Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What to Do about The Troll under The Bridge?

You really don’t have to do much more than go to WRH (the October 6 line-up) to see a vast and comprehensive collection of information and perspectives on how bad it really is. Keep in mind that it’s worse than any of what you are reading because everything is interdependent in the global financial scheme. Keep in mind that the major players are mostly psychopaths who have nothing but self-interest in mind and that nothing is less likely to solve an interdependent crisis than unbridled self-interest.

The interdependent financial crisis is also interdependent with the geo-political situation and every conflict that is occurring at this time. The interdependent financial crisis is also hot-linked to energy, housing and food. All of these things are interdependent. Think of the world of phenomenal reality as being like a spider’s web or a suspension bridge. I’ll leave you to ponder the possibilities.

As the crisis deepens, the people’s assets, borrowing and buying habits are altered; paranoia becomes rampant. Things constrict. Then, that which the banks and corporations rely on in order to conduct their business suddenly go missing or is greatly reduced. You do the math. The stock market is about confidence. Confidence is a funny thing. It can make a lie a valuable commodity and ratchet its value far above what it essentially is and it can maintain that value for... who knows how long? This can be done as long as confidence fuels the faith and imagination of the people. That’s in free fall right now.

What happens when corporations rule government policy? The possibility of false flag terror attacks, sudden critical shortages and war becomes immanent. It is hard to imagine any other alternative. This is how they operate. This is how they have operated for as long as they have operated.

What is the solution? First you have to look at the problem itself and how the problem got to where it is. We’re in a ‘breaking eggs to make omelets’ situation where certain individuals must be apprehended and jailed or eliminated entirely. This is a realpolitick look at things. I’m not advocating anything. I’m talking about what’s there. You can’t solve the problem of the troll under the bridge as long as the troll remains under the bridge. It may be that you can drive the troll away. You can maroon the troll. You can imprison the troll and you can kill the troll. You have to do something about the troll or your problem continues. You cannot go to the troll for the solution to the problem of the troll; as is presently the process being employed.

I’m not going to mince words here. In many cases you need to employ the Ceausescu solution. The reason this is necessary is because the troll will not stop acting like a troll for as long as the troll remains. Trolls do not magically transform into elves. Trolls do not possess a conscience that would allow for rehabilitation. Trolls are trolls. Some people think they are cute. I do not.

Alternatively you can strip the troll of all of his/her assets and imprison or exile them to a place from which they cannot return. You can forbid them the opportunity to operate in their former sphere of activity ever again. Unfortunately... you have a problem. The problem is that the trolls are the ones making the laws that enforce and constrain troll behavior. The trolls are the ones enforcing the law. The trolls are the ones reporting and shaping the news. The only way to deal with trolls is to call in the exterminator the same way you would for any pest infestation. You may want to use a humane trap so that you can ferry them to the shark encircled island. You may want to merely contain them. However you approach it you have to do something that renders the trolls harmless; one way or the other.

Sometimes justice has to be employed in a direct and powerful way. Consider that the trolls never had a moment’s hesitation or doubt about destroying the lives of others; causing wars and want and all of the ills that trolls cause. Trolls are not human. Trolls don’t care. The end justifies the means and only the needs of trolls are ever considered.

The indecently rich must be stripped of all of their assets and put out on the street. The politician trolls must be driven from office. The corporation trolls must be run off. The media trolls must be silenced. Parasite trolls and parasite nations have to be cut off completely from any and all influence in the host country or they will (and are) bleed you white. Parasites do not engage in symbiosis. Parasites are not beneficial to the host body.

This is clear simple fact. Banker trolls must be bankrupted and all trolls must be defined and treated as trolls.

Sooner or later a housecleaning is going to be in order or you lose the house. Sooner or later the trolls will destroy the world in which you live because that is their modus operandi. That is how they do business. Should you allow your own destruction so as not to offend the trolls? That is for you to decide.

Everybody knows who the trolls are. Who are the people who have amassed great wealth at your expense? Who are the people creating the wars for personal profit? Who are the politicians and religious leaders who are servants of these trolls? Who are the media operatives who feed the lies that justify the looting and pillaging? Who are the storm-troopers enforcing the will of the trolls against the well being of the populace? One should take a look at the conditions that existed in France prior to the revolution and what followed after and be mindful that all too often when the tables are turned the same people are still sitting there.

Do I think you can pull this off? You can’t pull this off if you don’t deal with your own inner troll first. You can’t solve a problem if you can’t see to what extent you are part of it. And you can’t use kid gloves to solve a troll problem. You can’t reason with trolls and you can’t ever trust a troll to be reasonable and quit their evil ways. Hey, they’re trolls.

Trolls caused these problems and one of the ways they did this was by getting you to accept that troll behavior is acceptable. It’s not. Troll behavior never works out to the advantage of everyone else. A troll infestation can not be eliminated by leaving the solution in the hands of the trolls. They’ll throw a few of their number under the train and go right on with business as usual. Troll behavior has to be looked at as shameful and reprehensible and it must be universally condemned. Trolls have to be named and shamed. Trolls have to be rendered impotent by whatever means necessary or you might as well take your own life because they’re going to do it anyway- or worse and they won’t be so kind in the deed as you would be yourself. A massive awakening must take place and when it does it won’t be hard to see what’s what. Luckily... and I say that with no small amount of irony... a massive awakening is going to take place whether you like it or not. It’s taking place now. It needs to be hard and lasting or nothing is going to change.

You’ve got a front row seat to life in interesting times. Sooner or later you are going to realize that the real power has and always does reside in ‘the people’. Until you stop employing trolls to look after your affairs you are going to be neck deep in troll shit and they are going to serve it to you warm for dinner.

This polemic, like all of my dissertations is only so many words. Circumstances are another thing. When you injure your body you feel it. Unfortunately it is not so when someone else is injured. But we are all interdependent too, whether we see it or not. Everyone’s death and suffering really does diminish and affect you too.

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Anonymous said...

George Washington, Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson warned our 'flock' about keeping Trolls out of this country. These men were wise beyond belief. I believe Franklin stated this country would last less than 200 years if any large numbers of Trolls were allowed in. We can all add 200 years from the time these Troll-like creatures started populating the cities on the east coast. Today these Trolls have pulled out all of their bag of tricks to hoodwink the population into thinking evil is good, and good is evil. Truth always wins in the end and there will be a time when Fire Lake will be ready for them and their supporters.

Anonymous said...

What makes it really hard isn't that the trolls have the police, the courts, the legislatures, the armies, the media, and the corporations. It's this: the trolls have a right to be trolls. It is what they are, and they are no more to be blamed for it than a slug is to be held to account for being slimy.

The other hard part is the issue of fighting. Attack the trolls, use their methods against them, and you'll find that when you've won (if you win) ... you've become a troll. Of course by then you won't care. But I'm assuming that right now, you do.

Now don't get me wrong. The troll problem must be dealt with. One way or another, it will. Hell, they're dealing with themselves, increasingly; the more all the goodies are held by trolls, the more the trolls start to eat each other. Best let that feeding frenzy go for a while; it'll thin out their numbers. Don't get involved, don't draw attention to yourself. Watch and be aware and wait for the right moment. And when that moment comes.... you'll know what to do.

The important thing is, don't act out of hate for them, no matter how tempting it might be. They're easy to hate, I know. But if you let hate drive your actions, well ... it will lead you down a dark and ugly path, and at the end of it, you'll be as dark and ugly as the thing you hated.

Visible said...

clarification to the effect of everything you are saying is peppered through the post. I choose my words carefully which is why no specific action is recommended and why so many alternatives were given

Anonymous said...

The three step detroll program ...

Identify them

Locate them

Isolate them

It's a good idea, but how's it going to happen? Violence is theirs. Anybody can be forced/deceived into using violence, but to initiate violence in support of your (our) cause is to go over to the dark side (as in the French revolution that you mention). It's not worth winning the battle at the expense of the war. On the other hand the trolls and their kind don't seem to give a tuppenny f*ck about anything except force.

Maybe if a critical mass of world-wide consciousness can be awakened to see the slavery, abuse and despoliation that the earth and its life have suffered for decades?/centuries?/millennia? , then their power will evaporate in the space of a single heartbeat. Of course, they'll still have force with which to keep control. Good old reliable violence. But every day they'll lose a little more control. Maybe that's happening now. And then maybe we can move on to the next task. Which will be how to stop the bastards taking us and everything else with them.

I live in hope.

Kevenj said...

Mathew, why so glum?

There's much we can do!
As a very wise person said on the Calculated Risk site recently:

" I have an urge to ride my bike down to wall street with some friends. just hang out for a bit shouting "jump! jump!" until we get chased away..."

