Sunday, October 12, 2008

Can You Say Martial Law? I thought You Could.

Let’s track the timeline. A wanna be Caligula who is also a natural born coward runs for the office of president on the corporate dime and the election is stolen and the highest court in the land is compromised by five vultures sitting on a dead branch of government overlooking a wasteland of material excess.

Dual national neo-cons who forged a manifesto for treason flowed into the critical areas of power and went to work on the centerpiece of their intent, that being the 9/11 attack whose purpose was to turn world opinion against the Muslim world. This tight lock-step of deluded Christians and Zionist Jews, in concert with leaders in the banking, corporate and media worlds laid claim to the souls of nearly every member of the Senate and House of Representatives.

The constant drumbeat of terror over a dead Saudi boogeyman kept the hoi polloi in an endless state of acid reflux and irritable bowel syndrome. After the second presidential election was stolen, the terror alerts went away. It was on to changes in The Constitution and the Bill of Rights; the removal of Posse Comitatus and Habeas Corpus. Prior to this Homeland Security snuck into town in the dead of the night and stuck its 700+ pages up the ass of the American people and then set it on fire.

A new fashion house was opened called Vitorrio Blackwaters and soon there were legions of black suited robo-cops with scanner rings and vomit spray along with designer clubs to beat the crowds away. All through the festivities, Dick Cheney and Antonin Scalia gave each other reach-arounds in a duck blind during an orgy of celebration for the rising of the Fifth Reich; rat packs of Zio-Nazis wormed into every area of American life and ate the foundations of the culture, the infrastructure and economy.

Slowly they goose-stepped across the years to the tune of ♫ rape and pillage, rape and pillage, let’s go out and burn a native village ♫. They launched wars based on fabricated intel and murdered and destroyed with impunity. On they marched to the last year of the years in which they had set in place all that was necessary to suspend everything that had held the empire in place and then a select group of bankers and their associates in various countries stole everything that wasn’t nailed down and then sent out for crowbars to get the rest. All was in readiness.

The First BCT Army Brigade was relocated to American soil. A presidential election was taking place as the stock market crashed and millions were being evicted from their homes. Everything that looked like what it was when it started turned into exactly what it looked like it was going to be. ♫ And they said it couldn’t happen here. ♫ Who’s your daddy? Ask Ozzy Osborne. He can tell you.

Meanwhile, the American public flocked to the call to arms against each other. The incipient racism and violent nationalism that always percolates beneath the surface broke out in festering boils and the movers and the shakers and the media poured rock salt into the open sores. Non-violent protest groups were legally designated as terrorists because all the laws that would have protected them from this were dressed in orange jumpsuits and imprisoned behind chain link fences woven out of obliging lawyers.

Okay... let’s move along into a little Game-Boy theory. What are the possibilities? Everything that happened was necessary to protect the American people from threats external and internal? I think that’s a big solid, “No!” Everything that happened was just a series of random accidents that seems to happen every now and then and no one knows why and we’ll just have to make the best of it? It’s safe to say that that is another rousing, “No!” This has all happened because Jesus is coming soon and may well be in the duck blind according to Dick and Antonin? I’m going to go with, “No!” one more time. How about... how about... this was all engineered by a group of psychopaths whose intention is to decimate certain portions of the Earth and enslave the remaining survivors? Well... you look at everything that’s been done along the way and where we are now and you tell me. Remember, Bin Laden’s been dead a long time and there never was an Al Qaeda.

It might clear things up a little to look at those firms on Wall Street and those banks around the world that have not been affected by the present crisis. Surely there are those who are weathering the storm and even prospering. Wouldn’t you think it a little strange that we get no mention of them? I haven’t heard the name of David Rockefeller’s Chase Manhattan yet. Well, that may not mean anything. What about the Rothschild banks? How are they doing? The trick is to look at who’s not in trouble to see who’s causing the trouble.

The economic crisis of today was engineered in this manner. Some number of groups and individuals baited a hook with the promise of a boatload of fish. They threw in their reels with everyone else. They put bunting over the lake and brought in brass bands, teenage hookers; girls for the Democrats and boys for the Republicans and the booze and other comestibles flowed from an endless tap. Then, when everyone they invited to the party was ‘all in’, drunk and hunting through their pockets for more Viagra they... they cashed out. It was a sucker play orchestrated by sucker-fish, by lampreys, by vampires.

Any day now something is going to happen. They’re fine tuning it right now. Will it happen abroad? Will it happen at home? Will it happen in a city? Will it happen in the countryside? It’s safe to say that even if it does happen abroad it will also happen at home as well. It’s safe to say that it’s got to be really big. It’s got to be big enough to get all the Schmoos in agreement that anyone who isn’t in agreement should be hunted down and killed or locked up forever. It’s safe to say that the same people who did 9/11; The CIA and Israeli Mossad, along with sympathetic hands at various levels in various places will be the instigators and that the blame will be directed at whoever they don’t like and that is most likely Iran and indirectly whoever may be supporting Iran.

I wouldn’t know what to tell you, if someone should ask me, “What should we do?” The things you should have done were the requirements of a time now past. Oh... there is definitely a joker in the deck or maybe two so... no one knows how it’s going to play out. I’m just waiting and watching like the small collection of others who don’t have their heads stuck in ‘a place where the sun don’t shine’. "Now... that’s an intoxicating scent. Is that Chanel? I’d swear that was Chanel.”

It’s a possibility that the thing is going to crash down around the ears of the ones who pulled the linchpins out. It’s a possibility that this is all part of the movie that you had better hope WAS NOT made in Hollywood. It’s possible that they go right on to the planned fait accompli and all the good little proles get to drop even further down the ladder of awareness and well-being. I’m confident of the outcome but my interests and expectations are somewhat different than the main.

It may be you get to stick around and watch the season premier of “America’s got Herpes!” It might just limp on the way it has from excess to excess from darkness into darkness. No matter what anyone fears or anticipates it isn’t going to turn out quite the way anyone expects. We’re soon to find out what you value and believe in and to what extent. Armageddon and all of the other nametags for cosmic rock and roll do not actually require religious overtones to occur. Sometimes shit happens because shit happens. So far it hasn’t affected AIG or Barclays bank holidays.

In so many ways it is so classic that you just have to imagine there’s a director involved. It’s so Shakespearean. It’s as if enough people had the script inside their heads that it had to play out the way it does. Whether the truck that hits you is powered by a conscious force or a random series of numbers doesn’t make any difference on impact.

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Anonymous said...

' about… this was all engineered by a group of psychopaths...' YES!
ps There's talk of USA defaulting on its debt!

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog tonight - very interesting. Check out this website for a possible solution to the U.S. money problems.
Oct 11 article

Anonymous said...

Mr. Les Visible !

Everything, I mean everything, right down to the knats ass.

It takes a whole entire government to kill a President, It takes a whole entire government to carry out 911, it take a whole entire government to bankrupt a Nation, it takes a whole entire government to declare "Corporate Law, It takes a whole entire government to set up a North American Union,and on & on & on


And it takes a whole entire world of governments to institute a world government upon the inhabitants of the earth.


Have a nice day.


Visible said...

Strangely enough, I think the post indicated that in various ways and even stranger, no one mentioned some handful of Jews in the desert. it's nice of you to point out their relative helplessness, why it's almost like saying Bin Laden could pull off 9/11 only it would be 'stone age Arabs living in caves"

Of course there are other players and darn it... I do believe I mentioned that and ad finitum so many other times in other posts. But it sure is good to know that these simple goatherders could never be largely responsible for the war in Afghanistan and Iraq and that the neo-cons didn't lobby and lie for it. It's just great to know that these simple loving people living in the desert could never control the world's media and entertainment corporations and the constant presence of them there is just a Fata Morgana in the desert.

I hate to point out that it does not take an entire government to do anything. It only takes a few members in the right places to give the right orders. If the whole government were involved none of these thing would ever have happened but anyway, let me bid farewell to this sweet, pastoral, desert scene and simultaneously ignore all those in the American mainland who just might have homes in the desert somewhere but also seem to be at the top of the pyramid in the urban commercial centers. No worries... baby Jesus will sing them to sleep tonight in their tents. We all know how they love the baby Jesus.

Visible said...

Well lookee here at what I just found in Wikipedia about Rio Tinto-

Both the firm Rio Tinto and its name come from southern Spain, where the Río Tinto (Spanish 'Red River') was the site of an ancient mine which supplied the Phoenicians, Ancient Greeks, Carthaginians and the Roman Empire.[3] Its water is red-colored because of highly acidic pollution from acid mine drainage.

In 1873 N M Rothschild & Sons of London and de Rothschild Frères of Paris joined with other investors to acquire the Spanish government's money-losing Rio Tinto mines. The new owners restructured the company and turned it into a profitable business. From 1877 through 1891, the Rio Tinto mine was the world's leading producer of copper.[4] By 1905, the Rothschild interest in Rio Tinto amounted to more than 30 percent. Alfred Milner, 1st Viscount Milner served as chairmen for a period before World War One.

During the Spanish civil war (1936-39) Rio Tinto sold pyrites on credit which allowed General Franco to trade with Germany and finance the war against Republican Spain. British investment in Spain was also a major consideration for British non-intervention in Spain.[5]

In 1962 the (British) Rio Tinto Company acquired a majority stake in Consolidated Zinc, an Australian company, and was renamed the Rio Tinto-Zinc Corporation (RTZ). The Australian company was renamed Conzinc Riotinto of Australia (CRA) but retained a separate corporate identity, with an increasing proportion of its shares being held by the Australian public.

The current dual listed company structure was created in 1995.

On November 14, 2007 Rio Tinto bought Canadian aluminium company Alcan Inc. for $38.1 billion.[6] Alcan's Chief Executive Dick Evans leads the new division, renamed Rio Tinto Alcan and its headquarters situated in Montreal.[7]

On November 8, 2007, rival mining company BHP Billiton announced it was seeking to purchase Rio Tinto Group in an all share deal. This offer was rejected by the board of Rio Tinto as it "significantly undervalues" the company. Another attempt by BHP Billiton for a hostile takeover valuing it at US$147 billion was rejected on the same grounds. Meanwhile, the Chinese Government-owned resources group Chinalco and the US aluminium producer Alcoa purchased 12 per cent of Rio Tinto's London-listed shares in a move that could block or severely complicate BHP Billiton's plans to buy its rival.[8][9] In the six months from November 1, 2007 to April 1, 2008, Rio Tinto's daily closing NYSE share price increased 16% from US$361 to $420, soaring and dipping along the way between $478 and $331.[10]

A takeover stake of up to 14.99% of Rio Tinto shares by Chinalco was approved by Australia, August 24, 2008.

