Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Horizontal Hula, it's the Latest Thing

How did it happen to you? You were just going to Grandma’s house with your picnic basket. You were going over the river and through the trees. You had your little summer frock on. You had your pink socks and Buster Brown shoes. You had a ribbon in your hair. You saw a butterfly and when you chased it you went off the path and ran into The Big Bad Wolf.

How did it happen to you? You were just a young boy on your way back from a baseball game. It was near dark when you stopped in that public restroom by the park. You were standing at the urinal when that man walked in. You never knew anything about that sort of thing did you?

Then you were a young family who moved from the farm into the city because there wasn’t any more money in farming anymore. It was a bad neighborhood. It was a bad neighborhood because you have to put one kind of people one place and one kind in another because you can’t watch them all. You can’t protect them all and there’s no pressing reason to protect the poor from anything. The system doesn’t want that. It’s not cost effective.

It was a good system, as far as systems go. What I mean to say is that it looked like a good system. It was the sort of system where anyone who wanted to work hard could get to live in a neighborhood worth protecting. It was a system that said it wanted to give everyone the same possibilities and opportunities, even if that was impossible, it was an impression that stirred hope and ambition and so... every now and then someone would pull it off... up to a point. Sometimes people won the lottery or wound up on TV or in a sport arena and sometimes they walked around on some rich man’s arm for awhile or became a house pet for a black widow spider.

You expect to lose a few little girls and boys in any kind of system. It’s some kind of donation program for The Dark Side and, let’s face it, there’s a whole economy for that kind of action. Look, we lose just about every little boy and girl on the planet anyway because at some point they have to accept certain things that take away their innocence and childhood forever.

You expect families to have their problems because people want different things and mother’s and father’s all have an opinion of what it’s okay to want and okay to have. They may have learned a thing or two from the time they had to bend over and wait and they want to spare their children the suffering they had. Meanwhile, the system needs these children so they’re going to be hearing something a lot different than what they hear at home but... then again... most of the time the parents work for the system too.

You expect a system to have holes in it. Systems are like cars. They have to go into the shop now and then. The shop is a system too and it needs to have cars with flaws so they can fix them. Things need to break down so that shops can fix them. People need to break down so that doctors can fix them. Laws need to be complicated and full of loopholes so that lawyers can interpret and dance through them. If everything worked more than it didn’t work it would be a whole other thing and you probably wouldn’t be reading this because there wouldn’t be any reason to write it.

Well...all of this... it’s a very limited outline. It’s one of those sketches where you can tell it’s supposed to be a face or a body or a tree but it’s more a suggestion than a complete image. You can’t tell whose face it is. Heck... it could be your face.

Every system and society goes through a series of changes. There’s a time when it’s young and vigorous and all that energy and all those dreams combine to rev the engine of industry and a whole lot of things get done. It’s like Spring. Summer’s a lot like Spring only there aren’t the same requirements of energy and dreams because most of the industry is running along on it’s own. The people are brimming with confidence and there’s a lot of eating and drinking and making merry. Maybe there’s too much eating and drinking and making merry because people are getting fat and looking sleek as seals.

All Summer, people are getting more and more of a good thing and they’re expanding horizontally. Things that were going up are now going sideways. It’s sort of how suburbs appear. Then comes the Fall. There are cracks in the sidewalk and lines on people’s faces and the Age of Cosmetics appears. You can keep up a certain impression for some time beyond what’s real any more through the artful application of makeup and cannily placed lights. Fall is a time of harvest so there’s the impression that it’s never been as good as it is now; whenever that might be in whatever culture is ‘passing through’ it. Because everything looks so good, given all of the state of the art stage effects and nobody is too worried about Winter.

Winter comes and it’s no longer possible to hide the lines and the cracks. A new method of perception is introduced where everyone pretends that there aren’t any cracks and lines and that ‘somebody’ is going to fix all of it anyway. Somewhere along the way, the people who made all the money and got into the position of determining how cracks get fixed and who gets paid for it... these people decided that it made more sense just to break everything down and sell off the parts because it wasn’t cost effective to keep up a false impression. Still... the false impression had to be kept up until everything was sold because most of the people; the people who didn’t have all the money and who didn’t make the decisions... those people were sure to get upset if everything was gone.

So the people who had all the money and made the decisions decided that it was probably better to lock up a certain amount of people who might be more inclined to make trouble than the rest and then to take the rest of the people and put them in different rooms and teach them how to do the Horizontal Hula and that would generate more income for the people with all the money who made all the decisions. Since the people had long ago been convinced to believe that there were no cracks and lines because of the makeup and the artful lighting, it wasn’t hard to convince them that they were in show business instead of prostitution. There’s not that big a difference anyway so...

Really... it’s all a matter of getting used to it. It’s like how some things are an acquired taste. You can tell yourself that it’s yogurt or peanut butter (or both at the same time) or anything you want and Presto! ... So be it.

Sooner or later though... and I’m not sure why this happens but ...sooner or later you wake up in an alley or a pig sty; you might even wake up with hooves and... it’s always Winter when it happens and it’s always cold and, damn! Now you’ve got the shakes too. That would have come in handy when you were doing the Horizontal Hula. Shit... you might still be in business. As much as the customer might appreciate your laying back and taking it, there’s always the implication that if you were more into it they might enjoy it more too. It always seems to come as a surprise to people how they wound up where they did. It never surprises me but I look at things a little different than most people and seldom want the things they want. I’ve always made sure that I was ready and able to sleep most anywhere because I know what kind of discomfort can come when you get too used to comfort and then it gets taken away.

I think the biggest surprise that people experience is finding out that they weren’t in show business after all... that and the fact that they can’t remember what they did the night before or why certain parts of them are sore. For some reason the light has changed too and no amount of makeup seems to do the trick. Maybe some of them are wondering what happened to the people who had all the money and made all the decisions. Well, those people migrated to a new location where Summer is now in full bloom.

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Anonymous said...

Not sure what you are trying to say Les, but I grew up in an era when little girls and boys were pretty much fair game for all ... and I am not sure that 'laws against that sort of thing' have made things any better.

Perhaps you would care to elaborate, assuming that I am on track with your innuendo and my experience of sexual, emotional and physical abuse ... not just of myself, but everyone else I knew, to some extent or other.

Hey let's get things out in the open, e.g. that my aunt got sexually abused by my grandfather (which ruined her for life, at least sexually) whilst I and my sisters engaged in some minor sex games, which ruined none of us ... though if our father could have had his full way with them and me, then we would have been ruined ... but don't blame him. Why did the women in his life stand idly by, or even actually encourage abuse?

Hard questions, but salient ones.

Anonymous said...

Are they packing up and moving to Germany? I'd leave this laughing stock of a farce if i could but i'm just a po' boy from a single parent home (cues up Queen-Bohemian rhapsody). Bwahaha a pink socks reference never enough of those urban dictionary those who don't know.

