Friday, October 24, 2008

This Election is too Important to Allow for Oversight

That is what certain election officials are saying according to this article. It says that “Already states such as New Jersey are refusing to allow election experts to monitor voting because they claim it is “too important an election.” Ponder that sentence my friends. Turn it around and inspect it. The article also says that the new Associated Press poll from the greater Zionist media lockdown now shows the election to be a dead heat. Their reasons for this are as shabby as their conduct.

No, the Zionistas probably do not want Obama to win because he’s not as likely to be a dumbshit lap dog for their murderous intentions which have been amply demonstrated on 9/11, the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq and the shrill and nasty cries to bomb Iran; a country that hasn’t attacked another country in eight hundred years. He’s probably not going to be as easy to manipulate as McCheeks and Palindrone. He’s certainly not the scabrous psychopath that Yellow-Streak George the Drunken Fool is. Is he bought and paid for? Probably not entirely... I don’t think he’s gotten the bad news yet. That will most likely come after the election if he wins which is no sure thing at the moment, given what the neo-cons are up to.

As I am looking at this thing shape up, here is how it looks to me. Some mere days before the election there’s going to be an event designed to close the gap between Obama and McCain. They need to close it. It’s too wide for what they pulled the last several times. Whatever happens, Bush will then declare martial law and the election and the election results will remain in doubt and not be cleared up for some time. This seems to be the likely scenario. I’m not rooting for anything like this; it’s just how it looks to me. Now, I’m not Nostradamus. He had a beard as I remember and I don’t. So what I’m saying is that something like this looks like a high percentage given. So wherever you are, if something doesn’t look or feel right, be on your way.

The incredible hubris of the swine at the helm and the swine in the financial theater is testimony to the fact that they think they can do anything they want. They’re compromised your basic rights in a systematic gang rape and now they’re looting the country. They caused this and now you’re going to pay them for the unreal money they lost with your real money.

Let me get back to that phrase... “are refusing to allow election experts to monitor voting because they claim it is “too important an election.” I don’t think I’ve ever heard the like. I can’t imagine what others must make of it. It seems to me that they are saying that if some sort of oversight is instituted they won’t be able to get the results they are after. I think it goes without saying that these people, whoever they are, should be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail. Their homes and vehicles should be taken from them and they should be marked in some way so that people can see them coming once they get the tar and feathers gone and attempt to go right back to what they were doing before.

These people are something different than you and I. I’m not sure what to make of them. They aren’t human. What are they? They seem to be some kind of mythic creature, half pig, half alligator and half shit Gollum. Yeah, I know, I do creative math.

It’s clear they’re going to try to steal this election. Right now I can’t see how they might accomplish that except through some permutation of what I presented earlier. Even then, I don’t think the American public is going to go for it, not after the 850 billion dollar theft. It certainly looks like the Republicans are going to lose a lot of seats in both houses and if the Democrats get 60 in the Senate, which they might, if the votes get counted ...well, that would not be something the neo-cons would like at all. I’m sincerely hoping that poisonous, viper Nancy Pelosi gets tossed out. I know she’s supposed to be a Democrat but you can take my word for it, she’s a neo-con.

You have my sympathies, all of you who are resident there among the purple mountain’s travesties above the looted plains. I’ve told you this before and I’m going to tell you again. You don’t have the guns and the organization to take back your country by force but there is a way to do it. Don’t go to work and don’t buy anything except food. Gather with your neighbors in communities across the land and congregate in public places as a statement that you’ve had it and that’s it. Justice gets done, your rights get returned, the criminal suits get thrown in jail or everything stops and stays stopped. This you can do and this will work.

Tell me people, do you really have a choice? Day by day your situation becomes graver and day by day you contribute to the machinery that is causing it. When Barclay’s and AIG can spend between half a million and three quarters of a million to get their porcine frames stuffed and stroked after your leaders bailed them out it should tell you what contempt they hold you in. No one should be returned to office who voted for this and since hardly any Republicans under any circumstances should be returned to office at all you may have to get creative. If millions of you decide to write in Donald Duck or Snoopy that’s got to make some kind of a point.

Now, I know and you know that Bush’s numbers are probably closer to ten percent than what they give him. Congress is near zero. However, as long as you are content with bread and circuses and don’t mind seeing your fellows go down one by one; and don’t see that sooner or later you are going to be next, well then, I’m not sure what help there is for you.

All over the country and especially in battleground and bell-weather states, voting machines are doing very strange things. How can this be happening after all this time if it isn’t the result of people causing it to happen? There isn’t any other answer for this. You don’t count. It’s that simple. It doesn’t matter what you think or what happens to you. That’s how it is.

I’ll say it again... don’t go to work. Don’t buy anything but food and congregate in public places to show your displeasure. One brigade of soldiers and all the police in the country can’t do anything about this. You will effectively shut it down. This kind of a revolution will stop them in their tracks. There are not enough FEMA camps. There are not enough enforcers and, for the moment, there’s no law that says you have to go to work or buy things or that you can’t congregate in public places. That’s why they call them ‘public places’.

Even the dumbest of you, who seem to increase in number every year, should know by now what’s going on. It really comes down to how much you can be squeezed before you do something. You’re in a strange kind of disconnect. Your world is crashing down around you and you’re hoping you get to go to Las Vegas or Disneyland next month. You just want to grab a beer and sit on the couch and watch the World Series or... something darker perhaps? “How about those Rays, hey?”

One more time with feeling... ““Already states such as New Jersey are refusing to allow election experts to monitor voting because they claim it is “too important an election.” Well, there you are. There you are. I’m going to Rome for a few days but someone will post your comments and maybe I’ll find an internet café while I’m gadding about. The clock is ticking, people. The clock is ticking.

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Anonymous said...

Strange that you think it matters which of the two are actually elected. Both parties are taking us to the same place, it will be just a difference in the path taken to hell.

Personally, I think the elite want Obama as he would be a great candidate for Global President in 2012, having his African, Asian, Muslim, Christian, Marxist, Caucasion roots. His grandfather served with the British, and he never lived on the mainland of the US until he was an adult.

The Republicans know this which is why a record number of them are stepping down after this year and Bush is doing everything he can do to help Obama by stabbing McCain in the back over Iran and Iraq. The economic crisis before the election show the international and domestic financial elite are behind him.

Obama will need to pass a loyalty test as US President and finish the destruction of the US economy, and surrender our currency and economy to global regulators and the IMF. The dollar will be replaced by the carbon dollar and tax. We will need to beg the IMF for credit on their terms since this means we will default on our debt and we will become like Zimbabwe if we do not follow orders.

