Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Have Fun Bending Over for the Catch 22.

Tap, tap, tap..... Hmmmm... finger drumming on the table top... restless stretching and reaching... got an itch under my shoulder blade... confusion... a little I guess. Like ‘tells’ in poker, I’m getting some reads but the betting doesn’t reflect the hands I’m seeing when I call. What’s going on? I guess I can’t ask Marvin Gaye. You know what? I think I’m just going to take a little walk through my head and see what the ping pong ball has to say. I know it’s used to going back and forth and then there’s the spin thing. I’m pretty good at ping pong and the other things you learn growing up on military bases and being locked up for long periods of time. I’m not the sort of person you want to play Nine Ball with.

Having your head handed to you since before you could walk will make you scared of everything for awhile. Sooner or later you get angry and people die, maybe you die too or you learn to channel it. I guess I’m lucky that way. As erratic as I have been getting to where I am... I think it’s safe to say I learned on the way or I wouldn’t be here now.

Here I sit in beautiful weather with the sun shining as it has been for some time now. The temperature is in the 70’s and there’s a breeze most of the time but not like the South Pacific trades that are the best in this world. Still... a man could do worse but... I’m uneasy. I’m not comfy. I’m looking over my shoulder and it’s not a personal thing. It’s just that apprehension of no definable origin.

Colin Powell endorsed Obama so you can stick a fork in McCain. This puts the final imprimatur on the thing along with Brezinski bitch-slapping the insufferable Morning Joe. Hey, Joe... that dead girl in your office... what’s up with that? I don’t have a problem with Powell and My Lai... that sort of thing happens in every war and we’re doing it again and much worse. The trailers in Iraq were a bad moment and it made Powell look like a worked whore but... in the military you follow orders even when you don’t want to. All things considered Powell’s not the worst of the lot and I will tell you this... a lot of Americans... more than you would suspect, really respect Colin Powell.

The thing is... it makes the ongoing voter fraud- Joe Stalin- American system much harder to work now. I don’t care how slick they think they are everyone is going to smell a rat if McCain somehow wins. But he’s a legacy... as they like to say in the fraternities and his dad did a nice little arabesque blow-jobbing the Israeli’s about the cold blooded murder of American sailors on the U.S.S. Liberty. And given McCain’s tendency to backfire/flame-broil his mates, why... you could almost call him “Tail-Gunner Joe.” Nah... that probably didn’t happen and neither did the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty.

I look at Obama speak and I think, Jack Kennedy. He’s the sort of guy you just wish would be president and not only lead but re-integrate the nation in ways that can’t really be talked about but would really make the day and if only the Zionist controlled Black Music World would let Sam Cooke reincarnate we wouldn’t have to feel like Richard Pryor’s pet monkey was humping our ear with a jackhammer every time you turned on the radio. That’s ‘you’, not me. I don’t listen to the radio or music period. I wouldn’t even listen to my own except I have to when I’m recording and mixing it. I like the quiet. If I could, I would get on a plane tomorrow and fly to India and just start walking into the Himalayas. I really would and I think about it all the time but people count on me. My dogs count on me. They wouldn’t understand. That’s the hard part about loving people and other creatures. That’s why attachment is the big no-no. Well, I’m not completely screwed. I do draw the line at, ‘things’. You can take everything I own, which isn’t much and I wouldn’t care. Five hundred tons of dust lands on the Earth every day; no matter what, things show up.

You can find the inauguration speech that I wrote for Obama in the archives or you can google it. Here’s the sticky wicket... here’s the catch 22 (I will actually conclude with this). Obama might be for real and he might not. I don’t know... do I? No... I don’t know but... there are a few things anyone who is for real has to do. Here are those things and if you don’t do them you are a whore. You are a nasty, nasty perversion because it’s not just you getting screwed but all the people who believed in you get screwed too. That’s what it is so let’s call it what it is. Let’s not mince words. Mince is for pies.

Any man or woman who becomes president must do these things or they are a whore. They might as well give it up on national TV. They might as well host a reality show where they do it for the thrill of being watched. Don’t you love that term...? “Reality Show”? That says it all. That about sums us up.

Here is what you have to do. You have to abolish the Federal Reserve. You have to cut Israel loose... period. Neither of these entities are your friends. In fact, they are your worst enemies and they are the same thing, so to speak. You have to double the taxes paid by the top ten per cent earners in America and you have to reduce the middle class taxes by the same degree. When I say ‘middle class’, I mean from 50 to a hundred and fifty thousand dollars.... No way have people making 250,000 got any breaks coming whatsoever. You have to put the death tax back in action. You have to tell the AMA-Pharmaceutical combine and the insurance industry to “fuck off!” and you have to grant Americans the same universal health coverage that much of the rest of the world has.

Let me point something out to the eternally clueless among you. Everyone has a vote and the income area I am talking about and let me add... those making less than fifty thousand pay almost no taxes at all... Let me point out that that is a big majority and if you are too fucking stupid not to see this then you deserve what you get. In fact, I hope it hurts and gets worse because it that is what it takes to wake your stupid ass up then it’s all good.

