Friday, October 10, 2008

The Holocaust Blackmail Game-Boy

The world is a lie because all of the transitory phenomena in the realm of the senses are actually based on things you can’t see. This is scientific fact. Most of what you hear is a lie because it is based on perceptions of reality which are based on things out side of the parameters of those making the statement. Sometimes it’s intentional and sometimes it’s just ignorance. However, nearly every lie, whether based on malicious intent or ignorant assumption is motive driven; what we want to believe, what we want you to believe are driven toward some idea of profit or control and you can catalog the minutiae right down to the mites on your skin but you still won’t know the truth of the matter.

Dictatorial governments and Democratic governments lie as a matter of routine. In the first case it is necessary for the people to believe that things are a certain way so that the ruling authority is not challenged by popular revolt. The truth must remain hidden or be otherwise defined. In the second case, when two seemingly opposing parties contend for control, it is necessary to paint yourself in one light and your opponent in another.

Sometimes a government from either of these choices can be more effective and more aware of the benefits of seeing to the peoples needs. A benevolent dictatorship may be the right method for a particular people who are used to and desirous of a strong and comprehensive government and life can be relatively normal for the majority. The same applies to a democratic system and neither can be said to be ultimately better over all because different systems work better in different places. One of these systems can also change into the other according to mysterious forces that have given us many examples through history. We’ve seen that any system can change, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.

Why have I started this post with the sort of back and forth sinuous winding of serpentine reasoning? This isn’t the best way to perform the sort of thing I do; leaving the reader longing for a commercial break. Well, I wanted to create a headspace.

I watched the Obama/McCain debate the morning after. It was interesting to note that both men wanted the voters to know that Iran is evil; that Hamas and Hezbollah are terrorist organizations and that Israel is a strong and devoted ally of the United States. Never mind what just got uncovered in Yemen. Never mind Israel’s involvement in the 9/11, 7/7 and Madrid train station attacks. Never mind all of the false flag actions. Never mind the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty. Never mind the billions flowing out of the American economy right this minute into Israeli banks. Never mind the wars they orchestrated against Afghanistan and Iraq. Never mind their creation of Homeland Security or the theft of the last two presidential elections. Never mind an endless litany of offenses by Israel against the United States and nations across the world from Lebanon to Georgia and on and on but never mind... Israel is America’s good buddy.

I’m stymied to think of what it is that Israel has done for America which makes it such a good buddy and no one can tell me anything except that they are your friend. When it comes to actual events where Israel did something wonderful for America (over and over as they might say) I can come up with nothing.

How it looks to me is that there is no nation on Earth causing more trouble around the globe than Israel. At the same time, Israel and her Zionist controllers are hard at work taking away everyone’s freedom around the world to speak their mind. People are being thrown into prison for questioning numbers and circumstances about her beloved and sacred cash-cow holocaust for which we now have McHolocaust museums and theme parks world wide that rival any franchise around.

The six million figure of those alleged to have been executed during the Second World War has been proven to be a figure much discussed long before that number had any occasion on which to be proclaimed. The Zionists themselves lowered the number of deaths at Auschwitz from 4.5 million to 1.5 million and yet we still have six million and even though they changed the number you are not allowed to call attention to it. The official Red Cross numbers put the lie to the declared magically adjusting number. So far The Red Cross is not rotting in a German prison.

Meanwhile, the Zionists had as much to do with making whatever actually did happen in the camps as any other force including the Hitler government. They declared war on Germany long before anything took place. Once there were Jews in the camps they used powerful strong arm tactics to keep them there and to deny aid organizations the opportunity to provide aid. They would not let them emigrate and afterwards Ben Gurion and others had much to say about what a great investment that turned out to be. For decades the new Israeli residents in the former Palestine have engaged in systematic efforts to eliminate the Palestinian people and it continues this very moment.

Did anyone hear Obama or McCain mention this when they talked about Darfur, or Rwanda or The Congo? Of course not. I saw Obama pause as he was talking and it almost seemed to me as if this thought passed momentarily through his mind.

I’ve come to believe that the truth is anti-Semitic even though most of the Jews in Israel are not Semitic to begin with ...although the Palestinians are. Here is what the State Department defines as anti-Semitic; 1. Any assertion that the Jewish community controls government, the media, international business and the financial world is anti-Semitic. 2. Any strong anti-Israel sentiment is anti-Semitic. 3. Virulent criticism of Israel’s leaders, past or present, is anti-Semitic. 4. Criticism of the Jewish religion or its religious leaders or literature, especially the Talmud and the Kabala is anti-Semitic. 5. Criticism of the US government and congress for being under the influence of the Jewish/Zionist community, including AIPAC, is anti-Semitic. 6. Criticism of the Jewish/Zionist community for promoting Globalism, [the New World Order] is anti-Semitic. 7. Blaming Jewish leaders and their followers for inciting the Roman crucifixion of Christ is anti-Semitic. 8. Diminishing the 6 million figure of the holocaust victims is anti-Semitic. 9. Calling Israel a racist state is anti-Semitic. 10. Asserting that there exists a Zionist conspiracy is anti-Semitic. 11. Claiming the Jews and their leaders created the Bolshevik revolution in Russia is anti-Semitic. 12. Making derogatory statements about Jewish persons is anti-Semitic.

I’m guessing I’m anti-Semitic. It’s either that or I can be a lying coward and I don’t fancy the latter. Those are the only two options. Either I believe what the evidence tells me or I believe a number of proven lies in order not to be defined by slander or imprisoned for telling the truth. If the truth is anti-Semitic then I guess I’m anti-Semitic according to the uses this label is applied for.

Anyone who cannot see what has been happening here and what seems to be the intention for future actions and conditions is deserving of what they believe. Thus does Cochise make cowboys of us all... a little levity if I may ...with a paraphrasing that will probably leave everyone scratching their head.

I’m going to have to say that Israel is an abomination and an evil empire. Since all of the things stated in the State Department’s lists of what defines an anti-Semite happen to be true, it’s no surprise that Israel and her supporters have the muscle to enforce their fascist will world wide. Israel is a nation of parasites that is bent on world domination. It has to said because it is true and it can’t be refuted because the evidence is right in front of you. It’s in the control exerted over world leaders in what they are compelled to say and do. It’s found underneath many of the many troubles that are blamed on others. The players engaged in the political and financial manipulations are right there to be seen.

Jews are two percent of the American population and a much, much smaller percentage of the world’s population yet... some unfortunate number of them causes- or enable more problems than any other group of people on Earth. They do control the media and exert enormous influence over the financial world and governments around the globe. Lest it be thought that I am opposed to Jews period, I would state that I am a friend of the Neutra Karta, all True Torah Jews and the distressingly small number of Jews who protest the Aska-Nazi actions of their psychopathic fellows.

It seems that the Zionists intended for and assisted in their holocaust for the purpose of blackmailing the world. They’ve realized more profit from this event than the victims of every other holocaust on Earth since presently recorded history began. There now seem to be more holocaust survivors than there were when the war ended. This holocaust is the greatest publicity stunt in the history of the world. They’re gotten their money’s worth and now it’s time for the truth to be told and for these murderous scoundrels to be exposed and rendered powerless by whatever means are necessary. My personal expectation is that something is going to happen in this regard but I’m not going to get into predicting what that is.

Let every Zionist who engages in and supports the lies and murders of this parasite nation be transported to Israel and let that wall they are building be built to encircle the original borders... not to keep their imaginary enemies out but to keep them in for the safety of the world. Since we are the scum beneath their boots let them enjoy their racist superiority among their fellows and leave the rest of us alone.

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Anonymous said...

It is 5.30 in the morning in NY...And the first thing I did it's to click on your Smoking Mirrors place, Les. All the rest ( the banks collapses and such ) should wait, I thought.
There is the glorious fever of the inspiration which, if to catch , will keep you flying for a day or maybe even longer...
I did not expect to find the "analyses", which would force me to "argue". But that is what you have chosen for today...
Being in love with your talent, I should not probably ignore this post as well.
So, The Jews.

There is no such a thing like a "Jewish Culture": there is no a "jewish architecture", no "jewish" music and a "jewish" literature is no more than a collection of the wisecracking mastery.
It was not there and it is not there, though Jews now got the place ( Great Israel) to express themselves.
1. The Jews of outstanding talents, born into strong cultures ( French, German, Russian etc) disclosed to the world the culture which they were born into.
Thus, for example, Karl Marx is the great GERMAN philosopher , Mendelson-Bartholdi is the GERMAN Romantic composer and Franz Kafka is the great writer of times when the Austria was flourished.
2. The same with "Jews-Bolsheviks" who - as the popular propaganda insists - "killed the Russian Czar and made the Bloody 1917 Revolution".
JEWS WERE JUST SWEPT BY THE WAVE of the Russian events and FOLLOWED as - being very well educated in Germany- it was PROGRESSIVE REVOLT AGAINST THE DARK CZARISM in Russia.
3. The Russian Revolt against the Czar's regime started NOT WITH JEWS. It started with the greatest
Movement the Russian history only known, what has the name of The Decembrists' Revolt. ( From the month of December)
The initiators and organizers of this Revolt were the Russian officers from the RUssian hight Aristocratic families.
Five of them were hanged in Saint Petersburg , others went in the life-time exile in Siberia.
The Russian genius Pushkin was speared by those officers, though he wished to take a part in that Revolt. One of them were..a German: his name is William Kuchelbecker. There was NO ONE JEW, who has participated in this Revolt.
JEWS AT THAT TIME in Russia WERE STILL BUSY with their mortal task: USURY.

There are what the Western Civilization of ours
CAUGHT FROM JEWS and what it has paid for in the history of its development and IS GOING TO PAY DEARLY TO THE VERY END IF IT (us).
1. Torah-Talmud-Bible = CHRISTIANITY.
The latter brings us to the " global crisis of banks" we cry about these days.
The former - to the fast Apocalypse.

We bought it. Say thanks to Mr. Calvin. We followed the Jews and their very subtle power to influence the course of history.
And today, there is no more "Russian Aristocracy" or "Russian Bolsheviks" who would dare to put their lives on line in order to SAVE THE WORLD of humans.
"We all are Jews now", to paraphrase McCain 's "we all are Georgians now".
We became too shallow , too small, just like that nomad tribe of Judea, who gifted us with the One ( Jewish) God and money landing life for profit.
With this we all go under.
Last word:
Their faults are much, much bigger.

