Monday, March 28, 2011

Our Hidden Enemies who Pose as Friends.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

“Every dog has his day”.

I’ve looked over the headlines to see if there was something I wanted to talk about and since I know that several of the really large events approaching aren’t in the windshield yet, though they will be soon, my inner voice is telling me to continue talking about what I brought up yesterday at Visible Origami. As a result of having made this post, a reader sent in the link to a spirited conversation taking place about me over at SOTT (Signs of the Times). There are a number of comments that are made about the night I visited them and there was a party for Joe, the Irish editor of SOTT.

I came there with REDACTED with whom I had been corresponding and had decided to visit with Susanne. REDACTED and SOTT are down in the extreme south of France. REDACTED lives in a modest little house in the countryside and SOTT lives in a huge, outrageous chateau that is reminiscent of something out of the Gormenghast trilogy. REDACTED is a very interesting character and a hell of a decent guy. I genuinely love him and am putting myself on the spot here, in case the pressures from SOTT don’t work in my favor with him.

My regular readers know that I go out of my way to come across as a regular guy. I used to even do stupid shit to counteract the pedestal well meaning people were putting me on. That’s counter-productive though and I am not doing that any more. Readers also know that I like to get high, predominantly on K because it treats my clinical depression. It’s been legalized in Sweden for this very purpose and it suits me like a charm but... as the readers know, since no one ever sends me any, I have to do without most of the time. Occasionally I take something like Ayahuasca, Mimosa Hostilis or mushrooms; you can catch me at that if you come to the big solstice celebration in June. This doesn’t happen every week or every month. It doesn’t even happen every season. That is the extent of what I take, until the divine gets inclined to let me have a look at his Top Secret cabinet.

I have, like everyone, imbibed alcohol and like the t-shirt says, “instant asshole, just add alcohol” can apply. There’s a fine line between having a good time and others not sharing in it. I blame the location of the moon for the uncertainty feature that can appear. We’ve all gotten out of sorts and even landed in the fire once or twice. This is not about me doing that because that didn’t happen.

At the time of my visit to REDACTED, Laura invited me over for dinner and Karaoke; they do that a lot, even though, as I remember, Laura is the only one who could sing. I got there and was seated at Laura’s left hand. We had a very nice chat. Laura can be very engaging when she wants to be and humanly fun. I liked her. There was a lot of wine and scotch around and I’ll admit that I got lit like everyone else. Some were more lit than I, which I was able to note at the time, which means I wasn’t so lit I couldn’t see what was going on.

We had a great time (I thought). I sang a few tunes as did Laura and I even harmonized with her on some of them. Her husband was there and I liked him too. He’s very sharp. You wouldn’t want to game that fellow. He played the piano, as I remember. I used to be and probably still am to some degree, a stand-up comedian. I was pretty good at it in a Lenny Bruce, George Carlin sort of a way. At least the audiences thought I was, or maybe they were being kind. One of the things I can do is take any popular song and change the lyrics. In this tedious thread over at SOTT, someone says I got really lewd and started talking about penises. Well, here’s exactly what happened. I did Wild Thing and changed the line “you make my heart sing” to “you make my thing sting”. That was the extent of it and everything else I have been reading from the SOTT forum ( a reader sent me a compilation) was like this, either terribly exaggerated or it didn’t even happen.

There’s a comment on there that ‘someone’ followed me into another room and observed me partaking of a substance. They don’t go into any details, probably because there weren’t any. I didn’t have anything to get high on that evening and was asking REDACTED earlier about the possibility. There was pot around but I don’t care for pot. So I drank like everyone else, as God is my witness, I had no drugs, except I might have smoked a little pot at REDACTED. Why would they lie like that? I admit to taking things to begin with.

I went back to SOTT the next day in the afternoon. A lot of the people were hung over and some mentioned it. When we were in the main living room again, I said something about let’s contact the Cassiopeans to Laura. So she got her Ouija board and... here I’ll admit that I expected nothing to happen and nothing it was. Somehow or other we got around to talking about the martial arts and it was a group back and forth and I wound up demonstrating, in slow motion, a few things. While this was happening, Laura’s youngest daughter started saying, over and over, “I can kick your ass”. I wasn’t comfortable demonstrating anyway so I sat back down. She kept saying it. I probably said, “Go ahead”. She didn’t. Susanne was with me the whole time and let me tell you; when I’m not behaving properly, Susanne WILL let me know. That didn’t happen once. She was as mystified as I by the growing undercurrent.

Someone at the forum said I didn’t know anything about the martial arts and someone said I did. There wasn’t much to get any real idea from anyway. Someone said I was being lascivious with Laura’s daughters. Have you seen them? Do you think I do inappropriate things right in front of Susanne; never mind that; whether she’s there or not? I might have been too casual through the whole affair. Instead of watching my every move, in hindsight it seems like I should have, I let myself enjoy these people and they looked like they were having fun too. What I have said here is the extent of the visit and all the rest of this static is lies and slander.

Afterwards, slowly, I noticed they didn’t print my work any more. I asked about it and was told it was because of a change in editors. I let it slide. One thing I noticed at this forum thread was that the fellow I was referring to in the recent Visible Origami posting showed up. How about that?

I haven’t always been on the mark with my behavior and this event was some years ago. I am a very much changed person since then but that’s immaterial. For some reason they are trying to paint me as a sinister and dark force. Why would they go public like this? Over the space of time, Laura and I have engaged in lengthy email exchanges. I’ve explained myself to her and pointed out that their use of alcohol makes them different from me only in the selection of their substances. Now it’s being said they don’t drink anymore, so they found Jesus. Good for them.

I haven’t gone after SOTT in my postings. I’ve got my feelings about this Cassiopeian thing but at the end of the day, I don’t know and that’s my stand on it.

I’m becoming more widely read and that’s going to accelerate too. It’s to be expected that different people will have different takes on me. I’m doing the best I can and I’m a work in progress. I don’t think badly about the SOTT people. I am disappointed that they would exaggerate and in some cases even lie. I don’t see they payoff with this. I don’t promote substances for others. My life is my life, you don’t like it, don’t be part of it.

It’s not necessary to make up things about someone. It’s okay not to like them. It’s not necessary for Laura to say I recommended Macrobiotics to her and that it nearly killed her, like I was behind that intention. I told her to begin with that she needed a competent advisor in respect of it. We’ve had extended email exchanges out of the blue and mostly initiated by her and they were friendly and informative. Meanwhile, I’ve always known about this other thing in the background. It surfaces every so often for no reason I can think of. We’re on different paths and all of us in the business of communicating to a larger public should keep that in mind. We are serving in our own way.

The reader has, by this time, got a pretty good idea of where I’m coming from and people are welcome to visit me and they do, without events of the order of what is being reported by this group, with the addition of that other fellow I mentioned. I’ll leave it to you to judge the reality of things and know that you, like myself, realize that the truth is usually somewhere between the conversations.

SOTT is a wealthy operation and shouldn’t be concerned with me, especially since I’m not concerned with them. Maybe I’m getting too popular for their tastes, since the readership keeps going up and all these new projects are about to be released. I suppose once you get to a certain level, this kind of thing is going to happen. It’s why I’ve always run from it before. Fame and fortune aren’t what they crack up to be. There’s a certain kind of disorder running around at the moment that is affecting various people in respect of what goes on here. Some of it is being engineered. I only hope they will develop some new love/hate interests and leave me be. There’s no future in hammering someone for no apparent reason. It can often come back on you in surprising ways, especially in these times.

End Transmission.......

Last night’s radio show is now available for download.

Patrick W does it again: There is no Injustice.


Anonymous said...

Truth needs no umbrella!

pax verbum

A friend said...

Do not give this smear campaign one more word.

It IS engineered to throw you off your very important work - the truth.


Visible said...

Understood, this is the end of it.

zionist control said...

Well, knock me over with a feather! 'Libyan rebels' to start oil exports soon 27 Mar 2011 Oil fields in rebel-held territory in Libya are producing between 100,000 and 130,000 barrels a day, and the opposition plans to begin exporting oil "in less than a week", a rebel representative said on Sunday. "We are producing about 100,000 to 130,000 barrels a day, we can easily up that to about 300,000 a day," said Ali Tarhoni, the rebel representative responsible for economy, finance and oil, at a news conference. He said the [US-funded] rebel government had agreed an oil contract with Qatar, which would market the crude, and that he expected exports to begin in "less than a week". [Well, at least there's no doubt as to why the USociopaths invaded.]

Anonymous said...

I feel the truth of your words. Nothing has changed the way I percieve you. Thank You.

p.s. Can't We All readers,commenters take your post "Isreal;the Ace of Spades of Evil" and send this post to 5 or 10 of the nearest big city newspapers in hopes that some will print in the "letters to the editor or in my opinion" section. Mabey some will see the light and try to print it. (smile) And keep bombarding them every chance we get? Overload....

Walking Hawk

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Les:

Let it be. We are all fooled at times.

Take care,

Unknown said...

Somehow I get the feeling 'envy' was the catalyst.

I'll go with ya on the fame and fortune thing. I LOVE my privacy. As for fortune, why waste time pursuing more when you have enough, and can use 'time' instead for personal vested interests as opposed to slaving for the corporate world, which I do not have a very high opinion of?

Fellow caravanner said...

“That is why your caravan has so many carnival workers, magicians, philosophizers, practitioners, seekers, seers(?), prognosticators, trolls, poets, techies, etc. Such a human spectacle traveling through cyberspace and gaining momentum for a meshing of the spirit in a possible physical locale is a loud dog whistle, even to coyotes existing on the fringes from encampments of the past.” Ghana


Fine words brother. Welcome to our unintended parade.

Let the wolves bark at us - we have angels of truth protecting us on all sides.

Just ask Les - otherwise he/we wouldn't still be here.

I think we should ask for a simple, peaceful meeting with Evelyn Rothschild.

We should honestly and humbly point out what is ailing the world and point out that because of fractional banking in 192 of 197 countries owned by Evelyn, that only he can turn the present world situation around.

We can let Les do the talking.

If Evelyn won't take the meeting or is uninterested in making any changes to begin to right the world, we can just politely go away from him because there is literally nothing that we or any other mortal on this earth can do to change things as long as Evelyn has the exclusive right to print all the money he needs in the world.

At that point we should gather to pray for God to help the world because we are locked in to the killing and the misery – forever.

Anonymous said...

Went to your link at SOTT, but either you have to be a "member" or they've already removed the whole thread... I do read SOTT occasionally - they have some good links and some insightful commentary. A few years ago, I even posted a couple of things on a forum. When I put something up that they didn't like, it got disappeared quickly, and when I tried to find out what it was they didn't like, I got banned. So much for open discussion.

Anonymous said...

'At's funny. I commented on my own less than open experiences with SOTT, checked an onny mouse, and... nothing - post disappeared. Unfortunately I violated one of my own rules about editing in a notepad and pasting in case of such, but this time I forgot. Let's just say SOTT was less than open about things I was interested in talking about, and simply disappeared threads when it suited them... whatever, no one is forced to read/write them.

Anonymous said...

a review lesson - (perhaps?) from the One and Only "Teacher" (via and at expense of Les Visible) ...

@Fellow caravanner, on your suggestions to:

ask for a "...simple, peaceful meeting with Evelyn Rothschild."

this is a very good idea and may possibly happen if enough people (several millions) who hold only and absolutely peaceful intentions can come together to make the request and hold the meeting

so it's to your other very good suggestion, until/if then

"At that point we should gather to pray for God to help the world because we are locked in to the killing and the misery – forever. "

perhaps pray that millions will realize such a meeting may be the only hope

i will hold onto these goals/ intention from now on, so thanks!

Anonymous said...

Les, Airing your "dirty laundry"and pointing out,what some may consider, "character flaws",(no offense intended,non of us are perfect,NO NOT ONE!.), is Counter productive, in my opinion. I too crawled and groped in utter DARKNESS until I saw THE LIGHT. It seems I had to experience both, but the behavior I performed while in The DARK are kept to myself and my rescuer. If your work is truly intended to be that of an apocalyptist, stick to the facts of that matter. You apparently have tapped into a source of information not shared by the masses.You know, We reap what We sow.
Your friend, Jimmy

Anonymous said...

