Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How can You be in Ten Places at Once when you are Nowhere at All?

Three Card Monte is a simple game that’s based on deception and greed. No one comes down the sidewalk and wins at Three Card Monte unless they work for the people running the game. The point of that is to give the impression that winning is possible. This game has been going on for a long, long time and still, people are routinely sucked into it. This game is a simple street version of much more complex games that are run on the public every day. There’s the ‘disinfo game’. This is where you give people a certain amount of information and leave out other information which completely changes the meaning of the information they were given. Another is to rework the information or manufacture it. Another is to give the information a headline which is not reflected by the information in the text.

Information is key to understanding conditions and one’s place in the midst of them. People are made rich or ruined, live or die, each day according to possessing or not possessing the right information or for believing things that aren’t true. It’s like faulty highway signs... or missing highway signs. One of the key ingredients in this is whether the public, with any percentage of real or fabricated information is out to gain a personal profit from it, as in, “There’s one born every minute.” I’m not talking about survival here, that’s an acceptable motive... most of the time.

Let’s look at some big examples of this over the last decade. We’re told that Bin Laden planned and carried out the 9/11 attacks and then we’re given an exceedingly brief and mostly false resume on Bin Laden. We see where the one group of people who profited least from the event was the group Bin Laden represented. Then we see who it is, if we’re looking, that did profit from the event. These are the people dealing the cards. The shills that draw the suckers into the game are members of the press and those speaking for the people who are dealing the cards.

We’re told that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and model airplanes that could carry chemical weapons over the American landscape. An assault is launched on a sovereign nation without provocation and no weapons are found. Then we see, if we’re looking, that private companies connected to the administration, along with arms merchants, mercenaries and bankers are the people who profited. The game is exposed even by those shilling for the dealers; it’s that blatant and then... they move the table down the street and set up the same game about Iran and the same fools are lining up to put their money down.

We can apply this to the recent elections; the financial crisis, the Katrina affair and to just about anything that has happened for the last decade and beyond and it becomes glaringly apparent that criminals are in control of America and most of the governments of the world who operate with impunity because the public wants to be where they are or believes that the queen is wherever it looks like it is supposed to be or the pea is under the obvious shell.

How the public was groomed like a ten year old girl by a neighborhood pedophile is easily seen in the daily operations of the way information is presented and in the image of the culture as it is presented in the entertainment venues, the fashion industry and the advertising media to shape the general view about what is right and wrong; about what is desirable and beneficial. What happens is that the parents of the ten year old girl become willing assistants in the prostitution of their daughter and the next thing you know the whole family has a reality TV show.

The existence of a so-called Al Qaeda has been roundly debunked and discredited by the people who created it. High ranking members of the CIA have flat out stated that there is no actual Al Qaeda. It was created for the purpose of launching wars for corporate profit and for creating a climate for corporate rule which is known as fascism. This is why Bin Laden, who has been dead for years, can suddenly appear all over the map and how “high ranking members” of Al Qaeda can be killed on a weekly basis.

It’s all part of a plan but the full scope of that plan is not apparent to most people. Meanwhile something unexpected has been happening. I won’t go into what that is because it enters into the realm of metaphysics; an area as real as physics but not as readily available to the senses. One could learn a great deal by studying the nature of bandwidths, waves/rays... radio waves, x-rays, gamma rays. Once could learn a great deal looking into something like that. I’m going to give you a link as an example of things that may or may not be going on behind the scenes. I also want to point out that the attack on Syria is much more monumental than the people standing around the Three Card Monte table may imagine.

The point of the Syrian attack is to set the stage for a reaction by false flag operatives posing as Syrians or Iranians. This is to be accomplished by the actual bad guys who are the Israelis, the Americans and The British. A lot of people know about this and according to this article, that “may or may not be” completely accurate or comprehensive, there’s a lot going on behind the boarded up storefront behind the Three Card Monte game. It is a certainty that all kinds of shit is going to hit the fan shortly. There’s a power struggle going on now between two forces that want control of the table. Neither of these forces may have the general public’s best interests in mind but one of them is a great deal more evil than the other.

This Syrian incursion that killed mostly children didn’t have anything to do with stopping militants from crossing the border. It’s about hiding the missing queen who may not even be on the table. Another thing is that Israel is seriously pissed about the good things going on between Lebanon and Syria. You have to remember that it was the Mossad who killed Hariri according to French Intelligence and many other sources and you can find detailed follow-ups that lay it all out... if you want to look. The Syrians had to leave Lebanon and then Israel committed mass murder on Lebanon.

Now you’re going to get one of the prime architects of the 9/11 attack back in charge of Israel, Bennie Netan-yahoo. That can’t be good. But as I said... something’s going rogue in the mix. There’s no telling what’s likely to happen or who’s watching now. There’s no telling who’s going to cooperate or not in the chilling operations presently underway. It’s half, “Seven Days in May” and half “Dr. Strangelove”. The thing about ‘evil’ is that it doesn’t only contend with ‘good’; whatever that may be. It contends with itself as well.

I’m going to leave this as it is right now. I don’t want to say any more except to wish each and every one of you the best of fortune and safe location. When you see what isn’t real popping up all over the place when it was never there to begin with, just remember the nature of the game itself.

For those of you who missed my recent radio broadcast you can now hear it along with the others by clicking on this link. There’s a new link in the side menu as well, called “Visible’s Radio Shows.”

Watch closely and remember... at no time does the hand leave the arm.

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Anonymous said...

Hey my friend, i will give u my theory of why most US citizens are so politically-apathetic and ignorant about world events. And the real cause is tiredness and physical-fatigue !! Indeed most americans have basic knowledge, are literate, smart, have access to information, books, internet. However even though US citizens have basic education, the way of life in this country, the excessive regime of work, chores, hassles and the physical exhaustion caused by the dysfunctional american cities where people have to drive 1 hour a day is what really *blocks* people from knowledge, and info.

And indeed, we cannot blame US workers and employees for watching TV and engaging in pleasurable activities instead of reading books and studying at night, because life in USA is just too hard, too exhausting and the last thing u wanna do after a day of chores, domestic chores and work is to read a book, but instead to watch TV.

Anonymous said...

The article is excellent, but with one flaw.

It fails to mention that reality is infinitely complex, and only those who try to fathom the infinite depth of its complexity ever really get a taste of how deceived we all are.

This game is not for amateurs. It cannot even be appreciated by amateurs. Amateurs only end up the tool of those willing to cheat reality for their own vanity.

And we all will end up throwing snake eyes in the end if we think any of it amounts to progress.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for the Internet where I can find that missing informnation and fill in the gaps for myself. I stopped watching TV 5 years ago. I get all my news from the Internet. That way I dont get hypnotized like everyone else. I am a non-conformist and NOONE can tell me what to say or what to beleive or what to think.

Anonymous said...

The hand that never leaves the arm is a prosthetic device attached to a puss filled, cancerous, aids-ridden appendage. The other hand is working its way around waving to the crowds of adoring sycophants while another hand slides it’s way down the 10-year olds Hanna Montana thong panties—gnarled and yellowed 3-inch fingernails curling in anticipation.

The hand does not seek pleasure, it seeks to inflict pain.

They have been to every resort and private island; they have had orgies that Caligula could never have imagined in his wildest, most demented dreams. Blonde eighteen-year old boys and girls have long since lost their appeal. Can’t get it up for a 12 year old either. Gotta’ go younger, more innocent.

Simply killing doesn’t bring the rush it used to. It’s slow torture now. All presented in 105” High Definition. Blacks in Africa, brown skinners in South America don’t even get a crotch tingle any more. It’s on to hunt the formerly free-range game in America.

Gas on the fire is much too quick, can’t even drop your zipper and pull out your shriveled dick in that amount of time--napalm burns longer—like your white meat slow roasted?

Like any addict, the rush just gets to be less and less. Gotta up what’s packed in the pipe or syringe. It’s the thrill of putting the hunt together that gives them the feeling that they just might be able to get it up this time for the kill—don’t want to blow their load too fast cuz’, then, well, it’s over. The money, jets, yachts and islands have long since lost their viagrappeal.

They now own your house and they control your food.
They have you in imaginary debt for generations.
You’ve always been wearing the same shit and blood stained underwear unseen under your pants, unseen except for that odor you can’t quite outrun.
They just decided to tear them off in the light of day and use them to smother your mouth and nose while they waterboard you for the rest of your life.

How’s it taste?

They can only look at the limp baton on the podium. They are too arthritic to waive it throughout the whole performance.

They look down on where the audience should be and the seats are mostly empty. The whole horn section failed to show.
Fucking violinists never even showed up to rehearsals.
The strings are worn and unraveling, the tubas are too heavy for old musicians to lift any more, the piano is missing half its keys and the soundboard is cracked.

The conductor’s, and the musician’s tuxedos smell like cheap sweet wine and urine. You can see the cum and cheap red lipstick stains made by the gnarled old whores in dark alleys. They really earn their money working for these fucks until someone younger and more energetic takes their place. On your knees Senator, the fun is about to begin.

They have written the whole symphony. It took so many years, and so few bothered to show up to play it, or listen to it.

People got tired of listening, and dancing to the same shit day after day. They turned off Lawrence Welk and the canned music that L.A., London, and New York force fed for all those years and started listening to the Independent Artists who had put the same musical notes together in a way that appealed to them.

It started with a crisp clean melody lilting and floating, almost mysterious, yet familiar. Horns and violins, pianos and guitars swept in as if played by angels and demons.

It took a while to realize that it wasn’t instruments playing at all.

It was the sound of children’s laughter coming from young and old alike. It was the melody of smiles and the sweet taste of life as it should be, as it would be.

It was TRUTH.

And they danced and laughed all night!!


Anonymous said...

Out of curiosity, why did you link to Cherada.com instead of the original Sorcha Faal article on whatdoesitmean.com?


Peter Greene said...

@Les: I agree with you re:Syria attack intended to cause 'retaliatory' provocation.

I wonder if we're about to find out where that missing Barksdale nuke is. Oh, and did you notice they salted Steve Fossey back onto the desert he stole it over for them? Guess the retirement package wasn't quite as good as hoped...

