Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Pregnant Tick and Tock of The Reality Bomb.

Where I live you can buy fresh broccoli for about .50 cents a pound; eggplants at .45 cents a pound, tomatoes fresh from the garden for .50 cents a pound. You can pay even less if you know where to go. Fruit and vegetables are very inexpensive and my olive and almond trees provide more than I can use which is good for my friends. I live on a dead end road at the end of a maze. You’d think I was way out in the boondocks but two thriving towns are around 4 kilometers away, equidistant in opposite directions. Two large seas are not very far away.

There’s an occasional presence of eastern block criminals who like to gut the homes of wealthy ex-pats but I don’t fit the bill and I’m not on their route, out where the wider roads reveal the targets. My next door neighbor is a city policeman and an outstanding human being. In my quiet corner are some ‘connected’ people whose presence, I would assume, discourages trespass. In three years, I haven’t had a whisper of trouble and I’m only here half the time. My other place of residence is as safe as it gets, meaning... no crimes at all and I have seen a police car in that town no more than a dozen times in eight years. It is also in an agrarian belt; the timeless sort of location where war and social unrest seldom appear. During World War 2, this area in this axis country saw none of it.

I’m not out to save my own ass. If that were the case I would not have been arrested and thrown in prison and other places so many times over the years. Strangely enough, I have no record at all now due to serendipity in respect of pardons and acquittals and things generally working out. I know that the FBI has quite a file on me and a wanted poster that I always wanted to have but for some reason the Freedom of Information Act hasn’t worked for me. Maybe I wasn’t insistent enough. I have heard that it would not be a good idea for me to return to the U.S. while Diet Hitler-Lite is still in power and... the last time I was there I was just able to get out of the country... it almost didn’t happen.

My mother is quite old and really would like to see me and there are others there in Mordor too. A lot of years have come and gone since I had that opportunity. However, I’ve been blessed with a certain detachment about these things. I’ve known for some time that eventually one loses everything they have and everyone they know. Oh... I’ve my own ideas and confirmations about what waits beyond this vale but that is the subject matter of another blog.

I’m not sure that I care if I can go to America again. In some ways I am more curious than anything else. In my mind America seems to be a very strange place and I’ve always been a cultural voyeur. I don’t get homesick, probably because I never really had one. I miss Maui sometimes but, no matter where you are from you probably would miss a place like that. Languages are not easy for me and so I have lived for years around people saying things that I never quite get. Don’t assume everyone in Europe speaks English... they don’t. I’m the Bangladeshi cab driver here and I know as much about getting here and there as he does. These days I have a GPS navigator in my car so that’s a plus. My friend Don told me that just makes it easier for them to drive a missile up my exhaust pipe (grin).

One thing I notice about Europe that is different than America is that it is far less violent. I’m sure some cities have their moments, especially in the U.K. where I have the good sense not to go. The idea of London makes me uneasy and people are quick to mix it up over there. I got in a number of altercations in the U.S. mostly because I don’t like being pushed around. I used to not know enough just to walk away and I despise bullies. These days I never encounter anything like that. Occasionally I get to spar with another martial arts enthusiast but that’s few and far between. I don’t have any close friends or associates over here and most of the time it’s just me and the dogs, my consort and her mother. Some might think that a lonely life but I love being alone and at least once a year I am alone for months. I’d have to say that you are my social life.

What am I talking about? Why am I telling you this? This isn’t the stuff of Smoking Mirrors. Well... every day now when I get up, I wonder... is this the day? I know that the day is coming. The day is coming when the world turns upside down. There will be an event or several and suddenly... suddenly a great many things that might have seemed tangential or unrelated are going to join hands and they won’t be singing Cumbaya. The financial system IS going to fail like nothing before. You aren’t going to be able to get certain things and the utility system... well; you really don’t want to be in a city. Gang action is a certainty in those locations where materialism has brutalized the human spirit and locked a whole lot of people into the ‘me first’ syndrome. I once read a study that said if the power went off and stayed off, half the people in large urban environments would be dead after the first three days. That seemed absurd to me but they had a convincing argument.

I read a story by Tom Wolfe once that was called, “Oh Rotten Gotham, sliding down the Behavioral Sink.” If you can get your hands on it you should read it. It’s about experiments with rats. Rats are a metaphor for a certain mentality.

Where I am people are much less likely to behave the way they are certain to in London and New York and all the places like that. I sense that we would pull together. I know what sort of people they are. Some places are going to be okay. Day by day over the years you have seen what has been happening to people. You see the dumbing down and fascination with trivia, celebrity lives, convenience and comfort, the separation of humanity from nature and the perversions that always attend this separation. If you look at the approaching circumstances and the mind-set of the players it makes for grim reflection.

No one is going to be mailing out flyers saying that ‘too late’ will be happening after 6:00 PM on such and such a date. What can people be thinking as one thing after another pops up like another Jack in the Box warning? Many of you have asked yourself, “Why did they stay? Why couldn’t they see what was happening? I would have seen it.” This is what people think and say to themselves when they consider certain historical events. Everybody has 20-20 hindsight don’t they? Why can’t you see an armed brigade of soldiers stationed in your country and preparing for... what? The innuendo and threat delivered to congress about failing to approve the bailout; the suspension of legal protections against governmental abuse, the mad dog Samson option of Israel which has threatened, strong-armed and blackmailed the United States into pulverizing two countries and now wants more, the fuel and food shortages, the bankrupting of the middle class, the mercenaries and black outfitted Darth Vader police. Somehow a whole lot of people think someone is going to wave a magic wand, even while both presidential candidates are down on their knees for the very people who have been doing all of this.

I want so very badly to be wrong about what I am seeing. It would please me no end to be shown to be a paranoid and delusional fool. I can hear the clock ticking the way you sometimes do when you can’t sleep and every sound is magnified. The clock is connected to a very unusual bomb which goes off in stages that are triggered by pressures in particular atmospheres. I guess you could call it a Reality Bomb. It’s located everywhere. It has a center and a radius that overlaps itself and has degrees of intensity that are determined by certain densities of population in relation to various collective viewpoints.

This is just one aspect of the bomb. I was amused to note a number of similar terms in the article that were the same as I have been using and ‘just used’ in my postings of late. Similar takes abound and you can find the same dreadful perspectives in every theater of possibility whether it concerns armed conflicts, economies or anything else. Sane and well-informed people in every area of inquiry are saying the same things. Then there’s the unified voice of the global lie machine that’s churning out the confusions that are yet another aspect of the bomb. I hope you have thought deeply on these matters and made what preparations you can. One day soon we’ll be talking about what happened when the bomb went off, or maybe not.

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The Dudleys - Craig & Lane said...

anonymous doesn't exist due to their fear but don't know that yet.
i read your site every new post and enjoy how you string words together as well as which ones you choose.
unfortunately i also agree with what you see.

Anonymous said...

Les ! What you might be talking about and you would know more about this than I would, is a comming event on Nov 22nd, in which a mass demonstration in 38 cities around the US.

This coincides with the bringing of the US Un english speaking riot squad of the 3rd Army to the shores of bedded down put me to sleep sheople.

The communicae didn't mention what cities or didn't even ask me if I cared to attend their family get together, [it's all family you know].

Now this gathering of the family to finally after all these years to let Mr Bush know for once and for all who the boss is who the hell is really running this show, comes a little late in the game for me to think the the sheople have finally taken their heads out of their ass and are going to save America.

My summation is this the planned get together which brought the Un english speaking riot squad of the 3rd army to the shores of the sheople to start with.

They aren't here "just in case there are a few fleeing away from the flock" they are here because they know there is going to be a demonstration for our fearless leader to say oh,oh i told you so.