Besides guys, the Government just decided to purchase all that pesky commercial paper (CDO's)
that keeps messing up my potential Wall Street Profits.

See-they really DO care, and they really DO know what they're doing!

Well..time to troll..i mean get some business!
Have a blessed day all!

Anonymous said...

I would hope that one would consider another option - one that renders the trolls impotent entirely. If we would realize that we don't even need to cross the damn bridge, the trolls could lurk all they want and would eventually starve.

Why are we so set on finding the right troll to lead us? Why do we get so worked up about "our" troll VS the "opposing" troll? Are they not equally capable of consuming us?

So often I see the "solutions" to our problems as falling several steps shy of dealing with the real problem. So many of these tweaks just allow us to shift in our seat a bit to alleviate the slight discomfort for a moment, but ignore the facts that tell us we are still strapped to a chair in a burning building. The whole financial "crisis" tells me that the notion of making money out of money and producing nothing of any real value is insanity. You know what? These financial institutions are not losing ANYTHING except the right to maintain the illusion of great wealth. Numbers on a computer screen is not wealth. Pieces of paper, no matter how high the stack is, isn't anything that can be looked at as having any real value. It's all make believe! Yet we continue to believe it.

Look, if we allow entire industries to spring up that do nothing but create "wealth" by showing a bunch of numbers on paper or a computer screen then we get to where we are today. Fractional reserve banking is counterfeiting. Derivatives are hocus-pocus of the worst kind. Basing an entire monetary system on debt is wrong on so many levels, I can't even begin to describe it, and the trolls have the nerve to tell us it is so complex we can't hope to understand because we aren't smart enough ( arrogant, delusional bastards!!). And now the trolls are laundering that illusory wealth by demanding real assets like our homes, resources, infrastructure and industry, and the one thing that will always have the ability to not only produce what we need to sustain, but also to grow and evolve - our time, sweat, and energy. They want to own us outright. Forever. They want us to line up and pay toll, empty our pockets, and sign over everything we have (including our future and that of our children) before we cross that bridge and offer ourselves up to them.

Time for an entirely new system that has no place for trolls. At all. Not a tweak, a new law or policy, or a bunch of fresh, new trolls to consume us, but a new view of what is important. Don't be tempted by all that shiny stuff on the other side. Don't think for a second anyone outside of yourself is the best one to determine what you should value. Self-determination! Stay away from the bridge - you might find you have everything you need right where you stand.


notamobster said...

"Hell, they're dealing with themselves, increasingly; the more all the goodies are held by trolls, the more the trolls start to eat each other."

This is by design... I assure you, the trolls at the "pointy tip of the pyramid" are not eating each other. They allow those who have been their useful idiots to eat each other, to further propogate their plan. When the eating reaches critical mass, they step back-in to resume control, and allow the people to think they have won a great victory; a la:

"One should take a look at the conditions that existed in France prior to the revolution and what followed after and be mindful that all too often when the tables are turned the same people are still sitting there".

Brilliantly written, Sir. There is much fear. Fear of the trolls and their operatives. The threat permeates every pore of our culture. I have never met a person who says "I'm afraid of a terrorist", but I have met countless people who (after some badgering give tacit agreement to what I'm saying) ultimately say "...but what can we do? They'll just throw us in prison or kill us." Therein lies the bigger problem with ridding ourselves of the troll infestation. I am not immune to this fear. I have something to lose, too - wife, kids.

I will continue to speak out and continue my slow; inexorable march toward becoming a complete non-conformist...and when the time comes and we have appropriate numbers to clean house, well....

Anonymous said...

To find a way to handle this ugliness and not become a part is a challenge.
Each and every one of us must take an active roll in the direction of our country. We must set aside time to talk to the people we place at the helm of our well being and we must be vigilant about the direction in which they steer us.
Another great article Les.

Anonymous said...

Just read visibles post (comment)and wanted to clarify what I have written re:preparedness. I am not suggesting anything...that is up to you. The best thing you can arm yourself with is knowledge...and from there, glean wisdom. Everyones situation is different. It's best to go with your gut...not what you think everyone else is doing...or not doing. I am just trying to get you to think of what you will do in what may become a very real situation. If that situation comes, forget the gas station, forget the grocery store...it will be too late and those locations will be where the feeding frenzy will start. So you have some extra food you bought...you will eventually eat it, some extra full gas cans...you will use it. Look for the common sense things you can do now. AVOID TROUBLE!!! If you have no matches, you can't keep warm....if you have no ponchos (they are cheap to buy) you can't stay dry...common sense things that won't break the budget. The world will get real small, what is happening three states away will have very little bearing on where you are...act accordingly. As I said before...Do all with honor!! You will have true clarity in these situations if you allow it. All of the bullshit cluttering you mind now will be gone. People have been taught not to rely on themselves...the government will save them...god will save them....but that never happens.
It is simply up to you, not the "experts"...you know what's going on...act on it. People/family in our circle think we're nuts the way we do things, where we live, etc. "Why do you need this (buying in bulk), why do you need that" they always say. Well, I have never lived in a house that has burned down. I have never personally known anyone whose house has burned down...but I do carry fire insurance.

Ben There said...

So what I'm wondering is, will this awakening actually happen in our lifetime? And if so, what will it entail? Greed can't singlehandedly be wiped out of the human pysche anymore than the desire to sleep with your neighbors wife.

There is just some intrinsic "bad" in us and it seems that instead of tempering it, we've celebrated it. There's far more profit in vice than in virtue and it's become all about profit...even if that means us all turning into trolls, which in many ways, we have.

Our value system is all fucked up. But in order for that to change, in order for there to be a revolution, each of us will first have to undergo our own inner revolution. I know you're hinting at that here.

I don't think the machine is suddenly going to come to a halt. That would require a vast majority of us to abruptly stop buying anything, period. I don't see this happening. What will happen is a slowdown, or rather a rollback, to a more reasonable lifestyle. Maybe we'll get lucky and this will spark an influx of inner revolutions and this could have the effect of changing our value system as a society.

The trolls will still be there but maybe they'll be more commonly recognized as trolls rather than idols that we should all aspire to emulate.

Anonymous said...

I just had this epiphany Les..
Let's 'patent' this troll thing..
Troll stickers,slogans,let's have fun at the feckers.
And they can't accuse you of anti-trollism either..
As of today I will be spreading the 'word'
Down with the trolls!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Les:

"clarification to the effect of everything you are saying is peppered through the post. I choose my words carefully which is why no specific action is recommended and why so many alternatives were given"

I know. I knew while I was writing it. But then, I was writing that as much to remind myself as anything else, because it's all too easy to want to take the easy way.

Anonymous Z

"Time for an entirely new system that has no place for trolls. At all. Not a tweak, a new law or policy, or a bunch of fresh, new trolls to consume us, but a new view of what is important."

Absolutely. And the seeds of that garden are being planted right now, though it'll be a long, cold, dark winter before they even start to sprout.

The Revolution is Within. A whole other way of looking at the world, an entirely different way of thinking and thus doing ... upside down and sideways from how we've been trained and programmed.

Nonviolence is a big part of it ... I've got a post up at my blog, my own foggy understanding of the matter. Which might be total crap, or just so simple as to be wrong. Nevertheless, here it is.

Anonymous said...

It is my belief that when Germany became a one party state in 1933 they were 75 years ahead of the game.

Anonymous said...

Nicely worded, Les...

I personally believe it all starts with truly educating the children and young people of the world, it's gonna be their inheritance. I've personally started to talk at length with my daughter and her group of friends, and believe it or not they 'get it'. I actually had to do less orating than I originally thought I would. I'm finding people aren't as dumb as a lot of others take them for, and at some point critical mass is reached - I believe that time has come...

The 'Trolls' (*grinning*) have chosen the music, and now they have to dance to it. Can you say "it's time to Pay The Piper"?


notamobster said...


This isn't much, but it's a start... Some 'former elites' being charged with gun-running.

Anonymous said...

Without organization, any such steps are doomed. The government has very big apparatus trained to deal with any dissent, so even with organization/party it would be very difficult. Organization must identify the enemy, set the goals, create alternative press, get the necessary means, and so forth. The road to the change lies through organization.

Ironically, however, all the means of achieving the goals are in our hands - so far, nobody has canceled the elections, and nobody prohibited the elected from enacting any laws they deem necessary. And still, things are the way they are. Why? I'll tell you why: because 99.9% of the people in this country do support and approve the trolls, and dream of becoming one themselves. If seven years of not seeing one real terrorist has not raised in their heads the question what is war on terror, and they still wish each other not happy holidays but safe holidays, then they have to go through some very, very real suffering in order to change their minds from supporting our troops and Christmas shopping to the reality. They have become too convinced that even having become illiterate, lazy, possessing no other qualifications than "excellent communication skills", creating no real values and making no contribution to the civilization, and in a nutshell, as Mike Rivero used to say, doing nothing else but shaking the money one pocket to another, they still deserve very fine leaving, far better than in many other countries where people really work. They have to find their faces very tightly in the mud in order to change their minds and actually begin working.