Anonymous said...

gerry was the religion of your household Mormon by any chance?

Anonymous said...

Maybe that electronic SOMA is helping this take place?

It's a rather long article, only copied and pasted part of it.

Gotta get my fix on Channel 666!!!

Rupert Murdoch introduces TV into Shangri La.
Rape, Murder and Mayhem Follow

Fast forward into trouble

Four years ago, Bhutan, the fabled Himalayan Shangri-la, became the last nation on earth to introduce television. Suddenly a culture, barely changed in centuries, was bombarded by 46 cable channels. And all too soon came Bhutan's first crime wave - murder, fraud, drug offences. Cathy Scott-Clark and Adrian Levy report from a country crash-landing in the 21st century

The Guardian, Saturday June 14 2003
April 2002 was a turbulent month for the people of Bhutan. One of the remotest nations in the world, perched high in the snowlines of the Himalayas, suffered a crime wave. The 700,000 inhabitants of a kingdom that calls itself the Land of the Thunder Dragon had never experienced serious law-breaking before. Yet now there were reports from many towns and villages of fraud, violence and even murder.

The Bhutanese had always been proud of their incorruptible officials - until Parop Tshering, the 42-year-old chief accountant of the State Trading Corporation, was charged on April 5 with embezzling 4.5m ngultrums (£70,000). Every aspect of Bhutanese life is steeped in Himalayan Buddhism, and yet on April 13 the Royal Bhutan police began searching the provincial town of Mongar for thieves who had vandalised and robbed three of the country's most ancient stupas. Three days later in Thimphu, Bhutan's sedate capital, where overindulgence in rice wine had been the only social vice, Dorje, a 37-year-old truck driver, bludgeoned his wife to death after she discovered he was addicted to heroin. In Bhutan, family welfare has always come first; then, on April 28, Sonam, a 42-year-old farmer, drove his terrified in-laws off a cliff in a drunken rage, killing his niece and injuring his sister.

Why was this kingdom with its head in the clouds falling victim to the kind of crime associated with urban life in America and Europe? For the Bhutanese, the only explanation seemed to be five large satellite dishes, planted in a vegetable patch, ringed by sugar-pink cosmos flowers on the outskirts of Thimphu.
In June 1999, Bhutan became the last nation in the world to turn on television. The Dragon King had lifted a ban on the small screen as part of a radical plan to modernise his country, and those who could afford the £4-a-month subscription signed up in their thousands to a cable service that provided 46 channels of round-the-clock entertainment, much of it from Rupert Murdoch's Star TV network.

Four years on, those same subscribers are beginning to accuse television of smothering their unique culture, of promoting a world that is incompatible with their own, and of threatening to destroy an idyll where time has stood still for half a millennium.

A refugee monk from Tibet, the Shabdrung, created this tiny country in 1616 as a bey-yul, or Buddhist sanctuary, a refuge from the ills of the world. So successful were he and his descendants at isolating themselves that by the 1930s virtually all that was known of Bhutan in the west was James Hilton's novel, Lost Horizon. He called it Shangri-la, a secret Himalayan valley, whose people never grew old and lived by principles laid down by their high lama: "Here we shall stay with our books and our music and our meditations, conserving the frail elegancies of a dying age."

In the real Bhutan, there were no public hospitals or schools until the 1950s, and no paper currency, roads or electricity until several years after that. Bhutan had no diplomatic relations with any other country until 1961, and the first invited western visitors came only in 1974, for the coronation of the current monarch: Dragon King Jigme Singye Wangchuck. Today, although a constant stream of people are moving to Thimphu - with their cars - there is still no word in dzongkha, the Bhutanese language, for traffic jam.

But none of these developments, it seems, has made such a fundamental impact on Bhutanese life as TV. Since the April 2002 crime wave, the national newspaper, Kuensel, has called for the censoring of television (some have even suggested that foreign broadcasters, such as Star TV, be banned altogether). An editorial warns: "We are seeing for the first time broken families, school dropouts and other negative youth crimes. We are beginning to see crime associated with drug users all over the world - shoplifting, burglary and violence.........

Anonymous said...

Zero tolerance has always attracted me Les.
Only for me, not necessarily for others- it’s their choice.
Mind you my respect diminishes as my perception of others ‘zero tolerance’ stance diminishes.
In other words I’m not very tolerant; I’m compassionate but have no respect for others’ stupidity and that assessment, of course, relies heavily on my world view, doesn’t it!
So I have always has a great deal of confidence in my world view which upon reflection would not fit strictly into a ‘normal’ western type world view (if such exists).
Take theft for instance.
When I was about 8-9 I went to great lengths to steal a packet of potato crisps from a small store. When I bit into the first ‘crisp’ I discovered that the Power that Is had turned them into dried apple (to teach me a lesson grrr!)
I stole that packet of ‘crisps’.
At about the same time in my life I lived near an overgrown half acre with the most prolific loquat tree in its midst.
The bloke who owned the block lived next door and would chase us (me) relentlessly whenever we went to have a pig out of loquats; they used to drop on the ground and rot- the tree was feral.
I did not steal those loquats.
Technically in western terms yes, it was theft but my view was/is that I wasn’t hurting anyone; no one was deprived in any way. The fruit that I ate would have dropped on the ground with the rest of the crop and rotted.
I see excess wealth as that loquat tree.
The old systems were never ‘good’ at best they were a compromise of what was tolerated.
Maybe we have a chance of developing good systems out of the current mess, though probably not!

Anonymous said...

That is what you do, Les: you open people tenderly for a confession...
You wash them (us) in the imagination and it takes no more than 10 minutes ( while reading your outstanding labor in writing) to bring their (our) humanity out.

You escaped the destruction. You are saved.
Thus you might save a few more.

There is no need for anybody on this list "to discuss things", no need to ask "what do you mean?"... The inspiration is flowing. All what they ( we) need it's to be very attentive to its flow.
Very attentive, to concentrate and catch their (our) own. God, they (we) all have (had) it...
A child was murdered before the consciousness is born. And only an inspiration ( imagination) can bring him back to life.
( Bailouts or bail-ins won't do.
The Great Artist- The High Priest will. )

I bow to you. As I would bow to a Zen teacher I have never met. Or to the author of Ulysses.

Now it's time to write a music. I think I know how.

Anonymous said...

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You have can find a knife.....reach up and cut the strings....stretch and run free


Anonymous said...

I am eternally grateful for all that you share. I want to thank you for your blogs. Your voice is important to so many. Your poetic expressions so often remind me of the writings of Khalil Gibran. The truth you speak is so objective and pure, and it comes from the heart of your beautiful soul. Indeed we demonstrate our love by telling others the truth. You said it first, and most eloquently.

