Sunday, October 19, 2008

Going Down with the Ship to the Darkening Deep

The Guardian had a fine example of the sort of misdirection disinfo that the press everywhere has dropped to a coarse art; I really didn’t want to say, “raised to a fine art.’ You might think of MI5 as being the British version of the FBI and MI6 as the British version or the CIA, although I understand that England is setting up their own FBI under the head of a former MI5 head... I guess all those acronyms can get confusing and let’s face it... when you need to control the world in a way that most people don’t want you to, you soon find you have more enforcement agencies than the number of casual affairs by politicians and religious leaders.

Of course, when you are bent on world control, amassing more wealth than you will ever need and instituting conditions and laws that the majority of the world’s population objects to, you also need to manufacture terror events that you can use to convince the populations that they need your protection. Then the propaganda wing of the ‘would be’ world controllers, known as the main stream media, gets into the business of reporting conditions and events according to the will and intention of those seeking to control the whole world and who, then do what ever they damn well please whenever they want to.

Consonant with this you have these same nasty reptiles lowering the intelligence and corrupting the morals of the world’s people; immersing them in trivia, celebrity worship and banal sensory pursuits, while... in tandem with that, you have the religious corporations spieling out the control mechanisms of guilt and shame that are applied for just such engagements and perversions of the imagination which yet another agency carefully cultures through alcohol abuse and legal pharmaceuticals as well as all things illegal whose flow is also controlled by the same people. It works in the direction of ‘fat, happy and stupid and stoned.’ ...later on they drop the ‘happy’.

If you read the above mentioned article from this MI5 exec you might get the impression that she’s one of the good guys speaking out. Well, that would be a lie. First of all, wouldn’t you think that someone in her position would know more about what happened than I do? How is it that I and some number of other people know that Bin Laden had nothing to do with 9/11, that there was no Al Qaeda (this according to high-ranking former CIA agents) and that the 9/11 attacks were orchestrated by the Israeli Mossad and the American CIA with the assistance of British intelligence and other intelligence services here and there? This article is fabricated, confusion making, garbage. Most of everything you see on TV, hear on the radio and read on the internet in the main stream media is an intentional lie that originates from some kind of profit motive.

Furthermore, a great deal of what you see and hear and read, just about anywhere, is a lie as well. Most people who read at this site know this and may be wondering why I’m talking about it. I’m talking about it because the pull of these agencies and instruments is very powerful and it takes a strong mind with a powerful conviction to maintain objectivity when the lie-maestros are hammering it out 24 hours a day and seven days a week. It’s also being aided and abetted by various forms of radiation and broadcasts that you can’t see hear or read but you can certainly feel. As bad as the movie was, “They Live” is eerily dead on the money. It nails where you are headed today.

I’ve used this metaphor before. I’m going to use it again. If you are on a large ocean liner and the ocean liner begins to sink and there are lifeboats around and maybe large floating articles, you may think you’ve been saved; at least given another chance to be rescued or make your way to land. Land may not be that far off and maybe you are a powerful swimmer and you believe that you only have to jump into the water and swim to shore. However, the physics of a large ship going down are an example of unfortunate math. The pull of the ship is so great that the lifeboats and the floating objects, the powerful swimmer and you, unless you have gained enough distance, are going down with that boat due to the enormous draw. You get sucked down.

At this moment you are given the impression that the financial crisis is correcting itself due to the high-powered focus of educated minds upon the problem and the drastic efforts and infusions of capital being called for. That’s not the case at all. The worst of the situation has not even come up over the horizon line yet and the whole thing WAS ENGINEERED to begin with. It was engineered the same way the culture was perverted and the education system was compromised and the terror attacks were performed. All of this has been on purpose.

Whether you go back into the mists of time to study the origin of evil or you go back and look at the Rockefeller eugenics studies or you move forward to PNAC; whether you think there is a spiritual or material cause... whether you follow the works of Spengler or you are hearing the voice of Jeff Goldblum from Jurassic Park makes no difference. What matters is, is it so? Those variously named as ‘the elite’, ‘the illuminati’, the ‘Masonic Zionist Cabal’, or ‘the alien Grays’ have no good intentions for all of the rest of us. The good news is that they will destroy themselves. The bad news is that they may take you with them.

There’s too many of us and not enough resources according to whoever the vampires really are. Of course, there’s plenty to go around, especially if we were to embrace the visions of those like Jacque Fresco who have solutions in abundance. But there is not enough to go around when the avaricious overlords want more and more of what they will never be able to consume or use. So long as humanity tolerates their behavior, things will go from bad to worse. There are many reasons why humanity does this and even willingly serves these agents of evil but that has been explored at length here already at other times.

For those who are not content to stay on the ship and listen to the sonorous tones of the anonymous announcer... “Remain calm... everything is under control... move along, nothing to see here.” ...there is a mental and a physical detachment that is vital to your survival. You have to take your mind away from reliance on the ship and you have to get away from the ship. This doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve this right where you are; “terms may vary according to...” Fill in the blanks.