Next word from you for the inspiration, Les?
To thank you as usually.

Anonymous said...

Some interesting points. Been reading you through the Truth Seeker for quite some time now. How is it that there is no warrent for your arrest? In this country (Britain) your agenda would no doubt be considered hateful and thus, a crime. Glad your not in this country I think. Been studying the Talmud myself of late and if there is an underlying motive of the Jew, it must begin there. Keep up the good work.

Visible said...

I have asked myself that same question; not that it would make a damn bit of difference to me. I've come to believe and I have been told by an authority that I do not question that I have an imprimatur for this. Said another way, I have good karma. Said another way, "the truth shall set you free." Said another way... Neither fear of retribution or promise of reward motivate me one inch.

As my good friend Mike James and other have had the courage of their convictions I can do no less.

Visible said...

Thank you Lara.

kikz said...

if i had to choose just one posting from your vast legacy to virally cover the net with...
this is it.



Anonymous said...

What a fucking masterpiece!

I'm fine by the way. I'm just keeping my head down and I am a long way from town.

Anonymous said...

Les... Thanks for your bravery! I concur that we are on the brink of a planetary shift in culture/consciousness/whatever... The Universe will not forever suffer the presence of such psychopathic groups... Their ways are not "sustainable". Sadly, a lot of innocent people are always caught in the cross-fire.

In Peace and Hope...

Michael Millet said...

Let the Zionists burn, and save the real Jews, The good jews.

I wish i lived i France, so that i could visit you Les.

Your brain is a mirror of mine.

Greetings from Denmark.

Visible said...

There's new Visible Origami located Here

something about being 'driven' or actually 'driving'

Visible said...

I rejected this comment because it comes from perpetual Zio-troll Petkov but I thought, on reflection I would let his simplistic response stand as testimony to the sort of obfuscating bullshit he's noted for.

"Just like CNN and Drudge, you omit facts that happen to not fit into what you want to say.
I will just point one single fact cuz i don't have the time or the inclination to write long meaningless crap.

Fact: Arafat could have created a real legitimate Palestinian state any time during all those long years he was in charge. He didn't, therefore deliberately prolonging the Palestinian agony."

You can find Petkov's non-existent blog Here

Anonymous said...

All of us are jews
Some of the all are evil
Always hate evil

(Ah! Shit!)

Anonymous said...

Les no amount of negativity or nonsense will take away from this Smoking Mirror entry
As you say you have Approval for this one

Anonymous said...

Ok, I've been reading your blog since all this bailout stuff started and the topic today is really fascinating to say the least.

There's just one thing I'd like clarification on (well really it's a rhetorical question).

How can Jews be a race? Isn't it a religion? I mean, there's a small Jewish population pretty much in every country. There are black jews, middle eastern jews, white jews, etc, etc. So how can they be technically defined as a race?

I see it as a religion just like christianity and islam. As with the other two religions, a small cadre has sought to define the terms of the followers existance. Same crimes committed against humanity by it would seem the same small cadre. So just gonna put that out there while I'm sure will be labeled and anti-semite

You do great work. Keep it up.

Visible said...

There is what could be called a race and they are The Sephardics which make up much less than ten percent of those claiming to be Jews but I doubt you could separate them from The Palestinians who are the same.

A Jewish scholar has just pointed this out in a new book.

Furthermore I will also tell you that the Hebrew alphabet is also not Hebrew because it is taken almost entirely from the Chaldean 'flame' alphabet.

For a great analogy on this situation one should look to Tolkien (not according to the language thing, given that he was a philologist, this is only coincidental to this response) and the differences between Orcs and elves and how that came about.

Visible said...

Man... I never expected I would get so many emails just for making a literary association. Here it is for those of you who don't get it,

the quote was "thus does Cochise make cowboys of us all." it's a paraphrasing of my own device on this quote, "thus does conscience make cowards of us all."

and I'm not going to tell you who said that (grin).

notamobster said...

Les - just a few things,s sir...

1) Great post as always.

2) No warrant because you attract all of us other're an intelligence gathering post for the swine.

3)Petkov says your site never has anything interesting to say...funny since the first blog entry on his page was plagiarized wholecloth from the comments section of smokingmirrors...

4)inre: "Let every Zionist who engages in and supports the lies and murders of this parasite nation be transported to Israel and let that wall they are building be built to encircle the original borders…" I'd be willing to pay an annual support tax to keep them all(zionists-not jews) in their beloved Zion :)

Anonymous said...

Cochise makes boots. (lovely ones, too)and thus, cowboys.

you make quotes.

... and something is still rotten in the state of Denmark.

brilliant summa, les.

I do have one question for you, tho: Given that your "troll" analogy was dead spot on,why invite the flame wars, the trolls (pun intended), why invite the scrutiny of the sayanim ?

There are a LOT of us out here who listen to voices such as yours and need to be able to continue to do so. That fellow in Austin comes to mind: Riad Hamad.

the world is changing, and I very much want you to be here to see it.


Anonymous said...

I had a friend some years ago that collected Native American artifacts and WWII memorabilia. I was staying at his house for a few days, looking at some of his collection, and came upon a document that looked to be an original. It was written by the U.S. Army commander who was in charge of a liberated concentration camp, the infamous Dachau. It was written in 1946 I believe and was a report to higher authority on the conditions, recent history, and organization of the camp as he found it. I wish I had a copy, and I've lost track of my old friend over the years, but I remember it well, if not all the details at least the general tenor of it. At that point in my life I had no reason to question or even think much about WWII or the holocaust. This document was a shocker and a real eye-opener.
Nowhere in this report was there any mention of gassing or exterminating anyone. It was described as a work camp that was basically self-administered by inmates. The Germans supplied the necessary food, clothing and equipment and the distribution of these supplies was done internally by inmates. It listed the population distribution of the camp and I don't remember the exact breakdown, but I was struck by the fact that only a small percentage (single digit) were Jews. But that the distribution of supplies was controlled by these Jews, or some of them, and the distribution was very uneven to the detriment of the Non-Jews.
It also stated that there was a typhus epidemic in the camp and thousands were dying of this rampant disease, and continued to die for the next year even as food and medicine were slowly made available by the Army. The bombing of Germany and all it's infrastructure was so complete that all supply was basically destroyed and there had been little food or medicine delivered to the camp for the last year of the war- thus the starvation and the typhus epidemic that the Germans had been fighting by disinfecting almost everything using Zyklon-B, the most common disinfectant in use in Europe at the time.
There was a lot more but this report, if genuine, was in total conflict with the "official" story. I had recently gotten out if the Navy as an officer and was familiar with military type documents and this one had all the earmarks of a genuine document- stamps, distribution lists, the dry language, signatures etc., etc.
I asked my friend where he had gotten it and he soon introduced me to a collector/dealer who had a vast collection of artifacts and documents from the war.

I've never told this to anyone and if doing so makes me anti-semitic, so be it, but I deeply resent the fact that I am made to feel threatened by talking about something I saw with my own eyes.

Anonymous said...

Les, it has taken me quite a while to unlearn all the bullshit I was taught growing up, and I am still in the process. As I go through my catalog of knowlege, overturning the rocks that my perception of the world were built on, I find that those rocks were put there to hide the little bugs of truth that the powers that be don't want you to know, or me as the case may be. Ever since that Santa Clause thing, I have questioned almost everything I have been told, including the "holocaust", and my research leaves me asking myself a question I never thought I would ask. Was Hitler right? I'm not necessarily agreeing with his tactics, but on the fundamental question of, are the jews, or more to the point, the zionists the root cause of most of the worlds problems? If you look at the history between WWI and WWII, you find that the jews declared war on germany long before the germans retalliated. They were bent on the financial destruction of the german people, and in point of fact, the plan for sterilization and extermination of a population was first conceived by a jew for use against the german people.

As far back in history as is recorded, the jews have been persecuted. But why? What have the jews done or do that seems to piss everyone off. I find it very hard to believe that they were just standing around and were suddenly persecuted. They have become masters of deception by pretending to be the victims, when most of the time they have been the perpetrators. They have even victimised their own people to perpetuate the mith of being the victims. They have weedled their way into the fabric of government, media and finance in order to steer world action and perception, and you have to give it to them, they have done a masterful job. They have sold their lies so well, that it has become illegal in some places to tell the truth, or to question the lie.

For those of us that now see the truth the question becomes, what do we do. What can we do? The bad guys control the mechanism that is necessary to let the masses know the truth. Most of the people that read your blog already know the truth, and those that believe the lies are unlikely to even look for a site like this, much less find one. And the masses have been so well programed that if you try and spread the truth individually you are immediatly labled anti semite, and they decend upon you with pitchforks and torches in hand.

The jews sit back and pull the strings, and the world dances, completely unaware that they are in fact, not a real boy at all. Until we as a nation notice that there are indeed strings, I am afraid that we are doomed to continue dancing to a tune that most cannot even hear. Peace

Anonymous said...

After the Heebs are done with this cuntry they'll move on to another and probably attack us from there. Satan loves the jews.

Anonymous said...

you don't believe everything that Alan Dershowitz and Norm Podhoretz write and say.

you think that the main impediment to Middle East peace is the fact that Israel has over 300 nuclear weapons

you disagree with Bush and former Weekly Standard and current NYT writer David Brooks

you think that the Hasidic Jews occupying the West Bank are an out of control bunch of violent psychopaths

you think that a cabal of Zionists helped manufacture and promulgate dodgy intelligence and lies that led the U.S. into invading Iraq

you think that AIPAC has way too much influence over the US Congress and White House

you wonder why, in a nation that has Jews as less than 2% of its population, that they control 80% of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors

you believe the Bush White House lied about 9/11 in order to launch a war against countries Israel thought to be "existential" enemies

you think that Israel spies on the U.S. constantly

you wonder why Israeli's were at Liberty Park in New Jersey, filming the 9/11 attacks so they could document the event

you question why Israel savagely and brutally attacked the USS Liberty and then tried to lie their way out of their actions

you wonder why the classified intelligence the Israeli spy Pollard stole from us was sold to our #1 enemy at the time, the U.S.S.R

you think that your Representative or Senator travels to Israel on fully paid junkets way too often

you think that in the Summer of 2006, Israel attacked Lebanon in a savage and brutal manner and deliberately targeted civilians

you think that Abe Foxman and the ADL actually exist to smash any legitimate criticisms of Israel

you wonder why Congress gives Israel billions and billions of our dollars each year, while we don't have sufficient money to repair bridges

you think that Israel is a racist and apartheid state, for Jews and Jews alone

you wonder how the U.N. could create Israel, when it had no statutory authority to do so

you wonder why Israel has threatened to nuke the entire world, using their Sampson option

you have read or listened to Benjamin Freedman's 1961 Willard Hotel speech

you believe that Israel is actually engaged in an ethnic cleansing campaign against the Palestinians and has been for decades

you choose to use your own thought processes to investigate matters, since you don't trust CNN and FOX

you think that Israel is building that concrete barrier on prime Palestinian land not for security but to steal both the land and prime water resources from Palestine

you think that Israel will stop at NOTHING, including launching a false-flag attack against the U.S., so we will fight a war against Iran for Israel's sake

you know that the MSM is owned mostly by and dominated by Zionists and Israeli-Firsters

you question the Zionist version of the Holocaust™

In short, you are anti-Semitic if you don't agree 100% with anything Israel does and the Zionists say

and you dare to read Smoking MIrrors.

