nada zip zilch.

My friend and I both talked about how there is practically no other videos from any other country, and no one is saying anything.

While we were talking about this he commented about seeing a story about midway getting hit by a 10 foot wave and then it quickly disappeared

Midway is at sea level, which means if that story is true midway is gone.

What about all those small inhabited islands on that side of japan?

No mention of those either.

I am pretty sure the actual death toll is very much higher, cant prove it....cause there seems to be a lack of video cameras in every other country in close proximity to japan.

Chinese Sneakers said...

We're buggin' out of here --for the kid's long-term health.

Feeling it in the ribs and brain.

Still not afraid to die, per se; but it just doesn't make sense to be staying on hereabouts for no good reason.

Will be checking back in whenever and wherever i/we make land again.

Even if i haven't ever expressed it literally, you should know that i have truly appreciated all you've done here. i'M ready to go forth now, at least in part, because of your efforts to shine the light outwards.

Ciao for now.

Anonymous said...

Les and All,

Just picked this out of one of my workbooks.

proverbs chapt 10
verse 11

The mouth of the righteous is a fountain of life, (thanks les)
but the mouth of the wicked conceals violence.

verses 24&25

What the wicked fears will come upon him, and the desire of the righteous will be granted.
When the whirlwind passes,the wicked is no more, but the righteous has an everlasting foundation.

Somethin' to look forward to, Eh?

To Chinese Sneakers,
Really, may God be with you and your family.

To Michelle,
You tripped my time machine on...

Thanks Les, for bringing us all together at this most important time in history. present! future?

Walking Hawk

ravenise said...

This whole General Electric PATENTED disaster makes me very very curious about something. General Electric has been STEALING our rivers in British Columbia Canada, over the last 3 years... my back yard.

General Electric was the largest campaign contributor to our corrupt tin-pot Zio-ogre-totem up the ass straddling Premiere, Gordon Campbell, back in 2008. The Canadian government secretly passed legislation, Bill-30, privatising our public utilities, and approving the sell off over 1,000 of our most pristine and rivers to multinational corporations around the world, the biggest bidder being GE. They are literally GIVING AWAY our rivers to build hydro electric dams to produce electricity that we don't even need, and then sell it to California. They have GIVEN away OUR rivers to foreign shareholders with 40 YEAR LEASES, which so happens to be around the half-life of the cesium 137 isotope. They then sell the electricity back to us at 20x what we used to pay for it... selling to us when the rivers are low, and selling to Cali during the spring run-off.

It is the biggest theft of public resources in the history of Canada. They are tearing up our rivers, killing our fish, wildlife, and destroying our forests in order to line the pockets of General Electric and Warren Buffet and his corporate cronies.

Makes me wonder, considering the fact that BC happens to be right in the line of sight of this fallout.

If any of these, check this vid:
Corky Evans on Taking Our Rivers Back

General Electric and BC's Private Power Gold Rush

Plutonic Power, GE submit bids for hydroelectric projects

Anonymous said...

No Les, it's not safe. It's definitely not safe. AAAAAAAAH!!!


Betty said...

I seem to be having problems posting my info on other sites.
Anyway, here I go again...
I have a book written by Hanna Kroeger in the mid eighties that has a section on radiation poisoning. The book says that PEAT MOSS can be used to remove radiation from the body overnight.
You place 4 to 6 inches of Peat Moss under your bed and you will be free of radiation from ...x-rays, radiation cobalt, fallout etc. etc. Another item discussed is Willow leaves. Miso (fermented bean past) will also not boil. I have been sending large amounts of prayer to the people of Japan and all around the world. Mother Earth receives my prayers as well, and I use orgonite to clean up the pollution in the air and water when I can. Thank you Les for being a beautiful light beacon for many.

ravenise said...

(vis, if you can, please delete my previous comment)

This whole General Electric PATENTED disaster makes me very very curious about something. General Electric has been STEALING our rivers in British Columbia Canada, over the last 3 years... my back yard.

General Electric was the largest campaign contributor to our corrupt tin-pot Zio-ogre-totem up the ass straddling Premiere, Gordon Campbell, back in 2008. The Canadian government secretly passed legislation, Bill-30, privatising our public utilities, and approving the sell off over 1,000 of our most pristine and rivers to multinational corporations around the world, the biggest bidder being GE.