You may have heard that whenever a door closes a window opens. You should know that whenever something goes down, something goes up. Whenever the darkness concentrates, the light concentrates somewhere else. Metaphysically, the darkness is brimming with light but those sensing only darkness cannot see it because of what their attention is focused on. There has to be a reason why there is such a concerted effort to deceive and enslave the world’s population at this time. Something is going on and it could well be something other than what it appears to be. You might well ask yourself; why it is that so much is happening to tear everything apart and spread so much fear and confusion when those milking the herd are in no danger of running out of milk?

My theory (in part) is that this is a part of the process by which evil destroys itself. Evil’s reach always exceeds its grasp (check your history) and it never sees what truly endangers it because it is only fixed on gain and the offensive. It steps right into a trap of its own design. I would argue that there is a mysterious force in the cosmos, some arcane mathematics in nature, which always guarantees that particular behavior will eventually lead to a particular result. Call it karma, destiny or thermodynamic law. Call it what you please.

This is just to say, “Pay attention.” Look at the misdirection in that Guardian article and look at the pervasiveness of the misdirection all around you. One lulled into accepting what they are being told is similar to one putting on a weighted jacket on a sinking ship. Anyone who addressed 9/11 that doesn’t mention Mossad and the CIA as the culprits is a disinfo agent or a coward. You can’t walk away with part of the truth and expect the truth to walk away with all of you.

Does knowing the truth do you any good? Does it change what happened and does the larger part of the world pay attention or even want to know? That’s beside the point. One day you will find yourself in a situation where cutting the corner on what you are willing to sacrifice, in order to know the truth, has made you an enemy of yourself.

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Anonymous said...

"If we only have love
then tomorrow 'll dawn,
and the days of our years will rise on that morn...
"If we only have love
for the hymns that we shout,
for the song that we sing,
then we''ll have a way out"

" Quand On N'a Que L'amour" ; Jacques Brell

The age of "ifs" and "might have been" is over.
There always were ( and are) chambers of the one door, where windows are not drawn in the design.
There is The Bilderberg Group.
It is the Group, where the current "financial crises" was long time ago planed, discussed and now implemented. The goal is: The One World Government. For that ( and only that) reason
BANKERS in the current "financial crises" ARE SAVED.
According to the Group's design, there is A Giant Chamber , where the whole world's population will fit. There are no windows in the Bilderberg Group's Chamber.

Ours are no "ifs" time on this earth.
It is "either - or" times.
Either we ( the people of the world) will destroy THEM, or we WILL WALK into the Bilderberg's designed Chamber.
Of course, there is the Light ( somewhere in the Great Universe) for all of us as well...
But it is (what we hope for) called "Life After Death".
EITHER - OR! This is the quest.

Visible said...

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Visible said...

For those of you who have been asking about my site being suspended let me say that is because I have been trying to migrate to a new host for the last three weeks and my rent ran out at the old host and at the old host the left hand never talks to the right hand.

You can find my new site hanging in limbo Here

There might well be more to it since some very strange things have been happening. I try not to think about it.

notamobster said...

Good onya for pointing out the disinfo to folks, as well.

Anonymous said...

You are a very interesting writer. Please excuse that English is not my mother tongue. How you say the same thing a different way and the intricate watch assembly of your thoughts and words is wonderful. You are a blessing to me in this, as you say, "darkening sea"

Anonymous said...

Confirmation! to me re: intuitive feeling upon pulling up guardian! Both about the content but then three times in the past week, I have started to read an article and FELT to say nah.... and exited. Sink row nasity!

Anonymous said...

Hands down!!!!!!! The best blog on the internet.

You know, I have to read these things four or five times before it dawns on me what you're doing?

I'm not stupid. I'm careful.

You're the real deal and I have studied the occult and arcane literature as you mention at V.O. and I have a library that I'll bet is the equal of yours and I'll bet yours is from internet downloads- no offense- mine is in actual books.

I see what you're doing. I'll tell you this. I haven't seen the like in this century and only once or twice in the last one.

You've got a fan for life.


Visible said...

Yes... except for a few exceptions mine are all PDF files, mostly because the originals are in museums or the hands of collectors or well out of my price range. Books aren't important anyway. They take you to a certain point and then you must have the karma or good fortune or zeal to meet one who has the goods. All efforts on your own part are useless.

I thank you for the good words and I'm grateful for the good things people say about me but I'm flawed. I really am. I'm just trying to play, "Follow the Leader". In this case and for whatever reason... I do have a bonafide guide.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to tell whether or not our dull eyed brothers and sisters really believe the fraudulent shills of the War and Oil (and Dope) Exchange, or, as the author suggests, that in their fear, they simply obey and "move along" because the anti-ballistic vest and helmet donned UZI strapped gestapista with the dark sunglasses is barking "nothing to see here".