I wish all the people in my little circle of influence could realise that. It grieves me that certain family members cannot handle even a whiff of truth. They think I am quite deluded. There can be no real conversation with those who think the PTB speak the gospel. The matrix is too real to them. I am surrounded by people who think Faux 'news' is actual news. Ppl who think I should partake of their poison koolaid, and join them in their illusion world. NO THANKS! I know it is this way, because I am surrounded by a predominant culture that is conditioned to not question anything, to not think outside the box and above all have total blind faith in 'authorities'. (Mormonism) Because of this, I feel profound isolation and loneliness here. Maybe this is my fate. But still. I am a human being that sometimes needs companionship.

I am basically a loner, by choice. But I still need to sometimes sit and talk with another kindred soul who is not in denial about the realities we all face. I need to sip tea and break bread with others who can handle talking about things which are REAL. I need to cook for others besides myself. I cook exotic gourmet and enjoy the pleasure of my guests. I believe in sharing. So I feel more urgent need to share because you are right, the buffet is vanishing. I know I am insignificant, the world does not revolve around me, but I still fill a need to share whatever little I have. No man is an island.

The people I see in my travels here are the walking dead Khalil Gibran wrote about. Though I think the zombie state now is quantitatively worse than it was in his day. Perhaps partly due to fluoride?
I cannot bear the mind numbing paltry concerns,distractions and deceits many are wrapped up in, thinking they have found all that there is. Hollywood starlets, American Idol... As the world is crumbling at their feet and these are their sole main concerns? I will keep my solitude as long as these are all I find here.

Most ppl I run across are those I would not bring home to my humble abode. I am very selective in my associations. This is not arrogance. I know I am no one. But my home is my sanctuary. Quiet. Peaceful. I live simply. And honestly. Most people I see in my travels have too much drama. This is a drama free zone! ;)

911 not only claimed countless lives and victims. It divided families, and those who cherish truth, like me, have lost many former friends. Those who are not waking up today, are so hopelessly comatose. That they are already dead. Just waiting for the body to catch up. I am scratching my head. How could anyone remain asleep through all this?

I had an idea FWIW. Perhaps it is the only means for me to find someone unplugged from the matrix in Utah? I want to make my own shirts. May I quote you on some of these shirts? I hope you do not mind.
I want to make shirts that only those who are awake would respond to. One shirt will simply say "Cui Bono?" I only care to talk to those who do not need explanation. Is it wrong of me to feel that way? Another shirt will have an outline of a key. And will say: "Hegelian Dialectic" Other shirts will have various quotes and web sites on them. Including yours. I hope you do not mind. Your voice is one of the most vital. IMO.

I am enjoying your latest on Smoking Mirrors and am enjoying the commentaries too. Pls don't delete anything. Those who do not want to read scripture can just scroll down the page. :) Some of us enjoy these posts. Book of Revelations is written so esoterically I think it will require many minds coming together to solve the puzzle.

I wish I could post. I have small contribution regarding Babylon. Babylon is the plan for greater Israel. As their flag has two blue lines that signify the goal of stealing all land between the Nile and Euphrates rivers. The ancient lands of Mesopotamia/Babel, the birthplace of Babylonian Talmud. The proxy war on Iraq is to bring that about for Israel and the scaret whore that rides the 'great' beast. The scarlet whore may be Rosicrucians as can be found on TruthSeekers site. But I wonder too if it could be Rothschild? Doesn`t the name Rothschild mean 'red shield'? Regardless as cutthroat and psychopathic entity as Israel is. We know Luciferian Illuminati is pulling their strings. And lets not forget regarding Israel where book of Revelations speaks of the synagogue of Satan, and those who say they are Jews but are not. Israeli government is Caucasian. AshkeNazi. Everything they do is deception. And who is father of all lies? Satan. It is all hidden in plain site. We just have to seek, think, and perceive.

Thank you Les for sharing your voice with the world. I hope at some future point I can kick a contribution your way. And for WRH & Sott too. I feel bad that my private struggles make that quite impossible right now. (That is why I am on a phone but not a computer) Pls pray for me. I want to be able to give to others.

I always pray for all lovers and seekers of truth. There is a war on against truth speakers. But the PTB do not know truth remains constant and in indestructible. It is only lies that fall apart. And the end is nearer. God tempers His loving mercy for the innocent victims in the world with justice towards those who molested the innocent. Their come uppins (sp?) is nearer than they think! Their billions of victims will rejoice!

Psychopaths think we are just goy burger patties on the private buffet of the elite. I for one am tired of psychos thinking we are food!

Take care. Warmest Regards. And Peace!


Franz said...

Yes, Les. Somehow we need to share these posts of yours, not sure how.

Sort of Tom Paine with more depth; awareness of what goes on between the physical blah-blah that is "I" and "we" and "them" which is always real enough but never enough.

Because that something else... call it the "intangibles" that we know are there (Hell, Tom Paine knew was there) but we deal with it badly in our day to day world. We need to know HOW badly we deal with it, put simply but accurately so at least we know where the hole in our donut is.

Les, it matters that you see in a kind of wider angle than even some of the better critics of the Regime (the global one, the one that is not restricted to any one "country" because memebers of the Regime believe in exploiting ALL OF US no matter where we are.)

Too many dissenters want the easy one size fits all answer. As if calling them "Pathocrats" or "Zionists" is going to get the job done. That sort of thinking makes sure the job never gets started.

I guess people who agree with half you say will complain anyhow, because that other half will get their motors stuck in gear.

These pieces you've been writing are attacks on the complacency of spirit my old tradition called acedia, spiritual laziness. Our sloth always needs attacking.

Keep it up.

notamobster said...

Well, Les...I don't know much about the sexual abuse (personally) but I know a bit about getting my ass kicked by the various suitors who came and went in my mothers life. Turns out the same men had teir ways with my sisters. Childhood was a fairly miserable lot in our house. It motivates me to this day. I had the advantage of having a father who loved us unconditionally(though he was hard on us). He even tried to raise 2 of his ex-stepchildren, though the damage had been done (they now call him dad and don't associate with our mother. The state (some bastard judge in Detroit) gave custody of my brother and I to my mother while she was in prison. We went into the system. She only did a year-and-a-half for racketeering and distribution of narcotics (rolled over on someone), then was allowed to destroy the lives 7 children with impunity. My dad finally got custody and tried to change our circumstances...moved us to the upper peninsula...taught us about the peace one can find in the wild. Taught us how to use our minds and our bodies as always be aware of our loyal...and question authority.

I guess where I'm going with all of this is - with a bit of positive reinforcement...good example and's never too late. You never know what your love & attention can do in someone's life. I had a man, whom I barely knew (talked to him twice-before he saved me) show me an unconditional love, empathy, and support which kept me from ending it after my daughter died. He just listened. He didn't offer me platitudes. He truly knew where I had been, as he had lost his only son. The power of what he did for me at the 3 lowest points in my life will never be forgotten.

I guess the point I'm trying to make is - kindred spirits seem to find each other. They seem drawn, and you sir, I believe are a magnet. Thank you, Les. To hear these folks tell their stories and know that though we may differ, we're all in the same absolutely life-affirming. Thank you, sir. You have my love and gratitude.