Anonymous said...

The Holocaust perhaps is the original cash slush fund arm of the New World Order which would explain why its off limits on so many levels and why the actual victims see none of its proceeds.


Ben There said...

Les - Another thing of beauty here.

Greg Bacon - Fucking incredible. That's a manifesto. Nice work.

Anonymous said...

Les ! You and others still maintain it is that little no nothing spot of desert called Israel that seems to be the "Jewish Problem".

The problem my friend is "Jewish" throughout the world.

You and others still maintain it's all about the "Money". THEY HAVE ALL THE MONEY IN WORLD CALLED GOLD ETC.

They are now printing toilet paper for money. WHY prey tell would they do that if it was "all about the money?"

They own the banks of the world, that means they own all the all the real estate in the world. There is nothing more to own.

You could take a bomb and blow that piece of desert plum the hell off the face of this earth, and YOU WOULD STILL HAVE THE "JEWISH PROBLEM".

And we will always have the Jewish problem untill they have achieved their plans to have complete control of this earth and all the inhabitants they deem necessary to keep on it.

And the "Jewish Problem" is FREEMASONRY & ZIONISM. [ a problem not humanly possible to deal with]
A problem only GOD ALMIGHTY can handle, because the congregation of Freemasonry and Zionism [synagouge of satan] believe in a God called the "Architect" and do not believe in GOD THE CREATOR, therefore HIS presence and name sake is being removed from this earth.

There really is a GOD the CREATOR, you know! HE created everything, even the God called the "Architect".

You can exterminate all the JEWS on the face of this earth and you will still have the Jewish Problem called "Freemasonry & Zionism", which would take a few more centuries to gather another congregation [synagouge of satan]and "walla", here we go again, the same old Jewish Problem.

So the solution to the Jewish Problem is to call; upon GOD the CREATOR and untill then we will always have a Jewish Problem on this earth.

Now I know this is considered as rant from a mind that is not in reality of being on this earth.
But then, neither is GOD the CREATOR a reality of being on this earth either, is HE?

I have given this quite some thought Les....and who am I? to disagree with you, but that little speck of desert called Israel is not the no 1 enemy of mankind. Mankinds no 1 enemy is that congregatiion of Freemasonry and Zionism that resides in all the governments of the world.



Anonymous said...

The holyhoax and all the other neverending lies and scams perpetrated by the born evil terrorists known as zionists upon humanity throughout the ages are slowly starting to unravel. The reptiles are getting deperate for they know their evil will one day (and the sooner the better) come to an abrupt end. Unfortunately all of their puppet states (led, of course, by America) will pay a heavy price because the zionist scum will not go quietly into the night. A worldide cleansing is inevitable.


Visible said...

Well Duane, the only problem I have with what you are saying is that I don't remember saying the things you are attributing to me or denying the things you seem to indicate that I am denying.

And there's that thing about God the Architect. Well of course God is an architect as well as a creator and a destroyer and a maintainer and a whole lot of other things so I don't get the disparity between architect and creator as if the latter was all there was to it but other than that it's all penguins in Jello as far as I can see.

Oh and Greg, like Ben said... that was outstanding!!!

Anonymous said...

I think there might be many more Jews in America than their statistics reveal. Their demography is based on self-identification as Jewish, so they say. If I was the Jew responsible for counting the number of Jews in America, I might want to keep the figure as low as possible, too, so we wouldn't seem so threatening. What if there are 30 million Jews in America instead of six or seven million? That would explain some of their prominence in the arts, sciences, politics, media...

Also, speaking of holocaust, the following book by Germar Rudolf is the most up-to-date and thorough revisionist work on the subject I know of:

It's free for download.

Anonymous said...

Many years ago in this little Caribbean island where I reside, there was a local man, who was said to be clairvoyant and he wrote a book, which at the time was banned by the local authorities.

It was very difficult obtaining a copy of this book but I managed to do so with some difficulty and with the assistance of a member of the same man's family, who I was introduced to by a mutual friend; and after bringing up the subject, he sought to help me obtain a copy.

The year was somewhere between 1972 and 1976; I don't remember exactly when but clearly, it was a long time back. I remember reading a passage in that book where the man said that during the practice of some religious rite, he went into a trance and saw spirits of the departed.

He went on to say that one of the beings he saw was Adolph Hitler and he was clothed in a lily white robe; (my emphasis). He went on to say that from his spiritual understanding; anyone clothed in white was not an evil person. He further went on to say that Hitler was an individual chosen by God to punish the jews for their evil ways.

I was a young man at the time and had been brought up to think that the jews are God's chosen people; inasmuch as I had some respect for this author based on the other spiritual content of the book, I said to myself, he has to have gotten this one wrong.

For years I pondered on the statement still strongly opinionated that this author was somehow bamboozled by the vision but subsequent events are clearly leading me to believe that he was right after all.

One thing about truth, you can hide it but you can't destroy it. It will surface when it's time is right.

Parfer DeCourse said...

Between Les, Greg and Hank the subject is pretty well covered!

I say Bravo!!! These things need to be said.

Like Hank, I too questioned everything after Santa Claus fell from grace. I even started questioning my Christian faith and now understand the impossibility of an historical Jesus. Way too many similar stories back in the ages of Taurus and Aries to merely be coincidental. As we finish the age of Pisces and follow the water bearer into Aquarius all things will be revealed. What (the original) explains in a couple of minutes took me 12 years to conclude on my own (save yourself 12 years and have a look!)

I continued my quest and ate up all the info I could find on Free-Masons, Illuminati, Bilderbergers, Rothchilds, Rockefellers et al and have come to the conclusion that these are all names synonymous with Zionist Jews. We need look no farther, the target is in sight!!!

Thanks so much for being here, Les! I appreciate your efforts. Good Karma breeds good Karma (but do keep your head down all the same)


Anonymous said...

Hi Les.... I`m in love with a Jewish girl. She magnetized me from New Orleans,to Montana and now all the way to the east coast,one of the least propitious places to be amidst the ongoing calamity. She is constantly perplexed and pissed off at the actions of the Israeli state. I`ve railed against Jews in the past. In my more drunken raillery (with or without booze), I`ve said things like "The holocaust was a hoax! Look what they`re using it for. Insane land grabs and paranoiac financial hegemony", on and on and on. Is there nothing of their own? It seems a certain segment of the Jewish state or a particular flavor within the Jewish population seeks to make the world a waste land and well, call it their own and serve it up to everyone else. However,I can`t deny love. All forms of Heaven forbid that. In some sense we are all bound for Jerusalem. And to make a reckoning there. You said something a few posts ago that has stuck with me, to the effect that you don`t believe in bad people per se, of whatever stripe, just bad carbon copies. Brilliant. This world will indeed reduce us to ourselves. My bags are packed; I`m off to Israel! Love, Hunter

Anonymous said...

Les ! "THE ARCHITECT OF THE UNIVERSE". The God Freemasonry refers to. And we all know who that God is.

Then if it's all penguins in jello then continue the rants on the Jews as the cause of evil in this world, still won't bring mankind to "peace on earth good will towards men".

Like psychiatry treating the symptoms instead of the disease.

Medical science has yet to find a cure for "addiction" [the source]therefore the alcoholic will always be an "alcoholic" untill he deals with the source of his Alcoholism [his adiction].

Mankind has yet to find a cure for evil on this earth because mankind has been treating the symptoms of evil. Our Jewish problem is one of the symptoms of that evil. the source of that evil is Freemasonry & Zionism.

And that "source" is not of this earth.

The Apostle Paul explains it very nicely
"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood,[the symptoms]but against principalities, against powers,against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places" [the source].

Believe it or don't believe it.


Anonymous said...

Thus doth conscience make cowards of us all

Part of a beautiful (and very famous) speech from one of the English language's ablest masters.

The literary world may be thankful that the Thane's son decided that his conscience cowed him into staying his hand while he debated whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune or to take arms against a sea of troubles and by opposing, end them.

However, while one may find in the contemplation of suicide that the native hue of resolution is sicklied o'er with the pale cast of thought I find that as far as I can tell, conscience makes no cowards when it comes to injustices perpetrated in the world. When I consider the sort of terrible tragedies discussed, or rather, hinted at ('cause the rabbit hole goes a whooooooooooooole lot deeper!) here, I find that the native hue of resolution is emboldened by the crimson cast of thought that turns to anger at the suffering of so many to benefit such an evil few.

So to turn from the aforementioned master's tragedies to the histories,

Cry havoc! and let slip the dogs of war!

Anonymous said...

Your comment has been saved and will be visible after blog owner approval.

Les, I smile every time I see this here!

faithful forever said...

Just when you thought you might have seen it all, along comes this:

Yes indeed, they have some pretty strange customs also, but since they are God's chosen people, it is all perfectly acceptable...heavy sigh.

Anonymous said...

Greg Bacon:
Uhhhmm... yep... that about sums it up... *wink*

Well, I reckon you'll have to label me an anti-Semite, too. Darn...

If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it...
Happy moments, praise God.
Difficult moments, seek God.
Quiet moments, worship God.
Painful moments, trust God.
Every moment, thank God.


Anonymous said...