The thing is, whats going down is going down globally. The globalist elite run the world, and the US simply does their bidding. Europe is going fascist as is East Asia, and China already went from Communist to Fascist. National fascism is the stepping stone to Global Communism.

The British outsourced their Empire but the strings are still pulled in London. We only thought the revolution was won, but in reality we were just given freedom to pay tribute to the crown by letting them control our money. Everytime we tried to break the deal we were attacked. The war of 1812 after we refused to renew the 1st banking charter, the civil war after we failed to renew the 2nd banking charter, etc. The final surrender was in 1913 with the Fed when we became a defacto commonwealth nation. Today, our leaders get knighted by the Queen.

The Zionists will go along with it since they owe the British for their existence, and the NWO means Israel will be let loose in the Middle East. Kind of like the colonies being set free to conquer North America on behalf of the British crown.

Of course, I might be wrong and they will steal the election from Obama which would unleash racial riots and provide an excuse to declare Martial Law so the neocons can stay in power. I just don't think this is a path they want to take to One World Government though. The neocons have done a good job of destroying the reputation of the US, democracy and capitalism for those who still believed the myth. Their mission is accomplished, Obama is needed to lead us and the world into the lions den while pretending we are all going to a global banquet to eat, and not to be eaten up. There are 6.6 billion zombies prepared to follow him to their end.

There is nothing that can be done about it. These are historical times. Just enjoy the time left as we approach the End of History.

Franz said...

Sabotage is happening; tent cities are crawling with truth-tellers because they're free in the Kris Kristofferson sense... nothing left to lose.

The FEMA sightings are up because cell towers are being dropped and cable lines in cities are being cut, spliced and hauled out by the mile and dumped. Lake Michigan looks like the inside of an old Woolworth-sized computer. Wires and busted-up GWEN parts float up as far as the Chicago beach I been hearing.

Remember -- if there is a revolution in the USA, you ain't gonna see shite, friend.

Again and again I asked my former mates THE BIG QUESTION. We all had Secret or above. usually above, in our old service/security jobs years ago, lots of heavy industry experience since then.


Effective resistence/regime overthrow in the USA depends on capturing and holding the nets for at least as long as enough ground can be gained and a total Anti-Regime alternative broadcast system can become operative.

Till then all acts from civil disobedience to outright sabotage and open rebellion are worthless. We could have millions of casualties, battles won and lost and...

...Oprah would go on like nothing happened.

It's the real NWO/Zio/Plutocrat ace in the hole. They got the gold: Access to each other. They can keep things as they are now till the dissidents die and the "good sheep" are eating garbage out of dumpsters and grateful for the Blackwater goons for kicking the other guy at bedtime instead of them.

kikz said...

sounds about right.


have fun in rome!

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dig thru your browser preferences/privacy or where ever your cookie prefs live, add the URL for as an 'exception'.

all should be well.
after i added as an "accept" exception" at least blogger is seeing my google/blogger identity...
(hitting the post comment button *

Anonymous said...

Looks like they've got us surrounded, with the ENTIRE U.S. border being subject to checkpoints 90 miles inland

"May we see your papers, please?" is no longer snarled on the screen by some fascist thug to some innocent bystander, it's happening right in our own backyards.

They'll start closing in, now that they've clamped down on points of exit.

U.S. Army troops, fresh back from the killing fields of Iraq and being trained on how to handle civil unrest and uprisings with TANKS, are stationed in country and Congress only yawns.

There won't be an actual declaration of Martial Law, no need to, since numerous "signing statements" from Bush and draconian laws passed by a Vichy Congress have already installed a de facto Martial Law.

Next, they'll be stopping and questioning those who go the polls to vote, but only because they had "info" on some terrorist attack and BTW, this is for your safety, of course.

They'll be clamping down, hard, on the protests after the next stolen election, come November 5. After all, those people are subversives and they have no place in a country on a 24/7 war footing, fighting those "evildoers," manufactured by the same people bringing you Martial Law.

Checkpoints will be set up at crucial highway intersections, randomly stopping vehicles, based on the "info" they received about a pending terrorist attack. All for our safety, of course.

The Minneapolis RNC model will be exported across the country, with preemptive warrantless raids against Americans, since they had "info" on a planned terrorist attack and wanted to protect you against THEM.
Don't resist, after all, it's for your protection. Oh, and BTW, we'll have to confiscate your guns, only on a "temporary" basis, until we check the serial numbers against our terrorist database.

Para-military outfits like the trained killers and hired thugs of Backwater will roam the streets of cities that are deemed to be in danger, due to some "info" they received about a terrorist attack.

Never ask what that "info" they received is, since that would put National Security in danger and you don't want to be on the list of terrorists we've developed, do you? And don't ask how you got on the list or how you can be removed from the list, unless you REALLY want to be removed... permanently.

And those Americans that defiantly shout "They won't take my gun unless they pry it from my cold, dead hands."

No problem.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to The House OF NEOCON, let me tell you about our specials:

We have instigated race riots sautéed in a lovely tear gas and mustard sauce—kind of a suburbia meets gangland mixture—maybe you’ve seen our commercials in print and on TV recently?

We have the PBS “Peaceful Protest” special that’s recently airing. It’s a Chicago favorite. We served it back at the DNC in Chicago—vintage 1968, it’s served with aged video footage of people getting their heads beat in by the Chicago Police with a side of National Guard. Only the brave of heart and fools usually get this one.

We also have our MLK special. It gives you the non-violent illusion that you have eaten something that will make a difference. We like to keep that one on the shelf next to the Ghandi special to pull out from time to time as the only “real” spiritual way to go. It keeps the back of house staff safer that way.

We have a False Flag Hacker attack on the banks and stock exchanges stirred in with “Now, no one knows who owns, or owes, what” – I know Tom Clancy is the chef famous for this dish but we aren’t really that inventive so we just copied it—If it’s not very tasty, we’ll just get rid of the Chinese Chef we’ll tell you made it.

We also have a Biological Attack Stew special that even we don’t know what is in it. Guaranteed to keep you stapled to the toilet for days—you’ll be begging for an antidote for this one. We recommend that you roll up you sleeve prior to dining.

Our Israeli chef is simmering a nice batch of Nuclear Reactor Attack covered in sand with deep fried Iranians as a garnish—Perhaps you have had our Deep Fried Palestinian before?