Enjoy the knew founded Corporate law.


Anonymous said...

Well, there's a quite a mystery wrapped in a riddle encased in an enigma with ol' Les Visible here.
Arrested thrown in prison and "other places" so many times -serendipitous pardons, acquittals -FBI file and wanted posters. Living in Germany or east of her. It would be instuctive and entertaining to hear the story of our virtual correspondent but I'm sure there is a reason why we wont. Keep the columns coming please. You echo many of my deeper fears and intuitions about what is to come and how in an instant it will all be "too late" as I for one still inhabit one of the mega cities of the US.
Best Wishes

Axis xountry ?

italy or probably Germany ?

, this area in this axis country saw none of it.

I’m not out to save my own ass. If that were the case I would not have been arrested and thrown in prison and other places so many times over the years. Strangely enough, I have no record at all now due to serendipity in respect of pardons and acquittals and things generally working out. I know that the FBI has quite a file on me and a wanted poster that I always wanted to have but for some reason the Freedom of Information Act hasn’t worked for me. Maybe I wasn’t insistent enough. I have heard that it would not be a good idea for me to return to the U.S. while Diet Hitler-Lite is still in power and… the last time I was there I was just able to get out of the country… it almost didn’t happen.

Monique said...

Would you mind sharing where this place is in Europe?

Anonymous said...

Hi Les.

The essay of wolfe's you mentioned is from a book called "The Pump House Gang".

If I remember correctly, it is about the effect overcrowding has on social animals.

here is the link to amazon:

Kevenj said...

Aw, c'mon Les,
Chin up man!

I know you, along with myself and your fellow readers, are concerned and
tense about the upcoming Vikings/Bears game this Sunday.1PM ET.Your local FOX SPORTS station.

If Orton and Forte can get their shit together this time we can show those hoodlums from over the river they can't come to OUR house
and throw stones!

Visible said...

actually both homes are in former axis countries. One is in very south west Germany near Basel Switzerland and the other is in the heel of the boot of Italy.

Tales of my arrests and other adventures can be found in the archives of Visible Origami under the title of "Travelogues" with various subtitles. There are six of them.

Anonymous said...

Your article reminds me of the Mel Gibson movie “Signs”. If you have not seen it, I would recommend it for the message it brings and also the humor in it.

In short, the wife dies in a car accident and on her deathbed, so to speak, she tells her husband (Mel) some things that he doesn’t understand at the time but saves the day in the end, and although it saves the day in the end, they still have to go through what they have to go through with all the decisions, hopelessness, and doubts. That’s as far as I’ll go so I don’t ruin it should you decide to rent it.

I was certainly not plugged into the ways of the world when we moved to our rural area but in hindsight, it’s a good place to be. We are quite a ways from any main highway or city and that will be a good thing. Lot’s of farming in our area and lot’s of Amish, some of whom we have come to know. The average size of a lot is over 5-10 acres—farms run generally a few hundred acres. Lot’s of rolling hills and woodland, most groundhog shots don’t travel over 300 yards. Deer are plentiful. We had an ice storm a few years back and although they opened up the high school as an emergency shelter, only a few people showed up. You could hear the generators running from most houses and life went on. The power was off from 7-10 days depending on where you lived in the county. Had a wind storm that knocked out power this summer and the same thing…people just went on about their lives. No news coverage from the major-city TV channels…no real story because people didn’t panic and were prepared to take care of themselves.

The other side of things is that there are very few people in the know as to how the world works and what is coming. Religion is very big down here with mainly Amish and Mennonites. The Amish are pretty cool, at least the ones we know. The Mennonites on the other hand are kinda’ Amish-Lite and have a real superiority about them. We went to a Mennonite church years ago and I have to say, we made the bible studies more interesting for them. They have a big non-violence thing but wouldn’t hesitate to call the cops to put a few rounds into an intruder. I also brought up the fact that if they were really serious about non-violence, they would stop paying their taxes, go to prison, and thereby get their hand out of funding wars---there were no takers. They are the ones I fear down here as the ones who will be the eyes and ears…ratting people out cuz jesus told them too. Lot’s of them in the banking business too but they didn’t quite seem to get the “not lending money at interest thing” from the bible. Lot’s of Obama and McCain signs in yards too and that should scare anyone.

We are where we are for a reason (including in here at smokingmirrors) although I couldn’t tell you what that is exactly. The best-laid plans can often turn on a dime and nothing is as we thought it would be—nor will it be in the future.

We will be able to protect ourselves, and feed ourselves, better than most, but I keep having this other thing pop up in my thoughts. What do we do with the wanderers who come down the road starving and thirsty? What do we do for the young girls and boys who will fall prey to what evil is around the next turn? They won’t be a picture in a magazine of a starving child in Africa that you can turn the page to get away from…they will be very real. Every mouthful of food we give away is one less for us to keep going on, whatever “going on” means at that point.

What does the word “survive” mean? What are willing to do, or not do, to survive?

How I think or hope things go will not happen. Life has a way of doing that to you. I suppose my answer is that we will do what we have to do, and what we are led to do, and hopefully we will do it with honor.

I would say that we will meet again, but I think we have met before………………..


kikz said...

our chance at leaving w/any assets intact expired round '02.

if we have to.. we'll make for the northern border in the spring.

there really is nowhere to run, and hasn't been in a long time.

Anonymous said...

Finland? I reckon it's Finland.

BTW you should equate London to New York, everything about them is different, other than their 'big-citiness'.

London is, especially by comparison to all major American cities, quite safe. I live in an area that would be regarded as the worst place to live but it's not a bad place at all.

I hope you're wrong about community cohesion missing in big cities. I think Londoners (and New Yorkers) react well to a crisis. A crisis makes us forget all the shit that keeps us apart in regular times.

I hope you're wrong too in the general thrust of this post, although I can feel the weight of dread too. This has been a decade of dread and fear and hate.

AWGB said...

I was a Canadian, living on the Eastern US seaboard in 2006, and I had to get out of the US. There were some amazingly hospitable people in America, but it was like living inside a giant machine. Something just felt 'off'. I had trouble getting into the merican fear of 'the other' - the Latino, the African American, the foreigner. I've been abroad in recent months, paying visits to Italy and Switzerland. I think Switzerland will be ok. It is a completely different world up around St. Gallen, Lendzerheide and Davos.

America entered a new era on October 1st with the 500,000 troops imported from Iraq, all shellshocked and effed up, to patrol the streets in preparation for impending doom. The doom clock is ticking. Many people sense a quickening. I hear what you're saying.

Anonymous said...

Somehow, i get the feeling that what the world is experiencing now, it has experienced in the past numerous times, only then we didn't have the state sanctioned disinfo outlets like FUXD and CNN to blab out nonsense 24/7 to keep us rats jumping around like we were snorting some of that Rabbi approved Kosher meth from Agriprocessors.

And it will happen again, in the future, if the KIng Ratz in DC, London and Tel Aviv don't fuckup Big Time and set off nukes.

Something similar is going on with Mother Nature.

Some prefer to keep their heads in the sand about climate change, but I can observe with my own two eyes what's going down and it's not going good.

Maybe all of the insults we've heaped on Mother Earth over the centuries has finally pissed her off to the point that she's starting to regard us like two-legged dinosaurs and we all know what happened to those creatures.

In a way, we're like those extinct creatures, stomping with our massive feet eveything in sight and dropping large piles of shit everywhere we go.

If we do get wiped from the pages of time, my money's on Mother Earth to finally get rid of our sorry asses and not the narcissistic, self-indulgent and violent race of humanoid gorillas that currently have the reins of power.