(I'm sorry for those I may have offended, though I'll pobably do it again.)

Anonymous said...

I'm listening to Material & William S. Burroughs and reading this blog and it is pretty damn enjoyable. Like Mr Mojo Risin said "I don't know about you but I'm going to get my kicks before the whole shithouse goes up in flames."

Justin_n_IL said...

Da Dum Da Dum

Posted On: Saturday, October 04, 2008, 2:37:00 AM EST

Thoughts For The Weekend

Author: Jim Sinclair

Dear International Friends,

Maybe you should consider a visit to your local bank for their abbreviated Saturday hours.. What do you have to lose? That all depends on how much you have deposited there...

I have no doubt that $1650 will come. My concern is not that it will not happen, but that I am much too conservative in my long-term price objective held since 2000.

If major banks can be torn apart how can we have faith in the small local institutions that hold most of your ready cash?

When I said "This is IT," it is not something that I take lightly. Never in 49 years in finance have I seen a set of circumstances so challenging to the man in the street.

What I am getting at is a simple question. Are you prepared? You have heard us talk repeatedly on removing financial intermediaries between you and your assets, but the time has come for us to recommend going one step further:

Hold enough cash at your household to last you a month or two. It may be largely unnecessary for the majority, but what do you have to lose? If your bank should fail this will save you a lot of grief in the short term. If they do not, you still have all your cash that can easily be deposited back into your account.


Justin_n_IL said...

P.S. That's an excellent piece Les!

Anonymous said...

I very much appreciated the tone of the essay. Below are a few paragraghs a of book I have written and which will be published in January. I hope you don't mind the posting as the topic you started with is very personal to me.




I ran away from home when I was five years old. But mind you, even at that young age I was not your average runaway, but a cold, decisive boy trying to separate himself from the brutal insanity of his own home. Escape from the family gulag in Webster Groves, the iconic Missouri suburb of the 1960s, was no lark, no overly sensitive little brat throwing a tantrum across the front yard. This was the outcome of a purposeful need: I hated our parents and I hated my home. Our parents were fucking psychopaths, and I knew it even when I was five years old.
Despite careful planning, I was caught and retrieved less than a block away. I lay in my sister’s bed for hours listening to our parents discuss my flight, the hollow sincerity in their voices eerily reminiscent of Cinderella’s stepmother. “How could he do such a thing, how dare he run away?” they mumbled loud enough for me to hear.
Little did I know that at that moment I had set in motion a lie that would haunt me at every family gathering for over thirty years; a lie, leading to a joke so lacking in humor that it was infuriating. Five years old and scared shitless, trying to figure out how to get out of my fix, I decided on the most plausible explanation for running away. I didn’t get enough M&Ms at dinner! Very simple, nothing pretentious, for I couldn’t very well tell them I hated their fucking guts, now could I? And since on a daily basis, the idea of living with the god-damn rabbits on the golf course seemed more tolerable, how does a five-year-old tell his parental jailers, “Fuck you, I’m leaving.” So I told a lie and the hypocrites smiled and everyone acted as though all was well. For years, I tolerated the stupid, vapid ribbing of my siblings about M&Ms, barely keeping civil if our mother decided to share in on the joke. As an adult, each time a family member would chuckle, “Better give him enough M&Ms, or he might bolt,” I’d just smile and think to myself, “if only you knew.” At 37, I finally told my family the truth, how the joke wasn’t just on me all those years, the joke was on all of us.
Much has been written about false or repressed memories, selective moments in our lives when current or prior trauma distorts our adult point of view. Perhaps, but this has not been the case with me. A human soul doesn’t white out the acts brought on by the resentful rage of a six-foot-nine, three-hundred-fifty pound father, nor the maudlin, neurotic excesses of a B movie mother. It certainly doesn’t prepare you to discover the true meaning of the nickname chosen for you as a second born son. Before I discovered a small paperback book while rummaging through the stacks of a church sponsored book fair, I had always assumed being referred to as one of “Hitler’s Atrocities” was a special moniker, an odd attempt by our father at expressing affection. At age nine, in that stack of wormy books at Mary, Queen of Peace Church, I discovered a book containing pictures of the naked, starving victims of Nazi Germany. The adolescent, erotic similarity between their bony, withered corpses and the pale, Casper-like body I had inherited was not lost on me. Much later, I learned the significance of my scrawny jolt from the womb, two and a half months premature and weighing in somewhere near the heft of a first class stamp. My premature birth was an oddity of nature that spawned a life of insecurity, anxious fury, and perhaps in the end, answers and redemption.
As you will learn in the pages ahead, trust is the most fragile of all human emotions, for it relies on the premise that each individual will live by the same rules as others. When you churn a cauldron of mortal fear, suffocating brutality and neurotic humor, it is bound to produce off spring whose springs are wound a touch different than their peers. When trust fails at the earliest ages, the ghosts of rage filled humiliation drift along with you, haunting your adult soul in ways you may never acknowledge. When trust is made into a commodity, into heartless shares of irrational rage, passion and fear, survival becomes the watchword. Well, by five I already understood the opportunities offered by escape. The 0600 maneuver out of the house, the retreat to the gardener’s shed of the Indian Country Club, prepared to catch rabbit on the golf course in the St. Andrew’s-like dew of chilly Missouri mornings – I had it all planned, procuring my older brother’s tin lunch box along with a couple of shirts, I was out of there.
Of the six kids, four of us, Alice, Ann, Gerald and I had been born into our mandatory minimum sentence. The youngest two children, Anthony and Marie arrived in 1965 and 1967. As a child, the days and dates of my siblings’ birth had no more meaning in my life than the opportunity for cake, and the knowledge that dinner that evening was the yearly selection of the current birthday child. However, as an adult, damaged though I may be, one can connect the dots and detect the patterns of behavior related to those dates, and their impact on our lives.
Don’t misunderstand my perspective regarding this tinderbox of anger, alcohol and violence, witnessing gratification only a narcissist can appreciate. The mistake is assuming I don’t know better. It’s not that I am not aware of other hells in this world, from the streets of East St. Louis to the bombed remnants of Sarajevo; worse places exist, certainly. I know because I’ve been to both. I realize children struggle from Watts to Rio, surviving much worse than what’s described here. Bombay to Calcutta, the Middle East to Sub-Saharan Africa, I know that, on a larger scale, life there is true hell. It’s not mere comparison of the brutality, anger, degenerate behavior and neglect to the affliction in those other worlds that empowers this story, but the context in which the inhumanity occurred, both geographically and culturally. It is a type of dysfunction incarnate, a definitive evil, which condemned our parents and countless others of their generation to lives of regret and frustration in which hypocrisy was raised to a learned art form. Reared in the depression, forged in world war and retching on their material desires, guided by a “blow all ballasts” lifestyle, resentful of lost opportunity and love, our parents seemed crushed by the weight of failed expectations. They exposed us to a hybrid of bizarre liberal behavior, cloaked in the guise of conservative parental discipline. One can only marvel at the irony of this against the backdrop of deliciously corrosive truths. Our dad was a cop and a racist living in the city CBS News proclaimed in a national documentary was “the epitome of small town, suburban America.” With it’s collection of Head Shops, drug busts, Protestants, Catholics, Earth First Advocates, Libertarians, thespian elements and a stoned contingent of progressive thinkers, others referred to Webster Groves as the, “Berkeley of the Midwest.”
Amidst the epitome that was Webster Groves in 1965, existed a family and a neighborhood that blended elements from To Kill a Mockingbird and Peyton Place with the parenting skills of Joan Crawford. From horrific early morning parental brawls to the pathetic pleadings of a random child, each crude abuse was requisite for the ritual on the altar of our parents’ depressed regrets. The vile strangeness emanating from our house must have been embarrassing, yet obscenely intriguing, to our neighbors. But in all the years, there was never one anonymous call to an official, no chance for us to turn to someone and say, “You would never believe the shit happens in my house!” Except for one day at County Hospital, where we were trying frantically to decide whether to mention mom and dad’s brutal parenting skill, somehow sensing in our deeply puckered collective ass that to mention those things in that office probably wasn’t the brightest idea. Pity – had we spoken out, much of what was to come could have been averted. In a twisted way, I still think I could have avoided the worst of the degrading treatment, the beatings and the belittling marathons. I could have stopped it cold.
One of my strongest memories, perhaps when I was six or seven years old, is standing in the doorway of our bedroom, a boxy little ten by ten room shared by three kids. I recall the feel of the quiet silence and how in the wee hours of the morning it swallowed our conspiratorial whispers. I remember the moonlight filtering in through the angled windows, streaming across the speckled, black linoleum. I recall standing in the doorway, debating my brother and negotiating how to go about killing our parents. The argument, as I recall, centered on the need to smack both parents simultaneously, or try to kill one quietly, without waking the other. As I held a baseball bat, a little league thing; purple with peeling, yellowed athletic tape unraveling from its shaft, we knew our path was blocked. We couldn’t carry out our plan or fulfill our desire. We only had one bat.