All luxury goods should be taxed to the degree that they are unaffordable by the rest. You have an argument against that? Well, fuck you. It is a sad state of affairs when I would make a better president than what you have available. I know what is right. How come they don’t? Uh huh. I’m going to apologize to whores for having compared them to politicians. I didn’t mean any disrespect. I just couldn’t find a common term that was better but I want you to know I think they are far worse than you, although I know that neither of you have a heart of gold.

I can understand why a candidate for the highest orifice would have to dissimulate or dissemble. You have to lie to get into office, that’s a given. However... once you get into office you are either, fearless and true or you are a whore. And if you are fearless and true it will get you shot. That is the Catch 22. Study your history and see if you can connect the dots on who got shot and why.

All this given, I personally wouldn’t care. Shooting me doesn’t change anything. It promotes me to a higher plane and the moment my blood hits the ground YOU are in deep, deep trouble. Given that all life ends in death or ‘change’ I think it comes down to what you think is worth living for. It is the sad testimony of these times that so many of us are cowards and self-serving but it does you no good and that is what confuses me. If you can’t do the right thing then I damn well will or some other of our small number will. The thing is that you don’t elect people like this and that is the other Catch 22. I don’t know if this is connected to the fact that a 22 in the head is the best way to guarantee a death but anything that rattles around or ping pong balls back and forth has got to make an impression on something. We’re just not agreed on what that something is and to make matters worse... we don’t even know who we are.

Tap, tap, tap..... Hmmmm... finger drumming on the table top... restless stretching and reaching... cut.

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kikz said...

go outside... and breathe.

it'll still all be here when you get back to it.


Anonymous said...

That little monkey with the wet Q-Tip dick just ran up your arm…annoying little fucker. Time to drive 752 miles on a tractor Mudbone.

Like so many things, Prior for me had his time, when I came close to doing time. That’s a story for another day.

It doesn’t matter where you go, you’re always there. Funny, we can’t outrun some things. I used to be pretty fast and I’d always see this mirage up ahead in the distance, it was my own ass, coming or going, I had one foot nailed to the floor, I just went around in circles. I was on the Merry-Go-Round of life, had a pocket full of tickets, and couldn’t get off. Rides like that tend to make me dizzy now, and the carnival operator just keeps taking my money for the “right” to go around in circles.

The only pool I play these days is against myself. I don’t have to prove how good I am, although I used to be better—I can still win because I have learned to adapt—much cooler under pressure than I used to be. There is a geometry and simplicity about the game that appeals to me. But, it’s still just a game.

Raising or lowering taxes, you pay more than me and then I’ll leach off of you or the other way around. Bottom line is, whoever pays the taxes, THEY will piss it away, and it won’t end up in your wallet, or mine.

The knife fight will probably not happen unless Don King and the politicians can rig the rules of the game. There are no rules, just the illusion of rules. They just keep stretching out the negotiation of the rules, and there are no rules, there is no intention of any rules. The negotiations are just a ploy to make you think that some day there will be rules. It’s all just to continue to frustrate the combatants and the crowd. It’s that fight that they promise will take place some time in the future. Gotta’ build the hype before you can sell any tickets. Like cannibals inviting you over for dinner, the promoter never gets in the ring.

I remember a line from a Clint Eastwood movie; I think it was “Outlaw Josie Wales”. Josie is asking a slick looking guy with two low-slung pistols on his belt if he’s a gunfighter and the guy answers; “it’s a living”. In typical Clint style, he says “well, dyin’ ain’t much of a livin’ boy”.

The gunfighter is dead shortly thereafter, just another disposable character in a movie…. then again, it’s only a movie…right?


Anonymous said...

The more I come here.

The more I see how most people don't get you but they get what they get which is why you're so popular.

There's something for everyone.

I get it.

Just want you to know that.

Anonymous said...

Les, you are the best! Thanks for keeping me afloat in this ever deepening ocean of shit that the US has become. I can't wait to see what else "they" have prepared for us.....

Ben There said...

Les for whatever reason this post makes me feel like we are just sittin' out in the sun together enjoying a cold beer shooting the shit...or a cup of green tea, either works fine.

I don't remember where I heard this but I'd like to borrow a comment to express my feelings in regards to this essay:

"I laughed, I cried, I lost fifteen pounds."

Muchas gracias; or as we say down here in Texas...much grass.

Anonymous said...

Funny how we see the same side, but the picture looks different. I see Obama already picked to be the President [if it gets to be an election] but not because the people said so....and they will be heard, like you say Stalinist election, giving the needed cause to see what possibly could have happened to give such phoney results.

Leaving this election up to none other than Mr Bush's Courts, and of course the vanguards of the peoples voice, THE CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES, who will declare a MISS TRIAL, and schedule the election for another date, [somewhere in another lifetime.]

You see Corporate Law can only justified by the people displaying mob rule in the streets of America,coupled with poverty and the worthless TOILET PAPER we carry around in our pocket, and of course the thing that brought this all to a boil, MR BUSH'S TERRORISM AND THE FEAR OF IT, [another something like 911]

They are world greatest real life actors, and like any soap opera, they always leave you with " be sure and not to miss tomorrow's exciting " ....Will the knew [or old] President be faced with this difficult decision to make.