Anonymous said...


I too enjoy reading your articles and want to tell you that you are doing a great job at trying to warn people of the darkness under the deep.

I also do my part in sharing news stories from many of these websites to friends and aquaintances of mine. Some people are not too keen on receiving the information though.

For example, I have a sister that lives in London; she was born over there, while I was born in the Caribbean; she is up in arms with me for sending her this type of information. She says that I am always so negative.

As a result of this, I have stopped sending her the stuff and she has not sought to communicate with me since then.

Just to substantiate what you and many other courageous folks like Alex Jones who go beyond the call of duty to awaken the sleeping mass of humanity have been saying; it has dawned on me since the 9/11 event that all of those tragedies had to have been staged.

Why I feel so strongly that they have been? If you check and see who the victims are; they are always ordinary folks or if prominent individuals, they were under the microscope of the authority for extermination.

When the evil folks like Bush, Cheney and all the other bigwigs on the various commissions like Wall Street, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission etc, become eliminated in these events, then I will be able to come to another conclusion.

Another interesting example I can site is 'acts of nature', so-called. Are these really acts of nature? Why is it that whenever there is an earthquake, no matter where in the world, you don't ever hear a politician getting killed as a result? Check and see for yourself; it is always poor folks who die in these acts of nature.

And when I read about the american technology called HAARP and about the use of thermo-nuclear devices that can trigger tsunamis; I was even more convinced.

Only God can tell me that these so-called acts of nature are indeed true acts of nature.

Les, we all love and respect you brother; keep up the good works. Your efforts here are not in vain.


D.L. said...

Les, I've been saying get out of the cities for over a year now!

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

Another outstanding post. Be glad you don`t live in America.

I wish I could join you in Europe.

Anonymous said...

Howdy Les,
At least the oct 14 giant ufo didn't (duh) show up in Alabama.
Don't get me wrong; I admit the reality of ufos. Hell, my own Dad (rip) had inside info on Roswell
in 1947, but I thought it hilarious that all these people were getting worked up on YouTube over what some dumb woman "channeled".
I watched that video about the WRH,
and was amazed at how EXACTLY the same thing, with the same corporate names and NGOs is happening here.
I wonder how long or bad it has to get before we come together in the streets with the pots and pans?
Watch what Uncle Abe gets "outraged" over next, then whatever
current act of "antisemitism" it is, you can bet it will be a source of truth in some way.
Chutzpa gets them every time.
They have to brag!
Hebrew words in a Brooklyn cemetery
that didn't even have to be said.
High levels of radiation coming from the Israeli Embassy!
That's why I have never wrote an
email off to the ADL- they're serious as a heart attack over there. Serious like rabid wolverines that is. Hope I never have to fuck with one....

Anonymous said...

Wow Les, lovely environment you hang out in! I ofter dream of Europe and Lebanon, is too like home for me.

jj, gone with the wind "watched it over and over for years now" is a great classic and gives some very good depictions of war 'civil' the trials and tribulations and all that goes with em; on the home front being intense...I reckon depending on the folks involved is how one may fare. Mostly communities care for their own and occasionally a bleeding heart or two will step outside the box for others.

greg, u r right about mother nature...physics one of my favs proves the state of affairs on this planet...multitasking is a must in the truth realm

anon, re: sis in london...typical...and who is she gonna run to for the dirt on what to do next when she is smack dab in the middle of serious sure it will be you! Siblings;cant live with em "a lot of the time" and cant shoot em... thank god my children are not shallow like such...

P. S. am working on offing the zero's in the derivatives that the major Nations out there are nationalizing banking we can then get down to the nitty gritty...simultaneously, black ops... must stave off zion though 'no war in ME...'crap, we are in a pickle...

P.S.S. Les, holding down the fort here in America, hang in there and enjoy what you can!

Anonymous said...

I only found your website a few weeks ago and I find it a peaceful place, a wise place, and one where I feel I can express myself without being attacked. Thanks.
You're right about America. It is a very weird vibe. I escaped a number of times- to the backwoods of Canada for a long time, and to Belize a couple of times. Some strange karma or something keeps me having to come back. I'm now in a small town in West Texas (since March when I again left Belize) where it's quiet and pleasant;But, the feeling here is that the people (I don't know many) are totally clueless. Maybe they are better off because none of the things we talk about that are about to explode seeme to have impinged here. But there are signs. The town has shrunk over the last 20 or 30 years population wise. There is a large County courthouse in the center of town surrounded by wide streets and 90% closed and empty stores. It's on it's way to being a ghost town. But it it a major farming area so there is always an income- people just drive 25 miles to a larger town for all the fast foods, wal-marts, etc.
So I wonder what will happen to a place like this after the fall? And yes, I sometimes feel just paranoid (C.Manson said total paranoia is total awareness) but all the signs are there for some kind of collapse,conflagration, war, polar shift, asteroid strike, iceage, drought, famine, epidemic- or some or all of the above. Trouble is I've been waiting for this for about 30 years! ( I'm 62 but with a 30 year old mind and a 45 year old body). So, I say, let's get it over with, or as our fearless idiot Leader said, "Bring it on!".
I'm tired of waiting and running and preparing and checking the internet every day to see "if today's the day". I'd just like to either get through it and maybe have some years of peace,....or not. It would be a real bummer to not see what happens, especially if there is no real awareness in the next life, if any, or if I would give a s--t anyway at that point.
Oh well, thanks for the writing space. I'll check in tomorrow- if there is one.

Anonymous said...

Hey Les...your place sounds so nice! Do you have chemtrails there?

Visible said...

I don't recall seeing Chemtrails here. In Germany I do.

Anonymous said...

They think we are in general a stupid lot and toy with our minds.
They didn't really need to bring in the brigade, people are already blowing their brains out over foreclosures and/or financial loss. And today, they've got another huge drop in the market because we're not consuming enough. The human interest stories alone are tales of the truth. Like that man in north LA who plotted and carried out the execution of his entire family, all his children had been named for Gods. Little Ganesha, age 15, found on the floor. It is to weep. And this past Sunday, that whole area went up in a wall of flames which only last month saw the worst commuter train collusion in SoCal history, ending 25 lives. The investigators quarrel still, was it the engineer text messaging or was it a tech signal failure? Or is it karma...

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your article reminds me of the Mel Gibson movie “Signs”. If you have not seen it, I would recommend it for the message it brings and also the humor in it."
What an insightful and informing post.
This posited things in my mind that I didn't know I needed, which also, the Fact of it- helped me know more.
(heh heh- weird, but Somehow I intuit Les knows what I mean by this post)

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way. I've been trying to get my wife to wake up for years now, but it seems she's one of those that wants to wait until the collision occurs. The good news is, I think she's actually beginning to hear the train. The bad news is, I think it will be too late to get out after the collision. We have two young boys (8 & 12) and I don't think it's safe for any of us to be here. My anxiety level is off the charts.
Any suggestions on how to get your wife to open her eyes?

Anonymous said...