On September 29, 2008, Rio Tinto announced a fifteen year naming rights deal to the new stadium of Major League Soccer side Real Salt Lake. The stadium, named Rio Tinto Stadium, is located in Sandy, Utah and accomodates just over 20,000 people. The deal is rumoured to be worth around $2 million per year for Real Salt Lake.[11]

and this is from a Zionist subsidiary called Wikipedia. The reason I went looking is because they are responsible for this Here

Anonymous said...

Just like the famed Bilderburg's....what you see is not what you get. Why would the Bilderburg's have their annual meeting where all can see...where waiters can listen in..photographs be taken...Do you think these people don't have private chalet's and private jets to hold "real" meetings in? Hell, they probably have their own submarines in which to carry out a real meeting. It's all for show, just like Israel and the U.S. government. Those in control are not in Jerusalem or DC--never have been. They live all around the world and have never been elected to anything...they control the elections...they fund the wars...they decide who does what and when it happens. THEY will ride this thing out in Argentina (or wherever) with their own private army. Most of them you wouldn't even know if you saw them...they don't like to actually be seen so they put up the Israeli and American faces/flags for you to look at, and get pissed off at. That they are jews doesn't make a difference, that they are christians doesn't make a difference...because in the end they are nothing but what they tell you they are--they have no allegiance to anything put power. Don't look at who got thrown under the bus, or in front of the car, or into the ghetto...look for the ambulance chasers that show up's all staged. They will throw anyone to the wolves...they are the wolves. They have no allegiance to any country, religion, or ethnicity...hell, they don't have any allegiance to any thing or any place save themselves.

The hope lies in the private wanting to be sergeant...the sergeant wanting to be captain...the captain wanting to be general...the general wanting to be king and the king wanting to be king of kings......they will eat their own. They are no different than the mafia or a drug cartel...they all want to be at the top...and from there, there is only one way to go....don't pay attention to the labels they feed us....or that we place on each other (because they manipulate our opinions)'s all for show.
If someone comes in the middle of the night to do you harm, does it matter what religion they are, what color they are, where they come from? It doesn't matter beyond the fact that they want to do you harm and leave you dead....act accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Indonesia has always been trouble for the islands north of Australia.
Whenever we (Aussies) stick our nose in, things still remain problematic.
Australia is flat out looking after Australia and as far as our indigenous peoples go not very well at that.
Indonesia still works primarily as a feudal system as I understand it anyhow. Very difficult to break down.

Unknown said...

Picture this; Nov 4th 2008 and there has been no October surprise. People vote and by the end of the day McCain/Palin have won the election handily. Suddenly it's plain as day that there was voter fraud, vote tampering, election rigging pretty much across the board. The public is outraged, Bush steps in and cancels the election results until a new "legitimate" election can take place. In the mean time the Bush administration stay's. If, and only if, there is widespread rioting after this scenario would they institute Martial Law. And then probably only in isolated incidents. They simply don't have the resources they would need to enforce Martial Law on the entire populace at the same time. A city, maybe, the whole Country, there's no way.

Anonymous said...

Les... Well said and deadly accurate... I'm to the place that I'm ready to see these psychopaths purged by the Universe... To quote The Great Decider, "Bring it on!"

Re: JJ's remarks - exactly so!

In Peace and Hope...

Anonymous said...

Well Mr Visible...You are right..although it only takes some to kill a President and it only takes one person to tell a lie..OSWALD AND OSWALD ALL BY HIS LITTLE LONESOME DID IT.

185 million of us heard that lie...what was it the rest of the government heard???? Doesn't sound like some to me, sounds like a whole entire government heard the same lie.

You're right it only takes some in the right places for a U S President to stand in front of the whole world and lie. some.... [like in] the whole entire US Government to swear to it...oops..sorry...can't leave out critical information here, EXCEPT FOR SEVEN IN THE CONGRESS [the some who didn't].

If you're trying to tell me it only takes a few in the right places to get rid of America my friend, I'm going to have to tell you're full of shit.

And Let's forget about BABY JESUS for the moment O.K...Let's discuss the facts as they pertain to the earth.


kikz said...

first brigade, third battalion...

the Big Red 1.

weren't they the liberators of occupied europe in ww2?

now they will deployed on the streets of america.
posse comitatus' last breath.

sidebar: penny's dept stores will soon/or may already offer a line of clothing with the big red 1's insignia.

ironic no?

Visible said...

"If you're trying to tell me it only takes a few in the right places to get rid of America my friend, I'm going to have to tell you're full of shit."

Why put words in my mouth? I've never said a word about getting rid of America. Where would I put it?

It's fine to disagree with someone. Its not fine to create things that don't exist in order to disagree with them.

Anonymous said...

What if we all just said "no"? No we won't leave our homes, no we won't pay our taxes, no we won't participate in your debt schemes any more?
What if we all just decided to quit playing the game?
I have greater faith in those in the military than most. While they may follow orders at the outset, they will not likely move to kill their own people nor tolerate the the mass incarceration of the people of their nation.
I don't know how this will end. No one does. It may just end like the depression with haves and have nots and mass suffering. Maybe it will end with positive new change and new leaders emerging who say enough is enough, we are taking our country back.
No doubt short term pain is coming on a massive scale, but maybe as a people we are awakening to the reality of the destruction by the elite.
Perhaps the outcome will ultimately be positive. I know hope stinks eternal. But just maybe...

Anonymous said...

Land of the fee home of the knave spineless comfort whores won't be rioting. They will go quietly and lick boots like the good lil' serfs they are. They love Shrubya he is just as vacant and ignorant as they are.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me then...No, you never said ..get rid of America, I did.

The meat of the argument is...a few in the right places vs all of them [government].

The rest of the argument is... Israel is influencing the government of the US vs the government needs no influencing to do what is being done.

And what is being done is getting.. rid of America. Now that is what I say. And the facts are pretty apparent, that plan is now in its final stages.

Now the jests of the posts from you and others [in the past and recently]leads me to believe Israel seems to be in control of the affairs of the United States Government.

And I'm telling you the government of the United States is that same bunch of beenie heads who need no influencing on how to perpetrate the evil in this world.

All of them, like in ALL, like a President [and his some]setting up a North American Union, and the REST OF THEM [CONGRESS] STANDING AROUND WATCHING IT HAPPEN.

Although they [the rest of them]may not have a part in it, [standing around watching it happen] would be considered in the ALL OF THEM.

Now I know you did not say that Les...I DID. To clarify putting words in your mouth.

What you did say however only takes a FEW OF THEM in the right places to do... whatever ?

And I say it takes the ALL OF THEM.

And with that I will bring my end of this argument to conclusion.

I appologize for "full of shit".


GodSend said...

Zionists are successfully killing off the (economic) Old World Order and before long, we will see the first signs of the New World Order (controlled by Zionists in the background - the Hidden Hand will remain hidden for a while longer). Sarkozy, Berlusconi and other ZioNazis (Frau Ferkel) are already making noises about the need for global coordination and a New World Order! So far, things are still going according to Plan - 'The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion' Plan.

Then, out of the blue, while the Israeli ZioNazis are licking their chops in anticipation of chewing on humanity and ruling the world, some unexpected guests will arrive in Israel - and go BANG! BANG! BANG! etc. No more 'rebellious house of Israel'.

The 'Oy vehs' will be heard 'round the world and everyone will break out in dancing and singing "Hava Nagila" (Let us rejoice).

Anonymous said...

"all of them" [save for a handfull whose fruits bare the truth]

I most generally add that in my rants of "who they are".

believe it or not there have been that handfull over the years.


Anonymous said...

Les, how come Signs of the Times isn't publishing your work any more? Out of curiosity I checked your sidebar and their link isn't there any more either. So, what gives? I would really like to know because I found you there and it seems to me that something strange is going on?

Visible said...

I don't know why that is. I sent them my article as usual per our relationship. They put it up and a few hours later it was gone. This was about a month ago. I was told that it got bounced because they had a plan for that day to have all of the Best of the Web articles reflect a common theme and that it would be put up the next day. The next day and the next day came and it never went back up.

I sent in three more pieces and got no response and no appearance so I just figured they had their reason and went my way. Later I thought that maybe they didn't want to be associated with me any more so I took down the link. More than this I don't know and I don't really think about it. used to print my work all the time and then never again. I just shrugged and went on with my business. I don't really concern myself with whether people publish my work or not. I don't get paid for it and people find me anyway so I don't want to get into a back and forth about why people do things.

My policy has always been to say what I think and not concern myself with the fallout or a fan base. I'm not wearing a short skirt and flashing some leg. I just write and post and go on to the next thing. I can't let myself feel resentful or denied and I don't have a career anyway so let people do what they do. It's not my affair. My job is to write what occurs to me and to be ready for what's coming.

Let history sort out the details. I only have this moment and I can't eat more than one meal at a time.

Anonymous said...

Why are Americans, with rare exception, such submissive, clueless, ignorant, programmed gobots? After all, you claim to be "free" and "brave". You are neither.

The jews (and all their puppets in your government) are doing to your country what they did to Russia in 1917, Germany in the mid 1930`s, Palestine since 1948 and every other land and culture they have infiltrated and terrorized and murdered from the inside out. Don`t Americans care what is happening in their country?

From what I`ve learned your former constitution allowed you the right to keep and bear arms and to defend yourselves from enemies both foreign and domestic. Maybe now would be a really good time to stock up on guns and ammunition-lest you ever need it-to protect yourselves from a foreign enemy called Israel and a domestic enemy called your government.

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...


Why has there been so much effort to increase the powers of the executive branch, taking away power from the legislature? Perhaps the reason is that it's much easier for those who control the media to effectively choose the President than it would be to choose the legislators. Now, who control the media, and consequently "appoint" the President, in the U.S.? That is public information, but if you don't want to use a couple of hours to find out, someone else has already done your homework for you:

As for Jewish influence in general, I recommend "The Culture of Critique" by Prof. Kevin MacDonald:

Anonymous said...