How 'bout this scenario: A false-flag Hizbullah attack on Israel with chemical weapons, blamed on Syria, followed by a brutal Israeli assualt on Syria and Lebanon, followed by a missile launched from somewhere near Iran, carrying the Barksdale bomb, aimed spang at Tel Aviv...

Boy, will Big O (or Cain-boy - hard to tell what's going to happen) have a fun crisis to respond to.

@Mark Social: I agree with your general premise. I wonder what the heart attack, car crash, domestic trouble, work absenteeism, and suicide rates are on Daylight Savings days. Plus, have you noticed the way even the fancy people in advertisements have big black circles under their eyes now? Even the children?

Nightmare world, really. Flee the cities etc.

Now! Coffee and toasted breads! Immediately!

LOrd Reptor.

kikz said...

mornin les,

speakin of hands/arms...

i'm putting the finishing touches on 7'tall
'FED RESV/IMF/GLOBAL CENTRAL BANKS' Grim Reaper; who with one hand is turning a rotating crank on a printing press of US dollars, his other holds the 'globe' in chains.

guess i'll label the printing press FIAT CURRENCY/DEBT SLAVERY

also making an appearance in my overtly political halloween display;

a mini-me strawman/scarecrow who will be labeled US GOV, maybe i can set him up w/a 3card monte table ?

a large spider/web.. as WALL ST., complete w/a mini-me skeleton wrapp'd in web.


oh well.. i know it's silly, but my kids dig it, and it's kind of like givin the big finger to all my zombie neighbors who sport mccain/palin signs in their yards..... sigh >:)

any ideas for headstones...anybody?

got ta go work on getting an audio score together.. i thought pinkfloyd's 'money' would be an apt inclusion.

p.s. hope italy was nice...

Anonymous said...

re last post. No, I think it's the opposite. Americans for the most part have had it too easy for too long. They are indulged, self satisfied and sated with trivia, consequently ignorant and easily duped. As for Les Visible article, it's brilliant - I am very troubled by the upcoming Obama presidency and what it portends. The probable false flags to come are going to rock the world more than 9/11

Anonymous said...

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Then came the churches then came the schools
Then came the lawyers then came the rules
Then came the trains and the trucks with their loads
And the dirty old track was the telegraph road

Then came the mines - then came the ore
Then there was the hard times then there was a war
Telegraph sang a song about the world outside
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Song by Mark Knopfler
You can hear it on YouTube
Just seemed appropriate today!!


Anonymous said...

Greetings all... First off, I've been lurking, reading this blog for several months now, one of the best out there. I've been assimilating so much info (and disinfo) over the last few years, and I try to put pieces togther to get a look at the whole picture. Recently in the course of my job, I came across a compny called Elbit Systems. Check out the board of directors of this Israeli based corporation. These jokers are providing logistic support and manufacturing of US weapons systems. Defence contracting is recession proof, especially when you are empire building and fighting an open ended war. Who benifits? I hate these assholes...
Jack Ruby

Anonymous said...

Nice post Les, I do not understand the gamble bit and never have, short of if it is a game I have to win or really care not to play. Is probably why I am too often getting my arse kicked in this live crap shoot we know as life! Goed thing I know my physics 'can't lose'...

I can say this, I am glad you all are here 'that visit this site' and I appreciate such things...now that finance has revealed its goal 'the big audit' I can move on to some signals technology 'a really cute guy in there has my attentions' soo with that, hugs and kisses all...keep posting!


Anonymous said...

Two things-among many-those at the top are not taking into account are-
what do they think is going to happen when very large numbers of Americans withdraw their support from government and the corporate oligarchy-
and, the role Nature could play in their plans and schemes.
The Chinese have the opinion that natural disasters, like earthquakes, are a withdrawing of the "mandate of Heaven" from constituted authority. A corollary of the second point is-if anything like that occurs in America, does the US government think anyone outside the country will come and render assistance? The government demonizes Chavez, yet he's been the only leader I know of that, by his actions, has manifested any sympathy to poor Americans in a tough position(by providing fuel at reduced cost). I like to think there are others around the world that share his kind heart, it's plain the US government doesn't give a rat's ass about average folks. Katrina and he Wall Street bailout made that plain. So this doesn't devolve into a vitriolic rant will end here. Thanks for your article

Randall said...

Well Les, we seem to be on the same page.
The first, very first thing that came to my mind after hearing the insane news that "we" had attacked Syria, was that the Ground work was being laid for a false flag, as Iran had seemed to be "off That table" in the public mind.
I thought of Fallon, and I thought of those cruise missiles coming up.
There is a split among the Joint chiefs, and other ex high level military men.
People have to remember that these guys
have friends and contacts, who have friends and contacts, and all of them are owed favors,
or owe favors in addition to intel types who
are patriotic.
This isn't over by a long shot, and there are A LOT of angles.
All the "truth" movement has been infiltrated
and those who have gotten part way to the core are being called antisemites, or being branded as something else. But then it twists and turns even more, by even more angles!
It's like a big Fractal Work and some of the fractals don't have exactly the same geometry s the rest, or each other.
Then there is the real subject of how these Craft fit in to the picture.
I left a post on the previous blog post
about how I'm busy putting together something
on the Mexican/Chinese/Indian Orb deal.
It is really big, and something this big has to be connected to overall events.
There are literally Thousands of these things
in Rural Mexico. In the air, on the ground
and parked in treetops for camouflage.
It's pretty vast, and I just downloaded another capture/film type software which I have to
learn to use, to document this stuff.
These seem to be a "workforce" type craft, and thy also seem to have metal morphing
I'll post more as I come up with it, but there are a couple of screen shots up now, but that's just a fraction.

Visible said...

God I love this place.

someone asks the interesting question as to why I linked to the one article instead of the source article. That's simple. I googled "U.S. attacks Syria" to get a read on the situation before I wrote anything and the same for every other link; I put something into Google. Had I known that 'Sucha Fool' had been the source then I wouldn't have used it at all probably.

It's interesting that I wasn't sure about the totality of the contents which is why I said, "May or may not be true."

thanks for bringing that to my attention though.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the game going on behind the puppet show. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. I don't know which one of us is more cynical Les, but it's that cynicism that keeps yanking at the curtain. Of course the picture we get from our glimpses may differ some, but the overall knowing that something is seriously wrong is what we come away with.

I think a lot of what we are seeing has been in the works for a long time, and like bits of broken glass among the diamonds, they have been doing it right in front of us. They realized two things during and after the Viet Nam war, and that was that the media had to be controlled, and liberalism that spawned a lot of independant thinking and protest had to be surpressed. So the corporate controlled government went after the liberalism, by slowly but surely pulling the teeth out of our public education system in order to dumb down america, and create ignorant masses, which are more easily controlled with lies and propaganda. While that was going on, corporate america went about the business of buying the media, and polishing the delivery of their propaganda. At this point, like a good dentist, the numbing agent is in and doing it's job while the patient hardly feels a thing. All the while, corporate america is sating the pervasive gluttony they have nurtured as a distraction, with all their stuff and things, gizmos and gadgets and games. What they end up with is 40 percent of the population that is willing to believe that one of the presidential candidates is a muslim, and a terrorist, and a communist, and anti american, when in reality all of those things are cartoonish in their falsness.

There is however that rogue element or elements that either by design or dumb luck, have thrown some wooden shoes into the machinery. For many, the novicaine is wearing off. There's nothing like losing your job, and having lots of bills to pay to slap one in the face and provide some sembelance of conciousness. Another thing that has not escaped my notice is that there seems to be factions within the system working against it. The administration and the Israelies have wanted to attack Iran for some time now, and they keep getting headed off at the pass by elements in the pentagon and on capital hill. I don't know if they are just aligned with different illuminati, of if they are genuine patriots, but they are there.

Ultimatly it is we the people, since we are in the majority, that have to determine where we go from here, and what as a nation, we do. Before that will happen however, we are going to have to actually wake the fuck up, and grab the wheel on this runaway bus, insted of just rousing from our slumber long enough to roll over to a more comfortable spot, and going back to sleep.

There has to be a fundamental change in our belief systems. Not just amrican, but human belief systems. I'm not much of a religious person, but the bible has a few things to say that I agree with, one of which is the power of belief. It is the place that all deeds originate from. That is to say, as long as humans believe that there will be poverty, hunger and war, there will be. I have found that when we as a race believe in something, we say and do the things that make it happen. John Kennedy made us believe that we could put a man on the moon and we made it happen. Hitler made most of the german people believe that the jews were the cause of their problems, and the slaughter of jews insued. Maybe not to the extent that the jews want us to believe it did, but it did. What humans do starts with what we believe, and as was said in the book Dune, the sleeper must awaken. Some of us have as is witnessed by many of the comments here, but until we find a way to strip away the curtain, and kick over the shell game table, we still have much to genuinly fear. There are forces at work that are beyond our ability to deal with individually, and I think the best we can do right now is to keep our eyes open, try and open as many others as possible, and hold on to our hope with both hands. Peace.

D.L. said...

Yep. Les, I and others who blog MUST ALWAYS check the original source! when I went to that Cherada site, then clicked on the link they used and saw it was Sorcha Faal, I IMMEDIATELY dismissed the news Cherada had posted. We must be careful about original sources...however, I love your blog anyway...and, who knows? Faal might actually be right for once!

I don't think Americans appear apathetic because we are stupid and just apathetic people, nor is it because of work overload (meds, however, might be a reason). I think information overload might be a problem (especially since most of the info is propaganda, thanks to Operation Mockingbird, the CIAs psyop in the media since the 50s at least).

Anonymous said...


I walked outside this morning without having really thought much about the weather when it hit me. I don’t know that it hit me so much as it went through me. It was that wet, wind-driven cold that seems to have been injected into your bones by a frozen ice pick, and then ground around in a grating, swirling motion. It was all of 30 degrees, not even really cold yet compared to real winter.

It was one of my quickest morning smokes in a while aided by 25mph winds and flying sparks from the tip of my fast-dwindling tube of hand rolled tobacco.

It was nice to be able to go inside and feel the cold let go of my back and recede to where it came from.

So much talk of hunting these days about the web.

I grew up in suburbia but now live in the country where I can shoot deer in my own back yard. Today’s weather reminded me of deer hunting season.

