Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Desperate Dreams of the Demon Spawn.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘Be kind to the dogs. The Tibetans say that dog are the reincarnation of monks who didn’t make the grade’.

When I look at a situation, I like to factor in the variables and what I intuit about trends and players. So, until I hear ‘definitively’ otherwise, I’m one hundred percent assuming that Israel did the Jerusalem bombing in order to gear up to pound Gaza yet again. They’ve been launching bottle rockets into their own territory again (my considered assumption) and the circumstantial proof of that is that they rarely hit anything, much less anyone. Then they go and exterminate children on soccer fields. They just arbitrarily kill without conscience. If you are a committed and compulsive thief then... stealing is like breathing and they are determined to steal the greater Zion of ‘ersatz’ Israel.

A lot of things are going on off the screen of the mass media; Egypt has entered into dialogue with Hamas and supplies are flowing into Gaza again. In May there is supposed to be (millions?) a whole lot of Palestinians marching to Gaza. Flotillas are being engineered and the corresponding changes in the Arab world do not bode well for Israel, no matter what they get up to in attempts to manage it. They’re on the wrong side of history and my projection is that they are ‘screwed, blued and tattooed’. Well, they’re not a country in any case, as I never tire of saying; they are a criminal enterprise of the satanically spawned, Rothschild dynasty.

A lot is going on in the background off camera. World leaders are being threatened and intimidated. Attempts are made on their lives. The truth about despicable historical revisionism is coming out into the light of day and it is accelerating. That’s the key. This is all speeding up and it is all under the aegis of a conscious authority. You can believe what you like in this regard but I’ve had to trust both the seen and unseen worlds through my whole life and the unseen world wins, hands down. The only place I have any problems with the unseen is in the matter of timing. I always expect things to occur sooner than they do. I hear things in one time frame and expect them in another... my own.

What you have to do in order to survive and even flourish, is to enter into a particular mindset. You have to tell yourself that you are living in the new world and that everything around you is plastic and transforming. You have to convince yourself that what you see are mere appearances and often not an indicator of what is coming. We’ve all been wrong a lot of time, certainly I have and we’ve expected and predicted things that didn’t show up on time. Maybe the USPS handles that end of it (grin).

There can be no doubt that there are a variety of pincher movements directed at the mass of humanity. Huge psychopathic lobsters are herding and dividing humanity for their purposes and they’ve got the lawmakers and law interpreters in their hip pocket. Witness the recent Supreme Noahide Court’s ruling in favor of the pharmaceutical industry, not to mention their making it legal for corporations to buy elections. That crew of Zionazi vultures has got to go.

This herding involves cutting off natural remedies for the public suffering under pathologies created by those cutting them off. They are making it illegal to grow food unless you are a vampire squid. They are groping the travelers coming and going and whose purpose is intimidation alone. Napolitano and Pistole are direct employees of Rothschild Inc, just as Skull Chertoff was earlier and, of course, Lieberman heads the committee. They want to put the public in a state of desperation so they can control the answer to, “Who’s your Daddy”?

When these fiends seek to intimidate on this scale it means they are softening up the public for some very bad activity, resulting in schlecht schmerz. Cosmic cans of whoop ass are being created and the house is buying the rounds. There can be only so many possibilities in the minds of the Demon Spawn; population reduction, marginal living conditions, global controls brought about by engineered events, poisoned foodstuffs, epidemic maladies treated by bad pharmaceuticals and all of this is a portion of the ongoing chemical and media, mind control efforts of the Demon Spawn.

The only practical way to look at all of this is to convince yourself it’s a movie. The collective dream is the film and... just like in a theater, the people watching are getting different things from what’s taking place on the screen. Some people miss all kinds of details and some very few. Some interpret them correctly and some don’t. That’s an important thing to remember; just because you spot something doesn’t mean you understand it. However, that’s what the intuition is for. Kick the perception inward and see what comes back. The more you do it, the clearer it becomes. You can’t gain the facility of anything you don’t practice. That is why all the problems you have in the world start with you because you are (supposed to be) in control of how you react. Eh?

If you look at it as a movie, you realize it has been scripted, cast and is being directed. Few of the players are viscerally aware of the implications of their behavior, or where the movie is going. They are aware of where they want it to go and... depending on their position of authority, on that depends their certainty of result; the best laid plans of men and mice. Most all of those in a position of authority, consider themselves the emperor of destiny. They are not. This means that, regardless of their intentions, the film is moving toward a prearranged conclusion. They’re kept in the dark about this (for the moment).

The movie is a moral tale. It’s an Aesop’s Fable writ large. If you can see it as a movie and if you can get the concept that the director is benevolent (despite appearances), then you can have resilience and confidence concerning what’s incoming. This is very important, not just in quality of life but in results. There’s a certain ‘dinner theatre’ looseness to the film, which includes the possibilities of a degree of improvisation. Your knowing that help is always available, makes for a greater sense of well-being. It also depreciates the potential for stupid action. Good judgment is the direct result of bad judgment. We’ve all been that route and would prefer the alternative.

I have good reason for saying these things today because, if you see a lot of scary and inexplicable events, you can get it in your mind that snafu and ‘we are all doomed’ are operative mindsets. If you take if for granted that everything is under control, you might just start to get shown to what degree that is true. If you’re looking for something, you often spot it when you might not have. Some people are detail oriented and some people are big picture guys. I’m a big picture guy. Big picture guys have long fingers. Detail people have short fingers; a little anecdotal digression.

We’re waiting on a Sarajevo moment. Global conflict seems inevitable but... you never know. All of the players are making ready in the event of it. You can imagine the conversations going on behind the scenes, with the diplomatic agents of the various powers. You can also imagine what many of them know, without their coming right out and saying it. The worst of us fully intends to have it their way; intends to genocide the inhabitants, whose land they are stealing and to let all of us know they will take the whole house down with them if they have to. They can’t actually do this but they can cause a lot of mischief, as they already intend to and have been. Principally they have to be stopped. That immediately changes the political climate all over the place. They have to be stopped, not only in their central location, but in all the realms where they are exerting undue influence.

