Monday, September 13, 2010

Monsanto must go into Saddam Hussein's Shredder.

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I an occasionally stunned by some piece of news that comes to my attention but nothing has hit me quite like this. When my friend Yuka told me about it last night I thought it couldn’t be true, could it? Monsanto needs to go into Saddam Hussein’s plastic shredder. We found out that this story was a lie but I suspect the shredder is real. Those who own Monsanto and those who serve its agenda and those who operate it should meet the proper fate and the shredder seems fitting. It should be on network TV and it should be sponsored by Monsanto. I didn’t feel that Saddam Hussein was any better or worse than anyone else in his position in a country like Iraq. He was probably just what the country needed and he was certainly the type of leader that the residents expected and respected. That’s how it is over there. Saddam had a sensitive side that is not well known to the rest of the world outside of his country. I corresponded with him, while he was awaiting trial by his Zionist neo-con enemies and translated some of his poetry for posterity.

Iraq was better in every respect before the Zionist controlled, American government invaded the country under the orders of their banker bosses. Years later there have not only been no improvements but life is measurably worse than it was for the Iraqis before the occupation. Things were better under Saddam.

Monsanto has some kind of power that is not immediately apparent. It has the backing of major political figures around the world and people like Al Gore and others lobby for and argue for the products and policies of this corporation. Like the global warming scam with the carbon tax credits and the aftermath of the BP murder of the Gulf of Mexico, it has heavyweight influence in the right circles of the upper echelon of satanic world control.

It is becoming more and more apparent that Monsanto is a vicious enemy of humanity and should be put out of our misery. If it takes a French style revolution with an industrial plastic shredder in place of the guillotine, then so be it and the sooner the better. The guillotine is not an appropriate instrument of justice in this instance. The plastic shredder is not even adequate but it will do. No one is destroying human health and ruining personal independence in terms of diet and food production like they are. They are the primary force behind making it illegal to grow your own food. They are the ones forcing genetically modified food upon the world’s populations. They are an authentic representation of the darkest evil known on Earth. The destruction of Monsanto would be a remarkable victory for the human race.

I would like to ask everyone who reads here to affirm in their mind that it is a fait accompli that Monsanto and all those connected with its agenda are to be destroyed ASAP by any possible means. Just drop the thought into your subconscious that something terrible has been ordained for everyone engaged in the agenda and promotion of Monsanto. Take a moment and say, “Hmmm... Monsanto is going to be completely destroyed in an agonizing and terrible manner. That’s good news for the rest of the world.” Believe it to be so and let the mysterious forces of the universe act upon the certitude in all of our minds. You would be surprised how effective such practices can be.

It is the usual order of things at this time that corporations have become more powerful than governments. They purchase the governments and control who is elected and what those elected officials act and do not act upon. Years ago, United Fruit and Coca Cola were routinely murdering people in South and Central America. Union Carbide wiped out and/or blinded thousands of people in India. BP has destroyed the Gulf of Mexico fisheries and is responsible for thousands and thousands of deaths that have yet to occur.

Prostitution can occur in a free lance manner but it seldom remains so. Politicians are no different than the woman who leans into your car window, with the exception that you won’t be getting any pleasure or release from the exchange. It’s the pimps who operate the prostitution rackets and if you want to eliminate the racket you have to eliminate the pimps. Of course there will always be fat and ugly, old white men who need sex and can get it no other way. I don’t know what to do about that end of the equation. Not surprisingly, Israel is the main human trafficking nation on Earth. They funnel the ladies into Tel Aviv with lies and then keep them prisoners, while they sell then to the orthodox men and settlers and anyone who wants them. They have the highest population of female sex slaves on Earth per capita and that is in keeping with what Israel is all about. They are also the main traffickers for the same thing in countries around the world.It’s anti-Semitic to say this because it is true and the truth is anti-Semitic. Things like this are the truth and a record made by the one official organization that was in a position to know the truth.

The entire country of Israel should also go into Saddam’s shredder. I can assure you that arrangements have been made on the virtual plane to bring some justice to this planet in real time. This is that period that comes in every age when justice gets dispensed on site instead of in the Karmic Return mode that is the usual manner. Few of us notice that this is different than usual because few of us even know about the inflexible law of Karmic Return mode. I can hear gnashing of teeth from the know-it-alls who will now be screaming for me to prove the reality of the Karmic Return mode. They are official experts on its non existence because they haven’t researched it whatsoever. I will say that you are an example of Karmic Return mode right now. You are what you are based on the continuance and reinforcement of previous ignorant actions and flawed assumptions.