I usually sit up in a deer stand and have a pretty good field of vision, although as the years go on, that vision has to be aided by a low power scope on the shotgun. I don’t really have a passion for deer hunting but it sure does load the freezer cheaply. I only take shots at deer that are close by because I don’t have the legs or the wind to drag it through the prickers and briars any more.

The weather can be too warm meaning that the deer are not out during the day because there is still obtainable food during the night hours when you either can’t hunt, or it’s just too damn dark to see them easily (that would be illegal to shoot them after hours, but we are talking theoretically here—good thing deer don’t have night vision). When it gets real cold and not much food is around, or it’s snow covered, they will be out during the day too. This is what you hope for. If they are on the move, you have a shot at them. Usually they stay hunkered down after the opening day as there is so much gunfire. They know it’s safer to stay still for as long as they can. A deer doesn’t know how long hunting season is, and the time comes when hunger and thirst takes over, and they go on the move, exposing them to danger.

The realities of successful deer hunting are different than what most non-hunters think it is. Deer are not stupid, and they can smell you and see movement from quite a distance.
The males are a pretty rare find, as they tend to stay in the thickets where it’s hard to see them. They rarely come out in the open. They will also travel a distance behind the female and her offspring just in case there may be a predator ahead, they can avoid it by having mom and the kids take the first attack. Not very chivalrous but they survive longer.

To be successful at deer hunting, you have to pick a good spot and stay there pretty much motionless while the wind, wet, and cold really work their way into your body. You only have so much food and water with you, you almost always have to pee, and your stomach starts rumbling as soon as your breakfast wears off, and breakfast wants to go out a different way than it came in---NOW. If you piss or poop around the deer stand, you might as well call it a day, or a week. The deer are not coming. It’s also difficult to strip off the layers of clothes so you don’t wear what you are ridding yourself of. It always seems too that when you are not paying attention because you’re hungry, have to go to the bathroom, or you’re cold, that is when the deer show up. Good thing they can’t shoot back.

That being said, I like where I hunt which is my own yard. I have food and water nearby, as well as a bathroom should I need it. Should I need assistance, it is a shout, cell phone call, or walkie-talkie away. People probably drive past my house like they do hundreds if not thousands a day without taking any notice.

They only allow shotguns (slugs) and .357 magnum pistols (and higher) to deer hunt with in this state even though where we live is very rural. Guess they don’t want a missed rifle round traveling a mile or two and hitting granny in her rocking chair. Some hunters are careful and experienced. Others got a gun for Christmas and have no clue as to what they are doing with it. In short, they don’t care for their safety or yours. I avoid public hunting land like the plague. It’s just not safe.

When you do shoot your first deer, you have the honor of gutting it. This means that no matter how cold it is, you strip off your gloves and roll up your sleeves and get to work. Be sure to take off anything you don’t want to get bloody. You make a slit from stem to stern (belly) and start pulling the guts out. It feels gross at first, kind of like warm Jell-O- filled water balloons, one after another. I won’t go through the rest here, you can look it up if you want to.

In short, hunting in winter can be bone chilling cold. Your feet will feel like two frozen party hams that have freezer burn. You won’t be able to feel your fingertips after a while and working the action on the gun or pulling the trigger might be difficult. If you get wet and are far from shelter, you’re done for unless you can get warm quickly. If you let your gun get wet, it will freeze and basically not work when you need it to. You can only take you vehicle so far before you have to start walking and that means carrying everything—food-water-tp-shelter-clothes-first aid-gun--ammo- you will need on your back—the weight adds up fast especially going uphill.

Good thing we’re only talking about one day of deer hunting. Sounds glamorous doesn’t it?


D.L. said...

yep, Les, you gotta watch out for original sources...you probably got the Cherada link from either What Really Happened or Four Winds. Four Winds will post almost anything, but I am surprised Mike Rivero would post this without checking to see who posted it originally. I suspect though that Cherada might be connected to Sorcha Faal's "translator" source, that Sister Maria person (or whoever Faal "translates" from). Then again, Faal might actually be right for once.

Visible said...

I want to point something out here that always seems to get lost when people comment on what may appear to be occasional inaccuracies in what I say or links I come across.

There are not one but two disclaimers concerning this link included in the piece. This one

"I’m going to give you a link as an example of things that may or may not be going on behind the scenes."

and this one

"A lot of people know about this and according to this article, that “may or may not be” completely accurate or comprehensive, there’s a lot going on behind the boarded up storefront behind the Three Card Monte game."

Although I didn't know the source of the article I had the intuitive take that some of it sounded pretty wild. Then again, the reality of what is going on is wilder still as you will see shortly.

In any case, I don't know what to do about this I expect I will leave it in because, in my mind I was fairly cautioning and no one knows anyway. Open for suggestions.

In the meantime I couldn't find one of my dogs. Susanne and I went out looking for here and she had just laid down and died by the front gate so... that's going on right now and I've not got a whole lot of time to be thinking about this.

Anonymous said...

I just watched/listened to David Sereda: "The Science of Spirituality" on jewtube, awesome stuff.

I guess all we can do is sit back and enjoy the show that these fuckers want to play out.



Anonymous said...

God bless America! (LOL)

Now that good old American/Jew/English terrorism-I`m sorry-I meant "American democracy" is trying to start another Bush war crime with Syria (and, of course, Iran as well).

Should be interesting.

I recall that recently the Russians had resumed a naval presence in the Syrian port of Tartus. One can only speculate as to how much military support the Syrians (and Iranians) are receiving from Russia. Hopefully enough to send that plague of humanity known as America, Israel and England home in bags when need be.

Whoever believed the Russians would be the good guys? More power to them.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Visible, I hope you enjoyed your travels and appreciate seeing your words here again. Although the Visible Origami posts are more in tune with what I seek these days, I enjoy seeing you take on the shell game and the implications for us all.

Yes indeed, the shell game has been around for some time, but the funny thing is that even though it has, and has been named for what it is (a scam), folks still step up and try to defy the odds. What is it that allows folks to convince themselves that they are immune to the scheme? How come we work so hard to deny what is so obviously fake and designed to steal everything we have that has value in the material world? (man, there is a big lesson here!) Cognitive dissonance should be labeled an epidemic, because there is no other explanation for our willingness to deny what is staring us in the face, and now more than ever slapping it vigorously.

I always knew that the only thing that would rouse Americans from their slumber is having their pockets picked, and now we finally see some movement on the ground and questions being asked about how we operate here and who is pulling the strings. Folks are upset about the possibility of having their comfort zone intruded upon, and are claiming to be willing to fight for it - their right to consume at the level they are used to without interruption. It wasn't the injustice of foreign wars and imperialism, or the fact that they were being used to fuel all of it with their labor (WE help pay for the Israelis' tools of oppression and destruction with our sweat!!!!) through taxation and usury, and by sending our kids off to kill folks based on lies. No, it was the notion that something was, indeed, coming knocking on THEIR door to interfere with their slumber that finally started waking folks up a bit.

I posted before about my disappointment in folks arming themselves as a solution to potential crisis. My main disappointment was simply in the mindset that sees erecting walls and being willing to "go out in a blaze of glory" as a solution, rather than realizing the only thing that ever works in times of major disruption and chaos is people realizing we are all in this together and that we really, truly NEED each other to be the strong, immovable force that can create something different that will benefit us all.

I'm sorry to hear about your dog. Attachments are a difficult thing for many of us (I'm speaking for myself mostly - no speculation about your feelings about it), and pets and kids are the only thing keeping me from wandering off into the wild to lay down my own self. I'll bet that dog led a pretty good life, judging by how you seem to view the world and its inhabitants. Be well, and thank you for your words and help.


P.S. My 3 day trek was not at all what I had intended, but provided some insight nonetheless. I'm seriously considering selling my vintage Les Paul to fund a trip to Peru, since Ayahuasca seems in short supply here in Minnesota, but leaving my wife and kids (and dogs and cats!) behind while I trip off into the Amazon seems pretty counter-intuitive right now, and pretty selfish. Attachments and all, you know.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I just finished listening to your last two radio shows. Your talent is off the charts. I think if you were able to gain a wider audience with this you would soon be a powerful force in that arena. I was shaking at certain points. You're a really unique vessel there is no question about that.

Franz said...

Just a note --

Sorcha Faal (who/whatever it might be) cobs articles together from Truth, Disinformation, Fantasy, and just plain total mind-bending.

I mean, read with care, but read it if you want to know what the screws are up to. Like much of the stuff on Rense, the goofiness quotient is there to scare off the ninnies who aren't really serious about anything.

Many esoteric teachers throw nonsense around to trim the tourists out of their classes.

"Food for the moon" and all that.

Les is right to link it.

Visible said...


if you are going to do that sort of thing then Ecuador is the place, not Peru. I should also add that you can encounter some serious shamans in Mexico as well and that's a lot closer. Even closer to home is the Native American culture and you can engage in peyote sessions in New Mexico and other states. Also peyote is an easier process than ayahuasca. I am a seriously seasoned voyager; meaning that I have never met anyone who has done it as much as me or in the amounts that I have taken and ayahuasca really put it to me.

I've got more and I'll be headed there around Christmas when my loved ones go north for the season. I learned early on that it's not a good thing to subject those close to me to what can appear to be the little girl from The Exorcist showing up on the scene.

Of course, it's not anything like that but it is still pretty strange for those who are not aware of the greater penetrating and more real presence of the invisible. Forces move in and out of me and act out. Now, I know that this is happening and it doesn't bother me a bit... in fact, it's the next step beyond sex and all of it's false promises. However, to those for whom the confines of the sensory realm define their reality it is serious science fiction... then again... other things happen too that open portals into other worlds.

With the Native American ritual there is good control and centuries of tradition. There are assigned roles and it's a remarkable thing. Ayahuasca is a lot darker on certain levels and less forgiving. That's not the best way to put it... let's just say that there's more lined paper involved in the peyote thing than the other.

This sort of thing requires a particular personality and capacity for surrender. If you've met your demons and know the substantance of their composition as well as their origin and termination then you've no reason for fear... otherwise, it's not a landscape I encourage people to enter. I've had people experience real discomfort and (thankfully temporary) serious disorientation by coming along with me. I know better now than to let anyone join in.