Should the President take the freedom of Americans and lock it up in Washington so "freedom" can be safe? or should the President allow the people to keep their freedom with them` and risk the chance losing it to those who bring you Terrorism, and the Fear of it. SOOOOOOOO

Be sure to tune in and not miss tomorrows exciting episode of... "FEAR" AND THOSE WHO BRING IT TO YOU.

Liberty is not high on the list of importance to Americans these days. Toilet paper seems to be the main concern [as long as we have plenty of it]. Freedom, the economy, corruption, Nuclear War, no matter what happens in America or the world, THERE WILL ALWAYS BE THE NEED TO WIPE OUR ASS.

And as for the Founders who created the freeist society the world has ever seen with Liberty and Justice for All?????

Well folks, we finally have a winner


Anonymous said...

Didn't want to put one of his whole articles in here...might not be enough room with all of the bible verses that I usually ignore....anyway...

Although he doesn't get what most in here do, and he leans strongly to the left, you might want to check out the writing style of Mark Morford...just google him. He writes for the SF Gate. Not so much what he says, but how he says it.

Kinda like Hunter S. Thompson if he had lived in SanFran......maybe?


Franz said...

"Here is what you have to do."

For starters, sure thing.

But even sooner we have to keep from getting locked-down totally.

FEMA vehicle sightings are up. Portable cells are now being moved all over the country. Regular US Troops quietly loot National Guard armory weapons and Federalize everything but the lawn mowers.

The fix is in but what sort of fix?

In previous posts you noted this fact, Les. The problem here on the ground is trying to figure out what the screws have in mind. What's next on the agenda. How they plan to strip the former USA of what's left.

Americans who know this are not especially concerned about who gets to be "president" but you know that too. No. We're trying to figure out what happens when it's OUR community's turn to get WACO-ized, Katrina-ized, or maybe even 911-ized.

It's like, which way to I jump if I even want to be a player when the dust settles.

Then again the dust might NOT settle since sometimes we forget: This isn't just an American thing. It's the old "We'll all go together when we go" thing, all grown up, strong beyond measuring, mutated beyond recognition.

It's a bit like how to re-make ON THE BEACH when the world ends with a bang and not a whimper?

Problems, problems.

notamobster said...

If only we could rely on the deluded hope that Obama is for real, and he'll flip Washington on it's head. It's a long shot... How long do you think it would take for the ZioNazi's to get at him? I wish it would be so. I am a capitalist (as dictated in the Constitution and it's properly* ratified amendments), but at this point I would accept ABSOLUTE SOCIALISM (EAST GERMANY STYLE) if it would rid us of the zionazi rule. There is a huge part of me that wants Obama to win, and really be a Muslim, and really kick Israel and AIPAC in the balls! My realistic side says they found a good lapdog to sap the fervor of the disenfranchised masses. I am thus, wasting my vote on a 3rd party candidate (and by proxy giving my vote to Obama), just as everyone else will waste theirs on one of the 2 show ponies.

Here's to that trillion to one longshot...

Anonymous said...

I would really like to believe that Obama represents "change"-but I`m no longer that stupid.

In my opinion-for what it`s worth-he`s just one of the club. I call him the "black bush terrorist". And let`s not forget the turd in human form who will be the vp.

It will be up to the (clueless, zombified, immature and downright evil) American people to reclaim their country. Should that ever happen and however it may happen.

As always I look forward to your next post Les.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les, I`m doing my damndest to get arrested and they just ignore me.If that ain`t fascist, I don`t know what is.I put my name on everything....cash checks...say hello to everybody in a friendly fashion...traceable address...the whole catastrophe..they must really be up to something big. I didn`t even get one honk when I went to the square with a big fucking sign that said "I have a bad feeling about the U.S. government,send me to Guantanomo now!" Hope might exist for Tomatoes and Broccoli, but for us, I don`t know....please arrest me....love, Hunter

Peter Greene said...

@LV: I love your threat moment: "The moment my blood hits the ground, you're in big trouble". Makes you think. Plus, it's sorta like Ben Kenobi meets The Big Payback.

As for the Big O there, I don't really see the Kennedy resemblance. The Kennedys, as far as I can see, were upstart gangster dealers much like the Clintons but with way worse bodyguards. Such families often have a couple of kids kept handy to look good in a suit for stuff like politics and moneylaundering - thus Billy and Bobby and Jack sorta resemble one another to me. The (ahem) Dark Whorse there looks more like a weak young guy mindf*cked by Chicago School sociology professor types who were planning for the future in the service of whatever dark hands they were serving. The little creep has about one hundredth the nutsack of a man like John F. Kennedy, and the comparison insults his memory, honestly.

Just my two cred-frax.

Off to watch the clouds some more,
Lord Reptor.