Weird world - in the US - a refinery goes out of service because of an industrial accident and the price of oil goes up - how can that be - and out of service refinery reduces demand for oil - the price should have dropped.

The NIST proclaims the miraculous, never before witnessed physics of "thermal expansion" (due to broken fire sprinklers) caused the perfect free fall collapse of WTC7 (any one guessing that they would have conned the term "thermal contraction" had the sprinklers worked?) despite the the fact that the August 2001 purchaser of the WTC complex, Larry Silverstein admitted twice he "regrettably" had to order it to be "pulled".

We even have the countdown on first responder Blackberries

Larry purchased the complex despite the fact they were twice condemned and under waiver, when Larry signed the deed, for asbestos contamination. Larry was also in a unique position as the only Manhattan Fat Cat Zoglodyte to have a double indemnity policy for his twice condemned, August 2001 purchase of the WTC, to hedge his investment for the precise set of circumstances we are told are responsible for the demise of so many New Yorkers and first responders.

But Larry earned his meal. The corpse of a thorn in the side of the NWO, ex FBI agent and patriot, John O Neil, was found in the rubble, no doubt caught in the calamity working with the head of security at the WTC, our president's brother, Marvin Bush.

Just more Bush Family Business. Neil Bush, the collapse of Silverado and the banking crisis of the early nineties, followed by daddy Bush and the mass murder of surrendering Iraqi conscripts as they left Kuwait, ONLY after entering when Daddy Bush gave Saddam the OK to do it through Joe Wilson's boss, the Iraqi Ambassador, topped of by a genocidal dunce with an IQ of 93 lying to murder thousands of Iraqi, Afghani and American citizens.

And now, our elected officials and Wall Street Talking heads address us a "consumers". We're no longer citizens, we're no longer stake holders. Oxymoron of the times, we, the builders of the nation, the inventors the workers the owners, who pay for everything from Nancy Pelosi's "stretch" jobs to million dollar luxury retreats for those that have defrauded us of trillions of dollars - we - are the consumers?

In the early spring of 2001, the FAA changes policy. Radars are shut off. Controllers are only allowed to to target flights using transponders. Pilots, after 30 years, are told they can no longer carry weapons.

For the last 30 years, all US commercial airliners are installed with remote and programmed flight control and navigation systems. A Joy Stick or Uploaded Software can usurp the pilots ability to fly the craft. And those systems are more capable and precise than any drinking and gambling buddies of Jack Abramnoff we are told learned to fly playing Microsoft Flight Simulator with their Israeli Art Student apartment complex neighbors.

It's time to put the Mussolini Hanging Trees around the Mall in DC and Central Park and give these traitors a nice lathery bath of spit and urine.

A slumbering giant begins to awake. When he walks, the earth will quake and shake, and the puss filled souls that delivered this moment, will burn in his wake.

Are you mad - you should be - you should be.


Anonymous said...

“It works in the direction of ‘fat, happy and stupid and stoned.’ …later on they drop the ‘happy’.” I’m afraid the happy has already been dropped from many lives. Of course they still have the fat stupid and stoned. When I watch the Utube videos of the tent cities that are springing up all over this country I’m just flabbergasted. When I was young the only homeless people were the hobos who rode the rails and most of them were alcoholics. In today’s world a family can get kicked out of their home and put on the street, then the home sits vacant to be vandalized and stripped by scavengers. These people loose their home because they don’t have paper, the same paper the Fed creates out of thin air and gives by the hundreds of billions to the banksters who created the mess in the first place. You can starve or freeze to death because you don’t have paper. Man, this has got to be some sick joke. And then you have the situation where the top honchos of a corporation can receive tens of millions in compensation, which is more than they could ever spend, while the companies they run go down the tubes and thousands are thrown out of work.
Then look at the disease system which we call healthcare. You can work all your life and if you have the misfortune to get seriously ill and don’t have insurance you can end up on the street. “All civilized societies in the West have national health insurance.” Oh and don’t forget if an illegal alien gets seriously ill you get to pay for his treatment. Or maybe a gangbanger gets shot in the head and the bullet doesn’t bounce off you get to pay for that too, even if his treatment costs hundreds of thousands, no problemo.
Did you know that the last five chairman of the Federal Reserve Board were Jews. Just a coincidence I’m sure. Bush and Kerry were both Skull and Bones. Another coincidence. What’s the use. It is all your fault Les. Your articles get all this stuff flying around in my brain and then I worry that I might not be patriotic. Now where did I throw that flag?
What do you think would happen if there was a revolution and all the reptile elite were hung from lampposts? How long before we were right back in the same boat? You once said these controllers aren’t human. They aren’t, no human could act this way. They want power, money, control and the average person if left to his own volition just wants to have fun and get by. Therein lies the problem. We need permanent separation. I’m sure you have read about Ascension. The gangbanger types, degenerates, perverts, reptiles, politicians, preachers, etc. can have 3D I’m ready for 5D. I don’t need much, I just want to have fun and get by.