One of the funniest kick ass bits of writing I've seen in some time. You are a little like Hunter Thompson but mostly someone else. I've been coming here for most of a year and the people you remind me the most of are Nabokov and Voltaire. There's an eerie semblance between the two with a contemporary slant. It's like David Mamet doing Candide with the Pink Panther in a stutter cameo as if the internet connection wasn't good enough to maintain the stream. Do I sound like you yet? I wish.

Despite my rambling pretensions here let me say you do truly fine work and I've never seen anyone distill so much into so little.

I'm just a repressed and generally fucked up gay guy who has to live where he doesn't want to be but you do make me smile and you have my gratitude.


Anonymous said...

Since Jeff Wells, Joe Bagaent and so many of the internet's other greatest polemicists of deeper truths seem to have quit posting, it's a relief to know I can always come here for some good howling in the wilderness.

Anonymous said...

It is a gift to be able to put things into words so that anyone can understand it. Two pages I can't do without is WRH and Smoking Mirrors.

notamobster said...

Les, as always...I'm a cheerleader.

Kikz - you have a tendency to really get me thinking.

I have to say you're all full of shit. Did you see what happened on American Idol? Amazing. The fundamentals are strong.

You know...I'm trying to remain calm and upbeat here...but I keep reading these articles about how we're coming into this deflationary scenario where commodities are getting cheaper so the useless eaters should be happy with the way the market is going.
Britney spears is back in shape, and I hear Madonna's dropping the brittish accent. I've got a friend who dances naked on his coffee table to relieve stress. I can't imagine why I haven't thought of that. I just want to crack open a cold one and read it until I fall asleep.

The world is only spinning faster because we have more information. I never thought I'd like midget porn. I was right. I'm not much for porn anyway. The debasing of the female and encouraging the depravity of the males, really seems to turn me off. They do it to themselves. It's not like the people in W. Papua could have stood up and fought their overlords. They have to make a living. The few in charge are just doing their jobs. We're all good Germans. Don't speak out. It's unpatriotic. I want to fly into the wild blue yonder and touch the face of god. It's all just a bad dream. Go back to sleep...nothing to see here.

Kevenj said...


excellent comment on Les's post..
You need to get a blog.

Stonefruit-those are some of my favorite writers also. Great minds think alike.


Anonymous said...

OK I am maybe selfish, but I do not give a rat's arse about all you brainwashed Usans who now complain about martial law being imposed.

Amerikkka has been a militaristic state since inception, i.e. the 13 original colonies which got "freedom" via terrorist action, "insurgency" and all that Iraqis are now employing to throw off the Washington invasion, just like native peoples did when Washington was expanding the mainland Empire.

It sickens me that even you Les at least implicitly endorse the the false notion that there was something valuable about the last nation on Earth to endorse slavery, capital punishment - except Saudi Arabia - racial discrimination (except South Africa) and everything else which stinks.

I do not exactly blame you, but it is a fact that, nowhere else on Earth, have people willingly clutched their hands to their breast (in schools) nd sung some national anthem without at least some scepticism.

Tell me I am wrong, Les, but you come across to me as a person who still does not see that Amerikkka was NEVER what it got portrayed to be.

It is plain-enough if you were to live elsewhere ... anywhere else in the world, which I have widely travelled.

There is a widespread love/hate relationship with Amerikkka.

It is hard, especially for females, not to love such pap as "American Idol" (and its derivatives) and the idea that you can "shop until you drop".

I do not expect you to see any of this, Les, because you were raised in the hothouse of Amerikkka being the greatest thing that ever happened to this planet, one way or another.

However Amerikkka was a fascist state from inception, i.e. an amalgam of corporate, military and government intersts.

BTW: "the jews" are not to blame.

This goes back FAR further than the advent of zionism.

It is sad that you - and many others - want a scapegoat for your own lack of ability to see your own responsibility for what is unfolding.

Anonymous said...

Musical notes in the text that is Kool & the Gang. After Ozzy whored himself out to MTV he lost all streed cred, not even the mighty Black Sabbath can save em. Daddy was a lecherous, deadbeat drunk but I still love em. America's got herpes bwahaha that's great they also have jellyfish spinal column disorder as well.

Visible said...

I think a lot of us are going to be running into each other at some point. Right now the big one is in the wind and we're probably going to have to hunker down for a bit.

There's a couple of things I should address here. the last one is something I've been wanting to comment on for awhile so I'll do that last.

Gerry... you seem to have some difficult to control mood swings, though I can't tell from this distance which is part of my point... you can't tell much about me from this distance either and don't seem to have researched what I've had to say about things over the course of time. It's never good to put together a judgment on someone based a a particular series of commentaries.

It seems now and then that you may want to provoke me into saying something stronger than I want to but I'm just going to say what I say when I say it and try to be honest without being abusive which is an art to be sure.

Don't assume things because they usually turn out to be incomplete. I was born in the U.S. but I was only six months old when I went to Kyoto, Japan and spent fie years there. Went back to the states for a few years then I was in Paris, France for four years. I lived in and around Woodstock, N.Y. for awhile and then in Maui, Hawaii for a long time which is not in the continental U.S. and not really America anyway.

I've lived outside of the country more than I have lived in it and now I've been in Europe for nine years as well so... there you have it.

I've called attention time and time again to the treatment of the Native Americans, The Chinese, The Afro Americans and various enduring corruptions like The Federal Reserve, The Gospel of Wealth and etc. It would be hard for me to see America as some great and shining light when all America has done for me is to pursue me like an outlaw and throw me into prisons and other institutions.

As for the Zionist Jews not being the problem, I've never said they are the whole problem but they are a big problem especially considering their small numbers and recent troubles are very much of their authorship. They are the poster-child for parasitical materialism. Jews in general are like the 'little girl who had a little curl right in the middle of her forehead'. If you don't know the verse you can look it up. Historically they've been a bad influence in the countries where they've chosen to live. I think they've been thrown out of eighty or more.

I'm not on their case any more than I am about various psychopathic entities. It's the psychopath that concern me more than whatever other wrappings they wear and they can be Christian or Jew or anything else. It just so happens that a lot of them are Zionist and Israeli Jews at this time... running internet gambling, the drug industry, pornography. They are the enduring ursurers of the world and a great many things I don't want to get into right now. They were most of the slave traders. They are the authors of many of the recent wars and responsible for more deaths than anyone except maybe Chairman Mao and I say, "Maybe".

Probably my major beef with them is their endless effort to portray themselves as the good guys while they do evil all day long and then blame it on others; also their 'anti-Semitic' club that they beat the world over the head with, their holocaust industry and fabrications concerning it while causing holocausts all over the place. If this were generally known and accepted I'd have less to say but until it is well known and world wide I will say it as do others.

On the matter of secret societies... there are two groups of what may be called The White Lodge and The Black Lodge and people outside the temple walls may have a hard time telling them apart. But there are some good, ancient societies who move anonymously through the world and keep it together. In this time the dark agencies are pre-eminent due to this being the Kali-Yuga and because of the rampant materialism. But the good guys are still very much around and they will become more visible as time and circumstance unfold.

My chief area of study in this life has been The Hermetic Sciences and the metaphysical. I've got a collection of alchemical writings and various other obscure offerings that is impressive to be sure. it doesn't mean I comprehend it all, just that I've read a lot of it.

I've studied Ceremonial Magic and the works of Eliphas Levi, Agrippa, Dee, well... you name it I've looked at it.

Early on I realized that these were not for me in the classic sense and then I met a man on the beach who turned my world upside down and has been a constant presence since so I don't really need any of this but I have studied it as I have certain marital arts and certain yogas and theurgic practices.

Intention defines the practitioner. There is a left hand and a right hand path on the same journey and at some point the traveler makes his decision. In my supernatural psychedelic voyages I have found that the celestial and infernal kingdoms answer to the same master and I have found that you must be able to command both or you should maybe become a gardener instead. I've danced in the wild, alone with creatures of nightmare and called them my friends; so it is that they are my friends and do not trouble and often protect me. You need friends in low places too.

This is not to say I'm into what they are into. I am drawn to the celestial but you have to be able to get along with all kinds and you would know that if you were ever in prison or on the street.

I don't join societies but I am an initiate of a brotherhood and they've been around a long, long time and they do a particular kind of work and I'm content with that.

Many who studied and taught in the occult and hermetic sciences are/were good and decent souls. Others chose to use these powers for the personal self. All choices have a destiny built into them and you eventually encounter the ruler of that realm in which you move so... you'd want to be okay with that. The mental hospitals and the graveyards are full of people who didn't make the cut. For myself, for some reason, this sort of thing doesn't scare me and I think it's a past life thing. I don't recommend it for others because it can be frightening indeed and you do need a teacher or you really, really should think about gardening instead.

Anyway... these terms... Masons... illuminati...etc... there's a lot more to it than is generally discussed and I can assure you that a lot of it is misunderstood and fanciful assumptions. Time now for another cup of tea and an American Spirit roll-up.

Anonymous said...


"America" is a construct of European invasion - which includes both S and N "America" - as if no one ever lived in those lands before Europeans 'discovered' them.

OK it has become conventional to call the N and S land mass "America", but I strongly object to the chauvinism which has Usans claiming to be "Americans", because so too are Mexicans, Chileans and everyone else who lives in those lands which it is plain WRONG are said to have been 'discovered' by European adventurers.

I happen to live in Australia and that was also said to have been 'discovered' by such as Captain Cook though, in fact, people had lived here for at least 40,000 years, without destroying an environmental balance.

There is a parallel with the US/Amerikkka here, because (after the Boston Tea Party) the London Empire lost the ability to ship so-called 'convicts' to the 'American colonies', so it shipped them to the newly founded Australian colonies, which also eventually found some kind of independence, but NOT through armed rebellion, nor a civil war.

A major difference between Australia and Amerikkka/the US is that, despite similar origins, here it is regarded as rather odd if you "fly the flag" and are "patriotic".

Perhaps why we have NO threat of marshall law.

NO Australian kid was ever brought up to "worship the flag" and "pledge allegiance'.

Actually I was brought up in England AND during the latter days of the London Empire, but, even there, there was NOTHING like the indoctrination I have seen put on kids in Amerikkka/the US.

Hitler, in Germany (though he was Austrian) tried to foment faux nationalism.