P.S. Think the various shadowy circles who run our games will whack the foolish young Barack after his election? Or will he get to play benign Benito for us? I thought for a while Cain there would get in, but I think he died and went bad for lack of refrigeration. Only necrophiliacs with weird political fantasies are after him and Palin now.

Be very interesting to see how many Paulites turn up at the polls, too...very, very interesting.


Anonymous said...

There existed a nanosecond during the Republican debates, when some fox "moderator" asshole cornered Ron Paul about agreeing with 9-11 truthers concerning governmental complicity in the attacks. That was the closest I've ever come to feeling that change might be possible. It's not. The past eight years were used to further consolidate power and liberate increasingly scarce natural resources for the ruling elite. The next phase cannot be implemented using the current criminal cabal. They're stale. As in leaving a bad taste in your mouth. A new tribe of psychopaths is needed.

Many people would argue that Webster Tarpley is a crackpot. I don't think so. His speculative account of the 9-11 scam was brilliant. He warned months ago that Brzezinski is the worst of the worst and coming to town right in your morning joe. The ultimate zionist at your service. Colin Powell riding shotgun to add a bit of credibility where none exists. Do ya think he knows the towers were rigged?

No, the next phase will be worse. Count on it. Frying babies in Waco or Firemen in New York, it's all the same to them. A huge game. The Grand Chessboard.

Anonymous said...

My nightmare is that the whole thing is scripted / contrived, like some evil version of Insha'Allah:

The Ultimate Neo Con:

thesis: provoke maximum chaos, thus creating conditions ideal for increased troll control.

antithesis: promote, then select obama is selected president on a campaign of change.

synthesis: assassinate obama. preferably by a "pakistani", "iranian", or "philipino."

result: utter chaos, martial law, more wars of opportunity ... and biden the washington insider corporate troll sympathizer is now president.

the troll agenda is now complete.


Anonymous said...

I'm Canadian, so I don't really have a horse in this race, but ... I'm watching it anyway, you know? For love and not for money.

It was Barack and Hillary who got summoned to the Bilderburg meeting, not McCain. Looking at the leadup to every election since at least Slick Willies, that makes Obama a shoe-in. And it makes them one of theirs, because the people at Bilderburg may be evil but they are not stupid; Obama might be an accomplished enough lier to pull the wool over the peoples' glassy eyes, but you don't bullshit a bullshitter, y'know?

So here's my paranoid take. The McCain campaign is stumbling around like the drunken and senile old man that heads it; the candidate's embarrassing himself like grampa standing in the middle of the street waving around a whiskey bottle and bellowing at passersby who are all trying Really Hard not to make eye contact. So: no one at this point expects McCain to win.

And yet ... all those voting machine problems, with D's being switched to R's ... it really looks like the Machine is gearing up to force McCain through. If this happens the fraud will be obvious to all, and then?

Angry voters rioting in the streets. Obama supporters initially, but a glance at what Palin's appearances are doing to the Republican base, well ... they'll be only too happy to jump in the fray.

Chaos everywhere. And now Bush has his excuse to declare a State of Emergency and really slam that boot down.

Anonymous said...

Some will either catch 22 or rule over us. It will be interesting to see which is which.

Anonymous said...

psychegram--I've had similar thoughts. It looks to me like McCain-Palin is out to throw the election. Only the troglodytes and the "ponerous" are on the R side of the ticky-tick right now. The "paranoid" take isn't paranoid at all, IMHO. Wouldn't put it past these Keystone Kops villains to try such a thing.

Anonymous said...

"You have an argument against that? Well, fuck you."

Love your debating style!! Haha

Reminds me of the movie, Idiocracy,Where a billboard says" "If you don't smoke Tarrytons, fuck you." ( see the film if you havent- a riot.

Anonymous said...

Interesting morning: woke up to find about 40 of my book reviews erased from my Amazon account - completely gone. My last book reviewed (rather scathingly) was an Obama book about "Memories from his father". Interesting little lesson on censorship there. But, the one thing I harped on in that book review was the FACT that Obama cannot prove he was born in the USA, thus disqualifying him from being President. Obviously the criminal elite know this (including the McCain camp), but how will they use it? We all know the 2 main choices are complete mind controlled, blackmailed, corrupted, threatened, puppet whores (and Ron Paul was just an amusing distraction), but which of them will win? Will Hilary be inserted at the last minute? Why doesn't the Obama camp at least provide a good forgery? Surely the Controllers can strong arm the neccesary offices in Hawaii, but yet they haven't yet. It is being allowed to happen on some level, but not meant for public consumption yet. Why?

Anonymous said...

If Obama is for real he will get the JFK/MLK/RFK treatment. Bryzinski seems to like em, I know it's the evil of two lessers but I would rather have Zbigs pick than that arch war criminal Kissinger. The nazis were failures because they didn't get Kissinger, bwahaha. Like Fred Nietschze said "...that maggot called man."

Anonymous said...

Bwahaha an idiocracy comment by previous poster. I like the part where the people are so fucking stupid they pour gatorade on the crops that don't grow. It gives me something to look forward to.

Anonymous said...