If you’ve never tried our Martial Law Special, you should. Even WE don’t know what to expect with that one because you never know how the home-grown ingredients will react with one another.

If you’re really up for something different, our Blackwater Mercenary special is guaranteed to not only take your breath away, but your Constitutional Rights too. It comes with many internationally procured ingredients that, while they usually don’t mix well, once you place them in the right environment with complete immunity and the right to take and rape anything they want to, well, needless to say, you’ve never had anything like this before.

And, for our desert specials, may I recommend the same shit you’ve been eating since the day you were born?

Anonymous said...

It should be obvious to the American people that these bogus polls are being broadcast by the mainstream media in order to jusify or explain the results of an election which those behind and running the MM plan on stealing.
I'd watch for them to be running stories on voters who've "changed their mind" at the last minute.

Anonymous said...

Its obvious that the MM is makin effort to condition the public to a stolen election. I'd watch for upcoming stories of voters who at the last minute "change their minds"

notamobster said...

"purple mountain’s travesties above the looted plains..." hahaha

Wonderful description. So...I showed up today so that I might vote early in this year's rigged election. I am a vociferous opponent of all who do not follow the Constitution. I am also, apparently, purged from the voter rolls... Yes, you read that right - due, to 'a clerical error' my voter registration is no longer valid. "Why then, was I not notified of this?" "Oh, we don't really know what happened, sir, but corrections were to be made prior to 06OCT08. The books are closed. I'm very sorry but you will not be elligble to vote in this years election!"

As you can imagine, I'm becoming slightly perturbed, at this point - though I'm trying to remain composed because Johnny Law has just entered the room with his hand resting (oh so inconspicuously) on his .40 caliber Glock.

I politely (and quite gleefully)thanked them for "screwing up my opportunity to vote in this critical election". Like when you say something mean to a dog, but in a friendly tone, they smiled the whole time. I was escorted to the door by officer Pimples where I politrly told him "this is bullshit!!!" He smiled, nodded, and opened the door.

I wonder how many others this is happening to around the country...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I noticed the abrupt drop in Obama's lead from 10% to nearly nothing and thought it seemed suspicious, as if laying the groundwork for another theft.

I cannot believe the American public will tolerate another theft, but maybe they will. They seem so clueless.

Your advice to stop playing their game is the same as I have given over and over. The only way to stop them is to take away their money. But people look at me like I'm crazy. And so it continues...


Anonymous said...

I'm not one usually given to hate, because I think that what you put out there, comes back to you. I've seen the wheel work it's magic too many times not to believe, but I hate that you may be right. I don't trust any politition, and I think, like you, that there is no length they won't go to to win.

An Osama video tape, like 04. An actual attack, like 911, or will they just try and manipulate the vote with the diebold machines. I really don't like those machines, or the people that make them. It occurs to me that if my gas pump, and my ATM machine can give me a paper receipt, so could my voting machine, but they don't. Adds a whole new aspect to manipulating things from behind the curtain.

Of course the wild card here is a well armed, angry population. Polititions can pretty well do what ever they want, as long as they don't fuck with peoples money, but they have and there are a lot of really angry people out there, or here as the case may be, but they're there, and I think it would be dubious for the powers that be to take that lightly. Let's face it, angry people are not likely to use a great deal of reason before they act. They just might end up with a Chauchesque moment, with the people in revolt and drawing straws to see who gets to shoot them.

There is a huge amount of hope invested in this election by, what is looking like a large majority of americans, and if the powers that be screw with that, I wouldn't want to be them. Here's hoping you are wrong Les. Peace

Anonymous said...

Whatever happens, Bush will then declare martial law and the election and the election results will remain in doubt and not be cleared up for some time. This seems to be the likely scenario.

Continuity of government.

Let me get back to that phrase… “are refusing to allow election experts to monitor voting because they claim it is “too important an election.” I don’t think I’ve ever heard the like. I can’t imagine what others must make of it.

Let me take a stab...if the election is too important; then monitoring would be in place if they were not? nm - rhetorical...

Anonymous said...

'"Already states such as New Jersey are refusing to allow election experts to monitor voting because they claim it is “too important an election"'

I lived in that sh*t hole of a state for the better part of 35 years (Exit 4 - *grinning*), so it doesn't surprise me in the least...

Keep on stirrin' the pot, at most times your words speak VOLUMES! Thanx Brother...

Peace y'all...

The Doktor

dzinto said...

"These people are something different than you and I"

I guess it's the same people who on daily basis create flashy website about unrivaled tech support while offshoring said tech support to a tribe in India; same guys who fight the war on terror, and who cheer as heroes serial assassins returning from there; same folks who say that diet fiber is good for the heart, while in fact it's just the opposite (; same people who think that gay rights and abortion
are legitimate and important political problems this country is facing, and judge presidential candidates basing on their position on said questions; same who create big stylish magazine ad followed by 50 lines of very fine print disclaiming every point of the big ad; same who occupy dozens of yellow pages with the names of lawyers specializing in traffic injuries, as well as their clients; and many other things. I'm afraid, it's indeed you and I.

Visible said...

I do not prefer one of these candidates over the other and have never said so.

Well, I'm in Rome now and about to go out on the town. I didn't bring my laptop so I'll be checking into this internet cafe now and then so let the comments flow. It's hard to beleive I traveled all this distance just to pick up a couple of cases of tahini but I think that was my real reason; pretty expensive tahini.

Talk to you tomorrow and those as can get out of there probably should.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les. If you bump in to the pope tell him I said hi. enjoy yourself and be good.

Kevenj said...


Je suis complètement d'accord, mon ami!

Except the flavor of the day will be sweet and delicious victory over the hateful and if I may say, very minor (dark) parts of our great country!

Les,I do believe you're having a Ketamine withdrawal. Don't go to work?? Have you been living in Socialist Europe too long?
How would I pay my cable bill to access the great progress McCain/Palin has made in the last few weeks? The McCain victory party? My beloved Chicago Bears games? Let alone a good cold (imported) German beer?

Bush has a rating near 10%? Where did you hear that?
Rest assured, young man, that when the people's voice are heard and freedom is shouted across America come Novemeber 5th morn, I will stand and embrace the sun that we have such an honorable true American hero and a good Fundametalist Christian reigning the highest office in the land once again.
If they learned anything from my friend Pat Robertson, they will indeed be cleaning up house, and put all those that need 'mortgage help' where they belong-a FEMA trailor camp! Where they can't cause trouble for the next eight years.
At least then they can insist their kids have to go to school and be taught a thing or two concerning true honor and worshipping the right God.
Then what about those homes that sit vacant after the Democrats, er,I mean forclosuree's have departed? The New Admin will simply turn over occupancy to those more credit worthy, of the right color, faith and political ideology. What an incentive to get it right before there's a problem.