Those who have been continued in their ignorance and those who are waking through a surrender of false knowledge and a willingness to be taught are both what they are in this time, due to however many bonus points they did or did not get due to the intensity of their ‘jerk factor’. Jerk Factor can be measured on a scale of degrees where you put people who use the word ‘liberals’ at one end and the ability to say, “I don’t know” at the other. One of the worst things one can be stuck with is arrogance. It feeds a sense of supremacy in those who possess none and is maintained by a steady stream of force generated by ignorance of the truth that supremacy over self is the chief effort of any worthy soul. Those lacking this seek supremacy over others and believe it is achieved by force or deceit.

This kind of thing leads eventually to employment by companies like Monsanto and a great deal of the time to a business or a law degree. Monsanto is about control of the world’s food supply. Coca Cola and other corporations are seeking control of the world’s fresh water and drive their trucks into rural communities from Maine to Oregon and suck the water from the streams and lakes and have the lawyers to protect their right to steal the water without paying a cent for it. You might want to see the movie Tapped.

Corporations want to control every area of human life, no matter the cost to you and no matter what lengths they have to go to, to enforce your compliance. Corporations are monsters; not all of those who labor in the market place are monsters (not by a long shot) and business is a reality we cannot avoid but… there is the fair profit of able dealing and then there is Hell on Earth.

Monsanto and those like it must be dealt with in the most dramatic and public way. They are committing mass murder on a global scale. They are the enemy of life and anyone apologizing for or protecting them is a criminal or a fool. There’s no wiggle room here.

The mining corporations and so many other criminal and murderous enterprises that are destroying and poisoning the Earth must be brought to justice. I am okay with permanent exile to an inescapable island of rock, where the employment of the inmates is crushing the rock to powder until it is gone; subsisting on basic necessities with no contact to the outside world. I look at this as the compassionate option but I leave the final decision in the hands of those most affected.

I command the universe to see that all of what is necessary here is expeditiously carried out to the fullest possibilities of what justice requires. Let it be the outworking of cosmic forces and let the karma for it be attributed to that which can acquire no karma. So be it.

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Anonymous said...

Excuse me, did I understood right, you corrisponded with Saddam?

Visible said...

tongue, cheek, possible applications of relationship- according to definition of same= multiple.

bholanath said...

I noticed the animal article a few days ago, and thought "geeeze, what more do you need to know?", wishing it would be read throughout the world. Thanks for linking it - for the millions of non-brain-dead who will immediately grok.

This also says it all: "The destruction of Monsanto would be a remarkable victory for the human race."
I've felt for a long time they should be the No. 1 candidate for focusing energy around "plastic shredders" too [or guillotines, what the hell].

So be it.

You can wave to the "vicious enemy of humanity" here:

Anonymous said...

Your radio show was excellent, thank you. It was right what I needed to hear today -- gentle reminder to ask for help, they're just waiting for us to ask.

I read the book, "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle," a nice read on eating food locally grown. The author has lots to say about the horrors of Monsanto.

wv: dionsub .... Monsanto's new subway sandwich

Anonymous said...

The Good Food Evolution

There are some good people out there doing some pretty good things.

Anonymous said...

Way to go, very well said!

Anonymous said...

founded in calamity
falsified in documents
ceo's of destruction
manipulating governments
toil to count the sacrifice
give the pig its gold
with suicidal farmers
the poison just take's hold
a department in the death cult
monsanto equals hell
part of the crown of genoside
just like bp and shell
connected with the warmongers
chanting hate and lies
disguised in expensive materials
behind the lies they hide
with the pharmaceuticals
the military and the rest
down and down they go
crumble into nothingness.


Rebel 4E said...

Kim Jong-il was a pen-pal of mine until he became too frail to respond to my letters.
He came across as a decent enough chap and was always eager to talk about his vast film collection.

Death to Monsanto...
I fart in your general direction.


One Red Pill said...

watched Saddam and Bush on TV before the war started. It was obvious Bush was lying and Saddam was telling the truth. Most people have lost all ability to discern the truth. How sad so many had to die for the stupidity and arrogance of the American idiots. . . who STILL believe making war on Iraq and destroying their infrastructure was a good thing.

Anonymous said...


Rense has some interesting family history on that Light Unto The Nations, the jewish Monsanto family:


Here is some interesting MONSANTO history:

The Jewish Monsanto Family of Louisiana included Benjamin, Isaac, Manuel, Eleanora, Gracia and Jacob. They made frequent purchases of Blacks including twelve in 1785, thirteen and then thirty-one in 1787, and eighty in 1768.