McCain and Obama both donned the yarmulke so what difference does it make who is elected? Same ol' same ol'. Most interesting will be if Bush doesn't want to give up the Outhose (white house). Martial Law? Brigade Combat Teams turned looose on dissenters? Could be a most interesting year.

Randall said...

Hey Les, another great piece of writing, I may not agree with it all, but what would be the point anyway?
You state what you know for certain
(it is ALWAYS these things we agree on (99.9%) and you state what you suspect, but are not certain of.
This is why I like your writing:
you don't BULLSHIT one bit, and respect the intelligence of the readers.
Hell, we both woke up pissed today,
it seems.
I had a hard time breathing in particular today, and I thought about the whole Jewish-thing, the banking THING, the Outrage Thing,
the outlandishly Rich Thing, and while I was wheezing and coughing
(sucks, cuz I gave up smoking 4 years ago), and it drove me nuts.
Not that I didn't mean exactly what I said, (on Blog) I did and do, but little by little all the social engineered, propaganda is almost gone, and they should be glad that I'm a sick 51 going on 80 internet warrior
Hell, I was Really into the martial arts myself. From the time
I was 14 'till around 3 years ago, I practiced on the bags, ran and lifted. I was the fastest MF I had personally seen. I was teaching
young black kids the basics of triplets and displacement for odd meter, at the last State Ordered "rehab" I was at. Just to let you know what we kind have in common.
Makes me laugh to know I could
tell a guy in the 70's "okay, I'm going to (side) kick you right on your belly button, right NOW, and they couldn't stop it! Even when I told 'em when!
Well that was then, this is now.
I ain't got the wind for a prolonged match now.
hell, walking in snow kills me.
But you get the drift:.....

well, I'm thinking that as a community, we have to help each other survive in more ways than one. I'm trying to survive economically, but it's more medical for me. I'm sure there are others who need help in some way.
I just glommed onto this guy
BigFatPothead, on youtube. Gave me some ideas.
(sorry for the length, I'm in That mood)
We need, in addition to informing each other, inspiring each other, to form a small but changing coalition that will expand, so that we can survive and not be Dependant
on the Evil that is the Corporation of The USA. I mean that literally.
Not hand outs, not welfare, but
the offering of talents and resources that I know Each One of US possesses, because that's the Way God works, and intended it to work.
I will not contribute one commie-red cent to this Monster
that funds the Israelis and their
cohorts in Torture and Crime.
2 cool things in One: we form networks and use our collective talents to help one another survive this Bullshit, while not HELPING Our enemies.
I know this is not new or original, but just like the Linking (spent 3 hours last night), it has the potential for Real Change.
I'm on food stamps. Anyone who can get on the program, DO SO. Even if you don't need to, because you can help Those programs who DO need it, but are. because of Regulations,
tied to a certain limit.
I make a lot of things out of wood
and could use a hand up in just getting a sale, for a reasonable. fair price, NOT for The most I can get out of it!
You have the same thing? Can I Help?
See what I'm talking about? It's about USING (again) this Resource that We've been given.
Each one of us has the potential to reach out and expand our contacts in this regard.
We are only limited by our creativity and passion.
Peace to us all.
If anyone has IDEAS (you do/will)
give 'em to les, me.. just make them known.
Wouldn't it be too cool, that this Christmas, that's supposed to be the worst in our lifetimes, turns out to be the best, not because of presnts there or not there, but because we have come to the conclusion/self realization...
That as a community, We can WIN!!?

Kevenj said...

"My nightmare is that the whole thing is scripted / contrived,.."

It is.

But I would rather know of the monster under my bed before I realize there really is one than when I wake up at midnight and it's really hungry.

Anonymous said...

Sprechen sie Deutsch?

Anonymous said...

Since you mentioned Catch-22 (one of my top favorie books) I can't resist posting the explanation of it from the book, regarding crews having to fly an increasing number of bombing missions that were taking a heavy toll:

" There was only one catch and that was Catch-22, which specified that a concern for one's safety in the face of dangers that were real and immediate was the process of a rational mind. Orr was crazy and could be grounded. All he had to do was ask; and as soon as he did, he wold no longer be crazy and would have to fly more missions.Orr would be crazy to fly more missions and sane if he didn't, but if he was sane he had to fly them. If he flew them he was crazy and didn't have to, but if he didn't want to he was sane and had to. Yossarian was moved very deeply by the absolute simplicity of this clause of Catch-22 and let out a respectful whistle.
' That's some catch, that Catch-22' he observed
'It's the best there is' Doc Daneeka agreed'"

Anonymous said...

Most entrancing - I saw the blue flowers - looked up - looked back down, and they were gone.

Where do they scurry off to in that brief moment between nothingness and eternity?

What is really weird is Jesse Jackson asserting Obama will reduce Zionist influence. That would seem difficult, at best, because the primary requirement to get a cabinet post in any US administration, or so it seems, is an Israeli passport.

Clinton's White House was staffed no less than 55% by parishioners of the State Church of Israel. Horse milker hisselfy, Jeff Gannon's paying Lil' Beau Peep de' Noir and queen of the double secret Midnight White House Confessionals, El Dubilito, had a staff full of the State Church of Israel's parishioners, hitting above 35%.