Seriously, once all this hoopla is over, John and Sarah will be changing the blood-stained drapes in the White house and redecorating to get ready for truly another Camelot unprecedented in American Political and Social History.It is sooooo exciting!
Hope those spices make the food taste better.


Anonymous said...

I must ask Les do you run on pure inituitition or is there some traces of wishfull thinking in your posts...Im betting that this next featured episode of 2008 elections could well turn out to be a a grenade tossed at you that didnt go off with bang instead made you hit the floor and cover your heads while they made off with the loot..these forces that are hellbent on ruling the world may be just trying to relocate to new base...maybe Russia? India?? Reason being these leeches have the full freedom to reattach themselves to a new fat healthy host.althought i would say I can hear the trumpet blowing in the distance sounding the demise of the U.S.But they can only rock the boat right now, cause there sitting right beside you and theres a long way to enjoy the ride...By the way i live in india and im watching you guys sitting in your boat with my little telescope.Wishing that youre able to throw them to the sharks before they get to the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

We have 2 controlled puppets. It only matters to the puppet handlers who wins the election, because regardless of what happens (McCain winning, Obama winning, Obama being replaced with Hilary because he is not a US Citizen and her winning, or Bush suspending everything and staying in power), WE THE SHEEPLE will lose. Thus, the election results are only important to a very small group of people. In fact, I bet the candidates themselves hope they lose because they would rather be in the back of an electromagnetically protected limo with a chest of goodies and a few young boys dressed up as Baphomet, than following through with a very public 4 year charade. McCain has probably already ordered his body double or clone or hologram or whatever they use to escape certain public obligations.

I am interested in more of what "Frank" has to say - sounds interesting and provides a little hope that some of the NWO is literally being torn down.

Thinking of body doubles and new identities, I recently got mine at, which should be another thorn in the side of the Controllers. God's speed Les.

hANOVER fIST said...

Imagine that..."Already states such as New Jersey are refusing to allow election experts to monitor voting because they claim it is “too important an election"...too important an election to allow the will of WE THE PEOPLE TO PREVAIL.

The will of WE THE PEOPLE was subverted in regards to the $700 Billion bailout/ripoff of the middle class;

The will of WE THE PEOPLE was subverted in the term-limits change yesterday;

Is the third time the charm? Are WE THE PEOPLE just going to sit still and let yet a THIRD ELECTION be stolen?

Let's make our will palpable.

Justin_n_IL said...

"I’m sincerely hoping that poisonous, viper Nancy Pelosi gets tossed out. I know she’s supposed to be a Democrat but you can take my word for it, she’s a neo-con."

Nearly all if not all who reach the upper tier become puppets of the masters. Doesn't really matter what they were before. The same will go for Obama if he makes it.

If I gave you everything that I owned
And asked for nothing in return
Would you do the same for me as I would for you
Or take me for a ride
And strip me of everything, including my pride
But spirit is something that no one destroys

Anonymous said...

Very few amerikans are going to do more than grab their cell phone and dial 911 when the rape starts. Just enough, or as little as need be, to say that “they tried” but were helpless to do anything…the rapist was so big and strong. Then again, the other almost half of the population will say “Maybe she deserved it” while they wish she wasn’t bent over the hood of a car because they didn’t get a good look at her tits.

The more I read about the great gun owner’s rebellion, the less likely I see it happening. Most of the gun nuts I know have a lot of guns, meaning that according to the averages, there are a lot of people who don’t. Factor into that the number of .38 specials and single shot shotguns gathering dust around, and you really don’t have much in the way of anything amongst 300 million people. Some will be very prepared, most will not be. Even if there are a lot of guns, it will be Katrina all over again. You’re talking about a lot of good-ol-boys who handed them over without any trouble when that happened. If you wait to see what everyone else is doing, well, you’re bent over the hood of a car. Please be a good sport and remember to have your daughter and wife flash us their tits.

The majority of the one’s who are going to do something are the one’s who have been pissed off at their lot in life—right or wrong- and they will just as likely shoot you as aim a gun at someone with a badge or stripes. It will be their time to get even. Maybe shoot that rich guy down the street to get his booze, maybe fuck that little honey who thinks she’s so hot. It will be the great “get even” turkey shoot. You’ve seen it before on TV in so many inner cities. Well, it’s coming to a neighborhood near you.

Gridlock is going to be a nice word for it. This country will lock up so tight it will take 3 tanks of gas to get to the corner store, you know, the one that just got robbed, with dead bodies lying around because the guy who was the best shot really wanted that last Slim Jim. If you don’t have it, it’s going to be too late to get it and gas stations and stores are going to be the first killing fields. Heck, the smart ones will just let you do the shopping and follow you home.

All of the folks on their way to huddle up in the churches won’t think twice about calling to get that gun nut heathen down the street arrested. They’ll just think of it as a preemptive strike for god. They will be given a badge and a little sash like a school crossing guard and a walkie-talkie to roam the neighborhoods with. Maybe a gas ration card and an extra block of cheese for everyone they turn in. It’s what jesus would want them to do. Anyone come to mind?

Anyone with a McCain sign in their yard is going to drop a dime on you as soon as they can, hoping to gain favors from the PTB, and god. Half of the Obama-ites will be right behind them at the phone booth because they abhor violence like MLK told them to. They really don’t care about violence, just any that might happen to them. If pushed, they would admit that they are pussies and the non-violence thing is just a nice excuse to have the cops and others do their shooting for them.

Inquisition 08'

In short, anyone who never read any of those links you sent them, anyone who never watched the videos you asked them to watch, anyone who thinks you’re a little “out there” in your take on the world, might be asking you for change to make a phone call, after they eat you out of house and home, or before.

If you’re in here and elsewhere, you may have a 3am pizza delivered soon, just before the shit hits. Remember to tip the delivery boys.