Anonymous said...

Mia Culpa. I wrote the comment regarding systems and their tri-partite nature. The guitar chord sequence I wanted you (or anyone) to play should have been C-F-Gmaj7 and then stop. This is an unresolved chord sequence and can create a desire to finish with the Cmaj chord for resolution of tensionor conflict. Doing this on a keyboard and not resolving can lead you back to the keyboard to play the resolving chord.

Anonymous said...

My God if I could speak to you one on one!
You spoke my mind, better than I can speak it.
You put it words, better than I can.
I wouldn't care if you were a (insert
most objectionable male msm, avoid female stereotype) you'd be one to ride out the Storm with, and I think I speak for most males here.
You have way too much on the ball, and would be an asset to any family.
You and I should've met long ago

Anonymous said...

My God, gerry's and Nota Mobster's stories ( along with debs) brought a tear to my eye.
IT seems like les has become a
Blog for catharsis or something.
I know I've never told anyone of being scalded when a kid, or getting 3rd degree burns, or a concussion, or any of the psychological bullshit.
Looks like it's more common place than I thought.
Listen Les, there's something special going on for a few people here, and
although I could, I just dont want to fuck with it too much, as far
over-analyzing it all. sometimes you have to just be grateful that you've connected somehow.
We all have the area (ken) that
are assigned to us- those with whom we speak, interact, on a daily basis.
When someone asks, "what can I do?)
I tell them god has assigned you a job within this sphere.
It's up to you youn take that assignment or not.

Anonymous said...

The paedophile and abduction ring is. moreover, actually run out of the European Commission itself.

His hereby shamed name is Jose Manuel Barroso, the President of the European Commission.

Anonymous said...

There has never been any human community that we know of, now or in any other time in history, that has not stood in awe and wonder at the state of innocence within which all our human children begin their journey through this life: Protected, nurtured, even revered through the length of that protection and then, reluctantly, let into the streams of the lives of other cultures.
And so our own particular past is carried within us until we confront others’ pasts.
Every culture on this planet creates and holds up what may be an innocently constructed shield against other cultures, each one a beautifully and somehow collectively conceived membrane protecting each one of our different cultures’ own innocence while etching that culture onto what the Romans called the Tabula Rasa of each child’s psyche - the blank page.
So it may be understood and even posited as fact that a child’s mind in every human culture’s beingness is not a place where evil dwells.
Not in any of our cultures, past or present.
Not in any child anywhere on this beautiful earth.
In every one of our many and varied cultures childhood innocence exists and innocence and childhood are two sides of the same coin. And it is also fully understood that only good lives in that universal mind that all human children originally possess, that powerful world of wonder, fantasy and make-believe into which we do not, cannot go with evil intent. Human beings simply cannot do that. Those beings that cross the boundaries of innocence we cannot consider human although they should be observed, psychologically dissected perhaps, but not killed. They are what the Prophets call lost sheep, I suppose: And then we cry out, “where is the Shepherd?” when evil invades the minds of our children.
So: No culture has ever existed that has not deliberately allowed its childrens’ innocence to be maintained and prolonged for as long as possible ... by creating all those wonderful stories, myths and legends. Yes, every culture holds the minds of its children by creating fields of innocence with infinite imagination - Santa Clause and the Virgin Mary and lizard tricksters and elves and fairies and tokoloshes and Giants and swords and sorcery all within which every one of our children live and are part of and sometimes - no, mostly - love to pretend to be for, and with and of, until the outside realities of our various cultures finally force themselves upon that initial sweet and unknowing innocence:
For every culture eventually corrupts or ‘civilizes' its children into its own culture to the limited exclusion of all other cultures: Eventually, the children begin to know other cultures.
Right now, today, at the same time, all of us, in the time within which we are all taking our turn to be alive on our watch - Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Islamic, Jewish, Shembe - the list is as long as humanity - all of us, with all our differences, call ourselves human beings and if we allow that we all share a common humanity, then we can leap to a common God “... the God in your heart is the same as the One in mine ...”

If you are with me so far, it’s good start.
Because this definition of mine of our common humanity is the one thread throughout that I would like you to hold on to, like a trail of seeds or pebbles to mark the way back if you need it.

Tom Dennen
92 Esselmont Avenue
Durban 4001
South Africa

Anonymous said...