In 1794, Benjamin sold "Babet," a Black woman, to Franco Cardel. Manuel sold two Blacks from Guinea named "Polidor" and "Lucy" to James Saunders for $850 in silver.


The link at the end of the Rense article returns a 404 not found, but my guess is that the quote is taken from the book, The Secret Relationship Between Black and Jews.



European American said...

Names. We need a blog started with a: Name, the Company, and the Crime and maybe even the appropriate Punishment, e.g. cutting off the criminals (...) in a shredder. Well, I prefer a slow "Quartering". But death might be too good. Keep them alive in cages in public arenas, might satisfy the masses. Just feed them GMO foods, Prozac and Viagra, and lot's of it!

I'm tired of hearing "Monsanto" or "Government" or "Fed" is responsible for this or that. I want their name, address, phone number, friends, associates, summer home(s) address, financial worth, sexual habits, addictions, etc., published.

Categories: Military, Bankers, Corporations, Entertainers, MSM, etc., etc.

I know Les has named many over the years, but a site where someone compiles the list and a "committee" hears each case, like a people's court, and they decide if the information brought to them has substance (that shouldn't be too hard) and decide what the punishment shall be.

Expose em all!

"Off with their heads!"

Ho, hum. Got that off my chest.

Anonymous said...

Did you get the inspiration for your name "les Visible" from the occult story of blue oyster cult? There is a character called Les Invisible in the story.

Copernicus Kidd said...

did you see the witch gager's flesh dress? rascals should know better.

Anonymous said...

Right Les, that's why in the early days there were state laws that limited the life of corporations. They could incorporate for ten years or so and then they had to dissolve. The early politicians realized what a dangerous concept a corporation was.

On another note, I went to a gun show last weekend and who should I have a conversation with but Congressman Walt Minnick democrat Idaho. We talked for about five minutes. I was looking at some guns and he approached me. He introduced himself and asked if I would be voting for him in November. My first words to him were I don't have much use for politicians. I told him the US government is an adversary and Congress is all but useless. He told me to check his voting record.

I asked him what were his thoughts on S510 the food safety bill. He said he wasn't familiar with that bill. When I explained it to him he said it would never pass. I told him the hate crime bill passed. He was silent.

I asked for his opinion concerning 911. He said he believed pretty much what you read in the paper. I said how about WT7. He said what is WT7, I never heard of it. I explained the WT7 situation to him, and he said he didn't believe what I told him. I told him in no uncertain terms that it didn't mean shit what he believed or I believed we should all be in search of the truth. He said yes I agree with you there.

I had plenty more to say but he said I have to leave and quickly walked away.

Now what to make of this shit. He had to be lying, (after all he is a politician) is it possible to be in his position and be that stupid? Yeah, write your congressman. What good will it do you. I got to talk to one and I would have got more satisfaction talking to a fence post.


Visible said...

Les Visible name got explained at the other comments section; R.P.D. or was it the post before this one here? Nothing to do with Blue Oyster Cult.

The blog "Profiles in Evil" which I haven't started up yet deals with these creatures.

Well Fud, that's probably how he got elected. They don't read the bills they vote on anyway. The promoters just play quid pro quo with them.

gurnygob said...

what European American said...

"Just feed them GMO foods, Prozac and Viagra, and lot's of it!"

european american i would leave off with the Viagra, you don't want them breeding. God knows what new parasitic blood line they might come up with.

Anonymous said...

Hey Les,

Since you mentioned Saddam in the piece, I thought it would be appropriate to share an article, which links Monsanto with post-Saddam Iraq.

How fitting for these Satanic monsters to destroy the historical seed bank in Abu Ghraib, destroying all the natural hybrids that have been cultivated the last several thousand years, only to have them replaced with Monsanto GMOs. To add insult to injury, the US and Israelis made Abu Ghraib world famous through their sexual perversions at the infamous prison...


Anonymous said...

Again, beautiful words shared..and that Ninja suit remains neatly folded at the martial arts supply house...the ice pick in aisle 5b at Walmart still looks purrty in the colorful plastic packaging.

Meanswhile...the murderers of America, those that toy with nations and traffic in chaos continue to sleep soundly. No Ninja's with ice picks are finding there way into the bedrooms and bathrooms and kitchens and offices of evil men. Why the fuck not?

I ask again plainly, how can I help? How can I get in and out without BOLO'S echoing on the airwaves. Why are the patriot FBI/CIA/Special FORCES men and women with highest security clearances and access to anyone on the planet (*except Bin Laden of course...lmao*)
allowing moral turpitude to breed???