But what makes Jesse's proclamation so impossible is Jesse's relation with the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). If you're white and college educated and protect the constitution, the SPLC (and FEMA) will claim you as an enemy of the state.

But there is a catch 22 here. The SPLC wants to indict anyone using the word "Zionism" as an "anti-Semite". Are white American SCI dumbed down dominion heretics as semitic as real Semites like Palestinians or Ethiopians?

An attempt to claim parishioners of the SCI as a race might hurt them government giveaways to Israeli firms inside our top secret networks, eg: PTECH, MITRE and COMVERSE INFOSYS.

Like the Israeli firm in charge of security at all the alleged /11 jacker departure Air Ports

Who knows, pretty soon we might even have real US military guards guarding base entrances to Minot AFB, instead of Israeli contractors! What next: The Presbyterian Race. The Methodist Race!

The return on turning SCI Parishioners into a race might hurt the cause in long run. Stick to what you know will work, like self infliction through Swastika Stenciling.

The catch 22, should the SCI Parish Drivelers indeed achieve racial status (does anybody here think the late and currently worm feeding Tommy Lantos and still kicking Whoopie Goldberg are of the same Semitic race?) ,the affirmative action should reduce their numbers in government proportionally to the SCI population in the US, about 2%.

Lot's o' problems - heck - they're still hunkering down in the Land of the Chosen trying to overcome the breach betwixt the Story of Noah and Ashkenazi Orientalism! Will the tribulation ever end?

When I heard Jesse say "Obama will reduce Zionist influence" - I said "YES!". Then I thought about it and Jesse and the SPLC and the late night hangman's noose salting gatherings for the dignity yogurt of self infliction glory, and I began to have doubts. He could be electioneering. My initial attraction to Obama was his relation with Reverend Wright. Wright was right. Then Obama wins the primary, folds a prayer in a crack in a stone and disavows Wright. Our best hope to move forward may be the patriotic influence of his wife Michele.

I am glad Powell got face time and thrilled us with his conversion - but isn't he a war criminal? Powell should have resigned - but he played right along like a good little soldier. 2 Million Dead Iraqis later and he is redeemed by a few words on TV? I don't get it.

Nothing is real - hey - I see those blue flowers again. What's up with that?

Anonymous said...

I get bored and open up holes in the firewall and let chat reject hackers in for shits & giggles. Huhuhuh jejeje

Visible said...

Blue Lotus; I hate to be a nitpicker but you'll have to change the one racially identifiable word to something else.

My problem is that I don't know who is sending the comments in and, I'm not saying this is the case with you but there are people who occasionally send in something inflammatory for the sole purpose of then being able to register a complaint about it so it is a matter of policy for me to try to avoid that possibility. I hope you understand my situation.

Visible said...

Ja, ich spreche etwas Deutsch, aber nicht sehr gut.

I saw Idiocracy and thought it was fantastic. Mike Judge is in a class of his own.

As for communities, we are that community right here. It's virtual at the moment but some days it may be actual.

Once again I want to thank all of you for being a part of this place. I think I can say that no site that I know of has such a high level of intelligent, compassionate and articulate contributors. It amazes me what sort of people come here. it's the biggest compliment and reward I could possibly get.

Anonymous said...

Freedom is a double edged sword. You are free to open your mouth and speak your opinion,you are also free to choose silence. They are free to rape, rob and plunder our assets, our future assets and we are free to allow that to occur. Freedom can also be found in prison isolation, you´re free to choose your self imposed solitude away from external interference. We are slaves when we choose the freedom to do nothing to remove the barriers that prevent us from being free. Robert L

Anonymous said...

Whenever they trot out ol' Jesse there is a reason. He really has no relevance to anything and most young blacks probably don't even know, or care, who he is. But whitey, especially the older ones get about a 10 on the sphincter scale when he pops up. He and his kids have made a fortune with their beer distributorship's.....isn't that biblical? Proof that "Divine" extortion does work.

Lot's of "Blacks rioting" stories getting airplay and print....didn't that card fall from the deck years ago?

On the other side, they can only give McCain an excuse for winning if the amerikan people are given another "Pearl Harbor" event that
would magically make them change their votes to the war-Eyore McCain. At least it would be something the msm could point to if McCain actually won.

Heck, I've been wrong every time since 911 but these are the types of thoughts that rattle around in what's left of my brain.

KevinJohn: Those aren't monsters under your bed....they are terrorists...my president told me so...I have 2, but they're small.


Anonymous said...

Les, you have an treasured ability to write masterfully, using your keyboard like a brush and the computer screen for your canvas.

Some of your blogs remind me of the Impressionists, especially Monet.

Maybe you could fire up your electronic easel for another symbolic trip to somewhere, other than being on the road to an Earth bound perdition.

I read a quote once from someone, somewhere that said if 1,000 people stare at a tree with the same thought, they could set that tree on fire.

And that's what we need to start doing, those who are still walking upright and haven't already bent over and greased their rectum.