The problem is not in the troll. The troll under the bridge is very authentic reflection of the citizens on the bridge, freely elected by them and approved by them. Without organization, they wouldn't be able to fight him, but being what they are, they wouldn't even want to.

Anonymous said...

Actually the "real power" doesn't lie in the people...it lies in the Lord who the planet has turned it's collective backs.

Anonymous said...

Nice job! I hope this essay is widely circulated and wakes a few more sleepy sheople!

Anonymous said...

Paranoia will destroy ya! I often sell old books I have already read. I took some in on Monday and what would usually be 20-30$ is now .25cents. I couldn't help but laugh. I'm no Harvard MBA genius but just who did the politrick scumfucks think filled up the trough for their fat snouts to wallow in that would be the good ol taking it in the ass on a minute, hourly, secondly basis taxpayer. Seems Mr. Ms. taxpayer can't compete with a worker in Sri Lanka who will work for 15cents an hour and be treated like a turd in the process. But the worker in Tailand will make the CEO pockets swell up. Duh I figured that out and I barely made it through 12th grade.

notamobster said...

Sorry to consistently have to do this, but, so long as people post these types of comments, someone has to call em out...

"Actually the 'real power' doesn't lie in the people...it lies in the Lord who the planet has turned it's collective backs."

11:09 PM

Oh...Ok. I guess we can all forget what we're trying to do here and go back to watching the game. No use trying to motivate and organize; the real power is in the Lord (Vishnu?, Krishna? Christ?, the Dalai Lama?)

I'm all for anyone here posting their feelings/beliefs. I have to admit I get annoyed with all the scripture, some times, as you don't see folks posting entire sections of the Sutra Pitaka, Bhagavad Gita, I Ching, Qur'an,etc - but that's their thing so it's cool. The problem I have is the defeatest, "it's god's will" "the lord has the power, not us" mentality. This type of attitude has led millions of sheep to the slaughter. Like, if we just pray hard enough, the scourge of these swine bankers will go away...

God, in whatever essence he/she happens to really be has given us power. He has given us the power of reason and free will(?)(and opposable thumbs)that we may defend and care for ourselves.

While I find no fault in faith; I should dare say he would rather appreciate the homage of reason, and action (the use of the gifts he has given) than the genuflection and subordination of spirit to these evil men, while waiting for him to act.

His plan may just be for you to claim your (our) collective power and fight these bastards. Maybe his power is excercised in/through us...by excercising our power!

As salaamu alaikum. Shalom. Peace.

Parfer DeCourse said...

Stop! Pay Troll!!!

You know, they’re setting up a Troll Booth! You got to PAY to get to the other side!! And, you STILL get eaten!!!

In my youth, I thought I could be someone. I thought I was a contender. Work hard, keep your nose clean, stay out of trouble and everything will turn out alright. Then I read the Protocols of the learned Trolls of Zion!

I learned that I am but an animal in human form placed here to serve the Trolls. Statistically insignificant canon fodder! Ignorant! Stupid! I don’t matter! I don’t count! Complete Garbage! Refuse! Trash!

Why did I waste all those years on my education? Why did I help bring two more souls into this world? Why did I fund an IRA? Why did I contribute to a 401k? Why did I think I would retire in peace and enjoy the little souls my kids brought into this world?

Couldn’t they have told me right off? “Hey buddy, don’t bother, it’s not worth it! You’re here to serve the Trolls! Now go get cleaned up. The way you are now isn’t Kosher!”

Well I Don’t buy this shit for one goddamned a minute!

They can pay for my credit cards out their Bankster Relief Troll Fund! They can have my house after I trash it! I’m NOT gonna play by their rules anymore! I’ll be damned if I ‘m gonna stand in front of their cannons!

I pledge to do my best to disrupt every damn thing those bastards stand for! I’ve earned that right GOD DAMMIT!!!

(Goy – My Ass!!!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Les… and all. I fear there is nothing we can do about the trolls under the bridge short of a full revolt. The problem with this is that we will end up Substituting one band of trolls with another band of trolls. The Ceausescu solution is one way of getting rid of trolls, but what or whom do you put in its place?
Do we elect ‘Les’ as President? I am not being funny or smart. I am not even saying Les would not make a good president, I am sure he would, for a while, but what do we do when he passes the law that says we all have to buy his latest album and then he outlaws country music and Willie Nelson?
Getting back to the real side of the universe, the question still stands. What or who do we put in place of the trolls.
It is obvious from the number of anti religious comments within many of the posts on this site and others that a religious solution is not the answer. Most would be horrified at the thought of a pope Benedict XVI for president and most would say he is part of the problem and even the biggest troll of them all. YOU MIGHT BE RIGHT!
The truth is, there is a million different systems we could put in place of the trolls, but it would still be a troll system to somebody/s and then somewhere in the future we would have another ‘Les’ writing another post titled ‘What to Do about The Troll under The Bridge?’
How about a system based on love, sounds good to me, but then what is love?
There are quite a few interruptions of what love really is. So-called ‘love’ in these days, can cover a multitude of sins.
Do we adopt a system of, live and let live?
I believe that, on our own, we will never find the perfect system. Men have dreamed of such systems since time in memorial and it has always been just beyond his grasp. The reason being of course is selfishness. We are (most of us) selfish to the core and always have been and until we look at the truth of this, we will never find the answer to our problems. Until I look at my ‘SELF’, I will never rid myself of all the selfishness that lies at the root of all my personal problems and my problems with the world and the people in it. The same goes for everyone on this site and this Internet and this world. The real problem is that we live in a world where there is less and less room for God. Think about it. If we take God out of the system then all we have left is ‘SELF’, that’s what has happened, that’s what always happens. The world and America has forgotten God and now God has said, “Okay, you don’t want me in your system, so be it, I will step back and we will see how you get on without me”. This is where we are. This is where we always end up at, when we go it alone. Suppose I am right and I believe I am how do we get God to come back? We could always try a little repentance… that helps in such times as these. However, whose God, or flavour of god do we choose? Catholic, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jew, as some one who comments on this site reminded me once, not so long ago. ‘Why insist on everyone having vanilla when you have a whole shop full of flavours?’ Or words to that effect. I think the god we all have in mind could well turn out to be the same one and we, in our selfishness, wanting to own god, just can’t see that. I too am guilty of the very same thing. I even have a blog called ‘The Irish Catholic’ so what does that tell you. I have my own set of beliefs, Les has his, and I am sure everyone who comments on this site has their beliefs. We may share some of our beliefs, but not all. For example, I am fearlessly opposed to abortion and believe that it is always wrong. Others here believe it is ok in certain circumstances and some believe it is up to the woman. How do we bridge all these different opinions? Is it showing love to say, the baby should die simply because the woman has made that choice? I don’t want to get in to an abortion debate, I am using it because in the world of right and wrong and trolls it is a hot topic and a good example of how entrenched we can become in certain beliefs. There are many such topics abortion is just one.
Weather you believe in God, or not, you at least have to admit that those 10 commandments, if lived, would certainly go a long way to getting rid of the trolls. I would even go so far as to say, there would never have been a troll problem in the first place. I for one have no problem with authority, be it in the form of presidents, kings, queens, prime ministers or whatever title they put on themselves. I would have no problem living in a society where men, from the less to the greatest, served and honoured God and each other. Sadly, the TRUTH is, the world we live in is long past that stage and in order to achieve such a system, God would have to kick some ass….does that sound familiar? I suppose kicking ass is one way of putting it. Another way would be to say, I am coming with my winnowing fan in my hand and I intend to separate the chaff from the wheat. Alternatively, I am coming to claim my own. Whatever way we want to put it, I think we are somewhat there or every close to it. All I/we can hope for is mercy and forgiveness, but first we need to ask ourselves, did I show mercy, did I forgive when it was my turn? If I didn’t then He will say, ‘you wicked servant, I forgive you, yet you withheld forgiveness and beat this poor man showing no mercy to him even when he begged you? If we are experiencing such feelings then maybe we are getting our ass kicked. Some on capital-hill are definitely feeling it. Maybe it’s time we showed some love, mercy, and forgiveness and let God do the ass kicking, as He surely will/is. I think it is fair to say we all fall short of the mark; some of the time, maybe even most of the time, but God is a merciful and forgiving God to those who try in truth. If the greedy trolls under the bridge, or in the Vatican, or on Capital-hill, or wherever they be, do not stop, repent, and show some love and mercy then they will get what’s coming to them.
In the mean time, it is right that, Les and the likes should continue to expose the lies of the trolls. It is important that the truth gets out, but more importantly, we should all be trying to live in the truth.
God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Someone punched out a troll.