Another great article Les, but one line

"They’re gotten their money’s worth and now it’s time for the truth to be told and for these murderous scoundrels to be exposed and rendered powerless by whatever means are necessary"

could be taken to imply "... by whatever means are necessary." includes the use of death or torture.

Justin_n_IL said...

One of the great strengths of Israel concerning the common man in America is the delusion that they are the chosen people of the LORD. The majority of Americans claim a connection to Christianity. The majority of those who perpetuate Christian doctrines to such Americans are duped by the above mentioned lie. If not for the popularity of that lie there would be some serious splanin to do by American politicians. That particular lie is one of the finer gems in the propaganda crown.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion the holocaust was essential so that Israel could be created. Anyone who stands in the way of the Zionist movement is now seen as an anti-semite. People don't even think about accusing the jews of world domination because they know they will be called anti-semetic. The term anti-semite probably wasn't even coined before the holocaust. The holocaust paved the path for Israel (or Rothschild land) to be created and to begin it's domination of the middle east with the help of the US.

One thing that gets to me is the fact that Iran has the potential to make nukes in 2-6 years and thats seen as a threat to our security. Israel already has atleast 200 nukes but nobody sees that as a threat.

Anonymous said...

Well, Les and people, here you have it.
Les great job.
Where do i start?

synopsis: I went through the cognitive dissonance of 911. I Read/watched, les, Myself, Rhys two cents, et al on the biogosphere, COME TO THE SAME CONCLUSION as I did.
ALL independent.
That's pretty much the online version of a peer reviewed paper.
I can't stress it enough: yes there are cool people and genius' who
are "jewish" . I was just practicing Chromazone, by Mike Stern, A Jew who has an Ethnic German wife (Leni), and no I ADMIRE
him, AND Perelman, and .....
So Les, I and others, are seeing this bullshit for what it is: a
propaganda/media effort, after programming millions of minds to think
in a certain fashion. Knee jerk reaction bullshit, to anyone who EVEN mentions (race) in any context
and the attack which accompanies all the things he mentioned as far as "anti semite" goes.
don't give that shit power over you. read more.
They have been at it, for a Long, long time.
Now they are exposed.
Watch They Live, again like I did tonight, while I was fixing up a
Holy Shit, Carpenter, along with
many others were trying to warn us.
I can predict what will happen before it does, as can you.

Anonymous said...

Les: I thought you were on to something during your opening paragraphs ... to do with us not perceiving the "real world" but you lapsed into "blaming the jews", or at least Zionism.

Sure Israhell and Zionism are a pox, but I would like to get back to the matter that we do not perceive the "real world">

Kant put it best when he said that we can never know "the world-in-itself".

He explained that we can never know anything other than "the phenomenal world".

By this he meant our interior world, because we have NO direct contact with the exterior world.

For instance: our visual experince comes from our eyes and gets transmitted to the occipital region of our brains which, ironically, is at the back of our heads and, therefore, as remote as possible from what is "before our eyes".

Every representation of the world around us - from sight to touch - is remote from things-in-themselves.

If a person does not understand Kant ... and David Hume (who awakened Kant from his "dogmatic slumbers") and Descartes and Plato, then all is lost.

Anonymous said...


Great to see that you have picked up on the book by an Israeli historian, which explains that "jews" are a made-up race ... really just religious, like catholics and mormons are.

Justin_n_IL said...

"The Apostle Paul explains it very nicely
For we wrestle not against flesh and blood,[the symptoms]but against principalities, against powers,against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places" [the source].

Believe it or don't believe it.

Duane "

Very well said Duane. It really is the epitome of simplicity.

Anonymous said...

The three weeds from the same root (judaism, christianity, islam) are growing too large they need to be plucked. All their ideas were stolen from the Ancient Ones.

Anonymous said...

Here is a fun page look for it in your browser of choice might be the address. Can this man be called an anti-semite??

Anonymous said...

wow . what can I say ? an amazing article , bravo .

Anonymous said...

all that Quasi-intellectual stuff
is bullshit, in my honest opinion.
It's an almost Jewish invention in itself, this utilizing of language
on a vast scale which always solves nothing, but you have do devote large
amounts of brain power to even understand, like "life" is only
"understandable" by the intellectually Superior.
I've read them both, and Kierkegaard, and after all the big words and bullshit...
All you have is a lot of words
said in the most complex and convoluted manner to express that
they can't understand reality or God.
Parfer decourse:
Before you start showing your ignorance concerning "the Historical Jesus" you should maybe go beyond watching internet movies.
Zeitgeist for example is a bunch of lies mixed with truth and was funded by with Jewish money.
Ask yourself why they Hate Christ so much!
Apologetics has a very long and distinguished history in itself
(but no hip internet movies though)
and I suggest you do more than make yourself look like an easily influenced fool before you post.
Like maybe, never occurred to you that even IF zeitgeists
bullshit premise was correct, that maybe the fact that Archetypes
and synchronicities are a fact of this life?
What they fail to metion in these dumb movies, never occurs much to them that watch them.
That particular one is like the
"loose change" for the spiritually
Lies with truth.
By deception make war.

Anonymous said...

To get a better idea about what
"race" is, and is not (science, not
cultural engineering/ideology)
this is a good watch.
I don't agree with everything it says,but that's usually the case with all of us, eh?

kikz said...

hey parfer,

if you found zeitgeist informational on procession of the ages; you might want to augment w/a peruse of 'chrichton miller's site, on the working celtic cross' and also google 'taranis, wheeled cross' on altreligion... interesting stuff, that zeitgeist failed to properly connect/explain/expound. happy reading :)

notamobster said...

Les - I'm not lecturing you here... I know you point out the differnce often. Others would be well-advised to call out the enemy by it's proper name - Zionism. A lot of the fine folks here keep saying Jew this, and Jew that. The Jews(Torah)are not the problem. Zionists are! That includes every christian who blindly accepts the "de facto" righteousness of that miserable shithole Israel.
I mean, seriously, if I was going to fight over some land...Israel would not be the dirt I'd choose.

Kikz - while I have never made up my mind as to the intent of the Freemasons, Unc Al, as you call him was a brilliant mind (morals and dogmas is an encyclopedia in itself). I do have to say that in my years of research they(F&AM, et al) are quite on the side of the zionist. Using the symbology of the temple of David quite frequently, etc.

The F&AM, Shriners, et al have done much good in the world, to include their work with and for children.

It gets a bit confusing... I personally don't wish to participate in any secret society, but that's just me. I have no issues with you choosing your own path, though. So, please don't get me wrong here. If I'm off base with my perception, please feel free to correct me.

Anonymous said...

I think you're mostly right, but
if you look into history, (and you obviously research things) you'll find that historically the base cause
of "anti semitsm" is not a "racist"
issue but does involve an issue of race.
In the case Zionism vs the average
jew, it's the Tribal loyalty to one another that is the problem, IE,
when a lot of Jewish folks show up
at a Library which is going to be named the USS Liberty memorial,
and money was donated by two survivors, ranting and raving,
and threatening, and doing
background checks on people.
Either the majority of Jews are Zionists, or there is an outdated definition of Jew or Zionism.
They do, most of the time,
define themselves as Jew first,
human being second, Israel first, America second.
That the State department even HAS
an office devoted to one Race/Ideology, should wake anyone up to what's coming down.
Most Jews do not seem to mind it one bit, as they stand to gain by the betrayal.
So, if a Jewish person doesn't
want to be seen as Zionist, they'd have to be vocal, and not
controlled opposition either.
Because this type of behavior
has a long enough history, and tho
some of it was due to religious
discrimination, most of it was not.

I work hard at divesting myself
of ANY past thinking that associates being racially aware,
with Racism or neo nazis, even though they do exist.
And they really fuck the issue up don't they?
Watch the "average Jew" speak
(in NY city) in this film
about Baruch Goldstein.
Sorry, can't find the film, but ti shows a dozen or so random Jewish
people, answering what they thought of him. "saint" "hero" etc, not murderer, psycho, etc.
These were just random people, and they had no qualms about letting everyone know what they felt.
I know someone who's lived in Israel, and they said "On the hate list, it's Arabs first, then Christians, then Everyone Non-Jew".
I think that goes for the majority, but like Les says, going by that State dept list, I am an anti semite too, and as Edgar Steele says (to imaginary accuser)
"It's MISTER anti semite to you!

kikz said...

duane 'Mankind has yet to find a cure for evil on this earth because mankind has been treating the symptoms of evil. Our Jewish problem is one of the symptoms of that evil. the source of that evil is Freemasonry & Zionism.'

as have it exactly backward excitable boy duane.

the cure for 'evil' is the proper and reasoned use of freewill.

i draft these words in vain; as they will drift past you as a breeze without notice, because you have abdicated your greatest gift of the creator/architect... your freewill... to the preternatural miasma, the barbaric and infantile dogma that is your creed.

cruise on dude.

Visible said...


That is really well put and speaks to the heart of the problem. Far too many Jews support this sort of thing and don't speak out against it.

You hit a lot of themes that I notice; used to notice. I've put myself outside of that interaction any more... or most interactions actually. I'll get back to you on the other. I'm still trying to get something together for Z that I'm running late on.

Anonymous said...

October 10, 2008

The tension in the audience was apparent last Saturday as it waited for Emanuel Rozin, presenter of the popular Israeli television Channel Two, to announce the channel's "man of the [Hebrew] year". To heighten the audience's suspense, Rozin listed the personality's achievements before announcing his name. Saleh Al-Naami looks into the man's cv.

"He's the man who has only done good deeds... He's the person who is famed for cutting off Palestinians' heads with a Japanese knife... He's the man who was born with a knife between his teeth... He's the head of Mossad, Meir Dagan!" The hall thundered with applause when Rozin announced Dagan as man of the year.

Rozin made sure to mention some of Dagan's "secret" achievements, especially the assassination of Hizbullah operations commander Imad Mughniyah, and providing the intelligence information that allowed the Israeli air force to bomb a research station in northeast Syria, among others. After announcing Dagan man of the year, the station broadcast a profile of him that addressed his achievements during his military service and as the head of Mossad.

All of Dagan's colleagues and acquaintances that were interviewed heaped praise on his creativity in killing Palestinians and Arabs. Retired General Yossi Ben Hanan, who was a colleague of Dagan's, was witness to his insistence on killing Palestinians himself once they were turned over to him. Ben Hanan praised his close friend effusively for this.