They are literally GIVING AWAY our rivers to build hydro electric dams to produce electricity that we don't even need, and then sell it to California. They have GIVEN away OUR rivers to foreign shareholders with 45 YEAR LEASES, which so happens to be around the half-life of the cesium 137 isotope. The Liberals claim that the rivers are only being controlled by the rich Americans for 45 years (at which time their contracts are up). In reality, under NAFTA, it will be next to impossible to take the rivers back.

Our great-grandchildren will most likely continue lining the pockets of the Warren Buffet/General Electric empire. They will sell the electricity back to us at 20x what we used to pay for it... selling to us when the rivers are low and the price is high, and selling to California during the spring run-off and the price is low.

It is the biggest theft of public resources in the history of Canada. They are tearing up our rivers, killing our fish, wildlife, and destroying our forests in order to line the pockets of General Electric and Warren Buffet and his corporate cronies.

Makes me wonder, considering the fact that BC happens to be right in the line of sight of this fallout. Does anyone else see this as odd? Does anyone see a motive?

If any of these, check this vid:
Corky Evans on Taking Our Rivers Back

Biggest financial winner of 2009 BC elections? GE's Plutonic.

General Electric and BC's Private Power Gold Rush

Plutonic Power, GE submit bids for hydroelectric projects

Michael Boyd said...

HAARP involved in Japan? Maybe, maybe not.

Significant that the earthquake/tsunami took place on the ELEVENTH day of this month? Maybe, maybe not.

As things get WEIRDer, we can just hold on, help our loved ones if possible and look forward to whatever is that comes post-This-so-called-Life.

ravenise said...

The Rothschilds have a deep love affair with General Electric... they must be the largest shareholders.

General Electric WATCHER
Blog by: Bill Rothschild..General Electric CLASS OF 1984.. and a retiree and General Electric shareholder

William Rothschild worked for General Electric for nearly 30 years

The Secret to GE's Success: A Former insider Reveals the Leadership lessons of the World's Most Competitive Company [Hardcover]

"William Rothschild (Author) Looking beyond GE's legendary CEO Jack Welch, Rothschild takes a wider perspective on the company's history in this unwieldy management guide. Structuring the book around the various phases in the company's evolution, he looks all the way back to the founding by Thomas Edison in 1879 and analyzes the business lessons that have gradually emerged. At the same time, Rothschild, a former GE insider who formed his own consulting company in 1984, focuses on five key success areas: leadership, adaptability, talent, influence and networks, reinforcing key "takeaways" at the end of each chapter. Unfortunately, the book's chronological structure and overwhelming detail makes it read more like an annotated history than a management guide with business-changing insights. (Jan.)"

Looks to me like King of Dung beetles, the Rothschilds, having such history with GE, long enough to plan this whole disaster right from the get-go... just as they did with the Gulf disaster. Who's with me?

HAARP said...

Greetings Les. Thank you for your fine truthful respite in this ill-fated world. Not sure there will be an India as we know it now in 2013, but if there is your planned adventure sounds exciting.

Wanted to comment on anonymous' words which ring true and cause me to reflect over "Haarp":

"It is interesting how quickly TPTB can assimilate and absorb into their 'narrrative' the prevailing 'stories'of the moment. It is this ability to incorporate into-- and thereby shape the tone and tenor of the narrartive 'lore'-- at which they excel and prevail. It is this capacity which guarantees their ongoning dominance."

Les, do you remember the 'out of nowhere' elegant comment given exacttly 24 hours after the Japan quake by "the Priestess" which sowed the idea of sunspots and magma flow as the reason for the absolutely perfectly placed epicenter from a destructive point of view? She came, she posted, she left. I believe it was disinformation.

You have had an infestation of trolls for the five days leading up to the quake. Many of the trolls are still commenting regularly now. You have become an A-list alternative truth seeking/reporting site (WRH and Rense to name two others.

Following, disinformation disseminated exactly one day after the quake which was procured exactly for maximal damage, destruction and lost lives over months and years, points to someone trying to lead the alternative media (of which you are a real part) away from the truth.

Cui bono? Who would want to deflect suspicion from themselves to sunspots and planetary gravities while depopulation proceeds?

Answer; the people who carry out Haarp.

I cannot exclude that TPTB who control Haarp carried out 3/11 in accordance with their plans thin out the world population and to enslave most of who remain as serfs under a one world goverment.