Hey Les & All,

Off topic but thought I would share...


News-Anchor Dan Rather stripped Search by Israeli Security,7340,L-4047674,00.html


Thanks and God Bless,

Red Pill

kikz said...

just as an fyi...not that it matters to you, les.... or anyone else...just my 2cents..

playing catch up on their story;
i never was at ease w/all the cloak/dagger mess associated w/the beginnings of the 'transmissions'.. skeptical though, i read on.... and outright dismissed anything to do w/SOTT and the cassiopeans when 'they?' issued 'their' position on man/original sin.
i knew at that moment, just who/what shite was being shoveled.

when m. astera was blustering here for an extended period.. let's just say.. i had my issues w/him. nosecrinkle. glad of his absence...
it seemed to me, he was trying to insinuate himself as your right hand or gatekeeper.. and when that didn't happen his facade shattered.

sometimes we get reminder lessons... i try very hard to communicate this one especially to my kids, as they are naturally overtly trusting, sometimes to their detriment..

trust is a matter of degree.

i'm not one to outright test folks on this issue, as some are and get big kicks frm it..

i think that's should evolve naturally.

always trust your gut instinct, it doesn't lie. :)

Anonymous said...

SOTT?! I stay far, far away from it.

Anonymous said...

Les Visible - this (your situation) illustrates why the Creator attempts to hold us close and even for the few who may begin to learn this, there is still that eternal karmic-flaw that drives us to go "our own way", to satiate the ego, satisfy the flesh, etc.
One day, we may learn ... . Until then, we must stay as close to Creator as possible as much of time as possible

Sui Juris 249 said...

Brother Les,

Your post made recall all the times in my life that certain individuals pretended to be my friend and turned and stabbed me in the back at the time when I needed them most. This includes several members of my biological family. Which is why I no longer consider most of my family family.

As you well know the closer you get to a certain point the more such creatures seem to come forth out of the wood work. I almost think its like doing a parasite cleanse.

As you know I have been doing my own little thing which I tend to want to keep in the dont let one hand know what the other is doing mode. I just hope I can handle myself as well as you have considering.

In the love/light


Anonymous said...


You're a hell of a guy. You have a friend here. Don't worry I won't be visiting your home anytime soon cause I like you too much. (chuckles)

People do stupid shit to other people for weird reasons.

I like to say "Other peoples opinion of me is none of my business"

When you're in the bullseye you're the target. That's the game man.

Sorry this sott shit hurt ya. It'd hurt me too if it happened to me, and it has.

I don't know who sott is and I don't have much interest in finding out.

When you talk about a Shangri-La I always expect that ultimately this kind of petty shit will pop up so I like the cave in the cliff wall approach.

Innocence is seen as weakness in this world but I love seeing it, it's so rare and beautiful. But it's attacked non stop the minute it's detected.

Forget about all the assholes and remember your friends today. We need you here not there buddy.

Thanks for your Blog Les
Patrick V1.0

Been There, Done That said...

Hi Les,

If it makes you feel better, just know that this is how SOTT operates. They invite people into their home, pretend they're people's friends, but it seems to all be a set up of some sort. Later on they do 180 degree turns in attitude and descend into "hysterical hindsight paranoia," whereby they get together and review the visit and begin embellishing events that did happen or outright imagining things that didn't happen, then portraying themselves as the saints. I know this from personal experience, as do others. (Laura has also publicly written that in group settings she likes to do things like give people alcohol to get them tipsy to see who their real self is. She's also mentioned on her forum wanting to use yawning as a test on guests, after reading that studies have theorized contagious yawning indicates empathy. Since Laura is obsessed with spotting psychopaths she thought this would be a clever way to test whether her guests were psychopaths or not. Yawn, and see if they yawn too thereby proving they're not a psycho or an Organic Portal. She's very much into playing games and doing little tests with her unsuspecting guests, who mistakenly believe they have been invited because the group actually likes them and wants to be friends.

You're just another person in a long line of people who has visited with them and gotten the 180 degree turn around/hysterical hindsight paranoid treatment. Who knows why they behave like this. They like to manufacture enemies, that much is obvious. It keeps them busy and gives their life purpose I guess. Don't take it personally. Try to have a sense of humor about it. Just realize that you're not anybody in this world unless Laura and the group has invited you into their home and then turned on you and publicly trashed you. ;) When you look at who they've done this to it's a "Who's Who" list. You've been nothing but honest with your readers about your escapades and shortcomings, and it's exactly why so many people like you. You're real. The SOTT's biggest tactic is to go after people who they believe are dishonest or are hiding their true selves from the world. They're obsessed with "spot the psychopath" and "spot the Organic Portal" and "spot the COINTELPRO agent" and doing what they think is a big reveal to the world. It's what they do, to everybody. But you're honest about who you are so anything they could say is just like, "Yeah, and?" It's already out there, everybody already knows. It's no big revelation. So really, don't worry about them. Not worth it. They do this to *everybody.*

Anonymous said...

"Now it’s being said they don’t drink anymore, so they found Jesus..."

Not to be tendentious but over the years I've felt, literally and figuratively, many Jesus finders have very little patience with "idolators" and the like.

The like being anyone who believes anything different.
You most definitely qualify, les.
Not that you haven't been witnessed embracing Jesus.
I've seen this many times..


Jai Sri Krishna!
All Glory to Jesus!
Ki Jaya Balarama
Ki jaya Maheshwara!
Jaya Sri Ganesha!

Anonymous said...

@ " Dan Rather stripped Search by Israeli Security"

Dan must not aheard the Devil say to him "just 'cause you sleep with me, doesn't mean I'm gonna respect you".

Anonymous said...

Sounds like they are trying to sap your energy with their nonsense. Ignore them!


Neko Kinoshita said...

You do catch your share of the flack Les, I have nothing more to say about these individuals who distort in an effort to make themselves look better.
Deceit has always looked ugly to me.

Never spent much time at SOTT, it was too slick by half, and the whole "cassiopaean" thing triggered a discord. (I don't know anything, but I listen to the music.)

I have too much to do, and too little time to waste any with yet another "I have all the answers" group. I guess I would rather spend time listening to the Dog Poet tell me he doesn't know much of anything. Funny, I seem to get more benefit out of that.

Wish I could show up at the Solstice with the kitten, we would both no doubt enjoy spending time with you and Susanne. We’ll see what the divine offers, but don’t hold space for us at this time.

Watching and waiting, never enough time to get the alley in order,


wv: deval - what keeps happening to the money...

Visible said...

My friends; I like to be open and forthcoming about the things that happen and I spotted this pincher movement coming a few days ago. I could feel it. don't be concerned that I'll be talking about it any longer than this post. It's dead business as far as I'm concerned. Ben summed them up very well.

This is just a sort of head them off at the pass interval. We're going to have plenty to occupy our attention really soon now.

Anonymous said...

Les, Sometimes one does well to remember the old show biz adage, "It doesn't matter what people say about you as long as they get the name right."

Anonymous said...

Les !

Keep the real posts coming ! ! !

Here's one I'd like to share:

"We're fighting three wars now. Imagine how many we'd be fighting if President Obama hadn't won the Nobel Peace Prize."

And another:

"Obama said we will send economic aid to Libya to help the Libyan people reach their dreams. And if that works, they’ll try it here."

(Acknowledgements 2 Jay Leo)

Been There, Done That said...

Karen said:

"Sounds like they are trying to sap your energy with their nonsense. Ignore them!"

And therein lies the irony with Laura and her crew. The biggest finger pointers on the internet making accusations about who's a soulless energy vampire Organic Portal, agent, or psychopath behave in *exactly* the same way.

"If it quacks like a duck...."

Anonymous said...

God I am so hoping that these pathological liars' feast days are caused
by the transit of Neptune through Aquarius because it certainly has
ramped up and become more blatant with the deviants these past 14/15
years of this transit.

Neptune will be moving into Pisces right after the VERY HOT VOLATILE New
Moon on April 4th, 2011. On the 7th... That this Neptune transit has also
been in opposition to the Boomer generation's Pluto in Leo from the
beginning of its start in 1996 to now finishing off the last years of the
Boomer generation is also noticeable.

I have never witnessed or experienced so much blatant LYING-detrimental,
deviant, murderous LYING in my life.

Abusive fraud, theft, slander, disinfo, murder, wars... all based solely
on LIES.

And it has been my experience that there is nothing one can do BESIDES
DOING THE SHINING THE LIGHT EXERCISE as the many will resonate with the
liars and will be eager to believe.

What is the motivation to the liars and the motivations behind those who
are eager to believe the liars regardless of how deadly those lies will
be to their believers as well?

Stand aside of it les. Let it pass. Shine the light. Let the light expose
them and they will out their selves and their lies.

Those who resonate with you don't need any explanations from you.

Lying and liars resonate at a very very low frequency. There are many
more of those low vibers than there are of the higher vibers just like
there are more cavalier consumers (always liars) than there are conscious

And the low vibers hate the truth and they hate the conscious creators as
they are unable to do either of these basic functions.

Get back in your own flow-know they can't really harm you. Know that you
are divinely guided and protected. You are taking a lot of gut
punches-why you've been so sick down there. (my assessment only)

the gardener

Visible said...

Just thought I would mention, we lost one of the great writers of our time this week, Joe Bageant. If you never read him, you missed someone special. He was a homespun American great who made blue collar awareness sing. He was a good man and he has gone to a good place.

He was one of the singular examples of a dying breed who possessed the truth and the possession of which conferred eloquence upon him. He will be missed.

kikz said...


read him for a long time.

godspeed joe..

Anonymous said...

I was very disappointed when I discovered that SOTT had changed their format and focus. I used to love that site but now it strikes me as gimmicky.

A new friend said...

I am a new reader of your material and want you to know I do not go by what others say, especially when it is malicious in intent. They are only showing their own true colors.
If this does separate the "wheat from the chaff" in your listeners, it will leave you with the best and most devoted ones in the end, let the others go with your blessing.
I believe people are making their choice, on what side they want to be on. Sounds like they made theirs.
Some people are getting weird, some cannot take the pressure of what is going on, some are resisting it and putting the blame on others.
I leave you with the words my dear mother used to say to me, "Hold your head up and remember who you are"

Anonymous said...

I agree.
Joe was probably the most prolific writer at portraying that special spirit and happenings known as Americana.

Not flashy 5th avenue shiny shoes or TV reality.
Just what folks living in and on the side streets, back alleys and country roads so many call home.

Happy trails Joe...
You earned em.

I like Fred Reed too.
Joe's buddy.

Anonymous said...

warming fire
loving touch
lift within
nature rush
crushing shadows
brushing stars
weaving flowers
opens hearts
pouring sunshine
springtime waves
eternal truth
swings and sways
swirling ever
eternal bound
the sound of life
lifts all around


Anonymous said...

peace joe,for all you have done here

love gratitude and respects always..neil

Biblar said...

Agree with Jimmy.

The last couple of days, logging in here, or at SOTT feels almost like logging into some silly teens facebook page.

Oversharing of private matters can be very dangerous; it can also be construed by those literally forced to look in from the outside as whiny and emotionally immature.

Before anyone starts getting defensive; bear this in mind; There is a valid reason why our grannies always used the phrase 'don't wash your dirty linen in public'. In doing so perspective is lost and what is meaningless is escalated into prominence.

One diverts from chronicling important issues and information; to sharing inappropriate details about others.

There is something rather manipulative about this type of behaviour and serves neither side well.

As Shakespeare said; The better part of valour is discretion; in the which better part, I have saved my life.

Annsie said...

You don't ever need to defend yourself, we are all imperfect but doing the best we can.Every great person always have someone attacking them at some point, I lost interest in them at some point, can't remember exactly why but something didn't quite add up. Most of my favourite bloggers are accused of working for the other side but they have passed the litmus test so even if they have made mistakes or been wrong that is okay with me. The ones that claim to know everything and think they are perfect are the ones I lose interest in very quickly. Don't give them anymore air time they aren't worth your time.