Just before and after Dagan was chosen man of the year, a number of press reports were published about atrocities he committed against Palestinian and Lebanese civilians. These reports, written by top Israeli journalists, confirm that Dagan was promoted as a result of these atrocities.

Aluf Ben Ahed, a senior commentator in Haaretz newspaper, published a report on Dagan on 26 September in which he wrote that former prime minister Ariel Sharon himself insisted that Dagan be appointed head of Mossad, "due to his immense experience and his hobby of cutting off Arabs' heads," as he put it.

Ben Ahed wrote that the relationship between Sharon and Dagan went back to the early 1970s when Sharon was commander of the southern region and Dagan was commander of the death squad Rimonim and Sharon entrusted Dagan with arresting and killing Palestinian resistance fighters in the Gaza Strip.

Sharon greatly enjoyed watching Dagan personally sever the heads of Palestinian resistance fighters after killing them. Ben Kasbit wrote that a number of soldiers who served under Dagan in the Gaza Strip during that period later suffered from psychological complexes due to their execution of Dagan's orders to kill Palestinians in atrocious manners. After leaving the military service, some of them later committed criminal murders, and when they were tried they said that they had been affected by the atrocities they had committed against Palestinians under Dagan's orders.

Journalist Gideon Levy published an article 2 October in which he revealed that the military censors had barred the publication of a report that journalists had prepared years ago on atrocities Dagan had committed against Lebanese civilians when he was commander of the Israeli army in southern Lebanon in the 1980s. If Israeli military censors allow the publication of reports that confirm Dagan's hobby of cutting off Palestinians' heads, it can be assumed that what they barred publication of was even more appalling.

Al-Ahram Weekly has collected Palestinian testimonies from witnesses to Dagan's atrocities in the Gaza Strip during the 1970s when he was commander of the Rimonim unit. Rabia Abu Samheh, 63, who lives in the Al-Maghazi Refugee Camp, was one such witness.

In July of 1971, Abu Samheh was on her way home to the western quarter of the camp after a visit to a friend in the eastern quarter when she noticed that the camp's main street was completely empty: it had been raided by members of the Rimonim unit, who wore red military caps. When she drew near to the camp's main mosque, she witnessed a scene she would never forget. Soldiers opened fire on three young Palestinian men, and then a soldier placed one of the dead men in a garbage pit near the mosque. Abu Samheh was overwhelmed by the scene and forgetting her fear rushed towards the soldiers to prevent them from placing the other two men in the pit. They beat her with their rifle butts until blood streamed down her face.

Salem Sarirat, 58, lives near the Gaza Strip-Israel border. He says that he was herding sheep in the pasture by his house when he heard military vehicles nearby. He rushed home and watched what happened from his window, seeing Rimonim soldiers take two young Palestinian men out of one of the vehicles and tie them to a tree. Then a soldier Sarirat claims was Dagan approached them with a knife in his hand. He sank it into one of the youth's necks as he screamed and then violently jerked it in all directions until his head was cut off. Then he did the same thing to the other boy.

Ben Aluf and Ben Kasbit agree that Dagan won the award for boldness in his achievements as commander of the Rimonim unit. Gideon says that no one else has headed Mossad who committed atrocities, crimes, and bloodletting like Dagan.

Ronin Briegman, intelligence correspondent for the widely circulated Yediot Aharonot newspaper, published a report 7 August that said that Sharon was annoyed by the approach of Ephraim Helevi, Dagan's predecessor as head of Mossad, because the agency did not commit assassinations during his term that would have proven Israel's strength and reach. Sharon was also irritated that it did not undertake the mission of thwarting the Iranian nuclear programme, a mission that Dagan brought back to Mossad.

Briegman says that the list of operations executed by Mossad during Dagan's term was warmly welcomed by Sharon and his successor Olmert. These operations included assassinating Mughniyah, bombing an alleged chemical weapons factory in Syria and killing dozens of Syrian and Iranian experts, and providing intelligence that facilitated the bombing of a research station in northeast Syria that Israel claims was a Syrian nuclear reactor built by experts from North Korea. Briegman says that during Dagan's term, Mossad killed Ramzi Nehareh, a merchant connected to Hizbullah, Ghalib Awaleh, an activist in Hizbullah's military wing, Ali Hussein Saleh, a driver for the Iranian Embassy in Beirut, Abu Hamza, leader of the Islamic Jihad in southern Lebanon, and others.

All the journalists who have written on Mossad under Dagan have told how taken Olmert is with the list of operations executed by Mossad. These journalists report that Dagan goes to Olmert's office every Thursday carrying a list of operations he wants Olmert to approve, and that Olmert approves all of Dagan's proposals. There is consensus in Israel that Dagan is currently the most influential personality among decision-makers in Tel Aviv, and that due to his achievements, Olmert has twice insisted that his term as head of Mossad be extended.

It's ironic and inexplicable that as the world rushes to label Arab and Palestinian liberation movements as terrorists, it overlooks the fact that Israel has produced terrorists much more sadistic and criminal. Moreover, the excessive killing of innocents has become a standard for promoting military figures and granting them additional responsibilities.

Israel is hampering agreements on a prisoner exchange with Hamas that aim to free captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit on the pretext that it can't agree to free Palestinian prisoners who killed occupation soldiers and settlers. Meanwhile, it celebrates those who excel in cutting off Arab heads.

:: Article nr. 47887 sent on 11-oct-2008 17:45 ECT

Anonymous said...

Evil is the NWO Good
and Good is the NWO Evil
Just as is understood by some, God/Devil- one and the same
Only we each see according to our spirit

notamobster said...

randall -

I absolutely understand your perspective and I agree entirely. I'm not saying "racism" is what's happening. Perceptions are often times one's reality. Most people with a perfunctory knowledge of the world don't know what a "Zionist" is. They do however know what a "Jew" is.

Things being what they are, I think the language of "Jew" this and "Jew" that, will turn some folks off toward the overall message as they will tend to recoil at the sight of anything that just says "Jews...bad". If people called it out as Zionism, maybe some folks would look deeper, and eventually see the truth. Just don't want people to pass the useful inputs on this site up, because they "think" we all hate Jews. Know what I mean?

Otherwise, as stated, I see things exactly as you... and in a broader spectrum, the same problem exists with all organized religions. They serve only to divide people amongst the various creeds they ascribe to.

notamobster said...


AUSTRIA’S far-right leader Jörg Haider was killed in a car accident yesterday, just two weeks after staging a political comeback.

Haider, 58, is said to have been alone at the wheel of his VW Phaeton near the southern city of Klagenfurt when he veered off the road as he exceeded the speed limit while trying to overtake another car. He suffered head and chest injuries after the car rolled several times, and was pronounced dead in hospital.

“For us it’s like the end of the world,” said Stefan Petzner, Haider’s spokesman, who broke down in tears at a press conference. “He was not only my boss but also my best friend.” The Austrian president, Heinz Fischer, called the death a “human tragedy”.

Famous for his anti-immigrant rhetoric, Haider at the age of 29 was the youngest MP in the country’s history. He became leader of the Freedom party in 1986, pulling it out of obscurity and into mainstream politics.

In 2000 he led the right into a coalition government, prompting months of international isolation for Austria. Many of his statements were seen as pro-Nazi. He famously praised the employment policies of Hitler’s Third Reich and insisted SS members were “decent people”.


Anonymous said...


Thank you for your email. You may be the most gifted writer I have ever read and your courage is undeniable. I know you believe God protects you and I won't dispute that but this is a hard world with hard people in it. I don't want to tell you your business and, as you say, you're still here. I think most of us already know a lot of the things you tell us even if we can't say it like you do but I think you could just waft the metaphysical and mystical and never lose any of your readers and not expose yourself to harm as well. It's just a thought. I come here the way people have their coffee or go to Mass. I would like to have that and especially in the times that I know are coming as do you.

a friend

Anonymous said...

personal speaking. I believe we are all Zionist to some degree. just listen to yourselves. I would just like to ask one question, are you driving, or are you driven? think about it.....

Anonymous said...

Kikz05...........Tell me where by exercising my ..Free will... to believe in my faith, and my principles, and my morals....I am giving up my free will for DOGMA?.

Unlike you sir, who have no Dogma, nor faith, nor principles, nor morals, can claim to have free will to ....BELIEVE IN NOTHING.

My free will is to choose in what I believe in....You on the other hand have NO FREE WILL,because you choose to believe in nothing but yourself.

Other than believing in yourself, what is your idea of the proper and reasoned use of free will ????.....of which I have somehow in my 70 years managed to get backwards.

Enlighten me with your brilliance, we don't have much time left to be able to turn mankind around, and rid the world of evil.

Thank you


nobody said...

I view all religion as a variety of delusion. But some are better than others. And some are worse than others. The better religions are giving and offer help and solace to all. The worse religions are exclusive and posit an us-and-them mindset. This mindset is the poisoned spring from which comes Zionism and Israel. Amongst a bunch of other things, sure...

Were Israel to vanish from the page of time we'd still have any number of Jewish people who will still stick with their defining us-and-them mindset. Even those who aren't religious and are descended from Caucasians will still define themselves as 'us' and the people they live amongst as 'them'. Wherever they go and whomever they live amongst they will always define themselves as 'other'.

This mindset is poisonous. It breaks down social harmony. Forget Israel. Even with it gone, people will object to anyone who refuses to join with them and remain 'other'. It's not just Jews who do this. Gypsies, tinkers, hell, even backpackers do their own variations of it. The only difference between Jews and Gypsies is that the Gypsies keep moving whilst the Jews settle down (for a while anyway, until it suits them to move again, ala the recent exodus from Russia and South Africa). But this wrinkle and that quirk are distractions - everything is merely window dressing in the face of the basic defining foundation of us-and-them.

If non-religious, non-Semitic Jews shed their us-and-them mindset what would they be? They'd be regular folks - indistinguishable from their neighbours. Has anyone here asked a Jewish person why they're Jewish? I did. The guy didn't know, he just shrugged his shoulders. Frankly I'd like to see every Jewish person asked that question and specifically in terms of us-and-them. Jews are humans. Were they to be hammered with the social cost of us-and-them, say in the same way that Muslims are perpetually hammered with the supposed shortcomings of their religion, I think we'd be surprised at what occurs. Us-and-them is demonstrably wicked and the root of everything we're railing about here.