I for one, am not willing to go gently into that night, nor wear sackcloth and ashes, crying out that it's the end.

I plan on fighting till my last breath.

It's way past time to have started, but it's never too late to fight back.

Like Sun Tzu said, a battle is won before it's fought.

And this dope thinks the Ultimate Battle lay ahead.

Visible said...

Wow Greg... thank you for those glowing words. I don't really do any of that it just flows out from somewhere else. I suppose in a way I'm like a flute, constructed a certain way that when the wind blows through it that's how it sounds.

I'm going to be in Rome this weekend if anyone's in the neighborhood we could have something to drink at an outdoor cafe. I'll be flying in on Friday afternoon and leaving on Monday so... bright lights, big city, that kind of thing. I've never been to Rome. I'll be staying right in the middle of all the ancient things. The Pope hasn't gotten back to me about having a little chat but he's got my number so... you never know.

I love the European baths and I'm looking forward to the ones in Rome. I hear they're spectacular. And I get to buy a whole lot of tahini so I can make some of my favorite dishes when I get home.

I'm going to dress like an upscale hippie so maybe I'll attract the right attention and be able to find some Ketamine. I'm also going to wear my 9/11 was an inside job t-shirt. That always gets me some looks and sometimes some conversation.

Every so often I take off for some place I've never been and take a notebook and pen and do a lot of writing. Every place has a different atmosphere so I never know what I'm going to get.

I think my radio show is on this Sunday. If you want to listen the website is in the sidebar menu.

I do believe I am rambling so I'm just going to ramble off now.

Anonymous said...

Hi friend-
Like you, I feel of two minds about Obama. He's better than McCain, obviously.

He knows about the neocons,to a degree, judging by what he's said in the past. And they gave him a hard time in the past. I'm just hoping his treatment by them will influence him to stand up to them.
I hope.
If he doesnt win it'll be obvious the election is stolen. And any unrest this causes..........may not be good. It'd give the Republicans an excuse to perpetrate more evils.
The Republicans are not beyond using racial divisions for political gain.

take care

Anonymous said...

You're bang on Les, and I'm there. There are two presidents that tried to get rid of the central bank, Lincoln and Kennedy, and the both got shot. But you are right though, if a president truly wants to save america and our democracy, at least the one that they taught us about in school, the federal reserve bank has to go. They are a financial cancer that is sucking away our wealth and prosperity, and they are owned by zionists.

As to Obama, as I have said before, he may or may not be the real deal, and we will not know until he gets into office. What a person has to do and say to get the job of president does not etch in stone what they have to do once they get the job. Kennedy showed us that. He was the true idealist, and dispite where he came from, he genuinly had the best interests of the american people at heart. He tried to get rid of the fed, and he tried to warn us about the "secret societies" that actually run the world. Unfortunatly I think he may have underestimated the lengths they would go to, to maintain their wealth and power. I can only guess that he felt that they would not go so far as to assasinate a sitting president. This is where Powells' support of Obama comes in. Powell knows that the best way to defeat an enemy, is to use overwhelming force, and if Obama is the true idealist that Kennedy was, the Powell doctrine will come in handy. As with any cancer, it is vital that you get it all, and america is in desperate need of a massive zionistectomy. They must be purged from our government, our media, and our financial institutions completly, or the cancer will just come back. Whether Obama has the stones to do what is needed, we can only wait and see, but it is a chance that america needs to take. Peace my fellow convicted felon.

kikz said...

yo hank...

you've got it backward inre lincoln.

not only did he not try to get rid of the central bank... he was its bitch. before being (s)elected by federalist/whig/republican party (read railroad robber barons) he was their legal council.

go relearn your real history...


Thomas J. DiLorenzo [send him mail] is professor of economics at Loyola College in Maryland and the author of The Real Lincoln; Lincoln Unmasked: What You’re Not Supposed To Know about Dishonest Abe and How Capitalism Saved America. His latest book, Hamilton’s Curse: How Jefferson’s Archenemy Betrayed the American Revolution – And What It Means for America Today, will be published on October 21.

Copyright © 2008 LewRockwell.com

kikz said...

oh and p.s.

the us WAS a constitutional republic...not a democracy.

Anonymous said...

After reviewing all these posts on Obama vs McCain, I'm putting all my marbles on George W Bush jr.

After declaring himself President for two terms why would anyone believe he's going to leave now?

He's got work to do my friends. There is still some of America he has to destroy yet. We haven't seen nothing yet. The man and his organization of skilled political dismantalists have a done supurb job in reeking havoc and chaos to destroy the American dream. They ain't about to go nowhere folks.

Obama's a plant and has his agenda and purpose to do just like Mr the Constitution Paul has in the plot to get rid of America.

You don't become a real threat to the Masonic Lodge of Capitol Hill [and there is one you know...it's called a reading room] and live to talk about it.

Presidents aren't even allowed to do that.