Greg bacon---
Nice blog, put me up on an angle I may neglect, Good Job.
Les, I had the thought that we need to (we- being all the humans who blog, comment etc..who just want peace and equality) to connect,
and in this connection lies power.
to go beyond the sometimes Commercial, sometimes Ideological
ONLY type of connection, to be a conscious linking... by US.
Please.. if I am saying this wrong,
use the INTUIT function.
WE need to promote a linking of ALL information sources that have the same spiritual goals regardless
of religion or what have you.
The start of the Great linking Of Like Minds, if you will.
All Blogs, ALL Social Networking
sites who have the same Goals.
Common decency, equality and economics for ALL of Earth's inhabitants, INCLUDING non human
There is A REASON I went through the Bullshit I have in my life,
and LES Through His, and YOU through Yours, and this blog seems to be a nexus for a certain amount of like minded people- Normal non violent, peace loving people- who more resemble a common house cat
than, in intents and ambitions,
the majority of the Worlds Elite and Governing factions-
So we need to connect on an organized level.
Just this day my consciousness was
raised a level or two by les' blog and by the comments I've read.
Do you see the pattern?
Do you see the pattern by which we evolve to be the breaking point against which evil fragments?
It is US, the Collective (for want of a better/different term at the moment) and we have the capacity to organize in such a way that WE can recognize if our ranks (words, expressed, that mean only to promote real equality, freedom,
and giving/taking care of those less blessed) are subverted from within our own collective.
NOW, before they subvert this digital platform which seems to have been given us, by the God of peace.. WE have to act.
I mean, if we don't use what has been given us in the most efficient
way we can, given the magnitude of
the horror of this World, whch WE
now find ourselves part of...
What can we say?
Here is OUR common Ken. (old term, I've remembered since a kid)
We have individual Kens and Common Kens, and Les hsa served as a nexus
for a particular Group of particular people , as have others
(anonymous another!).
I will start my own Blog, and I will link to as many like minded blogs, sites as I can.
If I can't write something original,
I'll post something that Les has wrote, or Rivero has wrote, or Rense or, or, or,.
But the linking here is the strategy.
I didn't want ot get a face book(?)
deal, but I'm going to now, just for ONE MORE LINK.
This is the POWER "they've" put in oue hands, but which WE haven't utilized to it's fullest advantage.
PLEASE, give what I'm saying here some thought.
This is my longest comment for a reason.
God works through US, the Les than perfect, drug addicted, screwed up,
ex convicts, next door neighbor,
abused kids of this WORLD.
We have those wjo we see daily, and those with whom WE have a Collective Voice.
Sorry, but It almost seemed like Something was driving me to say what I said.

Anonymous said...

OH, for those that have the ability
of Exstrapol/intuit ( and thereby know a little more)..
My deal is I am a musician like Les,
in that we both express ourselves through a common medium.
I LIKE his stuff (because it is so different than my way, in the same way I love Johnny Cash. les is visceral in his writing and singing,
and I'm more.. I don't know. a little different)
ANYWAY, I'm more active now, because I feel a need to be so.
You may think me insane, but I PAY
ATTENTION to how my cats act!
See, I don't have the abilities that they have(find a family (jerks!) who abandoned them, 1000's
of miles away, ability to know when storms are going to hie, etc..)
So I shelve any bullshit other than what I can rely on, and I use that
for reliable info.
Alright nix all the aforementioned

I read another "anon" accounting of their experience , and instead of just doing the usual, I Noticed
that I just became Smarter.
I don't know, I guess it's a change
that was meant to come to me at this time. SEE long post: we need to do this, NOW.

Anonymous said...

You might want to go to the bathroom and grab a sandwich on the way back—this may be a long one. ALL EMPLOYEES MUST WASH HANDS BEFORE RETURNING TO WORK—

Having been on the trail since shortly after 911, it’s hard to look at what the “average” person is going to do when, and if, the shit hits the fan. I suppose it depends on how much shit and how big the fan is. Or, is there no fan, just a slow, quiet meat grinder? It’s being cranked by hand…no whirring motor, no hint that the pile that you are sitting on is being ground up slowly not too far under your feet.

Are the real people in charge dumb enough to give people something that they can rally around, and how many will even know that there is a rally point? THEY employ so many sociologists and psychologists, they have charted every time everyone on earth farts. They have dumbed-down the population through decades of public education, hours in front of a controlled media, and reliance on the government and religion that most people are simply incapable of making any sort of decision let alone forming an opinion on anything. We in America are a nation of “Listen To The Experts, you are incapable of critical thought”…and it might give you a headache….so leave it to the experts.

I don’t know how many people are seeing anything other than what they are fed and I guess a shit sandwich and a can of cool piss is what they are told it is.

I keep wondering why nothing else has happened since 911 here in the good ol’ USA….It can’t be that W and the dick haven’t wanted to…what, or who, has been holding them back? It all leads to the same place, and the same people who have always lurked in the shadows, and they have shown their patience for a long time. Will they lose that patience, will someone, somewhere, call their bluff, maybe break out on their own? I have said that the king wants to be King of Kings--doesn’t look so far like the King of America wants to get into a pissing match with the real big Johnson—circumcised or not.

I so often read peoples comments telling us “Americans” that we should do something about our government when there is really nothing to do. How easy is it for you to get close to your President, Prime Minister, or local dictator? ( OFFICIAL DISCLAIMER: to have a chat with them)

What do any of them have in common with us? Or, for that matter, what do you have in common with people who don’t have a clue about what is going on?

I wish I could say that people here are pissed enough to “do something” but my guess is that even though the whore of government and religion is being seen in the light of day with no makeup, full of scabs, and needle marks, there is more of a sadness in people….perhaps “dejected” is a better word over the whore they once thought was going to keep them warm and happy for the rest of their lives….but it’s the only whore they have and she has taken all of their money and dignity…hey, how about a freebie for old times sake?

I keep reading a lot on the net and elsewhere about the upcoming race riots that will, or will not happen, if, and when nothing, or something happens…or doesn’t happen—which is how most of this NWO stuff goes, or doesn’t go, or might go, or how it didn’t go in the past or may or may not go in the future—I have this from a reliable source!!

I guess that old whore just had a ham shoved in and the bone pulled out…see, good as new!! When Jesse Jackson makes the news …..well, speaking of old whores……….

So, do they just keep slowly turning the oxygen supply down…the burner slowly up…or will they storm the gates? After all these years of wondering, all these years of crawling down the rabbit hole, I’m beginning to wonder if I really give a shit any more….but,

I do want to stay and see the end of the movie…. jj

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 10:30PM:

Did you read "Are You Driving or Being Driven"? Please copy and paste this link into your browser and have a serious look at your situation:

peace, nina

Anonymous said...

You got of the peoples republik of america. You lucky dawg. I wouldn't come back. The divine source will look after your people. I had a chance to go to Southeast Asia with my dad a few years ago and went with some stupid job instead well now the job is gone and I'm regretting it.

DalGuy said...

If you happen to discover the entrance to the wormhole before I do, please send me the location. I am ready.

P.S. Thanks for your very excellent blog, its the best! I makes me think.

Anonymous said...

All that needs be done is for all to buy enough food for a couple of weeks, remove your notions of value from the banks, then simply down tools. When the controllers (your boss, your bosses boss...right up to the tip of the pyramid) threaten and demand your return to subservience, you must simply demand the return of the land without the conjured debt that enforces servitude. Turn over a rock and find whose name under it? Nobodies!!! More than enough land to go around, but in this world ALL land is stolen. Notions of ownership of anything not created with one's own two hands appall me.

Anonymous said...

I was in the presence of the moon last night
And the full reflection went around the world

It was a reflection of sharing

It was not the news of the day
But the unraveling of the life that we share
Before us

The abyss
The light
Not something in between
But within

I felt a laughter
A smirk

A connection

The smirk went contagious
To wherever you are-been-will be

It was a knowing
A genuflection
Not Sanctified
Not Certified

Not just words
A synergy of poetry in motion—the seen and the unseen
But felt
Rolling gently
Smooth and warm

It was laughing
We laughed with it

It was enough
It was ALL


Anonymous said...