The only peoples who have succeeded are those jews who believe in zionism and those amerikkkans who also believe that they are the "chosen people" ... al believing that they "hear the voice of god."

Hey Les!

You say that god talks to you, but so does GWB, the pope and a myriad other people - so who am I to believe?

Over two millenia ago Socrates wandered around Athens, questiong people who claimed to speak "for god" ... and found that none of them were in agreement.

Therefore there is no god or, at least, no one had got a handle on what he, she, or it really wanted to say.

Sure I can believe you slightly ahead of GWB, the pope and some other believers in a god ... but no way do I trust you in front of your claims to "speak with god'.

Visible said...

Okay... I see where you're coming from now and I'm sorry I wasted my time but that happens now and then. You're welcome to rant within the boundaries of good taste... remember there are parameters for that though so if you want to be heard keep that in mind.

By the way, who is this Marshall with a law? Are you trying to say 'martial'?

Anonymous said...

In case you'd like to know ... Carl Jung is one of my greatest people of all time, not least his studies of alchemy and what they really represent as attempts to transform the soul, rather than base metals.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough Les.

It is your blog ... but I cannot believe that it "speaks for god" through you, as you seem to claim that it does.

What I say will not make a blind bit of difference , so feel entirely safe to publish my opinion that you have no more idea about some g-ds opinion than anyone else has done, over the millenia.

g-d-belief is crap. If there was some entity interested in us, then it would have taken an interest millenia ago.

Maybe it would have felt sorry for the dinosaurs millions of years ago, but it did not and I can see NO reason for why, despite your supposed personal connection with it, it is bothered about we humans going the way of the dinosaurs.

Maybe there is some other planet making a better fist of things elsewhere.

Visible said...

Gerry, I'm going to give you one more response. I don't expect it to cut through your curmudgeon attitude, nor penetrate the nature of your certitude about that which no reasonable man would demand certainty. The infantile example of God saving the dinosaurs is inapplicable to anything. Things are born, they prosper and decay. It is for this reason that the Hindu's have the triune aspect and, in a more arbitrary and uncertain way so do the Christians.

No one gives a shit whether you think Carl Jung is a great man and most of the people here have read as much Jung as you have and know about the collective unconscious and the archetypal symbols in the enduring interactions of the human mind which quite simply in relation to that enduring aspect prove that something continues. We've read Joseph Campbell and many others.

Your beef with religion has nothing to do with God. You've gotten yourself tangled in the curtains and now you can't see out of the window.

Constantly harping on the idea that I claim to have some exclusive relationship with God and talk to God on the phone is very much like what the neo-cons do when they just repeat fabricated lies over and over. You might do better at some other site where the readers are more susceptible to this sort of tagging and disinfo.

Anyone can talk to God and anyone can hear God who has put themselves in a position to. It is actually the simplest thing and only calls for arresting a particular aspect of the mind. Using indirect slander and gestures of contempt will not serve you here.

What you've done is to show yourself as woefully uninformed and that's one of the good things about this site. You might be well advised to realize that your arguments as well as your posing as a be all know all, puts you in the position of playing God more those you accuse of it.

You don't get it but I am confident that you'll soon see how effective your efforts have been here. I've given you more time than you deserve in order that some slim sliver of light will pass through the curtains, however momentarily, at the urging of an invisible wind. Your desire to come in here and flop on the couch and break wind is not an example of anything but school yard presumptions. I'm done here.

Anonymous said...

There is no god ... end of story, except that NO ONE knows the origins of what is very clearly a far from random universe.

Anyone who claims to know anything really fundamental is a fraud.

The only legitimate position is that of Socrates.

He was accused of being "the wisest man in Athens", so he set out to question everyone, because he did not believe that he was the person he was accused of being.

And what he found out was that all and sundry had beliefs about what humans are supposed to be about, whereas he did not ... seemed that he alone was wise in knowing that he was ignorant, which comprized his only residual claim to being 'wise'.

That is a mind bender which I, at least, can handle, i.e. the only certainty is that nothing is certain.

Anonymous said...

Gerry- 'There is no god ... end of story, except' ...Woops!
godsend, I'm proud of you.

Anonymous said...

This all goes back to who sold us the Bush cabal, which is the bitch media. If the public insist on listening to false prophets like Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, and Neal Boortz, they'll end up having even less of a conscience than they have now and things will get progressively worse

Anonymous said...

I have heard talk and talk, but nothing is done,
Good words do not last long unless they amount to something,
Words do not pay for my dead people,
They do not pay for my country, Now overrun with white men,
Good words will not give my people
Good health and keep them from dying,
Good words do not get my people a home
Where they can live in peace and take care of themselves,
I am tired of talk that comes to nothing,
It makes my heart sick
When I remember all the good words and broken promises
Chief Joseph
Nez Perce

I do not consider myself an American simply because I was born here--I don't consider you an Aussie, a Brit, a Mexican......
I do not consider myself a white man simply because that is how I was born....I don't see your skin color as an indicator of who you are--that would be a disservice to us both
I don't consider myself 50 years old because some people choose to put a number on this thing called "age"...I don't look at whether you are young or old..I don't take the chance of missing out on meeting a wonderful person simply because they look a certain way...
I am not a democrat or a republican...simply a voter...who doesn't vote any more
I am tall but I don't look at height as the measure of a man
I live in the country and don't look at where you live as having anything to do with who you are
I don't look any more at what your government does, or does not do, as any indication of who you are than you should look at me and "mine"
I don't look at whether you are male or or straight...I look at who you are, not where you live, or who you live with
I don't go to church...I don't believe in religion but I believe that I am part of "All That Is"..and that is about as far as that goes

I used to be a professional yacht captain years ago, traveled all over, and hung out with others from around the world and heard their slamming of the US...and rightfully so....I could do the same to "your" country...where does it get us but further apart? Usually after a few minutes of the slamming....we would be talking about what we had in common and where we were from was a thing of the past.
As I have said before, I don't use the word "god" because it puts "god" in a box...all pre-packaged and wrapped to your liking.....

I keep seeing "you" should do "something" about "your" government and what pray-tell would that be? We can't vote them out because "they" are on the only allowed sides of the aisle.....damned if you do.......

STOP looking at where someone is from, stop looking at what they say as may be wrong for that does not make it wrong. We can only write what we write....send a message...relay a it is received once the button is clicked is up to you.

I am not here to defend anyone, I am not here to be anyones cheerleader....I am simply here.


Grantland said...

Good one on the holocaust below. I put this here because it's current:

Audio, about the Jews and their holocaust. HTH.

Anonymous said...

That about sums it up for me, alright!

Extra credit for the splitting of the masses down the middle - a masterful job has been done finding the proper diversionary scapegoats. It disheartens me no end to read posting after posting about how, now that average Americans are FINALLY waking up a bit (just like I figured - only when their bottom line was directly affected) the overwhelming solution is to stock up on ammunition and adopt the
"every man for himself - come near me and mine and I'll shoot your ass" attitude. Nice. Hey, that's not even how Hollywood would write it!

And I HATE movies made in Hollywood by the way.

Time to armour up and be real sure what is important here.

Be well, people.


Anonymous said...


I saw Les, sitting on the Bridge, throwing down The River stones, watching the water circles created from his play .
I saw Trolls jumping from Nowhere , making atonal scratching noise, while trying to catch the stone before it would hit the water.
I have seen no one Troll would succeed in catching a stone . But, if even It does, it was not clear what It would do with Less' stones: it did not look to me that Trolls Under The Bridge had any valuable motives or special plans, or some recognizable goals.
Watching from Above the Trolls' commotion, most of the time Les was smiling. Yet, sometimes I saw him bitter, sometomes even angry ...
"What ", I started to worry , " what, if he will become bored , what if he will lose the interest to this innocent childish play of his imagination?! " .
It is well known that Trolls, when forgetting who they really are, can become completely unreadable !...
"They can not make it to the top of The Bridge", I calmed myself, " So, there is no danger.
Then another concern entered my soul:
"What if Les will stop throwing stones down the River? What if he will just simply become bored or even irritated? What if Trolls will take his fair tale over and he will be forced to go away?"
This thought was heavy enough to make the Landscape to lose its glamour and attraction... And then, the monotonous sound of the Emptiness has announced the arrival of gods.
Or just the One, The God Almighty ?

Please, Less don't go away.

Anonymous said...

I am very disappointed at Gerry Hiles' assertion that there is no God.

Does he think that mankind created all the great oceans, the earth, the planets, the vast regions of space etc and most of all, himself?

How could these things have come into being if there wasn't a Supreme Being; call Him what you will?

Also Gerry, in trying to portray australia as a 'lesser of two evils' to america; didn't you say on another website that australians could be arrested for refusing to vote?

Anonymous said...

Gerry are you concerned about selling us your brand of soap over Les's brand? You want us to buy Socrates soap or C. Jung Soap but not Visible soap?

I haven't seen Les insisting that anyone believe or not believe anything. You are insisting though. I also think you are confusing gadfly's with mosquitoes or maybe deer flies.

If you're interested in a pissing contest and marking your territory maybe you should concentrate closer to home like at your neighborhood pub where you can argue all night with people who won't remember the next morning. I think it suits you.


Anonymous said...

In Gerry's defence
Most Pommies in Australia, on the whole, are assumed to be winging
That’s cool
ps for not voting- a small fine, maybe.
There are options…
I haven’t voted for 30years- no consequences

Anonymous said...

One Troll, called "gerry" is killed. Though the shot was anonimous but it worked. Thank you.
A few more to go. What's Its name "duane"?
Free the space, neighbors for Les to breath and to give us chance to breath also..

Anonymous said...

Great post Les. I picked this up somewhere but can’t remember where. “He who knows and knows that he knows, he is a teacher, follow him. He who knows not and knows he knows not, he is a student, teach him. But he who knows not, and knows not he knows not…. He is a fool, pity him. I’m afraid you have a couple of posters here that fall in that third category. As they say never argue with a moron, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.


Anonymous said...

Dear America, if you are worried that terrorists will invade your country you need no longer worry. They are already there and they wear military uniforms and carry m-16s and drive pain ray trucks and call themselves Blackwater and appear nightly on television spewing out their pre-written political propaganda and wear suits and ties and have big plush offices overlooking cities in which they`re located. You`ve been terrorized and destroyed from the inside out.

RIP, America.

Anonymous said...