You’ve got two factors at work, the socio-political considerations that are acting out and... Mother Nature. She’s the active side of the director. The other side of the director is working within the minds of those who believe they have the wind at their back. Maybe they do but there is the question of the rudder. In tandem with these two larger external forces comes the general awakening of the populations. That is also accelerating. The time is coming when not a day will pass without startling events, outer and inner. The outer is just a projection of the inner anyway. Consider the workings of your eyes.

I just want everyone to know that no matter how bad it gets, there’s more than one way to perceive and respond to conditions. The best thing you can do is to look within and identify the things that can get you into trouble and get rid of them. You know what these things are because it’s already happened before (grin). Our concern has to be with monitoring ourselves and, of course, being helpful where we can. The bad news is the news we haven’t gotten yet and the good news is that we’re a lot closer to it being over than we were. Just keep in mind that you are always at a railroad crossing so... stop, look and listen.

End Transmission.......

Patrick Willis narrates:
Bend Over and Wait

(Let’s all send Patrick some good energy because he’s having some problems with his back and we know the effects of positive thought sent thru the ethers)

And many sincere thank-you's to Martin Kearns for his continuing efforts at these blogs!!!


Anonymous said...

Here I sit at the railroad crossing of life, riding shotgin, looking, listening and thinking about what really is coming down the track.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Vis.

I've waited so long for the end of Israel. For sure Netanyahu bombed his own bus. Israel always does these things so they can go attack Gaza. Something my Bedouin friends taught me :)

I let it go to god and the retribution isn't in my hands, although sometimes I'd like to get my hands on some of those murderers in Tel Aviv... I have to submit to god and I'm trying my best to be patient that he will sort it out...I just wish I didn't have to watch another heartbreaking saga of evil perpetrated against the people of Gaza.

I'm sending Patrick lots of good energy and you too :)

Melanie Stone

Anonymous said...

This was published today 24 March 2011. It is a short, rich expose of all things zionist.

The excellent article covers the facts that Ashkenazi jews have no hereditary claim to israel. It speaks to the false zionist claim of a God given right to expand and become 'greater israel' while at the same time not believing in any God whatsoever. It illustrates the 50 US airbases encircling Iran. It addresses the countries of Egypt and Libya as they relate to the land seen by zionists (not jews) as 'greater israel'.

Zionist front man Rothschild and his spawn have deliberately intermarried with the royals around the world.

The final push for a world globalization order and the consequent de facto enslavement of all plebians is happening now.

The thirteenth tribe has gone wild.
But this isn't spring vacation, this is the real world you will leave after you for your children and grandchildren.

God help the world against the zionists in our 11th hour of peril.

kikz said...

thx les..

somebody mentioned on profiles post, i think it was inre a glenn beck expose on the fed... y, g. e. griffin's 'the creature frm jekyll island' will be featured.. and he is pleasantly surprised, according to his updates i receive.

that's a big odd outing. i wonder what the motivation is? guess we'll see.

i don't watch beck, but it'll be interesting to see the followup and commentary frm the sheeple.

The Soup Dragon said...

Les, as ever you have your (long) finger on the pulse. This video of that reptoid slimeball hypocrite Biden is going viral. Taking hypocrisy into uncharted territory.

siamsam said...

The ideal for the monsters and their minions is that we all become Palestinians. They are relentless in this objective.

The new evil entity in the UK charged with sucking the devils dick has come up with a solution to solve the problem of the bad machines that refuse to take their medicine. Whether they take their vaccines; flouride, aspartame, gmo, etc. etc., or not - they have ways of making them suffer.

DaveS said...


Another in a long line of fine post. I really appreciate how you're focusing on the positive... a lesson everyone needs to learn how to do.

The quantity and quality of posters contributing here continues to rise, as more of us who share a fairly similar viewpoint stumble into this fine watering hole and break bread together (so to speak). A virtual alley bar where the freaks gather; the sort of place where Magic and the Divine both have their own tables, and Fate mixes the drinks.

Keep spreading love. Drop your spare change into the cups of those in need... pick-up pennies, or find the first star in the sky and make wishes – wishes are being answered again, magic is everywhere (if you believe). Don't fight the sea, surf the waves. Make peace with Nature which means stop fighting her, embrace her, because she will do with you what she wants, regardless of your fight.

Try putting a Cheshire Cat grin on your face as you walk around... at the very least it will make people wonder what you've been up to. Maybe chew on something that might be mistaken for a mouse's tail at the same time – really fuck with them.

The more we laugh at the absurdity of it all, the sooner we will hear the universe laughing along with us. After all, isn't life just a big cosmic joke that only smiling Buddhas and the dogs understand?


Anonymous said...

Ok that was a good transmission, your nose is definitely wet and smelling the back end of that sulfuric wind at the elite's back....

April 19 just around the corner a few months in from the 874 days until December 2012. Do not make yourself a part of the judgement that is being spewed back.

This system is based on feeding Lord Dumah, master of the dead.

You know what's interesting? The mayans believed that the only way to keep their civilization was too perform daily sacrifices, until they were all dead. So they fed their system on the blood of the sacrificed until all were sacrificed. Sound familiar?

The limit of death is dissapating. The powers that be rely on death to keep this system going.

The men on the cross, on all the roads that lead to Rome, are on their way, and the end for those who rely on the power of death will not be pretty.

However, remove yourself from such judgement, there is no reason to point the accusing finger, no reason to call anyone evil. Remove yourself from their offerings.

What are they offering up to their lord? Lies, accusations, the daily sacrifice of dead? And what is the supreme holy appearance doing with these offerings?/

BACK at you babe...

i have been deciphering the Mayans, and they understood what was going on...the negative sunspots were being created by the men of the earth, by them judging one another.

When you point the accusing finger 3 fingers point back at you, so with each sunspot comes 3 volcanic eruptions.

i do not write this to scare you, but judge not and you shall not be judged.
The dark forces are all about gaining control no matter what. Spiratually, mentally and physically.

Some are wising up, like Merkal, now she knows where she really stands, not in good stead with the crown and the sword and the anti christs.

The war on Israel has already begun, Momar is after all a jew. A bedowin who believes in the God of Israel. Therefore he has a unit of women protecting him, as he understood the matriarchal agenda. And his elite guard are all women.

Momar asked Israel to protect him. And Israel showed their hand. Ove 50 thousand military went to help him, and the powers that think they be reacted in kind, by blowing the shit out of Libya. They do not want Israel as a world leader.