Sound like tin-foil hat stuff? So was Galileos theory.

If the WTO or World bank or IMF come on the scene soon as a 'saviour' of the resulting economic meltdown and suggest implementing a new worldwide currency backed by their gold - cui bono reveals itself as Rothschild and their minions who control both the central bank in Japan (and in all but 5 countries of the total 197) and Haarp.

As support for my conjecture I remind you that Oswald did not kill JFK and 9/11 was not done by arabs despite what MSM folklore tells us.

If something is too 'good' to be true (for TPTB) - it probably isn't.


ravenise said...

japan 8.9 - 9.1 EarthQuake HAARP??... JAPAN THREATEND IN PAST

I'll put this up at my blog as well.
Mouser I borrowed one of your sentences, hope you don't mind.

General Electric Japan / British Petrolium Gulf + Rothschild = False Flag

Anonymous said...

Godzilla, part 10:

Five days after Fukushima, Dr. Amae no Kozo and his lovely, submissive assistant, Miss Sakura discover large radioactive footprints heading for the Kanto plain.

Can they save Tokyo and Yokohama? Can the 7th US fleet aid them? Can Godzilla brush away F18-A Hornets as if they were flies?

All that and more,

Tom Frum

ravenise said...

Fri Mar 11, 2011 6:55AM US, Russia discuss joint missile system
Fri Mar 11, 2011 6:58AM 8.9 magnitude quake hits Japan

hmm, going out on a limb, makes me wonder if elements of Russia were blackmailed with a change in wind pattern?

WillieG1951 said...

I often read your blog postings, and have to admit, I need to re-read them to get the full impact. I don't know if it's just me. Seems there's so much in them on so many levels..

I truly enjoy the postings and have often referred others here. For myself I think it's the overwhelming sensibility of what's said. The honesty and truthfulness is so refreshing, it keeps me coming back.

I can't thank you enough, reality is sometimes difficult to take, but we have to face it. .Thankfully we have a place to find it. . Thanks your work is truly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

"Damaged Japanese Nuclear Plant Has Five Mark 1 Reactors


Thirty-five years ago, Dale G. Bridenbaugh and two of his colleagues at General Electric resigned from their jobs after becoming increasingly convinced that the nuclear reactor design they were reviewing -- the Mark 1 -- was so flawed it could lead to a devastating accident. ..."

Neko Kinoshita said...

There is an awful lot of “I’ve got the answer” showing up lately.

Long John, Alex is a shill. Please don’t buy what he’s selling.

Ravenise, we know who GE is, and we know what they do. Trust me, so does the divine.

Mouser, There is some evidence that the HAAP was playing at the time of the quake, this might indicate they were enhancing an already detected quake swarm. I don’t think they were trying for a 9. What do you think?
Oh yeah, and the CME impact may have actually been the initial trigger for the swarm, that’s not actually disinfo, but the “timely posts” you are referring to are full of other things that are.
The rest of the things you are saying also make good sense.

I’m just thinking that none of this will matter very much.

Real soon now, things are going to go from bad to weird. Cultivate your connection to the divine, or you will become one of the “zombies” who stand around drooling when their minds go bi-cameral.

I’m not sure of the terminology, language is so limiting. When the world changes and the magic arrives, the divine will be a presence to us all. “Love will keep us together.”
(Don’t ask me where The Captain and Tennille quote came from, it just popped in there.)

Of course, I don’t know anything.
So Don't think I'm saying that I do. I’m just feeling things with more power every day.

Gazing at the waxing moon from the alley,
(well, not right now, it’s not up)


Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Need more Light...It's available for all...all you need to do is ask... That's what I do and sometimes it comes, sometimes not.

When it comes, I'm way past human, but my boomer training clicks in and back I come to do my duty to the dutiless pulling my strings. Sometimes, I believe that the powers that be are all not quite human.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

There was a massive energy spike out of HAARP on the 11th.

I wonder who is sitting in air filtered compounds with years worth of food stored?

cover your gardens!

Store water.

Find a back-up cave.


Anonymous said...

Les Visible and Patrick W; thank you! for this
and this
(can you get the words onto a poster that i can buy and hang my walls? likewise - can the video/graphic/reading be put into mp3 etc form?)

and the timing is perfected

(i care not for any/all religions - all human made, human-centered, and mostly anti-God, but this work, in my opinion is not of "religion" ...)