Love your stuff. Have been hooked for several months on a referral from
We left the USA in 2000 and settled in rural Portugal. Life here hasn't changed for decades and will survive whatever comes down in the future. I commute 20 minutes to a town of 3,000 every day but live in an agricultural countryside where most people grow a good portion of their food. Combined with a great sense of community and helping each other out, we will weather out the storm. Life will necessarily be simpler, but also richer with increased personal relationships and an increase in personal responsibility and honesty. If you are not true to your word and treat others unfairly in the post "big event" times, then you will be excluded and on your own. I just need to get a decent deisel generator and a 50 gallon tank of deisel fuel to pull the water up from the well during the three dry months the spring goes dry. I'm preparing for the possibilty that the electric company will fail if things get real bad. Outside of that, life won't be too much different than the one we chose to live 8 years ago. The rest of life's necessities can be bartered through exchange of servces and goods. My mother tells me this is how they got along during the depression of 1929 in North Dakota. She looks back fondly on those times.

Americans in America need to do one thing now before it's too late. Get a passport. By the time you know it's time to go, you won't have time to get one. Life is going to be different, but you will have many more options if you are out of the country. There are literally tens of thousands of us who left long ago. You won't be alone and the expat community is strong.

Kevenj said...

Randall , I think you've got something there !

"There is A REASON I went through the Bullshit I have in my life and LES Through His, and YOU through Yours.."

So I can die with dignity after I've worked till I'm 69 yrs old, from paying alimony, child support, drug rehap bills, hospital bills ,outrageous tax bills and the weekly McDonald's tab (the manager likes me). Right? Or is it to just piss off my ex?

"Just this day my consciousness was
raised a level or two.."

Mine too. I found a twenty in the parking lot! Party!

"If I can't write something original,
I'll post something that Les has wrote.."

Me too! Plagiarism is sooo under-rated.

"God works through US, the Les than perfect, drug addicted, screwed up,
ex convicts, next door neighbor,
abused kids of this WORLD."

I am SO glad I am not one of them! I know God's gonna bless me cause I helped donate to the church's annual 'Pastor's new car' campaign last year!
Praise god!
I'm hoping for a shiny new red truck.


(seriously Randal -that was very good!)

"The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitude of mind."
-William James

Anonymous said...

Do we take the blue pill or the red pill?

What do we do when the shit hits the fan? Answer = Duck.
How I wish it were that easy…
My daughter came home last night from her YI group (Youth initiative) it’s a young Christian based youth group that organises activities for young people in the area and keeps them off the streets and out of trouble. She is sixteen years old and has a keen interest in youth work. With YI being a Christian group, it was only a matter of time before the inevitable question would pop up…. “Are you ready to give your life to God?” Well, last night she came home and sat beside me, I was doing my usual rounds of the truth seekers, smoking mirrors, WRH, Sott and so on.
“Dad…she said…. We have a decision to make” Who has, I asked. “Me and some of the girls in the group” she said. “Humm, said I, so you have to decide if you want the RED pill, or the BLUE pill.” Her eyes near popped out of her head as she pulled a small paper bag from her pocket containing a red sweet and a blue sweet. “How did you know that?” she asked.
Actually, I don’t know how I knew, but I put it down to God.
The important thing is this. We are all now faced with the same dilemma. Do we take the blue pill and wake up in our beds tomorrow morning believing whatever we want to. Or do we take the red pill, stay in wonderland, and see how deep this rabbit hole goes???
At around 7pm this evening I asked my daughter which one she had decided on, thinking she had made her decision. “I haven’t decided yet” she said. I was somewhat surprised, but pleased with her answer. To me, it meant that she was pondering the idea with a certain maturity, seldom seen, in people of her age group. Most 16 year olds would have just jumped right in with whatever everyone else was doing so as not to appear different. I would guess that most of us here are well passed the age of 16-teen and I wonder would we, do we, have the same presents of mind to think before we jump, head first, into the rabbit hole. We may not have any choice in the weeks and months ahead, but it would certainly be a good idea to be thinking about the consciences if we do. I think it depends on what we ‘think’ the rabbit hole is, or where it leads. If it is simply a case of survival in the event of war, or massive roundups and arrests brought on by civil disturbance, then maybe we should consider getting out of the big cities. However, running to the hills after shouting our mouths off and telling everyone else to stand up and fight is hardly the honourable thing to do. If that’s what this is all about then we should keep our heads down and our mouths shut. We can’t stand and run at the same time. (((I am not talking about Les or any particular person commenting on this blog; I believe Les is doing a good job. The people I am talking about are the gun-ho types who pop in and want to kill all round them, yet they are nowhere to be seen when the shooting starts.))) If it’s about surviving a war and the possibility of food shortages, then maybe we should do as some people have suggested and get out of town and stock up on provisions. Maybe get a big gun and shoot anyone who comes within a mile of our property… jj asks, among other things, what do we do when we see the hungry and the thirsty coming down the road looking for help. Well jj, we can be like the greedy bastards that got us into this mess in the first place and keep all are goodies for ourselves, or we can share with those less well-off than ourselves. I have lived through a “civil war” (smaller scale) and 30 years of conflict and at one point, no electric for a while. We had to do our cooking out doors. This was in the middle of Belfast city. One of the things that amazed me the most was how people pulled together and shared their food, homes, laughter and pain. Maybe people are different with the “ME ME, I I” attitude that exists today, but then I could be wrong. Ordinary everyday people have something the rich and powerful will never have and it’s called decency. We have been ‘tuned’ by Hollywood and the likes to believe that everyone turns into monsters in times of civil unrest and that we need to survive at all costs, any cost. It’s a lie; it’s what they would want us to do, because it’s what they would do. When the shots rang out in Belfast you ducked. When the bombs went off you did the same thing. If it has your name on it, then there is nothing you can do about it. (don’t mean to sound callous, I lost relatives and close friends in the troubles, but that’s how it happens) If someone tries to kill you, naturally you will try to defend yourself, to what extent, is up to you. I have learnt the best form of defence is truth and love; it has a tendency to break down the walls of fear that makes us defensive and afraid in the first place.

If this is about TRUTH then we must take whatever the rabbit hole throws at us and hold our nerve while all around us are running in all directions looking for somewhere to hide. So what is truth? Truth confined to the pursuit of knowledge alone, is of no value. It’s what we do with it that makes the differences. Truth, to me, demands that we stand up for the poor and oppressed against the system that put them there in the first place. Truth demands that we, who say we want the red pill, should be willing to lay down our lives for the others. Truth means standing up when everyone else is sitting down. Truth recognizes on democracy, it stands on its own, most of the time. They, your own family and a whole lot of others will try to kill you for this, but you will die anyway (inside) if you don’t stand up for the truth. I, personally speaking, do not claim to be in possession of the truth, but I try to follow someone who I think does and He tells me that if I want the truth I must be willing to live with the truth. This means I will have to leave all my baggage at the door and take what comes. Most of you probably know I run a blog that promotes the Catholic Church, but actually, what I try to promote is the teachings of Jesus. I know that the Catholic Church is FUBAR at the moment. St Francis of Assisi had the same problem in his day. He seen the truth and tried to do something about it, it even worked, for a while. Gandhi was another champion. There are people that come along every now and again who try to make a difference in this world. They study the movements and truth of the human heart and mind, not the planets and stars. There is forbidden knowledge out there that we are better of not knowing. It would take a very pure heart indeed to cope with this knowledge and use it for truth and love. It is said and well documented that the Freemasons and the Illuminate are in procession of such knowledge, look where it has gotten them, look where that has got us.
It is said that Truth can mean a whole lot of different things to a whole lot of different people and truth to me may be not be truth to some one else. I don’t believe this and cannot see how people come to this conclusion. “THE TRUTH” is the truth weather we like it or not. I believe that Jesus is the TRUTH, but if I am wrong then I will have to deal with that, but if He is, then no matter what I, or anyone else thinks will change that. I think we get ourselves mixed up when we talk about truth. Truth is not necessarily about what we believe or know or what’s happening to us, though these things have a part to play in the truth. I tend to think the truth is embedded somewhere deep in our hearts and is just there waiting to be remembered and accepted. My red pill (truth) consists of trying to die to the ‘self’, when I remember. It is based on the belief that I am part human and part spirit. The more I die to the human part then the more the spiritual will reawaken. I believe Jesus died completely to self and this is why He was able to do the things He did (miracles) and say the things He said (truth)
I don’t know if any of this is making sense. I am aware of the fact that my past comments may not be in line with what I am now saying, but I find it hard to explain myself and I tend to get a bit defensive when someone knocks Jesus, though I don’t know why, because if He is the truth then He doesn’t need me to defend Him. Please forgive me if I have stood on anyone’s toes here, it was not intentional. I just want give some help. Being a Catholic can be hazardous to ones health when in the Metaphysical playground.
Peace and love.