Anonymous said...

Breaking news for the "new world order" zionist jew terrorist scum: there will be no "new world order".

It will take time for the evil to destroy itself, but it will happen.

Another great post Les.

Anonymous said...

So the old world chaos planned since before our grandparent's grandparents were born is going to be ushered in by finance. The control freaks at Tavistock, Langley, and Tel Aviv probably have no need for Viagra right now. Al Qaeda (the toilet) should go back online anytime now. October is still in session so look for more surprises. If I ever view myspace, youtube, facebook, wikipedia even for a second I will promptly smash every computer and never look at one again. Used to pass judgement on people who like to get "high" now I don't begrudge them their escape. Everyone should take LSD at least once you are never the same again after that.

Anonymous said...

to anonymous @ 8:33pm

There will be a new world order, just not one of the elite's design.

Anonymous said...

I am back to you, Les...
Sorry for taking the space, but yours is the poetry which can not be fully digested until it is read time and time again.
And in doing so, one discovers layer after layer, after layer...
Yours is not "the only blog in the Internet" -as some good soul described it - yours is the TESTIMONY TO A HUMAN GENIUS.
It also the testimony to the most horrific times in our western "civilized" history , when a human genius barely can have "a blog" (!) to reach its admirers.
That's why the first reaction to everything written by you is the enormous anger to the environment a human genius is placed into.

Usually there are two kind of reactions to the creative work: one is the rhythmical clapping of a crowd under the drummer's 's repetitive beat, helping the body to move with its biologically familiar shakes; this reaction suggests "the success"; second is the silence, when one is hit by the well-forgotten beauty and needs some time to understand "what just has happened"?
In the total arrogance and ignorance of the environment we all nowadays are placed in, the second reaction ceased to exit.
( You know this kind of reaction, when you have to have some time to adjust yourself to the
reality after "being taken" for an hour or two)
My anger, which I expressed earlier today, was pointed to the environment, where you "have problems with PDF's" and I do not have A BOOK OF YOURS BUT A "BLOG" (!) on my table?!...
Later, when I have read it again, my anger did not evaporated but I also walked into the silence.
...Just remembering those "cursed times of the Aristocracy" when King of Prussia COULD READ the Beethoven's music scores.
There must be a book by you. The Book.
And not only "reactions" of the genius to the "political events" of our rotten times...

Anonymous said...

mr. mirrors,

All I could think of reading this post was Julius Evola's 'Ride the Tiger'. Pardon my lack of underlining that title but these times call for many things...all times call for being in the world not of it.

mr. pea

Kevenj said...

Hey all you Chicago Fans-we did it! Yup 4&3 now..sure as hell wish I could afford Direct TV so I could have actually watched the game, but hey, you work with the economy you have, not with the economy you wished to have.

Interesting that my former home (God, I might have even bumped into Justin), was Chi-town and the glory days of Ditka Football that might have had a profound influence on the political outcome of our future.Refering to the then little known candicy of a black democratic entry back in 2004 :

"Jack Ryan had won the Republican primary that year, but dropped out of the race after the release of embarrassing papers from his high-profile divorce with actress Jeri Ryan. The vacancy left GOP leaders in the state scrambling to find a replacement. With fears that the election was all but lost, Republicans wanted a major name to turn the tide. Ditka was that name.
For days the press played up the "will he or won't he" stories about Ditka's possible candidacy. The Drudge Report even said that Ditka would declare his entry into the race. But, in the end, Ditka rebuffed the offer, saying he didn't want to go through the rigors of a campaign or give up his lucrative jobs as an NFL analyst at ESPN or as an endorser of a casino and car dealership.",115837

Funny how things turn out eh?

Anonymous said...

The hits keep coming. You are batting .1000 especially with this one! My theory is that the inbred elite scum got scared at the WTO riots in Seattle and decided to shift in high gear. It's just my take on it.

GodSend said...

Slowly but surely, the collective consciousness of humanity is beginning to smell the reptilian 'rats' which have invaded and infested our planet and our minds. Every blog and post which exposes these vermin by shining the light into their dark hiding places, helps to expand our consciousness of Truth. When we reach critical mass (soon), and the 'I SEE now!' moment arrives for millions in the twinkling of an eye, the 'rats' will finally be exposed and ready to be exterminated. Expect a Holocaust - the REAL one.

"They sow the wind but they shall reap the whirlwind"

Ezekiel 22:20

Who's gonna do it?

"He will also do it"

'He' is Hashem.

Anonymous said...

jj I think you (and every american) should be wearing your tin foil hat
Not necessarily to stop incoming but to unshackle the rest of the world from the shit that emanates from your deceitful spewings

Visible said...