Visible said...

One point about dirty laundry. If you don't do it yourself, you'll get it done for you. As it so happens, there is no dirty laundry on my part here, which is probably one reason I bring it up. You want dirty laundry, I'll give you some; youthful pecadillos and selfish acts; I have those. They aren't much different from the rest of you. On the whole, I was a pretty cool guy but we all make mistakes. It just so happens that I didn't make any here and as for the Origami story, I'm better on the truth side than I painted myself.


Reese said...

I enjoy your articles very much and agree with most of it, at least 99 percent; however, I wonder why you have an Aztec god on your page.

I understand that worldwide, there has been human sacrifice such as the Mid East with their child sacrfices and even the Christian religion

fomented so many religous wars and promoted torture, drowning and burning in the name of witchcraft and Islam is highly anti female as well as this latest thing about Minerva- her birth date being used as an excuse for starting wars, and that's why I view religion with extreme caution, so I don't
understand why you would have an Aztec god (whose victim, willimg or not impersonated that god for a year and then was sacrificed and cannibalized).

Like I said, I understand that human sacrifice was practiced around the world, but the Aztecs pretty much took the cake, especially with Huizilopochtli and the flower wars and Tlaloc (rain god) who demanded child sacrifice, (the more painful the better for their tears),Xilonen (corn goddess) who also demanded sacrifice, etc.

So while you have excellent articles about the Zionists, etc, I can't imagine having an Aztec god on this web page. I also imagine the Aztecs weren't too popular with their neighbors whom the Aztecs considered as little better as cattle for sacrifice and cannibalism.

Peaceful Lake said...

Hold your head high, Les. You're a good, loving, honorable soul. As a British friend of mine once said to me: "they're just a bunch of arseholes, pay them no mind."

God bless you. Keep up the good work.

Sergej said...

Damn, did I poke a stick into a hornets's nest with my link in that origami discussion...

Surely wasn't my intention, I genuinely like that Tibet article I linked. It contains a valid and important message IMO.

Now I have no idea what happened between you and Laura Knight, I don't know any of you personally and never knew you had a history. What I do find funny is that both of you are more or less conveying the same message, so it's a pity that persona-related issues got between you.

I can surely imagine her kind having quite some problems with your expressive personality and usage of certain substances. I myself am a guitarist and back then when I actively played I had my fair share of fun, on the other side I spent my youth surrounded by conservative but genuinely good people who had the typical quirks and communication issues related to the "clean" lifestyle and rejection of everything that doesn't fit their frame, so I think I can relate to both sides and can imagine why you two didn't get along.

To say the same thing I said in the other thread, "it's such a pity". Sorry for digging that up, I had no idea.

I respect both of you from my POV as an interested reader and knowledge seeker, no judgment on my side towards any of the people involved, I know too little about all of you anyway.

Visible said...


Smoking Mirrors is the point. Think in terms of analogy. Nothing is real here so we have symbols to ratify that. I do have other blogs if you are uncomfortable here. Once you get connected there are more than one of you and not in the "Limitless" sense.

Anonymous said...

yep forget about them mr visibles,if they are looking for pschopaths they would be better off going to israhell washington d.c,or number 10 downing street,....
respects neil

Anonymous said...

The reason you haven't heard anything back from them and will not hear anything is that the truth is its own armor. I've read all your work for at least five years and you can't fake what you do because God would strike you dead and you are still here. Your day is coming dog poet.

Rob S. said...

Rob S. says:

It sounds like you need to hang-out with a new crowd. I don't mean an all new crowd just a partial. If you ever hang your hat in Detroit look me up. May I suggest some head phones and some old tunes. The people from Detroit come real with-it. Maybe some Bob Seger (Katmandu) or some Kidd Rock (Bewaddidiadaddid) they always cheer me up, when I feel like punching someone in the face. The five and a-half years I spent on Oahu, I always missed that groove that would adjust my mojo. I think I'll regress into some "Old Time Rock and Roll' right now.

Anonymous said...

SOTT? The integrity was always questionable, but no more doubts after the ridiculous article at the link below.

Aside from the exaggerated headline, note that the photo is not dated, but appears to be from a 1993 flood (image info).

Vis, you might want to get treated for exposure.


Anonymous said...

The one of the 'smoking mirror' is Tezcatlipoca, correct? That would be Qetzalcoatl's brother.
As for 'Aztec human sacrifice,' we only know what the Catholics have told us, right?

Anonymous said...

re: Joe Bageant

Here is a link to one of Joe's essays that mirrors many of your recently expressed sentiments Les (for anybody unfamiliar with his work).
It also seems to be an earlier draft of a chapter in his first book.



Anonymous said...

Turn the page, I don't even know who or what SOTT is.


Sancho said...

Les, I am a regular reader here and i'll tell you why I keep coming back. On the one hand you elegantly put into words the things I intuit but can not myself express. On the other hand you let us see your vulnerable side and the times you wobble. This shows me you are honest. Something about Sott smells of elitism. They do not possess what you have. You are unique and humble and I believe you are not given to inflation. Keep up your amazing blogs, I am impressed at your productivity that usually stays at a high level of quality. Thanks Les

Anonymous said...

Interesting take on SOTT. Especially about their so called expertise on Psychopaths. I posted a video last week on one of Les' sites, The Wayseer Manifesto, which I thought was great. Look at SOTT's homepage today -
It's on The Wayseer Manifesto and selling PSYCHOPATHY.

I thank whoever posted about Laura and turning everyone into a psychopath. I'm struck by the synchronicity of it all.

I'd like to see what others think of the video. It resonated with me, I didn't feel I was being Psyops'd on, but then again, these are strange times we're living in and not all seems as it is. I think that last line is from Les.

It doesn't feel good to get slimed. It can be a process to work through to get de-slimmed. I hope you're feeling better Les.


Anonymous said...

Tezcatlipoca (Classical Nahuatl: Tezcatlipōca pronounced [teskat-i-poːka] [1]) was a central deity in Aztec religion, one of the four sons of Ometeotl, he is associated with a wide range of concepts including … enmity, discord, rulership, divination, temptation, … war and strife. His name in the Nahuatl language is often translated as "Smoking Mirror"

I didn't know but I do now!!


Anonymous said...

The Divine has looked into the center of you brother and it smiles like the rays of a supenova; because it saw it's reflection smiling back in unadulterated bliss.

Confirmed is the source when the waves of flesh bestill themselves and reveal a calmness developed by honest reflection into the intention of the thrust.

Jew never know who might be pulling the strings of the SOTT puppet?

Never fear... your caravan is here, resting in yours and Susanne's oasis of truth and love!

Love you unconditionally,



Misery loves company, but the truth is a sold out rock concert and you are the lead singer broski!

DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

The powers that be hate the alternative news sites more than almost anything in the world. They would shut those sites down if they could (per Jay Rockefeller's March 2009 speech to Congress) but if they were to do that it would wake up too many of the sated sleepers and so they instruct their think tank scientists to figure out ways to weaken the alternative news sites' impact against their agendas. So here's one thing that happens. The think tanks send talent scouts to the upscale colleges and universities to find the most intelligent students of the social sciences (especially psychology and sociology) to later recruit for the purpose of perpetuating the brainwash campaign. Once the pawns are hired and trained the bosses assign some of them the task of posting articles online and to post blogs and comments on the alternative news sites in order to try to obscure whatever truth they're trying to hide (or to obscure truth in general). One of the favored tactics is to have their trained monkeys flood the forums with a lot of trivia and bullshit, i.e. a lot of rambling talk about nothing of importance, the overall aim being to devalue the currency of words, to debase the value of written (and spoken) communication. They know that if they can succeed in debasing the value of written communication they can produce in people a subconscious mindset that it's not worth looking to the internet for the truth because the truth is almost impossible to find. And the ploy works for them better than most people would think, mostly because it causes people to subconsciously doubt and distrust everything (even the truth when they stumble upon it).

After some years of being paid unbelievably lavish salaries for working in the brainwash industry the trained monkeys become masters of trivia. Plus, they learn how to use flattery and emotion as distractions from real issues (and they learn how to come across as Mr. Nice Guy while they do it). Every time I read some laundromat conversation variety comment posted on a site like this one it makes me wonder if the author of it is one of those strategically placed shills. For example I wonder about people who post the same sort of crap over and over and over, from rinkydink poetry to ending everything he (or she?) writes with a 'Meow'. Not only are the think tank useful idiots trained and instructed to make the written word come across as worthless as possible, they are trained also to distract people away from the most important issues by raising interest in issues of lesser importance. For example, they would opt to discuss the CIA's role in invading Libya if it would distract people from discussions about how TPTB are deliberately and systematically poisoning our water supply, our food supply, and our air supply. Or, they would chime in on a bunch of Israel bashing if it would distract people from discussions about how to have a personal relationship with God (which after all, is the most important issue there is or ever was or ever will be).

By the way, here's the link to the YouTube video of Jay Rockefeller's speech:

Anonymous said...

Vis, I imagine you understand why the smear. The closer you are to the truth, the more you threaten lies. The more you threaten lies, the more you hamper the big "Illum."

So it is a testament to your truth seeking and you illum hampering that you are seeing smear, lies, attempts to discredit.

So as "A friend said..." do not give this smear campaign one more word. History is on the move and you've much more important things to do.



Visible said...

Bad poet, let me point something out. Not only are you lame at that game but saying what you are saying puts you square into the very position you are talking about; without the influence of course. That, you are never going to get. If you are capable of reflection then you realize every word I said here it true. Enjoy the moment.

the BCth said...

MR -

I first ran into the Wayseer Manifesto music video via Laura Knight-Jadczyk's link on facebook where she labelled it COINTELPRO right off the bat. Watching it, part of me liked it (at least parts of it) and part of me was creeped out at what felt like some underhanded psychological manipulation and distortion of truth, heavy on the ego inflation, light on substance. I've found several well-considered, point-by-point critiques of the video out there. I can't bring myself to take it seriously at all, for my own part, not feeling any draw whatsoever to this "Wayseer" movement(/cult in the making?). The video is basically on the level of MTV, in my book, and is all about selling Loporto's book and gathering followers. Not to say there isn't some truth in it, but that's how deception works, gotta have the right mix to get people hooked.

DumbGoyNot -

Interesting points. I've never met anyone who admitted to being a paid shill to dilute the value of alternative venues of discussion, but it makes sense that such operations would exist for the reasons you mention.

I take exception, however, to your finger-pointing at two regular commenters here, neither of whom IMO has ever done harm to the discussion. Don't be so hasty to see enemies where there are none. If you don't like or "get" poetry, fine - skip over it. For my part, I found neil's 9:50 offering in this thread to convey a wonderful positive energy.

Do I wish there were fewer words and more focus on the topics that matter most at these blogs? Would be nice, take less time out of my day, I suppose. But if we start "vetting" everyone and shutting out people for "stepping out of line," then we're no better than the sad folks over at the Cassiopaea forums. I prefer the wider tolerance and greater openness at these blogs, myself. It's up to each reader to keep their truth filters on, focus on what's being said that's actually important to them, and leave the rest be.


Anonymous said...

SOTT, sounds like? _______

LV UR N2 subjects that make humans question the conditions we are now existing through. Thanks 4 sharing SOTT... Now drop it!

You have an audience that can chose to believe/disbelieve anything, & many continue to come back. We, nor they, are your judge & jury.

I see,what many here see-You are naked & that offends those that hide the truth of who we truly R.

Now for some sit-com:

Charlie Sheen was accused of anti-Semitism for referring to Lorre by his Hebrew name. In an interview with TMZ, Sheen denied being anti-Semitic, saying, "I wanted to address the man, not the bullshit TV persona. So you're telling me, anytime someone calls me Carlos Estevez, I can claim they are anti-Latino?"

Later in March, Sheen went on Access Hollywood Live and said that because his mother is Jewish, he is also Jewish and therefore not anti-Semitic.