Read Albert Pike again. Pike outlined the new world order.

John from Holland said...

I know....

It is to hard to belief, but humanity can't brake down!

My grandfather whas deported to a German ellimination camp. The only thing he had was a picture of my beautyfull grandmother and children. One Nazi-German officer noticed one day that my grandfather looked to the picture. Loud shouting took the picture and looked at it...

Then... the officer started allmost to cry... gived back the picture to my grandfather. After 3 days in the middel of the night took german soldiers my grandfather from his bed and within 15 minutes he stood outside the camp with a package of food and water... He was free!!!

He walked about 3 weeks through the warzone back to Amsterdam. On his way he seen blood, devestation and death. He slept in frontlines, helped by German young soldate boys! These german soldate boys where very confused and scared!

A amazing story, but thruth! The main line IS LOVE and compassion!

Never loose your dignity, never!

Take care my friend...

Anonymous said...

Now Pike knew what was in the hearts of the men of that patriarchal order. They implemented a plan, have the Khazar Jews buy al the land in Israel off of England, check. Then create comotion and confrontation in the Arab lands, check. Then have the arabs and the jews cancel each other out. check

The us backing of Israel was a ruse. Done only to fill Israel's coffers with enough ammo to kill off all the arabs. And then befriended the Arabs to supply them with enough fire power to destroy israel.

This was the plan, it is working out nicely, ain't it?

The sun's corona is more powerful then any nuclear reactor or warhead man can produce. He might have received the message of the angel of the lesser light, but give them just enough rope
to hang themselves.

The sun can and will destroy any and every nuclear warhead or reactor made.

The physical reality of what is going down corresponds with all of the negative blackness that is being brought to light.

But let god be the judge. And Les, don't come down off the rooftop, the show is superb from where I have been sitting.

It's about to get much worse.

Just be watching the next negative sun spot event.

The sad truth to this is that men have the power to stop those negative sun spots, they need only stop feeding death into their system. They need only stop judging.

Even Balaam of Beor who went out to curse all the sons of Israel, realized he was in trouble, the donkey told him. And as he went to curse the sons of Israel, he opened his hand and his curse became a blessing.

So curse not, accuse not, hold your hand open and bless. The blessing is alot easier to handle, then the curse coming back at you, as an earthquake a volcanoe eruption, a tsunami, or a nuclear meltdown.


Visible said...

Everyone has a different style so we can only speak for our own methods. We are god's hands on Earth and he/she/it works through the willing.

Observations aren't always judgments and judgments are not always projections of intent. Without human agency nothing gets said here from the unseen except when the unseen actually speaks and that's either very rare or very softly. The divine does speak in events and conditions.

Odin's Raven said...

Here's an article about how British public attitudes and actions have been corrupted into copies of those of Israel.

Ghana said...


I have searched in every arena I have come across to find the portion to fill the hole that is the lack of faith in the director. That hole is an illusion created by TV, debt, immoral relationships, fear (lack of faith), and a host of the aptly called "plastic" reality we see injection molded into every formula of living from tribal in jungles to guru's on mountain tops.

There are 2 points I have learned in my life from friends like you who are further on the path and always turning around to see me huffing and puffing just to get on the path, much less tread it each second of the day as you do; what do you want and what are you willing to give up in order to gain it?

ALL things corporeal and incorporeal have their price tag (a river must have an ocean to empty into, even though it started as a tear), you have to be able to interpret the bar code stamped by the Source.

Headed to a bay so that nature can rub up against the divine in me!

Your bro,


Anonymous said...

To graceofgod;

By saying there is no blame you are failing the Litmus test of truth and responsibility. There can be no peace without justice and no justice without responsibility and no responsibilty as you have advocated - is completely wrong.

You write:

"...and the powers that think they be reacted in kind, by blowing the shit out of Libya. They do not want Israel as a world leader."

This is completely wrong because the allies ARE the zionist controlled countries who DO want zionist frontman Rothschild and Rothschildlandia to rule the world.

graceofgod; I view your words as disinformation.

DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

Here's an excerpt from an email I received yesterday from my old prophet buddy in New Zealand; he has an interesting take on where people are at:

"The slide is happening, agree between TV and the computer antichrist has got
the world sewn up and it will not be reversed.
The Amish have soughtt to live outside of the world of modern gadgets yet their
hearts are no different than the rest of the world living by law as they do.
The way through is those who walk by the Spirit in the midst of it all.

The choice is we either live by relationship with the Godhead listening and
obeying Jesus voice or we will be walking by law.
There is a third group who live in rebellion to everything as they think,
but are also bound in their rebellion.

The first group mentioned live their daily lives walking as Jesus walked
when He said I only do those things my Father tells me or I see him doing, I
do nothing out of myself. John 5:19 and 30

The second group have called on the name of Jesus and as the scriptures say
are saved, but live their lives using the scriptures as law, no living
relationship, most bound into church culture. Romans 10:13

The third group are those who have heard, but choose to disobey as Adam did.
The Word tells us they are neigh unable to be restored. Hebrews 6:4
This group is living in rebellion to the known will of Father God for them
thus controlled by their rebellion.

Neko Kinoshita said...

It seems to be moving in waves.

Dark despair washing over all, followed by an ebbing of sorrow, then a rising feeling of joy with laughter at the antics of the blind in the media, this can be quite disorienting.
It is so amusing when they pop out with truth, and then frantically try to spin it.

And through it all, that feeling that it is all under control, and my task is to ride with the guidance.

Kitten is upset with her “bad luck.” I’m trying to find the right way for her to understand that the “luck” is her relation with the divine. Not much time remains before the consequences (both good and bad) magnify. The others cling so desperately to their fragile illusions, even as the unveiling begins to rip them into shreds, I fear for their sanity at the same time I pray for their revelation. That too is not mine to control.

I know that frustration with time scales Les, I keep wondering what is taking so long, and then I realize there is more happening than I can possibly know. And yet, it is happening so very fast.

Watching the action movie from a perch in the alley,


wv: euddiot - a willfully ignorant fool covered in excrement.

the BCth said...