South of Bari is where I am; don't like Bari at all but have to drive around it anytime I head north. Yes, it is the Albanians. They travel around in crews and completely empty houses down to all the fixtures and pipes.

I've been hearing this shortwave thing for awhile. Are you savvy about shortwave? I want to buy a setup and I can get it on Ebay. I need to know if you or anyone reading this can advise me on how to do this. In return I will start broadcasting as soon as I get it and figure out how to work it.

Oops, now I see that you posted your response at an earlier post. Well, I'll just go on here in the hopes that you will see this; or someone will see it.

Anyone who knows about shortwave please let me know what to buy; what I need comprehensively and I will use what I've gotten in donations to make the purchase. As soon as I get it I will start broadcasting on a regular basis much in the way I now do my radio show.

kikz said...

cadavre -

zoglodyte- love it!

don't forget...

o'neil was hot on the trail of the ghost of osama, til april glaspie (sp) sent him home, and he'd just started his new/exciting job the day b4...poor fool.

yup, WTC - asbestos abatement nightmare...

COG- 'continuance of gov' another to remb, rummy/cheney had thru decades of slithering/maneuvering reduced the intercept wings to just the 4 corners, they well fukin knew where all the holes were and widened them...also the concurrent 4-5 NORAD/EM readiness exercises runnin that am...yep the complicit top brass all got better jobs out of it...not one head rolled. it's even in print.. just scope the joint chiefs' testimonial record,the first, post 9/11. gotta dig, but it's there.

good ol' dov zackheim owns quite the interest in that fly by wire override system...2+ trill, poof'd. wonder how things are for him over on Kst @booz/allen these daZe?

i'm sure dov & 'prince of darkness richard pearle' (who owns an interest in the zioraeli IT sftwr co, that backdoord an ear into our most stragetically sensitive yammerings) still see ea/othr socially...

ah.. airphone, and those 911 recordings.. some theatre, eh?

zoglodyte gatherings must be some good times, no?


just stay in the treeline.. that's the best we can do for now. tzun tzu...can ya dig?

les, shortwave; older equipment would be best, unless you can 'faraday cage it' or have access to a lead box, or deep cave in the event of of an ElectroMag pulse bomb. shit, i don't even know if that would help....? anybody? somebody surely has a friend in the know, who 'skips'...

Anonymous said...

MI5, CIA, MI6, NSA, NKVD, MOSSAD, FBI, SS, etc., etc., etc., zowwww

All of these spies running around reminds me of the old comic strip in MAD magazine, "Spy vs. Spy."

And the other strip they developed, "Spy vs. Spy vs. Spy."

There's so many of those clowns running around, peeking in bathroom windows that they have to be spying on one another.

What bogus terrorist plots they don't get from torturing some poor soul and announcing to one and all that WE Saved You Again!!, they get from listening in to each other's sordid schemes to flush out the boogieman, which in these cases, is them.

At one time, in the old East Germany, their secretive intelligence service, STASI, had around 1/3 of the population enlisted as spies for the state.

Like the saying goes, you're not being paranoid if they are out to get you.

I've already made my choice if the goon squads turn up at my door and believe me, it doesn't involve turning the other cheek.

“I would rather die standing up, than live life on my knees.”

kikz said...

ermmm. one slight correction.. inre airphone.. airphone did and does work.. but cellphones that rely on 'groundbased' cell towers for triangluation do not and can not work @600mph +...

Anonymous said...

good and evil, right and wrong are only labels. In the end TRUTH will still be TRUTH and everything else will be gone - let the liars lie, it'll be plowed under by TRUTH sooner and later. Peace out from a fellow human bean - :)

Anonymous said...

Les....bought me a shortwave sometime ago. an ICOM IC718, HF transceiver. I've got all the manuels, on operating it but for old people it is a pretty complicated piece of technology, so it just sets.

Funny you would ask. I haven't had it on for quite some time and just for the hell of it I turned it on this morning when I got up. Went to your site to read the posts and there you just mentioned one.

I think I got about 700.00 in it. There is a test to take in order to broadcast [or send]. This one can do both. If you're going to buy one make sure it's going to do what you want it to do and price dictates that.

I just now went to look for the sales receipt and everything is in the folder except where I bought it from. I researched the Net and found several places to buy one, I'm a little bit afraid of E Bay.

anything else I'll get back to you


Anonymous said...

We live in high-tech, dangerous times and most would opt to tell a lie than to be in serious danger, possibly leading to death of not only to ones self but masses. A person has to weigh the consequence and determine the best cause of action. This is normal. When a person gets too wrapped up in the selfish notes of matters they can't lead worth a darn and at the end of the day there does have to be some leaders out there lest we forget where on the planetary plane we dwell, duhh.