Who needs to “do some splanning, Lucy?”


Visible said...

A new Profiles in Evil is up-

Monsanto, by any other Name, would be Murder Most Foul.

Gypsy scholar said...

Dear Fellow Caravanners,

We will soon get back to our regular programming about the world as it unfortunately is, after a brief personnal note.

I have been attending the Visible Caravan of Truth University in good faith for 4 years. I have researched and commented responsibly about a plethora of untruths the MSM tries to foist upon us. I have done my honest best to use only the truth in my contributed endevors.

Therewith it is with great pleasure that I accept my Bachelors of Truth from this fine institution of higher learning. My present plan is to continue my graduate studies here with a specialisation in the area of Rothschildean global hegemony.

My Masters degree will focus on how the people of all countries in the world can practically come out from under Rothschild universal central banking and debt slavery.

Thank you Dean Les for all your valuable lessons in truth during my four years of undergraduate studies here. Visible University is my true alma mater and very dear to my heart. Your "caravan" has made me into more than just another gypsy scholar.

Now back to work:
Before 9/11 there were 7 countries without Rothschild central banks;
Afganistan, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Iran, Sudan and Cuba.
I note a definite pattern here.

Afganistan: invaded (now central bank)
Iraq: invaded (now central bank)
Libya: invaded
North Korea: low level invasion
Iran: planned invasion (?)
Sudan: planned invasion (?)
Cuba: planned invasion (?)

9/11 was formulated by Rothschild in the UK and then carried out by israeli and US secrets services.

It was Rothschild who through a young Rockefeller 2½ years before 9/11, told Aaron Russo first hand that 9/11 would happen. This is confirmed in Russo's film: Freedom to Fascim. As a side note it was Aaron that introduced Ron Paul to the actual workings of the Rothschild controlled Federal reserve in America.

It is Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and his family who lie behind all of the recent terror deeds: train bombing in Spain, London tube bombing, 9/11 demolition, and the invasions of Afganistan, Iraq, and now Libya.

Of note: in Spain, London and New York there were terror drills scheduled months in advance for the very day of the attacks.

There is a terror drill (with 100's of thousands of body bags, food and water supplies for millions of 'survivors') planned for the area of the middle America fault-line on the 30 April 2011.

There is ample, but not conclusive evidence, that the 3/11 earthquake off the north-east Japan coast was in fact precipitated by Rothschild controlled Haarp.

If the mid-west fault line ruptures on the 30 April 2011 and the Yellowstone volcano becomes active, perhaps the sleeping masses will finally awaken to their planned genocide at the hand of Rothschild.

192 of 197 countries and counting.

The truth will set us free.

Thank you and may God bless you.

Visible said...

Well, it's not easy being me, make no mistake about that. The more I interact with people, the more I realize how frightened they are by the machinery of government. I'm using a lot more care in picking my associates, I can tell you that. I've got no room in my life for the fearful who tell themselves they are fighting the good fight and who run like scared little children the moment they get tested.

Anyway, please read the comments before you advise me to move on and not do this and not do that and you won't have to make your comment. If I say I'm not going to revisit this matter that means I'm not going to.

Some of you miss a very important feature of these blogs or maybe you don't even know what my general mindset is behind them.

I operate with transparency. You're going to have to live with that. Most of the time, I only involve myself occasionally in what happens here; autobiographical digressions, anecdotal tales and so forth but... these blogs are part and parcel of me and I enter into the mix no matter what. It can't be helped.

When I write a posting like this one, or the one at Origami, I have good reasons for doing it and usually it is because I am aware of certain things taking place and I want the reader to be aware of them too. When I mention getting high, which is RARE; should I type that again? RARE, I do it because there is nothing wrong with it and no criminal government is going to tell me what to do. I'm not afraid of them like so many people are. I've already taken their best shots. I did hard time in some hard places and they have routinely tried to kill me here and there but, unfortunately for them, my life is not in their hands.

If you want to be hiding in the woodwork and hope they don't see you then that's you. It isn't me.

I openly do what I do and I make no excuses. I am what I am and if someone tells lies about me I will print the truth and that includes admitting mistakes on my part should they have occurred. I'm not going to lie to you, no matter how convenient it might be for me and no matter how I might be able to get away with it, trusting in your good nature.

I had very good reasons for posting these recent articles and you will see the why of that when the time comes. You'll note that no one from these places has shown up to dispute my version. That's because my version is the truth.

Now I've got someone I really like angry at me because I don't play hideaway in fear of temporal forces. Their day is at an end. I can't be me and be afraid of these forces. It's not possible.

You may not like my having said what I did because you like me and don't want to see me go that route but given what's going on behind the scenes, I had no choice and sooner or later I would have to answer it one way or another anyway.

I know you like me. I know you trust me and I know, if I were smarter or more aware, I might know better how to do all of this but let me tell you, these things needed to be said.

I'm off now doing something else and you will remember now, should something similar surface, what you read here these days and there won't be the kind of concerns and questions there might have been if I hadn't done this.

Visible said...

Oh yeah, one final thing, Les Visible is not a pseudonym. It's what my passport and driver's license declare.

Visible said...

Well, how odd is that Gypsy Scholar. You were double posting at both locations at the same time I was also double posting which is a rare event for me. Strango.

DumbGoyNot said...

Dear Willam,

You wrote:

"I take exception, however, to your finger-pointing at two regular commenters here, neither of whom IMO has ever done harm to the discussion. Don't be so hasty to see enemies where there are none. If you don't like or "get" poetry, fine - skip over it. For my part, I found neil's 9:50 offering in this thread to convey a wonderful positive energy."

I have to agree and I stand corrected. And I apologize to the two regular commenters you're referring to. I was in somewhat of a foul mood when I wrote that post, and then I went into a religious stance at the end, maybe as some sort of a subconscious effort to cover for it. Sometimes my hypocrisy amazes me. When will I ever learn. There I was talking about the negative use of words and I turned right around and did it in full view of everyone who read it. Sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les...

That is what demons and its minions/robots are all about...stealing energy...they steal the energy of the viables...for they cannot continue their campaign without this stolen energy....they seek out viables working to awaken those still asleep...for when you use your energy to defend their smear tactics that energy is now redirected to these scum and they will take ALL that you will give to them....they feed off this drained energy....the best way to deal with this scum is NOT TO....don't give them any more of your energy...they don't deserve it...they are nothing more than energy vampires.

Best Wishes Always
Laurie, Vancuver Island, BC

Visible said...

Jesus Christ, DumbGoyNot, you are a splendid fellow, that is textbook beautiful and as genuine as only the heart can make it.

Thank you for making me feel small, even though I had nothing to do with any of it (grin). Boy, you just rose in my estimation a long way.

D said...

Hey Les,

Thank you for what you said, when I read it I almost felt like I wanted to cry (and I hardly ever cry anymore). I've been a bit depressed lately, seemingly more so since the Japan earthquake debacle, and now with the demonic NWO assholes bombing the Libyan people with depleted uranium. And so I've been drinking more of my homemade wine than I usually do. And that in turn causes me to forgo some of my discretion (as can be seen by my first post). I think this scenario taught me a lesson.

I really value your friendship and your opinion of me, and I really place high value on your website.

See ya,


Visible said...

DGN; you have a passing case of chronic dogmatitus which is something the faithful must endure if they didn't have the benefit of going my route. I read all that stuff but it had no impact, was always after the genuine article so it slipped up on me... and reports to the contrary, I'm pretty good at certain things and... it smacked me in the face, kicked my ass, gave me a chocolate swirly and generally showed me who was boss-

of course, I already knew that or I wouldn't have been able to get effective at the talents I have but... when God wants your ass he can be a little overwhelming when he makes his case, so, you can imagine at your leisure the indignities that my generic ego got put through.

I've always liked you. You consistently try to help and you are sincere in that. You've been a little too much by the book when you didn't have the book but you're a sight more trustworthy than most because you can be depended on to understand the moral clause; see paragraph 3 on page 896 in Book 6. It's all explained there. Oh what the hell, I'll give you the text.

"Whosoever loves me, regardless of personal stupidity or bogus kid chemistry set formulas and who continues to love me, I will make an enduring icon in whatever age I think they will look best in while they impersonate me".

And let me also draw your attention to Book 12, page 623, paragraph 2; "If you, my faithful have read this far, know that I was behind your eyes while you did it and boy am I going to drown you in love and lay the whole world at your feet". I only mention this because you are one of those people who would have made their way to Book 12.

I don't want to give the game away yet but, the only book worth reading is inscribed on the heart where it resonates in music and turns the whole personal vehicle into a sounding board.

As you well know, principally for coming around here since near day one, I don't hand out compliments often, nor accept them either. I get more of them in an afternoon than some people get in a lifetime. Why isn't important but that they don't matter to me suggests that I might have met someone who deserved them more. I owe everything I am to the same font to which your adoration and frustration are directed. Take comfort from this unassailable fact, the time has come and every big gun who had a hand in any part of it is here walking the earth right now.

Sounds like you might, shoulda, oughta, host some of that home made wine in a toast to the one who never lies and if he says he is coming back, he is coming back, just don't expect him to fit the stereotype. I happen to know that he considers his mass allegiances as the biggest embarrassments he could have imagined. The all mighty messes with his son(s) as much as he does anyone.

You're a a good soul. I just had to force my attentions on Martin for the same reason. How are you going to contend with the real mischief makers when small time shit like this has importance?

Neko Kinoshita said...


My SCA persona is in some ways more real that my mundane identity.

The “Watching from the alley” and speaking as a feline, is a pastime that I enjoy with my friends. One finds what fun can be had in the Kali Yuga, and that's my take on it.

I do my best to stay on topic, and have stripped myself naked here (or on other blogs that Les has) on more than one occasion.

If you don’t like what I’m saying or doing, that is your right, but I am the farthest thing from a shill that I know of.

‘Nuff said.
David Piatt

Visible said...

You know Neko? Time and time again I miss these little episodes. It's like I machine approve things but don't read them because time and time again, I'm going, "what happened"?

Such is not the case with Michael Astera who showed up screaming at me, not an ounce of repentance in his psychopathic soul. I did not reprint it but if he insists he can send it again. What is is about a simple apology that people don't get? You get it. I get it. Some don't. I must regret to say that I do regret that I did not kick Micheal's ass when I had the chance. But that would have been a mistake because that is just what his handlers wanted. I guess I won that won despite my own inclinations.

You know, the court of public opinion is one thing but there's the real reality of one on one and even if you want to be the nicest guy that ever was, like Elwood P. Dowd, you still wind up getting dumped on because the bad guys don't play fair. That's why they are the bad guys.

Anonymous said...


L. V. is in the building;
Nekked as the day;
Veritas - and nothing but!

pax verbum

Anonymous said...

Hey Vis, I was just at the Cassiopea forum and Laura said she put you into a trap that you couldn't get out of but you did. She said this will cost you in the long run but she didn't refute a word you said about your visit. Looks like even she agrees you told the truth and admits to gaming you. Another commenter mentioned that what you said refuted their whole story and she just ignored it. I'd say you just proved the truth of your version.

What the fuck is wrong with these people?


Anonymous said...

visible, you are either very very good or very very bad. You have some kind of awesome power. I have been a reader at SOTT for years and I have never seen Laura expose herself like this she more or less agrees that she lied and set a trap for you. She took all the restrictions for entry off of the forum too, as if she wants people to see what she is up to. You are the avatar aren't you?

I'm going to go drink myself to sleep. I can't take the implications.

Your Irish bro Erin/// and you know what it takes to get a comment out of me anymore. You just hit a hole in one on a par 4. She's standing there with her hands bleeding and screaming that she's not Lady Macbeth and then she starts analyzing. This is epic theatre.

Anonymous said...

Are you making this shit up just for fun? I just went to their forum and nothing of what you just said is in any way true!

Anonymous said...

Hey Les, think twice about trusting your commentators here. They're referencing the posts of some guy who apparently just signed up on the Sott forum and are claiming it is Laura!

Visible said...