I am going to DO plenty on my walk. The Rich Man Has Shown his color for all to see. With a cracked tune they are lost.. none follow. With a Tune of light We swirl into the air the hidden debris lurking under the reality of the mess to befall the Americas.

Plenty of miscreant Usury experts will be ground under... Some will be of the dust result others will be the mind wiped fodder for the onrush of the Machine to it's demise.... For the machine is hopelessly over weight and not built to dance the work of life.

The Machine is DEAD. Your being addicted to it's many temptations is THE FIGHT. Work is coming for the lameo's seen above. Our world WILL not be poisoned for their amusement and profit whilst we figure the lay of the land WITHOUT THEM.

A new NEW world order is going to become the reality.. If WE all WORK together to make Thought and learning a Responsibility again.

Greed and Usury are the machine... they run on blood and lies.

Anonymous said...

Very quickly after 911 there was a gathering at the WH of west coast film biggies. It was held over a full weekend in DC. I was just doing my art as usual, with the news on, as we all had the news on then. Many times I have looked for links, but they are gone, if they ever existed. I know the difference between a hallucination and a number of news reports over the space of many days. Whatever is going on gets "painted in" whether I mean to or not, so that I have an accidental visible record that in the colors of a horizon or shape of a particular element, years after the fact, it reads evil.

notamobster said...

I have an old jarhead (US Marine) who works in the office next to mine. We spend a great deal of time discussing the state of things. He confided in me today; that he is in a bit of a quandary.
In his 60+ years as an American, who fought in Vietnam, he has refused public assistance at every turn; choosing instead to go it alone. He has accepted the responsibility for his decisions and taken the losses accordingly. He, much as I am, is a thinker. He doesn't buy things just because someone tells him that he should. He makes all of his decisions based on well-scrutinized fact. We butt heads often, but always with a respect for each others perspective. Occasionally though, we say things which seem inflamatory. Neither of us take it personally, and we continue our dynamic of back and forth, as if nothing has changed. That happens quite a bit on here, as well. (sorry to digress)

...He told me that he is seriously considering getting on board the bandwagon to cash in with the government. He has issues for the past 40 years as a result of his time in combat. He now wonders if he should just capitulate to the new world and just collect a check as the result of injuries. He has saved for 40 years and sees it all withering away... Should he follow the pack and allow the government to be his master and provider? I don't know. I told him that the dilemma seems like a choice between capitulation to change (whether bad or good), or standing boldy on the code of Bushido: and committing seppuku. In one, you get the ephemeral satisfaction of knowing that you got something back for your contributions to society. In the other you die with your honor. I don't know what to tell him. That is a decision one should make on his/her own. I know that the government who promises to be a fair and just master; none-the-less, promises to be your master. I refuse the path of capitulation. I refuse the servitude of serfdom. I may be unwittingly contributing to it, but I refuse to accept that as my end.

I understand that our country is anathema to most of the people of the world. It is hard to reconcile the ideals it was founded on to the fruits of it's 232 year labors, but I assure all of you naysayers, that the Declaration of Independence, Constituion, and Bill of Rights - if followed (minus the racist stuff)- would not have allowed these horrible atrocities to unfold (in/by this nation). You can argue, if you like, that isolationism is bad. I won't disagree, but I will say unequivocally that as a nation, it is neither our right, nor our responsibility to police the world. When any government has gained enough influence to create the problems we have created, and become destructive of it's true purpose, it is the responsibility of the people to cast off the yolk of that inneffective and scurrilous
institution, and replace it with a more suitable system which will meet the needs of it's people. Our people have been too silent for too long. They must stand boldly and speak out. Unfortunately, most only "know" the drivel that oozes from their idiot box. You couldn't garner one cohesive thought from 20 people on the street. Most couldn't name their congressmen, much less figure out how to contact them. Until the people are squeezed enough to pay attention we'll always have the infighting, the blame games, and the hatred toward our fellow traveler. I am, by no means immune to this. I hate everyone. I don't like religion. I don't like religious zealots. I don't like bankers, politicians, lawyers, judges, or doctors. (<--interesting that all of the above make up the political ranks in America). I do love the world as a whole. I do know that in all my many travels, I have met wonderful; amazing people, no matter which swath of land they happen to call home. I have also met many a flaming asshole in all of my travels. To cast aspersions against all Americans, or all Christians, Jews, Muslims...or sandwinches for that matter, will not bring us any closer to realizing the amazing potential of mankind.

I do happen to KNOW that as long as we (collectively) allow these traitors to rape and pillage our world for their enjoyment, we will never be at peace. Who are these traitors? I say the global bankers (most of whom happento be Zionists).

I know...I know... the real perpetrators are behind the scenes, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!!! Only by identifying and eliminating those easily visible, will we ever come to know those less visible (no pun intended). If we focus the collective against the few who are visible at the top of the pyramid, we will at the very least send a clear message that those in hiding, had better not show their face. Their game is done. We must eliminate the web of debt which has sewn so much destruction upon the earth.

We can all sit around arguing that this religion, or that guy, knew best. We can see each other not as fellow travelers on the highway of life; but as enemies, or blinded fools who propogate the destruction of the world by using the system they're in... or we could have serious dialogue about the problems, the causes, and possible solutions... and maybe get to know one another, thus realizing that this world is much smaller than we thought. We share many of the same burdens.

I have made some interesting friends on here. I love the fact that they're from all over the world. Anyway, sorry to ramble.

Be easy...

Anonymous said...

Free speech includes trolls as well. Don't like it? Go to a disney or cnn page then or turn comments off altogether.

nobody said...

Good stuff here.

Gerry stop being the crowing agent of discord and just chill out. I suspect your head is in the right place and that this might be the right place for you. But you need to shut up for a bit and just read and stop second-guessing everyone. In decrying the US, it's spooky how you resemble that which you detest. And it's time to be less impressed with Australia mate. Last Australia Day the most popular shirt going was emblazoned with 'Australia - Love it or Fuck Off!'.

Is that your country? Is it mine? Time to stop banging the table mate - just pull up a chair, sit, and wait till you understand the conversation.

Kevryl said...

The author said, "that being the 9/11 attack whose purpose was to turn world opinion against the Muslim world. This tight lock-step of deluded Christians and Zionist Jews"

No! The muslims were merely a pawn whose hatred of non-muslims was used to give credibility to a very sinister plan that otherwise had nothing to do with Islaam per se., The fact that Islaam has been used as a scapegoat for bringing about the purposes of the ruling elite doesn't mean that we should dismiss the muslim threat, or mince words when speaking of it.

How fickle is the human species! In the 60's it was fashionable for pop stars to record at least one "religious" number (eg, Linda Ronstadt's "We need a whole lot more of Jesus and a lot less rock and roll".) Now, in the "Norties" its fashionable for pop music to centre around suicide, sexual perversion and even Satanism. Its now the "in-thing" to be sensitive to muslims and to avoid mentioning inconvenient truths so as not to offend them, while spouting ill-informed vitriole against christians and the christian faith.

What a paradox it becomes when people rush to exonerate Islaam (which, beginning with the 300 odd years of aggression and conquest that gave rise to the so-called "christian" crusades has declared its intent of world domination - by the sword if necessary) and implicate christianity (whose Kingdom is "not of this world") in the evil that is bringing about control and destruction by the greedy. What a paradox to embrace a religion of Jihad while slandering, villifying and attempting to exclude from public dialogue the Christian faith whose ethic is to "love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you". (Matthew 5:44.)

Favouring Mohammed, who advocated forced conversion or "death to the infidels" over Jesus Christ who advocated that "this gospel (ie "good news")of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations" is short-sighted indeed.

But we live in an age of Christophobia. An age in which almost every blogg about any world event, evil or tragedy whatsoever rapidly becomes an opportunity for a diatribe against christianity; the faith system that gave the world a just system of law, the thirst for scientific knowledge, the sense of the sanctity of human life, the ethic that we should love, not kill our enemies and that we are indeed "our brother's keeper".

Why would anyone choose such a position? Well I guess the Lord Jesus Christ in John 3:19 just about sums it up: "And this is the judgment, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil."

In this time that "enlightened" people have declared absolutes non-existent, they will choose any belief system that enables them to be "the captain of their own soul"; that exonerates them from moral responsibility to a higher authority no matter how vicious,
irrational, superstitious or even openly Satanic it is.

GodSend said...

Gerry et al

"Remember your God before the silver cord is loosed" (OT)

I challenge you to study (including links) my Website and Blog and then return here and repeat that there is no God. If you come back here in less than 3 months, insisting that there is no God, you're simply not up to the challenge.

If you're only willing to invest a little time in your future, you can go to the following website and read a short article. It will put a seed in your mind that will be difficult to ignore and impossible to remove:

"I once was blind - but now I SEE!"

Anonymous said...

Hello All,

I am grateful to be back at my favorite blog on the www to catch up! First my apologies to everyone for my belated response. To mix a metaphor, life happens! I was out of the loop for a few days. But I am back.

I would like to respond to the kind people who commented at horizontal hula:

Dearest Randal.

Thank you for your kind response. I am always happy to make the acquaintance of a kindred soul! I am grateful to talk to someone that knows exactly where I am coming from. I have always known there are kindred others, the challenge is to find each other in this increasingly ponerised world. And who knows, perhaps we will talk one on one sometime? Perhaps also I will have the honor of sharing some of my specialized cuisine? God willing... At any rate, Vis has my email address and I give him permission to share it with you. Bless your heart, I am honored by your compliments. **blushing** Indeed we should have met long ago. But better late than never! ;)

I must admit I did not know what an msm male was. :D When I use the term 'msm' I am talking about main stream media talking heads/prostitutes. The reference to female stereotypes made me think I better search that term. LOL! Now I know! :D

I am definitely a genuine female.

I am divorced several years now. ( I left him) He did not want me to leave & only admits the truth to himself or others,that he drove me away. (when he is falling down drunk) He now knows my value too late. Never miss the water until the well is dry. All he ever had to do to keep me was to be kind and loving, and I would have stayed forever. I told him so many times, ' I require TLC, not abuse. If you want a flower to blossom, give it TLC. Trampling your flower will not make it blossom or bear any fruit.' His ears were painted on. He has finally learned this lesson too late.

Thanks Randal for your kind response.
You made me smile & blush! Hope to find a letter from you in my mailbox! :)
Warmest Regards & peace!