Soul Killer - William S. Burroughs

There is intrigue among the souls and treachery no worse fate can befall a man than to be surrounded by traitor souls. Can any soul survive the searing fireball of an atomic blast? If human and animal souls are seen as electro-magnetic forcefields, such fields can be totally disrupted by a nuclear explosion, a mummies nightmare this integration of souls and this is precisely the ultra secret and super sensitive function of the atom bomb, a soul killer, to alleviate an escalating soul
glut. Scientists always said there is no such thing as a soul and now they are in a position to prove it. Total death, soul death it's what the Egyptians called the second and final death.
This awesome power to destroy souls forever is now vested in far sighted and responsible men in the state department the CIA and the pentagon. Governments fall from sheer indifference authority figures deprived of the vampiric energy they suck off their constitutents are seen for what they rare a dead empty mass manipulated by computers. And what is behind the computers, remote control of course. Look at the prison you are in we are all in this is a penal colony that is now a deathcamp place to the second and final death. Desperation is raw material to drastic change only those who can leave behind everything they have ever believed in can hope to escape. Don't intend to be there when the shithouse goes up in flames, nothing remains now but the recordings shut them off they are as radioactive as an old joke.

Anonymous said...

I have read what other people have been through and can easily identify, regardless of the specifics of the abuse which has affected our lives.

I don't recall ever having been sexually abused, but emotional and physical abuse was rampant and that has marred my life.

My sisters (who were threatened with sexual abuse) and I have talked about our horrendous childhoods and one of them has said that I should write a book ... except that no one would believe it.

Tony asked if my father was a Mormon.

Well no; but he was a variety of "fundamentalist christian" along with all others who influenced my early life, both male and female.

There is something seriously sick about anyone who totally embraces any ideology, whether 'theistically' or 'secularly' based, e.g. the atheistic doctrines of such as Stalin.

Personally I embrace Socrates assertion that, if he was wise, then it was because he knew he was ignorant concerning fundamental issues, e.g. of 'morality' and whatever some g-d might want, if it exists at all.

Personally I am something of a pantheist, because I cannot believe that the universe is due to random chance ... but I do not have a fucking clue as to what apparently organizes things so neatly, but equally does not give a stuff when it all gets snuffed, e.g. the extinction of the dinosaurs and, quite possibly, the extinction the mammals (us at the top of the food chain) who currently dominate this planet.

What hubris to imagine that we - and this particular planet - matter in some possible grand scheme of things!!

Visible said...

A couple of things... this was meant to be a metaphorical take on culture and society (Western) in the person of those who populate it. It wasn't about sexual abuse at all except in the sense that the country has been and is being raped by specific interests.

I've put some real time into the study of worldwide, pedophile rings and how they are orchestrated from the highest levels of power in Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, Belgium France, America and other locations. A few years ago hundreds of young girls went missing in France but I never heard whether anything had surfaced there about that. There were posters up all over the country of these missing girls.

Some years ago you could find a great many runaways selling themselves on the streets of America in the cities. It was an obvious phenomena but nothing was done about it in terms of government activity. It's as if it was supposed to be happening.

In London, around Piccadilly and other places there were/are scores of young girls from 12 up who make sexual appointments over their cellphones. I read an exhaustive article on this and I'm sure it's still going on.

There is a malign intelligence that operates out of the invisible planes through invisible entities that attach themselves to those so disposed to particular appetites. Even the movers and shakers of this world are controlled by these entities who treat the human personality like a stolen car. This is why you can't stamp out evil because it's source is not out where you can get your hands on it and also... not all that is defined as evil is evil anyway.

What happens... what is happening is that a new avatar is on the way and as he proceeds through the ethers... gradually precipitating into whatever form(s) he is going to take, he is pushing the evil out as he goes so that it can be dealt with on the physical plane. This is why there is so much psychopathy and various appetite dysfunctions because these entities are taking over human bodies as they are pressed outward.

This is how the universe cleans up the system at each time as it becomes critical which always seems to be around 2,000 years.

As for how a God can create and destroy and why the things that happen happen I would recommend the Mobius Strip as an aid to understanding. Imagine a Mobius strip of which you can only see half. Half of everything that takes place is taking place in a location that you can't see; the same way that plants /and everything that is being reduced to its basic elements/ go through stages below ground that make possible what you see above ground. Much is hidden and this is the reason that we can't comprehend what we 'only see in part'.

The main thing to remember is that you are in a movie; play your part well because you are being watched... Cave Deus Videt.
People would be surprised to know that there is quite some invisible audience watching your TV show.

For the person who asked if I suffered any of the abuses that it 'appeared' I was talking about (in an email)... yes and no... I had a horrific childhood; you could say I didn't have one. I was brutalized physically and psychologically through the whole thing and that then led into various confinements in prisons and certain mental wards for the Criminally Insane (here I was protected from all the usual dangers). I had some few years of seemingly normal life when I got to really immerse myself in those aspects of life that most of us pursue with all the fire of our passions and then it crashed on me again and there were a number of years of pretty heavy suffering. The last ten years have been a time of ease except for the astral attacks and inner turmoil that comes and goes but is far more manageable than it has ever been. I'd say things are getting better for me all the time and it's a good thing I don't hold on to the past because that could certainly be an issue.

I'm not resentful about what happened. I expect I either deserved it from another time or that it was necessary for me to pass through it and lose everything over and over and never have much to begin with so that I would come to a place where I didn't attach importance to what's going on out here in terms of acquisition and position and so forth. It's interesting that so many readers here have had such similar things.

As for sexual abuse I would say that all physical abuse on children and psychological abuse is also sexual abuse because it certainly has much to do with the development of that side of our nature (it's another kind of rape), whether we become more compassionate and understanding as a result or go dead inside and become cruel and abusive... most serial killers come out of the same environments that are the testing grounds for those so tagged for this sort of treatment.

It's important to endure and have great faith in the prospect of invisible help. At this time everything is being made to seem dark and futile and that is just the thing you must not buy into. The light is very real... far more real than the material overlay that obscures it. You have to be convinced it is there and act accordingly.

I don't like to try to define God. First of all it is impossible and second of all, whatever definitions you put on it tend to become operative according to some mysterious process. However... it is very, very real; it's just not what you think it is... it is so very, very much better and grander than that and there are rewards beyond the telling for those who persevere. Don't get down on yourself. Even the highest masters have a secret history of shame. We all fuck up. The key is to keep getting up. Intention defines us all.

Anonymous said...

jj, shame, are you trying to take my prejudices away from me??
Excellent rant.

Anonymous said...


You have been hiding from me much to long. Your analysis of FOX NEWS , you know? "we report and you decide" [if it's the truth]
like you say, really isn't news. It's written months ahead of time.

And I see you know about family. In fact there are some members of my family really do hope there are detention camps so Grandpa [me] can go to one and get help.

I do not mean to make light of your post because I can feel your heart & soul in your writing. Please don't feel alone Deborah, because you have us.

In regards to the "scarlet whore" you mention;

And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials and talked with me, saying unto me, come hither; I will shew unto thee the judgement of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters.....and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast.....the seven heads are the seven mountains, upon which the woman sitteth.