Hello? I didn't say anything. Take it up with the people who did. I'm not even interested in what they're saying. I moved on, like countless people who don't read my comments seem to be missing... oh? You're them! She did fuck up didn't she? Never mind... her whole comment got sent to me in an email and it was her so, what's this? Damage control? You'd be well advised that this is the tip of the iceberg; speaking of large bodies floating on the water.

Anonymous said...

Les Visible wrote:

You know, the court of public opinion is one thing but there's the real reality of one on one and even if you want to be the nicest guy that ever was, like Elwood P. Dowd, you still wind up getting dumped on because the bad guys don't play fair. That's why they are the bad guys.

Yep... Admittedly I get very scared sometimes when I'm delving into the the Truth about TPBT and what they are capable of, and the supply of people with Inner Voids in the Kali Yuga (psychopaths and sociopaths) but then I try to Visualize a situation of facing a very scary highway robber.

The Robber tells me: "Your money OR your life!" I see the trail he has left behind, and I see only corpses, some holding The Sword and others holding empty wallets, all killed by The Robber. Might as well defend myself, even when seemingly outmatched.

Submit or suffer loses plenty of its power when the one issuing the threat makes has a track record of making the victims suffer anyway.

Snake Sage

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your honesty Les. Many of us don't know much about you personally and probably will never meet in person. Thank you for sharing your human-ness with us.

IF, as you say, SOTT is a wealthy operation, it would suggest that some other influence may be going over there, as I have seen a marked change in their website and content in the few months. Some of it good, some...well different.

We need only look at Huffington to see what a 'wealthy operation' can become. Not saying that SOTT is heading in that direction, or that it has, but 'munny' attracts attention. Sometimes undesired attention.

I'll continue to visit SOTT, but with a new perspective now. Thanks for enlightening.

Stay green and growing.


Anonymous said...

hey dumb goy not,
no problems from over here,lets forget about this little escapade,and just get on with what ever we are doing...

one day maybe we can all make a toast with some of your home made wine,over the dead carcass of israhell and tptw
..I look forward to that day...

respects neil

Visible said...

C'mon you know they are funded by Soros

Anonymous said...

I feel so happy now... :) this is so funny now... :) Omg I'm dying... I'm too stupid... STSNOTT FORENEVER

ChewyBees said...

Since I learn from you constantly, and since I am a firm believer in the teach and learn cycle, I'd like to pass on something I believe and is very important to me...all opinion, whether in your face or in the subtlest of ways has no power until the man it is directed at gives it that power. Acknowledgment, defense against, explanation for, anger, disappointment, hurt, fear, resentment and on and on are all energy given back to opinionated.
If one does something and it hurts another, and that hurt is revealed that is one thing and healing can take place. Portrayals and squabbling, unfounded accusation and petty complaint, that type of thing doesn't deserve a second glance.
My father always said, 'consider the source.' I always thought, 'be prepared for people's little feelers to be hurt.'
I would validate you every day if it meant that you would never allow yourself or others to invalidate you.
I'll start right now. You have become an integral and needed part of my world. Teach me more for as long as you can...

Peter of Lone Tree said...

Visible said...
C'mon you know they are funded by Soros

Who? Huffington? SOTT? Or both?

Daphne said...

Les, I used to go to SOTT quite a bit. They do put out some interesting stuff.

However, I even wish you didn't feel the need to defend yourself, as the words YOU have spoken have said things to me that SOTT never did.

I think you will find that all those who have followed your blogs for a period of time will disregard the stuff that's been said over there. I did go to the link yesterday, but only read a few lines. It disgusted me that people who purport to give us truth spoke in that way. The innuendos were way too much for me.

Just go about your work. You are helping a great many people at this very difficult time in the planet's history, and I thank you for that. Over and over. Daphne

Visible said...

Well Peter; Honestly, I shouldn't have have said that. I was told that a couple of times but beyond people's opinions I have no real truth and I shouldn't allow myself to make claims that I am not one hundred percent sure of. The explanation I got was detailed but at the end of the day, I don't really know. They are funded by someone and they do the kinds of things that only those who have lost their way would do.

I'm going to leave that comment up as evidence that I'm not any better than anyone else sometimes. I know what I was thinking when I said it but then I forgot to put (grin) in which was my intention. Susanne and I were having an incredible conversation and I forgot what I was doing. Next thing I knew it was nearly four AM.

Here is my public declaration that I don't actually know for sure. This will give them something to chatter about anyway.

I shouldn't have said ANYTHING to begin with. They've been picking on me for quite some time. I knew about it but part of me did not want to field a hundred emails over time and answer all of them. These days when there's some kind of question out there I get deluged by people wanting to know about it. If I make an inopportune statement I can wind up spending as much time on it as writing a post. I'm three weeks behind in my emails at the moment. Probably a lot of people think I'm indifferent or... something.

There are not that many alternative sites that aren't co-opted. Every other day someone tells me bad things about Jeff Rense. I've known Jeff awhile. I don't sit in his living room but what I see is one of the hardest working men around. I often take my perspective on someone from the sound of their voice. Jeff passes my audio test.

Another guy who can be a tad irascible but is uncorruptable is Michael Rivero. If my stuff is posted at someone's site it usually means I am kind of fond of them.

I could remove that comment and most people would never know I said it but let's leave it as an example of why you need to verify everyone. Leave it to you Peter to be the one to comment on it.

I honestly hope that Laura has a wake-up call and stops thinking the whole world is Cointelpro and that psychopaths are behind every tree. They even set people up to yawn; a psychopath can't yawn? She's an elegant writer but there's some wiggy stuff going on there. Ouija boards are a red flag to me. To tell you the truth, I prefer that they don't like me. Let them build their own mountains and I'll build mine.

Ouija boards are psychic, not spiritual. I stay far away from that kind of thing.

Laura Jadcyzk said...

Quote from: Laura on Today at 12:24:35 AM
I used to wonder about this site, now I don't wonder anymore; I know.
Yep, me too.

It took me almost 2 years of reading through his stuff (which was sometimes informative and sometimes pure bs) to finally catch him with his pants down... in a figure of speech, not that I have any desire to see any such scene. But he did present himself as a good opportunity, and if there's something I'm good at, it's grabbing those good opportunities by the balls... in another figure of speech only, of course. But it must have hurt as hard as the real thing, I suppose.

Anyway, Les is definitely not what he appears to be. That guy is extraordinarily good at what he does. He has most definitely had some kind of serious training in psychological and counterintelligence operations. I mean, I put him in a trap he couldn't have possibly got out of, and he made exactly all the right moves to get out of it with as little damage to his public image as possible. He did get out, but by doing so he empirically proved his knowledge of how to get out. That is eventually going to cost him (much) more than it would have if he had just stayed trapped, but as good as he is, he is certainly not perfect. Sometimes, the best short-term moves turn out to be the worst long-term ones, and Les is absolutely ideal example for what I want to convey here.

First of all, read my comments (and exchange of comments with Les) from 3 weeks ago over at:

There are links in those comments leading to both Les' blog post and to the Venus Project's official website. If you follow all the leads far enough, you will find the links between Les, Fresco, Zeitgeist Movement, Pentagon, CFR, and all the rest of the "elites" of this planet quite interesting. For a good measure, throw in Ray Kurzweil into the mix, and viola! (or was it voila?)

Meet your new neighboring "friends"...


Laura Jadcyzk said...

People, this is Information Awareness Office, Pentagon's puppy project (yes, it does have a dual meaning, since Pentagon did take over poppy production in Afganistan from the CIA):

Note that the (infamous) pyramid overseered by the all-seeing-eye was later dropped out of the seal (for understandable reasons). The project is also shared by the NSA, with just a sprinkle of CIA all over it (for better taste, since it tastes quite bitter).

Now, if I had to venture on a (somewhat educated) guess, I'd place Les within the "CIA material" (fits the psychological profile quite successfully), with strong connections to the upper (that is - higher) layers of Masons. To be fair, Les does say that he's "a former Mason", but that's somewhat a contradiction in terms. It's much like saying that one is "a former CIA agent". The problem is that once an agent (or a Masonic agent, for that matter) gets high enough within the hierarchy (and Les just keeps proving he's privy to some high-level Masonic stuff), his superiors would have to be complete imbeciles (which they are, but not in this specific matter unfortunately) to just let him leave on a whim.

In the places of power (that I have in mind here), it's much cheaper to dispose of a troubling asset "for good" than to let it simply wander around, spilling (accidentally or intentionally) some dirty secrets. Once you're in, you never get out. It's just the nature of the job, and common people only lack the proper experience to understand that level of... hmmm, psychopathy would be the best term to describe it.

I could go on with this stuff for quite a while, occasionally mentioning Hillary Clinton's admission at the CFR head office that U.S. government gets instructions on "how to think" from the CFR, and her personal thanks to Richard Haas (CFR's head, which has another dual meaning here, if someone knows how to catch a drift):

I could also proceed with tying up Richard Haas with a certain TV host (wow, dual meanings just keep popping up today, don't they), Stephen Colbert:

Laura Jadcyzk said...

I mean, anyone with half wits and naturally developed sense of psychology can see for themselves the real distribution of power on this planet, just by observing puppy talk of the presumably most powerful figure(head) in the U.S. (CFR president Richard Haas) with a "lowly, completely insignificant TV host" (dual meaning lies in the key word host, so look it up in the dictionary to get the real meaning). It's quite obvious who's in charge over there, but do judge it for yourselves.

Either way, the path to follow the logic and reasoning is pretty clear so far. But at this point, we reach a pit that stops most people from reaching the true goal - understanding what's really going on here (on this planet, and generally speaking). So, I'll just have to ask you to jump over that pit (of ignorance and disbelief), and follow the rest of the path to its inevitable conclusion. You will most probably lack the necessary experience, but don't sweat over it. A time will most certainly come when everyone will experience it for themselves, so that's not the obstacle. Just keep it all in mind, and you will recognize it as it comes (and slaps you in the face for being so obvious).

The first step after the pit is acceptance of something that was known to people almost 5000 years ago, but is not known now... that some "people" are not people at all.

Starting with Mahabharata and Ramayana, India's stories of epic battles, you will find that "weapons of mass destruction" are really nothing new on this planet. Even the radiation poisoning was known back then, with very accurate descriptions of nuclear explosions (with "light of thousand suns", mushroom clouds and all), decontamination procedures (washing all equipment in rivers), and the consequences of not following those procedures (hair and nails dropping out and other picturesque details). I've also heard, but haven't checked it for myself, that one of Hindu "gods", while giving some Hindu King a weapon of unimaginable power to use against his foes, had actually advised the King to never use the weapon against other people, only against those who are not people. It would be interesting to find that passage, but it's just a minor detail in the whole picture.

All that knowledge was eventually lost, only to remain in the form of legends and stories of "imaginary" events and "battles of gods"... until...

Laura Jadcyzk said...

Some 2000 years ago something of the actual knowledge resurfaced in the form of newly formed religion - original Christianity. Somehow (not quite clear how or why), the knowledge of "struggle against principalities" and "corruption at high places" got a foothold in the world. Along with those, another piece of knowledge was present at those days, but would soon disappear from all recorded texts (presumably because it was too hard to swallow) - some "people" are not people at all. Or, in proper Christian terms - some "people" don't have souls. The meaning is exactly the same in both statements.

Now, you may ask how I know all of this. The answer is a bit complicated, but finally amounts to this - lot of research supported by personal experience. What kind of personal experience? Well, that's a bit harder to explain. Let me give you an example.

Have you ever had a chance to "accidentally" meet some "people" in the streets who would, completely out of the blue, start repeating your own words that you're written on the net? No? How about then of "people" on TV who would do the same? Not that either? Well, tough luck for you. I mean, I had to try really, really hard to get their attention in the first place. I've already had at least 2 years of experience of posting all over the net, putting out every single piece of information that I could find (and judge, correctly or not) as accurate. I would pick that information and prioritize it by my estimation of its damaging potential to its targets (the "people" who are not people), and I would put it out to be scrutinized by the best of the best out there... web forums I have previously identified as being connected to one or another intelligence agency. ATS and GLP are nice examples of such forums.