Anonymous said...

Just in case anyone here hasn't read this or know about it.
If this isn't a run through for Centralized enforcement from Chertoff
and the rest, I don't know what is.

6 Operation FALCON Raids
in Top 25 Censored Stories for 2008

SourceWatch, November 18, 2006
Title: “Operation Falcon”
Author: Brenda J. Elliot

Ukernet, February 26, 2007
Title: “Operation Falcon and the Looming Police State”
Author: Mike Whitney

Student Researcher: Erica Haikara and Celeste Winders
Faculty Evaluator: Ron Lopez, Ph.D.

Under the code name Operation FALCON (Federal and Local Cops Organized Nationally) three federally coordinated mass arrests occurred between April 2005 and October 2006. In an unprecedented move, more than 30,000 “fugitives” were arrested in the largest dragnets in the nation’s history. The operations directly involved over 960 agencies (state, local, and federal) and were the brainchild of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and US Marshal’s Director Ben Reyna. The DoJ supplied television networks government-shot action videotape of Marshals and local cops raiding homes and breaking down doors, “targeting the worst of the worst criminals on the run,” emphasizing suspected sex offenders. Yet less than ten percent of the total 30,150 were suspected sex offenders and less than two percent owned firearms. The press has not asked, “Who were the others?” And to date, the US Marshal’s office has issued no public statement as to whether the people arrested in Operation Falcon have been processed or released. Author Mike Whitney cautions that Attorney General Gonzales has little interest in the petty offenders who were netted in this extraordinary crackdown. This action is instead, he warns, a practice roundup in the move toward martial law.
Altogether, there were three FALCON Operations, each netting roughly 10,000 criminal suspects. Between April 4–10, 2005, FALCON I swept up 10,340 fugitives in the largest nationwide mass arrest (to that date) in American history. Alberto Gonzalez proudly announced on April 15 through corporate media, “Operation FALCON is an excellent example of President Bush’s direction and the Justice Department’s dedication to deal both with the terrorist threat and traditional violent crime. This joint effort shows the commitment of our federal, state, and local partners to make our neighborhoods safer, and it has led to the highest number of arrests ever recorded for a single initiative of its kind. We will use all of our Nation’s law enforcement resources to serve the people, to pursue justice, and to make our streets and Nation safer.”
Operation FALCON II, carried out the week of April 17–23, 2006, arrested another 9,037 individuals from twenty-seven states mostly west of the Mississippi River. Operation FALCON III, conducted during the week of October 22–28, 2006, netted another 10,733 fugitives in twenty-four states east of the Mississippi River.
The US Marshals Service has not yet disclosed the names of the people arrested in these massive sweeps nor of what crimes they were accused. We have no way of knowing whether they were provided with due process of law, where they are now, or whether they have been abused while in custody.
SourceWatch contributors further ask for clarification, “Although Attorney General Gonzales stated on April 15, 2005 that Operation FALCON was ‘an excellent example of President Bush‘s direction and the Justice Department’s dedication to deal both with the terrorist threat and traditional violent crime,’ where is the connection between the Operation FALCON roundups and catching terrorists? Why did police wait for federally orchestrated raids to arrest known sex offenders and suspected murders? Why were state and federal agencies integrated with local law enforcement to simply carry out routine police work?”
The media played an essential role in concealing the important details of the Operation. In fact, the non-critical “cookie cutter” articles which appeared in newspapers across the country suggest that the media may have collaborated directly with the Justice Department. (see Chapter 9, Fake News) Whitney notes that nearly identical “news” segments and articles put the best possible spin on a story that most Americans might find deeply disturbing, and perhaps frightening.
While mass militarized police roundups make little sense as a method of apprehending fugitives, the FALCON program does make sense as a means of effectively setting up a chain-of-command structure that radiates from the Justice Department and relocates the levers of control to Washington where they can be manned by members of the administration. Whitney warns that the plan behind the FALCON program appears to have been devised to enhance the powers of the “unitary” executive by putting state and local law enforcement under federal supervision, ready for the institution of martial law (see story #2.)

Update by Mike Whitney
Operation FALCON presents the first time in US history that all of the domestic police agencies have been put under the direct control of the federal government. The implications for American democracy are quite profound.
Operation FALCON serves no purpose except to centralize power and establish the basic contours of an American police state. It is not an effective way of apprehending criminals.
For the most part, the media completely ignored FALCON. In fact, these extraordinary police-state sweeps did not elicit even one editorial or one column-inch of commentary from any journalist in the country. Following the government’s version of events, the story was simply brushed aside as trivial. For those who care to explore the media’s true role in undermining the fundamental rights of Americans; FALCON is probably a good place to begin. It illustrates how the media deliberately obscures facts that do not serve the overall interests of the state.
The last FALCON operation was carried out on October 28, 2006. Since then, the project has been put on “hold,” presumably until some time in the future when it will be reactivated by presidential decree. The precedents have now been established for law enforcement agencies across the nation to be taken over by the chief executive at a moment’s notice. If there is another terrorist attack within the United States, or the outbreak of an epidemic, or a natural disaster on the scale of Hurricane Katrina; we can expect that President Bush will consolidate his power by asserting direct control over all of the various federal, state, and local police agencies. Eventually, we will see that FALCON was organized with that very purpose in mind.
Recent changes to the Insurrection Act of 1807 as well as to the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 allow President Bush to declare martial law at his own discretion and to take control of the National Guard from the state governors. That means that Bush now has a complete monopoly on all the means of organized violence in the country.
With the aid of the corporate media and an alliance of far-right organizations, Bush has successfully removed all the traditional obstacles to absolute power. The groundwork has been laid for an American dictatorship. FALCON is just one small part of that much larger plan.

A more recent and less publicized sweep was made March 7, 2007, in Baltimore, with the arrest of about two hundred fugitives. The rationale for this sweep is more puzzling, perhaps, as it was the only city involved. This sweep received only local media attention.
Numerous questions, as stated in the Operation FALCON article, remain unanswered. The mainstream press does not appear to be interested in exploring beyond the initial sweep events.
Both House and Senate committees on the judiciary and government oversight are digging into DoJ operations due to the US attorney firings and politicization of the Department, with all roads leading to the White House. It is not unreasonable to expect that these sweeps may eventually come under investigation as well.
The mainstream press, to my knowledge, has not responded at all to my SourceWatch coverage of this story. The press coverage that Operation FALCON received appears to be limited to DoJ and USMS news releases with the addition of an occasional local interest story. Information on the fate of the 30,000 plus who were arrested is conspicuous by its absence.
Additional information on this story should be available from both the DoJ and USMS. In reality, it most likely will not be, as neither has provided any updates. The SourceWatch article will continue to be updated when or if additional information becomes available.

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Anonymous said...

" personal speaking. I believe we are all Zionist to some degree. just listen to yourselves. I would just like to ask one question, are you driving, or are you driven? think about it.....

1:39 AM"
OK, I've thought about it, and don't get what your saying. Evil and good doesn't exist, is notorganized, or
we're killing Palestinian kids and gloating over it, or.....
reading whitehead, eh?
That'll fuck Anyone's head up!

Anonymous said...

Source: Daily Newscaster

Wayne Madsen a Washington based investigative journalist, author, columnist and former U.S. Naval Officer reported on April 3rd, 2008 the existence of a document called the “C & R” document is being passed around among senior members of Congress and their staff.

Bush planning martial law

FEMA sources have told Madsen today that the Bush administration is putting final touches on a plan that would initiate martial law in the event of continuing economic collapse causing massive social unrest, bank closures resulting in violence against financial institutions and another fraudulent presidential election that would result in rioting in major cities and campuses around the country.

Troops on American streets

In addition to FEMA sources, Army Corps of Engineer sources report that the assignment of the 3rd Infantry Division’s 1st Brigade to NorthCom to augment FEMA and federal law enforcement for the purpose of traffic control, crowd control, curfews, enhanced border and port security, and neighborhood patrols in the event a national emergency being declared.

America may default on it’s loans

The “C & R” document reportedly states that if the United States defaults on loans and debt underwritten from China, Japan and Russia and America unilaterally cancels the debts, America can expect a war that will have disastrous results for the United States and the world.

“Conflict” is the “C word” in the document.

Washington fears a popular Revolution

The other possibility discussed in the document is that the federal government will be forced to drastically raise taxes in order to pay off debts to foreign countries to the point that the American people will react with a popular revolution against the government.

“Revolution” is the document’s “R” word.

Updated: @ 11:48 PM - EST

Wayne Madsen reported the existence of the “C & R” document on April 3rd, 2008. The new information is the contingency plan being finalized by the Bush administration to initiate Continuity of Government by suspending The Constitution and declaring martial law in the event of a “crisis.”

Assigning the 1st Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division to NorthCom is a step toward implementation of the “Conflict & Revolution” document.

Anonymous said...

Brian has told us we are all different it's just that some of us wish to be good and some of us wish not to be good.
Or another way some of us wish to be evil and some of us wish not to be evil.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,
SOMALI PIRATES FOIL FALSE FLAG TERROR ATTACK BY MISTAKE (or mabe God's Will). What do you think? Iranians be afraid very afraid!!!!

This looked like the perfect attack to me with footsteps leading back to Iran.

Keep Well everybody

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony. I was just wondering... Do you fish much? I do... and I know a hook when I see one. Thanks, but no thanks. I'm not bitting to day.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brian
Just went and had a quick look
Irish - no problemo there mate, salt of the Earth
Catholic - Whooh!
and green writing - gosh and begorah!
I do agree with the sentiment of your site though and re the fishing - what do you think?!

Anonymous said...


great post, spot on the world needs more of you.