Do I sense more aliens in here than usual? My Spidey senses are tingling.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Les,There is something in the air.
I would only add one more thing those of us in Babylon can do en masse- exercise your 2nd ammendment right.
The founders of this country knew the evil of government and tried to design one that would hold itself in check. Knowing that it couldn't do this forever, they asserted the right, for all time, for the people to be armed against this eventual tyranny. We still have that right even with the Government's eforts to demonize and to regulate and ultimately suspend it. I think that what we need right now to prevent what is planned for us is a major grassroots movement for people to arm themselves,and be ready to defend the Constitution and Bill of rights, and themselves, against all enemies.
I hate that this is what it is coming to. I love peace and want it more than anything. I have avoided violence most of my life but the time has come. We either get serious or we will be chewed up.
Everyone should go right out and buy a weapon and some ammunition whle you still can. Can you imagine the effect this would have? This would surely be noticed by the powers that be. They couldn't do a damn thing about it. Millions of people suddenly, simply, arm them selves. No threats, no violence no waving guns around- just buy one even if you hate the idea. Stick it in your closet if you want, though it would be a good idea to learn how to load it and shoot it- and be safe about it- and do it legally.
Millions of people are already armed, but a sudden surge in gun purchases would really make the New World Orderers take notice.

This is our last and only right that could prevent total oppression and tyranny- without firing a shot.

Anonymous said...

The future should be very interesting.

Be sure to have a gun or two (or more) just in case.

I wish i Could relocate abroad like Les did.

Anonymous said...

I remember an admonition to naval officers regarding their enlisted crews,"Keep them surly, but not mutinous". The sheeple will not fight back. They will snitch on those who do to save their asses.

Anonymous said...

ok 1 friggin freak over the other non american born friggin freak! Choose my friggin freaks!!!

Ok stop buying stop working, stop breathing! nice solution if your drunk...

c,mon les, certainly it gets better than this!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, chimpy's number is probably in the teens and chimpy beat Macinsane in the 2000 primary by pointing out that he's, well, insane. So they run Macinsane again against someone named Hussein Obama. Don't you just know in some mahogany paneled office in Vienna a batch of bankers are laughing their asses off. How could anyone care? Stay under the radar or out of the country.

Anonymous said...

Tahini & Rome, Les?
Makes me wonder what I'm doing wrong.
Those who are saying there's no difference in who wins are on the mark. The script is written. It's just a matter of time.
Have fun, ol' buddy.
-Irv Yarg

Visible said...

It does get better than this but only to the degree of our participation in what is good for us and each other over what is not and is wrong.

You're on a roll JJ.

I've considered some things I could do with The Pope and a bottle of Tahini but I can't find a bath house with a kitchen in it yet. But if you're going to find it anywhere here is the place. I had the best Chinese dinner of my life here lst night right in the middle of the native Italian dinner district where everywhere I asked I was told there was nothing Asian anywhere around here.

Yes, I run almost entirely on intuition and I am not right with any precision. However, I am not Madame Cleo, most of what I do is to entertain, warn or inform. I can't tell you the precise dangers that 'you' will encounter in these woods. I can tell you it's dangerous and what kind of dangers may be there, insofar as i could see the last time I walked through.

I had more replies but now I've forgotten what they were. I'm off for the tahini now, the Pope's going to have to wait.

Be well all, I'm going to make a small stop at The Spanish Stairs and see if anyone wants to sell me any Ketamine or X (might be nice this evening if the Pope calls and I'm wearing mental spandex). Hope I don't "wind up seeing double, on a cold dark night." as Bob Dylan said. Sometimes double isn't bad if you're going home with the right chewing gum commercial.

Randall said...

I'm thinking wood would work just as well
for the receiver for an AK. Hell prolly just
the spring, pin, and barrel would have to be steel.

And those is just "parts".

Heh heh.

Anonymous said...

Let them steal the fuckin' thing! Let them keep going until they've squeezed the zombies into bloody action. I'm tired of watching America's slow death. I want action, Goddammit!

Anonymous said...

The whole notion of a coming “stolen election” is funny and sad at the same time. It is another sophisticated ruling class lie designed to scare and convince the masses there is a legitimate election in a real democracy taking place. The message is “let’s all be vigilant in the remaining weeks so we can protect and save our free government.”

Fact is all elections are already stolen because they are all fake, i.e., we are not free and our vote doesn’t determine anything, rather it is only the decisions of our tyrannical rulers that determines things.

The main thing our vote does is makes us collectively take responsibility for the tyranny over us because we come to believe we put it there to begin with (through our vote).

This is very useful to the real powers if the masses ever wanted to rebel, since it would be pretty hard to rebel against someone you don’t even know exists.

We didn’t elect our current despots nor even know who they are, for Presidents and other officials are mere puppets and not the principals we generally think they are.

We have no idea where the candidates came from even assuming elections were real and it mattered. They are always just mysteriously thrust upon us out of nowhere and a heroic legend about them is created by the media so we will love them falsely.

It is clear that when we vote, we don’t have any real choices. One thing we should all know by now is all the candidates are by definition corrupt and never represent us the people, in fact that seems to be a requirement to their even chosen as candidates.

Only the truth can free us and that is why we have to come to terms with the fact we live in a dictatorship designed only to look like a free society.

If we overcome our lifelong brainwashing and see this, we realize there is no point in voting, in fact, we see there is great harm in it, because by participating in voting you get sucked into the lies that divide and bind you as an individual and as a people, and you become an instrument of destruction of that which you love most.

The people do have great untapped power that tyrants would tremble at if it was aroused. And yes their tyranny does depend on their obtaining the consent of the masses to rule over them, which it obtains from the poor dumbed down populace through the arts of deception.

To abstain from voting means you don’t buy into the deceptions anymore or give “consent” or legitimacy to the current system.

If everyone suddenly didn’t vote, all legitimacy to the current system would be withdrawn and it would immediately begin to collapse.

Anonymous said...

Like the new set-up for comments!
The media does the poll thing in EVERY election, just trying to make it appear that things are closer than they are. Obama will win easily and DEM will pick up seats.
Do we forget that at the heart of the elite agenda is communism? Do we forget that most neocons are actually Marxist types that eminated from the left? Do we forget that Obama's handler is Brezinski?
It doesn't matter a wit who is elected and Obama is just as easily manipulated as McCain. I mean seriously, do we forget that Obama wants to increase our prescence in Afghanistan?
Why have a hated President Bush institute martial law and chaos when you can have a smooth talking Obama pacify the crowds while destroying what little liberty they have left?
The election will go off without a hitch, the fireworks will start sometime next year after Obama is in office. The main event likely being the default in U.S. treasuries.
You're right about the most effective way of overthrow being just to shut it down - quit participating - in taxes and everything else.
You're wrong about Obama, he is exactly who they want.