ATS seems to be well connected to CIA, with FBI dropping in on a couple of occasions to get some independent thought on the problem of counterfeit (spiced and bugged, as in eavesdropping bugged, potentially network damaging) Chinese (state-sponsored bugging) routers within FBI network. I've had some nice time over there, but only after they replaced a complete idiot of ScepticOverlord with a much nicer and intelligent version (another person behind the name).

GLP, on the other hand, was a mixed bag of psychological operations and intelligence gatherings, which I couldn't quite place anywhere. But since Pentagon (DARPA) runs all large-scale psychological experiments (a natural extension of Operation Paperclip-ed Nazi personnel, first under CIA provision, later turned over to Pentagon and its NASA project), I had to run with the assumption that GLP is a Pentagon project. By the way, the larger the population of the experiment, the better data is for statistical analysis. But also, the more data is deviating from the norm (GLP is quite recognizable for its deviations), the better behavioral-prediction-and-manipulation model can be defined.

Laura Jadcyzk said...

Anyway, my Pentagon assumption got a somewhat firmer confirmation after assessing GLP moderators' behavior and responses to some critical data (Norway Spiral, for example, and its obvious artificial origin; shown, by the scientific papers, to be a directed electron beam, a form of a missile shield). But also, the fact that some DARPA projects (like Artificial Intelligence design, human behavioral patterning, and such) are a big no-no over there.

Oh, yes, I forgot to mention the 3 uniformed police officers asking questions around my working place (one and only occasion I have ever seen a policeman around here) after posting some interesting data somewhere (I've forgotten what it was). The fact that on the exact same day I "accidentally" met a "person" who was blabbering about all the stuff I've written on the net certainly didn't come as coincidence, either. Neither did the Chinese "tourist" casually strolling around the building, taking completely meaningless pictures of utterly insignificant things, most probably after Chinese caught U.S. request directed at our local "national security agency", asking for deatils on a certain "individual of interest".

But that specific set of "coincidences" happened only once, on that day, and never again. They would repeat one at a time from time to time, but never in such obvious manner.

Anyway, the point is this - it took incredible time and a lot of hard work to draw attention of some "people" who don't want to be seen or even known about. So, after 2-3 years of systematically proving over and over again that some "people" are not people at all, I think I have a pretty good idea of what I'm talking about. That's some 5 years of experience in total, to be precise, and hopefully, everyone will get that same idea very soon. I am patiently waiting for it right now... and occasionally still stinging with posts like this as many as I can locate, and as hard as I can. I'm simply waiting for a slip-up, any kind of mistake they could possibly make... and they do make mistakes, terrible mistakes, now and then...

... which brings us the full circle to Les and his blog.

Funny how everything is connected, isn't it?

Oh, almost forgot... the "people" who are not people... who are they, then?

Well, my (somewhat educated) guess would go in the direction of... let's call them remotely-controlled biological probes. They seem to be extremely intelligent (like the names I've mentioned in this post), they are obviously (somehow) centrally connected to some invisible system in the background (whose inner workings remain unknown, but whose effects on the world are clearly visible), and most importantly, a system which shows some (limited) ability to predict (but not so much affect) future events.

If you're interested in such systems (which, in theory, may quite possibly exist somewhere in the Universe), you may want to check up the phrases "time travel" and "computation". Here's a very nice source of material on the subject:

Laura Jadcyzk said...

Point here being - there is most probably a General Artificial Intelligence system in operation out there (and I hope I don't have to emphasize this, but here it is - a non-human-made, as in alien system), which, judging by all the transhumanistic utopia bulls*it I've been seeing and hearing lately, has the obvious goal to put every single alive thing on this planet (people, animals, you name it) under centralized, automated control.

Actually, thinking about it, it's not really such a stretch of imagination to try and imagine humanity in a couple of thousands of years, having fully working AI systems in operation, visiting some primitive planet in some distant part of the galaxy, placing such a system right there, in some secluded place (preferably underground, or on an artificial satellite), with just a single purpose - creating a fully centralized, automated control over the whole planet.

A stuff of sci-fi today, but quite manageable with proper technology. Besides, why manually do the job of enslaving a planet when the planet's population can do the same job as equally well, if not much better (after all, they know themselves so well, while you practically know nothing about them).

The only problem? How to convince the population to enslave itself. The perfect solution? Use remotely-controlled biological drones/probes which the said AI system will "guide" toward the most effective, most powerful positions suitable for accomplishing the given task.

Arguably, a somewhat of a stretch of imagination is required to picture such a scenario in one's mind, but remember that only 100 years ago, a concept of computers was completely unimaginable. Today, you don't even think twice before typing your words. Give it a thousand more years, and Artificial Intelligence and Genetic Manipulation will be simple matters of practice and long tradition. Not to mention, also perfect tools for enslaving other civilizations. Who could possibly resist such a temptation?

I guess I've given too much information here, but let me just finish with a few more phrases that people may want to check in their spare time. These go much beyond the simple scenario I've just described above. It's actually like comparing children building castles in sand to architects building real stone castles.

The phrases are "rotating black holes" (tightly tied to "time travel") and "(consistent) closed time-like curves" (aka "time loops").

And, on the other side of the spectrum, you may also want to check on "giving consent" and why STS can work only if consent is given by the victim. Ultimately, though, it makes absolutely no difference if consent given is informed or uninformed one. The outcome is exactly the same. I could also mention that STS has to be completely discarded at some point, because for every victim by the STS torturer, there is at least one vigilante who will exact revenge on that torturer. In most cases, that vigilante will most probably be the previous victim, but there should really be no rules in the matter. STS beings are in the ever-open season to be hunted down, and that can be done with no consequences to their hunters. However ugly they may be, that is the true beauty of having STS around. They're like sitting ducks with targets painted right over them, non-playing characters in games, bots in first-person shooters. They are deadly, and will take anyone down at the first chance they get, but there's tons of them around (with full groups of them holding whole "high places"), and they are incredible fun to be played with. Just remember to not take these matters lightly, as many have fallen to that particular weakness.

Laura Jadcyzk said...

Not really important for this post, but we've briefly met on the net before, Laura. And I still think (contrary to you, but we'll agree to disagree), that (as you so nicely put it) "bees have told humans to shove it, and just buzzed off". Something to that effect. I really liked it. Smiley

I also like that you save no punches. Smiley Keep kicking those (scum)bags. Smiley))

Visible said...

Would someone please find where I said I was a former Mason?

Why would someone say something like that. She can't back it up because I never said it and it's not true. CIA? BWHAHAHAHAHAH. Thank you Laura for revealing yourself. I don't have to do anything at all.

If I'm CIA how come all I have is five hundred dollars to my name. And all I own are my instruments and some clothes, no jewelry, nothing of value except maybe at Good Will.

Good grief!

Visible said...

Holy shit! I had no email communication with Laura in over a year. This is some serious disinfo. I want to see the tracking on those emails. That's an outrageous thing to do. Man!

Laura Jadcyzk said...

Anyway, my Pentagon assumption got a somewhat firmer confirmation after assessing GLP moderators' behavior and responses to some critical data (Norway Spiral, for example, and its obvious artificial origin; shown, by the scientific papers, to be a directed electron beam, a form of a missile shield). But also, the fact that some DARPA projects (like Artificial Intelligence design, human behavioral patterning, and such) are a big no-no over there.

Oh, yes, I forgot to mention the 3 uniformed police officers asking questions around my working place (one and only occasion I have ever seen a policeman around here) after posting some interesting data somewhere (I've forgotten what it was). The fact that on the exact same day I "accidentally" met a "person" who was blabbering about all the stuff I've written on the net certainly didn't come as coincidence, either. Neither did the Chinese "tourist" casually strolling around the building, taking completely meaningless pictures of utterly insignificant things, most probably after Chinese caught U.S. request directed at our local "national security agency", asking for deatils on a certain "individual of interest".

But that specific set of "coincidences" happened only once, on that day, and never again. They would repeat one at a time from time to time, but never in such obvious manner.

Anyway, the point is this - it took incredible time and a lot of hard work to draw attention of some "people" who don't want to be seen or even known about. So, after 2-3 years of systematically proving over and over again that some "people" are not people at all, I think I have a pretty good idea of what I'm talking about. That's some 5 years of experience in total, to be precise, and hopefully, everyone will get that same idea very soon. I am patiently waiting for it right now... and occasionally still stinging with posts like this as many as I can locate, and as hard as I can. I'm simply waiting for a slip-up, any kind of mistake they could possibly make... and they do make mistakes, terrible mistakes, now and then...

... which brings us the full circle to Les and his blog.

Funny how everything is connected, isn't it?

Visible said...

Here's what that link says. I don't see any emails or an admission by me of being a Mason. That woman is stark raving nuts;

"oldy Says:
March 10th, 2011 at 7:30 am

I wouldn’t post here, but DogPoet chimed in with his own discussion of Jacque Fresco’s ideas, so I posted a comment there as an anonymous. It will most probably not be visible to visitors (after being reviewed by DogPoet; I’ll eat my non-existing hat if it does), so I thought it would be interesting to present its points here as well.

DogPoet’s post:

Copy of my comment…

“Jacque Fresco, on Behalf of Humanity; I Call him Friend.”

Ooops… that was a terrible slip up, if I ever saw one. But I guess people just have to reveal their true selves sooner or later. It merely takes some patient waiting, eh?

“I am myself working for ‘a’ new world order.”
Why ‘a’ under quotation marks? Do you mean to say that you work for THE new world order?

As a ‘former’ Mason, you must know the power of words, and that their true meanings are not always what ordinary people think they are. I think too highly of you to even consider this as an accidental mistake. You knew what you wanted to say, and you said it. Touched-moved, as they say in chess. No going back on your own words now.

“Visit the Venus Project.”
Don’t mind if I do. Let’s see what we can find there…


Under the title ‘Cybernated Government’ we can find that Fresco believes that people are just too stupid to think for themselves, and that computerized systems should take complete control over everything, and decide what’s ‘best’ for humans… by means of distributing resources… presumably ‘human resources’ as well.

Do you agree with the words of your friend? After all, isn’t that The Grand Plan Masons have been trying to accomplish for so long?

Also, is it true what they say about Masons? That they’re like CIA? You know the saying?

“Once CIA, always CIA”?"

Visible said...

That's incredible. the conversation isn't even with me. She's self destructing before my eyes. I'm probably doing it with my supernatural CIA powers.

I know I said this is the end of it but that means I'm not going to make more posts about it. As long as this one is up I'm going to engage the reader in dialogue, quite frankly because it's interesting.

A couple of years ago, Laura was in bad health and she sought advice from me and I put some time into trying to help her.

She and three of her children that I saw were massively obese. I'm not talking about a few extra pounds. I'm talking about hundreds of pounds. I happen to know that Macrobiotics can melt away excessive weight because of what it does to the body's water content. She'd be slim and trim today if she had just found someone with the knowledge to help her. I considered the idea of moving down there and being that person. Thank god that I didn't because knowing what I now know it would have been a big mistake.

I can honestly say that now feel sorry for her. She achieved a certain status with her books and now she's going to look like a total fraud because you can't conduct yourself like this and expect rational people to bend their awareness out of shape to accommodate you.

I have no idea of whatever trap she is talking about. Why would she set a trap for me? That is the behavior of a psychopath. She makes claims about me and comments like it all leads back to my blog and funny how it all ties together and there's nothing to tie together. There's no evidence of anything. There isn't even circumstantial evidence. She's supposed to be pretty bright. Doesn't she see this?

People, I've got no ties to any intelligence community except for the friends of God of which I am a member. It's not an organization, it's a state of mind.

I've got no money. If it were not for the generosity of Susanne and her mother I would be on the street. I have no life insurance, no savings. I own no stocks. I've got a fifteen year old car that isn't even mine and I work for free all day long. A few donations come in every now and then and gives me a little pocket money but even with my limited needs and attractions I could not survive on it. If you like what I do, thank Susanne and her mom. They are the ones who make it possible.