It could be that it's different depending on who's involved and I would say that's certainly true. Then it comes down to how much truth you want.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts are with you and Susanne on the loss of your friend. Be well.
Interesting last comment you make about other areas of seeking. I know that for me, that time is not here yet, and may never be. But you never know, that's for sure.
Too many bats in the belfry that I'm not sure I want to be surrounded by in real time.
All the reading/seeking I do has improved my lot on some levels but it has at the same time seemed to numb me in some ways to what currently is. Maybe that's good, maybe not. I just know that I am in a lull right now. I'm not looking for the pot of gold or the lightening bolt any more. If it wants to find me, it knows where I am.
So much rancid trash accumulated over the years to scrape off...but I can feel the warmth of the sun and the breeze on my skin at least as much as perhaps my memory, or perhaps my hoping can bring.
I am who I am no matter where I go, it is not a place that I seek. Be it blessing or curse most times I'm just along for the ride and trying to enjoy the view.
Some great comments on this and the last posts!!
Cheers to all my fellow travelers!!


notamobster said...

kikz - :)

To the commenter who thinks Hugo is being a good guy... talk to some residents of Venezuela (you can find em on the inter-toobs)... they're as disenfranchised as we are in America. They think America is the great land of opportunity. His efforts are propaganda as well.

Anon Z - Just in case you didn't see my reply to your comment on the last post...I'd like to reiterate -

I am armed. My family is trained in the maintenance and use of firearms. I hunt, I fish, I entreat those I know to prepare, and love my my neighbors with my time and energy. I will work and share with any and all who will pull their weight to survive. I will also defend my home and my family, against any and all who would do us harm. I may not be able to defeat the entire army of my enemy, but I will fight, because I am a FREE man. If I don't defend myself, this shithole world has taught me that no one else will. I am honest, intelligent, hard-working, and very well-trained. I am not a killer, a fanatic, a zealot, or any other such... I am a FREE man...endowed by my creator with certain inalienable RIGHTS! And god damnit the first of those is my/our RIGHT to live!


notamobster said...

I'm sorry about your dog, vis. Hope the consort is okay. All my best.

Visible said...

Thanks guys... Bessie the Magic Dog AKA Bessie the Love Sponge checked out with the same class with which she lived. She found a quiet corner and departed. It was a blow for a moment but I had a couple of experiences since and it's turned into something positive for everyone though... one of the difficulties of physical life is the pain of separation.

I'll be writing about it tomorrow at Origami but only because it dovetails right into what I had in mind anyway.

Fact is that we lose everything and everyone in the vale of tears and if we don't get that straight it will hurt even more. The good news is that this realm is temporary but the one it is based on is not. I'm not concerned about what others think about what's real and what isn't. I have seen time and again, the impermanence and the eternal. I will not imply that I comprehend the latter for I do not but I KNOW without question that it is there.

notamobster... I'm going to have to disagree with you on Chavez and not elaborate except to say that in any country with millions of people it's not hard to find critics. My research into this man grants him a pass I won't grant the rest but hey... I like Putin so what can I say. I even prefer Castro to his critics. As a student of Che's and others who tried to make the world a better place I have seen the success and failure of all the bright ideas but I must stress... look at what we are doing and I have to tell you that Hugo is not doing these things.

Some countries take better to certain systems than others and that should not be considered to their detriment. Just look at what we have done. Look at it... nowhere else is such reprehensible shit going on except in Israel. Of course Papua and China and other places have their evil ways but for sheer globe fucking monstrous shit heel exposure we are the kings of hell; though that aspect of royalty is not going to survive the transit to the actual location.

Now The Congo is set to explode only this time the tutsi's are at the wheel. In some ways I'm not sure this won't work out given that it's been a grinding murder factory for years and far outstretching the McHolocaust scene but no one seems to give a shit.

But oh what a loathsome thing the UN peace keeping forces are. I've come to believe it's part of the whole panorama of murder and torment as sport.

Thing is... this is what happens 'here'. The trick is not to live 'here' even if you may be using a body as an aperture.

We're good people at this blog and this will one day be a record of certain aspects of the better parts of our nature. I'm not fearful of the future and these bloodstained clowns don't scare me one bit. In a certain sense their asses have all been kicked, sealed and mailed... it just hasn't caught up with them yet but it will... on that you may rely. The battle was won a long time ago. We are living in the echo... still divided over whether we want to ride with the angels to our bright home or attend the grand dinner at the Academy of Corpses in their cobwebbed evening wear.

kikz said...

awww les.. so sorry for you and consort.. about your dog..

Rights of Man said...

Please, don't take what I said as all-encompassing of my views on Chavez or the Bolivarian revolutions. I just think the cheap oil to Americans is designed to drum up support (i.e. propaganda). I think what he and Evo Morales have done down there, to fight the global hegemony of Amerisrael, is AMAZING!!!

I am a capitalist (which eminates from my belief in self-determination), but one of the brightest minds to ever grace this planet was a socialist, I loved most everything the man had to say (Thomas Paine). And Putin...I love the guy. He gives the entire world the finger. He outfoxed the grand chess masters, with diplomacy, who'd have thunk it? All nations have faults and the US is right at the top. I don't support this country's leadership, or the mouthbreathing citizens... I support the idea of what could be. A place where dissent is encouraged. Where control is shared. Where man can do as he pleases, without the fear of religious, ethnic, racial or any other form of intolerance. Basically I believe in a fairy tale, but damnit, it's a good one :)


Anonymous said...

Mr.Visible, thank you for the insight on that particular path. I am mostly inclined to go at it "straight", but like most Americans, the shortcut is appealing. I was most intrigued by the "it's the next step beyond sex and all of it's false promises" line. If you ever want to elaborate on THAT component I'm all ears.

Nota, I respect your viewpoint but don't share it 100%. How your "inalienable right to life endowed by your creator" meshes with your asserting the right to cancel someone else's right to the same works itself out is a head scratcher for me I guess. I hope it never comes down to any of us having to make the choice to pull the trigger, but if it does, I gotta believe that there will be consequences no matter who is left standing and how justified the action might have seemed. But that's just me - someone who isn't particularly attached to this place or any of its trappings. I love my wife and kids, and do my best to make a go of it here, but I'm not going to let ANYONE push me into taking another life. That's not my choice to make.

Sorry if this is out of place here, Mr. Visible. No further personal back-and-forth from me.


Anonymous said...

Jees! I just read; comment 4-26pm.

I worked for dire straits in the eighties and listened to 'Telegraph Road' as it was being written and recorded and every show night for 3 years. I just re-read the lyrics here and an icy chill ran all the way down my back.
Les, that was the best and most coherent piece on these dark days I've ever read. The link to Obama/Hawaii is pretty hard to swallow - But my throat's getting wider all the time. I just watched an interview with Bob Dean by Project Camelot on youtube....... How wide can a throat get!!

Anonymous said...

Damn, might not ever get to practice my guitar today but here goes.

I am in agreement with notamobster. My voice tells me to protect my family and myself through any and all means at my disposal—THAT I know to be (my) truth. If you come looking for trouble, I will sleep just fine five minutes after I put a .308 in your head from 500 yards away. You won’t even know I’m there, and my kids are better shots than me.

If you choose to take the “peaceful” route, I don’t respect the choice, but I do respect your right to make that choice—for yourself. I’m not sure if the rest of your loved ones would agree with it when someone has taken your food and left you to die, with your wife and daughter bleeding on the kitchen floor.

I also will not be the one going out to do the “dirty work” so that someone else can stay all snuggled and safe praying to jesus for divine intervention. The only intervention that is coming is what your abilities and resources are, and your willingness to use, and protect them. When this starts, there will be no resources other than what you have had the forethought to put together. In all likelihood, the cavalry will not be coming over the hill to save you. But, they might be coming over the hill for other reasons.

As I have said before, when it comes, it is going to be a turkey shoot for some- get even—or get what you can time. Personally I couldn’t stand by while my daughter (if I had one) was being violently beaten and raped and be telling her at the same time to please pray to god to forgive her rapists. I’m sure you could sit down afterwards and have coffee and cake…maybe share some scripture with them—no hard feelings—it happened, so it must have been gods will.

Sure might be a good idea to get something that would keep the wolf from the door and your daughter’s crotch now, while you have the chance.

I am not putting anyone down here, nor do I want to discuss what rifle is best or what MRE’s taste best-- I am not saying that anyone in here is a pussy for going a different route than others. I am simply saying that there will be no “do-overs” or “time-outs” and definitely no second chances.

You have nothing to fear from me, and others like me—but don’t expect me to cut my food in half either. If you want to have a fork in one hand, you will need to have a rifle in the other. What you have is the time right now to make some choices that may mean life or death very shortly. If nothing happens, you have some food to eat, and other items that will in all likelihood go up in value over time.

Maybe stop at the sporting goods store before you plop down $500.00 for that new electronic gadget that will break in a matter of weeks.

Your choice.

Just some random thoughts from a semi-random guy--- Jj

Randall said...

Sorry about your pooch les. Pets are as much Family as anyone, and it sucks, but at least it was a quiet death/transition.
Cats go absolutely nuts when they die, wandering around psychotic and biting your thumb to the bone when you try to feed them their last meal by hand. (that one had been mangled by the fan in a car though, climbing in there for the warmth:
was named schitzo afterwards)

Kevenj said...

Les, I too offer condolences for your beloved Bessie. I also have dogs (or they have me), so I feel for you.
Well, just went with a friend -an intelligent gentlemen who is considering running for office after he receives his PHd)
Anyway after leaving quite early, the statium where it was held is used for semi pro baseball, seats 12k, VERY rarely full unless they have a winning season. They later said the attendance was 22k-which didn't count the people that didn't get in. We got close enough to see the line stretch for at least a mile, with cops everywhere (my friend say 2.5). Took a couple pics, then said f*k it and went out for a few beers.

This might not be news, but keep in mind this is the home of the largest Navel Fleet in the world-all Republican Conservatives that can see Bush as doing little wrong.
If Obama can carry this much weight here then he can carry the state-the first time since 1964.
For better or worse things are definately going to change around here.I personally don't think McCain has a chance in hell...a legitimate chance in hell. So now the $64k question is: what could happen to displace Obama? or what is going to happen after he gets in?

Anonymous said...

You've said many things here today, not to lessen any of them, but I am really looking forward to tomorrow's Origami because the subject you will tackle is at the heart of the matter.