A Good Man Is Hard To Find said...

Here is a video of a real American.

Notice at about the 8 minute mark he gives the order of evacuation to Korea of the military and their families:

1) women and children
2) non-essentisl personnel
3) essential personnel
4) me

This officer has no idea about the eco-political hidden reasons for the disaster but he is an honest man, a true American, putting women and children and others out of harms way before leaving to safety himself.

The sociopaths like Obama, Clinton and the neocons have ruined America while men like the one in this video and the Ron Pauls have been marginalised to allow America to sink slowly into the West.

It made me proud to listen to this man.

He has no idea of the corruption under which he works. May God bless him.


just me, Laurel A. said...

mouser@9:02 am........ you and amicus and neko just make my day. serious. les is tdf to read, and you three always fill in where my measly intelligence skills wobble :)) thank you guys!

les, i am forgetting to switch google to my name so if i post under the sunnyrose account, feel free to delete that one?

Visible said...

New Petri Dish

The Everybody Hurts and Nobody Wins..

Anonymous said...

Dear Highpriestess Donna Bartley at in New Jersey;

What do you think about Haarp as the force behind the 3/11 earthquake in Japan?

How did you happen to post your information about sunspots and magna flows being the reason exactly 24 hours after the event specifically at Smoking Mirrors?

Would you agree Les Visible's sites have become one of the premier truth seeking/reporting sites along with WRH and Rense?

Why have you never posted either before or after 12 March 2011 as Hipriestess at any of Les Visibles' sites (as far as I know)?

Cui bono? (Facts point to Rothschild and his minions who control Japan's central bank, along with the central banks in all but 5 of the other 197 countries, and they control Haarp.)

Do you think as the depopulation proceeds the IMF/WTO/Worldbank will offer to 'save' the economic meltdown by installing a one world currency backed by their gold?

Do you believe it is true that TPTB desire a thinning of the world population with most of the survivors to be enslaved in a kind of serfdom?

Reading your various sites and blogs, including Donna E, Bartley artist, I notice considerable attention to judaic themes, Are you connected to the zionists in some way?

Just asking because there have been a lot of trolls around these sites for the five days before 3/11 and now - your comment was so 'out of the blue' so to speak.

Gladly respond directly to Smoking Mirrors 16 March 2011 post as a reader comment.

sincerely yours,
Anaughty Mouser

Trust the MSM? said...

They are now arriving glowing from Tokyo yet the MSM says don't worry, be happy! (grin):

"United Airlines O'Hare
© Tim Boyle/Getty Images
O’Hare International Airport

Passengers arriving this week on a flight from earthquake-and tsunami-ravaged Tokyo set off radiation detectors at O'Hare Airport, city officials acknowledged Thursday.
O'Hare was apparently not the only city where arriving Tokyo passengers set off radiation detectors because of an impending nuclear disaster in Japan.

The New York Post has reported that the same thing happened in Dallas."

long john said...

Neko Kinoshita,

i really have to disagree. i think you missed the (my) point.

for one thing, my post was not about Alex Jones. it was about how to protect oneself from absorbing radioactive iodine, by means ofb taking iodine from kelp or dulse seaweed.

so as far as your comment: “There is an awful lot of “I’ve got the answer” showing up lately"... well fyi, if you don't believe that taking kelp seaweed will help protect your thyroid from absorbing radioactive iodine (in the event that you cannot obtain any potassium iodide tablets), then go and find out for yourself, smart-ass.

now as far as Alex Jones supposedly being "a shill", that remains to be seen. i doubt that.

the thing is, i linked to Alex Jones for one good reason... because, imo, he just happens to have been covering the Japan nuclear reactor crises far more up-to-date and much better than anyone else on talk radio, or the msm. and if you had been listening to him, you would already know that.

just because he doesn't get into the zionist agenda, doesn't mean that he is not right on the ball with this Japan nuclear crisis. i am interested in the most up-to-date news and information, so i don't "buy" the presumption and narrow-mindedness (and misrepresentation) that you and some others seem have towards Alex Jones. i happen to know some people, who know Alex personally, and they tell me he is a genuine guy. and furthermore, i just happen to have been around the block, so to speak, far more than most other people, and i am very very adept at smelling a rat. and also, i have listened to Alex Jones talk radio show for at least 3 or 4 hours a day, every day for the past 8 years. so i know what Alex Jones has to say, and i know what kind of fellow he is.