Dearest Duane,

Yes indeed! Faux news is scripted months in advance. You and I ( as well as the perceptive readers of smoking mirrors) know why they call it 'programming'! ;)

It seems all truth seekers have some family members that have mistaken illusion for reality. They see black as white. Deception as truth. So in their distorted perception they really believe we have snapped our twigs. Ah well, we can lead a horse to water but we can't make him drink. And it turns out the reason is the horse prefers koolaid!

It is really tragically unloving that family would wish other blood relatives to be put in a concentration camp, for the thought 'crime' of liberating their minds from the prison box called conditioning. I wonder if your family members that wish this... are they Christian? Do they think this is the teaching? WWJD? And how does this toxic wish for grandpa to be detained apply to the principles of the golden rule? We know the answers to these questions. Tragically though, family members have not begun to reflect...

I have completely divorced myself from certain members of my family. And the close intimacy I have shared with certain friends make them more like family than my own flesh and blood. My daughters call these special friends 'uncle' or 'auntie' because friends are family that you choose! :)

Thanks for letting me know I am not alone. Yes we are kindred at smoking mirrors, even in our diversity we all seek the universal truth that transcends. Vis is a magnet for seekers who cherish truth. I am grateful to be here, to make new friends and to connect with others who have lived parallel lives.

Thank you for sharing the scriptures. And for helping me put more of that puzzle together. Revelations is so enigmatic. It is something I have puzzled over since the time I was a Christian. The U.N. makes sense! That useless entity masquerading as global humanitarians are very much involved in the ills in this world.

Yes Duane I can cook and I love to share it. You are welcome to partake anytime.
Les has my email and my permission to share it with you.
Warmest regards & peace!

Dear Kevin John,

Thank you for the encouragement and for the excellent humor! ROFLMAO!!! :) I Love it! :D So does everyone else around here. I have been sharing this joke with everyone all day! Too funny!
Warmest Regards & Peace.

Dearest Les,

Thank you for posting my comments and for your blogs. As I catch up, once again you take my breath away. The way you express yourself can only be likened to the process of refinement. Whereby impurities are removed ( deceptions are uncovered) and all that remains is purest of truth. I am so grateful for your blogs & for you!

This should be etched in gold:

I watched the Obama/McCain debate the morning after. It was interesting to note that both men wanted the voters to know that Iran is evil; that Hamas and Hezbollah are terrorist organizations and that Israel is a strong and devoted ally of the United States . Never mind what just got uncovered in Yemen . Never mind Israel ’s involvement in the 9/11, 7/7 and Madrid train station attacks. Never mind all of the false flag actions. Never mind the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty. Never mind the billions flowing out of the American economy right this minute into Israeli banks. Never mind the wars they orchestrated against Afghanistan and Iraq . Never mind their creation of Homeland Security or the theft of the last two presidential elections. Never mind an endless litany of offenses by Israel against the United States and nations across the world from Lebanon to Georgia and on and on but never mind… Israel is America’s good buddy.

I’m stymied to think of what it is that Israel has done for America which makes it such a good buddy and no one can tell me anything except that they are your friend. When it comes to actual events where Israel did something wonderful for America (over and over as they might say) I can come up with nothing.>

Indeed with friends like these, who needs enemies? If only all of America could have awoken to that reality BEFORE we reached this point.

Outstanding as always Vis! Thank you!

Warmest regards & peace to everyone at smoking mirrors.
"Everybody is ignorant,only on different subjects."-Will Rogers/
"Illusion, thinking it is reality, takes reality for illusion."- Boris Mouravieff/
To attempt to silence a man (or a community...Ahmadiyyat) is to pay him homage, for it is an acknowledgment that his arguments are both impossible to answer or to ignore!

Visible said...

Just a little note for the general information. I know who and what is coming from where and when; except when the effort is more sophisticated and that tells me something too.

Not that I generally mind. Now and then a friend will post from my location too but not that often. I just wanted to make the point that there's software out there for just about anything these days if you know where to get it.

As for what's allowed or not allowed here, I'll be the judge of that and I almost never censor anything unless it's gratuitous ad hominem... exceedingly redundant cant or anonymous trolling for the sake of annoyance.

For some reason we don't get much of that and I couldn't speculate why except to mention serendipity. I don't have any more problem with multiple nicks than I do with people talking to themselves.

Carry on.

Visible said...

By the way, I noticed an interesting play on words in the name of the Hindu money manager called in to save the economic system. Neel Kashkari can be easily transposed into 'cash and carry' that's along the lines of Gold Man's Sacks.

Visible said...

There is a new posting Here

Anonymous said...

Regarding martial law:

Is it true that there are thousands of foreign troops here in the U.S. ?

I've been listening to some Al Cuppett interviews, and he has seen them in airports where they (foreign troops) have said they are training for "urban pacification".

These troops would be used for martial law, I would bet on it...

- Kenny Rudzinski

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami Here

Kevenj said...


"I do happen to KNOW that as long as we (collectively) allow these traitors to rape and pillage our world for their enjoyment, we will never be at peace."

I couldn't have said it better.

Living around a highly military and highly conservative/ religious area I have had the luxury of knocking heads with more than a few. As Tony pointed aptly pointed out, there are 'nice people' and 'not-so-nice people'. Of course that would be what your definition of what "nice" would be. ...your perspective.
I tend to joke around allot around here and I appreciate Les' and other's putting up with it, but don't think for a moment I don't know the gravity of events.
Something I shared with Tony a while ago:

I happened upon this big guy at our Home Depot a few months ago who was sick of dealing with all the idiot drug/alcoholic hung-over people he had hired to renovate houses around town. (I was helping him load some material on his truck as I parked next to him and noticed he might need a quick hand so I offered.)
Anyway, being ex military, he decided that the contract and signing bonus from BLACKWATER was too good to pass up-a 6 figure salary, so he was finishing up the last job he had going on-fired all his help and was ready to cruise off and meet friendly people in other exotic lands.

Now HIS definition of "nice" might be a tad different than mine.

Sometimes you just gotta get away, as Jimmy Buffet used to say:

"Changes in attitude, changes in attitude. If we couldn't laugh-we'd all go insane.."

Like the sound says he admits he's nuts anyway but still can laugh at the situation.



Thanks for the encouragement! Give yourself a big


from me......opps, no.... I REALLY didn't mean to touch you there. ...Seriously.


Anonymous said...

I hang out in the City some 'Denver' and in the burbs some. When the derivatives bubble busts "many zero's tacked on..." and hyper inflation sets in "all this cash flowing into the system with no capital behind it" shit is going to hit the fan!

For the most part folks impute their own justice 'the judicial system is too corrupt so many don't go there anymore' ... I tend to be on the front lines a lot and thus know what most folk only come to know later. I have never shot a weapon and do not feel safe not having one in case of need. When I am in Denver I am in a gated community and this place looks as if the folk residing in there are very wealthy. Drive a block away and you are in danger zone...The burbs is just as ridiculous in a different way. This is typical Denver...when the shit hits the fan and it will, what realistically am I to do? Am I am willing to risk my own life for some local thug? NO! And if bringing in foreign troops bring some security, well I am for it.

I understand other points of view too, if I could defend myself and my children, I would rather not rely on martial law! Humanity tends to prey on the vulnerable 'liken to animal instinct' and if there is to be anyone left on the ground when the dust settles from the bubble bursting "you might find me hiding out in some tank :)" there is going to have to be a fair fight 'meaning I am opting for a very strong security team (body guards...)' covert ops suck, you never know if you have backup or not and mostly not 'bunch of pussies' if we had our backs covered, this world would never have had this financial disaster!!! So with that, show me the tanks and if it back fires on me, so be it, at least I did not go down by rolling over!

Am sure am gonna get a lot of crap over this one...

Anonymous said...


When I was a teenager in the mid 70’s, you could go one way, or the other. Growing up in lily-white suburbia, most of my classmates went on to college with mom and dad footing the bill. Some of us were done with school—in my case REALLY DONE-- and went on in other directions. Back then, some of them who had connections at the Ford plant or one of the steel plants got in the door and were making pretty good money for being so young.

Skip ahead to 2008 and the tables have definitely turned. There are no steel or auto jobs any more or any of the jobs that fed those industries.

“These jobs are goin’ boys and they ain’t comin’ back”—Springstein

The new plan for 2008 and beyond is as follows:

Join the military—There are no other jobs—Contrary to what you are being fed, per capita there are more white Irish kids from Boston joining the military than “poor blacks”—(per Al Sharpton/Rangel and the Afro-Ambulance chasers) because they can’t get those after-high school jobs any more


Get a Government loan to go to college because mom and dad can’t afford to put food on the table any more, let alone college—btw my wife worked her way through college—what a novel idea

After you have racked up about $100,000 in college loans, you graduate and immediately go to where you would have been four years earlier—plus/minus a $100,000 debt—waiting tables or working at Sling-A-Burger

Maybe you start making a little money—You are now the manager of Sling-A-Burger so you decide to marry the little honey who works the drive through window….ahhhh blisss.

Perhaps it’s time to buy a house so you go and get a loan…might as well be a noose.
You buy this house and end up with a 30-year loan and property taxes up the ass. Let’s say you bought a $150,000 house--thirty years later you sell it for $250,000…hey, nice $100,000 profit….except you paid $250,000 in interest to the bank…so you are really behind the 8-ball for at least $100,000….plus whatever you put into the house to keep the rain off your head. That house is now federally owned…see, they have made it easy for you to just get that pesky college loan, your property taxes, and house payment all taken out of your check before you even see a dime—just like they already do with social security, unemployment, medicare and medicaid…and on and on…….it’s coming folks…it’s all set up. This is why they are buying a stake in the banks…It’s the new “Company Store”. Meanwhile, you could have paid for five months of rent with the $2500.00 you pay in property taxes each year….and, bought whatever else you wanted with the money you are saving in interest over the life of your loan. Oh, but I get to write it off--Time to put on some coffee and take a big whiff.

In the meantime, you get a little behind on payments so you pull out your trusty Credit Card from Uncle Sam Bank and Trust and start racking it all up--no problem, they will just take that directly out of your paycheck too because they have streamlined the process in order to save “YOU” money…what nice people. If there is nothing left to take out, maybe you can work your free-time hours in one of the many Amero-Jobs programs that will be required of debtors--not for a paycheck…but to pay down your debt at slave wages. You’ll never be allowed to get caught up.