Something has definitely shifted, with the attempt on Angela Merkel's life following her break with the old program of going along with Israel. The frank discussion/exposure on MSM of the bankster-owned Fed's role in the U.S. economic shitstorm seems connected to all this. Could be calculated moves to prod the masses into anger mode, or signs of weakening Zionist control - maybe some of both. Seems clear to me that anything those demonspawn try now is backfiring on them, or will in time. Those who've stood up for the truth since long before it was approved or allowed in the mainstream are going to see quite a shift in the reception they get, I expect.

Many thanks to Les Vis and to everyone here. Keep on shining.

wv morkel: They tried to kill her but the morkel doesn't go down that easy in these times.

siamsam said...

graceofgodgoi ....

I must say that i am impressed by the number of blogs you have. Although i can't help wondering why you need so many when each seems so limited.

I also don't like to point the finger - but it is obviously necessary at times - and I must say your blogs seem to be a massive advert fest.

Anonymous said...

Howdy Les, and great "movie" review. :)

Meh at the Albert Pike criticism (not that I'm a big fan of "masculine" overcompensation, far from that). I've read about 2/3 of "Morals and Dogma", and I haven't found anything else but the writing of a thoughtful and sensitive man. Perfect, nope. As far as the 3 world wars plan, I find credible sources to attribute it Pike, and some credible criticism idetifying it as a hoax.

As far as the L-word (not lesbian, Lucifer), well, you know, does it really matter what you call the Divine? Do you think the Divine will smite you if you call him/her/it/both/something with the wrong word?

Call the Divine Source God Allah, Shiva, Dharma, Shakti, Ayn Sof, Jesus, Buddha, Dafa, Great Architect, Providence, Satan, Lucifer or Cthulhu and so what? What will ultimately matter is the fruits of your faith, and that is how you shall know them. Are you truthfull? Are you loving? Are you selfless? Do you hate your enemies, or do you strive to love them despite knowing your enemies? Do you endure? Do you try to do all that, as no one is perfect except the One?

The alternative is, in my opinion, "bring the pitchforks" attitude, and it was that - the holier than thou, hypocritical and can't take criticism - attitude which lead to a certain very well known sentencing by the sanhedrin and the following execution, not some cartoonish "mwahahaha let's kll our Messiah" villainy which is pretty damn rare in the real world. In the real world everyone has a GREAT excuse to play "King of the Hill" ("Kingdom of God on Earth" is really popular nowadays :p), without noticing that the "Hill" is made of the bleeding, crying bodies of our suffering Brothers and Sisters.

I mean no offense, I'm just hoping for bit of awakening (which is a never-ending process) and self-reflection... I'm not perfect myself, and if I thought so I'd be lost without realizing it. Peace and Love. :)

Snake Sage

siamsam said...

just felt building shake here in BKK ... people leaving the building ,, some kind tremor

ill get back

Anonymous said...

Bummer, I accidentally wrote "I find credible sources to attribute it to Pike" when I meant I found NO credible sources.

Snake Sage

Anonymous said...


You come here one day after Les' zinger of a post about the truth that israel is the ace of spades in a card deck of worldly evil and you spout sunspots, new-age and zionist obfuscations.

That is not a walk-about - that is trolling.

Your presence here again beckons the question if it was indeed Rothschild controlled Haarp which caused the Japan earthquake.

Sunspots my astrolabe - who's your daddy, Grace?

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Yes, be kind to dogs.

I have had the same experience with timing of events. I never get it right--only when short term viewing.

The kids are definitely thick in a game of king of the hill.

Well written.

Take care,
ps: Don't forget to walk the dog.

Anonymous said...

And pardon the spamming, but come to think of it, even "cartoonish" villainy is actually common these days, as the Rachel Corrie jokes and calling videos of bombed civilians "war porn" attest. Kali Yuga.

And the whole you must not judge Israel (or you might have a nuclear meltdown *wink wink nudge nudge*), or the all "judgement" must stop is hogwash (and of course that doesn't apparently apply to Rome or Albert Pike).

Fact is, Israel is genocidal and Israel and it's stooges do lie about the 6 million (and many other things), of course that can pointed out because it happens to the true. And the idea that Arabs have cancelled out jews in the Middle East is also completely wrong as the wrecked Arab nations (on behalf of Israel) attest.

Disinfo indeed, and worst of all, pretending to be divinely inspired.

Snake Sage

amarynth said...

The timing thing .. seems as if is not 'us that don't get it right', but more time that is slipping like a river. When we 'get it right' it is like we're in an eddy next to the riverbank for a moment. But then time flows on .. changing as the veils get moved. Somewhat of a exponential happening, a starburst, as opposed to something linear, this now, and later then. The linear seems to be wavelike. Uhm .. the time thing has had me perplexed for a while .. it seems we see things, but we don't know which piece of the river we're looking at.

amarynth said...

And Patrick .. Hou die Blink Kant BO! (grins)

Anonymous said...

The following is unitended annecdotal support to the theory that the Japan quake was caused by zionist frontman Rothschild and TPTB via Haar:

(remember this was written for a pro-zionist audience)

"Is it true that GOD still loves with an everlasting love, Israel? and, defends Israel. Read this:

"Significance of Japan's March 11, 2010, statements about Israel and their-Japan's disaster. Many it seems were very surprised by the intensity of Japan's statements on March 11, 2010, about Jerusalem, the West Bank (Judea and Samaria) and Jewish home construction.
The Japanese statements of last year about Israel-one year later to the day: Tragedies hit Japan: earthquake, tsunami and nuclear plants and their economy is severely hurt. Coincidence?

Japan's financial gifts to the Palestinians were not spoken of in the media. It seems God was watching, though-nothing is hidden from His view. God doesn't lie, his faithfulness to Israel is everlasting. To the Jew first then the Gentile.

The Japanese's strong and specific words about Israel's land:
Japan deplores construction by Jews in East Jerusalem and the West Bank;
Japan condemns Jewish home building in East Jerusalem;
Japan does not recognize the annexations of East Jerusalem by Israel;
Japan urges Israel to refrain from unilateral acts that change the current situation in East Jerusalem, etc.
The Japanese are supposed to be friends of Israel but, these statements about Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria were strong statements. Additionally, many were surprised Japan made these statements independently rather than letting the Quartet speaking for it around the time of Joe Biden's visit to Israel last March.
Twelve months to the day after Japan made its first major statement on March 11, 2010, the fourth strongest earthquake ever recorded struck in Japan (on March 11, 2010).