Anonymous said...

All nice feelings aside, all carefully chosen words too, there is only one solution and anything else is just playing games in the trolls' own territory.

They must be eliminated. Executed! Mob justice, millions of angry villagers with pitchforks, clubs and GUNS!

Franz said...

Les --

Yes, carefully chosen words indeed! My compliments.

"In these dark times, with everyone talking at once, some of us must learn to whistle." (Walt Kelly, from his afterward to POTLUCK POGO.)

Also my hearty agreement with pissedoffinflorida. Agree! Spread the word. Nobody today would remember Tom Paine if lots of patriots (the REAL kind) had not taken it upon themselves to print and distribute Common Sense with their own dime on their own time. The King's men couldn't couldn't keep up with that.

Just the same --

Wise folks all recall that the USA is NOT a democracy, it's a cryptocracy, and it's public information:

The ICH article on COG makes this clear. Please note the following:

"The Bush administration put COG plans into operation for the first time in U.S. history in the hours directly following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. They have never been rescinded."

In English: America's been under martial law since 9-11-01. The fact you have not been told as much by Fox and CNN is a real shock, right?

It makes the last election, and the lack of war protests, real clear. Check it out:


If the URL breaks, it's called

Rumsfeld Updated Army's Continuity of Operations Plan before 9/11 By Tom Burghardt

Keep in mind when contemplating what Les Visible has written the fact that you DO NOT LIVE in a country with a working constitution. You live in a police state under continuity of government rules.

The difference makes a difference.

Anonymous said...

Outstanding journalism Les. The trolls are scurrying around trying to grab as much as they can before this irredeemable house of cards financial system comes crashing down. Yep, got to pump up those numbers on that computer screen. Isn’t it surreal how someone can take so much pleasure in numbers on a computer screen. The sick fucks already have more than they could spend in ten lifetimes and that isn't enough, and they don’t give a damn how they get it. These extremely wealthy individuals control the lions share of the wealth and couldn’t spend all of it even if they wanted to. What they don’t spend draws interest and their wealth compounds. This money is taken away from consumption in ever increasing amounts. That’s why there are so many destitute people on the streets.
At one time I thought at least those individuals who make tens of millions have to pay taxes on that income. Then I learned about deferred compensation. If a CEO makes fifty million one year he can take two million taxable to live on and defer the remaining forty eight million tax free until he draws it out at retirement. All the while it earns interest. (Many times they are guaranteed a certain percentage return on their accumulating booty by the corporation they work for) If the dude dies his heirs get the loot tax free. Pretty good deal huh, when the average Joe can only put a few thousand yearly in his 401k tax deferred, and the fucken government wants to put his social security in the stock market. What a sick joke. Just one of many examples of legal theft in this country.
What the hell, you said it all. Trolls aren’t human. "They can only act like, well, trolls."
This would be a good time to announce NESARA.........But who would do the announcing? Not the trolls, they are having too much fun at our expense.


Anonymous said...

How can we rid ourselves of our own inner-troll when we are dependant on using their monetary system to live? How can we rid ourselves of so many trolls when these are not just a few; these are generations of families that have owned this world for hundreds of years. Currently their stranglehold on this planet is getting tighter. They are using tactics from every angle to dumb down the average person, and indoctrinate them to believe their fantasy reality through the education system and the media. Even though a lot of people are waking up, their are still way too many dumb ass mother f***ers everywhere for me to have hope of this new world order not coming into play where the trolls have complete controll over the worlds population.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it becoming clear in the alternative media that it is not possible to change the troll system from within. While I respect those that care enough to take the time to inform themselves of the truth and try to stir others to action say a la Devy Kidd whom I admire at what point will they acknowledge that change will not come from the voting booth. Wake up and stop kidding yourself. When King George refused to accept the demands of the colonists they got his attention with tar, feathers and guns! Those that are not willing to fight for freedom will never obtain it. The problem is we are still too comfortable in our lives. We have too much to lose.
However during time of universal hardship this becomes a problem for the trolls and you better believe they undstand this well. I hope as I age I come to understand a little more each day. I could never understand Waco, Jim Jones the recent kidnappings in Texas. Whats it all about. I mean why such drastic govt. action against such small insignificant groups?
But it seems to be more in focus now. IMHO you have to look at these groups as dropouts.
They are groups of people living outside of the trolls system. They are happy and self sufficient. To the trolls they must be squashed before the idea catches on.
And thats what we patriots are up against. They will not let you abandon their system without a massive fight. When I think of what the trolls have denied humanity through the years it rips my heart out. How can you fathom an economic system that denies prospertiy for all to satify the insatiable greed of the trolls. I mean if you're a Rockefeller or a Rothschild what the fuck else do you need! There is no shortage of oil the world is swimming in it. The oil companies are not in the oil business they are in the shortage business. Wake up people.
If there is obscene profit in shortages you can be sure there is an economic interest in creating the shortage at the expense of the greater society. Does anyone doubt that solar energy could keep everyone around the globe warm and happy for free yet we have not evolved to that point just because a few of the worlds bankers would have to forfeit a tad of their wealth? How do you look at yourself in the mirror each day at accepting such inhuman lunacy.
The people not only have the right they have the duty to their fellow man to remove these trolls from our midst and pave the way for a better society. And to finish on a happy note just think of the time
not long ago when the russian communists tried to use the military to take back the country. I rember well the pictures of the tanks filling the red square where thousands of protesters demanded freedom. When the commie generals ordered the army to fire on the crowd the men in uniforms refused to fire on their own people. Thus was freedom saved. Is this why the US is in the mercenary business? The trolls learn their lessons well. They dont' make the same mistake twice.

Live free or die dammit

Anonymous said...

Those trolls that have given up their SELF to the service of evil pleasures and greed are the so called elite that is depicted as the high state of society when infact it is the lowest state.
This problem of elevating the most ruthless and greedy gamblers and tricksters is not going to change no matter how many different forms of society are adopted and collapse due to corruption.
Until we all see these traits as the lowest state of being and elevate only those who can detect and resist and expose the temptations. Who among us has those abilities ?

Anonymous said...

Actually the real power doesn't lie in the people...it lies in the Lord who the planet has turned its collective back...

And I heard another voice from heaven saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

For her sins have reached unto heaven, and GOD hath remembered her iniquities.

Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death and morning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire; for strong is the Lord GOD who judgeth her.

For true and righteous are his judgments; for he hath judged the great whore, which did corrupt the earth with her fornication, and hath avenged the blood of his servants at her hands.

And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more in thee; for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nation deceived.


And George Washington, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and the rest of the "freedom from worship" gang were the Founders of the original trolls who were so brilliant, and with such a marvelous insight, hindsight and foresight decided to leave the peoples freedom and liberty in the hands of the "religious and the moral" instead of in the hands of "their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honour".

That way when the time came to relieve the people of their government, they would find 300 million Americans standing around with their finger up their ass, telling each other there is nothing they can do about it.

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant,

for your information; I cannot remember the dates, but the phrase, "of the people,by the people,for the people" was first used in the Masonic lodges of Portugal.

You can take the troll out the country, but you can't take the country out of the troll,

We the people, and this government of the people, by the people, for the people is the brilliance of the devil, WHO IS WISE BEYOND BELIEF.


nobody said...

To this windmill tilter you're a tad absolutist Les.

The trolls are actually people. We can argue whether they are capable of feeling compassion or not - psychopaths, no empathy, blah blah blah. But really no one knows. Not for sure.

For instance, can psychopaths be deprogrammed? Has anyone ever tried? I know the Chinese did it after the war with their Japanese prisoners. Have a read. They succeeded.

And then there's people like the CIA. They've spent squillons of dollars and man-hours turning people into psychopaths. What if all that time and money had been spent making people compassionate? I refuse to concede that it's not possible. I'm convinced that any person can be deprogrammed from any religious or ethnic belief.

Keep in mind, the only people I know who tried, succeeded. And forget those idiot tough-love kid's camps you see on the TV. They're dog-and-pony shows. Nothing can be done in a month or two. And certainly not by the usual-suspect religious nutbars, kiddy-rapers and greedheads (ie. those who need deprogramming themselves). It takes years from patient, right-thinking, compassionate, tough people who won't wimp out and won't take no for an answer.