Doesn't it seem we should celebrate departures in the same way we celebrate new arrivals? Bessie is on the great journey. She travels with your love.


Visible said...

I've been busy so I haven't been able to write that Origami post and now I have to go out for a bit but I will put it up today some time.

I've a question for the readers here. I was wondering if anyone was savvy enough to explain to me how to transfer my blogs to my new website. I've got plenty of room and I would still keep my blogs on blogger but it could happen at some point that someone decides they don't like what I say and given where the loyalties and pressure points lie I wouldn't expect blogger to err in my favor although they've been fine so far.

The idea would be to have the blogs on my site as back up and if anything did happen there would be no interruption and I wouldn't have to reload all of my saved essays which now come to around seven hundred or so which would be a pain and a half... so... if anyone knows about migration and how to accomplish that I would be most grateful for the advice.

Anonymous said...

One of my favorites to listen to as well Pete, that's why I posted it. Some things were there for us to see when we didn't have the eyes and ears to do so. I would recommend folks go to YouTube and listen to it. He's got a great CD out with EmmyLou Harris too--another good one is Robert Plant and Allison Krauss--Great Old Neil Young, "Live at Massey Hall-1971-Great Sound.If you like Tom Waitts check out a guy named Frank Morey out of Lowell Mass.--myspace him--.
Small world, I was a roadie in the early eighties working for a sound company--Foghat,Blue Oyster Cult, and others including....drum roll......The Village People...Or, at least that's what people told me I did for 2 years...lol


Anonymous said...

Les... Just wanted to offer condolences on the passing of your four-footed family member. They are all special creatures that help complete us and make this plane a better place.

Thanks, too, for the post... Exactly so!

In Peace and Hope...

m_astera said...

It seems a bit foolish to argue the relative merits of world leaders when all evidence indicates that no one gets close to that sort of position without being fully vetted, and without having proven their mettle as a primary narcissistic psychopath or willing servant thereto. They certainly don't stay there unless they are following the script. Ensouled humans don't have what it takes to get there.

As Layla Anwar put it in her recent essay, "they all come with a story". Choose the story you like best.

BTW, I live in Venezuela, have for some time. You should be aware that Hugo does not like white people, does not like well-educated people, and definitely does not like intelligent people. He would not like you, not one tiny bit, and for sure is not your friend. Personal popularity has been bought with oil money, at the expense of the country and its people. Education, health care, infrastructure are all much worse than ten years ago. Boston, London, and some Indian reservations in the US get subsidized oil while the poor of Venezuela sleep in cardboard shacks along sewage canals.

Most of what successful private enterprise existed was "nationalized" and turned over to cronies to be looted and run into the ground; the owners were not compensated and won't be. The productive farms were taken over too, and now the country imports around 90% of its food. Government construction contracts are given to foreign countries such as Belarus, as there are no competent construction companies that are government loyalists; and if any contract is given to a loyalist company the money will be stolen and the job not done.

Caracas is the murder capital of the world and getting worse. Red-shirted thugs roam the treets with impunity, robbing and intimidating at will; if they are wearing a red shirt they are untouchable. Outspoken critics are jailed or disappear. The government decides who can run for office, and their candidates are funded with unlimited public money. The government keeps a list of everyone who signed the recall petition years ago; those on the list cannot work for or get help from the government. The only qualification for any position is unquestioning loyalty. The constitutional changes rejected by the voters last December were made law by presidential decree. The public universities have been turned into dumbed-down propaganda mills where ideology takes precedence over education.

The last independent TV station was seized in May of 2007, along with all of its equipment, for daring to criticize the government. All broadcasting can be and is preempted at any time for five or six hour rants where any opposition is castigated with vulgar profanity. The courts will prosecute any dissent while ignoring all government corruption. The National Assembly, 100% Chavista, is a rubber stamp for any autocratic law. The president seldom leaves the Presidential Palace, where he is surrounded by yes-men, has no contact with the people, and hasn't attended a cabinet meeting in years.

The Cuban clinics are gone, as are the subsidized grocery stores, while the public hospitals try to operate without medicine, equipment, or even electricity. The doctors are not paid enough to live on, while anyone in government is driving a new SUV or BMW. The price of food and everything else has tripled in the last year while wages have stayed the same and the public treasury is spent on submarines, airplanes, and other toys bought on credit. The head of Human Rights Watch for South America was banished from the country for daring to point out the number of political prisoners and the abuse of the electoral system.

Rolling blackouts hit the country weekly since all of the private electric companies were nationalized last year. No maintenance or investment is made in them or in oil production, which is steadily falling just as the price is. All of the skilled oilfieild workers who went on strike were fired and replaced with unskilled sycophants. Sympathetic journalists or wealthy actors from the US are shown Potemkin villages, put up in fancy hotels, and kept from contact with the public. No one will invest money in a new business as most successful businesses have been nationalized and looted without compensation. The former bus drivers and street thugs in government are now multi-millionaires who drive hummers and have condos in Miami, while the poor scavenge through the garbage of the wealthy.

It would take you less than three days living here to figure all that out.

Want documentation? Be glad to oblige.


Anonymous said...

Can't you just link to these blogs? Do your new blog, provided you have the tools at the new site to blog as you do here, and use a sidebar to show links to the eblogger works. There are all sorts of graphic treatments you could use, but in keeping with the look, your arrow approach would be harmonious.

Anonymous said...


Visible said...

Well now... that is interesting. You see, I know people in Venezuela and they tell me quite a different story than you do and as for Caracas being the murder capital of the world that's out and out bullshit.

Reading what you say it doesn't take me long to figure out what you are and where you are coming from and what you support. I'm a little better informed about Venezuela than you may think I am and your commentary is way, way over the top.

I mean no disrespect but I'm afraid I don't believe you. I've no doubt that Hugo or any other world leader can have more than one side and I don't doubt the push of self-interest when it comes to the supporters of any political position or party but... since it's evident that you are a capitalist and sympathetic to the injured venture capitalists and other vampires who fed off the poor for so long in Venezuela I don't think we could come to a common agreement on what actually is or what should be.

Documentation like the truth, is at the mercy of those who provide it.

Randall said...

M-atsera at you with news from Hugo country that ONLY he/she privy to, despite all the writers
rense and others have. WOW all that putting money into the infrastructure was just bullshit huh?

Randall said...

“He ran one of the largest and most productive foreign fighter networks out of Syria and was directly responsible for hundreds of foreign fighters who killed thousands,” the American official said. Syria had the opportunity to deal with the jihadist problem, he said, but “eventually you can’t wait for guys like that to come back across the border and kill scores of Iraqis or, worse, your own forces”.
Says child-killers. MY children.

Anonymous said...

Dead on Visible, that cat is enormously off the wall. I was in Venezuela and not that long ago. I was first at Isla Marguerita and then through Caracas and into the interior [got there off a boat]. I didn't see much that resembles what he's talking about and the people couldn't have been nicer. I didn't see the ugly side of Caracas but I'm sure there is one. In any case I had a great time and never felt unsafe except when I got warned about going into areas where there was rebel activity funded by the U.S. everyone in Vennie is hip to that by the way and they mostly love 'jugo'.


Visible said...


What I am trying to do is to find a way to transfer the contents of the blogs in one fell swoop to another location. Failing that I will copy each archive by hi-lighting and put them into a new template or just keep them handy if blogger does become a problem (I do have all the entries backed up on my hard drive).

Here's my concern. I know that blogger sometimes just deletes someone's blog and I suspect that means everything. If all they do is close it of to the public and one can still retrieve it then I don't care at all but... if it goes, I don't know the sequences of my posts and a few other things. I just don't want to put myself completely at the power of possibly capricious whims.

Capricious whims...? There's a word for what I just did there but I don't know what it is.

Visible said...

There's a new Visible Origami post Here

Anonymous said...

I just deleleted two whole blogs and assure you its not easy to do it accidentally. I think they prefer you cast yourself in stone in much the same way I think your comments are suddenly SO EASY to see whereas before, and with everybody else's blogs, you have to go through a process.

For your own peace of mind, its probably best to carve the time out of your schedule and do the work of copying and pasting. Copy everything in all four blogs, including your series on JGT and all of your archives in the correct order into your "documents" and then onto CDs. I know, tedious, repetitious, extensive, but the only way to insure against eblogger glitches and capricious whims. If you were a big business, you would have paid assistants to do it, but you still you would not have the certainty it was done with the integrity only you can provide.
Blog development takes a long time and lots of patience, everybody knows that who has made blogs. These things come together over the space of years, as you know, in fact, you and I go back to 2005. If you don't have everything that you want all set and ready to show off on the new site from day one, so what? It really doesn't matter, maybe it will show up tomorrow, next week or maybe next month. You can only do what you are able in your own time. I don't see any slave master whipping you into the impossible. The problem you are having with this is hoping you can find an easy way, but there is no easy way when you want to get it right.

Yes, I know various web hosts advertise some kind of happy transfer, but unless its stated up front in terms you can grasp and accomplish, its meaningless, unhelpful theft of your money and your time. The sweat expended in trying to figure it out or obtain tech support compounds the problems. In the end, you should just do what you know has to be done and avoid debilitating interference.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to read about the passing of your dog. I have been through such heartbreaking experiences as well. May you and yours be well.

Anonymous said...



In the years before the Russian Revolution of 1917 there was quite a heated debate between the different tendencies of the Russian labour movement on what would be the character of the Russian revolution, and the relation between the classes in the revolution. Undoubtedly, the theory that brilliantly anticipated and explained what actually took place in 1917 was worked out by Trotsky.