Anonymous said...

Well, folks it is time to size em all up! Do they genuinely give a shit about you or is it about what you can do for them. 99.99% of the time it is the later of the two! This folks is exactly why the world is going through "the change..." The numbers do not lie and thus, what does that make most humans on this planet and why would any good god save such tripe?

As for guns, you don't have to have one on sight, just know how to load, aim and fire; for the most part and where to get one if needed. Hell, it should be a fair fight if it has to happen.

Personally, I am sick of being around f*cking liars, cheats and losers!!! They are already out in groves exposing truthers and getting up in faces threatening bodily harm, sicking their friggin animals on you, telling the friggin neighbors to beware as they gang rape you... (most of em are professionals, doc's lawyers, politicals, bankers...)It is f*cking crazy out there and this is just the beginning!

The first ones to be sold into the slave trade have been and are going to be the truthers! And know the very f*ckers who have been practicing vile, immoral behavior are going to finally get what they deserve, dished up to them on a silver platter! Stop folks and take stock in what kind of person you have been and are yourself, this is the best thing you can do to prepare for what is at the door. No one is immune.

Trust me, the only way to even the playing field is to allow (not that you have any say in the matter) the Trust families (that 1% of wealth...) to overthrow the thieving bankers, Zionists, pigs out there ‘what we are now seeing in the world audit’ and start fresh. Half plus are going to die in the process but that much less evil on this planet is fine with me!

Anonymous said...

Reid, you want action. Randall, you want to moitfy your Ak. Anonymous, you just want trouble. And hell Les, your are not even here! The future should be very interesting, I wonder...Still alive, are you really? What makes you fell alive? Greg,you may take out a tank or even a platon of foot soldier's. But what will you do to deflet an air attack?
When it comes to killing, one man can do a lot of damage. But he(or she) can't take on an army. At least not all at once.
The first ones to engage will be the first ones to die. The cities will be awash in blood and flames. The soldiers will go AWOL in shame. Trying to get home. Their minds in torment....
I don't like hurting others, it makes me sad. I think MLK was right when he said "violence begetts violence"
But if it goes really bad, loners wil die. Groups will live.
I'll pray for us all, as I check on the kids.

Visible said...

yes, i'm here but I'm in Rome. I will be back 'here' wherever that is on Tuesday with another Smoked Mirror. As far as who 'they' want and tolen elections and all of that. I'm in agreement with the recent comments about all of that and I have said these things ad infinitum one way or another but there is only so much I can say in any one post and they all have their themes.

Irv!!!! sorry I didn't include you in the last series of comments. I go flying through here in the short time I'm online the last few days and miss a lot. Thanks for stopping by.

I'll answer the emails when I get home.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


You’re in your cubicle, surrounded by hundreds of other cubicles but you don’t know any of your neighbors—you don’t want to. The woman three doors down may be monitoring you, and that thought makes that McGriddle start to come back up. Can they monitor your heart rate and pulse, can they read your thoughts, or are you just being paranoid? You’ve seen a lot of strange shit and technological wizardry tricks that have given you an ulcer, and as far as you know, it isn’t even aimed at you…or is it? .

Maybe the guy across the room is watching your wife looking up information on stress management on your home computer. Looks like maybe another visit to the “company” shrink for you. Maybe they are looking at your doctor’s computers to see what meds he’s put you on. You hate your fucking job. Almost all of the web sites you monitor have nothing to do with terrorism or “real” hate groups. You actually look forward to going in and reading what you now know to be true. Maybe you are hoping that the people writing the comments you are monitoring will bring about change somehow.

That change has a part for you to play too. Time is short, for all of us.

Do you click the right buttons and pass along the names of the people who are posting and blogging? How do you console yourself knowing that you may have just helped sign someone’s arrest, or death warrant, just because they speak the truth? Don’t tell me that the courts will sort it out, you know about them too.

We are real people, with families and friends, that are doing nothing more than speaking the truth not approved by the Ministry you work for.

There is blood on your keyboard and it won’t go away. It has stained your fingers now and is creeping it’s way into what’s left of your soul. It’s already eating you alive.

Ulcer acting up again?

You don’t get to monitor any one site for longer than two weeks because they don’t want to let your mind be “influenced”.

Nothing is as it seems.

If it were all truly terrorism related, wouldn’t it be a motivator for you and your co-workers? Wouldn’t you feel good about yourself?

You don’t feel too motivated these days and you haven’t felt well in years.

Are you too afraid to ever look again when you stop in Starbucks with your laptop because you know that there are watchers who watch the watchers—or at least you think there are. Paranoid has become your way of life. Lot’s of fear to go around.

Just can’t quite shake the truth you have seen? Are you afraid to have a pillow chat with your wife because…well, you know.

You don’t sleep much anyway.

There are no real private sector jobs out there for what you do, whatever that is, and you’re not far enough up the food chain to do any consulting work. One foot nailed to the floor, going around in a circle. You started out as a believer in what you were being told. It seems like so long ago that you felt a real purpose.

Not any more. There’s no way you’ll make it to retirement, your body just won’t hold up.

Man, I need a drink.

You don’t have much of a life now, or marriage. Your wife works over at the FDA and brings reports home about immunizations and food additives from time to time. You read them, at least until the bile starts working its way up into your throat.

Your life wasn’t supposed to be this way, was it?

If you wear stripes or badges, it’s coming for you too. You’ve been taught that it’s US against THEM since the first day of class or boot camp. It’s that way for a reason. You have to hate, or feel superior to, those you are arresting, spying on, or shooting.

Maybe you are the one driving the U-Haul truck to all the meth lab raids. The back is already loaded with the beakers and burners, just in case there is nothing at the house. Gotta’ have something for the news cameras, right? You console yourself by knowing that the generals or the feds are positive that these are bad guys and if they don’t have stuff there today, well, you’ll just provide what would have been there another day.

Maybe you are the person who loads the presidential death threat letter onto the computer that got confiscated, maybe it’s some kiddie porn, maybe it’s bomb-making instructions. Just let the court system handle it. After all, you’re just doing what you were ordered to do. That would be the same court system that you have never had any faith in because you have seen how it doesn’t work. Just the thought of your being arrested or going to court makes you shit blood. You know how people can get railroaded and you don’t EVER want to be on that train.

You make a mental note to get rid of your computer at home but don’t really know why the thought just occurred to you.

Your life wasn’t supposed to be this way.