That aside, do I think it will ever happen? In this world? With white people running the show? No way known. And only an idiot would reject all the other options. But me, I feel compelled to explore the most compassionate response first - even for inhuman motherfuckers. Hell, especially for them.

In case anyone is confused, this is a very minor disagreement with your point. I just feel that one must, at the very least, tip one's hat to the possibility of compassion and redemption. Can you dig it?

Robert said...

The world is run by satanists.

N.W.O. Plans For US
January 31, 2007 ·
By Paul Joseph Watson

Hollywood director and documentary film maker Aaron Russo has gone in-depth on the astounding admissions of Nick Rockefeller, who personally told him that the elite’s ultimate goal was to create a micro-chipped population and that the war on terror was a hoax, Rockefeller having predicted an “event” that would trigger the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan eleven months before 9/11.

Rockefeller also told Russo that his family’s foundation had created and bankrolled the women’s liberation movement in order to destroy the family and that population reduction was a fundamental aim of the global elite.

Read the rest at the link.

Anonymous said...

Holy shit les, great essay.
I'm fresh off another "rant" with the friend I'd spoken of before.
One hour 45 minutes of nonsense, with him doing the "wayne's World, I'm not worthy, arm thing, in mockery"
Trolls - I love it.
yes indeed, these trolls do get about.
They control what can be discussed at
most universities, forums, editorials, on and on...
It is fact, that the law allows
these trolls to take you out of your home, and keep you indefinitely, and should a loved one wish to tell someone else, they face a 5 year prison term.
Les, you've been in the Pen, I've been in the pen. 15 years on my end.
But people who don't, or have been denied the ability to intuit what those terms actually mean, will not care or take part in discussion
about what potentially awaits them or their loved ones.
I tried every simple question I could to get a relevant response, but all I got was bullshit non sequiters.
Time to move on to real, tangible,
objectives, with no central leadership.
Just suggestions that can be implemented/agreed upon/ acted upon
as individuals/ local groups.
what else do we have?

Anonymous said...

Trust me on this.

Your major "troll" can be you wife, daughter, 'best friend' and whomever you previously you imagined to be trustable.

Les is WAY off beam here.

"Trolls" are certainly sick - psychopaths and sociopaths - but they DO NOT exist only at the "top end".

I had a wife who was and is a "troll", i.e. a sociopath (paranoid personality disorder).

So does Les recommend that I should destroy her, though she certainly destroyed me!

Get real Les.

Anyone can be a "troll", from the top to the bottom of so-called "society".

I BET that you do not have a clue about what society really amounts to.

I BET that you have no answer to Margaret Thatcher telling us all that there is no "society" any more.

Visible said...

Fate's Messenger; I can't publish your comment at this time because you're anonymous and there have been many instances of people posting extreme statements in order to complain about them. I'm not saying this is your intent but it is something I have to watch out for. When person is not anonymous and can be tracked to a blog that's been around (not suddenly created) or identified then I'm less likely to apply censure. As has just been seen, a member of a Hebrew congregation in Baltimore were caught spray painting swastikas and whatever else. A great deal of supposed anti-Semitic activity and many other things are being performed by those who pretend to be the victims of it. I think you get my drift.

As for several other comments about who is defined as a troll and etc; a careful reading of what I had to say should be clarification enough. It would almost seem that no amount of clarity will do when confrontation is the intent.

One can never be comprehensive in a single post so the best bet as to where someone is coming from can be gleaned by taking the body of work as more detailed exposition.

These are angry times and it's to be expected that people will go off more readily than in the past. I have people screaming at me about Ketamine use and claiming to be fully informed about my situation with zero information. Somehow they seem to know my motivations and behavior far better than me even though I'm closer to it than anyone else. It's not strange that what they say bears no resemblance to my experience.

But everyone focuses on what gets their attention (that's how the MSM works) and people contend with each other for reasons that quite often have nothing to do with the reasons they give. Underneath a lot of it is just resentment which would be better translated into effort on their part and they wouldn't feel so marginalized.

Carry on.

sockmonkey said...

gonna rip off your head and shit down your throat

Visible said...

Sockmonkey; could you clarify that a little before I post it?

sockmonkey said...


Problem, reaction, solution

apply the stimulus, sit back and watch, it works every time


Anonymous said...

I must agree with the deprogramming statement to a great degree. Is why I wrote the Silent Coup (induced mind control/slavery in order to overthrow the sovereignty of a nation) back in 2001. Unfortunately I am not a good writer as well as the book itself would have never been published too controversial 'I tried' even posting it only led to attacks making it look as if the writer being illiterate... 'sabotaged...' from various angles. I think the trolls Les is referring to here are really Manchurians and if we are to get to the bottom of much of what is going on in our world today, we must tackle the facts and implement the antidote which consists first and foremost of awareness 'truth of the matter' that which we are just now being made aware of en mass.

The first issue of all that exists is via what we have labeled by the name of physics (I believe the God so many refer to in religion is made of pure logic and is the same stuff physics consists of 'so to speak')...and second would be finance. The two rule this planet and then some. The elite of mankind are known as the ones who control the two. The depth of physics can easily pull one into troll status by default 'note the mad scientist...' and financial wealth does strange things with the mind...

The nice thing about it all is that it is possible to balance it all out but the masses must understand what it is they are dealing with and this is the hard part secondary to the numbers of people involved. Society has come up with a plan to give power to those who may be trusted with it but that plan backfires intermittently throughout history and mankind has to pull together with what is left after the dust settles and start over.

The key in our present time is starting over with as little fallout as possible 'we are more civilized now a day' but how?

Somehow I came to understand the financial/economic and scientific/physics aspect of our predicament and secondary to my cause 'figure it out' as an adult, I have lived the dream of understanding what I have written here and at the very core of it all. Is liken to a big puzzle but how now can I share this across the board and implement a cure to what ails us all? Seeing the banking crisis back in the early 80's and learning physics simultaneously and working both up till now, I can tell myself I have earned my keep on this planet and actually know it but it is not over and where do I go from here? It is all extremely complex and I am just one lil ol person, battered and torn from many years of research and analysis "along with all of the hoopla that goes with it."

I watch folks like Les, Alex Jones et al working just as diligently and I look for signs, answers, and hope. It keeps coming and how grateful I am for these folks 'truthers' and instead of shutting my mind down, I keep on keeping on and peace settles me. Ah, at the end of it all is it not peace within ourselves that must first come till we may share it with our surroundings and that which we seek.

Yes, it is going to get worse before it gets better and some of us may not make it through but the objective is to give it your best shot and NEVER forget this earth is just a portal!

Visible said...

Greetings Dear Readers. I have posted a new article Here

It's a follow up to my Ketamine drug use posting and the result of some curious behavior on the part of certain readers. It's not my intention to offend anyone and perish the thought that I would mention anyone but some things need to be said and I think I did. Please forgive what may seem forceful and somewhat less compassionate than I might like to be but that's how it goes sometimes.

faithful forever said...

Les and his well-informed readers,

I wanted to share this link:


With love in God's name.

Soozie Q

Anonymous said...

And what if your most important troll is your sociopathic wife (or husband)?

Or what if your most immediate problem is a psychotic neighbour, rather than some remote politician?

This is all nonsense Les ... this making out that trolls are only those who have some power over everyone.

"Trolls" is nonsense in itself, because what we are really talking about is sociopathy, psychopathy, personality disorders and so on, which are present in all walks of life.

Should I have killed my father?

Should I have killed my ex wife, who had a paranoid personality disorder?

You at least imply that I should have at least done something radical to rid my life of these "trolls" - who did far more to harm me than any politician, banker, etc..

Your position is a bit like those who fixate on "stranger danger", whilst it is a fact that you are FAR more likely to be raped or killed by a family member.

Visible said...

Sockmonkey; could you clarify that a little before I post it?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to have been a bit forceful Les, but this sort of stuff is very close to my heart and, as you observe, things are generally pretty fraught these days, so I suppose anyone should be forgiven for "going off" sometimes.

Oh and my particular poison is alcohol - each to their own - and I'm more inclined to be blunt when I've had a few, but never violent ... never have been, drunk or sober. Come to that: I haven't been actually drunk for decades.

Anonymous said...

Gerry you're an idiot and you don't get it. You've gone off at 90 degrees about some personal shit and you did it twice. You're embarrassing yourself here because you sound like you don't have a clue. You're one of those people who should shut up and listen. Unfortunately that isn't clear to you and it doesn't look like it will be so there isn't anything to be done except to just hope you go away. If you don't watch out you're going to wind up becoming one of those people who talk to themselves when they walk down the street shouting and waving their arms.

Anonymous said...

Ok Just a Fracking moment....