Anonymous said...

Heres a good piece.
9/11 Bailout: They hate us for our freedoms

Anonymous said...

The financial system is a GIANT joke and completely useless. The American capitalism system is designed for one thing: Getting every single red cent out of your hard earned labor efforts by taxes, fees, usery and whatever other contraptions and pyramid schemes they can think of.

With the useless paper money they issue to us, they in turn buy hard assets and commodities like Gold and Silver. It is nothing more than a circus act and a carefully planned implosion. can anyone tell me what exactly the stock market is for? How many people do YOU personally know that has gotten rich from this scam? I dont know any, I only know people that lost their asses in this debacle.

Look at this little unknown website and their yearly report for 2007. The word QUADRILLION stands out.

I am just a simple, Louisiana country boy but I have enough sense to understand that with all the money figures they are throwing around these past few days, that much money just simply don't exist in the world. It's IMPOSSIBLE. Hello slavery!!

Well, lucky for me I had grandparents and a father that understood that someday I would need all the knowledge I could obtain just to survive. I refuse to get in line like a damn steer and get chipped. Sorry, that shit ain't happening. I live about 30 miles from any other humans DEEP in the Atchafalaya Swamp with lots of guns, fishing equipment and a fast boat. Come and get me. I just want to be left alone, away from the usual idiots who fill the shopping malls, cram the football stadiums and the clowns who still pay $6 for a cup of shit from Starbucks while bitching that the Govt has not helped them out on their mortgage.

One such individual decided to try and embarrass me in the local hardware store recently by saying in a rather condescending tone to me "Hey, you are one of those survivalist guys".

Yeah, asshole. You have something against surviving? Let me know when McDonalds runs out of McRib's, I might give you some food if you can find my house.

Anonymous said...


Beautiful, man. Simply beautiful. That's what I like about this place, the people here get it. They understand the underlying dynamics of the situation, of the world and the way it works, behind the signs. They know that the only way to win this war, is not to fight. Not to be against them, but for ourselves (and everything else.)

Ahhh, it's late and it's hard to be coherent. I wanted to say something of more substance, but I geuss I'll just say this: randall, man, I'm with you, and I hope whatever it is, works, and not because I'm scared (I'm not, really), but because it would be a beautiful thing to see.

Like bluebells blossoming out of a steaming cowflop.

Anonymous said...

Hugo Chavez for President
Outsource your government!

Franz said...


One thing I haven't mentioned is, honest, you attract some of the best feedback on any blog I've seen.

You people are great. Les creates a field of energy that invites excellence and it works surprisingly well.

Also, unfortunately, you're all mostly right.

The fix is in. Somebody really did hit the pedal around the start of October. Felt it all the way here in Ohio.

Last Sunday this really hostile wino my wife's had to run out of the store for theft five, six times was parked on the tarmac of a dead shopping strip in her beat-up ancient Ford Pinto. This was 3 AM. But on each side of the Pinto were machine-punched door signs saying FEMA.

I wasn't a dream. HOPE it wasn't an omen. Made me wonder, tho.

Either FEMA is hiring on a strange new curve these days or that wino has a PLAN.

Anonymous said...

Hi les

talking of the effects of over-crowding on social animals, did you ever come across the rat-heaven experiment? A researcher was looking into the addictiveness of heroin (and cocaine?). The experiments all showed how addictive these substance were, how only very few doses were needed before the rat was completely and irretrievably addicted, preferring a fix to food or water every time. Even when starving or dying of thirst.

The researcher was concerned that the experiments might not be quite valid because of the unnatural conditions in which the rats were kept - lab environments, steel cages, 24hr-light and activity, processed food pellets ectc etc.

So the researcher made a rat-heaven, right amount of space, naturally configured, plants, smells, light, freedom of movement and association, areas the rats could exploit for meeting mating birthing, natural food, etc etc.

The he repeated the long-term, large-number, experiments, with the proper scientific protocols, double-blinds &c. ~The data is unimpeachable.

The results were immediate and unmistakable. 'Clean' rats wouldn't start taking the offered drugs. And 98% (yes 98%) of rats already addicted when introduced, stopped taking the drugs, offered side-by-side with their water, of their own accord, usually after no more than 3 weeks.

The conclusions are obvious. The rationale behind the war on drugs, and social policy, and much more, collapses immediately and irrefutably.

So the research was ignored and suppressed and ridiculed - after all, no money or careers in that!

Look it up if you don't know it. The detail is fascinating

keep on truckin les, and everyone.
It is always darkest before the dawn, but no-one knows what the morning will bring.

Randall said...

Well, I did it, and there ain't much there yet, but after I get some sleep
I'm going to begin to learn html,
and then there will be more.

Anonymous said...

brian 3:12 AM
Wheat from the chaff time Brian.

Anonymous said...

You are correct regarding the need to be out of America, and if you are in America, not to be living in the city. However, as the city runs-out of the life support supplies of food and water, the inner-city populace will leave the cities for the suburbs, and the suburbs will venture into the rural areas. Some countries and areas will fair better than others but when you look at the World as a whole financial arena that is controlled by a unified Central Banking system... you can conclude that there is no place to hide, regardless of where you reside in this row of dominoes.

sockmonkey said...

Invest with the best
Pure 999 = pure 666
I've got my carats
I've got my stick

Anonymous said...

My name is Jim, I'm a smokingmirrors addict.......

Anonymous said...

You´re not alone, you´re never alone. After Armageddon has passed, whether it be famine through plight or war, the like-minded will re group. They are planning to cull the human race. We in the west are given the more humane version, economic but those elsewhere the direct approach. Everwhere I turn, everyone with whom I speak, who has awareness speaks of the illuminati, be it here or in Germany, the original source being Bavaria where I reside,and rather close to Les. Whichever...yes leave Amerika now and you´ll never wish to return other than for a vacation or short visit, because it will set you free, and bring a companion because it can be a lonely experience, but you always have your thoughts and memories. Good luck Amerika....we pray for your safe journey.

notamobster said...

I created one too, Brian.
Les has the username and password for those who need to get it and would like to post an essay. Take a look. I created a GMAIL account with the same username and password, so there can be some comment moderation. Let us know what you think.

faithful forever said...

And I can have faith that my God is who He is no matter where I am, even here in America, the belly of the beast.

Soozie Q

Anonymous said...

Your abode sounds delightful Les, but is there anywhere any of us can really hide from the bomb. I mean unless you're a neo con, and live with your head up your ass and are oblivious to all that goes on around you, is there anywhere we can hide from the reality.