One year earlier to the very day, of the 9.1 earthquake and tsunami, Japan made this declaration: “The Government of Japan deplores the decisions of the Government of Israel to give permission for the construction of 1,600 housing units in East Jerusalem in addition to 112 units in West Bank,” (Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs March 11, 2010).

God says those who bless Israel will be blessed and those who curse Israel will be cursed. After Japan “deplores” Israel building houses, many thousands of homes are destroyed in Japan. For the past year, Japan had increased its anti-Israel rhetoric.
Should we soberly consider the connection?"

I think I'll go and barf.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Les Visible and get better PatrickW.

To whom did Albert Pike answer; to the two major behind-the-global-scenes agents at the time of the Bauer klan (a.k.a. Red Shields): his first-line manager -"masters";

Giuseppe Mazzini (crypto jew); founder of m.a.f.i.a. (what do these initials stand for) and enabler of one Mordecai Levi (why won't "wikipedia" publish his real name?) a.k.a. Karl Marx (crypto jew) via Giuseppe's "League of the Just", which as we know, later became the world's first out-in-the-open-though-disguised headquarters of “Communism” i.e. center for propagating the master plan of world domination and establishment of talmudic utopia (heaven on earth for zionists, hell on earth for all rest).

To whom did Giuseppe answer? To Adam Weishaupt, "jesuit" poseur and crypto jew operating on behalf of the klan in Bavaria; often mistaken (probably purposely) by "conspiracy theorists" as the lunatic genius "behind it all" - not.

He was the klan’s primary behind the scenes agitator for the trial run of Talmudic utopia goin’ global – the misleadingly named French “revolution”.

Weishaupt was also the main propagator of the “reading societies” of what became the USA during Weishaupt’s time. “Reading societies” morphed into the college “fraternity” by which any and all non-jews of any significant abilities were tagged, corrupted, and groomed for long-range control by Weishaupt’s hidden masters.

Weishaupt is likely the true generator of what Mordecai is falsely credited with producing "communist manifesto" (blue print for talmudic world domination) because it is highly likely nothing but the re-written work of the Weishaupt –with some “economics” gibberish added to it for disguising it and making it sellable to the ever-gullible “goyim”.

To whom did Weishaupt answer. Most can make a correct guess this at this point –Weishaupt was funded and directed by the Frankfurt Bauer family rag merchant and “circle klan” – a.k.a. the “Rothschilds”. The Weishaupt plan, passed to Mordecai Levi – via Giuseppe was hatched by the/a Rothschild.

Not so surprisingly, the world seems to only have heard of this non-jew Albert Pike, who was following dictates of his hidden masters by passing on the “plan” (parts of it anyway) made public by another insider tribe member.

Yet the non-jew gets all the attention and the blame … Where have we seen this before.

p.s. Pike often gets blame for creation of “kkk”, but as usual, this is only half truth … The full truth is still available, though made very inaccessible by the controllers.

Anonymous said...

graceofgodgoI seems to be taking a beating off a few people,I dont think she is a troll,I think she is another deep thinker looking for answers and throwing things out their to see what comes back,lets not make hasty decisions about each other,give each other the benefit of the doubt,well its up to you lot.

also people can we stop looking for external saviors,I dont know if I am correct but the energy that is christ
krisna muhammad budha and all of the greats is held within each of us
I think it would be wiser for each of us to lift that energy personally,waiting around for somebody else to give you that energy I think is a fallacy,look at les and various other people around in the world at the moment,they are lifting that energy every day,
and does it matter if sometimes we get it wrong as long as we are on the pathway to right or harmony in a non material sence,not consciously embracing wrong like the ptw..

anyway love you peoples everyone of you everywhere on every continent..

zionist neopharisee stink chuckers,come on put it down it never really ever worked did it.and look at the mess you have made..

peace and respects neil

Erik said...

Hi Karyn,Les and All,

Karyn, on 'Profiles in Evil' you said:

"This post makes me wonder again about a "subscribers only" portal, where you could talk more freely and openly with your friends and supporters. Until then."

Well, there are no coincidences, are there ...;) this is what we just finished building at Les'new site.

This is the reason why I have not commented as regular as usual here on Les' blogs, we've been very busy and are almost ready to 'go-live'

Think 'Facebook' but completely under our own control (our own servers) and indeed with subscriber only 'private groups', among other things.

So it's there already,and can be used ...I will send you an e-mail with an invite (we are not ready yet for the 'big public unveiling')

Re: GraceofHaarpdisinfo said...

If there is an event 19 April 2011 - we should burn her as a troll not a witch (grin).

just me, Laurel A. said... too! me too!!

Anonymous said...

I just returned to Germany after a few days in Amsterdam. The news coverage of Libya/Japan/Gaza/Jersuselem bus has a vastly different flavor in Germany compared to that of the Dutch zio-borg media. Something big has happened in the past few days, behind the scenes, as Les mentioned.

There's been a sea change, somehow.

Next week it's back home to the Unsated States and the steady, trickle-down osmosis of the FOX news miasma.

This past week in Europe I can' help thinking I've had a ringside seat to something big.

SouthHungary said...

More and more are beginning to speak out!

Anonymous said...


I humbly and respectfully request an invitation to that new site please.

Thank you
Melanie Stone

Libya: Total Media Setup! said...

As we’ve been watching the conflict in Libya play out exactly like the war in Iraq, and being keen to their tricks and tactics, we began examining pictures, videos and other evidence to lead us to the conclusion that this entire ordeal is a CIA-backed coup. We believe there is actually very little conflict (if any) aside from the false flags perpetuated by the CIA/MI6/MOSSAD in a UN takeover of the region...

The Lybian Truth? said...

"Libya is currently under complete internet blackout and the people are unable to speak out about the conditions there ; However, one thing is clear: Gaddafi was preparing to take away the oil rights from the big oil companies and give the profits to his people. Free health care for your people from the oil revenues?? Well Mr. Gaddafi, we can’t have that, now can we?! How dare you try to give your people the wealth of their own national resources. Ask Hugo Chavez, we won’t put up with that, mister! Or maybe it’s simply a matter of the George Carlin Foreign Policy at work."

Michael Rivero said...

It's over!

Read this, it's just so fuckin' over!