Mr. human bean, u r funny!

jj, the best advice I would dare give on such matters would be that folks need to learn to travel the super highway of wavelengths (litereal) if they want to drive 'have any control'... tin foil is a silly idea but if it makes one feel better 'security blanket' oh well...

Dang Tony u r bitter against Americans, you should field some of that energy toward truth, laced with reality. Mankind is to blame... 'mostly men of coarse, ha' not just americans...chill dude!

Visible said...

thank you Duane... I'm prepared to spend a thousand euro on a system. I get that about twice a year from my contributors and if I don't get it when i want it I will buy it anyway myself because I've got that much, probably. However, I'm in Europe so I can't take an American test i don't think. But whatever I have to do I'll do it. I just need to know what brand to buy and how much power I need to span the grid.

I think it's a good idea and I can speak to anyone who is interested who has a radio and they can get one for less than ten dollars in some cases.

You are wrong about Ebay. I've had nothing but good luck with EBay. Unfortunately I can't get Ketamine there but if any reader really likes me and what I do they should put me in touch with a friendly Vet or their neighborhood supplier. This depression is killing me.

Anonymous said...


O Neil's problem may have been he knew what the FBI now says - not enough information to indict the man - besides - he may have been a protectorate of the CIA. There are two signed denials from Bin regarding the the /11 attack.

O Neil's biggest problem was that he smelled Massad foot prints all over the Kohl bombing - which makes sense in light of more recent reports that the group claiming responsibility Islamic Jihad has proved to be of the same cut as Fatah Al Islam - they wear the AL KADA brand - but are contractors in the employ of US/UK and Israeli intelligence services.

Look farther back at the "accidental" Exocet strike by a then allied Iraqi pilot on the USS Stark. It doesn't take much of a leap of imagination to conclude what would've happened had the Stark kissed the bottom - Iran would have been blamed just as Egypt was to be the scripted bad guy patsy for the USS Liberty.

There have been so many assassinations since the 2000 elections. Remember the state troopers carrying evidence and state election board officials who ended up suicided in motel rooms just after Goat Story Boy became Jeff Gannon's Debutante? More recently, an employee of Deborah Palfrey and Deberah Palfrey herself, found suicided by hanging. What did Debbie and her worker know - well they heard customers bragging, no doubt to bring their little pink helmeted love puppy to attention (sometimes there just ain't enough Viagra), about fore knowledge of the /11 attacks. Who was working with Palfrey on this? Well none other recently suicided by Houston police and ex CIA Agent, Roland Carnaby. Houston has the distinction of being one of the few proud cities to enjoy UAV (unmanned flying spy drones) flying over it's airspace 24/7. Houston is also the home to the lease breaker at the WTC (who forfeited 50,000$) to exit the WTC 2 weeks early, none other than the "American Israeli Shipping Company". Now how about that!

What about the more recent suicide Dr Iwins - and of course - his guilt by PR after what seems to be another regrettable, but very convenient, silencing of the lambs.

What about the "convenient heart failure" of Kenny Boy Lay. His death before he had a chance to belay claims by plaintiffs for the personal wealth he accumulated through defrauding Enron Investors and retirees, gets to stay with his family.

O Neil was chasing the ghosts of the people that attacked the USS Liberty and that's why Condi was asked to pull his body guards by our Zoglodytic Ambassador in Yemen.

And I haven't even go into the Clinton's, Mena, the cocaine trade, and all the dead bodies pile up around that particular bit-o-history.

Where is is the question of the day?


Randall said...

Depression the order oof the day here. Depressed psyche, depressed
respiration, and no medical!
Oh well, at least I'm better off than a lot of people.
Have shelter, food, and computer!
And my guitars.
Nice sounding amp too.
But in the words of Father Karras:
Quod nomein mihi est?

Anonymous said...

Great blog, excellent writing!

I think you may enjoy this video.

Visible said...

Kikz05 you are amazing flat out. You didn't mention Danny Casolero but that's okay. I was told that I was a target a number of times just for attitude and god knows they did their best to get me dead or raped and then killed and it turned out that the people who do those things became my protectors. Hey... that's a matter of record. I was in the D.C. jail the day Martin Luther King got killed and no one touched me. A few days after they transferred me to The Howard Pavilion for the Criminally Insane they trashed the jail. They tore it apart. They wasted a guy who, at the time, had a much higher martial arts ranking than me.

Guy comes up to me at St E's (which is where the J.H. Pavilion is located and which, along with Springfield, MO is one of only two Federal holding tanks for the craziest fuckers on Earth) and said, "Gypsy, you have no idea what they did to the white boys there. I've never seen evil like that." Obviously he wasn't in the New Mexico prison when they went nuts.

I've seen shit no one wants to see and couldn't do anything about it. These days I don't see anything but my succulents

Rights of Man said...

jj- you're spot on with the faraday cage. This is my field (electronics/electrical, mechanical, etc). Yay!