"The trolls are actually people. We can argue whether they are capable of feeling compassion or not - psychopaths, no empathy, blah blah blah. But really no one knows. Not for sure."...

The Troll removes the small part of there link to HUMANITY.

That is to be a troll... an Anti-human.

There only duty is to sucker another into there rotten lives.

The Trolls worry.

About ME.

Anonymous said...

Starve the Troll!
Don’t participate in their systems, don’t buy into their junk. Remove yourself from their sphere of influence as best you can, however you can. Every little bit counts, remember that.
Trolls fear the power of people doing their own thing. They know we don’t need them. This is why Trolls go to such lengths to create dramas and perpetuate divisive attitudes.
They thrive on confusion, they know it causes us to doubt ourselves, and weakens our resolve.
Let go of fear, Trolls feed on fear. It empowers them while neutering you.
They have created power structures to imprison us. It has only worked because WE LET THEM! That is our problem. Each one of us has given ourselves away, little by little.
The good news is we can take our power back, any time we like.
Don’t wait around for some ‘Savior’ to come to your rescue! That kind of thinking got us into this mess.
No one else can save you, beware of anyone that thinks they can.
Be your own ‘Savior’
We are witnessing a time of revelation, the longer it goes on, the more Trolls in all forms reveal themselves. Hone your powers of discernment, recognize the Trolls around you.
This is a revolution of minds, individuals becoming aware, some faster than others. It won’t be organized, it will just happen.
The power of it lies with it being on an individual basis, there are too many moving targets for the Trolls to control. They will try and put down any rebellion, but rebellion will be everywhere.
If they lock people up, eventually there will be no one left to support their hunger. The power of the Trolls will vaporize and they will be left with only each other to feed off.
The experience is becoming more intense, waking from a deep slumber can take some prodding. Everything is happening as it must, understand this and be at peace.
People are reclaiming their minds and lives, one at a time. If others around you haven’t woken up just yet, that’s OK, let them be and focus on yourself and what you are doing.
Don’t worry about what is being lost. Focus on what you are creating to take its place and who you are in this.
See this as the opportunity it is.
Take responsibility back in whatever way you can. Start slow, more opportunities will present themselves along the way.
If the situation gets tough and you find yourself homeless, jobless, insecure and struggling to survive, remember material things can be replaced as long as you have your life.
Believe in yourself and focus on your actions and attitudes. Embrace your new found freedom! Create and exchange value for yourself and others and you won’t be hungry or homeless for long.
Carry on talking to people, share your views. Don’t be discouraged if they don’t come around and see what you see, they just aren’t ready yet.
Eventually when they see you getting on with life in the face of adversity, you will have friends asking what your secret is.
We may be tempted or provoked into attacking Trolls, but this should be avoided. It will only feed them, make them stronger and give them cause to become more brutal. It is what they want.
It won’t be an easy process, a thrashing beast can do a lot of damage, but we humans are stronger than we realize. We can prevail, so hang in there, even if it is from one breath to the next.
As we progress more people in more nations will realize their own power and begin the process for themselves.
This is the Troll’s biggest fear, they know their days are numbered.

Anonymous said...

Gerry, would you get a fucking brain cell?
Les said those with power over you
(you said) then you go on to mention sick folks close to you who obviously
has "power" over you, and then say some nonsense, asking Les should you be "killing" or have killed them..
You kill one's POWER over you,
not them (unless it's self defense)by giving assent.
And for the droves of people who call themselves (?), and who see "codewords" in every corner...
Why? In your sick minds, you are as brainwashed as the rest.
YOU believe the propaganda, Uncle Abe spoon feeds you, so you hysterically become his little foot soldiers. My God, I didn't have a guilty bone in my Ex Convict body,
that would prompt me to imagine that he was speaking in "code words" to describe (?).
It is the guilty to whom these thoughts occur!
Are you that dumb to not know this?
Les knows, and is taking the careful road that does not accuse, but serves only to confirm who the main guilty parties are.
YOU do the Confirmation.
In the hubris of your surety, in the confidence of your World View,
about you and yours, and your standing as regards the rest of Humanity, You expose yourselves
as surely as Shakespeare wrote about.
You believe the sick lies of your Tribe, and you act accordingly.
You need hate as much as a fish needs water, to keep the hegemony
and the "separate" status going.
What would you (?) do, were your
"enemies" shown only to be products of your "tribal code"? YOU make your enemies by this code.
Then you're "outraged" when they act in ways that you yourself
have chosen for them to act.
You treat others in ways in which the rest of us (the majority) look upon as morally reprehensible,
and you are "outraged" that we notice, and have your catch words and phrases to try and get the rest to join in.
ALL humanity is and has done damage to other Humans, for various reasons, but none has done so with the cohesiveness and structure with which your (?) people has.
You've erected a pseudo science in society whose ONLY purpose is to
serve your Interests, and your
Interests, are for You and Yours alone.
Notice this fact, and you are attacked.
The pseudo science says "Everyone
Is the Same", but you yourselves
know this generally to not be true,
and on the contrary, you yourselves
believe yourselves to be above all others, and it is this belief that drives your immoral behavior.
Gerry, here is the way to neutralize those who have "power":
I don't CARE what you call me, for telling the truth! I laugh at your hubris, and I don't care about
your "names"!
See, I know that you'll see this as some sort of negative to act upon, in some way, but I have a God given right, as does the common Garden Slug, to self defense, and I won't hesitate to exercise this right!
I heard about "holocaust deniers"
and of course, because of your propaganda, I just wrote this off
as the realm of Neo-Nazis" and
"skin-heads", like a good little shabbat Goy should.
You're too fucking full of your own shit to realize that when you started locking up people in prison
for debating the numbers and reasons for the "holocaust, that's when this "shabbat Goy" decided to look into it in the first place!
I thought "whoa, why would someone be Put In Prison for something like that?"
Why indeed. Because someone decided in your little Tribe in the 60's, to start spreading propaganda
Everywhere and in all media, the lie of structured deliberate genocide, by the Head Guy in Germany, which your own Tribe financed and used for your own purposes. You had your own people
inside the asylum when your chosen goy went there after WWI, because
he was acting unstable after a mustard gas attack.
The scope of your plans is of such a size that anyone who noticed
could be branded in such a way as to make them look insane: such is the difference in outlook between yourselves and Us.
Truly you are Different.
No doubt.
The only question si which can rightfully be called human?
What behavior can be called Animal?
Who tries to subvert the Natural Order?
Who screams hysterically when any little part of their agenda is exposed?
YOU make enemies. You reveal your hand. YOU make our point.

At Every Turn you dig your own graves, just like you financed your own "enemies".

Anonymous said...

LOL bradley.

I am too disabled to do much walking, whether or not waving my arms.

I'm living on borrowed time, after three lots of cancer, and that partly accounts for why I am more inclined to speak my mind ... not particularly caring if you or anyone attempts to silence me with insults.

Visible said...

Okay, the points are recognized but Ger clarified and that's fine. It's a fine thing when that happens and it's probably something that just touched a nerve. We're in this together so... well, let me say, after all the shit I caught for saying I take certain drugs I'm sensitive to the situation; as if this is such a beautiful world how could I possibly need anything else to take me out of the manufactured 24 hours dumbing down rays that blanket the planet? You see what I mean... most of you.

Ger hasn't been coming here very long so let's not pile on too heavy. I don't want him run off. You never know who's going to come out with something fantastic as we have seen a lot of times here. I often don't get why people don't not only see what I'm saying but also what I'm not saying so it's clear I don't understand what I'm dealing with a lot of the time and I need to improve at what I do and I think I will.

Anyway...amnesty all round. Let's get on to something else (grin).

Anonymous said...

Osam, excuse me Obama doesn't stand a chance of winning in November. Not 'cuz he is a ni, excuse me African American (altho that fact does and WILL play a big part-I KNOW
how old white men in America think; I have talked to plenty of them while living there). No, the truth is that Americans can't stand intellectuals. Americans like cowboys. The myth of the cowboy as a man of action, a tough no nonsense everyday man
just like you who doesn't think too much but instead prefers to settle things with
his 6 shooter is what American believes in.
Americans proved it 28 years ago when they chose the totally fictional character of Reagan. They prove it time and time again with their popular action heroes: Rambo,
Rocky, Dirty Harry, the countless cowboys John Wayne has played, etc etc etc. It is hard to think of an American icon, fictional or real, who is an intellectual. Who
comes closest? Benjamin Franklin, Mark Twain?

Prepare for the McSame world. It's coming, like it or not. I for one cannot wait when that crazy old fool gets in the White House and to celebrate he gives the order to bomb bomb bomb Iran. Think things are bad now? Just you wait untill then, kiddies.

Anonymous said...