The theory of the permanent revolution was first developed by Trotsky as early as 1904. The permanent revolution, while accepting that the objective tasks facing the Russian workers were those of the bourgeois democratic revolution, nevertheless explained how in a backward country in the epoch of imperialism, the "national bourgeoisie" was inseparably linked to the remains of feudalism on the one hand and to imperialist capital on the other and was therefore completely unable to carry through any of its historical tasks. The rottenness of the bourgeois liberals, and their counterrevolutionary role in the bourgeois-democratic revolution, was already observed by Marx and Engels. In his article The Bourgeoisie and the Counter-revolution (1848), Marx writes:

"The German bourgeoisie has developed so slothfully, cravenly and slowly that at the moment when it menacingly faced feudalism and absolutism it saw itself menacingly faced by the proletariat and all factions of the burgers whose interests and ideas were akin to those of the proletariat. And it saw inimically arrayed not only a class behind it but all Europe before it. The Prussian bourgeoisie was not, as the French of 1789 had been, the class which represented the whole of modern society vis-a-vis the representatives of the old society, the monarchy and the nobility. It had sunk to the level of a kind of social estate, as distinctly opposed to the crown as to the people, eager to be in the opposition to both, irresolute against each of its opponents , taken severally, because it always saw both of them before or behind it; inclined to betray the people and compromise with the crowned representative of the old society because it itself already belonged to the old society; ". (K. Marx, The Bourgeoisie and the Counter-revolution, in MESW, vol. 1, p. 140-1.)

The bourgeoisie, Marx explains, did not come to power as a result of its own revolutionary exertions, but as a result of the movement of the masses in which it played no role: "The Prussian bourgeoisie was hurled to the height of state power, however not in the manner it had desired, by a peaceful bargain with the crown but by a revolution". (K. Marx, The Bourgeoisie and the Counter-revolution, MESW, vol. 1, p. 138.)

Even in the epoch of the bourgeois-democratic revolution in Europe, Marx and Engels mercilessly unmasked the cowardly, counterrevolutionary role of the bourgeoisie, and emphasised the need for the workers to maintain a policy of complete class independence, not only from the bourgeois liberals, but also from the vacillating petty bourgeois democrats:

"The proletarian, or really revolutionary party," wrote Engels, "succeeded only very gradually in withdrawing the mass of the working people from the influence of the democrats whose tail they formed in the beginning of the revolution. But in due time the indecision weakness and cowardice of the democratic leaders did the rest, and it may now be said to be one of the principal results of the last years' convulsions, that wherever the working class is concentrated in anything like considerable masses, they are entirely freed from that democratic influence which led them into an endless series of blunders and misfortunes during 1848 and 1849." (F. Engels, Revolution and Counter-revolution in Germany, MESW, vol. 1, p. 332.)

The situation is clearer still today. The national bourgeoisie in the colonial countries entered into the scene of history too late, when the world had already been divided up between a few imperialist powers. It was not able to play any progressive role and was born completely subordinated to its former colonial masters. The weak and degenerate bourgeoisie in Asia, Latin America and Africa is too dependent on foreign capital and imperialism, to carry society forward. It is tied with a thousand threads, not only to foreign capital, but with the class of landowners, with which it forms a reactionary bloc that represents a bulwark against progress. Whatever differences may exist between these elements are insignificant in comparison with the fear that unites them against the masses. Only the proletariat, allied with the poor peasants and urban poor, can solve the problems of society by taking power into its own hands, expropriating the imperialists and the bourgeoisie, and beginning the task of transforming society on socialist lines.

By setting itself at the head of the nation, leading the oppressed layers of society (urban and rural petty-bourgeoisie), the proletariat could take power and then carry through the tasks of the bourgeois-democratic revolution (mainly the land reform and the unification and liberation of the country from foreign domination). However, once having come to power, the proletariat would not stop there but would start to implement socialist measures of expropriation of the capitalists. And as these tasks cannot be solved in one country alone, especially not in a backward country, this would be the beginning of the world revolution. Thus the revolution is "permanent" in two senses: because it starts with the bourgeois tasks and continues with the socialist ones, and because it starts in one country and continues at an international level.

The theory of the permanent revolution was the most complete answer to the reformist and class collaborationist position of the right wing of the Russian workers' movement, the Mensheviks. The two stage theory was developed by the Mensheviks as their perspective for the Russian revolution. It basically states that, since the tasks of the revolution are those of the national democratic bourgeois revolution, the leadership of the revolution must be taken by the national democratic bourgeoisie. For his part, Lenin agreed with Trotsky that the Russian Liberals could not carry out the bourgeois-democratic revolution, and that this task could only be carried out by the proletariat in alliance with the poor peasantry. Following in the footsteps of Marx, who had described the bourgeois "democratic party" as "far more dangerous to the workers than the previous liberals", Lenin explained that the Russian bourgeoisie, far from being an ally of the workers, would inevitably side with the counter-revolution.

"The bourgeoisie in the mass" he wrote in 1905, "will inevitably turn towards the counter-revolution, and against the people as soon as its narrow, selfish interests are met, as soon as it 'recoils' from consistent democracy (and it is already recoiling from it!). (Lenin, Collected Works, vol. 9, p. 98.)

What class, in Lenin's view, could lead the bourgeois-democratic revolution? "There remains 'the people', that is, the proletariat and the peasantry. The proletariat alone can be relied on to march on to the end, for it goes far beyond the democratic revolution. That is why the proletariat fights in the forefront for a republic and contemptuously rejects stupid and unworthy advice to take into account the possibility of the bourgeoisie recoiling" (Ibid.)

In all of Lenin's speeches and writings, the counter-revolutionary role of the bourgeois-democratic Liberals is stressed time and time again. However, up until 1917, he did not believe that the Russian workers would come to power before the socialist revolution in the West&emdash;a perspective that only Trotsky defended before 1917, when it was fully adopted by Lenin in his April theses. The correctness of the permanent revolution was triumphantly demonstrated by the October Revolution itself. The Russian working class&emdash;as Trotsky had predicted in 1904&emdash;came to power before the workers of Western Europe. They carried out all the tasks of the bourgeois-democratic revolution, and immediately set about nationalising industry and passing over to the tasks of the socialist revolution. The bourgeoisie played an openly counterrevolutionary role, but was defeated by the workers in alliance with the poor peasants. The Bolsheviks then made a revolutionary appeal to the workers of the world to follow their example. Lenin knew very well that without the victory of the revolution in the advanced capitalist countries, especially Germany, the revolution could not survive isolated, especially in a backward country like Russia. What happened subsequently showed that this was absolutely correct. The setting up of the Third (Communist) International, the world party of socialist revolution, was the concrete manifestation of this perspective.

Had the Communist International remained firm on the positions of Lenin and Trotsky, the victory of the world revolution would have been ensured. Unfortunately, the Comintern's formative years coincided with the Stalinist counter-revolution in Russia, which had a disastrous effect on the Communist Parties of the entire world. The Stalinist bureaucracy, having acquired control in the Soviet Union developed a very conservative outlook. The theory that socialism can be built in one country&emdash;an abomination from the standpoint of Marx and Lenin&emdash;really reflected the mentality of the bureaucracy which had had enough of the storm and stress of revolution and sought to get on with the task of "building socialism in Russia". That is to say, they wanted to protect and expand their privileges and not "waste" the resources of the country in pursuing world revolution. On the other hand they feared that revolution in other countries could develop on healthy lines and pose a threat to their own domination in Russia, and therefore, at a certain stage, sought actively to prevent revolution elsewhere.

Instead of pursuing a revolutionary policy based on class independence, as Lenin had always advocated, they proposed an alliance of the Communist Parties with the "national progressive bourgeoisie" (and if there was not one easily at hand, they were quite prepared to invent it) to carry through the democratic revolution, and afterwards, later on, in the far distant future, when the country had developed a fully fledged capitalist economy, fight for socialism. This policy represented a complete break with Leninism and a return to the old discredited position of Menshevism&emdash;the theory of the "two stages".

In order to cover up for their own abandoning of the lessons that the Bolsheviks had drawn from the experience of the Russian revolution itself the Stalinists mounted a huge campaign of falsification of Trotsky's analysis and conclusions. They tried to separate Trotsky's position from that of Lenin, by going back to the polemics of the period prior to the revolution, when in fact the experience of the revolution had put all theories to the test and had proven the theory of the Permanent Revolution to be correct.


Together with this brief article we recommend a few short works by Trotsky that outline the theory:

What is the Permanent Revolution? Basic Postulates The concluding section of Trotsky's work, The Permanent Revolution, where he briefly outlines the essential elements of his theory
Appendix III to Trotsky's History of the Russian Revolution, where again he outlines some basic aspects of the theory.
Appendix I to Trotsky's work, Stalin, Three concepts on the Russian revolution (this unfortunately is not yet available on line)
April Theses for Lenin's conclusions that flowed from the situation as it developed in Russia in 1917
Marxism and the struggle against imperialism for an updated analysis
Chapter Four, The Theory of the Permanent of Lenin and Trotsky, what they really stood for, by Alan Woods and Ted Grant
And of course there is no real substitute for reading the complete book by Trotsky, The Permanent Revolution together with his original work Results and Prospects

[Back to 2000 Trotsky Year]

Anonymous said...

Regarding M_astera's statement . . . "Hugo does not like white people, does not like well-educated people, and definitely does not like intelligent people."

i saw a documentary called "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised," about the coup against Chavez in 2002.

As shown in the film, Chavez's Education Secretary at the time was an intelligent white woman.

BTW i can't indicate in a short comment how good that movie is. Though i rarely see a movie more that once i went to that one in a local theater three times and would gladly see it again, not mainly because i like Hugo (though i DO like Hugo) but because the movie itself is so powerfully informative in a number of ways all at the same time. The documentarians went to Venzuela to do a film about Chavez, and while they were there the coup happened, and they stayed right inside the Palace throughout, with their cameras running . . . and when the coup plotters temporarily succeeded in ousting Hugo, the film crew managed to continue in the palace, filming the plotters as they congratulated themselves. Then they filmed the Palace guard re-taking the Palace, and Hugo returning in a helicopter. The movie is full of amazing viewpoints on Chavez himself, poverty, wealth, imperialism, globalism, media, and much more. But mostly it's not a matter of people talking ABOUT those things . . . rather, the documentary narrative itself is like a whole series of windows into all those areas.


Visible said...


For whatever the reason I feel that I must apologize to you for the way I framed my response. I could have said what I had to say a little better and it bugs me that I didn't. I make mistakes and I feel like this might have been one of them. I stand by what I said but not the way I said it and I'll try not to make that error in the future.

I don't know anything about you and I shouldn't have assumed that I did. I want you to know that I don't spend my free time thinking about Hugo Chavez or how much I would like to meet him. Most political leaders are swine by my estimation; some less than others. My experience of Chavez and my perception of what he has been/is trying to do makes him a sight more attractive than the reptiles who are wreaking havoc around the globe. I speak especially of that odious abomination Israel, the U.S. and not so Great Britain.