Kill the son's of BITCHES that are poisoning our world, murdering children, stealing trillions. Les, SUPERMAN...have you not written/exposed/summarized/analyzed/postulated enough... writing about what "they' are doing and how people are dumbed down...bla bla? Time for killing/Time for their death

Anonymous said...

Where will Grant Hughs be this weekend?

Anonymous said...

Grant Hughs, Hughs Grant dyslexic bastard I yam. Nice smile he has, yes?

Naraya said...

Corporations like Monsanto (and there are many) are like the aliens depicted in the movie Independence Day; like the machines in the movie The Matrix. They don't operate nearly as openly, but their intentions are virtually the same.

And so long as The People of America do not unite, no politician will ever save you & the corporations will eventually and overtly own the planet and its inhabitants (including you & I). They won't have to hide their crimes from whatever laws are holding them back now.

This is why The People of America have to unite. The cause is Freedom. It is that simple and at this point, it really doesn't matter; race, religion, what state you live in (legally or not); it all has to be put aside. We will fail if we do not.

Anonymous said...

North Idaho was a lot better off with Helen Chenoweth!
A friend from there sent me the book, William Engdahl's Seeds of Destruction -- it'll set your hair on end -- GMO foods and Monsanto. BTW it's certainly not just Iraq, they're trying to force Haitian farmers to use their diabolical seeds & the peasants are resisting.

Neko Kinoshita said...

Ahh yes, Monsanto.

Talk about the very definition of evil.

How do you think they modify the genetic structure of these plants?
(They use a virus, Group II I believe.)

You know, of course, that the virus is still active in the plants, right?

Look it up, studies have shown that the intestinal flora of animals fed on these abominations begin to produce the toxins that the plants do.

One small jump from flora to fauna, which WILL occur sooner or later, and you have the making of a plague like nothing you can imagine in your worst nightmare.

Death is a kindness to these creatures, the karmic cost of their actions should follow them for ten thousand lifetimes.

Shuddering at the sight of such evil, and still watching from the alley.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

Why am I not at all surprised Monsanto is a jewish company!
How can <2.4% of the American population be into so much evil all at the same time?
There has to be a reason.

Peace, Mouser

WV: terph
All you NWO/zionists, get the fuck off of our terph!

Visible said...

There's a new Visible Origami up now-

Moonwalking into the Dimensional Shift.

Anonymous said...

Just a foot note, Saddam was a CIA baby. He played his part to help in Iraqs take over. Still Iraq was a better place before the war.

You know I have held the idea fuckin with mother nature never works out, all my life. I grew up in a small town out west and have been gifted with wonderful mountains and streams to learn this from. Is this the same for urban lifestyles?

Love Your Life

Jody Paulson said...

Monsanto has long been on my list of entities to wish for dissolution. The concept of "Terminator Seeds" -- seeds that must be bought anew year after year because the seeds of their offspring have been engineered to be sterile -- well, that's about as evil an affront against nature I can imagine.

Here are some other candidates:

* Torture contractor CACI
* Haliburton, esp. offshoot Kellogg Brown & Root
* Would be water-privatizer Bechtel
* and of course the privately owned Federal Reserve

Anonymous said...

Welcom to the party. Better late than never. As a farmer, we've been calling for the demise of Monsanto since the late 70's. Watch a documentary called "The Future of Food"

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your article...immensely! You are so right about Saddam & Iraq..I've always felt the same way. I researched and read books on him and Iraq. He didnt seem like the terrbile boogey man that he is/was protrayed in good ole US of A...I often watch documentaries on our food supply and similar one..The Future Of Food was GR8, as is Killer At Large and cant forget about Food Inc. Should be a must view for everyone!!!!!!!!! People really do need to wake up & get more involved...our lives are dependent upon it... Thank you again for the good read!

European American said...

"The blog "Profiles in Evil" which I haven't started up yet deals with these creatures."

The time has come, can I help?

and Gurnygob...
how about we just "Quarter" them without spilling too much toxic blood?

Anonymous said...

The documentary "Earthlings" is almost unwatchable.
Exactly why it should be watched.
How any human being could experience this movie and not be changed..

I heard grunts and oinks and moos and baas and clicks and clacks of thanks to the wonderful Joaquin Phoenix for his heartfelt role.

Real science said...

Jesus you need some medication

ravenise said...

There was some very suspicious Israeli activity in the neighborhood in the second half of August. There were three Israelis temporarily living next door to me for a short time, they claimed they were here to pick fruit, particularly cherries. There were two French associates with them who claimed to be from Quebec. Their consort included two identical late 1970 / early 1980 hollowed out camper vans which they were in the process of modifying and cutting up inside. They were tearing apart the floor and compartments inside, and refitting them. I didn’t get too much of a view of what they were doing to the vehicles. They parked both vehicles around their small cabin in such a way which concealed most activity behind the vehicles and the entrance to their cabin. They almost completely blocked road access to me and my neighbors. Paranoid, no?