The angel explains to John..this woman is in many places, upon the waters, upon the beast, upon the seven mts, but the last verse 18 of ch 17, the angel makes no ...ands...ifs...or buts about it.

And the woman which thou sawest,... IS ....that great city which reigneth over the kings of the earth.

Your Rosey xcursions probably enter into it somehow, but for today the woman is not in ROME, but in New York City, home of the U N BLDG and/or Kings of the earth.

Like you say Deborah, Satan does not hide, He's right there in plain view for the whole world to see..and not be able to recognize.

He knows humanity better than humanity knows humanity. We have been excluded from the great delusion set upon mankind by GOD ALMIGHTY.

Just a few words to let you know you are not alone.

OH! I almost forgot..the main reason for this post. You said you could cook? Wonderfull.

My most pleasant regards


nobody said...

I got it that the article wasn't about the topic so much as merely using it as a metaphor. But since the comments turned that way people may be interested in Dave McGowan's extraordinary work. The book is called Programmed to Kill and the first six chapters are called the Pedophocracy. They can be found here -

Bugger Oprah, this book WILL change your life.

Anonymous said...

Could that “Big Bad Wolf” be getting ready to bite us in the ass. I just got back from my neighbor hood China Mart and the grocery shelves were at less than 50% capacity. Many items were completely gone. I’ve never seen the shelves this low before. I live in a town of about 80,000 and this particular China Mart is about ten miles from the highway so it would be mostly locals that shop there. Take it for what it is worth. Maybe the web bots are on to something. 10/7 is only two days away.
Anyhow, thanks for posting that link in your last message Les. I read about web bots a year or so ago but forgot about it.


Anonymous said...

Heh Heh.
I just read a good article (in all likelihood, you've probably read it)
calling for non violent revolution.
Uses a clip from Fight Club in the article.
Anyway, sand in the gears. I mentally
agreed--for now--, and thought one way to fuck 'em up would be to at least 3 or 4 times a day,- I'd already done this for a similar reason- do Google searches with conflicting searches, that would not add up in the algorithms of
a spy software program.
It's kind of fun to think of what is ideologically 180 degrees from your POV, and the click it so ti goes into the data base.
Also, since common sense tells me the enemy would use Youtube comments- Make radically different
comments about the same subject.
For example, when viewing a vid on Zionists, make one comment (the truth) about how all these fuckers
own and control everything, using the most emotional language you can, and then, with the same user name, post the 180 degree opposiite.
Put whatever amount of effort into this you feel like.
I know this: that if everyone makes this a habit, and makes sure this habit spreads to those within their
"ken" (sphere of influence)
Then those Big Crays will smoke a little each time they run a gazillion comments or search term
They don't know that we have the creativity, or the will, or the
wherewithal, to do these types of things.
Violence is the last resort.
Right now protesting is met with violence, voting has been corrupted, so this level of resistance must be next.
We're nothing if not fair to the Killers of Innocents, are we not?
Do you know bright, creative, state
of the Art Hackers who would just LOVE the adoration of millions of Middle Americans, for the fruit of their Good Works?
Talk to them. Explain the situation,if they don't see it already. They, with the Military, can be the hero's of this country.
If there is to be a non violent revolution, then it has to be given it's best shot
Those that work in the defense
industries need to put the sand in the gears, as opportunity and safety permit.
ALL the skill sets fo ALL of those in positions to make a difference
in this Surge of Resistance, need to use those skills in subverting
this program of depopulation, and enslavement of the rest.
Do you have doubts?
You're not alone and their are countless Sisters and Brethren here and else where who will help you.
Time to have a decentralized
For right now, anyone who wants to selectively assassinate (as I myself was thinking a Month ago)
or some other form of violence, must either show a FUCKING good reason why, early is best, or something else,
because it will devolve into what
these assholes want (us slaughtering the wage earners, and others so handcuffed).
We have the moral obligation to fight it at the last level sans violence thats been given us, with will, creativity, and opportunity.
Spread it!

Anonymous said...

Hey all, sorry to be so pervasive
on this blog, but Capt. May of Ghost Troop who has been doing intelligence work for quite a few years, warning of possible false flag attacks, using a variety of techniques he used in the Military, and living in the Hurricane ravaged region of TX, is
in critical care, with a tracheotomy
suffering from ALS (Jason Becker, guitarist).
You may remember a pic of him doing
push ups along the curve outside of Bushes town of Crawford, during Cindy Sheehan's protest.
He needs our calls now, and any other help we can give.
He can't do too much. I 've been receiving his news letter for 2 years now.
Be the love, give him a call and leave a message at least.
Plase spread, this guy has put EFFORT, without pay, in helping us.

Anonymous said...

Israel’s “Obsession” with the Christian/Islamic Conflict

...Perhaps it was said best in an email to this writer a few years ago by an incautious Israeli teenager in an email he sent saying–

”I am a Jew, I am an Israeli, I am a Zionist…I am both racially and intellectually superior to you, the non-Jew. For your lies, your pathetic stupidity, and your anti-Semitism, your people will suffer under the punishment of the world’s future super-power, Israel! Jews are superior to dirty-blooded non-Jews like you. While your ancestors were sleeping with the swine in the forests of Europe, my ancestors were building the city of Jerusalem. Israel will come to be the world’s newest superpower. It is our destiny, written in the prophecies of god, written in our ambitions, written in our blood! Beware, for your kind will come to fear us. The coming 30 years will make your eyes twitch my gentile! I am a Jew, you are not. I have the privilege of having g-d by my side, as well as the world’s supreme nation. Perhaps you do not yet see that the worst is awaiting your kind, in the face of the coming Islamo-Christian War, from which my kind will arise victorious. I am only 14 years old, but I have enough wisdom to see that you are nothing but a piece of gentile filth. No matter, perhaps g-d will find it suitable that a terrorist attack will end your misery. I shall personally pray for it to be so.” ...

Yeah that old testament is pretty down right spooky, lots of evil prevailing!! Talk about child abuse too...

Yes, the religion 'jewish' is against anything non jewish "I studied under a Hassidic Rabbi for years..." definitely a cult (quote a secret service agent working on the deprogramming of me...)I can certainly see how they have come this far is purely logical.

One of my fav sayings/beliefs: "No weapons formed against me shall prosper" and I do believe this to be the case 'long haul'...

Hang in there Truthers :)

Anonymous said...