"OK, it's official: the Obama administration is, collectively, barking mad!!!

This country is broke, economically punch-drunk from having borrowed trillions to pursue two immoral and illegal wars that can only be described so far as catastrophic in their outcomes.

The only "winners" so far in Afghanistan are the drug lords and the defense contractors.

And so far in Iraq, the biggest beneficiary of the US's invasion and occupation is...wait for it...Iran!

The US cannot ever pay back their big lenders like the Chinese.

Our infrastructure is crumbling; our educational system is failing miserably; however, that doesn't seem to concern Congress, the Pentagon, the State Department, and the White House in the least.

The American people are broke, finding increasingly that their jobs which used to make it possible for them to make payments on their mortgages and take care of their families, have been offshored.

Mortgages are now being legally and illegally being foreclosed so that the banks can recover from the securitized and bundled mortgage backed derivatives debacle. The banks win, bigtime, to get those houses on their asset sheets. And the people made homeless from these turns of events? They are simply expendable to this government.

The newly homeless and dispossessed live in quiet desperation in shantytowns all over this country, with the criminalization of homelessness becoming more and more institutionalized in many states.

What's next in this country, debtor's prisons?!? "Workhouses?"

Well, as a matter of fact, they've already made a comeback!.

With so much going catastrophically wrong in this country, do those in the bowels of power in DC believe that an open-ended quagmire in Libya will deflect the anger of Americans who are suffering from the outcomes of horrifically ill-conceived foreign and domestic policies?!?

I have an answer for those who thought it just might work as a distraction: not for one millisecond!!"

wv: impoload (I'm not kidding)

Anonymous said...

"(hasidic) Rabbi: Japan’s Disasters Due to Prosecution of Hasidic Drug Smugglers (busted in and now held in jail by Japan)"’s-disasters-due-to-prosecution-of-hasidic-drug-smugglers/

Erik said...

Hi laurel and Melanie

If you want an invite to the New Community site, please drop me a short mail erik.van.wees09 AT

Anonymous said...

About ten years ago I read on Signs of the that the planned endgame was the destruction of Israel. At the time, I was rather shocked as I had been led to believe in the propaganda, namely, that Israel had been created as a nation so that the Jewish race could have a home where they would not be persecuted. In one of my courses in college we had studied the history of the second world war. This was in the seventies so the so-called history of the holocaust was being revealed and most people I knew at that time had never heard of this atrocity. Anyway, I had been convinced of its truth and believed that the "Jewish race" deserved to have a homeland. Years went by without my questioning this stance and so, it was only with the events of 911 that I was inspired to begin a search for the truth. I was one of those people who got caught up in the greed of the high-tech stock market circus and was subsequently financially wiped out. Good thing, too, or I'd still be chasing after that worthless lifestyle and still be as arrogant as ever. Anyway, the eventual revealing of reality as it is can only be welcomed by humanity as a whole. Undoubtedly, we will continue to perceive reality differently, but for those willing to look, to not be in denial, the truth is out there.
wv: unessn=unseen

I've had a fu**ing nuff! said...

According to WRH:

Secrecy surrounds pilot and weapons officer in F-15 crash

After the rescue of a pilot and the weapons systems officer in Operation Odyssey Dawn, the military is keeping the names of the two crew members under wraps.


Now that you mention it, anyone see any markings on that crashed F-15 to indicate who it belongs to?

F-15s are flown by Israel, which as you will recall from the attack on the USS Liberty, loves to fly war planes without any markings. If that flight crew is Israeli, that would explain why the rescue chopper simply gunned down all the witnesses.

Well colour them busted!

Israel on the ground as Mossad to prepare the coup and IDF in the air blowing the crap out of the Libyan people right along side the zionist allies. Guess they need Qaaddafi's water and oil pretty bad.

No wonder Nitwityahoo was so mad at Merkel for abstaining...there was going to be israelis fighting (albeit surrepticiously) so German young people should also offer their lives to fight in the immoral coup d'etat.

Read the name on the pilot's helmet in Dee's current illustration at Rense and you have the real answer to who's behind the whole Libya illegal assault.

bholanath said...

May the demon spawn be reborn as queen bitches of the burning ghat dog tribe!
(and may they live long, in the charnal grounds, and prosper, with many litters...)

Erik said...

Hi All,

Uuh, we have server maintenance on the New site today; will start sending out invites tomorrow ...

Webster Tarpley said...

24 March 2011 Regarding the anti-governmentn force in Libya

"The rebels are clearly not civilians, but an armed force."

Webster Tarpley states it is the CIA attacking Qaaddafi NOT the Libyan people!

Anonymous said...


I respectfully request to join.



Anonymous said...

hello Les! Hope you are well.
thank you for the positive thots.

right now, I keep thinking that the Japanese reactors are going to blow sky high. when that happens, we are all going to experience plutonium, up close and personal.

meanwhile, katzov gets prison, over his schrieks of innocence. looks like another setup, even though I can't stand that guy, but same thing to olmert, and sharon was left in a coma,

when perez and netz were done w him and them. not that I cry for them, bc if you lay down w demons, you get up w knits.

the engineers of 911 are still walking free. just like the murderers of JFK, JFK, Jr, Wellstone, Vince Foster, and a host of others.

so, I hope you are right. I don't see it as long range, as some, bc it all started w the murder of JFK, for me.

I do conceed that WW1 and 2 were the work of the same likes...

Jesus said it best: to know the nature of the Tree, consider it's fruits.

Neko Kinoshita said...

“Grace” is trolling the same distorted information on several of your blogs Les.
I was prepared to give "grace" the benefit of doubt, until I tried looking at the many blogs she claims to have.

The Ad flood was only the beginning, those darn pages were trying to hijack my machine.
Filters and shields blocked it, but actions speak to intent.

The distortion has, as always a glimmer of truth in it. We are receiving a fairly heavy particle stream right now, and an active sunspot group is moving into position for a good flare, maybe.

And perhaps none of this matters. I’m not going to try and “guess” at divine intent, I’ll just listen to the singing, and wait for some indication as to which direction to turn.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to keep moving forward in the directions I have already been given.

Please be well Patrick, hope the problem resolves quickly with no ill effects.

Oh yeah, watch that discrimination thing, Cats might be a reincarnation of someone too you know.