Wonder why we are bailing out the Chinese banks and everybody else? It’s because none of them want our paper any more. They want tangible assets and your house is one of them. They want land and buildings, it’s better than worthless paper, and your government is bending (you) over backwards to accommodate them.

Watch for health care to be nationalized next. Same shit, different day. They will just take your premium out of your check too…talk about a cashless society? Go to the store with your Amero-Card and anything the Ministry of Health thinks you should not be eating according to your “Health Profile” will not be available to you for purchase.

Everything you purchase will be recorded in the lovely databases…it is now, but at least you can get stuff with cash for the time being. In the near future, there will be no cash.

After I was done with running yachts for a living, I did the same thing on land for about ten years…I was an estate manager for very wealthy people. I managed their households, staffs, etc. One piece of advice I got from one of them during that time was this:

“If it flies, floats, or fucks…lease it!!

Time to realize that you don’t have to go to college, you don’t have to buy a house, you don’t have to go in debt, and you don’t have to get married.
Keep off the treadmill and live your life.

The government is like a spider in that it doesn’t eat you until it’s hungry…in the meantime, it just keeps you trapped in its web, flailing and struggling to get out. Oftentimes, what you see in the web has already had its lifeblood sucked out. Nothing but a shell is left—it only looks like it might still be alive.

Welcome to the New Company Store.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.


Anonymous said...

notamobster...tell your friend to get everything he can...he's paid into it a hundred times over just like the rest of us. They want to guilt us into not using what we have paid for. It's like guilting the guy who did well monetarily in life into not cashing his social security check because he really doesn't need it. Fuck it, I paid for it, I want it. I will have no problem getting what I have paid into all these years...with no guilt should the ship start taking on water.
maestro.... do what you are led to do. There are warriors and peacemakers.....I think we will all be surprised at where we all end up...isn't it the same place in the end>


notamobster said...

jj, you really need to start a blog, sir.

...or send me an email, I'd like to talk to you.

Anonymous said...

jj, uhm, the property of the USA 'short of that in the Van Buren Trust via Martin Van Buren as of the early/mid 1800' legally American and no matter what ANY idiotic hair brain Nation does to make that appear any different 'they fail to know the law...' it/they will eventually come to realize the purchase is bunk.

Let it be known, it is not I who sold (faux real estate/paper assets 'at the end of the day')it to them Again and Again BUYER BEWARE!

Hey, don't shoot the messenger...

Anonymous said...

Where hides the sky dwelling sugar daddy? Will he save us from the Kike bankers?

Anonymous said...

Mega Depression First, Then Mega Civil War in the Glorious Empire

I am Thomas W. Chittum, the author of the book, Civil War Two - The Coming Breakup of America.

My book asserted that because America is a multiethnic empire it will experience a violent shattering along tribal lines just as other such empires have throughout history. I further predicted that this implosion will occur relatively soon, probably no later than the year 2020, based on ongoing demographic trends. My book was published in 1993 and it ignited a mini firestorm of controversy. To date, it is still the ONLY non-fiction book on the topic of a civil war here in America.

Did anyone write a book predicting our first civil war? I did some research on that subject and I was unable to find a single book warning Americans that they were fast approaching an abyss. That’s not to say that people were unaware of the approaching war. In fact, many people were perfectly aware that a civil war was inevitable. My guess is that not a single person wrote a book on the coming war because they thought it would be a sort of picnic with a little gunfire mixed in, and in any case it would be over in a few months. As history records the war ground the entire southern half of America into a smoking wasteland and killed or crippled almost an entire generation of American men.

Today, people are even less aware of the seriousness of the approaching calamity than our ancestors were. If you mention the possibility of a Yugoslav-style ethnic war here in America in our lifetime most people will scoff at the idea. Five years ago most people would have likewise scoffed at the prospect of a second depression. Now, most people are waking up to the horrid fact that a second depression is upon us – that their retirement cookie jars have been systematically looted.

I’m sure that most visitors to the Rumor Mill News site are perfectly aware that a devastating depression is unfolding and that the economy is in a crash and burn mode with no plausible salvation in site. In this and following rants I will attempt to make the case that this economic meltdown will hasten our descent into an internal civil war that will depopulate the entire North American continent, wiping out 50% or more of the population.

No, I’m not kidding. I’m going to say that again – most of you people reading these words right now are going to starve to death in the tribal wars that will follow close on the heels of the economic meltdown.

Before I go on I’d like to revisit my book and go over what I got right and what I got wrong. I mentioned the New World Order in my book. At the time I wasn’t aware that the New World Order was an active conspiracy of bankers and aristocrats centered in London. I thought it was a sort of lose alliance of giddy globalists, trendy tree huggers and politically correct airheads. Then along came both the internet and the 911 terrorists attacks. I took me approximately three months to wise up to the fact that 911 was an inside job. I’d always followed military events closely and that’s how I woke up to the 911 scam. For years the American military had been encircling Afghanistan with military bases and pre-positioned stockpiles of military goodies. Then along came Osama bin Subcontractor like some boogie man in a bad movie. It all seemed like a low-budget Hollywood production. That’s because it was.

So … I got on the internet and started listening to commentators like Eustace Mullins, John Coleman, Henry Makow, Charles Savoie and anybody else who didn’t depend on the establishment for their supper.

Even before 911 I knew from personal experience that nothing in this rotting empire was as it was spray painted by the establishment media. After my book was published I got my 15 minutes of fame. I was on Television. I was a guest on numerous radio shows. I was a guest speaker at a lot of political meetings. I met a lot leaders of (mostly) right-wing type extremist groups. I remember telling one rightist-type leader that my presence as a speaker at their meeting did not mean that I was endorsing his organization or its stated goals. I told him I’d gladly speak to a “roomful of Rabbis” if they would invite me.

I made it plain to everybody that I was pretty much a one-trick pony. My self-assigned task was simply explaining to people why we were headed for a Yugoslav-style civil war and in our lifetime. I wanted to explain this to every living American, and I didn’t care two cents what their own political beliefs were. I made no apologizes then for speaking to right-wing extremists and I make no apologies now. After a while I began to realize that something really strange was going on inside the so-called extremist right-wing groups.

At every meeting there were always one or two dudes who just didn’t fit in. My favorite was a investment banker and Yale graduate. What, I wondered, was a blue-blood Yale investment banker doing mixing it up with all these guys who drove pickup trucks draped with confederate flags. Mind you, I wasn’t totally naive. I knew that the FBI and/or the CIA routinely sent guys to monitor these groups. Frankly, I didn’t give a damn. As far as I was concerned the more people that listened to me the more I liked it. Nazis, rabbis, government spooks, good-ole-boys in pickup trucks – I didn’t care – the more the merrier because my warning was for everybody.

Ultimately, it dawned on me that these obvious government spooks weren’t there to spy on these groups – these government spooks were there because THESE GOVERNMENT SPOOKS WERE ACTUALLY RUNNING THESE RIGHTIST GROUPS. Most of these right-wing groups were conceived, planned, created and then run by government spooks. It’s all part of what I call peasant management.

The powers that be know full well that their policies will always generate opposition both leftist and rightist … so … they create and subsidize false flag opposition movements that they can lead around in eternal circles thus creating no real problems for the establishment. And don’t forget that it’s the same exact scam with the phony baloney leftist groups. They are mostly establishment creations. In fact, it’s a double payoff for the establishment. They create false flag rightist groups to stampede leftists into the ranks of their false flag leftist groups, and they create the false flag leftist groups to stampede rightists into their false flag rightist groups.

Our Current Mess:

Here are my guesses about the future:

The New World Order is in a hell of a jam. Both Russia and China have now shaken off communism which was imposed on them by the London Banking Cartel. Both have turned to state-directed development and growth policies and are striving to feed their people and increase their standard of living. This is the exact opposite of the global depopulation and genocide via starvation and war that the New World Order is imposing on the rest of the globe via the Club of Rome and their other psychotic think tanks and NGOs. Russia and China and some neighboring states have formed a double whammy military and economic bloc called the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

The London Banking Cartel cannot let this situation continue or it’s just a matter of time until the Russian/China economic bloc takes their place. Furthermore, it has long been the military doctrine of the London Banking Cartel that the Eurasian landmass is the key to the military control of the globe. See Halford Mackinder. From the perspective of the London Banking Cartel it’s all or nothing and here and now. The clock is ticking against the London Banking Cartel and the only solution to fulfilling both their military and economic blueprints is pedal to the metal all-out war.

It isn’t like the good old days when a handful of Zionist assassins in communist clothing could overthrow a decadent Russian government, and the tiny British fleet and army can no longer kick a decadent Chinese oligarchy around and impose imported communism. Nothing but all-out war will suffice, and that means nuke warfare.

The only card the London Banking Cartel has to play is the American nuclear arsenal. They have to get America into a nuclear shootout with both Russia and China, and the sooner the better. Now I know what some of you are thinking: But golly, don’t these guys realize that a nuclear war will leave the planet a radioactive wasteland? Now hear this: The nutcase LBC boys perceive nuclear warfare as winnable and survivable. In any case that’s the ONLY card they have left to play. It didn’t get much play in the national media, but VP Cheney has been digging his personal nuke bunker in DC deeper and deeper like a beaver on go pills. He’s getting ready for it … and so should you.

The LBC has to sell global war to the American airheads, hence the 911 terrorist attacks. Dictatorships cannot stampede the people into giving up their property and their liberty without conjuring up both foreign AND DOMESTIC ENEMIES. That’s why a civil war is in the offing. A civil war in America is not only possible – IT IS ESSENTIAL. It’s all part of the plan. Flood the Southwest with millions of Mexicans and then trash the economy so the starving and ticked off Mexicans will burn an entire geographic region right down to the ground. This should be sufficient to stampede the rest of the peasants into accepting anything the LBC pukes up and presents as a solution to the resulting mess.

To understand their logic we’ll have to take a quickie refresher course in the history of Western war. Napoleon resurrected the concept of the citizen soldier that had been doormat since the Roman Republic. He was thus able to raise massive armies of peasants who perceived themselves as citizen soldiers. Deluded as they were they nevertheless simply swept aside smaller armies of professional soldiers. The ONLY military reply his opponents could make was to raise massive armies of their own so-called citizen soldiers.