I think, in the final analisys, it is how we deal with it personally that really matters. It seems to me that truth seeking takes a natural course. Something somewhere along the line catches our attention, and leads us to the inescapable conclusion that something is not right. So we begin the search for knowledge, and in the process, run up against our own fear of knowing. At that point we either revert to the bliss of ignorance, and spend the rest of our lives with our fingers in our ears singing la la la la la, or we forge on through the fear. If we forge on, we find that almost everything we know is wrong, or at the very least, not the way we were taught. When the truth dawns on us, when the epiphany hits, the alarms go off and we set out on our quest to inform the masses, only to find that they have their fingers in their ears singing la la la la. Next is confusion. What to do. SOMETHING has to be done, but what. We search, and we find places such as this where there are others that have been through the process, and know, but in the end we are alone, in front of our computers, preaching to the chior. That brings us to here and now. Knowing that the tsunami is comming, and knowing that in reality there is nowhere to hide, how do we choose to deal with it. We either hide in the closet with a bottle rum, or we can stand out on the beach, with the sun on our face and the wind in our hair, and face it head on. Knowledge can be a terrible thing, can't it Les. Personally, I like the beach, but in all honesty, I might take a bottle of rum with me. Peace my friend.

Anonymous said...

Okay it's the next day and I feel I can get something out a little more coherently now.

My own current locator is in the Canadian cottage country, about as far removed from urban density as it's possible to get. There's farms all around, and a few small villages (all but emptied of local businesses, with the economic focus of the community dispersed to surrounding higher-density centers. For all that, there is more of a sense of community there then is left in most large cities....) My own family has land, more than enough for a large garden. When troubles strike, this may well be one of the safest spots to be and still be in North America.

Not so long ago, I was in Tokyo, where'd I'd been living for years. Looking back home, I could see the doomed trajectory things were on ... though at the same time, the midst of the world's greatest metropolis, the capital of a client of the Evil Empire no less, well ... it struck me that wasn't such a great spot to be, either, for who knows what madness shall take ahold of the Japanese when their white anglophone patrons desert them and they are left poor, hungry, and alone? Being a white anglo myself, I didn't much want to stick around to find out.

I'm not more insightful than anyone else. Just lucky. My parents live out here. This is where I grew up, and when I saw the approaching storm, it was my first instinct to run home and take cover.

Ah, well, and here we are and it's all coming to pass. An inferno kindled with the torn up shreds of your constitution is blazing, consuming your economy. The troops are ready to be deployed, the work camps are built, the cameras are in place. Wars started abroad will soon return to devastate your homeland, in spite of your homeland security. Revolution, fascism, and civil war will be the future of your land, and what emerges on the other side....

Well. That fire shall burn itself out in a year or three. By then who knows what sort of earth changes will have been wrought by the shifting climate?

They say this crisis is a crisis of debt, and it is, but not just the debt of banks and credit cards and fiat currencies. No. This is something much greater. A karmic debt that has been building now for millenia is coming due. All those civilizations and cultures our people subjugated, all those fallen civilizations on whose backs we built ours ... well.

It's our turn, now.

Visible said...

Yes... the beach somewhere in the South Pacific is always my sort of place or the Caribbean but I wound up where I wound up.

I don't avoid the cities or anywhere else simply because something 'might' happen. I just don't like crowds and noise. I never made the decision that I had to find somewhere to be safe because life doesn't work like that.

The things I say here have to do with a general sense of things. Sometimes the comments here happen because I couldn't say everything in the world in one post and I left something out that someone thought was important or I sounded an alarm that isn't alarming to someone else. No one is supposed to take what I say as totally comprehensive or some sort of 'one size fits all' proclamation. I just write hoping somehow that some part of it is useful to someone.

I suppose the sense of community is what I am after more than anything else. One commenter mentioned that people in the cities pull together as much as people anywhere. I don't doubt that, that wasn't my point. The point was that where large numbers are congregated the mob factor is amplified. You can have a percentage of people helping and trying to maintain order and quiet fear... however, I have personally seen what happens when crowds go batshit and have been in the middle trying to do just that. We maintained an island in the midst of a frenzy once but the frenzy was all around and luckily we were some distance from the concentrated madness where no calm zone was maintained at all.

I have people with me who aren't equipped to survive that sort of thing so I have put them where they are less likely to experience it. I see the large number of people who think Paris Hilton is hot and whose focus is personal gain and are caught on the glueboards of materialism. I've seen the department stores and malls before Christmas. I haven't seen network TV in years but I remember how it was and what mentality it is geared to. Subsequently, though I know there are a lot of good and conscious people around I have to say they are nowhere near the majority.

I've been in LA and New York and a lot of other places and I've read history too. My take may not be the most precise but I don't think I'm wrong about how a whole lot of people are going to behave if the sugar gets cut off.

Anonymous said...


Did you watch the 3rd U.S Presidential debate and if so
what did you make of the
"Joe the Plumber" remarks?

just wondering.

Anonymous said...

there's Nowhere to hide, and Nowhere to run, Cower as you may, one day They will come.

even out here in the Forest, you can hear the Hunting Dogs baying at Night.

ah, so what to Do? randall wants to get a Linkathon together, take it to the next level as it were. and yeah, i'll support that.

the former is for matters of the Heart and Doul; the latter (Freshly minted) where i'll be dumping the Fear and Loathing induced by Present circumstances.

there's so Much Else, though. we have to unplug from the System: get Independant of its food and water, and stop Feeding it with our Attention and Fear. it is there, yes, but so long as it is our Focus, it still Rules us. that's easier Said than done, yes, but it's still Doable.

we need a new kind of Money. money based on Debt and interest will always ultimately do what we're seeing now, today; it's done it a Million Times before, at various scales throughout its history; it does that because that's what it's designed to do. we have to get a New kind of money in Circulation, one that encourages Giving instead of hoarding, one intrinsicly linked to Real Wealth and real Social Relationships; a money that doesn't grow merely by feeding on itself, but grows only with the real wealth of the World, sustained by the web of Community.

we need a new set of Laws, a Code by which any man can Choose to live, and in whose name any other code can be Scoffed at. a law made not by clutches of politicians but a law of the People, an open-source wiki law. law that Any being can edit or Change, that will thus reflect the Unchanging will of All.

these are things i've been thinking about, quite a bit, for some time now. when i get a chance, i will get the wikis set up and present there what i already have (much more on the money, much less on the law.)

most of all, what we need are things that Inspire. shining a Light in the darkness might seem dangerous when it's stalked by Wolves and Jackals, but the lost, too, will be drawn to it. draw Enough together, and the wolves don't need to be fought; they'll Slink Away of their own accord, in search of easier prey.

and then we can all get on to the Real Work: becoming People worth Being, in a World worth Living in.

Visible said...

I'm watching the debate this very minute and I'm about 2/5th through it. I've seen the Joe the Plumber rap but I haven't seen the exchange with Obama and him. I think it's more of the same bullshit; grab an image and pound away at the image as if the image were the totality of all affected voters. Joe the Plumber; sorry to be saying this, sounds like just the kind of ignorant out for himself American that voted for Bush, that thinks there's an Al Qaeda and that Bin Laden did 9/11 and wants to put people in jail for exercising their right to get high instead of drunk.

Anonymous said...

Greg, your posts here are always very interesting to me. I saw this one last night and went to dreamland meditating on how time and seasons came to be, thinking about cycles and how they were initially observed and how humans began to anticipate actions following observation.