[good info on wavelengths, etc]

The cheapest way to shield something like a shortwave radio receiver would be (sounds silly, I know...) to put it in an old microwave, as the shell is a Faraday Cage designed to keep the ultra-short [read: MICROwave] radio waves in. Seems justified to assume it would keep the others (much larger [i.e. lower frequency])waves out. The inherent drawback would be (obviously)...reception, but I believe they sell shielded loop antennae. to alleviate such problems [t1 transmission lines cause interference since they transmit in the same frequency range] It really wouldn't be hard for someone with just a bit of free time and some tools to retro fit an old microwave with their shortwave receiver. Most computer speakers use shielded wiring and could easily be connected throught the exisiting penetration of the power cord.

It would do most folks well to keep one of these shortwave radios, and keep it protected from emp, if that's their concern. (Coincidentally, much, much chatter as of late regarding EMP threat).

As for what is least susceptible to emp damage... vacuum tubes and anything designed on the principle of inductance (wound-wire electrical motors). Thus, the older the equipment, the better.
Solid state electronics are designed to accept interference and highly susceptible to EMP.

The way it works is thus:

EMP producing device "goes off" (explodes/detonates/whatever)- it produces an extremely strong electromagnetic field. This field travels in a nanosecond to unshielded electronics and induces a current into the various conductors which overloads the circuits and melts the guts. A faraday cage basically absorbs the electromagnetic field, preventing it from harming components. The USAF Cyber Command, NSA, CIA, and other sensitive alphabet agencies use intrinsic faraday cages, built directly into their buildings to protect them from EMP, and/or radio intrusion.

Rights of Man said...

Sorry - I mixed up the commenters. kikz - spot on with faraday cage.

jj- you should wear the hat as a badge of honor... I wear mine and I'm not crazy...what's that? ... my neighbors dog is telling me I may be... :)

Visible said...

I just want to mention... as per the MSNBC article on the front page that both Bush and Bernake are lying sonsofbitches; moral and physical cowards, psychopaths and odious 'me-firsters' the like of which we rarely see in combination. I would like to invite both of you sedentary pieces of shit to meet me in a cage match and you can both have knives and I will, with great pleasure show you what it is like when you don't have an army at your back in the cemeteries of night.

Both of you are blood-sucking rank cowards and nothing would give me more pleasure than to kick your ass; you spineless, stinking corruptions upon the human form. Woe unto you you feckless losers. I will see you in Hell and, by the way, I rule in Hell as I do everywhere else.

Sorry to say this here and I don't want you to get the wrong idea but since I am arjuna with the reins held by my master I get to say this and I really fucking mean it.

Visible said...

and I REALLY fucking mean it.

Anonymous said...

I see my previous link to the video didn't work. One more time.......

Visible said...

You know, Danny Casolero, though I wouldn't call him a friend because I didn't know him that well was a really good guy.

My friend in Woodstock who did know him as a friend and whom I call a real friend... Gary Irving, Irv Yarg...whatever he calls himself today called me in Hawaii one day because he wanted research on his friend which he could not do but at the time I could do because a lot of the information was in Hawaiian newspaper...

he really cared about this because Danny mattered to him and Gary is one of the best people I have ever met.

At my lowest point in my life, Gary opened his home to me and took care of me and I am not likely to forget that. One day I am going to get to save Gary's ass and I look forward to that, no matter how many kalpas are involved.

I choose my friends very carefully because I have paid the price for not paying attention. Most of you have not had to face down Leroy with a 12 inch dick and his friends on the sidelines but I have had to and I do not recommend this to amateurs.

I've seen people better physically able than me fed to Woo's pigs (that would be Deadwood in case my spelling is fucked)

Lest anyone here think I am an intellectual or anyone, anywhere deserving of respect... I know just what I am. I am flawed. I never ran away from a friend in trouble. I never bought into the game and I have done hard time for opening my fucking mouth and I have done it no matter how many times they hit me and I took a lot of them down and they made me pay ten times as much for doing so.

The point is this, like the point of the post was... pay fucking attention because... if you don't it could be your ass.

I'm pretty good at what I do but I know that that and not having the right after shave will not get me the cup of coffee I don't drink at the places I don't go and it won't work for you either. The last point is the only point I wanted to make.

If you are one of us you can stay at my place.

notamobster said...

vis - I am again sorry to do this on your site, so feel free to not post it if you like.

TONY - the vitriolic nature of your comments, is usually ignored easily. Why do you feel the need to troll the internet looking for my comments so you can complain about them and accuse me of being a spy, or deceptive, or other?

My life is an open book. I hide nothing. I DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DECEIVE ANYONE (accept by hiding my real name). Now you're attacking jj (here and elsewhere) and all Americans. All Americans are not evil - as is evidenced by les' readership. All ozzie's are not good, and NO ONE owns the moral high-ground. Some countries are better than others, some worse. Our nations leadership is abhorrent. Most of our people are dim-witted mouthbreathers, but they are not inherently deceitful. Deceived? ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY! But not deceitful.