Still watching the action movie,


Anonymous said...

Both death, which is awarded at birth, and death personified (Yamaraja), are loyal and faithful servants of God.

Anonymous said...

Hello Kikz, I hope you see this

Somewhere you mentioned Russia Today's ownership - I had to go see

What I found was that it's run by ano TV-Novosti which is Soros funded

Is that your finding or should I look further?


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the Godsend entity is gracing us...

(don't let the glasses fool ya)

Erin Parsley said...

Neil -
"the energy that is christ krisna muhammad budha and all of the greats is held within each of us..."

Totally agree, I like what you're saying here.

Hi Erik!
I was wondering where you were. Haven't seen you around at nina's lately. Looks like you've been busy.

Anonymous said...

like those 1950s SF movies where the world unites from a common enemy, be it bad aliens or meteroid. when most of the world gets "mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore".

accidentally found some fruit on a tree this morning as my hand brushed against something firm. have to identify it first, like a plumb. thank you Mr and Ms 'D'. and I wasn't even starving already.


ps me on on the special forum, if appropriate. your book review starts tomorrow, got caught up in Jungian psych. types for a bit. what a wise owl he was, almost a hundred years ago.

M. Rocknest (Em) said...

I would be pleased to be considered for access to the new site too (will send an e-mail), even though I admit I'm not much of a contributor, simply an avid and appreciative reader. Is knowledge of how things like facebook work a prerequisite? I marvel at how Les manages to do all this.

Best wishes for a rapid return to optimum health. Love the work you do with that voice of solid gold. I'm sending you good, good, good, good vibrations ... or trying to at least.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to get a feel for what is happening with Japan. I think someone or something is messing with the field out there. I read a few posts back about others not having feelings, one way or another, for Japan. There seemed to be a feeling of malaise going on. Have you noticed Clinton and Bush haven't come to the aid of Japan with thier so called foundation, like they did in New Orleans, Indonesia, Haiti, the Gulf Coast. What's up with that? All things point to a man made massacre in Japan, but intuitively, I'm not getting a "feel." I need to heed Les' words and focus, focus, focus on Nature and the Divine.


kikz said...


Hello Kikz, I hope you see this

Somewhere you mentioned Russia Today's ownership - I had to go see

What I found was that it's run by ano TV-Novosti which is Soros funded

Is that your finding or should I look further?

dunno tony?.. i may be havin a brainfart, but i don't think that i've ever look'd into who owns/backs RT...

doesn't surprise me though, if that is indeed the case...

Anonymous said...

Les, thanks for writing near daily across the blogs.

You are good cheer and calm reason, a reflection of the true reality.

Y'know, that "Bend Over" song is one of my faves. I will be only too happy to help The Boss out when it comes time for the Reverse Bugganeering...

xo Joey Tavares

Peter said...

Hey Mr Visible (my watch word for the day is "Les is more")
Anyway, here be a tune for the quickening. Can't ya just feel it?
Just wish I had some real Peruvian flake to go along with it. (Steely Dan's Walter Becker constructed this baby, enjoy!)

shaolinlite said...

You rock, Dog Poet!

Fact o' life: The Tao expands, the Tao contracts. To resist the flow, to push against this current, is only an excersise in futility and frustration. To advance with the current when the current advances, retreat when the current retreats, this is wisdom. This is how we do.

The Tao is shifting again. Many are resisting this change. You see the names every day in the S&MSM.
Many are swimming with the current; some of you are reading this blog.

The rules are simple: Breathe in. Breathe out. Kick a little ass when you have to.

This is the whole of the law.

amarynth said...

Hi All, eventually I hope Erik got some needed sleep. This is now an open invitation to join us at

We are not live yet (grins) .. lots of stuff still to be put in the right places but this is a space for us. We are hoping to give members of Shangri La their own space to showcase their works and all others a space to simply be!

At this moment we invite comments on the social side of the site .. there still is a lot to be done on the Les Visible side but this is uhm .. all under control .. (grins)

Sook said...

If your back pain is because of intervertebral disc issues, which is a large majority of back pain cases, please read on:
Most discogenic pain occurs because our spine posture is imbalanced. Our back movements are almost exclusively flexion (forward-bending) and almost never balanced with any amount of extension (backward-bending). Even sitting, especially in a soft chair or couch but actually any sitting at all, is also a flexion movement and compresses the fronts of the discs such that their soft, jelly like nucleii are pushed back toward nerve endings in the discs themselves (the outer thirds of the discs are innervated) and the nerves that emerge from the spinal cord out to your back and legs. A disc herniation is when the nucleus is pushed back so much that it breaks through the wall of the disc and actually touches the nerves coming out of the spinal cord, inflaming them and causing symptoms such as sciatica. Think of it this way, anytime your are losing the natural hollow of your lower back, you are engaged in flexion and disc compression. Bad.
Ironically, people who remain bent forward in pain are only exacerbating their condition.
Try the following:
At the beginning, lie on your stomach propped up on your elbows. This extends your back and relieves pressure on the discs.
Once you're comfortable with this, progress to pushing your torso up with your arms, hands slightly wider than shoulder width, and hips planted firmly to the ground. Do not raise your hips!
Go as high as you can go, feel the squeeze for a few seconds and lower to lying flat again. Repeat this 10 times for three sets 2-4 times per day.
If you can't straighten your arms, move your hands further out and you will be able to.
This should bring immediate relief. Over the course of a few days, it should nearly resolve the problem.
Even for people who do not have back pain, do this everyday and you will be able to prevent it.
If you do have to sit, do it with good posture. Bum all the way back in an ergonomically correct chair, knees at 90 degrees, and feet flat on the floor. Keep a cylindrical sponge roll in the hollow of your back to maintain the lumber curve and keep the discs decompressed. Avoid flexion activities: sitting, stooping (ie brushing your teeth, or picking up something from the floor, and lying on your back).
If you are standing around anywhere, put your hands on your hips and bend back repeatedly to increase extension in your life.

Anonymous said...

The fact graceofhaarpdisinfo exists SUPPORTS the hypothesis that Rothschild's Haarp did the Japan earthquake.
It's like the laws preventing questioning of the 6 million gas chamber story confirm it is false.

Anonymous said...

Rothschild is behind the zionist allies including the CIA, Mossad, MI6 coup d'etat in Libya.