I don’t know who all was arrested when they had the last federal marshal roundups. I only saw the one’s on the news reports that they wanted me to see, but who else got rounded up? There were around 30,000 total. Does anyone else find it interesting that the local cops couldn’t find any of these people but the feds magically did? They ran 2 or 3 raids at different times, each lasted 3 days……THIRTY THOUSAND PEOPLE!!

Where did enough federal marshals come from to round up that many people? How many more are there that we don’t know about?

Came in like they owned the fuckin’ place…didn’t they?

It’s the feds, they must know what they are doing….right? I guess practice makes perfect!!

To the soldiers; does it piss you off that those mercenaries make in a day what you make in a month? How many of your fellow soldiers are on anti-depressants? How many of them are you keeping away from because you know it’s just a matter of time until they completely blow. Is your finger on the trigger, safety off?

Are you having thoughts that no person should ever have?

Feeling pretty disposable these days?

Got a few cancers growing? Are you worried sick about getting one, or two at the same time like the others you hear whispers about?
God, please don’t let us have any babies…so many are deformed. What are we doing in this fucking hellhole anyway, terrorism my ass!!

You know way more soldiers have died than what they say…you know a lot of things.

You all know a lot of things.

IT IS US AGAINST THEM and you know who the real US is and who the real THEM is.

“The truth will set you free”……but only if you act on that truth with honor.


Anonymous said...

I'll tell you what, the single most disheartening thing I'm seeing right now is Americans deciding that the solution to any upcoming police action is to arm themselves and "go down in a blaze of glory". Do you want to GUARANTEE a brutal death for you and your family? Will you somehow be able to rejoice in the fact that you "didn't go quietly"? Guess what - you're still dead, and now you have allowed yourself to feel like you did something honorable by killing (or at least attempting to kill) a fellow human (who is not the "other" you think).

Look, holing up in your suburban shack with an AK or your deer rifle isn't going to do anything positive. You have NO chance against organized military/police aggression. None. Embracing violence is not honorable, IT IS EXACTLY THE DESIRED OUTCOME! If the notion of "taking some of them with you" brings you comfort, then go for it I guess. Just remember that you reap what you sow. Maybe the next time around you'll get it.


Anonymous said...


I used to get around quite a bit in my younger years. I stay pretty close to home now. Most people bore me, like I’ve heard it all before at a cocktail party on another planet. You know, those two-minute conversations about nothing, that go nowhere, but without the speed dating. Plastic smiles and whispers of “her ass looks big in that dress”, or “what is HE doing here”. Kinda’ like going to church.

Most of the bullshit just waives as it goes by now. I smile at it, and it at me. We’ve both been here before but this time without any participation or notice other than a loose recognition that we both exist on some level. I’ll see a kid that reminds me of myself at his age and want to tell him some of the truths I have learned but I didn’t listen then, why would he now?

The first flakes of snow drifted down this morning, like it has since the many “almost” Novembers gone by. I walked back into the house and felt the warmth that brings a smile to your face. Everything was where it always is, placed with love by my wife of 20 years. We have the kind of place that other people walk into and are overwhelmed that it all somehow “fits”. I mostly just walk past it because that’s the way it seems it has always been. I look at old photos of the place and can’t remember that couch we used to have or before we put in the wood floors. It was all good then too, just different.

There is a certain strength and comfort that comes with having lived in this body for a while. Not really too sure at times what I am, but I definitely know what I am not.

The honesty you can have with yourself at a certain time and place in the journey can be very comforting, or I imagine, very scary.

One thing that I have gained out of all the mayhem, real, or imagined, is that I like who I am. I like my life most of the time. It is, after all, what I have made it.

I’ve been lucky or blessed with a conspiracy nut wife, just like me. My heart goes out to those who see the truth but have no one to share it with. We used to get pretty wrapped up in it and wanted to warn people, but they were mostly not home. They were, for the most part, at the cocktail party of life, and still are.

I suppose this is my way of saying that I enjoy sleeping on Les’s couch, lumps and all. I can come and go as I please and just throw my duffle bag in the corner where I know it will be safe until morning. Not much of any monetary value in there anyway. Every now and then a spring pops through the cushion that you can’t ignore. I try to shift around it like a contortionist but I don’t bend as well as I used to so I just rip the fucker out and get comfortable again.

Thanks for letting me come in and throw my bag in the corner, and be sure to check the table in the morning. I might leave a note from time to time.

RML said...

It's as clear as if it were yesterday... more than a half a century ago (yikes!). Larry Bayliss and I were having an argument about professional wrestling and super-heroes.

It was bad enough that Larry couldn't be dissuaded from his belief that professional wrestling was fake. Yeah, sometimes they got angry, there was blood. But, it was just a show. Nope, Larry wouldn't have any of it. To him, it was real ... end of discussion.

Keep in mind that this was in Virginia, in the 50s, at the "end" of American apartheid, where signs of "White Only", "No Coloreds" and "We Reserve the Right to Serve Anyone" were as ubiquitous as the lightning bugs we would spend summer evenings collecting.

Like many of his ilk ("hicks" then, "rednecks" now), Larry was certain -- to his very core -- that coloreds were evil. He was certain that the Bible emphatically stated that coloreds and whites were forbidden (like some esoteric 11th commandment) to mix. He was obviously parroting his family's belief system -- that gives buoyancy to fear and hate so necessary to keep the rudderless barge of ignor-ance afloat.

Uncomfortable around bigotry, I jokingly quipped, "If Coloreds are so evil, why doesn't Superman fly down here and carry them all back to Africa?"

"He can't," Larry was quick to respond, as if he had actually previously thought about this.

"Yeah, like he's gonna fly out of the television set... like he's real or something..."

And with all the sincerity Larry could muster, "He can't 'cause he's too busy up in Gotham City..."

"Larry, Superman isn't real. It's just a television show..."

"Boy, are you ever ignorant. Of course he's real. The cartoon Superman may be fake, but it's based on the real one ... up there is Gotham ..."

Larry Bayliss is alive and well today in America's "heartland". Using the "red-state, blue-state" paradigm, the red-states believe that Superman is real, the blue-staters wish he was, but know he isn't. When you look at the map, the red-states used to be called the farm states or farm belt.

Before "farming" became corporate and mega, these people had a one-on-one relationship with Nature. They knew weather, soils, cycles, and had a wear-it-on-your-sleeve common sense. Now, they know pick-up trucks, what day of the week the "All You Can Eat" specials are, and what Type 2 diabetes meds to take to keep their bloated pasty-white 3X bodies moving.