The man is talking about changing America. You can't change America by talking about. Little George didn't talk about changing America, HE DONE IT. And he has things to do yet. We haven't given up the jobs yet we don't do, we haven't learned how many eros there is going to be in the "Amero", They haven't split America in two with the hiway and the biway and the "Goodbye America way, and they ain't made us one big happy family yet.

All that has to be done yet, and I don't care how slick your tongue or gift of gab you got, YOU AIN'T GOING TO TALK AMERICA INTO THAT.

You're going to have to take the Bull by the Horns AND JUST DO IT, LIKE GEORGE HAS DONE.

NO...we ain't seen nothing yet


Anonymous said...

OOPS.....forgot to make a very important statement.

All that is going to be done of course without the consent of we the people. But then Corporate Law really isn't concerned about the consent of the people, are they?

And that is how you get things done.


Anonymous said...

Ahh the "ethnic" word that was in comment I see. Probably was just testing limits you know farting on the couch and flopping around. Anyone with a 911 was in inside job shirt is cool in my book.

Visible said...

Man, thank you for being understanding. I hate having to make certain decisions and then possibly alienate a potential friend.

Anonymous said...

I sense you've traveled through an opening that you have control over...or will soon.


Anonymous said...

testing... can't post comments frm my usual computer... new embedded comments form

can't get the word verification to load.. seems to on this one.. cripezzzzzzzzzzz.
i've enabled java, clear'd my cache, clear'd my cookies... eyeroll


Visible said...

Yes, obviously people are having problems commenting because you're the first one here today and that never happens. There should have been at least ten comments by now.

Anonymous said...


You are right, and I stand corrected. I can't remember what it was I read where I got the impression that Lincoln was against the central bank, but after some further research, you are right, he was their bitch. Well, one out of two ain't bad. Thanks for the heads up. I don't mind being wrong, cuz I'v found that every time I am, I get to learn something new. Peace.

notamobster said...

You may have struck a nerve, vis. This is odd.

p.s. Your linking has put the numbers up by hundreds. I have multiple governments checking my sites out now, THANKS! ;) (Israel, China, State of Illinois [???], US Govt, this is great)

Anonymous said...

still can't get thru onmy mac/ firefox... although posting frm hubs puter earlier i did get thru on windows/firefox...

trying now on mac/safari...eyeroll....

hate this.. but glad it seems to be.. not just me..

still can't get thru mac/safari/google account
will now try mac/safari/anon

Anonymous said...

ok, that seem'd to've worked on anon.. still couldn't get the image to load..typed garbage, hit finish button.. the next screen gave me a verification image...

closed that one, and hit post again.. got an image the first time...

know what sucks.. couldn't even contact blogger, the only way was thru a freakin comments section :P


Anonymous said...

Piazza Navona, a lovely, perfect place. You will want to be there, strolling along, with a cafe con cognac from a shop window before the siesta, and after, pick up a lacy camisole for your consort. The salesladies will know which one. They know everything.
All my times in Italy make me melancholy in a way, because its real and once you see the real, everything else is fake. Its a little wierd at first because it all feels so familiar, and then you figure it out.
Next trip, someday, Milano. Behind the CIA'$ favorite hotel, is Luna Park where you'll enjoy racing go-karts all night long. The noise. The gas smell hanging in the air. There is nothing else like it in the world.

Overall, Rome has more endurance for the visitor. I'm already looking forward to your take. I really am.
Ha un buon tempo. Lucky Les!

molti baci, nina

nobody said...

Hey Les,

Sorry I've just popped into to say my comments wigged out too. The haiku blog has no codeword graphic thing and subsequently everyone piled in there. No haiku dammit, just a discussion about comments. Anyway, it's working again it seems...

And speaking of Italy, my favourite thing about Italians is that you'll have met someone and be talking to them ten minutes and the conversation has already tilted to philosophy. Nowhere else. My favourite people in the world.

Anonymous said...

They are just throwing it in your face now. The seat of the president has been implemented by Gov. agencies for many, many years! Check out how the electorial college works...

Les, there are not enough people in harms way for your solution to even get started much less work. But guess what, it is exactly what is about to happen, no one buys, no one works, no money...the difference being it will not be by choice. It is exactly the plan, so I do not get your logic here.

Why any conscious American would even consider, considering Obama? The guy refuses to acknowledge his birth right by producing a vaulted birth certificate, oh I get it, "he has no birth rights in America!" This man is as repulsive as it gets! Is liken to measuring up vomit just for the sake of it. Don't get me wrong, McCain... is just as repulsive but for different reasons.

Rome, dang, how romantic...reminds me of Andre Bocelli..Nice, have fun and if you see benny tell him hi.

Anonymous said...

Hey Les,

"It's called the American Dream, because you have to be asleep to believe in it." - George Carlin

Sums it all up, eh?

Peace, y'all...

The Doktor

kikz said...


glad ta help out. if you're interested in more on lincoln and the robber barons.. may i suggest:
gustavas myers'
great american fortunes


free in entirety & indexed...
the perspective is circa 1914?

hat tip and thanks to yamaguchy for this and many other rare finds on his site, which can be reached by deleting everthing after .com

much happy reading :)
sorry i can't do tinyurl.



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