Please, enlighten the rest of us, as to the esoteric knowledge you have gained through your years on this planet, because aside from your hateful attempts to castigate people, I haven't seen much in the way of ideas, or thoughts on various subjects. Just spiteful snippings at those of us who are trying to contribute to the betterment of mankind.

Anonymous said...

it warms me to know that hell won't be everything they'd hoped for.

Visible said...

just in case any one missed it, I love rough and tumble; the proof is proved in the comments people make and in the aftermath when everyone else thinks about it.

need I say more?

kikz said...

'osama - he may have been a protectorate of the CIA. '

of course he was one of 'ours'...just like saddam hussein(sp?) before he decided not to play ball and open the iraq bourse and NOT trade oil in us greenbacks. one of the 'economic hitmen' can't think of his name has quite a bit to say inre saddam, they couldn't corrupt him, nor get to him to liquidate him...for quite a while.

so anyway.. it does seem more plausible that o'neil was sacrificed to cover zoglodyte footie prints on the Cole. like i said...'ghost of osama' was the official cover... whatever the case he was diggin into something that somebodies didn't want dug into, hence glaspie pulling his clearance in country.

hmmm. i'll hafta get school'd on the Stark.

danny casolero...not ringin a bell either.. i'm gettin so damn many 'near senior moments' it's a wonder i remb my own damn name...hmmm.

yea, i'm up w/mena/clinton/barry & the boys gang shenanigans.
good ol' al martin schooled me on mena, b4 he turn'd his site to pay. another good site to read bout barry/boys...hopsicker/ google it.. you'll find it.

i know some ziofit buggered out on the wtc lease...can't remb the name though.. hmm. i thought 'he' of moving co. fame had hotfooted it back to zion, last i heard..many civil cases/suits over his scam of a moving co.
no extradition, doncha ya know.

carnaby was odd.. well, houston makes sense frm a strategic infrastructure standpoint, in the top10 on anyone's op list, i'm sure. god knows, we've got enuff of 'em (art students) here in dallas.

oh well....

it marches on.. like an army of urukai.


Anonymous said...

nota, my telling you won't make it so. You must investigate and find out for yourself.
You have made a good start and your heart is in the right place by being here.

GodSend said...

Don't flatter yourself, Les. You've deleted plenty of my comments - especially the ones that were sharper than any 2-edged sword and cut some of your fantasies to ribbons (and made you tumble, mumble and stumble) ;)

Dodgy One said...

Financial crisis planned indeed, it is so that the global currency can be imposed and world domination by greedy elite will be completly unstoppable.

The fall of the first beast may be complete or more to come but this will pave the way for the second beast. This second beast will be headed by the antichrist and create worldwide troubles.
The mark of the second beast will be the new currency that will be forced on all countries.
We all must rally against the new world financial order of a global currency very little time is left to do this.

Visible said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Visible said...

Well, I deleted my last comment because God send decided to act like the good Christian he thinks he is. I can't find were it went now so I'll just put the comment back as proof that I'm a good Christian too.

God Send me to hell... isn't that how you would like to be known? I've deleted probably two of your comments and maybe two of The Apollonians and maybe five other comments in all the time I've been here. I don't think I've refused ten yet.

The idea that you would trouble or affect me with your dogmatic dribble is not worthy of reply. The truth is that I didn't post your comments because other posters told me you were making the place look bad.

I put this up to illustrate the sort of cheap pandering you get up to and, I am sorry to say that you're not welcome once again. Go molest school children and then read to them from the bible afterwards. I think you'll have more fun with that.

Anonymous said...

No tracks?! Ya like that hehe. Some groovy software Merlin taught me to use. Merlin had a computer when I was in short pants watching Rocky & Bullwinkle. Never can be too 'noid on tubes of the innernett. Yea those web bugs, scripts, private headers, cookies don't load up. It is good to have a white hat on your side.

Anonymous said...

Glad you caught up Les

Anonymous said...


"Sorry to say this here and I don't want you to get the wrong idea but since I am arjuna with the reins held by my master I get to say this and I really fucking mean it."

Shit, man, sometimes I can't tell whether you're speaking literally or metaphorically. And maybe it doesn't make any difference. You're Arjuna? Archetype or past life or paranoid delusion or all three and it's all the same thing?


And why not? 'Cause one thing's for sure, if Arjuna or any of the other Eternal Champions manifests in this late dark stage of the kali yuga, he wouldn't be packing heat, because this Beast is too big and too vicious to fight with violence. Subtler methods are required.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Visible for that great snapshot of time.
I really understand what you mean with the ship-metaphor, its becoming more and more obvious (for those who try to distance them self)with every day and week.
Still the ship is so big, I have to admit am a bit scared but hey, others have done it and survived.

Thanks again.



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