Right on Kate I piss on the trolls! Everyone one of us here got through the indoctrination bravo sierra so the trolls failed because we won't bend a knee. Remember if even a handful people refuse to submit the trolls have failed! Postulate that.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I was recently in a 'Pawn Shop'.

In the Peg.

In this shop was a GR-707 and a box to go with it.

This piece is if E-Bay was consulted recently would yield a successful $350 Canadian auction showing a lesser unit quality wise.

The pair of goods in this 'Pawn Shop' i fathom (Being a Black Belt in both PS pricing and Vintage Sinth gear.) the one he had was tops if it checked out $750 CAN.

So to my point.. The Place was to the rafters with this sort of thing (I had to search VERY well to find the sinth part) And we are talking a Long bloc of 3 separate units together as one shop ALL of it with seriously screwed up prices on it.. The place was watched by three folks and i use the term watched very loosely to be sure of these three ONE was interested in selling stock One WAS going through the motions and one was HIDING in back.

The Owner was right up front.

Nothing was done without this mans consult. I do not need to describe him farther than to say he is standard fare prick behind this sort of shop counter... Nuff said i hope.

This particular Troll is just too funny an example to not describe some.. This troll want's to do deals still but his addled little troll brain cant fathom that something on the shelf since 1989 over FIFTEEN years MAY lose a tad bit of real value... And don't get me wrong i can see and THAT piece has been on my list for Every one of my fifteen years (my current limit $500) is still well under his ask.

The first time i think it was 1993 and he said he wanted $3500.

The thing in Mothers music new was frickin $1600!

The troll wants 1500 STILL!

His house is FULL of these sort of examples.

Some day i may go back and make the troll a offer the troll brain will not be able to refuse...

Then i give every pawn ticket holder there gear back for free. And have a ball in the process of cleaning up one bridge of my own.

Anonymous said...

Please don't take offense. It wasn't meant that way. TThat's just the way I talk, and if it's groggy morning time, I'll write that way too.
There was no rancor in me.
I was swearing like hell at my freind last night, but he could see the smile on my face.
(Don't you love it when you misspell a common word by one letter, but the "all knowing spell check" just can't get it?)

Anonymous said...

My wife just ask me if this was a good time to get a Mortgage? Any one care to answer that?

Anonymous said...

And if you are the kid At this trolls shop on Main street looking to unload that GR-707 and the case with the sinth you just have to call me and i will gladly come pay you for it and embarrass your troll boss in the process. If you are new My hit up is 403 8631607.. Any one with one can call... Shit Anyone can call.

notamobster said...

Hey Brian - It's a GREAT time for a mortgage!!!! John McSame said he's going to "order the Treasury Secretary to purchase the bad mortgages directly" so the gubmint can adjust your rates and payments... Soooo, get a mortgage; default; reset principle and interest....hell, you may be able to get a free house if it'll get you to vote for McSame, he'll probably play with your nuts too, if he thinks he'll get your vote.

Kevenj said...

"My wife just ask me if this was a good time to get a Mortgage?

Hey Brian-

Yes it is!! Cash is KING now, and if you don't live under a bridge yet, then qualifying couldn't be easier!

Simply find the house your wife likes ,(make sure it has a garage for us guys when we come over for Monday Night Football), preferably a spare room for the Pool Table & Dart Set, ask their selling price and offer them half!

That way you have more to spend at the MALL when you move into your new digs!
Of course, the seller might be hiding some heavy emotional lugage and be under a sheer panic that if they don't get at least X dollars(and QUICK)- they'll be looking at a 2 bedroom apartment (with a pool!), downtown near where their twenty year old kids rent from, along with some really nasty letters coming from their former bank or mortgage loan officials.

Naturally they won't mention this to the Realtor(R), and -big boy, if they DON'T have one (selling by owner etc.), it's a dead give away that they simply can't afford one.

You need to
play off
this sheer panic with bravado and cut throat abanddon.
After all-It's a Free Market!
Of course if they get 'insulted' with your lowball offer, simply smile and leave them your card. Then, when they call in 2 months BEGGING you to negotiate again, you can simply tell them circumstances had changed so the best you could possibly do now was 10% lower than the previous offer! Serves them right for dissin' you in the first place!

I love this country!
I hope this helps.


Anonymous said...

Those who you call trolls consider us the same. They have a better chance of exterminating us than vice versa. It's way too late, the trolls have the power and they won't give it up. Maybe 40 years ago there was a chance for change. It's way too late, or did I already say that.

Anonymous said...

If my memory serves me right, there was a " dead monkey" that posted on a site [universe of chaos] in which I was in a hot debate with a 33 degree master mason about the esoteric & exoteric sides of Freemasonry.

It seems this "dead monkey" acted as a mouth piece for his friend and fellow mason.


In trying to decode sock monkey's bullshit called language, reminded me of dead monkey and his bullshit called language.

Care to clarify that "SOCK MONKEY"? I went by my Grandaughters name then "Dinah Rae".


sockmonkey said...

worthless paper chasing worthless paper.
a global mexican standoff where everybody owes everybody and nobody can pay.
hell just hit the reset button and start over.
create a currency based on the average amount of work a human can produce, like a kilowatt hour and you can never print more money than the amount of humane power you can produce.

Anonymous said...


"Gerry you're an idiot and you don't get it. You've gone off at 90 degrees about some personal shit and you did it twice. You're embarrassing yourself here because you sound like you don't have a clue. You're one of those people who should shut up and listen. Unfortunately that isn't clear to you and it doesn't look like it will be so there isn't anything to be done except to just hope you go away. If you don't watch out you're going to wind up becoming one of those people who talk to themselves when they walk down the street shouting and waving their arms."

Think before speaking, man. No one here is an idiot, and if you get thinking that way, well ... give your own assumptions a long, hard look, first, because it might just be that the error lies in your own understanding. So, come on man, lets keep it civil, eh?

Gerry is, in fact, exactly right. The Trolls aren't just politicians and cops, they're friends and family and neighbors, too. The Control System has its agents everywhere, placed so as to keep everyone under control. No, I'm not saying your wife is a CIA mind control zombie (though she could be); I'm saying the Conspiracy is much, much greater than most of you are really considering. Not just old, but ancient; not large, but vast. I'm talking hyperdimensional aliens that eat our bad feelings.

Of course now you probably think it's me that's crazy, and while I have an active inner life I can assure you I don't shout and wave my arms. At least not in public.

But before you dismiss me as insane, you might want to start doing some research on your own. Ask questions with an open mind, and you will find knowledge.

Oh, and Gerry: When you've got psychopaths or just run-of-the-mill assholes in your life, then yeah, drastic action is necessary. Not murder, but ostracism and divorce are a good start. Whatever gets them out of your life. From the sounds of it you're way ahead of me on that, though, so I'll shut up now.

Anonymous said...


Right on! That's exactly the spirit. I only hope I have the strength of will to carry that program out.

Though of course, it's not really about 'my' will in the end....

Anonymous said...

I too am a guitarist, and have played the Gr-707 when they first came out in the 80's. Wasn't the arm going from the body to the headstock to keep the hex pickup from random triggering?
Anyway, I know a dude who like the action of the axe itself so much,
that it's #1, and he doesn't even use the module!
I use to owna GR-50 and thought it was great. Haven't tried the 33 though.
Any-anyway, If I spot one on Craigs list I'll let you know.
(sorry again Les!)

Anonymous said...

good point Psychegram. I tried to be funny about it and I know things usually sort out around here. I don't like it sometimes when people throw shit at Visible for no reason. I know him personally and I've got the benefit of better knowing where he's coming from.

most of the time I stay out of it.

Kevenj said...

"..he'll probably play with your nuts too, if he thinks he'll get your.."

Tony - I really like the way you think.
You know i kind of like chatting about politics some, why don't we get together soon.....is Friday night around eight-ish good for you?

I'll chill the wine.

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth: just wanted to report changes I hear in firing
range practice by the cops around here (SW MI). Lots of shooting happening in the mornings where I'd not heard it before, and increased
late afternoon activity with some automatic weapons fire, also not heard before.

Anonymous said...


Hey no worries man. Everyone's keyed up and short-fused right now but one of the things I like about this place is that the commmentors all know why we're feeling this way, which gives us a bit more self-control.

In other news, I for one thought sockmonkey's 'Auuuummmmmm gonna kick your ass' comment was concise and hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Holocaust of Indian Christians

By Krzys Wasilewski

Thousands of men, women, and children dragged from churches and slashed. This has been India's reality for the last four weeks. The genocide of the Christian minority in the country once called the world's greatest democracy has been as much brutal as neglected by the international community.