Just want to pick up on a point gerry hiles made about the jews being a made up race, ie. religion just like cathloics and mormons, im an irish cathloic and catholisism is my religion not my race, my race is northern european caucasion, nationality : irish. Get a geography lesson gerry and learn the differences.

no wonder the jews chose america to enslave first, they knew it wouldnt be too hard to do.

kikz said...

hey nota :)

'while I have never made up my mind as to the intent of the Freemasons, Unc Al, as you call him was a brilliant mind (morals and dogmas is an encyclopedia in itself). I do have to say that in my years of research they(F&AM, et al) are quite on the side of the zionist. Using the symbology of the temple of David quite frequently, etc.'

don't get hung up on it....having studied pike for over 8 yrs.. for what's it's worth...against the backdrop of the perennialist/hermetic schools, i agree entirely.. too overt reference to judiasm and it's dogma. but, consider that pike in his age/time is a proponent of xtianity as an 'already entrenched' teaching tool, which must necessarily encompass judaism's influence; although the utilization of a culture or its religious symbology does not necessarily equate to total dogmatic acceptance of its creed/tenants. one can speak of something and use it as a teaching device... such as dante in his divine comedy, and in actuality (by inference advocate) the diametrical opposite; or a lesson can be taken beyond it's infantile presentation to still higher levels, dependent on the inherent capacity of the student's mind, JC and his parables.

pike is a hard read, still... 8 yrs on. i learn more every time i reread M&D. it has allowed me the eyes and ears to perceive and better understand the perennialist wisdom scattered as jewels throughout this world. from the sages of antiquity; hermes3, plato, buddha, hypatia, celestius, sweet will, voltaire, diderot, jefferson, paine, & franklin to name too few.... to our modern oracles such as jk rowling...and our friend les....... to borrow a well worn phrase..
the song remains the same.

my only correction, is in that.. freemasonry and its attendant recognized, chartered bodies are not secret societies. :)

F & AM; blue lodge is good works.. the scot rite (A.& A.S.R) also. these are the only 2 i have any personal knowledge of to date.
as a side daughter will have pro bono scoliosis surgery sometime in jan. procedure @scot rite childrens' hosp by one of two assistant chief's of staff, ortho dept... after care, books, home tutor for a month, all taken care of.
this is not because i am a legacy, (although i am, at least a 3rd generation)...
this is because...of something attributed to JC .. 'by their works, shall ye know them.'

just remember, w/in any organization various elements jockey for control to implement their stated or unstated agendas; things are not as they seem. actions and the consequences of the actions, much more telling.

also, to end... there are many of us who share ideology/philosophy, that have never and will never join any organization for many reasons...:)

notamobster said...

Daremo Inai - well said mate. I'm taking your side ;)hahaha

kikz said...


'Unlike you sir, who have no Dogma, nor faith, nor principles, nor morals, can claim to have free will to ....BELIEVE IN NOTHING.

My free will is to choose in what I believe in....You on the other hand have NO FREE WILL,because you choose to believe in nothing but yourself.'

the scope of your unfounded assumptions is astounding.

'... we don't have much time left to be able to turn mankind around, and rid the world of evil.'

it's not your job.

while you readily admit you posses 'freewill' to choose...

how would freewill operate/exist if there were no choice - to do right or wrong? it could not.

your dogma; 'to rid the world of evil' would be to violate the freewill of every living person on the planet.

no choice to learn - actions equal consequences, no choice to evolve, no choice to improve...
no choice to love.

which is in entirety, the point of life in this plane of existence.

Anonymous said...

This was an article I found online a while back:

FRANKFURT, Germany -- Governments, police services, and prison authorities around the world are reportedly "overjoyed" by the launch of a new prescription drug that cures people who doubt the veracity of the so-called Jewish Holocaust.

Shares in Israel-based Goy & Goy Pharmaceuticals Incorporated rocketed to 89 US dollars following the long-awaited announcement of a miracle cure for Holocaust Denial Syndrome (HDS).

Soon to be marketed and sold under the name Holozac, the drug works by closing down the brain's center of intellectual inquiry. It also blocks the re-uptake of politically incorrect neurotransmitters involved in critical thought processes, making it more difficult to distinguish between truth and lies.

"We're simply overwhelmed by the response of the governments we control in the Zionist West," says Ari Scheister, Marketing Director for Goy & Goy's regional office in Germany. "Particularly so in the European Union where prisons are bursting at the seams with professors, journalists, and academics who each suffer the symptoms of advanced and potentially fatal HDS and other diseases associated with human awareness and a passion for the truth."

Europe's most prominent sufferers, Ernst Zundel, Germar Rudolf, and David Irving are said to be in a stable condition following incarceration in high-security prison facilities for People Who Read Books (PWRBs).

"Next to People Who Have the Audacity to Actually Write Books (PWHTATAWBs), the PWRBs are our most urgent concern," says Guenther Gutmensch, Parliamentary Chairman of the Federal Commission for Confiscating and Burning Books That Make People Think Something Ain't Right FCFCABBTMPTSAR). "They ask lots of questions and they have an unnatural and very unhealthy obsession with finding out the truth. They simply do not believe a word we say."

Goy & Goy Pharmaceuticals were given the green light by EU health regulators yesterday following extensive double-blind tests involving twenty HDS sufferers. Over a seven-day period, the patients were allowed unrestricted access to a library of detailed and scientifically authenticated studies of the so-called Jewish Holocaust. Ten of the patients were given a placebo, whereas each of the other ten was administered 500 mg of Holozac twelve times a day.

"The results were astonishing," says Dr Ron Haggler, who supervised the trial. "On the first day, both groups quickly found all three volumes of the 1948 'Report of the International Committee of the Red Cross', and 'The Hoax of the Twentieth Century' by Arthur Butz. On the second day, patients were still reading and discussing Germar Rudolf's 'Lectures on the Holocaust' and Juergen Graf's seminal 'The Giant with Feet of Clay'."

"However," continues Haggler, "by Wednesday morning the group treated with Holozac had actually pushed aside Carlo Mattogno's 'Auschwitz: Rumor and Reality' and Norman Finkelstein's 'The Holocaust Industry' in favor of the semi-mythical 'Schindler's List'. At the end of the experiment they were actually fighting over the only available copy of Germany's favourite self-loathing, government-controlled newspaper 'Bild Zeitung'."

There are however side effects associated with Holozac. Its active ingredient, Zionine, has been shown to cause a pathological hatred of Palestinians and Muslims in general.

"It's not for cartoonists or editor's of Mossad-controlled newspapers," Haggler explained. "We are also cautioning doctors not to prescribe to patients who have a habit of harming either themselves or complete strangers and who then blame that harm on imaginary Arab terrorists."

Haggler's colleagues also stress that giving the drug to Christians who have been artfully persuaded to believe a false, unscriptural, satanic doctrine known as the Zionist Dispensation would be sheer overkill.

"Cyrus Scofield and the Rapture crowd did to American Christians what this drug can do to the Holy Remnant," says an Israeli team coordinator, smiling. "Pastors and Ministers in the United States, who have deliberately confused the pristine Kingdom of God with a stretch of worthless real estate on a spinning ball of dirt, have all but made medical treatment with Holozac unnecessary.

A Scofield Reference Bible believer on just one milligram of Zionine would make the Irgun death squad look like the Cub Scouts on a paper chase. Buying stock in Caterpillar (Israeli bulldozers) would be a smart move. Here's my broker's phone number."

Despite such reservations about possible side effects, the European Union has already invested 15 billion euros in what it describes as the most ambitious mental health campaign in modern times.

"We're talking about targeted pre-emptive measures," says an EU spokesman for Mental Hygiene and Correct Thinking. "Holocaust Denial Syndrome begins at home and in the classroom. Does your child ask questions? Does he or she read books? Does he or she get bored with television news programmes and surf the Internet for uncensored history sites and the truth about September 11?

If the answer is 'yes' to any one of these painfully necessary questions, then your child should be treated with Holozac immediately before his or her brain has a chance to fully develop its dangerous critical faculties."

Much to the delight of Goy & Goy shareholders, that recommendation was heartily echoed by psychiatric professionals throughout the European Union yesterday.

"We often find ourselves being called out at short notice to help the police deal with highly intelligent people who question the official version of history and who therefore require urgent medication," says first-responder Heidi Stomp. "At the end of the day, all we want is a society of normal, well-adjusted people who watch television, trust the government, don't ask questions, pay taxes, and love Israel."

"Governments are limited in terms of what they can do to keep young men dying in wars for Israel premised upon our cleverly scripted history and other scams," reiterates Ari Scheister.

"They can burn books and lie and deceive over and over again, but there's always a hard core of dangerously self-educated and wilfully informed people who persist in asking troublesome questions about our precious and wonderfully unique Holocaust, despite the threat of imprisonment or worse.

The only way to deal with this terrible disease and stop the truth from infecting other people is by treating sufferers with our new miracle Holozac."

"To paraphrase one of our cleverest non-attributable disinformation slogans of all time," concludes Scheister, "it may not be the only solution, but it's sure as hell the final solution. Pass the Sushi, will ya?"

kikz said...

lara k...
'There was NO ONE JEW, who has participated in this Revolt.
JEWS AT THAT TIME in Russia WERE STILL BUSY with their mortal task: USURY.'

as a cultural MO., this 'tribe' does not participate openly as cannon fodder.

by your own admission
their maneuverings are operationally covert - usurious.

bets are hedged on both sides of a conflict. way of deception...

Justin_n_IL said...

"Pastors and Ministers in the United States, who have deliberately confused the pristine Kingdom of God with a stretch of worthless real estate on a spinning ball of dirt, have all but made medical treatment with Holozac unnecessary."

I enjoyed the whole article but that part was my favorite!!!

kikz said...


that was a cackle!

notamobster said...

Travis - That was phenominal. Thank you sri. May I have another?

(Sounds like something nobody would write)

Anonymous said...

So far nobody has put the whole thing together from beginning to end that explains why the world is in constant turmoil. I have looked at tons of different info and some are right but you have to determine what is B.S. and what isn't. Most people have an agenda so I understand their need for partial information and keeping the sheep contained within the fence.

I grew up with religious parents (Pentecostal) so I know a great deal about the bible after going to church 4 times a week. I do not attend church these days, I subscribe to the George Carlin theory.

The Bible actually hits on it a little, but the bible's info is pretty scattered so you have to track it all down and put it together. From Adam & Eve and thru the Old Testament. People then had to write it in code or in a way the message could be easily caught. History is written by those who control the pen and who is in charge. People dont have a lot of knowledge about the bible and the way it is structured and written.