Truth be told, I don't even like writing about or reading about or thinking about these things but... it's where the readers are and I always hope it will bring them over to Visible Origami where my real interests lie. I'm not sure I know why I write about these things. It doesn't feel like I have much choice so I try to make the best of it; something I did not accomplish in my first reply to you.

Anonymous said...

Them ol dogs just wana give ya all the love they can. They be sure able to teach many a polly harlet how to serve for real.

Would that we all could just give love like a dog can.

Cheers to your dog les -> http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=r8B5zdE_q1s

Anonymous said...

I saw that film on the web and you are right. What most impressed me (or depressed me) was how the elite media in Venezuela was primed to portray the coup in a totally untrue light. The part that showed how the media showed Chavez' troops or militia or whoever firing "wildly" at unarmed crowds,then the film shows the same scene from a different camera angle- and there's no one in sight where they are shooting!
How much of this kind of crap are Americans subjected to daily?
I worked in Colombia for a long time and what I know is that along the border, cars line up to get into Venezuela to buy gas for 25 cents a gallon US.
I think if you google the movie title, you can find it on the web.Definitely worth seeing as an eye opener.

Anonymous said...

Jj, this' for you:
A while back, when Australia was afeared of an overrun of Japanese investment, I was talking to an indigenous friend re Japan taking over an Australia of the future. He said to me ‘When that happens you whities (white people) will know how we black fellas (indigenous people) feel about Europeans in Australia.’
Now to explain how many Australians feel about Japanese ownership in Australia I have another short story of a friend’s father who fought in WWII. While waiting to catch a ferry this old chap and a Japanese tourist got into a you go left and I’ll go right tangle; up with his walking cane and a swing at the tourist with some nasty words like ‘We fought the bloody war to keep you b******s out of our country, get out of my way’. Thankfully missing his target after a deftly duck by the tourist.
Minutes later found this same old fellow sitting on the ferry next to a person he perceived to be of Turkish descent and after initiating a conversation, apologising profusely for (his) the Australian and Turkish conflict in WWII. His words ‘It should never have happened’
Now this brings me to the point I am trying to pass to you. When China arrives in USA to repossess the property defaulted on by your government I really hope they don’t treat you as you did the Vietnamese when you stupidly tried to steal that country. I can’t see it happening as I don’t think the people of USA have anywhere near the tenacity and intestinal fortitude, and love of their history, that the Vietnamese people had/have to resist such a move.
But I can see the indigenous Indians being quite pleased.

Anonymous said...

Hello les. Thanks for posting my comment and for both of your replies. The first I rather expected, the second took me by surprise.

No, I'm not a venture capitalist. I'm a woodworker, stonemason, guitar player, and gardener. I don't own a car, I ride a cheap Chinese made bicycle. I'm out of the USA for the same reasons you are. My leanings are more or less towards Jefferson's concept of the yeoman farmer. Truly I have no use for government at all; it never did me any favors.

I carefully read my comment again, and have to say that except for two arguable points, it is accurate. Caracas may not be the murder capital of the world; I spent a few minutes googling for those statistics and there's nothing recent enough to prove my point, or at least I can't find it yet. Suffice it to say that street crime has increased say five-fold under Chavez, and nothing is being done about it. When your next door neighbor is robbed at gunpoint in her apartment while you sleep, losing even her car, and the same thing happens to the old couple in their 90s that you know, and friends tell you about their friend's father being kidnapped and killed because the ransom wasn't paid, and your buddy tells you about hearing a shot and looking out the window of his high rise to see a body lying on the sidewalk that stayed there for hours, or driving past a cop lying dead on his motorcycle on a busy street, and you hear about a young girl drugged at a disco who woke up the next morning in a bathtub full of ice with both kidneys gone, and this is all in your neighborhood which is considered a very safe one,,, well that's a small part and I could go on for quite a while. I did exaggerate a little about the red shirts; they are really only untouchable when they have been called out for duty by the government, not an everyday thing.

The rest, every word, is easily verifiable from multiple sources. It's in the news from both sides, one spinning it this way, one the other. It's not opinion.

Feel-good revolutionary documentaries from 2002 don't reflect the present reality, nor do glowing paeans from YES! magazine in 2005. None of the promises have been kept; the former oligarchs have simply been replaced with a less educated, more violent, and more openly corrupt cadre of thugs. Hugo having a white communications director years ago changes nothing about the present or about the essential racism and bigotry of the chavistas. They do not like white skin, they despise education, and see intelligence as a threat. The Tascon list, the skilled workers all being fired, the private businesses and farms being taken without compensation and looted, the rejected constitutional reforms being rammed through by decree, the government deciding who can run for office and funding their own candidates with public money, all of what I wrote is simple truth. I can't and won't refrain from the truth, even if it offends someone's need to believe in heroes. The closest parallel to chavista rule that I can make would be the GOP in the USA: Totally corrupt and amoral and willing to do anything at all to retain power, backed up by a similar deluded base and with the same sort of isolated drug-addled incompetent in the palace.

I'm tired of the subject, but even more tired of those who believe in bullshit from a loud mouthed creep with a worn-out story that was a lie to begin with. Screw politics and politicos; they are all scum. Anyone who wants a position of power is automatically disqualified in my view.

I get along fine here and like the people. No one gives me any trouble; I'm not rich, I'm not arrogant, and I know how to get along anywhere I end up. I could hop on my bike right now, at 1:30 am, and pedal over to where the locals hang on a dead end street and they would share their rum and joints with me and we'd laugh and tell jokes. Did just that a few nights ago.

I'm a little more interested in spirit myself. Can't find much truth online about that either. I still get excited, thinking hey, maybe this person gets it, only to find out too soon where their stopping point is. I'm at peace with the monsters from the deep, though I finished my stint with most of the allies some time ago. Tobacco remains by my side; cannabis and demon rum come around and pull me out of a funk from time to time. I do know we are going to come through this just fine; I've been there, walked around and talked to the folks. It will be worth the trouble.


Visible said...

Here is the new Visible Origami post, relinked at a reader's request. But it's okay if somethings isn't hotlinked people can cut and paste. I haven't figured out how to post the particular html that works for this in blogger because when I do it it's invisible. I'm hoping you got it in the email so as to be able to use it. Probably blogger has some instruction about this but since all of my blogs are screwed up and it takes me much longer to put up a post anymore and since I haven't been able to figure out why the interface is all screwed up and because the people who could do something about it have a system like the one you run into on the phone when you are trying to reach someone you need to reach to fix something critical in your bank account or when you're trying to cancel a service you no longer want that never did what it was supposed to do.... (inhale) i have no idea really.

I don't mind doing little things like this but I'm pretty sure a lot of people saw where I posted that a new story was up or will eventually find their way over there. Comment appearance at these blogs is a funny thing... sometimes it rains and sometimes it doesn't.

For those confused about why this is here it's my way of saving myself a certain amount of time and also trying to deal with an issue that's come to my attention a number of times recently without having to answer each person individually. If it doesn't make sense to you I can assure you it's not important (grin).

kikz said...

strange.. i notice this am... origami still shows the 'draft page' when the comments button is clicked, while mirrors shows the new comment setup. strange how the two blogs differ... blogger is truly nutty... :)

Anonymous said...

Tony: I wasn't in Vietnam, nor did I make any decisions to send anyone there. You have no argument from me that america the beautiful is responsible for hell on earth for a lot of people.

The reason for the foreign bank bailout was because China and others didn't want any more of our money to wipe their asses with...if it is worth even that. They wanted hard assets like buildings, toll bridges, toll highways, and peoples houses. The US gov't/bank owned houses I can see will be used to just take the payments directly out of peoples paychecks--a gov't landlord if you will. Gov't "provided" health care is after that with the same deductions out of paychecks before people even set their eyes on them--they probably won't even get to see their checks as they will be directly deposited in the Bank of YouAreTrulyFuckedNow LLC.
Of course none of that money will go anywhere except to pay people/countries off and fund wars and black Op's both here and abroad. It is the drum roll to the cashless society here and state ownership of everything.
There are no jobs for young people to get so you have a ready made group to join the military.
It's all tied up in one tidy little package that has a sweet card from Hallmark that says:
I'm from the government, I'm here to help you--TrustMe
We just need to find a new villain to rally around...the old ones are losing their luster here amongst the peasants---It's all "over there" as far as the american public is concerned. Something truly horrendous will have to happen right here in the good ol' usa to get people to rally round the flag--just don't know what that will be.


Anonymous said...

White House pushes for local schools to drug test students
Wednesday, October 29, 2008
By Jill Bryce (Contact)
Gazette Reporter

Text Size: A | A | A

ALBANY — The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy is hoping to convince local school districts and educators to randomly drug test students.

It's a movement that is sweeping the country and gaining support in many states, and advocates say it provides students a "credible reason to say no to drug use."

David Murray, chief scientist for the Office of National Drug Control Policy, said at a summit today at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in downtown Albany that random drug testing achieves a healthier and more productive school environment. He also said it's a powerful prevention and intervention tool for schools.

Murray said it is a misconception is that it's a way to punish students who use drugs.

"This is non-punitive. We are doing it to identify students who need help,' said Murray.

In fact, Murray said, it's a way to prevent adolescents from using drugs in the first place. He said substance abuse leads to violence, school failure, sexually abusive behavior, disrupts classrooms and is self-destructive.

"It's crucial to address drug use among adolescents between the ages of 12 and 18," said Murray. "The earlier drug use starts, the deeper the dependence on the drug later in life."

About 100 people attended the summit, including representatives from several local school districts, including Albany and North Colonie, as well as educators from the Albany Roman Catholic Diocese.

Opponents, including the Drug Policy Alliance, voiced concern and said studies have shown that drug testing is ineffective in deterring drug use.

"Drug testing breaks down relationships of trust," said Jennifer Kern, youth policy manager for the Drug Policy Alliance.

Kern said all credible research on substance abuse prevention points to eliminating sources of alienation and conflict between young people, their parents and schools, not creating them.

Other opponents say random drug testing is a violation of an individual's personal rights. Murray said the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that drug testing is not a violation but must be done confidentially.

More than 4,000 schools in the country have already begun their own random testing program.