Hinduism is believed to be one of the most tolerant religions in the world. But stirred in nationalism and traditionalism, it could produce an explosive mixture, similar to one that has so far claimed over 100,000 Christian lives in India. Earlier the same fate befell Muslims that comprised around 13 percent of the entire population, and who were forced to flee their homes and seek refuge in neighboring Pakistan. The problem that Indian Christians are facing is even more perilous as they have nowhere to go. The 20 million people who admit to believing in Jesus Christ are on the brink of physical extermination.

The massacre was triggered by the assassination of Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati on August 23. Saraswati played a leading role in a chauvinistic organization that lobbies to eradicate all foreign influence in India, including non-Hindu religions. Although Maoist rebels quickly issued a letter in which they claimed responsibility for the murder, the nationalists shifted the blame onto Christians, who comprised a third of the population of the Orissa district where Saraswati was killed. "Christians will do anything to spread Christianity and convert more and more people," read one comment published hours after the assassination. On the same day, the first Christians were butchered.

The exact number of those killed is difficult to estimate as very few foreign correspondents are allowed into the affected regions. According to Union of Catholic Asian News, over 100,000 Christian men, women, and children could have been killed between August 23 and September 4. In addition, around 50,000 people were reported to have found shelter in the woods whereas some 15,000 fled to refugee camps. The number of Christians raped and mutilated is unknown. The same source claims that almost every single Christian shrine in the Orissa district was destroyed within the first days of September. "The attacks have worn off because they have nothing left to attack," said Archbishop Raphael Cheenath of Cuttack-Bhubaneswar.

Christianity is seen in India as a dangerous force. Unlike Hinduism, which accepts the caste system, Christianity preaches equality of all people. The rise of nationalism coincided with the ascendancy of the conservative Indian People's Party (BJP) in the late 1990s. Between 1967 and 1996 authorities recorded only 40 anti-Christian attacks in all India, this number has risen to hundreds every year since the BJP formed a government in 1999. Although the party has been out of power for four years now, it still controls several districts, including Orissa where the genocide began.

The word genocide is not an exaggeration. In fact, the train of events in India closely resembles the prelude to the massacre of 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus that shook Rwanda in 1994. There, too, the bloodshed began after an important political figure died under suspicious conditions. Soon people were dragged from their homes and burned alive in churches - the practices now repeated in India. The Rwandan genocide was also neglected by the world media which at that time was predominantly focused on civil wars in the Balkans. But as the United Nations and other human rights organizations called for an intervention in Rwanda, now they are conspicuous by their silence.

The slaughter of 100,000 people in a country of over one billion citizens may easily escape one's notice. The massacre of Indian Christians in Orissa and other districts has sunk in the sea of other conflicts that recent months have abounded in: Georgia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq - to name only the few. Words will not resurrect the lives that are already lost. But they may stop further killing.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please write to: krzys.wasilewski@yahoo.com

Krzys Wasilewski is a NewsBlaze journalist, particularly interested in history and literature that expands his love of travel and historical curiosity.

Copyright © 2008, NewsBlaze, Daily News
Tags: Christians, India, Genocide, Rw and a
_ _

Anonymous said...

You all don't get it

The TROLLS are just as you all say there everywhere,holding power and office. They control money and media.

So fecking what? The power to convert a troll is carried with us all... And if we just opened up our yaps and used this power the desperate to hide troll and his kin would be dealt the blow they all FEAR more than Superman dislikes kryptonite... EXPOSURE.

Every troll REQUIRES you to play along... If you don't then you instantly dispel there trollish ways and create a bubble of hope for the others wittness to your call out the scumbag to task or comeuppance.

This Pawn trill of mine is going into this light.. And EVERY SINGLE one of the trolls are going to be EXPOSED.

And they are SHITTING A DIAPER FULL over it. and it looks so good on Em.

Not one is going to avoid the specter of Pissed off bridge users one we distribute enough 'Trollicide'.

If you can roll a troll in the dirt PUBLICLY. it's is SERIOUS FUN if you care to engage the humans traveling into the abyss with a helping hand to the light.

They may come back up... but don't worry if they do not.

Anonymous said...

No doubt you all remember how AIG had it's bottom pulled out of the fire by the American people last week. And maybe you've heard how the executives had an all-expenses paid corporate resort weekend at a spa in California. Bless their hearts, I'm sure their nerves were just wrecked by the trauma they'd undergone in the near collapse of their livelihoods. A weekend of pampering was just the thing that was called for!

This is just a thought, but since we know that they're planning another getaway, and we know where it's going to be ... well, wouldn't it be kind of cool if someone were to pay them a visit? Or many someones? A great gathering, perhaps?

Now, I won't be anywhere near the place in question. But I figure there must be a lot who are. Would it be asking too much, for a flash mob to gather on top of them while they're being massaged and bathed and dining on their organic produce, and, well ... put the fear of G-d into them?

That would send a fun message, don't you think? Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

I fart in the trolls general direction, a loud Bolivian death fart. I hope it lingers in their nostrils for an overlong period of time.

Anonymous said...

There Torments are Assured.

Your loss the only thing to gain from from darkness and it's pursuit into the wilderness.

Faith that these folks are wallowing in despair is it's own reward.. for these men are in a world of FEAR they are unwilling to stop.. A world COMPLETELY of there own manufacture.

And they will do a s they will YOUR deeds are YOUR responsibility.

Shit is going to swirl GOOD. I would hold tight to the solid ground if i were you all.

kikz said...

psych -

reminiscent of the latest clip frm fight club >:)

duct tape optional..of course.

i'd just them know
we know
where they are.

notamobster said...

Just in case you didn't know... Zeitgeist: Addendum is an excellent expose on fractional reserve banking and the global corporatocracy. Good way to show those who just won't listen.


be easy...

sockmonkey said...

Just a regular ol sockmomkey
Just regular ol sockmonkey humor
People try and are pretty good at controling themselves until the right buttons are pushed
Problem Reaction Solution
They are counting on us to react violently to the stimulus they have applied and it seems to be working quite well
They put the boogie man under the bed and when we screem they come in and offer to make everything all right for a price.

sockmonkey said...


Anonymous said...


Do not know if this is important but we have had weeks of F-14's and AWAX plans practicing night and day around here. It is 9:28PM and you cannot go outside to make a phone call-it's that loud.
Also-MSN might not have reported this but a navy teenager/ensign was killed Saturday on board one of the practicing flight deck ships from one of those planes taking off.
Norfolk NAS

Anonymous said...

Seems a whole bunch a money is headed to real estate in Israel at the moment, DELEK REAL ESTATE up 31% GTC REAL ESTATE up 23% One could speculate the a lot of trolls having looted USa for all its worth are now headed back home with trucks full of US gold. And while the rest of the world is diving Israeli stock are starting to climb. The old bridges are extorted dry so its home again home again gigety gig, the rest of the world will be blaming the US morons while the trolls sneak out the back.

Anonymous said...

Here's what we can all do that is non-violent AND effective to bring down the trolls.Ready?
Just stop buying stuff. Just what you absolutely need. Cut back on everything and store up some supplies and cash - but not pure survivalist mode. Just a cushion.
And sit back, smell the roses, and watch them come crashing down. Their whole system falls apart if we just cut our spending. Cant get a loan for a new car? Don't buy one. Or for a new washer dryer? fix your old one. Eat less. Stop being fashionable. It's that simple.Help out the homeless and hungry as best you can too- the ones you encounter. You dont need an organization or dues - just do it when apropriate and you are able. Spend more time with your kids.
If you lose your job, sell stuff you don't need and live more simply for a while.
The trolls need us, so just buy into it as little as possible.
Think about it.

Visible said...

Greg, you're spot on. That is precisely what I've been calling for for years.

Anonymous said...

While the rest of you are tip-towing through the tulips, because of fear of offending the Trolls, What is wrong with sticking their asses in longboats and shipping them to that FACSIST state that was created for them. After they are all back their, place an international military force around it to make sure they don't ever leave. If the world trades with them, or has any relations with them, they will continue to infiltrate our governments and bribe and blackmail until they are right back were they are now. If you think any different you are living in a fantasy-land. And if you think you can ship a few out and let the others stay and that will solve the problem, I have some deeds I want to sell you.
Anything that includes leaving their asses here will fail. It ignores what the Europeans did. If I remember right, they threw them out of their countries several dozen times only to let them gradually filter back in and that didn't teach them anything. Today we get to hear about how anti semitic the Europeans were and still are. They never admit their people do anything wrong. It's always other people are evil.
What country has been better to them than America? Yet they keep saying how racist Americans are.
This will stop what they are doing to America and the rest of the world and it doesn't include violence. If anyone has any other ideas, I'd love to hear them! They wont work, but I'll listen.



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