Under the new military system large populations were an absolute military necessity. The increasing mechanization of warfare didn’t change the situation at all. Massive peasant armies were still required because hordes of deluded peasants were still needed to drive the trucks and armored vehicles that delivered themselves to the slaughterhouse. There existed a rough balance between the quantity of military supplies an industrial society could churn out and the quantity of “citizen soldiers” needed to transport and then use the supplies at the front. Massive quantities of peasants were necessary for both production and subsequent usage at the front.

The pendulum didn’t begin to swing back the other way until the arrival of nukes on the scene. Massive peasant armies were no longer a necessity due to the extreme energy density of nukes. The industrial infrastructure necessary to generate a really impressive nuke arsenal was far greater than the relatively small number of professional soldiers (read airforce) necessary to deliver them.

When peasants became useless for war the bulk of them became useless. Before nukes the rule was the more peasants the better. After nukes only a smaller number of peasants were needed to produce goodies for the idle aristocrats.

Today, massive peasant armies are obsolete and are maintained chiefly on a reduced scale for theatrical purposes. They are there for peasant perception control purposes exactly as are the false flag leftist and rightist mock opposition groups I mentioned earlier. Ordinary infantry such as our current army and marine divisions are obsolete. Ordinary infantry are useful only for fighting other likewise obsolete infantry, and for suppressing uprisings of lightly armed domestic peasants … and for pure theatre.

Now that you understand this point I can get back to America via a short detour through the Middle East. The primary objective of our current insane activities in Asia is the conquest of the Asian heartland. A secondary but also necessary objective is the total destruction of our current and obsolete military machine to transform it into one more useful to insure the destruction and dismantling of the American Republic. Russia and China have both slipped the grasp of the London Banking Cartel and they dare not risk America going the same route, hence their stealth plot to carve up America like pizza into manageable mini-states.

The destruction of the American military in Iraq and Afghanistan will pave the way for its replacement by privatized military contractors formerly known as warlords. Citizen soldiers might balk at massive ethnic cleansing operations in California for example, but warlords won’t. Picture armies of Blackwater mercs composed of mostly non-Americans recruited from all points of the globe. They will gladly slaughter everything in their path including any remaining American military units who might oppose them. The LBC must first ignite a civil war in America and then ultimately ensure the that the secessionist win after their hired warlords and mercenary hordes have stomped the new mini states into malleable mush which may or may not be glued together in some sort of North American Confederation with “Ameros” for money and some multi-colored rag for a flag.

I basically think it will work. I think the coming tribal/civil war in America will be roughly proportional to the severity of the economic collapse that sets it off. Meanwhile, while you are waiting for Osama bin Subcontractor to nuke us and waiting for your starving neighbors to batter your door down, keep an eye on California. It’s the canary in the coal mine. When it croaks the rest of America will follow sooner or later

Anonymous said...

jj, nota
It's your country- wear it!

Visible said...

If you really want that gone ask me to remove it, I caught it too late.

Nobody, Greg Bacon, Ben Notamobster, Nina and the rest of you with blogs (that fit this format) send me the links and I'll create a sidebar for them. It's about time. I've never wanted to get into the scene where there's this huge sidebar of blogs. I'm don't like personality games and even if you're a friend of mine I'm not going to break my rules for you.

I don't really read other blogs anyway unless they appear before me. i don't have the time. I've gone to Nobody's site on occasion because he's brilliant and Ben's as well. I'm only going to do this for long time posters and JJ if he starts one.

I hate games. Every single day someone wants to quid pro quo me or offer me money for something I do for free but they want me part of some circle jerk. I got into this because it's what I'm supposed to be doing right now and I will get out of it as soon as that's over.

I want to thank the people who have sent me money. I bought a good camera to start doing live shows with, however, my consort left all the hardware at the other house. The rest I'm going to use to buy some Ketamine when I find a source which so far is like trying to follow Ponce Deleon or beat Sotheby's to the Golden Fleece. But you don't really have to. I'm not rich but I don't want much at all which makes me richer than people who have a hundred times as much.

Anyway... I digress. I really think some of the rest of your should be publicized or at least associated so let me know and I'll get it done. I also think we should have a running blog where any of us can add to a ticker tape of ideas... so think about it.

There's probably more but it will come up another time.

Anonymous said...

To All: I'm happy just putting my two cents worth (currently worth .2 of 1 cent) in from time to time and have no plans to go any further for now (did that sound like a politician?).

My wife and I spent a lot of time in the "early years" copying videos and burning out copiers...sending articles and links...some of you may have done the same. I am not part-time at seeking but I am very choosy as to where I go, and what I read, or choose to comment on. I don't want to spin my wheels. I just want to contribute in some way.

Les, thank you for such a great forum in which to do this......Without your spark, and style, this wouldn't be half the house it is. Certainly, the foundation would not be as strong!!

Whether I Agree, or disagree with the points raised by everyone, you ALL make me think...I am wiser for your words.

If you agree or disagree with how I see things...(that means how I see things today)....that's up to you. I don't feel the need to justify anything I say, I simply say it..take from it what you will...or not.

If you do want to comment, please spell out what you are saying. Sometimes I don't understand the digs in here...or even if they are digs?

Cheers to all,

Anonymous said...

To quote you jj 'Fuck it, I paid for it, I want it.'
You've got it mate!
It's yours, 'we' don't want any part of 'it' although because you have been all pervasive 'we' will get splattered. 'I' don't appreciate that!

Anonymous said...

You posted that what a rebel a true lover of freedom I love you man!

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony,

Next time you do a sure to load the thought-gun with something more than blanks. Perhaps yelling "I'll bust a cap in your junkie ass with my 9" would help too--sounds more bitch-slappin'....and you don't even have to get out of the car...which I think you'd like....safer that way.

Tony, I crap bigger than you. I went back a few Les articles and looked at the sum total of your thoughts...shoved them up the ass of a gnat..and it sounded like a BB rolling around in a battelship.

Deal with the anger mate......and think before you shoot from the's very inaccurate as opposed to taking careful aim.

I'll be happy to discuss and share if you can do the same.

Kevenj said...


-what an excellent insight.
Another words the Federal Reserve systems of the world compiled into one in America.
'Your money at work for you.' If the BANKING systems can be nationalized, then health care is next, then retirement funding, excessive tithing, gambling, drug usage, donations to "extremists sites"- such as this?

Why not cut through the chase?

Cost to initially bribe CONGRESS for Patriot Act: $500US BILLION
Cost to Bail out good 'investment' friends from living on the 'street': $800US+ BILLION

Cost of Controlling all aspects of financial integration in the 'land of the FREE':


Notamobster was right-you are excellent a wit and articulation.

In this trouble time (lack of money and all), I might have my friends from Blackwater over to visit with you "and your wife".

I believe there's a reward going on right now...


Anonymous said...

I hear that 30 pieces of silver is the going rate.

GodSend said...

The road to Hell is paved with wit, articulation - and the denial of the Deity of Jesus the Christ!

Anonymous said...

It's kind of strange to me that nationalized healthcare is seen as one of the steps toward our destruction when a lack of it seems to be already working nicely in that regard. Plenty of comments on this post and others say or imply that that's the case which is why I bring it up.

I guess the fact that the US is the only industrialized nation still lacking universal coverage (aka 'socialized medicine') means that we are the last bastion of freedom left since all the other major economic powers have succumbed to the oppressive reality of treating even their poor sick people. Imagine that! Spending good money on people who don't make good money, what a waste! The medical socialists probably want to make us like those, those French people! You know, the ones who eat really tasty food, drink good wine, smoke if they want, and generally look pretty good while they're doing it. Well screw that! You'll only get my trans fat when you scrape it off my soft chubby dead fingers after my heart attack at age 35!

The horrible theoretical scenarios trotted out about the evils of universal healthcare sound like the reality of "managed" care right now (if you can afford to get coverage that is). If the government becomes overtly totalitarian, as in no more 'smoke and mirrors' to pretend it's something else, then it doesn't matter what kind of healthcare system we have; it'll all be under totalitarian control either way. Also, let's not forget it was Nixon who first made the managed care/ HMO disaster of today a policy priority, and we all know about the HMO's and Nixon's dedication to freedom, justice, and compassion... Me more than most actually since I have a newspaper photo of my grandmother standing next to Nixon for reasons I won't go into right now and my father was the CEO of an HMO in the early 80's (it wasn't Kaiser). Kaiser?!? What kind of name is that for a... oh never mind.

If we had universal coverage right now, many more of us could afford to stand up and speak out about what's going on in the world instead of keeping quiet for fear of rocking the boat which leads to being fired which leads to not being able to pay off our enormous medical debts which leads to bankruptcy and the slippery slope to homelessness (and that slope is slicker than usual lately).

Like the war on drugs, for-profit healthcare is a tactic of control, not the other way around. Universal healthcare would give us some breathing room which is probably one reason why we don't have it right now. It doesn't really matter what kind of healthcare system a nation has if its government is going the way the US's is going, but before it gets there I would've liked to be able to have a doctor take a look at this rash I got... please??

Anyhow, it was a trip to see a comment from Thomas W. Chittum here; I read his book (Civil War II) in 1996 after I'd already headed to the hills the first time (a trial run). I came back from the hills and have been hanging out awhile but I suppose I'll be going to the hills again at some point, maybe soon. I enjoyed the book and it seemed really well researched and quite plausible. Oh, and rather freaky too. Nice job, and I hope you're wrong.

I have taken notice of increasing agitation of the racist variety in recent years, and now some even feel empowered enough in their willful stupidity to shout for literal blood at McCain rallies. That plays perfectly into the ancient 'divide and conquer' strategy which can easily lead to precisely the type of atrocities that many think only happen "over there."

If anyone still thinks such bad things can't happen here, talk to a firsthand eyewitness of immediate post-Katrina New Orleans and then contemplate a continent-wide Katrinaesque event.

So, when y'all start organizing your own local militias, try to have as racially diverse a membership as possible. "Coming together" doesn't work if we all come together in separatist groups. Sigh.

-The Village Idiot

kikz said...

vill id :)

HMO Kaiser...

wasn't that
Kaiser Permanente >:)?

good ta cya, glad ya stopp'd by.


Anonymous said...

Excellent VI
Where I am you are 'over there'
BTW 'You'll only get my trans fat when you scrape it off my soft chubby dead fingers', beautiful!



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