If anyone wants to make a case for the efficacy of social engineering, simply drive through rural (red state) America. After years of stimuli experimentation, the results conclude that the damn thing’s work'n.
IQs are dropping like 1960's mooning trow. This whole place has slid past red-neck, bumped into Bo Radley and Forest Gump on the way down to the borderland of sub-human. It has taken generations to degenerate to this. It will take generations (if ever) to reverse it.

Once the salt of the earth, now, they are nothing more than a caricature riding in air conditioned super-tractors pretending that they have some connection with the earth.

This is the American tragedy. This is our malaise. The racism, though dormant, never went away because the ignorance powering it was never eradicated. And, this ignoring, this loss of discernment has expanded exponentially. We hope that somehow Americans will come to their senses, but I know that I'm not going to live to see it.

Whether you want to say, "We are what you eat;" or "We are the product of our conditioning," matters not how you describe it. The momentum (given the Laws of Physics) here is de-evolution. There are oasis of enlightened of consciousness and understanding, but the desert is ever-expanding.

Bellies extended, totally dehydrated, we have turned over – as was asked of us – our discernment, hence any connection to Source.
Maybe, Larry was right.

Anonymous said...

JJ, you should make a blog and write novels.

Notamobster, I am OUTRAGED you lost your vote. Contact your county elections office today and see what can be done. There is still time.

Undeceived, there are good arguments for both sides. Refrain from the vote and Palin is insured as your leader inciting mass violence. There is never a good reason to kill children, but you'll note this is already happening. Violence isn't necessary, living sustainably, locally and sharing is what is required. This is how we will survive in the long term. Violence accomplishes nothing, like torture. There is enough suffering, for too long, it is time to move ahead, not backwards. You do not want to be digging a deeper hole when stuck in the hole isn't where you want to live.

Les, have a safe return. You are traveling home inside an invisible Gardol sheild.

Kevenj said...

Right On Jj.

Anonymous said...

No, there's not much we could do against air attacks or, especially, nuclear attacks- tanks would be tough too (see Waco).
I really hate to be so misunderstood or mis-interpreted.
Again, in crayon: If, as is being reported on MSNBC, gun sales are up 8-10 percent , and people ARE arming themselves, and IF enough people do it, we might be able to lessen the chance that the ZOG will risk going too far with their opressive plans.
That is the point of the 2nd ammendment.

Anonymous said...

Jj, we'll check the silverware before you leave too.

Randall said...

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you what, the single most disheartening thing I'm seeing right now is Americans deciding that the solution to any upcoming police action is to arm the

And when you and yours are praying for death, as you and yours are tortured? (we all die anyway)
And when you and yours have worked 'till you're so tired, you don't have the energy to smile at your friends? (we all die anyway)
And when you and your daughters are raped to show you a lesson in toeing the line? (we all die anyway)
Cochise, Sitting Bull, Black Kettle and Kaiser Sose are my personal hero's.

They considered it "a good day to die" when they died fighting against what the perceived as evil. History has born them out.

Randall said...

Okay, for those who know about this stuff,
I've discovered through Google maps, that the Orb type flying vehicles are rife in Mexico.
Goes beyond a recent blog post. There are literally thousands upon thousands of these
things in the Mexican wilderness.
I've got some in flight, but what boggles the mind, is the HUGE number of these vehicles
"parked" near or in the tops of thick forest canopies, in an attempt to hide them from satellite imagery. They fail for hose with a keen eye. The fact that they NEED to do this
just fucks with my mind.
There are facilities that google treats like they are USA military bases, in what they allow
as far as magnification, but it doesn't hide it; it brings it more into focus.

Really, this angle figures into what's going on now, in ALL areas, and you people who have one partof it, (911,economy,etc) would benefit
from looking into this to the best of your abilities.
I've got 43 years of investigating this stuff,
and it's my personal belief that God as we know it, has brought us to a gathering point, which Les is a part of.
hell, I'm a Gnostic Christian, Mike rivero dislikes Christians (the religious type anyway), les is kinda in the middle, and the Irish Catholic GUY IS Irish Catholic!
weird Bunch huh?
Well, just hold on, cuz I get hte vibe that a lot of shit (varied) is gonna hit that fan.
All at once. meaning attacking from several
different psychological levels of fear.
I know what I'm capturing here in this Mexico thing, and I'll make it avaiable on youtube when I get it all together.
For right now, get the small taste of the magnitude of it on the blog.

Rights of Man said...

Nina - I didn't lose my vote... It was taken. No loss, I was wasting it 3rd party, anyway. BTW, I was in the voter registrar's office when this occurred. They walked me from the polls to the office (conveniently next to the friendly police officer) to discuss, ostensibly so I wouldn't disturb the voters who don't voice their opinions. HORSESHIT!

Anonymous Z - I am armed. My family is trained in the maintenance and use of firearms. I hunt, I fish, I entreat those I know to prepare, and love my my neighbors with my time and energy. I will work and share with any and all who will pull their weight to survive. I will also defend my home and my family, against any and all who would do us harm. I may not be able to defeat the entire army of my enemy, but I will fight, because I am a FREE man. If I don't defend myself, this shithole world has taught me that no one else will. I am honest, intelligent, hard-working, and very well-trained. I am not a killer, a fanatic, a zealot, or any other such... I am a FREE man...endowed by my creator with certain inalienable RIGHTS! And god damnit the first of those is my/our RIGHT to live!


Anonymous said...

Greg, If you think I misunderstood you, maybe your right. But I still think it's important to take action (non-violent) to try to shape the future.
I belive if you think about something enought, you react like it is real and in your face. Someting triggers you, adrenalin flows, and you go into fight mode.
I noticed as a young man that my reactions mirrowed my expection. If I thought a fight was coming, then I was in a fight. This was a big boom for me! I found by not expecting trouble, I could handle it much quicker and much more effective. And with the minimum of violence. It took a lot more of being in the now, of seeing what is and less of being inside myself, and seeing what I was expecting.
When I turned 13, I was shooting hoops in the driveway. Wondering what it would be like to be 18, 20, 25 WOW!! I never got past 30. I just couldn't imagine it. I remember wodering why I was born in the USA, instead of one of those little places where all was dark and cold. I decided that I was just lucky for some reason....
Have you ever noticed that people in the cities all seen to be in the same mood, on the same day? Very strange...What's the link? And can a body change it?
Can a smile and a kindness make a differance? I belive so.
Brady aka Dak



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