I don't own the house in Italy. Susanne bought that. People who have visited me know how much I possess. They might admit to supernatural things happening around me but that's the extent of anything out of the ordinary.

I'm trying to figure out what Laura's point is. I'm as clean as a whistle in all the accused areas and there's no profit I can see from making shit up about me unless she's being told to do it. Someone involved in their financing doesn't like me.

The only thing about me that is any different from what you read here is that I'm pretty mercurial in real life as opposed to the controlled appearance of my words.

I'm just making conversation here. Someone just sent me some bumper stickers that he had made from something I said, can't remember even saying it (grin), "Check your light source".. I don't remember that at all.

I've been in Europe for 11 years now and I just opened a bank account a few months ago. I htink there's 500 dollars in there. Whatever agency I work for, I must be dedicated.

So... I'll be here all day, probably write a Petri Dish entry and work on completing the transcription for my next novel. those of you who have read the first 28 chapters seem to like it a lot. That's what I'll be doing. If I am working for someone and you know who that is would you please tell them to get in touch with me so we can have a photo taken?

gemmell said...

Well Les, somebody did say that this is the Apocalypse and that people would not be able to stop themselves from showing the world what they are.

wv: epinan - well that's my epinan anyway.

Sergej said...

Les, from what I get out of her posts - she's not accusing you of being an agent. I think she's accusing you of being a "organic portal", a solulless puppet of some STS force.

Peter of Lone Tree said...

Are you BOTH being hoodwinked by dis-info and mis-info culprits?

If I had to rate you both, I would say that each of you is better than the other at sniffing out the lies and presenting tbe truth.

That long dissertation by "Laura Knight" doesn't sound like her and I have read many volumes of her works.

kikz said...

ahahahahaha. i don't think 'nuts' begins to cover it. too funny.

i love the.... if all else fails, blame the freemasons ....

when someone starts flinging that, once can generally assume the flinger is of the RC mind-lock persuasion, and regurgitating what they've been taught since they were able to recite a hail mary.

with all this cloak/dagger secret squirrel shit, you'd figure as supposedly half smart and informed as some of these cats are, they've of named an actual living freemason who is supposedly 'running the show' as opposed to ol' unc' al, who took his leave of this realm 120yrs ago, day aftr tamarra.

but none of them ever do.... :)

Visible said...

Peter; I hate to tell you this but she is saying this and more. Now, you may doubt me but just go ask her. who has put her up to this I do not know but you are right that it doesn't sound like her. However, it is and it makes no sense. It makes her look barking mad.

I'm going to do something now and it is for entertainment purposes and whatever else you can get from it. I'm going to Petri Dish and I'm going to open my life, not necessarily there but in the following comments section and you can start right here if you want.

Ask me anything and presume that I am under oath; the kind of oath that would mean something to me. Ask me anything and I will answer truthfully as if my life were on the line. I probably am not going to talk about sex and if there is something I think it is better left unanswered I will say so and explain.

If you know how to ask the right questions you can find out all kinds of things.

Peter, I get the feeling, I could be wrong, that I might have displeased you somehow. Understand, I have no ill will whatsoever toward Laura and her people. That is a sincere statement. I don't understand what's going on and it's been going on for several year. There's things I haven't shared and probably will not because I don't descend to that level.

If I have offended you or anyone, please forgive me. These are trying times and I am under a great deal of pressure. I am not offering this as an excuse. It's my fault if I can't handle it as I should. I'm simply setting the environment so...

Go ahead, ask me anything and if I can answer I will and it will be as if I were before the throne of God.

Sergej said...

Les, remember that comment of someone who had a physical contact with you at her house and supposedly had a vision of "alien faces" at that moment (and cassiopaeans supposedly said "it saw you watching"), I think she's accusing you of being a "portal", nothing to do with CIA etc. stuff. Of course something like that is not (dis-)provable in any way, so I think it makes no sense to waste any time on that issue.

Been There, Done That said...

I'm a little confused here. Are the multiple postings being credited to "Laura Jadczyk" something that a Smoking Mirrors reader is reprinting from another source?

If so - and bear in mind I'm no LKJ or SOTT fan by any means - but if so, then this does *not* sound like her. The excessive use of parentheses, the "Anyway" sentence segueways. Saying "I guess." That's not her linguistic styling at all. And I've read enough of her words to know.

In one of the "Laura" comments posted here it seems that the author is actually talking to Laura at one point, directing commentary at her, so how can the words simultaneously be *from* Laura?

Are we sure these words aren't from somebody else, talking about Les *to* Laura?

I'm 100% sure in reading these words that they come from a *guy,* and he's a longtime reader/fan of Laura's work, and as such it causes him to "try too hard" you could say in terms of wanting to sound intellectual and on Laura's level. Call it "linguisitic profiling." But this isn't Laura. These words didn't come from a female.

This is all very confusing and chaotic. What we need are clear links that go *directly to the source* - not routing you to a log in page as has been the case so far with the supposed SOTT links that have been provided.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les,

I think Laura needs to meet with JZ Knight. Maybe they can contact Ramtha for insight.

Silly old cows.............


Tom Frum

Visible said...

Look people, that's taken directly from her website. Don't sit there going, "Oh Laura wouldn't say that. Go ask her. Don't you want to know? Don't try to explain it. Go find out. She won't be shy about telling you. This has been going on for a long time, I just didn't mention it. Now I have. Ask her. Then you can find some way to figure it out or explain it. It's as mystifying to me as it is to you. But have no doubt that she's engaged in this because she is.

Visible said...

New Petri Dish-

Hey Mom, is that Me in The Petri Dish?.

Peter of Lone Tree said...

However, it is and it makes no sense. It makes her look barking mad....These are trying times and I am under a great deal of pressure.
She's under a lot of pressure. Mad?
You're under a lot of pressure. Mad?
The world is under a lot of pressure. Mad?
Is this part of the change?
Is this part of The Apocalypse? EVERYone goes slightly (or more than slightly) nuts.
You have NOT displeased me. I will continue to read what you write. I will also continue to read what she writes as well as the News page at where they reference many mainstream as well as alternative articles:
* Front Page
* Earth Changes
* Fire in the Sky
* Health & Wellness
* Science of the Spirit
* Puppet Masters
* Society's Child
* Secret History
* Science & Technology
* High Strangeness
* Don't Panic! Lighten Up!

Been There, Done That said...

Well if that's the case then I stand corrected too. (we have a lot of that happening in this thread.) I've tried locating the source of these writings both on the SOTT forum and on Laura's blog but there's nothing. Does anybody have a working link that will bring people directly to the source of these words, and not a log in page?

Visible said...

Peter, I am lightened up. I have no desire to disparage the lady. I'm not doing any of that. it's being done to me and I don't really mind. Since it is happening though, it bears talking about and the wave of emails I am getting demand that I say something and so I am trying to do that as diplomatically as I can.

How can I be anymore open and mystified than I am> Sincerely... tell me what you would have me do? I just don't understand but I'm not angry. I could do a world of damage at the moment and I'm not even considering it.

Anonymous said...

Being familiar with Laura's work for many years, I would say with 99% surety that she did not write the above posts.

In fact, whoever wrote it - probably some nutcase like Andrew Roland - misspelt the surname "Jadcyzk" not Jadczyk.

Been There, Done That said...

Les, I just wanted to add this bit. After reading the latest writing from Laura that has been posted here and looking up your name on the SOTT forum to see what was said in the so-called "Cassiopaean" transcripts (it's in my opinion that whatever the group is putting out is NOT the Cassiopaeans as everybody originally knew them back in the 1990s, it's something else, or even faked...) I have to stress that what she's saying about you there and here is what she's done before to others. When people say that it's clear that Laura's losing her mind or finally showing her true colors, the fact is, *she's been behaving like this for the past 10 years,* with so many different targets. It just makes me wonder where has everybody been? I guess people just don't notice things when it's not them in the crosshairs.

Back when you visited her at her chateau, she had already gone after multiple people in the same way you see her doing with you now, the same deluded paranoia and accusations, the same sneaky traps and tricks, plotting, scheming and devious games, publishing Cassioapaean transcripts that supposedly verify her lies and accusations. Full fledged attacks that can only be described as character assasinations, which got very, very ugly on her end in a very public way. This, all at the same time you were visiting her. It went on before you visited, during and contiues to go on after, as you're now seeing. So really nothing has changed you could say. "Different day, different target."

Meanwhile the latest attack against you will most likely go completely unnoticed by the majority of the members of her group and her reading audience just because it's not happening to them. It'll be peripheral, barely on their radar. Until it happens to them, of course. At that point they will have to suddenly sit up and take notice, probably thinking this behavior is new to her, never having realized it's been going on for years with other people. And so it goes on down the line.....

Visible said...

Look godammit! A reader posted those in her name. She didn't post those here and SHE DID say those things. Ask her. Go ahead, ask her or be quiet.

Peter of Lone Tree said...

Does anybody have a working link that will bring people directly to the source of these words, and not a log in page?
The Quantum Future Group Sites Master Index
are good places to start.

Been There, Done That said...

Les, I'm not sure if your comment was directed at me or not, but, my last comment wasn't to dispute whether she really said those things. (and I certainly wasn't trying to rile you up.) It's obvious by now that she did write it, and that it was somebody else reposting those words here. So we hear you loud and clear. My only point was that what she's doing is nothing new, it's been going on for years: the same devious games and paranoid deluded accusations against people, trying to ruin people's reputations, but most people haven't been paying attention only because it wasn't happening to them. That's all. Take care.....

Visible said...

Been there, I was not talking to you. You've actually been quite entertaining and informative.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody have a working link that will bring people directly to the source of these words, and not a log in page?

Been There, Done That said...

@ Anonymous 11:26

Thanks for posting that link. Finally!

@ Les

Okay, well, I'm glad that's cleared up. I was a little worried I'd gotten you pissed off. However....and you're probably not going to like this, but thanks to Anonymous 11:26 posting the link I was able to do some research over at SOTT. And the post that has been reposted here in your comments section was written by a SOTT poster named "oldy." NOT Laura. Here is the link to the thread on the forum where oldy's original post appeared, so you can see for yourself that it's not her saying these things. Scroll down to the second post:

But this means I was 100% correct in my "linguistic profiling." The words were written by a guy, not a woman, they were not Laura's linguistic styling, and it was him talking *to* her *about* you. (and it's in my opinion he was a long time fan and was trying to hard to sound intellectual and be on her level, but I guess we can't prove that. ;) )

But, before you get mad this isn't to say that we don't realize that they have talked about you and posted C's "transcripts" that were about you, etc. They have, and they've it to many others, and will continue doing it to even more people. But it just means that this one post/essay thing reprinted here was not Laura. It also means I need to take back some of my harshness about Laura's schemes and game playing. Yes she plays games and I've witnessed it firsthand and the end results are not pretty, but in this case, those were not her words about the "trap." In a way I'm kind of glad because I thought it was pretty over the top even for her.

Also try to remember that Mercury just went retrograde. This means communication breakdown, misunderstandings, things breaking, wires getting crossed, travel plans getting messed up and all hell breaking loose in general. It started yesterday I think but you start to feel it about two to three days before. And it lasts three weeks. So please keep this in mind. I think what we're seeing here is a result of that. Miscommunication, misunderstanding and wires being crossed in a major way. Let it be a lesson to all - always double check your sources before jumping to conclusions. This is what I was trying to accomplish this morning in my earlier comments. I just knew something was fishy about this.

Hope this post goes through.

The lady doth protest too much said...

Les Vis and others, to understand the mind-set of the Jadczyks, just google godlike productions and type in "Laura" in the search function.

There you will find out how Laura stole everything from Fred Irland, the original channeler. How she threatened pedophilia charges against her ex-husband unless he gave up his house to her. You also find out about the house raffle scam, where she and her current husband defrauded hundreds of people out of a cool $150,000 (estimated) dollars. The New Port Richey house was later SOLD for $92,000.

You will find her current husband was associated with George Soros. That both seem to have received funding through his groups. He was also a part of DARPA. Mighty odd for a former Eastern Bloc scientist to do such work.