of course you are welcome to your own opinion, but i hardly think that your assessment and judgement of Alex Jones is in any way superior or more insightful than mine. moreover, i have seen the fools and their websites that attempt to discredit him, but they are all a load of rubbish and sour grapes. sorry, i just don't buy that shit.

so then, as for "buying what he’s selling"... i do my own thinking, and i make my own opinions, and i come to my own conclusions, thank you. no offense, but i don't need other people (like you) telling me where to get my info.

some people don't like Alex Jones because his ranting style doesn't appeal to them. it doesn't bother me. i am only interested in accurate information, facts, and truth. and i don't need other people telling me where and where not to get that.

i knew what was going on long before 911. i have far more insight than most, and i have known whats up with tptb since the early 1970s. so thanks for the tip, but i don't need to be told who is a "shill".

my comment was simply to provide some simple life-saving info, in case of any exposure to radioactive fallout from the Japan reactors. i live in northern california, so it will be coming my way first. and this event may not be the last. it may get worse. so its a real good idea to stock-up on kelp granules/powder. thats all i was trying to advise readers. and being that he and i both tend to semi-macrobiotic diets, i am sure Les already well knows about seaweed.

anarchore said...

Good stuff, although I believe there are 8 octaves.

I wonder if you have read Zhuan Falun, and what you think of Li Hongzhi's(Falun Dafa teacher) multidimensional view of the universe, and the teaching of the Buddha Fa cultivation way.

Weird is good, when normal reality is limiting.

Zhuan Falun is available to read free of charge on many websites.

Peace, love and compassion.

Visible said...

Good grief;

I said 8 planetary octaves.

No, not familiar with much.

est said...


human beings
have nothing to do
with these things

nuclear meltdowns
annihilating cities
with atomic bombs
war at every turn
[oh yeah drone kills]

that's another story

as for something being
sprayed from airplanes

nothing more than
weapons of mass distraction

they are messing with you and you are letting them

forget the tin-foil hat
put on your thinking caps instead

Anonymous said...

That link again for lack of Japan radiation reports via Youtube:

Neko Kinoshita said...

Logn John,

Gee, I didn't mean to set you off.

As long as we can agree to disagree about Alex, we're fine.

The Kelp is a good alternative if Iodine is the problem, finding out which elements are falling is a problem too.

Don't forget that any good source of chlorophyll may help more than you think.

Still watching the moon,


Visible said...

New Profiles in Evil-

Sunbathing on the Sunless Riviera of the Devil's Anus.

Al Kronkite said...

"We live in a world that is being impacted by the agendas of multiple malicious centers of power. Truth seekers often have a favorite culprit.Some write about the Illuminate, others concentrate on the Jesuits, others specify the Rothschild and Rockefeller banking interests, Zionist Jews are often indicted, in United States the Council on Foreign Relations is a popular culprit; the Masons and the Protocol of Zion are frequently mentioned; there are the Bilderbergers, the globalists, the elite, the Vatican, the Bohemian Grove, the British Royal family, the Bush family, Skull and Bones, and others; many suspects but no one seems to know how the orders are transmitted.

A powerful force is controlling world events; the evidence is irrefutable. Serious suspicions about the 9/11 tragedy are ignored by our media and our government; the same is true with questions regarding the birth place of President Obama. Our media no longer critiques our government, instead it seems to be part of our government."

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Yes, Al Kronkite,

The media is just the PR arm of todays governments which are in reality the errand boys and girls of the Mega Corporations. And who is behind the real power, we will never know. The ones we see in the news in reality are low level employees of some very very rich and powerful few who hide in the darkness and direct the ones who direct the masses by rewards that last as long as the sellouts are useful for their purposes. It's like the old stories of the Devil who never really controls but manipulates Man thru his or her own weaknesses and corruptiblity. He makes the offer, but the signing of the contract or the devil's deal is done in free will.
But before the signing there is a lot of misinformation, disinformation, deception, offers
of whatever the ego desires the most.

So, don't to much credit to these dull witted, dull minded, no nothing, do little of nothing politians. They are like the priests of old who are good at creating images as they hide behind gated walls to hide their real nature and agenda from the masses.

Take care,
ps: Are you related to old Walter? :)



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