Anonymous said...

Since Bauer began fractional banking in Hamburg.
And upon discovery of this theft, instead of being hung for fraud, this ponzi scheme was embraced by the royals of the time (for a cut) and went international.
The result after a couple of hundred years is that Rothschild owns central banks in all but 5 of the total 197 countries of the world.
This attest to the "success" of the fractional banking fraud (at the people's expense).

Keep up your great work with the truth Les.

Anonymous said...

Kahuna Telegraph kicking in tonight. Woke me out of a sound sleep to gaze out my west window and see a pair of planets in horizontal alignment surmounting the tips of a pair of spruces. Kahunas have read the message from Fukushima after the induced quake and the Tsunami. THEY know where this shit is coming from.

Great Kahunas have the power of the Death Prayer. Meditations have begun. Rituals are in place. When the words have been uttered, the dissolution of the cancer begins at the feet of the perpetrators and some of their select Archons and Minions. Slowly, but inexorably~ slowly ~ slowly, the Huna power works its way up the corpus, transposing the final two letters of that word while transforming the "u" of that word into an "e".

"Once there was a man called God,
Transposition makes him Dog."
-Mark Forrest Golden Gate Coffeehouse
St. Louis, Missouri December 1964

Anonymous said...

amarynth, 3:30 AM
Oh yes. Thanks Erik. Here's one in return.
Who doesn't like Pink Floyd.
As per one commenter 'Pink Floyd, eine der besten Live Bands der Welt'. Even I can understand that!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of The Wall, doesn't it just make you want to throw up the way ADL frontman Foxman has called Roger Waters anti-semitic (sic) after Waters' support of the people of Gaza behind the zionist wall of apartheid?

Foxman cited the Bauer stars released from planes along with $'s representing zionism and capitalism respectively.

I wonder if zionist frontman Rothschild and the fractional bankers gave Foxman the orders to try to belittle Waters.

I believe Waters is just as sick of zionism and israel as the rest of us - nothing more.

Unknown said...

Got my blog back, and I've got another link o' yours to post on it, here. Now WILL YA QUIT INSULTIN'THE VULTURES! THESE GUYS AREN'T VULTURES! THEY ARE A VIRUS!!!!!!!! A virus that makes Ebola look like a walk in the park. ;O)

Anonymous said...

Dear Les...

You stated...

"However, that’s what the intuition is for. Kick the perception inward and see what comes back. The more you do it, the clearer it becomes. You can’t gain the facility of anything you don’t practice."

Those words were the best advice you could anyone at this time.

What we are witnessing is the promised correction of the "Celestial Error" when this dimension was taken over by an EVIL demigod which then sealed off this dimension from the rest of creation. (which is massive in comparison).

This generation will be witness to the end of this evil takeover...the evil demigod and his minions and robots will be tansmuted into primordial energy for there is nothing about evil that promotes life and must be destroyed....right now in this process is the exposing of who is who for ALL to see (I see the demons in these evil ones plain as day - like you said start with the eyes and go from there - plus their actions speak louder than words...what is happening is these evil demons and its minions are in self others words evil is cursed by its own evilness as we are witnessing in this last generation...

for those who chose the light in this war of the essense between good and evil (which is nearing completion) ...a new life is coming and has been prepared...stay strong and keep that open communication with your inner voice for that will guide you through these difficult times as evil destroys itself and we sort out who is who.

I like you, get a little impatient now and then.

Best Wishes Always
Laurie - Vancouver Island, BC

Anonymous said...

Pelosi revived the bill to ban organic farming under cash for clunkers. People should grow gardens and disobey the unelected reptiloid criminals.

Publius said...

Ah yes a movie. Director? Michelangelo Antonioni.

Anonymous said...

thanks mrs life...neil

pot said...

Still on the Israel kick huh. Israel is just a tool of the global elite just like the US is. Both were created for the purpose of executing the "illuminati" plan for global conquest drawn up over 200 years ago, and the British ruling elites in the City were the biggest supporters. They embrace Platos belief that the world can be ruled by Philosopher Kings, and have had their hands in every revolutiona and war since then.

Divide and rule is an age old strategy, they have it down to a science.

Spreading democracy and freedom are illusions that the ignorant are ready to believe. The words have been so corrupted that they are almost Orwellian in meaning the opposite of those who use them.

Buzzword phrases like Hope and Change and plenty of money for 30 second commercials are all they need to get people to vote for their puppets, and support their agenda.

Obama, Bush, Clinton, etc. No matter, they all do their masters bidding. Another puppet will follow them, and nothing will change for the better.

Anonymous said...

i just read your latest post. F___ng awesome. I always have a hard time sitting still when i read your blog. Dont know why
but deep down i sense the truth of your words. I hope we get some huge changes soon.

You canpost this on your site or not, up to you. I can never figure it out.

Hope you are doing great. I will have a brewski for/with you tonight.

PS leaving Miami soon moving to west coast :)


Visible said...


Still on the negative, everything is fucked kick while the unnamed people in the shadows are making the chosen people look bad? Well, okay, everyone has their thing and this one must be yours. I'll bet you're great fun at the dinner table.

Anonymous said...

as an asie, I always wonderred if what the Jews do at the Wall is a back exercise. (or is it saying F* You). ditto for some other religions daily practices. definitely not for Catholics kneeling on a wooden foot board.

request for new page (it looks good), take off automatic loading of the video. If I (as a viewer) want it Ill click. as it is if I dont want it (on the 100th visit) I have to click (for the 100th time).


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami-

Navigating the Road of our Karmic Misfortunes.

Alexi said...

In this UNSPEAKABLE time once again, I find insight, peace, and hope in the writings of PD.
People often times dismiss EVIL but there are evil people who do evil things, often in concert.

Unbeknownst to most Americans, the US Congress has been gradually changing the fundamentals of American law. The movement for change started as early as 1975, when Congress passed a resolution honoring the birthday of a prominent rabbi, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, ("the Rebbe") of the Chabad Lubavitch sect (sometimes this sect is called "ultra-Orthodox"). The movement ratcheted forward in 1991, when Congress coupled Rabbi Schneerson's happy birthday message with a declaration that the United States of America was founded on the seven Noahide Laws.
America's New Government Church



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