Basically, in the beginning Eve sinned (Fornicated!!) with the "serpent". The Bible clearly states that God cast Satan out of heaven and down to Earth. The devil and his angels were called the 'Sons of God'. Many believe Eve had 2 sets of twins: Cain and Lilith were one set and were the offspring of the devil and the result from their "sinning" in the garden. The other set of twins were Seth & Abel and were the offspring of Adam (Normal humans). That is why Cain was jealous of Abel, because he was normal and had a soul while Cain did not have a soul. Another typical stat of psychopaths: They detest and HATE normal people. I got this theory after reading about Organic Portals here:

Adam and Eve did not conceive any children until after the Fall (Genesis 4:1-2), so it is unlikely they were in the Garden for very long. Also, no children were conceived until after Eve had "sinned" (Fornicated with the devil). Cain killed Abel and was banished to other lands but many think Lilith went with him. The bible also states that Cain said "Behold, you have driven me out this day from the face of the earth; and from your face shall I be hid; and I shall be a fugitive and a vagabond in the earth; and it shall come to pass, that every one that finds me shall slay me."

A very strange statement because "everyone" can't slay him, he can only die one time. He didn't say "everyone that finds me will WANT to kill me", it is quite clear what he said. People can only die once. are the direct offspring of the devil, you could be immortal and only suffer the pains of dying. Maybe that is why he was scared but knew he could not die. Just a theory. Also, a certain "Chosen people" were cursed to wander the Earth until the Messiah comes back. Is this where it could have started?? It would certainly explain the Organic Portals and psychopaths.

In Genesis 6 (depending what version of the Bible you have) it reads:
"1 And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them,

2 That the Sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.

3 And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years.

4 There were GIANTS in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown. (Greek Gods Myth?)

So these women were very fair skinned, the original pasty white people and had children with the GIANTS that were already here on earth, although the bible does not say where the giants came from.

It just leaves out that fact assuming everyone would catch the fact they were already here and God cast the devil out of heaven to Earth. These giants would HAVE to be the devil and his angels. It is the only logical answer.

They were also very perverted and things like that (Sodom [where Sodomy comes from] and Gamorah). This also gives new light to the Greek Gods who were all giants. The Bible also makes numerous references to UFO's and there are tons of ancient paintings and carvings in the Pyramids that depict airplanes and people with space suits on. Quite strange.

So fair skinned women had children with the sons of the devil, the people with no souls. The bible says as much, that is why the Organic Portals theory makes complete sense to me. Now, I always took that one step further. These people would be aware of their ancestors and try to hide their real history at all costs as to not be hunted and killed if the truth ever came out.

The Anglo-Saxons are the direct, genetic descendants of the twelve tribes of Israel. The Assyrians had deported Beth-Omri (the House of King Omri, king of the 10 northern tribes) to the plains of Media, just south of the Caucasus Mountains (Modern day Georgia). These deportations occurred between 745-715 B.C. These people became known as Scythians and Saccae before and during their migrations north through the Caucasus. Hence: Beth-Omri = Beth-Sak (House of Isaac) = the Caucasians = the Anglo-Saxons. "In Isaac shall thy seed be called." -- Gen. 21:12. Note that the Jews are not now, nor were they ever, known by the name of Isaac. Before these deportations, around 1500 B.C., large contingents of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin had already migrated from Egypt to Britain and Ireland before the Exodus. These two tribes of the House of Judah were merged back into the House of Isaac by the Saxon King, William the Conqueror. Completely separate and distinct are the Jews, who are composed of two distinct groups: the Ashkenazim and the Sephardim. The Sephardim are the older branch who are descended from the mixed marriages of Judahites and Edomites from about 150 B.C to 70 A.D.

These people were not dispersed until Jerusalem was destroyed by the Roman army under General Titus. It is to these people that Jesus said, "Ye are not of my sheep." -- John 10:26. The Sephardim are a mixed stock, including black African and many other racial admixtures, as the Jews themselves admit. As is evidenced in John 8:31-44, as well as in Matt. 23:35, where Yahshua accused them of the bloodshed of Abel: "That upon you may come all the righteous blood shed upon the earth, from the blood of righteous Abel." This can only mean that they are the descendants of Cain, who slew Abel. The Sephardim, therefore, have no claim to the Davidic inheritance because they are the children of the forbidden mixed marriages. They are not pure Israelites.

We trace their origins back to Cain, whose father was the Serpent in the Garden. Their families and tribes, such as the Canaanites, Edomites, Hittites, and Amelekites, have historically been the enemies of true Israel, as they are today. The Khazar Jews (the Ashkenazim) are of primarily Turko/Mongolian descent. The Khazar tribes never claimed to be Shemites. Rather, they claimed descent from Japheth, Shem's brother. The twelve tribes were all Shemites because their father, Jacob/Israel was a Shemite. The Ashkenazi people, who comprise 90-95% of the Jewish people today, never were and are not now Shemites at all. They are Japhethites, Turks and Mongols. They converted to the religion of Judaism around 800 A.D. and did not have one drop of Shemitic blood in their veins! These facts make it very clear that the Modern Jew has absolutely no biblical claim to the land of Palestine. Both groups are impostors who wish to steal the inheritance of True Israel.

The Jews have given the world massive debt through usury (Banking interest), ethnic strife (especially with their false and violent claims on Palestine), false flag terrorism (to make Arabs look like the bad guy), special-interest politics (B'nai B'rith, the Anti-Defamation League, World Jewish Congress, the Jewish Defense League, Zionism, etc.), and decadence (pornography, organized crime, anti-Christian activism). In the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, the Jews were expelled from every nation in Europe because of their practice of usury and foreclosure and for practicing their sick and perverse Talmudic religion of deception.

I issue this challenge to any and all concerned: Name one country in the history of the world that has been blessed by the presence of the Jews.

Even their own country seethes with constant turmoil. Its own economy cannot survive without continuous aid from the U.S. It would collapse from its own corruption. This, in spite of the fact that the world is filled with millionaire and billionaire Zionists. What is their money being used for? It is the Jews who pretend to be Israel so that they might reclaim the inheritance which their forefather, Esau, so foolishly sold to his brother, Jacob/Israel for a bowl of porridge. "Come, let us kill him and seize his inheritance." - Matt. 21:38, Mark 12:7; Luke 20:14

When did all of the problems in the Middle East start? When Israel became a country. How did they accomplish this? TERRORISM. They invented it.

Look at the profile of psychopaths again and their traits. Quite interesting.

Here is a site that has interesting ideas that tie into all of this.

I started writing a book based on this research but it is simply too much info to absorb by the SHEEP in America. They are too busy watching Dancing With The Stars, TMZ or shopping at the Mall.

Les, saying thank you for what you do is simply not enough. We are indebted to you and you continue to be an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Your FACTS seems to be lacking. You go on and on in every post about Jews are this and Zionists are that. Yet, you can offer no solid evidence to indicate that what you say is actually true. Other then, I said it so it most be true.

The Yankees just play good baseball. That creates a situation where people who aren't Yankees fans may "hate" them. Hatred which is a result of simple jealousy. While the type of hatred that makes people fly planes into buildings is a bit more complex.

Your belief that radicals poses no threat is horrifying. War is a horrible thing, should never happen and everyone agrees on this. However, there will ALWAYS be war. If you think that war will just go away if everyone turns into some sort of "Holy Roller" for the religion of there choice you are very misguided, naive and have another thing coming. The best way to avoid war is to be strong enough that you don't have to fight. Sadly, the world is full of blind idealists like yourself so people like Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Stalin... (the list is too long to post here) can rise to power and wreak havoc on humanity while people like you politely ask them not to. There are evil people in the world. Pretending there isn't won't make them go away! Wake up!!

There is volumes of history books on the subject of warlords, gang leaders and terrorist chiefs, the people that make most of the violence happen. It's not like they could just push a button and make their bad guys go away. In many cultures, the process moves a lot more slowly and involves lots of talking, coffee, promises, deceit and drama. Some felt an end to the vengeance killings was necessary. Making this happen is the next crucial battle in any war.

Terrorism is threatening all lives by taking some.

The point of terrorism is to cause terror, sometimes to further a political agenda and sometimes out of sheer hatred. The people terrorists kill are not the targets, they are collateral damage. And blowing up planes, trains, markets or buses is not there goal, those are just tactics. The real targets of terrorism are the rest of us and the billions of us who are not killed but are terrorized because of the killing. The real point of terrorism is not the act itself, but our reaction to the act.

Those who advocate terrorism which has caused Israel to adopt tactics to defend itself are in fact supporting terrorism and encouraging continued attacks on Jewish and other civilians in Israel. The blood is on their hands.

It also has evidence showing that the terrorists shot and killed innocent civilians to make it look Israel carried out an atrocity.

The terrorists deliberately target the civilian population in schools, restaurants and shopping malls. Israel strikes against terrorist and military targets only. Israelis have always held the value of human life as being extremely important. Can you really compare Israeli counterstrikes against specific military and terrorist targets to a suicide bomber walking into a restaurant and deliberately targeting civilians eating their lunch? Or with a passenger boarding a bus with a bomb with the intention of murdering all the passengers on that bus? There is no justification whatsoever for those actions.

Terrorists are made up of cowards that are afraid to meet their enemy in the battlefield like real soldiers, but they hide in civilian areas or behind civilians, hoping that Israel will not attack, and knowing that if they do, more civilians will be killed than terrorists.

Israel is hitting military targets to dismantle terrorist groups like Hezbollah by bombing airports, power plants, etc. and blockading ports of entry; Hezbollah is targeting Israeli civilians in its bombing campaign, not military targets.

Finally, Israel has existed in that area for several thousand years, although not formally recognized until 1948. If the Palestinians are to be upset with anyone for taking Palestinian land, maybe they should look at Israel's Arab neighbors, after all that is where the Palestinian people originated.

There is no question that we have made many mistakes in this campaign, some of them small, some of them major. Historically, I don't think there has been a single war we have participated in, either won or lost, which has not had its share of grievous errors.

If we withdraw and let them win there will be two very dangerous consequences the lesser being an emergence of terrorist attacks across the world and particularly on the US. The September 11 attacks were not provoked and there is no reason to believe that terrorists will not be eager to repeat this. The civilized world can not live with this and ultimately we will have to return and remove it. I doubt it will be easier the second time around.

The cold war, in a new version, would very likely return if we don't come out the winners in the end.

So the stakes are high but the enemy can be beaten. America was not made by people who fear risk or who are satisfied in defeat.

The fight for the soul of America has been going on since the very beginning and is far from over yet. Take heart in knowing the fact that in every great battle the forces of equality and morality have won the day but it has never been easy.



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