Boy Les, this one is vague enough to really get my grey matter twitching. I have no idea whether I'm reading you correctly or not, but you hit my buzzer with the "system". The terrible system, that has been cobbled together over time by the terrible people, and imposed by hook and by crook on a deliberatly ignorant population. The system that takes real life and hides it by dressing it up in costume, or surrounding it with bull shit and fear. They start very early, while we are in full information feeding mode with the Santa Clause and Jesus bull shit. The amazing part to me is that most get to a point that they realize that there is no Santa, but continue to hang on to the Jesus thing with a death grip. Some even reach a poing where they will laugh at you for believing in one, and kill you for not believing in the other. The system gets more diverse and complicated, but the goal remains the same, to hide real life. It is a system that knows the deversity of the human condition, and takes advantage of it, insted of using it to advantage. Let me clarify that there is no "human nature", there is only human behavior, which covers everything from the most horrendous atrocities to the most noble acts of self sacrifice. That is what I call the human condition, and the system is designed to take advantage of both by the terrible people that benefit from the system. The real problem is that what they see as a benefit is also fake. There is no real happiness in the big house on the hill, if they are destroying the hill to build the house. The system is one that gnaws at it's own tail until it succeeds in devouring itself completely, and all of us with it. Needless to say, we need a new system. Since people have proven that they are the deliberatly ignorant masses I alluded to before, we have to have a system, or they will all just wander off in different directions. What it will take to get people to not only look at the world in a different way, but to see it in the context of possibilities, I don't know. How do we get people to see that all humanity and all that it has ever been or will be, depends on us getting off of this planet. To see that every credible scientist on the planet says that it is not a matter of if but when this planet is destroyed by an extinction level event, and that if we are not living on some other galactic body, everything that is human dissappears. Motzart, Galleleo, DaVinci, Einstein, Marilyn Monroe for gods sake, all gone forever. How do we get the military industrial complex to retool in order to make the things we need to explore space, insted of comming up with new and better ways for us to kill each other. Which of course requires the powers that be to keep manufacturing conflicts in order to use the new and better ways to kill each other. I know, I'm rambling, but this is something I have thought about a great deal, and I have a lot of good ideas, but unfortunatly for me, they don't fit into the "system".

Anonymous said...

Leave the planet? Only one way I know of to achieve THAT trick currently.

There is also one additional byproduct of the horizontal hula - creation of a new life, and all the possibility that comes with it if given the right tools and a proper medium to grow in. It is usually accompanied by much pain, blood, and the occasional scream. We'll see. Interesting times, for sure.


Anonymous said...

Hank, the body dissipates, the energy frequency may change but the energy does not! There is no sense in beating out the positive energy, it dumbs the conscious and makes for great slaves. Such waist is sinister reality.

Folks step outside the box and make your reality from decency versus perversion and the reality we perceive through our senses will be less important and things can change for us all.

Point being I do not know of any evil Santa spreads, do you? The concept of Santa is charitable, positive...Hey, even if Santa only brings hope or cheer 'for some' is still sweet...Jesus was real Santa was not. Both messages being geared toward decency but one must be prudent to the extent they follow such...

If we are going to slam reality/perception 'even goodness...' just take the conscious and flush it down the toilet "same diff."...

One more thing, we do not HAVE to go into space to step outside this box, jump a wavelength, don't get lost and remember you have skin and responsibilities here "newtons 3rd law of motion"

Kevenj said...


I'm going to go out on a limb here, but I guess your childhood name wasn't 'sunshine'.
At any rate you have an exquisite way of writ and if you are not fully employed in the industry you might have missed your calling.

Crap. My stocks suffer another few million dollar plunge. Anyone want to buy an interest to our local
"Elite private club?

Perhaps this is not the right venue, and forgive me -for I lost a hell of a big contract today because the economy sucks, and partially because I made a few mistakes....but whatever. Life goes on.

Debra-don't give up..remember the song..
"For all those lonely people, who think that life has passed them by.
Don't give up until you drink from the silver cup..."

Anyway, here's something you might enjoy.


A young boy went up to his father and asked him, "Dad, what is the
difference between 'potentially' and 'realistically'?'"

The father thought for a moment, then answered, "Go ask your mother if
she would sleep with Brad Pitt for a million dollars.
Then ask your sister if she would sleep with Brad Pitt for a million
dollars, and then ask your brother if he'd sleep with Brad Pitt for a
million dollars. Come back and tell me what you learn from that."

So the boy went to his mother and asked,

"Would you sleep with Brad Pitt
for a million dollars?"

The mother replied,
"Of course I would! We could really use that money
to fix up the house and send you kids to a great University!"

The boy then went to his sister and asked, "Would you sleep with Brad
Pitt for a million dollars?"

The girl replied, "Oh my Gawd! I LOVE Brad Pitt I would sleep with him
in a heartbeat, are you nuts?"

The boy then went to his brother and asked, "Would you sleep with Brad
Pitt for a million dollars?"

"Of course," the brother replied. "Do you know what a million bucks
would buy?"

The boy pondered the answers for a few days and then went back to his

His father asked him, "Did you find out the difference between
'potentially' and 'realistically'?"

The boy replied, "Yes, 'Potentially', you and I are sitting on three
million dollars .

But 'realistically', we're living with two hookers and a homo."

Anonymous said...

Funny kevin john...LOL cute

Not to forget ultimate reality is not perception but quantum mechanics/physics, in the big picture.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Les has to give me a prize or somthing!
Youtube now has an "audio Test" function when leaving text comments.
I've no doubt that this is a eaction to the wave of anti Zionist and anti PC/diversity.multi/whatever comments from the multitudes who are fed up with having to be afraid to voice their opinions in person, in Universities, in print, and in general.
Mike Goodspeed had a thing on Rense
recently, bemoaning the "hate speech, on forums such as youtube.
He missed the mark totally.
These type of comments, unleashing a rage, that has simmered beneath the facade of a lot of Americans,
is only expected, considering the society we live in with it's media driven, education system driven,
monster of LIES.
What does he expect when you're white, and you only want to point out that your own kind is being slaughtered out of all porportion by another race,?
And that it's IGNORED by the Media, while they search for another HOAX story such as the Duke Rape case?
You get rage. And the attendant
When you try to be tolerant, and
try to make the distinction between
the "average Jewish" person, and you do this,
then you read a story that tells you the Jewish Community came out of the woodwork to protest, call names, and disrupt a public talk by 2 war heroes who were aboard the USS Liberty, which was attacked by Israeli forces during the 6 day war.
"anti Semite..", "They're using Code words..", and all this hysterical bullshit.
That no one else would have to put up with.
The constant "outrage" of Abe Foxman at the ADL, or Morris "the molester" Dees at the Mossad office of the SPLC.
That's why the emotional comments at the Forums et al.
A lot of us are getting sick of hearing "anti semite" when we object to immoral behavior, by ANYONE who legitimately has it coming.
Jews, (even the common ones who support the rest) MAKE enemies.

Anonymous said...

I always like to see the three card monte game explained and compared with others. The probability of winning 3-card monte is one third, but the payoff is even money. If it were a "fair" game then winning would get you back your dollar plus two more dollars for every dollar you bet. Instead, you just get back your dollar plus one more. Thus, if you play for a long time, you will lose half of the total amount you bet. Sure 3-card monte and the "shell game", which has the same odds, are scams but no more so that state lotteries, which also keep half the amount bet. Don't even mention socialist security!
-Richard Carpenter



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