I went over there one day and met them. At some point during the conversation I asked was what they were doing to their camper Vans. One of the individuals said that they were modifying the van as a “gift” for “his brother.” His brother showed up not much later and they changed their story. I asked them, a gift for your brother… but your brother is right here? They changed their story, trailed off and claimed they would be leaving one of their vans at “Sun Kee farms” and picking it up during next year’s cherry season. They never did leave their van there. Within five minutes or so of talking to one particular individual he divulged that they were Israeli. I first asked him if he was a Mossad agent, then questions about Israeli involvement in 9/11, and the Palestinian genocide. The main Israeli that I was talking with had mid shoulder length dreaded hair and claimed he wasn’t religious. He was a second generation Israeli.

This all took place in Creston BC, Canada, @ Hi-Way Cabins/Race Track Gas. They stuck around for about two weeks and kept to themselves for the most part.

One particularly suspicious event occurred… as eye witnessed by at least two people. A total of six men arrived in the back of two brand new ford trucks. These men were burly athletic or had the physique equivalent of d-line football players. They were walking around frantically spread out in a couple of groups and were looking for these vans. Witnesses overheard them say “those are the vans right there!” They got more frantic, went back to their trucks and talked amongst themselves and then got back out and walked from either side of the gas station getting different viewpoints of the vans. Then they got back in their trucks and drove away.

If you are from Israel, you are suspect… end of story. For all we know these individuals could have been Israeli spies or associated with rising concern of an Israeli false flag plot in Canada. If Israel is planning another false flag to back another mass murdering genocidal war, who is to say they won't possibly target Canada? Israel is balls deep in Steven Haarper and most of the government here anyways.

Maybe this will be of some use…. Who knows? I just thought I would put this out there.

Lukiftian said...

Corporations are anti-life.

They are demons we create and control, until we invest them with more than they require, then they control us.

They are egregores we create out of nothing but a number(description), logo (sigil)and slogan (incantation).

I agree, many are enormous and rule and control their own masters, and must be wiped out.

The way to stop them is to stop feeding them, even if you believe you have no choice. Stop buying stuff. Buy locally. Buy used. Be small. Barter.

Not all corporations are evil, some smaller ones can be very useful. The first one was attached to my birth certificate, using the name which described me at birth.
The other I created deliberately and I used it to do numerous good works, and when those works were complete, I let it evaporate into the papers I still hold, and the nine digit number that identifies it.

We both had a good time.

Anonymous said...

Some more "hope and change we can believe in" from Howdy Doody: I saw it on rense today about Howdy's executive order for Codex Alimentarius adoption in the USSA.
Actually I knew from handouts since June at my local health food store that this is more his effort to "get the first foot in the door" & full implimentation can wait till his Hellcare is implimented. All these developments have been planned out and choreographed for decades by Big Pharma and GMO food types like Monsanto.... the frog in the pot of heating water thing.
wv: clisms

Anonymous said...

When will the cold-day-in-hell come that marijuana gets legalized in the USA? Once it is patented with the roundup-ready (or paraquat-ready, if you prefer) gene by Monsanto & they have a monopoly on all seed distribution!
Smoking that will undoubtedly lead to cancer and unspeakable mutations.
wv: upess
upess mastuh's ass...

Taylor, V. said...

Les, I like the new layout of the site. I still miss the previous layout - it has grown so familiar with me. Either way, I am glad you're still here.

I already view Monsanto with disdain - and have even taught our children to react to the mere mention of the word, as though someone farted in their face (it works wonderfully, and is a bit funny).

I'll double my efforts in trying to focus my thoughts on its downfall at noon, every day.

"The only thing I know is that I know nothing at all...and I might even be wrong about that, too."
~ Taylor

Truth said...

It is not Corporations doing the Evil - it is white people - get it right!

Anonymous said...

Monsanto is on it's way to Europe through their hook-up with BASF (IG Farben). They joined forces (on paper) about four years ago with their sole purpose being to get into the European market.

However the relationship between IG Farben with Monsanto goes back much earlier...they have been 50/50 partners since at least the 60s.

I also believe that the head of the octopus that controls most pharmaceutical and chemical companies is IG Farben (Paul Warburg).
From wikipedia: The Warburg family is a financial dynasty of German Jewish origin, noted for their accomplishments in art history, physics, classical music, pharmacology...

...and let's not forget Warburg on Jekyl Island in 1913.



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