The trail of wrecked lives is very,very long. Horrifying beyond belief.

The posts on that very long thread should make you recoil and run head-long away from the Cassiopaeans.

I posted my nomer as "The lady doth protest too much" for a very simple reason. Laura is incessantly hunting out psychopaths, "organic portals" and any and all other "flawed" humans.
Her behavior is one of a very,very cunning con-artist. In other words, what she is looking for is easily revealed if she finds a mirror.

She is an enormous plagiarizer and very controlling. The dictionary definition of "word salad" has her picture under it. Endless quote mining and totally unoriginal, rote, dazzling bullshit thinking is her forte.

The whole deal with the Cassiopaeans is a vacuum cleaner white ops. Get lonely, brilliant, awakened people together spinning in their wheels gazing at their navels in an apocalyptic, desperate manner. New Age salvation of the most vile "fundie" strand imaginable.

You are surprised you were set up?!? What the fuck?!? Didn't you at LEAST slog through all the forums and look at her attacks?!? She is LEGENDARY for them! The majority of the alternative media out there have been slagged at one time or another by that nasty crew of brain-washed idiots. You are nothing special, just another COINTELPRO, reptilian, alien, Organic Portal, whatever the hell else is pulled out of their collective asses.

Laura has also committed touring suicide. She has pulled out of conferences TWICE now. Both times costing the organizers thousands in lost revenue. Both times she attempted to slag and shift the blame to others. The latest slag is against Jim Humble, who was slated to appear at the same conference she was last year.

Does this seem long and wordy for you? It should, she elicits a LOT of bad feelings and blood because she suckers people in, drains them dry of monies, ideas and their very minds. To her, casting aside a devoted disciple for the merest hint of disagreement, even after many years of slavish fawning over her is perfectly acceptable. This of course, is negotiable if they have boatloads of cash. Look at what happened recently with her and Richard Dolan, the exopolitics researcher. She simply stated since he now works with people she hates, he is no longer "co-linear" with her. Yeah, whatever.

You cannot reason with her and her crew. They LOVE G.I. Gurdjieff's principle of "scratching" someone to get at the underlying "machine".
You have been "scratched" now your perfectly normal reaction (To us organic portals, psychopaths and other maladaptive humans) is a sure sign of the fact YOU are any of the above.

I am glad you just visited and didn't stand long. Those people are very dark and just creepy. SUre, you can find a lot of brilliant stuff on their website and forum, but it is ALL the work of others, not a single thing original to them.

wv: subst.

No more subst to a control freak for me.

Anonymous said...

The author of this crap is "Oldy"
I think you know buy now.

A Disturbance in the Force


Posts: 3

Re: Les Visible and Smoking Mirrors
« Reply #91 on: March 29, 2011, 12:08:22 PM »
Quote from: Laura on March 29, 2011, 08:24:35 AM

I used to wonder about this site, now I don't wonder anymore; I know.

Yep, me too.

It took me almost 2 years of reading through his stuff (which was sometimes informative and sometimes pure bs) to finally catch him with his pants down... in a figure of speech, not that I have any desire to see any such scene. But he did present himself as a good opportunity, and if there's something I'm good at, it's grabbing those good opportunities by the balls... in another figure of speech only, of course. But it must have hurt as hard as the real thing, I suppose.

Anyway, Les is definitely not what he appears to be. That guy is extraordinarily good at what he does. He has most definitely had some kind of serious training in psychological and counterintelligence operations. I mean, I put him in a trap he couldn't have possibly got out of, and he made exactly all the right moves to get out of it with as little damage to his public image as possible. He did get out, but by doing so he empirically proved his knowledge of how to get out. That is eventually going to cost him (much) more than it would have if he had just stayed trapped, but as good as he is, he is certainly not perfect. Sometimes, the best short-term moves turn out to be the worst long-term ones, and Les is absolutely ideal example for what I want to convey here.

First of all, read my comments (and exchange of comments with Les) from 3 weeks ago over at:

There are links in those comments leading to both Les' blog post and to the Venus Project's official website. If you follow all the leads far enough, you will find the links between Les, Fresco, Zeitgeist Movement, Pentagon, CFR, and all the rest of the "elites" of this planet quite interesting. For a good measure, throw in Ray Kurzweil into the mix, and viola! (or was it voila?)

Meet your new neighboring "friends"...

Anonymous said...


est said...

when i see that picture
of a wheelchair in the
word verification

i always want to
type 'wheel-chair'

any ways
i spent an hour reading
about all this - ah ? 'cinema'

there are lot's of other chateaux in france
[and elsewhere]

that might be filled
with real folk

you guys know any ?

Anonymous said...

[quote]...there won't be the kind of concerns and questions there might have been if I hadn't done this.[/quote]

I'm a recent lurker and enjoy reading this blog; it’s the stuff that sounds right with a mix of doubt and confusion to keep you on your toes.

This particular entry makes it all very human in my book and thank god I'm not the only one who has been on the receiving end of a good old fashioned mind-fuck :)

An ex-friend's dad had this tattooed on his arm:

'Don't let the bastards grind you down'

(unless your a bastard, of course)

Anonymous said...

Dear Les,

Whatever happened at chateau, would have no real consequences, beside perhaps cooling down your ties with SOTT: If it wasn't for some psycho, who first quoted some newbie "oldy" from Laura's forum, saying it was Laura's - just to pour some gasoline into a small fire. Both of you were had in that manipulation. And the last "lady ... protests..." sound almost like VB and company from GLP, repeating baseless accusations. Just ignore such provocations, before you yourself check all the facts, as perhaps there are people, who would gladly destroy both of you...

Just be yourself, as you were before this event. Whoever has enough of truth in themselves, will recognize who is lying and who is not...

Best greetings!

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,
Whatever blocked my comment to your last visible origami, I was advised not to use certain things which I don't even understand what they mean.
Anyway, what I wanted to share was a Belgian link, by name of crom and the point and be, wherein an amazing wealth of truly occult knowledge is stored, especially concerning white lodges, ideas inculcated onto humanity by devious means, etc.

The "lady" doth protest too much said...

Anon @ 1:21 AM

"And the last "lady ... protests..." sound almost like VB and company from GLP, repeating baseless accusations. Just ignore such provocations, before you yourself check all the facts, as perhaps there are people, who would gladly destroy both of you..."

Freudian slip? ;-)

Anyways, no I am not StormBear, or Vincent Bridges or any other long-time commenter on that Godlike Productions thread.

I am simply someone who was "scratched" and scratched back, well bit back hard enough to be banned. It is perfectly fine to have the mirror placed in front of you, but when you pick up another mirror and show the hypocrisy of the self-professed "Elders" of that cult, you are hidden or banned.

I wish nothing but the best for Les. He is quite low key and laid back except for obvious scumbags. Nothing he has done has been hurtful except when he is hurt first. Just recently, a picture of him was posted on the C forum with the conjoiner that he is "one to talk" about the enormous walking blobs that constitute Laura and her daughters. Les is a old(er) skinny man, a few wrinkles is to be expected. Laura and her young daughters are FAT. That means they junk-eat too much, imbibe too much and probably do too little exercise.

The raffle fraud is a FACT. There is no other explanation for why the House was SOLD for $92,000, with no mention whatsoever of the now defunct Perseus Foundation in title, registrars, deeds whatever. There will be none coming forthwith except whining bullshit about it was "really the fault of one of our followers". Supposedly Laura and company were "Totally" out of contact with this pee-on for THREE MONTHS...

She is a fraud, always has been always will be.


Undonae this mind fuck you've been subjected to.

Alexi said...

Dog Poet when I read you I get a WARM and TRUE feeling, when I read SOTT I get a WARNING BELL. It is not just posts deleted, people banned without warning for being a little TOO inquisitive on the JQ, but the $$$ mantra, too much noise to info ratio.

They lied about Rasputin, don't be shocked if they lie about you, both were IN THE WAY of the Evil Forces.

Visible said...

1:21 How come I can't be slender? No one called Peter O'Toole skinny (wah!); slender, rapier thin, svelte. Okay?

Anonymous said...

I really don't know what's wrong
with the American people

Anonymous said...

1:21 How come I can't be slender? No one called Peter O'Toole skinny (wah!); slender, rapier thin, svelte. Okay?

Les, you are " thin as a willow switch" as my Grandma would have said. :)

I wouldn't worry too much about the SOTT gang. Laura herself has zero tolerance for any veiwpoint which differs from her own. Just try asking a question on one of their forums, you'll be told to read one of Laura's looooong, unintelligible, outrageously overpriced tomes, or you'll be called a troll or an "organic portal" or some such nonsense. The other folks chiming in over there are either long time, devoted memebers who are, as always, kissing Laura's Ouija , or they are people whose sacred frogs you have stepped on at some time.


VW= facked. Indeed. :)

M said...

A couple insights come to mind when I here of this situation.' The first, "There ain't no lines on the front line, 'cause the front line is a circle." The second, "The older ya get, the smaller the circle gets."

Unknown said...

Hi Les...I've had a running battle with this woman since back in the day of tom montalk's noblerealms. When NR shut down my final remark was it was all a part of the Cassiopean experiment..I was right. Then they opened up an off shoot called nobledreams and the same people appeared playing the same game using different poster identites to drive people to her website and those of her supporters.
Move are right on target with this woman...she is bad juju.
I want 0 to do with anyone that buys into her Nut Farm or her backers.

Anonymous said...

“There’s no future in hammering someone for no apparent reason. It can often come back on you in surprising ways, especially in these times.” LV

I & most would agree- Chiah - You stated it so well –

THE event with all the hens picking on a rooster they thought was being a cock! Leave it, let it lay, you are not the father of a cracked ego.

And by the way – How has Susanne felt of your “behavior” at THE event? She surely has a view point that she would have shared on the way home.


Visible said...


Well, that's what makes the whole scenario so odd. Susanne had no problem with my behavior and she's not shy about helping me see if I'm not paying attention.

Meanwhile, this event is over 6 years old. Why does something like this surface now? Why is she pushing her readers to come after me at this time. I haven't had anything to do with them and I've always been civil toward them, regardless of her criticism over my rare and occasional use of psychotropics.

Even if I respond to it now and then, lately at these sites, someone always comes in to tell me to shut up because i shouldn't even talk about it; witness a recent comment at Reflections in a Petri Dish. I talk about what is going on. It is what I do. I've had a sudden wave of threats and other things coming from her people and there's no question of where its coming from. I do need to mention it because these people are dangerous. I'm not in any fear of them but they are capable of anything. They've got 'true believer flu' and it makes you deranged.

Scientolgy, which they are very similar to, tried to have me eliminated and was instrumental in my being arrested and sent to prison, simply because I told a couple of young ladies who asked me about them that I did not trust the operation. That's all I did. They came at me with both barrels. These people are the same cult driven types of extremists who look for trouble and then amplify it. I've got no interest in them and never have had.

I thought their whole science fiction juju apparatus was no different than what L. Ron Hubbard was up to but I've NEVER gone public about it. I've never made what they do a concern of mine. If I had publicly declaimed against them, I could understand this but I've done nothing. This came out of the blue and from what I keep hearing, it's an intense and concerted effort directed at me.

The only thing I can think is that their Ouija Board sources said something about me or the secret sources funding them did. Nothing else explains it.

I do know that certain things are happening with me now and I do know about certain things coming up. If I know, then it goes without saying that others- tuned in by various means- also know. That answers it for me. Since I signed on for what I do, I have to go forward and I am secure in the knowledge that any who wish me harm will encounter a certain mirror dependent on the level of focus. Everything is under control and this is something that those who think themselves to be in control are shortly going to find out.

Anonymous said...

Funny details inside the cult compound of Cassiopaea. In case you hadn't realized by now, Laura is a bit unhitched. She doesn't like cuss words, which is probably why you got blacklisted - due to your harmless rendition of Wild Thing apparently. She is not averse to underhanded manipulations and censorship and her primary motivations are money and ego, in addition to her spiritual curiosities...and Jesus.



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