"Black Elk, Oglala Sioux Holy Man
You have noticed that everything as Indian does is in a circle, and that is because the Power of the World always works in circles, and everything tries to be round..... The Sky is round, and I have heard that the earth is round like a ball, and so are all the stars. The wind, in its greatest power, whirls. Birds make their nest in circles, for theirs is the same religion as ours....
Even the seasons form a great circle in their changing, and always come back again to where they were. The life of a man is a circle from childhood to childhood, and so it is in everything where power moves."

My point is that we've been here before. Everybody knows this already, right? We're just a work in progress, as painful and disruptive as it is, but it has a certain beauty that appears to get mostly ignored when you are the one getting slaughtered.

The raptors eat the rabbits round the clock. Lizards eat the moths alive, etc.

All that has really happened is China likely put out a margin call on western war financing, like a shylock would, and we're forced to hustle into the amero. But when we are the ones inside of the cycle its hard to anticipate where we'll go from here.
And we can't see evolution from the inside because our sense of time has been "instantized" into mere human lifespans and powerful self-interested agendae.
We only use 10% of our brain. At some point that percent definitely will be observed to have expanded. But not right now. We're still in winter, but spring always follows.

(I know, Les says this so much better.)

Anonymous said...

Looks like WRH has a link where old Joe the Plumber is exposed as a Repub plant. Worth the quick read..I got a chuckle with McCain's.."This is about who you can trust"....true, but it's neither of them.


Anonymous said...

Just heard msnbc saying Joe the plumber won the debate.

Shall we take that as a sign? hahaha

Anonymous said...

To Notamobster Q:No access for us in your comment input box? Could you consider adding the option for Name/Url ID's Please?

Anonymous said...

Les, your writing is eye opening, something that should be carried as a weekly column in some snooty neo-con periodical to boil the gall in the gullets of the imbeciles, but all the same, what the hell are you doing with two homes in two different parts of the world? Are you some renegade elitist on the run, or just a very fortunate person amidst a world chock-a-block full to the top of miserably unfortunate souls? Peace be with you...

Visible said...

One house belongs to my consort's mother and one house belongs to my consort. I don't own a home. I don't actually own anything except my musical instruments and this computer with the various recording accessories. I have some clothes and and we have two cars so I drive one of them; a '95 Golf (Color Concept) Diesel. I live by grace pretty much and the generosity of those whose company I fell into. At other times, in the US I had jobs and cars and musical instruments but never very much of anything, I don't care about things. If I had a steady source of Ketamine I don't think I could think of anything I wanted. You live without things long enough and you pursue invisible things and after awhile you find that there really isn't very much worth having.

notamobster said...

masher1 - I have it enabled for anyone to comment, aside from that... you'd have to email me, cuz I don't know how to use all the various accoutrement of the blogosphere...

By the By, anyone who feels like contributing to the "brushfire" can ask less for the userid and password. I figured he's a better judge of character than I am. I only ask that you don't turn off comment moderation or delete other people's writings, without discussing it with them first. I want several people to be able to log in to the blog and the email account and moderate. That way when it takes off, it won't be too labor intensive for any one person. A true collective effort!

Anonymous said...

I am a stunned unit i was looking at Randall's blog

My tabitude was a smige cluttered in Da fox and was confused on the source for that post about Walston's videos at TGLFPP That question was for him.

Sorry for the error.

Randall said...

Masher1, got around to finding the editing function for that, and it's now where it should be.
You guys know what?
I ALMOST wish a definitive event would just happen already; almost.
I'm getting tired of the suspense.
One thing I'm gonna do is make a
yard sign with my cnc router just
in case Martial Law (when?) gets imposed that states:
You Took an Oath to Defend the Constitution not an Administration!
Make 'em maybe rethink what their
mission objective really is about.

Anonymous said...

Martial Law is an act of war against the people!!


Anonymous said...

A definitive event is going to take place very, very shortly. So hold onto your shorts. The planned communist demonstrations in 38 cities across the US will give the states their necessary agenda to support the Administration instead of the Constitution.


Anonymous said...

Hey all, just a quick note. I've got one of the wiki's I mentioned earlier online.

It's just a top-page with a few paragraphs explaining what I'm on about (creating a free currency.) Quite a bit more to follow, as soon as I get my notes in a position to present them to the world.

It's a wiki, so if anyone would like to participate in the project, either let me know here or leave a comment on my blog.

Randall said...

Ah, man, I look at what I just wrote,
and think, it's just more bullshit that doesn't make a difference, in any way.
I mean it doesn't. ALL my commenting
is bullshit idealism, and I'm one that tries to be rational.
I say read notamobster for some real
stuff thats gonna aid you and yours right now.
I mean, I try to put something in perspective, but what does it come down to?
What he advises, and take heart in it.
Do what you can with what you have.
Can't hurt if nothing happens.

Anonymous said...

Just had a look at TGLFPP. Fantastic. Keep it up, man.

Anonymous said...

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Look up consort in
Wiktionary, the free dictionary.

A consort is a spouse or companion, often of royalty or a deity, sometimes slightly inferior in function/status.

* Queen consort, wife of a reigning king
* King consort, husband of a reigning queen
* Prince consort, alternative title for husband of a reigning queen
* Princess consort, alternative title for wife of a reigning king

In Canada

* List of Royal Consorts of Canada, spouses of Canadian monarchs

In China

* Consort clan, family of the Chinese Emperor's wife or mother
* Imperial consorts of Tang China (618-907)

In the United Kingdom

* List of British consorts, spouses of British monarchs

In religion

* Radha, consort of Krishna
* Sita, consort of Rama
* Parvati, consort of Shiva
* The female partner in tantric yab-yum

Consort may also refer to:

* Consort of instruments, archaic term for instrumental ensembles
* Consort beagles, a British animal rights campaign
* Consolidated Standards of Reporting Trials (CONSORT), reporting standards for clinical trials

"We cannot, and will not allow a consort gap"
Gen. Buck Turgidson
Dr. Strangelove

and me with just a


Kevenj said...

"An inferno kindled with the torn up shreds of your constitution is blazing, consuming your economy.

Psyc (&others)-

Such gloom& Doom mates!

As long as we have a few good cold ones in the fridge and a couple slim jims things are gonna be alright, eh? Pass one over here eh? Hell it's gotta be noon SOMEWHERE, right?

That and Monday Night Football-
it goes without saying we'll need that too...


Anonymous said...

Almonds and olives.Axis country. Obviously Italy.
Two seas. Yeah I imagine there are Albanian bandits down there now.... just used to be the locals when I got robbed south of Bari!
Well keep the columns coming while you can. I have a feeling when the Next String of Events come and the power goes out the Internet might go down. Shortwave radio the only alternative.
You can see it in everyone's face, the testiness, the jumpiness, the rude drivers, the panic buying and clean-out of all the coin stores of silver and gold and brisk sales of guns n ammo... they know something really bad is about to happen. Yeah we'd have wolf-packs of gang members and "youths" roving about, breaking in and sticking a gun at yr head to open yr gun or fire safe.

notamobster said...

Randall, you're doing a fine job sir. If only one person reads something you have written and it sparks the fire... you have succeeded. "I may not change the world, but I will influence the mind that does".

I may not be the one who lights the fire of the mind that changes the world. You may not either. Les might not be. Nobody - for all his genius may not be. But we offer truth as we understand it. That desire we all have to find the truth... to find justice... burns eternal in man. Some just have barely glowing embers and some a smoldering pile of merely damp leaves, but others (most of us here) have a vibrant and blazing inferno which when contacted will ignite surrounding combustibles. Never deoubt your impact. Most people will never leave a comment. Many will think you're nuts. So what? If they talk about these things and get one person they know to go to the googles, we have all succeeded!

Every wildfire begins with a spark.

Randall said...

Thanks Nota, that means a lot, considering the source.



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