Murray said the outcome of the presidential election will not have much affect on the push for student drug testing.

"My impression is that this is a movement that has lifted above partisanship," he said.

Here's how it works: We will bring in the drugs and sell them to you at cut rate prices. It's just heroin and if you snort it, you're really not a junkie. When you get caught, you can either go to prison or into the military where the REALLY good drugs are and you get to shoot people too!!
Get used to being searched without cause for any reason. Nice sidestep around the Constitution. I love that the Catholic Church with all their integrity is involved too. Yummy, yummy, drugged little boys...SLURP!!

But understand that it's "For The Children"
You must have horrible parents too, so we'll send them to mandatory "re-education" as well.
Re: my last comment, they are doing their best to start a race war, skinhead war, etc. and people are arming up all over.
My guess is that the new threat will come from a white or black face, probably both, and don't forget that you should hate Mexicans too. Might even be your neighbor..Perhaps the ghost of Tim McVeigh. Heck, it might even be you. In the end, it's who they say it is.


notamobster said...

He said substance abuse leads to violence, school failure, sexually abusive behavior, disrupts classrooms and is self-destructive...

...and the dark-skinned boogey man in a pimp hat will rape your mother and force your sisters into prostitution...that's what happens to people who smoke - the REEFER! :)

notamobster said...

Marxist-Socialist - Thanks for the info. I like to learn all about it. I absolutely and unequivocally disagree, but that then, is why we're all here - is it not? To learn, and challenge ourselves and our thoughts?

Marxism does not work. It never has. No communist governmental system has ever worked on a national scale, and it never will. Socialism and communism are great on paper, but fall prey to the same oligarchic control problems which arise in any system of control.

Influence peddling, nepotism, self-interest, laziness, and the desire to rule over others is an inherent trait in some people. Until someone figures out how to eliminate those problems within the human species, no system of government will ever work as planned.

This current debacle is not the result of capitalism. It is the result of having a fiat currency system (based on a private central bank), corporate influence (a biproduct of fiat currency/central banking), and ignorant self-indulgence. Government is the great fiction through which everyone endeavours to live at the expense of everyone else.

Monetary and market manipulation are only possible with a central bank. Had the U.S. Constitution been followed the multi-national corporations which are destroying our world, would never have flourished. If the people had done their duty and participated in their government, and watered the tree of liberty more often with the blood of tyrants, this would never have happened.

I long for a day when a man or woman can work, earn, and not be forced to pay for things for people who don't deserve it, or governments who will misuse it. A day when men think for themselves and live of their own accord, sharing and their triumphs and tragedies, their works and the resulting fruits. No man has a right to take from another and give it away. That is stealing...plain and simple.

Visible said...

Petkov; Just wanted to address you cause I know you'll come in here looking for your trolling comment. I've explained it all to you before. I don't hold against you that you are a Zionist shill any more than I would if you have herpes but it would demarcate the parameters within which we would encounter one another and I guess you know that snogging would be out.

Useful criticism and genuine disagreement are fine here. how would I learn without these things. However, whining and pissing and moaning and even worse, attempting to lecture me on the rules of writing by making up rules that don't exist are not desired attributes for posting here beyond the few times that your repetitive invective was permitted. I would say the thing that repels me the most about your contributions is that you have no body of work... no personal efforts of explication, no... nothing as has been said and your blog is a glaring example of that.

There's more to life than sneering and pomposity and really, if you are going to engage in those things at least have something to show for being around besides hanging around on the street corner and heckling passersby while you play pocket pool all day.

Have I made myself clear?


Anonymous said...

You're wrong nota, Greed Capitalism is the cause of our/your problems at the moment.
Socialism works- do an honest assessment of socialist countries, past and present; if you can recognise same.
I don't believe you can as your bias and your life of indoctrination overwhelms any honesty you may have.
All you wish to do is create more of the same- won't work!! Proof's in the pudding mate.

nobody said...

Well, I'm a Chavez fan. Certainly between him and our democratic "I vow to uphold the independence of the Reserve Bank" leaders, I'll take him. It doesn't surprise me that he is something other than sugar and spice and all things nice. The bankers eat people alive. It doesn't pay to play nice with them.

And it always pays to know who you're talking to. I said long ago that if I met someone from Venezuela, it would be a done deal that they would hate Chavez. The only Venezuelans I'm going to meet are those wealthy enough to travel, ie. they belong to the ten percent of the population who own ninety percent of everything.

Sure enough, I met a Venezuelan in the last place I worked. In fact after I met him I came to work the next day wearing my 'Venceremos-Chavez' t-shirt. He rolled his eyes. "You have no idea. Just go to Caracas and check the road to the airport. Then you'll know."

Given that I had to work with the guy, I cracked a joke and left it there. But I wore my t-shirt pretty frequently and whenever I did, I'd raise my fist and say, 'Venceremos!' and he'd laugh. It was our gag.

But I got this guy. He was really rich. I've travelled a lot but mostly on other people's dollars, which is to say, for work. This guy blew me to the weeds. He'd been every goddamn place. And not for work - just because he could. He was slumming it in Oz. Back in Venezuela, I'd bet money he lives in a walled compound with broken bottles along the top of the wall. I don't know how many servants his family would have had. At least one. And the road to the airport? Who the fuck thinks that that's important apart from wealthy guys like this who use that road on their frequent trips to somewhere nicer?

Without we go there, we will never meet the Venezuelans who are fans of Chavez. They're too fucking poor to afford air travel. Nor do they have beautiful university English to dazzle us with on the blogs.

And Chavez doesn't like white people? Geez, that would make for a change from every leader who preceded him wouldn't it? They liked white people plenty. And now this jumped-up black monkey thinks that the indigenes deserve some of the consideration that the whites in their villas and high-rises had hitherto been the only recipients of. Bloody racist!

My rule of thumb is - Whomever the media tells me I should hate is in all likelihood merely someone they, and their banking/corporate masters hate. I'm meant to hate them so that they can put embargoes on them or otherwise bomb them and I won't be booing but cheering. Here's the list so you all know when to cheer - the Islamic world, Russia, China, Zimbabwe, and, yep, Venezuela. When the US military delivers to Caracas what they delivered to Panama City and napalms the barrios we'll all be told to cheer. Yay! The black monkey is dead!


BTW Trotsky was very good friends with the bankers. His permanent revolution was a means of throwing down every established power that might resist the banking families. If you're big on communism it would pay to figure out who funded it way back when. (Hint - the US Fed and their European banking buddies). Furthermore, consider how right this minute, banks, bankers, and banking are controlling every aspect of our lives. There's hardly a day goes by without the shakeout of their monkey business making the front page. Wonder then at how Marx could write a complete economic model that somehow pays no attention to the role of the Reserve Bank. Instead we're all meant to be running around worrying about the means of production etc. What a waste of time. Between the two propositions of A) Communism as a humanistic means of making people's lives better, and B) Communism as a con to camouflage the furtherance of international banking, you might be surprised at which one holds up better. It's not for nothing that the latter is verboten in the media. The hype about Al Qaeda, and the hype about Trotsky being the 'good guy' are all cut from the same cloth by the same tailors.

Visible said...

Nobody...don't do that to me. I'm still grieving. But point taken none the less. I know some readers are turned off by the fact that I love animals. I can't help it. I love people too. I know they kill each other. i know people do too. The good news is that is not me or you.

Anonymous said...

There are so many possible scenarios. Given our presence in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the fact that Biden and others are predicting Obama is to be tested, and Obama is talking tough on Pakistan, my bet that what is going to happen is that Syria and Pakistani terrorists will be linked to whatever attack happens. Both will be targets for retaliation. India has experienced some terrorist attacks recently which may be linked to Pakistan to justify a response.

Iran is likely off the table, our ground troops are too vulnerable if we attack Iran, and they have the potential to trigger a broader war we may not be ready for (first needing to reimpose the draft or universal conscription). Giving Syria to israel will appease them over Iran (I think Iran is a red herring). But we are well positioned to support Israel against Syria, and of course what goes down in Pakistan is likely to be primarily an air war on our part. I imagine India might be tricked into going after a destabilized Pakistan which is what Mush and Bhutto going down was about. Me thinks.

The larger picture is that Brzezinski sees China and Russia as the main targets. He hopes to get them going after each other, but of not, he might start with some wars against Chinas allies in Africa, likely starting with Sudan. Egypts water comes from the Nile which goes through Sudan, a way to control their reaction should what goes down destabilizes the government there.

Obama and Brzezinski are already running the show. The Bilderbergers decided this in their June 6th meeting, the same day the airforce leadership got cleaned out of neocons .

It may very well we look back on the Bush days as the good old days. The truth is, Democrats give us the biggest wars, and always have.

Anonymous said...

Capricious whims is a great band name, Les.

I'm with you on Hugo. I have a friend who has been living on Margarita Island for two years now and he tells a very different story than the anti-Chavista comments on this thread. There is once again hope in that land, according to Mike.

Sad about the loss of your Bessie, Les. I am currently feeling your pain as my best friend may need to be put down today, should her present discomfort level rise any further. Much sadness around the house this All Hallow's Day.

Onward through the fog...


Visible said...

Jesus, Don... I am sorry to hear that. I know how you feel about Ruby. I wasn't prepared to hear that this morning after the night I had... not a bad one but I went into my cups- so to speak and Susanne and I lit up the house to the wee hours with some sensational music and so I'm already as vulnerable as a sixteen year old girl once she's decided to go for it... this AM.

You think about coming down to see us as soon as you wish should that happen. Much love... my dear friend.


Visible said...

Pot... that is one of the finest expositions of deductive reasoning that I have heard in many a moon... probably since the last time I sat back with a little something from Dr. Doyle... even the more so for it's brevity and the fine claret I'm getting upon reflection.

I'd have to say that there are some real problems with the Syrian point along the same lines as you argued and it might well be Pakistan more pointedly... especially given the present climate in India particularly and the hoopla made about those 'poor' Christians who have been the source of many problems there for some time and given India's position in regard to their singular geo-political placement; not to mention the population concentration being the world's greatest given the China proximity.

My personal feeling is that no matter what these assholes get up to... for once... they are the one's who are going to get nailed in a protracted and very public way and I have that on the highest authority... though it will be a little while yet on that account.



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